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Side Stories: Visitations w/ Elijah Wood & Daniel Noah

2019-11-06 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry chat with Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah of indie production company SpectreVision about horror movies and their podcast "Visitations" -- on which they visit the homes and workshops of some of their favorite creators in the genre community and beyond.

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with us, every take it can be bought at last part gas network. Dotcom. Slash me, seven lie can't wait to see you all. Their nobler was able to dismiss the last on the left side of the door, what is going on with you. What is it you know? What time we sit together and how many years have we known each other ten to fifteen ten to fifteen years. Have you known yet the sitting think in the beginning of each one of these shows we have the sort of conversation. Dog is so hard
it's already do. Is we hate each other? Just what you could that's what we do. We are just contractual friends, yeah, of course, of our everyday. We go, we travel and separate limousine studio. We each have a therapist that is the personal therapist for last pike, s manners. Then we have a group there passed. Then we have a tariff. Is for that therapy or be on top? european top affair, a narrow watch and each other. You Skype, your parents, turn all the time to find out exactly what they think of every single thing I have to be emotionally destroyed. Loved for you to be on Broadway, hey, what's up everyone, this is sides doors. I am Ben staring at the beautiful face up here zebrowski. You have no facial hair, it is always speaking of like the weird This is a It's just you see your forfeits, I feel like I look like I have leukemia. I look like when I get to a certain level of beer growth
after shaving the beard angry, I let it go back. I just looked like a person whose out for them, after noon, from an insane asylum and a lot of like thorazine dude. That's that's the penguin. This is why there was a deep they just as you too after lies, you would just sending a tape. Well, why did Henry mention Elijah Wood, because that's what this episode is all about. We are going speak with Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah, bigger the co host of visitations, a podcast out. They are doing some kickass interviews with some of the best directors out there in the world. They are also behind the great production company Spectra Vision, which has given us great films like a girl walks alone at night Mandy. Some just. Wonderful things that they're working on. I can't wait to speak with them so here it is. Ladies and gentlemen, our conversation
with Daniel and Eliza I know you'll enjoy do today we have a very exciting episode and we are so happy to have a conversation with these people. They in the horror verse. We have very similar interests when it comes to films and film, that we love to see mostly involving blood. They are also co host of the new podcast of the podcast visitations. We are by Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah. Thank you all. So much for being on the show, thanks for having us, hey Daniel and, of course, also have the the production company spectravision of his age. So links will explain this. This is you guys talking to filmmakers? Now is it you are sticking to Sean reforms for the most part and
of horror and size. I regard the people at work that the subjects that we're talking to him. I think that you know because the contrast came through shudder right, shudder being the serb Netflix for war. They approached us. They had this sort of Pakistan is dead. They were doing a number of past and asked. If we to fill a slot and we I'm interested we love podcast. We didn't quite have like a solid idea, you're literally too handsome for podcast. We were told that we have faces for radio. That is why we're doing it overall radio, We always leave ass. We passed a bunch of ideas around and because it was shudder, we knew that the connective tissue. Had to be genre, chile, but the main concern,
that we set a landed on. Was this idea of energies show that didn't necessarily feel like a typical interview show where we would go literally visits people in their homes or offices and where you know we would basically be involved up, and there would be no crew present to give the sensitive essentially to sort of forgetting that you reason being recorded and then ran on compensation would take place in the span of two to three hours cover not the person's body of work specifically, but rather who that person was what their childhood was ultimately led them down the path of creation in the dark world of Ghana. What was that something? You can hop in here was that world was something that you guys were always interested in. For Henry Markets and myself that was sort of a key bonding moment for all three of us when, when Mark is brought up the movie cannibal Holocaust and Henry- and I were like ITALY
twenty. I mean it's not like my favorite Orpheus badger. We even knew it like a person love I feel like it does come like I do. I really appreciate eighty of talking to filmmakers from an end be general creators of people like where they claim from because a filling horrors kind of a personal yeah, so Indiana you can take us off. If you want to leave this off, where did you learn of find or cover your fascination with this subject matter or just with this John Reed General. This is kind of really the subjective. Visitations in many ways is in a way It's it's counter intuitive. That sort of walking deliberately into dark subjects would be something that people would sign up to do and yet right, obviously we know millions. Do it every day. Love horror in and you know just tales of macabre dark things in general and why? is that I think you know. For me it was a lot of time
meaning and no relations as well as for me, I was gonna multi. Determining On the one hand, I had one of the most positive figures in my early childhood was my grandfather, who had a deep love of the universal horror, films, nicer, horror in general, and so we used to watch these old. We, we would watch all the regional classic universal whore movies together Saturday matinees in Chicago, in the 70s and and I started to associate service safety and warmth with those films but another part of it is that also related to having sort of a tumultuous childhood where there wasn't,
things were changing a lot in my calibration of my family kept changing and I kept moving and that when I first discovered horror- and specifically, it was stumbling onto the pilot episode the twilight Zone and when I was five years old and- and I think it was like being hit with a tidal wave of oh my god- I'm not the one who feels this disoriented and about the way the world works and I'm not I'm not alone, and- and now I I get enough for this would like what else is out there. That reflects the way I feel. Of course it took me thirty years to understand this, but I think that was that was really for me. A series of events throughout my life that really led to me saying. I think horror is what I want to commit my career to.
And of course rods. Drilling is the best of both worlds face for television and the voice for radio just perfect in every single way. Back in the day when, like smoking, cigarettes like helped your voice, let go, they would gargoyle the smoke to make an extra gravelly met, met menthol, it's good, for you absolutely allow I share with your work. Obviously your your life and career has been so well. It's been so well when examined over the years, was a woman who do do you feel like cause? You feel it. There was notable noticeable shift toward genre. When you decided to do maniac when you guys working on me, like you feel like it. There was a good thing that it's doing it because when did was made after maniac correct or was it during the time, read the aspect of vision watch. We know around that time I think we we we
secretly spit in our hands and ship about two thousand TED. I don't remember what your maniac was was about the same time. It was around the same time that the two things were faded, but there is, there is crossover because Alex Taylor who's the producer on Maniac friends of ours that we knew her? I think that's. Actually it was either through sure Daniel that I ended up getting in touch with Alex, who resort to me about many to begin with, so it was certain related, but they would. We didn't have anything to do with regard to the production robot yeah, that's interesting, like was, as we in the sand. For me, I don't know, I think it was the first up trinity to work on a real horror, film as an actor and then red go to, and I was initially reticent, because I don't really love the idea of remakes. Most of them are pretty terrible
have a reason to exist. Moreover, and this one I was so fascinated by the approach the fact that it was so different than most of the movie. He'll be, was really fascinating and almost had this like, oh, what's that What are keeping Tom can invite, which had as a labour proving months so yeah that it the opportunity to play a killer any in a or of them with super expect the rest was barely on screens. I was on set every day and working with the Dp Maxine, who, Dublin was me, as the operator ran off is always was dance of trying to figure out ways to get into frame and subtle, interesting ways getting my arms and hands, and there is one little John was that something that you had in mind that you always wanted to do- was to throw yours into this horror world and become a maniac in in the film maniac. Obviously, or were you inside
people. Often forget use. The did you didn't made dead alive like did once you, or did he talk to you? all about horror films when you guys were you know in such close contact, but his works after I saw Beverly creatures, which I think the first thing I of his legacy and then went back into his catalogue and watched everything except for bad taste or take into much later. But no I mean, I think, my my lover genre and horror started, but I was like six or seven years old. I have a brother who, seven years older than me, he was renting movies with his friends. Invariably they would be horror, movies, cuz, that's what they wanted to see and he would be like hey dude, come and check this out? Just don't tell mom, so I would get
to see these movies way before I should have, and I and I fell in love with and I am I going to be older. I got the more I saw the more I I deeply fell in love with the genre and saw for more than the sort of titillating Kim Jong Relevant, but but also for it's beauty and for the the art that Let me, then, I think, That's what I really started to see his I got old sort of explored the genre more fully was, I was just to the art of it and then from from an acting perspective. You know the maniac was just also. It was not easy to play fillin I'd, never really wait a minute just to be able to do something. Was really fun short stature performer. Short stature performer a lot of times I feel like I'm, especially if I want to come across as a dangerous person, I'm just going to my real life. If I want to intimidate somebody, I feel like I
Citgo overboard, benefic used of going over born in social situations, because you feel as if I haven't I'm small person rage, an end of training, who's leading like you want be scary. On camera, like you think that you would like a tour of the fellow short statured actor when you have to go in there and be fucking terrifying, is there a way that you have to get yourself up? And you end up doing that to you Family is well, do terrorize them as well. Could, I get accused of a lot indeed and rightfully so yeah I'm saying like a my compensating for my lack of height Don't have you two going crazy area, recently. I think the fun thing about Craig rate. Not really is the answer. Henry has been trying to validate his licensing caresses demeanour
How could you, if I don't go to withdraw these, actually find the inverse far more frightening? It's why weird people better terrifying, not allowed us either introverted Even to shoot me that's what I'm saying I untrussing drivers. Have you heard him? He was a nice many and he wouldn't you say so- sweet we barely signing rambling came outside, but Golly was asleep guy just new needs in people. You gotta stay away from absolute late, absolutely so Daniel what has been won. The experiences so far on visitations again, we are speaking with Elijah, wood and Daniel. What check out their part cast visitations and they are doing some kick ass things as well, with their production company, spect revision,
We should talk if we can about frightened about nightmare and ELM street. I want to talk about yet several things in Mandy, obvious, yes, but but Daniel. I guess just just quickly from your perspective. What what are you learning right now? What are some of the take away that you ve had in these conversations with these truly iconic directors? There is a point which elijah- and I had this realization after we recorded- maybe you know the first five or six cities that, without even meaning to we were inadvertently China conducting like a psychological study. We were weird collecting data. In the childhoods of almost everyone that we talked to that eventually led them down a path of embracing you know. Dark art, sir or genera, or or or what have you Daniel, where those mostly traumatic incidents or just sort of just life?
it is in general? Is it just a lotta wedges areas up was like, certainly that I mean that is, that is a real, a real factor that when you go the disruption recommended of people who make John reforms in luxury reforms, which is a very warm and welcoming community. I think that a lot of that is because its people, who feel misfits who don't fit in anywhere that you know it's a lot. And stay adamses coming together going in again, I'm not think I'm not alone, and I can. I will often come back to that. I think I m not alone as a sort of general explanation for why people love or London, but but What we found with with these conversations are visitations to be very specific about. It was that there were a lot of a lot of transients like
into got moved around a lot and there were a lot of a lot of broken homes or four or even more specifically, the loss of a key like support figure. During your grandparents, either through death or divorce or or circumstance yeah. At Lahti cases of of kids getting move two communities where they didn't know certainly feel like they sit in very well, like the parents, almost kind of held them back, though I mean it's like you think God they got rid of the parents or they be very successful. I think they would like to have their parents back Henry. Just because you play with yours There are bare- and we know that that is that is so interested in. That's why we just love, obviously talking with you guys
and is just always so fascinating to speak to other people in the arts, because their stories are always unique. Compare the similarities. It's it makes you feel less like another. We actually- and I think also the hope too, is- and this is, this really came through the process of recording, retaining saying it. We realized about five or six episodes in. We were conducting this sort of commonality, one of the fringe benefits of the show, hopefully, is that people who can relate their idols people that they look up to also express their their fears and insecurities in the fact that you know in the past that successes is not necessarily measly one, and I think only that spire peoples, a kind of,
forward- and there are knowing that you know taika waititi- is still like I don't know or along my crew- is going to go. So I'm just going to keep going They really do something beautiful about that. In regards to being inspiring other artists, we spoke with Michael Flanagan from Doktor Sleep, and I, We are talking about how you know everyone's, like all. Your career must be going so well we're like how is that has the feeling that I want to throw up every day, how kind just what a violent every single day of great His interview was really really revealing. That was actually a really great example of conversation where occurred to him to him over the course of our conversation, which was pretty incredible. That is like reasons he makes. The decisions that he's made in his are We back to things from his childhood and kind of connecting with me.
Literally heard him connect those dots, some of them for the first time. It was really amazing, awesome, Vericourt what you shows how purse his films were nothing. I didn't understand completely, especially like, because when we spoke with him, our selves, you was talking breaking down the shining like the difference between the shining and doctor sleep, alongside Stephen King's own struggles with substance abuse I don't know why. I never hippy is that before you how many times you ve seen the shining in you read the book, he know about kind of. What's even king is oh artist went through we really, oh, the shining is all just about being locked inside of cocaine. So scared of himself, which is the scariest job, think you can sit alone all day.
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how do you get it out of that? He was in the Goldbergs on the whole recently even recently said that he had one more and in which is out of here yeah I mean we, don't necessarily have a concept fully baby. We love the universe and in opportunity. It's really interesting at this particular juncture, with some of these really classic franchises. Is that reaches a point at which they ve been really played out, nor a little stale said the idea of taking something like that and is so beloved reinvigorating it with a new It is a really exciting prospect and trying to do something different, that no one's done before is really what something like that needs, rather than more of the same in a vehicle they try to do with health razor by just a casting a
that hell raise urban, it doesnt actually team who he was in fact he was just fat for Pinhead, because pitted at eight eight, and very my are now that That would be one of those in Indiana. You can speak to this. That seems like if you would be. If didn't producing nightmare and on the street it is. But blessing and then a massive like how the hell We go into lived up to the standards that West Craven set for that for this incredible, for this incredible incredible, iconic care. Nn series of films, as so does that send so that Is that more invigorating for you? That concept is like got a lot. We had some big used appeal, or is that like how the hell are we gonna do manage to pull that off if we have to yell having first, while should be said that that there's,
absolutely no conversation happening about us pretty sink thy Burnham stream is of nothing more than a wish on. Our part ignore the nice, but I just want to eat noses like can we help boost the signal to trust you guys, I think one of them if we talk about, manifest itself into reality. I think if we think we can do this, Franny, Krueger, Freddy. Oh god, I love it ready growing, Freddy Krueger, you STAR notes. Now we we we ve been. I mean I personally have been chasing a mean even today, back. Ten years when I was working as a tv writer, I was trying to get the rights and had a very specific take on it. It which we probably wouldn't be. You know that prudent to get into other passed by, but here we ve also Adam. Mortimer, who directed Daniels real for us, is obsessed with nightmare on ELM street in and we've all been sorted collectively talking about it, and you know we we have chatted with the right
there's a little bit and there's a lot of a lot of complications about the rye. So I don't know that any ones making a nightmare and on three film anytime soon but by. But I look, I think, with with anything like this, where there is so much baggage and in history, you're, gonna, piss off certain people, just it's out of viable, I mean I've even just enough that this whole thing came out of an interview we did with coming soon, where they asses to name five fantasy films, and we we just mentioned this and and now I think there been like five, ex other stories about it. Let it hit since that came out and Have you looked in the comments? People are already having arguments about. Not only that doesn't exist, only internet is so wonderful, but but you know, I think that this
we're just having it a team of really smart and thoughtful people comes into play. I I think it is, as we've talked about how we would hypothetically tackle Ed. I've had some pretty extreme points of view about abandoning a lot What's happened in the past and Elijah is a voice of reason to remind me that there are and they want to see certain things, and you know that even you have to balance things out. I know we will live if we ever were lucky enough to have it we'd love to have when do one more rodeo with us and we have fully baked. That is Elijah, said we. We have a certain general approach to it. That has never been done before in any of the iterations, that in some ways in our little minds, still so obvious that were a little bit surprised that hasn't been done before
it's it's really just kind of taking the mythology. That's there and and and asking yourself what other avenues can we walk down? You know what, if you took a left turn off of ELM street onto you, know what whatever Maple street art, you know what what other stories are around the corner. I was one of the story of Frederick Krueger like debts, thing on me like what about him: Ass, a molester, which is not, you know, might not the most exciting forego limited emerge that one kiss because per can- and this is the thing that so confusing about all of these- these long winded franchises. I mean this hung with allowing to wear like the cult of thorn comes into it. You like what the fuck is all this like what initially Freddy Krueger was only a child murderer and he wasn't, I believe, not established as a molester until the remake is that right Is that true
I got to say never, but I never liked the molestation thing. The killer is like it just putting a hat on it, so is it kills your partner will now. You know why you got their mothers you the best person in Hollywood Eliza. He just wants the killer, that's all he wasn't, neither molesters doesn't need it. Will I think that people on the internet were so a buzz with the idea of you guys. I handling such a massive undertaking is remaking nightmare on ELM Street, because of all your success when it comes to contributions, production or producing of Mandy. You guys do such a good job. I think I'm selecting cool, unique titles to work with fighting. How did you guys get to Mandy? Like It may indeed show up like I'd. It was wind blowing. It's my favorite movie still does the year took. It was great. I have a
shame Morton that created the chatter goblin he does. I show for adult swim is the production is, I know, for your pretty faces going to Hell. He pulled me or goblin than I However, my home now ass, you see me naked That's incredible! see, none will seem passes first found beyond. Black rainbow. By it. I remember I'm calling panels is managed. And saying you know at the risk of hyperbole. I think this guy is one of the most important filmmakers alive and we were able to track pants down when he was in LOS Angeles. We had lunch with him at Canter's on Fairfax. We literally said to him: we don't even care what it is we want to produce your next felt like it it's not about what project it is about you
He pitched us Mandy that day I'm working on, and I dont believe it had been completely written at that stage in these centres. Now read months later, for those that have seen beyond a black rainbow, it is a beautiful movie saw it's just shot so gorgeous, but it didn't have the same, Dorias Mandy had right, like Mary, is such a intense love story story, Sci FI, story, horror story. What makes it sing is the emotional connection to the very bottom of it, and also Nick Cage Fucking swinging for the and it's like he come. He really does it like he'd tears, eat terrorism down that scene of him in the bathroom is underwear is brutal and I think that I dont think, I knew that the cameras were running has talked about the two films two sides of the same coin. Both of them are dealing with the death of his parents
Movie beyond the black rainbow, he describes, as in inhale, It's not emotional and men, exhale. It is pure heart, pure remote. Any can really feel that, like that, they really do deal with similar things, but but Mandy is like an explosion of art and of emotion in Abuja. Give now I'd opportunity were wooden cage quite a bit now right because also lay cause you ve. Now you ve done you ve been several movies with him. I love him. Us as and when he has brought brought as well. When he's like ready to do it here is just fuckin an unstoppable force, and I know that I initially Panos had had him for the villain role. Correct It is like I want to be the hero. Oh, do has any insight into what it was. What oh, what convince panels that, indeed cage needs to be the hero because its short started a whole kind of different sides in a cage that we have seen
and while at least in a long time so junior like what was it that he showed where you're like that's the perfect, role than did anyone. I know you're gonna nail. It was there anything in particular way, as as panels tells it you know knit Eliza. The trust with neck and and neck. It is just a like a big hearted child in the body of an adult man of war citable and and and passionate, and he was really interested in what we were doing and and remember when we met him on set when you guys are shooting he loved the Spectre vision. He loved the vibrate. Enough. That name is when you started asking Eliza Saying relies on. Like you know, you guys, like you, you were pretty hereby like new film makers and envy What should I look at Elijah gave him beyond the black rainbow he loved it, and then we offer
The role of Jeremiah Sand at the villain Nick showed up in Vancouver to me. Panos with us all he was ready to say yes and he surprised I want to play the hero We were all heartbroken cigar. Shit is actually there was a cool little bit of new ones. Do that to you, which I really love? Is it wasn't simply that he wanted to play the hero? It was that he felt he actually articulated that he didn't feel like he had the emotional Mantelish, since there was a way he put it, but that he said he his life experience wouldn't allow in the place and in the way that he thinks somebody else could we don't always stood. Generous thing. It's like it's not saying now the hero, it's actually far more nuanced, and that is true of unshakeable. In doing this, I think some you should find somebody else right. I am capable of play This other guys that that was right. We'll thing anyway, just happened.
To answer your question a few weeks later, had a dream in which Nick was rat and and it dropped for him. The house could work, and I remember he texted us and said: did we make it? You steak, and we all said yes and then Elijah email said: hey we, we think we can make worker still down, and I will not do murmured amazing. Will he wrote back like let's drink some wine out of school stalls or what was the year for, can have to dig it up. We gonna dig it up here yet crush, let's crush skulls in your dreams, the internal higher right. Where I run at all and of course, the actor that played Jeremiah was Linus Roach, He just beasts. Did it and I got to say this off the record, very large penis.
Because our past in someone not that I'm thirteen years Ok, but I'm just asking a question like you know, I'm like to do look at him, nude too, because if he had a small pieces, truth is such a great job but like if he had a small donner. There are no is enough for me in the sky, and you should bring that up. It was written that that Jeremiah does have a small penis interested while and then so he played against time. How do you do that? The adage, are you like ok line is this is the part of the audition you're going to big speech? You happen to be driven on acid end. Your dog is out, let's see a baby or says if I can Hooters. Obviously I dont know I wouldn't works, and these are dishes to lionesses credit. Is it such a beautiful human? initially declined, he did not want to do the full frontal, nudity nudity in end panel, said: okay
around it and on the day describes having this realization that Women are so frequently forced to do this to keep their jobs that she would be It would be kind of an injustice for him to say, it s, a net that really is in some the cases for women. It's exploitative in this case quest for him. To give me a dirty, was the very important story point who who was I to say you know what we're just because I had the luxury of saying no doesn't mean that I should take action to exercise them and so he did it and I mean really a really a really funny thing to say, but I really kind of beautiful on his part. Two too loud,
Goods was audible, gasp, no we'll have did there not achieve honestly, you was a nice peanuts been felt like it was merely shaped. Crazy circus started with a very nice, but its wholesaler during a jot arouse keys, wholly mountain when they were like George Harrison was supposed, I guess, they'll be the lead of holy Mountain and they have Betsy in that movie, where he washes his butthole for like it's like you wash as he's ponderous alight and litter play George Harrison's like can we just cut the butthole washing scene and I'll, do it and get her ass cuz? I know two important to my film and that that George Harrison did have to pass a guy. I cannot do this. That's amazing, yeah! I'm wool What's communist, so now you have dingoes in railway. Will you ever? What are they Lennox rollout of the next couple of films in it. How would that feature into visitation, for you guys going to end up like? Is there a way you can are these two cuz? I know shutter must be super happy for somebody
there is such a new virus name in horror and shudder has been crushed in it. Well with our acquisitions around these here, like a dove tailing here. What we call a dinner ready, and we are actually just by coincidence that two films coming out right in a row. So we ve got Daniels. A real is our sort of our horror. Imaginary friend movie. That's coming out in, birds and Maria and then a couple months later, we now have a day get, but our film Colorado spaces coming out some ass man. It's it's a real special. Canada's all star second film, with Nick Cage and Richard Stanley directed that and we'd interview, rich and sat were visiting Episode is already available, so we're not specifically trying to promote our movies, but They often mean three of our filmmakers r, r, r unseasoned one, a visitor
I'm sure we'll continue to do that. Cuz. We we work with people, we find interesting and enough to know some people that we really it was also just remind those personal relationships to get a little deeper and deceptive showcase. You know deeper assorted perspective on these people. On there I mean that are season, one finale, our model tomorrow, an end in a world where were unlikely ever taken to produce a forum for em, but here, but you know who it was It took many many months to lock him down, but we are finally able to do it, and if you know that, I think that episode is just a knockout Skippy gets so intimate with discount talking about his life in and out the ways in which is personal experiences of have crept into his work and inserted? His is the
you see that he wants to leave behind this incredibly powerful conversation that, I think, would we were. Our selves were very enriched by we're cells honoured to have had the opportunity within him. He was so generous this time as well. How? I would love for you to expand on that, but I would just like for people to listen so go to so listen to visitors, since we are currently speaking with Eliza Wood and Daniel. No action out the pod cast visitations. It has Henry and my full indoors. I can't friggin wait to hear the shared by isn't rate, I have a question about of what's going on now with filmmaking. Obviously, Mandy was crowd, funded, correct, wasn't there are large, like internet movement, to get Mandy made once they found out Paris was making another movie or, if not like, just talk about how to oh geez played into giving them movies out to people that they want to see, because I feel like for the longest time the Hollywood machine would ruin the genres so many great innovation. They just don't care they water it down. Do you feel it worries?
another golden era for horror, because the fans have more of a say in I actually want to see and people seem to be listening. Combination of things that you can speak to this too, but I think we started our company in a juncture and wish which it preceded, this golden age that we're currently in as an answer to what we felt was a missing component, which was that there was no single place. Quality, interesting. Thinking. Jammer was being made in the: U s them in a lot of great Jonathan made an in other countries and a few examples of waste. Stand alone, but of movies that were being made and yes, but not like a movement happening company over the last decade? You know we were enough to get it to Sunday multiple times and we ve seen this shift of the time where sudden movies that would have been
Only playing in the midnight section of Sundance were being or bleeding into the regular competition that were clearly genre movie. Accepted and embraced by a much more community as it legitimate art form- and I think, only a lot of reasons. For this I I put a certain amount of that responsibility on unfilled festivals, like untasted fast, which I think has a lot to do with build the community and end Are you finding that larger voice around those sounds, and then alone at night, which is you ve, seen this uniform dawning stunning piece of art Diana seat here, horror for me, as they really did it saving Hindi film? I think of it? No one goes to see Andy he's as much as the true people will
photo to see what are now becoming almost like destination: horror, indie, films, cuz, you guys are just making pure movies, that people actually want to see but you're making movies for self that you want to see that the line with will all thus want to see, because your true fans and were true fans, would you for idle, Hawaiian seem to only exist in horror. We just kind of have to hold the line so that it doesn't cuz. You know cuz, too much money and then we're all fucked and then also Vandy's arrive universal and Where are you here? I mean? There's a man be five year, there's a kind of who think that there's like the big budgets like what would would have previously been studio movies and they are our handle. Blumhouse. So there's like a whole track of the bigger budget in horror movies that are very well handled by them. Doing fantastic and and
other studios aren't bothering with horror and then it's all independent studios, either independently finance or twenty four God bless them. Weebly View state, making John Rafael Bay, two thousand four hundred and twenty four is the only time something like Spectra vision. This is the best time for you all to shine like is this something that you had wanted to do in a long time for a long time, sort of production, company and you're like because, if technology because this sort of realignment of the power structure. That's going on in Hollywood. Right now like this is the time to strike and do you feel like you could have been able to do this five ten years ago or it just is just right. Now is the perfect time it wasn't strategic on our part it was purely motivated by us becoming friends, realizing that we have a shared mutual love of genre and horror, Bigley, the kinds of movies that weren't being made regularly at the time,
and it just so happened to coincide with this beautiful renaissance and embracement of the genre in general. You know it was not at all strategic. It was not like you know, it's like. Let's make this The iron wasn't hot we'd still be making it wasn't. It was purely like we love this, and these are the films we want to make filmmakers that we want to support. Nm awesome an interview with Robert Altman that I refer to a lot when, when we get asked this question in which someone asked him for the end of his career, how he could account for the ways in which sort of six ag through the site guys with sometimes his films, being you, kids and sometimes them serve you're. Not even getting real release and is answer was it's not me, it's exacting
its design guys. I've always moved it straight line, and sometimes my interests have aligned with culture and sometimes they haven't- and I think we know many of the greatest artists, I think behave that way yep horrors is a genre that you know like Michael Myers, never dies it always comes back from the dead tends to reflect times of anxiety. Global and national anxiety and meaning of done studies where they see that the horror boons tend to coincide with or follow times of war. Now we're sort of Post WAR society. Now I mean you know it's it's it's either no war or everybody's dead right, but I think you know, This is a very stressful time. It is in the world and regardless of your political beliefs, we're all on edge. There is a feeling of great Instabill
and have you know which ever store, whichever narrative you choose to believe you you're part of that narrative, Is that the other side lying to you? You can trust institutions whether it be the media or government in and all that coalesces around what genre, origin for Europe's which is yeah I mean superhero is, is the the other side of the coin is? Is the wish fulfillment aspect of our people, who are rock solid? Are people who will keep me safe there, people out there who you know who are rock solid values cannot be corrupted. That's sunny side of the street our side of the street? Is there aren't any of those people who were all in over terrified and end?
What shown respect to those two realities, superhero movies and horse and the menacing force- can't be stopped. There's nothing! You can do it in the end. You bear movement. Nanda hormone, it's gonna be cut internets, one on what are you guys watching right now? What is what horror that you guys or in the middle of, is running in your watch, and you would give a shit. I'll. Do anything you, like haven't seen a new horror movie in a minute light. Use you like the light out now as a form of go, my God, the lighthouse stunning It is so beautiful and it's kind of movie we're living a really interesting age in which people are given to our being given keys to a kingdom without really anyone watching what they're doing seen it and that's great play exciting and I was like
its tenuous, and then it could disappear at any moment. Some so relieved that we're living in this era, where a movie like the lighthouse can even get made. I mean it shut. In an aspect ratio that has really weird for a lot of people. I know people whose why was it shot like that, I like it it's almost too much control and the artist lotta do whatever the volume one which is very exciting, but thankfully- and I'm so grateful that Robert I was given the opportunity to make that movie. It is really stunning the performances, and Willem Dafoe are incredible. It's just a stunning piece of work as you will remember, for eyeball aim and it's not it's met, Reeves is drafting that right. Yes,
Batman. Rumor? Is that, potentiality that they're adopting the long Halloween also by my man like I'm, really exciting, because he's also intimated that he wants to make a detective movie. Could you take that man that was detected route and hollowing? It's all jails, tracking down a serial killer. It is so rad honestly, is Daniel, as you were talking about. That is a perfect marriage of the superhero and horror genre, As long as you can beat up at least like ten guys I need some action was taken to action there could, then you can put the magnifying glass out and that we want to make sure he knows enough. You did Sunni kicks enough. That is absurd. I'm is about
I don't know that all that I'll ever get over the fact that the dark night never got properly, never never had a direct adaptation it it's just like little bits and pieces of it in late and ended up in applying my Frank Miller had never have never end our night returns with regard to return, sayin you'll die Louis as old Batman, this is all about man. I want him so bad guy he's gonna, say to some with somebody one of his people don't know if I'm inventing this memory, but- but I remember there were some conversation about dark night returns, getting adapted work where they were trying to get an eastward and he said he. I have no interest in being a superhero movie in my reply by Nobel Arena. I just want shout out to it's, not a a movie but a video game that I'm playing right now in the horse baseball control.
Is probably my favorite kind of horror, Sci FI thing that I've come across that in fact it's eating up so much of my I haven't seen any new horror films. It's almost like they figured out how to turn a David Lynch Movie into a friend of an rpg. Pizza yeah, it's it's incredible. I will be downloading that tonight. Well, so much for being on the show we really appreciated. This has been such an honor gagging. We just we ve, been a fan of your work for so long, and you know it's just you're, just sort of your your part of the fabric of our community and so happy to all be together little world of the mecca, but would you guys are doing virgin rise? Fucking hell is really helping out say. Thank thank you guys. I have a question for you feel indulge me for. Of course, I share your questions real. What one is, are you guys are. You believe us
turn normal. This is something I can never put my finger on. In your conversations, I like, I believe that there is no such thing as absolute truth. I think that the universe, the fact that reality is created by the three pounds of jelly in eye skulls shows that reality is very changeable and very thin, and it is unpredictable and unmeasurable it's something that we are cuz we're kind. Consensus reality. I didn't get a lot of time. Paranormal stuff can be described as either We haven't discovered yet or just the fact that we lives tenuous, multi, dimensional world worship, I'm in and out, but that that's how I believe in it, but then I believe that their there, I think you know, I believe in psychic abilities. I believe telekinesis, but again I think that's future science and I think that ghosts are essentially just like giant energy parts I mean
I don't know I do want to believe- and I do feel like people are experiencing a lot of different paranormal activity, and you know when it comes to you a foes or or goes whatever it. May be its real too, to the extent that people through their lives entirely based upon their perception of what they ve seen. So it's like it's real in the sense that if you're you have? Also just you swear to God. You saw alien and next thing you know you're making that bill What was the guy? You just took the dump by the tree when the window, the document a man, the curse of the man who sees you affirms the curse of the various easier votes, yellow a couple you posted shatters, spanish in any other site, is show this documentary crew, where he shouted. Spain is seen ass. Writing pilgrim doubt about our shared right here, actually right, so so to the extent that that man's life is for ever altered. That is a very real big, so yeah, I think A very powerful forces at play certainly certainly a powerful
to alter someone's entire life trajectory got it. I my second quite might my focuses Henry. You do your skeleton impression, huh. I've got my time at the time, my business I got to know. Is this what I will say that this is Michael Cashman, above goodness, checks? visitations with Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah. You will not be pointed beg. You also which were being other show. We really are going to spend an honour for us to guys hell, yeah, so much guys law all right. There was a light, your word and Daniel, no better tailored to the very tense incredibly kind, and you know what dude like when we started the conversation we were like we're. Such big fans are only you know. This was recorded or not, and Daniel is like I'm a huge
fan of last part guessed. It still surprises me. It is nice that, like eight list, how do they know If I still like no one listens to us right like no. I don't know how they know Could you not evil? They mostly just It's really cool to see and I think our listeners are are similar to us where it's like, if you ve seen it walked home alone at night or you ve, seen Mandy like these are the people who are making that's enough and the way movies kind of work. We are part of show business like these production companies. The fact that a honestly, Elijah wood is using his influence to make horror good, and a good horse like we had to support the fuck out of these movies, because if we don't that's how we lose and they want it not to succeed the day. O d don't want, it is old, wanted to succeed, because it does not make an huge money. Man he's not making huge money. Go walks homer
and I saw making huge money that they are making that they're making waves socially their bridle are talking about. Movies, which is, I think, beautiful for art, but you're, staying like being all if you'd only wants it. The next day they want to know what the money back the next and I love Plum house movies, but they definitely also kind of its. It is the horror factory now right. Absolutely they put out these high profile ten pull summer, horror, films. Every year it's a lot of sequels, which I also don't mind because we love every fuckin cheesy tee. I want more horror, more horror, always I love it, but no that they make money, they go in print money. They go in these days, the put ship out these movies and they get their money back immediately. These are things. These are films that only two: Africa, because we like absolutely so keep on supporting great sin. Ma, and you know just war films that that need our support and always will because again, this January as popular
It is now it will be under attack once again as just it works. If not it's our way of life, it's our way especially the way they said that to about how horror like a family in a generous kind of of a family, and it it weird how you kind of become feel close to filmmakers, even though you have nothing to do with this, their films, they're doing I be so their me and like man we're weak all are on the same team, and I didn't really appreciate that apps Julian, of course, of the listeners of this, show we're on the same team as well. Without you, we don't exist and we don't take that for granted too. So, let's never take our favorite genre for granted. Either. I thought we must fight. Thank you so much for Can we really appreciate it and we will see you all in all, washing indecency this Saturday fry this Friday Friday this Friday, yet
we're Agnes. We already know what we do in the world. We can Washington DC on Friday, so come on out to the death, becomes US festival and it's gonna be a great time. Yet we got room be open for by agenda is yes embody. The show very excited to perform with her excited. Do they show excited to be in the nation's capital is always wonderful, like an hour longer going to sit there to Geneva nasal time. So, thank you all so much for, We need your cell Satan logos relations, oh yeah, oh yeah, body, all year. You show was made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our add sponsors, you can support our. Shows by supporting them for more shows the one you just listen to go to last,
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