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Episode 54: Teacher’s Pet


The more crowded our world becomes, the more frequently we are confronted with our commonality. Our interests, our passions…even our appearance. But just how similar can we get? Well, that’s the stuff of folklore.


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Maria IRAN was a Franciscan Amis who lived and worked Spain. During the first half of the seventeenth century later in life, she would become a prolific author, everywhere she went. She wore the blue garments of her order, but in one thousand six hundred and twenty, when she was just eighteen, she started to report odd experiences. Maria claimed that she was having incredibly real visions, visions. She said of being in a foreign land, far away from Spain. in those dreams. She encountered a tribe of people known as the? U motto but Mary considered. These two more than just dreams. She said the angels were literally transporting her to another place for over three
years Maria spoke with the Yamato people telling them of her, work in the church and teaching them as best as she could and then in one thousand. Six hundred and twenty three revisions stopped six years later, a group of native Americans from the western region of Modern Texas approach the go spanish authorities there and asked for a missionary to be sent to their village. Before agreeing to do so. The local priest asked why the men said that they'd been. visited by a beautiful young woman dressed in blue and that she had taught them many things, those native Americans. It turns out were members of a tribe known as the Eu Mono in their arrival in sixteen twenty nine, along with their misdeeds, yes connection to a young avis. Thousands of miles away have sparked questions that are still impulse able to answer even now,.
In a world as enormous an enticing as our own, it's easy to see how people would dream of being somewhere else. We law for tropical vacations or a chance to Is it our ancestral home right now, Now you might be in an office or a classroom or sitting in traffic. at the same time your mind might be on a beach somewhere else entirely. But that's nothing more than a daydream, no one can be in places at once or candy. I Marin Aaron, and this is lore. There are nearly eight point: five million people living in New York City. At this moment I must end,
This is home to another four million, half of whom are probably said in their car on the one a one right now and there another. Three million souls in Chicago cities can be crowded places no doubt about it, and it's not an american problem either. London is to nearly nine million human lives. Tokyo has over thirteen million ends hi clocks in at over twenty four million everywhere, we go there's a crowd. it is our cities fill up faster and faster? It still wonder some people feel a little lost when there are five or ten or twenty million other humans buzzing through our streets. How can anyone feel truly unique, how many other people on the subway with you are wearing the same color or the Saint Jacket or sunglasses or headphones? How many other redheads work in your office?
how many other guys in your dorm have a beard? The more of us we crammed into a small space, the more our uniqueness becomes typical in common, Which is why we always step back and smile when we someone who looks a lot like someone else, isn't it a bitter, an exam of extreme odds. I know the genetic role of the dice that results in your cousin. Looking a lot like Brad, Pitt or age, in Brody having more than a passing resemblance to the seventeenth century. Philosopher John Locke, trust me on that. Look it up it's crazy, but there's a huge difference between agenda probability that someone somewhere else in the world might look like us and the belief that a spanish nine could somehow transport herself around the globe through her dreams. that fantastical feet is what some writers call by location, which literally means to locations at once.
There are stories involving by location, sprinkled throughout history centuries ago, claiming to be present. in two places at once was seen as an act of witchcraft. In fact Maria arena herself was investigated by the inquisition. Sort of a fanatical police force inside the catholic church that chase down heresy. In the end, though they didn't pursue her case, some historians think that's because her by location resulted in true, fruitful missionary work, while others believe was because she happened to be good friends with the king of Spain either way we're stories were believed. brothers, the results were so positive. One of the common pieces of evidence brought up during the sale in which trials was, in fact by location. Many of the witnesses who claimed witchcraft had used against them also claimed that they saw the witches themselves in spectral form inside their homes,
and while the events of the Salem, which trial or now looked at as a horrific case of mass hysteria and social prejudice, those who lived through it firmly Billy that these things were possible. Therefore, punishable In more modern times by location has been viewed less as an act of witchcraft. More as a mystical ability, however fringe it might seem, examples are found in Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and the occult famous a contest. Alister Crowley was known to appear in person a front of many of his friends while actually being far away in another location in some cultures, these mystical duplicates are referred to as change links and their source is more sinister stories. A change leans appear in the folk lore of Wales, Ireland, Sweden, Poland, in many other places in Europe and in all of them the common thread is very dark and very terrifying.
Parents varies from the dangerous world outside the home. Will upon occasion sneak inside and steal children sometimes They replace the stolen child with an enchanted wooden dummy. They call a stock other times they leave their own fairy child in its place and because humans are skilled in caring for ferry babies or you know, magical blocks of wood these replacements, but always fail to thrive. These tails were often used to warn mothers of the importance of watching their children closely, but when people felt that alone, one, had undergone an inexplicable, dramatic shift in personality? This folklore also became the logical explanation no man, your husband, hasn't, become an angry abusive monster overnight, he's just been replaced by a changeling. Today. Psychologists think these stories have routes in a disorder known his capgaroupe delusion where a person,
if someone close to them has been replaced with a look alike impostor rather than being the work of elves, though it's a neurological disorders caused by lesions on the beach yet one more example of how science can take a magic folklore and replace it with something even more depressing and horrible But there are other stories that are much harder to explain. Stories were more than one copy of a person has been witnessed, oftentimes by people of strong reputation or those who can prove their claim. and while these stories have taken place in many different countries, most of them feature
term that we can trace back to one language in particular, german and that word dapple gainer the terms Bulgaria is one of those misused words slapped on a whole slew of stories in a way that dilutes the true meaning do a google search for celebrity double gangsters and you'll find lots of examples of that genetic game of chance. I mentioned earlier. The strangers who look airily like other strangers, aren't doppler gainers True sense of the word dabble, as I, as I said before, is a german were. That means double Walker, which, admittedly specific in very specific but in historical context, full of a full of a magical connotation,
Another term used interchangeably with double gang, or is the irish fetch? A call idea of both words, though, is the sense of seeing the most of someone, one who still alive an apparition or a spectral copy of a living human being. But the key characteristic of double gainers isn't what they are. It's what they mean because seen a double gang or a fetch. The literal act I've seen one with your own eyes can have powerful consequences. In fact, one common interpretation is that dapple gainers represent our true desires, brought to life, second hand stories tell of individuals seen the very things they wish would happen, or their spectral doubles dissipating in activities. They long for one story tells of a farmer who worked so long each day, but he was never able to come home and see his family
on multiple occasions. His neighbor saw him walk up to the house in the afternoon and enter through the front door all while the farmer claimed he had still been working in the fields. Sir Frederick Rash was a british military figure from the mid eighteen hundreds. Then he also served as a member of parliament for over twenty years in March of nineteen o five, though he was sick at home with influenza and was unable to travel to London to participate in the debate. It spent months preparing for this key political moment and was understandably full of regret. and frustration during the debate in London, though another member of parliament, Gilbert Parker, turned in his seat and noticed rash sitting toward the back of the room near the door. Parker later said that Russia looked, and I quote: pallid steely and grim. But after turning away for a moment and then looking back, the sick man was gone later. Parker spoke with others
room, including Sir Arthur Haider and future Prime Minister Henry Campbell Bannerman, in both men confirmed, but Parker had witnessed rush, they all confirmed and then in the room except the hadn't. He was still at home, sick in bed and had never left. You wanted to be there, of course, and that, according to some, was in to send a copy of himself. Some people, however, interpret dapple gainers as a sign or portent at something. Dark was about to happen there, a visual premonition, if you will a prediction, acted out in spectral form right before our eyes. According to one story, english poet, John done with Privy to just such a vision done and his wife, Anne had twelve children over the span of their sixteen year. Marriage in sixteen twelve, while his wife was due to give birth to their eighth child done travelled with a friend to Paris on business, and it was while he was
air that he experienced a most unusual vision. One afternoon his friend Sir Robert Dreary entered their apartment, defying done in a state of shock. Me was pale almost vacant, and this worried the friend when jury pressed him for an explanation done told enemy in story. He been in his room earlier that day when his wife appeared before him, but it hadn't been happy vision and he said had been weeping and in her arms she held a dead child later upon returning home too when done learn that his wife had given birth to a stillborn baby on the very morning had witnessed her dabbling in other situations seen a double gang of yourself is viewed Is it old man of your own impending death and that's what happened to another writer in early one thousand, eight hundred and twenty two, according to his own account friends reported seen him numerous times, only to discover that
was actually elsewhere, verifiable by other witnesses. One friend, Jane Williams, live near the writer on a dead end street one day she looked through her window to see him pass by headed in the direction of the dead end. After waiting for a few minutes, he never walk back. She looked outside and check the street, but couldn't find a sign of him more evidently, though, he claimed to have seen himself on multiple occasions, which he reported later to his wife. Once he claimed he was walking alone on a terrace when a man approached him from the shadows, when the figure face came into view. The writer was shocked to see that it was his own and it spoke how long it asked him. Do you mean to be content? Later, on July, eighth of eighteen, twenty two he was sailing across the Gulf of Space Yacht in ITALY when a severe storm struck, his boat, causing it to sink. All three men aboard were drowned
Their bodies washed ashore later that day it seems that seeing your own dapple gang or can, in some cases truly end in death, the writers name by the way was Percy Bitch Shelly. He was a famous poet, a respected novelist and a close friend of Lord Byron. Most remember him today, as the husband of Mary Shelly, author of the classic horror, novel Frankenstein. From the early twelfth century. Until about a century ago, the region Northern Europe on the coast of the Baltic Sea was known as Livonia. Its shit name that held on for a very long time.
That area has become three separate countries of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. The lot in town of L is an important and asked centre today, but two centuries ago it was home to a prestigious finishing school for girls, a school known as the pencil, not that Vega was run by the Moravians and. highly sought after, if you were the door daughter of a noble Livonia family. The odds were good that you would be sent there for your education and in eighteen, forty five under the care of principle book. There were forty two young women in residence at the school. One of those girls was Julie. The daughter of the Baron of Golden stood, who was thirteen years old at the time years Julie, sat down with the american writer Robber jail, Owens and told him her story, which he reprinted in one of his books. It's a story, that is to say the least peculiar in eighteen. Forty
The school welcomed a new teacher. She was her early thirties and described as slim with pale blue eyes and chestnut hair, and she travelled All the way from her home and Dijon in Eastern France, although she appears to have also had family right there in Val MIRA, her name again into Julie was mademoiselle. Emily soggy. few weeks after she arrived, the students began to whisper about odd happenings. One of the girls. One into a room and asked if anyone knew where Mademoiselle Soggy was one friend replied that she had just The teacher in a particular location moments before another girl said no. She had just spotted her in a different room. It struck the girls as odd. Weeks later, Mademoiselle Soggy was teaching a class of a dozen or so students and was using the black to illustrate her lesson. While her back was to the class, the girls looked up to see
a second mademoiselle soggy standing behind the first they looked like they were dressed like the even moved with the same gestures and then after a few moments, the duplicate vanished. The entire class of girls witnessed it, though, and that made it impossible for them to forget, which made for a tense moment a few days later, when Mademoiselle Soggy offered to help one of the students class but difficult hook on the back of her dress, while standing front of the mere the student looked into the glass see not one. To Mademoiselle sugies standing behind her the girl, frightened by what she saw fainted instantly. Months with by in more and more encounters were reported by the girls, sometimes two of her would appear at the dinner table side by side, but only one of the figures will be holding silverware. Then
us before the holiday season. The strangest event of all took place all forty two of the students School had gathered in one room and were seated together at a long table. They were there to practise their embroidery. we're being supervised by one of the teachers on one all of the room. There was a series of tall glass windows that looked out onto the schools garden and through them all of the girls could see. Mademoiselle soggy outside gathering flower, into a basket at some point. In the lesson their teacher stood and excused herself from the room The girls had run out of blue silk and she knew where to find more so she went to retrieve it a moment later. Some of the girls gas Mademoiselle Soggy had silently appeared in the vacant chair. She didn't speak or move, but all forty two of the girl saw her trouble was when they turned back to the windows. They could still see her in the garden gathering flowers.
Two of the students were brave enough to stand up and approach the seated figure and even tried to touch her it later. Compare this sensation to pressing your fingertips too loose fabric. There was resistance, very little of it. when the school and out for the holidays. Next year, all of the girls went home and told their parents about the unusual events and true to form most of them were furious. How there the school, expose their daughters to such a bad influence with school resumed weeks later Principle book was shocked to learn that only twelve of the original forty two students had returned Worried for the financial security and the reputation of the school, the principal had no choice but to fire Emily Soggy, Julie, goldens, but it was one of the few who had returned and she claimed to have heard the teacher claims something to the effect of oh, no, not again,
Julie asked her about this. Seguin replied that this wasn't the first time that this had happened or even the second. According her. It had happened to her eighteen times before really also noted that Emily Soggy had remained in town for a few months after being fired apparent. her sister in law live there and Segui had moved in and tried to find. Work in town and Julie knew this because should actually gone to visit her there. When she arrived at the House Julie aims that she was greeted by several young children according to her when she asked. where she might find Emily Soggy the children shook their heads, they didn't know, but they told her. That was never difficult to find her with expressions of wonder. They said that they often saw- and I quote, to Aunt Emily's
Maybe we look for similarities because it helps us fight loneliness in a crowded world. Maybe we, those moments. When we see someone else who looks a lot like someone we know or a celebrity or that car a roommate we haven't seen in years. Winning Also, very different: those similarities are like footholds, giving us a place to stand to feel safe, defined comfort, There's a bit of a rush. When you see someone else wearing the same concert, t shirt you have on or reading same book as you in the cafe. That's one of the paradoxes of being human. We straw four individuality, and yet we long for inclusion So it's no wonder the people for centuries have claimed to see their body double or a duplicate of a friend or family member on some. Well, it's just more of that same grasping for familiarity, isn't it, but how can
over forty students all have the same delusions. How can events repeat themselves month after month. in all be explained away, as just figments of the imagination. The. Where do we, draw the line between those who can be taken for their word and those who must one final story. In November of eighteen sixty a man found himself at the end of a very long, very exhausting day, thankful to finally be home. He wandered into his bedroom and sat down on a lounge think of it as a sort of a couch with no back, maybe a headrest on one end, but after a long day on his feet, even a wooden bench would have felt amazing, I'm sure he closed his eyes and felt exhaustion rush over him and then slowly Lord himself, to lay down just a moment. He thought that's all. I need just a little bit of rest.
then the opened his eyes again straight ahead. Just a few feet away was addresser with a mirror on top the sort that can be pivotal to point up or down, as your needs require in the meantime appeared to have been tilted down enough that he could see himself stretched out there on the couch, but when he saw his face he caught his breath. There were two of them, not one He sat up in horror and looked at the mirror again, but the duplicate were gone. He shook his head, probably mumbled, something about being too tired to see straight and then Lord himself back down once more and there in the mirror. He saw it again to copies of his own face. Looking back at him,. He later at all, a friend that faces were slightly different from each other. One of them, he said, seemed now and what he might expect to find from any mirror. The other
oh seemed much more pale. More sickly almost dead, in fact he shook it off while, but later that evening, he told his wife about it. Then she didn't like what she heard now them be it was her irish and english heritage, or perhaps it was just something she learned later in life, but the man's wife called it an omen and not a good one. Much as it pain her to say at the sign was clear. Her husband who was faded to die unexpected sooner rather than later. The double gang or law is pretty clear about it. After all, seen your double can only end in tragedy, and it did less than five years later, a stranger held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger and just Who was that man in the mirror, the sixteenth pro
it is of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. This episode of war was written and produced by me. Aaron monkey with research help from Mars set Crockett Lore is much more than upon guess. There's a book series in bookstores around the country and online, and the second season of the Amazon Prime Television show was recently released, check them both out. If you want more lore in your life, I also make two other upon guests, Erin, monkeys, cabinet of curious
these and unobserved, and I think you'd enjoy both each one explores other areas of our dark history, ranging from bite sized episodes to season long dives into a single topic. You can learn about both of those shows in everything else, going on all over in one central place: Thou world of lore dot com slow now, and you can also follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just search for lore podcast, all one word and then click now follow button. When you do say hi, I like it when people say hi and as always, thanks for listening.
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