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#282 GOD ASSAULTED EVE?? (Dennis Prager Uncut)

2018-02-14 | 🔗
Dennis Prager stops by for a full, uncut interview to talk all things fatherhood and role models, Eve being the first case of #MeToo, his new book “The Rational Bible: Exodus” and more.

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Hello, audio listener. This is a rarity because usually We only applaud one shall per week the Thursday live stream on Itunes and sank on people who are on Android. But in this case, On form interview with Dennis Programme, we just started lent itself so well to the audio medium that we wanted to give you a bonus full length. Shout there's still a falling show on Thursday, but right now enjoy me and Denis Prager speaking about life, the Bible Leftism cigar,
Who knows thanks for listening right glad to have our next guessed. It only the here forget, so we can you long form interviews with issues. It is with a handful of guess with whom we can do long from interviews and it still be interesting. Yahoo, Google had our lives by by our three doctor. We doktor Petersen, and I use it our
he's panicking around three hours and, of course, we ve, I think more than anyone, this next Dennis prayer you can follow on Twitter at Dennis Prager. I believe. At this point or some other than underscore in there and Prager you. The real thing guide is under your work, Mr Briggs. They giving back sir. You know what I love about. What you did is very impressive. You corrected yourself to be even more precise,. There are very few people. We could do a long interview with no. No, it's not true. One get your view would still be interesting love I do the same thing, but it shows you our modern growing yourself for accuracy and that's very impressive. Thank you. I also tragic My grammar, because I realise that I just I just spoke out of turn. It was just a disaster to start, and so I tried to correct it here. It's funny right away, I've a ban, Many of my notes. I was going to ask you, and this is the way, because I always talk when I tell people go hey. You know you should come
while speaking in front of an audience any tips and we say you'll, never be thought a fool. If you speak simply and effectively, you see someone. People miss you, his words or try to use you from you, try to use so colloquialisms didn't even understand as its if you don't just stay away from it. We're gonna call you git judge a reality with the source. Yes extra, exactly have you? Did you learn that at an early age, I knew what a very I started speak twenty one, and I and I oddly enough very odd life I was to the Soviet Union to learn things, and I came back to America and They should all young man low speaks Russian just got back from so we so I had a lot of speeches at a very, very early age but I knew immediately that the more I spoke real. That's my favorite word by the way, real, real, the were, I spoke real, the more people listened and when
I hear talk, show hosts often who or just starting out or even just mid career, and they have a different way of speaking. On the radio that in real life- and I too am out it's not in think to me well and therefore this is a debt of prayer autonomous authority, but nobody. Nobody talks like that. That's why people say when they meet me. Wow you're, just the same as on the radio and that's the greatest compliment, I can get they all right. It's the exact same guy, that's true! You're into your taller than I expected. When I first met you that's a shocked, Bobby who fights yet you know I think it is. We have struck the people looking at me, bow six would work, but looking at me now, I could be for three it's true, we have no idea you up. That's you, what it is. I think it's because you're proportional and I've got a lot of you'll think well your lot taller than I expected. You know people like you
think of Sean Hannity or a lot of these unities NEWS, Gasters or Anderson Cooper. They have these big square head is just Roland yeah. Heads like refrigerators and then their tiny guys are not big eyes, whereas you have a head like a normal person and nothing ever shrunken had given normal head and so income there's into short, as are the big head, the camera it it's it's a total facade. People don't realize it's, not an actor orientation, for you are correct, but the first thing yeah. Well, you have to worry about it because you, you do a lot, a radio, but still you know you got your hair and it's it's going well for you. Let me let me ask you this: funny you to sit real. I'm just watch this filmed all eyes on me with Tupac and that's a this is true. Then I'm watching it and they gloss over his. And a rests and they gloss over. You know that he does so hat while it key just happened to be in the room where a rape occurred with his manner- and I also read is so high-
now is the wrong place wrong time when he shot people who happened, we undercover cops. There was always know, keep it real. They talk about how much he loved his mom and keep it real respect our women, but all he did was disrespect women. It's become this cloak, keep it real one. People couldn't be keeping it more fake. I wonder if that's the appeal with I'm not saying you're you're, you know an old timer but you're older than me, but you very young audience. I think its authenticity, not all that's a very interesting subject: eurasian general, because I have this odd life. Of having done the same thing at twenty one that I'm doing today, which has publicly speaking, I can tell you are fascinating thing that I never would have predicted when I gonna colleges, which I do regularly, doesn't beak. Ah I I, obviously no my audience. As you know your audience, a good speaker knows there audience young people take me more. So
obviously the older. I get wet with all of this stuff about that. In all societies, youth mania and youth worship, the fascinating truth is burnt. Bernie Sanders was an example. The fascinating truth is that a lot of people get more credibility with young people as they get older wilderness areas. I think some of that new is because I think we're fires of more more amidst generations. You dont have those father sign Father, daughter, Ox Raul T because there's like there's a, however, in any in a market for people whose identity trigger shaped hole in their hearts, yeah exactly speaks Maximov wisdom in people's lives. You now, surely it I get. I get a lot of attacks and I get a lot of compliments and one of the cup compliments. That really does mean a lot to me is especially when the guy calls up and says you're, like a father figure to me,
Am I always say, I'm I'm happy for you and I'm happy for me, because every guy needs a father figure either in his own father or in addition to his own father, the stern every every woman needs to find a figure. Unless you want installer Superbowl in the trailer park, that is very systematically prices exactly right will it. Let me ask you: this: is transitions to learn? about to talk about Prager University. But this is a lot of people and I would say by the way the h thing is to have always said it's not about aid is about relevancy and I don't a surly and think it's because you're older. I think it's that maintain relevancy and I think you're become more and more relevant in this age of identity, politics and populism, some form of consistency that people can use. As a reference point when I was on Fox NEWS, knows the youngest contributor I made it. Don't ever use my age because I never want to be the young guy who came out just either
DE as are good. Are there not and I think you're sure good and it's about relevancy? Do you think? That's why I know you guys have a lawsuit, maybe clarify for people who don't know from Prager you, with Youtube these videos or so family friendly there. So benign, I guess, as far as the hate speech guidelines but almost all of them are restricted. Do you think some of that target because your relevant, because you reach people. There's no other possible explanation for those of your view, where's. You dont know I'll, be very brief. We put out five minute videos. Every week we have about three hundred out. There are the people who present these videos are are some of the finest minds in the world whether MIT stand friend Harvard that you know the usual gang for Pulitzer Prize winners. You will know anything
you're, no, no you're a fine mind. I mean we wouldn't have had you or for any other reason, you you have you yards a perfect example. You have, the relevant, to say my profound, and we appreciate that in any event, you don't we put up stuff like email, Victor Davis Hansen. Was his mild mannered a human is I've ever met a five minute. On the korean war. Why is that on the restricted list? I'll tell you why? Because it paints America positively right, wherever we have a video that paints America or Israel positively Youtube, has put it on the restricted list, which means that, if a family filters out pornography. It can't get that video libraries by definition, can't get it through, and schools by definition, can't get it now, you seen our stuff. It is the end Services of pornography, Abbe Gimme a break
its intellectual pornography. One could make the case. What progress is intellectual put pornography? One origin? Earthly! That's right! You don't know! I greet with you by the way, I'm out of here getting I on everything I could have been worse. I mounted drugs, but but Select should get you hi. I agree with you on that, in any event its purely political. They. They know what an effective conservative voice and were very effective. We had six hundred million views last year and most of them, were under thirty five years of age. Yet what we talked about this forward, fishing and Prager you people we went out to it with Youtube in New York. I've talked about this on the jargon show and your people and the forward blushing daily wire people were the only other people in that room who stood up ever was sitting there quietly kind of nodding, and they gave us a nice lunch in the cheese spread and talked about the new guidelines: fantastic Comus. It was fantastic unless it was world class or Google spared no expense, but then
memories, Europe as a whole in a second role here, because we're losing our ability to make a living on a platform that you actually advertise too, as you advertise, do us your platform for to use your platform exclusively to make our living. Can we talk about this? In some conservative think tanks were hushed, don't rock the boat. They wanted to be there and mingle plaguing the Prager. You people, the daily wire peep for publishing an US we will I want to seem to be really trying to laser in on. I don't have to work. That's when we heard about the lawsuit- and I said it makes sense- we're not playing around you aren't plainer under your plane for keeps. Rather, what is what is the status of this? Is it a lot suit. Exactly that a petition for information, I don't want to miss, speak. Now no one is a lawsuit, took the theirs each of contract. They they claim that they will allow anything that is not pornographic. Or the like, or incite violence on on their platform, so they either have to change their platform and say we are
to all views left of centre, not her views right of centre or they have do in fact allow our videos up at so it really it's a lawsuit in in not not all. Because it's a lawsuit, but it's an attempt to get them to say the truth and the truth at this moment, is that too you tube own by Google is political. Have they. How have? They acknowledge your comp so they responded all what's what's their accuracy, they had to respond and the response is fair a week, cheese are well or private enterprise. We could do what we want all of a sudden there, all of a sudden there, big on private enterprise right me if a baker doesnt work Baker cake were, I think, sex wedding right. There,
for private enterprise. Now no organ comes a net neutrality, the biggest supporters. They wanna Forsyth, peas too, to play by rule one hundred and twenty fifteen, and where do you want it for the little guy or about the little guy making a living disagrees you I'm going to trample on? So you said this is I find interesting I didn't know, because I assume all of our stuff it just gets. Demonetized are restricted because they find it offensive. Fine, you know, Painting Mohammed, is Barbarossa. I get it. I don't agree with it, but I understand it, but you're? U videos like you said that you have some of the best minds. You said anything, that's America. I understand Israel because of of of these sort of, I guess what I guess you would say: jewish sex. Arrests in Silicon Valley who have some sort of fascination with Palestine, I dont know what it s, an infamous formulates a big moon palestinian feminists. There very anti Israel I've known that for a long time, but problems go. Videos. Are you notice, get dinged, of course,
That's why? The korean war, one or one named this- is hilarious. We have one called America must lead some light, wing site also has a video call. America must lead. There is another out restricted so where wherever people should look at the list, ain't gonna Prager you gotta come. They could read the whole lawsuit they could see. What's on the list forty that are restricted and again, if it if it shows America in a favourable light, the chances are, it will be restricted when you say you understand the Israel part about the America upon their very related one I books is called why the Jews it's in third edition, with Simon and Schuster and the explanation of Anti Semitism, but the interim same thing. Is that in the In addition, I showed that Anti Americanism is a variant. Of anti Semitism exist for the exact same
recent years have been hated. America is hated, an end, it's, so they do go hand in hand. I don't know any body, for example, who Loves is real and doesn't love America or loves American doesn't love it. It's very rare it right they almost always or or hates one, but not the other. That is truly. They almost go hand in hand. It's kind of. For example, you live Joe Rogan. Accused of being an outright nazi it because you an american flag behind them all to them. That's basically made under the flag of the third Reich. They see the american flag, they see with a flag, been they see patriotic symbolism the left assumes you're an enemy and just as surely, if icy somebody's patriotic, I go. Oh he's, probably at the very least moderate or slightly right of centre right, well, give away was, went Wendy, while Trump gave his speech in Warsaw last year, and said? We need to protect western civilization the new year. Time said it was a white supremacist dog was right. Yeah there was a.
Where are we western civilization apparent civilization right? Don't tell that to the black and asian Americans who pull themselves out of poverty and record numbers in comparison to any other civilization in the history of humanity. That is interesting. That is, by the way, why the Jews from this but you're not to be confused with why it's the Jews by male gifts and totally fucked, different direction. Mr pregnant know, you're both critically clay, both critically claim for different reasons. You it's one of the commission and with the winter Olympics, are underway and I've notice certainly a lot of the american athletes in ITALY's competitors worldwide winter interviewed when they, when their metals, they talk about their experience or, you know my my journey. Not so much of their country. An enormously competing. This pride of country are certainly not as it used to be that a marrow as the greatest force for good and, if you look back
the forties and fifties and Sixtys are worth a lot of pride. You were competing fear country. Have you noticed that stark contrast between, I guess sort of that the post event interviews today and those of your. I haven't watch them is as much as I should like to answer you properly, but I I've I've noticed it over the course of time. Look the left, hates nationalism, exe for one there's, one nationalism on earth there in love with palestinian but outside the palestinian nationalism since I remember the communist manner festal ends. Proletariat of world unite, you have nothing to lose, but your change divided the world between worker and owner, between american and german and french and English they wanted
abolish national identity from marks to today's democratic party. That has been a consistent. They have no Interests they ve contempt for national identity right and that's why they for open borders, yet they don't care if it ask leftist what a fifty million people came in tomorrow. And american identity were thereby simply diluted Your show what right American, going to these fascist anyway, which is for a couple of ironies, their Palestine, not a nation. Also for the fact that you, as you Just like us, an ok here, all the stuff you wanted. We have gay marriage. Now you, the Trans people, can you know they can hop on up to any urinal? They want, isn't that a national identity you're, probably compared to people of enforced abortions and north korean internment camps. You're saying, Kim Jong sister stole the show at the ceremony about
relating to the national identity that you ve helped create here, modern, progressive, it's it's! It really is crazy to me modern America's something they fought for two. They should be happy with well Liberals for for the left has always been opposed it. Her daily statement that mine on my radio show that liberalism and leftism have almost nothing in common. The problem is liberals don't know it. That's the bats There are a few liberals like Harvard Professor rabbits Damer Alan Dershowitz yeah, the Harvard law. Professor, who was a big liberal, big supporter of Hillary Clinton. He said to me: John Cameras coming out an r r movie, no safe spaces later this year, they want to do without parole and- and he said, the left is a much greater threat to liberalism than the right yeah yeah. I think what you one thing
He can say that all he wants and- and I agree with him, but at a certain point- people inertia which they do have to say: Second, there is no official representation whatsoever of my point of view in today's democratic party. It doesn't it's a left wing party. It is no longer a liberal party, Frank and they arose about the liberals. Hero Wendy Roosevelt regularly spoke about the need to defend, not western civilization, but Chris illustration if President said that today that they would be employed, Psmith Movement for impeachment yeah. Now that's an fourteen point made by the way, also the guy who did the interment camp you're. Just a month, S left left his folk here, o F, the early dear Dick S. Remember this! This wasn't a guy was necessarily soft on foreign policy cannot went a little too far. Some people argue in that direction, but you know is one difference as even the right and left they. They talk about clothes minded. The right is talk about this. I think
Reuben and in an Rogan whose is likely to remain as political tribalism. I don't want a second the right you can have someone like Dennis Prager, you can have Stephen crowded. Can adventure Piero? You can Emily Anoplotheria Andrew Clayton. He can have libertarians, you want to smoke patent talk about Bitcoin, but they also want the government. There are so many different kinds of people who just aren't on the far left. Looting, people who hold office by the way. But if you look at the DNA, There is no one on the left you straight from. For example, Donald Trump comes out and said It's embarrassing! We have no problem, saying Allison. Ok, I like as reversal electricity policy, but this was kind of embarrassing. I dont see, for example, up Mr Dershowitz endorsing Hillary Clinton you don't know, translate well. This is the only option we have, but it really is embarrassing that we are down to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton people who don't support freedom of speech, people who don't support the basic right to to self preservation,
second amendment, I really am ashamed that there is no one in the get democratic party. They should be at this point. They require a third party to be represented words. The right doesn't there's enough, there's enough of the spectrum, So very good point I have been in three dialogues around the country with ourselves. Am I rehash the exactly that for him now to it knowledge the moral failure of liberalism in Amerika. I think it would be too painful so what you know what? What's but seriously. You know what he's much. Greater value to us continuing to identify, I as a liberal than if he worked say you know what the truth is. I'm a conservative and I don't believe, he's a conservative, but it doesn't matter raised value. He attacking the left from a liberal standpoint, is what we need more liberals to do, but liberal have been brainwashed into thinking. Their enemy is the right right, but therein
is not the right, their enemies. The left yeah, that's a good point like us we are using this terminology. Liberal left right, but put it this way with Europe, looking pretty the right wing lesson, I get the republican part. No one. The Republican Party fully represents me right people always but the two parties to man. Here's the deal. I come from Canada, words of parliamentary says that really stocks, because you can have someone who gets thirty. Seven percent of the vote doesnt represent even close to a plurality of the nation and all suddenly running the country, the two party system sector, ten point must system and mixed martial arts. It's about as close to something that works, as we ve has way. Are the primary That is why the progress, but that's a big difference. I left right. I would, I would not be able to say we just got down to a candidate who was republican, are concerned,
say yeah. I endorse his personal wholeheartedly if they were against the second amendment. If they were against freedom of speech, if they were pro funding abortions oversees, I would have to part ways. So anyhow, these people were classical liberals who disagree with everything the Dnc stands for, but they get in line. I just can't relate to it, cause, I wouldn't be able to do it right. I agree with you. I don't have great respect for liberals, but there and not ideological any threat. There supporting my ideological enemy. Yes, that's that's the difference You don't understand that their friend right, you would I are protecting liberal values, infinitely more than the left is that's true. I think a good example to allow these people they sort of its this false virtue of in common ground and also our second. It is willing to find common ground be civil and disagree with someone you have to find common ground. You can do green, a civil way in not funding coming to you do that effectively, yeah
Almost every day I make the announcement that the differences but the left and right or unbridgable right. Ok, there is no middle ground guy, I can you mean the subject. What's the middle ground is a subject? People are talking about much today, so I use it because it does not a hot but an issue. What's them. No growled between pro cap, we'll punishment against capital punishment? What's the middle out we'll action, cute people, so early think about it. It simply stupid comment a middle ground once them crowd afflicted. Which to neutral Allah, to handle the rise to understand how to turn a blind eye well, don't wanna be a middle ground either, because the first at this rate, any black eyes steps in a line of their thinking. Any any party you, the people who run into the primary it's like all worthy straight in step with each other, now lie. That's it
eight point: do you think of other issues at the boys? God could that was go without that's right the case of body boys is that God, can you show yourself there? You know it's not get. Lucky looks like he has anemia he's very pale, Mr Prager, that's why he hides itself from here is like in the garden of God, is not pale. Now Now I don't know, I don't know that pale. I picture God with a more defined jar line, but are human you're? That's interesting eyewitnesses Togo this other time their other issues, for example amnesty I can understand The idea of dreamers right people who are anchor babies think about this. It's it's a horrible act for parents to come here and just have a baby, so they can stay here and skirt the law, but I also understand, of course, I'm a pathetic to that that kid or that young old, who didn't do anything wrong and now they might be facing some form of deportations and along those lines. But then you go okay, so maybe here we could find some kind of common ground.
But then you realize the left is against deporting felons from San Francisco sanctuary cities are to say the overcrowding in prisons. Let's send them back to be tried in their own land. They sent another. That's racist, find common ground because we just gave you that one Melvin, the bridge. It's really people don't like to face harsh Rio. Lobbies that an the harsh reality here is that the differences are unbridgable. If the left wins America lose its. That is my belief is one or the other not a matter of compromise that the left needs to be defeated, most I was no liberal other than Dershowitz, maybe one or two others knows that and more Conservatives don't even want to recognize that right there, We don't understand that. I I talk to republican congressmen, often privately.
Dinner's, etc, and I say please, if you don't make the case that the law is destroying the West and America you we have no future. We Republicans, they. Never ever, they should teach if you're running for the door, at your in Missouri, you should be telling people how the left is destroying everything. The left is telling teachers to call kids, boys and girls because they can impose it gender identity that child abuse, yeah, what's the Middle Gretzky, it's funny imagining you're my Father law, one the title of constable in Leland, our county northern Michigan several decades ago. Should we go the ediths you're, the only one of the ticket he ran foreigners in a local praise, one contemplates what does that is. Basically a dog catcher on
never showed up. It was unpaid, as they can give. Constable has not a dog catcher, but that was just the title and leave our county. So you learn to manoeuvre. That's what I that's. What I heard pop stands for constable on patrol, I think constable was more like I don't know the exact anything when people say. Oh there goes constable so, and so they usually mean someone is kind of a sneer. A narc, so we think of as someone who report really. That's all used to use it in Canada, but their silly people. Well, while you were like that, you're not you, I take that back. Canadians, elected Stan Trudeau, just in Trudeau. Do you know If I really good my young about if I didn't care western civilization. I would thank the canadian for electing him that guy given me more talk stuff from my talk, show than any other current leader outside of trouble. For other reasons, I mean to correct
I many says it was a joke. I know that is that that was more. That was Mind blowing, oh, I didn't mean it When I told the woman we in Canada, we say people could not. People kind yeah yeah, not mankind. He was joking. I know you do you think we might have bought it if you weren't the person who said in a national dress gaily, mean bisexual, transgender, pan, sexual and two spirited lobby that with a straight face. Maybe we would have believed that this was a joke. Even talk about this, you can find them angry blue haired, feminist in the United States of America and say out your algae, beating you a ip and if you were to go to them and say what the number two sentences away, timely, say two spirited, the angry Bluebeard Feminists dumpy attack like it's that silly and that Prime Minister used it with a straight face, is international address interior,
You know his his popularity according to pose is is well under that of Donald Trump in America, but no nobody tells you that No, no one indicating media tells you that that is so fast tat, which was that one day talk about government on media in Quebec. That's basically, all we had. We had CBC in Radio Canada, which would it be like having PBS but only PBS. There is no privately funded news when people say that corporate news manning a hole in a second. I understand their approach comes writers and news is sound, bite, city and selling self would we're getting pocket catheters and of not just, but what's the alternative government media like thank you, that's exactly right. Otherwise would be no talk. Radio and there were the only. America has that by the way, did you hear the interchange that provoked through those comment? you hear what the woman said about maternal love will change the world. Yes, that was
even stupider gum said that woman the I've everybody loved it. Everybody thought it was a beautiful comment that women. Understand maternal love is universal. You she does. Think that mothers and Nazi Germany love their children. Maternal love? Is the answer to the two key hole problems? She lived make believe Rocky must have gone to graduate school there? I guess if, if Hitler's Mama breastfed a little bit longer, I would have done it. I know it not dimension. Spake Marty get enough folic acid! He needed the Betty. You know Donald Earth. They wouldn't want to hear this statistically. Actually, it's too other figure that has a bigger impact on young, develop rapidly. Father
Standards does more than maternal love to make a good world right. Sorry, that's it in plenary you talk about that in a different and male female our. Why so, I noticed we talk about the statistics on this quite a bit on the show, Why do you think that is an arrogant drama philosophy? Why do you think it's such a stark contrast that, if a dad isn't in a household, it affects everything for regulation rate likelihood end up in prison in a way. That is not really comparable to if a mom isn't necessarily around right. My you re on that and it's my theory I haven't. I dont have David to prove this, but I ve lived a long time and talk to a lot of people. Might my theory is that boys are lost without a same sex model? That's that's what it is. Boys need men to show them how to be men right if
man isn't there. He doesn't have a clue. How to be a man become women almost automatically. What boys do not become men automatically they stay boys. Do you think that girls become women automatic, interesting. You think that's maybe more because their more communicative, so they just communicate with other women, whether it's a mom rural Rennell, yeah well, partially have much more dramatic changes in their body. We grow hair, but that's about it up, but but you know that they there are massive signs in their body. That tell them. I am now a woman. That we don't have. It just doesn't happen. I I don't think that's the whole story and buy them. Girls becoming woman, doesn't mean that they become a mature or become good or decent, smarter wise. They need models to, but what, but more dramatically the male fig
and that's why, by the way, that is why, This is so and politically incorrect. That is why goddess it is a he and mother she in the Bible, because when God is, if God is compassionate and kind Who cares about the orphan and the widow? Then a male says: oh, it's masculine, to take care of. Friends and widows what, if it's a goddess hoods doing it, but it's not masculine right count me out yeah, that's it when in a sort of expect women tend in that I mean a mother is naturally compassionate with her children. It is right, I dont want to say a force behaviour, women, archery right, but nurturing alone doesn't make a good world now you need standards, you and that's that may offer standards right women. We're nurturing. We need both sexes. Why?
God is also is also nurturing, and so, when you look at that nurturing as if it was just a nature, wouldn't really be decision. So it's virtuous because God chooses to as well being shrink along with setting standards bright, but it again being being masculine and nurturing means nurturing. His kosher for men exactly yeah, that's it because it's not natural to a lot of men and not from the combat right? Yes, that for me, the punch, the guy. When my way it. I remember when my kids, what I bet two boys boys would come to that and they would immediately tackled each other rights, the immediate, with in spite of nurturing response. Now. Can I meet you up? Six, as I, too policies and now they're. Having again, I cannot replace the dry while we all its interest,
you bring that up, because I wanted to get here. You're yearbook exodus at you. I know you're working on it's gonna be multi part serious, but this is something that I talk about a lot with atheists, atheists and the show we have atheists sort of liberals in the show, and this argument is, is often used. Well, if I need a god to tell me not to kill or not to steal, then I'm just a horrible person is Rihanna. Second, first off there are some societies where that's ok, but here's the deal you do. A guy. You may need a guide to tell you to be loyal. You may need to God to tell you to be nurturing. We don't necessarily need a god to tell us what we know where the worst parts of us in humanity, but you do need to God, actually bridle some of these instincts, because it's not consistent across societies. Well, let me tell you on April sex and the biggest worker my life is coming out. I thank you for mentioning. It's called the rational bible. Yes, five hundred pages and it's very easily
because its many many many many many many essays chapters and thoughts on life based on the book of exodus, the second book in the Bible and it's meant for atheists and belief first, because it doesn't ask for any leap of faith, but I open up my introduction with exactly your point. And this is my story. When I was in my early twenties, I have problems with my parents, which is not actually novel, and Nevertheless, the why from their house when I was twenty one, there isn't a week wasn't a week in my life that I did not call my parents wherever I was The reason I did so was not out of love. I get it cause, I believed God commanded me, the honor, my father and my mother in the ten commandments, that is the only reason. I call them every week when I had problems with them.
So the people who say you don't need God or a bible to tell you not to murder. Maybe that's true. No, it wasn't true three thousand years ago right, maybe it's true today. But what about that? One do you need I've got to tell you to honour your parents, even if you are having problems with them. Yes, you do exactly it's a very important point. Speaking with one recently who who set him up. He said man. I didn't go to India in visit. India, because afraid I would never come back to what he means had Islam infatuated. I said you have you, so you haven't been You notice there aren't many wealthy people who go to India and never returned they dont you set up shop there and I talked about how their more fully Let me out of India vs more flights coming out of India. How uncharitable. Actually, if you get a lot of people from eastern religions are and- Somehow all religions restarted my worthwhile you'll get about a hundred million people killed under a distinctly atheist, said of ideals. You know communist regimes, but my point there was ass. We don't need.
A religion we don't need to God to tell us to kill or too bad to each other, but we do need someone to tell us to be charity, but we do need someone to tell us to be merciful which, by the way, was not even a virtue for a very long time. It was considered a weakness so for the left of these were new. Wants these nuances matter, people are naturally bad. We don't. You gotta tell us that the great that's it wait left right, divided the great secular religious divide that issue that The first thing I realize doing radio I one night, my earliest, years of doing radio. I was on an at night in the beginning, I had a car and we bathing about watch the cause, what's the cause of violent crime in America, and he was Saint racism and poverty, I said, no, no human nature,
anyway, we were three were arguing and arguing, and then I realized Sherwin. Can I just ask you a question and he should of course I said these people were basically good. He said, yes, I said so, sir. We just wasted ten minutes, and now is the truth we wasted ten minute- yes, that's does he believe people are basically good. He couldn't blind people for rape. An owner and burglary in steady leaned outside forces, racism and poverty right I dont like racism, poverty for crime in Amerika. I blame people who commit crimes. Because I know that human nature is the issue, and I know it the same reason? You know it because where we are judeo Christian based, yeah, we're too these. This is the by product of human nature, speaking the voice of guardians, area does either you see the article by Ford Dotcom. Those went viral this weekend title the first hasten. The Bible was the first case of hashtag me too
basically say I'm leaving that to my audience tomorrow. It Jane it is clearly the dumbest piece of writing, not young. I read a lot done things it so preposterous that that Ie was harassed by God, and it's so it's so beyond belief. I can't even repeated I haven't you what's the premise I had it: yeah, ok, so every time you gotta rigour, agree the price in a left wing. Jewish newspaper call the forward a female rep rabbi. Ok is good first story in the Bible was the first case of me to its written by. This forty seven year old woman, said she's a rabbi which is very possible, I'm sorry to say it's like the look of the both if the pompous Pope she could be a rabbi and it out so
here. Here is a young, beautiful, intelligent, naked women living in a state of grace she's hungry. So she The most natural thing in the world needs a piece of fruit now first of all she wasn't about green point. Would that request was on green every tree and then going to eat from right by the web? For me, I haven't- even I haven't read this yet, but my first reaction is they title she's was harassed using his garden. She was he doesn't give you anything. You want my property. Whatever you want. Just don't just don't you think. Listen just turn on the hot tub. When I have people who are at my house, because it doesnt work through the police, don't you that one thing and they do it? Why would you do that scenario to harass me, but it makes me sick. Where's the boy that liberals think people are basically invading Eve, was basically good. Maybe she was before the fall, but this really good things. She's an inch goes on safer following your instincts, trusting herself and nourishing her body, she's punished her punishment. You, whenever you feel safe,
their nakedness. She whenever you love her body, she will. Again, no her body is a place of sacred sovereignty and basically laws on this describe God as AIDS aggressive violating human rights violators. When I read this stuff I have the same reaction. I dont know this woman from from a what I am certain I wouldn't bet my house. She went to graduate school. He We have got a graduate school to be that's stupid. Yes, one! The funding is its one I mean it now. I'm a mapping, heal your wife or facetious You learn to be stupid right. Funny is now, they often use the term reductive as an insult and hold on a second. What are we really
talking about reducing boiling it down to its simplest term. Here right, sometimes it's very useful. Sometimes deductive reasoning can be the only tool that is required when you are at an impasse. So right here, I can tell you from being reductive. I can tell you exactly what the problem is without rabbi, she sees Eve, as God, eaves body if not it's just it's just exactly. We talked about after the fall it's idolatry, who is God to tell her what she can and can't do with her body. She is gone. He created the body and said these are the rules you broke, even if you just if you just see this as allegorical. It should be pretty straightforward. Yeah, that's right! They don't. The idea will look through the left. A big factor on the left is the hay should a moral authority above themselves right? It's not just God, it could be the police, they hate the police, they have they hate parental authority. You if it
your six years old, thou, you're, a boiling you say, you're, a girl. You can say you're a girl that the school will you buy a girl's thing if your six I'm talking about not sixteen know exactly, and you don't have to and the school does not have to tell the parents yeah the common ground there where's, the middle ground. You know it's like hot alcohol. Second, how about the common ground don't pump? Kids full of puberty blockers, hate speech we're not going to find a middle around here, that's a little bit it. Nobody bothers What we did that under the every knob such abuse that least child abuse, puberty workers in a child is is child abuse is absent.
We would just be, would be just like pumping your your child. Full of I don't know some other mind altering, or these same people are really against the over prescribing of of ADHD drugs and children, which I also fully understand. I fully understand: it's over diagnosed, kids are over medicated there against that when it comes to stopping their balls from beginning to function, however, all of a sudden were a little bit fuzzy on the rule book and I think that's why people are leaving the left, we weren't Vermont, and if you are so that video we were under covered and was what the Healthcare transgender town Hall and they were just saying you know, I just don't believe the propaganda. The hate speech out there if the child then decides they. Don't they want to go the other way by meeting the other way, meaning they just want to be their actual biological sex? He stopped the purity blockers There is no evidence of ill effects, so the propaganda from Johns Hopkins, the propaganda, Liberal surgeons out there it there is nothing but evidence that puberty blockers are harmful and developmental stage. They don't care. How could it not be army
no, I mean just common sense. Tells you mentioned Johns Hopkins, you follow your your stopped. Johns Hopkins pioneered Sexual surgery and the guy pioneered it no longer. Does it right? Nobody gets an important point because I have about a dozen while they're they're notable anti trans fuel could Johns Hopkins and you and you look what they were like a holding onto the where's pioneering going on. They were early on their early adopters. In a lot of these early adoption of abandoned it yeah that's correct what you know so that comes that's interesting. What is this? What there are some issues right cannot fathom the left, small reasoning there. What would you say it is in a situation like that? We're we're Tom up here about our eye, so here hears here's my theory on this, the
The judeo christian world rooted in the Bible, the the Bible which I know it has in the left, has effectively a trivialized end even demonized, but it is the most important booking story, whether you love it hated or don't know anything about it. That's just the fact that opinion is struck me not even close right It has, it is rooted in a concept called distinctiveness. There are five distinctions that are at the core of the biblical worldview. The difference man and God the difference between man and animal. The different between men and women, the different between good and evil, the difference between wholly and profane? Those are the facts. And the left, I sought and successfully demolished all of five of those distinctions there. No difference between man and animal. There is no difference between
and God we are all. As you said, we are all God now there is no difference between men and women, and that is that is what they are doing because distinctions I mean. There's warder order means there's an order Riyadh, it's important to our that's about the same region. If you don't like the term intelligent design, because it means that there's a design, that's right, a designer and architecture. You know you were earlier as I know we ve talked about this, but I think it's more important, probably now than ever to revisit when there as was, I think, was a carry regime.
It was after them the Miss USA or Miss America pageant. You are debating Perez Hilton and anyway, you talked about back then how the reason same sex marriage is an issue that, at least is worthy of discussion is not simply hate speeches, because in youth you differentiated, you said I dont believe it's comparable to a interracial relationship, because I believe a black mother can provide everything that a white mother can to a child a same thing for a black father or white Father. Aden finally said I do not believe That too fathers can provide everything to a child to mothers. Can you see? The danger here is declaring that fundamental interchangeable, fundamentally interchangeable right and that's right. I've been saying that for twenty five years I I knew the red. The biggest reason I oppose same sex marriage was because
of their argument that gender doesn't matter right. That's the core of the argument. Love matters, not gender. Moment you say gender doesnt matter it's over. That means, There is no mail and there is no female and my prediction has taken place. It just went faster. Then I could have ever imagined. Will you can't call kids? for five years old boys and girls, the New York Subway no longer has announcements that begin. Ladies and gentlemen right, the London dropped. Ladies and gentlemen right we are differentiated creatures? Just like this no differentiate among nations. This this topic, I thought few about earlier, they hate distinctions. This, American, a german and french. We are just all mankind. You know Superman gave up his american citizenship. You know that right yeah. I know it will be very, very silly. I'm Captain America also became economy for apportioning those comic books. It is, it is,
incredible, you know I just might there was the next question. I think you answered it. I was going to ask if, when you said I just I dont believe that men and women are fundamentally interchangeable. That was always your reasoning in your opposition to same sex, marriage so and ask if you saw it coming down the path that the transgender is and was going to become as Kasparov I wrote it. I am I my bragging. But if you you asked me yes, twenty five years ago I wrote so not you you don't want. Doesn't it take my word for it it's in writing. I wrote the ironic bout. Those five distinctions. As I said, the left is obliterating the male female distinction and people when my remembered nobody took seriously not applying them, but I I saw, it was is obvious to me, as the sun shining, that the way it is and that's exactly what's happening, and you know what sad aside forget: gotta role of that stuff. It's just plain said it is the one of the Ray joys of life to be distinct from a female
as as a male right for a woman to celebrate the feminine and not the masculine in herself. We all have all sides on we're all aware of that, but it doesn't matter what, but it's too to deprive a generation of that joy. The tension between the sexes is to deprive them One of the most meaningful things I read today, guy just ended my show My notes in front of me, because I'm still my radio studio So there was an article in the daily mail about how a kids out british youth think that big business and white wine pundits- are more dangerous to the world and communist, it's my blog, the people who murdered one hundred million non combatants in the twentieth century me. Ok, what does touchy role is more dangerous anyway.
So listen to this, so they called a law student in brief, she's out a very prestigious school, the school of oriental and african studies in London. So she said, listen to this this. This I may even write my column on it. She said let's hear for young people. Today we live in a time in which we basically have no future. Why would a young person privileged enough to be it is at a priest? it just graduate school in London sake. I have no future. The left has deprived, them of so much of the joys of life. Cloning, meaning because secularism doesn't provide meaning right. I mean it provides a great great government up for secular government, but it provides no meaning If there is no god- and there is no religion- and there is no Bible and there is no trade send and there is,
design and there is no purpose than why there is no meaning at an end, and so they yes, she's right, they have they that's what she believes. They have no future. The left leftist deprived them of a future, its deprived them of a present. They don't even have a plan let me how do U S, because another spoke of using the rational bibles is. How do I fix respond to that because, usually disable I find meaning in the simple pleasures of life in you know my family and in these issues that matter to me its objective to everyone, that's where they find meaning yes that's right and I'm glad they do. Otherwise they kill themselves, and I don't mean that sarcastically. However, no serious philosopher has deny that if there is no God there is no ultimate meaning you Fine, maybe you can construct meaning to keep yourself saying but it's all there doing their constructing temporary meaning for this tiny
with that we are in the universe, for this tiny blip of time that were here but the growth? Is we don't have any more ultimate, meaning that a pebble right, it's just me, need to delude ourselves into meaning because well crazy, if we don't have it, but they really isn't any that lend it. So I just an accident right and that lend itself so well too. No intellectual element is existential. Isn't my Jim carry now saying my name is, Jim net. This is all a construction. Man is an illusion, urine, basically a computer program because it feels what sounds intelligent, but as them trying to themselves, meaning and of course that leaves you open in vulnerable to charlatans to intellectual charlatans, and I think that's what we ve seen full circle It is another thing I covered in the last month. That done. Excuse me that enough there was more belief in voodoo and gains at a stroke,
one g among young people today than ever in american history too, could point? That's: that's! Ok, the Bible! That's that's fairytales, right, yeah! Exactly that but we do not the Bible. He talks about imaginary, spaghetti monster. I want to go. Blame all of my problems on gluten. I dont know what it is, but I'm pretty sure our downfall? It is absolutely in seeing whether it's it's what you time on college, intellectually, whether its dietary, whether its fitness? Why would they When it comes down to there is more bowl crap out there today that people buy and smart people. That's you don't have to be done to be to be vulnerable to this and you're, seeing smart people, the smoke are much more vulnerable, that's why I said this woman would never have written such nonsense. If she hadn't gone to graduate school year, thousands I meant that literally I you believe I now by the way I feel parents,
swear before God that I mean the seriously. Unless your child needs to study, mathematics or physics, chemistry, etc. They would do better to go to Prager University for free than to go to Princeton. Yeah. That's actually is very true and ice. I said that one time to a young boy whose parents wanted him to meet me and said: how can you give us some advice sure what is it you know? What is it tat you want to do is really no. It's ok! Here's one thing: if you don't know what you wanted to take some time figure, it out, don't go to college, and I. Were horrified now, wouldn't have said that if you said I want to be an engineer these that I dont know telling young people you dont know figure it out and university, is worst advice right, that's correct! so popular dvd and a baby said only say: feminist women studies, underwater basket, weaving professor that one's gonna, she's gonna turn out to be a gem. Ok, it is at Dennis Programme we have to get going as these there's always passes. Bicycle
we, the rational bible exit as one can people look for them now, get him out what I was on the rational Bible? I promise it will change your life of Europe, and I promise you and by those who are listening. We have a lot of listeners were kind of left. We normally have far left us, but classical liberals atheists, it is. I've listened to Mr Prodi long time it is worthwhile you'll get something out of it, regardless of where you, why not if you're tantric, yogi living in the Middle EAST you'll get something out of it. And, MR can we please come back and keep us up dated? Have someone coming to keep us up and on the loss it with you, too I will anyway, it's a joy even just for me to come on yourself, What's a joy to have you honor show we must go, and then we will know what we're not gonna be back because I'm gone Morgan FRY, more
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