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Home might very well be what you make it, but it’s not always about beautiful decorations and comfortable furnishings. Sometimes the places we live take on elements of our own personality. Even after we’ve moved on, those pieces remain behind, like echoes of another time—echoes that can still be felt today.


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She was a legend of the silver screen. Even today, almost sixty years after her death, she still holds a special place in the minds of millions of people across the world ask anyone. You know and they'll recognize her name and how could they not Marilyn Monroe is practically unforgettable by what most people have forgotten is just how important one particular building was, to her career, the Hollywood. Roosevelt hotel was already an institution when she first arrive. Having played hosted the elite stars of the thirties and he's. So when a young model name nor machine needed a place to stay in work. The Roosevelt made a lot of sense.
Marilyn Monroe lived at the Roosevelt for over two years, even meeting the playwright Arthur Miller, her future husband during her stay there. So it's no wonder that even today, guests of the hotel occasionally claim to have seen the famous actress in the building in a lot of ways. The place was like a second home to her. So why would she ever want to leave hotels or funny that way, not the franchise, cookie cutter conference centres that we tend to see along the highways of our cities? I'm talking about the old guard, the massive resorts built in another era by people of power to serve as both business and home Bellevue built more hotel in Florida, the ambassador hotel, in LOS Angeles, even the original Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Each of these
donation resorts burned bright for a while drawing the wealthy elite to their attractive flames, but most of them eventually faded away, taking their secrets and stories with them, and while a handful have survived the chain, is of the last century you seem to have held on to the magic of the gilded age, like one particular jewel of New England and I'd like to take you there, but be warned because, while this hotel has played host to the best and brightest over the years tragedy, as also passed through its doors and if the stories are true, it hasn't checked out. I'm Aaron Mahnke, and this is lore
Joseph wasn't born into money or as part of Some lofty social circle, it wasn't and bore near that crowd know when he came into the world in eighteen, forty, it was in the small capital of New Hampshire, the city of conquered, but don't let his humble beginnings, fool you before his work was done. Joseph would leave his mark on the pages of his around the age of twenty. He took an interest in a mineral known as anthracite, it's the most pure and energy rich type of coal. There is making it the most valuable of them all and in an era that would see incredible fortunes built by industries that use steel. Everyone needed a good fuel to smelt it a decade. Later Joseph was one of the wealthiest men in the country. He was the sort of gilded age cast member who,
be referred to as a robber Baron managing his empire of coal mines and railroads from his home in New York City, but he was the sort of man who couldn't forget his birthplace and honestly, if you ve ever driven through the mountains of New Hampshire, you can understand why, in eighteen. Eighty one he returned to his home state to buy a massive ten thousand acre of land near New Hampshire, tallest mountain, not Washington, later that same year. He partner also purchased a resort near by the Mount pleasant. How. Giving him and his circle of friends a place to stay in the north, while earned income from others who wish to stay there as well. But the resorts wasn't quite perfect enough for him when he bought it. So changes were made simple. Things were added, like tennis, courts and pump house for the water system.
More complex projects followed. An entire new story was added to the resort, and then a bowling alley was constructed inside the property gained a blacksmith shop. A golf course, and a private lake clearly Joseph had a vision and he wasn't afraid to spend his money me. in that a reality. In the early eighty nineties jokes, if, with summary at his resort, when he encountered a woman, he had never met before Carolyn was the daughter of a butcher from Walden Massachusetts and their family been staying near Mount Pleasant, providing cuts of meat for another of the resorts there and Joseph fell in love. There were complications, though he was fifty two and she was only twenty five. He was one of the richest man in the nation and she was the
poor daughter of a middle class butcher, but after spending time with him on his yacht in Boston, Harbor Carolyn said all those differences aside, Loveislove. After all, culture and rules be damned and by one thousand eight hundred and ninety four, the pair were married. They settled into a blissful life two. Traveling the world and spending their time at the various homes that Joseph owned, but their hearts always brought them back to New Hampshire. So in the late eighteen nineties the pair began plans for a new project, a resort that would make the Mount Pleasant House look like a starter home. A practice run for something bigger and more grand than they could ever have imagine They started by hiring architect, Charles ailing Gifford, who set to work taking their vision and creating a road map to reality. It would be built in the spanish renaissance style that had become popular at the time with a bright red rooftop that hovered over a white structure complete with large turrets, spread across its length
It wasn't cheap to build, though that's for sure in modern american dollars. The hotel cost roughly fifty million from start to finish, but you can. See where that money went. When you look at the list of details about the hotel, there is over two hundred I was in square feet of wood flooring throughout the building and over ten miles of pipes, and all of that was topped by over fifty thousand square feet of roofing tin. When completed, it became the largest wooden structure in all of New England, a famous friend even help put it
together to Thomas Edison travelled to the site to oversee the installation of nearly twenty one miles of electrical wiring, a modern technology that few other resorts at the time could boast and with three separate train stations in nearby Bretton Woods. There was a steady flow of visitors to come and enjoy it. The project was it without its critics. Of course, many thought that the white mountains of New Hampshire were two out of the way for most tourist travel and that it would be a waste of money to build something so large, an extravagant in such a remote place, but Joseph Stickney disagreed and when the doors opened in one thousand nine hundred and two, the hotel 6s proved him right, but Joseph wouldn't have a chance to enjoy much of that. Victory Just a year after the hotel opened, he passed away from a massive stroke, while at his fifth Avenue home in New York City a year before so many
of his famous wealthy friends had gathered for the hotels grand opening. Now they were forced to reunite under darker circumstances. When the funeral was over and the grave had been filled. Carolyn Stickney found herself alone. The couple had no children and without her too love and best friend, she was left to wander the halls of their Mount Washington Hotel without him. Eventually, she built the chapel on the hotel property in honour of Joseph and then set about taking the reins and keeping the business running. She was wounded, yes, but she would survive after all. Sometimes the best way to honour the past is to move forward into the future, and that's exactly what Carolyn Stickney did and because of that, the war
world would never be the same. Caroline Stickney found herself on the throne of a magic kingdom, the hotel, had its own electric plants, which helped power amenities, such as refrigeration equipment, an elevator and lights throughout the hotel the property around the building was Criss crossed with bridle pats, wagon trails and artificial lake, along with a private golf course designed by Donald ROS, whose other projects include the legendary pine hearse number two in North Carolina And Carolyn presided over at all the guests loved her and she was a constant, elegant presence in the hotel when she arrived your each night. She always made sure she was the best dressed and the last two entered the dining room so as to be the centre of attention.
As the owner and manager of the entire facility. She urged that right, but she didn't Then, all of our time in New Hampshire, she serve for a time as a Red Cross nurse in Europe. Volunteering not just her charitable donations, but also her hands care, she even received the honour of a gold medal of reconnaissance by the french government and then. so provided her the opportunity to meet her second husband Prince aims do forcing Ye Lusatia, the guy, grandson of King, Charles, the tenth. It was a marriage that power her away from America? For most of the time, but every summer she would return to her Mouth Washington Hotel preside over it as the princess the only royalty the show up there, no over the years, other illustrious guests included Princess Margaret John D, Rockefeller, Joan Crawford Bob Hope, Alfred Hitchcock. In baseball legend baby.
with a number of. U S president's also stayed there, including Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding and William Howard Taft, but it seemed the tragedy was never far from Carol in eighteen, twenty two just nine years after marrying the prince, he suddenly passed away, leaving alone with her fortune and the expansive hotel and, with her connection to France, suffered by the death, she permanently move back to Amerika becoming a more regular fixture at the hotel than ever before, It said that although she had a private dining table in her personal sweet, she reserve the place at the table among the guests every single night. To this day, her sweet contains all her original furniture and is available to guests as room three fourteen. The dining table, though, has been moved elsewhere Over the years to come, Carolyn did her best to guide the hotel through a period of decline. It wasn't. Sincerity, her faults, but more a product of her day, the general public.
less and less interested in the grand resorts of the gilded age and more interest dead in modern advancements like the automobile and a growing network of highways across the country and then of course, The great depression arrive like wildfire, ravaging everything in its path, because The economic nightmare that had arrived and the Second World WAR that followed it. The hotel became too costly to keep open. The doors were close to guests in nineteen forty two, but it wasn't necessarily the end, because what happened next changed the world forever. Two years after the hotel was shut down, a group of representatives from the allied countries of Europe went looking for a safe place to hold a gathering. Their goal was to plan what came next once the war was one
and they decided upon the Mount Washington Hotel as that place. In the summer of nineteen, forty four delegates from forty four countries arrive for what would become a deeply significant economic summit, the outcome of those meat. And establish the World Bank, the internet, National Monetary Fund and revive the global economy. Today it is referred to as the Bretton Woods agreements and all of the paperwork was signed on Princess Carolines Dining room table. Sadly, though, she wasn't there to witness it. Having passed away, years earlier in nineteen thirty six, her nephew inherited the hotel and tried running the business for a number of years, but eventually had to admit defeat selling it to affirm in Boston. The Mount Washington Hotel was the last of the grand resorts changing hands from owner to owner as the years passed by, but no matter whose name was on the deed or where the paychecks came from. It was hard to do
nine the legacy of Princess Carolyn. Even today, her influence and presence can still be felt despite how romantic that sounds, it hasn't always spent a good thing Some people think that hauntings are intentional, not that they believe it's all a hoax, but that there's something about the hotel that keeps the spirits trap there. If that's the sort of thing you believe in Mount Washington
hotel might be the place for you. One legend says that the italian craftsmen who were hired to construct a hotel brought a bit of their old world superstitions with them in an effort to ward off ghosts. It said that these builders added complexity and variety to the hotels design such as staircases with unusual non matching numbers of steps. It was all done with the goal of confusing the spirits and keeping them out instead some say it backfired, trapping them inside the hotel and if the sightings around the hotel or any indication that might very well be true, more than a few guests have seen the figure of a woman who seems to step right into near by walls before vanishing others have caught a glimpse of a ghostly father and daughter in the lobby. But when they ve turned back to look again the pair organ one former employees at the hotel even reported an entire room full of ghosts. Early
The season, when guests were less frequent. This member of the staff claims that, while making his morning rounds through the hotel he passed by the grand ballroom, or rather than find it empty, as he expected, the room was filled with scores of people all milling about and dancing, while dressed in old fashioned clothing Some gas have even heard unexplainable noises. The common report is the sound of a baby crying inside the empty ballroom, while a few even heard the tell tale sounds of laughing children running through the halls. When the guests have called the front desk to report the noises they ve been told that no children were in the hotel at the time and then, of course, there are the tragic story, set feed the sightings in one thousand, nine hundred and seven, a wealthy businessman named Daniel Willis James, passed away in the hotel after suffering, a heart attack and then almost ten years to the day after his death. Another guest died of internal bleeding, but of all the guests to check in
I believe the most famous- is also the most obvious princess Carolyn herself. If you remember from early. Carolyn always had a knack for showing up to dinner in the best most elegant dress of the night standing out, above all her other guests, but it wasn't by chance. You see, a small balcony overlooks the main dining room with a curtain hung across it and that's where Carolyn would stand before dinner, taking in the competition before heading back to her room to put on the winning dress and that's one of the places where modern guests have caught a glimpse of her picking out from behind the curtain, an elegant woman dressed in a victorian gown, many other sightings of happened in random hallways throughout the hotel. But the vast majority of reports come from one place, room three hundred and fourteen, which served as Carolyn's private residence when she was at the hotel. And if the stories are true, she might not have moved out.
Guess who ventured room three hundred and fourteen to find a woman sitting on the end of the bed brushing her hair, while others have heard a gentle tapping on the door only to find the hallway empty when they opened it in fast enough on you activity has happened in that room that in two thousand a the hotel brought the Atlantic Paranormal society, otherwise known as taps from the television show ghost hunters to do their own, investigating taps member, Steve Gonzalvo confirmed that the hotel is haunting me beautiful place and one of his favorite investigation sites for full disclosure. Steve is a friend. and when I reached out to him for his impression of the hotel, he didn't need any coaxing to express just how real and unusual his experiences there have and he and the others witnessed quite a lot during their stay in the hotel bill events stands out, above all the others during overnight investigation, the team set up a recording device inside room three fourteen hoping for a song,
that they were not alone in the space and it wasn't long before they got their answer literally, calling out to the room. One of the taps. Members asked the simple question: Princess Carolyn. Are you here and now be honest? That's not the sort of thing I personally would do, because I'm just not sure how effective it would be, but others swear by it and I'm not one to dismiss the personal experiences of others so lightly with a captured was astonishing. Their simple question was met with a moment of silence and then a faint voice can be heard from somewhere in the room. What did it say? Of course, I'm here the voice replied. Where are you
Home is where the heart is, but it's so much more than that. Isn't it home is where we let down our guard and take on new experiences where we become vote, honourable and relaxed, where we build hopes and dreams and suffer through unexpected pain and sorrow. We put down roots in those routes inject a little bit of us into the places we call home. Perhaps it's not a coincidence that the most common word to pare with haunted is house, because it's in those places of trust and vulnerability that we can often experience the most pain and pain, as we all know, hence to linger as do the stories about it, so in countless people begin to consider a building their second home returning year after year, despite the ups and downs of life, it's no wonder that they leave a bit of themselves. Behind
Today, the male Washington Hotel stands as one of the last great gilded age resorts. Much like this only hotel in Colorado. Now Washington is a relic from another I'm a reminder of the ambition and wealth of the people who built it, but some of modern tales of unexplainable. Sightings and mysterious events have left the impression that not all of the former residents are entirely happy and some people think they know why to explain it. I needed Oh you another story, one set elsewhere in New Hampshire. You see in April of eighteen, ninety seven a man named Joseph Kelly, walked into the great falls National Bank in the town of Somersworth, and he set events in motion that had dark consequences. Kelly was just twenty four at the time, but was already deeply in debt and
desperate for a way out of his financial mess, which is why he was wearing a fake, moustache and beard when he approached one of a teller windows in his pocket was loaded revolver and he was ready to use it Pretending to be a normal customer Kelly asked the teller for some stamps and the man behind the counter nodded politely and told him. He would be glad to help the stamps, though, were kept in the cashier's office, so the teller told Kelly to wait there while he went to retrieve them Kelly, Listen now the moment the teller turned and walked toward the other room. Kelly quietly followed him. It was only once both. Men were standing in the cashier office that Kelly revealed himself and then slammed the door shut behind him. The teller shouted for help, but Kelly struck the man over the head with a small club. When the other man fell to the floor Kelly leaned over and cut his throat, you took the money he came for and managed to make his escape boarding a train that was bound for Montreal.
But crimes like dad have a way of catching up with you when they found Kelly, he was hiding out in a brothel dressed in women's. clothing, like Val killers, character, mad Mart again and Willow soon enough. He was back in New Hampshire, where he stood trial for his crimes in the town of Dover. He spent the next thirty years of his life in peace, The reason why I'm telling you this story is because of the bank tellers name, Joseph Stickney, not of course, the same Joseph stick me who made a fortune in the coal industry and then use some of it to build them out. Washington, hotel, just a random stranger, with exactly the same name, stranger whose tragic ending put him firmly on the public record. Many
later, an artist was commissioned to create two paintings for the hotel, one of Princess Carolyn and the other of her first husband, Joseph Stickney, but when the artist went looking for photographs or sketches to basis paintings on, he grabbed an image of the wrong Joseph Stickney. The murder victim, not the coal magnate, and no one noticed today, if you visit the Mount Washington Hotel, make sure Look around the lobby for the paintings there. Still there prominently, displayed the show every guest who stays there. The faces of the people who built the place, which is, of course, a lie. Rather than spend the decade since her death hanging beside her beloved husband, Princess Carolyn, has been forced to share the wall with a murder victim she'd never met.
and if that's not a reason to make a little noise from time to time. I can't think of one that is with all the guests who pass through the doors of the Mount Washington Hotel over the years. It's easy to assume all of the stories were telling come from inside those gilded walls, but there's one more tale to tell one that took place outside on the mountain they gave the hotel its name stick around after this short sponsor break. To hear all about it. This episode was made possible by staff stock, come if you're a small businesses you're busy enough as it is either have time to deal with the hassle of going to the post office with stamps dot com. You can skip the trip.
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special offer. That includes a four week: trial, free postage and a digital scale, no long term commitments or contracts just go to stamps dot, com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and then type in the word lure that stamps dot com offer code lure stamps dot com, never go to the post office. Again, It was supposed to be a simple hiking trip. Twenty three year old Lizzie had travelled with her cousin and uncle from the town of Canebrake on the coast of main when they reached mouthwash. Ten in mid September of eighteen, fifty five they put their plans together. It would be a trip that they would never forget. the trio found lodging in the Glen House a newly renovated farmhouse that now served as a hotel for visitors to the mountain. Their plan was to wake up, and
in the long hike up to the summit and then spend the night the small lodge they're called the tip top house, but if there's one I see no England, where you can depend on whether it's not Washington morning of the hike arrived with rain and fog and Lilies Uncle George called off their plans. Now no if they had the luxury of waiting a day or if the weather brought utter disappointment to them, but it seemed as if the hike would not happen as planned and then by midmorning, the weather broke and the trio change their minds. My Washington is known for harsh unpredictable, whether it's a small mountain but due to its location and shape. It boasts some of the most brutal winds in the world. I don't know who holds the record today, but in nineteen thirty, four, the weather station there recorded winds in excess of two hundred thirty miles per hour and because you can never predict when that sort of
might happen, you need to be prepared for anything but Lizzie and the others were far from prepared. They began their height by following the rough carriage road that led to the summit, but it was under construction and difficult advocate quickly. So, by the time the sun was setting, they were still a good distance from the top, not that they would know, though they had never hike the mountain before, and the clouds were low enough. That visibility had become issue. So they would reach a level spot think that it was the summit and then discovered that the climb picked back up somewhere farther into the clouds. Over and over they were teased into believing their climb was nearly finished, which is why they ended up, standing on a frigid mountain side in the dark, as biting winds tore at their simple, victorian clothing Lizzie's uncle George decided that they needed shelter from the wind. So he told the two young women to lie down, while he constructed a low wall to allow them some warmth, but even that took a good long, while
George would later right that he finally completed the wind break around ten p m, tired and cold. He settled in behind it, placing himself between his daughter Lucy and his niece Lizzie Lucy acknowledged his arrival, but Lizzie didn't move a muscle just to make sure she was all right. He reached out and touched her hand. It was ice, cold, panic, washed over George, any move to his knees and shook his niece trying to wake her up, but it was no use at some point between beginning construction on the wall and its completion. Poor Lizzie born had passed away. Many suspect exposure, which would make a lot of sense that some have even suggested a heart. trapped in the dark on the side of a mountain. George and Lucy did the only thing they could they huddled together and waited for the light of morning to come and rescue them, and when it did, they discovered the bitter sweet truth of their journey that they had been within view of the tip top house, all along
Lizzie was carried down the mountain and a small wooden box, but her story has never fully left the summit. Even today, there is a small pilot stones with a marker set on top just to the side of the railway track. That brings visitors up and down the mountain. But if you don't Greeting, her name and epitaph on that white sign is enough. There are other stories that keep her memory alive. There are ports from visitors to the summit to have claimed to see the ghostly figure of a young woman hovering near the pile of rocks, they say the vision becomes more and more clear. As the anniversary of her death approaches and according to other stories at least one group of brave hikers attempted to get a little closer It said that they arrived at her monuments after dark, just as she would have done over a century and a half ago, after sitting down around the stones, the clouds moved in and cut off most of the moonlight,
you're spending some time chatting. The group climb back up to their feet, ready to reach the summits and find warmth and that was when one of the men screamed in terror. His voice, cutting through the silence like a knife, every one turned to him and found him staring at the pile of stones there. Figure was rising from inside the monument her image glowing softly in the fog. They say she looked sad and that the wind still ripped at her clothing, even though it had done its cruel work on her so long before then,. The ghostly woman pointed in the direction of the summit and then slowly collapse to her knees as if giving up on her journey a moment later, she disappeared. Busy born was not the first to die a tragic death on the way to the top of Mount Washington and she would sadly not be the last, but over the years the people have been visiting the summit view. Other stories have held on with such power
tenacity, it seems that no matter how windy it gets up there on the mountain, busy Bourns memory can never be blown away. This episode of lower was written and produced by me, Aaron Monkey with reason by Robin Minister and Music by Chad, Lawson and, of course, law. Is much more than just a podcast there's. The book series available in stores and our line and to see of the television show on Amazon. Prime video check in both out, if you want more lore in your life- and I also make two other podcast as well, Erin, making cabinet of curiosities and unobserved, and I think you'd enjoy both of them. Each
and explores other areas of our dark history, ranging from bite sized episodes to season long dives into a single topic, and you can more about both of those shows and everything else going on all over in one central place. Thou world of lore dotcom, slash, now You can follow the show on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram just search for lore podcast, all one word and then click that follow button. And when you do say hi, I like it when people say hi and as always, thanks for listening.
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