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Side Stories: The Beautiful Writer Who Killed

2018-08-08 | 🔗

Gather 'round the podcast machine, kids - it's time for Side Stories. Ben 'n' Henry are back with more true tales that are stranger than fiction: murderous authors, cat serial killers, and more. Triple L.

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There's no way into a game. Tourism is the last time on the level of cannibalism started I am ready New required the red, coral and pleasure in pushing the record my so much energy and push no are we also were recorded there? Can we just start to show them? now, we welcome, resides towards ever. What are you Ben guess? All that's entries eyebrows geese pushing the record button, I'm technically at the end of a bender right now. Oh you are there.
Because there was a yellow I've come down from space since Sambre Year. Those that's the electric light orchestra yeah, but if it is wild other, is known as step bad, central, Oh? I can imagine the AIDS an older banda there. So, guy's name Gregg clear that are just now cause it's their third marriage, nay, on care anymore, and so now that Britain will you in a lotta, asshole stuff on both sides. They ve learned a lot from the new magazines there they found out about Tumblr. Our men now yeah. Well, that's all happens when your father has to become Santa Claus because he murders the original Santa Claus. As we have all seen the movie, but we know what happens in the drying old movies end and then she sexually excited by Judge Reinhold Rebels Native TIM, Alan, don't move, you will tell me the man, the king of men, who made barking a national capacity. I was a punch line
crushed TIM. Allen was a present member of society, because now it's like cuz, I would even say he predates sort of an Elon musk, showed up all of me on this castle and Elon Musk idea of the technological advancements of the home and what it would do to the modern domestic nuclear family tool. Tom was the single greatest show inside of a show of any show in the history of shows to that point, my parents and even know that the show is called home improve. Why would you why we're home it sucks! That's what you to do to avoid the family on Sundays and then, as you go up to the roof and you break assuring or to fix a shingle, but in in Who will time it's like that well it's a sofa who doesn't I mean it's kind of discussing this little bit. Roman Colosseum. Ask but that's ok trying to really deviate, like I'm sure, a separate
where I shit from where I just normal sit right derive a now saying is normal set like I don't say that everything a normal set and they just sit really who had that's so now you're normal sitting. I hope so anyway yeah, I guess so any time you're doing whatever you're doing Just let me odium every becomes not a normal set I tell you how you know you know when I start ride sounds a UK ocean. The record button, gotcha my goodness, but by the way we have? We have a bunch of animal stories to get too because we ve got a new edition to the last packets family, puffin he's actually watching the show right now I brought my boy to work and he is very, very cute. He was gone to be sold at this big,
This korean dog me fast of all its like true. They kill vermilion dogs a year for every four, this festival and they were able to save him. So, whatever he's bad, I'm going to tell him, you could better burrito and he is that we do not been a burrito. You would have been, I would say, some form of barbecue anonymously. I am no longer allow you. Yeah and I'm Bob honestly all idea really did make me my skin crawl, but then I'm remembering, but we haven't seen as Bachelor Party the korean barbecue. Eddie me would taste good with. That's us long said these out. Why my first reaction to seeing puffin was like I'm hungry now, don't say that about the dog Are we going up all of you that we have a couple of animal stories to get you today, knowing that they are not good, not good. Excited you saved puffin years, either relief in your eyes, I longed to see that you have a joy you of spring in your step they didn't have before before you.
Or sullen. Drunken mass sure now know it. Now. You have reason, alive. Sure, because Brooklyn go the women go Mindanao. Dogs can be kept right, Well, I don't know it's strange thing to say to a person but yeah yeah technically gets anyone. Anyone there it can have a credit card. Can leave you we can never have a credit card well! It's a bad doesn't happen, but none the less well off. Last speaking of leaving the first little store, we have today it's a little bit Alex it's from early July, but we weren't doing to show them that Weak Casey Anthony have some will not so breaking news, but ever Henry. She is no longer wearing the ashes of daily around her neck, and this is something right before the trial. I believe her mother was bearing the cayley entity. Ashes around your neck and then she
another necklace to Casey as sort of a morbid bonding moment between Otter killer and then mom, who is grieving, but as a gift. It's like strange you get a bad give Claremont one. There was one Christmas: when are you not oh, I was little just like unrepentant little nerd child rights for until now, a even continue to be so but I really wanted bongos life, We know what. Why did you, bongos. I wondered honestly, all eyes were growing up in queens, gets inspired two bongo. This was beginning of my afro centric leanings so when I was sick of this, was when you were in college, you requested bongos do I was like a senior and ice school by then. I wondered why. Ok also I be graded bongos. Look at me pumping competent you of the lines. I have a bundle player yeah. Maybe I would be great bungle. I believe that I hand I can make
for example, my hands. Look, that's just bet slap, your stomach? That's that's have your arms here on MAC, I watched it. How much of a difference is you picking up in the might be pretty good? Actually, that's. That's? U yours human bongo yeah. You know that I actually saw in act like that on America's got talent. I think- and I they moved on to the next round. I dont know if we're very talented people any longer we're not not absolutely not. In hambone is not a scale, ok, so when I got the, but I thought the variant as you know like I don't, like. My parents made a very big emotional deal about the gift. Giving process of Christmas me ruining the holiday for the entire family, but a part of what they did was that they would wait for the big gifted, very n. I remember right. There's this box, the bongos, we're gonna, be an oil and then I'm all bill
up there like here's, your box or I'm gonna, get up. I'm guessing boxing, gloves sweat per pillow worth all. Who does it want to give that says? We know you sweat at night, Why are you wholeheartedly? That's a gift for your mother, because I share the wild single watching the pillar single wash the pills, but I feel, like I'm crazy, probably had that thing, same exact reaction words. Gear on trial for the murder of your own daughter right at this why you guys you try any trying to decide whether or not you're going to spring the story on them that the father molested, you re you're waiting for that you're waiting for that that that jump, that surprise will know that just happened in real time. Right, like the Father, you just in court room and the like a little show always ears export double would like or what was that they found out like day before they get to present the store they get to find out. So he found out like
day before any at a sit and think about it next day, and then he got slimy on camera in front of the world and so big the time in urgent cases. Kind of expecting, like maybe she'll, get me Bob lawmakers, maybe like somebody on, because I'm not in jail yet, but instead you how you give me the ashes of my fucking daughter s right yeah. Maybe that do you think? I don't know. The crazy avenues allowed to say, like you anymore, like once, you sort of put a little sticker on your daughter's dead mouth and then throw into the woods, I'm pretty sure keyboard in your car, for numerous days. Then we will honour is worked out by anything. She's, very, very sick, sick woman. She killed a child rights, are part of it is that she did have that sort of distance effect. Where I think That was also the Tutsi like there's something about the the cold. This of Florida, hot woman bid Debbie kind of her mind where she writes. I deleted cayley and so,
have more evident in evidence of it, and so did the mom the Cindy, get Kelly's ashes back and sort of like a title match. I don't know exactly how that happens. Like the undertakers earn type thing, did Paul bearer, deliver this tour or yet did they? given the ring and scuff all. I have no clue how that whole process goes, and I also don't really trust it. Who says how do you know if it's the ashes of the person that you want or Just somebody who just has all the ashes of all the bodies in the crematorium an age- throws them a random people? I don't try me it's such a deviation of any sort of trust that, like I feel it, you do shattered that version of trust than you literally can never trust a single person ever do anything ever again. Yeah now, apparently this was the gift was given Henry during one of the reconciliation between the two Gale Cindy presented, the necklace door. Daughter is a gift and at the time,
I'm crazy was living in South Florida with a pie, master at his family house there were those kids. That's baby you're more Union Rebecca DE, more nay from the hand that rocks the cradle, I mean you're, bringing the person accused, kill it a child's like. We also have to have a two year old. If you get any ideas, we don't really I gather that much is anyway. I honestly They just knew not to get in the way of she want. If she wanted to go out you, oh my, they live a good kid just understand where of course, Casey issues like I'm going out of Heaven. I owe you
I want to take a little butter. Add will because it will help your hang over. Here's a water, here's an goober, voucher, yeah! You know they get really get. There really have a great time. You know, may take yourself have aventine dance lot. You know like abide by bombing in case you. Don't forget that people elected you had for the baby. You could actually take it for your hang over. So it's a good guy. Isn't that yeah? It's actually a funny thing. I e p. I taste like pass co UK again Kazakh gas Dave Day. Let's face it, ends I'll tell you one thing: it's not ever a good reconciliation median when they give. Exchange of a child, ashes, half be something that takes place. That's never once it ever good. You know reconciliation meal. Technically a meal monotony in all. Well, if you're gonna do meal the blooming on it, you want it's a reconciliation meal. You wanted have something that has a dip in the middle and then you all kind
pick from the sides, because at some point you gonna go further deepening save time. You're chips, touch knows too knows, and then you get a look at each other in laugh, because you both wanted that asparagus dip. At the same moment, I actually get I get upset artichoke dip. That's what I meant why I get I get upset or when the lump I'm looking at gets taken soothing, it's actually really important to do. My leave important have yes, I do believe you, though I was kind of being facetious available of an onion, because I don't think it's the best reconciliation will. I think you need a nice greek meal We have many different flavour ceilings and again family sell goods really want. Am we'll die alone here that area it's gotta be family style. It's gonna be family style, that's how you feel like you, family right but he's sheer from his theme: please never be made if one person takes more than the other person heed to begin with, that might have been. I would love to see just an animated, serious solely around the table. Solely around the table. Just you and Jackie and just there's one like potato
I don't know what polish people eat. Sometimes it's just you guys try unity around the polish people eat we ve eaten together. We have caught stuff cabbage. We have like oh man little. Poland on very Well Street in New York City Delicious, never stop lamb chops, which is all about Ro Geese and then I dont like bore showing only cold soup? No, I don't get cold soup just heated up. I don't think they have the ability to heat the food, so they to just say it's good. Is that without a religious leaned then do we just we're all sorts of Rusticus whatever evil, because we are constantly being chased by a certain other race of people. Now, There is another story I'd like to talk about which is about this chinese crime. Writer Louie, the young bow all right out on July, thirty first of this year was finally sentenced to death. For a court case where he killed for people with a with an accomplice, name weighing in nice.
Any five were essentially, he killed a bludgeon for people to death, ok, the wave they finally found him through kind of what is now the new renaissance of using Dean testing in China. They found him they narrowed down to his last name, and I found it a fairy them out all the way to like to. Him? Specifically? They got a click them and to get Miss spit, and then the linked to a cigarette, but that was left. There are ninety. Ninety five, when these four people were bludgeon death in the cabin guy went on to write many chinese books that crime novelist railway, very, very successful. So in those coming twenty years, he like he just sold a book called the sick. You just saw the book that was an historic event fiction and turned into a fifty episode television series. So essentially, it's like give George are our Martin Ryan? It up. Like murdering, like
wholesale murdering for people what the fuck am. So what have we got the cigarettes and the murder I mean everyone's always like Erin, Hernandez, he's, chewing gum and killing singer That's in killing. You got out of it too relax. I guess it's very stressful so the story is the books were best sellers thou. Ah, yes it very well and the stories that we was one of two men you check into a guest house in the eastern city of who so in order to rob its guess and others. I guess lean time: ok, never trust a writer. They spend too long alone, Marcus, The shadow of the writing is starting to make him into sort of like a goddamn and I'm afraid of his thoughts. Absolutely, now when one victim named. As MR you fought back against the thieves, they beat him to death oak in order to conceal their crime. The two men are alleged to have murdered the couple who ran the guest house in their thirteen year old, grandson chase, Zeus and Chang. One of the officers involved in the original inquiry told the Paper of Shanghai based news website.
The main hoddan got cold, because investigators could find no link between the victims and their killers. This was the most difficult thing. We found it hard to follow the line all the way to the mountain. Like the analogy, those detectives are much more intelligent than our detectives. Who would never come up with such a beautiful way to describe how their case? when cold, but seems a little bit strange to me that he murdered one and to cover it up. He murdered three more people, it's like when you eat a whole pizza and then you're like and I'd better lose them wait. I better it'll lean cuisine it here. I just like this. It's just like that. Just like that, because its counter, productive wool I get it honestly. You gotta kill everybody, one of em, gotta, come because, if you keep a secret for twenty years, that's how he was fuckin kept Davy kept. You got to click click all day, long with his private little thoughts, tat money and then now the he sat there and apparently, when I finally found him, he was sitting on his porch and he said I ve been waiting for you here. All this time:
we said, don't worry, did there's no court, there's no punishment he's like I've already died a thousand deaths, and so now who lose recapture like no Actually, there is a punishment. We're gonna put you in the prison. You know I will present, says Jack, please be no, he went and he yes and now he's he's been sentenced to death, but at their sublet offers because he went ahead and he wanted so sub. Essentially, as he wrote this so the kicker was he had pitched up look in the interests of his last book now waiting and the idea was that, what's it called, if I did it, the book was the beautiful writer who killed get you're out of their inhabitants, and it was about a beautiful woman that would go on to murder. Who is author there, murder about your people and get away with it and then right a bunch of books about it. So it's
Employees, publisher, just rights in the email badly like so like, like you're, the woman right like you, you do you really into the killing of these plants are all so that clever, freon good. I urge you with Hammer army. Does it again and it always is always ready to can always right, but so there's another case. There was very similar and of a man named Richard coin. Kamer, oh, who? his wife Hannelore vanished in nineteen any one. He was a dutch crew, Author, ok did the same thing. Essentially he murdered his wife for no one knew what happens if he's wife disappeared and Oh, no one knew what happened so, but clear, Kamer, chauvinist, plummet, publisher and said: oh I've written this book. It's called its basic seven ways in which someone can kill their wife and dispose of the body of eyes. Yod they gonna get what they want to get caught at this point I honestly believe we talk of this many times in the show about how they on everyone to see how clever they are. So his book was called born, stunk, a hot dog.
Which events Wednesday minced day, and it was this date detail the expiration of seven ways in which clink hammer could have considerably if killed his wife. Hannelore, one of the scenario set on the book. He disposes her body by pushing her flesh the remit, sir and feeding it to pigeons and took their voice to Brigitte City, avoid Ed european user european ideas. Ok! So what is it? happen. Is it so she disappeared? He went on to go move in with the chick into in Amsterdam had a great time going to live in his life. Very very bad brinker the abusive husband to her abusive to this new girlfriend, someone moved into his old house. They decided they wanted to renovate. They dug up the back yard. Got a gigantic concrete square with his wife's body in it and basically you went to jail after the, so she wasn't minced though no ok Well, at least you didn't do it like that that remain
It's me of the little red the reading folder there, the law inside folder and reader thing that you deal with cities member! to the liner notes, liner notes, member two thousand sloppy hours or sub might that we grow. We ain't, you doesn't Ariane, smooth out sloppy hours, yeah yeah. They have they had that story, and thereby the guy who killed his parents and put him down very similar to what Dennis Nilsen did as a matter of bad. Maybe that's really. The inspiration was put him down a garbage disposal before com, in all my money, I remember how many times we would read things that sort of about killing your parents. I know and then added online job got it anymore, Unbelievable Columbine ruin everything what will interesting, algerian again I'll, say it again and I'll I'll drink when I say next him. So You were staying alive, These authors out there are murderers. If I find out Tom Clancy is a secret spy, coming to be very, are set very illusion.
With the Russians will normally sentences. I don't even know what any of it means anymore I don't know. I don't know, what collusion is. I knowed means. Secondly, in cooperating technically We conclude this podcast is us colluded we are meeting we are making to show we have. We have concluded to make up our guest. It's very loose. Oh right at will verify, is I can't trust a full on author with me, and I knew the imo Gettin weaving and a lotta hash and a lot of mess from people saying that we are now working on the book and were working on the book work. Another book. What do you mean I work on the book now. Leave me stuff, I mean it's not may be to the extent that market works on the book. More, maybe you are you. Have you tried Charles asked him when he was given in his inaugural speech holding gone and he's like for my cold dead old racist hands that it would be easy. Here it would be easier to get that gun out of his hands. Then it is too Marcus, do not work on the book. Yes, here
look into its in his aunt Izzie, because little cloud like what I want only if our aid for there was ten chapters. Are you know it's kinda, I'm just as long as we don't get an eleven chapter. It says like how could maybe go about killing off the girl friends, then we know he's gone too far in India. He needs an hour. An outreach! Well, yes, absolutely, but I don't think he's going to go to fork is he's got little Georgie over there. His cue dog key but I M saying well would have Georgie telling them to do it. Well, I don't know I mean I've ever met. Georgie I've met Georgie, I love your jeep and the same time I dunno what he says to Marcus in private Wendy's has said to me when he builds me up she shut up in a year, the king did it daddy get out there, you shake it up, you fuck! You keep to Real to be ignored out their daddy Roma, You got it when you know I well don't kill today, daddy. I need you to come back right. Wendy be. Wendy has to go outside too.
The bathroom or somethin. Oh, she goes up what a bit I take a we take are four times a day. Oh, that's good! That's good! always saying, she's very uplifting and she never says anything violent, that's cool I'm happy that you don't injury, I mean you know well, but you know: what's she not talking? You do know that no notion. Talking. I can dig guy can translate what she saying to me, but from her eyes, ok, our while speaking of animals, we got a sad story here now I dont like this one one, but it involves noted a serial cat killer. He's this of a string of multiple murders. Murders. That is any just murdering these cats, he's mutilating the cats and how they seem like how is he mutilating? Well, the latest feline aside victim. Now it's a cat is happy tat named horribly was found dead, at ten a m on the front line of a home. Merely Cato Street and apparently
the residents bound it and was it was mutilated and I don't even know if he likes put across borders or something. But putting all these things in public view. So this tat was taken from her home and then again found on the front yard of the neighbor's house. So not as if this person is trying to you know, hide the crimes or make It seem like you know. The cats are just run in a way he wants ever want to know, there's a serial cat killer on on their hands. I wonder what kind of motivation that is besides. To be completely frank. I d massive cry for help because I, there's a lot of people now. That's one thing about our audience now more than ever before, crime, audiences and people of their seven, more people educated about true crime, and we are sure of zero killers, so one they now know almost in a way. If I'm showing people I'm killing these animals, will someone come and help me yeah,
a b that that's a good point. Apparently Harley was a twenty year old cat. He was death. The Harrigan told the station, I believe, that's the owner. She says he was deaf. He had found a place under a tree in our yard, so we took him in building a house and kept him warm over the next couple of winters there's no way he would have, it would have ever been an indoor cat or we would have brought him inside. They went to bed them and they went to bed. They woke up in the morning and the cops act on their door and they said you missed a cat and then they said, oh, yes, we are and it was found mutilated on the front yard, and Jesus Christ I ruined it gets. I feel it out some level if I was a police officer, I'd be like, yeah? We saw your cat get hit by a car. You mean, like you just like to woman, you just sit, then you take the ornate seven style yeah. Playing of the cat down. Oh just you keep that you yourself and you don't tell everybody that there's somebody
there? That's reacting Van and did not for years the cell, but we're going to that. He gave it up all my across our, but if it was Garfield, you know that they, the obese guy, who gets to die in a bit buncher, ravioli or somethin. If its puffin Little Pomeranian or Garfield they'll never die are you familiar with dear jacking? What the hell dear dear jacking, is when you shine a light into a dears eyes. It makes him freeze in the Algerian than you shoot em what the gun, by its own, it's out of season when it's, when it's not right at air. I well. I didn't the green which New York, which is a town of about Loca thousand people. Is this word you'd? What did you do there? I went for willing, muttering. Do you know what I'm doing helicopters? Well now, if I die live unlike Iraq, but so If we see you want to scatter labour, my sincere and I we passed by this guy anyway, did Us- and she said: oh, that's, the guy who almost gone trouble for dear jacking in the town so pair
this guy had a happy family and then on one of his birthdays. His wife left him site gave him divorce paper and then he became a notorious dear jack you're in the town of green, which he started: shooting dears and mutilating their bodies and leaving the mouth people to see real and the they almost called the authorities on him, but everyone's of a sort of sympathetic to his head, you you're gay umbrella, outweigh Iver out. You are you ok,
you get of a month. You get one month to mourn like that. I think we have in any also yeah, he like mutilated coyotes, and it was just him reacting to getting divorced and eventually start in our now he's a guy you wave to industry over now is good again, but he's right, John I'm not doing it anymore, he's occasionally mates if they put it. There was a rash of coyote mutilations and dear jacking in green, which, because of this guy's divorce. Well, this is according to the owner of this little tabby catchy sets its really kind of terrifying and terrified. Does it stop with cats and then that this person had laid the body out for everyone to see is really disturbing. So who knows I mean what is this? Is it if you idle? We are Olympia, Olympia, Washington, Kelsey grammar. No give there's anybody out there. They would add that as a cross to bear when the fact that we gotten Murphy Brown Reboot coming out that the last man standing reboot coming out here.
Heavily heavily to a petition, You get a Frazier really but I'll. Think happening because of his reputation. Is history and every single bit of tragedy in horrible should that seems to follow him, but he's a maybe I will This Frazier holds up no need. I don't like the reboots anyway, there's a new show there just waiting to be birthed just out? There was no, Carter save for true Frazier crane can go back on me. Well put them back on the you know when you re wondering beast again as great as the bees he should have really just become a psychiatrist on the radio in real life I would listen to Frazier radio show every day lean and why not yeah! Look at this! This is what I too, in order to keep you grammar from chieftain his current wife made him get watch tat, two of her name, so that's it
yes, he said here my what said why don't you gotten tattoo, I guess it was sort of base of the idea that if I ever I thought, maybe a peccadilloes outside the marriage was a good idea that whoever might be new now seeing this particular piece of equipment was already signed an own by someone named Kate, I oughta be other affair with a girl. Them gave this like you, ie near, like you want to see my crucifix filled with tat oh market. It's a crucifix guarded. Does that make it better? If I call it a go, and I mean I think that is what you call a group of crucifixes together. Maybe could be You are a fear. The cops you're right, like first of all, you round up all the twelve year old boys like the penguin, rounded up the kids in Batman returns, and it is really you just say who did right. I mean that's kind of Tina under ten to fifteen years old. That's the I mean it.
It's one of those is one of the kids in the town. Don't you think it could be Org? but, to be honest I mean what we saw with Kook Linsky, where we see with many peoples are true. Crime enthusiasts are so big, that. I honestly really wonder of Sancho a thirty year old podcast. Her could be I guess so or is it suicide? Have we thought about that? Ladies and gentlemen? Depression in cats, that's what if it's a cat sera upper, we believe we find out its actual cat. I repeat written, do they make that's our fuckin show the Hepworth reactor honestly. That's I'm gonna fucking pitch that child wages, the idea of like Heath Cliff what Keith Cliff that whirl of Heath CUP with Green, like hunted by a cat that is like a juicy horrible serial killer. Nelson dancer, another like like fuckin, a heads of other dead cats are good
about it, so there is a three thousand dollar reward being offered for any information that leads to the arrest and all This was just got a funny little side now the name of this. It is a local Fox news, station Q, thirteen and anchor for Cute Thirteen also offered up fifteen hundred dollars as a reward after Ali was found, mutilated, and this is at Anchor David rose tweeted. He said a shoe strangled and sliced upon to this. EC suspect. I have a point particular set of skills, and I will find you you can read from a teleprompter. I can put their shoes on and hands and shirt on that lasted for me to wear, You are somewhere within ten freedom. Teleprompter. I will be able to see you yes, not no more Elsa. May I love all these alpha mail twitter is out there to the six backed up what particular set of skills. This is news anchor have by the way,
find someone who mutilates cats. What said it skills would go into one be needed, too find someone, who's, skins, cats and murders, cats six cats and I can tell when a cat is crying for help and I listen every night I sit perched on my roof corner like a gargoyle. Listen, so the cries of cats to see which which endanger this very, very cocky cocky news anchor there. Also dog news a former GEO p leader legibly, killed his moms dog claims. He received a command to do it from God. So that's kind of strange there. I don't think you never does that. It's never that never ask gonna to do that. It's always ask it to save a dog, save a dog killing a dog. That's right, he's a formerly of the Republican Party in South Carolina Limits is Todd. Kin Cannon is also
former lawyer can can mother was not been named, told the police. You was absolutely terrified winner, son allegedly began attacking the dog. Bailey with his bare hands and he was needlessly mutilated. He was choked and stabbed and die. The lawyer was found bloody outside of his parents home in nothing, but his underwear with cut through his arms and hair and also here covered in dog hair. So I like this, I dont know why he did it. He said as this is according to him, I guess he says. I know I'm this. I know. I'm the second coming of Christ, and I got command from God. To do it, that's what he said this man you gotta look at this dude Todd make Tik Tok Todd. King can and the second
coming of Christ, I ate his face. He looks like Hayley Jaws, beneficial saved one, those big like used to be a tv actor heads and he's got lost eyes and just the idea of killing a dog. They were almost ass. You will heels unless you to kill us like a dog like honestly got a little bit of a Chapman. Look too does needs. You got a poor little face Ok, yeah, he's gotta he's got a horrible he's, got a whore, horrible face. So that is this week in animal mutilation news hopefully next week we won't have to cover amendments. Eight Todd, King Cannon is the wars, person of the weak and that the steel, a key Doberman bet. Oh, he was so funny he would say, you're the worse person of the weak, but here ever said. He was the worst burden of the weak man, in the mirror, glass houses. That's how I feel I feel it keep Albert may be, could have this sedative because of honestly, though he is saying to himself he had ever is calling anybody else. The worse there were
man of the week is obviously themselves thinking. They are in fact or worse man of the weak. They must be, they must be better. I think I am one last April we have. Is this rake character? they rake, which only weird monsters, capture and oil stalking, a moose indicating wilderness. I saw a very fine work. He like the good little. Yo you should look it up essentially look like welcome Adullam and it is a very, very creepy, little creature and it's fun video, because you see this moose know me what's happening behind it in a video vine, and you see this sort of ominous ay a kin. To a Jeff gold, bloom like character staring at the edge of the forest law, remit in ya go blue mid fly right before he's. Still a human bodies now really becoming to fly it technically Closer to a Steve Bush, every year
because he's got very pale to the point of being very like almost gray run. Rake is not really a character, did not a real thing, except for a fact. There was a a weird my mariners log that was found in night. Sixteen ninety one, which was a care with this issue of this, was basically narrowed. It was a story written in the eighteen hundreds which describe the rake in which is what the way you can see the video is having hollow black eyes and being terrifying and nature and sanctions before a suicide note was written in which you, author claims, have committed suicide due to repeated encounters with the rake and the fear that the creature will torment him horribly. It is kind of a is a couple creepy passes over around it and its if it's it's a character that just out there, tell you what he's got a skinny little ass. He began, he deftly does know. Do they have they try to debunk the video at all because its agreement, video Daddy Bunker. Did they find? Technically you sent me this video. Yes and
It was from the Fox NEWS website and it just like the kind of like hit it. Like Fuckin roasters guy institutionally, they say like this something about how what it's like they ask. I guess I go. Can you tell me what it is like the videos imbued more than thirty the video he's been viewed more than thirty thousand times was posted by Andre Tongue. Where for shit, who is unable to explain the footage likely due to the fact The monster is not real. Peace is a shit last and why you already knows why you show in Albania right you're gonna be upset. This is work. I mean honestly Travis got me mad about it, yeah, good, good just because, like two paragraphs in their saying like this shit real then below? It is a bunch of click bay like this baby, dears reaction to the man who Savior will make you shit your pants? Well, that's good! That's good! Entertain arrival yet check out that video. I dont know why there bank in it. I want to see proof that it's not real but its very
nonetheless, I mean, if they got there like skinny drunk, need to dress up like that and go scare the moose one of his days, it's gonna die I will say on my death bed when I feel Look at the cancer. That's coming of the heart attack doesn't kill me first. What a fun waiter go creep in people out all thin. No hair walk around the words God in school be somebody else's monster. Henry, like you can that's that at some point you just do that and you don't want to scare people by like everyone is just repulsed by you, because then they have to confront the inevitable fate, though, we're going to die and you are the living. Body meant of death at that point, so you freak out. People brought don't worry about it yet we sit in the bed, you you be unjust. You demanded soup and just like needs is needs. An ivy get ochres is bloody. At the end and come out pretty chunky like borscht, I will put it
swear by that point. My blood will be so thick that I could use a thin. You get use offending agent, because even at that today I feel like this year's firm hours of party it all right. Eyes. Why think that those are basically some of the funds stories of the week stories, keep setting stories. Yeah! That's the chinese author story from a listener. I got the I mean you said they use their the mysterious monster video, but I will obviously I love good thing. I've pull the weird like rapid huh ii type stuff that I'm gonna go down. This thing called cultural layers which are going to go down that even at the heart of this is already. I could see the on unready, our cultural layer, the forcing it says, is while this is beginning to be scientifically proven, and it's a video, that says, pyramid of Visa has own energy source. We gotta get it. I don't know real or not. I want to see what this Youtube video banks to. It comes from our T America
russian television, it's gotta be real, I think you're not gonna get it. I think we should all, but I like the great it was a great agar speaking of acres. Yet Indeed, you can. Just dm on bank is the one on Instagram dynamism. Those stories ducas. Around there and and I will look at them and that's actually very helpful, because There are so many stories it's almost hardy to keep track. Them also took our culture, There are those who say for studying, in organizing evidence of historical and quantum logical, manipulations, hoaxes and cataloguing instances of anomalous, soil occupy accumulation and the implications of a very recent earth spanning catastrophe. I think it's the aid that things are lot older than they say they are there's a lot There's a lot of talk about something to get and deepened to this, and I just wanted to check make sure that I'm not a that's a Prob Winston, upon a new like deep dive of thought.
Like I never want to all of a sudden, like I'm in NEO Nazi territory, how we ve gotta, I don't know we read it you're going to get, it seems like it always goes there. I don't know why, but I go down like researching my little pony go through Brody territory than the Brody's become it in cell in the cells are now becoming Nazis, then all of a sudden you're, like a joy to have fun, I'm just try to have brought interests, will be known, as you think you know new stuff. I was trying to learn more about above outside throughout the Nordic Religions and EVA taken by the NEO Nazis. Tat they want to hammer emblem, wanted, no do it anymore man. We were my bosom sure because of the murders dear, that's my fault! I should never privilege take stop right. Everyone! Five Henrietta, Doktor Van Tasty, every loves whatever the fuck it is you want, and I dont honestly I mean just stay on Instagram. I guess it's also all my thing. It's all just
just don't want. I'm others do. Why do we are technical? We have I'd like it, because we are the only people that support us and, of course, she has to have you been where's, Toffana applicants top it about sentinel, and we also interviewed him for our patriotic all about original gazed at the book. In order that begin Tupac at all The only thing he does his email- and I think, he's You can set it for my email list and Having heard the email list in like it decade I was like you know that so far as an opponent expressive, our time too, we do that back. Then we can make a web series about what is like living in New York and being a comedian like that's at some other time. Thousands of things We all know why I'm not successful I've got my email list. I have jail with a view to you. You too I too, you too, because its part is that you do the tube ha ha ha ha ha ha. Will this has been wonderful. Begin. Remember, if you live in and not laugh and then you're, not love him
and we're living in London. Gonna be laughed at the afterward Hopefully you talk about in Heaven. He's gonna ask your fuckin dead. No, when you there's radio silence, you think you'll live and laugh and or learning more lie. I am going to talk through a microphone. I think you can do it. Energy zap around and just go. Make like you know, different kind of noises That's very you with the microphone up. Your ass, all like the mafia, That'll be ok everywhere. Hale yourselves, Hell, Satan, Doo, doo, it takes a little, but a saint in your life is short talk to you, sir.
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