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Side Stories: The New Bohemian Grove

2019-08-07 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: Epstein, Bohemian Grove 2.0, a squirrel on meth, the UK Casey Anthony, and MORE.


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This is the lost. This is on the left side. Yeah who's come back from New York. Okay, for my boy, John, Moreno's wedding. That was a great wedding! Congratulations, John and Zoe awesome yeah! It was really another murderous wedding, another another separator stable ha ha. That's that is of course, I saw how big is Bergen Nick was and how much time he had to put in with the siren. Different large children, but the money ran out of that as soon as he aged really
age out. He aged out of the Jeffrey Obscene dream. Oh okay, they are, but so I'm get off the plane right, and so the thing is that I I help to this woman with her bag, an elderly woman with her bag at first uh, to put it up in the overhead compartment right. Did she need help, or did you just like where you more like 'cause? I could also see you sort of like a cost. Seen heard just like I'll: do it I'll put your bag up you're ruining. My bet. Ok, because it's exactly it is that I she was coming on I'll shoes. Shoes slip, I think she was having a hard time and I went to go help her and she's like no, I don't I don't really need your help. You understand, yeah, you do yeah, you do, and so I sort of took the bag out of right- and I put it up in overhead compartment, which is fine right and she was thankful- was she sure, ok, but then were d boarding, unboarding a plane as we left
this point I saw her taking it out of the overhead compartment right. She was struggling right and but so I decided well she's going to need my help again, and so I reached up from behind her, and I grabbed the bag and I'm helping you may have been helping rhymes like Billy joke which involve the me and her sort of having a tug of war for the back above her because I'm trying to help mam, I tried to help you ma'am and sewing and update it had virtually at two bullet. Her hands. I did pull the back I gotta hand he's almost like a jerk right I'm trying to help she obviously needed to help and was too proud. I say the word if she had it in her hands: wasn't that almost mission complete She only had it in her hands. All I needed was like one video of just heard. This slip The bag slide out, smashing the face it just me staring just going nodding. You know, It's like slowly. Just kind of adjusting me like yeah, I could help writes, writes all, but I did
well good job Henry technically. It's we will try to help and I'm trying to help society, yeah yeah at all times, you're doing so good. Body between that and the slime gang, your you're a every one in need whether they are in need or not, it was funny here, Natalie's words for she was just like. Please don't you don't need to do this? Babe you, don't need to do and like I'm helping a woman, I'm helping a woman, that's fine! It's always fun to travel, welcome to side stories, everyone! I am Ben Kissel hanging out with Henry, is a browser as well the hero we we, you know the hero. We deserve Henry Sobrowski. I am I'm a good man are sure yeah absolutely do what I can do, I'm I believe the idea of being a positive, proactive, Satanist yeah, absolutely everyone's always said that about you. But you know what we do.
Today. This is a big day for me Henry. You know what I'm celebrating today, what puffin is one year. Pupper versary is today yeah one year. He is in his second life because he would be currently he would be long yes did, add in a sewer somewhere in South Korea. It did not get him from the puppy pound from the puppy. Jail where he was going to be a pokey ball, an so Poppin He knows that I saved his life and we say we're supposed to celebrate him. What about celebrating Maine? You know, I think it's only fair, because technically puffin had nothing to do with being. Rescue? No, he was just I mean if he had orcas traded his escape. Story like if he had bit that dick off some could one of the korean guys going like
Oh, this one's off this once off this, like poking puffin aside with a stick via yum yum yum, he does massage him with more and more Saki, so the the marble ized fat gets deeper and deeper into his muscles deeper deeper. Don't maybe things that don't make me think about that, but no, he does have bad sides he has to. He has two scars where they probably were poking at him, What, if he's done, just oh trying to make little divots, so they could put rosemary in time, and I have no one. That's not and it doesn't taste. I don't think it's good, but I actually sort of weird it could it could sort of be like a porketta like you could put like a cover much spices, and I imagine the dogs meets kind of like that, like sort of like darkish super moist, pork meat, yeah, maybe I have no idea what dog meat would be like. I would assume it can't be that good I would just think it's not going to be that good,
hello. Nice hollings screen for from fifth seems to be for them it's more like how, because my mom always use like we were never allowed to order check in at restaurants, white here means that don't get you can I make chicken at home anybody can make chicken I don't like that. She would accept anyone can make spaghetti. Anyone can make anything cheap. So would not order Italian out because she could look at and go well. What is this water? Look at this water read gravy my each time each time with that talk, we need standards, learning about standards- and I thing over there where I think they're only eaten dog as I they're, a lark which is also a thing. They probably eight I don't know what it is. Even it is, but yeah or if it's something that it's at the very bottom of their options. Well, what they do is the reason it's your it's during the three hardest days of summer and the city all day, the dog days of summer lewd really- and they say it's for May over really because I guess the boners get
and in the summer, and they need a little pick me up and I guess evidently, puppies are the way to do it to sell my get happier during the summer. I don't know what happens over there. It's different at different times, different cultures. You know which is really not happy. Voters happy productive, Boehner's, Jeffrey Epstein. Hope to seed human race with his dna according to the New York Times. So this is a very interesting story about one of the weird now all of the news that it's fuckin' coming out of the woodwork about mob scene and one of them is this concept that he wanted to take his New Mexico ranch which she wanted to call the baby ranch and he wandered impregnate twenty women at a time with him, DNA in order to propagate his version of his human race deep into society. He had many ideas that this is one of his like took of his bad ideas, but I say
we haven't, had a lot of bad ideas. Yes, well, this is one of those that I don't particularly understand. Well, we talked about this on Abe, Lincoln's top hat as well. It's quite interesting the narcissism in the ego of this person. This is the story of the Handmaid's tale. He wanted to Do you have a female farm of women Kerry his seed, but isn't this something? This is about everlasting life right, yes, we are actually when I hear the stories it seems like old school like a retro way, because now, as we talk about Henry you want to be up, you want to upload it. Yes, I believe in the idea of having my whatever is. My consciousness. Whatever is that entity being able to live free forever on the internet right right? I think that there's a part of that. That is a yes. It is definitely on.
After life, so plantation that right? Yes, definitely, of course it's definitely a. I can see it. It's a replacement for every day, the above for basically it helps alleviate anxiety about the idea that when you die and there's absolutely nothing sure which is person. I know, intellectually, that I'm very deeply afraid that I might, when the lights go out boom. That's it right, so something or having a scientific solution to that problem is a a It's just a natural inclination of the human race now which is happening, which is a religion replacement as well, but people like me, I think this shows there's a lot more people in absence places that are thinking these gigantic Grand, Inter generational fault, so sure, of course, that they used to be helpful for humanity, but I think now it's just to help them these. Were it
you would have these conversations with scientists at his at his home at his party. He would invite them to adhere yacht and they all are foul of these articles are just fascinated with Stephen hawking drinking, DOM pairing, Jan and talking with fuqing Jeffrey Epstein Stephen hawking was not. I mean there already who is not actually talk, I don't the computer was talking and the computer could say whatever it want it can. I will say this: Stephen Hawking. Yes, I understand very difficult hard life. A lot of sympathy, but I'm just going to say maybe controversial, he's kind of. Even ask he cheated on his wife. He did he's hanging out file ad hominem attack on Stephen and the she Miranda be the role in Fucker, I'm not, which I think a lot of people. I think he's really horni roller and I don't even care like whatever that doesn't make you the worst human being on the face of the planet or anything but it. It's just like. He is not necessarily the
full genius that we all thought he was. I don't know, but that's not really. What is about. This is more just about the concept that I've seen you to invite the scientists to come onto to his various parties and he would pitch them these ridiculous ideas that are only could come from like an executive, search mouth. Of course you will just say to a group of scientists. I want to create a particle that makes people feel like they're, being watched. That is one thing that he said he wanted to freeze his penis and he brain yes right for forever right, which is I get it didn't I mean technically that's Rasputin, I mean it turned out. It was a horse cock, but you can. Let's do that if you put it in a bunch of gin, keep it keeps it safe forever and ever absolutely ' We also wanted to, but I think with
this really showing right. So we they called him an adherent of transhumanism knocked transhumanism. Is this movement the idea that it is sort of evil? like it's an evolutionary inevitability that you things are using science and technology to further the human race to further our cognitive abilities and allow us to live forever right. The basic This idea that we are our own god. We are, we created our own mini godhead, and that is what we're going to do. Where do the power of science to further a deeper into the future but I'm actually you know you know, I love. I think it's very interesting, of course, a lot of fun. I with that, of course in this case, because they were thinking so primitive about it. Actually, like biological, like impregnating real humans, they had many victims, much like everything with Stein always all like transhumanism like I am my own God thing he did not necessarily apply that same logic to other people. He saw them as
You know, is his minions and whatever well, it is was truly was not a uh, an actual functional transhumanist. All of this shit is garbage. All of his ideas were told I, none of them were actually helping anybody or society and scientists just sat there because What he said was that he was the cash cow right and scientists and or do certain objects, especially stuff. That's on the fringes. They need money, so they swallow their pride and they looked at several different ways to sit with him and hope get some of that run off cash, the griset to work towards their french projects. But I think that this is showing is that there is a deeper concern: crazy theory that has been around since, like since the Bill Cooper days. Would you the idea of breakaway civilization, I think the rich and the powerful are actively planning on leaving planet earth yet as soon as
it gets hot Jeff Bezos was just talking about. I literally just saw an interview with Jeff Basos discussing that exact thing they are going. You do and they are acting like causeway their pitching. It, too is that everybody will a ticket to the Rainbow Express' here, like everybody's coming at that way, I don't think so. No, we can't even get into studio fifty four. You think that we can't even get into the five thousand and fifty club. Do you, member we weren't invited to Dan Harmon's Boat Party San Diego Comic con yeah. We are not like we're here for the trip. Now I brought my beers. I got. We got our wrestling shirts in a horse, got beers for everybody and I brought the sun screen. I don't know that I have to help to the I got old, suitcase or magazines and no one no one's going to invite us. No, I think we're seeing more and more of these little building blocks that the conspiratorial view
the the way, the rich look at society like yeah, so they just must change you at some point, next dean had so many powerful people in his pocket, for so long that he must have had some loopy ps I, I know at some point. He is like where you need to build a system of magical pipes flowers can come out hitting little fireballs and what, if I created a ghost just only moved when you looked at it is like. I don't. Are you just playing Super Mario brothers? Three mister honestly, this is the epitome of stupid people with money. And the money forces other people to have to pretend that they're, smart, otherwise, the tall, your society collapses. Do you remember that when we were just I mean? I don't know if your parents were like this, but my parents always just assumed that wealthy people were smart of course, and they
you know that same my parents. That's why my parents ended up voting for Trump in the first place and they legitimately like well he's a businessman and it's been like I can put on a suit and get a suitcase. And walk around the street. You like hi, hello, Henry Zebrowski. I run several independent businesses and then just open up the suitcase and it's just filled with slinkies cover to my jizz, and I'm like yeah I make these. I make these and sell these. Do you want one gin skis just images cases the gist linking reach, what it costs only one thousand, yeah, that's it, but it's special! It's unique! Don't you want to give your parents something unique for Christmas? something that has a part of you on it. You come on it that I think that's what we're learning now the disclosure is first of all these people are not all but the vast majority of soup. Who are wealthy, are narcissistic maniacs and even worse than
extremely extremely dumb, and that is It's almost scary to think He was bad at his job. Not bad at all of the jobs that he had he just somehow I mean I guess, if you just throw enough child sex slaves at a problem, you can fix it, which is we've learned from him he's got a lot of people in his rolodex and we are going to continue to learn a lot about the of Jeffrey upstate. If you review count from the scientists here, I do think as Henry alluding to I do think they thought he was crazy and I I actually feel bad because it's really as a power structure in our in our culture we have given the wealthy so much so much power that it really is an indictment on our entire culture. The fact that scientist, true smart people, have to hang out These morons to hope just hope they can get a couple hundred thousand dollars to try to cure cancer.
That's why I don't think anybody's doing much in the way of its hard 'cause. I don't trust the government either, but at least when the things like NASA and all these kind of gigantic science projects that the government sort of had a some sort of control. Right it used to help our society. I think that they really allow. They really are excited about science moving more and more private, because then they could do whatever the it is. They want within the last that the big science moving, then I guess, was Obama's movement to map the human brain which IL deep in the middle of yeah, but it's just getting the all of that, I'm going to create all of the sort of esoteric benefits for the future when the so called technology is finally completed, but we don't know so what that is yet. No one really knows what that is yet, except for the fact that we have ai deeply built into our every usage or just not as nefarious as you even like to think it is
just, the machine learning part of it and learning all the algorithms. So it's not exactly talking talking HAL, but ever some use predictive text. Your help, teach the a I my personal time. It you take a picture. I mean on Instagram all every single thing. That's the other thing I'll say to use all of these apps. We want to make a big deal about them being, like the add an mining for these giant companies, but they always have. Oh yeah sure that's how they make their money. They don't really make that much money from the advertising they do, but they make so much more money from these kind of backdoor contract deals with the government purchasing the information about what they're, picking up from their billions of users, which is just like a fucking free testing, absolutely. That is why they are technically free apps, but nothing is free streams with a price year, so she is the free lunch cancel, but I accept if it's on top of a trashcan. Oh then it is like a lunch or, but would you pay for it with your fucking? Ask
or if you work Union Anuar a background actor. Yes, you do also get free lunch and they know exactly when to show up to get it. They're very you read anything about Google Camp Google, it sounds. Is it like the movie heavy weights, which is a great film back in the nineties, about a fat camp along with that movie notes? something like that sounds like fun. Yes, no, maybe I would have said it in a happier tone. Ok, Google Camp is that Google is inviting influential people from all across the arts, and politics, too, will get away where they could sit and talk about how to make the world better. It's a new dumber But he me and going to say that in there are pictures, it is just the most miserable shape because God knows. I believe they talk about climate change right, so Obama came, Dicaprio came, but they have class so they won't allow anybody to take pictures of them, but there are photos of Bradley Cooper, teaching, Oprah Winfrey, how to ride a bike
like her a struggling on a bike and him like grab. It looks like he's grabbed her by the look, which is like a five find. A great Bradley Cooper doesn't care because he's good to use a plug and nine dollars. Is that right? Oh yeah buddy good, for It's good for him. I already become come out, teach us down This is how we Cooper Gay or is this just? Is this hot goss that is huh alright, alright, and it was also Perry and what's her name, her big dick? Elvin boyfriend, I've, not sure Michael, a slow, yes uh. Oh my but I do know his name or label stuff, that's it or let who we met briefly. I knew he was named after a city in Florida. We did meet him. Sweet, yes, but these pictures of them whole gallivant thing and having this little boat parties being like you're, just the dumb arm of the new bohemian grove that they allowed just go You like go, get it put your pictures taken of you, so everybody can talk about how cute it is that these
These are like hanging out like normal people on a budget where everybody else in some other Google cam. Are doing other, but God knows what they are. People still. Why do people still think actors have anything in their brains? Stop there in a fight to hear me and grow. They are there to help the or the definition of vessels the are empty vessels. You must be them words, actions, emotions, you feed them every single thing to make them a person. Why do we I think that they are the beacons of truth in our society. What is happened? We are too so backwards. The idea of like believing an actor. Saying anything their job is to lie. I know yeah, I know it. I know it, but this does. This could give us a great opportunity. Then, if you do call peak Alex Jones this is when Alex Jones was still my only cute when he
just born with a canoe delivering it to bully me and grow, and it is one of the funniest he is. It is a one on one fight, but there is no other is just Alex Jones screaming at himself into the void and responding to his own yells at Bohemian Grove and everyone just like. I don't know, but he was only one brave enough to directly attack it. He did so we buy water by what exactly like George Washington? Absolutely so we could I mean this would ruin your acting career though Henry Technically, you need to be working hard to get into this event. So I mean this is what I was Natalie night, because Allie showed all this to me. She was like look at this Horsh it and I was going through. It was like this is. The thing is that we've been kind of out sliders in media right, like that's kind of what we do like we've made our own path to people listening to our bulshit. What that means, though, is that
I never get invited to any of these big arcane hall. Food Illuminati ship right because they know that you'll just either tell everybody or they just don't want you to exist. They just don't like us because a couple of two mega couple dips the punch ball and next thing. You know we're letting everyone know what we think about him. That's what six hours a week, yeah. How to figure out things to talk about so a part of what we talk. It does every single secret thing I learned at Google Camp yeah swelled, that's great, I'm so happy we are! The world is going to be fine. Ladies and gentlemen, Bradley Cooper is going to cure everything. I do think ironic whenever they have these destination vacations for under the guise of global climate change and to the climate crisis and the global warming, because it is likely with a talk about the articles that it's like the it's Corey, the middle of the pollution there for
they're all flying they're, not flying on one plane, they all fly their own private plane. I did yet so it's private jet arrives at a helipad all of this chip- oh yeah, oh yeah, anyway. Well, Google camp, that sounds fun and hopefully, if anyone works at Google Camp, let us in just let us I don't know how to ask, but let us it will be good there's no way. I won't tell visuals every cool thing. I've heard or seen. No honestly, there's no way. Honestly. Sadly, I think the things that we would see would be so mundane and so stupid and so boring it might even it might even be worse, he just cocktail hour, but that's what Harry Shearer said about bahamian Grove 'cause. He got invited right, and so when he went he said it was a most boring shoot in the face of the planet. Cuz, you don't get to go to the actual secret meeting, also as an actor then you're real just our arm. Candy. At these events, yeah you're not being pulled in
Europe towards the closest you think to capture is the closest, I think, Dicaprio. I think he's gotta fingers in quite a bit of stamp. Quite a bit of pots of norm. A kind. Yes, I will say this if you haven't seen once upon a time in Hollywood, would check that one out great Brad Pitt. Oh my god, he is. I would do anything to him. I was just dissing on actors, but if Brad Pitt was just like what, if you wear your pants on your head, I'll, be like Brad that so smart you're? I love you Brad, because I could look at that man and I will say this about the movie no spoilers but Tarantino. He got all that foot. He got out how to repair in the sky, currently I have to see it I haven't, I haven't been able to go, see it. I can't wait to see you hopefully this week, absolutely check check it out. It's a nice little story, alright! Well, let's move do a slightly stoopid or story or a slightly dumber story. This one comes in from Alabama, so it was this
Alabama man accused of feeding meth to a squirrel he got arrested, but this Dude basically is a thirty five year old, though, and I kind of love this meth thinking, because when you're a You got your brains going going going going, and sometimes it stumbles upon a genius idea, you're as confident as Bradley Cooper teaching Oprah. How ride a bike. You really are on crystal Meth, so most people say all I need to protect my house. Maybe I'll get up, maybe I'll get a pit bull or a really. This I got a squirrel, but squirrels you say: oh they're, not so dangerous and less you give them crystal methamphetamine, so he gives his. He would give me a squirrel crystal methamphetamine and he called it his. Tax world. He was arrested. He was arrested for having drug paraphernalia and things like that. This is according to. The sheriff's office. How do they even yeah? Exactly? How do we know, so he wasn't actually punished
the crime of feeding Matthew a squirrel, but it was just a thing that was a part of the experience the sheriff said. They can't test the squirrel format. He said: there's no way to do it. I guess you can't give a squirrel appris test, so poke the initial piece out of it I'll show you how to do it. You grab my debates. Official score ball, so it's not! It's not paste, it's some kind of a what is it dad squirrel come deputy Sobrowski, how did you know how to do that so fast? Have you done that before it's against company protocol and the department are you even a sheriff was touched by a squirrel. Back when I was boy. Oh, I learned it. The cycle of pain keeps going into it's dumped in the next generation, sadly, sadly accurate. Although If you do want to learn more about that. On this weeks, Abe Lincoln's top hat, I talked with a sex ologist Henry who Interv non offending
was very interesting, but we talked we are quotes. Non offending though they just don't do it. I just won't. Do it or something you have to listen to that interview talking about that, but anyway, so now, investigators, they found Mickey Polk. He was thirty five. They work and uh in the surveillance at his hotel. He was arrested. He but on his motorcycle and a ram into one of the investigators vehicles. Who is wanted for possession of an illegal firearm possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia so investors arrested were arrested, one. This is according to the sheriff. You said narcotics, investors, which I think is a really interesting misnomer for police officers, especially since IRAN contract over. Let's talk a not the rod gojra. So this is according to the sheriff's department. They say narcotics
just to get arrested one man and are looking for another after they executed a search warrant Monday that yielded meth drug paraphernalia body armor and a squirrel poke uploaded. A video on Facebook after the raid from the apartment with the squirrel, he acknowledged the squirrel is aggressive and had bitten people but denied the, but he denied that trained. The rodent, he said quote the public. Isn't danger from the messed out fuel in the neighborhood he's not on meth, I'm pretty sure better, not find out he's on meth anyway. I don't like that ship. So This world may or may not have been on meth. The guy says: hey, I wasn't feeding the squirrel world map, but then again we're sounds rural Alabama, Girls can get Meth anywhere Honestly, it's hard for them because of you, don't know how that's girl's been raised. No you! Don't it's a slippery slope to math. You know one day you're, just like you know you take a little bit too much roboto some! You know you found it no park pension! You stick! Your old squirrel, had no old, serving a rope doesn't mean you're like issues we
but sometimes it's nice, because the drudgery find in these notes every dates every day same grind hard up. It's exam of money, so I can not to put on the whole cat chases me. I'm scared by a car what the look. My whole life is like an existential we'll take I'm on a hamster wheel, but I'm not a hamster. I'm looking elegant squirrel next thing, you know you got Robitussin opens up your Pureview just a little bit. If I had to be in the Fuckingg up horse park there hanging out, he blows up like a little stream. If I can see the next year, fucking face right well that little scroll nostrils. Next, you know like man, maybe it's about time. I got really fucking lit up and find a little bit of cocaine go by like one of those nightclubs like, but you go by. The iron shaft or whatever, and you go blue. They sneak in old bathroom in there and you find some cocaine residue ends up with all these coke heads are super jazz of squirrels in there right
their funding. Given you, cocaine, yeah another big tip, especially as a squirrel or a hot girl or as a guy, never buy your own cocaine. Just let people give it to you. I don't think that's a good tip, that's a bad tip Henry! Never, I think it's good to just say: never purchased it! That's when you have a problem, never ever 'cause. If your purchase will be safe out there. You know what you got no no West Coast and you better not be doing good cook cocaine, the West Coast as well, all that that mental, but then, all of a sudden you looking for the next hit squirrels all strong out there. You know map becomes a casual, lateral movement. Absolutely and that's world is now an a tax world. Dare I say the coolest squirrel in the yard I mean I had almost I put him closer to a bouncer squirrel. He be, then, might wake up that's what he does and what's going on, squirrel that he's become or see in it may be after all, this fucking cleans up and come through these a weird like to pseudo saved,
real Christians, yeah could be man, those are the ones you know they. What? What for the journey those kind of pseudo Christians that have like you know the crisis, just sing the weight of their addictions down there, like totally cool songs, good how the Lord my backwards hat. I don't need methamphet well. You know for a fact they are just about to snap anytime. I it's hard drug addiction is hard, even if you're a little squirrel, I could quit wait. If I got to do, could you really how you would be shaking like a leaf in a suit. My friend we'd really I went Australia. I had the longest break. I've had in a long time in Australia, I probably had a five day break. Ok, and how did you pay those great, it's fine! I was dreaming again where the one thing we saw about thc or whatever it is with the we did, that it suppresses your dreams, and I was having fucking why
that streams. They tell you what that about, had a dream that my mom was trying to put me up for adoption, but I'm like this age, but I was just like with the cps people know like we're going to have to put you in a foster home and I'm like I'm a thirty five year man there, like we don't care, you're just going to have to go to the foster and it's like comedian. I I I have I try, remember being like. I have over a hundred thousand Instagram followers, I'm a part of that can be faked, but I can't leave a that can't be faked. Yeah, very scary, it's very well! Just the poor fall, family. That has to take in be like, MRS stir and MRS Kill when here's foster's son, Henry Zebrowski Wall Street. Yes, that Henry Zebrowski I was going to ride here, guys right here's something to investigate what if there was an
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of the gene that can lead to very high levels of cholesterol, which could increase the risk for early heart disease. Twenty feet mean super easy? All they needed to do was swap my mouth and mail my sample off, and I got my results back really quickly. 23Andme report, do not diagnosed disease or describe overall likelihood of developing any disease. Twenty need test selected genetic variants only visit twenty three in dot com, slash side stories for important test information. Order? Your health and ancestry kit at twenty three and me dot com, slash side stories and you can meet or jeans and one hundred and twenty five plus personalized genetic reports. That's the number twenty three andme dot com, slash side stories well known. Is the story. I wanted to talk about real, quick, the US military law,
giant balloons to spy in the Midwest according to masturbate. To have you seen these? I don't see these. This is written by Jack Morris. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's one of up to twenty five giant surveillance balloons currently floating over the midwest in spying on everything in their path, get outta here, waiting to documents. I know what a shock according to a document obtained by the in the US military is currently in the process of testing. A large scale surveillance system made up of floating rate are designed to monitor everything from individual cars to entire cities. Right it didn't this conduct hi AL to where they're calling it conduct high altitude. Mesh me SH, networking tests over South Dakota to revive a person surveillance system to locate and deter narcotic trafficking and homeland security threats reads: an FCC document authorizing elements of the tests, so they are going over. This is this is my country- and I say this government leave my people,
alone, get out here. They're going over, Minnesota Wisconsin, Missouri and Iowa. This is the beginning what we see in China going on, they have the biggest surveillance state in the world in the history of time, and that is big in to happen here? These big gasp lamps- if this is why this is where, like my like, have a brain kind of flips on because now I'm just like, take a gun. Take your little hunting rifle get your sniper rifle and just shoot these things down. You will be arrested, but you will also be a hero in my book. Just know for a fact that it slowly, it's happening, I almost appreciate the Chinese and the fact that it's so in your they are going to Australia right where they put their surveillance right in front yeah, so you see the pictures being taken care taken of you. You know
The Chinese is watching your social networking. You know that they're doing all this stuff and it's out in the open- and it's it's only united of america- that we feel that we have to fool you and hide it from you because They want to create this bubble. This idea, this fake version of freedom. This idea that we live in a free society, actually we've entirely given up the chains of ourselves. To the mysterious better deep inside of the silicone valley. At the very, they should make. This seem like one of those fly over planes that has like a big flyer on the back in like bikini. Party is September tenth, be there be square like the um tell it to me. So I do really believe that this is relative. And honestly, though, this really is scary- and I know it's not going to get that much attention because it is literally looking at more cows than people South Dakota. Dakota has six hundred thousand people in the entire state, and it is a big state yeah, so they are starting small
no one really notices perfecting it, and then, when push comes to shove, their jus, going to be up in the sky and then what are we, to do. What are we going to do? We have go up in the sky, we're going to this guy going to get it the closest tall people of America all you standing on the roofs young naked swipes at it. Oh my covered covered face me like I am going to text me. I am going to die with a with one of those big. What do you call those little? What do you call those leaf? Sweepers Abreu it's a leaf sweeper. I have not been in a rural rural environment in a very long time you talking, I'm talking about are a cute we do not have rights in New York, Can you take us to remotely seriously?
it's just it's about describing an then everyone can know, and then everyone is part of the conversation so and I'm going be agreement on top of my roof in Iowa or Wisconsin, and then I'm going to get electrocuted when I hit a power line and that's home gonna die screaming at a drone holding a metal rake. Just watch you on your roof swinging a rake around swinging. Break around your basketball shorts, the revealing her Preakness so. The neighborhood surveillance balloon immediately takes a picture of justice. Nude nude comedian, pervert but harasses neighborhood with leaf see they didn't know either they work in journalism. It's a rake, my district. Alright, it's alright! No, but that really stream media
it really is horrified and we need to pass legislation but we're and talk about that. I'm able to stop and more because this this must end because of don't bring me on there. I'm going to bring me out, of course, get into it. You get into our serious for cereal. This all this is just looking. This is a world This is war games or plan. Yes, the battlefield. No no apps really not. This is for Google MAPS but this we gotta, we gotta nip this thing now because once they're all up there, it's all you know that's the thing with our when we go to him and I truly believe it's already happening from within- it's already happening within socially we're tabling on each other. Oh here, social media and then just straight up, intellectually the I mean just straight up technologically, I don't even said. This Zuckerberg laugh. When he says that the phone book of lists of see you the phone, does not listen to my friend you. It is not that it's picking up it just know. Who's Q so well already,
already knows you, because of the technology with it, because it's been reading your words, you don't need to actually write are you in conversation. They read it and predicted by what you've talked about via Ste via instant message on many different platforms. Yeah. The new actresses, they know everything and when it comes to surveillance. The UN has done it many for many, many years overseas. It's a very good Middle EAST, so they're just taking that technology. It's coming home, The Russians over here, like we haven't, been that we're not like the best of been if you're living elections were literally that's like one of our best atop skills that we do with a safety measure quote unquote for American. Then what happens to us? We get really upset and it always turns out just wonderful right on the money right on the money. I think so, let's all right. Let's now we're getting serious, which is a problem.
Because this is not, as this is not a serious no, this time. This is a group from up show this group not give up show I do want to talk about the mother who murdered her two daughters after they got no way of her sex life now faces life in jail. Yeah, according to the telegraph by Greg, Wilford mother who murdered her two young daughters at they got in the way of your sex. Life is facing a life sentence. Louise port and twenty three suffocated, Lexie Drake, three and strangled sixteen month old, Scarman Vaughn in Rugby Warwickshire in two thousand eighteen, the part time model which they do very carefully quote: okay was seen casually leading Lexi into their home hours before she killed her on January fifteenth last year. I did you watch the video it's awful yeah and it's also a thing to were you watch like open the door and she barely gives a FACA to kids goes into the door literally almost close on the infant, and it seems like she was just trying to get this thing over
She looked up several ways to kill them online and they're, calling this the Uk Casey Anthony, but these differences are Casey Anthony, got away with it yes and she is mostly we going to have a reality, show and will be seen her in her full form at some point, I'd some point the relatively near future. I'm sure- and then I do by just believe this woman. I mean this woman is just needs to go. She needs to go into a concrete square and go away for this time, she's very dangerous person. Obviously, so he said she was a sex worker and she said the kids were getting in the way of her profession and yeah, calling her Casey Anthony is a little. You know. Sex workers with kids really enjoy having families sure it does. I don't know you could have a relatively. You could have a totally normal life and still be in the sex business now that is certainly not an excuse. Oh yeah, we're in the sex business. Of course I mean everyone is paying for us to come over and stand in front of them
yeah you love it as you like, please hold. Thank you it. I know this was an in call of glad. You came over my apartment. Well you to my son or my daughter armed bandits, just which is to cause of bud light. My daughter is there away for the weekend. Yes! So that story. It really is disgusting, but at least there was some justice, but you can Even you can't even imagine how horrible that is, but calling her Casey Anthony really is not accurate, because again, Casey walks for she walks free, yes, he's out in the wind and now
let's do hero of the week side story We have two heroes of the week: Henry Zebrowski two here: hey man, a man,
appreciate more heroes out there we need am absolutely, and these are. These are very serious heroes. Usually I have a bit more of a goofy time, but we had two massive tragedies: more gun, violence taking place in this country extremely devastating. Our hearts go out to the people of tax. And the people of Dayton Ohio, the and normally we don't talk? We don't like to talk about the nature of these crimes quite a bit because I feel like it ends up saying the signal boosting people that are doing these crimes for this the purpose of getting their name in the paper and getting attention put upon these crimes. We all know what's happening an we know that our country is sliding into some weird sort of I mean We are in a civil war, in the in the minds of many that civil war is never ended, but of those shootings, two heroes did I suppose so, an independent, wrestler Jeremy Gangar. He stopped the Dayton shooter at the door of the NED Peppers BAR, so he prevented the death of countless other.
Also, thank you so much for that Jeremy and then we have another man: Army, private, first class, Glendon, Oakley Junior. Because of his training. He actually pulled out his gun. He got to a position he like took on the gunman an and he helped many people get to safety. So those are two heroes of the week, so that was really it's just very incredible and very sad times, but indeed heroes. Did heroes did spring spring up? Yes, which is very yeah, because it's very I mean all of his very all this incredibly for it. Yes, I would read some viewer mail, all right. Let's do, and here we go here so we got here. This is from Jay. This is I'll call. This is a so. He sent me a listing of a classified ad that he thought that we'd like ok. It is a picture of a very handsome rooster and it says free Hantge rooster. The h h, a n t e d: rooster has demon, is free,
it's free? Well, that's cool into these classified it reads: pork chicken used to be so great. Until recently, he got haunted by sat, and now he keeps manipulating everybody trying to get his own way still pretty good rooster, but not as good as before he got handed it's all the same. Stuff is regular. Roosters does pretty good on a farm out. Imagine the whole thing is how he has a deep inside of hadn't gotten God knows for sure yet by my bishop, but pretty sure, is defiantly haunted because of all of the flattening activity and whatnot. If you want him, he's yours just let me no 'cause. I don't think I can keep him around much longer 'cause, I don't have the authority to get out the demon. I don't know anything about witchcraft. If you know how, then that would just make it easier for you and he'll probably be a pretty good pet. If you, We do it yourself or make arrangements with the proper channels who can
police evil spirits and what not just need a box matale to come pick him up. Just give me a call or text the sooner the better. Please don't please! Use them for spells. I don't want to be associated with that kind of stuff. Thank you for your time. All right, let's get there rooster. I love that haunted rooster. I wonder, how he figured out without a doubt that this route that this rooster- is indeed haunted. I wonder what the signs were. I don't know he does not put any specific examples. I mean maybe waking up later. I have no idea what a hundred rooster would do, but that's a very good personal added, maybe one of our listeners can get out there get Thank you Gerry. This Jerry. I had to We got some really good UFO sightings this week, except one that was fake, but then I asked to do it. It was fake and then he admitted that it was fake that he was just trying it was. It was a very nice email exchange back and forth and it was a cool picture of a drone. But then I was like are you? Can you actually send me any proof that this is real and he's like buddy?
actually work in. I work in Digital like this, is what I do and I was just like yes, maybe laugh either me a very compelling UFO footage piece of UFO footage. You saw four light offering over and band Mall just north of Cincinnati Ohio. I took a look at the videos. He said. I want you to take a double look at it. It might be players. Oh ok! So we have a skeptics cap over here. You also I have been a lot of people. Don't ask me about that. Doorbell ghost video and I reached out to the people who sent me the video to get permission to post it and they never got back to me. Ok well get back. If you want us to post and we also have a ghost video from a friend that we met at comic con. That is like awesome We will put those on the last stream sometime, yes, we are very legit that was really fun and he was not a hostage to our conversation. He's really willing to speak with him. He was it was very nice, and so I a sort of long letter, but I want to get through it. Okay,
Maybe I was just very interested in this because it's a good view into a world that we vaguely covered with our psychic vampire episode? Okay, I don't know if This is worth sending or even if you guys still take stories, we do, but I went with two of my friends to a psychic and sanguine vampire meet up near Detroit, but twelve total showed up to uh, the island, which is so Detroit, and they talk with us for about three hours I was high, as so really felt I could feel everything relating to Enerji that they talked about. One of them was completely sanguine and as a donor about twelve hours away that he meets up with another half and half and has the same sort of set up. The sanguine literally looked at like if Carlisle from Twilight was chubby and had a little cholo twist, frosted tips. He said that for everything he said that First Tennessee very, very specific reference tearing the skin next to the bonus punctured. Then blood is sucked from the wound no biting required. He
that everyone's blood has a different flavor. Another was So LI psychic guess at what kind of he was wearing. Yes, it was a fedora and said that if he made eye contact with us, he was stealing our energean couldn't help it. He caught my eye. Accident about seven hundred or eight times. There is also a thing where they rub their hands together to channel energy. Then they held their hands about a foot apart and you had to put your hand in the middle everyone Zenergy feels different summer warmer or cooler or more or positive, there was a warlock too. He looked at exactly how you'd imagine him too long gray beard squat, build bald on top and cross eyed glasses. This is what I'm shooting for one day guys just so you know nothing but bad vibes from him, but he swore he could pick up on our energy and made us channel it into a cup of water. We took steps of the water first, just a I. It was normal water. After that we pass it on the table and put energy into it. Then tasted it again. I didn't try it because at that six pm
let's it from the cup, and I only knew two of them good move W, so they could read our auras. My friend Ashton was higher than I was, but also is always an anxious mess. They said that his was mucked up and they couldn't get it We're reading high reading was accurate, but I don't know if that's just because it was vague or not. My friend Anna is apparently taking really well to everything and could be a wonderful healer with the right practice, so ash and left about an hour and a half into smoke in the car and didn't come back inside the main vampire I said that everything that they had done was really hard, an Ashton that a suit it. Could you should wash all of the result, will energy off of him as if he was covered in mud. Later on that night, we stop. The seven eleven for snacks and saw a guy walk out without paying for a bottle of water. We didn't, say anything because we don't snatch and he was still staring at us from the other side of the glass door. Once we got out. He came up to Ashton and asked if he could buy a gram. We thought that he had
on the phone and that's why he was just standing outside when he took his phone down from his ear without hanging up or saying goodbye. I I didn't hear what he asked: yes, so the guy said really and then ask if you can get in the car you just a bit at some point w you just you just got to only taken hostage by a homeless person yes- but he said that the he gave them a many many tips on how american currency is fake and we see your we still secretly use another form of british money because we are still under british rule. There was some site, you could trade, your fake money for real money at a one to one rate, I don't remember the URL but WWW Civil liberties com is one explaining how we're still under british rule. Ok, this is. You met a very between gigs, sovereign citizen They love it. Alright, very interest, good exchange rate too, honestly, that's not bad at one to one. When we go over Uk K you're the upcoming future. We are going to be losing money because
The dollar rate so strong She says, according to this, she had gotten two was very. She was a person that was very lucky, but after this experience with these vampires, she got countless arguments with her parents missed out on a car start that she paid two hundred dollars for a super inexplicably sick for about two weeks after someone who usually ask crazy good luck. I can only trace everything. That's happened back to that night and National Coney Island. My goodness will be careful man. Those psychic vampires are going to suck out all your energy next thing you know you're going to miss. You know the the reunions of Backstreet boys even as a lark again, even in of funny little thing- a fun little trip. Nov you meet with a bunch of people that call themselves psychic vamp. There's a lot of times the reason why they call themselves that is Becaus. They are at least very annoying. It's like
now on the lowest level. That is, that is the worst part, is that they are incredibly annoying you're going to have a bad night. Absolutely if you are going to be around them where quartz. Oh very true, stone absorbs the vibes of psychic vampires good to know of course you can always shoot an email. Our way at side stories, sidestories at Lpotlgmail, dot com sure to some stories, do you want us to talk about, and obviously, if you have a personal experience feel free, to share because we always love hearing from you and can cannot wait to see you all this weekend we got Minneapolis we're going to be. The Moines and then we're going to be in mobile You were on our big boys tour. I lego employees love going to the yes in my women I like to see now
men to look to see all of my Midwest brother and sister in sister and sister in so that will be super exciting, and we cannot wait to see you all very. Very Also if you are around to the east coast in next week, maybe the week after the exact dates of when we travel, I get on the plane when that when I'm tend to get on up, but we got Atlantic City tickets still available. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania tickets still available. End of port Chester were. Do we know if it's a it's like a it's a fun run we're doing doing the same touring schedule that week as Gallagher Yes, some of the most nothing but the most best miss beautiful 'cause. I've heard Port Chester is called the Paris upper New York of it. We cannot wait to see everyone over in Port Chester, Bethlehem, Atlantic City had no idea what a c is going to be like. It might just be one person
smokers cough one person missing a limb. I don't know who will be there, but it will be fun you those tickets. So please come on out makeover tickets left for the entire week when you come on out and make it a weekend make sure. Live your life like your or Endo, Bloom and Katy Perry. Just basking in the sun provided by Google. You just put on up to the easy going lifestyle of Bradley Cooper in a couple of Lou Baton, slip, slip, ons, teaching Oprah how to ride a bike with your hand, close close her her love your life here Orlando bloom standing Nude on one of those those you see that when he saw his dick, maybe I got new was the Godzilla? Wasn't God? No? No! No! You can't be Newton, a gondola because normally has other passengers wind, windbreaker, windsurfing, machine, okay, what's called, but he was just standing fully new, totally confident with a completely closed, Katy Perry,
also on me a little thing, which is very sad for me and that's the sad that we got to see him Katy Perry, but you could love his life. Yeah he's going to he's got a legless smile, yes, he does and that picture. And you got a laugh like you are. Stephen Hawking, just accepting ugly it's a dom pairing, Jan Jeffrey Epstein, listened to him. Blather on you go ha ha ha ha ha, oh Jeffrey. You will have some of the best ideas, while I haven't heard, and you just your love in your life and you're spinning in a circle, because your chair is broken absolutely well, that's he's gotta fix it. Share, our ha ha ha ha ha. So stop staring and laughing. Please stop me from spinning what a Fun party game Stephen. Hawkings was alright everyone you all so much for listening and, most importantly, never forget, Hale Yourselves health center, muggers delusions. Help. Maine
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