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Side Stories: Yandere Stabbing

2019-06-05 | 🔗

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: a woman's love for a man in her apartment complex turns murderous, a gator grubs down in Gainesville, and MORE.



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Everybody hold in here, ok, I'm Jack, and I just wanted to take a quick second to talk about this live show we got going on in Brooklyn in June. You tell him about the life podcast event of the season. Oh my god! Yes, I'm talking about the live package of the season, of course, sites or maybe like last possible. Let fly but you're gonna beat but desert its own thing. Wizard and Bruce are paid seven on one stage. It's going to be incredible at the Bell House on June ninth that Sunday June, ninth of the Bell House doors are at seventh, the show is it seven hundred and thirty. You can get tickets online for just twenty five bucks. We're going to have merch we're going to have signed posters, we're going to be hanging out after the show come party with us. I don't party with Jackie
I was present at sea and air guys. Nobody was able to dismiss the last on the level of yours very rarely and they show that I feel the need to like reach out. And say: hey guys, leave said Hague allowed he's, not sick. That is doing great, I've been watching, and this is very inside baseball origin. Both horror drama, its both horror, drama, horror, Inciter NEWS in general. It but said Hague, the classic character actor here,
in the devil's reject is our fuck and wonderful cap Spalding, like Cancer Spalding, the greatest clown, evil clown sense, Gacy, only one. As far as I'm concerned, the aim of all of them he's the only guy, I'm one right raided. I sit egg, but the problem is that he's lost a lot of weight, yeah right and I too, and I think even on this show we express concern for said head that we have, I think he has in up I'm gonna. Only I'm going to say an online tirade. Trying to convince people that he is not. As a matter of fact, I just lost too much weight because certain fuck with his money, because people are not Look I m making shit up about him saying that reform is. Why is it that strange at some point you get to an age where, if you lose way, people like oh, he must be unhealthy but like if we lost
wait now. Do you like that's peak hell, Lydia taking care of themselves, but Sir it all he is doing. Is just taking care of himself because the doktor told them to drop I'll. Tell available these. I definitely heading cool it on a losing weight at some point, but that was just because I was fucking running out of control myself, because you get fucking addicted to look in the mirror. For some it's all weird I had as well. I will confess I had a slight eating disorders like slights light. I get in realise that that's what it was. I explained Natalie well what I was doing and she's like that's eating. Yeah? Well, you know well hell. I now look at me men have a lot of eating disorders. We don't get to talk about it, though do it. You think those body builders don't have eating disorders when their by sea, so the size of basketballs that you like normal. That's why you don't disorder due to that I get into deep o holes watch and watching too big
good II was in the world's largest mercy galleries and others that there is actually a documentary. I think it's something Eddie like Powerful, Addy, strong Eddie. I think it's strong Eddie in narrowing Eddie. They show his meals and honestly, I'm not gonna lie to you. I was extra. The jealous with the amount of food they get to eat a bond happy. No, it's a curse. I know it's guide, dogs, you and you deflate. If you don't eat this, is it this is from six eggs account. I wanted to read this you can you can hear from his his mouth number one I do now I have cancer aids or any other deadly diseases. I have seen a pretty good idea, be when I was a kid and fucked up my lungs that I smoke for forty years to see all the media for twenty five point: zero. So no change there too. I'm not super medicated, I'm super tire for most virulent flashcards unbranded on little, the no sleep. Three once and for all, I am not sick. I am anything for album
around longer than you think I got shit to do. I hope so welcome decide stories. Everyone, I am Ben guess with Henry- is a browser you well, Mr Hag. I hope you are around for a long long time to come. If you ever want to come on in the interviewed for our patriarch series, if someone knows sit out there, please have him contact us and we can clear this whole thing up, because heck is healthy. I also before we get to stories here before we talk about the wonderful little too we were just on I wanna God. I want to throw congratulations out. We got an email from Ryan, at last there because I think this is really just a nice email Ryan hand. Again he says a good friend of mine. Their Nancy was diagnosed awhile ago with lung cancer. She She has always been fascinated with serial killers, so he told her about the podcast Sheila.
Do you guys during her came out of my friend, told me? She now really loves the show- and we just found out yesterday that she is actually cancer free, so Hale, Massey, too regulations and dumb is what we love to hear is are they going through the hardest times of their life? And if we can spread just a little bit of joy with our main oh yeah couple o horny sand is in your committee, is an awful big slippery boys whispering in your mother's ear. She said in a non hospital and she's just wondering what it would be like, and what how much money would take right been Ben castles, long lack thereof, picked up a nurse. I do love the idea of Nancy in Chemo, just laughing hysterically. The nurses like, what's so funny and she's like rich, trace just joy. Those moments when the nurses just like.
More chemo man, yes, oh yeah, baby on earth, felicity henry- I have you a funny story for you from the airplane ride on the way home from where were route from Portland. We had a great tour so honestly go broke with them before getting we'll say, will do a little bit more a fan service, guys the torrent and better we're how you, how much fun being out there we can come. Not we can't fucking wait for Australia came down for Sidney. It really does in many ways in a moment of pure genuine this castle. Memorize do moment moment of vulnerability on the show that you so humanity. No, you made me do the moment and I would very vulnerable and middle or not. You are I'm jus responsible and that I am too. I think too much in two dimly. I need to take some time for myself.
Yes, you did that self. In grand dicey like this, is my my biggest flies. I'm too compassion. I that's like I know- maybe socially allopathy, maybe, but I, but that's what keeps me it actually, what keeps me healthy my sociopath these. Actually, the shield that allows me to continue to be in show business as well, and we drove from Vancouver to Seattle from Seattle to Portland and I'm fairly certain year or so your patties. What's going to get us all into a car wreck and one of his ears die like that dude from Metallica Cliff didn't wear his sleep out while he was sleeping. Oh, I don't know, that's true utter of you're supposed to. I don't know if that's true- and I do not at all of us know that idea, though asleep belt, he was asleep. Women thing happened when they when it acts it happened, but I had afford explorers completely invincible. So if we want to try me or try us as a family, exactly how the fucking come up against exit of your when you got enjoying right with the city bus that was quote,
loophole or size, and you wouldn't let the bus get into our lane and we still we were just turning without even given me warning, I was in its employees. Car was odd. I was in its blind spot, it didn't see me so he was come and why was of no the bus is. Is this private talk? Ok, so this is all right to talk me. That's what I'd stories this, for it is only right, you're, right, you're, right and I'll kill anybody that tries to make us late for tour guy. I know where I wanted to say genuinely it's so nice to meet all you. Oh yes, awesome! That's right! I started this you're supposed to be a system of this kind of biotic figure was trying to say how much fun it is the beyond tor and meat, every body and all yaller or insane and the forest ways possible. Absolutely the I am. I am a garbage personnel. Oh we, this is both of us were like sugar. Even can we even do that
so today were little raspy, your, but that's, ok. It actually makes for a smooth sign up here Your panties, I'm gonna, give you and excesses we're gonna talk about that and say it. Yours do so anyway. This is speaking. Like crazy in the best way we're on our delta flight or the food. Tenders name was jewel now unbent to me she was actually a listener. She was probably sixty five to seven years old, thin, build really pretty, but also one those people that was like she has a aura about her. Telling me about Roguishly. You took your most advanced. She was telling me that she has seen multiple ufos ensue. Also personally confronted humanoids on the plane cheese that there was a duty to eleven app who shut his eyes and she's dead, still see his eyeballs through is I'll there and then she's. Just telling me all of this turned out, she also markets all of this, and she says that
You can see it because she has the light of Jesus inside of her also said, the Heavens Gates is now open, so every ones coming through and she's these ourselves on the frontal she sees herself on the front lines of the war against humanoids is yet she had ginger ale back by what I'll get you some do. You want some discovered there big bought this. This is yours at our skies, exactly it with great. It would be a great conversation in a bar or park bench and it was a fun conversation in the in the sky. But at some point I did real, This is the last line of defence in case of a water landing like this woman has to be there, but maybe to a great job. I don't know, I will say up, say how braver her to confront these humanoids cause. That's very scary. To do, especially if you can see there for Ireland loosened you're, probably from Scotland, oh baby, you could be a hybrid. But I imagine you're, just so white you're, just so you're so pale.
We ve seen some in our travels because I feel in our world we see all the stripes of the Rainbow flag of God. Our you see all the types like that, a woman in the dress and the meat and greed that I'm still kind focused on. She was just sort of like little bo, peep, really nice. But she said to me: you should go to a physical therapists because you're not need you and then I been thinkin about that in unfortunately, almost obsessed with it, oh god, what cause? I am I knocked me. Maybe it was, I feel it when these are closer than they should be, but I don't know how you without breaking them, and then you put him back into place other way and they won't that just make me you do not need is what allows me to not be knocked over ever by anybody yet could be
me. I don't even know if not these as a real thing, it sounds like it's up there with the month, so the measles or, like many of you really, I know, there's a real things. I'm saying like now, real August, the measles are making a country like cramps, weird things that people would get like. The rigours yeah in the UK and in eighteen, hundreds of people get out he's got poor lung. We go on, painted he's gone obeyed, cramp fought words just means that I haven't feet because you better about your rats. What you're sleeping they talk about the relaxing strings that people would have or you just sit. It just sit on a rope all day and it may be therefore contain we're gonna rope burns and they all alive. Oh she's he's got the keys grandma Robert. I write all his passage, aggravating the they called the taint. The passage the passage really well. I guess your wiping wrong. If that's the gaze right, I've learned this hard way. Not for my own experience. Are you why
but you're not supposed to wipe affront to build what we want? We got them. My balls, though I know that I'm just saying is not going to cause massive hepatitis outbreak or something now what happens in merriment someone's gargoyle in your balls right? If you let shooting your balls, someone's look in your balls honestly they're going in can kind of sick yeah body, don't know won't. Thankfully I don't need to worry about that. So it's all good. Yes, I would if there was a story, a story. Let's start with the tale, I whether this is interesting because my inner we but did scream for this, then their mediately mad, because people are comparing its enemy, but it should be if there was normal, would be both will talk about women's day, male acquaintance at Chin, Jukes residents Tokyo this week may twenty four twenty nineteen, where it happened here,
appalled and police on Thursday arrested a twenty one year old woman for allegedly stabbing a male acquaintance at her residence. Inching Juke Ward reports, Deacon sports at around three fifty p m. You could tackle aka of no known give aging, so she's just choose free will and she is given the lorries base. Avril Absolute allegedly used a kitchen knife to stab a man. Agent is twenty or thirty. In the abdomen, inside the fifth floor, residence the main was transported to a hospital. We remains and serious condition which they showed pictures of on Twitter. If you look up, which is the term that there using, which is the Tokyo young daddy stabbing? Oh, why a and e r e stabbing they? They showed pictures of her covered and blood on her phone next to dude that looked pretty much dead, absolutely cover
blood with bloody knife at her feet, so she was just going off. She stab this guy comfortable, immensely oil. I better check Twitter, I better check Instagram. What's she doing on her phone, her job was she wanted to kill him and then commit suicide? Tapioca attempted murder admits the allegations. I too wanted to die. This spect was quoted by police. Apparently she was infatuated by this man in her apartment, building and fair lt that he it was an unrequited love in somewhere deep within her. Would they don't really know? I seen conflicting reports once they did not know each other. There said that I've read in various comments. Sections was that they didn't each other and they may be dated for a period of time but she's being compared to what is now a trojan. May, I think, called a young Betty or which is a job. If you look at the a reaction to a young lady is a a character with in a
May. That is a young asian girl who freaks out about buddy that they love and unrequited love and a lot of times will made would might become. I may be wrong what this, but it might become homicidal, but it become a meme factory. Her picture of her with the cigarette in her fingers on on the phone has become a meme, threw out the all on Twitter. That's ok, I'll bet a fetish, so a lot of people that that is inappropriate to do that. But it is very interesting. Are these better side in better shies it this woman, the same way that rolling stone did with shorn of putting them on the cover is left unused stirred up ever so, as you can see, is bloodied a little naval, the girls were like he's so half or a terrorist. Are they fetters eyes in this woman? Is she becoming a sexual icon for little madmen intervals? Little bit, it say, is very very interesting because it is a dead people, arts,
it's very, to see how popular culture can end up in a weird way, because I don't think it influenced her stabbing, but it will ultimately go now. No, I think it definitely mirrors it in a way that it seems to happen on job. Is our only happens here as well, where people are goods James HOMES, with corn, obsessed with the Joker people doing these things? Were they? I done a fine with these things they read about in the sort of like with slender man like with black eyed kids, at idea that began on the at that then became real and then now we are sort of dealing with the actual physical repercussions of slender man that slender really is now in May he weighs real. It does the same thing. I've a dime fascinated by this, because it's very two I mean you know my began. My little weave inside me, gotta NED, so exe about the fact that anime is becoming real. I mean I'm
necessarily sure about that most of the enemy I've seen involves mass destruction, murder, sir actual assaults, I'm not as a surly certain. We need that future to be our future. As a matter of fact, in relieved hungry, I'm thinking about many on the car ride, we I suck on this, which I really believe in so this actually interesting, because, obviously, inquiry and markets or more in the sky five world than I am, and right now we're sort of living in the version. Sigh five that is not as is generally utopian, it seems, is enforced sliding closer into that disturb you. Room. So evidently, sigh fi authors are taking this upon themselves to alter the future in some ways certain People like William Gibson as a part of a group of cipher writers that are trying to write more positive. Cipher injuries are part of what they believe and, I think is highly interesting, yeah say what you will about the present state of our countries you're, but on paper we are
we're essentially in a social does dopey we're heading towards trans met world. If we can make it so we have a cartoonish, like president, we're the Fuckin Faye care and on all all of his whatever bullshit I hate, even met and now you're making fun of them because it so act its own ashes it. But, looking like the idea of we ve created a the deep sure of what we used to see in the Eightys and Ninetys in cipher right now, making real and related cipher authors are starting to realize they need to take responsibility, and I think that's a thing that we should talk about around the fifties and Sixtys MOB cipher was skyward Eddie was right. The what technology will allow humans to do all sort of on imaginary on things about all like space flight and living in of in all these, like, like living in multigenerational things basis, specifically asthma, foundation series, which is very interesting. Arrayed, there's lots
a bit more more of that now to try to come up like I read a book semi Osso recently by super. There was a positive side. I so the fifties and sixtys a little bit more positive or go into them. Oh look at all the possibilities and then in this Seventys and Eightys and Ninetys is that when it sort of turned into more, like, I think, organ stay here and make sure to ruin it, for everyone was especially the Eightys and Ninetys, because they serve to really thinking at the because it was true right and I still believe it. I still think, unfortunately, utopians life I really fuck aboard. Oh, I remember that the glass speed gave on Herman has all those things that we like the people in white frocks, like playing with colored balls being like wisdom, is an acquired taste like a thing now you're a chance. At any rate, I thought our trial. You know I was way more of a star. Wars bears the discharge reports I like STAR Trek, but it is interesting because I actually talked about this unable to stop it. This week go check out that episode, the Lock tort school district here, Upstate New York. I think we discuss this. They are introduced in facial recognition into them.
Schools was a four point: two million dollar project, so now students we want that enters our school. Is going to be monitored and check if there in the chinese social credit system, so that is justified indicator that we are going down. The path of that decision be in Hell escape that the future could be unless we change now we're just allowing it to be big rose its subconsciously. We are working the marching orders of the pop culture that our generation specifically was because a lot those were raised by televisions Doyle, we were raised by televisions. Those images are planted nor subconscious and revive making them real where a lot of survival it's not a lot. It was just this one group specifically William Gibson was talking about it me and a talk. I was asking them do about how like they needed. Great aspirational cipher, so that the next generation has something to look forward to? And it's not just like reckoning Batman, which I understand, why we did because again utopians I fight sucks. Well, of course
I've told you, so why are you fucking deadly robots, call the five aliens that we don't understand that are here to manipulate. As I love all that shit, because that's what I like, but I dont necessarily need it to be my real life. Well, exactly It's the same way, I think about you know like a good Broadway play. Let's just say cats, I like it too, beyond the stage, but can you imagine if you wanted to live? If it was in your life, those cats? I would it would be a war against those in knowing disgusting, singing feline murmur like while you're trying to work. Try this leave? I'm here trying to record the pot gas I got over the fuckin shovel you would have to. You would have so sudden. These are measured on the screen and the stage and not in reality. Have you read anything about the new cats
We were there to die in their faces, a battle talking here in or making them the size of tat are doing the whole movie. Where it's just address Alba Edges, album I'd, renominated actor is going to have his face shrunk on Oh, my god and then heights? That's all you want. Is that so? Where does this blight it? Where does this lie within the distributor you? Toby, a future world is nice, and will this is disturbing as it comes out of some of his strong man? Could it double o serve? You gotta be knows now having his face tat, its naughty he's role or the mighty he's me he's puppet indicating that a role in the cash she's doing really I'd, but so what? What we have is so, let's actually just talk about this for a second for those who don't know cause. How did this This is why Hollywood the Hollywood has any say in what order actually do that, because you know this.
This concept was created in the boardroom by a bunch of jackasses. Yet they are taken cats are going to be real cats with the faces of these celeb, but they were excited about it, because I thought that this away to pitch it and also think that, like small things right, you're going to have nightmares. It's going to be read this: it's gonna, be there. Scariest children show ever gotta case you're not going to watch it now. I was gonna watch it weird old people. Cats is not good. I don't. I don't know why has been around for so long, but then giving a couple good songs. Yes, not necessarily culture that always celebrates the best of the best, because, sometimes to hit the sweet spot, you got, it became average. What I like about the cats musical was, I liked the make up. I learned ass, tombs. I watch guy saw cats, I know Broadway, I waited as we saw. I saw it on Broadway with my mother and she would like. Oh this spectacle.
I do not believe this spectacle. Look at that. It's like all, shall I go home and having that's what's was born about Joe? Would your mother's reaction to a g but also she's, correct stoops? It is so you to suit your agricultural budget. Cuts is like what is this a fucking period in a commercial? I don't know, it's definitely gotta be disturbed by the way. You know we don't we don't have a lot of requests for things we necessarily want to accomplish. In the future, we have a little thing. We have a little list in the bow our minds, but one thing we want to do it last podcast on the left, I'm so glad you're member honor, you reminded brain, has chosen a milestone sky. Talking to that woman who believes in humanoids, if you ll save lives, bad, alas, biogas little up, we want going abroad. Why? So, if you know what you like in the in the Broadway game, reach our working to create
something really awesome. As you know, what they'll do on Broadway they'll take us because will tell the seats was the only thing that matters I wanna do last August left live on Broadway here we are gonna, be there. I wanna be next to him. I want them to have to see that we are also there. Oh, absolutely and mark my words if that, if Danny they are living in the oval office, when he's all done, if he wants to do a Broadway pool of all aid, fucking runaway loafer on their backs free would yes, they would love it so anyway, I want to talk about this. One thing here- and we can talk about this before this, but I was reading this last night River Phoenix. Of course he was an icon Henry tour. Did you know that high value is a good actor? Oh, it was great, but did you know that he was in the children of God called? Yes, I did not know that. I think we talked about on the episodes I didn't really. Maybe maybe we all burst it. This is like so many years when was children have got wouldn't do that three years ago twenties
sixteen year, oh my into the body we would use run, do this or nine years man, but the way. So this just according to a recent article, they say years before he became the acclaimed child actor River Phoenix, but several years in the religious called and those close to him say that he the trauma for the rest of his life, Phoenix is paid, John and early enjoying the children of God call when he was just three. So does this mean walking is also a member of the children of God called that's a good question and I dont know because Phoenix is friend John you a green bomb says they wanted to make a good life for their kids, that wasn't the typical white pick it it's kind of life, although I know you let them be train had a fuck by their mommy's becomes. The whole thing is that we have had both your mommy in your mommy's friends disposed to suck your dick has little boy to teach you how to be hard right or if the future, if you dont, want the typical white picket fence, I don't know,
move to Brooklyn or broken later. Nearly zero energy anyplace anywheres golden. How far I mean the white picket fence life is just one possible option: the series of other options when it comes to housing so to raise money for the court. The Phoenix family travelled and often bust basked on the street for money. They moved around constantly until landed in California, where the family launch the entertainment, careers of river walking Arraign summer and liberty, and I do have to say those names are a little controversial. I think the parents were kind of right or not of options towards the end. He started twenty four movies and he is obviously forever star, but his star rose. He rarely spoke about the time of the children of God in nineteen ninety one he told details magazine that he law his virginity. This is disgusting. He said he lost his virginity, a was raped at the age of four, but he
did not elaborating that. He blocked it all out. He goes on to say on October thirty person, I wonder why he ended up die in the way you did? Well that's what that's what his buddy green. This is all coming out, because his buddy green bomb is talking a little bit. So he says I was not a healthy situation. He says you can't go through that tram at such a young age and not have it be affected for the rest of your life. So I just hadn't realised the x and the River Phoenix was was in the children of God called and yes I mean it seems as if that probably play a large role in his drug addiction and a dive monsieur hour break a little bit doesn't work. Obviously you you get, you get any sense of agency taken from you as a kid you dont know what love is either because I have also been switched for and it is the sovereign brutal and they become, and then you become a mega superstar and everybody loves you. That must have been such a mind fought for that poor boy of
because then you just enter into sprayed up the fucking. It's just the famous world didn't do world like absolutely coming into show business. The love you get from show business is so fake. Love you baby stuff is this stuff that comes out because you're making them exactly as it first at some point, you like. Oh it's love. It's love right here. There do that, but did it soon as you stop making money gone so initiating expert, I mean, unfortunately eating it dispiriting experience that it and get experienced this down slide either one you're not hot anymore, and then you're abandoned their eyes. Nobody SK, as they dont, have any emotions, because agents are, they are lizards yet absolutely while you. Obviously this is going to be entirely up to him. I don't think he's gonna be swayed persuaded by two chubby
heads over here on the spot guess, but I would love to hear Joaquin talk about that, because I just didn't realize how close that family was to these disgusting people and what a strange like to go from being molested afore then bent to be like and now you're on tv like yeah. How does your brain handle either of them? Let alone those two things happened only happening. Currently it is you go crazy, we're why look and Walking Phoenix when you went through his like long beard face when he was called this is me, or that was I not I I believe it's called I'm not here with I'm not with year hazy. Athletic and Casey Afflux ended up, but always wrapped in whatever I'm still. He was trying still here for something use trying for something I was interested in. It just didn't do that now he went a little method acting with it, but nowadays it's weird method act didn't, I think, has sort of take it a hit by the fact that everyone views themselves as an actor in their own play.
How is that every actors also a brand rights? He rode is be it act or anymore. Now you are, you, are you have you social me bullshit you gotta do fuckin blog Jack Black he's got his due to serious Rosato, say I really do enjoy microwaves. Video games like now everybody's got a diversified did so many for different ways, so you can't just be you can't be Abraham Lincoln for eight months can only do that if your Daniel Day Lois right? Nobody else did you gotta, be handling your other shit. Yeah or else is Jim. Carry was Andy Kaufman during the element of man on the moon, which really annoyed every Lawlor, because with Jim Carry didn't realize, was that J, Jerry and in Andy were actually very close. Bravery actually frank any gain. Today it was ok fate. The whole thing was gave way, but Jim, like he was like me, must have been mean to Jerry off this rain tunas. Ignore they actually like got together and hopefully a form thing is: wouldn't it be fun, so Andy Kaufman, obviously where we both love him, because he was the first. What if the peace Do Andy Kaufman. Now, unlike my eyes, are bleeding
he was the first one, but how one would have been to truly party with Tony Clifton? Oh my god, either we completely am, I would have given any they even told them does now Tony Clifton around still, of course, Bob looted, and then I was mooted and has somebody else. Do it too, so the Bob could be it is based place, but then you find out Bob's mood is actually the troll personality that we Kaufman was way more of a he really was a song embarrassment, but what he got himself right, so he to them. What kind of play off each other? I think Bob's Buddha? What kind of bring the worst of anti car and they did they liked it. They like that fog apart, because I would like just to conniving little. Boy decidedly better Tony Clifton man opened up like a blast. Speak of K favour the Andy Kaufman book written by Bob's router. I think it's full of it
It is so fond arrayed. If you get a chance to check that, you will read it in two hours. All eyes are great, but I may I do that, but you don't think Andy was actually the one who was slamming because he was a begin and all that stuff in you don't think he was the one, no the stakes and like slap because they said when he was Tony Clifton. He could literally a bottle of whisky yeah. I'm certainly did ok, oh I'm certainly did or or those of the times when it was Somalia, and he would do it on purpose or the eighty copper which just two fuckin. He knew what the bit was. So certain did it. I am certain that he would do in any would be like sick afterwards. Oh I'm, we would like these, but I am certain that opium men, but but that's it as partners there. The grey area is what so beautiful. He truly pulled it off and it's very difficult you now you see a little, but I've seen some people try to go full any coffin and they try to play some character in Egypt. Just choose you up, spits you out, because this too many eyeballs now you can't keep up the game. Now and again.
You can, if you do you're just crews version with radical I've seen I've had friends. Do that I will show the show ourselves: what's the story is disgusting, ok, law time London Minister used oral sex, an exorcism restaurant men claim material ministers that he was following: the Bible used native american exorcism rituals and even oral sex to extract court of quote evil spirits for men undergoing crisis is in their lives. The church and men claim the so called healing acts which date to ninety. Ninety nine were allegedly performed by the Reverend Doktor, William Weaver, irreverent Anna doktor. Ok, I promise Presbyterian Minister, who served as Pastorate Linden Presbyterian Church for thirty nine years. They were so do it was just a pussy sixty nine years old, ok, you're supposed to schedule a it was always was to be an internal church trial. Right
people came forward with these claims and they were just going to fire him if he ended up being, which is the charges were multiple acts of idolatry and sexual misconduct, because you'd give people gems and tell him they would help them with a basically fight evil. Spirits, ok, would know we're, so this was grown. Men that were being victims are not children. Oh yeah, since these are full on grown men, so they will. Do you hear what I said, but if he doesn't that show the power of the call like mentality, because obviously we just we just talk about children, God it was usually come that were molested and raved. But here these grown men- you just get slowly pulled in sugar here this guy, a J meagre one of the men claiming to have been sexually abused by. We were again, although this is a claimed section, predator, we don't know yet if he is he's not been proven guilty in a court of law, so maker snug, thirty seven, when he was twenty, begin, seeing Weaver as a councillor rain, so
would say, but basically courting him said: I've dealt with abandonment issues, depression in. I agree that this has caused right it. So he was. He was dealing with all of this shit and he had this favorite Bible verse that you say that was put on the full alma got say: Geek, take Stayin against the devil schemes, for our struggle is not against flash blood, but against the rules against the authorities against the powers. It is dark world and against the spiritual facets of evil in the heavenly ropes, therefore put on the full alma got so that when a day of evil coms, you may be able to stand our ground, but have you done everything stand raises all this whole thing is happening in New Jersey, so, whether you started, who every Wednesday this jersey every mean we were began. The same way meagre, set diminished or told them to entrust completely and lie in the bed then
placed an angel coin, a coin with an angel or saint printed on it for used for preying on makers forehead and he wrapped a magnetic strip around his head even in place. A believer then, would place a series of stones and both of makers feed his hands, the left side and right side of his chest. I was so the for him to get everything out of me. I need a delay completely still to not move the stones at my feet so keep of in position. He would then take out the feather scanned. My body, I now my stomach waiver who looks like the old man from the six legs cartoons manner the open six legs commercials dry and be bought up up up an open, Meeker Mouth places own mouth on top of makers and moved his tongue around. I have anything in my mouth: they're, not interaction sexual with river, engaging in oral sex.
Would then in just my ejaculate and when spit multiple pieces of plastic or metal into zip back back to see see here this is I got me. So the hits you call them spirit item. I then he asked Weaver about the necessity of the boreal part of the ritual, and then he said You decide women and Weaver said Lily. Everything would come out of the woman's naval, every thirty days there cycle with clear them out. Oh, I see it makes all the sense in the world. That's actually there similar what the doctors did to curl Andy Kaufman cancer as well. They do the trick part a bunch of Jan got so there we got it, but that's not the way. There's a much longer story attach this, so you should probably check it out of you. Wanna be disgusted, but it basically now they're trying to get him in jail there, private. Now we have a situation here. This is gonna be interesting. However, one is overrated. What we eliminate relate and your people can have a if your lawyer or just someone who knows about this email,
I saw sides, doors LP, Eau De L, Gmail Dotcom. What is so? It goes so far in the manipulation and he has such a power position in the minds of these people that he has spoken all over this scenario. Even though guess these people are doing it willingly, but it still unwilling It is. It is always unwillingly, because coming from somebody, who's got a lot more power of especially psychologically. These people have total control done when everyone did, he went in there. Basically saying show me how I can feel better. And he said this is how you feel about this, how you feel better than the guy didn't walk in there and we like courteous I've heard of you suck. It urges suck up our difficulty great at every different story, because then embrace I'd, be scared right, right, right right, reach out you by the director of that Uncle Eddie Document yeah. I got some interesting. We're gonna. Do a talk with this programme to talk with mark on patrons. Do we get the full deals, but some of this stuff that he brings up is this.
I mean these heads of any pedophile mafia, which sounds like out rate Saturday. Oh my I don't know. What's going on between were always town in Ohio and what's happening. So basically, we re scandal, there's something in those MID West eastern states that are you know I don't like dip in a toe into a too much. You know I've. I've don't do it too much anymore, but not talkin bout molested. Are you know about the theory of that? This is the secret government that literally this is the secret keeping Armand of E seeker government, and I really you believe that there is a massive tattoo file problem, deeply embedded within our borders. It says that well there and the church and police and all this shit, and they all want each other's back, and these are the type of people that do this shit. It's been going Nonsense, fucking the fur Illuminati making in the fire in the bavarian Illuminati literally and seventeen have any sex. This shit issues it is built into government yeah. Well, it's not
really a conspiracy. That is absolutely true. There is a child sex pipeline without a doubt, the under ground. Black economy is really disgustin when it comes to child sexual slavery awry well. Let's talk about both lets the zoo perfect, so I went to this little email, speaking of the underground, just sort of child sex trade. Obviously oftentimes these kids come from broken homes. They go into these places, seeking refuge and help, and I and seeking parental type advising guide. It's a jury: Sandusky, look no further than jury Sandusky for the worst of the worst when it comes to exploiting these poor children with an email. So this is coming in from I'll just call her She says she has a couple of friends who are corrections: officers over it. Laurel Highlands State prison and of core. She asked them about Sandusky, that's where you stand, and so they watch over him. She said
basically he's in an isolated area, no contact to other inmates, showers privately and a pair looks like he's aged about a hundred years since he's been incarcerated. Even this, he owes don't worry interact with them, so is based in total isolation, with even small conversations being a rare thing, so he's not getting sexually assaulted. However, he is also lonely, miserable and and doing horribly. So there you got a little update on what his life is like in prison cell, Derek environment. It sounds like one to forty seven, I mean honesty. He is buried alive. He's gonna wait to die. But what he did It's very lucky gets to be isolated, he's very fucking, lucky a cup other updates number one. I actually ended up date from someone who owns a cleaning service. That said last week we celebrate the Lass official sites where we say that people breaking your house and Bacon clean your home. I gotta clean the person, homes and left the rhetorical paper rose. Yet you updates that one o clock of lady who owns a
clean over said David she's had her her people, her cleaning people academic, cleaner wrong before she had but reality. Yes, he says it s about which I think is very interesting and then at this other email from the idea from a j they said I was a public defender several years and one when you know that toilet paper roses are fine art of the California state. And so I love. I once did a trial of long time. Phelan enduring grew, jury deliberations. He created entire bouquet of teepee roses for me, which is that's, Interesting for that was found. Side of that are exactly exactly so. Maybe it was someone, perhaps a former prisoner who was just trying to do the best job possible. They just got hired to cleaning person accidentally committee accidentally broke, do a home and claim that you know that would just be the worst of this person really was trying to rehabilitate they accidentally ended a breaking and entering into me like I was just try.
I am relying worried beauty to the world. Who knows my yes very addressed? Okay, and I want to read this one letter from H. Ok, I want to read this custom. Let's get creepy for a second, oh. This is, though it is. Is the haunted one yet is this? Is it really so? These are the kind of letters we absolutely love and they're nice in short, keep a concise, so we can just kind of bourbon out of it. This is awesome. I grew up in Houston, Texas and two thousand five Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, but before that it was supposed to level the suburbs of Houston I lived, and for you beforehand, I'd be dealing with my parents refer to as flukes uses sleep in the dark until one night. I woke up with a 7ft tall black figure in the corner of my room to pink. So no it's not. It is not I'm not there. I was paralyzed with fear and believe my cell to be the victim of hypnotic gaga kaluza nation. Until I experienced several other parent
experiences in my childhood home, such as a light bulb my lamp exploding, my radio playing itself at will, including changes in volume, foul smells emanating from my room. I've seen this site have been castles. Hotel room go with you and Hurricane Katrina was opposed to level our home. I was grateful. They go to my aunt Billy's house Insane, Antonio. I was up at night on the phone with a friend when I decided to get a drink from the fridge. On my way back, I walk through the dark, hallway and walk smack dab into my aunt Billy, or so I thought when I walked into her caught him quote. It felt like to positively charged batteries were meeting it felt like hitting a brick wall and then being repelled off of it after I stepped back and realise what happened. The thing shrank back into a sphere: it bounced off the floor, hit the ceiling and then disappeared,
After this I was mortified. I was sent home from school for exhaustion. I suffered from illuminations due to lack of sleep and, if continued, even as an adult to sleep with the lights on even after performing a ceremony to dispel the entity from entering my life again, I have no idea. Oh, it entered my life for that year and a half and the name of this the email was. It follows real life. Thank you for that email, my god very creepy. Those are the real laugh experiences. We love to hear about here the creator this should. I also got a really good email about the dream I had about Marcus. Yes, this was a great synopsis of your dream. Might as well just close out email quarter with that, because for those two don't recall, Henrietta dream mark as well. Work has started to seizure and then all of a sudden, a little pinkish man came out of his mouth. So the dream synopsis actually came back from a listener and I think they might be onto something yeah. This is pretty soon.
This comes from a dude. He he runs by gets cold. Knowing my nightmares there's a couple of these, the also are still sleeping by gas which a lot of dream interpretation, but guess I don't know how many there would be. I do know that either Sid, basically my dream being at work and seeing Marcus, seizing a little pink man from amount from his mouth is assessed. Voters of conscious that you're working too hard- and neither are also aware of how hard Marcus is working seizure- shows that you ve, noticed he's under a lot of stress. The little pink man is just some fucked up manifesto of the information Marcus is producing lot on radio Eddie. Let's call little man, Rata, Memphis, Rad for sure you know. That is the reason why I don't it's far right. This is very interesting. He said the dream and makes sense is at work. Is it that makes sense because you, then we had a day off. As you had stated and dream, the artwork indicates of York Spear
in seeing some anxiety about current project or task just call work or yeah, possibly on your part. If I may also be telling you that you need to get back to work yet, which is true on an equally saw, Marcus, seizing and any spits up a little man to dream, but your best friend means that you need to foster acknowledge some special quality that you, my friend has either. You, of course, is varies ash all he's very special. You say that you feel, like I notice it he's having trouble with stress. I don't know you now may, may I ask for their little pink man could be manifestation of information coming from markets and because it small he could be feeling self conscious above the information is providing now I don't know, I Marcus's think it. No, I don't think so, but that is wonderful. Thank you so much for that. And a lot of people say the pig man according to sell sleeping pod gases hated. The big man represents of ECHO plasma representation of the soul This is a truly believe that it may be good convert it. Maybe things of rob bits of truth
I am not willing to understand which, while also laughing I, which I think is very very interesting. There is also a mother. Interpretation that was to spot on for me to read out there it is. I can now tell you how many times I have dreams that are just dream like enough, but it feels like I am at work or do not worried, because we do do this. This is our whole lives. So yes, it's hard to it's hard for the brain to just be like what aren't you doing right now, exactly? What are you supposed to be doing? Well, let's do here, oh of though we we ride this week's here. Oh, I don't think we ve had a hero like this of the Rep Tilly and Guide, go we're going to gain bill Florida by the way, a ray of water
we're going to Florida Henry! Don't we have to go to oil at some point in the near NATO's on the fuckin doc we are coming to Florence. Absolutely must app and we love you all out there no in days build Florida, Hungary, alligator, crashed or picnic date by a Florida leg and gobbled down a bunch of their food Taylor. Forte had planned a picnic Thursday, for her free, odd, say Trevor Walter's at Lake Alice before Walter's was going to leave the Marines, which is very sad. This is kind of ruined by the alligator, but also its a good story. So what happened? Was this alligator strolls up just like a drunk ben kiss? Your haven't a picnic. That's a really bad idea. Now that you're out of your army, the amendment and so the animal spread it out to the beach first. Today, a block of cheese. Then it had some salami. Then it had a half a watermelon, then in a pound of grapes, eating
like a real Roman, a king and then the worry area. The worst part according to Trevor Walter's, was watching. The gator consume a big ball of guacamole he's at them, reptiles, power, the whole ball and the man who wanted this here, the gator away. So he made himself look beggar spread in his arms and making noise is the gator crawled back into the water, so that is they hear of the weak? Because I love the idea of a gate or just been? Oh, yes, avocado pray These tariffs don't go through cod alpine. Honestly, I mean they. A description of the earth. Tiktok takes me very hungry. Yes, me. This was romantic. You got cheese, you got salami, you got grapes, you got watermelon and you got guacamole obey we're going to have sex after the yeah yeah allow little pink. I miss my little man drew little pink little man, you want to dream about him, some more. I miss my
oh man. Well, we can get you one member when used to go to the old turn the dial, what a quarter and turn a dial and get a toy machines yeah. Those man didn't chickens, I think they may have. I guess they have a little member, the little pink guys you could get a little fighters. There were blue strategy guys. The sum I was there when I used to put him on my penis. So are we know it spying on you? Do that all yours, but then everyone, I really doubt, remember the gooey hands and I've got no one, the boy, but I wanted stick to the wall. I never know because they got filthy. Those became the street as soon as you slap on anything it just took all. Does it all of the groups? Those got so asked you so fast in the fact that you would put that. Near all the time near you. I see my members specifically I go for when it was new. I would
break it hope so Henry because unless you wanted the hump, the pavement, like some, was doing in a lively video. I watch last night for advice and mean: are you just research and why was ass? If I was looking for side story, I was looking for last Reuben left videos and there was just one video this man what's passed out: Ireland, humping the sidewalk and then the guy. Wasn't you don't really polymers bands and he had a huge direction, but he was mentally. Just an empty was not all there so yeah. And so my body was more like men. That guy needs to go get on meds again met, I need a vacation from his vacation. I guess so he was he was violently. Hopefully the concrete with just bear dick at, don't even want to know the road rash that must have occurred on that and generally man, but I've been a lonely man yeah you ever hump the sidewalk you ever do that you're, hump and gravel now need to be solved
yeah. I should hope so highly if you go anything anything harder than dirt. You're you're really asking your crews and firm rose, and on that one may I just do you not think that people have sex with railroad station who drew talks about last week were just daylight. Everyone I own ALF out a whole we're home, bringing with them up wisdom, poor infirmity report we shall on the internet. This is a most important news or keeping you up to date. But he loves me. I mean we just where a crucial. It's us pod, save America in people, man, oil, Louie, brave White, men on pod, save America, certain people love their perfect hair and there I thought I saw some wherein moccasins I don't know, may have only I really needed. Not they need not. They need better shoes,
I dont criticized anybody's shows good for them for doing the Europe, I'm an essay able and stop at his better, I'm just gonna Santa listen to it. Is it's a little bit like they're, not tat, they kind of forgot how the people think there, because they were like we're in the White House, and we know all this powerful below MIKE. I dont care because I know those same people they all I've seen eye ere. I have seen don't care about you. They really do not know that we ve heard about the senators all of those people to hang out with they do not care about, they don't care and once you here below Riley taking a dump next to you, it really does change your perspective. It really had a chance to get em castle. I teach and scenario I should know tat my terms because the Quai D really get him. It's really not about hurt NAM, Sub regional grab and his ankles that if this is to show you what can happen, anybody can do this. Are you crazy? You know your vulgar god right. Everyone would beg you so much for listening. Also obvious
Henry's got the drip allows. We got a couple. A new shirts out there on last bought gas merge. That subject those our bones in the chocolate and a live. Laugh love shirt and we have some cool news. Marcus is working on. His rest mark is working as music bug as a Morgana wrestling progress. That should be our zoom, we're just figuring out. We gotta get. You know it is funny. Initially, it was like we could start tomorrow and that it sets. It was like Union Indra unit. We have many things we left it is. We need contracts, we That's right! We're not just the euro does Willy nilly here so but then we are really really really excited. We have many. We have a couple new shows coming out. We're really really excited dates are adamant network. We want people to I I you know. Hopefully like our shit like her yeah I mean this is gonna, be us. So if you like it like us at our side stories, if you'd do, I don't know What people say whatever I do, if you don't like me, am I side stories than you want deserve me at my right. I don't
hey Ray. Ok man. It's ok, we did our best. Today. We want our best stills site the stewardess there. S always telling me how she knows humanoids and she sees you oppose ever where, since the first person I've heard makes sense, this week. I'll say that jewel she flies we're delta. She is incredible. I want her flights every time give her. A promotion generally was actually absolutely wonderful and yet either I involvement. I was so exhausted Henry. This is gonna. Surprise you so tired. I just had to coffees on the flight and slow I didn't hear you I always do. My little trace is sometimes a little nervous of wine and I'm so you know what my sleep I'm so tired. I Katy would be nervous. Lord, take the wheel puzzle. You take the we'll all right over what they you so much for less trouble. Our baby. Oh you got to. Got to. Are you going to say it? That's right, editor below we, I think, that's when I got there today You you're, why do I have to do live? Live lives
every day like it's like it's one day, you got you guys, you, lady, is one day of your right. You have that it takes to people and that's what love is limited your people getting through the rap out of a shell. These are really getting up. Another rap out of a shell and laughing laughing is the is the as the ah, it's like barking. People like I'm alright, everywhere they deeper Leslie, will see you in Australia very soon failures, sale cited a mug booze, lay jobs, see dirty flag and the edge is well known. Only the end like I love my dirty batches. Of course we live all of our pay. Oliver fans and visitors What's up everyone, I am Ben Kizil and I'm with markets parks. I then we're gonna talk to you a little bit about ably its top at its the political show that markets- and I do it's
lot of fun if you want to get up to date on the weekly news of politics check out the show you know, I think you'll, like either July reliable were reasonable. People were five. People were five people. That's all! That's good so check it out, because there is a lot to unpack and hopefully it helps you get through you. So Hale yourselves. Everyone thanks for listening, you show was made possible by listeners. Like you think, store, add sponsors. You can support our shows by supporting them for more shows the one you just listen to go to last pocket.
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