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Side Stories: Repent or Die

2020-01-22 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: a cult "anointed by God" kills 7 in Panama jungle, the capture of the "Metal Casket Killer", a man requests trial by combat, and MORE.


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nobody was able to dismiss the laws on the left side story, doors of young man. I'd tell you what the only thing because of ours, now of watching Marshall Apple, like blue galleys, very charming, Izzie no actually saw a video of him, and I got it for the first time because you guys kept on be like here got possess and, unlike no, I wasn't markets was, and but I did see a little flicker of the past, he has, he has pause. He most has possess he's almost there I get it. I put it more towards the as like, if you also make it right with ass, big less I hate his face. He
every answers, your question: no, he just drones on and on and on and on, but the one thing he is correct about no kids in a coal no kids in the cold, absolutely not Apple white that right, he doesn't like to be annoyed and you know he likes to keep things tidy and kids do not know down and they are very hard to convince a child. To get rid of its penis at work are not going to talk about area are very difficult right. Everyone welcomes sites to court, is up in bed hanging out with Hollywood, Ed Reserve brows D. What a it has been July wary weak. It sends start not strong alot of mere you're. A lot of may have a lot of mad this, and I am not just talking about what the forty leaders did to the Green Bay backers than the ETA Z championship gave here guy. Here, your weird, you do
You are having an emotional response. You and I know you are so I'm not gonna go. Do deep. Marijuana go past the surface level about those themes. A very big deal. Why was inside Francisco for Sketch Press last weekend, and everyone was very, I don't I'll committed emotions were high. You this football game, and you know what I did was but your people, all around sports bar Watchin, the game. I walked away from that over, I was in the open airport. I went over to venal Volta and I got myself, a nice white wine. Mediterranean plate, like I was a schedule. Woman for Hillary Clinton. Isn't that nice real DOM Della ways? You went fancy at the airport. How do you think that, just when I have you now that one time you went did you get see, vote at the airport because, naturally, you had never known her now, No, I got harmless. Ok, that's fine! That say,
they can travel it's good, there's, no fine! It just beans. The bean based little matter, it does its bear. I like it because it's it's, I don't know and its exotic mayonnaise about how I consider it really is a great honour to host, and you can did some rent rise and everything is more entertaining then listen, to marshal Apple White speak. That India is also nights. Is that it sets the bar for how Bore do you want to be? I rise on our six are watching his horse. Should yesterday I got so bored. I started watching L run hovered speeches, yeah spice. It up. Will I so now I'm switcher between the two arrive laughing reminiscent with our age just taken of his admirals cap and how far it would be to go. Untie is ass gods for him and in all of us, your bag. Them argue over get abble. I had now he eats pork chops and everyone should have carrots and what's the difference?
who the soul the mind in the vehicle who gives a fuck it wherever ones. Have carrots the very healthy, followed her own carotene. I had a bunch yesterday Henry. I saw that you posted a picture of L Wrong Hubbard. I made my ocean media, yet you made your own me in my god that echo viral. Why now. This is getting scared appears is getting scared because you know the apple. Why? Yes, thirty nine people, thirty eight people including the third. I am, I I'm sick Numbers game and mark has also started life. That will you said forty. It's not forty. These are human lives you can't round up around now is not the Iraq war. I'm certain that debt in Way, some of them? If you took all the common eggs at all these people, that's it had still had balls and the ones that happening menopause. Yet I think, you pile of altogether that equals one another. Forty comes out better than thirty nine. I have this came out of my mouth, better I have no idea what any of that means, but veto. The thing is Henry
EL run Herbert. I meant to say this overall in the grand scheme of life has done more damage then Apple a bit the white and he made six people cut off their Johnson's, we're not announcing allowing that EL run. Hubbard is worse because he ruined your business Henry here everything, the old saying, really entered tail in history damage. You're gonna do that. I got to know now. I'm saying, and I look up to tolerate. As a business man, you look directly in EL run cupboards eyes because you're the same size, and that is the sole reason why you like him, I Do I appreciate his sexual candor? She ate his sharks. He's gonna alligator smile, nothing! There's again! This has been corrected by Scientology its thought about this. I thought about the Scientology and that just about being a fucking.
Go to guy they ruined. They ruin downtown Hollywood. Hollywood has two Scientology buildings. You can't avoid em and right The middle of both the Scientology Buildings is these store for Michael Jackson, so you're just surrounded by Petros and people. We're trying to get your money you're wrong, working hours, the backbone and life blood of show business that is truly inherently filled with criminals. That is the idea in our age are understood that again, I admit I am only input into this position, because I'm I've end up comparing the two them in my own mind, because I like kind of see how these operate. I'm trying to learn how to be a boss. It was getting voicemail, really, ok, but what the people that you are studying about how to be a boss from killed thirty People who had them commit suicide and the other one for since then. Do not talk to their family, their friends or have any out.
Communication whatsoever with anyone in the thorniest getting high quality content out on the pipes of european, I'm not doing what really important, and here I don't care what you ain't martyrs doing. I dont care that your uncle fills got feet cancer, who gives a shit right, but I'm not saying don't talk to your family, just don't mix it into the office while we're sitting here all trying to figure out if I can get an extra subscription to the farmers dog, because bananas limp at the summit of the marsh looks pretty good, really everybody did I Bulgaria is human grade. Farmers I guess you can get food delivered your door, for you, don't ever guides for them. Yes, we we're ties for them like you, BS is your dogs butler and they show up, and then they showed the food
and I swear to God. It is better than ninety percent of minute. My me we're not even being paid for this castle and we're just saying this. I just say it positively. I wanted but Henry Group where our people of counts. Let's do this. Five most theory is called leaders, because I agree with you: EL, Run Hubbard and Apple white compared to option Ricky Jim Jones and or other and worn Jeff's. More and just as the worst I would put David Burg is the worst o children of God open David Berg I would put Jim. Jones. I would put shook off the horror. Ok, they. Those are all above them in terms of jobs being dangerous and there's other cold. So we haven't even really covered cousin. There's people like the ANT hills, COLT would apparently was very, very deadly, the tanks, little old. Yes, we will
cover that in a future episode of last podcast, the left, but from my money I mean technically, I dont even we belong and Scientology, where I really believe if I was a really wonderful, I myself, as I want to be a member of order of the solar temple right problem- is that I'm too fuckin fat boy american to get in there they live all their ever all these swiss people or to quiet they had their voices are so our ocean low ride. I would harsh, thereby I could see that, but of course they do have a theatrical, and I think you would fit writing on that at so at the very least apple, white and I'll run Hubbard are not as bad as some of the worst caught leaders that we ve covered so at least you're at least you're interested by the better ones when alone on is a sigh find Martha Stewart I mean it I didn't go to prison. Now, are directly he's better technical aid in favour of the copyright
broke, but I also want to say there is also a weird thing going on. We ve been hit up, quite a bit of which is about the guests. Would you be Marty the robots first birthing honorary? I have what is going on. I we celebrating the birthday of a it's, not even employ? No, he didn't do anything. No ok number one you know. There is a person call him bury bury, has been packing up pack produce into bags for thirty years. All yours. You also make sure that each one abuse bottle editors geared and saw this display goods without a bruise, Cosette only way. I know I've been alive today and that is why berries the best employ in Cassio history. They don't no he's alive? They ve, never sell read his birthday as a matter of no act. They make a point to make him work. Double shit, on his birthday because they subconsciously no, he might be happy that day
I also noticed party is horrible. It's horrible! It's definitely mean you know, I do believe that we should give robots a chance, but it's definitely normalizing the robot as an employee of I think it's Johnny several other different stores, My lord, I need all its giant foods, but of course that's all I because its normal sized food but it is a very small, but I also like like about one thing. I guess that's what it is the thing about Morty is that it calls too much attention to itself as the googly eyes bear. We who we talked about knows to stay out of the direct view of the customer. Couldn't consumer doesn't want to see him knows scandal in between and b and You mean like a ninja rock who shadow puppet bs, puppeteer or your job is to be a shadow. You are not he dresses and all black he sneaks around he's a good guy. I remember when I used to I did on woeful wall. Street
There was a sound engineer was one of the best in the fuckin business. He used to wear this black suit with great old black gloves any of this gray, ponytail pull back and a huge, completely ball. Somehow he just had our ponytail. I love those guys you're my life, I love, I love it and he was his fingers would move so fast with the little poll level, though, boom ball and, like you seem rotated, really fast death. He was a highly skilled. Yet he was trying to get all of his attention. Heated need a birthday party. No, he didn't need a Christmas present, no Marty, does is beep at the sight of spills and makes a human come out from hiding and sweep it up. I don't like it. What However, in all areas, not a boss, berry a little general margin boss, that is an atm with wheels, but unlike a human boss, you can kill this bar. With a screwdriver, I suppose you could also killer human boss with a screwdriver but
We all knew involved with a screwdriver, even killer human boss with a hammer. You kill him boss, my hidden with your car. You can help me out. It'll kill a human boss by you're fired. Her was home Ali's sleep in there with his family. Then you get the family family, that's twenty five extra points, a super, cold, super cold care and of rose and pick all you could use a icicle, like I learned from my New Sherlock Holmes Game that have been planned on p S. For sorry, that's a small spoiler! I understand how many ways you can kill a boss, but my question is: when didn't When did Marty, we talk about this in the this is a fine debate. Let's talk about when life begins, you ought to get out of it. You know I deem diver. Matra life begins at my first bud light. That's what I am, but wind did Marty become alive when when did they, say the first birthday began because was it when January? Twenty? Fifth, that's
I think it was the first time he attempted to mate with female customer temperance bent over trying to find a ripe wrappers. Without it we ve resolve it up against just pump. The buying Marty's, bigger Marty is getting lost. Evaluating this off to ERR is taking. If you thought, the Hollywood me to movement was hot hot topic, you wait until the robots we tell the robot. Finally gets called out for what it is doing. I gave said articles all the time, because people know my stance and they say see Ben you're right. You will not believe how many instagram messages I get that just say, see: Ben you are right, Easy you, but I feel like they are their stoking aflame. Where I get many more, of the same rosy like ah see, see here: they're renegade there they are helping us Henry their helping Oh, my god, and now we're not going to talk about it, because it's a little above our pay a great, but them there make.
Frog, robots cool MIKE, it's bad about it. The robot Robert you do with it, because then there to be like humans, they're like raising robots in like little dishes and then they're going to be humans and then they're going to give him human said, they're, going to take your job and they're going to have sex with your daughter and then next thing you know you're going to guess who's coming to dinner. It's a robot robots got a job to everyone else with me on that It's a good point. This long is the major disease. Emission Eads J O B needs adds that fucking Gimme that adds an asshole. All right for a moment on having children so cut out before I start getting furious emails. Congratulating my markets that I'm not I'm not gonna. Do that. When I will say I will allow a robot to be my butler or gardener. Ok! Well, I'm fine with a butler, but I don't know about the garden I would shoot. I would tree both with just as much respect if they were human. You haven't you
don't necessarily treat everyone you'd on nitrate use I have so much respect you're right you're right now. I got it, This morning I was one forty five over seventy eight, which is high technically, but this is good for you. I guess had at one time I headed over. I think it was one fifty over one ten year like energy bunker. You said you can guess about our be a good idea for me to wear a little like spark watch all good beep everytime. I blood pressure. Rose up and eyes like. I just feel, like you become so afraid of those beats. Some hard business conversation. You just hear PPP Omega three people, so, can you mad about this? Now, no absolutely not see the beef war com you down right. So Marty, the royal hot, I'm not celebrate MS for I'm not celebrate is worth birthday. I don't like Marty, wait until the robots actually can be intelligent, but which we spoke about cults up top, and I get.
His first story. It's sort of a religious called story right. Let's this talk about this is this is a lot of oh hi. I think so I don't know if that's the word for it to this comes from the media is article from the guardian of from the Associated Press in Panama, setting up repent or die Religious sects kills seven in bizarre ritual glass, God. I didn't use the word funny, ritual or down to earth ritual yeah, refreshing ritual anytime, seven people are key. In a ritual, I think it's safe to say it's a bizarre ritual. Off the wall, ritual seven people were killed in a faulty exists as bizarre slapstick it was slapstick ritual. Absolutely labour, rhythmic, religious ritual in a jungle community in Panama and which indigenous resin were rounded up by about ten lay preachers and tortured beaten burned in half
cities to make them quota, unquote, repent their sense. What seems to be very extreme way to do that. Ten people were arrested. Police freed, fourteen members of got a indigenous troops. Definitely now that death You know, I think it's God, it's got, a book lay go. They have the two accents and outside who had been bead. They ve been tied up and beaten with wooden cudgels. And bibles. On Thursday, the local prosecutor, Raphael hello, yes described the chilling, seeing that investigators found when they made their way through the jungle, clad hills to the remote engaddi googly indulge in indigenous community near the caribbean coasts on Tuesday alerted by three soldiers who escaped and made their way to a local hospital for treatment earlier police were prepared for something bad, but they were still so eyes, but what they found at an improvised church at a ranch where a little known religious sect, known as the new light of God, was operating in England, not fine! I could not find anything else
the new light of God. Okay, so the new light of God is the church that was massacred by these crazy preachers and mine standing, as these preachers thought, this new light of God with some saw as somehow satanic, but it doesn't see. Like I say, tat exact would be named the new light of got. No. They were specifically not titanic They were weird Christian Adjacent an apparently they had a vision, they said one of them, one of they had priests, told them that had given them a message saying that the message boiled down to making everyone repent or die now have is a situation where you have a group of people, that of all they are in a very isolated part of the world. They didn't have a lotta catch. Apparently, thank you at the climb. A mountain, I am just to get anywhere near or any place it would have like a library or any sort of good connection to the rest of the rest of the world. Any sort of internet and Resource Oda NEWS, so their sins are super isolated. There very isolated and it seems like they heads.
Would have liked this little call this church in the middle of the jungle. Thee what has now been known as the new light of God and biggest? Maybe we're going pretty well for a while right. Have a nice time things getting really intense right. Maybe they you know, we know very little, but I imagine it might have been a little over the top. Maybe Pentecost So a little bit allotted speaking tongues, God you're going to say I dont know if the new one of God is the creeks you want here, they might have just been like we're trying to take them we're gonna, be pretty moderates more Unitarian come on in you're down with with Jesus, we had a kick ass. Guitar play a priest up their bare in addition for Christ Gun that one day he wakes up it is, I know I've been playin, fogey dams all day and we have a lot of rooted in tune. Agatha enrolled in, but today we are cutting off them The recent may lie they are now in a better and more
It's about the clearest. Is you don't cut? Excuse me father, Patrick a great song by the great music but yeah. What was that list? but you said about that. Literacy is. Can you hold that thought bring me my cudgels. This is gonna, be fun. Is that they started a they. Basically, they foot the script on a bunch of people. And tie them all up and essentially said which I imagine out on a limb here and say that this is pretty terrifying of you believe you have been purified by Christ already. You know. Maybe there's been a lot of talk about how we are new founders of a new church were restoring the new faith. How often do we see this absolute and then one day they had pre shows up and says you guys, don't believe in God enough. He told me last night in a dream after I ate a bunch of what a burger rights are now add, and I got a fucking drew. I had a dream last night, where you,
eyes are all we're going to tie up until I really believe that you believe in Jesus Christ, we're gonna, beat you and we're gonna beat you and we're gonna see we're gonna fuckin hack at you with about machetes she universe where the Bible mile thing is that if you re at me with a Bible, I am not going to be as open to Jesus Christ as you'd. Want me you just gotta say that you are thou. Just so much visa go either he's better than Brady an honest. You gotta be spanked me with it My good and I want you get a couple. A big musty nuns in there you're doing all wrong- I think you know one big car, guy with a lot of good muscles autumn, and I had a bunch of bus, the nuns and there you get these people flippant for Jesus pretty easily yeah. That's it. Way to do it. As a matter of fact, there was a little bit of that component when I was growing up. We to a church, of course, evangelical- and I forget the name of this group- there were like called mass the dogs for God or Somethin, o the one that would rip the
on both sitting around how to shed yeah. They would blow up water by like now or go to Hell. That was called it's like. I want, though, the water bags whenever they held, they were. Those big ol rubber begs will blow up Ben Steel round their necks and they would say. Thank you. Jesus for giving us this strength, but the thing is they worked out: every day you took a budget steroids, so tat would help them. Steroids God was in the they were called the power team up up up up up up. They were called the power to. My right is a big boys, my elder brothers, part of the power team as well, but that different. Maybe the lesson in the lower floor, I believe, is a part of the power bottomed him indeed is a seven foot. Horse of a man, so he's Busby, Buckin Magna Carta here, who is like an annex in that disgusting documentary. Don't fuck with cats. Luca may not oh, by the way we're gonna talk about them
Doc a little Betty, or maybe it's a real talk without this episode, who does ok cops came on the scene, so the cops up. As Henry said, the three villages are like hey up through a bunch of crap go out over here and our unity five days to escape trite. They went through all this shit, they escape. They got to the police officers. It was just it's like a horror movie. It was a nude woman running out of the forest saying they are beaten. The fuck out of here so this is according to below ways, they say He says they were performed in then. This is inside the church. This is our. These are the ten preachers that invaded this church they set inside a church they were before. And a ritual inside the structure in that ritual there were people being here. Against their will be mistreated? All of these rights were aimed at killing them if they did not repent there. Since there was a naked person, a woman inside it. Building were investigators found machetes, knives, Eddie
actually sacrificed go, so these people were being held hostage in their church, being screamed at to repent, well being stripped and beaten, and it's just Do you know? How do you even have time to say I repent when you're safe, ouch. So much that's why I you'll like there's a lot. I did a lot of flaws through our in rituals envy, from Saturday to Tuesday? All we are doing this all night long, but apparently about up to about a mile from the church building authorities found a freshly Doug grave, the corpses of six children and one adult the dead included, five children as young as a year old, thereby mother and a seventeen year old, female neighbour. Ok, there is There is a lot and mayhem going on in there, and this is what this is one of those stories. That of what happens when Europe. Out of one of these little offshoot, urgent. Sometimes they they flip from the inside now you're stuck in the middle of it. You just going to have to read the room and figure out
and you say her guys, you guys got started drawn. What did you get the hell out of me? You know, social media and the internet and technology has brought us some allows and some concerns in some anxiety, saying this case. They could use it'll tech. They could use just a little connection with the outside world. So they don't get so convinced that their ideas are right, that they end up killing five children and pregnant women and again that child as young as one year old. How do you, even if one years old. First of all original sin. I believe that your name I believe that you are without sin and tell your there's like some date that a lot of religions have before you have to like come to Jesus and if you die before that they're like dad you're too young you get in like Marty, the robot would still Gideon, even though, demonic things Thirty, nine results I got what our year so would they said here so a bible of further
formation. This is from the New York Times article Theo, Mont Blanc. Member of the community. Help police in the rescue said the shortly before the killings to be open to people in the sack told them what they were doing. The reason for committing? That kind of sacrifice was that God had anointed them to do all of these anomalies. Purpose of all of that was destroyed the community. Why? Because the community didn't want to believe in God, you said that was a mass exorcism railway network. This idea, that he felt that they all had. They didn't want enough and He decided to basically beat them all until they wanted it enough they were they call it according to Andrew Chest, not need professional religious studies specializing in Latin America, Virginia Commonwealth University who had been sitting by the phone
no one has been a call on him in a while. He said that cop webs off the phone, is it wrong? He's like what the hell you like me. They mean that I am an emperor, not one that is in their life, No sir, no pleased slavic describing it as he is a call that a sing credit extinct, critic or synthetic colt, which was it in an espouses, a Pod, your beliefs did together with Pentecostal ISM at its core, but also Ellen of indigenous believes, and even new age philosophy reportedly talked about the importance of the third eye on a now deleted facebook page. So they had a facebook, page Goodness all of the victims and all of the suspects were members of the same indigenous community. According to Ricardo Miranda he's the leader of the Mugabe, Google tribe,
He says it's not the booger authorizing the Google tribe sounds like a group of people that they met in the Smurfs. Oh yeah, they eat bugles. I love bugles underwear, its neck, so Mademoiselle, so that's the bugles or in a semi autonomous zone notice, Camonica, they called the sect, quotes, satanic This is according to Miranda he's as we demand the immediate eradication of this sect, which violates all the practices of spirituality and co existence in the holy scripture. There's I don't know what a sect possibly could have done to anybody off. I really don't like it. And do anything man? It's just. Does it as bad as the bad cold sabbatical? It sounds get so the new light of God church. I guess it no
longer exists because I think they kind of like killed every one that belong to it, or maybe it comes back stronger Never! Maybe you Lynette civil war, its doing up. Oh yes, of course the Disney nice all right isn't very scary. What a very scary story, and I'm really glad that I'm an ally in the only called solely bump bump against for the most part just want me to have crystals during grain juice in, but I mean again if they can help with audition. You can fuckin around for a while newly well. Maybe some green juice wouldn't hurt either of us. So there you go Panama, jungle, seven, killed, fourteen tortured and exercise. I dont think that they should they exorcism ritual, because I think it actually gives it too much of like there there to help its not related to help it makes it cooler makes it cooler stories. Maria amateur, think it's what I like about. It
maybe I'll be down for an exorcism I'd, buy tickets to watch one from the side bachelor. They should have done it on. The road will isn't that they did that right. What was they the story that we covered where they used to do the exorcisms in public, with all the nuns and illegally apples of live adult the that was very internet when fairy sexual for them? That was was prime time that was better than who will time that was better than anything TIM Alan- has better the last man standing. Why Jenny. Nationalism rallies difficult our. As my mom says, every single my go home. My mom loves last man standing. She looked up at every time. She thought she puts it on strike. She always asked me: do you watch less mainstay terms like now? don't. I know you know that I mean like I wouldn't go out of my way. I can go ass. I thought I was in an urgent care, Yes said: oh, you gotta watch it it's the riders, that's who makes it the right! Is it just so clever man, it's just
so the money that we have to love these people, because they are our parents, but I I love you, nobody will have do you have created you, that you don't have to let you go on, but not by will say it's the day, just very smartly, position that show for my parents and everyone like them. Every love last Wednesday they really they really have she also. I believe my parents do as well love young Sheldon, Big Bang theory. Couldn't you couldn't be more? Please. Seized with watching Sheldon grow up. They are so excited to see the how it began where the humor began. Think buzzing guys. Like I thing and to still it's like described, I have not seen a minute of it, I'm sure thing is in there somewhere, maybe heavy. If they want to keep that audience. I to keep him happy. I look
we think LUCA Magnesia is less of a sociopath, then young, Sheldon and Old Sheldon. I wonder I wonder or links God you brought it up. Let's talk about that. I just want to quickly talk about how we too, we both watch. Don't with cats. The Netflix memory on LUCA Magnano- and it is very interesting. What did I do? You think they did a good job of shit in just enough of the animal tour because I was watching and literally I wanna watch any more that? Definitely not that I saw, but I thought that is important for you to see how real it is made out to see the cats going in and they can get sucked up in the bags having. That is important for you to see the day. This Erasmus of that when they showed him playing with the dead cats, it reminded me the he man toys like when you got the big Lion toy that he man used to ride on or whatever like they were. Just so frozen yeah, better. I was like, oh my god, it's terrible, but I also think
did they kind of really played up the facebook sleuths in that were technically they didn't help with the Ngos nature well, but they were correct and no one listen to them, but they didn't aid. So that means that technically they didn't do it. They didn't really get the message across, but tactic I'm happy that there are people out there investigating these things. Technically, that's the premises. My documentary Hale yourself. What with Erica no listen to me and the subway station. But it's about being there making us man. It's about yourself and I think the answer sleuths overall did a good job. Let's just say, I'm just gonna, say the internet sleuths they did really nail it to start and then that lead to protect Usually the demise of gambling, with the kind of just yadda yadda it over, and am I didn't you all cyber Bali, this person they kind of you
that whatever happens home was cool because he was being a jerk on the internet and here think that are you why's? He was not an ice person, but this we're not really being too vague for good radio. One thing that we had a question, though last week as we brought it up a little bit like briefly, was that there was a second pair of hands. Yes in one of the videos that had a snake that was brought in to consume a cap that he shot all thing yeah and there were the very beginning. There seem to be some form of handling which he said was the emphasis. Mammy the man that LUCA that's wouldn't LUCA of magnetic came out to say that he was at the be ass than he was a prisoner of someone that was making him do these things. It seems like the erasure from C b sees fit the state. The documentary reported that they went, and this comes from I just found this on student problems. Dot com
I don't know my Tom Chap, and is this really the student problem No, I don't have all the issues facing our students, radio, but with one of the ridge internet sleuths, John Green an see research. They seems that a female Abrams confessed. She was the woman holding the python. I'm sad she essentially from what would seem to be conjecture in the most canadian one of them or canadian things about the story is that she let him borrow her snake. What no questions asked am, I only thing is that ever let anybody borrow a pet. No, are you never know what they're good with it. If somebody says the words hey, can I borrow your dog teaching that dog to suck his dick with the money Oh, my god, I'm an arab you're saying: never, you could never borrow around you can visit. With an animal or you can have somebody's snakes, it
like you, wanna go someplace. You could snakes it if you think I'm down, I could bring puffin to go, see you and then maybe puffing could make you happy sure absolutely by. Secondly, that we haven't you ve known all they rhythm rousing. Your blood pressure is going through the roof, be that it did it. If you're talking about I've been discussed, that's what you're gonna die, but the unjust scene or let anybody borrow your python you're. A lesson is that we do not know what happened to you, keep it in your home, I got an out animal unless you're, one of those cool people out by like, like Santa Monica, appear ride as they play with their snakes out in public and where they obviously theres many conjectured alot of people. They are still Lahti he'd here this there's people the street, I believe in LUCA Magnet and they believe that he was manipulated they. I also believe that he is very, very sick, giving he's a sick person? You listen. He asked He has a he release an interview, for
jail recently. Ok, he obviously is talking to himself with reformed questions that he has got out and of about again talking about in this manner. Lopez character, which I do not believe is real. I believe none of that Israel so who knows who does interesting? Okay. Well, that answers a big question that I think everyone had, because they did not answer that in the end eventually, though, is kind of a flaw in the document Arians honestly, because the only question that, after the documentary you you can go through the list or like that was crazy than you like. But what about that? One thing they probably should have put a button on that in the dark, but it nice that we finally get a little conclusion on that LUCA make not as mother. I actually feel bad for because, obviously she's extremely mentally ill. And yes, what happens when you raise a demon? It's gonna sock gotta be so we ought to know that you are thus the creation of something that ends lives because politically you ve done horrible job, whatever
however, usually a bad job. I don't even know if I could save you did a bad job. What do you do when you are? You might he mentally ill, and then your son is also of this aim. Stripe and the new kind of craters world word. The two of you are just not helping other- and it is very scary- I've there's a documentary about it, though I've seen a bunch of times. It was just this one. Culture You're in a rage, HBO has another one which are brought up many many times. That was again too Dron of rage is truly horrifying. If you ever want to be horror, just scared to death of the I nine year old, another one? dividing thing. A bunch is called a dangerous son when you don't HBO, another one that is very frightening because what'll. I do it's. It's part of the reason why we are not having kits because now you and I are both like. Could I raise a genius that was perfect? Yes, sure when they occur,
can run on its own that show it to do its own stuff. Yeah. I take her Sheldon. You want to raise young Sheldon, a young sheldon, but I dont want an older Shelton. You know I mean I don't want to him after that time period. I also leaving a child could be like raise in a boarding school you could take a child out inside it's one of those big drafty, victorian home firms where there are taught to two being served well skills and and how to cook, and but as but like also like physics like almost like our Herman has cut they would have an eye glass ball. Problem thing is what they're doing like weird kind of professor Ex mine games in, I think we're there doing like psychic exercise, would rise, beads yeah. Well, I think you, and now we have a great chance of raising just birthing. A genius That is going to all cheap whatever it is that the problem do that. It had still look like her.
For ass. You feel like you and a boy like are, I mean everyone's beautiful well they would have everyone? Are you do and then gives? Will your with Katy tax? Let you know about kind of funds, the European Wrestling Podcast and, dare I say it's kind, the fund, bringing you all the news you need to know about wrestling to keep you up to date, You know we cover all sorts news from across the wrestling industry. Keep your updated a hot gas, all the fun stuff. Everything you need to know so check out kind of fun. Pierre Network, its kind, brother read from the storing speech all here without any context whatsoever, here's a piece of inept the so called ghosts are easy life router road in the passenger seat of Silvia Corolla, like sick dog, he slid on the sea, every stoplight,
let me see that every stoplight twice got so scared. He kicked the dash scuffing the glove compartment with his dirty white orthopedics. He wouldn't tell her where they were going. She wondered if he actually knew blurted in each direction. The moment it was needed and demand greater squealed like he was ready to throw up Sylvie scattered to stop on the shoulder of the busy freeway at once. Router opened the door ripped off. His signal ran into trap each. Yet she looks was already across waiting for the door. Bethlehem, retirement all right. Well, this story. I just want to talk about because we ve talked about crisps before here. In the past we talked
bout! How someone just you haven't crisper the crew you have again, we have not with is not a direction that you and I take. This is the direction that you take. This was going to be here of the weak, but I've decided against it. Janine, ROS, she's, thirty, eight years old. She was absolutely shocked and shook when she opened up her bag of crisps and she bound and action. Found a fifteenth, centimeter, large, best, sweet chile, crisp for Morrison's Janine said it was hard to get an exact readiness to how long the unerring bends and twist, but she said If it was drained, it would beat the previous british wreck, and so waited the title, I'm so pissed right now that you just said, no, it's not even that big she's saying if it was strange, it would be huge. There have been bigger Chris Naomi picture, show me to forget pic. I will for a
screen shot and send it to you right now, because you they all. What's the big deal? There's been larger crisps, but there hasn't been a larger crisp in the wild pray. Yes, larger crisps, awhile made the vulgar tsarist getting these things are not carrying out of Chris Veal, no, not really born. There have been larger Chris but you know what Henry those were specifically produced to set the record. This is a Crispin, a wild, and it's a sausage shaped crisp and to me. I said I sent you a picture of it and it is that's a domain. I tested to you it's in your text right now, you're gonna be amazed. I want to see your first reaction when you see up and you're ready For this ruddy, while pretty big crisp, and it is, it is a thought, shape. Onion car when you say, is that this is so stupid when used
in the context of gene Rossen daughters had easy, you can really see how large it is kind of like the know. How big is easy. Owl does is ok, another screenshot come in your way body because you're about to have your mind blow and now this is not a crime. No, it is not, but I do find it to be very interesting and were also a new show no that is discussing I apps. I do not want. I hate this picture, because this looks like that old joke of why pedophiles have sex with children, because their businesses, both big and their staff, is what is that all Joe What do you think you're right? It's I'm in the old red standard of putting a banana next to it. We know why you aren't going to take. You lose your your old polish jokes are just disgusting sentences in any other in any other world. So anyway has found what she believes, that to be the world's largest crisp. It Mary, there's a whopping. Twenty
seven metres long soaking, adulation Janine ROS, you ve done it you're, not the horror of the weak, but you are a hero of my horror, good enough. She was good enough. No, she wasn't. She didn't do enough. She gazed around a crisp. She had read it now. You can save it to be measured by the world. What you gonna! Do you get Similarly, work give us all world record. Hyena cockamamie, bull shit is that I would even if the previous record was fifteen kilometres, and this is twenty centimetres so anyway, that it's kind of a fun story. It's not a crime ex over. It looks like it. I just took you guys got it as always, actually meant. Well, let's move on. King of stories, involving
actually this run on his angry here. There's no yes stories involving something horrible, although we got several horrible pictures. Ok, what do we want? We want a family and I laid or do we want some car us. I dont know what happened so far and twenty twenty, but people because say take it she'll pill do this one Henry speaking of children. Obviously that girl was holding up the large crisp this serial killer son followed in his response, his footsteps a little bit differently. Evidently, there's a zero killer is a sort of a murderer. He has been arrested after hundreds of bones belonging to young women are found in his pond in Thailand. This is John Wayne. Macy's dream come true, but Saudi through all the palm of your Fuckin Kermit frock, we'll budget my guess he after he ran out of four spaces. Through them all in the lake in the robbery. I get him in the river I, what so he just through these women in the pond
guess so he's a wealthy property air Apache ongoing it here forty years old has been arrested in Bangkok body of his former girl friend, where through worn shy at child shot. I'm sorry, with twenty two. She was found in the, but she was found in the pond police about a hundred hundred of more bones, believing to be at least from three people, so this guy spot He was jailed in nineteen. Eighty three four butchering a fifteen year old girl, so it seems like can a sociopath. He runs in the family. This dude evidently pictures show that police found the body wrapped enclose a bed in a black plastic bag. The body had been fastened to the bottom of the pond, with large mental objects and dumb bills with chains unless it allegedly made his girlfriend known to friends. As kick
or keep sleep in a metal casket. He was so worried she would leave him. Officers have claimed that she was suffocating and then hurled into the pond, who remain were found, gene wary. Ninth. So do you think that, being a serial killer, and maybe this can go out or ADI inside side stories. Lpotl at Gmail, Ella, Gmail com is it genetic. I dont know. I think that the they're they're, probably traits that are passed on that make you may be more likely depending on your circumstances. I'm not quite certain. I do believe that you as you look what's your name, Bt Gaze daughter right is now she's, not a serial killer, but she wrote a book about about the lover. Jesus Christ, the inside of a brain, and he got I'm trying to think who else had children of all of them. When Gacy, we don't know anything about those kids. Really.
The time I leave TAT, Bundy's, daughter, sort of came out of the woodwork and was like iron, ran out her gray, granddaughter his granddaughter apparently came drain. Thing to brag about souvenirs he's on Tik Tok, so I don't know he's shan't is a sign of mental illness. I don't think so waiting a lot of people like Tiktok. Is a sign of mild mental illness, though as well, so people enjoy it, it's kind of fun out there. I think people like it because they d, like the lip, sink the songs and they like to now. Don't kid Scott Express themselves They really do so a parties. They found through a fishing expedition to ensure ninety eight bones: the family of a missing twelve role to live near the property. They believe that He is in the pond as well. Authorities are planning to train the pond for their investigation. He has been by local media, the metal casket killer.
Which, of course, it's not a serial killer. If we don't have a clever little name form the police chief said, the investigation is found that several women who were involved with the culprit have disappeared. They included his friends, girlfriends and prostitutes. Again, the the chief continues. We about two hundred ninety eight pounds of the bond so far, but had not clarify that how of those bones were how many humans, those bones were from. I would assume to injure ninety I think it is really important, for this is one of them Definitely don't put all your eggs one basket because when it comes down to a deal, is a very poor draw by those bodies. Again just awesome unopened. More minutes say this and I dont want to help you in doing this, but if, you are killing people. You need an exit strategy. You need an end game. You figure out how to get rid of these bodies that, without a body, is very difficult for depend for their petty crime on you you get on to help you. I'm trying to say get rid of the teeth
get rid of their hands, get rid of the feed, the red, that's actually brother, best for you to hold onto that for as long as humanly possible, keep it and keep it on your property, so very difficult, how many you come and look for it right to somebody's either a deep underground or put it up in a kind of like maybe even a cooler I basement. Well, don't do don't do any of that. That's not good stop it and will make your how small all bad then you're gonna go to prison forever, because you're a murderer and then eventually this smell becomes neutral. Not to you it does, but everyone else that you're the house, that's not decomposing bodies ever was gonna. U they're gonna burn your house, W Freddy Krueger, the only people we're coming, and I also get murdered anyway. My goodness, so there you go. Who knows What's gonna happen here, it looks like this. Guy has killed a bunch of people, just be careful. This girl friend had made previous
complaints to the gobs, no one did anything either. Also a beautiful tat to the remains of the property of the girlfriend she's pictured above here in this daily mail article. She has a gorgeous back tattoo and that one of the identifying marks the cops we're like that. That's her their potential serial killer in Bangkok. Another murderer? it'll, be raised. The air, the acorn didn't fall too far from the tree in that family here we go. Let me tell the tormented with common Save this family annihilate our story for next week's I want to get into it. I say this position funny story. Ok, it's comes from the domain registrar. Oh man read your man. Quests trial by combat with japanese orders to settle dispute with Iowa X Y, whose bananas, where a care this man
ass, an IRA court to grant his motion for trial by combat. So we could meet his Ex wife, inner attorney on the field of battle, he will render their souls from their corporeal bodies. Ok hold up. This is for custody. This is a cut The battle is just that. It's I don't know. I don't know if this is not going to help him get the kids back to be like Joe try gotta go lobbying sword get a much. Mommy is David, that's out, is David O shrimp. Forty of payola, Kansas or documents said that his ex wife, Brigitte Ostrom, was has destroyed him legally. He ass, the eye or district court and shall be county to give him twelve weeks lead time in order to source or forge Catana Anna walking Saw she sorts to this day travel by car? That has never been explicitly banned or restricted as a right. In these United State, Ostrom Org argues in court records, adding that
it was used as recently as eighteen, eighteen and all british court a little bit loosen limit or more recently, that's two hundred years ago. So all right, they ve set it up here. It is not about abolished and these are abolished and then they are fighting each other. They said that he believes that he is attacking his wife's differ. Divorce, attorneys, Absurdity with my own absurdity Austrian, who said he plans to request the same mediation tactic for any other disputes that may arise and cork added that his ex wife can who's, your attorney as a champion or stand invite her we're. Just somebody on is that this is what they owe the paper. He said. I think I've met Mr Hudson's He has had reduced that I've met Mister Hopkins at source with my own absurdity. If midst, if Mr Hudson is willing to do it, I will meet him. I don't think he has. Not to do it through
historically bid is set in drawing cotton. Core records trial by combat was not always won by way of death, but also when a party cry craven yielding to the other, responded and count some have proven themselves to be cravens by refusing to answer the call to battle ass they should lose this motion by default. Awesome wrote adding that of the The party decided, otherwise you want to proceed with a blunted practice style of sword like a good idea. Are you fail, though their way, the judged it will he go with this I'm pretty sure that was dismissed, lost everything. Yes, Hudson refer to himself. Ass quote a potential com, and ass. They were sort of laughing at this man's demand for a samurai battle to see who gets custody of children. I'm going to say this. The way that the judge and the attorney, for the Ex wife reacted. They laughed at him in
Oh yeah, you Darrow they're all dead men year that people in this case, I think you have to pretend to take it seriously and then find some legal argument to say We would like an ethnically if it's raining on the Thursday, that is, chose- and we have to read to US fighting field, and this fighting field is not available so and four years it is going to have to give me the house. What in the car what if they just did a wren fares, style. Dual, not actually saying there are three things you want to do the blunted swordplay version you so that you can opt for that and then on to cry, Craven and and admit defeat, and that's how you didn't have to kill them but that is not fond and that's not fair, and I think you need to kill them. So the the lawyer for the Ex wife said that this is obviously a potentially life andean ramifications of a dual that surely out
way their fight over property tax in custody issues. Let me ask you this castle. If I'm, I might, try. This is a brilliant plan. This is very, very smart to do. If I were to enter in some form of God knows what crime? I will eventually be pinned without pity. On me, tax of a star, May we are not going to be out of half of our conversation, about you, scheming, you hide your money and none of you Ideas makes sense. You like one of shoes, were money. They can't take your shoes from you. Can they I got. Some we back from Natalie when I asked her to put on a fake pregnant belly and go down to the Caribbean. Also, Philip, I think pretty are filled with gas. I got some pushed back good who have say if I am going to do that, I might do this castle. Will you be my champion in what sense you fight as a reference and of me you want me to be your blaster,
you are you: are you wanna master? One is all one wages, entire relationship building towards Europe. With high blood pressure. You should fight, you can only anger, they didn't know I'll die just in prayer I need of selling one that is going to go and fight for me fight is, if its himself. Well, I gotta tell you what my good my good user, you never pay for about light again in your life. I mean No none of you in what am I even defending you for my crimes, you me because you would know you're gonna, have January told me so well, you would know me so you know me, you know me. I do no way. On the same Henry I've always been I've ever change, my change, all right. You know me friends for years yet, but also to my heart of hearts. I didn't mean to like make everybody of guinea tizzy with my crimes and I never do something that necessarily Bell would like,
I heard a lot of people. I just you know the idea. Hardliners ride money overseas. You have two premeditated. You have to talk to me will you gotta figure it all out generally, do it all of my own again keep wall facer I put the wallpapers. I came in my own mind to keep a plain within me. I tell no one else. I have three can Genji, but I've three conditions see plans that no one knows apparently not only be fighting the battles for you and I'm assuming the wall phases you're. Something to do with doing, and I dont want to know it's not due to three body problem, but I did not bring up dude, I'm saying so. You would not be my champion. You not come to my aid when you receive the messenger bird I'll have to seek out figure it out. I'll have to see you're going to Bernie me, I'm not going to burn you, I'm going to I'm going to support you, I'm going to support you so jumpy. Japan aspire was now amuse. This is what the judge said regarding the idea.
Of a dual to see who gets custody of the children. This is the judge until the brown procedural steps to initiate a court proceedings are followed. This court will take no further acts concerning any emotion, objection or petition filed by either already at this time, so Literally almost the Smith literally broke think ORD system there, like we're done melody we're done. We want to talk to you anymore, you're, not getting any thing, you hearkened our sexually almost man, Congratulations! You have nothing now we're going to strip everything from you as fast as humanly possible. You know divorce It is not easy, but I feel like if you married some one and you loved, divorce always so, if you still don't you Are you crazy superiority, consistent Jazeera? Why are there so much though I don't it's hard, because because people don't talk, you can't I try to work on these countries.
We'll figure out how to have the hard conversations to which very difficult when I did it didn't, go off and get me able, but actually hope that pact even help me with some form of sympathy. Yeah. That's very true! I'm ok! Well, I think it time for hero of the week, this year of the week. You know what this is not just our hero. This is a community and the huge community this week are furries. You know people make. The furies. They say. Oh they're, just you know, devious out there doing weird things, but in reality I love em. I earnestly RO furry there you gotta go! Let him come on
for each other and integrating them a lot of over, and it's not very sexy apparently alive the times, sometimes about fellowship. Absolutely everyone likes. You're raccoon or a fox or a to be not everybody, not everyone, but some people do So these worries there were just having a good time. There were drinking that night they were haven't. This time, a named Stephen Rodriguez he's twenty six years old. He was in full furry costume here I need to go outside and have a smoke as he's out there. Sir, in which sounds very dangerous for periphery, because you can just go up like that. I feel in larger, subsidiary, flammable yeah. The really should watch it with some of those more official fabrics. Absolutely so maybe stick with your babes. That might be better as outside smoking in cigarette risk. In his own life, he heard a car screech to a halt get out get out get out. Rodriguez called that's what she was saying recalled in that that's what she was saying in the car rhetoric is, as it was pretty
Rodriguez called that's what she was saying recalled in that that's what she was saying in the car rhetoric is, as it was pretty intense. A self described, silent observer of furry culture who try from a Sousa in Southern Keller, are you doing to attend the convention's after hours, hotel parties. We saw the passenger just wailing honour just full on punch, so right, you said this is not going to happen. I my watch at that moment a group of about five people still in ferries suits from the days festivities sprinted over reason rain. The man ass he attempted to hit Rodriguez, who had already run over among the first on the scene, was a pink dinas or who wrestled the suspect by the head and show there's, while a massive tail bobbed in his wake. While then a tiger knelt restrained man from his torso and from a torso as a platform. The old cowboy watched on within six minutes within a few minutes, San Jose
survived, took over for the six police trade. The man he said these people are heroes. The fur the fur is slowly dispersed after giving police their statements. Rodriguez said both disgusted by what they had seen but pleased by the way things had worked out. He says it happened very, very fast and just a horrible thing to see. But overall everyone was happy that we stepped in. So, thank you for ease you don't mess with furries, they ve been through it all and if their dressed up in costs they basically superheroes I mean I I wouldn't assume it, but I think that its What are they did here, but I wouldn't good concerted group effort and I think that they are, they do seem like a living version of. I but want to say some Saturday morning, cartoons. I think that is there now, needs to be a fairy fight or show their knees, diet.
We regret that a second out you then I guess technically there already are. A lot of that in any more effect, and a memorandum on the more amorphous- and I know is the Anna Morphs, you others already a lot of stuff out there that I think furries relate to, but furries you're. This here of the weak, specifically those four heroes who stopped this horrible man from beating this woman- and they said no- can do sir, yes, I'm dressed as a rat could, but my friend I am going to bite and scratch you until the cops arrived and detained, and this is why you have to be my camp. Yes, but I do firmly believe once you're in costume Henry. You know this as an actor once you're getting costume. You're, not the same man as you once were. No you were gone the mask and then you wonder, who is Who are you? Are you Robo the Horny Fox Day, most of the time in your days? Will we not when you put that on how long is? Of course you have your pretty
he's going to Helen Adult Swim Gary when you, when you're dressed as Gary. How long does it take you to did into character? Is it when the window, No horn goes on in here like and now. I'm Gary Bunda Naive, always been Gary Bunda. You aren't always right into the surface. So is right. There was always right. There Let me show you some listener email aura. So this was This was our doozy, whose come from a hours something when you briefly mention the Arabians at this week's episode. About Heavens Gate, I am an icy you nurse and a patient. I had once experienced severe trauma to her generals and there is talk about her eventually needing clitoral reconstruction Lou being curious about how this done. I researched the topic and came across an organization called clytie arrayed. In, like a very sketchy gatorade knock off. This is actually an organization run by the railings that they say this. I have. I didn't, find evidence on that, but I will look deeper into that of funds. Clearer role, reconstruction,
usually in cases of female genital mutilation, as unfortunately seen in some african cultures, accordingly, I read a meadow movement this this accord, when I read the railway and movement see sexual gratification of masturbation is important parts of the human experience, so their funding hospitals and Rural Africa to perform these. Surgeries and restore women's sexual function, which sounds very nice. That's great arms of things at alien culture known for I figure. This is actually pretty positive, end of you woke up clear. Read I mean by it. If it was a drink but it is, it seems to be their doing also. Sometimes these people, you know it's the broken cock, as is correct to time but I honestly that is very good and female genital mutilation is a serious problem that money thank you for clarifying. I'm really glad you did that mean that its. That is our official stance here. It's disgusting! It's very sad. I am again state
I am against it. Are you re out? This comes from. This is from the amended I've atavism boots on the ground. I really enjoyed a silken right. This comes from am This is the proper John Shatner update oh my eyes they are used to sell homes, security systems and one of our installers or work with worked on his home security system. I was informed as house was in built like ours, but more like a commercial building. They had a drill wires through his floors, which were commercial standard, concrete fuck you dislike Fuckin lido till he also had a large garage under a house that had a turntable so that he could pull it. Out internal cars around with a pushover but coup dope. You're me a fan, years later. I worked at Papa Johns Corporate and a tech support centre where one here entertaining other business people in suits hued were the same red shirt genes top with a large shouldered tweed sport scope. The jacket made him look like HEP cat
The pole, Abdul music video accept not at school. There is one instance where I was on the phone working in someone behind. He was talking extremely loud, making it hard for me to hear my call. I turn around him back. I could see a man wearing nylon, Jim pants, with cowboy Boats nylon, when I looked up the best you're, what I look up, the don't be quiet because I was trying to work. I saw you was not other than proper judgment It is important to support for motor vehicle because limber as possible and could I hid Eddie or my genes. Learning on my leg is good, bye, ledgers, good sense If one I'm workin on the words, I believe it so this is this view. My mind: Papa Johns Corporate is also home to the presidential limo. There is a presidential limo. How in every state for the present in the United States. The one in Kentucky just so happens to be at Papa Johns Why a lower level garage? Yes I'd! Maybe
Hopefully this is not anti does not blowing of national security. I've really which floor There has been a secret service offices in the building on all over. We had a sheet tee to teach us how to deal with bomb or terror. Threats isn't that nice to have to deal with wow, so the Trump limo bigger the presidential impulse. Currently the trump lemme it's in Papa Johns had come. You. Gotta get us lies when you're, there's fuck em in credit here's another one is another update its calls for man. In a recent episodes. Aside stories, you feed your story about someone who had their arm amputated was able to bring it home with them. I remember to being baffled at the fact that it was simply given in a red garbage bag. Even questioning whether there were nice are options. Well, I can tell you As far as I know, the red garbage bag is the best and only option you have. I work as an pc, a surgical, patient care, associate which essentially a fancy title.
Operating room janitor, the person who cleans the hours after surgeries, amongst other things, such things include, delivering amputated limbs, so the frozen section every lamb I've had to deliver has been in one of those red garbage bags and that goes in the hospital I work and taken to a freezer that looks like a normal, albeit outdated, revert generator Sars I'm aware this any other form of limb receptacle does one, let you guys now. Thank you so much I'm angry. I lose an arm. I guess we walk now with a red bag. I'll give it a mark, is yoletta yeah, I'm holding my other had all my other Joie your door go. What's the lighthouse, let me say that I have not seen a yet be our door guy. I M very excited. I've heard that we get white into the anatomy of a mermaid, which I am It's great man, I love it so much one. Yes, absolutely aren't so here's a little
and one last little weird women and will end throughout my childhood. My family would see classic floating light ufos bright lights, moving to pass through the plane, hovering strangely punching together and spreading apart before disappearing. My panties creatures so calmly, ways that eventually we convince no. That was me I had no. That was you. I don't want to think about. It disappear and somewhere and others to my asking. I know that these are so. The place that eventually we convince ourselves that these are just airplane. Circling landed yea. I must convince anymore, however, the most terrifying thing. I've seen was what my sister my called the light people we heard stories of people seem strange lights all over the mountains surrounding horse tooth reservoir. On twenty miles from where we lived, it isn't the plains of Colorado. So people even reported that these lights were actually strange, emotionless people carrying brow, lamps, just wrought, wandering around the mountain side. In fact, my sisters,
criminal justice. Professor and college reported an encounter with these people were. He was a young cup. Apparently you working late at night when a pole came in about weird activity up at the lake, possibly some illegal overnight camping. So he goes up with his partner. Patrol car, and this part for only moments when a fucking figure carrying a bright blue lamp emerged from the woods. He said he got out of his car to speak to this person and the person a bald man stared at him, with a black Unblinking! Look before running back into the woods. What the fuck Actually, my sister and I decided to go check it out ourselves. We drove up high tell her three goods crank guys do this anymore, but it is what I miss being being like that you know to up the creep factor into gear de the shooting of pants. We actually see something and mature shit about twenty minutes. After get into the lake, we counted for moving blinking blue lights across the mountain side. We want
them across the lake and I'll. Never forget the with the lights reflected on the water. It was so eerie, they move like something or some one was walking with them. Through the tree claw. Needless to say, we were there long enough to count the lights before speeding out of there. The day. I still don't know what to make of it. Creepy asked He called members wondering them out in a night for some strange ritual aliens drunk, doubt illegal campers with matching blue lights and lots of late night wanderlust someday. I go back, but until then come wages. I love it and, of course there were super stone by speeding away. They mean fourteen in my man of again break the buggy, sound merrier man all right over what they do. You also much for listening to this week's side stories. You can always email us at sized L p o t o at Gmail dont come we love hearing? from you- and this is a reminder we will be exclusive, do spot on five February. Fourteen that's the day of love.
Day, avail and times a day. A learning is a core per day of love. It think more violent Brady. If you want, but you know, they're making us doing, they're making us do it, and this is my little recommendation- go out the day before that after Valentine's day because they jack up their prices on Valentine's day at an app bees all the way down to your table from false Danes bought an answer. Fuck you on Valentine's day, stay in and fuck or come to LOS Angeles after midnight. Premier maids, said sex come out, comes it will soon acuity. There from an avenue premier deserve our exile, explain what after midnight and so after midnight. We were of the horror film that I was in last year. You ever get enough wide. Relates we're gonna full on theatrical release scald after midnight chair, get out and north angels I'll, be there running the q and a worthy director hell? Yes, we were walking in a we just parted. In LOS Angeles, we were going to go to a store because I stepped up on my babes for
dry January, and I must say that has been a lifesaver at US this person comes up he's like army huge, Fanny guys, and then he mentioned that he was. Working on this film after midnight with Henry and I said what the hell is, this movie all about, and then Henry told me so check this movie out, because Mr Brow, ski is in a hurry, fulfilment, I'm sure middle Wolf a little late and secure the pants off you but put pants on before you go back outside because that still a felony So I guess it is in his fucking improper world, but guys remember, live your life, lost your hand, and now you got it in your other aunt. I carry my own heart. That's double hinges. Might swab your dog very lab laugh laugh like you're, Robert Pattinson just lives a little Willem Dafoe Fart, no matter how many times you parked in that movie. I want every witch way real lighthouse. There's a lot of send it it's fun. Is there really nay, you should see I can't wait to see it and love love on any day.
The year doesn't have to be Valentine's day, saving their lucid spot of. I love it a day of the year. The thirteenth seventy The nineteenth twenty first love on those they soon of your home alone on the fourteenth legality. Have a significant other or they died in a fire or they dig lost their there everything that was sexual about them in the war. Sure. What I would say you should do is give yourself a most like nice, long, masturbation sessions or your light the candles near Lubin up the boy so did I all they letter last long boat, scream Right? Yes, a word I mean it doesn't matter Valentine's day is a corporate of make em up and I'm sure Whenever that day consists of four you, it will be a wonderful day, don't be sad very good way of covering all ground. Thank you. I'm all right, you you so much for listening, and you know what folks never forget hail yourselves healthy, mug installations.
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