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#30 Larry Elder and Brad Thor - Also FunDip Hates America!

2015-07-03 | 🔗
This 4th of July weekend Steven discusses what makes America great, and FunDip is a jerk.

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You ve found yourself at the junction where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks, at her teeth, like all want to bother still without having a healthy body image given very unhealthy body, you should have a horrible body, everybody hates my opinion. We are definitely going to get your listening. Talk, radioed, strangest, you're, getting louder with router, so glad to be with you as we get close to wonderful fourth of July celebration. Hope you enjoying it just might actually send a little bit different because I'm coming to you from Futile northern Michigan, Leland County, of course. As always, I'm your house, Stephen crowded, the most insubordinate producer. No radio joins me. One might be, don't start, don't start with
these are nice people are good people endless and we are going to have some great guests on today fan ass. Larry elder needs really no introduction, he's the wonderful black gentlemen with the luscious mustache who was now I heard that his moustache is gone, don't ruin the punch lines and rat or of course incredible just wonder: lay prolific Arthur, serve, you dont know: mom does he know the hulk just up This is the problem, and we do this on these weird days, so you don't have to produce things as much when I have to, and then you just won't stop talking and then you actually, show so years. What's funny, though, before we're going to get we're, gonna just talk about America. Firstly, you said you're not proud to be american fund. I am not proud be anything that I was born into. That makes sense, but again proud of Americans. Who did something worthy before like Commander tippets fly
get out during world war, two and and taking care of ending the war, I'm proud of that eyes were in the b, seven teams and the afore you corsairs, I'm proud of the guy that were in the Navy in the Marines, but I'm not proud, me? I never did anything, that's not what I'm talking about are not somewhat you be. Proud, like hey, I'm proud that I'm. Why am I being proud of being born into a country that is afforded you? The opportunity, for example? To do this show speak freely to I'm glad of it not proud of it. I dont see pride that way. You're. Actually, you know it's funny, shocker generally very insightful. On this. He is. I was like so proud of mumbled do. That is awesome. There was a very well written a column on pride. We haven't up a twitter. You cannot find that follow me here. It s credible, get it up on two sides of the same coin, on the kind of pride that is narcissistic and the kind of thing
that comes in essentially seeing accountability of your ancestors. He talked about being a craftsmen and from a long line of craftsmen saying so, for me, pride was seeing something that I done well that I knew would make them proud, and I could feel good about that, and I, in that way, with the United States of America, if you're out there and enjoying in doing what you can to protect to preserve the freedoms of this great country and not just talk about putting a rifle on your back. Of course, we are incredibly indebted to anyone who serves the United States military, but even even the programmes like this or people who are going out there in employing people small business owners. They are maintaining this this practice of american exceptionalism. They can feel good about that, because they make the very fact that the very principles of this country, the very people, created these prints does not oh of my dad you proud of your dad. Ok, all the things that he's accomplished over the years,
he built the family room. He built the north end bedrooms, he built lots of people's garages and things like that. So There is gonna, be a legacy in our neighbourhood and around southeastern Michigan of buildings. That will remain after he's gone. Will you not funny actually This'Ll be up at Lahti with credit outcome? The left is not proud of America. Put it that way. You may say I'm not be doing word like I'm, not ratifying lacheneur, saying it's gonna be consistent, but you are proud of it other states of America. I know you are, I am, but I still would rather live in Liverpool. No, you wouldn't are you didn't me? Could you imagine me as a bus tour guide in Liverpool saying- and this is whereupon Mccartney was raised and is George here at his childhood, all yardstick that I can't everything. Dearborn is bad
Well, yeah, you don't enjoy the same freedoms in Liverpool as you do United States ineffectually. One thing it's up later, with cutter dot com, theirs is famous, ran from the newsroom from Jeff Daniels Character will Mcelroy, I believe he's called in he he about why the United States is no longer the greatest country suddenly implies that it never was, and I'm issuing rebuttal it's a longer video, but it's worth you're you're your time. If you want to be able to be armed to deal with the common leftist arguments he lifts lists. All of these are the countries that have freedom, UK, Japan, Canada, France, freedom, isn't unique to United States, and none of that is true just because a country says they're free does not make it. So it is important for people to note a few takeaway. Firstly, here we're talking fourth of July, so, let's talk about for you must talk about. What's unique about the United States. Funnily enough left us like Jeff Daniels, who basically airmail-
cultural. Is proponents constantly accuse the United States of of having no culture and they fail to see the irony that the United States can only make culture our greatest export, because everyone else in the world so desperately wants to be included as a part of it go to Belgium go to France GO to Japan, look at their top films. It's going to be littered with with cultural contributions in the United States, not so much from the United States with theirs. It's one of our greatest exports and, of course, these countries that left us. You will actually there. Just You look at them. They're, just as free have actually found themselves on the wrong side of freedom, fighting against it only to be a war by the ignorant, armed patriotic americans- you so condescendingly address, so that I could be preserved for generations to come. These places like, but within twenty France, England, Germany, Japan,
get to teach us about freedom, Germany's pretty cool. Now I mean they ve done some horrible things before, but I like em now it's not. I want a vacation there at least not fund. At least I hope you're joking criminal actually talk about serious princely. You don't just you can't just look at that shall we go all they have good brought worse? Do you really think that Germany has our stuff together is like the United States? You really think that there is freezing knighted state. Honestly, they have an eye. Some base guitar fact on Monday seriously. Do you honestly think that they are as free as the citizens? The United States. Probably not, but I mean I think that it would be. To live in any of those places for a year or so at least actually. But that's not what we're talking about funded I led Jaime in front of us is incredibly that's not what we're talking about the current reliably. Ok to say the one thing that makes the United States intrinsically valuable one thing that makes us entirely unique from all those places. Is
not only are they not as free as us, funded but I've eighty day eyes what day to day? For now I ve been closed and there were never design from the ground up to afford their citizens. Those freedoms- and you know that comes from that comes from despite what people might hate here from the founding fathers who believes that these freedoms didn't come to us from them or gum, meant or laws on aliens civil rights is endowed with by our creator. They believed in God, given freedom, upon which no man could infringe and funded even you're, an agnostic that, is what is singularly unique about the United States. And nobody else set up their system of government that way, and that is why they can never be as free as we can but what are that? What are the things like on a daily basis that our different about our freedoms, verses? Those places? Ok, things like freedom of speech doesn't exist in Canada doesn't really exists in many. Those european countries that have
hate speech laws, but I mean, if you drink like and around Europe things like freedom of the press, things freedom of religion with certain churches, for example in Denmark. Right now, if you're a church, man can walk in your church has never been in. Your church has never been a member says you're going to marry us. You have no choice, you have to go how much further you have to go on down the list? Seventy five percent tax rates in some of these countries and socialist countries, the inability to open up businesses, the inability to create products or services that might be deemed offensive due to other live each loss. What about the average hapless schmuck? I just gave you about twenty funded yeah, but I mean those would be for People that actually accomplish something the average schmuck like me, who goes home, sit and watch tv for a few hours goes to bed goes to work. The next let's say: I'm not work. Let me give it to you really clearly. You have said a multitude of things on this point.
Ground will now it gets. You completely banned from the airwaves in these countries that your brace clearly- I'm saying like if I was just working, regular menial jobs is gaining unwanted. Examples gave you a personal example. I dont anyone should be effect affected by freedom of speech by freedom of religion, freedom of the press. If you go home, watch tv for example, and you're in Canada, where there is no freedom of the press, the centrally a government monopoly with radio, Canada and CBC you're, not getting the straight story that that affects everybody, but what, if they're? Just watching you know trailer part boys or some like that. No, not watching the news, I'm talking to the average age gambling avars advocate, know you're playing stupid advocate officer, without your playing a bar, advocated on understand for media folks like us or for relief. Yes, leaders and so forth,
though you don't answer the radio, folk or religious leader to understand the importance of religion of the free, religion or freedom of speech you dont have to be. Everyone gets to enjoy those Yes, I just I mean I underline in vain. I wonder thing. Only change you on having having been there and having head relatives in England and relatives you do you live. In Canada, so it's different, but I got relatives there and then around say the things they really feel like saying they watch the tv they felt like watching, and I see, you know, just a visitor in either those places. Anything major leader is why you need some kind of principles in your life and if you need some our guiding principle and I'm not talking com gone gin? Many chlorine, I mean you need some kind of our guiding super. There's no way to go through life, so I'm not drunk. You need some kind of
and suppose to get you to see the world somewhere, not dominate ideology, political spectrum. Are we have to go to this break here? You know that bring in whatever damn music you want, because you haven't properly replaced the thumb because yourself way, but you have a working louder louder and we will be aid. Will be animal? We will be back and after this legal aid, Stephen crowded with louder with prior, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you here fifty seven that the study black rifle it is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If you want to community from which to learn about how to care for your gun, gun safety were defined, conceal permits forces as well as the best online gun stork in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories operates. All that can be found at a our fifteen that that's a our fifteen dot com.
Your listening to louder with proud whereabouts, even broader insubordinate producer. You can follow him at Funding Dan and add, as Japan Advent down upon the ban right yeah. But of course you don't enjoy any freedom as he does enjoy the freedom to be of noxious. I made no matter where I go, no matter where you go, there are the good, the differences. I can't just boot you here and in England we can look into serious, averting lived, many of you. You have no idea as to what will happen to you in the UK, with laws protecting Islamic Freedom versus freedom of speech. You have no clue what would happen with you. I mean I spent two, we
stare and before you did this ship, oh yeah, why spend two weeks? Yet that's true after they hear this show their religion. The bear no you're not allowed to come to the UK I'll start acting like Michael in savage a good angling lack, isotopes, ok, major and I want you to come in here. Do you see the problem here with with You see the genuine frustration that I have with fundamental about me. You see the the problem, I see it and I'm I'm I'm an active partner state with you it within that throwing distance of items as you get assured it. So I see the frustration I feel a frustration. I may really feel the frustration things could figure messy. They could get Massey here. I don't even want to know what kind of frustration he's gonna let out on Gay Jared out. Listen, we Let gauge there'd be gauge aired and when he wants to come out, it's it's in his time that he can knock me can be forward about his beliefs.
My issue. Ok, let me change one thing. You say don't say on a day to day basis the freedoms that are ok, the EU. A kind of enjoys whatever paltry freedoms are assigned to them by the government, depending on a day that they want it Let's change one thing, UK or Canada. You now have to protect freedom for the rest of the world. Go. Oh the Americans spend so much national defence spending. Ok, Canna, ok, Canada! Now you have to protect your underpin. Belated vast land rich in natural resources without the greatest peacekeeping organization, has ever existed for freedom in the face of the earth. The United States military go nuts. Let's see how it happens. The burden for freedom of the entire world, and you can send your hate tweets to add as crowded and tell me that I'm arrogant, but I stand behind this. One hundred freaking per cent rests squarely on shoulders of the United States of America right. I understand that there,
go, there's a data. They feel the only reason anyone doing data desert Assets- yes, it is The other reason anyone gets to enjoy dated eight freedom at all is because we afforded to them because we ever afforded to them. How is it to me? It's kind of like the whole government thing before I knew of the country's. Did it fund it before us? We left England You understand what we left. We created, what other people are trying to mimic poorly now that they have actually improved on our rock and roll over England. That's another great examples culture. If you look at those people from being under british invasion, the all they were only able to be successful once they moved to and made it in the United States, Where was John Lennon shot Liverpool? No, he was shot here so I wanted to stay. There were as Paul Macartney live, he's got three or four how the issue of em here, two of them here, that's what I'm saying: Come here what, where the Olympic Olympic athletes from from tongue
The tongue and islands train the Enron, nothing about small. My point is that we have. Is that a real place? Yes, it is you. Someone was actually surrounded. Step one or two hundred? But it was, unlike all the tongue in islands- I don't know she was tongue and was the term. I dont know his tongue and I don't want to know what is it you're going? I know I'm not lying. She was in charge of their olympic luge team, I'm not kidding the Jamaica, like cool running only it was a real thing here, Can you say you don't know your data. They write how about? Let's say in a place like and that, while the uk- it's not even allowed at all but the right to self preservation, you have to sit before the government and justify your right to protect your house and home with a firearm you're very basic rights. Self preservation which no ultimate decline anyway. Is that of data they write. I would still have to get that pass the MRS first. So it's not something it would even to some other thing is funded has no capability, and this is why I am told
like I was gonna, get an essay Godaddy. I might add that I was gonna get. The scottish decision- and I just can't do it because I know finance response- is going to be everybody knows there each other and then what sit down and just as we might not be able to sit down after that, Ok, let's go she now. I ought to know it's funny that obviously the Supreme Court decision people wanted to know what I I didn't gotta lotta with credit outcome. I filled in four Dana last week. This we want to focus more on just what makes Amerika great and having some fantastic guess: Larry Elder will be great to talk by the Supreme Court decision. We only have a couple of minutes here. I am. See someone Roquat. We have time to run me I'm well now. I guess what I found the run. The clip there's a clip of a fighter who actually gotten trouble for thanking Jesus, of course, of the gay activists, said that He said something that was being anti gay and were calling for his head and his job, and that was
The case now that you have seen president has said, keep Jesus harm, don't think she's publicly Now we have an article from the New York Times. It says the churches must you lose their tack exam status unless they're going to marry gay people. So this is all the backlash, and everyone said you didn't have to worry about with overreach of the court's, forcing same sex marriage upon the states, as is the thing that people talked about for years Everyone said wouldn't happen. Well, it's happening now no one's being nice to each other, that sucks YAP sex. The meanest people on the planet are Gay act. The fund. Up sooner, that you learn that the way they are treating Christians right now, unreal line or really all very going everywhere. I don't. I don't wanna guns of its, not a right. Could I dont our God and then It seems like the ones that get really angry and mean around me, or at least on my facebook are. The christian folks are like what
these big things you're not allowed to marry the person you law when have you ever put something up that says something like I don't know like a Westboro Baptist posts that says God hates fags whenever put that it be Seen tons of year things you post about how Christians are ignorant and stupid. So what have you ever trawled? Gay people? Maybe that's? Why funded I've never put anything that Christians are ignorance or stew. Yes, you have yes form there you're one of you ever put her gay people suck at this just pick, one The gay people aren't amazing at according to you just one thing. You would think that you would think that every single homosexual according to fund, as fast as you say, bolt is, strong, is Andy. Bolton can jump like Lebron James and can sing like Freddy Mercury. You would think every single gay prisoners that way from conduct the only ones I really pay attention to publicly are the ones that are killers, singers and stuff. So I mean locally. You have friends and stuff they. I dont know what they do for a living. I know my cousin,
is an awesome cook that dude can cook some serious food, so props to cabin Gay Kevin. It began at all
My point is I love? There are people who are good at all times on all sides, but my point: is you planned energy politics more than any one, and you don't realize it's on them. I looked. I don't realize happened a grandma. I we have to go to this break. I think you're, some company ring on our next gas Larry sparse. Now, I'm not insubordinate. I mean Comp Larry Elder up next and enjoy bar smarter than either Lotto listener. What are you doing here? Listening to the show, but you're missing so much content at Lahti with credit outcome? Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything. Not me gold or silver. We're getting pocket gathers just news videos aimed explosive stuff that you don't fear on terrestrial radio begins its toll free. Let us EU spending money just visit there, get your news and get a couple of one. If you want to send me money, that's why I will call it argued that is actually a better lotto with broader dot com. Don't listen to fund if it isn't processing lot with broader dotcom. Your listening to belittle the louder with crowd around tat so glad to have this next guest
me- and I know I say that a lot, but this is this is true because I was raised in a country where we didn't get em radio. We didn't get any kind of political discourse and its funding Would you can tell me about it? I used to watch his programme. I had no idea no back or not, but I'm looking to my dad is you teenagers thing. I think that guy's, a conservative, or, at the very least, a reasonable human being Larry elder dot com is a book dear other dear son, out Larry Elder thanks for being with us. There so much for having me I appreciate now I am so glad to have you know it's funny. We have a lot of women eclectic mix of guests right. We dont. Typically just do the M radio stuff it. Everyone else. Does we have weird people I, but I I dont get star struck by people I have on who are just on people move because I didn't have it, but your show I used to what was now. Is it a morning or a daytime show.
I had I had a couple of tv shows. One was called moral corps in what we call the Lariata show how we think about the Lariata show that was on for a bit, but I've done radio now for twenty years. Yes, why not? I need to talk about, and that use you, but for me that was the only thing I had access to and Canada you're talking about a centrally a government monopolized media with the c b c and Radio Canada Rights, it's funny, So I just remember watching as a kid I had. No, I didn't know what a Republican was you and HANS, docile, and I sat There- and I said I I just like what these guys- Have the say get this Barbara Walter's off because it came on Africa and I think we're guest on star soul. If I'm not mistaken was thoughtful and our above libertarians, this is true yet, and I think that I was introduced to you, because we Shan T J, F survey the teenage which boy meets world and then twenty twenty came on and joy stop. It would come on with this sort of smug, gimme a break. You know its whole segment and an that's right, so you know just that. I have no idea why was so drawn to you guys, I've I've
It also for a long time, and people often ask me Stephen how came a libertarian. It was kind of a long process, multi my mate being supposed economics but starts found some book a magazine called the reason magazine, on my natural somebody. Just left, pick it up started reading it and it was all libertarian and that's what got him interest on interest in libertarianism. So I told him he miss that bus. Then he wouldn't still be. Caring, democratic apparent with. Is that apparently so what you? It's funny actually subscribe to reason magazine through one of those guys who sold subscriptions know yet all stick door to door. He had been shot and face eight times and price I found out. I member I was so gullible I was young, but what we have medical, and I subscribe to reason magazine and amber I saw him at a sea or below CBS. It was different pharmacy that don't understand some things easier for reference are seeing him there in finding out. There was a complete sham and I was upset, but I did have my reason subscription- and I read read that thing religiously for two years,
You say libertarian, and I think that's really interesting this week, because I feel it you and stars have been incredibly consistent. Socially, you lean more liberal. I dont want to misrepresent you so what is your point of view, then, on this Supreme Court, the decision last week because I would in four libertarian, it's much more than the reductive reasoning of lovers, eight as an end in California. We ve had the issue of say sex marriage on the ballot twice in both times. I voted in favour of it in both ties, my fellow California, and voted against it, and I'm ok with because I thought that we had a country where we have the concept of federalism
article one section of the constitution outlines the duties and obligation to the federal government. The knife, the tenth emit, say anything to federal government can't do are reserved to the people into the state, and I think marriage in the bush and are issues that should be decided on the state by state basis. While I don't, I don't mind the idea that a state has accepted same sex marriage, in fact, I voted for it. As I said, and I really disliked the way it was done- ran down the throats of off if these Nathan, thirteen or fourteen of them didn't want to say anything. Abortion, and they were win the argument on the ground as they were with abortion in autism. The three windows Robbie Wade was headed down. Abortion with available to seventy percent of the nation's population. Similarly seems there marriage is legal in about thirty five. Thirty six days before this, and in the other too- many of them had something constable unions, so see any reason why this had to be shut down the throats of the rest of the country. Why I ask you this as someone who is untenable african american gentlemen of color. What should I say here to make sure you don't call the acl you,
Well, I never use the term african dash American. I think it's a stupid demeaning term that was essentially ran down the throats of newspapers by Jesse Jack's. If I'm in a man reckon who happened to be black. That's what I call myself so colored, gentlemen, we'll go with that! That's ok! To offer! I never underscores and have no record of how much money is coloured, is racist people. Of color. As now correct, I can keep track of the rules and I don't mean everything. Changes were not when I was a kid with negro and then it was Afro american, then all of a sudden african American. I guess that's where it is right now, if you notice, when newspapers you the term african American next, it involves a black than to go back to her. I know they change. I covered by that, it's worse than french Canadian, because you know it's nor his black, it's a color neg is negro so and then they switch between French and English. You have to be careful with that. Could you can you some french words an English? But if you just say negative people wait what what would you say so?
have to be careful and am against it's funny that this political correctness, people understand what's politically correct here- is actually offensive in another country and stuff to cross. Often it we don't know level. I've seen police, for example, describe and assailant is being quoted african American. How do you know it wasn't from Haiti? Have you know it wasn't from Nigeria right, not a buddy. You would have to Canada with it with a son and his son said dad. Very many many black people here in Canada, and he said well, there are some say, go driving. They go to a gas station and the scientists ten years also dad there's an african American. Well, how do you he's from America is canadian african American right he's haitian Canadian, what year we now that we have a huge haitian population, funnily enough in Quebec, which is a bastion of multiculturalism and they we talked these wars when they try to purify the province pure of land. It's called for pure french european blood. It's either it's horrible, incredibly races and then they had a huge haitian immigration, because I mean Emily speak French
and out french Canadians are much more racist than american, so it's funny to see them flipped out. Now, though it it's funny that you say that, and I'm glad to hear that we're not canoe. Stepping on a cultural landmines, but we
I don't wanna go to before, because I want to give you the floor here, because it's going to be sensitive. As my point we're going to get to the black gentlemen, comparing into the civil rights struggle of voting rights at a lot of some libertarians. If you do that, I want to get your point of view louder with credit Larry Elder. If you change that dial I have indeed, this is powder with router be sure to visit louder with prouder dot. They funded what's wrong. I'm trying to figure out what kind of gift to send my friends hot needs. Firstly, that's creepy: does she like wine? Again, everybody likes? Why so? What's the problem, I just don't know what kind of wine she likes. While the good thing is your luck, because you can go to simplified wine, dot com or call eight for forty, nine, seven wine, you place a call or you send an email and qualified Somalia. I will find out what you like your price range and curate, a perfect wireless for you or your friends, hot niece, simplified wine, dot com or eight for four to nine seven wine.
This is loud or with crowd back with his guest? Who I, like kind, gentleman's we're going to ask a question for the brig. I want to give him the floor You said that you don't want to see this given to the court's, because you think people should not, obviously liberals and even some libertarian say you, don't, get to bite you don't get to vote on human rights or civil rights and compare it to the plight of black Americans. What do you say to that? The comparison is well taken for members as we in court with me that this should be handled on us on our state by state basis. Sexual orientation and not the same thing as race in before It is sixty nine. It was illegal for blacks and whites to marry imports of this country, mostly in the south. This has nothing to do with with race. Has everything to do with people's behaviour in orientation? And I can it?
understand the argument that the traditional sex, the traditional proponents of marriage, argue, which is that a marriages possibility of having children or having children, and we have to provide kind of role models that teach me how to be. Men and women had to be women again, I don't by that reasoning, but that is at least a straight face. Reading a lot of people feel and the court ought to have respect. If you dont, like living in their particular state, you can move to another state if you're it is. One of these data does not support same sex marriage. You can decide as a business person, you can decide as a tourist not to go to that state. You can. They state that way. Maybe that state within rethink its assumptions, but you are down the throats of the american people by arguing that the same thing, the civil rights of the mighty fifties after blacks to me. They are not we'll. Take him and one of the nieces of the Americas name a veto king. She, the pastor, very much resents. The comparison. Yeah I can imagine. I always talk about that. You know it's tough for me because, obviously not black, but I say I if I were black eyed again it
something you're born of your born black and you're, born people's people, say gay with it talked about that- I don't want to. I dont want to open that box. Right now, am I think, people dont use or sexual desires, but everyone has choices over their sexual actions. Is a guy have a choice? I urge you to my wife, not saying you you yeah you're, watching the love boat. New skipper looks great. I think I want to offer him that I know what I am saying. Is everyone chooses to act in their sexual action so there is no choice in being black, despite what the left might say, I've seen them say that you're not black enough. So I guess it is a choice of how you act. If people people claim, I made a choice to be white but see every morning the minute I got things like the old cartoon, where you jump out your skin and then hopefully you can just jump into a new one. I got my them, I'm right now, I'm Trans racial, here's. My point actually now we're we're off on the ravages of the translation thing I've talked about this before I want you to tell me if you think, I'm absolutely out of line here,
the transgender women movement. That's where I think there is a slippery slope, the fundamental interchange ability of genders with the same sex marriage to think it applies. You have to apply that reasoning to transgender ISM transsexuals, but everyone call it but you think it's actually much more reasonable. I'm not saying either is reasonable to change your race, then your sex, because they got this four seconds once I can come with me, Bruce Jenner. Had they go through severe hormone replacement therapy. All kind of surgery, where essentially amputate your penis in testicles to become a woman, is still very much looks like a man and address anyone will be appointed Rachel, Dalzell slapped. The spray ten and a sideshow bob vague terms and for the end of a lazy pay for what a decade I mean so wouldn't say measure viewed by the public. That would show you that it's it's actually a much more physical issue. I think,
so for her husband who thought she was a black it. Well, that's right! You're right, it looks as if you have something different, Rachel level, the easier than you can become someone different on gender level, because Rachel dollars are basically said she felt black. So therefore she is black so you can get in the morning and feel amish and become amish fantastic. The I just used unplug the outlet for a few hours a day, and I just role play with my wife. We go amish. You know with interesting the internet, always if you gave her more support than they gave Clarence Thomas Clarence Thomas was the second nominees blackness, for the Supreme Court: random I think we did not support him. The black magazine called Ebony Steve, probably the most widely circulated black magazine in the country comes out once more. I know what do you feel that you think I don't know because I'm like, I know about ebony what it was
inform companies knowledgeable issues even anyway. Every year they have something called the one hundred plus most influential black Americans, and every year they omit Clarence, Thomas Thomas all and walked away in three prominent black people, because they feel that they aren't black, that is to say, they are positions that are antithetical to the play, unity, but Rachel dollars all good to go. It's mine that want to be stated. I don't think I can explain it to you. I just wanted to make the joke about her sides psycho Bob per, but you will find the Clarence Thomas thing. I was pretty young and when I went back and in a read up on that, so I was too young to fully understand it. I was going Ok, the best of my knowledge it was a joke about and like nether region, hair and a cocaine or something I go on like this doesn't seem to be a national story, and I just showed you that so Things can get so hyped up in the moment and when someone comes in with a fresh point of view, and just because this is what our own was not them up in arms about, I think we're going to have that about. Nearly everything
during these last few years I think you're right what happened in the case of Clarence Thomas is that one of the women women persons who worked with her name is needed here said he hit on her and said there. Cuba care on my cook, with his boring, clumsy way of hitting on her and for that reason, Clarence Thomas, with proceed to be not qualified to be unscrewing. Court rowdy beat me up the shopping on innocent of easy and I'll show up in his. They re suckling person who became with my lying about one abruptly: he five million dollars lighten taxes got involved in hi affair. Fergus and instead that Dear Wilson should be arrested and then, of course, listen with exonerated he's gotta show any unless it be see, Donald Trump is fired. What worldwide live? It's even I will. I don't know, I'm not a fan of of, I think I'll sharply and Donald Trump should have a Hare WAR
I don't know who I vote, for. I will say this, so it's funny you bring up I'll sharply. Both run suppressing Toby, both through the air. The ring this is this is trip they did in inverted it, and then someone someone through and the Hare towel said when I watch. Those left is getting married thing why you do in a black acting as a black, as now was a rocky for reference. Ok, now, I tell you I just I can't handle its body, though well toying with the Clarence Thomas Deal again reading it from sort of someone who wasn't involved in the media cycle. I was so young. I was still going on I think this would be a good thing to say I mean there was that process from going. What what? What? What? What? What point does that come out? I must have it immediately regretted his decision after the phrase that fact that there's pickup lie in the world
working to a woman at a bar and saying: can I buy you a drink, or would you rather have the cash? Probably not pick a bell. Well now you walk into a lot. You say that they'll turned you and ask if you like surprises, so it's it's changed its a changing world out. There lay out I'll shocked- and I want to talk about that because I was talking with my producer here whose younger any more a political gauge era over here end m he's talked about this out and actually when compared to my generation of re. Spiders I d Ray and Sean king. The people who made their entire living on line and daily costs are being funded by Soros Shopton seems downright classy. Have you noticed it becoming even more aggressive with people, my age, it funny? talking about at a moment ago, in my show, The millennium goals have been now accused of being almost as racists as non millennials, which is fascinating, overrun innocent see. I heard upon it just now say that, because
Dylan Roof, apparently because of his age. Is it I guess technically a millennium, and it's mostly appears is the myth that millennials are not races. This guy was a deal yet he couldn't get a following. He has its manifesto Stephen Way complaint again and get the clan to join him. You re that united. Fifty nine and Othello name are truly ask them why they start erased war. He ordered the murder of of seven white over two nights and you don't think of him, as somebody who was inspired. The confederate flag, we think of him as a deviant drug annulled. Not who was able to following this guy roof put even gonna following a somehow it. This had gone into our while till you wise up I'll. Tell you what I want to stay here, I'll tell you why roofed and get the following an Manson got the following, and if I were fourteen there would have been a possibility. So seven times a day
there is a great deal of fourteen year old, joint. What's its mandate. The critical point is that this guy could not get a following. He was angry, you couldn't get the clan to follow him. He kills nine p. And we're having a discussion about how much greater than there is in America will have it scattered about truly massive back ass if denied Mason goes where exactly the same. You want to start a rate war. We wrote him off degenerate, not heed. Gotta, you gotta, swastika, you'd on his forehead he's not, as always, is roof guy. Where we have this conversation about gun country. About the confederate flag, ridiculous. It is if you as I did, get a lot of flak, though for saying: hey, listen! I am Bob's. Absolutely people have the right to run. If we can, flag. Let your freak flag fly anywhere. You want an Amazon and Walmart also have the right to not sell it if they choose not to that's their rights. On a first amendment issue- and I said me personally- I am going to be pro confederate flag.
So much flag for that people saying. Well, you know it's about states rights. This is something actually would like your your input on. It could maybe it's a blind spot for me. What I said again as an ignorant like I said, will states rights, don't supersede human rights and, as far as I'm concerned, slavery is a human rights issue. The federal government had to abolish slavery. Am I often ask not no, of course, not an end, were the in the legislature in South Carolina, as I said, we Thirdly, I would vote against the flag as well, but I would not soon that everybody who voted against me. I was a big. It is interesting, say that not every Muslim is a terrorist but apparently rybody whose a proponent of the confederate flag is a big. It not fair. That's true, that's not fair it's not fair, but I do think I
you think it's tough when I argue- and I say, hammer, I'm a conservative nor public in the Party of Lincoln the Party, the free, the slaves in someone's going faster. I fail my damn it. I fight mom, it's from husband, Alabama, my dad from Georgia, and there are even some black people who the other confederate flag as a symbol of history and a simple, a southern pride in their lot of white people feel that way in good faith to again, even though I would not vote for the flag there, so many people reset it? So many people they feel, is a symbol of racism and so many businesses that would not relocate to my state because of the flag. I would vote again too for all sorts of reasons, but I will not assume that my law make replacing. I would vote differently, is doing so because a bigger tree, that's it point. That sounds incredibly sensible. They know the arguments, I don't know what you're doing. I don't know what you're only every now and then every now and then I was going to say you know they were wrong about you and spin city.
I'm? Not just. Did you make a cameo unspent city to do as you have been city, I did want also on the deal hugely shall yap and ashore call american dreams? I am an act or the circle you're an outer. Did they treat you? Ok. Did you come on this treaty like a basic right? I had. I can't you appearance on twenty four and twenty four. One of my bodies are produces it, so he got me it'll cameo thing there are the production. And says so Close friend is here to do its part. I said I'm not so and so when I M an actor and she went so and so on. And the actor is here well if anyone has any research and find out who so and so is he'll never produce and how they would again. So thanks Larry did they treat you well don't spend city again I was a youngster. So that's where at how it was introduced here they really
They knew that I was conservatively knew that that probably get views that we make the ears, if monetary body also on the said, but they were very likely. The author knew I was only for a few minutes had allowed. They probably with people like what you write. Yarborough thing was very funny story line, and I thought you were good sport at going in and doing it. You ve seen rush Limbaugh. Do that and I remember thinking was really critical era for someone like Mitt Romney, to say no to ESA. Now, I'd like to see more conservative doing what you're doing at least being open to listen you reach across it, maybe helps because you're, libertarian and so right away. They don't know what that means. Can we book in order to bring you back after this break, Larry Elder Larry, elder dot com? Don't leave because he smarter than your listening to louder with greater follow Stephen on Twitter S, prouder serious times super serious. A lot
The creator has listening to this by guest aren't even following me on Twitter, at s greater. There are all kinds of stuff that you'll find on their. You won't you're on the spot. Gas Youtube videos and you can follow my insubordinate producer at Funding Dan. Finally, applaud for me for twenty seconds of this latter with prouder promo in your dog, about Stephen Friggin groundwater, to cry ass. What you do your thing, life, both crowd or at s crowd or follow me follow at funded Dan. Just try to not make em cry. Arkwright years of joy with a terrorist. Take you out your getting louder with router final statement. The guy has to go because he's busy Larry elder dot com, dear Father dear so got that both like wreck an end ass. Even is about my dad, my dad grew up without a biological father, the name
There was the name of the boyfriend friend within his life, along as he was physically abusive, and his mother had a series of boyfriends and one day, my dad thirteen years old comes home and his mother, and why a friend and my dad start quarrelling and the money flows. My father at the house, at the age of thirteen years old, never return to talking about a black boy. Jim Crow, south, rather the great depression and my dad always believe hard work, wind the matter no matter how hard you work badly. They're gonna happen how you respond to those they. I think tell your mother and me whether not we raised a man in my day we Steven, you can't control the outcome, but you're in one hundred percent control of the effort, so don't make the outcome excuse for not giving up the full effort That is the guy who had every reason to be angry unreasonably raises to be racist reason to hate America, just the opposite. He said the skies right now. I only wish I had the opportunity that you guys now have in front of Lord knows what I would have done that with my dad and my dad give up without a father, as is the case with most back his today. Seventy two percent
Yesterday I raised about a father, it is not a death sentence. In my father S, life is a testament to them. What's that you bring it up because your libertarian, your socially more liberal, but that something that I mean that was. That was your thing for a long time. You ve talked about that for a long time. I met a frank. It has had a flash back to watching your day show with the moustache, and I just realized am incredibly upset that it's gone but you knew and stuff so we're brothers and stash, and then, when I saw you without it can like Wednesday, so for a while he cut his hair and it went like he was. You could tell somebody like we're: gonna hit, you ups docile and it just didn't work. Wiser hears like he was even like. Not a black eyed. I use a military on my face like Mere. Is look chemical and burn your hair off in one morning at three o clock in the morning and I was half asleep and I burn after my mustache I had to do the other one and that would be the fourth back and forth next thing. You know we had a little talk thing right there, only two guys. We must act like one of them is Hitler. The other one is that is Michael Jordan and I ain't commercial and I did not look. So I put it all off and noble
even noticed it. I went to work the following day. Nobody even noticed that I had almost ass. If I was nineteen years old, is about eight years ago. Nobody, they even noticed it, I had to say it but there. Less of a contrast, black moustache black skin, it's gonna apparent Nobody noticed I've all these years, I'm doing all this, but what he gave a rip hilarious you it's funny when you talk about that before you totally Cobb's dogma perpetrators. One thing: and funny we're so afraid of the ratio of the issue of rate. I think the left over politicized receives it all the time and then I think the right tries to act sometimes like their colorblind, and I don't think you need to do either point Robbie, watching boxing Robbie watching fights, like well. The gentleman in a red and white trunks and gone is a black, a white guy fighting. Why do we have that? Let's just say like the Mexican, an Irishman? Ok, I got it. I don't want to calculate. You know, go on my color wheel in Amazon ain't in fine, the dot wanting.
Talk about what I told the guy of ethics, even because of the fruit of my youth, pointing out somebody over their standing over there Bobby what he's wearing he's dead and acted as a white guy, and I said you mean the black guy is because we are going to say that I really want to make up like a guy. Look exactly there's. No, don't you looked exactly like fifty cent now I know that not a compliment. To begin with, no one like Bobby no little looking maybe that's what I did, but I said like man, you look so much like fifty cent. You just say: no black people look alike. As you know, but let me let me tell you that you don't like it if he doesn't give you sent, but I will say this: ok as a white person and people. Man, let me tat if I were to write down right. If someone is ok describe Larry Elder. Ok, we have, I think we are funds are Rachel coming on next week, so much they write down. Description of Larry, elder, ok, brown, In black hair brown eyes in own right down certain features, as I read that a description of Alfonzo Rachel
brown scan black hair brown eyes now right description of Jared. Kind of reddish, hair brown eyes, where's I've hate on for a white person who is not used to seeing them as often, for example, like my mom there are going to be more similarities and they haven't learned the subtleties and again that's an example of I do think to certain white people. Any black people look alike but doesn't mean they ate like While it means there just not exposed well when I was in college, I study psychology and everything experiment and I gazed asian guys and latino guys I am black eyes were given twenty five pictures of black people twenty five picture to other races and every group was- I identify their own group very, very well. What we are doing, identify white very well. Why, were only able to able to identify white, very rapid white could identify agents or black respects, but but can identify their own race and white people, but wiping were clueless about everybody other than white people, blacks, weren't, able to identify Asians very well right. I would Amado
or the team of normal, thereby could I never their own raise in wiping what, but why people could identify only white people? I actually play a game with it with with, with with Asians, were its caught like call it. So I got my first. I think korean Japanese and then the one thing I get us there like tie? I can get tie we will have been produced on a who always people and our efforts not raise this issue. We don't know, I don't know, I don't know the differences enough between chinese personage happenings person. I doubt and that's it. That's my blind spot. My mom french, Canadian and before the haitian immigrant, she didn't know a lot of black people. So I've I've seen her mixed people up and has been incredibly uncomfortable and I've had a walk up afterwards got listen, she's, a swedish lady monsieur for someone to whom they ve been on Minister, wants is light lady about sixty seventy euro widely. She says, I know you, I Are you sure, you're somebody here, somebody who are you and I said well, parliament she laughed and it is being done on a really worried because it rob refugee laughter shouldn't really. Who are you? I said well, Mary or just now, I know Mary on your way better. Looking to marry older. Allow
she was hitting on issues. She polio, Clarence, Thomas. You're way better. Looking than Larry Elder looking very other than to confirm here's, my phone number and while for women with teeth so now she didn't all really yachting collar backs you to give your phone or writing collar back or that's your micro, aggressive sexism shy and not everyone raises not. Everyone can have a pair of teeth. Larry you and your teeth privilege everyone has revised to some degree. I think I wanna see on the teeth for premises. You aren t get off. The premises where there is wide is, can be those pearly white. You ve gotta, be racist. Everyone has privilege to some point. I mean that's what do we will it's like a competition? That's one thing: I've taught I've talked about with Rachel Docile, and maybe you can talk about this again blind spot. She, it was There is a point where she was going: hey she's, not I want to become the best at something I want to enjoy the societal, I guess, whatever you call benefits of being a victim
class she went out into shows to be black. She isn't it firing to be the underdog right. So how Can it be to be black when why people are pretending to be black back in the fifties why people did not return? to be black. So what is tell you? a sheer, even said, dear stand. Why Rachel doors all wanted to be black, because you Some of that black swag that black pride that we have Larry King was told me that his kids witch that they were black and I don't know what exact with it about what they feel about your father American told me that he is case not being black with who that they really resent it being white in that they wish that they were black. So I guess being black is not all that bad. Being Larry kings. Children is pretty bad no, I did I've I've run into Larry in our labour you're, probably right now, I'm all the time he looks like he is kept together with popsicle sticks, glue man, that guy is, I mean it's like a demands and character. When you see him in person on your Larry, you
Oh, my god, I don't know how you're walking upright its It's a bizarre experience Have you any still cookin he's gotta show. Now he still go on he's gotta show he was just sounds Gioia. What was it some? Like natural cures thing I was watching. You sit Marian cell, collider silver We have much more clockwork. Above all, our collide old silver, essential mineral don't worry, you decide for all our will decide that does Larry King and appears Morgan came in interest. I mean this lot wasn't doing all to begin with, but it interesting. I do think you are. Someone was remarkably consistent, which I can appreciate. I am personally, a Christian alive, been sort of, I guess, accused of being too libertarian. For being a Christian, I think there's a certain point. We have to rash. As being a Christian with being an American just as Jesus rationalized holding certain views to be self evident, but he didn't expect every one to start off with that that jumping off points- and so I
even if we don't agree on a lot of things socially personally We find a lot in common with the Supreme Court. This is uncharted territory. Let me ask you one thing before we leave because again you're smarter than me, then we have to go. My question is this:. The second amendment is in the constitution. Stay in a no inch on french and states already infringe Alla time places like Illinois is it of the Roma possibility to assume that, because we're on chartered territory with his complete overruled from the courts, we could be one decision away from guns being severely limited. I'm afraid you're you're right if we get another democratic president. Like Hilary, it gives two or three more justice is on the supreme. We could very well fine some different rollings, because the Supreme Court ruled five for, in the case of Washington Dc Energy Cargo, that their losses draconian that they infringed. On the second amendment, though decision regarding the other way with different dark, Porta construction, so you're right, we could be thing, isn't it
an assault on the second a minute. I've always thought it fascinating the ACL youth on the move, beyond the first amendment and on the fourth but there's a no fly zone over the second member. They wouldn't touch it yeah. No it's one of those things from general. If If marriage, if to do it's gettin jacked up, is nowhere in the constitution, you're going to say its law and there's a lot there's something there. That is untouchable. It's so clearly expressed in the second amendment and then I respect that I I can't listen, I'm not a lawyer. Obviously I know I'm not a part of the judicial branch for reason, but I also think I should be able to make some sense of it with my pocket declaration of independence and constitution, and I can't anymore with you. It is a right to keep and bare arm defence of the right for our freedom of expression, and people seem to understand that when it comes to the first, but they completely don't understand that when it comes to the second amendment is the biased against guns and, frankly, I did a document recalled Michael and me right is bore the second amendment and I
To people like John Lotter, what a book called more gaunt less crime and these so called common sense gun laws that wants all do a shift: the balance of power to the bad guys, because only good guys, law abiding. Like you and me, are the wonted abide by these laws. So are you doing? tie the hands of good guys and keeping the hand free for bad guys, it's bad policy yet add policy and its listen at the very core of its anti american policy. There is no way around it. Larry elder the book is dear Father, dear son, thank you so much for being here and let let's get you back on soon you're such a tough guests to book. You use your slippery anytime. I think so- I will have you back state to state now- we're just were distinctly for louder with radical than a rap the secondment Red Thor coming up. Perhaps your listening to louder with crowded
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You can play the incompetent card up, so I don't know what I'm doing. I'm incompetent, that's! Ok, it's! I can get a discounted. The grocery store her with my incompetence, and I will tell you this little known fact to the rest of us funded. And I know, is in a value you to tell people like me all you and competent people look the same applause. And right now, I'm looking at gauge shared and I'm looking at you and I think, a twin. He's the man. I bring up my phone reflection, we all we are literally it looks like looking into a funded mirror. How's mere one ass, I've, a funny story about financing be fourth of July everybody work even lightened funny. So you know those Jared do not go that far gauge yard. You know those on the
Mrs Maes is like when you go to the theme parks words, it's like it's, the most boring event or ride is not even a ride, but a spade. Like a glass house, We have to buy. I hate it's interesting. If scar Manga is chasing you, though, that floor just death- gives one hour that got a job I gotcha funded yeah now than ever happens, though issues basically five dollars to be really bored and confused. While I offer you my friend like listening to this, my You friend, Andrew Sullivan, when I was a kid found a trick, has walk gets painful. After while you walk into the glass I mean if it's really polished, and he found a trick and so was a set of walking and dying into class. What you do is you face the direction where you think it's it's clear any spit and if the spit hits the glassy now you go in other directions. That's I figured out so China actually pretty smart. You I mean is that of hitting your head. You spit go another way problem. Was he spit on
Just so happens to be the path, and there was a cute girl. Walking through the right path, bad and this is actually on candidate. So it's a little a similar fourth of July over there, except you know they celebrate bending. Or for the monarchy, whereas we fought them off, and I just remember that being clear as day he spat trying to find the glass. Why don't you call it window glass wall around which gives our he ran to at least three more timely basis with a comfortable. Man later on. We not if we were talking about things in the news and- and I read this earlier this week there's a muslim woman in Dearborn. And she is suing the police department. She said a rights were violated when she was ordered to remove a headscarf for a mug shot after she got arrested.
And I was just blown away by that is she she was told that she was wanted for an, paid parking violation ordered remover headscarf and he job whatever for a photo. Dearborn police apartment last September MA all the Lamy was crying while explaining that removing the scarf in front of male strangers would I laid her religious beliefs you arrested, we gotta be able to get a photograph of yeah yeah I'll violate them I'm gonna violate that dress code, not even I feel guilty about it. My Jara, that's just from trading, then I might whorra on preventative inaccurate MA all How Lee me fly Gordon Energy. For that we are largely in Flash Flash, Gordon, I think Haji was it- might have in Flash Gordon, I might have been in speed razor IRA. How do I don't know racist joke, glad funding, but other things that I ended up looking up after? That was a huge
jobs and drivers, licences and apparently who jersey you can wear thou full friggin thing and get your picture taken in his eyes. Instead, I haven't you know: that's America had jobs covers they had the burka cover nowadays same damn thing what its what it's not the same. Damn thing: if we're going to make the horrendously ethnocentric joke was trying to get it right. Sometimes you know it's actually really true that a lot of these countries again you wanna talk about places that enjoy freedom in their day to day will about women and middle eastern countries and logically run countries are women who, just round by the thousands each year, because they have to wear the burka when they swim. So if they want to go for a did, they have to be water, boarded. Yeah, my wife when she tried to other Bertini. I saw that advertised the murky yeah. It's it's like a burka thing and it's like a fool outfit and it covers everything but its tighter. So the
don't drown, I'm serious I sought Africa is gonna, be supported us, or at least popular of that I can. I can agree with the other problem jeopardy on out of every five minutes. Let me see a kid Upton, but not converts. Do you want to see I put I want to see ankle. Only fingertips, fingertips scratch that she has my hands. The least popular Sports illustrated that's another thing to be proud of with America, the United States Sports illustrated issue, but what about the the page three girls in the wonders of the World NEWS or whenever it is, I have no idea. Let me ask you this fund it before we go. Do you think the church now needs to lose their tax exempt status? Is that something that you push for? That's a tough one. I mean it's. It's been tax exempt from
long time I'd, I never really understood why it was. I would much prefer that I get tax exempt status. Maybe I could my own church, the church of the fun here is the irish realise the problem, the problem with? U yours, you earn you like Larry David and that you are ultimately entirely selfish. Being oh completely, I hope you understand the world an only child. I I have no brothers and sisters. If we give you taxes them status, are you going to be the single biggest third world giving? charity case like the american church. The american evangelical church does more for charity. For thirty. I am a big charity case than anyone look if you're going to go into and then in the show, with fantastic enough patriotic American who understand and values and principles afforded to him. Unlike my informant producer, Brad Thor coming up after this break, don't miss
and I know fundamental jump and he's gonna jump in and you know it all. Oh I can I can you. Can anybody, because I'm controlling this latter with crowded, don't go anywhere so funny how you give somebody the illusion of control and they think they actually Abbot Funding Dan here only income for all, don't miss London calling Saturday night, ten p m the midnight at WHAM Radio Dotcom its tenth him. The midnight Eastern follow me on Twitter at Sunday update and civil and oh by the way you think the louder with ground or pay.
Listener. What are you doing here? Listening to the show, but you're missing so much content at Lahti with credit outcome? Don't worry, I'm trying to tell you anything, not gold or silver we're getting bogged, gathers just news, videos and explosive step that you don't fear on terrestrial radio began its toll free. Let us EU spending money just visit there tat your news and get a couple of life. If you want to send me money, that's why I will call it hard in that it took a better lotta with credit outcome: don't listen to fund if it isn't processing lot with broader dotcom. Nice tat very glad to have this next. Yes, because its July. Fourth, it's a patriotic day and this guy is eminently go and is twitter. You can follow him. Everything seems to be sort of american,
flag driven patriotic guy at Brad or author and others put. Bread is coming next, Tuesday, corrects month of July was soon inevitable, I just I you just gave it to me, and I just drop the name of the book in my brain- My new thrillers called code of Conduct code of conduct. Ok, I was an act of valor that can't be. It was one of those it has something to do with that, and that's kind of I mean That's really, your we'll house right, you ve written, so me how many for those of you written, I feel like gosh, I feel a car. Wash after writing, a several thousand word column and you're, just bang about these books like it's nothing, it's it's my fifteen thriller. You don't have to read the books in order. There all meant to stand alone. Saint character comes back, but each And is meant for people you let him before you can start with code of conduct easily and Can you give us? A little bit of a code of conduct is about short
I call what I do. Stephen faction, where you don't know where the facts and in the fiction begins neuron. Let it started cavity central exactly so. You know I'm an entertainer. My job is, you can put your toes in the sand and book and a hand and diamond entertainer show My goal is to be a white knuckle thrill right, but I like to mixing facts things that are really happening in the real world. In fact, the one of the best emails I get is when somebody says you know. I have to read your books from my laptop open because you right here, these things and I'm convinced it's gotta be the fiction, but it turns out these things are real, show code of conduct. Actually, I drew from two things that I found out in the world. One is somebody spent up fortune, I don't, although is TED Turner, or what to old, what's call which being called the American Stonehenge down in Georgia? Thirdly, shoe huge slabs of granite with all this wild. Why
child globalist, stuff written all over and kind of this predicting of this big event? They think is calm and a couple years ago some dub take dovetails with. That is that there was a there big international organization having up very secret meeting high in the Alps in a chalet. It sounds like a thriller movie or throw a novel, and some of the information from that meeting got leaked and what these guys were planning is exactly what's on those those big slabs of granite, this American Stone and John in Georgia, and I said It would make a fascinating platform to launch a great summer betrayed out of so that's what I'd it sounds to me like to come for ideas for your book. You have to be pretty worldly, have to go see that thing you have to develop an opinion worse for me unless the flash of genius occurs in the bathroom or the kitchen, I'm not writing a book
he's not coming with you. It's funny. People say where to get your ideas and they say in the shower right cause: that's what I'm most relaxed it or after a couple glasses of wine, but right back it really is you Jack. London said you can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after with love. If I sell books, my family doesn't meat. So in I love what I do. I've always wanted to be a throw a novelist since I was a little boy, so I read everybody under those under the blankets, flashlight look Hurray, Ludlow, Clancy and all those guys when I was growing up- and I always do this- is what I wanted to do. You know it's funny was with me. In I mean I was not got an acting first, but comedy just in order to let you some entertainer, because I find it so limiting you know stand up is great, but then state, when the internet came along with Youtube, wasn't will that housing there things that I have in my Stanhope is very very story telling you know it's not set up punchline I'll. Do these characters and I can do it in a video. So you know the french term Comic actually just means someone is inaccurate and entertainer, and so I wish that apply them
a state, but do not stand up for years and the I don't really know this but jury Seinfeld was one to change. This people don't realize I think of him a sort of this benign observational humour. He was the first guy who wrote every day because stand up would go out they drink. They do. You know DR That's kind of lifestyle. The comic everybody knows, and while they were looking for left over Jerry was getting up and treating it like a job. In writing any said. I had my pick one walking in the streets of New York, and I saw construction worker with his heart had walking to his job and I thought he doesn't want to go. He doesn't want to do that. But he's doing it anyway, because his job and mine ass to be no different. And I M so same thing. That was me too, I would sit up and in just write stuff and just think about things or or orb now I'll have videos going to try and be inspired and just force yourself to create something and its range that you say that, because a lot of people, I think, maybe that's if Britain so many books is it? Do you think it's your discipline that contrasts you with other right up.
I think so. It really is Ceda pants to seat of chair. You really do have to go after it with a club, but for me it's you know I kind of joke around about David Berkowitz, the Son of SAM Killer. You know it's my dog made me: do it it's the only way to quiet the voices in my head. But if it's any, if it's any satisfaction for you I'll have you know that I can't get their Dm Peace prize song. I, on my head to this day in my kids will say. Look what I just found. Another was about peace Prize guy. Do that by kids. I've seen it it's actually issue. We have kind of this insight or joke and home about crowd, or so it's it's kind of its it. Now it's a fine thing. I e the euro, you and I talk Och Fair just about the culture and what it's like being us in pop culture in all that kind of stuff and enhancing- and you are right- very kind. I did not put myself in a port. Same playing field is Brad Door. You ve written like
eighteen hundred novels. I tell some jokes and a few drunks who often don't like them, but thank you continue it it's all part of it right? It was Andrew, bright part that said politics or downstream of culture, and I think when you ve got go on our side in that really love the country and in believed that there is a that there is a clear path forward for prosperity for everyone in success. If you're willing to. It up and b that construction worker that goes to the job of work. That comedian. That rights, instead of looking for the next pilot drugs in its no place in the history of the world has opportunity been more available than in the United States. So I like it when, through my books or through your videos or your comedy, weaken, share the greatness of the country, I think a lot of fun yeah. Sorry, my my joint hundred pound dogs went nuts because someone arrived at the word doing this from the studio. Fourth of July folks, I let you know, I'm not,
occasion with this one another still bring it to defeat. The guy AIDS is terrifying Is this giant ninety something pound all white. If you can bet your ninety pound white pitfall, that's a size of like a great day. That's what he looks like he's. A swedish thing. Sorry, I was going to reference sometimes, though, that pile of drugs helps with the writing, depending on who you are so, let's not throw everyone in the same category yeah. You know it's. If it's true and your people like you and clean out there, I do get. This sense. There is going to be more room in cultural positions. You know, I guess, of the entertainment industry. Actually, then, there will be in media. There's media and then no kind of Fox NEWS, but closed and media is going away and it's turning into entertain
in Digital anyway. So the idea of mainstream media is changing, but you're always going have films you're always going to have television, whether it exists online comedy and I feel like you're, seeing a backlash to some of the political correctness because it became so constraining to creativity. Do you feel that Well, you know you talked about Seinfeld right, so Seinfeld just came out against political correctness because he he said to his daughter. He said well, we didn't make plans this weekend because we thought you'd want to go into the city in Manhattan and she said why, so that an own me boys and she said that so sexist Edison. You know I've had it with this. You just want to say the words to say the word judge racist it sexist it's this that the other thing. You know I just did a tweet that twitchy picked up on the other day about how quickly the Obama administration, at the the they gave a pride flag, colors being
and against the side of the White House, and I said, oh, my god. This is the first major event that they weren't caught off guard bought. You know they video, but measures. Looking about going. I know that men with a queer I'm going. There are some things to this guy. Tell you right what a country, but you know I did this tweet sayings. The first time this administration wasn't caught off guard because they said all the iris targeting scandal caught him off guard and the fat assed and fury scandal caught off guard listening in on the AP phone calls all that kind of stuff, but this one, got right in charges put that out there to basically show how inept and incompetent they are, unless it's one of their pet projects people, say or you're, being anti gay and somewhat being anti gay, I'm being anti ineptitude and ahead competence. It's like ok, You guys were right there and ready to handle the gay marriage issue, but we're we're yon Benghazi. Where were you on fast and furious? You know stuff that I would argue from actual skirting standpoint kind of important-
I think, you're right, I think, of Hitler's emails had penises all over them. We'd get our hands. What have you done? Speaking of Britain, if you don't think the Russians and the Chinese have all of her emails, I mean that's. The big thing is that first thing she deleted. I want all this stuff, it's a bunch of bs and age, just blackmail fodder for anybody who wants to get a nail Billy Oh there's, some chinese official right now laughing at her Bermuda crew, selfie. Just how much we can't even get this big MAC you getting. She can't move up a gear and they're not impress that's. Ok, don't worry! I set it bread Thor, didn't you consider hate tweets to address crowded it's you know, that's! What's funny, that's a good point, You know I was talking about how obviously they didn't run the american colors during fourth of July ever or we captured been lawn,
that was the one thing they decided to the colors, but you're Ngos is one I actually wouldn't have thought about their on top of everything there on top of nothing. The gaping I envy the endless. If it is a I'm, not saying that that that is worthy of discussion and debate in any evinced celebration. I have. I have some absolutely fantastic gave were committed, long term relationships in you, don't being marriage heart its heart, if you want to be an example, committing to another person I'm glad to have you onboard, I'm sorry when I don't. I have tons of gay friends. None of them are committed. A great friends. None of them are omitted. Monogamous relationships were here's. The everything I think it was who's. The guy that did the dish Andrew yes, I have no idea Andrew Sullivan actually did an article. I've got it saved on my computer somewhere, basically saying,
Some of the sum of the christian groups are right that there is a segment that wants to redefine marriage on on the on the gay side, and I asked some my friends about this and they were explained to me. Well, you know it's the The rights and the government favouring one group over another we're trying to even that out and, unlike what am I Crazy. Do I believe gay marriage is gonna, look any different than a straight marriages committed monogamy between two people and they said well, you know, there's a couple a different ways: it happens at the gate community. There are old, been relationships just like there's, open straight relationship, so it's been in trusting thing to watch. Opens relationships. You know like the smiths make headlines. Even then but this was not done. It was, I think, it's a good for gay people who wanted it There was a small minority of the Gay community no matter where you line up you gotta get it it's like hockey line up. You should give it deems hand you go, that's a good one for you. No matter where you line up game ass to respect game. That being said
often relationships lesson all going to say we're going to go to work and entertainment, instrumental life. So have you are right, let's just be lets us much more forward like a mile. You novelists imply manner visually stimulated the fail stops you a veritable meat market. Is women saying that so there's going it therefore dynamic Red Thor, who I'm about more his name any more and more talk about good things after this break
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You're listening to louder with broader, follows even on Twitter as proud red or you can follow on Twitter red door. I am your host. I should mention that first again, if you listen to me, you know who I am his his book is coming out next week code of conduct. I got that right, you got it yeah. I got that right through just on decision this week lesson I hope position on that. I think, is remarkably consistent in that Hey I'm remarkable, it's been consistent and I've tried to separate being a Christian personally. My respect for the constitution is an American and I think that just like divorce laws. Custody laws, fault laws as it.
It's too marriage states have the right to decide those and if they want to decide what emerged absolutely my problem with an overreach of look nine justices yet, no, that's illicit as somebody should. This is my biggest issue with all this that, as a limited government guy, I dont like them, idea of so much power. The trade in Washington and they're gonna make decisions for the states. I mean when you look at the way the country's founded everything was. To be, except for a few things were supposed to remain with the states and the states of the laboratories of democracy, so to get activists, judges any where, whether on the state level, overturning propositions, war, ballot initiatives and I'm a dangerous by gay marriage, but anything when a judge decides that the people don't get to decide what's best for their communities. We ve got not a problem. In that I mean I can role this all the way back to the great society with I'll be J, and you know or even earlier than that, I will be J. We're not talking about gay marriage. Continue, no It's not the act of exactly but there
there's a lot of stuff, but the federal government has taken upon itself to do that. People in their own communities would do better, particularly helping people down on their luck. We talk about the construction worker in our first segments. Anger in may not like the job that he gets up any goes, but if you ve got many getting federal assistance, and I see that same guy any sitting on a bar stool on a Tuesday well what it used to be locally through the church or whatever we'd help that guy get back on its feet on bars. Want Tuesday, not beaten the pavement looking for a job, then it gets an hour chicken from his name, as opposed to the federal government, doesn't watch that stuff and people can just sit back and collection, it's. I ain't that the balance of powers all messed up in this country too much indecent. What's it that's a good point. I think that you have a lot of left a pseudo interest in the fundamental role of government, and there are certain things with federal government had to step in, for example, abolishing slavery, human rights. You proceed stay, rights. The problem is now everything is human right not being here the right to forcing someone else to provide you. Healthcare is now human right, the right to me.
He is now a human right. They want the right to not be poor to be A human right? They want everything to be declared a human right. Therefore, you can remove authority. The statesman, that's one thing I have fully to clarify because I've gotten so much flack, forcing here businesses want to run their confederate flag logos? That's fine! I personally am not a fan. Guy, I'm glad the union. One. I'm I'm a team, Lincoln Guy knew how dare you stay tricycle? Well, in that case, states Redstone supersede the human rights of abolishing slavery from a person I've seen but of Amazon wants to stop selling than better flags or continue. So that's there right now think both sides get that wrong, because everyone wants. To apply their emotions. You notice this in writing that everyone's Ok, if you making an argument on one thing or you're, saying something that's offensive on one topic.
Until it's their topic and then that's my thing and they just go nuts yeah it does its. You know what it's the theatre of perpetual outrage. Yes, oh, we move from one outrageous outrage to another and its Euro AIDS. It's really I've had enough. It really is. It is not in. Nobody then wants they'll be outrage, but then they will want to get right down to the issue. You know bill. O Reilly is one person I think has done so much for say: ok, let's really talk about Father snow in the black community. Seventy two percent of out of wedlock births are happening in that community in these young men are growing out up without good Father figures around two to keep him in line in their drifting towards gangs, drove in all discuss a great discussion. If there was no bill o Reilly and if he didn't have his platform at Fox, we wouldn't be pushing back on all this black lives matter. Crap which is used to hide in in contort. The message on a lot of different things are mounting black lives. Don't matter have you
that correct to take sound like a bread doors says a blood love do not matter. Do you want to buy this man's book? think of the hashtag yeah I now the hashtag are so stupid, it's stupid and we would have what we ve done with Larry Elder about this and he's been at the forefront of the near the necessity of black fathers and again you know it's just tough, because its politically correct, and someone feels you're making a moral judgment but yeah what's wrong with a moral judgment having this nation was set up. This nation only works America, as bounded only works for a just and more people. I get a funeral what a church and stuff that's fine bits If you dont have a compass, there are certain things that the short contract all that kind of stuff. You can't you we can, succeed if we're not willing to hold a few things in common, particularly the ideals of what makes for a great nation. So that's it my issue, its stunning to watch how rapidly the country's changing and how successful the progressives have been. But, like yours,
like hockey right, you slept the other guys hands a great game, great game, but the prom with our side, is not enough. People learn from attacks on the other side there's not enough good storytellers on our side either. There's none of good storytellers and, ironically enough conservatives, you know Republican suffer from them aside the Messiah Complex worsen, any there. Looking firm aside to save them because their saw a relevant culturally. It's like cerebellum going to save us Robbie, I'm gonna save us trump. Oh, my god, it's gonna save us. The new saviour and there is no one Savior your ear squandering any winning arguments. You haven't a social irrelevancy and looking for a political figure to save you, and that is what
minutes. I will tell you what Trump will do. Tromp will make sure that it's not in I'm I'm not pro tromp. I mean I've declared fine over you're going and I agree, but he's so good for the primary process, because he's going to attract attention, heck I'd like smoking to be in there and J wow in some of those other chuckle headsman from reality. Television, because if it gets people paying attention, this is me, live in such a Briton, circuses society show of tromp draws attention to the DE is that we think are great just on our side for the country. That's awesome that
wait glad to have em. Please keep throwing bombs and being populist, its awesome yeah. Well, he hasn't been filed. The paperwork- and I think it was a democrat until two thousand nine gave all his money Democrat Party file chapter eleven four times. I certainly not ones AMOS Brother, but I do think of good at poking his finger in the chest and making sure that some kind of a discussion happens. We have added really what you know. My final word on this is never trust, a man whose hair defies both good taste and gravity. Neither what's yours, does a bread or of conduct red toward outcome. Absolutely we're not thanks. So much will have to have you back when it's not so, hence in their social atmosphere, it dry doors, better stay.
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