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Side Stories: Roomba Attack

2020-02-12 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: a father starts a sex cult at his daughter's college, a man sics his roomba on a neighbor, another Lori Vallow update, AND MORE.

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hey everyone mark is here to tell you more about our move to spot a fine they show along with all your other lp in favorites is going exclusive to spot if i on valentine's day twenty twenty that means your only be able to listen to this episode future episodes and our entire back catalogue of shows overrun spotify starting on february fourteenth spotify our man they're free and their easy to create you can listen our shows on spotify right now and you can download episodes for offline listening with your free account everything is free the last by gas network in all your favorite music in one place what are you waiting for listening spock gas network free on spotify
i was able to dismiss the last on the left side the started george yes mark of mice sought carrying the torch of movies legacy of future o michael i think i'm just about to shove off is hot or cold michael tenement number one what will share in stone and ass like nice nice very good now our thoughts can number two mike couldn't get it don't work
that's your last what you know that's what you want to be your last words a bullet in is he's gonna work sides doors everyone bed kittle you're hanging out with had risen brow ski this is like way is just sometimes you earlier our doors that you're just like what is going on in the world so kurt douglas passed away your three years old audrey three years you can actually we're not gonna do the condescending thing thing honouring their years young now he had a great life hundred three good his classic out of all ass again sport incredibly important yes yes just one of the most iconic actors ever he could say anything you as his last words ever deadly he just said the catchphrase for the might bloomberg campaign which is like get it done which it's just like a waiter fact just don't know he said the admittance excited
about a presidential nominees since kennedy i honestly think should should it speaks a lot it speaks a lot about about how michael targets justly spring chick curtain on what i think f k i think michael bloomberg why why it was those they gather exactly good is theirs lao by honestly be they might be very soon more policies i don't know i don't think so it was quite a different world them but that just shows you the lifespan of kurt douglas unbelievable i'll from kennedy michael michael perform yes michael this is great i feel the light thinking from me michael jake errol chuck well we're gonna be my last words whatever the talk about
it raises board that marketing season it's just a b those words coming out of my mouth and everyone's gonna know i gotta have i had i like you regional assessment of that she just repeated the last commercial he saw i think that's what happened he was a hundred and three do you remember when they wheeled him out of the oscars i am all for cell hilarity i love celebrating older people i actually think as a culture we should celebrate elderly people more we worship the youth and that is kind a problem i like i like the idea of of celebrating the wizard of the elderly i dont know finger a whole bunch of them can go though i think there's all slave on that can probably just just move on to the after world i do i but i do believe we could hold some of our elderly to a higher esteem well the thing is with with glass kurt douglas he's elderly even for the horrible elderly people that are ruining our country right now you got your own
bombers out there who are them they are there that he is he's the greatest generation key a used the great generation that's what they say i guess i don't know i don't know what even an uneven should means anymore biting did it my world can get it done at a thought michael you thought we talk about his laundry maybe we may be and of course we talk about all of those fun things enabling its top at so keep on support that show throughout twenty twenty one a ride is going to be but we have a budget stories to get you today as a matter of fact do we want to see with this story henry the you brought up about this year firstly the calls that apparently sprung up i know a little bit of information about this thus taking my toe and until there is still more to good outside its goods this comes from new york i mean this is sarah lawrence parent accused of
ex trafficking and abusing students this comes from benjamin wiser lawrence vieira i showed up at his daughters college in new york city suburb and late twenty ten shortly after being released from prison and moved into dormitory soon he started doing therapy sessions with the roommates convincing them he could help them with their problems overtime using its and coercion he persuaded the young adults he first met at the school sarah lawrence to confess to crimes they have not committed and then extorted hundred the thousands of dollars from them he eventually compel them to work without pay on his property and north carolina technically that's an internship discards well they were digging irrigation ditches which is as much liberal arts students i feel a bit like i get i get it you're really call you try to get some labour ear i get what you trying to do but honestly i've how much work are these people who write audrey how much they can
get done with well i'm actually impress they went out there and all to be honest i don't think i would be the deal breaker for ready called then it all of enthusiasm there already for new experience all these cults every court we ve ever covered just them and lean amount of work that you have to do just like your europe i don't know like your play red did redemption and you ve already beat the story now over so you have to start over as a farmer that's very little reference for a very little about a people i felt sky rim shit it yes you have to go and learn or career within the gave no undue hours of manual labor before you can start fighting dragons oh i understand ok but how did this guy i just have another question here for you henry how did the dorm how deadly ex con just enter sarah lawrence university and just me like i'm here now like at some point don't they have all raise don't they have people be like knocking on the doors we like who's that old man who has the prison tattoos on his face i think
sarah lawrence they have ronan teachers people they ve been just role onto the fucking the camp as unjust are teaching people and you gotta go with it because it is very very liberal oak out when they started that this is now just what did he also threaten many with knives and he forced a young woman into prostitution taking nearly everything she made from selling sex the strangers they said maybe over five hundred thousand dollars which is what a lot of money he is now being charged and federal indictment of manhattan the conspiracy extortion sex trafficking forced labour and related charges now he did this for eight years let me do a little bit of a run down yet so there's a great article about this from the cut the cut dot com look up larry re sarah lawrence students is called the stolen goods of sarah lawrence i just started doing it's a little bit more complicated to be good and we don't have the time you're goes we don't normally do allow deep dive know we're right this is this is a war
the shallow end here on their shoulders you know itself one of the shell when you can work out you can get your little nude all your floating noodle work this is this just relax like git your stretches end before we go out to dinner any vp in the water here can really warm you knees so anyone took so this starts with talley tell you re was a student sarah lawrence college she was they said straight like she was an intense chick ok ran essentially i too floor dorm that was on sarah lawrence camp was on sarah lawrence camp it's called slowness woods nine right nine room many dorm also warrants a very nice college right a very pretty ah very ill lush through the age a lot of little homes for their most be incredibly creative bright kids right out to its right it's a private college it's what super expensive like this a little expanse like but date but they tried i think that they are a little bit more liberal with their scholarship
all seas that there really trying to get the best and the brightest and in its which is one of those kind of crunchy schools ok so her father based equally so tell you re explaining about how her father is this fuckin whistle blower truth teller guy that to work for the cia all of these could created like a very complicated backstory okay so wit working with the nine roommate she has inside of this little building she says hey my father needs to come stay with us and they all make a call where you gotta deborah because this is a very they are very creative these guys have in a time and there they the you know one of their big plans is there going to fill the living room with sand to make it a beat but they are very great if its college you're supposed to look like a possibility of filling a it's a nice guy don't get is just it's kind of later i negative suit they don't know that they be clean cause they don't understand all that quite yet but their imaginations are free castle
do they add the harrowing needles to really make it feel like a south florida beach only if they want to be full coney if they wanted many whenever says you have ever roommate says hey we should turn our power two coney island leaf all you have to now you gotta rock russians are over of its circuit side show it that's on a good day does tat inside chosen town and so late we re moves into this this place and he starts cook in the mall staked dinners order and super expense fancy delivery always come things kind of women every the over slowly but surely working his way into these people's lives is high nasal brooklyn acts and apparently go up to tell your friends and like saudi you work that can you defend yourself look really wake up he was a short fat bold man if used to talk about all this shit about ways in the marine corps and he started these kind of was big family
it's ok they would start watch movies and he cook dinner for everybody and he the lecture but the nature of the cosmos at all of these people and eventually it got more and more serious but why i just dont your in college and everything is meant for your enjoyment that's the whole thing you pay your expanding your mind it's your examine your mind but the cat wages are like hey every night we have some activity you pay a lot of money for the college is put on shows you get some kick ass concerts are they spending their college experience in a living room i must assuming full of sand at this point list into someone who sounds like joe patchy without like the connections why are they there these are the exact marks to be honest these are the exact type a marked its kind almost perfect and the real in the private sector were coats normally afterwork rightly
they it's very difficult you gotta really kunak and work out your philosophy you before you can presented to people you have to work on a shot look at the heavens gate now it would bonnie nettles and more slop why did they went and they went off and they wrote their script until the first time they try to talk to people about everyone call them weirdos are you like what's wrong with you but once they went to go develop it and come back with the ideas all kind of tightly put together it was more easily bag followers this guy just move to his daughters dorm room started doing it it reminds me of friday the thirteenth because the first airing friday the thirteenth you know what they didn't have the soundtrack and directors said this is horrible in the movies our producers that it was horrible and then the director of he's like well i got something for you the soundtrack so i am getting i want to follow the story deeper but basically when you find out is that the man was actually born lawrence greco in beirut brooklyn he was he did fighters for crimes he was
busted for low level financial crimes and then essentially flipping on a bunch of mob dude that he was working on so he's kind of a full on snow and then he would also do we are he was also inform it he had all essential but it was very very low level but i'm gonna go deeper and i will go deeper into the story next week ok but they all of this shit escalated while boy but did a funny story to look into she's a year so that means that he had at least like you fool classes from freshmen to senior said during the months someone here first he did live at the school eventually he moved operations to an apartment new york where he brought a remedy to by the way it all started was he'd still lived a heap was therefore still probably like eight nine months is delayed the girl work for psychological conditions go to eventually lead these young adults become unwitting victims of sexual exploitation so here certain movies sleeping rooms with them
picking their boyfriends for them and slowly but surely group grooming them sexually as well and a filling feeling with confidence also with this weird thing because it's kind of like this dad moved in an like the way most sexual predators groom people right as this in themselves as in a place of responsibility and of importance in your life centrally and thence start earning your trust no molly they starting trust making the dinners right well behind dance but then a there i'll it up saying self like would know this be so much more fun if i could see your asshole this is what that is that is always gives very bad it very bad it gives me over this more depth next we always i just wanted to start this story the very very fucked up if it sounds like it man i just i can
i guess i can see how a group of people could be susceptible i just feel like college kids are some of the hardest gives to perform in front of i went out to do university show me the last year or the year before really didn't have anything to tell these kids because i forget our young they all look in the almost weapons but other cool guy like i wear because now in my opinion what suit phase but to keep a college students attention is not easy what's because when we go and perform were country yuk yuk clown boys and so they look at us very differently than when you're coming from a place of vulnerability trying to understand their coming in from under an and connecting to them emotionally very seriously right right sincerely right and we show up you know which is again they type a response some of it some people long to be in
tain sure budget can cloud men we whose literally blood will kill them our blood is going to kill us monday was what happened with churches year guy oh he is years where visa for black of blood we technically our books you junkie which is why we will die because of its and they can see that they could smell that offers a mirror and are not ready to trust us so they're like cancer dogs but for chunky blood but very junkie a hook we actually have the gods listeners out there they have gone lady they they the they give us a power no i actually think college kids get a bad rap right now because all the attention is on the non cool ones but i know for a fact there's a lot of cool college kids out there they just want to get stoned i tell you i'm speaking of bad rap we actually got a lot of great emails last week about the baby boxes and try as they would see with the baby boxes another is not a bad wrap is just all rap weekend i wanted i learned so much about these these
we'll suitcases for babies and how important they are no it's here a little bit something on the the funky or side of the street ok playing a little bit more about baby boxes ok we have a baby and i know what to do the baby paving and how soon when the babies born and use them all alone and the mothers confused because you can provide a whole though i can became be they another option is adopted a wicked i go now when the baby to the council a hospice across the board in all things tat now glass half empty rather do maybe say i think it's actually knows it's pretty as far as government sponsored hip hop does it's very good you better watch it most hip up will be government mandated hotel
i already see that carbon is doing all the aid commercials which gotta breaks my heart just a little bit but none the less you have you seen those measures for a common the wrapper the intellectual wrapper he's correct i you know i just strange to me that he is rapidly a eyes so much because at the same time it can be used destroy all of us oh cables technology this story girl neighbours man i henry you're about to have home neighbours you're you're moving in this world and so this is gonna be a story this is a warning for you this is an yukon oklahoma in oklahoma neighbourhood is on edge these people are ten swine these so tense because to neighbours can't get along they can't get along because they share a fence so one neighbor who shares a fence with the other neighbour
he decided he was gonna take down the fence and in order to do that used his room he didn't hang them patterns with their room but would take his entire set of so much fun was thus adorable way to try to take data feds but i do that i dont know if it really worked his name is john stafford he is at the centre of this violence brace so it started with the roma and then it escalated with duty so he's trying to take down that's what the robot opposite as neighbours like what do you do leave my fence alone technically it's our fence and then he said no i will not and then the rouble attack in the room but just like these not dirty i came attack and because the room i have some rules so to make him dirty sadly this is all speculation he reached into is bought and correct to punch duke just started throbbing
that's the guy i just don't understand why why is this why did they should get involved i dont know he'd just did it he really he just started throwing poop at the guy so the it was all captured on videotape david beer bared he was the other neighbour he said i told him if you break through this fence i will have to shoot you and i know that this fight club propped up drawback so these are just now burs i guarantee you he's accidently been putting garbage on the wrong side of the street maybe one prison the dog and that's where the poop came from ireland this is what happens it's a twelve hour ordeal when it says here it turned into a massive standoff so the cops had a car he barricaded inside himself his own home with a gun the other guy also had a gun bared had a gun so dignity the guy that try to knock
then the fences aim was john stafford he threw fecal matter from it our yard and so apparently john stafford and one from inside the whole year stafford code nine hundred and eleven i remember all here is some here some dialogue from someone calls this creates jobs in africa you cannot one what is the location of emergency i liked your report a douche bag sir you would like to report on what do bad can you speak like an adult please tell me what situation you're having did you hear me i'm gonna run you guys the fuckin ground ok have a nice night for right that's one of italy that it was so he's inside he is breaking out i'm going to assume in yukon oklahoma everyone his hammered at those boys so the officers around the house there like you must come outside and surrender yourself you are now
officially under duty arrest and at some point within these twelve hours he's all right i guess i've had enough that only and after negotiators eventually released canisters of pepper spray to get him out people are still trying to figure out why stafford was so violent even the car i have no idea why this guy freaked out traded not interference with aruba then it s in throwing crap that has escalated to him with a gun hardwood as any other got but but bared also had a gun saying i'm prepared to defend my family and do what must be done what you ve done it all escalated to us it will you know too in the neighbors defence you got a guy who is obviously going room but crazy he's throwing duty at you he can't be trusted and he said if you break down dispense i will have to shoot you he didn't want
to he said i will have to will have to and i think it's just great that we're not making room as with the same power as construction equipment not quite yet again you and i we differ in many ways than one way they think that were similar case i'm gonna put this seminar include you on this while is that i like psychological warfare sure i know that when i do have these neighbours yes yes there will be there might be moments of tension i don't know i'm i find myself peaceful map do you do but that's always the case isn't it all i want is my piece you know i mean yeah yeah sometimes if everybody just understood and went with my peace ah we could all have peace i will create peace i will be god emperor of los angeles were i create a piece of static peace
but your former you want but you know there's people than already live in those homes that you're about to be moving next do that and maybe they ve been there for twenty or thirty years they sort of other states quoth they sort of fundamentals hailed aged year but then you just move and then you're screaming the world changed and then almost other learn if i put out back sign on my gate near are no morals and nurtured because it is just right right whatever do then is evident i ought to say that that is outback law i think that's technically i am exonerated from all investigations i what i say becomes policy when i reveal secrets they become on confidential mean has there been no rules just right faction umbrella over my hope you're just gonna hang a bunch of tacky chain rest trot signs outside of your home so people know that like in here it's always friday
not always right it's always like areas about really move reddish when you say these friday that seems like find a nice but it's always friday that name is that it does not ever change does not become fucking monday ever not what's right well i never go might actually crave on monday if it's always bride i just a scam there is lamb ravenna money here there never will because it is always right a lot of party i know but what i would do with neighbours obviously if we have to get to this far i would like to up the use words i'd even use puppets of each other to speak to therapy style like what they do with with this altered and dramatic goods are traumatized children right have a puppet and may be and i speak to the puppet of me and i give my or a puppet of them back and forth already start doing this whenever we leave the word or get another whole schedule for their working from home and then when they leave whenever they gotta do i'll break in their home but i'll do it i'll just move all the furniture and should around right
getting stuck up so you're going be like mr hand meets bt guy gets but no nice though but when your movie i know but i'm not sure but henry don't you think if they like their furniture is located that's why it's probably bed in the same spot since it was an office i mean not if where my uniform with all my flare on it because then i've become a delegate of outback backlash india and now i'm in this there's no rules it just right you know you it's about keeping your neighbors afraid of you because they just don't they want to make sure they couldn't you know not quite sure that on the one doing it but i'll give him winks i agree but all invite him to barbecues yourself you're gonna be living course they're gonna be sure that it's you you're like al bundy meets the the neighbour in into all time you know what i'm talking about home improvements will set its outcome means we also you got natalie they're like owed a very big
beautiful katy seagal in that you know obviously in white man the children were children you that's mammals least like i can't wait for her to go tat would have saved marietta we join all words like what the hell and then it's just this weird guy who is just like i think i reckon and from a tv show i think it was on aid is z was enables is that still than yours or even over there i think did know we're gonna know that you're doing whatever is going wrong in the neighborhood they're gonna have a thing light on you i am obviously catastrophism immediately i'm i'm d already driving us up to a marxist book boiling i do believe i will be able to live peaceably with my neighbours i believe that i will be upheld i will fit into their society they will all welcome
me and i will do my best i will be gracious to everyone i will i will exceed i'm you do the whole thing i'm an hour i'm mean to go and bring baked goods to each one of my neighbors and introduce self so the ark and i'll see me i know there are many good you know you're not a phelan right universal door to door and be like hello i'm henriette arousal me i'm not allow ascribed to the show on spotify which is letting her forms like you do in slowly but surely grass roots and around the entire neighbour right well let's talk about this story this is we ve been talking a lot about black metal and certainly when you black metal you gotta talk church burden because evidently that is the best time of every woman who loves black battle they have to use your make it but there is a man who are man he is just bring it back as did dude name is holding matthews and he admits to burn churches to raise his quote black metal pro
file and judging by the picture the mug shot the guy's got some more due to be seen as really all hard core black metal do know tat doesn't look quite why do not be does never make up on either little but more than just burning churches and because unfortunately and i am going to this is maybe bad to say but i think the easiest port of bee being a black mental musician would be burning the turkey as anybody can go and burn a church not hard it is to make a beautiful cohesive album xx especially in the blight middle world is incredibly especially melodic black metal which i was listening to a little bit of deception i love i love that type of like metal i think a lot of fun and that's a lot harder than just destroying public property i can we agree he burned out means your metal enough i agree i don't think he's a very good musician will heal deftly have a lot of time to practices guitar just charles manson dead because he is looking on a lot of time in prison he burned down three baptist churches in
opel losers area it took about ten days and now he faces this is a serious penalty ten to seventy year yeah one jail we'll get right really mad about burned down a church i believe oh this is also a massive mass thing here that happened i didn't realize they were predominantly african american churches this dude so that's probably a horrible maybe there was a racial component do it i'm there actually is that some that's the unfortunate part of a lot of that black metals at it did and if we are having kind of like fascist stripes weird racist ray the middle of it for some fuckin region i dont know why again you can be evil fund evil be fine evil the make up it's cool afflicted love all this shit water and four can fool go blood all over me i've been that's fucking great limit do you got it apparently this guy was really into varn vicar ness and human
meant on all of his social media posts and of course barred baker breast we know neo nazi now out of prison they we covered him in are in our black metal mirrored her story but this guy might yet he is going away for a long time according to governor john bell edwards he said the attacks in the southern states were quote a reminder of a very of intimidation and fear so we have black metal mixed with i suppose a white supremacy angle here and the other guys the other guy's gonna go away for a long time he admitted to posting pictures and videos of of the church burnings onto facebook so made literally no one was injured thank god he posting these videos on facebook quote in an effort promote himself in the black metal community his arrest me took about two weeks after they there's that i really out its incredibly appropriate that the burning church video footage was on facebook and that's kind of where it would go
yes that is where i would go as we saw with the documentary don't fuck with cats which is worth watching although do we talk we art about that already ripe yes we did it seems like everyone who ever does anything stupid criminally or just just for fun they posted facebook so this guy is just dumb enough to get arrested and is now facing tend to seventy years probably get somethin like forty and i'm gonna say imprisoned his black metal music past per probably isn't gonna help about too much i mean unless he could the help he could look i guess they do they do like music days to the music class but do derision i'm already allowed to sing whatever they want thou yes we are restructured its not just structured i think it's more of social world of the prison are they willing to here you sing black metal or they gonna be maddened
like i don't think they do a lot of self policing what they allow to be sung and played i imagine if you a beautiful voice think of you have way more of a traditional kind of like r and d i would open goes far is up baby you're ok i would welcome your musical expression side of prison does it would calm it would help soothe where's black metal even though it is soothing to me it's kind of i i'm a person now suppose every bit as a trial that my mom didn't give it to me cause she said that she could train you which is true which is why she's a to bed so i could write a sore eyes run do think right kind like michael myers biddle mike meyer sketch i myself out i guess you're when you talk about how you tie you to the better than you would fake run william and i would hit ragged how could going to say like this is not this is not even mean
we both have weighed issues we we ve got up we go down that's what we do you are not a thin child why your mom just make you run i because my parents did not understand that they i could go until in real time i just play like little league you and me that's not real running that's up real sport the it's a lovely ordinarily why do a bed and fake running rule within tidal leech attached to harness and i would just wash up against until i fell asleep but it was it was mostly just because i was so out of control when i was very young ha it's just that you have made your parallelism i know not what that's why high impact things to me are soothing right that's why i like to smoke my fucking steve is right that would actually makes me relaxed so i don't know
i agree i very similar sentiment when it comes to speed drugs oftentimes they make me relaxed com as i'm screaming and and to avoid so this guy matthew hold and i guess he's gonna go be awaits the premises in prison where he belongs anyway don't yet just do it for the love of the music no need to burn down anybody's churches obviously i am not a religious person henry is has his own philosophies all that but i use due respect the sanctity if you stop her on churches don't burned on anything that anyone really cares about just let them hob miss it people he's going near tabby unlike you know it's just one of those rhythm alone we i think i can get a good sign stories position to technically be against the church burning but i also learned by the basic dark absolutely of course look
to play the base not lay guys carolina hidalgo here from movie sound with demands by guest i'm here with my co host rank kind of an trace bell you who you may know and love from mr science theatre three thousand the three of us come together and we do a weekly podcast huron last podcast network movies like black panther it's the cats movie parasite unlike an actual parasite it doesn't soccer parasite will feed on you long after you ve seen it it's in my head andrews end game not a porn about anal gold finger i love gold finger take it from me old finger copper man sucks every bit as much as i thought it would you believe a fish can swim lack dynamite its both of those movies and with a mad here on last park as now work available exclusively on spot if i live is story again then i'm gonna quickly say this little update
involving the lorry thou chad day bell although there have been covering lightly on the show ya ya need to just go do that so lorry bell the don't remember was the the mother who fell in love with this dude add because love is so strong so she how abandon or perhaps murder hearse having your old and her son seventeen year old yes she had to care j j thou entirely ryan they have been missing since september of twenty nineteen lorry value oh join chad tables doomsday they it looks like that is now also includes chad day bills he has a collection of others men then lorry vows her brother that is there was also a part of a united her brother killed her husband all of this work it is good it is spiralling out of control but it looks like they have found the phone of the her younger did they fall
one of her older child the year old tightly ryan on lorry valeo when she came back from hawaii so that is not speaking well do now get out or not and i didn't realize chaired day bell he's self published yours is twenty five books they are very esoteric mormonism all of this mormonism that day are he is full up inside of it and now what they are doing it doesn't seem like they are doing are pulling our doing it doesn't seem like they are doing our polygamy but what they are doing is espousing this belief that anybody it does not believe in their very specific tenant doomsday mormonism they are kick out or they're getting rid of sense lee chad tables wife she died under quantum called mysterious circumstances no clue what happened to her and then you have lorry vows husband was shot to death by her are there any moment what they said was of self defence which also has a
it makes sense it turns out that alex cox it turns out that her brother cox also went and shot up the home of her nieces huh then she had a niece that also got paul her nieces ex husband his whole house was shot up all its it is just fuckin gettin why this story is is very interested in saying yes this is according to annie cushy she told this or any cushion she told us to an embassy affiliate k s l and a skype interview she says and she says sometimes i think it would be better just to put my kids in a car and go the sight of a cliff and i'm gonna say if you got a free and a relative it just says i want to put my kids in a car and go up the side of a cliff idle
maybe i don't know i just tried we gotta get therapy and there may be more need of it on a friend they meet a potent friend like it's who wants to be a millionaire but in this case who wants to prevent a mother for murdering her children which is a totally different kind game show that dare i say is more important than getting them in dollars at least like they had they were they seem to be pretty open about their newfound very bizarre cultures believes they fell in love with whatever the fuck it is their talkin about they felt completely lover that an end because lorry valor believes that she is a new got right who and what so does at what point does so self publishing books be come a sign of mental illness because i've always is but they are but there many types of mental illness there's benign and malign so i it's a type of crazy to write a book look what happened just marcus
just look our legitimate yes him like it does curdle the mind there were only the lot of alone type so yeah writing does a sort of maybe drive crazy or it's like alien abduction words like do you are you crazy and that's why get abducted by aliens are that's why you write a book or do you write a book or get objective aliens and then you become grace right yeah the old the old jack from the shining arguments have i dont know i guess if you sell publish you're not getting any money for it you're just in their riding approves out it's very more you're getting your truth out when it comes to chad day bell he is wrong he is wrong but it is true i find i feel like that is technically the least dangerous part of this because he should be allowed to express sums about thirty five and wants to do right on it but it that when it gets into
he looks like eliminate all of these quote extra family members that's when we hit a problematic area also kind of strange because you think about that insane church the the god hates you know you can follow the the sentence with the word you think about that strange group of people i forget the name the philips i think this philips or something like that but they have a big family their whole thing is we need more people to go protest the funeral of dead soldiers come out they wanted what guy these are put it but his colors strange isn't it hadn't that they wouldn't want to recruit the kids these guys quality not quantity what true believers but i know you're bodies they gotta make new ones are unfortunately i'm not saying it's good how does he make a new kid he's got twenty five self published books in like three years castle till it speaks of they are takes three minutes romana make a child every
has the three minutes it would take to do put a baby inside of a human being as easy as high for all she has to do is literally pull her pants down he's greece could scarcely any your shoots one up in there twenty four hours a month at a woman you're pregnant scrip ratcliff and then you get a couple times with a couple of years waivers bats are you build a stronghold it's about building a foundation aramis we of the story of this other northern californian church oh it was the list travelling round the couple it was their swelled sparely that's what i was they get a fred phelps them as yes yes but if this story of theirs the baffled churchyard northern california this is a one that end up i became slightly obsessed with but i didn't really talk about show because it's not news news is incredibly sad it was this family this is an old story also a henry all over the holidays i dont like you saying that became slightly obsessed with but then you didn't talk about it at all with me or mark is even off of the show that just means
obsessing over something in in the small room many in the bathroom natalie keep suited to that's how i could work every doesn't know obsessed by yourself because i don't want to see the steam come out of your ears i don't want to you go crazy with a rumour now high but you wait you ain't no end of both wilson once i give an office space then your entire neighbourhood will be safe but d this couple with a mother in the name of cayley highly grenfell a mature out of pronounce it lost her way maybe vasile baby olive right it was said very it was a very very young i want to say was less than two years old stopped breathing one of those like very very intense but the church came out and said we can pray this
baby back the life and they had a series of instagram posts because this woman was the worship leader and songwriter for bethel the bethel church bethel music opening for new they they put out a lot of like very highly produced christian music and watch the prayer sessions i watched a couple of the presence of these group of people like truly truly believe a shred of saying we're gonna bring this baby back to life and it became it's just highly emotional they ate it i'm gonna spoiler for you it didn't work no oh really they sing the baby back to life indeed no no it's very very nice that's another moving on but for this momentum but it's weird how like this just kind of just reset the cold like they did this whole the work in the new saying we're gonna bring this baby back to life made a very very big pointing the power of our faith is going to resurrect the child they put
lot ammonia of spiritual dollars on this they put a lot on that we are going to make this happen right didn't happen and they are doing a fairly successful pr wise spin back out what's the spin not this one you re me like just straight up like just vienna her we should add our weeds or like they were really trying to just say like while you know you this time god there with all that that too but they are based try to do something again or they might just actively kill someone and try to bring about the life which honestly i think is more interesting just then just this very sad story it's not going to have if so sad because obviously we are agreed there gravy so sad about airy very hard it's very very hard for this is why didn't bring up this topic because very hard and very brutal but imagine if it worked it just it
never has ever worked in it's just that gonna work if the baby did come back you much pain it would be an after the are these sort of kelso fire like we also secretary there are very yeah you never bring it back it never comes back they never comes back right there's another fucking great poor movie that's about the same exact story called dead of night or death dream i believe a might have called that is directed by bob clark the same guy did a christmas story no kin death dream it the right it's about it basically a dude goes to vietnam they get a letter saying he died but then he shows back up and he ain't never write again no hidden levied at all rate recipes for shrimp sandwiches grilled tramp and all france not shrink salad in front of the title
yathrib soup and so you're telling me that forests gump actually died in vietnam and the entire second half of that film is a ghost or is a job on gay killer when dad we also but they also have a child at the very idea he and jhene and so the child half a zombie child yemen the only way you can run so long he also com and release that aids wow isn't that amazing boris gump surprises keep on common with that wonderful film mike can get it i just kick now we understand why kurd douglas just set it out instead about because i cannot get a sentence biking get it done out of my head and he paid us you and travis don't you dare put that has the floor title of this not care espouse it i dont want seemed i mean x emily right well
we want to do here of the week this was should we do this i will do the lead you hear that we haven't you quit plug after that last week movie round up movie i saw called bliss all that is on view do you believe it is also a shudder it is great sorry my friend jeremy gardner that is also in the movie that i'm in its common outfit fourteenth various theatres and view de called called after midnight come out this friday why are you say eight check out after midnight this brought a february fourteenth maybe bring you loved one on a date its balance wednesday or stay in because as we have talked about they jack up the prices the jack i know right but we all on our hurt our restaurant industry friends that also depend upon valentine s day cash yola so you know it's mostly just like find your local hot that's everyone coherent
grew with that all right let's do hero of the whig so this meets euro without its many many heroes and we're talking a lot about children so i decided to go with this story for decades i decided to go out in a blizzard in rural alaska not a great idea if in rural alaska during a blizzard stay and hunker down enjoy some good videos maybe i dont know cook shrine as henry alluded to it or is it get some shrimp although that will stand up the house i don't know what to do just nervous that's thinking it shouldn't be that's nicky if it is you should look at it it should be clear it should be like if it's too clouding that that you're from fort miss milner batches you smell fairly each smell it to see but it should not smell brackish why he was gonna deterred these things but i guess so
these kids they went out there are just gonna have a great time in the blizzard they range in ages from two to forty so that is a young that's a young kid to people not in a blizzard why are they out there there bored in alaska so they were found wendy miles outside of the village new newton newman aqua it's on the ask as west coast and i'm sure once again i nailed it but the boys were fine we found twenty miles away but what makes he rose is they took care of the year guess boy they dug a foot they dug up they dug a foot paul in this no huddled themselves inside and position themselves in the ways a two year old wouldn't get exposed the rescuers said they were protecting the baby and henry yes it makes them the perpetrators of this very stupid thing let off the misleads the diapers
did a bad so this is two weeks in a row all the hero they may day when they had it been hubbub they were a villain first henry i am having a hard time finding a lot of heroes because not a lot of years that a lot of euros out they are so yes they cause the problem has been solved the problem which is what a hold of our politicians do but none the less their heroes in my mind the two year old is doing just fine alaska state troopers report received the report itself twenty five on sunday they were able to find them fairly quickly after that this is according to the patrol spokesperson at least three were appropriately dress for the whether there there's can have only three of them what is even happening here with no story of how then all they got there what was happening to them the weather servers warned of the wind gus sixty my
per hour and winchell as i always live below the fortune where identified christopher johnson frank johnson ethos camille enshrine camille christopher fourteen frail add ethan seven no is your heroes trade to armenia guard helicopters bound them like the others the town as an estimated population of two hundred so if they would have lost for that is literally do them out pursue did do the math two percent i'm doing it out now would be henry is two percent for is two percent of two because four would be four percent of one hundred a very close interest anyway thirty view of the weekly protected a two year old are they really heroes that's up for debate but yeah it's my segment in good they did it painted it henry i'm glad that they did not decide
the two year old that were not made them heroes now what it not now we'll get to it did get one email from a listener that said that they want to say thank you he wanted to reboot the idea that cannibals only eat for the sake of sexual pleasure or psychological curiosity he says you just want to do it because he thinks all animals are me well is he doing for your dad that even brought up at all thing it's but is he is one of our listeners early eating a person they want to well i mean hey subscribers spotify there is a apparently this massive there's a massive signal coming from space on a sixteen days cycle that is working very range later nobody ambuscade quickly say this because i forgot the story and i wanted to talk about this is one of those weirs weird fast radio bursts that is that it's coming out from the dead space every sixteen point three five days
what does it say might can get at them i can't get it to the approval of all oh my god he bought a space you if your body to buy into the campaigns and now he is buying space ha ha ha ha may wow that's very de now is so there's no no idea where it's not like it's not going for like elon musk car that he sent up there are anything as it sets up there yet kanab never coming back while floating around minutes on space truck and i do that's cool hours it it's all it's a great song i love that some are let me do some listener was this one comes from oh oh quickly it was a nice guy from j whose gave a little clarifying of just how somebody possibly could have been inside of a dumpster without hearing the truck coming to get them ok
i work for one of the largest waste management companies in new england and i would like to spread the word of garbage not all gone drugs are real odors meaning trumpet trash is dumped in the rear that's why she said he said isn't this email ok the drivers are frightened side trucks are often unaware of what is disposed of in the case of the woman in burlington she may not have been a front load dumpster the driver whatever what's your head on the snow beeping grab the container and dumped it possibly never knowing anybody was in it is also the case with sidelong though most side load containers only service toasters up to ninety six scouts we're into the trucks and our pulverize with the driver not knowing it even happened let me know if you have any questions about disposal and i'll do my best to answer them well thank you so it should be our main on the ground when it comes to oliver sanitation questions i wonder then if the guys first of all i guess it should be being even if it's going forward maybe that you just put the be bought any time they i don't know
then once you see that the woman in that in the garbage if ever was idle i don't know we don't know roles area loader aside loader affront loader side do we know now i know there were three options i've always in the back louder so we're learning yeah ok now here comes the story is there's just made me laugh so let's see others goes you got you taught you guys didn't episode where your talk about yes p and telepathy this is a very very long time ago i believe we're trying to guess what was inside of pictures and we would draw pictures and put him side on violence and we are all trying to guess what was inside these pictures states is back on the eu to do like not stir clay informational where we used to do on this last by guess where we used to do like more fun things memo me that as i could thus i do you got the highest score out and i was playing up a little bit me yeah flaws
you know it's a flawed dust interesting so this find me of this time so this comes from kay the work of a handful of coworkers rural knows deep and making a model together going on like twenty hours straight i all of a sudden snow doughnuts and i got excited i asked if anyone else had smell them no one did give me feel weird faces but a half hour later the bosses mom came in doors a bell and i could hear her walking around greeting other employs she come straight to the back and says she brought doughnuts forever one because i ve been working so hard and that they were in the break room this woman doesn't bring doughnuts the family the button i want our noses hence along making up prolong lost time hours i was so excited about what happened that even though no one else to be moved by it that i smelled the future this was ten years ago and i still tell the story i've tried all sorts of magic spiritual practices imitation bits he'll have yet to smell any forthcoming event again
so she smelled doughnuts but though they hadn't arrived yet there and then they arrive in future while arrived on whose plan that's very five year we also have a donut stroke or something but that's good for her good per inhabitant don't it showed up give you a fucking done trump look at this fuckin bullshit all another comes from em you guys they goobers right take lifts yeah do lives do you sit rhetorical question for the awning shuts was ever fuck an answer that ever oh ok see you guys you guys take overs right you guys take less ray i take a lift or new materials we rhetorical fucking question ah mp3 confessed secret ha ha ha ha ha ha ha our good at bits here was the sum of twenty succeed and i was in turning itself florida for the summer i was having a really chill sunday drink use in france at a beer garden till my buzz kill of innumerable drivers are
conversing with me right away and we initially chatted about how our days were the usual small talk after me when of silence he blurted out i'm you left that bar was too loud i responded yeah it'll be nice to chill at home before the work week for the rest of the night he then stated no i'm glad you left because you shouldn't be around loud noises this month he continued this is a bad month around loud noises i'm very well worried about all of these people still at the bar then asked me if i had anything blue in green in my possession at this point i think he's told bullshitting main is gonna be some kind of punch line so i like heartedly going along with the whole thing yeah a balloon green while it on me why do you ask i'm sort of laughing uncomfortably this point was he shouted me saying no this is serious praise this you will need to put this blue and green wandered in the middle of your bed while you're sleeping tonight and keep it on you at all times this month for your protection
been exposed to loud noise at this point i've gone silent and i'm continue until this do you i am very worried about all the people at the olympics in brazil right now it is so loud right it is so loud there right now with all the people a lot of people going to die i wish to speak with my psychic last week and she told me that chinese ghosts are going to be very active this month they are attracted loud noises and i'm so afraid of the people that will be killed by them there will be a lot of death olympics this summer i miraculously found a way to change the subject to something completely boring i think we ended up top about minnesota i really have no idea how i managed to change a subject that i was impressed with myself as we are nearing destination he told me i was one of the nicest passengers he has ever had and ass he parker thought of my he's asked if he could get a good look at me to photograph what i look like i grab for the door handle other that point i said no he kept persisting that he needs to get a picture of me with his eyes
so he literally turned around and stared at me for five seconds said very nice to have a good day and that was that well you know it just well you never know kind of truth your who driver is gonna tell you what if he's onto something what sometimes she said that she tried it she said she put the wallet in her bed to protect yourself i mean nothing happens elder nothin she's still alive she suddenly emails you didn't get killed by any go so good for her maybe he was totally and utterly correct why it when someone says something so in the insane now in brain you are like there's no harm if i do it but if i don't man get killed by a bunch chinese gauss so i just got to know why we are all so gullible a time with it i'm with you i do the same shit there be a second but i would think like yeah
all right what's it hurt did trochar that is my least favorite compelling argument though that like an event local christian will give you where like but what if it's right what if it is just like one like i don't care i like based upon but what if it's right because i don't know can't masturbate or eat pork right now what if well the good kind of answer by hobbes good thing about the old the christian faith is there their way around all the having too abstain by doing things like fish from southern friday hurricane collected where actually eat more than you ever would under the premise that your suffering man i love a fish rival lorry nothing wrong with a goddamn mid west they should i can pieces issued i love seriously with fish rise maybe the greatest thing that's ever oh you know
we also get a lot of we're responses is also for this is i think from last week we had a lot of weird google responses from typing in in los angeles what are you getting just weird like guy's name pudding teaching personal training like all sorts of weird shit anything but putting her there's not a lot of pudding centres well i think that were once we get to put and i think we can say thanks for listening we really appreciate it again we the exclusive despotic five february fourteenth that's this week happened i power the sea or consciousness habited so thank you all so much for your support thank you also much for coming along with us on this exciting new journey all you gotta do just download the app and it's all free download for free the same it's all free of all right everyone thank you
listen even where exciting to see all on the road in april in austin you can get those tickets in austin the common eu mafia has opened up the tickets hook we could finally start to sell them no need to get tickets to the full festival you can just get a single ticket if you want to go support all the other great comedians or people members feel free of course but you do not need to do that you can just get a ticket to last podcast on the left and we cited for that too are also i have done it's now afford the hail yourself a documentary screening and i mean maybe i'll do a little promo thing for that so you guys can get that them excited see everyone and of course after midnight henry zebra skis feature film check that out this way a cow awesome cut jurgen got your brow it's gotta be good week we large go on live your life like you you just got you looking at a ball of putting the issue that you have made
run find some pistachio put it with what are the owl martinique advise you already yeah yeah but put it makes up her with my ass i got it we got up live ever fortunately if you wake up you got you don't you have to you i mean you have to let you gotta do stuff that day so get up and do something with it sure dab start a farm just you not at halt far start a farm just do not hold farm just make sure but all of your people working on the farm or they're making money they are legally there having fun i'm really not trying to get i dont want a workforce it works and color theory at sarah lawrence i want a three hundred pound beefy bow oh from the mid west who is volunteering for it
now that you were gonna have a browser having a massive we talk it isn't a stream we're getting a massive belt fight and bob texas and i'm still looking for my camp yeah it's you in markets are taking their way do seriously and i am concerned we're not gonna have a belt fights lot of that goes with a belt fight and laugh laugh everyday is you watch your trip room but named cranky visit my but cranky and he's not on your fence more look right into your fuckin home out there with my whip pull fucking katy pool filled with finance putting an eye yes i am making use of that i am making you subscribe to spot of eye but it's for your own good neighbour right everyone thank you up or listen inhale yourselves failsafe mug installations
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that's ok you don't need to be in a full bag anyway our show is coloured spotify exclusive on valentine's day that's february forty four everyone that doesn't have a woman that makes them by stop or if here alone and you dont want to feel like you're alone listen to arm the lowest voices new releases and the entire catalogue for our show will be spotify spotify accounts are free and easy to create an offer episodes are already there you can download the episodes but the breeze just do it already followed the brighter side on spotify to get new episodes as soon as they come out here shows made possible by listeners like you think store add sponsors you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to
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