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2019-04-10 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: a wooden bong in Woodenbong, a fallen Mouseketeer, and MORE.


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This is the loss is on the left side. Yeah Moon mission is so what's up, Buddy man another day in the city of angels. You know what you can't trust this setting? U K, you really can't. I know that's the one thing about LOS Angeles, what I've let it into enough of my spirit. Now he's really happen here. Wendy. This is the only environment. She isn't comfortable she's comfortable in what you seven good and she's Jr while walk she's a she's literally just a. I do a tiny little could creature that need sunshine. Twenty four seven, that's right, but It is not a place to be trusted. No, I don't understand how people have kids here. No, absolutely not
literally the entire industry is based on lies, it's Hollywood. That is next. What I'm just now it seems like Hollywood is, you know no longer attempting to be the moral authority of the country, I've seen some photos from. My friends who live in the late seems like there's some parties going on there you go to parties fun, that's good! That's what no notice for fun in thirty minutes, for it is that it is supposed to be we're making movies and that's it. That's it. Of all right. Everyone welcome decide stories. I am banned. Kissel with Hollywood, Henry to browse Ski IBM, home very, is auditioning for the next big role of polish newsy. Oh your paper for you. So only drew graphs. Only five rocks for the paper. That's my polish newsy phase. I actually watch a documentary about a polish artist. I believe them Suge shoes,
hockey on that was discovered by a family member of of LEO Di Caps, my old buddy MR to CAP, and apparently he had some hi in the most polish way possible. He became art as a sculptor became fascinated with the ancient art of like the mesoamerican circle. The kind of the Central Americans kind of art, that's like old school Astec Sheet, so this will at or so his art is central american Aztec ART through the mind of a pole. Well, someone who's polish! Ok, so we created these giant bird headed polish warriors, who supposed to be about getting back to the purity of the heart of the polish warrior, and what in like our ancient peoples where they came from, but it and just sort of coincide with what the Nazis were doing in the fool society. About really praising this. How magical? Why people use me, and so he- ruining everything for him right there. It is classic classic bull,
very well speaking of ruining everything for them. There has been many a career that has been ruined specifically in the aforementioned Hollywood when it comes to Nexium we have a small update on the nexium cult. Of course we don't know, anything yet about what sentence or what the trial is going to look like for the leader, Keith Rainier, but a couple of the under leads are are really seeing the heat right now from the destiny, remote system, written Eared, Rainier is oh yeah. He is absolutely fucked. We covered next time. If you want to look at one of for side surgery ever did. We just did sort of our version of a deep dive back when we were kind of figuring out what the show was. So you can kind of get a breakdown of what this sex alt was all about, but we now his second. We now know that his second in command, Allison Mack, who actually won best sidekick in a t
the series for the, I believe, the kids Choice award really C W Superman drama. She wanted two thousand and six and two thousand and seven that Smallville right, that is Smallville. She ended up. She is now given uh she's. Now, please, guilty. Okay for her role is the right hand, woman in the sex slave cult nexium, and she was falling really selling. How sorry she is. She said starting to Allison Mack right here to plead guilty before you honor. I must take full her possibility for my contact. I I'm very sorry for my role in this case. I am, very sorry to my family and to the good people. I heard your wife and this guy- you did did here and sticky through new years teaching, so somebody is about to be a real then rolled in Roland Yep, I'll, absolutely re. Absolutely his foe
oh yes, he is, and I'll tell you one thing with that kind of performance. I'm just going to predict once she's out of print We have an Oscar nomination, coming it yeah. She couldn't, she can just get those water works, and you know you're going to court. You can't cry on the yet outside does matter? If you're crying going in you're gonna cry command God. I know you got ten minutes. You got ten minutes to make a statement. You gotta start cryin sporting, a beige sweater, black pants and leopard print shoes, and a brown straw piercing her bun, the thirty six year old confessed to being part of a secret master slave group within Nexium called Does MAC have been facing sex trafficking charges. Prosecutors allege women in D Os or branded with the rainiers initials of room to have sex with them, but they we're not among the count she pleaded to Monday interesting. However, she still admitted to keeping a slave.
She, instructed women in the group to maybe quote unquote perform services for yeah, but she said this system was designed to make them think they could suffer. Serious harm if they didn't perform services is all out to quotes optical work in triple a the service services, I think you can just say if they don't have sex with Keith Raniere. I don't think we need to have like the services like wink wink. What could that be? yeah. Installing a surround sound system. I was a member of a secret society founded by Keith, Rainier MAC, told the court. I concealed key to his role as the head of the hope that's She said she believed her nearest intentions were to help people quote unquote, but she was quote unquote wrong and vowed to be. A better person asked, if he had a clear head. Mac admitted she had one beer last night,
I honestly don't know. That's one of the funniest things uh, Michael Cohen, when Michael Cohen was gay. In his testimony to the judge to the judges like. Do you have a clear mind? Is I had a couple of glasses of whiskey does We are you. Are you, okay, people? It's like Alex Jones going by the jelly. I don't know why it's chilly, I'm not sure I can even drive right now I certainly don't have a clear ask. Mister Jones, that's in contempt of court. No. This is yeah? I I love to see how sorry she is now she's. So sorry, absolutely course: 'cause, honestly 'cause, that's what really that's all I wanted to hear. Sorry, that's it! I say: let her go. It is important to have remorse. When you start branding people an that meant to or forcing them or core getting them into sexual slavery. Next it's not just Allison Mack. Obviously she is the celebrity face behind this cult. Scandal, Nexium Kofi
There are also pled guilty in a New York sex slave K This is Nancy Solomon. She is a registered nurse who was also known as prefect within the embattled Upstate New York Self Help organization this is what she had to say. She says this is in. Obviously, once again she is choking back tears, but she did not fully cry, not attack dress, not an act, not an actress. She she did gotta. Remember the bad auditions. No, if you really want to cry or really good way to do, is to remember the time you worked auditioning to play, fat man eats burger and they tell you next time are great. Take great, take Henry on next time: little less yep yep! No, it's always whenever I would walk into an audition that I just no longer do, because I could tell it was completely futile tile. There look the look of on there. This is when they were like. Oh, I guess we'll have to put the camera up possible
I'm not going to get this? Am I started grabbing Macy's Kasinga? So it's it's been like YO after cold. Always on main other than those having to take off my shirt and spin around like a jackass, the other worst audition was when I didn't get to play Sasquatch, and I did this whole like not grunting thing and then the guy in the room who was like with the but it was just like super mean and all that the directors were like no, no, no, no. No, we talked we talked. We talk like that after leave. That's what we say about them behind their back, but he was just a corporate news like that was the thing I've ever seen. I can't want it this would sound like that and I'm like we never even heard Sask watch. Why are you going to see? We have we have castle there's actually a currently on ESPN, covered the Sasquatch calling competition, which is true. We, ladies watch, it has sort of like a yelp. 'cause, I got like it's a high school. That is true. Well, apparently, I didn't prepare enough for
Well, as a Sasquatch, I had to walk down, though so this is according to ' Nancy. Salzman again I mean some people put her on par with. The three near she was so yeah. She was in charge of the money she was making sure this whole thing worked out. Keith Rainier, like most idiot cold leaders, was just there to have sex with a bunch of people. Well, that's what he thought. He thought he could inspire enough people to do all the hard work for a long period of time, and it does work out for a couple of months. In total people don't become psychic or you don't open the portal to the next dimension, and then you have to move the date and of course this worked out for a lot more than a couple of months. Let's not forget renew on the cover of Forbes magazine. I think Oprah talked about like this was a mainstream quote: unquote, self help groups That's what's so interesting about this, so this is according to cells. When she says it has taken some time and soul searching to come to this place. I bet I'm sure it did a lot of
a lot of legal, a lot of lawyers telling you that you're completely and utterly as well. That might have helped her supposed to the soul searching come to the place she finds herself now. This is what she had to say she continues. I accept that some of what I did was not just wrong but criminal. If I could go back and do it over again. I would, but I can't wow He is as brave as Patricia Arquette, who is allowed herself to look vaguely disgusting in the act. That is just what a brave woman very brave and of course, let's not forget, Renee years old. He was arrested in twenty eighteen in Mexico and is currently being held without bail in Brooklyn on sex trafficking charges The time of his capture. Mac was living in her luxury villa in Puerto Viata. That's according to the court papers and I gotta say for Mr Rainier, I think he's in the hard way that his motivational speaking doesn't mean
I think it is asked on a regular basis in a Brooklyn jail, because that is one of the places you don't want to be you are fucked buddy. You are fucked and they're going to come and get you dude. Everyone of you Lord soldiers is turning on you. This is what always happens so This is why the end up killing everybody. This is why coal to end up committing suicide yeah, because at some point you wonder, the gun start turning inward and then you need to close up shop, and so that's one way to do it without having to deal with the embarrassment of sitting in a jail cell. At one point you were God now you are just shake the clowns, fuqing selling. It also did you with the guy was like yeah because I could go to the bathroom legally and then That's the only explanation! Now, you're back home. You know he sits in a room with a cut out of Allison Mack going come to me. Come to me.
Happening well, she'll, definitely be in a cell herself for a little bit of time to sentencing. Forced open is set for a July. Tenth, I'm assume that's a time frame for Allison Mack, so we'll see what deal they got. Obviously, both pleading guilty. Tends to me: they struck a deal with prosecutors and again as Henry mentioned Keith is that the head of the snake and the tip of the spear and that's the person at the federal authorities and state authorities, would like to see behind bars for the longest amount of time, because, of course, this whole thing would not have existed without his strain change my mind and it's another story. Much like Jonestown much like the way was that the temple there. Is that the call? What was the name of Jim Jones is the People's temple. You remember looking that you got all those facts and I get all the bags in there, but you know what it if Catherine here was just not a bad person, he probably could have actually helped people. It seems like he had some good philosophes, but then
she is the branding and he gets a God complex and the whole thing things were he he held rich people stay rich, right right so that if you already have a lot of capital, it's easy to make money because money seems to attract money. Yeah I'll, give you just spending money, that's what they tell All these people were rich. Is that basically, you span you dump into the system comes back out as you're were supposed to do or you just poured it right, like you're, a Mister Buffett who is just sitting there and he's got the same pairs of shoes, five hundred and twenty years, Well, you know that's interesting and you do wonder if that's one of the reasons that he got busted the same way that Bernie Madoff off Bernie Madoff did many p. I have done to middle class and poor people, and they don't see a day. A jail cell Bernie Madoff ripped off rich people.
And in some ways, Keith Raniere ripped off rich people and then they're like nobody, I'm sorry we're not we're not having any stain on us there's something I want to talk about, possibly with Marcus on the show too, because I want to get his thoughts. I watched the documentary that Lance Bass put out about loop All I do know that existed. It's on you tube. I don't like. I said I didn't subscribe to you too, but I I got it okay, I went and I got the I got the documentary and I think that it's a very interesting this concept of ponzi schemes. At some point you become almost like. I wonder if there's a girl, okay, category of criminal, that's like serial killer, but for financial crimes were at some point. Lou Pearlman was give did correct with the backstreet boy. And in sync I mean not personally, not spiritually, not like as a person, but it turns out. He was successful. Oh yeah, absolutely
the engineer these guys. He dumped a lot of money into these guys. He be got them training. He put them out there, he got them distribution, he did all we sort of like and then obviously everything was wrong. He thought he fucked them over deeply and in terms also himself but went back street boys and sink finally got out of the contract from him. He became a weaponized financial criminal, where all of a sudden heath purposely ruining people's lives, especially the poor. He's getting whatever money that he they had. He would just suck it all up and then that It is a with all these, like kind of fake financial reports, the same thing that birdie made did the same thing that Jordan Belford. Did you just start making up statements and sending it back and forth, but there's in America financial death? It seems to be almost as real as physical death were, you can ruin somebody's life so thoroughly financial yeah Becaus, it Becaus.
The way our system works, because we don't really take care of our people in a systematic way that we should write right can make someone almost like you I mean do, but what my dad used to talk about. You started a I'm worth more dead than alive yeah, and then he was like that concept works. Like you just all of a sudden. You are a nonentity. You cannot enter into the american world because you don't have any way to buy that. And I think that was a way of older Hollywood thinking. Hopefully, they've changed, but you look at Harvey Weinstein as well a lot of the people that he that they, He said you better have sex with me or else a lot of the people who accepted the or else and did not have sex with them. Argue you, I think, store Sorvino's daughter. I forget her name. She was in the mirror serving yeah. She says that he just ruined her career. She said after that, after I didn't have sex with him, it was done. That's the power of when they talk about the powerful, that's the power they have absolutely and then Lou Pearlman is just wiping you out right. What happens when you got zero dollars in your bank? Account, like your fault,
When you get a lawyer, I don't think so. No ones working over Lance Bass, pro bono, you know well dad They ended up getting. There was because I was the ideas they got out and then they end up having their scare career talk and took off even farther than it was, but it's a very interesting story. I I just wonder because Bernie made off too and I think Bernie made off doesn't get as much attention only because he ripped off the rich, so people don't have as much sympathy towards the rich yeah, where, like other dudes, just kind of take. Whoever is willing to get. I would like to know what was it Eleo was that band that talked about Abercrombie, Abercrombie and Fitch? all those would. It was just like nothing but boy bands for, like nineteen I like girls, that wear Abercrombie and Fitch. It was a horrible song, but I would now with his other kit. That was his other. I do part I would like to see how much money those dudes actually have, because I guarantee you that contract was horrible. Well speaking of boy bands, the first boy, bands of all time, where did the occur. Where were they at? They were on the Disney Channel Abe
he was found at the home of missing original Disney Mouseketeer Dennis Day. Body was found in his and by the way you got to read this article to USA. Today they show a little picture of that is when he was a mouseketeer, and for some is in television when it was just black and white and starting out was really scary looking horrified his name. His name is Dennis Day, so body was found at the home of Dennis DE in original Disney Mouseketeer. Oh god, I hate it. When he's old he's got the myski be got the Mickey mouse hat on Oman. He looks like he's. He escaped from the home. He really does look like you might have escaped from a mental health facility. He an original mouseketeer who has been missing for over eight months. The human remains have not been identified in the investigation is ongoing. That's, according to Captain TIM Fox, a spokesperson for the Oregon state place on.
Thursday April. Fourth, two thousand and nineteen, the Medford assault and death investigation unit was contacted by Phoenix Police Department after human remains, were discovered at five hundred and ten Pine ST in feet. Today day, is seventy six years old as a mouseketeer with the Mickey Mouse Club for two years in the mid 1950s and was one chipmunks, the most famous child performers on American tell a and he danced and sang on millions of black and white tv across the nation where in the iconic Mickey Mouse, your beanie and sweaters emblazoned with his name Oda Ridge. Mouseketeer. I didn't even think that any of them would still be alive. It's so things, to see him as an older person. It's very horrifying because all of those little boys and little girls, I mean the girls kind of grew up to women. We have like Annette Funicello Sheriff Indiana Sexy, I'm going to like they keep their. Bullies boys faces, but then they grow one to like drifters.
Around the little boy's face. So if you do you look at him in its haunting because, if is just cut out the eyes, nose and mouth, it's a little boy I put it on somebody who like looks like he hunts little boys, but, like a body but this is sad Odette's day he was married to his husband. Ernest Cazwell in two thousand and eleven a day has and been seen since July when he vanished from his small town he left behind his beloved cat and dog and Ernest Caswell who they have been together. For more than forty five years he suffers dementia and me, problem. So that's really sad, but then it seems like it sounds like they might have found his body. Yes, they found it in. They don't know what remains are, but they are at this place, five hundred and ten Pine ST and they think it's Dennis Day so days, rural home and proper
so you've been previously searched along with local cemetery, Zan Canals, but nothing was found. That's until Lieutenant Jeff Price of police department, told USA today, two months ago that day's car was found about two hundred miles away. On the again coast in possession of two strangers who claimed they. Let them borrow it. Oh, it was impounded by Oregon State Place and later search, but there was no sign of foul play other than the fact he might have his remains in a home somewhere. So I would be looking into these two dudes who just like he gave me the car I have never in my life actually If anyone be like have my car, I have never heard of that. It never happens the conversation of trying to get my grand father to stop driving right to give up his car was one of those being like. You did good you can kill Mussolini with my own. Bare hands would come and take my car like they're, not going to he's not going to give up,
Scott we shouldn't be driving. Probably not is a step in the world knows computer, but not or dementia. He should be drive every old man as soon as they grab the wheel they just there Charleston has in there like from cold dead, hands and used to be easy, here to be a man, but now everybody's fighting the man. Unfortunately, it might very well be taken from them by their cold dead hands. After start a massive highway pileup, and then this out of their people too, so when the jaws of we've called men peel them from the car? Yes, but you know I'm going to say that if your grandmother right now, first of all nice good job, but If, if you are and you're having trouble, seeing just give up the car, let him drive you think about it. The status symbol get getting out here. It's like a chauffeur or look at that, get over yet mean have them. Take you to wherever your dimensionally mind is taking you will
It's got to be. I don't know where that's going to go like is it just like? Uber is going to start getting weird request to like take me to the rack. Fixed or why not, of course, go to a fun pet store. Take him to a field somewhere and say everything is on sale have fun with it. No I mean I think you can take their money for the flowers they fall out of the field now be fought books. Thank you record. That is a scam. I'm sure there would be a lot of trips to the VFW. I do wish the only thing I've never wanted to be in combat. I watch a lot of war. Documentaries looks really stressful, but the one thing I do wish I could have is a conversation about the more days at a vfw 'cause. They seem really fun, even though no, smiling and all the stories are really sad, but it seems like they're having fun. Vfw's are fun, it's fun to be a part of the uncles who survived yes, but when you go to those places, what you can do is that what will what will happen to us in our 80s? It's going to well sitting mean, like you, remember,
when we watch the Gulf WAR be over in three days on television yeah. I remember remember that time we learned that Marcus you should get far did all over and when he was a boy yeah I do yeah. I do shame. He died the old that shovel accident- oh, my goodness, you gotta use rubber shovels at some point after among turn. Seventy I'm buying him nothing, but rubber rubber shovels, I'm going to start a whole industry on rubber shovels will go, will hire people to pre, dig holes, we'll put we'll put the big out here, be like Marcus. Look at the hard work you did yesterday and he said how was dick yeah yeah Marcus, yet you were just like when just like, whatever they at the tree on the White House lawn the dummy president, whoever that president happens to be put to one scoop on top and then there's like take
make sure it's like you didn't do anything, but, yes Marcus. You did all the digging speaking of missing people. Oh my quickly go over this story, the story of the disappearance of Timothy Pitzen. Now, oh yes, on May eleven, two thousand and eleven six year old american boy, Timothy James Pitzen, was dropped off at school in Aurora IL by his father James Pitzen. He was picked up shortly after by his mother Amy fry Pitzen, about an hour after his father had dropped off Timothy Amy, it's in a strange wife picked him up inside a family emergency that was not real took him. As various toll war of the newsmen parks and resorts Jay's, where it the date she called on the father's brother and her mother and basically saying I've got Timothy, don't worry about it! They did this little tore
next thing you know her body is found death dead of apparent suicide yeah with a suicide note. That said that apologize for the message he created and she explained that Timothy would never be found, but with safe with people who would care for him. So last week I do this drifter guy yeah. It was good. I guess I forget he was he was being picked up for some crime I believe was, for it was up a burglary third degree, felony vandalism and he said that I'm Timothy pets in, but they just did, the dna work to see if there was a match and it was not a match. He was lying, so Timothy Pitzen is still missing. There is something about the story that is fucking haunting. It's this whole. It's this breakdown she did this statement that she made saying Timothy is fine. He is safe with people you, will never find yeah. That's sounds like he might be safe with the angels and she wants to go, join them and obviously she did commit suicide, but I'm not sure if she's hanging out with the angels. This is
or into the family. They got dna sample from Pittston's maternal grandmother, Alana Anderson, this is a cord Anderson. She says it has been off. Well we've been on tenterhooks ever since this happened. She also added that the family has been, alternatively, hopeful and frightened to not KERA Jacobs, says it's devastating. It's like reliving the day, all over again, Timothy's father is devastated once again. So you know the story of this guy. I guess just trying to get out of trouble. It seems you know not the biggest deal, but then you got to think about the family and just being jerked around like that some random twenty three year olds vagrant is you know, as I say, the very least inappropriate. Yes, I mean it's a good grab. It's a good idea. He sort of looks like it he's a he's, a haunting looking. Have you seen the of the day, yeah yeah. He does look like one of those. What real orphan looks like yeah, like not a Hollywood orphaned, you just looks like somebody
who is just never had anybody to love him one time, but he's got a boyish face like a mouseketeer, which is also what and a lot of these musketeer GL getting turned out. Yelp police found the found the knife the fright pits in had used a killer, so it had to her blood on it, but then, under concerning amount of blood belonging to Timothy, was found in the car, but also her cell phone was missing. So we not really know it's like. We don't know what happened right for me, it sounds like maybe just maybe she was murdered and the sun was taken as a result could it could be. That could be a murder suicide. Somebody wrote the note but where's the body. We have no clue where He is obviously that is the big question here: Jim Pets and that's the father. This is really sad. He said that this is the final words he had with his son, Timothy Timothy up, isn't all the channel about the last morning. He dropped off his son. This is what he said he said daddy and I said
the body, and he said I love you too daddy and I'll, see you later and I'm like. Okay and I watched him run off to class. So my god that is like cats, it's hosts! So sad right. You know you just never know what happening. You can't guess what it really just shows. You can't trust mommy right. All the I mommy trust mommy, because Mommy's got the new bill Mom is not feeling well a two day and sometimes mommies frowned can be day. A laser Gaga's Aug gets one so it's a little update on Timothy Pitzen, but the next door here. This is actually really interesting and So Henry really wanted to talk about this and it takes place in my birth state. I was I was born in North Dakota and this you're bored in North Dakota. How is one of the biggest babies the hospital of ever has ever seen? If you know anything about North Dakota? Is there a big people
for big people, so they they have their ship. You out like in a U haul, not quite but close enough. You suck at peace So what you're going for here buddy? So this is about a car prechter's been charged with killing four people. I love this story. There's something about this again again, love is never the right word in these situations, intrigued by this story, you're right here it. Let me put my intrigue hat on sorry. I'm listening to a lot of I've been listening to cereal for the first time. I'd never listened to it, the way she is like for for, had on the whole time is very strange: yeah, so I am putting that lens on So North Dakota, multiple homicide, a chiropractor charge in killing four at a management office. Now it's very stupid to very kind of twisting turning store. That's just beginning right. I've got my eyeballs on it. Chad Eizik, who is a well known chiropractor, which we had one in clear water yeah my dad used to what a car pressures all the time because he had horrible arthritis. Now I believe
I am not a fan of car practic car prechter eager prick, there's a lot of debate about whether or not it's real doctor- and I don't I used to go. I would a couple of times do not yeah, I'm the guy was fine, it's just the core, the sound of bones, cracking All day long when you're a firecracker just crawled across the user, put you on this thing and then they would, you would lay down flat facing the ground, and then they would push your back into this like slit like it like yeah made this thing track. Oh, it still gives me sherpa shimmers. I told you my story about me as a boy about how my mom had had this chocolate cake that she used to get from Costco. That was my favorite thing on the face of the planet is a little kid it's like double chocolate thing coverage in curly, chocolate shavings on top that who I loved it, but I was only supposed to have one piece right, so my mom was out of the house, and so I was just like this kid I was probably like eleven or so I want that cake
Google mail. So I'm rushing down there. My mom leaves the house Russia go down the stairs. Now these old plank wooden, stairs going down in the basement is in New York. I've fall down all the way on my back like poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, We just destroyed knock two vertebrae animal. I am in my of my lower spine yeah. I still get the cake right all of my hands and knees I get to the K. Can I eat a chunk of it right, correct itself, cut to always tell you that a notice your children are used to do with my former roommate cap. All the time when I ate his food is like have half of the set which no half needed to know. So I go to the chiropractor because I have to go to mommy my hurts. My It hurts 'cause, they were saying my butt hurts again. I didn't tell her what happened, and so when I went into the eye took, I had to sit on a pillow. My mom gave me a pillow to sit on. I went to the chiropractor and he's like we got loose in this up. So we put me on this triangle facing down on the mat me pull my
pants down around. My ankles is true: he put electrodes all over the top and in order to Zach me to release the muscle. So we could snap it all back and plays. I don't know what he was doing when he, when he I'm in Brazil I'm in position, and I remember him being like I'll be right back. I have the charges go. He goes he close door, doesn't latch so the door. Just slowly back up as this family comes that's. It sees just the nude boy covered in chocolate cake. Oh my god. I can't remember that. I don't see the only thing that I like about a chiropractor. If you've ever been there, the instrument we used to see. If your spine is straight when they rub it all. For your spine. It feels really good. That's Only thing I like about it. It's very erotic castle. It's a goal. We
erotic memory? Well, it feels it feels really good. Also, at eleven years old I was sneaking whisky already from anywhere. I could get it, but evidently you were still in the chocolate phase cake of childhood. Yes, it was, but this chiropractor murdered four people, a local chiropractor was charged with. Account number, so we have like a funny chiropractor and he was like a local funny chiropractic. We have like funny little signs and ship so what he says he went to this place called Rjr maintenance, which was a building like a prod management site. Ok and he shot four people she walked in. He shot the owner and he shot the owner Robert Fackler, whose owner and then he shot Adam Fuhrer, forty two Louise Cobb, forty five and her husband, William COP, shot him to death and then left, but it It seems to be there's no motive. We don't know why, but it's this highly orchestrated murder. He showed up in bright clothes with the gun he
and these are Navy minutes like guineas known in the neighbor, is known in the table. Why would he wear bright clothes? Went this be a time to put say ammo on, listen shoots. All four of 'em. In security cameras found he arrives in bright clothes. He emerges in all dark clothing changes, follows wall inside to Campbell in Black in a but in a bottle club or whatever. You call that book club and gets back into would not truck he steals and Rjr management truck and drive it or he is pre parked his car to some other place. Where, then, He ends up bagging, all of a sudden. He collected all of the shelves, but he not only shot them to death. He also stab them today, yeah, so he shot four of them and then stabbed and what, in the hell shooting what happened here I mean. Don't know they said he was a model tenant. That is great, so this was his property management company. This is the people who was paying rent to for his for his house. Ok,
something he was getting some kind of revenge. I guess so he's been hard he's being hold on a bond that has been set for one million dollars. He faces a maximum of life without parole for each of the murder counts, so it doesn't look like you'll be getting out anytime soon, and the cops they stopped him. They recognized. This car that he had stolen. He was detained during the traffic stop and the officers inducted a search in the vehicle, and this is according to police. They say evidenced Cortana Isaac and in the vehicle provided probable cause to place Isaac under arrest for the murders that is just free. Scary. To think Darian has his hands all over the bones of everyone in this town. I gotta get to them both it's like people who want to be podiatrists or like butt hole, doctors where it's like all day long, you just Do you go to these places? You don't get the feet. My feet are horrible yeah, my buddy. There's almost worse
Your job is all day to go like alright. Let me check it out. You have some kind of fetish right in a little a little bit, hey man, all I know is every single surgeon I have ever met is really really insane, which I am going to block out of my brain when I start needing surgery, because I need to have the belief that my body in the hands of someone who is not needing to be, in the morning to stop shaking it is like I need to believe that their their their professional and they're not going to kill me in reality. When you, I know your other hand in the Lisle yeah meeting a surgeon in the wild, and you see how hard they're part of our annual ask him like? Oh, what are you doing? You're like I'm a surgeon? Meanwhile he's slugging back three fingers of Johnny Walker, black men like so you, for, like a conference like now, I've been shipped in special surgery I be in there. Seven am it's like it is midnight, Well with any luck, it's Dick Cheney's, fourth heart surgery and my
but could choke him to death. Just put the pillow over his phone thanks all right. Well, let's, let's lighten the mood a little bit. This is it's time for our hero of the week and we actually, we have a new we're going to try out the someone said another our version of the hero of the week theme. We want to hear let do that this was put together by a person named Alex, recording
as number stations all right there. It is great. Thank you Alex hero of the week. That's correct, eight, all right the error of the week. It is a it's an artist, an artist plans to carve the biggest a wooden ball. Why would you do it because there is a town called Woodenbong and that town,
is in Australia. It is a renowned for big tourist attractions in an artist from northern South Wales reckons he has come up with the most extraordinary attraction. Yet a giant wooden bong. The man's name is Paul Pearson. He makes bombs devices commonly used to smoke cannabis commonly used to smoke exactly well whenever you, when is anybody honestly slit open up which Marlboro lights and just loaded up about it says for tobacco there's only so Paul Pierce who are the order of the week. This is what he had to say. He said I've always had an interest in bong making and art I've been doing it all my life. He says I've made I've made bongs out dolls, plastic, lobsters vases exhaust pipes, everything now Is it usable be? This should be at a picture of it. Now it looks like the it looks. It looks like I don't think he has the bowl.
For it. Yet not let's see here so your city ended up moving to a place called Woodenbong. So this is a quote from Pierce. As to what inspired him to make. This would bug, but as soon as I heard Woodenbong envision. A wooden That is the creativity that we need in this world. Today he just heard it's like. It reminds me of Noah's, arcade we Wayne's world this world to have This comes to his wife. He just gives me this come spring. So Mister Pearson built one bogging that stood at one point, five meters, but he hadn't even bigger goal we believe would bring droves of tourists to the rural community. I believe people from the world share, my dream, the giant wooden ball taller than big Marino,
Systems are only option for survival of this dying village. Absolutely it is Jesus Christ. How this woodenbong idea hasn't been universally accepted by the people of Australia, and I don't understand why he has started a petition to gain support for the idea, which includes a giant wooden bong with a tourist information center underneath, however, the concept had mixed reviews through this is spoken. Hilarious, get the bull, Elderon Woodenbong local Gloria Williams, said the town theme was adapted from the obviously have no clue how to pronounce it. Pronounce is from the local indigenous word, Ne Genggong Bunge right. I don't know of dumb obvious. I have no clue what that is right. It's n g, a n d g. U N G B, U N J! Some interpret that as meaning talk on water, the This is William, said she had been told that meant place of the platter. Puss then name wooden bong has nothing to do with a bong. We don't need
Anything else man made we've got enough natural beauty. Here. We've got beautiful landscapes and mountains, and, according to wooden bong based Google she'll counselor Lindsey Pass past field. She says that she doesn't mind the idea of a big thing, but she thinks the I was wrong. I don't know why it's wrong with you come on. Come on, but of course I mean you don't just get to be here of the week. If you don't have any resistance, any pushback, Paul Pearson, you're brave my man, get this bound to Pearson he says he is undeterred by the criticism. I don't think I need to convince people It's pretty obvious that comedy factors for itself it's an unfulfilled prophecy. It has to be played out oh my goodness. So, who knows zero? That's, he's here. That is why he is a hero is so there it is Paul, Pierce and get it done. My man
We support you here in the states and when we when we're in Australia, we hope to stop by woodenbong and see if it works or not. Yeah dude modifier that shut up. Let's go, I think. Is it New South Wales forget where I don't know where the exactly that is, but I would definitely go and fire up that bucket bad boy get a chance of course. Oh, my god, if it's functionally, that would just be remarkable and a true piece of art and he has a picture of him. All of his other bongs buzz, Expo displayed out in front of him I gotta say they look pretty fun. There's no, it looks like it's going to catch up he's very down. This is all they found. They found the people who go at a horse stolen from another update here, that's Ryan AIDS. Just people are very upset because it was their pet. And someone stole it shrift it up. It's me, but we don't know, nobody knows who that's horrible, ok, so this is all I got a lot of kickback from various
friends that are you. Colleges said people get definitely about the to. I have one friend particular it. They said that my idea of having a thing called dump town is should be out. Log yeah and then I am a criminal against the world for even conceive. Well, I I I do think that people might not necessarily need to take up all of your pull ideas and take them. So literally I don't I come up with ideas. That's all I do. I know what I am I give of ideas freely so to the unified. Take them as you will. I know what you do so this is again the update on the story. A metro family wants justice after pet horse was stolen and found dismembered the bell. It's, the ball does fan really believes the horse, which has which was discovered by someone playing disc golf with stolen from a ends. Farm in Kansas City. This is according to Valdez. This is
eleven year old, Michelle Valdez, she says I didn't want to believe that it was her in the park. I started. Writing her. When I was two or three years old on Tuesday in Gator said someone butchered the horse for the meat and dump the parts in the. Mark. So she goes on to say I don't know why they only interviewed the eleven year old. She said if I was going through rough time or something get on my horse and start getting really she's eleven what is going on Do you like the marvel advances courses? So you can say you don't sound like she does not like a man who lives off the grid. Yeah the Father Miguel Valdez says I was very upset and angry, because I never expected something like that. And finally, what, if did I do it? Everyday? You stood out. The backyard dinner show most gold paint now war, songs called cottage dick off
I'll, be like daddy, I'm trying to relax. I dedicate you see, I only loved to be a field, oh man, so the dad says this about talking to the family. For the first time he had to tell their nine year old Sonata about this. He says when he showed me those parts I was even crying they the way they did it. The way they cut her up was awful. The daughter said. I just can't imagine someone doing that to a horse and I hook I can see it's not good me. I don't like course, may not. I don't really understand. There was something in the in the in the in the collective unconscious regarding horse meat markets was talking about it. I use lend you had it and we this horse story. So I'm just going to this classic Ben Kissel horses, leave him alone yeah. Well, I'm saying leave him alone, I mean they just you know there are your horses, but leave him alone. Leave him alone. You know it's just very strange, too
you see. I mean I just. I know why they did this in the middle of America. I don't know why they put it in a disc golf course, but I don't. I don't know what I don't understand why any of this happened. Also food is pretty cheap. Here wants to go to the night. You know in cent menu at your Mcdonald's, which I ordered a crap load of the other day by the way. Oh, I don't know why, because it was broke out a job at the New York Post. Reporting, and then she had to be up really early. Sorry ordered like one hundred dollars worth of Mcdonald's breakfast and then I've just been like eating. What why, because I thought it was doing her know. I know I just had a pound of Mcdonald. Much is she eat? No, she did not eat. She had one Mick Muffin, but I wanted to be like hey. Look at we're celebrating it. People on Youtube. Do you ever see uncle buck with the birthday wishes? Mcauley book was a loner who lived alone in a gas station. You also may remember that he made big pancakes and he didn't live alone in a gas station. He lived next door to Wrigley field. He's a cubs fan. That's right, that's right might wait, but it was
you and Brooke. It wasn't like her at all the friends, so it was a nice gesture because she's going off to work as a reporter she's going on up in the world whether it be fun to pilot Mcdonald's I remember seeing good person Henry I no, I mean you know what I'm going to give you that, thank you and say: yes I agree with you, because I do do the same thing. I have done this. I do over celebrate when it comes to certain things, the food it's because I am also because I am the mind because of what my mother did to me, which is that the concept of running out of Oh there's, nothing more embarrassing, oh my god absolutely me loosely then running out of food at a group function, but it dad was not a group function that which is you know that was just you're allowed that you're allowed to have on, but no seriously my mother was the exact same. We had a Wrestle mania party Wrestlemania was great this year by the way and yeah I just a media. Of course you buy too much food. You have to
bye bye, I mean it west and a polish law after you have to. I want to finish this out with an actual classy poem that was sent to me by constant William. Oh she's, a poet and artist living in New LOS Angelus and she said, there's a lot of people which we've talked about ask about? We don't like poetry, because we've only read bad review, either read bad poetry or do you know people been exposed to dumb? stuff. He wrote that, but she read this poem by my name, Frank Bidart, what the serial killer Herbert White- and I gotta say it's haunting so in a moments of in I would say just close to seriously I'm going to read this poem, that's haunting it's a little rough. So it's about a serial killer, not written by a serial killer. No, it is about a serial killer, and so, let's put our NPR hats on. They said only sensible. What a sensible group we are you and I can sitting and thinking, and has your responses I'll, never forget to or in M p r, because we were so desperate to try to get a radio show and all this stuff and the office is
Are the single saddest thing I have ever seen quiet there, so quiet quiet and I had no idea what reality was so I said the guy the round, gentleman like It would be really good for NPR Anna believe it or not. They didn't want to totally change brands. He stopped. He stopped emailing me so weird I know really that is strange exactly because we were budding talents at that, so yeah alright. So this is thought, but it's very interesting When I hit her on the head, it was good and then I did it to a couple of times, but it was funny afterwards It was as if somebody else did it everything flat without sharpness, richness or line. Still I like to drive past the woods where she lay tell the old lady in the kids I had to take a piss hop out. Do a tour. The whole buggy of them waiting for me made me feel good, but still
just like. I knew all along. She didn't move when the body got to decompose, I jack off letting it fall on her. It sounds crazy, but I tell you sometimes it was beautiful. I don't know how to say it before a minute. Everything was possible and then then, Well, like I said she didn't move, and I under me a little girl. Was just lying there in the mud, and I knew I couldn't have done somebody else had to have done that standing above her there in those ordinary shity leaves in time. I went to see dad in a motel where he was staying with a woman, but she was gone. You could tell the wine in the air and he started real embarrassingly to cry he still a little drunk and he asked me to forgive him. All he hadn't done, but what the shape, who would have won to stay with mom with bastards, not even his own kids. I got truck and started to drive and all
girl, who I picked up, hit on the head and screwed and screwed and screwed and screwed and then buried in the garden of the motel you see ever since I was a kid I wanted to feel things make sense. I remember the window of my room back home and being almost suffocated, but the asphalt and grass. And trees and glass just there just there doing nothing, not saying anything, filling me but also being a wall dad and stopping me hi. I wanted to see it beneath it Kat beneath it and make it somehow come alive. The salt of the earth mom one said man Spoke- is the salt of the earth that night at that. Twenty nine palms motel I had passed a million times on the road everything fit together was all right. It seemed like everything had to be there, like. I had spent years trying and at last finally finished the
drawing this huge circle, but then so only. I knew somebody else did it some certain had hurt a little girl, the motel. I could see you again. It had been itself, although time allows you pile of bricks, plaster that didn't seem to have to be there, but was just by chance once on the farm. When I was a kid, I was screwing a goat and a rope around his neck. Try to get away pulled tight and just when I came, he died. I came back the next day, jacked off over his body, but it didn't do any good Mom once said man spunk is the salt of the earth and grows kids. I tried so Dacom more pain than anything else. But didn't do any good about six months. Oh, I heard dad remarried, so I drove over to kinetic, to see him and see if he was happy. She was twenty five years younger than him. She had lots of love. Kids, and I don't know why I feel shaky. I stopped in front of the address,
snuck up to the window to look in and there he was a kid six months old, his lap laughing and bouncing the kid happy in his old age to play the papa. After years of sleeping around it twisted me up to think that what he wouldn't give me he wanted to give them. I could have killed the Bastard actually. I just got right back in the car and believe me was determined determined to head straight for home, but the more I drove I kept thinking about getting a girl. The more I thought I shouldn't do it the more I had to saw her coming out of the movies and she was alone and kept circling the block as she walked along them. Saying you're going to leave her alone you're leave her alone. The woods were scary as the seasons change, and you saw more and more of the skull show through the nights, became clearer in the bugs or wrecked like nipples. But then one night, nothing worked. Nothing
the sky would blur like. I wanted it to, and I couldn't couldn't get it to seem. To me that somebody else did it I tried and tried, but there was just me there and her and sharp tree saying that's you standing there you're just you. I hope I fry hell came when I saw myself and couldn't stand. What I see Well, that's great. We want to isolate that footage. Send that to NPR, no with no contest no contact send that to NPR you like him. Sobrowski's looking to kind of re brand? He wants to be more of a poet. What do you think about his work? Well, wonderful! That is there's more, but that is disturbing very simplistic. But I very much we cover so much Wechat recover horrible should all time and then
So it's like that thing where you really think about it, you think about it from the other side for a second and you really like the, I forget how scary this should is we cover half the time because we are jobs. We'd like to do is like we'll go say we defend the monster, but sometimes we just crawl into one of these monsters, heads yeah and, of course, we had a chance to do that with the challenger that's yeah! That's great interesting! I am indeed the art art is art, is good artist powerful an we need art is good. Absolutely! Alright. Everyone will thank you all so much for listening. We can't wait to see it on the road. You can go to our website see the tour dates and if we're, if we're with in earshot of you come it's it's we we I can't wait to see all the tickets Amanda the did the did. We got tickets still left in Vancouver, Vancouver so come on down. We can't wait and yeah, I suppose, yeah live. Yeah live man live again. It's.
You know at live, roller coaster, work yeah of love, but don't grip you know I mean I don't know, I'm not sure exactly what you're going for their, but alright laugh. You know, that's embarks escape your teeth. Well, it does not allow it isn't. That is a bark. So alright, everyone. Thank you all. So much for listening, hail yourselves hell, Satan, Magoo, Stellations, Hell Neji. We got a juicy as topic coming your way, only juicy burgers- I don't know, never mind you. This show is made possible by listeners. Like you, thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support shows by supporting them for more shows the one you just listen to go to last podcast.
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