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Side Stories: Pig Brains

2019-04-24 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: pig brains are alive, George Zimmerman is off Tinder, and MORE.


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This is the lost? This is on the left side. Just came back from a he called you an awful your into loom. I guess. I guess it was to loom. I think it was also a Playa Del Carmen. I don't know the area we didn't really leave the resort. I think that's probably the best thing could that could happen to you? You want it when you are anywhere outside of America. Henry just stay. In areas that you are protected by armed security, where protected by security guards. Could you start getting out there and you start doing your characters? And next thing you know you end up in a barrel somewhere rolling down a hill. That's where
you live your life in fear everyday, and I live my life in a celebration of magical extensions of myself. I actually we would have seen we saw some ruins, which is really cool. I saw this like this basically went to to loom where the the Mayans they lived. It like it was the rich people, like section of the mayan culture? Ok right on the Fucking Beach and it was a beautiful like you could see. Why they worship sun, because so powerful, it's so powerful. I got this call: easiest sunburn. You could see every where I miss my swipes 'cause. It problems, I'm covered with you, comma, how thick This is my body here. Oh it's probably come up with a better inch and a half body here, oh yeah. It is really really difficult to get the sunscreen ask my hairs to actual skin. I got her a bit I'm going to roll, but I'm going to rub it in rub, and I use two whole thing: is throughout the entire week-
and I'm doing Spf fifty, which is like I might as well literally be wearing a blank. Yeah I know it has I'm outside. I think you were in the polish ideal of CVS. That's the only place you can get Spf fifty you can get that you you can also get noodles and you can get. You know things that are over all going to end up killing you get you have in the solar cvs. They have all full I'll just for sauerkraut, of course, and mustard that will kill your grandmother, but the I got so sunburned on my knees that now I'm peeling them You know all night appeal. It should feel like a junkie but otherwise so relaxed. That's good, such a nice vacation. We went, we had so many tacos. Oh, I had so much tequila man to kill
a new ship did? Well, I don't think it's your new shift, I'm pretty sure it's! The old shed you've been drinking tequila, since I've known you and I've known you for about fifteen years. So anyway, I'm happy that you have an idea that you're doing something new when you're drinking tequila, simply because you've switched over from vodka, but you worked two months before, but then you forgot you tequila and now you're back tequila, I'm not good guy. I never because I like a bourbon, but I sir doing more tequila because tequila and it makes your pockets filled with motivation. You know I don't know what you're talking about this is side stories. Everyone. I are your band, I'm get out with Henry's or browse gable, yeah ole ya! Well, I'm happy, I'm sad, actually that your needs are so sunburned, because I know your your look at him. You're a good cat. Like boy, oh yeah, I see it is well it's real No, it shot really white, as actually maybe the widest part of your body, but now it's like PETE now, mall peel and I got just like me coming off me, and then I felt really weird because, like my arms peeling and
and he was excited to see me and I really know do so. I picked her up and I was like something like licking all over me, but then I want you. She started licking old, skin yeah, weird skin parts come like peeling off of me and it's giving her a taste for human flesh. I think, by definition it has indeed and most likely you're going to wake up without a leg one day, and when do we cheat? Can she get scared if the specs? bag well, true, if I bring her treatments to big she barks at it. Well, she's got a lot. She's got a lot to say of all right well. We have a bunch going on here. Sorry about the need to know your good catholic boy. I guess you won't be praying anytime soon I, but that is what it is all about. Getting that deck will Well speaking of disgusting, things that happen to the human body? There is really no one more disgusting than the person we've covered on this show before and we have, I don't know It's necessarily sad news. Death is never easy
we've all I'll death. It's never easy, but sometimes you hear a tale that somebody died here, a story where somebody dies and you're like man it This feels like there is some justice in the world, I'm talking, of course, about the airline passenger, who wants demanded a restroom, restroom assistant, in airplane and also she wasn't a restroom assistant. She was stewardess the story was about a restroom assistant. It would make a little bit more sense, so I would just I know I'm just saying a little bit more, because this is just the stewardess who didn't go to poo poo school. I don't know where they go. It wouldn't have to work in the bathroom. Your whole life go to Pooh Pooh School. There's! No Pope! I don't know you literally just are the you are get it's the the last his job is given to somebody, or maybe it's the most trustworthy. Maybe it is the most trustworthy person but in the entire staff, because you have to trust that they won't go like crawling under the
all. Maybe anyway, this dude made a stewardess wipe his butt so he was only a tiny predicted. He demanded she go deeper deeper on a taiwanese air flight. And he has just died in overweight passenger he's an american God bless the United, states that these United States of course as an American. You didn't even have to tell us that we know well. If you look at him, he looks like technically a healthier version of George Rr. Martin with the same attitude. I know I am not. I do not believe that George Rr Martin, I mean he has not been accused of this crime, but if I could find out that the unnamed pervert Why is George Rr Martin when you need? I would not be surprised he appear, really died of an unspecified illness, which I think was just called being a fat angry piece, could be, but he died on vacation in Thailand, so this dude just
traveled around the world. He must have had money from God knows where he wasn't sitting in first or business class. He was in a economy, class economy, class, but yes he's here he was so big. He did get to poop in first class, which is interesting. He circumvented- the entire system, simply because you were so unhealthy. You we've been in economy, class, for head. Well, yeah, you know you when you try to get up to the business class or first class bathroom sit down, they put that net, they put the net net they've that not between you and first class. So you, if you make a run and yeah for first class, you get caught metlika big gold butterfly, like those velcro suit guys where you throw him against the wall, because exactly I mean it is unlocked and it's like getting into studio. Fifty four is easier than we need to first class bathroom, but because this man so disgusting. He was able to beat this
so he he showed these foreign airliner companies. He showed them them just with a pure american ingenuity. You can make it to the top. Only got these two factors- Shittenou normal vector polygon, do alright. Well, he's certainly did that so in unnamed air flight attendant now or she accuses passenger of sexual harassment after this job, describing how the man who claimed to I've had surgery on his head threatened to relieve himself on the floor of the plane if the all female flight crew did not assist him in, the restroom. This dude was four hundred and forty pounds and this Sorry, it's just so sad. So, basically the Aircrew originally refused to wipe his fork fat because it's disgusting and it's not their job, but hey his wiping hand was in prepared his wiping hand had to be how much carpal tunnel did he have
trying to bury get the little kernels of have you for me, especially because I like the super thick toilet paper, so it's like you're getting wife, comforter sure trying to get that pastor folds, let's take some dextrous off I think that's the term. I think his extras hand. It could be what we saw the picture of its head in the photo of him just sitting comfortably in his wheelchair. I don't think that he did hand, surgery, I'm pretty sure he didn't so the main that a flight and she was like ok, I'm the manager of this ship, how it I'll. Do it I'll do it she put on three pairs of latex gloves. And assisted him as he grown for her to go deeper and then the first time she white, she. He said it wasn't good enough. Maybe he requested we did it again. I tell you what, if anybody knew that it wasn't good enough? It would have been him I guess so also dude. If I was talking to Brooke about this you're just sitting in
just going to be in the bathroom now for the rest of the flight, and he because you won't let them shut the door either. I would have jammed the door shut like, I was getting on to a japanese subway. I would've jammed him into the bathroom locked, the bathroom door like this is where you hang out now, I'm not touching. I really think you could. Maybe because I you know, I don't know if they do this anymore, but I know back in the day the end. If you all are flight, and please tell us if this is true or not. I know that sometimes they have calmed down. Medication like they have like things or people are freaking out on a flight. You can give them not like Xanax but like they can kind of dope. You up, I don't know the old school or just flight attendants. Have this to begin with, like you're just loaded with sand, x because they have to work on for our time windows all time. So I wonder if me, if you could do a thing where you just grind up the calls until like a ginger ale or something you just give it to him, and he put it into sleep and use role
next were the food would be it once. The food service is done and you shut the little curtain and use them sitting there I mean maybe on like Mr Fuji's airline. Of course that's a Miss wrestler. He used to spray things out of his hand or out of his mouth. There was a bunch of wrestlers that used use the spray, I think Papa bingo had a bit of a dust spray as well. That would that would leave Opponent incapacitated incapacitated, so that could work, but this is one of the most interesting things about all of this, the airline this is the EVA. Ways which, by the way they seem like they are number for one in customer service. Obviously I want to start flying them like. If you're willing to do this with you, then you definitely bring me a third sweetwater. Twenty. If I want it, I think so. Yes, I think any that you did. Were you extra nuts, the bring extra food to debtors, whatever
one. Evidently, if they're willing to go this far, just imagine the small request that the peasant people that Henry like it like Henry and myself will make all. We want is just a little our e s, p e c t, and they think they would give that to us. It did sound, like you, spelled ref back some like, I said, already: F p ET. Are you fine by no? I would not do that, but anyway, the it do you think about this other than everything else, the Eve V, a airlines are going to reach one the cost of all of this dudes. Used airfare to his family. Why I really oh nice to this man and his family. He was on his list forever, not to fly. They still let him fly and now they're going to give this to a. Other generation of deeper and deeper people. If anybody out there can help figure out who the fuck this guy is 'cause, I want to know 'cause. It does sound like I'm not going to.
Thailand is going to be beautiful and I wanna- I imagine it like I've- heard all of got like wonderful things, but traveling the these areas, but it see is to also be unfortunately well known, for its sex tourism, one, oh eight. He had something to do with that. I someone. Is that many miles? 'cause, we travel quite a bit, but it's like I don't have that any miles like I have no go to the until these foreign foreign countries, and it's got something to do with the job that he had. I wonder why they're sort of covering it up, but I mean I guess, goodnight angel and at least you'll save a thing about him is that he did not go gently into that good good night. No, he definitely did not didn't. Dare I say not many people or more in the LOS of one of the worst airline passengers in the history of human flight, but the last God must have needed. Someone to hang out
his weird God bathroom- and maybe this was like God is like. I need someone to punish the angels. Give me deeper deeper guy, that have an angel on his butt duty. We seem to have a leak in a pool here in Heaven. The only thing that will fix it is jamming in this four hundred. Broadband soul into the whole Look at your screen, lock her scarce, there's excellent. What, if so I have an idea of about a nine book series that I never complete hey just to come in there at all. If I get water, just walk within all water kind of maybe will fully clean up his. Exactly giant Baday, isn't that the wonderful world of Heaven absolute so there you go deeper, deeper guy you're gone, hopefully all air, stewardesses can breathe a sigh of relief that indeed he will never be on one of their fly
but isn't it the saddest thing in the world that we first covered that topic on the day after of our friend Kevin's passing strange, it was we're twenty. Second that Kevin died. Did I didn't really needed a laugh? I guess yeah. We did also, we were a little insensitive. The way we've covered it, but I actually thought we needed the laugh and sometimes in life when you're, when you're dealing with true actual death like we are, I mean We see this guy is dead, but I'm just going to say Kevin Stanford, so little bit bigger issue for me personally, it's not him for me as well. Yes, yes, yes, we gotta laugh. Oh yeah, you got a you got all this looking piece of going down. I think that this may have been the article I was sent the most in terms of sites are yeah, but between this and so a polish up, the polish pirate that helped the haitian revolution- our four- and I did it during that time- for to the eighteen hundred these group of polish pirate take them and that because the that the new president of Haiti to call up Poland, they knew what
negroes of Europe. Yes, I know who what you have been ranting in leaving about anytime, the pole people are seeing in a in a in the light of persecute, and anytime. The polish people are perceived to be victims of persecution. Henry will start tweeting and texting, and just don't shut up about it, and if we disagree, your people are fine. The post color wheel. We're always out in Greenpoint Brooklyn, the polish people, everywhere and it looks to main like they are consuming a lot booze and having a lot of fun, you're painting this in a different way. It is not about them being victims that celebrating being victims. That's a story about polish heroes. I came to be so then, the people in the pull in Warsaw can look up to in see man as a rescue stature can indeed make it in this world absolutely and, of course, what deeper deeper guy did. It's horrible me up. The flight attendants are well compensated,
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this is a very and story is really really excited about. Scientists have discovered that they could keep pig brains alive ten hours after while the the first reaction from a bioethicist was Holyshit. Really that's the exact same reaction, we would have had hey, holyshit, the Bio, but this is this. Man is theoretically or woman, is theoretically a genius and their vote popularity is the exact same as to podcasters just shows that they were completely wrong. They did believe that, somewhere between ten to Ten minutes after a mammals, brain is cut off from oxygen. That organ is supposed to die right need, the cells of the brain they starve. Some of the cells burst open. While the history of others become so imbalanced that their membranes breakdown and the whole point
is that you end up dead permanently right, but this new study that was perfect that was published in the Journal nature is saying that they they figured out a weird loophole. It reads: get it did so. The says here reads like an adaptation of Mary Shelley, but it's a it's a little bit less dramatic. Well yeah. I mean phrasing: yeah Frankenstein's monster wasn't like doctor forget that was just re and made in a pig braid and be like, and now the kids are scared. He hasn't because I don't think the pig brain would like go up to the young girl near the lake could be like the because it's raining in Iowa yeah. It will, pretty scary to be in the same room as it should. I mean just for him to go in, like Holyshit weather like and it's just Avada brain just public This is real life re, Bear, which of course to re animator is one of the greatest night an 80s sort of splash, horror, movies, or so what like a splash score
kind of horse, say yeah. It said what we learned from Joe Bob and it's an exploitation film. And you should check it out. You honestly. He covers it really well and his shutter series at the drive in free Friday night. It's so much watch his show on charter we've been doing it at all. I have indeed yes, love it. It's a lot of fun, so the researchers took thirty, two brains from pigs slaughtered for food and he waited four hours so that must have been fun. It was hanging around just staring at brains all day, What do you do? You eat a bologna sandwich? Would you yeah? Then they hooked him up for So ok with system called brain x which pump these brains fill the oxygen nutrients, an protective chemicals. At the end of the ten hours, scientists found that that issue of the pig brains was largely intact compared to controls. Now individual brain cells were up and running performing their basic duties of taking up
asian producing carbon dioxide now to be clear. These things are not communicating to braids the neurons. They were not communicating, so there's no consciousness, but the cells. They are alive the site, so the brain weren't, like hey, hey, hey brain. How are you? How was your hell journey? Oh pretty good. I had a nice time in hell, good to be back. On the slab, though it be kind of interesting. If pigs could go to Hell. I don't know, are pigs go when they die other than inside of our bellies most my belly. I had pork chops last night, but it is basically it's it's one of those things shows that we know absolutely nothing happened, yeah. They thought they pretty damn certain that the brains just die and they don't come back and you can't regenerate I'm right, and so now it shows that you can but uses this weird machine. This brain x system that are, I guess, was developed under this,
like one of those, the brake system, comes out of the National Institute of Health to Brain Initiative, a gay that brain research through advance innovative Noura technologies. This is part of Presiden, Barack Obama's moon, shot pro project to map the human brain and create new tools to study it, which I am obsessed with me. This is how all live like crying after will. That is exactly what I was thinking about. This is how you make a super villain Why do they always do? What do they do? name these things like it was written by like Marvel or DC brain x. Is such a ominous name for exactly what this machine I mean does Branik sounds like something that Batman is going to have to like come and destroy brain x, head quarters, your spider man because they had the furious ends in mind. You and, I think completely opposite, sometimes because I look at that as a
cool name, it's cool point for a comic book and read, but this is like that real world, but guess what man it's the chicken and the egg exists for a reason. I believe, a part of the reason why we're in this scenario that we are in is Becaus thirty year olds, destroying our society right now, which is our generation which is just destroying society. Apart of what they're doing is making in the 1980s real they're, making the dystopian things we used to watch or making them real. But so they have they seen anything from there. Have they seen reanimate or escaped from New York? Have they seen what the future looks like I hate to break this to everyone. There is going to be no hero, name snake coming to save the world. It's not going to happen, Jeff Jeff your life. So it's going to I'm now living your life in fear living life in fear. A part of what you have to understand is that the book with the advent tatian of these kinds of technologies with all this advancing old gonna stop there will be good and they will be back at it. I don't what fate it. It is what we are destined to do. No, I understand that either reach the stars are able to send
rating, our consciousness from our physical bodies and moving nanomachines up throughout the entire universe, or we're meant to die. Like bunch starving monkeys on this rocks choked by our own waste. Well, it is possible that that could happen. I understand there's going to be good and bad that can come from it, but the bad does almost seem to outweigh good in some ways, I just watched more Boston, dynamic videos last night and now they're teaching there, cool robot. I know this is not. This is not a I know the robot thing is not happening in this story until they put this brain inside. Ever about which, by the way, apparently Cornell University is like making a living breathing dna based automated automated machine since it's all coming together here and this. This is where it starts, but you're over here I'll talk to your just yelling at me they are right and part of it is. Is it is these robots eventually are the way we connect. Our physic
bodies are meat to technology. It is what's going to allow us to survive. Our cpap. We we, will not survive, because we so far are not doing a great job were fine. Which is fine, but we're not great. I read through the different between fine an great often times when people want to feel great, all the time, you know what they end up doing crystal methamphetamine. Until they die, so the problem is that the only the only feel Wait for a little bit? That's how Crystal Meth works to Crystal Meth is it would make you feel that great it makes you feel confident, I'm just going to say this. You know this chase chasing of like all, I need to feel great. You know what slice fine is nice. Fine is perfect when everyone says. Oh, I'm, just fine. That means everything is fine. As you are yourself in the foot, fine is always a lie. Fine means, I can't tell you my problem is normally I would say I I would like good advice. I
I'm fine! That means I just got done screaming and now I am in a grocery store and now you're fine. I don't fine. I am not well anyway. Just I want to give an interesting quote: your starting pig brains. Once again, this is from need. A hottie. She says Experiment quote it was mind. Blowing kind of Pontianak, Kinda kind, an accident it was mind blowing she goes how to say, she's a she these studies, ethics of emerging technologies at Duke LAW, School she goes on to say, initial reaction was pretty shocked. It's a groundbreaking discovery, but it also really fundamentally changes a lot of what the existing. Beliefs are in neuroscience about the era. This bowl loss of brain function? Once there is a deprivation of oxygen? We just don't know how
anything works. Yeah. I mean it's good book at this machine. It's a crazy! Looking thing, I don't even know it sort of the brain chamber right so four hours after their slaughter, the pig brains are attached to bring a device via the carotid arteries. You could think of the devices something like an artificial heart. It pumps are profuse fate. Synthetic blood that delivers oxygen and nutrients throughout the brain via the pigs own arteries cool, interesting that prefer. The perfused eight also k teens chemicals of stop the oxidation. I I ii break down of body tissue and stop pop up tosses, which is cells bursting after death, what's also good neural activity, blocker. We, which purpose of which is two fold one is the halt to exit to city excitotoxicity, a process, but which neurons become damaged when they are left, turned on creating a cannot imbalance also leading to cell death, the other was make sure that the brain didn't wake up
get in any level of consciousness. This is cool. If any consciousness was detected via e g, the researchers that they would have to shut down the experiment immediately. Oh that's! Looking sweet, I mean honestly they're they're very concerned about literally having to scream it's. They just don't want to scream that or if they do in that they have to shut down everything really is a. I know. Mary Shelley was used as a as a sort of a analogy, before or reference before, but it does seem then that is a little bit out of you know. Frankenstein in the lawyer belongs to, but they say right here I said, apparently, when they clean all the shit out. They looked at it again and they're like honestly. They believe that they could get him community,
again that there's no reason that they would not stop communicating if you left the brain plugged into the machine, so they would communicate through this machine they would so the car I don't know interesting. Well, we have to figure out what communication is where they figure out. How do you connect all of those neurons into a thing that can live because I'll spend a good year or two in a jar we just go in like fuck you castle. Thank you like from like a little speaker in a machine that could be fun to shoot it. Well, it could be a good podcast So obviously there are some good things that can come from this, I'm being a little bit high bolic but uh. Some of the good things is, if our brain dead. This is a quote here, a regarding the the attempts to resuscitate people who are declared brain dead. They say quote it could be come harder for physicians or family members to be convinced that further medical intervention is few,
tile. So if it saves some lives, I think that would be wonderful, but It is. It is an interesting thing. I think it's very cool. It is very cool Henry. I give you that, but I we'll also great you we. I do believe, philosophically that we should die that there should be an end point. We are because, if you just look at the numbers of of bodies on this planet, it does need to do to do well. Do Windle like it does need to I can stop at some point because we get all weird where that we can put these people where I know where the humans gonna get out of all these p or living forever. Where can they go? which is why I would volunteer you. Take my brain in a jar you send me to Mars. We start doing the with the mass acts
yes over Mars and we start Bio Engineering Mars, which they think they might be able to do with the water. That's left on Mars that weird frozen water- and you know we start a new civilization there, where I won't be. Persona non grata, because I'm a to be, which is, I imagine, the new racism that will start, I think, test tube kids. They already exist and I do think they deal with some blowback, which is not right. I would say you do. I just want to say the board to board in the womb. You have. Lights and no one, no one be rude to you, but I am interested in is funny to me that you would think that they would want to cede Mars with Polish BR in such as yourself. Do you really think if we, tomorrow. We are, I mean we're seeing it already were putting human beings up there. Do you think you're going to be on the list of even the one person like woo hoo?
can what administration would have to take office to be like. We need that, so browse DNA, not just here on it's selfish for us to keep the gene, this genomes that are confined in the body of the Zebrowski? We better send him to Mars. Space needs comedians, and we will they will need some of us. They will need some of us. You can't you can't fitness shuttle. Look at that honestly, it's perfect for me to go to the brain because they don't have to deal with the physical discomforts of space travel. We need a lot of physical discomforts. It's not going to be fun like you. Yes, you were bound to this rock Becaus of your your side, don't forget your clocks. I don't even like to fly in planes to go to another place on this earth yeah. I can't wait to in camp my brain. I can't wait for my brain to shoot off of me like a shuttle and be moved toward not skinny p
well with big big ideas? And, yes, all ideas are not great, but I have a lot of 'em Sometimes it really is about quantity over quality, no matter what all of the geniuses that have created. Everything great in this world have to say, honestly, you go to any supermarket in America and I think quantity over quality is the going narrative in theme there. Also space. It just wouldn't an interesting article on Mark Kelly he's an you're, not who has a twin brother who was not in space while he was in space and they say his body age slower when in space, but then, when he came back to earth it. It accelerated the aging almost to catch up with his twin brother, which is the interesting, so you would live longer. I think in space I does it does sound. One of those experiments that reminds you that NASA was created by nazis it's like one of those where they use humans as their guinea pigs. Just a little every once awhile you like, oh yeah, I forgot, like you guys, did a really good
got a good job of making. For me, we forget that we went to the moon with not the Rockets by general swelling correct. Absolutely all right, so it's possible. We live in a in a world like lawn mower man in the very near future or, like the four mentioned re animator. Okay, but also imagine that me eating with the disembodied I don't want him know that is described. Don't want her. Imagine that keeping him keeping my wife all right. Hey guys, Gisele here, you've heard us talking about him and how they are helping guys look their best if you haven't yet time, to see what they're all about want to hear something. That's really bone chilling. Sixty six percent of men lose their hair by age, thirty, the scariest thing about her losses. Once you've started to notice you're losing your hair, it's all too late. It's way easier to keep
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all you have to do is answer a few quick questions, get a buddy to take a picture of your head and the doctor will review your file and prescribe you. I can't imagine it being any easier get the hair loss treatment. Everyone is talking about. Him has been featured in GQ men, self, Esquire and Playboy to name a few order. Now our listeners get a trial month of hymns for just five dollars a day right now. Well, supplies last see website for full details and safety information. This would cost hundreds if you went to the doctor or a pharmacy go to, for him. Is dot com, slash or tea? That's f, o r, I M s. Dot com, slash r D, for him is dot com, Slash, RT! The thought would cover this real, quick. Yes, I couldn't find the came down on David and Louise Turpin, who imprisoned there. Thirty children for years or decades on January 14th, two thousand and eighteen, The children escaped and contacted police who, upon entering a home, found some of the
children in a dark foul smelling room the siblings range in age from to in twenty nine, with seven of the teen children being legal adults at the time of their parents, arrest in January, two thousand and eighteen. Now this this topic got a lot of attention yet it first hit the news in January of twenty eighteen because, namely you've got David Allen. Turbans beautiful bowl cut I mean it seems, Capture America, it really loved. I mean it's things like. Obviously we have thirteen children here, violently physically emotionally abused by these two and this parents were going to talk a little bit about what religious philosophy that- held as to why they recently incarcerated and tortured their thirteen year old kids, but you're right and it seemed to me, like most of the attention on social media was the. Men's hairstyle, you know bad does haircut have to be to have that, be the lead and then secondary is the thirteen
counsel of a massive massive child abuse. All I know is that he does look quite a bit like Jeff Daniels Character dumb and dumber, which I know I can see. Why, like, I could see why people are into it, but it was also it was the optics of it, but they were just so just have long story short first thing they have. We were sentenced a couple of days ago to twenty five years. Life yeah hello, when you, which is the equivalent of first degree murder. So they were they for destroying these people's lives. With some of these kids are now kind of out there doing, but go through a little bit of the details of what they did. Thirteen starving, siblings, were held captive in California House. They hardly ever saw the sun and were allowed to eat only one ration meal a day and shower once a year they were allegedly beaten, choked and shackled to their beds, no access to a bathroom for months. At a time for supposed offences, offenses like playing with Y,
which is what they were punished with when they wash anything below their risks of their hands. Their parents would buy toys that prosecutors said, but not let them play with them literally house, all of the house still within their packaging. They would also cook Delicious foods like pies Amazon, young adults up and leave it out for them to smell, like it's, some horrible mix up of Garfield and eight millimeter really is horrifying. So one of the daughters said this, What she had to say- and I you know me- I'm like okay, we need criminal justice reform. I think over sentencing is a real thing in this case: twenty five to life, their fifty seven and fifty years old, the parents- I think that's just just fine. They don't necessarily need to see anymore. They don't need to be. The streets after what they did so to these kids. So one of the daughter said my parents took my whole life for me, but now I'm taking my life back, she says I'm a fighter and I'm strong, a son told the river
I'd court. I cannot describe in words what we went through growing up. Sometimes I still have nightmares the things that happened, such as my siblings, chained up or getting beaten. These people are true true monsters and I am extremely happy they were finally caught, but what it took twenty freaking years of this amount of elder abuse before anyone noticed something it's kind of young and the Turpin House. It's very interesting. Perpetrators, David Allen, Turban and Louise Ann Turpin. They were born when they got married. David was twenty three and we was sixteen they started dating when David was twenty and she was thirteen years old. The couple the eloped which got
her Father Louise's father was a church. Pastor got him super super upset and they ran to Texas and immediately started. Having children apparently turned out that Louise was a victim of sexual assault from a member of the family. They believe that there was by their grand father and that they, it was a weird detailed version of the and father was obsessed with witchcraft, a tannic rituals, all kinds of the blame, satanic rituals on child molestation. We don't like having sex with children. We like just having sex with big DECT men and big beautiful women, I'm glad women. Okay. Well, the way that you would that no one asked you if you didn't, it makes me mad okay, so they pay. Basically moved to Fort Worth TX and they started having children in somewhere within this time period they started, I mean just mass producing kids and keeping him inside the house,
It seems to be some weird sort of twisted version of love between David and Louise. The idea of protecting these kids would seems to not have something to do with a movement called the full movement that they sort of discovered within a period of time of spiritual exploration that they went on to find a religion, fit them because they were a part of this, a very low level version of Christianity, but then they went very, very severe when they broke off from their own fans. So, let's Let's get into this a little bit this quiverfull movement just before we do that. Just finally, here regarding the core proceedings, Luis and this is her statement that she read in court. I'm sorry for everything. I've done to hurt my children. I love my children so much. I only want the best for him there, happiness is very important to bullshit
okay, it doesn't really seem like that's the case, and then David Turpin here edit his sentence read partially my home schooling and discipline had good into I'm sorry if I've done anything to cause them harm you can make really old. They comes from what seems to be a mentality between this world of what's called quiverfull Christianity, which Quiverfull means literally off like a quick, are filled with arrows, is a movement of can very conservative christian couples. There is also called private Alisme, okay, we're the idea is to and have many kids is humanly possible. That is one of the The idea is that they believe that the concept of go forth and multiply was suppose I'll be taking literally and you're supposed to create, as many disciples of God as you can within your own fan. Now this is just. There is a section of it. We don't really know what specific branch of this type of conservative christianity that they fall.
Load when one good example is this, a group called the institute in basic life principles that was run by a guy in my name, Bill Gotthard. That is a it's an insidious group, It's sort of creates this concept of true patriarchy, also run a they have all these shell companies, like one, is called the ATI which the I believe the dance training Institute, which was eight eight homes, willing section, because all of the Turban family was obviously home school, the more they were home, bound, the less less decided that they saw and they they had become. I believe it was called the sunny do school about forget the name, but what he would do is the The advanced training institute was supposed to teach parents and kids how to homeschool themselves under the
jewel teachings and belief systems of Bill Gothard, which is this calm. Brelo's system, which is it came as a reaction to the hippie movement in nineteen sixties, will Bill Gothard. This fundamentalist Christian basically said the problem. Is that all children have lost all respect for authority, so we have to re teach. Your generation how to respect authority by reading a hierarchy within our home, which is, God, is the ultimate umbrella. The thing that is just below God is the dad and just blow that is the mom and just blow that are the children and that the Father needs to be viewed as a presented of God in this world and what of course, what happens when Gothard is daddy of the entire institute. Daddy gets first lick and every single verse. And that comes in with his first question of every single child. That's brought into every
woman, that's brought into the ATI, which is also we started a very short lived boarding school where he would bring children into teach them. Twenty four slash. Seven he's very teachings and either question would be, is you of It honestly sounds like that horror, film, that I watched recently, which I highly recommend level sixteen little under the radar, but great movie So this is a really good that really good right, so is an offshoot of evangelical Christians. The Christianity, really grew as Henry was talking about, is sort of a protest in the 70s and 60s and the 80s As a matter of fact, there's a book that this may have been in my house growing up, it's called the way home beyond feminism back to reality, written by Mary, pride and I'll. This lady, she is on the forefront of this quiverfull movement and this hand, mentioned? Obviously the quiver- it's usually filled with arrows, but in this
it's those quivers are babies, put their arrows for Christ right because the idea is that each one of them is supposed to have issue. Fourth, the message of God. So in her book pride chronicles her metaphorical journey away from what she labeled feminist and anti natal ideas of happiness with. She had lived as an activist before conversion and conservative evangelic whole. Christianity now because she was a four- evangelical Christian! That's why I don't like extremists, the extremists. Mind can be manipulated to have a different philosophy like when you lose a friend to Evangelicalism it's usually the friend that was most like, let's party and do not to stop drugs and then they're like no, it's not partying. Non stop cool yeah, it's like okay! I got it both sides of your to horrible it really is fascinating and that's what these philosophical beliefs lead to thirteen children be,
violently and physically abused for twenty years? Well, because they bought they got bought into they bought into this quiverfull society. Obviously this is also a mainstream idea. If you look at the The television show the duggars That is that this isn't that outside the realm of like mainstream thinking and the duggers who are active. Members only Church of Bill Gothard, so they are, they met with him. They're they're hand thought I would say so. Do your own research and research a little bit about the institute in basic life principles, and you could see all these worksheets there's all it's various pd fs of the way they teach the way they break it down the way They sort of slowly but surely twister personalities and children to believe in this concept of pure authority and make it so but you are an automaton within your own family, but some of the details of just the
in case are very interesting. Obviously there's they have a minimal a lot of it has not been released. Becaus due to the check for the victims. Nobody wants to talk about a lot of exactly what happened, but Louise Urban sister came to visit them for sure of time she said like basically when they moved to Fort worth, they went to Fort worth. Is it over ten years until the day he basically said not paying their bills, they ransacked the house when people came to go when they went when they finally moved to California, with it into being arrested, they don't place. Was covered human Shing dog fucking. Are they found that beds with fucking ropes, match to him? They found doors said the children's, obviously the children's room they had scratches on the inside of the wood until once, but before that You went to go see when they were new mom and she said that She was subject. She was a full grown woman because she
Mr sister, she had missed being around her because Luiz and David had sort of completely rejected normal society right and she's like they wouldn't let her use the phone she was glad to have guests coming in, which is like okay, all right. This is kind of conservative wherever they started doing this thing, that every single time she took a shower David and Louise, would come into the bathroom, they would open it using a screwdriver. They would open if it was locked and they would stand and she would have to come out of the shower and they'd have to watch her dry herself anyway. She and she tried to say no one ever me. No, never never touched me, but they'd watch me but it was all of this weird it also please. There was one thing: these are David Turpin did the one belief that they said the reason why he tied up the kids was because he would keep them in a room to make sure he would not abuse them.
Because apparently there might have been abusive at least one of the daughters. Oh, I would think so. I bet you. The sexual abuse was rampant in that outside the details will prob We come out in a in a book, I'm assuming it may listening. We could cover that at some point on last part fast. I don't know it's just such a disgusting, sad story. These people are, they really are just nasty ask some of the nastiest people we've covered honestly. This stuff is, it is, but the other thing that also captured peoples. These vacation pictures enrollees, with all fifteen of the kids in the Dr Seuss like thing through fifteen shirts right now, I'm getting there watching their good. You could see their back. Now. Is getting renewed, they did it three times in Vegas where they take all the kids out, but there's a really good twenty, about about the in case that I watched. That was very thorough. But if you want to watch those Vegas wedding, chapel videos, they're pretty hall,
We now you think about what was within their world yeah. It took the turban. Children they've been planning this keeper two years. So finally, one of them broke up a taken and which one of those disconnected cell phones they have. Would they had scurried it away and Kyle nine one one to go and basically say MIKE. Sisters are being abused and sorted like basically dumping. All of this stuff on a nine hundred and eleven operator being like my sister, chained up. I am frequently abused were not allowed to eat or not allowed to wash, and so the cops came luckily came really quickly. I'm dump the whole place and broke them all out? Alright, well a hero, those officers were heroes and, thank God, those kids are out, and it's going to take a a lot of therapy for them to get better wherever they are they're, probably in the foster care system. I hope to be well taken care of all the day's fiber in College Byron College. Pull. Them are in assisted living homes because they said that they were
in such a case of malnourishment that the some of the kids they said, the love them the eldest twenty. Nine year, twenty nine year old woman, she weighed you too, and this Seventeen year old. They give you listen to that nine one. One call I didn't isolated, because it's in the middle of that two thousand and twenty report have you listened to that nine one. One call she sounds like she's fucking, ten years old, Becaus They said that they were so unschooled. They had no clue that they didn't know what a police officer was. That's incredible that's incredibly sad, alright. Well, that's the Turpin case at least a little bit so little to add a little bit of it. At least some just was served in that case when it comes to the twenty five years to life in prison for those worst parents ever perhaps they're, definitely on the list. Alright! Well speaking of horrible people, I just want to talk a little bit about this story. Just because there's one Ella, to this story. That I think is funny so George Zimmerman. We all know. If he's the monster
who murdered Trayvon Martin got off because- Florida is, as always, Florida, but Zimmerman he's trying to go on with his life, despite the fact he also pulled a weapon on his other girlfriend. So you know he's got a little troubled, individual idea, that's what Wyndham total Jack s anyway. He was recently banned from the tender dating app. The x neighborhood watch volunteer by the way, not x, neighborhood watch. That's in the article here he's just a total. It out he's like a stalker of of neighbors. He is upset because he has been kicked off of tender now evidently Zimmer. Used a fake name. So the only thing I want to talk about is it really makes it so you show up as George Zimmerman right. You show up on the date. Really they recognize me. Well, you know I'm a bit of a song, and then you just a like what you just run away: you're, not very Northrop. You said you were buried Northrop. Are you George? Zimmerman. What is the point?
of lying about your name on a tinder app at some point. Theoretically, you would have to meet up with this person in real life. It's like when I love a, alt actors and actresses sex workers are great, but it is I was really funny when they use a fake name in anyways, because it is also like I don't know there's other ways to identify human beings. The name is out, see the thing that I remember the least the face I remember quite well and in the adult entertainers there might be some other things that strike a little memory there too, but I of a fake name. I love baking, but in that and of course, in that case it's absolutely fine and wonderful, but at the same time, if you're George Zimmerman using a fake name, he needs to go. He needs to have like plastic surgery like the movie face off. He needs to just become John Travolta, and then maybe he can start dating at some point, but I'm assuming he'll drop some really bizarre white nationalist rhetoric on you at one point, and
and you will be like wait, are you George Zimmerman is second, I recognize those talking points. I eat he is, I think he should be in jail ha yeah, for a series of things I don't think should be dating. I won't out not going to say he's not going to find love, though So there is a lid for every fucking pot. I could see We need to be getting together with him in a Tonya Harding getting together, because Dicaprio once explained that to me with that was it. The things he did say at some point we were of the did the very brief moment in my life. I got to be near him where he said that he's like I can't date norm. People is like dice que. Did we got nothing to talk about if you're, not super famous you? Could it's gonna be very difficult for us to have anything to connect on, because my life is this kind of, if this very kind of closed up? Why,
and I need people to understand where I'm coming from. Where I imagine George ever man you, you would need to find somebody else that just barely didn't go to you when I was like prison for her fucking, first degree, murder, first degree, murder, Zimmerman and Anthony. I could see the Zimmerman Anthony wedding, that is possible. Although we have to remember Casey Anthony she is she is hashtag brave because she had her rgb shirt on, so she be a little bit left and I don't know her and George Zimmerman could really get to there and see eye to eye on political differences, although now that I think about it, Casey Anthony representing the more liberal mindset- George Zimmerman the more serve it. If need, could be a show on CNN immediately because that will get their ratings up and they can to be seen as a viable network. Again, two steps forward and two steps back come together close it's a tractor and you now. I do see that a video with their work in case you, George Zimmerman show
in front of a live audience you like let's and they have like- if they do this- to get the very in for a big applause break with the both get into new since everything yeah this is ' I'll sleep away, that this world is go it. I would not be surprised if Zimmerman in case you have any do Sol now create a project that will make them more money. Of course we haven't. You know to follow up on the sir thing regarding Casey Anthony Entity going back to a well. I don't want to sex workers? They were much better than she is not always work, but she did. She has yet to say yes to the 500k. I sent it to her by hustler for obviously a nude photo she hasn't said yes, yet I'm wondering taking her so long. What's going on she's in the news more regularly now, every day I thank you, the these contracts take a little bit to carve out. I may do you have to talk be like whether or not you're going be exclusive to hustler on how much money do you have to provide, because
that's what's difficult like. Are you one of those? Are you pci, or can you please? like right on fuqing contact because hustler you need to have that Well, hopefully you can perfectly bathes your ankles. You know you've seen I don't know if it's photoshopped, so I'm not certain, but the way they get the little splash ip. That's so delicate it's delicate stuff to say there was a really nice gelato, uh huh, of course, that yeah It's like that. So will slash either way If you are on tinder, don't be afraid eight I mean other than the fact that event of anyone that you meet on tender. I've never done it, but that's gonna or find, but you You've never done tinder. I've never done any dating at all by the only one ever no. I never did it I don't like either one time I don't know. Technology is weird man, although I I'll say this. Henry cannot trust people. Until I will say you can I it is difficult. You are putting them. You're, like you're, really need about these people, but it yeah I'd.
Gender is kind of a world war and it's a very interesting experience. We have to get to our yeah so that rap that Rep the George Zimmerman other should have been years ago for me years ago. I know with tender. I know I know you're not incriminating yourself here, but speaking of apps, just really quickly. Henry this is a Ben Kissel recommendation, you download the citizen app. It shorted out it you got it or do you think it is an app? Is the greatest app ever for those out there. It alerts you of all the police calls. I don't even know how they get this information, but 'cause they posted, because you are, you can join as a member and you can post things. There near you. If you want too and that's how it works, it was because Natalie well, let me get a police scanner. No, this is better than Please scanner! It's bad! I want to police scanner, I know, but the citizen app if you're, if you're listening and I want to know, for example, I just clicked on it. Thirty, minutes ago. You know what happened. A bathroom fire firefighter to clear the fire is under control fire.
You're on the scene of confirmed fire in the bathroom firefighters believe they can bring the fire under control with current resources on the scene anyway, there's a bathroom fire on a hundred and forty First Avenue Henry. If I We would have gotten this thirty eight minutes ago, we're gonna hop in the car we would like. We could have gone with all of our Poland Spring water bottles and put that fire out next thing. You know we're here all I know 'cause. I got one here for man exposing himself. Oh, that's a good baked, go clothing, just an instagram influencer in LOS Angeles, that's the difference. I had exposing himself and then you show up, but it's just guy handing out his pocket mix tape and like with behind those big angel wings painted on a wall that he's taken pictures in front of absolutely so the citizen app it's interesting, we had that is not a paid advertisement. They paid us fucking, nothing, nothing, nothing! No! We don't know how to make money. That's
that's one of our problems is that it's our funding from alright? Well, let's do the hero of the wig. Shall we recordings of laundry stations? I love listening to them, the hero of the week. This one goes out: it's a sad tale. Indeed, a comedian has passed away on stage in Bicester, or I think it's Bicester isn't possessed. Are the Chester my injuries but jesters so easy Cognito has passed away. He was a sixty year old comedian. I sat down. In the store, while breathing heavily before falling silent for five minutes in his show on Thursday, but people
you're freaking out there were laugh and they thought it was a part of the bit yeah. I thought it was part of the better he was he passed away, they say he was one of the best he was a proper comedian was a comedian's comedian and it sounds like. He was one of those dudes who lived hard played hard and his or was it was sort of SAM Kinison esque. I guess it's a little like brash, obviously not exactly like SAM Kinison. I don't think that that material really true translates to two thousand and nineteen. No, go to the fucking sad story, the food yeah, but he incognito is. Is this week's hero of a week a died. You know, honestly, it's sad. He was sixty years old, so as far as comedians go we're not quite as bad as professional wrestlers when it comes to early death, but at the same time we're in the wheelhouse I'll also say man. That's the way to go yeah It's really the way to go. We are like
on stage man, I told to get a dying to receive applause and laughter I be. I am all about it that well that I guy gets up there between die in on top of my wife, with a did the tequila kilo in one hand and a sack of programs, well it doesn't sound like your wife would be very satisfied there, but all this out. Yet it's interesting the. What do you think, honestly, you're onstage we've been on stage all over the world, all of a sudden, your fine and everyone is just lat like cannot stop laughing. Double laughter and you are dying. Does that make you feel good or is that the ultimate irony where you. Finally, it's almost like Jordan Peele's the new twilight Zone with Median episode is that ultimate irony, where you finally get a huge laugh, but it's at the expense of your very life now buddy. I think that it's just it's the good good energy to shoot you into the
cosmos, stiff yeah, like you got be you got lean in that's why I, like you save one last big old fart. Well, perhaps Incognito is in Heaven now roasting the airline passenger of all time, deeper, deeper guy, and maybe that's Maybe God is just channeling. His inner at Larson is like, let's put on it Oliver Show rose's popular right now we're going to roast the virgin Mary. She probably like that too much you would not know, would not choose the proper human being. Who didn't exist now, probably not they're. Probably all I amalgamation, an amalgamation most likely. What it is so easy you are the hero of the week? All right, be my man yeah, you can watch the movies clips on Youtube and again just die. You're right Henry died dying. Doing what you love If there's a hell of a lot worse places? There's a hell of a lot of.
Worse ways to die than nothing magical told if you're gonna die. I love it if I could die with your boots on Dude Fuckin' iron maiden man, it's been my parking funk, that's deep in my workout routine about eight it's into the workout of the fifteen work! Everything! That's great it just! this. Lastly, here, obviously we had four hundred and twenty just recently hope. Everyone had a really good time. Good time talked about unable to stop at stop forget about the people incarcerated, for the exact thing that we all celebrated, but there was a crazy woman who went to Columbine uh. She is eighteen years old. Her name is soul, soul pay us and she does not look. Eighteen. By the way she went found to Colorado. She bought a shotgun and she's like I'm, going to do some crazy stuff. Of course she posted that all over social media and then people were like hey cops- hate Cops crazy person going down to Colorado to reenact she believes, Is the scene during Columbine Longs
For short, she ended up committing suicide as the officers closed in on her. So this is this story. I want to call well I gotta get into that store. I gotta read it didn't even get into it. I mean it's just interesting, because the Columbine now we're twenty years deep. It is so. Because this girl is eighteen years old, so she wasn't born at she was she two more years before she even existed? That's when find took place in one thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine, obviously so strange just like kind of the folklore. That's what I found interesting. The folklore Columbine and just kind of she got, so we can actually do a deeper dive on her. At some point, I just know we got that that was all over the National news media and it's the strange it's column, it is becoming such a strange little like bud light bud light for crazy, people, it's very interesting because it's still the inner inner world is still
I did, I think, there's a lot of people that buy the main early now that they were bullied and then yeah we're victims and that they put their their. The put the well one other people but yeah, and I like the new narrative and I believe that the idea that they are in fact were believed, which I do believe anybody that would go toward words, murdering of many people as possible. I think that that probably means you're kind of a jerk off, no matter what it is. Well, actually, I mean it's funny because now see an ad and they were on the front lines of this conversation. At that time they have an ad now words like they show a picture of an apple and they're like this is an apple. Even if people tell you it's been a it's an apple and Columbine two to Astles, killed. Thirteen kids and they're, like I can't believe they were bullied. It's like no. They were not bullied by death. In addition, they are the people who are the bullies because they just shot up there school, so it it's bizarre how a media can put things through a different lens that is obviously fucking wrong and that probably led just said to this psycho
No wonder I don't know if you feel like there's also a part of it. Is that how you know will never be parents, but I've heard that kind of concept that your teenager kind of becomes a stranger in the other room. Almost like a engendered sort of like fear of the other, but it's your own chill, where CNN like to put this idea of being like they become this other like oh yeah entity in that room, while there turn off grow in hair and ship, but it's like you know, the mostly you're just going like. I just wish it I could feel normal for a second one. Second, and it is all so very bizarre that this chick was just got just able to buy a shotgun. Don't really know why at some point, don't you just ask like? Why are you here? Why do you need it? It seems right around the anniversary of Columbine, you seem to have like a bunch of dealing with Dylan klebold at do or what? What's going on like you, have a tattoo.
With Eric Harris and Dylan klebold it just as gone too soon on it. It's the same thing, people that are sexually the TED Bundy it's just it's a way to it does feel like it's. A anti sample way of looking at life, and you want to make sure that nobody can you down. You could be excited to the bad boy like in your second. I think bad boys. You want to be a sex sexual excited by the real bad boys aged sociopath, yep all right. Well, I guess that's we have some more stories, but we can always cover those next week. It doesn't really matter yeah, of course, are you doing this forever, so yeah we can always cover the stories movies, keep covering more stories. They shall be covered. Is there anything I also had to redo. We had no matter, we plugging anything. Oh you don't want to say well, I was thinking about this week. We really fetishize, negative thought on the internet, we do we do. I think we strive to possibly be more positive
and more like hey. You could do it. I would go like you get out there. You can change your shit. This know for a fact: You keep doing something in one direction. It's going to turn your way when the clock is going to the head. Is the clock are going to get to the point where it's your time, no matter but I don't talk about death of a success. Absolutely, of course, keep on working hard and will get there too one day about anyway yeah. Just be you to be as polite as possible. I mean the thing is the internet is not real. We go all over the place. We go. We talk to people all the time, everyone's, the vast. People are so extremely nice, since it is funny, though, when you meet some It was very nice in real life and then you're like follow me on Twitter. Then they follow you and you follow them or Instagram and then use be there instagram you're like how are you so much better on social? I just talk to you for two hours: you're, very nice and then import remember- and I think what you said is just as correct the internet is not real
It is not a real. It is an extension of our sub conscious, so we we are just just know that it's a it's a way. It's. It is reality, mixed with fantasy, mixed with the things that you want to you're, the your whole everything you see because of the album let them have a completely fucking catered to your eyeballs? You are being fed a menu that you ordered and so nothing you are being. Constantly hypnotized, but What you see on your smart phone your computer and remember that absolutely and just lastly, don't forget hot slash, hot dash dog dot org. To make Jackie Zebrowski the twenty nineteen hot dog and and we're getting there Eric got. Watch, these nitrates, gotta start drinking some water you're concerned Eric Mittenthal. Now his his twitter is at meet v. Who is he you ask? Well, he is the vice president of the National
dog and sausage Council, he tweeted at Jackie says getting bombarded with hot dog through nominations for at Jack the worm, yet no invitation to join her so he might be on who knows who knows so he's angling for his spot, Jackie, you gotta, yeah! You got to pay to play this case, I think pain- is getting this dude on the pod. So you go hot dash, dot, Org, hot drug dot org Jack Zebrowski. What she's always wanted, and Henry you're right we'll have to watch your trading intake, but this is bigger than that. It's about the sash I know I know, but it's just like I said. Hopefully she can go like oh, like like bite to the side of it a couple of times. I just don't want her to lose your damn feet, she's, not feet because a couple of scrumptious dogs- also- maybe they can.
Do with psalms do when it comes to wine, have a little hot dogs, but dude I'm getting a little bit of a pig assehole believe that is so. That is an entire nitrate. Oh, disgusting splatoon that would be full of once bitten, hot dogs. It smells like the Fuckin' Naswip guy from the play I'm sure it does. Oh can't even imagine what that's mostly Alright, I live your life, live your life You just received your miss hot dog of the year Sash, indian, you got and you got no creases in it. Yet love. Your new sash by is getting it ironed and dry cleaned, don't put it in with I take washer on cold yeah on hot because it tends to shrink and nothing would be sad. I guess it should be tight. I guess this We tried it. A
ambassador to is sash, which should be big enough to be well. I think this says has to be loose. Otherwise it's my life, but it was a tight. Then you look a cigar that is, that loves dogs- which I guess is good- I don't know like a chewbacca typing of a really nice tight Chewbacca belt, and laugh like your father or your best friend is tickling. Your bottom with a hot dog Nothing laugh like you're like it's like Father's there, and he knows that you're ticklish and he just wants to just hit you with a hot dog right about the ticklish part of your leg, which is the top of the Akira thigh right where it meets the but alright. Well also, evidently, according to my citizen, app zero two miles away from me is a stove fire, a stove. So I'm gonna go put that get out here, really quick and we will be back and talk to you next week, Thank you all for listening and supporting all the shows here. If you want to know more about the the politics stuff, ably good, stop that we talk about them all the reports and guess what Henry but we're not
in that we're not stopping at war in Yemen were back in baby. I am endlessly crushed by your It's horrible, okay, everyone Dale, yourselves, hail Satan so stylish or, and thank you for listening, buy tickets, Vancouver and uh buy tickets. Salt Lake City ever live shows If you see a stewards, if you need to see a steward or stewardess shake their hand, thank them for their service, their God, honestly, tempers flight attendant. Do you do tipping everyone, So if I'm going to drink a lot, oh ok, I didn't know that was a thing. Is that a thing now. You know it's kind of a little bit of a Robert Deniro from analyze this kind of move, but it does work. What about tipping the maid service from hotels. Do you leave? Always you don't always leave money there? Always? actually, I've really been rubbing my butt and all the services, all alright. Everyone.
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