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Trick or Treat 2017 - Set 1


The first Trick or Treat Halloween special of 2017 features two tales. The first, A Bridge Too Far, walks us through a winter train ride that went horribly wrong over a century ago. The second story reminds us that life is a lot more complex than we’re willing to admit. Rise Above introduces us to the darkness found inside that complexity.

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What in the world is a lower trick or treat episode? Well, where'd. You asked you see every October, I try to help lore listeners expire it's Halloween all month long and so only in October, I release extra episodes in between the full regularly scheduled one
That means that every Monday this month is going to have something fun for you to hear today. You'll hear two different tales in between them is a brief sponsor break and there you go now: pull up a seat, turn off the lights and make sure the door's locked. I want to tell you something: creepy, I'm Erin Monkey, and this is lore Actually, I'm on February fifth of eighteen, eighty seven, the Montreal Express was working its way up the cold iron nervous system of the north american Rail Road network. It had put. Boston hours before it was weeping it's way. Beside the Connecticut River alone, the knew him
you're in Vermont borders. That's a lot of geography. I know I just know this demand I'll express was a daily passenger train that ran back and forth between Boston, and you guessed it Montreal. This time, though, the train was running behind schedule nearly an hour behind and it hadn't even left, Vermont yet they had a long cold journey ahead of them, but as planned, the tray. And pulled into the White River Junction Railway station and start for passengers to enter an exit. The cars when it pulled away minutes later. There was nearly twenty degrees Fahrenheit below zero, each other passenger cars at a small Woodbury stove, but they struggled to fight off the creeping chill in the air, everyone on board. Seventy, passengers and six crew, bundled up against the cold and did their best to keep their minds off. It.
As the train pulled away from the station, a conductor by the name of Smith, Sturt Avant, walked up and down the aisles collecting tickets minutes later, as the tracks ass, the White River on the longest wooden railroad bridge in America. At the time, the train gave a shudder, one of the key, sensing something was wrong reached for the Bell cable and gave it a yank. Signalling to the engineer to stop the train, but you don't stop a train that quickly a lot of weight and a lot of momentum, and while the speed dropped rapidly, the train kept moving across the bridge. As it did. One of the sea for cars snagged on a piece of railway track that a broken due to the cold, and when did the car view away from the rest of the train and plummeted sixty feet into the river below. The car was joined by the three other cars behind it and ass. It fell. They followed down
not to the rushing waters of the White River, though no with temperature It is as low as they were the river itself. Was frozen solid. It was as if the train had dropped onto pavement. The wood stoves in oil lamps exploded inside the train, cars and within moments everything was a raging firestorm and those flames licked up the support legs of the bridge in the minutes it to draft The gorge landing right on top of the train, five of the six crewman died that night of the seventy nine passengers. Thirty of them perished most were burned to death in the fire. some were crushed by the train or the bridge, a few even drown as the heat of the flames melted. The ice. Into one local paper. Only eight of the bodies they recovered were identifiable
those who were rescued were transported across the river to a farm house where the injured and dine filled up the house so quickly, but the rest were moved to the barn. Rescuers found, stir, divides the conductor and were able to pull him to safety that he died. Next day a woman named Maria Sadler who'd, been returning home to Quebec, was found alive and pulled free. Although her ankle broke in the process, she thankfully survived. when they found Edward Dylan. He was alive and uninjured, but pinned beneath a pile of debris heavy. Jack's lay across his chest: a wheel from the train car heavy timber seats and try as they might the rescuers were able lift the weight of it all. In order to free him Dillon to his credit, stay calm, each added with the crew, Then he turned his head in his eye as wide a fire
was consuming. The train was slowly creeping toward his location. He panicked, he begged he pleaded, the rescuers doubled their efforts, trying to dig him free, but it was no use. The debris was simply too heavy to move. When the first of the flames reached him. He cried out. One final time and then he closed his eyes. The twenty or so men who had been trying to free him could do nothing more than step back and watch in horror as Dylan burned to death right before their eyes. He was the only one to burned to death, either day migrate from Quebec was also pen beneath debris near the fire when it approached he pulled out his pipe watch and wallet and handed them too. young son Joseph and then said his farewells before the wall of fire surrounded him as well. Today
Local still whisper about the ghostly figure of a man in a conductors uniform, been seen walking along the tracks. He told me ever seen at night and only near the river. Maybe Smith, stored Savant, has returned to help with the rescue efforts and he's just never left the fire house across the river has survived as well, but not without some baggage. It said that so much blood soaked into floorboards of the second floor- that the stains can still be found on the ceiling of the kitchen another rumour says it: animals refused to go inside the old barn. The farm by the way was known by the family name, pain. And although the old wooden bridge has been replaced by a more modern one, the Regional abutments are still there, but the locals will tell you More than just stone has survived. According to some the areas surrounding the bridge still have smell many who have travelled across the bridge have caught the scent.
and have described it as a mixture of burnt would in something else something less and then the cool New England air. Something less pleasant, then the autumn leaves its the smell may say of charred human remains It's amazing how easily people are drawn to simple answers. Complexity- just isn't fun, maybe black city offers us less hope, or perhaps it just reminds us of how small and powerless we are on this giant. Rock simplicity is the opposite of all of that. So if a sooner me crashed against the coast of an island,
some years ago. It was easy to believe that the gods were angry and punishing them. The truth is a lot more complex, tectonic plates earthquakes, seismic waves in all of that, and therefore a lot less easy to grasp simplicity is sexy, so it should come as no surprise that much of folklore is an engine that runs on the power of simplicity and no, topic represents that more fully than witchcraft, because for centuries, if anything, odd or unexplainable happened in your community, the conclusion was easy to reach. Some one in town was a witch. That's the world that grace was. Worn into she was part of the early settlers of Virginia the daughter. the scottish Carpenter and his english wife. Unlike her parents, though, she was born in the new world. In sixteen eighty grace married a local former James Sherwood Refined. gave them some land as a wedding gift and they settled into line.
they're on their small farm. A year later he passed away and left the rest of his property to them and nothing extravagant. But two hundred acres was still something the story say. The grace was unusually boot. Tall and full of laughter. The sort of woman who stood out in her puritan english colony. She turned heads which problem We didn't go a long way towards helping her neighbor Ladys, like her still life needed, she and her husband James, raise three sons there on the farm, but it was hard work. Everything was hard work in the late. Sixteen hundreds, though it was hard work to stay healthy, to work, the land to fill the bellies of three hungry growing boys, and to please everyone else. Around her life was just hard grace spread herself thin two. She had all the normal rules that came with being a wife and a mother, but she also helped out in the community as a midwife part of her garden,
was even devoted to a large number of medicinal herbs and she used them often to help others with pain and illness. But some people didn't care for that. It smacks of dark matter If someone who was playing with the natural order of things- and it was not a major Leap of Logic, to assume that she was fluent in spells too. So when one of her neighbours, a man named Richard Caps, claimed that grace had killed his bull with one of those spells they went to court. Thankfully the evidence was non existent, so the case was dismissed, grace and aims: sued caps for defamation, but lost a year later in sixteen. Ninety eight, it was John gives born stern, This time it was his pigs and his cotton crop that she had bewitched. That case was also dismissed grace lost another law suit for the slander later that year. It all repeated once
Then, when Elizabeth Barnes accused grace of transforming into a black cat that entered her home through the keyhole grace somehow lost that slander case as well, but each time it happened, though she and her husband, forced to pay the court fees, which only seemed to drive them further into poverty and then in seventeen o one James died leaving her vulnerable to future attacks. Four years later, it happened again. That was the year her neighbor Elizabeth Hill physically attacked her, and maybe it's because of the bruises in scratches on her body. But this time she was able to win her assault case against hill. She walked away with the equivalent of about two hundred dollars in today's currency, but she also ticked off a few people in the process. a few months later, Elizabeth Hill returned blaming
her recent miscarriage on grace and the women went to court by March of seventeen o six two separate juries were called to Sir in the trial, one was sent. A grace is home to search for evidence of her witchcraft, while the other was tasked with examining graces body for which is marks. On March, seventh grace was stripped naked by twelve local women who examined her from head to toe looking for dark spots or raised parts of her skin. You know things that we might call moles or skin tags or freckles and surprise. the prize and he found some o in the woman in charge of this gang of angry mole hunters, none other Then Elizabeth Barnes, the woman who failed to get grace arrested eight years earlier. Some one was holding a grudge. I think
Now what bore you with a court details? There were more trials. There was a bit of controversy and a clear lack of solid evidence, and yet the judge felt something had to be done, and so on July, tenth Grace Sherwood was taken to a plantation at the mouth of the Lynne Haven. River, a crowd gathered to watch that day is grace, was stripped naked and examined again And by the group of winning this time, though, they were looking for which, as marks, they were looking for tools. The grace might have hidden on her body because they were about to do something in saying they pushed her into a. with the sheriff and he wrote it about two hundred yards out into the water, then after her hands and feet, were bound to each other. In a thirteen pound Bible was tethered to her neck. She was brought to the side of the boat
Their logic was about is solid as a cloud and should sound insanely familiar to fans of Monty Python. If she floated she was a drowning was the only acceptable proof of her innocence. Grace Sherwin plunged into the dark leaders of the Lynne Haven River around ten, a m on the morning of July. Ten, seventeen o six and like so many women before her. This was the end. The delicate balance of life and death hinge on the crazy notion that witches were so immune to christian baptism that they actually floated and so with a firm shoved into the river. She went. But grace was stronger than the fear that filled her community there in Virginia her body sunk into the depths of the river as the shock of the cold war
water on her naked skin in the birth of her lungs overwhelmed her. She fought back. She managed to untie herself in shrugged off the weight of that enormous bible. Then she swam free
was a sign of her guilt, though so she was thrown in jail. The very same day. She beat part of the system only to fall prey to the rest of it. It's twisted and wrong, I know, but to the people of her community. It was simple logic and simple, as we ve seen this a lot easier to believe grace appears again, roughly eight years later, that's when most historians think she was released from jail. She reclaim her property paid her back taxes and then settled into life alone or boys had grown up and moved on, and it seems that the accusations were gone as well. The rest of her life was relatively quiet and they have to imagine she was glad for
she passed away in one thousand seven hundred and forty at the ripe old age of eighty. I like grace, she managed to do something that few others in her airhead too, faced a test designed to punish the innocent and she got away. Yes, our world is still full of dangerously irrational people, people that I hate and jealousy and their own deeply held insecurities to drive them toward monstrous actions. But maybe that's not. The inescapable prison in appears to be maybe. Like Grace Sherwood, we can rise above it all and swim to safety. One can only hope.
This episode of war was researched, written and produced by me, Aaron Monkey LAW, Much more than upon guess, there's a book series in bookstores around the Three, an online and the secondary in the Amazon Prime Television show was recently released, check them both out. If you want more lore in your life also make two other upon, casts Erin, monkeys, cabinet of curiosities and unobserved, and I think you did they both each more expert in other areas of our dark history, ranging from bite sized episodes to season long dives into a single topic. You can learn about both of those shows and everything going on all over in one central place, the world of lore dot com, slash now,
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