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#15 Dana Loesch Rips Feminists, Kira Davis Rips Starbucks, And I RIP FunDip!

2015-03-20 | 🔗
This week we're joined by two STRONG, Conservative women. First up, Dana Loesch tells us about her upbringing as a liberal, her transition into Conservatism, and just why becoming a mom has caused her to loathe feminists! Then we have Kira Davis, a strong, Black woman who absolutely tears Starbucks a new one, in an epic interview that must be heard to be believed.

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Now you stand for the motor city, maniac, weird from them. At the great lakes grandmaster the Mau down mad man, the mittens pillar. We ran out names or listening to out with crowd good day so glad to have you with us. I am your hosts Stephen Crowd, her your listening. Where's, the latter, with greater who is the most
insubordinate producer and radio funded, as always is here with me. Ah, yes, indeed, no respect at all for. Priority for my programme nor himself, hey it take several decades in radio to be able to have this kind of no self respect what I think I think you came in to radio with the lack of self respect. No, I was an arrogant tone I loved myself so much in keen eighty eight I thought I am going to take the world buys dorm. And of course I realize neither the world doesn't give a care. Not true so negative, the world hates people known we'll just lately merely by you think a hates people is legit. A negative Nancy funded so
Listen, let's be, let's be frank here talk about slow news, weak it's one of those weeks and you will have radios going what, when, when FF Fox news and all of the top five radio house. Our spending the entire week talking about Starbucks. Now. Don't you know it reminds me. I left my coffee in the other room. One gets after weight to the break in drink. It then wait for another break to relieve yourself of the coffee, but less an army. It is an important story, STAR Box, but the that all media, as covering at twenty four seven means, there's not a whole lot else to talk about and sell, because of that we'll have to. Interesting guests on today we ve got the lovely Dana lash. I will be on, and I know she has a radio show every day, but you know we were taught about this a lot of the time when you have your own show
your audience knows what you think about the issues, but they don't necessarily know you don't necessarily know your background. You know I dont really come on here and talk about my opera. You're my background or like brought me to radio, we know your mom was from Canada, your dad was from the states. We know that you start off on tv shows as a kid you ve taught all that stuff will you you learn that last week you didn't know until last week that I lived out of an eighty two Dotson. Will that part was new, but again you talked about it on your show. Yeah yeah about a year for the area on automating as less don't realize that she was a liberal and exactly what our transition. Why? That was interesting, because I was I was listening to that kind of half in half and have gone back and forth I heard you said that she had transition. Did I thought I never New Dana was a man before G and I was totally mistaken. I was gonna, be that you drink. From being a liberal, ok, she's, probably lot.
Tougher than a lotta trends, transgender people anyway, she's pretty rough around the edges, so we will have Dana lash and then we will have in the third, our Curate Davis. Actually a conservative has written a lotta with trotted out com, she's, really ideal reviewed outcome, but one of them Black female conservatives use essentially a unicorn to talk about Starbucks policy and why she thinks it's ridiculous because we'll talk about it but of course we'll talk about it in an incredibly racist way, because I'm white and funding is France loosened so it matter. What we say were racist: if we talk about the star boxer incident now you ve heard about this right funding. I am here, yeah I've. Go in there, one of these days and see if anybody tries to confront Mr Ghost white irish men about it, won't. You know it's funny. There's been a lot of discrimination against irish people. I know world people forget that much
my ancestors were slaves to And they were really bad slaves. We were not good, whoever slave down was like oh, my gosh, the worst slaves? Can we get the Jews about the pyramids or just someone it's funny, because you read the books about irish slavery. It talks about out. Yet if we died bout over nobody even cared, but if you lost some of the other brands of slaves, if you will they had em down in down? we were only their shabby, but you want to add a lack of slaves. If you will like it, seventy five get a lack of really impressive, but wait. There's more. It's not too many restore order. Today you get again soon Iphone Smokeless Ashtray, his possibly worst recovery in trying to avoid sounding racist heats up much more racist, but I've been
I referred in my life, but could you imagine those academic. They had the commercials for me. Would you would hear them? the radio and stuff. Yes, you gotta get this kind, not that kind hours, better so you, my goodness, I try to imagine that sub some competitiveness competing slave driving company. We damn black slaves he's been using brand Dax rapidly. I lay their eggs a bad start. The bad start, radio. We apologise pleased today, please stay with that's because it only gets worse for low. You dont know. Starbucks is actually starting initiative. They're, calling it race, together were they want as they want when you by your coffee for their barristers to engage you and race relations YAP
let's leave race relations in the hands of a nineteen year old dropout, hipster barrister. What could possibly co wrong there who works? Starbucks, Uk Emmy! These are that the Burmese does the hipsters who couldn't make the cut. Yet they didn't make it a big beer what they used to combat places. What I may even yeah exactly organs Beanery that used to be called banners. Yeah yeah, that's offensive nowadays to its coffee, I didn't even get the connotation why they got that it was beans for coffee. I had no idea that that phrase was even used to represent a group of individuals or people Well, you know the truth as they didn't either, and it wasn't meant that that's where I love with leftists context, only matters when they say it. Matters, you know you can never ever say this word what what what the content? You can never say this for the inward. But what about the context from singing on? You can never say this word. What would have been better
about the context and, as a you can never said a word, but then all of a sudden context matters when it comes as to why we ve talked about gender. Orientation. Whereas someone chooses something, that's what changes? The contacts as opposed to the facts, people adjust its entirely ash, all game of context matters here, but it doesn't matter here fought find where the context matters than you point to it, and then some junkie, did your wallet I used to have a neighbour that had a cat who had a long like show cat name of pork and beans with siamese cat and the two, colors reminded them of pork and beans, young, the cats nickname was being her and that the cat was what I thought of when I saw the coffee shop, I'm like oh cool, coffee, beans, remit, may the neighbours at yeah. What browser you dont know listening for the law sooner, be big, be coffee used to be Yours and I think they changed its not that long ago. I want to say two thousand eight, because a big uproar people claiming that it was racist. So now we come back to Starbucks wanting to engage in red
relations by the way. This is a company that has told people not to bring weapons into the store if they have conceal carry permits. This is a company that told Christians to sell their stock and Starbucks Starbucks events somewhere out, invest somewhere else because they don't want their money. And now this company that thinks they should be in charge of race relations, in the wake of politicized, police arrests and appropriate police. Shooting so this is a politically motivated move from Starbucks. That's one thing: conservatives miss a lot as they think was not really political. It's just you know that it's to talk about race relations, I find it funny. We were just listening to MSNBC in this lady goes. You know, let's just the very it's a just get that dialogue started it's nothing but a dialogue on race. Today, everything around rates, everything with his administration revolves around race because it such a failure. You can't talk
their policies, so they want to make it a racial victim complex that anyone who protests their policies or their ideas is array Yes, if you folks want to know why I've seem like we're always talking about race. Will that's design because failed politics. Actions failed leaders would. Rather you talk about something else, and in this case it's really easy to blame, nothing on race. It's easy to blame a crappy president on racist. It's easy to blame! crappy behaviour of people and impoverished neighbours, white or black, on racist cops, it's easier to blame even the winning of of of Netanyahu. Right many. I had a big when this week, it's easier to blame his win on just unjust xenophobia on Islamophobia, it's easier to do that and global. Why don't we discuss the ideas and that's my big problem? A Starbucks are going to be discussing, sir, as racists uses, fed them by the Democratic Party. And
actually making their crappy coffee and one. The things that I remember about growing up in the eightys was we headed. Decent diversity for our part of Michigan was Livonia, which a lot of people say is the whitest city in Michigan, or was it is, but we had a peep, with last names like Castro, and we had people with last names like Ebay's, I and all of these different names, and we didn't care. They were just ass. They were just the kids around school. We never thought about. Oh, this is they hispanic kid. This is the baby and get or whatever the bees were just the kids. We hung out with it, didn't make a difference, Well, I think, to what will go to a break, will come back and talk about this, but you were raised in an era where you weren't that far removed from the Detroit Riot, so you would have been raised in an area where there is more recent
legitimate racial tension band and some of my generation. My dad didn't want me when I got my driver's license gone past Red Verde said now. You stay out of the royal right now it's one of my favorite destinations, restaurants, hotels, museums. I can't not go every week right, we'll talk about it after the break, because I want you, stick on that point and discuss the difference with your generation verses mine, because it some of that a lot of people might miss Lawson. Drought stay tuned, we will talk more and then Dana Lash
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I am the worst at plugging anything on this ship Sit there and you shoot the breeze, that's conical. I try to remember to say where we are what we do in that kind of thing. I mean it, but you know what that's I hope we'll find out refreshing because every their hosts is trying to sell you every damn thing. Every minute we gonna buy Stevens Book, we ve gotta by Stevens Audiotape, we ve gotta by Stevens Colon, cleaning, fluid. Condoms bought, wait, there's more, not guaranteed against break it. So I do think it's important Not just even happened. You see that that little by little Bastard got through I think we are going to start designing some mugs the morning shown we drink so much. You know coffee and tea in the morning I'm getting into t lately began. Into our till. I actually really good loose leave tee and bring in it
yeah. I was talking to my wife about the we were talking about my peachy tips, which is my favorite brand of tea. She says she has never seen the loose leaf ones of peachy tips in. U S stores only in UK stores. Well, you don't necessarily need peachy tips. I mean Egypt is better for a bag team at once you gotta loose t. There are plenty of companies, it'll be just as good, if not better, because a lot of english company serve loose tea, but it does make a difference, and it's actually, you said you were too lazy to actually just as easy as a tea bag. If you get this it'll just call the brewing basket a couple of those Ok at the tea balls, dont work there too small, but just a it's called a fine and brewing basket. You put it in your cup you put a lid on there and it bruise money just empty that its literally that easy, but Don't give me enough of a kick that I need like coffee in the morning. Yet there we gotta get like eater coffee. Well, when are they going to start doing that you just pull up to Starbucks somebody cause you a racist and you get a needle in you pour your coffee right in your arm. I think it's.
All the heroin very much wanted, as can be seen as a drug. There's, no doubt about that. Its psychoactive, chemical and we'll talk about this. After the break of so many emails from people who were furious about our pot segment kidding me, I thought that was fascinating, but I also feel like I made it, you tell me in and then dont go on for, like five minutes before the break. But you tell me you didn't I make it clear that I was like hey state should be allowed to legalise it if they want, but I also think its irresponsible to tell people that is harmless yeah mean. I don't see a problem with making something legal and then regulating it, What also informing people and I'm not, and I would even go as far as to say there are only negatives, ur, very few compounds in the world, natural or unnatural. That only have a positive. I only have a negative effect, but when you The science marijuana has an overwhelmingly negative effect. Exam musicians.
The musicians. Well I mean that's honestly, what are probably is as removing inhibitions. Just like alcohol doesn't mean ok calls necessarily medicine you. There are lots of things that make you feel good. It doesn't mean that their medicine housing better for the blues, though alcohols. Definitely in more with the blues and metal and stuff like that,. No, no one, I dont care. We were talking about Starbucks and racism before we went so here's interesting, you know my dad obviously, and what my dad has no tolerance for people go it's a product of environment. My dad was raised they're in the worst area. Detroit you was raised in Detroit proper view go back now I may we ve talked, Does he I watched it. Isn't he won't? You won't say I watch his eyes water up when he went back to his old house. Your windows kicked in and he looked street and I remember the name of the game at even eat years, an incredible memory, my father said Ellen Mr Barroso, you used to make these beautiful wooden canoes. You would make it you can make it.
Homie just know how to his house, which is perfectly manicured, and you just see it, and it's just all kicked in and overgrown of my dentist going like. I can't believe this happened in this neighborhood, because you know we weren't wealthy. We we were lower middle. We were lower class, but we pride in her stuff in dumb so anyway, so he was raised in a really rough area of down and unanimity. We'll go man. You're noticed likelihood. You knows exactly what it's like to manufacture knows more than anyone. What just like in the hut is a white guy in Detroit or in the race riots in the The key had it as bad as anyone who ever been discriminate against in modern America. Let's get that out of the way and then you're a little bit closer to that you're a little younger than my dad and then there's me so I was raised in a post, racial America, where we didn't experience any of that. Since the day I was born in the United States, we had black kids in our school. We had black kids in our same thing and our diners there were no segregated drinking fountains. None of that. Are there individual, racists sure
There was no establishment enforced racism, yet people you and the black friends. My dad has from back then say it's worse now than ever, because Not only do you have, a group of kids were removed from that, so they're, not appreciative of the progress has been made. But now you have kids because I ve been told: hey, hey white privileges, something you don't have a black. Being raise with that. Who doesn't understand that progress has been made posted right right, just gone theirs, White privilege around yeah, it's worse than ever So you remove appreciation- and you add false guilt, the people who really bear no responsibility for any other recipe for more racial tension than ever in the country ass, where we are I've, never seen it like this. Before and in two thousand
made during the elections. They said that this was gonna, be the best era ever yet. Every day there is talk of racial problems, racial tension and you gotta. The guy in charge, is fully The way with you ve got the strings on everybody else. What does look at the church? He sat in oh no kidding guy up. There's a guy said G D. America, not God bless America G de Amerika for what they done. I don't like mine, I'm. You know that that kind of thing, first off what what Ask her. What preacher says that an pulpit and then loan turning it into a racial thing, I now so think people say you're. Just disbursing now look at the guy. He look at the guy. He snorted Coke within college. Look at the church where,
sat in the pew. Maybe you just sat in the few out of convenience because he has been sitting in a few since he's become president. So I think this is a guy who's just checked a lot of boxes or with the church. Labour law review, I just think he's going to check the box and says I did that so that battle work for political expediency, and you have a guy who's. Never really been in charge is never really run a business a guy who's really only card, has been playing the race card, his entire life. I wish we could get access to his college, I wish we could know, haven't gotten school of what is grades were because, with equity exactly what's going on there, lotta with broader, we'll be right back with Dana,
nice and very excited you bring on this next guess. It's been so long since have spoken with her head, a meteor action. You can always find her at data. Radio cover major. Have that right, data lash, of course I am right. You see there. We were just talking about that. I don't even I dont know the sites that are in my favourites bar because I never type dementia I don't know my wife's phone number. I and I told you I don't even really know my own for number, because you never dial your own phone number ever am. If I sit really think about it. I can remember it, but it's not something that I understood out We won't give it on air. I think what a truth they got. Mine isn't, even though it mine is. I literally have no I'd oh yeah
NL years as either I just type Stephen Yams are biased and it comes up. I'm kind of a big deal, so you ve gotta for those listening to rush. We now so the video cast ladder is going to not come. Dana has a new. What is it? Is it? Is it a bob? What do you call that here? Do I got tired of having long hair? That's what it is, and I went gradually shorter. Aside and frank anybody out, but I didn't tell Chris them is doing it Sir aware no, I wouldn't call a gamble under the fan. I went in and lighted it I've gotta, because then you know how long it's, when you ask me one time: seven, where we were in Colorado as an event that occupiers crash and like we smell them, you asked me here, like you, have extended as mayor were so long ass. You, like
It's an incredibly gay question. First mission to that site like I am not sorry you are but but now I just how long my hair was so anyway, I cut it. Ah little scramble to light is wider. You have me worried for a little bit and we spoke about this. There were about to appearances. Were they tried to give me the Big Fox news, hair? saw now like that's, not that's, not data. I hope you can stay with that and we got rid of it really quickly. You say Fox news here, I think Priscilla primary, it's kind of decision has, it in his religion. Has her body it's the wedding photo with Elvis hair. You can put stuff in it. There's companies in the back. That's what is low. Coming in others, there is an older demo and they just love the big hair and the games. And that's what sells not looks. It looks good, it's kind of It's kind of on flux, thing go I got to do very little
in that way? You know there's a giving I went on there. I went in there and I said I was a young locks here, but I dont want the catfish weapon that come out, Do that, and so it was good here were terrible motion picture so so you have a radio shops in Ashley indicated on our wonderful affiliate here, women Detroit, but lotta. People may not necessarily know your background how you came into it because you know my background is always stand of comedy entertainment and yours was a little bit different. So I thought about that. Could you buy? I realize this song with with your husband. You know a lot of my listeners, don't even know anything about me. Backroom, because we always talk about the news and you may not necessarily talk with your audience about this summer, so tell my audience and they can rally the information allies dirty dirty liberal, like the ones that work like the Well, that was annoying Anne and Stephen. I, unlike pay- and I also talk with her hand the lacklustre I'm not
I used to not only be a dirty dirty liberal, but I was also one of those annoying fan: Botz Diamond s like the type who would have gotten mad about the bud. Light Saint Patrick stay tweet tonight right that yeah, To be I mean, maybe not that bad I mean I wasn't. I didn't go to arrange spiral ever tell mommy and how the door open for me by you. I hate me in the past like if we ever there was a time machine. I wouldn't have to go back in time. A kick. My ass could be amazing and one went totally when, but no that's that's anymore. Educate I became, and the more that I grew up and matured. That's when I started very slowly, converting and being a mom was a huge part of it, but my its car when your whole families liberal, like entire, I know shot my whole family was level and they worked with thy with State Party, the democratic. Sorry, my uncle was a delegate for Barack Obama and twenty twelve so I really didn't. Have I mean and I went over
Liberal Arts University or sell liberal ever lower liberal, not the Tocqueville Kind that who I was surrounded by so as well. Hard, and then they accuse me some members of my family you're, going to the city and getting brain washed southern Missouri say there's are a rush worst. Why say, what's wrong with them with what what do people in Missouri that they have to add an hour? It's like it's an it's! It's a false! It's a speech impediment that requires effort to add until it wasn't until I got into broadcasting and when I really tired and or if I have a glass of wine, I don't it the aid, as well as real, quick yeah, gave up on the blank top tactic. Tick. What's the word? What's the top of your house, CALL day was ok, you say roof. I don't say rough now, because the threat dogs say ok, never
the dogs they rough, nor how? But there is an r if years, even if either as other aid, there is an hour and wash it either horse or worse depending, but we need to do is take people from Missouri and send them to England to teach them how to pronounce and are, and then you can meet at an inn fact. What is that they never like. We speak English properly, there's an hour and properly. Whenever I hear like Charles Whenever I hear him talk, I just want to I secretly ECHO, my head, I really consistent back where I think I'm your faking watchman you're accents fake, but he's not he's not that it just sounds like his dick shouldn't everything's to perfect themselves. Self moves pretty good. South African can sound really fake. It sounds like someone poorly doing an australian accent, and there was a guy one time in Charleston and we were encamped California and remember that, because he said you now he started talking about
like? I was as bad as LEO and blood diamond and he was like the others from South Africa and like a terrible australian access, it we're not friends anymore now I've, never the always. However, I don't think I've ever heard a total, proper south african acts and accept De Edward. The name's during a blank right now. Should I be banned, a band of south african rednecks if they looked like south african redneck, but they have knowledge, but it's supposed to be already. I don't there's some there's some great social subject to that. Because of the racism in the apartheid state with TAT, surely tat we have to go to break, will bring you right back Dana Lash ladder with prouder, you're listening to loudly was crowded.
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possibly be simpler, call simplified wine. Today, eight for four to nine seven want listening to louder with crowd here back with the one and only Dana Lash, who has hoop hearings at our clinking on her microphone right now? So please forgive her, for she knows not what she does. I can't my head and that I dont have a lot. I dont, where a lot of jewelry but unlike books, go with everything without let jewelry. What are you talking about? I have like for big MAC or so that people find out. When I go on Fox or Sienna there like one of them. Will your husband where's more jewelry than many women now he's a phone, the airing, the bracelet. Well, we have our leather rustic. I know it looks like some like those kids like Captain Planet would wear to display their powers like
We are one main dire because they knew we were former got kids. Somebody made them and that's what many where either when I see bracelets that sick, I think either you're about to go to a power lifting meat or they are non pragmatic in everyday life, because it makes it hard to bend renew your flexibility. Let's call this is a weird station this now that the listeners have entirely turned off the dire, so data. Ok, so your book, hands my gun. So you are liberal, now when you transitioned you're? Obviously your kind of known, I guess one of your calling card I should say, is that the gun issued adding, obviously people liked a pigeon hole folks and in you offer a lot more than that, but an issue where you been a strong advocate. Clearly, were you a leftist who was still process moment or were you all the way like anti gun? When you were to the left now I was still a left us who is still press
I can remember. You're gonna have to be it's weird, because the left in a rural area, where all family as in theirs, they come from a town of like three hundred people. So and everybody has a firearm, but they don't know they don't really carry handguns. So much is that everybody has rifle. So everybody has the pick up trough and you get the gun, rack and the bat glass, and you got your rifle there and that's that's just how it was people had their gun cabin. In the middle of their living rooms, I add a relative that had a gun cabinet nor Diner have in place of a China Hutch. So it's that need just kind of new grow up with it, I'm so and because they hunt we are where we have a real. I was never against ever and I was always constitutional carry for second amendment and I never did I think that that was part of it. There are a lot of issues that, as I grew up I realize. Why am I call myself a Democrat because I don't agree with them here here or here. That is just how I was raised to believe, but at night
for being a lot of that, certain Jai is true. You that's one thing to talk about it for need in our strategy right now, first off far away winning this issue, our guns for conservatives, alot of people. They try and paint you as extremists, do you know where they that's where they go to assault weapons they try and muddy those waters, because guns are a very winning issue because of the water There are a lot of democratic. You mentioned are still per second amendment and then you ve Feminism is over reached where people are rejecting it. Freedom of speech now, since liberals have lined up directly across from it and then islamic terrorism. People are ok with calling islamic terrorism. Islamic terrorism, not administration. So those four choose the strongest of which I would say our guns is. Is that why you focused on that? Do you think a lot? Because you think it's it's? It something that can reach across the island and appeals to people other than just raw Republican? Now I focus die because people are threatening to kill my kids in there.
I went to my house than it and it took me do yeah, so I decided that I was that it was going to be a focus because, if somebody's going to sit here and issue for outside a one sided their mouth in and talk about from the other side of their mouth disarming me, I will have a real problem with that persons and so that they are basically the the book that are hands off my god, I got so mad. I descended into my own to arrange spiral and I did like we're massive amounts of research. I had some unassisted me with research, but I did I buried myself statistics for over a year. So I could get this book compiled and get it finished because I tired of hearing all of these arguments, especially from people who know absolutely crap about God. That was so tired of hearing people sit here and used the words clip and magazine as though there too interchangeable things or use made up in a fairy tale, unicorn her
like a thought, less then, and I had one check she's with the man's demand Anti gun lobby Esther like the Bloomberg professional lobbyists. That's what they do is talk crap about gunners like much of what a job is that what are those benefits like the dental but say she actually said I think the clan had dental for Robert Bird, but I dont know if they do, but she said at one point that an assault weapon is anything that can fire ten rounds a minute, the boy crap I mean, if you have your things measured out, you can fire ten rounds out of a musket. I mean that's like every single file our man, that's kind of the point they use on purpose, vague terms that the vision classify all guns is bad, so I just got mad. They wrote this book is a big giant middle fingered, all those people Actually you know it, they do use a lot of trouble to understand and then sometimes I use terms it actually do exist. For example, you no salt weapon means nothing assault, rifle the rifle that is used in the military, so assault rifle is a term they go or people already is use the term assault rifle referring to this specific substantive weapons, let's say assault
weapon and may that really and even to an extent that even kind of an incorrect classified and because I think is an assault. Whatever but me really what they should be seen as this has the like fire capability, this does not mean you can flip the Google switch on a military, great rifle and you can go to flawed, whereas with a semi autumn, rifle one that wax this like fire capability, you can't so that they don't want to get into the nitty gritty. And all of that because that those are facts and facts are scared. Things to people who need people to remain uninformed, so they can push paranoia unfair, we'll masculine. I I think that there is a huge contingency in this way. Think Republicans and conservative lose their huge contingency of people who want necessarily antifreeze I certainly don't think most people who vote liberal or anti fact I think, manipulated by some people who try to cover up or subvert facts. I think a lot of people. It is misinformed, inform so. Would you say when you were a liberal? So you are someone who you you ve been a true seeker, your whole life.
Thinking or submersion to an environment where you didn't now access? I was a purposeful down ass because for me it was no more about winning an argument. Then it was about being right and I think that that having been there. I honestly think that that's a huge problem of the left and in others some people are saying the right. They do this, but by and large me, how can you be faced with factual information and not get it? We live in an era of information. There is no excuse, Addle whatsoever for anybody to not be able to research a topic and get both sides of the argument I like I said I was a wilful, dumb ass. I purposely stuck to ignorant talking points because it was more important for me to win the argument. Then it was to be right because if I conceded a point, the point was to me not to be correct the truth wasn't the focus for me. Where is about winning an argument, is about wanting to debate and act like I was about ass because they aren't you. Someone, even though I was long on, has not been able to stand you and all the ozone, even
he had the Bob and your little hipster glasses back. Then you would. I need them, because I can't I've met you though nonprescription lenses totally are. As I said I you know I did. You were the girl who was the bane of my existence in college because I'm You know, and I am glad to meet you high now, but we had girls like that. I have to live with that path. I am pillar and here's the end here the kicker. I have two sons who now have to put up with chicks like that in in in this society. I shouldn't topic, so you exact lines: and I mean full disclosure Dana and I and our families we know each other, but you have no way to know each other. She she disavowed siwashes IRAN's Pontius Pilate. When it comes to publicly acknowledging me she's like Peter. If there's no there's no rooster crowing, it's just a husband and during my where any product so were also true, China Cheer, which I don't like, but you do. I think it's too sweet. Ok, you have two boys, so obviously the stereotype is right.
Conservative, christian gun, alluring cleaners that guy and own afraid birch. Secondly, but you're pretty protective of your boys- and you talk about this and I dont have children yet so it's something is definitely open. My eyes, were you talk about how young girls can be sexually predatory all with boys, and you felt the need to be. You know that sort of cliched father with a shot gun for your boys. I'm entails what that's like when he fifteen and an how has it changed from the boys being always the curves and in the wrong to girls and arms? Now, like here's, my nap chap I it aggravates me because I'm tired and I'm tired of thee the whole that what is it that we heard like all last summer, tell meant each man not to re, teach me not to rape or cable. What's the hashtag teach women to be Ladys, not that hard is it lets? Take women to learn how to be ladys. I not ladies, are cause. I am one. I know how girls are because I was a little girl. One point: I was a teenage girl at one point and this
here that one sex bears all of the responsible for every single thing in life is is sexist, inherently its idiotic and it's on fair to young boys. I feel like there's a war on young boys. I feel like there's a war on boys period because they society comes down alone, so hard everything from title nine to all this other the abortion on demand the feminist crap that we hear about day in and day out, if they even hold the door open for a lady. Now there was a pole taken or another pull taken, their story written about how well really that still inherent sexism. Ok, they get your own damn door, bronze, I'm tired of this stuff, I'm tired of men constantly being attacked and Stephen honestly. That was one of the single biggest things that was lengthy. The dilemma that just picked at all. That's how I started on the path to actually acknowledging that Maybe I am a conservative because I brought a young man into the world of boy than I am raising into a young man, and I had to come face to face with the fact that all of the biggest dean
that he is going to have to battle in his life are things for which I used to advocate an used. All of my power to promote an and make ever more prevalent in society and so part of my punishment. I think or part of my in terms with that. Is I'm gonna now help my young men navigate all land mines that I set my past as a progressive feminist mouthful. Mines and I thought about stepped outside and hopper, was in the backyard another. The snows melted. It's been a very unpleasant experience, but the regime point now it's true listen I mean I gotta, tell you, I mean it There is a noticeable shift, and certainly as a male, the matter. The problem as you have to apologize before you say anything. There have been women who made aggressive, passes at either me my friend older right, all that particular outlay. There's a situation and Jim with what one would now call a cougar where, if I were to do what she had done to me, I'd be hauled often cuffs
and if I did it and it went public and peoples and hey that sexual harassment, I would hang man say you know what put me in the stocks I deserve, that women are a grass that I actually dealt with the situation. That recently at with older woman going after my husband, Stephen wish you'd biker chick now she was not laughing why'd. You come on, it's it's real, people assumption he's gotta. If I can go into the full story by now, that's easy regulated, but let's hear it, I had, I don't think I can I nothing that first word because they didn't it, which is what I said. It probably wasn't totally lady like for me to say, but I cannot really loud enough for the whole place to here cause you know me, but now this woman like and my husband is not you know that stuff he was walking around our friend greater power, who is an ultimate survival
Lastly, we are at one of those events. After a day of sessions at shot show in Vegas it was, I think it was an event sponsored by Glock and down we were there. We were talking with everyone in this woman would like a super, ridiculously aggressive towards my husband. Who really? Let's get not they're getting into a space? No, my husband, a grown man who can handle and style of it. I don't need that. We ve been married for fifteen years and we got two kids. I think I got a flag up you not in San so via see he could have gone. She long point remark about his money. I wish my eyes that, regarding the mustache right territories and with that idea, I said I was going to later on later I now I myself parts it will need to be dumped. Now
I want to deal with my two younger girls. He saw a grass that there was no one understands is, and I don't really like to talk about my kids private lives because this digital, let's bring you on after them. Without embarrassing up, you explain. A little bit later was crowded Dana Lash, your listening to louder with crowd. I back within the lash with much reveal some painful, embarrassing. Now children at risk women. Okay, so give us give us the just, because I know a lot of talk about Palestine. I told you it's and it's hard, as is apparent because you I don't wanna hover over my kids and I want them to be able to make decisions on their own, but at the same time she you just wanted.
The world is evil. So my son had been dealing with some. A young lady who actually had been a part of them youth group, but which it with a member- and I really air kids- have funds and had been really aggressively like texting and another selfies was the dock gloves and all that stuff, and I just thought that some of what had been raised again, there was no doubt ok, just listening to rest really right now, Damon Ass looks like the situation from Jersey Shore and you do not lose. I looked like my mouth like a bad ass. That's what I look like I said. I don't said data you do enough radio! You know you can't say that can ok continue by still looks like abandons the talks. Ok, that's what my mouth like seven.
Girl photos with texting. Just you know little urges the law and appropriate. I thank and not something that a thirteen year old gun waiting in it texting my son. Now I didn't get on the phone and text for him. I didn't do any of that and I just unison. Something to my son like while, yet you know you want to make sure that the women of your acquaintance are active. Like, ladies and just remember that you know it, get worse as they get older and he handled it just fine all by himself, and he had told her that he don't appreciate her behaviour. And he thought that she needed to act a little bit more like a lady and start making a fool of yourself in front of my parents, because we had been at church and some men up anyway, click save yeah, like you did that was like such an epoch handle in any, but he was a really. I would you do when he was. He was nice and he wasn't trying to personally offend her right and at the same time he was saint. Look. I think your behavior could be had been better than I was,
like you did that what you did correctly, knowing you and your husband is a lot of times. Parents just go. You know she now, lady! Don't do you don't talk to that's that's bad, I'm not letting you talk anymore, explain the reason behind. You know that this is what a man looks for. In a woman s laugh if a man finds a wife, he finds what is good, and this is what you want no life. This is purpose to dating- and I know I mean you sort of just glossed over, but I know you teach that to your water, young men and a lot of people. Don't they do say, don't do this? Don't do that and that's when they return grateful for from my father- and I know your husband does it- we can refer to my name of one of its crest sums, which I like Trinity with private will ever know if he's, whether he has his moustache, has its own raw? Everyone knows growth. A lot of a lot of fathers. Don't do that. So, even if there's a father in the household or mother in the household, there really isn't a father and a mother out right now. I agree with that an end, and I think it's really important to make this distinction and the way I look at it.
And one of the things now, even though my my advice is that I say the word favourable snakes way too much. Look my big vice, but One of the things that I was there I mean I also a little prayer for whoever Americans still feature. Wives are gonna, be that's really important as well. I'm I'm keeping in mind that we're teaching him to look for someone with him he's going to spend the rest of his life and who's gonna be a member of our families Europe is gonna, be raising my grand babies at some point. You know haven't format that silly for years off, but this is important and I want him to be able to make that decision. Tell her gently, and I want them to be able to have that dead. I dont know emotional iq. I saved your life better, wait upon it to be able to identify those traits or lack thereof virtue or lack thereof in woman, and it's really important is to not just tell our boys that
also to show that I remember one time when they were still pretty young. We on the toilet target and toil, and I took toil I'll and showed them? The brats dolls and I said, don't ever bring homo girl that where's this much make up to Mama, because output turn on the hose and our hopes are off on the walk. And then you can mean from your tv heads We don't have the money. We the lessons for money on boxing exactly mama. Hey now, but now it's tasteful its provided by its done by professionals, and I will never wear purport the EU. Now I mean it s, son. I think it's really important teach boys that and at the same time it also and teach it's important to teach women. What to look for those virtues and a man that its also good turn tell teach one in which we talk about empowering women. Why can't we empower women to be virtuous women wires, virtue looked at as though it is a negative. Instead of a positive
ultimately it now. That's and those are the kind of women than men gravitate towards when it concerns picking out some one to be their Dermot apart for life, and we have to stand back and you know which bore untiring. I know feminist are already going to get mad about this, because I'm not saying it's necessary rigour, but what's more empowering to a strong woman, then a strong man who, under goods her in some of our values, are women. Fine who take personal offence like that. They don't know- and I will say this very slowly, so there's no mistaken and my words they don't understand what a partnership is. Death is what a successful partner shit is that as wide a successful marriage is. I wouldn't be able to do everything that I and I am able to do without my husband. There with me, and vice versa, it is not for a lack of strength that I say that
It is to acknowledge the strength that is in my union weapons and those who do not understand that, like I said they simply do not understand, partnerships know their job shortly right. The interested partnerships everywhere else like ass. If you were gay Your partnership involves going into the ladys restroom hand in hand at planet, fitness than they'd be cool with it by the way where all the rape culture activists with that we're alive. Tally. Workers in a way lot items bothered me because I wanted that as though it was an attack on women, it was an assault on women die. I'm not gonna apologize for feeling on comfortable bean and dressing room with a man and it's a man. I don't care how much lipstick you wanna put on it. Anyone who thinks that the sum total of a woman is some cosmetics from them may cease counter or from some form of that's insulting if they think that's the sum total of what a woman is the makes us that she puts on and the closed that sure you did your play.
That's Saxo still says exactly, and women are more than just being a vagina and boobs royal a lot more than those are. One could argue I know my husband, probably giving your silent, amen he has now diamond. I found out offensive the fact that that was that a woman was she was slut change. The same slut shaming that you see feminist are that feminist complain about that
down to the woman who sat, I'm I'm really uncomfortable at the man being in a locker and I'm not ever going to apologize for for being watchful over my security. Lemon are told Stephen, you know, that's when I told them. You say something say something be constantly aware of your ceramic unless its political added fitness beats down the human spirit. I mean that first off, you know, for example they- and we talk about this in the video that's going up here. I did go undercover independent fitness. As a lady, I didn't go into the transgender by the way that's liberalising allied I've got. I went in as a woman. If you want to call me transgender, that's on you, I dressed up as a woman. Just like President Hoover, I just a little bit across dressing centrally controlled at trinity, your ears. The deal was, it was brother who were wasn't a vacuum guy. It was brethren ever anyway. The point either do not my point once we got way off you, I've been a planet, they strip people of their independence and rugged individuals and by removing squat rack, because it intimidates people
what it yeah. Well, you ve given examples: squat work. Normally it was a pro active decision to get rid of a squat rack because it intimidated people. So it's at a certain point. Your excluding somebody right laid hold out unsightly hasn't Dubai, or did they don't have any squat racks opponents anymore? Why wouldn't you ain't gonna, plaintiff and actually suffer second one another planet. They have seats, Tutsi role cereals! Landy! If you dont have a squat rack, you don't you go into a fat person and you Lee was a fat person who feel good about being a fat person with a couple extra tipsy rules than your stomach literally, they do have thirty roles and pizza their Peter. What is it Jerry, pizza night, every like second Monday of the month? I don't know they do have pizza knighted plenty, fitness and bagel Bagel Day, so that's it, but it's a business model people you to understand that MRS the sort of the absolute any indication of men know it's not the business model of play.
Fitness, is very simple: it's not to get people stronger and healthier. What it is is to get people to sign up and have the minimum of them out of membership dues to be page that they dont cancel the auto pay, so their perfect customer someone who pays at ten dollars a month and never set foot in the german minimizes traffic. That's the business model, it's just low enough, so that you dont cancel the auto pay. That's what I've a squad rack their dumbo scope to sixty pounds anyway, we ve got yeah. I know I know its origin has three squire racks and I forgot how I went down after yeah. Carbon. I go, I'm a giant and sixty, let's be honest, but your husband. I will get their at some point of authority and halfway there would even have by then doing those war. What do you see? I do curls and delights tries technical corrections. I need not concern myself with this myself. Ok, we're gonna, find it somewhat. I just gave me a strong currency,
but when the we three squat racks are not even going to get into, I told someone is what squat racks or foreign they gonna do. Somehow I called another Jim to change that we have a Smith machine. I see nobody was contracts, the boat, it's the same thing, as are your personal trainer. She said yes, I said. Ok, I want you to go back to school. I want you to hand in your degree, I want you to fire yourself and re educate yourself, because you cannot squatness myth machine. It's not the same thing I ve noticed Psmith machine it's on attracts was not free way. You know. That's like this contract, but on an immovable tracks at only goes up, so you don't have the balance it. So it's already part of the work out Vienna anyways, we're gonna, make me mad and meeting go, get it
are you gonna get some rather sorry? I was just like I totally new totalling. I went off another way that no, I went off into a too because we ve been doing this video all week into the backlash from people a planet, fitness and we can do a whole video just on employment. We absolutely could we Hungarians blot on squats. What I do actually mark repetition is coming on he's a big conservative vandam. He wrote starting strength and he actually rights for pda media every now and then so they did so funny. Let me let me say this because I dont know about you, but when I heard of planet fitness Right- and I heard the lunch alarm- no judgment zone no squats are allowed. No but these are rules right now that lives either at well. People can watch a video ladder with credit, not come. The alarm went off when I was working out as a woman, so we push the boundaries there are they? Where does their acceptance of transgender people start and their judgment of lungs began because I blurred those lines. These are part of their policies and it was at its height, but but when I saw those policies,
said. That's a liberal company workers are not three level conservatives have you know why? Because no conservative needs to put up a sign that says we're going to exclude successful people and serious trainees. No conservative business would exclude successful people. That's that whole occupy one percent or on everyone to feel good about themselves. That's liberal ism to attack and you're, seeing it now. But it's a good thing. You know you in your husband or not there and you just did a cover of a magazine. So I know you are on a hard core fitness for you like on a regiment to get in shape or that cover. Now. I really strict, paleo I'll have to unlock, go paleo, but because I have two eight OZ glasses of milk a week and then I have a cheat meal. One cheat meal on Saturday, I've, no processed sugar. I don't eat any processed food. My cheat meal, last Saturday was, and in an operator and jelly beings horrible. She knows taste and now is amazing, I love that. Ok,
We know now that we have now gone you do I brought you beer. I haven't had any Alsace and South Africa Christmas. You have to have like wine and that, but I haven't, I I've had like one glass here, they're just what the cheap male better, because what you are going to rob will fund, to whose one of those paleo guys who comes create them whole dieting. I buy You just have sought more energy, you have way much more energy enemy, and sometimes it's I do when I would rather retaining Mara, would you rather have a glass of Why are margarita cannonball because it's like you just having sugar euralia processes that sugar or so it's that's what it is you do something there are some actually do some nutritional value, a glass of wine that you don't get in a new tab at sea. I can't read Lanka's unaltered You'll have to read one yeah. I don't know why I can have white wine in moderation, but I can't drink red wine because then it's like,
May I start by limiting everywhere and on that note, ok of people obviously have a show every day, people that it on a am aware we're talking right now, but to ask what Ireland line who are watching us on the Youtube's working people find you diner radio, dot com, and I shall replace exclaimed eastern five central. What you have been I Monday to Friday. Yes, I am. Not a month excited, but I've been on the show they have raised it idly and you could of today. I ve been lying to my audience so far that we must punish. You can send you anyway, Dana. Thank you. So much will have as your listening to louder with crowd
this a Stephen crowded with louder with greater, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you hear a our fifteen saving black rifle. It is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want to community from which to learn about how to care for your gun, gun safety were defined, conceal permits forces, as well as the best online gun stork in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a our fifteen that that's a our fifteen dot com. You're listening to louder with prouder, allow ground so glad to be getting funky with you. And with I guess, whoever
with you, though, that would really monkey dip the what funky dip stop it. That's me up at you in your horrible horrible, puns, I'm funky, monkey smell funky. When you come on showered in the morning I tried I tried, a shower of people are going to be in the building yeah I dont shower when I got up into this I am not even going to lie to you. It's lay browbeat only rarely pants on now, I'm doing prep idle I dont shower. We should do it. We should do. Pants was no pants Friday, big We can do and Eightys themed Friday, I want to do a no pants Friday give people something to look forward to. I always wanted to get it killed. When we went to Scotland they didn't have my family tartan, so I couldn't get one, but next time I go to Scotland going to get a kilt. So even on a pantsless day I could at least wear a kilt near that ruins the fun.
Yeah, but it keeps you from seeing anything else, yes or no amount of it. You weren't underwear, I see legacy I see people running around now and cycling, shorts and at the gym, like you know it's funny, I did that transgender video at planet, fitness and everyone's making these jokes about tights gonna. How is that I mean I don't wear tights out of the house ever, but I see runners all the time in tights, now, men and tights all the time and those guys. You want attention, because you know what, if you're looking for the warmth in the compression You can wear those tight under your pants there is no reason to run around in tights it just regular- and I say this as someone who's warn them for much longer than than any of these guys have caught under the trend, because I grapple and tights, we call them spats because when you rats where those things that go on top your shoes right, that's another term but spats actually a term for like grappling spats, rustling spats words, actually tides compression pants and its more hygienic.
And obviously you know when your grappling, you don't have a loose closed, so is opposed to having sweat panthers might reach it or their summer their finger can get caught net. You know you don't want to A single it to practice lot of guys, will wear tights like a rash guard and tight and its hygienic in your bodies fully covered, and you know so it's nothing new, but guys running around in types in public. Just put some short sign up, put some pants on over them and by the way most of you don't have the legs were, you should be wearing tights in public. Eyes anytime. I see someone jogging without a shirt anytime, I see some guy jogging without a shirt, whether in good shape or in bad shape. I just rolled on my window and you'll get a shirt on. Worst are. The guys you can see are in moderate shape, so they've done a few push ups and they're feeling good about themselves. I'm going to go jogging without my shirt and a stick legs that look like walking progress go, get a shirt on you haven't earned it. Yet. If I went jogging without her shirt, people would say: where's,
rang core. Wasn't it I wouldn't, I would be happy to see you walking or jogging fully closed I would you even even roll. I went Windows good. A good for YO, keep up a very encouraging people rather button. I dont have a high tolerance for people who are just attention. Look at me. Look at me, I'm jogging without a shirt. Those are the people who deserve to be teased. Ass. If I had a big sign, while I was walking saying rolled on window and say hi. You know that would be bad. You be a panhandler. I think at that point, please give me five dollars, Oh, my gosh, the panhandling in Michigan, has gotten ridiculous and Ann Arbor in Detroit and Grand Rapids, every freeway exit, there's some lazy more on out. There want and five bucks. Unlike you know, you could go over there to Starbucks and tell people exactly what you think about race relations get a job,
This is true, they could do that, but term probably just two races? That's the real problem is the epidemic of racist homelessness in this country is an absolute site to be home, and I know we're going to be mad, funded a sudden lazy more, but the fact is less than a lot of these be most people. What most people were right now they're going to stay almost you. Can give them a job, give them food, give them shelter. And then you check back in on them in two weeks and they're going to be back in their drug habit but doesn't mean we shouldn't help the ones we can't louder with Crowder. Nice. You are back listening, Stephen Router. Dancing a happy songs, the most insubordinate producer and olive radio, as for usual funded, My favorite bumper right there, even though
than the one that I like that I put in specifically for me: the funky one strange animal pretty good Gowan, yeah yeah, you gotta, love, guys, it's tough, not love any of those, and it's funny you would have never listened to that, if not for me both wiser and Gowan. That's Whizzer! That's wiser! Oh man! I didn't know that I suppose and when I got it up put it in there, but I have forgotten a lot of people would think. You think, wiser, and- and I know you don't like damn kids in a- is really a throwback to good, just good, pure rock. They do they well I'll have to put that on my one of my mix, cassettes for my car, yeah. Well, that's Exxon, good tracks! I'm sure you know that you know we go just like Birdie Lee were and you may return or more units are no, but if their thinking about Mary Tyler more there. Ok with me
the biggest songs. I had the hugest crush on her. When I used to watch the Dick Vandyke show it's pretty creepy. So a funding. So for those of you watching list, dress really. I did a video this week, but the planet fitness transgender controversy, where I dressed up as I did I dressed up as a woman I didn't dressed. But they transgender person address as a woman. If you want to apply that term, that's on you! If you want to judge in and went in, and why to see where their tolerance of gender bending ends and there, intolerance of athletes serious trainees begins because planet fitness is not designed for people who want to get
healthy so was more so a commentary on what's emblematic of America, not just that the gender issue, but the issue of people, preferring to feel good about themselves as opposed to doing hard work. You finally washed it fun Dep. What was your impression of first off, I think. If you're gonna go there out, you need facial construction surgery and then my favorite part was, as you as your wife is putting make up on you. You cut away to the dog. Hopper and hopper is looking at you like it. What the hell is going on dad and that everything In their dogs eyes, it said it all right. There look like he was about to be punished even so uncomfortable now is a great dog with in the tights. Did you have some Think padding your, but no, you have the strangest back end of any man in the history of kind you mean I've got a very big but yeah you look.
J, low yeah. I know because you want growth, do that what unites, if my but was like that, I don't think I'll be able to sit or let alone fit. My car. Well, tides also come so those tapes they compressed the size and everything else, little more subtle, tighten them up, but it's pretty tough to compressive a blot efficiently, so it accentuates it but dumb yet would look like Michelle Obama in those pants? Well, you know that's why I say people are always surprise I, when I tell them how much I way in that most my weight. It is in my back in my bought, so people see me and I don't have the big Fred Flintstone sort. They know Bill Rally, Sean Kennedy had that just very photogenic all my weight as my lower extremities, so you I walk around about two twenty right now and that's just what Have you looked out, maybe one, eighty years
I and the low end when I'm really, you know, come an and thin like right now, I'm putting on some weight because I have some injuries and some focusing more on lifting heavy. I cant do lot of conditioning I'll, be toward too money when I'm in real shaped, like summertime when I'm swimming or doing conditioning upping the wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. I walk around two hundred and ten, so it hovers anywhere between two hundred and ten, and maybe two hundred and eight and two hundred and twenty now you're up you're a pro transgender guy but you shall appoint does making in there. You think it's you think it's fair! Well, you're. Actually somebody who's going through the the issue with being transgender in your dealing with. Taking your meds, and all of that I think that the destination bathroom is where you should be. I think,
If you're at the beginning, you haven't seen a doctor you're just wondering you ve just started to possibly where the clothes and their year it is the it's like there's a scale. You know you go from zero to and the closer we get to being to the end of the process. I would say the more apt, you are to be in the bat, the destination bathroom. That's a shift for you from last week. Your move in a little bit, because last, what you're like its whatever you claim and now you're saying? Ok, there has to be some some physicality that comes in fly to justify it yeah. Well, especially the more I find out about the person that went to planet fitness right. I don't think that person is actually dealing with transgender issue I think that person is well actually have emails to not only here. I don't. I can confirm these. He was actually kicked out from the mall across the street.
Middle infer harassing young girls and if you re a facebook posts very hyper actual eyes, but let's be honest, its economy. Gee, that's generally speaking, hyper sexual, I theirs there's, no Trans pride parade that isn't people naked having sex on float, there's no Haber wearing dresses and suits were proud. Everything on display its hyper sexual lies in you can call that, as you know, you can say, that's a rubber band effect rebelling against culture or societal confines, but that is what's put out there and that doesn't help their cause with women. You don't feel safe in their restrooms dead. At that point regular individual, the more I read the more. I think that it was a stunt, but still further for the folks really dealing with that issue. The the bathroom of your destination, gender is where you gotta be because otherwise you just it's the flip side, like you, too somebody say, a female to male transition, or they they ve, got
all of the male testosterone shots. They ve got the short hair, the baseball cap boss. Arms going into the lira note there are no female to with, with with both arms, there I've seen around them while more Boston me a more definite most women. But I mean that there has never been a female to male. Transition has been successful in any contact. Your physical athletic endeavour, plenty from male or female, our euro from outside of their whole athletic thing now, but I'm talking about it, there is very basic proof of the biology or so will you really do become a male now, because have even seen. Women two men competing grappling competitions and they still compete against women because another have a snowball chance in Hell, but am its mail to female. You can bet that they're going to compete against the females like found Fox, but I want you to something else. This surprised me You watch the video someday Try to say that I was fat shaming, I didn't see that all you did make some comment. Where use
said the baddies, and then there was another one about. If you have a bad you, if you a lousy body, or something like that, you should have a lousy body. Image yes and to me It makes sense because, if you're deluded if I walked around looking like me and thought dang I'm fine, I would be an idiot what but listen though for, in fact should mean a really bothers me because I was a fat kid. That's programme agreed just like that we ve learned. I lived in a document. Are you told me that last week I was a fat kid and I got my first year membership at thirteen and it wasn't it was. Sort of a planet fitness place, it was called energy. Cardio was the only place that would allow me to go with my parents. Signing also wasn't the best Jim and then I got really skinny because it ain't my growth spurt and then I found it gaining weight and becoming who I am about. Eighteen so I know what it's like now.
Problem I have is saying: hey. We don't need to create a jim that give people pizza and Tutsi roles and keeps fat people fat. Can you get teach them how to improve themselves? Can you get pizza, Tutsi role? at planet fitness, yes again, oh dude, I'm so go I exactly so I don't think fetch me not saying hey. This is actually doing a disservice- and you know me we ve talked about this. I've talked about helping you getting you wanna fitness log. I mean you know my heart, but if you know anyone who wants to help other people get healthier more than it's something. I talk about all the time, I'm always willing to help. You are totally the Canadian Richard Simmons. I love similarly, I actually on the show- and I think, he's a little apprehensive but dumb, for example,
you ve talked about this I've. I've never come on the show and in made fun about your way, you make fun about your weight. Quell, yes, self deprecating humor is a wall that keeps other people from saying the stuff there thinking right. But let's, let's be honest right, you, you ve struggle with your way. You ve talked about that a couple years ago I lost a hundred pounds. I was looking really good. I was taking the thyroid Edison and taking the one for the prolactin o in my head, and I became it angry mean much healthier person right, we'll have a data stopped. Fitness is not designed for someone like you if you're looking to actually lose weight and get healthy. There are designed to make. You feel good about being the way you are when the factors at some point you have to say, I don't feel good about this in order to make a change and this idea that its judgment, But if you go to a gym these lungs, the meat heads are the ones who are going to be making fun of you
No but the whole body builder Non sport community who like to put on a speedo, but anyone who is a strength Let anyone is played a sport I've, ever met. One person like that who wasn't incredibly simple and wanted to help people get healthy people. I've met who want to use overweight people are the trainers at planet. Fitness try there's a user in name only who'd. Rather improve your self esteem and actually get you healthier. While I haven't seen like a super fit bodybuilder person who was mean too fat people since problem the eighties, but then again they were mean Bodybuilder, Highschool teenagers. Right, I'm I wasn't among the fat, but I would see them making fun of the fat kids I was. I was good lookin in high school. I didn't know it at the time, but when I look back at my senior picture hold my guitar and my leather jacket. My red striper t should I go dang I was fine. Not a bad looking guy funded by do you know it's for your own health. I would
She didn't lose some weight, but here's the thing with planet fitness no judgment zone their brilliant in their marketing strategy by the way it's free market, I'm certainly not suggesting government intervention, but planet fitness is not designed to get people healthy and to push them on their way they can ride there. Like their goal, is to create the maximum amount of membership with the least amount of traffic, and that's done charging a rate ten dollars a month. That's just low enough that people dont cancel their auto pay the perfect. Even if I don't show up right the perfect client for planet fitness signs up never shows up. And never cancels now see you can't have a gym full of people like me, because it would be no available. Squat racks, you, and have a gym full of people who are serious about training and make a profit. Because there is a certain amount of maximum maximal
legally allowable either. How is a sign on the wall that says occupancy limited to so many people? Not I in the video you mentioned the squad acts not being there in, and you said there the most important exercise. Yes in what way, what do they? What did they help strengthen? Ok, other than making butts look goofy Well, I do. I'm gonna have a disproportionately large button, those tights, but here's why seawater? first. Second, when you squat, you put a barbell on your back okay people and that's up off on your back. There's a technique to learn, and maybe I can come out there and teach you to squat properly. That lift is using your entire. What we call off your legs, all of your legs, but also your entire posterior chain and not me. All the muscles that go up your button, your back, so your calves, your hamstring, your hips, your butt, your back, your traps, all of that has to work and stabilize to balance that weight
as you squat down. So it would not strengthen the lower back to the called out where I always have paying all of it all of it and in the most efficient way possible. It engages the most Amano muscles. It creates the most significant hormonal responsible relies as heavy squats also improve your hormones. Dude heavy squats increases your test Austrian, generally cunning. Your growth hormone and here's a saint Peter do cardio you can jog on that treadmill as long as you want soon, as you get off stop burning calories. You squat heavy. Your burning, calories throughout the day, because your body has to rebuild that tissue. Now, how did not? How do you keep from falling over because it looks like it would be the type of where, as soon as you even attempted you fall over yet what will happen ripped, oh, come on the show and we'll talk about that. He wrote starting strength it. There is some technique to learn, but act,
It's not really that hard. Once you learn a proper technique, but its incredibly important everyone should be doing it now. Here's the truth: it's not really fun to start squatting. It's a lot harder than getting on a leg press. It's a lot harder, than getting on a leg extension machine, but that's emblematic of America in that people want avoid the actual legwork. In this case. There's upon the actual difficult work needed to reach your goals and so planet fitness rather than educating the public. Can sing hey anyone who really wants to be strong, stable and fit needs do squats. They say, let's cater the false information and tell me Well, there are alternatives that will work as effectively nuclear energy. Is your machine equivalent to the thin out there? Isn't there isn't and here's a big mouth two peoples what machine and then they do. You know you ve heard the core stuff right, stabilizer core, all the bouncy ball stuff. As long as another common core common,
well get into that now, probably after this next segment, but the core thing right: they put you in a ball. She guy doing stuff, that's really important to work your core. Well, what works? Your core is: balancing a couple hundred pounds, you're back you guide, you have. I do that every day, well, add more to balance. It see. That's the thing if your balancing free wage, your body to think about this, for second, you talking about machines. If you're helping a friend move a cat, ouch, you just need to use your biceps because it's locked into a police system. Now we need a balance that couch need to be mobile. You to learn how to drive your hips and to it it's the same thing with squatting, free waits, not only our machines, not as effective They will eventually induce injury because it puts you in an unnatural plaintive motion, but it's a lot easier for someone to put on their headphones, not focus in the work We lived way violently labour data a lift just don't move around. So that's my problem with planet fitness is that its
lying to the american public in order to make them feel good about themselves, as opposed to put it this way. If they were doctors, if they were lawyers malpractice, it's one, the biggest scam industries in the world is personal training and I wonder what Joe Biden would call them. He probably and make out with their daughters of ads. True right Gotta go to a break. Will talk more about squads? Planet fitness and a Starbucks and Nazis and Phronsie what else Nazis? Yes, we'll talk about NEO Nazis after the break louder with prouder. You stay too for your NEO Nazi fix,
this is Steve and crowded with louder with grotto, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen doc. I know you here fifty seven black rifle it is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want a community from which to learn about how to care for your gun, gun safety were defined. Conceal permits forces as well as the best online guns store in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a our fifteen die. That's a our fifteen dot com, you're too louder was crowded with drought or where they have
back. We are going to go into our third, our where the lovely Hira Davis will be joining us to talk about the Starbucks controversy, they quickly? You ve heard about the Mesa shooting right under a little bit, yeah So there is a shooting sick shot. One dead Mesa suspect was a NEO nazi. So of course, online on twitter people right away or single word, they talking about weren't, they toying with the fact. That is why, if you were muslim, if you're a black they did right away. They talk that he was a NEO Nazi and so right away, liberals try and say will soon NEO nazis, extreme right wing, ok, radio right now. The officials of the Nazi Party was The national socialist german workers party. National, socialist german Workers Party union thugs yeah exactly Nazis were union thugs, Jared tweak that
now that's what they were. They were union thugs and what's so funny, if you now, actually different pages you. But if you go to the Wikipedia page, you know at this they go address advocacy of a form of socialism by right wing figures. What how You advocate socialism as a right wing figure that under the dumbest thing, I've ever heard, but that's because the left one since it was an overwhelmingly white racist movements movement, they will stop at nothing to paint conservatives as racist, so they ve tried to call off to Nazi ISM as a form of right wing extremism. When it is the picture perfect example socialism and government overreach their couldn't be a more clear example than the Nazi Party. It has She was in the name and they are one of the biggest centuries of governments to ever exist. Am I I never understood the whole not liking. The Jews thing either
I know I haven't, I have only met, I think, maybe to jewish people in my life that I didn't like it was because they were lawyers. I just don't like lawyers, I dont like catholic lawyers. I don't like irish lawyers. I don't like I don't think there are many irish lawyers to shop the courtroom drunk not there is a racist comment. If I've ever heard one a race. Did you hear about the guy that he bought all of the the irish drinking tee shirts from a Walmart and then took them back after Saint Patrick Stay. With the tags. All still Ottoman returned him because he didn't want people buying racist IRA, T shirt, he'll, Iris, I'm drunk dupe thing. I ever heard my life because people who just walk down the street to target ida- how am I gonna Skype,
thank you, thinks I'm an. I know I'm gonna cut off their entire supply chain by going to the local Walmart lesson and is not in fact, if we want to get the stereotypes, the Irish can't hold a candle to those Eastern Bloc countries like Slovenia. If you look at the top ten out of our countries, almost all of them, like Slovenia, Kazakhstan, those you know, those Caucasus values and different regions of the world are more involved in different types of alcohol in wine, Ireland and the beers stereotypes, room come on we're doin, my health, France in wine. Wine is incredibly anabolic, actually good for your how hormones, whereas beer encourages estrogen in them. Which is why there is the french paradox that you'd a lot of fat. They drink a lot of wine, a very fit the very lean, and then you go Britain, we have a nation entirely that consists of men with breasts, so
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You can also tweet me at asked. Crowded, but later with better dot com is your best bet. Is someone obviously went there and sent that they didn't like the show? Because we get off topic too much They didn't hear enough about the news today. What we want. Talked about this. I will never be in the business of fabricating news, so this purse is someone who wants the the twenty five our cable new cycle, who wants the false outrage who wants I? What do you think you're, a great American who wants all of that as opposed to the truth? There really three news stories this week, Starbucks now yeah who won and the Mesa shooting we ve covered every single one of them. There is not a lot that you need to know from this week, no not nationally anyway, but their cement doing things guy had not actually locally guy. Here, though, I handle the Michigan stuff, where you three minutes past you good to go right exactly but Well, it's not line there listening now, Laskin other markets that are indicating the show so listen. I
I've never been in the business of lying to you and creating new stories where there aren't news stories and that's why the show is a conversation. It's a conversation with you, the listeners, the conversation with with fund up about things that are happening in the country, but we're going, do we're not going to faint outrage and lie to you, I'm sorry, I know if we share my this world we live in today. Conservatives loved a bitch, they loved a bitch and not do a lot about it. They loved a complaint levels and who to, though, have you heard Ed? What's his face liberals here at Schulz, gal cash, Dick, I dragged me not. Yeah, I know he's terrible. Msnbc is just as bad, but I think listen for being honest. In my opinion, as somebody who was a conservative but younger. There is nobody on the right who speaks to me. There's nobody on the right who speaks to anyone below the age of sixty. That's just a fact that threaten the reason the median demo on. Fine. Viewers
is the reason that the demo and all conservative- let's say television, and conservative radio is seventy two years old. Ok, listen! Let me just be clear about something. Conservatives you with some outraged when we find some originally aim at squarely at you right, wingers by the way, I'm to the right of Attila the Hon. If you don't change something, if you don't change that the constant political grandstanding every time, someone tunes and am radio all it is someone telling a jerk to get off the phone line or telling people why liberals suck and they're not retaining you they're, not engaging they're, not engaging in a culture where guess what conservatism dies with you. There will be No more conservatives, none, not kind of maybe oh they'll, grow up and become conservative know, and that's because conservatives, your leg, easy, you're lazy and educate the next generation
your lazy and trying to change the culture war, you are lazy and you have failed miserably and so every time you bitch and go on and say you know Steve. I gotta comment this week, Stephen. I really wish you would take me this to more more seriously. Listen just because someone is using comedy doesn't mean taking the issue seriously. You don't Saint John, Stuart and Bill MAR, and whole Bare and Letterman, and yes, even Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel. You don't think that they're using company to push some kind of a point b, it Papa political or cultural. Of course they are evidently every day every day, but instead conservatives push a point right in the nose
Obama, for you, that's Obama, three little policy, whereas Jimmy found will get up and he'll just do something subtle that makes you bring on Joe Biden for a game show to make him seem like he's one of your buddies he'll bring on Michelle Obama. Let's move campaign he's really actually acting as a political platform, but it gets irony plays at nice and that Barack Obama goes and Sesame Street yeah. This is fun and people watch it and their data, I with liberal politicians and liberalism grows and conservatism dies, because we want our working under this. We're gonna be up here and tell you the facts and look over stop at pop up. Listen favouritism is losing Republicans are losing. We'll. Never ever ever went again until you change this approach, a case of you bitch about the fact that we come on that funding for not by funding is not even a conservative he's right on some issues left and some other issues. So you know what that means. That means I have to a damn conversation with him that I can start off from your stupid platform, a suit
mean that everyone agrees with you in a damn echo chamber. I actually have to talk with someone like fun dip and explain my position. Huta thought that what happened jackasses it's weird, because my liberal friends think I'm off far right extremist and my far right friends think? I'm a far left extremist everybody, In my opinion, will that's it me I'm much further than the right than you are, but a lot of concern Don't like the methods I dont, like entertainment, they want to have my dirty Shirley from my cocktail bar and watch the no burdens out, and I think you may have a new job. You're gonna, be the new MRS Weiler, wits. That was a spot on imitation.
Of MRS wallow. It's on big bang theory, the woman who passed away of the woman who played her passed away. You could take the role I don't I don't want that, show. How could you not that's the second or third best comedy sit come out there. These it is the exact doesn't exactly what I'm talking about where people will now complainant This topic, you Talkin about something. Nobody cares about. Big bang theory brings in twenty million viewers top concerned Show brings in two million viewers. Tell me why should we only talk about what you care about? Why shouldn't we talk about what country cares about, and you wonder why we're out of touch. You wonder why they call. You racist, you wonder why they called you old white folks, because you're going to get knocked up and talking about the big bang theory. Everyone watches it except for you and me, but that's because it sucks it doesn't. It's brilliant a multi, can formulaic Pisa RAP anyone's
any one of them transformers or to go with that Big bang theory. I still have not been able to get into the transformers movies. I love the look of the vehicles, I mean, I love, Yellow Chevy Come, but I just don't like those movies, I would much prefer to watch the J J brings New STAR Trek. Films and I don't even like those new black man movie points its trash nanda wanting you another word out you so how bout the gold bergs. Holbrooke's is great. I they didn't haven't even had absorbed in a couple of weeks. If there was a new one, I think last week and then a re run this week and I think there's a new one again next week, the twenty fifth, I think they said, there's gonna, be a new episode. We gotta go to break Netanyahu, one big when, by the way all that happened was he got a brief own call from John Kerry. So presently, United States, David, even just called our- are one ally in that sector
felt and sadness treats Israel like Crap Netanyahu. Congratulations for president all congratulate you. We will, after the break, we will have curate Davis to talk about the Starbucks conscious in how she feels about it. As a black american conservative we give an opinion, but it would be racist. She can't because she has a hood passed here: Davis after the break. So you'll be back with you. We have a guest, a love a guest on our show, at least I'm hoping she'll come act because you never know what happens with guess. She has a show, actually the dark side and empty our radio dot com, a podcast, lotta digital show go on now, nowadays miss Cura Davis. Thank you. Much for being with us. Well, thank you.
Me. It is truly an honour to be here. Oh stop lying, I'm going you up on the other screen here, because you know people they watch these things on the Youtube's, not only radio, and they want to see your lovely Yolanda legal unenviable. Yes, I meet media multi platform me, and so you wrote a column overloaded with crowded outcome, which means that fund it did not Why are you saying that I've read things on their before come on? I read it one thing on there before by telling you should read this when you'll like this one, I promise I'll watch it about its about Starbucks, but it's funny and I think it's Only the best thing you'll ever read in you Whole life- I don't wanna oversell it when I don't mind gazing of work, I laboratory it's pretty incredible, got a lot of people. Not a lot of people read it. I think
Listen! I'm here now you, I know you hate, that's right being pigeonholed, but I think it struck a lot. Of course. I think I struck a chord with a lot of people because you're a black sensitive and right away, people are art, their ears pricked up and go wait hold on a second us is an opinion from someone you know who we can't accused of being a racist, and so conservatives want to hear what you have to say and the liberals have to listen, because they can't just use the go to strong argument of racism. Right so tell us your point of view, the Starbucks. What what it is together and why you were so worked up and tell me about it. Well, the race together. You haven't heard by now, you ve been living in a whole, but its Starbucks New Initiative proposed by air. Ceo Howard, shoulder the ideas. People talking about raised by putting hashtag race together on the cups of customers, in order to initiate a conversation with customers about racism in advance. Relations in the United States now
want to be a little. The idea that its constructive to talk about race relations, We ve been talking about a national conversation about race for him I can remember, we ve never been able to have that conversation honestly, in my opinion, and I don't think we ever will. But I know one thing I don't wanna have a conversation I've thirty in the morning with my borri step before, I have even had my first sip of Cathy, those Lincoln yeah yeah, what's what's the female term for Uncle Tom as an aunt Tomlin into my mom in Jamaica who are you? I won't bottles, man, Tom I'm and some aunt Tom this going on here. You say: ok, here's what years my ignorant white guy view
I was watching MSNBC actually clip. You showed me in this lady say at least this should start the race dialogue being raised in a post, racial America where there were no riots. There was no segregation. There was no established enforced racism. You get racist jackasses everywhere. I feel like there has been nothing but a die. Along these lines like, let's start a dialogue and more vibrant everything has been about race. Is that everything I totally agree? I feel the exact same way and I get the t them to the point where I am fatigued about tat about this because, like I say, we're, never gonna have beyond this conversation, the national conversation who in quotes about race that we keep. Having is why people back everybody else good. Now, I'm not here to defend why people or to say that people never do anything wrong, and people needing you know get over that. But what I thing is that this is a new wants debate and, if
people want to have this conversation. We need to be willing to have some uncomfortable conversations and make some uncomfortable of missions as well, and I have yet to see anybody who is willing to do that. I mean Bill Cosby, God rest his soul. I know, is, I said, but it depends on how much of his own coffee he's been drinking you, maybe the super wake up nine months from now yeah, but you know He had the nerve and bill caused. Me is by no means a conservative. He is now, I he hates conservatives, he is not by any stretch of the matter, sure, but he had the nerve to come out and say: look like people. We have some responsibilities here. We need to stop this horrific out of wedlock, birthrate that we have because the the family is the bedrock of any successful society and when you break down the family. Breakdown that society and that's what we're seeing in black.
America. We ve got to stop these terrible crime rates week. We have the look with the stop. These horrible drop out rates. We hit the look. Inside our community, no one is coming in and pulling our boys out of school. Yet we have a fifty percent drop out rate. Nationwide among young blackmail? That's you! Just fifty percent have of young webmails dump finish school. I have yet to see one Republican come into the hood and pulley young black men out of school. As a Spaniard, you're just gonna win So there's some responsibility that we have for ourselves and why people also our responsibility, I'm not for this idea that we should talk about race at all or that it doesn't matter. I don't believe that either, but I do think that there's gotta be some uncomfortable stations that have to be had if we're gonna really have a national conversation about raised, but we sure, as had, are not going to have them at Starbucks.
This is true. I don't want to leave the nineteen year old, dropout, hipster barrister in charge of race relations, who'd bring out the right place to go? You know it It's funny. You mentioned that there is real correlation action between french Canadians and lack Americans in this. You may not know this thing, I'm not sure we know, but I'm canadian title. I do know that we talk about this yesterday, nor pronunciation of of dollars, but french Canadians, it's almost fifty percent drop out rate yeah. They don't get married the abortion rate is one of the highest needed. Realize world very similar. You know to black Americans who have about the same. The same chance of being born is that you are being awarded in America right now. So you see a lot of those correlations in the french canadian community that you would see with the with the black american community, which, which tells me again, having been a witness to that, it's not a race issue.
Since those numbers are a racist you're not born black and decide to not be a father, it's a cultural issue. Once you feel like Robert, co, opt in people saying you know your co opting blackness of your white like Eminem. Well, isn't it isn't the whole hip hop culture, a co opting of blackness to begin with this idea of BT and gang related imagery and symbolism and culture, even if a black and is doing that. How is that not collapse? Co opting blackness before why people do it? Why I disagree with you. I don't I wouldn't say of the co opting, but I would sands and expression of judgments by I am now We really excited about this idea that I think some people do co collapse, the culture it happens. All the time nope, Katy Perry got a little bit of trouble by collecting asian culture in an anti me awards performance that she gave recently by think there's a difference between,
co, opting in honouring. That's all how you approach it. Some people really respect the black culture BC. Boys great we'll be in. I only want to clarify my point. My point: is it that's not emblematic of all black culture. When people say people act as soon as they were black culture, you know if you will know it's not it's not black culture. For example, black culture fund, want to say something but hollow one. Second funded. The blues are black culture, rock and roll as black culture bluegrass but these things came to us from the black community, I dont know why. Now we act like the current trend is emblematic of all black culture in the country, because I mean you look about blues, did for America and enhancing Oregon a safe and of your music guy. I was just thinking about blues and motown music, oh towns, phrasing of how they scribe their music wasn't. This is for Black America. It was. This is for you
the music of young America and everyone black white, you name it was put on the supreme. The four tops Temptations, thou whole nation was embrace that music that came out at Detroit and I'd hate to think that every time I strap on my fender base and try to play burn it. And nowhere near what Jamieson did that I'm o opting, because that's the greatest baseline of all time. I dont want to say- oh opting! I I love it. I work on that. You are here. I think you should be re. I do, I think I dont think Katy Pair, even once the funny she went through into a basin her career or she was all under these japanese Harris, Google girls. I dont think that you should be accused of cooperating culture that you admire
and you and you want to participate in the expression of that culture, and I think I think under brings up a great a boy about wanting to you know, participate that in that and being a fan, I mean No, it's not offensive in it shouldn't be it. For someone to say I love the way you express yourself. This brings me joy and I would love to see the black, the black american Community get back to the point where We are significant contributors, positive contributors to art culture. I mean we have literally built this kind. The on our backs. We have been a part of the history of this culture in this continent. You know for honey, prince of years, and yet these days we don't conductors With that level of pride, we have so many issues in our community interests. I I want to get back to the place where we're
We are considered great contributors to to culture ran in August. Can you stay for another segment York irregularity, aspen class now been Claude. I got that. Ok, I will cure actually she's up very early she's in the West Coast for us and that we will be back with clear Davis ladder with greater stating It's a Stephen crowded with louder with grotto, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you hear a our fifteen saving black rifle. It is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want a community from which to learn about how to care for your gun guns, safety were defined. Conceal permits, forces as well as the best online guns store in the business and talking ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a our fifteen die. That's a our fifteen dot com,
nice. We find her. You can find What are you waiting at me? Funding because I pointed at you, but I had my hand on the music and forgot to turn on your MIKE Gosh, and we have beautiful and show now you. This is why we can't have nice things one hour. Our I've only had accused jobs, a coffee, so I'm kind of slow today right miscarriage, ass. You can find her at the empty already Oda common. Her recent com at Lahti was crowded outcomes. Thank you for being back with us, Cura and I apologise on behalf of fund up so before we left we're term of the star. Steel, and you mentioned that you think there needs to be an honesty and the race conversation. If we're going to have it. If you have the pin point, Where is that like what what
Is it that needs to be discussed most that is not being injected into the issue? Right now lie on the part, and I can only speak up. On this from the point of view of a black person and White America. Others other races, but that's the only part I can speak on, but I think, as a black muni, we to be willing to address the fact that sometimes we play a part in the fear. People have of us. We have high crime rates in our committee We have high murder, rape, where community we have high abortion rates, drop out rate. So there's a lot of things that we are doing. We are solely responsible worried that cannot be blamed on other people. We need to recognise make it more difficult for us to be successful in this country. You know what kind of our own worst enemy. I think the part of white people. A lot of white people need to recognise that
We do I need you to roll over on the race debate. I think that just as offensive as as not wanting Discuss it at all, I I can't I hate it when I hear a white person say well, you know I'm not qualified to speak on the subject just defer or no that's the chicken way out. That's the chicken b. I mean why people we need to be honest red. And part of that is on us. Do not make. If we're going to have an honest debate and an honest discussion and a white person says we know it have these questions. I do have these problems. We shouldn't Riddick Will the right away and judge them right away. You're raises your horrible, you know should be willing. At least let us be honest about. Don't you do that every now and then, when you just really want the person shut up, you use it every now and then you must. Can't live one dislikes integrity. There is the other. One should give the wary David a script. She did you get them is gripped. I said because the I did they want. Did you tell him? I was black:
What were you need to know? What are you guys got all liberal and liberal crap like I love that black right, I don't give me a script scrip, nobody! Nobody! I felt It's true, you know, and it's like I'm a woman and there's some of my womanly wiles and I'll use to get a heads up that I think I'll tell you where my favorite place to use it, though it's with other liberals. Its with liberals react when so guns, because I can't stand being all races. So if I get into like situation, we liberals are like getting a high and mighty I'll be like well. You know, I guess what do I know, I'm just the little black girl and using the funeral home. I got no, I'm not reasons that off. My best friend is when I went to school with with that with two blocks. People and one of them was my best friend and I defended her against insult. I'm not sure what you do to make. You feel really badge athlete really submissive, like you just know, should get some pain
turn on a night. Like Mr Jingles gets a little dogs, that's what I wouldn't I can't get well, it's not it's, not their permanent works. It just doesn't work, throwing out the Irish were slaves to car, because I've tried that now. This is a measure that, when a black person doesn't work at all like darn it I read them whole blue. Gun Irish, be enslaved and I got nothin eradicate polemic. Let me just say this When you arguing with buddy about re speed them, be they concern or liberal, we I want to hear about how black people participated in the slave trade too, and there's a lot of slavery going on in Africa rate. Not like everybody knows that, but as soon as you bring that up, it is a non starter. Don't it's! It doesn't add to the conversation
I know you have valid points and I recognise that it's a valid point, but you sort of stop. The intellectual too factory up and, conversely, I think we need, though there it's not it doesn't help. I think the purpose it does. Is not saying whether slavery somewhere else, but I would say yes in the United States- is not unique in that it engage in slavery, but it is singularly unique in that it had a revolution to end slavery. Share the right point right. Well, for example, you both of us being you know, canadian when it funny had someone one time I actually call, and I think, to the show and funded was hearing. You said you know my my grandfather was a black. I say no. Grandfather, flood slavery to Canada, and I said what do you know what they would have, and can create more slaves. Where did this? start where they thought there was no slavery in Canada. I know I did
video back in two thousand twelve, as I haven't you to jail by way, can look me upon you to cure Davis K. I are a Davis, yes, where I do a lot of political commentary. Just me and my webcam kind of like you see now and a new agenda, two thousand twelve campaign, and I think to re from MSNBC had accused Mitt Romney of being a racist I made this video about. You know when you also on a racist news. You lay all this history at their feet. You don't really know what racism is and I talked about my experience which we were talking about during the brakes. In Eastern Canada growing up as the only black person on this. Island and pretty much got called the end every day and got beat up ever the school day I related a story about being in a diner with friends, one time in this drunk I like an adult coming in and yelling at me about picking, cotton and going back to where I came from going back to Africa, and I was
twelve years old, and so I thought that story and what a lot of people reacted too was ever happen in Canada. They heard why why there's whatever this away says? It's like this note be alright? Bulgarians are racist continues, I mean look, I've been, all over this continent. I have lived a few decades knocked to save money, many right now, but I I have a long life experience and I can tell you this: a holes are everywhere they absolutely are and d, and then you have to take into account the Canada most places just doesn't have the same kind of color pilot that we have. The United States, like I said, you're, the only black person, it's very homogenous, we're I was raised in Montreal. You know we had a very large percentage of my school was was arabic and then Quite a few Asians in the honestly come on one hand the amount of black kids in the entire school
There should be more toward my senior year because of the french language laws. Again, big government discriminatory laws. You know how that works with the law. Which police in Quebec encouraged a lot of haitian immigration right because they french, french Canadians animals races people on the planet. Then they were trying to figure out how to now. We have all these while these damn, if we without London them IRA our businesses. So we're gonna give them up all tax or something like that, our colleague Louis Akerana, they were fear. It's ok, I gave a french Canadian Pass justly Cairo Davis branch Canadians are the ghetto French of the world? It's funny you just like a branch. French is there more ghetto? Yes exists going well, there don't tell that an early Marianna or that Monday, don't tell that to Celine beyond and are expensive dresses. I know I tell you what, though, when you wanna songs done properly. You get someone to do it
Only in french I dont like when she sings in English yeah. I know percent compared to Murat when people say like the best singers of all time awry carry Whitney. Unlike now, none of them are close to select. As far as hitting notes, you can cover up a lot with vocal gymnastics. Another s I carried words. No, she goes on his room was have you ever actually has held a note? Mariah I've never heard of the lane, as it is approved. When I know we're supposed to hate or because we got overloaded with Celine during the titanic years by geez, I don't own any music by her, but definitely pro year ago you don't know you don't want it when funding she's a national programme rousing size are the only stuff I owned by her. She sing in French. Three, the ON and Michael J Fox lay off. Oh yeah where's. Your and John Candy junk Andy is like a god and care no. I Adam he, a nice man, I ever more of
celebrities, I've ever met, and I met a lot of them because I worked as a stage hand at the just for laughs. My mom was a customs Zeiner before ever performed. Their John Candy was the kindest person. I had it ever met and he died about two months after I met him, ass. I was a little everybody was we have to let you go Cura, so where can people find you most effectively People can buy me, I'm lying by me on Youtube K. I are a data, sets Cure Davis check out my radio show, which airs Tuesday nights on empty radio dot com. You can also Oh, look me up at age a review dot com as well. Thanks for having announced even I'm really had a good time to anguish that everyone hates. You may see me with your work, a lot with crowded dot com because the audience loved it and we will be back after this Marshall Break from ours.
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possibly be simpler, call simplified wine today, eight for four to nine: seven wine, your listening to louder with Crowder. You have got you follow me your leader, Stephen prouder, later rather wrapping this up in a nice, though, or even the final minutes got an email, while we were taught discussing the Big Bang theory, from Michael Bush. It says big bang theory sucks. The math is off and accommodate the same crap that has been done since the early Ninetys burn fund. It burn, he just doesn't get it She doesn't what he's nice probably an engineer, my offended.
Wife is a molecular biologist who loves that show one. What your wife does or water degree, as in I'm not impress if she does something with mouse ear. DNA? I don't know what the heck it is. Also, the visions must hate her, yet in our she's on the left, but she works in a lab where they kill animals every day. Just mice was just like the founder of Peat. I think, is a diabetic and uses insulin which came from animal testing. Oh man, You don't hear about that too often, now you don't. I mean, what's my love animals, I mean you know, I love animals but ass. I only with a nice red wine, he, but also it and I love hopper, but I also would kill. Thousand wonderful dogs of immense saving people from a disease like cancer. She had enough. I could kill dogs to save people cause
like Don. I mean, if I had to. If you have to, though I mean I'm not saying you personally, but undressing, I'm ok with it. Certainly with mice this comes down to matter priorities. Do you play fourteen people? Do you play for team lab rat? I did ask her when we were first going out. I said when she told me what she did she works with. Animal are the mice I says: have you ever experimented on cats and she said no, I said. Ok, we can proceed in this relationship. What if she had experimented on catch? You wouldn't data now she would have gone really. Out the door designer. I love cats. More than I love people, that's disgusting through the queues familiar to you, but you also can create policy based on that, you would never create a policy that would opt to save cats over people. Please tell me you, wouldn't I would try that songs or my cat did you met him, barber cat for president? That's what you're gonna do
you're like that guy probably probably put your on a Christmas Christmas garden sends it out, because you think everyone should think your cat is cute. As you do my cat. My all three of my cats are the cutest three cats in the history of the universe no not that's a lie, and maybe not in the arts. I not because the first you catch that I have were just ass cute, so the two cats that her deceased were also Sq attentively. That, generally speaking, cat people are liberal in dog people are conservative, desperate my experience. There are long memories I know had they have like sugar, gliders and weird animals there. Patch up around here that actually ass chipmunks engages do they sing. Now, that's what we really disappointing, which The way it very few things make me laugh as hard as the Germany Cricket Christmas. Special were Donald Duck is going to war with Chippendale it's one of those things. My wife is like. I look
like you when you look like you're having a heart attack, you're laughing so heart. I sit there I just laugh. It's just you know. Donald Duck is trying. Therein is mystery you trying to get them out of his apartment, and it is just all funny I don't know why you were just hasn't ages, tickles your funnybone and you can't really too people why you just find it Larry it s. Some some things are just so off that you can't help laugh, but you have no idea how to put it into words, what it does for it, but speaking of Donald Duck, if you want to see something really really powerful Matt Clark from the Clark Cast, which I think you can also get an empty, our radio told me out an old Disney video from World war. Two where Donald Duck wakes up thinking he's a nazi. Look that up on Youtube check it out yet is super powerful
Well, I'm in a modern which direction are to take it because Walt Disney was a notorious anti semite. Now this this is a very pro american, its its power. All Mickey mouse wasn't originally Joe. It's a joke over the gorge, get rid of it Mickey level those drivers will. Yet you guessed it Mickey that area notorious anti semite no little but racist Walt Disney patiently. You you lock that vault you're gonna find a few rare, black and white flags- Luanda, not united, so this week, let's lives, Let's talk about at Starbucks, they want to have race relations with you tweet me. It s crowd or if you think, that's a good idea. We just had Curate Davidson, who I was thanks. It's not first thing in the morning before you ve had your caffeine. Firstly, you should.
Buying your coffee at Starbucks, if you're doing that, you deserve to be broke, it's the first thing. You should eliminate from your life if you're trying to save money and become financially independent, you should hear the coffee, a white castle that, were you, get your coffee? If I don't have coffee here to make, I swing through the White Castle, drive thru and get myself a big cup of coffee on the way in. Why is it terrible now? It's just dearest place where you don't have to get out of the car. It's probably a lot cheaper and think about this. You can save yourself what three four box today because most of you aren't just going in and buying coffee at Starbucks or normal coffee is two fifty I think you're shaven, a few a day, that's hundreds of dollars a month at the end of the month. You ended up at the end of the year. That's a few thousand dollars, if you put them to a savings, account you'd outpace, social security. With your investment. Putting one Raphael re one of the first, you should do, is stop buying off if for gonna buy coffee. Now,
Conservative, listen Starbucks, they dont want your business. If you have stock and Starbucks sell it, they don't want Christians investing in Starbucks. They don't want gun owners going to Starbucks. Now they want to discuss race relations because they want they want to re spade alongside our sharp than in Jesse Jackson, these p, call do not want your business, don't give it to them support alone. Coffee shop or go to Duncan doughnuts if you have to go big chain, There are plenty of coffee shop. There is nowhere in this country. There are very few places where you can find a local coffee shop that you can support and our relationship with that business owner in that's one thing. I talk about a lot of the time. People say Republic injured, a party of big business where the parties, small business and the Party of big business for small business on the party of good business I believe in the party of accountable business and I'm not they caught guy. I dont want government intervention with planet, fitness or Starbucks, but I think if they tell you, they don't want you as customers. You should listen to them.
Your business somewhere else and there is no reason listened most most the time with coffee. It's it's an artisan process. We, taught to believe that coffee should be less expensive. It's very labour. Intensive, it's very expensive, is manufactured, look at the history, if coffin United States diners were giving it away for free or selling in it a nickel because they wanted to get people to come in. But the fact is they were taking immense losses on those coffees, because coffee is very expensive it takes a long time to cultivate and because of that created a culture of people. Thinking that coffee was cheap here in the United States, its not now it will obviously obviously be cheaper if you get it at home, as opposed to going to Starbucks but that is what you should do is find a local roaster find a local business support them get your car few there maybe they're going to ask your thoughts on the african slave trade when you go the it like Starbucks, maybe they won't, but it's really simple
just vote with your dollar. You do as great coffee actually depending on where you're listening in this cause in this country. Right now, chick filet cheerfully ass, fantastic coffee, and they buy it from Asia for all, you Is there some, I think organic fair trade company, a very, very good coffee, a chick philyres manufacture, a big fan of chicks like coffee. I don't have ever seen a chick filet. Are there any in Michigan that there are any in Michigan. To be honest, I am I'll have to google that I feel it when I drew up to traverse city. I might see one along the way: I'm not quite cool I'm not quite sure, but anyway, then Yahoo. Also one. We talked about that Netanyahu one as election despite projection despite people not wanting the guy to win, turns out when you have a nation on nation. Really, let's talk about Palestine when it is when you have a plot of land with some troublemakers. Looking for a bar fight right next to you
I know you decided to vote in people who want to wipe you off. The face of the map turns out. Israel might elect a leader who actually has a pair and wants to stand up to them. Who would have thought that this? straight back him up and support him. John, Harry gave a little brief phone call. I thank them I just want an election in the only stronghold for democracy and human rights in this entire region of the world. I got a call from Herman monster that'll make my day. Thank you very much. Mr carry carry guy, you couldn't make the cut. He lost worse than I think anyone ever did and now in a recent national election. It was embarrassing. Maize, Arizona, NEO Nazi shots people in Arizona Modest, just recapping this for you by the way Nazi national Socialists are the union's Nazis are so to say this that you see all these things race. Relations We're ignoring that Netanyahu. Want worse,
laughing them all the President wants to talk to her and Mesa. Shooting people try to say that it was a conservative right wing or when he's a NEO Nazi, not see them. As the Socialist Party of Germany, of these little Miss true Billy wise? Why might sugar putting these lies at up. They add up isn't a slow news we constantly media and establishments chipping away and chipping away and chipping away until they hope you get to the point that you're so ponds drunk you don't even recognize the lies that are coming at you any more That's what we ve seen this week. Let's talk about race. Let's talk about right wing extremism about let's talk about truth, lotta with credit we'll be back next week
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