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Side Stories: The Ted Bundy Tapes

2019-01-30 | 🔗

Marcus is back on Side Stories to talk about Netflix's new Ted Bundy doc. PLUS: lady crimes, heaven-sent bears, AND MUCH MORE.


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back in the saddle may in the saddle. Irony I got is that mark as his voice, and I tell you what I want to ask you boys because I'm feeling too we have talked about this may be hammered and in private, but I'd love to just put it on I mean to be fair, we could have been hammered and in public, but I we consider us up in a cone of silence. Maybe that is I've had to chastise you for multiple times right right, I'm a natural born, entertainer and I was trying to speak from the diaphragm, but I I was a urinal recently and I were to look at me. We're going to the bathroom. We're not are you going to the bathroom? Are you just at a journal? No, I what reviewing colonels by look in ten years and yet, but I wanna bathroom hours, a little inebriated and I'm grieving.
I'm sitting there cannot believe it using Kevin's death or whatever you're about to use of all right now and I'm grieving. Ok, I went- and I was like you know, we pushed out some pigs. I hate the thing we're. Thank you go multiple times. Whatever, with a uniform, our tubes are getting worse and worse ass. We get older July on pushing in person when I visit there merely add afford my thought about it. Being like wall, I mean I'm in a bathroom. Swatch is less go just standing there with a bunch of people. Next to me I got gotta look this guy. Like looked at me and I was like this is the bathroom. I feel it if there is a place where I can afford openly it very here. Well, that's a milestone. Congratulations, Henry! Your officially in old man did you know one of those people. We would go to the bathroom and be like hope, none
those are in here you or the one that no one wants to see a yard or hope. I don't have a party old bucker sitting right next to me when I go pestered eighty, but rather sit by Larry Craig at an airport bathroom. Why? Oh so that's why that guy, who look like his name was Ralph, came and clap me on the back. I was welcome to a club. You are welcome to do it to the shore. But what does it sides? This is our reside stories. I beg Kizil Marcus dogs is join us too low low. We ve on tethered him from his desk and given his fingers, a small brig. Let me see other callous enough. They are callous, very good, continue to work. You're worried about Israel's unworkable gray, but Scotty's at the end of May. Of course, every browser you. So we got a lot of fun stories to give a final word, but I wouldn't Phyllis
perfectly, I think, I'm correct right. You can forded a urinal, you have kids, you conformity or in fact I think that I kind of like it when people far too urinal. It's funny. It kind of gives a little bit levity. Divulge situation if brought. If, if what is it is its robber of Robert Durst can confessed to murdering to people at a yearning you confirmed at the year. Don't worry about. It is our interpreters, as now Robert theirs was, and lend biscuit know that. Rather I dare say there are, I give my dear solved all confused. We have a stories that involve murder women today, just yes, coincidentally, but an I warrant, we got it! That is brave of women, and I heard it We have said this before we talk about it. We did. I warn us when we talk about it, we did. The other of the female circle is also being like. Take the helm get up, there stir murdering were people. If you want an equal place in society, will I dont think that that's The way to take that, but ok, right at the exact wrong, less
There is a new year. I knew all point is that you look at my lessons on life and then you do the opposite. That's how I think allowing talk. You that's a good idea because he listened to the show, but there's a couple of people professionally I reach out to just to see. They say you could do the right. Well. First of all, we're gonna talk a little bit about this doc. You seriously just debuted Netflix. Only four episodes, not very long gonna crews on through it Henry I finished it, yesterday ethic mark has got a couple of eggs in its confessions of a killer, the TED Bundy- maybe I just wanna ever so little round table, yearn everyone's thoughts, number one? I got thoughts. My number one thought is: he is George W Bush Bay look the exact same exact same river, where we did the Bundy episode so many years ago about way way way before we had any fuckin clue what we were doing. We ended
the episode with the conspiracy that George W Bush TED Bundy or the exact same person, and I think what they said happen. I think someone said that switched him back or a rifle forward. Ted Bundy like as there was a TED Bundy and there was George W Bush TED Bundy. The real TED Bundy was a good do. He was fine that like user Good Republic in, but I think he got, I think what it was like. He got mixed up with the Republicans when he was working in part. Takes, and they know it's like my god that guy looks just like little baby, I look like I'm a bush, and so on started fuck it up. They switched off. Yeah and Burundi went down but George W Bush when free, oh right, although one can only have residency because of Florida and one get elected to Heaven, I may say hell. I was they have the same kind of flappy little smile and wondering kid me about this documentaries number one net
I feel, is doing the very classic thing, which is why I feel like we kind of sprouted out of like, as a reaction to of Some weird way the series does feel like I'm supposed to root for Bundy, making I'm sound very, very impressive, yadda keys, the most unstoppable monster that every will ever was, and I do understand that he is obviously very dangerous. Person talked about this before you. Probably one of the dangerous most dangerous people do ever exist, o lot. At the same time, the way the law his attention that we, the allotted his ability to evade police. And do you spoken machiavellian deeds its. It was like we're supposed to be. Who only for it like right opposed to watch this thing and be so scared him and he cocked every cop that he was around where they let him take over the whole show, and I feel like TED Bundy, is in another room right now, jerk off at how fucking. Scared. Everyone is because of this document loves. It ended that these about this documentary is that it's really know too.
It is in a in the serial killer doc. You show wrapped up in a really pretty package. It is beautiful. Because it's done but well done, it's done some guys who did the paradise lost trilogy. Rightly, these guys know the fact that do they know how to make and that's why it somewhat disappointing how much they go or find this guy or how scary urban, the id it really that's. Gonna pick me up because it's one of the things we ve been fighting against the show for so long is making him such a bogeyman like yours, here's the bogeyman be afraid of the bogeyman, keep watching you can be more afraid of the bogeyman and it's a beautiful. It's a beautifully done documentary like all other archival footage and all the queen knots and all the cool. It's really cool. It's very good. They tell you: why are you really well there? You are ill done really really well, I didn't rid the builder, was great like, for example, we use, working on the Dan Evans campaign, no idea who the hell this guy is nobody. You know it was interesting. I didn't realize How well liked? He was
he was doing fairly well. We will in reality there is what I always interesting. You is bill for politics castle Fortunately, when you're out there in the world, mixing with these politicians have them got buck, embodies in their basic half member jerking off just think about. If they did, who knows what's happening to the bathrooms at Newscorp. But it's interesting because the interviewed his body and I for It is name now he's much older now, but it be sickly was the dude who got Bundy into politics and it was the guy who here he had a big box wagon that got all like he and with the whole thing seemed interesting because that was done. That's at TED he was anyway, but nobody wanted to be, or at least was like that's a person, that's reset, did orders and whether that was interesting, I urge like that's what it in that guy loved tone. That story always like you, know, Bundy he got the idea for the Volkswagen bugs we will regain ogier. All like that. Don't you all fuckin like that, that sheriff from Tallahassee that that whole run down a bit
guy is cream in his genes. Trying to talk about how dangerous TED Bundy wasn't met. The incredible work that I did where they just mopped up everybody else's fucking, fuck ups, essential by the end, they did good cop work by tracking down, but still right, whatever one thing I will say I'll, take back from also TED. I take away from the series to TED. Bundy is not even a acting to be an actor he's really matter tracking No, let me leave you look it up. They do that. That picture the courtroom picture: where did you to sketch where they went? but when they were looking for him when he was just tat when they were looking for him, and you realize, like oh, it's true they all mention that he had one eye higher than the other and one was closer to his nose, and when you see the picture you just like that police catch annually,
Oh well. I could never see him the same ever again. That focus upon his eyes were being focused on even looks all fucked up, but you know I will say he does have a chameleon like face in that way he was able to just turn his hair ever so different and events like who is that new guy in town interview gets the same guy from yesterday, or that was the big TED Bundy- is that all the sketches looked wildly different from each other. You know people that song, on the same day even gave different sketches of TED Bundy right and even where it, but that's the thing is that when the sketches to come out after the girls disappeared from leg. Some Amis, the man is a mammoth likes, a man we when he kidnapped killed. Two women in one day friends we're looking at the sketch in the paper and that's the thing. Is it like it? What it said, this guy's name TED right, here's this sketch he drives a Volkswagen boy. Ugh and all his friends are like it's like you right now,
Folks, where you know, target of all drag above looks like you, but there is in it funny overtaken by who, when he was, but because I mean really it is, he was horrifically charming like he was able to All people like over and over and over I mean he will be able to convince people. He had a he had a problem with a yacht on dry land yeah, but do so, but the words by, but really the worst part of of the documents areas- and you know I didn't get it to see the whole thing but any who is my research assistant for the book. She sent me an article last night that said that they don't talk about any of the murders in any detail whatsoever. No, they now leave you they jump around the timeline quite a bit Yosemite and again, but they they mostly stress to be honest, the how good he was it serial killer, that guide about the documentary that I don't I under
stand by them particularly enjoy because it's there they are very impressed by his process, but that I want again punch when the beginning. I o dog history, shows that I mean the reason. Why became zero color like we learn where the marked ritual, like we re talking about with fucking doktor wrangle that comes from very intense mediocrity, from somebody who literally cannot do. He could not make friends he couldn't fit into society. He was sort of good and politics which does take somebody who is a hollow shell of a human being yeah, my taking a lot of mediocrity. Yes, it's not a bad thing that have yet to be republican in the late seventies. Early eighties dappling takes a fair amount of media earlier mid early to me seventies takes a lot of media awkward. Yeah epsilon me, hey, obviously, dig it into law school, but it was a small school. He didn't get any of the esteem that he wanted. He had this version of himself. That was just great then, who he was. He was really insecure about not having money, and he was so a he's, lazy,
and that's what you want is a leap frog, hard work by marrying really wealthy women, or he was attracted to wealthy women and glassy women, but then he would be like, but I can't date and because I don't have enough money so that Is this really vicious cycle of wanting to being a class that he wasn't in, but didn't have the work? Ethic too then get there the right way and speak? You know marrying wealthy, wealthy, the speaking of the woman that was supposedly the air, but that the victim prototype who was known for years as Stephanie Brooks- I don't. I didn't think anyone actually knew who she was before this like. It seems like this documentary blew the lid off this woman's fucking life. Showed her name showed her picture. You know because, Stephanie Brooks was the name that an rogue used and the stranger beside me- and you know, as far as I know, people use the name Stephanie for years and years and years, because this woman has
No, there is no reason for her to be involved in this she's a victim. Just like yes, you too, I mean she too. I mean tat to her head, bunnies, bad ex boyfriend, there's no reason it seemed classless to me to just say like here's, this woman's first and last Name and here's a picture of her, and here's also think well did in college and to tell you what it did seem to adjust. It seemed really sleazy eating running gag. They also just did with the fire festival documentary where they essentially paid image. They paid FUCK Jerry again to make me on the disaster that they helped produce. They then basically double made money within producing uproot the the gotcha documentary about the people that the but the crimes they were also technically involvement of involved and even within a French did Netflix at this point is like trying desperately to scoop. They want to oh you want to do that kind of thing, which is that I dont know how to feel it
because I understand the want. I understand you want to bring new information to the table. We ve been reading about TED Bundy four years, so you want to add like new things, but in the end it's like water, but what are we are losing also- and I was not They do not know. It was interesting, though you know when you just when you think about the escapes the double escapes that was fascinating, seen the jail cell worry saps, the law is out of yes and when he traveled all across the country literally one pose to the other. I mean it. It was fascinating to remember that you could do that number one and number two when he like. I forgot that he went to Michigan to watch the Michigan. Ultimately, the only tool to fight at the bar yeah, because he was such an asshole, then you ve got to pay my at a bar will. He was also at that time in the middle of a manic episode. Only after He is that that is that story. His skin, like I, I dont, know exactly how much they they talk setting get that far into the dark ministers, but that story is amazing, where he breaks out approach.
Because he's what he did was he dug a hole or he caught a whole. And the ceiling by his jail cell, he lost wait. He purposely sites sleeping later up until like Eleven o clock, so the jailers got train to not bring him his food and how about eleven o clock every day, so what he would do every night is he would go in and out of the hole everything night right explore the jail to see what the best route while escape was and then once he finally got out, he started hitchhiking. He guy a ride from a guy. He told the guy hey. My wife is going in the labour in another city. I need to get to the airport right now and how he got the airport taxes. Since he was working as his own legal defence, he had a credit card that he could use to long distance of bone call, so he's use the credit card to get a plane ticket to Chicago and by the time the
by the time anyone knew the TED Bundy was gone. He been gone for, sir, eighteen hours and he was one thousand miles away. I all I didn't realize that the guards the it was the jail. It was the jailer the hidden apartment above the cell of, but there were a couple of strategic mistakes, I would say yeah slanting of that programme. You drop down the jailers closet because he started crawling up there and he could hear them having dinner below. Am I right? It is interesting because I don't want again I'll blow up and say that he was this devious mastermind, but there were he put a lot of work and there is a lot of blind eyes turned towards him, and I got thing it also. It had quite to do with his looks, and it's a part of the reason why he was alive, to do what he digs. Just look like a normal kind of unassuming man like he's vaguely good looking just kind of has this kind of affable. Like I hate the smug laugh though an all time low, willingly very slight ass Natalie,
she put his we're watching together and like I don't, you know like it's a tarred because it's it's a darling bring up, but it literally is the b, the full extent of white privilege where, like two beyond Did you watch the story, be like you guys, get away a lot of really only will, even really couldn't just he could at Busey it's as if there's any. We terms we little bit of police abuse little bit of maybe some of excessive force I feel like. Maybe we can grab them and fuckin like. Issued out of him a couple of times regular after you was wanted for a bunch differ murders and all gonna shit. I understand, but Once you really realise the extent of his crimes, maybe good for somebody kind of give him a fucking whack on the side of the head and maybe was a little disoriented he'll be difficult for him to be constantly planning how to escape absolutely. They could have done a little polish family reunions right there. Of course they could have had some violence, there's. No denying that and its interest that point when he got arrested the first time it was the first time ever this second time when he sped away from
officer in the office, chases and down the officer talks about. Got into a fight with the guy. He tried to go for it the officer hit him on the head with his revolver just school. Now it is three the chest been too late, it Bang also lay them that's what they should have been done. I can't believe how much did he got away with me? Just got away. I guess it that part of the use got away with so much shit and it was like they did that big. They showed it episode worthy the they share. Of Tallahassee wanted a publicly indict him into they put about knowing gloves on knowing and oppress, pool hanging out. They re Jim on LIVE television and he get than ITALY. Commuters gave him a platform he's loving this shit. You have giving him the these this. This stop. You gave him all his amateur run with, and then you gave them a recorder and that's where you are You remind me of BT gay because a man when she loved the sound of his own voice. He absolutely does what I did not do new information that I got from this though, and I'm not sure if, if we covered this, we obvious
That was two years and years ago when we spoke about the domain, but when he cross examined the man who went into the Sorority house first and tell ass a gap, the great detail that he made him go into, but how the bodies replaced the bite marks. The is a colleague of it was, Oh yuri. Well, that's interesting, and the interesting thing about that incident is that head, Bundy's trial was one of the very first televised trials in american history and everyone across the country, watch the TED Bundy trial and because, charming and because he was kind of good looking friendly, the Americans because you are there a tv friendly, and he also addressed tv friendly, liquid he'd, where those fuckin like Seattle supersonic sweater warm. What are you doing? He wore a belly shirt in one of the partners yea and because he was so tv friendly, amiss I was kind of split on. Sky, like he was at TED Bundy, was like a little popular there like well, I don't know like while young and really like at the end of the day this
science there? What is it the tooth bite? Science is the kind of junk science like it's not right. It's not greater. It's not really that good science, so people were a little Apprehend Lilla gown. Well, maybe maybe he didn't do it. Maybe it's just bad luck right after that cross examination, It was obvious that he took this guy. After was obviously he took this police officer up to All these questions because he made him do all these details. Move made a tunnel are all is over and over and over again and then asked no follow up right and then just sat down because it was awful He just wanted to hear it, but no, I know it was thought he had managed to flip the whole thing to be. I annex an expression of his if it crimes young, lay them out in front of everyone, Everyone gets to witness it and he's totally in charge here. Dr Marcus bellying, Fuckin Davy piece of shit. Don't you see how evil my deeds are? All it is making them harder and harder yep and here
he thought he was gonna get away with that. I firmly believe that this story also had, in my opinion, other them TED Bundy, who is obviously the war care during the story Carol. An boon that was woman. You under out all you isn't testified TAT. She was just driving me in saying they end up having a child because they are the. The Russians are turned his way turned his back and let him have sex. I thought I snuck. Come out. No, no. I will visit the conjugal varies. We actually do it. They actually could fault. I didn't get to the very end. I actually did so. They know that it was in their family picture. She had a son from another relationship, but she was so you had the so we had to escape. We had mass murder, so work beauty for girls being killed. Now we have a fucking. Dude, let Machiavellian like like body and engagement.
And then women. Of course, it ends with a televised execution. Is the perfect television true crimes Are we doing? This is a TED Bundy. It is amazing story, William, whether they ve reining in too many places like this before like everyone is, was a reality show producer in their own. I mean but you shows that it's a it's like a strain of human kind. I don't want to mention how many people this reminds me of currently that are also to like you know in charge right now, but a part of the people that, stand intrinsically how'd you get eyeballs and care whereas on them and frame uses one of those guys were to give he'd. If again, if he had gotten, positive validation and other realms? He technically would have probably also kill people but would have been a very successful tv producer. I mean it is power simple. I mean even the one thing that bother me about. This was again the didn't focus enough on the victims, the victims, families and what the victims, whether they did show what the
judge that, however, to Burundi and as we did talk about this I didn't quite realise how much the judge truly loved TAT judge like in does absolutely smitten with bond, and when you talk about privileges, Henry mentioned, without a doubt like the fact that that judge looked at him and then let em was like you would have made a great lawyer. It's a shame. We didn't get to work together. He was more concerned with the waste of Bundy's potential, like thirty six people here, Jim leaving him with kid gloves, there ought to be kept, calling them special and it s like go. Fuck yourself he's not special, nor did the easiest thing in the world is. Did it's too given to those dark impulses, he's your shit to do, and you all through the all this. Get over yourselves raw good job more so to talk about evil he was, but then it was fascinating, because at the end, when they saw the students there were there and tell a happy when they finally ended up execute them. That mean mice, in crawl- a little bit too well with just a few of the unify,
fry TED spectacle that it became. I was a bit I do owner burn, Bundy, barn till I wanted. What does anybody saw? That literally, is due to say is that I take it out of his trunk. You burn Bert burn buddy, whereas I wish you headed in black, why don't wear white shirt neighbour Newborn t shirt for what is it for my birthday this year, because I mentioned that I wanted one back when I was writing the Bundy chapter in like June that this various she's very, very sweet when all these about out this info. Asian tools that the data Will it, as you know, the Bundy tapes, all new information? This is based out like the book was written in nineteen, eighty nine, it's called only living witness like these and the guys that, based on these tapes like this, is nothing new. That maybe these tapes have never been heard before, but
on the other, and you know it's Bundy saying shit that doesn't really matter. You know I don't just gives you know new insight and bunnies its I mean it is a cash grab. That gesture It is a cash grab that is and to its piggybacking on the Zack Efron Movie, or so it looks. We it is well yeah they're, making a kind of like its. It seems like goods come a comedy it's kind of like a higher energy being where they try to give it and bizarre that over half what someone who saw it said that it is like a seventies rock by OPEC, like with needle drops in like that, like the vast cots shit. Like guys, I don't- and I don't know indeed better, because that's the thing about this organisers and probably the movies wide or now, but there if they dont, go into the actual murder.
Right, I guess, there's a there's a recent like we don't go into the actual murders and the details of the actual murders just as you know, more bed like murder tourists like we're doing to show you what these guys actually do. Roger was they do. This is what they did. This is who this piece of shit is. This is who these people are showing people what the fuck happened. What the consequences of these things are and how buck enough, though not cool there, not sexy, because that's the thing you watched, bunny this entire. You watch that documentary series and they don't go into him sawing off ahead and thrown into his girlfriends fuckin, fern, erythroniums, girlfriends fireplace or you don't talk about input me up on severed heads or Secondly, we are having sex with a corpse over a series of like four days or possibly keeping a what alive
and raping are over and over and over again over a period of days out in the woods or the two girls after some Salmon SAM Amish, those two girls. How we took him to a farm house and he raped and killed one and while he made the other one watch, we don't go through any that european talk about re that should then yet had Bundy's sexy figure. They came like a rock and roll God damn way, because we just or because it always just murderer murders, VI, murmurs. Whatever you know it's a cult figure thing: he becomes a fuckin Billy, the kid or somethin. Yes, it's exactly Is that a lovable outlaw all of us and also near the middle of this being like when you try to do like watching this we like you, try and tell me a route for this motherfucker link. Was they act like all of this? Like he's Robin Hood or some bullshit written like no man is incredibly dangerous person,
yeah. Just happened to be a flawed enough as a human being to act to activate that part of his mind and make it run, make it like put it on the world of course, perfect timing. Just technology wasn't there yet and he worked with the police departments Obviously he knew the behind the scenes work. He knew how to her exactly how to get away with it for a long time but absent? That was one of the things that they definitely show have put in they did tell US but the woman that he kidnapped. Who is able to get away which is horrific, but I've got it was gonna, get a lot worse, but they don't really go into that. They mentioned the necrophilia a little bit at the end. A little
the legislative body of it and the article of the article that I mentioned earlier that on talks, while so it's by Katy Dowd published at San Francisco Gaze, called Netflix is TED. Bundy documentary is almost everything that's wrong with the true crime John over. It's it's a really, it's a good red eyed. I can make any any Senate over to me by yet it's really good reason it he had the the those sorts of crimes that that these people do the actual details. It's not it's not about being morbid. It's about showing right these people. Actually acts fuck. You are I'm here I look out. I doubt there would be as many girls about how nice Richard Ramirez is hair looks if they knew about him his carving out the eyes and putting them in a jewelry box and taken back on the sessile hotel and laughing made aware of it would really turning off the hollow doses of yes. Yes, that's the thing it's never. Actually sexy
No one actually misconstrued that, but again get home. This is people looking to do what you gonna do, boy, handle these news, the way the they handle these new right hearing. I all really understand I mean lie in all. We are looking at pictures of what the bitch from Buchenwald area is a Kirk cannot enter like my title, like tall bosky yearning and I'm on AIDS or no yea, also about those those ed gains. Lady right there you have it. I ve realized that relationship just wait for the book. Honestly, I can't look, but because normally in a man's, by the way, I could maybe just separate the boobies from the thing but I can't with her so I think it makes me better and in also even with Casey Anthony. I would have to be very hard pressed the data a very hard pressed to date, her. Why? What about data? What about just
the general Blug struggling greater, say just say I mean great say it say it allows Werner Werner parallel Universe, where were you Natalie, never met and the euro? This is three years single Henry and you're down and Saint Petersburg visiting your parents and in Walks Casey Anthony depends on what kind of Tuesday it is and all that is if there is a God damn is there some guy just plain acoustic Qatar? Some like some is like, like some some forgotten, Santana, murmured Saint Petersburg on a Tuesday, every bars gotta go with an acoustic stands. What I'm saying? Yes, I'm just glad of online OJ, simply because he was at the same Phuket bar their booty. That he'd his bar is the same hotel that these data for our wedding, but that have been fun well, honestly, you might bump into OJ at some point he's out and about are about to go out with our right. That's that
basically little synopsis, the Netflix Series, TED Bundy. You have remembered the crimes out and I would say you know why the document doggie series you will pick up some stop! That's interesting. I was interested in how we could only shed light on his crimes in the third person. Oh god, I do not suppose it's very dangerous, but it is also in the book they came up thirty years ago by the hour of your visual learner. Like me, I like watching it. So obviously I would still recommended doc. You series it's pretty thorough. It's just remember Would you for me- and I'm I say to Myself- I'm like remember what you're watching. Why are we urging it I'm watching business highly and watching it, for they show and I'm watching it because of my general interest, insurer crime, but did they wanted? slides into this area of like treating hamlet. He's Batman. Then I'm checked out now. I know it turned into a the story. A failed lawyer and what he would have been. Also payment burst Macarthur. He fucking It pointed guilty accounts this morning, so he's gone he's owing to the canadian slammer, which we know is
You may now struck that is no Putin. No Putin on Monday is our aid by on Mondays. Sometimes I'm Xavier good care of you, but normally nor protein on Mondays Putin bees are regularly and hot from do that's nice where's mega burst, make Arthur. Of course he killed eight people in cash. They mostly are all gay men. So it's a. He has pleaded a guilty and innocent, and I didn't follow this story. Mostly middle eastern gay men. Yet as it does on me ass, a part of it is the less dead scenario become part of it. There saying that he was picked up because he look like us on very nice grandpa needed realised within fallen. Did the US an m seen they did no added to gauge all that, and then you just hit body parts and planters,
all have or Toronto. Its use land very, are very varied oil, very loud yeah, so he put body parts and the escapes that he read the land: commercial landscaping Lou. Yes, so yea was nobody covering him one day. Yes, each the first rapporteur charges carrying automatic life sentence meeting he when they must be, I guess, running concurrently, because he's. Gonna be eligible for parole when he is ninety one years old. Oh so it doesn't look like he'll beginning out, yes and mostly middle eastern men, oh there you go so anyone! That's that's a good story is he is away ass. He should be. He sixty
seven years old. Now, if you're, like me, you're, probably deathly afraid of Zena Morse, they are horrified and a fine folks, add fox next and DE three go want to put you to the test and a new chapter in the alien franchise in early and black out available today for your mobile device in alien black out. You must do all that you can't stay alive or trapped aboard a crippled. Wayland you Tawny space station that is carrying a deadly alien organism. You know like the one in the movies and seen a more definite does not like the crew aboard the space station and is ready to tirelessly hunt you idiot. Crew down. Can you survive seven, fearing dizzy levels as you take the reins: Amanda Ripley? Yes, that Amanda Ripley, which you may remember as Ellen Ripley, daughter, guide your crew and alien black out through increasingly challenging situations only using your wits
the stations, baling emergency systems, the unpredictability of both the alien and her crew can spell total defeat for the entire station. If you don't keep it together, Alien Black Edison Unique you're, inducing space survival, war mobile gain experience. There will test the inner nerves of both alien and or fans alike, where life can end in an instant click on the link. It are description or head over to W W w dot DE three go dotcom. Slash side stories and download alien black out for the app store Google Play and Amazon store today, I'm alright wealth, we mentioned earlier Today I guess it's. I don't know why the news stories this week, a lotta lady killers out there there are so One comes to us that the title of it is why a wash
in woman's boyfriend turned her information air after or concerning Facebook message. After learning, his girlfriend had been accused of murdering his ex his mother, a Washington state Man called nine one, one Ashley morning is her name and honestly, I'm not gonna, I'm not going grass on what brig steps Henry aid regarding not been attract, tore people right. She looked like a smoky, oh as well. Or honestly more attractive than that. I forgot about your thing. First, Nokia, ok, I'm a member! You have we used to talk about back on the round table on LIVE Metz, location entourage, but eighteen people deep was unable to get that close, very tiny yeah. She would she wrote a book about motherhood, so we're doing fine actually morning. She is twenty. Five years old she's been held on a million dollar bond after spoke employees charged her with sex, degree murder of Christina Powell, the forty eight years,
old mother of her acts and grandmother of her young daughter, Zachary Guard. We are told that this is local news, K, acts, L, why oh yeah legacy weeks. Leading includes hoarding, had been data for several weeks when he does where'd. She was a murder suspect, which, I believe, it is the Michael, my isn't that so I Marian acts, murder isn't exactly that private format movie. I will tell you he had their reaction that I could totally see from this dear. To shoot. Good woman. I tell you We are obviously it's hard for some people to see now that's what I'm saying she was. She was attractive enough room to be like well that all bad says she's, like which let me play video games for going to God, like cheeks, I chair, so she's like
chill. So I guess you got murder, somebody gets it gives out your system. You will forget how silly for a kind of looks like Casey at the eating away with. This is like the case here that he story is remember that guy that everyone said was, can only enter these boyfriend. Tony Yad Tony Tony lazaretto without rights they did yet there ever was a Casey Anthony's boyfriends like now. They were just fuckin, gettin high plain smash brothers for like two. Well, of course, all this shit went down. She was the this woman hoarding was doing a little bit more than that. She fatally shot Powell on Thursday morning before going on the run from the police court documents obtained by people magazine can Gardner receive a facebook message from Horning, not long after powerless killing in it. She exe breast suicidal thoughts. Gardener said he went to meet with hoarding who is sitting on the bench about a mile from the crime scene is what he says. He says long story short long story short picked her up, because a full something was off
What is worse than that? He said that horny showed him a new story about our police were searching for here. Gardener, says stressful situation. I said word turn you in here great, I very hard for Gardner told the stage it please. Where was does so. He said he said. Horny was anxious, depressed and wanted custody of her two children who are staying with there others proceedings had in your new bro on ASEAN right, yeah, you're, gettin use. It would take me Could I be the gas girl, she's cool wherever slices and then all of a sudden, you, like she made murders. As back the guy he's just the middle villa. Paul. I watch the movie on Vietnam and broken told me about its people. Forget Kildare. Organ donor of rose, powerful shield.
Its trauma. Is, is I'm Virgil? It really is sluggishly note or personally that was in southern. She would normally be capable of all and now you ve been date nerve for two fuckin weak stared, like custody of her kids from her fathers, nothing wrong. We haven't kids out there, but my goodness gracious obey a so apparently the guy, that you used to kill this poor woman. She tossed into the spoken in its unclear as of Monday. If horny, had entered a plea of the charges she phases or if she has retained a lawyer who could comment on her back She shot her axes, mother, yes, and the grandmother of her child. So he was one is so it's you know, there's some close and there's a lie. That's a grandmother near. Do a lot to unpack here about
for their relationship, as it seems like what it is that the grandmother was probably taking care of the child. This woman sounds absolutely Falkiner Wraye saying the grandfather was trying to have the child's best interests me. How raise Barbados Tammy probably told her stay. The fuck away from here are not allowed in this house anymore. Woman loses a pack of mine and shoots her in the face so apparently horning. This is us. She was talking from prison. She says she has. No memory of the alleged murderer only realise Weir's rubble. She only real threats to pursue its rub. The stranger you black that out raise flame, shooting up the side of my face and have nothing lifeless, simply can't. Ok, it's too this day, what am I doing, I'm killing with Brad, because you want detailed research, yelling and I'm good at shelling. I'm super Celli knows that I'm shell and then It's just Thursday, Madeline COM, one of the greatest!
outside. She realized she was in trouble, but when she saw social media postings about her wanted us that is so. It is, he's got some disconnect going on and it just seven that is where we are now in society. Where you dont know your murderer. Until you see on twitter, goods is social media posted cities that mean that her friends were posting ass, though they grow out of order. No, she followed the local police department on Twitter. If I trade have imagined she got a facebook measures, be like I thank God, say: right now, that's my goodness. No one should feel unsafe at home period. Fear has no place in a place like home. That's been simply safes mission from day one you'll even see a commercial about it during the big game, this Sunday be sure to check it out, simply save blankets, your whole home, with protection around the clock professional monitor
make sure please her on the way when you need them. The security centres are tiny blending with your homes. He won't notice that the verge call simply save the best home security and it's a wire cutter topic as more than three million simply say cost. As already know, it feels good to fear less so protect your home today, you'll get free shipping on any system order. Just visit, simply saved dotcom, Slash left that simply saved dot com. Slash left to protect your home and family today, simply safe dog Flash left. Ok, I like this other story, called student stabbed her best friend thirty to forty times. Now, I'm not going to say it is indicative of sometimes the fraught relationships that women have with other women, but it seems in That's because it doesn't seem a lot that made this Pa Bob. I don't know what happened Well, all rights of this is, for I don't know a fund is a flight. Is the right adjective to use, but its interested? I don't you
a college student murdered her quoting coke. Somebody put this in quotes. Yet if one ran an roommate by stabbing, her is meant is forty times with a butcher knife off campus apartment. They shared police. At least cutting interesting twenty one firm, Jefferson turn our journey would sounds like you're making up a name. That's got Jefferson, John Thurston. Over time and money No, it literally if it really is like my name- is Robert from forget my son? Virginia only up charged with second agree murder, which I don't even understand for the death of fellow Radford University student, elects a cannon formerly of Roanoke. According to a press release from the Radford City, police department, cutting was being held in a local jail on no bond police, a spy two nine, when one cholera, seven forty five Thursday during the call police, dispatchers she heard someone shouting and referencing a knife
officials arrived the off camp as apartment where the womb resided they saw cutting. Covered in blood and cutting put her, behind her head and said arrest me to search warrant said I killed her cutting said after the police asked sure what was going on I am most pronounced dead at the scene if you're in officer. Let's go it up. Go and arrest. We I killed her go. Barbaik is updated. Strawberries Sundays over your little girls like this better thirty days, that is how like just utterly shocked the mind. I'm assuming a male police officer is yours like you're cheese, covered and I'd be sets arrest me. I killed her it can happen in one corner. Police did not You'll motive for the killing posts on cannon social media pages indicate the girls had a close relationship. I met this two years ago, I my and somehow we end up with
across from each other for a year and this summer she was equivalent to my mom in Cancun and unimaginably. She still put up with me. Now, our living together next year, a love you more loo and everyone pray that we don't kill each other this year, Canada said owning Instagram, okay, so that is the victim. That is a victim, Miss Cannon. That's what she said on Instagram. Let's pray, we don't kill each other this year, a post on cannons Facebook paid from July, read so incredibly proud of my best friend Louise had cut for becoming latino student alliances. President. I know you're gonna, be amazing with everything you do. Love you more view. So much cutting
but I also those really weird. They ve all of the knife. Homologies worry like strange, raved, very out of them out of character. Verse does so it looks like cut. It is doing fairly well you're in school, but maybe this has something to do with a mental break, a pair, cutting. It is in terms suspension at the university. That's according to Caitlin Skaggs at Rad Bridge that Radford, diversities, associate vice president for unity, C a relations. This is important. The university statement from this dude Brian Helpful. He said this is a tragic moment for our camp community and the Radford family during this differ gold time we asked you provide support to your fellow huh. Landers. So I, but there can be only one that is a horrible name. That's a horrible night. I just I mean honestly, I feel like you can feel the tension, the murderous tension when you see back
can. Fourth, social media posts of of two young women saying like love you? I love you more rights? Does China feel like if you think that you love me more I'll, fucking kill you, like writing kind of, feel that energy? Yes, these statement from university goes on the days and months to come, will be. Will also be difficult as we extend our deepest sympathies, as well as our thoughts and prayers to the family and loved ones stabbing civilian, thirty times, yanks an incredible amount of rage. I mean a low end. That is insane. That's it that's insane like. I wonder what would happen. Especially in the middle adieu and like how do you, like? I I'm not gonna, say I understand by some kind of sea the impulse like stab or hurt. Somebody do so coming out of a crazy Bogdan impulse, your bureau emotional basket case in your cut on edge and in it happens, you gonna fight and come but bullshit get. But how is thirty stab wounds. Second degree, murder, good cells,
she really wants to do it, it felt like accidently, knocking somebody over railing or some shit or road or some kind of horrible accident. You I'm not sure that thirty, Forty I mean I mean it must be some sort of mitigating factors. Goin going on here me with that sort. Well, that it was with some like that, like, I think, crimes of passion, things like that is Second degree murder like involving a pop off type of thing. In the moment in the heat of the moment. I believe that's sometimes second agree murmuring depending but first degree murders and that fully premeditated I'm going to kill you planning it out all that sort machine or it might be easier to prove his well yeah. Perhaps death penalty would come with first outta, my share of the cap or and all that temperature, but with with, as far as stabbing someone like that goes link as many times from what we, heard. What we read from people who have done things like that is it they keep stabbing entailed the rage runs
out and that guy or keep stabbings it's not. They don't keep stabbing because, like I want to kill me, they keep stabbing because the rage that their feeling is still there. And they don't stop stabbing until the rage has abated and then that's when you get that feeling of. Oh god. What have I done? Well, that's your Bundy right when he went any idea. He had the sorority house when frickin totally workers in any killed two more different that well. That's a different psychology, though, because that that kind of psychology is that serial killer psychology immunity is a bizarre promote, but it comes from a different place like it comes from a like that kind of rage comes from a different place, it's more of a rage at here that what is it that fucking worthy, The entity oh yeah Everett Entity entity. He wasn't only one who had an entity arm. I wanted to mention this job. Gacy also had an entity member at the name of his entity. I dont even what was called Jack
Hamley. Yet who was a cop member here, is linked to detect and leaned drive around in his car. Those outfitted like a fucking cop car that was his like shadow personnel by good Riah, die here, the gay one. Day, one right there all right. Well, let's get did you on with the theme of the news stories more Ladys in trouble. Now this one involves a call leader in new Mexico. The name of this gown she is her name is Deborah Green. She, she is impressive. Look and I am love in this uniform. Well, I'm sure that you are, she called herself, the general, and you might say well that seems like an awful off olden, awfully militant name for a cult leader or Christian called leader. Well, the name of her Chris in cold was quote aggressive
Christian mission training Corps would be most on the nose. I've ever heard for description of an aggressive christian cult dishes pretty pretty intense. It's also the aggressive Christianity missions, training, corpse, training, dig, as of Christianity finishing it, doesn't I will raise those Rwanda negotiations training course, abbreviated, AC empty see what you were. They call themselves also known as the holy tribal nation or free love, ministries or the life force tame. Those are my better than a c m t see or aggressive christian mission, training core it is down. Only real official. They, like it d be, is intense, is possible so Deborah Deborah agree. She was sentenced to Wednesday in District court in grants right after one of them James gave emotional testimony up about what was happening on this compound, so the victor said emotionally. She broke me as a child to the point where I, where I still today,
struggle with my own self confidence, myself esteem and myself of worth. So she actually got sentence of the victim victimised district court James Sanchez to give seventy seventy one year old, green demand mom sentence of a hundred and a year, so she is really she's. It This is gonna, be maybe the the future for the duty of the next GM called. Perhaps he's gonna look at similar years behind bars as well. Will these guys we're alive but even more serious than the next him call, because an extreme cold was a little bit more about pleasing the leader, either people that believe it you are creating a modern christian Army and it seem like being out because be they were known as generals cause her her official title within the cold was general all green me all right? We call each other back and forth and it seems to be it's like a kid
skin version of Scientology, but they were also armed year. They had many concentric circles of membership. There is obviously many different ranks and the Children were raised in a children of God like corn, right free love society, and they also did not believe eve in medicine? So you say a hundred eight years. This woman just seems like, though she might have had a rough childhood or something well. Children of God is the. Is the rule comparison because Green got so the two years this is again Deborah Greens, you got seventy two years for three cow of child rape, two counts of kidnapping and one count of child abuse at the start? the trial it was revealed. Green was accused of convincing her daughter to take a new born baby from Uganda. In the nineteen nineties, the child was brought to the compound where it was physically and sexually abused. This is
This woman is obviously completely disgusting and its, and this is one of the most most egregious colts. I can think of when it comes to the sexual nature, that's led by a woman is, is that is that unique I'll? Tell you what and again big opts for the Ladys get in there. You gotta take up that space in there. You can't, I just don't be the ones who have to be the colt leaders, man you got again or yours are due to the existence, doing for themselves. What they only called leader. The we covered was that one chick who has that compound out there that just kind of which he doesn't seem like there's any sexual abuse going on in that does gonna that that's a little different, isn't much different yeah there's we are there, other female colt leaders. Do we even talked about this, because we want to do we want to do more. Obviously, we love cult episodes are favoured, should face the planet, but because of the deep nature. Of it. How much shit is involved, but there stuff, like the
the woman, Sylvia Mirage Marino, who is the leader of a violent cult, called last Santa worker, called Saint Death team be involved in the cartels and they do quite a bit of human sacrifices to meet their god of death. They protect their various drug dealing. Actually I get Believe Carolina covered that one on let's get some great, who is doing me, maybe we'll be strategy, gave that that shit is particularly fuck off yesterday to really brutal, and even if you dont, speak Spanish, a check out what is it just last podcast network dot com Ryan. She has the scripts in English, yet all those years learning, yes, he could fall long or, if you just interested in reading about the crimes of Latin America there's a lie: what's there to talk about is opening its brooding. It's pretty knots, there's a bunch. Others of a Chinese called eventually wanna call cover called following gong. That is simple.
To be that uses dancers. Much like option Rico till I kind of present how cool and fund our group is going to be. There is quite a bit of that. Actually, within China, seems to be, there is a good. There is a couple of a female run cult out of China, which is emailing asking for them. Be more wrong calls. This might not be necessarily an american thing because it seems like around the world. The other apply, because every well children like a lot of the higher ups, they were, but their women that were definitely involved in the sexual abuse. So when you get around a little Ricky and sizes gusty, which I don't really want to think about again, but in even Jonestown we talked about how poor The women were thin, the organizational structure of Joan Sound, but I was a little bit more unofficial which another thinking about the stories, the location that its
and gallop New Mexico. That's right where the old route, six six six used to start a change in two thousand and three the to what for nine one can my three but the gallop is actually really interesting place because it sits right in the middle of like four different indian reservation, saw guy. You, like Navajo Zuni, there's a whole lot of different light. Indian reservation residue very interesting. They choose like specifically that place Tehran of weird region, militant cult or perhaps the authorities were painted as much pension as they would have, if it was locked, it elsewhere. Going back to Deborah Green Judge, Sanchez said about her victim. A weaker person would not have survived that mean you can continue on being strong. The abuse came to light last year. Thirties raided the compound in fence lake near gallop and found a lead.
In a weapon children. Some of them were as young as years old, all of them being held, against their will. So this is it's a disturbing territory. I don't think we have to put on our feminist for this when I'm an essay she's a horrible person, whereas deck later this year, we could say it so dusk, a loving it's been taken into into custody and God, hopefully they can They can recover from a given the long sent them she was given the days the DA's office is still do so. And, if you will take this case to trial, so if she is going be gone forever, but yet I ran out of nowhere snappy uniforms, though, that why uniform the chief as is really snappy its injures arms and its that's one good thing again do a call to get you make your own uniform Never make it to be part of a team that your mediately in charge of yours, you could
so do that if you get into a dance club or like, if you mean whatever there's nobody other ways to do it, but is thereby what the uniform, I guess it's Caroline I dug from last part gas network icon host a weekly pack has called movies. I would imagine with Frank kind of entry its value. The original mad scientist from a hit cook tv show Mr Signs Theatre. Three thousand that's right, TVS, Frank and doktor. Clayton Forster, along with myself, spent each week discussing and thoroughly dissecting Moving we recently seen premise of our show is very complicated. I hope you can pay attention come in once a week and about a movie. Ok, I hope you could keep up with that pass up, says, included classics like taxi driver, the godfather and since it Boulevard de la Rochelle recordings of the shining Indiana Jones in a temple do enclosing counters at the third gang tenure releases like to shape a water parent, Jerry get out and men these somewhere like some? We don't. We agree, we disagree, but in the end
it's all about movies and you, the viewer and your suggestions, the viewer. No, it doesn't come, sir. That way it's on the radio it's on upon cast upon cast and it's free. There is no real snoopy between the episode. So click on the movie episode you like to hear about check is out on Itunes, sound cloud wherever you I'm progress or just look for us unless by gas network dot com under shows thanks everyone and enjoy the show. What is really quick, as it were running at a time when it quickly say a good news story of the weak through Europe. Missing in freezing whether redo days, because he said he was looked after by a bear with me. You know what I wanted Take a little bit of a lead on this new story. I got a new story for you guys to targeted to refute the bay,
here is where major issue is right: wing moralism, nice story mark, as is our while the against the narrative, the story- I don't know what it is about. You like. I did about false narrative of bears the story the three year old boy who city survive to night alone in the woods due to the assistance of a friendly bear, should not encourage people to seek out their own relationships with bare sign expert has warm last bank rescue Lord North Carolina found three year old, Casey Hathaway crying but save entangled in a patch of thorny book his having been missing in a wooded areas, freezing conditions for two nights: Casey police. He survive due to the presence of a black, air yet which kept him company
Why would the boy make it up to three years? You know that's it. You know what I'm a barrier yoke and do a three year old. I tell you a three year olds. Every day, have you heard a three year old and then you did there haven't Bayer game in any abruptly fruit in man a rabbit gay brought member who he was an authority Bush who will extorted bushes bears of court and of this aid to refute you, Mr Markus Brianna half the way this is the boys aunt she says said, he hung out with a bare for two days and she will on Facebook. God sent him a friend to keep them safe. God is good. Miracles dealing not bad too. I don't like. I don't like fuckin shoehorning, her fuckin evangelism gods. The bare enter a few you this, seemingly remarkable tale of jungle, bookstall inner species, friendship was likely a product of Casey's imagination. However, according to one veteran bear expert said Chris,
there being a bare researcher at the university Montana. I've never knows. Sure thing to happen bears don't do that, while bears aren't friendly with people I dont want to say, is not telling the truth. You obviously thinks he's seen things. Maybe he's gotta Teddy Bear at all, but I see no evidence anything like that. As ever. Oh, my god, visually illegal arrests feeling number one without paid for that in early. I definitely think he's taking money than the goal is making them yet or money too. For some reason he does it. I believe this any further, because he's never been close to bear. That's right. He's always want to be desperately. So why to be friends with the bare could never bridge gap, because they also know that you the fuck man he's a fucking trust them and three I dig up a part of it is He feels he needs to say something as a member
The bear science community must get. Is the future Jane Goodall forbear? I don't know I mean if you really want embarrassed, but if you want to know about the the bakers bears and how bears react humans and how difficult it is really trying to bear, you read this book called dancing, bear thereabout dancing bears in Russia Bear. Are quite the petition. Killer animal. Will I really Facebook post quote: God sent him to a friend to keep them safe. God is good, Mirror calls rapidly there. Okay, we imagine a flip of this whole storyline no bear but its. He did meet somebody in the forest and it just a man. A dirty furry labs in the woods. Just like one arm of Burma, spiritual right. We bring in a money and shit like the bear me out of the good There is just a foggy drift
escape, be from a mental asylum by the ASEAN. Those ninety! That's why we're here. It's like, I was the did for my problem: child yeah, Christopher Lloyd's character. No, that's Michael Richardson Problem child, whatever Lloyd was indeed ass. The men said really be able to just surprise he's not a pedophile characters that for every bit, rapscallion boy movie we'll be there that part out. I don't know bananas was a man of good luck. My man, don't think. That's gonna happen that ETA think you're, gonna arrest, I'd I'd, know about, Well, I'm gonna believe that you know that kid got a book publish. Then he said he went to Heaven. Barcoe purple gotta book published a movie. Didn't that didn't a movie Hank, it was yeah. I saw a trailer for this move, it looks, knocking off their front actors are there so many There are like famous actors, the just so many paycheck performance, and it s where these guys, just like our rights
but like the locomotive attitudes that one of the duties that was in Scrubbs paragraph now, the other guy, the other guy. The others. Deaf there's a lot of people like just lookin for paychecks these days do in these shady christian film. Well that little kid gonna fuck a wake up call by how difficult it is to write a book for certain Well, yes, absolutely and of course, that's gonna be for profit that whole store was for profit, and if you want to watch how truly horrible the inside workings of the evangelical community? I relaunched what was called guys of Tammy Faye Tammy Baby Documentary nearer the by Rupaul. It came on two thousand, but would jerry well did to Jim Baker and Tammy Bay was brutal. We entered anyway subject about less light. My feel good story, although, as I really feel good story- but I do Know- is possible- please, Connecticut woman charged with driving under the influence was drunk on vanilla extract. I guess as a bunch of booze, and it is very alcohol,
no no ideas, yadda Delorean T says it has been shown linking and bury algorithm bullshit. I just saw pioneer woman make her own vanilla extract using a bottle of cheap brandy and vanilla guiding held. So this is fifty year old, Stephanie Warner grace. She was sitting near a card of intersection. Her eyes were closed. She fell asleep. It was for forty five for the afternoon rough day officers. They they bought several bottles of peer, vanilla, extract inside the car. They said they detected an odour of vanilla on her breath and her speech was slurred. I just didn't really you could get that off of vanilla extra but why is she drinkin? Like she's, MRS clause? That's a very strange appeal bullets way, but it was such a body. It could sit too weird things. Just your hammer of the you'll. Never know when you were a kid. We ever told that likes. Norton nutmeg was a substitute for cocaine, weed
I mean I didn't with my friends, just like the little challenge with like bigoted salt, also as turrets alot vanilla extract. Seventy roof seven. Seventy prove a little bit more than like vodka, but it's that The thing, though, is that by volume it's much more much more expensive right, so, the interesting thing about this gap, and maybe your lobbied isn't right. Hast for alcohol or something is he's, got this impudent parole or some shit. I think she just needed a drink. I don't, Probably just an alcohol is just, as there were there was vanilla extract around, and so she grabbed it and bright and oh, I know that's that's your theory. I also have my theory that this news story comes from the cops in candy lands, and this is one of the things they see on a regular basis right, GAD! Well, hey! If you're gonna get drunk out their guys, don't you in your car? You can do whatever you want. Things are many say to not do rubbing. Alcohol is not good for you and how much you need to get it. If
you're gonna relapse just get beers and then go back into treatment, and I want to say no, I do the poison part of it. Don't pepperrell, you don't need to do it that way. If you're gonna relapse relapse and a funny way or just gadgets take care of yourself. Don't you would be I'd? Have we no matter what you do don't be behind, and heavy machinery no or a car or a motorcycle or tricycle already got a bike you? Why did because every single time I worry about, if I can make it, I think about this inspirational quote from Sammy Hagar. You write me up for one twenty. Five posts or my face wanted dead or alive. Take my license. All that drive Dr fifty five by good as our real, not drive there was one did I remember alcoholic who used to do. He was like yeah the thing with rubber alcohol they dont. Let me have booth in the house, but I have that you can what you do you? with your white bread, yeah ran up all right over what we'll take areas delves. They give so much fruitless.
They do they show. Can we do have some announcements that its general now for Therefore, our lives shown as it is so get out there check out. Our life shows three nineteen in Nashville three times in sixteen eighty arrived three to Cleveland three. Twenty three in good old Fashioned Pittsburgh at a school in seed, a fan and get wild. I can now wait. I love those cities. It'd be nice to see the MID West, I'd, never learn, incidents and eighty. I have never been to Cincinnati either. I know they got the chile and I've gotta States a little controversial, but I'm integral Chile dog they get a chilly dynamism. Rowing, I'm lost no way, but I am wearing a plastic bags and I'm a row. Wait. I'm sweaty! Ok for you to have some carbs, it's good, for you have some kind of I could sit in due to those who goes traditionally since now, since, in the Chilean believe served over spaghetti
yeah yeah we can as it and have a player that an attempt to do it shall jure. We ve done this before we got the barbecue Kansas City and knowing that a show like everybody has a reverie dealing, right so check at our page. Read they. Girls are forgiven too, that this Henry had I Henry I interviewed detective MIKE Proctor he's a former I detect. If you wrote the book on stockade, not I two how'd, you stop it so such out their girls. So much, and I'm just gonna, say this game Does the on the road and Hale yourselves will hey live like this? Is it man cause? It is love like you got up pocket. Full of condoms and obtained a shoes full lube, and I We need a laugh like you're, a man and on the way to the electric chair, right. They finally got me: I got what was only the body is TED, but these last words really story.
The trouble. So dont worry about war, all that, Some radical as well will be based. Did they Tucker? Do they? Do they talk about the James jobs? An interview yes, they talk about him, blaming the non pornography and James gaps in speaking of evangelicals watch the Tammy faded and watch the bondage just what they are, such scum bags. They somehow blamed. Women for just having boob still came all around to pornography being the problem right, aerosols. Hell me, pornography is never the problem for nine pornography is the solution. How do you know if pornography was the problem? Then we would not have survived the assembly's literally all this would be in jail or in a proactive approach, might have to have been aggravate enjoyment. We're on our way it's a decent, it's nice and they are actually humans. They make their actual very nice people from this very nice. They give her being your markers. Thank your head. You, Margaret on a dialogue about day and allow the bare stories
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