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Side Stories: The Ripper's Rag

2019-03-20 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: Alternative Egyptology, Jack the Ripper revelations, an update on the samurai sword-wielding girlfriend, and MORE.


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This is the lost. This is on the left side. Hannibal cool news. Do you like being so? close to my used underwear. That's what I call him this. Charged under way. I don't mind. Actually it's like bullet casings. Are we it's just a show yeah. Alright, this is side stores on band. That's Henry is not. This is due. This is the show yeah we're, recording, live from beautiful, Nashville Tennessee would have time last night. Apparently, our manager is mad at me cuz. I quote. What was that? I terrified him for your big man in the you dragged us to the kid rock donkey hunky tonk that we went to north we gotta go, we got it, we got it which could rocks
we went in there and it was hey. Don't you all I could tell it was. It is legitimate. It is legitimately your grandparents have in the wild this night in the world. There was so much gray Bush her ready to be unleashed. Everybody was their party, and then I knew it was time to leave when the group of high schoolers showed up and walking their multi. Generational Henry. That's not what I enjoy with that the kid he has seventeen year old and seven year olds? That's how powerful his get over. This guy is information as misguided generation you, but did you see the potato slices the people reading the potato skin? They look so sad. It didn't look a sad and the people that were there looks sad honestly knows a rumpled spoke of people. Do that looks at the people worse said, but they were looking happy. We don't know why you will, because you could tell with the eyes he hated a genuine smile, our muscles that are activated underneath
the eyeballs- and that is how you can tell It'S- were good actors come in good actors, understand they can understand, define Newt muscle regions even there also psychopaths, which is why actors can't be trusted exactly 'cause. They always portray themselves as feeling any emotion in the world, even if they're not feeling it, because that's what real actors do. That's what I can lately and utterly agree with that actor would not be trust. Real emotions do actors feel what none none, absolutely because you can't get those in the way apps. I completely and utterly agree with well, we spent a lot of. We had a lot of fun in Nashville last night, my god you're gonna, say too much when I went and had on the national hot chicken, which is what we know, or do you not like this hot chicken so much we talked about it was delicious. No, because I mean that when I met up with you you're like all my stomach will go I had all the hot chicks typed in what I wanted, but that's good. So that was a good, has anyone ever cuz. The thing is Henry: where Marcus was talking about this too,
um. He was telling me how the hot chicken it's too hot and he actually doesn't like it, but he eats it all. The time Marcus, but Marcus is physically weak. I can handle the heat much better. This go. Sponsor Blee hot? Ok, he says can handle spice, but he eats one dish of vindaloo a night. This is what he did once a week in vindaloo was super fun once a week, but then he also got used to it because he gets it from one place. He said the same restaurants every single week. They have the same day at the same dish or vindaloo, so your body begins to grow accustomed to it. So right says: oh, I can handle spice, but he doesn't want to step out. The you know wasn't using want push. I mean. I know this is a technically supposed to be about true crime, but today we're going to talk about the true crime of spicy chicken. We also had chick fil a hit with this place.
This is this. Is this technically something that needs to be recorded? I don't I don't know, but we did stop by way too that these running through the road. This is entertainment, we're on the road right now and we did drive when we were driving to Nashville. We stop by chick fil a Hey, I don't know if we want to say that if there's not a controversial figure in the world of chicken, it's chicken, I think most fried chick in his controversial, I think, all origins of. If you look at the origins of Bojangles, I know for a fact that there is human trafficking involved in the beginnings of Bojangles. I am sure of it and if you really sit the kernel down and would be like Tell me about your politics, Colonel Sanders. We don't need to hear it. We just eat the chicken and shut up anybody that wears a piece of fabric. That's not a tie, as a tie and you corner him at eleven thousand one hundred pm after he's, had his his after dinner bourbons wow.
Tell you what day all way on this call rail balls bowled played. You could be proud to be your father and then you're like okay, big. Let's talk to listen to and was great, the chicken was wonderful, but we did it the spicy. Chicken sandwich chick fil, a I'm going to say I'm going to Yes, I don't know what's going on, but I thought that was almost too spicy, you know a spice king. Are you used to be right? I know you know should like you used to push it. I don't know what the spices because then went on to Robert's over here in beautiful natural, and you know what I had for dinner: a SAM would weirdest saddest bus station man who is loaded you are loaded with money and you are the saddest, broom closet living. I live out of a plastic back man that I have ever met in my life. I'm telling you the Roberts baloney sandwich was maybe this little greatest thing, I've ever eaten in my entire life. I don't know it was so good because when I met you of course, I lost my vape so last night, so
Anyway, there is some crime. A bunch people got killed. We're going to go through All of this will do. First of all, we did because we interrupt this conversation to say an element. As for New Zealand. Is that what we do here at the time? But shall I don't? Because it has a very have a topic that I we can't even add to the company, we'll talk about that on top, and I you have to be more serious when talking about that massacre. That was very, very sad, but let's go back to the bologna sandwich. So we had. This is the nature of side stories. The true nature is a light source. I'm sitting there at the I'm waiting for Henry and our manager, who is exceptionally late all the time. I'm eating my baloney sandwich and somewhere along the way. First of all, I saved half of the sandwich for you, disgusting. No, because it was it came in. An icy sandwich. She comes and have this yeah that's a common to well whatever, and I was waiting for you for for
forty five minutes. No, you just went independently. We never never coordinated a time, and you just assume everyone else should just throw up wherever you roll in no got to the bar at seven hundred and thirty. No, I'm not sure that we had to do up until I met. What did you have to do? I showered my body yeah, so tonight I takes an hour. No, it does not yeah, because I got brevity dubs scrubs, you masterbated. Yes, that's not called showering, so I was in Roberts. Listening to a fiddle, who played with low right away money International played with Loretta Lynn, and they all will say that they did do not don't do not make the sexy with no one. On this section, that's not what I'm saying. Okay, that's I'm not saying that she was the town carriage. I'm saying that there are a lot of the lawyers, a picture with a man's on my instagram right now, but I think every musician as a potential life okay, anyway, so I'm sitting there and I'm like. Oh, I have a baloney sandwich and my little But somehow I lost my wee babe and I was that was. I was rich when I saw you what that was it.
Really when I realized that I lost it. Is it really? The amount of sadness that you had was like was worrisome. It was really really hard for me, but the entire time half of my bologna sandwich and I'm waiting and I'm listening to the guy who played fiddle for Loretta Lynn and I'm like oh ahead He comes. I'm going to be I'm going to surprise him with half oh baloney sandwich would only is going to love it and just ask: are the grouches I gotta hang in this one, I'm going to hang out with so that's hanging out with a tissue been done. No, because we've just a little bit of the flap, it was half of it. It was half of that had a full dinner I told you I was having a full. I know I know, but the It was so good that I really wanted to share it with you, and then you took so long that I had to eat the whole thing, I don't know man, I was talking about a hot chick in just because you guys all put, I know, for I think that hot chickens are prank idea. Hot chicken is,
should have been like a natural thing that you'll be like we'll see were legal. All sandals purple blue would does toxic check. So you don't think that is it like Lord. What Milord is Chicago, maybe wherever we I just kind of like laughs about it, the outsiders eat it. I went to a place that was very good. The honestly the taste of it was absolutely exceptional. I'm just saying in the middle of it I was like. Why am I eating the most aggressive food in the face of the planet? Would do this like? Oh no, it is. Delicious, but it is a physical you come over, but you get a buzz from the heat Can you get a little bit early lick from sweet because that's what it's kind of a sweet and hot? It's very Tasty. No, I know, but no one seems to like it's a challenge. You know. You're crying starts coming out with the problem was this morning was anyone else. Of course, I legitimately almost cried this morning and I had I've had hemorrhoids before and it felt like if hemorrhoids me to pack with the dev,
Let's make love to her hot hot seat had read the browse and that's what I was will and that's the thing with hot chicken. That's why I think it might just be a joke. I don't think anyone national actually eat it. I did not see it on kid. Rock's menu at the donkey hi he talked because don't you run to the Honky was horrible and I would also durable place. That was. It was four stories it was like if Guy Fieri, if you had a casino Honestly, if Guy Fieri had a casino, I would look there at every single day, but I would go look at it and go what a what a what a dystopian mass. We've allowed ourselves to slide into see. This is where we just actively disagree. Tubi cause. I had a lovely drink at a nice little cocktail on a very nice God will go Freaking Nashville and all to do is listen to country music, which, by the way we were down in the main, drag there. The yeah that District Broadway,
then we went to the five spot, which was spoken in chronic spot was great, but everyone I get. I get a text from the manager he's like oh Heaven, a high end cocktail, I'm like I don't want to high in cocktail. I'm in I live in New York City. You live in LOS Angeles. Why are you going to very high end cocktail cousin that just having self bud light care. No, it's not you! You shat blood, alcoholism, our self, no, and so the vine and a little taste of the beautiful. Like I had this, it was a mask out beautiful car. But why you're Nashville Tennessee? Why do want and they were all hit all the bartenders were super hit. Well, I won't know I can do it. I want how much cardi bi know what you are, I do what I want gently. She were say the right over you made for the card to be a lot of people got now, got it so that be careful. I gas ideation, you have to do we we just have to be very careful. I don't know. I have no care on the
but I'm just saying I don't have no cap. I do not have no account, I don't, but when it comes to NASH, so there's no need for high end cocktails. You go to will country bar you drink, bud, light you drink, whiskey, and that is it. Everybody's got different life rhythms. Knowing what we've learned about the three of us on the road, because there all three different stripes of the american quilt patches stripes on the flag, Morgan Flag Stripes, were all different flavors of what flavors castle, bottom of a bud light. What flavors Henry Moscato with no your flavor is a fiery butt hole made his bed made it your flavor and Marcus is covered in vape juice. Sitting alone. He sleeps, but he loves his jewel. Also, it's not the bottom of a bud light is the top of the bud light that were actually the middle of the body. I mean. Yeah sure, let your prime nothing! No corn syrup,
Do they really know what the drinkers above like give a shed about really Pist off a lot of Iowa farmers? Ok, so I want to talk about this. Let's talk about it, fucking new store. Ok! Should we do this thing about Jack? Of course we should ok. Well, I'm a little bit annoyed with, like everyone's like my aunt was, was Jack, the ripper every like six months, a jack, the ripper story comes out. Is any of this true. I know you like this one, because evidently he polish now a poll. Zero in the books is not a hero in the Wi Fi. I don't know if it's true or not alright. So let's cover this. Apparently thanks to the rag left sign at the murder of Catherine at a that is not there. Thank you I'm so it was. What do you want to call technically was: is the seed receptacle according to NBC News Jack, the ripper has been identified, which is we've heard this a thousand times before, but let's see what they say now. The I d
many of Jack, the Ripper Natori serial killer from the late eighteen. Hundreds in England may finally be now. Your idea in a forensic investigation publishes month by two british researchers quote: unquote. No, they don't you put the court in court in this article, but I'm doing that in the Journal of Forensic Science identifies Aaron Kosminsky a twenty three year old, polish barber in prime suspect at the time as the likely killer, the quote, so you can he smokes to say because he's a warmer mine, police suspects, IRAN Kaminski said the study authored by already low Helen of Liverpool, John Moores University and David Miller of the University of Leeds. So I went back through Marcus's outline all right for the original show, because we did eight hours of Jack to rebel. We one still okay, this my one question here. So you say they have someone seaman, they got lucky got somebody who kept it look, how How do I know that this is actually his dna?
it just seems like this was one thousand eight hundred and eighty eight at no point in eighteen. Eighty eight were the dumb F detectives being like well in one hundred and ten years from now, or one hundred and thirty years from now, people will have the technology to be able to scrape discuss dean, Dizzy, used, build dna off this rag and be like. Finally, we understand a poll that it doesn't. I do not think that this could be Jack. The ripper. We don't know for a fact that The only piece of hard evidence that exists hard, the only piece of real, instead exists for Jack. The ripper was this piece of cloth. Now, with see here, is that this shawl has been wrapped, so I made him Russell Edwards who's. Forty eight. He bought the item of clothing in an auction in two thousand and seven they've been researching this four hundred and twelve years they've been scraped. Even scraping, scraping and scraping trying every fleck of semen, and apparently it is.
This man now originally ok. But how do they even know that the shawl, which is just I don't even like the term when it comes to what we're talking about here, because it just seems we but he just ejaculated on some shawl or something where you want to go. You know you hated the word com Rick. I don't know. Actually your change, so I am really positioning. You are reboot very good to his body scarf. How do we even know discovers got, but how even know that it's freaking his okay, that is my day, is like this. Dude might have just been duped in two thousand and six. Oh yes, just came on this hotel towel it be like this. Is and this has been set for a long time. This is one things that was put in a crime museum at this been handed down time time because Jack, the ripper is one of the most of that one of the it is, if not the most famous unsolved murders
free of all time. So these things have a gigantic microscope on it. This scarf was kept in a crime museum that eventually sold the auction all this kind of shape, so it has been identified as it was. It was found at the scene of. And it is just been going for a long time. So finally, they're saying that they could just get the microscope big enough to look at there are still there their sperm skeletons. This is me trying to explain this. Is I don't know, is the microscope itself actually larger or don't know? I don't know where my tax dollars go white. So there's a contemporary sketch of Aaron Comiskey Kozminski yeah he's looking real Polish he's got the same. Mustache that I got he's got the receipt, in airline is twenty three years old yeah, but he looks like a ninety year old oil like Barack. That comes from the burden of knowing that you have to keep your polish blood alive. It doesn't really make any said. He looks like soda popinski. He was a hairdresser
this is a working number but Marcus according to Marcus, originally Pooh poohed, the idea of Kosminsky being the Jack ripper, because your according to his original outlined here, I Erin because Minsky, a polish you employed in a London as a hairdresser, which is what markers and he was allegedly driven insane by solitary vices, which was victorian code for jerking off way too much which again, I definitely can. I can I understand, as a young polish, my on you're, just full of it I well, of course, all of it and getting it out it's better if you get rid of it, but they're saying that he had spent time in an insane asylum and then they don't know whether or not basically due to Anti Semitism. If his name was switched out. There's like obviously many problems with this. I have no clue whether or not this is actually Jack the ripper, but the coming out there they're doing Damn nest will to say it is. Can I just ask this question? Does it freak in matter? No does Jack White is Jack? The ripper right,
Justin it's unsolved. It's the only the tv. If anyone even did solve it, it will never be solved. That's the whole thing with Jack the Ripper, because anybody who will technically whatever There's no reason, there's no way. Someone with a mustache could have committed those crimes. Going to be someone who's like new. That's not right! I still believe that it's three killers. I still believe that it is not one person. I believe that they they they lumped it all together. But that's me sitting on the sidelines, I'm not on the frontline. So right, I'm back here from warming, the bench these researchers is the guy who body Cooper Naked little red lines is crucial. I will buy. That is the man who ever drag. It is the man who kept in ancient comrade in his home. That is a rave. Warrior true and in the scientist that went and scraped at com rack and sniffed it likely as much
it's possible because I'm lonely- and I haven't heard this and I'm not asking anybody for sure, but I'm pretty. I don't know you can tell polish come by taste. I miss you, you don't know if that's true different nationalities have come and you put them in in different things. Honestly, Ladies and men of of last podcast on the left. Inside stories. You listeners tell me if you know this for certain I'm sure, I'm certain that you can Tell at least like has this guys exercise today. Has this guy, bunch of Kool aid today live like pornographic, Mangala eugenics that you're talking about I'm talking about taste, I'm talking about it's like You know, is this brand Henry? They didn't lick the I don't know what is M filled rag. You don't know, did not look, to be like your dad's, a conjecture, your jack, sheer conjecture or full hot chicken yeah. I am alright. It makes me, you make my knees go up. I know where did 'cause. I definitely miss my squatty potty your squad,
you you do. Of course are you? Are you ten know? It helps you on cork. Your your colon, you in the whole from the dead Natalie bought them Natalie she she's very healthy she's into Hell. She know she's beautiful. She knows what she's doing so. You guys have two squatty potty's. We have one in mind mine. I have we have two bathrooms and essentially mine, is an isolated toilet. No, I don't step on this tool, because that's my understanding of a squatty potty as you step on it. Well, you know when I ask, for when do we actually had our toilets replaced, and I asked landlord please put in a clydesdale model 'cause. I really want to have to hop up on it and I really want to straddle it. No, it's not a stool. If you sit on it and it helps your knees, go up because we're normal when you only want your holy know sex with you. After buying you everyday everyday. I don't think it's as if she let me yeah, I yeah you too much hot chicken,
even to do all that now. Now I make time to make love to my wife, because that is what you got to do. What I absolutely adore my wife and I miss her every minute of the day, I'm sick. I haven't you fat body monsters in this room instead of my wife, all right. Well, I'm trying to lose weight. Thank you very much anyway. So that is a and I'm sure she's. Not here. Natalie is not here to do a point counterpoint, so we can get into that, because she's not here to defend herself only talking to defend herself, I'm literally just praising by my you're gorgeous wife and we're told we're like a lone man covered in blood like shoes, stink and bologna sandwiches. Honestly, that was the best plan. Sandwich. I ever got my darling. How many of you had? Never the only if you're, if you're in Nashville GO to Roberts, eat the baloney sandwich with my grand father used to eat, but he came from the depression yeah. I wasn't happy when I was eating it, so this is again Jack. The ripper airing Kuzminsky, but I feel like hey
polish people. They can still be dangerous and I want everyone agrees to remember that everyone agrees with that I think we knew no one likes pulls people because they are notably dangerous. They all became cops. Polish people should be some of the most celebrated people on this planet because of what they've had to be through with what they've had to go through the amount of different things they can make soup out of date, the the beautiful women of Poland, the beauty pull the bullet. You say the sturdy men of Poland. They can make food out of rock well I'll tell you that some people say it's misguided. Yes, some people do well. It rock soup has kept many, people alive during the the winters of Garg Arsh in eighteen, sixty five during the spidery winds of cupcakes in one thousand seven hundred and ninety two. They had to make it through those big hats on
it's real loss, spider! When many hats, I know I know in the in how many tragedies and it's it's- it's not an easy place to be wind, because you, you can't knock a pull over. It is not possible because then you'd you just deafened by sh yeah every polish man standing like a holler dick in the wind. I do like that. The polish have been so beaten down for ever that they're just short, but again they are like you can't you can't kill evil. Wobbling can kill and can't I will not die well. This is a story that you might like sewing with Jack. The ripper might be polish. I don't know So I actually it's true cancel I feel like. I know less about Jack. The ripper know yeah. I feel like it's even just be like. Well, why is it just could be crossing the clown it could be.
It could be anybody freaking busy. I don't know. I want to see how many com tests that they matched up to see like how many different comes. Do they put up against the Kaminsky? We also want to know like how do they know that some weirdass other person in the UK or in Britain or in London didn't just take that come rag and come on it again? If you look at it, this is not how many rags were going around. It is full of men. It is full of it is full of a fisherman all they need you to you. They thought fish yeah. I know what I do. Russell Edwards like this feel, like I'm sure that he is a brave man. I feel like this is obviously maligning him. I do not know it, but I could imagine at least one night he laid it out and his buddies over like I used to you know, and I had my flag when you set my little league friends over an ice to show him pornography. We lasted for a little bit. You Michael Jackson. No, I was their age. I was there pier to show porn o to your base knows, but I bragged I've told this story before I brag, because I
the hot box had the fake either bill legal, cable box. We flip the switch father is a cop. Yes, so we got everything everything I was evidenced. We got enough between strategy, but it was a big deal, but then we turned on the poor and I was like you guys, ready and they're all like yeah, and then I sit and put on the spice channel and we sat in silence for five minutes and we're like, let's put on people under yeah. That's a good call! People like you could tell Russell Edwards, maybe at some point it was like. Oh, I don't say something Brian, a scally and they're like yeah. Well, so yeah now you're, my only we're going to do it and it's like a look at it all can come without touching it hey wait, a second Russell! I don't know you could come without touching it you in these years, unfurls it and he's just like see this thing like it's just a critical rig. Shot all over it?
now the chip is Lee. It may I just now all australian, it's it's fine, we're going to be in Australia soon. We cannot cannot way alarm alright. So anyway, this all in Jack, the Ripper just comes down to ageism, filled piece of fabric, as it often does. Everything does, I guess I'm ok. So this is something that might be interesting to you, Henry March 11Th this past Monday, over uh, where HAM there was a UFO. According to the report in oval shaped craft was spotted in the sky. For about twenty five min, in the area near Mass overtime academy and over onset bay? The reporting party, who claims to have a pretty good put background in emergency communications, an searching operation said they saw a large round. One glowing object hovering in one spot over onset bay. The purse estimated. It was hovering about twenty thousand to thirty thousand feet above
sea level. They have pictures, so they do not. But, as I have known him bill Gator, I literally need like evidence. I need to go and see that I want this word about noodles spoken word, but what about the spoken word? This is not know lower east side in nineteen. Ninety seven. This is in the rehearsals for rent. I needed someone, I need like a picture. I need like some kind of presentation. I know which I understand. I will go and listen to the witnesses and I will go and bring my protractor and I will look at the angles and I'll take pic field pictures and all that shit. But the problem is we're looking one citing here. This is not in level one level, one citing means I'm not required to react up and told seventy two hours up to a week? This is like an order. Me to arrive. It is just a siding with no photo evidence, so it is a level one level. Three, I told you this right now. Are you fighting? We talk about in skin Walker? Ok, that is 'cause. It's seventy two hours, forty eight hours in twenty four hours, which have to do with the level. Three is twenty four hours and I can only arrive next day if the sighting kills. You.
Anyways one hundred dollars. I've given to move on six hundred dollars- and you know money well spent, so that this is the thing the person said Three military jets risk scrambled; no, he described them as possible F. Fifteens talk about planes. No, he's just saying planes. Don't yes, planes? Okay, military planes, sure ambled in after the UFO approach the object which caused you to change color from white to red before zipping this guy. Before quote a rapid accelerate. To the west and then totally disappearing from sight. That's still level one but No, let me yes, it is still level one because it's from the witness stand point, but the thing is that we have to find out whether or not there are official records saying they did scramble these jets. Well, this story is on fun. One
Seven dot com? I don't know that is fun one. Oh seven, dot com! I don't know if that's a real website, they might not be a real upset, but the story is definitely real, and so we have a level one UFO experience and Henry you need to get on the ground and start investing. In this stuff. I mean I just have to wait till I do. My shadow hours were too busy running a successful podcast. I have not been able to what do I need to it's hundred and twenty shadow hours. All that I have. So I have the test first and I have the manual test. No just take that hours of studying. What do you Have you seen the manual no issue not does anyone know I have in my home yeah, you refused to show Well, I have seen it I was like. Can I see it like no, no, I know it's like under lock and key. Well, technically, I'm not to talk about the contents of the main. I know, but you do talk about it I have but lately, but if there is it is it's two hundred twenty five pages? How long will the test take it?
looks like an hour. It's a big test. Just take the Gadow. You gotta study for the test. If you pass it as you're looking, you can only tell three times how do you? How would you fail You can very easily fail, it's a lot of style. You know it's a lot. Information but it is science. It's literally investigation protocol. There are steps you have to go through it's like arresting a there are still do you have to go through their things? You have to there's paperwork. You have to learn you the Lord I fill out all the paperwork. The question, so that was a test is about paperwork. There is paperwork. Do half the book is paperwork, but you have to learn the ins and outs of so it's not. It's like. We get a job at the DMV yet, but it makes you 'cause you're anyway, so there you go Thank you. Wear! what it, what a great what a great exploitation of my life. It's just really bizarre that you can't that I think you just tomorrow to
take the test now, because you can't, you are literally no help. Can't you just cheat on it. No kids, Google. You can go to a place and take the test now it online. So you can do it online, So you have to still know where it is in the book. You know I mean you can just google no, no, because none of it's publicly available. It's all secret, sign the book it is. It is proprietary knowledge of move on, I'm also researching Mufon itself move on itself. It's got some problems. It's got some messages, ' you're going to be the LEO remedy. What Leah remedy is to Scientology? You worked all the way out fun, thanks to candid, are supporting our show. Have you ever had a problem with your teeth that you've always wanted to get fixed like they're backwards? I don't know, I have an option that can help you. No need to go through the hassle or long term treatment of wire braces like I did. I had a full on headset and I was ostracized and it made me this way. You can do it all
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From the young man Alex level? I have to say this guy, He was gonna. Do hero of the week combined into update of two I hate I hate to old one is yeah. I do not like this man who, but it's sure he is it go upside down here the week, all right there. It is so it is it's like this, the first it's an update, and here right. Yes, I guess so well. Look at this. He, and so this is his response, so she's gonna be set March, eleventh yeah. We forgot to get to so I want to say that. Thank you. I know a listener. Send it to me. I am trying to be heard on is so this gal. Her name is Emily Yabe, air or hobby year. Thirty one. She going to be sentenced most likely she's she's facing up to twenty years, but we got him by listener, and so this is the response that he had afterwards. This piece of ship says he's not you are you know what you are victim blaming.
He did. He did. He admitted to playing video games for twelve hours a day without fearing infuriating way. I know right, so this is response. I was just so proud for Feeding this samurai want to be crazy. Lady, with hate in her heart in upbeat, Alex Lavelle Upbeat like I literally had no fingers anymore no fee. No, I I do think they have been re attached. I hope, anyway, I was able to wind chill on my way to survival. I've been repairing my whole life or something like this, so you have been waiting to get it no. I went to SAM first of all. Hold Mcneely got married this weekend, video gamers, and find love. I do want to say that if you saw the, if you view if you display your games, we saw that this weekend, was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful so if you are a gamer and I'd love to play. Video games search me to Titanfall two. Amazing I, like civilization, five you're, doing you're, weird distro in God game like strategy games, yeah know you like the
of civilization. Yes, I do it's not real. It gets out of my system. If should be thankful. It's no! I I it you should be your like version of civilization it but anyway, so this guy up beat, but they show a picture of him here. And I gotta say the happiest victim I've ever seen in my entire life. I guess so he is so thrilled. I think he's just happy that he had any affection and all previously in his life and then the way that he liked the fact he survived he's going to become like a superhero. I guess so, but a awhile of what four fingers man. I don't know we Chun is concept based traditional southern Chinese, kung, fu style in a form of self defense, also known, then also known as beautiful springtime. It requires quick remove the only twenty six times. He was
ok and now again I sympathize with this man. Poor Alex absolutely I'm just going to say I wouldn't be bragging about my quick movements hear some sounds of wing Chung. Ok, let's hear this very basic and simple. You already practiced tan pack, PAMELA stricter neck here so the hand this is this is what that guy was studying all day? No, he was clean video games all day, I'm using this. How I'm not getting any slap noises. I want ok, but that guy that you were talking about like he's an expert, this guy is bragging about being a defensive expert. He got stamped twenty six times. I think they just he was watching this on. Youtube would be like if NEO from the matrix got shot every single bullet, but one and everyone's, like wow, pretty agile. No, you cannot
it's that in almost done, but I didn't get it by all of the old, but you kind of did get hit. Yes, you were stabbed twenty six times. Do you wanna lose column? It seems to me, and again at least a draw for this guy, and I'm happy that you there will be some justice or no one deserves to be stabbed twenty six times, Mama understanding of the story. Is he whined to a point that she just stopped? He whined If this work- and I love it- I love you doing why you doing this yeah. I think it was like Cobb Mcgraw Where did John Wayne Chung whatever? I do not think Actually I think it was like stop stop it. I think it is that the same as a good everybody has a phone or the night is. Let me see, let me look this so it is. I know that for Plano think that's Chung its wing Cheung when Charlie this is Wing Chun, always Wing Chun yeah.
Oh yeah! This is the song from the band Wang Chung, which means Yellow Bell. I have no idea what the the Bell is, I don't even care, don't even understand so hit disputes, index, fingers and middle ring finger all run nearly lopped off, no, the the they are re attach now. Well, facing months of recovery. He says yep Henry just said I was able to wing Chung my way to survival, and just really he says I've been preparing for this. My whole life- and I just going to say, hero of the the week also updated the week and also It's really a motivational story that I think we can all. I think we can all get behind this guy do. You think it shows what you can possibly learn from Youtube You can learn enough just enough self defense, because I know what it is because that's where his fingers were the knife, the same resource coming up and he's going. You sweating it
he was swapped it back and forth, because he didn't get to her, because you know for the first couple of stabs. His hands were still on the control of course, of course, he's in the middle of a great, maybe he's playing metro exodus which, by the way way overrated did not like my did, did not like Metro access don't is Metro exodus. It's a video game that came out and it's not. I just did not the story whatsoever- and I I put it down and I played tight in fall two instead, okay, why I'm just I'm with you? You could play these video games hi. All I have I like a strategy game Alex illusion by hosting Sim City for a while, and I'm looking for more like that. I have Tom Clancy's division to coming in hot after this tour, and I cannot wait to play it. Yeah, like what I did this afternoon. I coming in to us too absolutely discover experience ever had any. You know I thought afterwards. Then we went, we had those we had those cat fancy like and also I need something to like cool down the heat, my stomach, so I ate deviled eggs which didn't do and I've
last night yeah we had the fancy cocktail place you I ate like sixty. I don't even know why I wanted to call you this 'cause. I stopped from calling you this, but as soon as I hear you eat deviled eggs. I wanted so you you pay file. No. First of all, the idea that you were making fun of me saving half of a bologna sandwich for you for a war just acting like a that's what that is, that is that the number of the world we just worry, maybe- and we should try this great famous, toppling zeroed cold cold, baloney sandwich sitting in the past. You read it out of the bathroom at Roberts western Way or whatever that place is called it's all good, but you had to hot chick at followed by deviled eggs, which I
not now get it. I thought it would calm my stomach down if you do not know, but it did not is on. I thought that the L Y could weaponize the yoke of that he's. It got bad all right, it is. My stomach is really very upset today. Well, if you do do crystal Math do not breastfeed. Evidently, this is just a quick. If I'm on Crystal Meth, definitely give you the last thing from my mind, always gonna pump. I got so well. Louisiana mother is accused of killing her infant daughter by breast feed. Well, she had drugs in her system. No, this is interesting. I want to hear from the audience on this. Do you think this mother deserves to charged with murder yeah. You do only give you are on me. I mean I it's unfortunate. I really could she. This is very, very sad. She was a rest. It's very sad. She was right but for second degree murder in twenty eighteen death of her six week old daughters summer. Please begin investigating fro bar this chick's name is brandy Froeba on all
Sixteen two thousand eighteen when she called nine one one to report that her young daughter was unresponsive. Responding officer found, Daisy had stopped breathing and just her to the hospital. Apparently the baby's name is daisy where she was pronounced dead now. Officers observe anything unusual with the child. They noticed for oboe was allegedly Thor, Jikan slurring her words, so she said that she had drugs in her. System and the baby died. I'm just going to you know I don't I just this woman needs to used to go to go to prison. It was a mistake I want to announce his thoughts on that. It's one of those, it's a very it's just awful. It's sad. I think that it's just awful and it's The whole thing is she's she's you see a lot of trouble personally yeah, but I mean it would do to a homicide, because I mean I just feel like that's a look if you're
some mistakes are so real. It's a crime. I don't know what to say about it, because there are. There are mistakes that our mistakes and you should be able to come back from it, but the stakes that lead to death like these kind of things, these kind of this kind of lack of attention to what your role is still speaking. This child's life, like you you're going to get punished for it. I mean Natalie and I Joe, call time about how like we like the fact that our daughter is a dog, because we could put the dog in the cage for six hours of reality to go, have fun, and then everybody makes a big deal if you did it with the kids will there to. Older and that's a dog, so this is going to be a very tiny wages, quite large, absolutely when he loves having a whole room to herself, because you could sit and sleep. So when it comes to this gal at already, is carried out their investigations for months speaking with witnesses and executing multiple search warrants, which alleged revealed in two thousand. Sixteen Freud was third child tested positive for opioids. And marijuana, so this is like a running thing. When I guess that's what this is yes about, she set the precedent all
she has been a but she's been. That's like that movie. I think it's bad mommy bad mommy movie. Wife seems some pornhub cities around x. You know, but I do know that she is a naughty mommy. That is a porn. I know for certain she's, not a mommy in a way that she'd killed a child will Frodo was. She was provided with informational pamphlets in counseling detail in the dangers. Nothing like help regulate meth addiction like a pamphlet. I know that is the best for you. Just slap a pamphlet in there, he there is good at six there's so we don't need any infrastructure, they don't need any like. We don't need any of that any public outreach or people with these kinds of problems. This is really not indicative of the fact that we were in a dystopian universe that work this civilizations grinding to a halt. It just seems a little while 'cause the mug shot of this woman, and maybe I'm just being like. Oh like oh, I sympathetic. Let me see she's just like a normal looking mom. She was a normal looking mom. Until now. I know for a fact: she killed her child with Methodist Breast Milk truck Casey Anthony notion. Not Casey, Anthony she is like.
You see, it is obviously way more dangerous of a mommy. This is a dangerous with this. Woman is just first of all. She obviously has a huge rampant drug addiction, yes and then She does like you know she she got really high she's like I want to be good, mom, no credit in talking with you going to do this now what I've read about Matthews until the correct me if I'm wrong, but I've read a little bit about it. It seems to be it's more like we view. Math is like I'm gonna cut him out, but I also says more, like I think today, I'm going to take the move on test. It's likely, it is really feel responsible I feel super responsible. Can you like I'm on it? I'm on the ball? Yeah, I'm zoo did but same time a mommy mommy had come now I just my regions met on that took off. My needs met had on me smoking up, but now I was getting along yeah and then Mommy has to breast feed and the
breast feed and when it comes out blue, you know that that it's bad, I feel like seriously. We should look at it being like if it looks like a Walter white theme, Things latte like it should not be going inside of a baby. That's the official war on Christmas. When Our bug, starts with the Walter White themed Christmas drinks? I want to talk about. You want there's very little nice for being alone in a hotel room without my family. Honestly, like you, were in your hotel room right now, this is speech seems pretty So we have the exact same posters on the wall and they're like this is one of those hotels to where it's like every room is a unique experience. Inside of the rooms are literally identical. They give if you live like live like Keith Richards, but then you realize that most of his life he's just been he's also been handled. Very well is all the rolling stones. Do that's why they're alive they just sleep all day, there's very smart that that's what I should do it more sleep today exactly, but I did and I went to the gym responsible you did go to the gym. I can tell
I want to talk about thinks is a lot older than that should be man. Ok, so I I knock on the door today. An I first of all physically attack Henry, and then he tells me as an injury. So I have to stop attacking him, and Evidently, you hurt your leg. I did some at the wedding, the other night, it was just dancing. I was drunk okay and He tells me he sits me down and like like he's Trying to tell me that I am being sold to a different family tells me the sphinx, not as old, shrinks Ok, thanks, I should definitely be a certain age, so what are some super shrinks is slang to what the hell is going on with this nonsense. 'cause, I'm not even trying to deal with all this is the one. It's again, it's not a benefit of being alone hotel room. Is that what I can do when I? sit here alone. Is I bring my fucking weed in here? I fuckin' cheap the whole fucking supreme coat.
Like it to my head last night and I sat in into one of those accidental wormholes. Where I am listening to people scream at each other about how the sphinx should tech is technically twelve thousand years old, but it's supposed to six thousand years old stuff like this. Obviously I am paraphrasing the nonsense, but it comes down to solar flares, which we need to look out for George Norris biggest fear. No, I love a good solo. Flight kind of want to solar fish come home and just destroy everything it could come he's been my people, the bigs. We are are so good. You have no skills. I have clunking You are sure yeah you're good bruiser, but you would need somebody like me: the brains of the operation you're, not the brains of the IMF. No, you, you don't think I will find you faster than you no cool things. You know you won't because they scurry, I scuttle I live in Iraq phase. You honestly can't find food faster than me 'cause I had a fucking baloney.
Which waiting for you and you didn't get it. No. I had a hot you can handle the eggs within forty five minutes, I don't know why. I have thought about it. I do honestly like Jerry Sandusky's favorite meal is hot chicken, deviled eggs excellent. Now here we go Bobby hold still I'm just kidding. It's like a play. Singles final test. I don't know why that's a good so anyway, so the shrinks, the shrinks twelve thousand years old. I was obviously listening to talk of this man named Robert Scott SH, okay, s c h, o c h. In talking to the religion, the sphinx he was working with a man named John Anthony West of this group. This comes from the does. It come from the world of alternative Egyptology. If that were the for people who are furious about the fact right. The sphinx might actually be twelve thousand all the way you can tell it is from the deep rock I learned a little bit about how the sphinx the shrinks the wish. Thanks was carpet, which is very interesting. Is that tell you
I was researching about it. A lot of statues right? They are built from the ground up for you get rocks and you get. You carve it out of a structure where you pile rocks up like the pyramids were yes, but the shrinks was dug out right, it was dug out. It's very, very complicated with these giant blocks fifty tons, but I'm obviously in a place where I started sound, like I'm sort of what's his name Eddie. Bravo like I'm starting to sound link to this world very good, but I like the idea of playing with the time, of the planet, earth which it isn't, okay. So what okay? So? How was it twelve thousand? That six thousand with your full name is. Is this: how do we even though it's six thousand, I don't want to be like ignant. Say even know. It depends on just where it's at
you know the the materials it was built out of in the aging that is heard around, but they're saying is. It just depends on whether or not you believe that a comet hit this earth and basically helped the second ice age right into anytime. The placement that I'm placements for all of these things, but that's a pretty well known or putting wealth, also saying that the embankment around like the actual enclosure of the shrinks, shows a water basically time period when the Sahara was like one slash, two jungle then it glaciers grew over the Sahara. All of this bullshit- I don't know yet fully. I can't go through the I don't have an outline in front of me, but really, John Anthony W. Look it up on your own. It's interesting! It's a good way to help. You be a difficult person to talk to, because if we all can agree how old the earth is, then we're fucked we're doing but they're saying that a solar flare triangle, a part of the part of the The research is is that a solar flare happened that essentially fuckedup the created these gigantic super storms that destroyed basically all of human society with their
thing to say, is that the shrinks was created by an older group of A human beings that existed before the Egyptians, which is now yeah, I mean we still thought we don't know. If that you know we don't know they're safe, the Egyptians were, the most ancient of our soul was a and that that are these, so that in the address you don't notice or Gyptian statically in the minds of many of the of the first people will do I mean one of the groups of the most advanced all of our cultures. It came out of, like obviously when it came out of the fertile crescent city. Station slowly spread from the Middle EAST out right. This idea that we were born in Africa and the Middle EAST. It's spread out and will eventually once we got into agriculture, we certainly building up our societies. Egypt, like the crown jewel of those societies right and that's what they're saying, but they were saying, that was one line and that's all of humankind that it's should happening in this one. This one saying that maybe just maybe the shrinks
I can't stop saying: let's say it now, and it is district. But they're saying that shrinks being twelve. Years old is an example of their. Maybe there was a pre hour, mystery civilization of humankind that might I've also been some form of what we would say advanced but like Shin level advance that was wiped out by some gigantic disasters cool. I agree, that's it there. It is so I asked MIKE. Why don't let that be the case? People are really upset about it. Why? I don't know here's scientists care will know scientists are they? Do they having fun, that's their job. They have to care to connect to any scientist. The sixth in earth. I've heard about the six thousand year earth for a on time that grew up with that did not saying that. Did you also, you could do a whole world of the time lines could be all we Getty right. There are tons of that. Maybe during the dark ages. That technically were.
Right now. It's we say it's two thousand and nineteen in the United States miracle, with our calendar in the in the whatever that western calendar is, but we did technically make it up that it's quite possible that during the dark ages, we it's like three hundred years. We like no one knows they do at some point everyone's like it's one, I said I would like to start it all right, so I guess someone had to say we're wearing shorts now yeah, that's it work chop it off. The bottoms of these breaches for our entire. Our entire construct of time for many people is based off of the death and the birth of Jesus Christ, which is probably a real person, so we the technical aid, the technical job ages, they're saying that the shrink should be ninety seven hundred years old. It looks great well I mean, if I don't know which means this fixes like doing really good obviously stepping a to deep into a conspiracy world that I'm just now trying to transcribe after being flicking absolutely fuchsia died last night high in this room. Trying to absorb it- and I will listen to some stuff today- Do you listen to a talk by Robert Scott,
got on New year's Youtube Channel new realities. Do you have to be filled with hot chicken deviled eggs, and we do this there's no other way. I know so he goes yeah. I know you, cracked, the code, so you need the protein energy, of course, get there and I'm certain it's on Gaia, DOT, com or one of those. I just think it's. I like the idea, of like within the problem is with on. We know enough time does not it's not real time keeps on slipping. Twenty four hours are not real minutes or not times, construct man. That's why I keep telling my old phone. It doesn't matter. 'cause you still to be on time for Skype, told my Father in Bothell. You guys this all the time 'cause, I'm notoriously late, I'm like we're european yeah, absolutely and then Marcus wants to fucking snap. Kick you in the neck every single time you do it, but we our own bosses, so guess what Henry got the day off fine We have a show tonight at eight. We can use your full, cannot wait all interesting conversation about time in no way a heavy conversation that we just kind of dipped, dart towing.
I think we solved it. I think we solved why just probably isn't really show up to work on time, but it really is like all of this like. Why is it two thousand and nineteen? I don't know exactly, I feel like there is. Obviously there's going to be some really don't leave their theoretical incoming killing. I saw. I know that that is true. I know the twenty nineteen is here for a reason that called for nineteen, for some were just going to organize just so everyone can be like this too, and I did just so. You can organize, I mean we're doing a lot of shed. That's why I mean we're part of a puppet world. We've been controlled, by the government, through the the the voice of the entertainment world and system entertainment system be for along time, Cardi B is going to be a senator. We've already did this joke, but I also I feel, like we've been hypnotized by the entertainment community. By using the messages delivered to them by the GOP and the Dnc for a long. As I know my god. Well yeah, I have feeds. What all I know is Hollywood. They want to keep us obedient Hollywood as the moral authority of the country and thank God for it, because
people, nothing, those people with no place. That is just so. No please, I believe in more and trust more in the the citizens of Holly and comedian. This are the moral beacon of this country to them as heroes hi. I agree. It's not a half stick about it! Interest, in conversation about the shrinks. Indeed, let us know what you think if you're an actual scientist exactly would love to. If we do have anybody who is an alternative, Egyptologist and wants to come and talk on Patreon, I will talking talk your face off. I want to know know more about this. One problem ask does this, which I don't think he does know, but if he did I'd love to talk to him. Alright, alright, over,
Thank you all so much for listening. This is live from Henry's hotel room in beautiful National Tennessee. If you are in Nashville, Checkout Roberts check out kid rock donkey long. He won't dare go there. Actually, five spot go to any go to EAST national. Were you still with is, is beautiful, that's a hipster, but that's more hipster area. I'll, be quite frank, I was a little bit and I'm not disappointed, but I would have liked to hear the more original countrymen are. You gonna see I'm if that is true. I would like to have heard more country music too, but the motel money we went to was motel on Monday last year and yet nothing like three older gate. We're looking. Dude, sitting alone in a booth to really kick up a party and our manager was out there and he got scope by another dude. Oh, I know I say: go older man yeah, I was white beard. He gave a like a everyone, one of my elves yeah now you wanna be under my favorite elf.
The ELF Santa Claus is comin down yeah, you know or no he is Jack the ripper. You might maybe cynical this Jaguar Santa Claus, might as well be Jack the Ripper Santa Claus online. Now on Jack, the ripper it's more like Jack, the ripper is the Santa Claus of serial killers 'cause. I think he was never really he's the Jesus Christ of cereal. Is anyone actually died? You don't know I did get this boy, that's where you just didn't do any of the reading. You have to see it. I am just so over Jack, the ripper like did it even happen at this point? It did it just it just didn't, maybe didn't happen, the way that it said, but I'll say men polish just got a little bit more edge in this world, the people with that with a little more edge. I love him and live your life. Yup like you got a pocket full Zantac and you got to play front of you because that's what I came back, I know he's Antec less. You had to leave early because to take the zantac and you are really
excited to leave your like. I gotta go take my zantac and I was like, but why are you happy buddies like you were just thrilled? I got my. I know love, your wife miss your wife, or in a hotel or Malone, and know that you have nothing to grip on do nothing to hold onto in this life and you're, just spinning on a bed that spinning into a galaxy, that's very specific toys. You and laugh. Laugh laugh laugh because laughing is fun screaming. It is actually a little crazy, ha ha ha ha ha ha because if you do one long ha, that's that's sad, screaming yeah all everyone. We're going to see you this week we can wait. Cincinnati were coming to your town, Cleveland, we're coming to your town coming in Pittsburgh and I think are we: have we have a couple of more tickets in Pitts we have like thirty tickets in Pittsburgh. If you are seriously get him right now, I'm very very excited for the show when we have some tickets left for Cleveland to yes couple and literally just a very, very few. This isn't like
even sold any tell people that there aren't any much left so the way you said that makes it sound like that. But it's not really is it really is not so just get those tickets. If you want to come, we can't wait to see you. I did forget my wrestling belt, but that's ok, I'm not complete. When you are going to be on the could be set today, yeah, I just missed it hi Mister Bell. We know, I know because it makes you feel good. You Yeah. Alright, everyone hail yourself, Satan, Mcgee, still a Sean on the road see on the road see on the road sisters today. We in the story the only path to happiness that in this life. Story must be told and now a brief reading from.
Book of burning buildings, titled fourteen dogs, I own fourteen dogs in this is how they all died. Strong anti He got sucked under a street sweeper bristle Dialis bristled to Gu Ra foot choked Well, the coins I made him swallow. I tampon ascended to Heaven daddy and all the rest died from, being expired dogmeat, but I wasn't wasting it. No sir, don't tell me how to raise my dogs. The man sat there in his own filth, waiting to be told anything, but he was alone it began raining. Outside and he heard the location of each hole in his swiss cheese ceiling. The sunset he didn't like candles despite the silk of the rain, the filth did not subside mug
this past and organ failure by organ failure. His body did give up the filth, replaced each dead cell from his toes to his eyelids. So he petrified build the statue for a forgotten pompeii. The story must be told, is a spiritual experience and it is your life forever. Now a new story is released, every Tuesday, repents and subscribe. This show is made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support, by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast network dot,
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