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Episode 57: Quarantine


Nearly four centuries ago, a wave of sickness spread through a community in the French countryside. It wasn’t a traditional disease they were fighting, though. This plague had a more sinister source.


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About twenty miles to the west of the south african city of rooms into there used to be an old catholic outpost called seek Michael's mission along serving as home to the missionaries working. There was also the location a small, peaceful orphanage. Nineteen o six, though not peace, was broken by an extraordinary events. the older children a sixteen year old girl named Clara, Germano Cello began to act strangely, although she never studied them, she suddenly became fluent in german, French and Poland.
Witnesses also reported that she somehow knew the darkest secrets of complete strangers as if she could read their minds. They said she could levitate off the floor, sometimes as high as five feet, but the holy water would bring her back down on more than one occasion clearer, even tossed a nun across the room ass. If she were a rag doll The noises she made sounded as if- and I quote, a herd of wild beasts orchestrated by Satan, had formed a hellish choir. When they realise that clear, I couldn't be near objects that had been blessed by a priest. We finally had their answer. She was possessed. They said by a demon. Hers is one of countless possession store
told throughout history: they span centuries and cultures and religions and all the while people have been fascinated by them. Maybe it's the darkness, maybe it's the loss of control. Perhaps it's just our love of a good old fashioned scary tail people are obsessed stories about possession look no further than Hollywood for proof. Films like the exorcist and rose marries baby. With every single episode of supernatural all hinge The idea of dark forces taking control of innocent victims. It makes for great entertainment, darkness cells apparently be stories, it turns are almost always about individuals, one person possessed by evil and the results of their condition, but
happens when there are more than one what if an entire community falls victim to demonic possession, it sounds unlikely impossible even before hundred years ago in actually happened. I Marin monkey- and this is more deep in the french countryside, about twenty miles to the south of the town of she. None is an ancient. Little village, that's home to just a few thousand. The streets are picturesque and the surrounding landscape is gorgeous, but there are darker he's in lieu done and you might expect,
early. Sixteen hundreds Lou done sat on the border between two territories. The Protestants also known in France as the Hugonots and the calf. Like everywhere else in Europe and England, at the time there was a lot of hostility between these two groups of Christians, but it is different in lieu done there, things seem to be peaceful side by side, catholic and Protestant lived and worked together. But being on the border between two regions meant that there was a lot of truth movement and in the early sixteen hundreds french troops were plagued by typhus. It's an illness sometimes referred to as camp fever because it flourished in the overcrowded unsanitary conditions of milk Terry Campaigns and although the inflow of soldiers most likely brought a boost to the local economy, also brought disease. Sixteen thirty two was a hard you.
The community had been battling the pandemic for over five months, and it was taking its toll on them. Some estimates report that about twenty six percent of the population. There died as a result of the illness because of that two different things were happening: first, all of the people of wealth and importance, we're leaving town doctors, priests, officials, anyone who could afford to really all of them were fleeing. to the countryside. Second, those who remain behind set of quarantine measures to stop the spread of the disease in one of the groups that Those themselves off from the rest of the world was a convent of yours lindens. It wasn't an old convent, maybe six years old at the time, and so it was full of relics, really young members most of the women there had come from wealthy, noble families which made a lot of sense
Ursula was said to have been. The daughter of a powerful ruler was killed while on a religious pilgrimage. Noble born women of the time were drawn to that story and, as a result, the order was flourishing in September of one thousand six hundred and thirty, two after months of quarantine and the death that surrounded it, the nuns began to report on Experian. On the twenty first of that month, one of the women woke to find a man standing over the foot of her bed. He was weeping and begged her to pray for him when he had a book which he kept offering to her alarmed the nun called out for her roommate to wake up as well, but when she did, the man vanished. The two women had trouble, sleeping no and stayed awake the rest of the night and all the while both of them claim They could still hear the man, weeping and muttering quietly as if he were still there prayn by him. Self in the shadows. A few days later. Another none
to see a black sphere, floated up and down the corridors of the convent It even ran into one of the women knocking her to the floor in leaving marks on her legs a week after that. Some one saw a skeleton walking around as if it were still alive, but these events seem to be the precursor to something darker, it was that hot sticky, wind that blows in just before a tropical storms slams the coast, except this storm, would turn out to be far more frightening and it began with seizures Many of the nuns began to have violent convulsions when they could speak. They cried out the hands. Invisible hands were slapping and in them. They heard voices and witnessed ghostly figures in their rooms. Remember this wasn't in isolated thing. The experiences were read across a whole group of women, and I caught the attention of church leadership.
when a catholic confessor german Young arrived on October fifth, there were eight nuns exists. These unusual symptoms, including the convents priors gender tsars. Actually she seems to be the worst of the lot convulsing through the night in screaming what sir Like nonsense, the entire time suspecting and John men. Young demanded it to speak and identify itself, but he wanted to be careful if four some extraordinary reason. The prairies was faking it. He didn't want to make it easy to answer. So he spoke to the demon in Latin language that he knew designs did not understand. Amazingly though, it replied also in Latin, but the answer was
I mean beyond anything he might have expected. Who are you? He shouted? The prior is looked at him smiled and then whispered, three chilling words enemies of God. One of the common beliefs in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries within a person had to strike a deal with it. devil. In order to obtain supernatural powers. People all across Europe were accused of witchcraft for hundreds of years, Poor accusation was always that these individuals had somehow struck a bargain with evil spirits, so it was, for german young to ask his next question: how we
You invited into this convent the demon The mouth of Jan desires replied a pact authored by your background year. It was an end. Sir- that men young had no problem. Accepting is true. Why well done stand that we need to take a moment to get to know your bond ground here, because not only was he real, he was right there in the convent. Grand here you see was a priest. This guy was handsome suave, even seductive, think Jude LAW in the young Pope bed in lieu done for at least fifteen years, and in that time He built himself quite a reputation as a ladies man. Rumour has it that grandeur had fathered a child with the daughter of a local lawyer. She was conveniently married off to someone from out of town. They say without didn't. His seemingly endless string of mistresses just two years before the possessions begin. Grand here had been brought before the court. Other priests claim.
I've seen him with women married and unmarried alike. Some of these women have even gone to grandeurs own room to visit him alone, but thanks to some powerful connections in town, he was released without conviction which didn't sit well with the judge, a man who also happens to be the local representative for the Pope. The Bishop of Plantier and Quartier, it turns out, was a close friend of german young, which begs a lot of questions. Doesn't it was there really an epidemic of demonic possession taken? place or was it a plot between Jean and Young and Jen the songs to finally get rid of grandeur? I know that's a lot of names, a lot of french and a lot of intrigue but real life is always more complicated than fiction real or not the ever and of demonic possession. The went on for months and with it
all came more exorcisms. Every time a priest asked who the author of the pact was grandeurs name would come up over and over the testimony against him. However, unbelievable it might have been was stacking up, but at the same time His unusual experiences pointed towards something the well supernatural. Witnesses reported that some of the afflicted nuns would shout expletive, something unbecoming of noble women, one alone Ladys of the church, some of them bark like animals, while others long diatribes, unbroken latin many of the nuns would exe whose themselves, during their demonic, fits or contort into positions that the priest considered obscene naturally word events eventually spread outside the convent walls with a town wide quarantine. Finally removed dozens of people
Visited the convent with hopes have seen for themselves what was really taking place. News always has a way of spreading just like a disease and in lieu done it passed from mouth to ear person to person and finally made its way out into the count. Side? That's about the time when grandiose stepped in and try to establish his own quarantine, he didn't want news of the possessions and exorcisms to spread and tried to shut off. The convent from the right the world was young and young and the press wouldn't allow it. Let me say this: I know grand your story, isn't the most frightening and dark. I get it he's political and religious and nothing different from anything we can find in the news today that doesn't make for the interesting story. Admittedly, but if these demonic possessions were the elephant in the room, so to speak and grandeur was the news from which the elephant was hanged.
in November of sixteen thirty three, the Lou done. Events finally reached the ears of King Louis, the thirteenth who told his adviser about it an adviser was none other than Cardinal Richelieu, a man with both immense political power and a deep personal grudge against you guessed it you're ban Grandeur, By MID December, the authorities had arrived at the convent to help, but they weren't there to end exorcisms. No, they came solely for one purpose to arrest grandeur. He was immediately taken into custody and by the seventeenth he was on trial, but the word try.
Might be misleading. What happened next was more of an exhibition of the worst of human nature. Looking back, it even put the demons to shame the trial began. Like you might expect, evidence was brought against grandeur. seeing him of a pact with the devil, but is difficult to prove. As that may sound today, the Lou done trial seems to have allowed almost anything to stand as evidence that. And we're all brought into the court room and given a chance to testify the prairies genders. Orange did more than speak, though she was said to have levitating two feet off,
Floor later, she also somehow stretched her body to a height of seven feet before shrinking back to normal one of the nuns reported horrible. Dreams, in which Grandy are appeared to her and forced her to do unspeakable things once when all the nuns involved were in the courtroom together, they passed out in unison, collapsing on the floor in a bizarre synchronized wave. Not wanting to leave anything to chance or fraud. The court also separated the nuns in question them individually, but when they spoke it was the demon inside. Then that communicated and he's demons new things that the nuns wouldn't have they knew right down to the day When some of the visiting priests head last confessed, they even knew what was being said between to exorcise in another room across the building. If the women were faking their symptoms,
They were doing an amazing job uncanny really, but the court didn't just test the nun No grandiose himself had to endure some very unusual treatment as well all in an effort to prove whether or not he was in league with the devil in the primary way they did. This was through a search for what they called devils marks, sometimes referred to as a witness mark These were thought to be the markings made by the devil himself on the people who struck bargains with him. He spots where numb and never felt pain or bled conveniently they were also said to resemble normal scars, dark, moles, unusual, birth marks or even freckles. Obviously, this made it impossible for the accused to prove their innocence, and the court new this on December, seventh of sixteen thirty three, the imprisoned grandeur and then she
his body and pricked him with needles all over looking for all the places where he felt no pain or didn't bleed, but they cheated According to a historian writing about. Sixty years later, it was well known that the surgeon in charge simply turned his needle around in certain places to avoid causing pain. The crown jewel of their evidence, though, was the pact, the actual paper pact that grand here was supposed to have made with the devil he was covered in the text of agreement, as well as the personal seals of seven demons and signed they said by grandeur using his own blood as the ink. All of this was enough to convict grandeur and he was sentenced to death, and we can Think Cardinal Richelieu. For that, because of his involvement, the case was never tried in a secular court. Instead, it was
City of his own creation that handled the whole proceedings, which meant grand years death sentence, was in contestable he had no chance of freedom, no hope, no chance to prove his innocence. They tortured him before his execution. The use the device called the boot to crush both his legs. They took all his money and possessions and delivered them to the king. They beat him depressed pins into his skin, so deeply that they struck bone and not once did he give in confess where most people accused of witchcraft would give in and named other witches in an attempt to save themselves from pain. Grandy are refused. Seventy two people gave false testimony against him in
and yet he never once return the favour. The day of his execution, they carried him out of the prison toward the place where he would die sort of a gallows built over a large pile of brush and kindling. It was a simple, yet cruel system. First, he would be handed a lit candle and then in the trap door would open Hanging him once dead, the candle would fall from his hand and onto the kindling where he would ignite and burn his corpse It was in essence a deadly rube Goldberg machine, but once he was brought to the platform, the crowd became hysterical. They wanted violent this they threw holy water at him when he tried to address the crowd. and so in an effort to please the angry mob. The executioner simply lit the funeral pyre and walked away.
Fuelled by the dry brush and a whole lot of hatred now fire consumed grandiose alive. This fascination with demand possessions, almost seems like it's been woven into the fabric of society. We can go back into the depths of history and fine. Countless Examples of it in all shades and interpretations: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, even Buddhism,. All of them have been a lens provider a subtle twist on an old story. Even the spiritualist movement of the nineteenth century added its own flavour.
because of this long and winding thread woven into the tapestry of human history. Many people can't help but see possession as a real thing. It's history is the evidence. The sheer volume, at least to them, has to account for something people like the former official exorcist of the dire cease of Rome. Father, Gabriel Amorous before he passed away in two thousand sixteen he claimed to have performed over one hundred and sixty thousand exorcisms in his career. Others look to modern psychology, diagnoses likes, gets it any or dissociated identity disorder, the human And is complex and fragile. You don't have to be a psychologist to understand either looking around at our friends and family. Many of us know first hand how destructive mental illness can be, but whatever the cause, it hasn't, stop people
reacting like monsters. The execution of your background here was far from the first of its kind, and sadly it wasn't the last when faced with events that are unexplainable frightening or contrary to our belief system. People have a tendency to overreact. We quarantine, we ostracize, we lash out sometimes violently In two thousand and five, a young woman visited a monastery in Romania. She was there to visit her brother during the mass she giggled uncontrollably. The local psychiatrist wanted to treat her for schizophrenia, but the monasteries priest hand other plans. The woman was chained to a large cross and gagged before leaving her alone in a cold room for three days.
She died. As a result, the execution of grandeur was supposed to stop the possessions, but it didn't. The prior ass Jane desires, continued to convulse and out in latin others seem to suffer the same symptoms around her. Then in October of one thousand, six hundred and thirty seven, she seemed to get better. It was a miracle they said healed of her condition. She went on a pilgrimage to Rome and then back to France, where she stopped for a visit with of all people card shortly after that she travelled France all over telling her story and earning a living when does always retired back at the convent years later, she became the local mystic and claimed to be able to communicate with angels, all of which brought her quite a lot of fame. How nice for her
Muttered historians have sense revisited that paper document, the one that was presented at Grandeurs trial. has his actual signed pact with the devil they brought in handwriting experts and dug into contemporary documents at the Lou done archives in an effort to determine if he really did sign it. Surprisingly, they found a match, but it wasn't grand here. It was the priors Jen visage. This episode of war was written and produced by me. Aaron monkey with research help from Marcel Crockett more is much more than upon gas. There's a book series in bookstores around the cunt.
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