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#359 ROE V WADE FEMINIST MELTDOWN! Daithi De Nogla and Stefan Molyneux

2018-07-13 | 🔗
Talking all things Roe V Wade, Tomi Lahren, Ben Shapiro and winning issues for Conservatives, Scarlett Johansson’s latest SJW blunder, Stormy Daniels in hot water, Andrew Cuomo’s new lawsuit and more. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Stefan Molyneux and YouTube gamer, Daithi De Nogla stop by!

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Our mouth? Scarlett Johansson, auditions, four star wars sponsored by Muslim, ok, scarlet, from page for all. Right with you. An action where wrapped. What do we do? I your work and furs disturbing nowhere. Where are you Let's try page three and quick to the escape pod, When I left you, I was but the learner now I am the master now. What scar? What what are you know, your father? It sounds like you're just doing you're, just quoting Darth Vader from other we scrap well with trains, are all Jones. I figured you needed and we now got no, no, no he's not dead. Is it no General Jones. Is that he's that is what this is. Fruitless endeavour lets us men, scarlet, Johannsen audition,
Four star wars, sponsored by mugged. What you want to read. Why have you were an experience that twelve years are due to be seen some pretty awful you any experience with that we mean personally, I have never good.
I bought a due to pose an alcoholic made drunk she's to come in Hammett, looking well on. Somebody's had provoked open shouldn't, go after the smaller channels. Interesting. I want you just finish. Watching Box Asia just outright demonetized ideas till they realize it violating public single party consent laws could cause more damage, and it was at one time is: training complain that we found them without permission at a public town hallways advocating popping kid falling, impunity blockers Youtube. Execs gave us a choice to blow every face in a hole. Can video hour said we could just skip the time and have it outright removed said she Well, I'd have to go through moving at the Vienna. We when we learn all faces. Why? Because than that
and you are, conversely, the heart strike anyway. So what does it crashes, some kind of rebellion complex or something some kind of a general problem with authority
we have to put a half asian Loi on retain a full time. Didn't know you had light, did not talk about it. A crowd of. I don't know, but you see this all this to democratization strikes the video removals policy. It's not your fault. You look at me, son, it's not your fault. I now know it's not your fault! No! No! No! You don't it's not your fault! It's not
It's not your fault, it's not your fault! Me you're, not you! Don't you start for such a fault, not your
Louder with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter, that's all there is the eating Anders Earl. I forget. I have a Walter on me not to Walter on. You will try to halt the wonderful sponsored the programme. We have these still made actually should so people can ask nor they write them. Yet what do they don't? We met. We had the made at a lot of credit shop, dongle biting Ellen, but they make the firearms wonderful firearms. It was with great guess they we have seven mono. I shouldn't
Prime minister just ensure we have as most good guess, just and day he did other heyday nobler. I hate glad I went I just. I told that, right from the outset that tat we're going to let him pronounce it gamer with six million subscribers- and, I don't say, conservative, but the evolutionary path. As one does various stroller picassos momentarily sure I dont members of fossils brazen immune videos to do as always is dear to us. On Twitter knock a journey discredit. The country of origin of the negotiations are concluded that we get this Georgia your terms over. If you aren't a Muslim and we talked about it at G, Morgan Junior he's a similar you're going for level. Three, apparently that's a really big deal, but no one cares. What's up shared berringer way, maker out maker, possible time and computer. You re really over lies primarily with the police, but people about what we people started. Sending me their stories that we don't have covered my twitter at Jeremy clever, collegial there's been an attic turn help through the show.
How do the earnest for enlargement we just being a cybernetic jerk? Yes, and we're going to be talking about your question today. This is talked about a lot this week. Where do you line up on conservatives in their involvement in social issues? more specifically during the conservatives, lose that the social- I guess the social sort of cultural sphere is unpopular for them to go after moral issues, Roby, wait, passivity, we'll talk about. Ok, not ok! Good choice, not comment unclear to hear your your thoughts on then I think I wanna sometimes you're leaning aim with thoughts, but had no thoughts that's wrong things. I've made a leaders, finally pledge to boost their defence spending after Trump raked them over the coals earlier weak from seems like the related. Almost it's just the winning Brian Song, to wait So much they won't. Let me winners so after Trump talk to NATO, the leader
pledged their quote: unwavering commitment to boost defence spending, signing a declaration that states they are committed to improving the balance of sharing the costs and responsibilities of lions membership. We go now lived their meeting in progress and your honor. Thank you, sir. Thank you another. If you ask nicely nobody great titles. I'd serious outlined are title team, Tex thread Yahoo or video. Last night I like to read a couple: them is about NATO, yet these are legit. We, the genetic airflow, tear careful, give him cooker reason: unlock you're fired riches. What trump is right on sucking NATO Trot was now your daddy or win from cubs NATO
now, while they're they're gonna take leaving of all of those things really stormy Daniels or the rested earlier Thursday, who might not performing in Ohio Strip Club for allegedly that's a key word there. That means we can't be sued, letting someone touch her while onstage so representative. Michael of Anti vowed to fight the quote, bogus charges is client faces and what you blasted is set up, and he said it was politically motivated vote to be fair in this way. He actually, he may be right, considering that she's having charges pressed against her by the notorious touching stripper press as a human right super pack them as early as he has. She has a different definition of super back and she does not our daddy issues. Marvin Gaye, her daddy issue, she's, just a whore
look. It gets a little bit worse here. So apparently the cops actually saw her tat. Somebody than the cops came up to get her and she literally pull their face into her breasts and then grabbed the female cops but addressed bad move storm. I hope their pension is at that they put their lives on the line for us. They just cashed in honour of people on the left are Marvin Gaye debt issue she's just a here, that's terrible, but it will make every like saying now. She wasn't kosher at the moment in a policy or just choked on hand, because you just a fat, be send which terrible placed a terrible it. So we want a leper. Now. News are outraged over the Scarlet giants, employing a trans man in an e shares. Our lose cannot outrage over. How can I take my winning saboteur? Ok,
today they are dimona because it among people government, following a story. Let me just clarify the left is mad because she's not really transgender, ok, the writer mad, because less double standard, where an actress should be allowed to betray something different from their real identity. But all this is actually moot because no one did their research. Clearly, what the it's about who you might marry tat. That will not again, I had two marriages are just causes studio, a lot of money, a bus them up. None of you had something to do. You write that her Academy award reads best supporting z and emotion. Dutch he's doing right. She's she's is slow evolution of tourism films. No one notices colleague, sneaking your car across a red light intersection this little bed time. You know We spend on the wiser Havin spacey
those girls, orange and looking good, but keep it up. Give it up. Don't stop. Don't stop until now. To stop fails. There's got to chose to do is to keep up the words many horse was found in a japanese rooftop. Three days after disappearing leaf a nine year old mayors comes reflux news used for animal fair pay at the life coun. My maybe maybe Nobby AIDS Care facility vanished like six, along with her cold earth when floodwaters epithets, so they found this. Tony on a rooftop additives is to stick, but you know what you know it's. This was right, because if companies are those who are not local members, this is a situation strikingly similar to what recently happened in in We don't want the roof tat. We have no more one called goose. If and when one. What's your merchants of my dog, I mean pony where'd, you see at last Thursday. I am occasion I mean by ok. Sir, can you give me a description amber out a yummy Emmi friendly
O K. Will someone ought to know what happened there? I mean pony and make sure that you much background noise. Ok, how can we go now? He back and kitchen, I mean bother, I'm not! I saw by their motion. Speaking of racism, rending everywhere by the way I get I understand it was a stretch to take us to involve the japanese or the pony and try and tied to the Chinese. It was a week. Secular works, Korea, actually I forgot created. Even that was even worse than the shining out. It was almost as cheap as a chinese cycle, so Papa John, the chairman, come on those public. On that to initiate. Didn't you other those eyes on his driver's license? I'd like your like John you gotta, know, debit, its papa last name, John John
ok, it's like Carlos Mensa, who it so he had to resign after using the inward on and and I fell, marching conference called moves. So this voting, I felt a buckle. He was asked how he would distance himself from racist groups any responded by economy. He ok, he kissed. That Colonel Sanders called blacks, the inward, except he said the inward before insisting that that sent Sanders was never never faced. Any public outcry. Of course, wasn't it's over for him stuff and he's been permanent. I don't know that he's a racist, I under you just misspoke here this is a meaning hates black people. Buddy provision is at an end. I fell call percentage, wise you're, not playing the odds, my friend, he's being permanently labelled a racist? Don't really? We should have seen this coming, especially considering. If you look at a
she'll targeted at campaign from the nineties. He'd never makes us from tomato concentrate ingredients with job just well. I don't get us a little Caesar's because by pedophiles now believe they should be part of the energy Bt Community and it happened yeah. Well, I don't lose. Is news? Is that their being accepted by some labour he's been knocking on that. I know what is happening in it. This is me on the algae becoming too isn't exactly the piggy that makes its house out of bread out are not necessarily straw, they're kind of sticks, but there's enough often in puffin enamel upload, your house, they sort of us this wouldn't happen. They swore for promise. How dare you comparison, notice yeah come on how that about cuts that gets stop it. You know what I want I too, the daily collar many blogs exist on Tumblr, showing support for maps.
This, is a new term from minors? Are minor, attracted persons Almah another accurately relate. I love how they had a meeting. Ok, listen! they made its. They made it all sound, benign, right, Panza, ok, pro life right, gender rights. Ok, we're just gonna, say: minor, checked a person but she's got maps had a fire on the wise too big for us. I, like it given aims coming dusky brainstorm right, just more letters. Let us at all, if another ABC there done two or three should be, they said they should be part of the elderly BT community and are tending to create a quote safe space for them. That ok, let me I want to be clear about something: some Africa, our internal Allah gazed up, but that The only normalization here should be The normal way we locked them in a cage, occasionally letting out of the prison, our with a sign that says I sex up little kids, possibly when,
the guards are taking a diet, coke break while loading the rubber bullets, that's the normal way They d already had a five hour. We got so much salon pedophile, oh yeah, that's it! That's very recent prohibit what led a few years ago, recent history or on on radio and the salon pet for people in an open. A lot of credit. I come salon. Pedophile wrote on file that I'm not a monster, ran register beast helped us do some research in front of this pedophile was actively grooming, young girls on a message boards dust salons editors, we're not interested in at all, and so we pay you are a monster and you need to leave the village or you get a bullet. That's my that's my view. At least an unsympathetic. I understand about the rehabilitation way with pedophiles is not very good. We can't let you be near the kids, sorry cell therapy, do
when you're outside of villages, and then there was another article, the monstrous conservative right echoed member. They attacked, while at eight fire that the more I published a slope spring Slippery Andrew Cuomo, Governor Andrew Como. He s going to sue the Supreme Court if they have to roll back Roby Wade, he says he. I don't wanna gaps in a woman's rights protection. We have a better legal cases Supreme Court. Ok, so obviously many are just wondering what grounds he's going to sue the overturning of the nineteen set. For those remember, nineteen. Seventy three Roby Way decision, though many suspect, He still better that it came three years too late. Andrew Cuomo, you are paying, sir. All you need is opportunity, so selfish idiocy would have won. What
that is how you gonna sit. This is what they do is like rain could examine justice. What's add more justice as large as well to filibuster all came another. Let's do back what the filibuster rule as soon as I wanna see somebody was became. Superman coordinates, Adams annually about you know. Do you know me? I don't go my happiness is so that's how disappointed article was parents that crews closed the less retarded one? I don't know that's bad for that, I pointed my. You're walking upright, where his father also the governor like deputy, Andrew called, intricacy out. Our thinking is also governor of Noirtier, formal, more like homo. That's what I'm going to big bucks. Hake, australian gay farmers are now going naked,
to raise awareness for mental health issues. This comes from ABC know. What's real, I was hoping for a better picture, so we don't know where the whole business with cheese come from. I M holsters so, and this is my favorite company abc era when the naked farmer came to town looking for people to get their kit off for a good cause. Dairy farmer carry Wilson was approach to take part to cause had a personal cord with a couple, and so they end going naked to raise. This is because this is what you do go actually took too. Farmers find themselves arrested after allowing a go to touch them while in the fields. This is something from me out. They were brought up, that's against lock into that spring of NATO and not necessarily thrilled with efforts guess but be either he's open. Coming on the show, I always have to give credit. Where do so? The point
Minister of Canada, obviously country that has not been paying in very much time about them. I think we have Manila, you haven't used or collective right, Prime Minister, just ensure no, are you there, sir? Absolutely Stephen. Thanks for having me, ok let live, to NATO some tension with President Trump and country, paying their fair share. Prime Minister's your thoughts, yeah Stephen! I definitely have the because Well, let's rephrase, how much does Canada specifically painting NATO as part of your gdp? I can certainly speak too that Stephen cylinder It is a national treasure, been very fortunate as a Canadian to watch or now. Ok. Now this is this: is there classic misdirection? You know how, but don't get me the wrong number guess I've. Actually, I've been curious about those myself. Lately, levies you hold on one second does have to carry the one. I haven't seen its incidence or take into account.
Don't bug votes, it appears to be seven. Ninety five, Stephen seven. Ninety five, what someone tax doubt we are here to convert the american dollar. Well my fears about six. Fifty Stephen six, fifty two, I was right and you think that's paying your fair share, especially with U S, so much more like six hundred billion. Plus more that's about it, you see, That sounds bad. Yes, but fair share is a nuance concept. Its tricky, it's far too nuanced, to explore in injustice medium. What me it seems, seems pretty sure cotton dry, disagree, ok, the alternative to? U S, paying the much higher percentage of GDP into NATO than Canada, where I think we should all be paying our fair share? Ok, but GDP is. Could antiquated measurement for such a nuanced. I get a new an issue like NATO in the modern world
entirely sure, jerky cat. So what are you? What are you proposing than just? It is my core belief, Stephen that we need to base our. Contributions to NATO on a more nuanced god, and progressive inclusive measurements. Ok like one, for example, how many blocks your country house that enough? I get it now nine Stephen Canada has nine Prime Minister Trudeau? That means you actually have less diversity as no one you account. Population, Stephen Plus. We have up another shipment from Haiti coming and, as we speak, shipment immobile I don't want to hold on any more seconds for this one cupful incarcerated pot. The counterfeit incarcerated population. Canada has six, that's enough, that's enough, but also we really. The GDP payments should factor in things like maple syrup out put, that's hockey exemption now known rhetorically as the instigator rule and how many algae BT, Q, untrue, spirited communities and praise
help you and what are you crying we're, not even what what the on your dollar can no more of this just ensure everybody go out, Stephen, no, its, not let's just once get going we can make. Now. We really should learn from our mistakes. Edith decision that about away learn from mistakes hit the notification bout. I should say not the hidden depots. It's done notification for subscribed on Youtube and you're watching this life dream. Is this really isn't really mean anything to have information about, sometimes don't get that either so really don't want to support the shows join. My club lot of Canada, Complex Mccleery, get the full our this show you see on Thursday, you get every single day, so this has been. This has been the news a lot this week and sometimes there's needless drama, but I do think that this is indicative of in an undercurrent, that's important, not not only her, we ve had all these people on the show. So I want to try and be be fair, but some conservatives tossed their lot, you're, Tommy Laren said. Conservatives need to that she's,
can a very absolutist way about conservatives, and how would you deal with social issues hurried off? He missed in pressing for a supreme. We're decision to overturn Roby wait will be a huge mistake we lose when we start tampering with social issues. And many surprisingly disagree, but this is any social issue. When you are talking about abortion, when Europe talking about abortion. You're talking about an issue of protecting human life, there was a friend of yours but the picture side by side, while she's gonna she's right take this one of the walk off. Like add the sound like a little blue bird, I myself agree with Tommy Lorraine, very often
I dont think events. Do I just dont, but she's got she's, but she spunky. I think we have to have a collage there's plenty of other people who jumped in oh yeah. That's a lot here to think too, and I think Gerald your dogmatism in and jeered feel free to disagree or if you do agree, I understand the cons that let me clarify here, because there is no sound like I'm going in rail and hard on untimely them really upset. I'm not! I understand what you're saying. I understand the concept that as far strategy? You want focus on winning issues. And a big political priority needs to be filling up. The courts and the house so so. Rushing right now are certainly discussion to overturning Roby Wade when there are other victories at our Jimmy's certainly may not be the best tax. That would be a valid argument to make, but that's not what She was out of it. So that's not the argument that she made. She said it would be stupid. It be wrong and she also, I think, somewhere in the interview said it would be unconstitutional on Fox NEWS. I'm like great what that's what my habit people. Neither I understand our lane with seven topic services, to talk in more specific about religious morality, young involved in legislation which
We stand at. You don't want to give people in there, just mostly in purely based off whatever right there. Their religion says they shut out when it happens, wide ornaments appear to be just. I don't have enough money had actually, but we do have to be honest about the fact that constitution, what based on a lot of judeo christian principle. Yes, it and that's where we get our Lester insulation, sense of morality, and I think session very much backs that up in the end to be. That is very consistent. Why think? I think that's important. I also- and this is what I want to touch on four first off: let's it's not a christian we're not my Robbie Y know and first before that lets addressed. The point: is the pro life message? Actually, a losing issue in twenty two, no one here what you think about it: here's here's something that I find indicative of the affair. Judging about Roby wait for two reasons explained this number, there- are more self identified pro life people. Now then, very, very long, thank God in there this is from gallop, not not exactly a bastion of fake news, conservatism, plastic. It. We ve gone from forty nine percent. Pro choice to forty five percent. Pro life
even forty, eight forty, eight split now Kay. In particular, more young people, the port abortions that being restrict not restricted and regulated than they currently are liked supporting twenty week bands, because a mournful on some of these issues, actually pay attention and read up on it. That's one of the reasons I think the main reason is is it for its for two main reasons: science, addresses the more we know about human development, more undeniable. It's become that you're, ending a human life right. There's one thing when I was worried about what these argue viability and that has been scaled back when you pick an argument, were you just like the global warming arguments were rubbish talking to someone tonight, we'll miss Lake Michigan right now, I think, is a twenty something. You're high level is not an all time high Kenya, the twenty year high. What's it take what you really that there would be nothing there's more than nothing can really say that? Well, I don't believe you felt viable a good example by nineteen sixty two survival rate for three point: three pound baby k that the premium was twenty.
Percent by twenty ten, it was seventy eight percent. While that's it equally significant. There was that you know we're talking about the twenty week issue like oh, my gosh, that's crazy and they were like gap. Here's a news. Article just happened the day. Twenty weeks survives outside computers. Writing I gotta come on. Guys can really happen. What that's? What I only use science or it's not rush hours, reenacted evil. What is extremely twenty we can. Twenty one week was: it's me twelve or thirteen we. What is really of the five and six we mean there are developmental differences, but nothing, they think constituted a difference in person. Hood! No, I don't know, that's it and have never had any one answer it Nor will we don't just you trot and we're not just pick people. Can we put Naomi Wolf who I had to read in college right? We had lately green. I worry that, with its going to anyone who is willing to come on the Prague you're more than welcome now, I repeat, with a twitter eg, you know what I'm talking about the reasonable too. The more we learn. Well Ok, let's memorial are about prenatal Velma. We know this. It's really just hard for the left to say it's an extension of the woman's borrowing and we'll talk about twenty twenty four.
Waste waste at twenty we period. We know scientists that it's not a warm, it's, not the woman's body. At that point, that's undeniable. The second reason is that the left a straight so far, the second, to go back it's to winning issue from this. That used to be safe, legal and rare that, with the quote verbatim their main stream position now, an abortion is actually radical, they really hashtags. Shout your abortion there, it went from legal and rare to abortion on demand taxpayer funded period. I regret not having an abortion. I regret not having an abortion later dynamo there's something recently. I don't know it's hard and have enough pray. I don't. I only have so much space and now I've learned video gaming because of nobly ITALY, Michel Wulf, the melting candles. Yes, stop it, There are plenty of reasons to attack Michel Ball for face, looking strikingly melting candle, if not amongst them, look go, and I would really like for us to do is get the point. Like you said at the top, I get the point. What I'd like to do is gonna get away not put this out of the media and let the justices take care of this. If we start fighting this in the media and creative.
Storm over it. I think we could have some problems with it, even though it is fifty to fifty split now. I still It causes some by eighty five, and this is but this is an internal matter. I disagree I disagree and I think that goes there so far- left there so radically explaining what Colorado they actively campaigns and succeeded in illegal abortions up to twenty six weeks while Kay, Urban thirty three week, abortions in Colorado, but twenty six, twenty that's six and a half months. That's why we, on the point of view you have a glow. I noticed you wouldn't nor your usual yellowfin that there's a lack of balance. Don't let's leave us no stretch marked because you're carrying a six month old child in your room that could live outside of your room at its legal colorado. You can kill it. The DMZ had their way, you could do this across the country, and this is why I disagree with with with with Gerald on this respectfully. They have gone for, I think that if we argued in the media with a poet,
a voice of abolition, horsing, safe legal and rare work, but the fact is worsening pay how about not abortions at six and a half months, and there saying shut your abortion at thirty two weeks. I think we win. Here's contact, I think, is that medically a baby who dies before the twenty week Mark a its is considered a miscarriage yeah after we meet tonic medically considered a still birth no lobby will still birthing loudest copper cells. The early unhappy cells us yeah, I know never mention a psychological ramifications in any mother whose had either of those will turn. We appreciate what you said and I would agree with me on some of that stuff. I guess my point is, I feel, like the ball is already heading that direction. I feel like that. Justice is gonna overturn this and we don't have to. I don't lie in the public. I think I think they were, I think, they're people right now planning for when he gets into the Supreme Court ready to bring a case. I think so
I think we're gonna constraints or elements of it. I don't think I can overturn it. That's ok, you're, ok by me, Russia, yet let me change my maybe not a completely overturn it, but at least put some constraints or push it back under the state, even what ok so this process. The next reason that the left is screeching about Roby, wait, it's bad law. His is something that we know it's there. It's roaming about abortive, help pages right forces. How does that supporting the gay? I urge or grew devices Boehringer that support from it of action by their not screeching, but at the same time their screaming about Roby Way, because it is based on the road to understand. Most people think Roby Wade means that abortion, okay, this is ignored,
what it means. The interpretation is this flimsy idea that the right to privacy is under the due process clause, and that includes the right to abortion and its enforceable on a federal level, and this is why I think that it's a winning issue. I don't think it's the first issue. We go to a wider think long term. Twinning issue the left has become the religious zealots. They become. The doomsday thier save, become the snake handlers. There's no end on April twenty six, two thousand. I will let you get that it says in revelation somewhere in the back. If you look at these numbers new cross reference, someone you going on the whole the second, what about what about don't steal? What about the good? Your wife? What about? I really want to focus on the April twenty six. I think this is a good direction, like the left, with the constitution of a second under the right to privacy, the due process clause that includes abortion, we're all I wanna, but what about the freedom of speech? And you can't yell firing accredit theater but the abortion but whole? Second, what about the second amendment to write to you can put it shards about abortion with privacy laws?
they are left version of the religious snake handler and I just want to point out for so right away. If we can scientifically prove and or agreed for, what do you know? I know I have a lot of libertarians weren't pro life. I don't expect you to be, but if we can agree to six point five month old, baby or even a five minute, therefore model is now, your body, but Human. The law holds no water because killing it isn't within your right to privacy and here's another example with with leapt the walls of science are closing in their fighting cells in the book of eternal stench. It is finally to be, even if you Ruby way. This is, if you ve, got a completely let you go: if you can play they return, which I dont think is going to happen. I agree very unlikely this- I think small leather- they constraints and thinks you're what happened? You know what happened. I want to go back,
They took goes back to God. In this way they want taxpayers. Funds for murder, Lennox does still be. They already have laws in hell up. California, Connecticut loses a little while my children, you mean where else Maryland. Maybe Maryland maybe Marilyn, for I would assume Delaware I'll have it and finally, they know for sure California, Connecticut Hawaii main area of law than the books to maintain abortions if its overturn, because those states have priorities a foreigner, you have the worst economy. We as long as the abortion thing is taken care of we're. Gonna be aces when the left the saying that women will lose all their rights? It's it's gotta, be like a handmaids tail season. Two. But the really saying is it? Ok, you have to tax subsidize abortion from the federal government? And if we, if we go to merely having to live in a state where you can legally pay for your own abortion or in the case of place of California, the state so can. I suppose the federal government is opposed to the federal tax payer from five
It's over, that you are clearly forfeiting your rights as a card carrying vagina scream. So you tell me if the Anti Rovers win argument is really such a losing one, and why is the left screaming about it from a hilltops? You don't scream about I think that your winning you see someone who's winning a sports game pitch the rough pretty rare. And why do men and everything that we just talked about final point here, even if it were popular, let's, say none what we just and mature, and I highly recommend you check the sources that spend computer brought up a highly recommended. Go read this up but reinforce Emily the science of the building of human beings, but even have none of it were to get right. If I were the religious snake handler at some point, it doesn't matter as far as well, oh I'll, handle it to me and you I don't care. If its unpopular, I don't care if we win Senate seats. If it comes at the price of not speaking up for this, six and a half months old babies being killed in Colorado, something's gone on politics. The saving of human life, more important Brasilia culture that values the life of a baby. I don't
it's gonna be less popular than cash. It's going to be at the top of my list. I am not going to shy away from it so that the first argument that I go to now is it the first Hale I climb over? No, but it certainly a hill that I'm willing to die, and we have six and a half months, even if it's five month old infants being chopped up in out of their mother's womb, because a bad crappy interpretation of privacy class good thing for us to help with abortion. There are some easy winds and the horizon. No one needs to die in the mountain. I know it. You think it. I've been a baby, we can support, make what does it? These are easy to easy ones. I think we have us defamation of coming up first and then not neglect nothin. I don't know. I forget now back. Hey there,
You just got me shaving, you know, don't always shave, sometimes for characters after a little bit of scruff, like today's good, well hunting. But when I do, I use dollars club is cheaper than the competition there better raises an unearthly. They have the balls to sponsor this show. So how many sponsors can you say that about their only handful dollar shave club, dotcom, slashed, crato, right, negative, five dollar sampler kit? They dont have razors, they have what wipes, which I love and produced with knock endured in the studio bathroom shampoo body wash their sole, but it's just it's all thy stuff dollar shave club dotcom, Slash, trotter, five dollar SAM can you help support to show in the products really are good it? Oh god, oh god, ok, they're, sharp,
I don't want that got much broader more! Your assembly did today the more they run out the animal, because our task is not up he's an account to knock out Panada now can I wouldn't say somewhat he's a good guide. Moreover, ruggedly answer, but I wouldn't say knock out, I mean knock out just as far as guess is First attainment, valued likely. You always get the perfect white balance on this. The true yes very easy, not unless he really has been out of sun for wild and railway lines. All right. You know if you hear that voice know exactly what is at stake. And Molly knew, of course, free domain radio. You know how many of you let him some of you hate him, but we don't really care staff. And how are you, sir, I am very well just got just gotta visas for law,
Southern and I are gonna, do a tour of Australia and I believe, a dip into newsy. Ireland and it was quite a while I'll get it, those these, as I am not sure it was an entirely objective process, but the australian public God bless that Koala Laden Hearts rose up as one almost as one and said let these people into the country would want to hear what they have to say. So, I'm very blue, these very excited Why don't? I just tell you just speaking and gaiety window, I think long at it open got to grips with the audio? Hopefully you can still hear me, isn't working thing, ok to working because a born I've been speak engagements, four eggs like us yeah what does not but I've done speaking they usually analysing it ought to have been a fact. I don't know you needed a you needed a visa just to do speaking withstand up. I don't know how that works. I dont know either I just take. I take the advice of the people who seem to know what they're talking about and so
That was a necessary thing and it took its own sweet time by. All squared away and hopefully but will come and realise these are not enough you're lucky, for you tell me just people who want to have an interesting conversation about culture and history and immigration and take questions from the audience. That's gonna be a blast. Young people's fears will be proven to be rather unfounded, that that's wishful thinking, because, if they're not going to stop calling Ben Shapiro with the Yamanaka on a Nazi some translucent as you and Lorn seven haven't got shot so you're, better still, gonna be tagged with that one sobering ground, Elsie Z, here's the thing that Stephen is that one to do. This is my big plan. Let me know what you think of this. My big plan is this. Is this is your final plan? Is this? What do you mean you're, not helping others patented yet, and I think that there will be people who are outraged and upset, but what going to do you see if I'm going to bring data reason evidence com compensate
negotiation and debate, and it's gonna be a giant epoch. Enter tidal wave of healing, that's gonna, pass on through the world and I'm I'm getting me entirely and disappointed in the outcome of my plan. So you're like a we're thinking Veni hen I like how they as copyright, checking that is highly well there's always that balance and we're talking about we're common unless someone gets violent or destructive recalls to violence, and that's what you do to change my mind and then the other side of that coin is credit, confronts where, in a little bit, dicking picks. It was so you're good you're, squared away with that speaking stereo. What spin of you here and unsupported court. Did you have any one you were really written for in this in this kind of race, my only real disappointment with the Supreme Court is that no one announced my actual tour dates. I so just because no trump meant to do that like before announcing the Supreme Court pixel limit is now me. Those robotic goes towards sums are, and what about words of us but place for people to find these on line? If they dont remember, they don't have an auditory memory. So it's axiomatic dot events
see Matic thought of ass. You go get your tickets, I think, there's still a few left Melbourne Friday, twentieth July Perth Sunday. Twenty second of July, Adelaide Tuesday, twenty fourth of July Sidney Saturday, the twenty eighth of July, Brisbane Sunday, twenty ninth of July and Auckland Mozilla and Friday, the third of August. It's gonna, be a blast. It's gonna be these things, like you know, when the police force first toward Canada them twelve people in the club, but everyone in Canada claims to be those twelve people just be one of the people who put their you. You don't want to mess it. This is true we ever if everyone loves to claim that they were they have so much can I became a fan, was staying afterwards and then yeah where's. A t shirt if you there. I was ineffectual before love cats. Man before love get exactly. I saw them open for Billy all, but I and I left before Billy Jaw. I don't believe you was hoping they can actually open up Billy job you just like
opening of the village all fan. I know for some reason: it's not cool to be Billy, Joel fan, but I was when I grow up. I loved Tom Jones are loved village only where my guilty pleasures until I decided I dont Karenina anymore, have enough money so soon made with this funny thing about Billy, Joel, if you're Billy, Joel Fan principle, some of the best pipes and the business and he's one of the guys whose voice only improved strewn with aid, but man, you gotta, be a patient guy. What has it been? Like a decade and a half or seventeen years since his last night, general, a mean that that guy he has a repetition compulsion with his eighty stuff, but ass you gotta be patient, but the new staff man, what he said: he'll, never write music better than he wrote in his thirty's. So we should try and there are two different schools of thought. When you no one here like Palmer, carnies, newest Africa, our right man, you know Tom to pack it in so jotting, yes, where's I wasn't I saw if he wasn't nor Jones and she was doing it's weird techno thing that I'm not going but what you want me to play, but that's what we voted for a ticket so
I understand it, but you are right: he throws creative back out by the time he had thirty six. My numbing drugs will do that to sell Supreme Court, we got off track even found this would give anyone specifically you're rooting for in this in this turtle race. I am, big one for deferring to experts and there a few select people that I trust you would be. One of them it also another person that I trust in the media. Immigration is the number one issue and culture is the number one advocate for a rational immigration policy. So I whoever and culture likes, and she seems rural keen on this guy and I hate to say- and I had to abandon all judgment from my own, but it's like if it's good enough- and I think it's good for just about anyone. I understand we're coming from two, because when I voted in the first canadian election, Stephen Harbour, I did that was the first person ever voted
I remember. I followed american politics a whole lot more and I knew I wasn't going to brush up on everything regarding the parliamentary system. I couldn't do everything I do know the in dp in the liberals actually supported defensive of pedophile pornography under the guise of art. Back, that's all that's a red flag, but I met I did have to ask some people at that point whose opinion I really respected and ask for some hurt yourself, there's Nothing wrong with that yeah, it seems like either way we're probably going to get a better deal on immigration than we ve been been having, but the left hysteria, particularly been on immigration. If you ve noticed it's been the Roby Way conversation that women will cease to exist, but I'm I'm here This is your view on this. As I don't want to miss gender. You miss define you hear a Christian sort of sympathetic atheist. What's your point of view on this landscape right now, the well the big question, I have significant moral reservations about abortion and its chair ended
it's a cliche, but nonetheless it's true and it's happening EAST even is that after you become a father. Sorry, it ain't just a cluster of cells. It ain't just than hanging out there like some moss in a cave. You know this is a potential human being with jokes and thoughts and insights and intelligence and reason. This is like a huge potential human being and so I have big big reserve things about it that having been said. At the same time that so much that would be cleared up if we weren't forced to all pay for each other. You know like having. I think drugs should be legalised, but at the same time I don't want my taxes being jacked up to pay for people who want to smoke we'd all days that on their account, rather because you know they can do that. So I don't like the idea of Just safe, abortion is perfectly fine put illegal, you can go, kill you, babies and, and so on and At the same time, though, if you say well, You can have all this free abortion and then I've got a paper. It that's a big problem as well, because you know
destruction of families and the absence of fatherhood and the lack of responsibility, and so on so to me. It all comes down to make immigration, it's the welfare state, and I ve heard of these these guys that migrants, who got rescued by about the took them back to Tunisia, but they wanted actually to get to the welfare state in Europe, so they threatened to be the captain and the crew. You know ass, you do when you rescue see. I remember that last evening, when I am a tangle they gave drops in the movie. The mayor got dropped from the movie when the person who came to rescue Kate winds that she attempted to his head off with their own teeth, you fight, you like it just the same somali pirates, for they that's what they really. He didn't pass a screen tests. They just held that somali pirates in reserve for Captain ADA. Let the now and now he's around Caso. If I'm not I'm not forced to Paypal, Paypal, people's bad decisions, then I'm alive find myself a lot more open minded to these bad decisions, but right now you allow for. If you, if you ban abortion, there will of course be as too
to a short degree, an increase in illegitimate births, it will probably gear down of a long run as people has consequences, change people's decisions, but forcing everyone has to pay for that it, some its it The bad seems to be that I've seen and, of course, there are there well beyond that milestone in Canada. In Quebec run from his terrible wanna highest, I think the highest abortion rate in industrial, world if you were to rate it as a country which is not, but we cannot wish it were. Sometimes. I guess my question Sex Quebec. It's kind of weird too, because quote back when from like four, Thousand children, a woman down to night Portions and half a dog you know like they just like. Can you find something in the middle? The growing swamping the planet in cubic WA? having no children at all like something in the middle would be fine. Absolute abortion cost ginning question without without insurance is incorrect, or here here and states a genuinely have I not planned. It turns a few hundred down hundreds. It's not that liquid so the chemical removed. No, it's not that expands, L and they we deal in cash. Only
especially if you go to our number twelve. So here's ears- I guess my questions more so because there have been some people say well, can just stay off social issues completely and other which are not necessarily, I disagree, the idea that hate hit, like you said, cut off the hook. Head of the dragon. First, the giant welfare states or not paying for or understand that being tactful matters, but hopefully, that we should abandon socialists, you certainly not if it involves- and it's not a socialist if you believe that that is a person, but as a Christian, sympathizing atheists. What I find it when I mention as far as your opinion, the base this argument on the idea that will lose all libertarian than all non christian evangelicals. If we have some kind of a stance on abortion and the more I've been encountering a lot of atheist, a lot of libertarians in the more science progresses, it seems that's not the case, and it's actually a winning argument, at least to put some limitations on well, at least from the culture. Standpoint. Can we at least understand that
You know, Michel Wolf Sandy saying God bless abortion. That is a celebration of nihilism. That is a celebration of death. So even if you are ok, what woman should have the right to terminate a pregnancy, even though the man has no right to financially terminate his involvement. If you say that the woman has it let's at least recognise it is a terrible horrible thing. Causes depression causes? You know tragic gear? This would have been my child been five. You know like for anybody Conscience and abortion is a disaster. Let's at least say: okay, if its legal, its legal, but let's not celebrate this killing, of an unborn child, let's at least get to the point where we can say this is a terrible, terrible disaster. Let's not celebrated, and let's do everything we can to minimize its recurrence and that also recognise that when and have eighteen different forms. A birth control not including a dying a dime, is very cheap. Both the former birth control. You put it between your knees and you keep it there baby. I forgot how it all? How on earth are you getting pregnant, yeah now?
but by the way, it's not for lack of education. Today and twenty eight in my wife Island years of Crisis Pregnancy centre, where they actually do offer screenings actually do for free ultra sounds. They actually do offer nearing nanny services and job listings for single mothers resources support for adoption. They don't do any of those things at planned parenthood, but I think what you just said as is right and ensure your abortion was the hashtag, and I think that I think that's. Why opens the door to it being a winning our they're saying celebrate abortion taxpayer funded period. I dont think that there need to shy away from saying no. This is a really bad thing that has bad societal ramifications. We'd gone too far, regardless of raw. We wait, but I do think it'll be anxious to see what happens report but certainly not just as an interesting to me how far the pendulum swung the other way. It's almost like at all. What's reaction to for them to go from safely. Go unaware nothing for the baby. By the way you lights, going all the way to celebrate. Like you know, Yelena Dunham saying I wish
not having a beer. That's a good! That's crazy! What what is it what's? It seems like your reactions, something, but I can't pinpoint. Why is it that it is they ve got more more leeway with them. And now I mean it was certainly as far as You know that some of the theories around population replacement- it's not that hard to figure out. Amerika had fifty million abortions and fifty million immigrants. You know that That's a clear! You know scoop something out and put something else. If you know the replaced attire, you know all look. We don't have enough people at America, hey we got Import put all these people from the third world. That's not a great idea, one of the big solutions that's a wonderful free market solution to the problem of abortion, even if it remains perfectly legal one of the big problems as there is no market for babies and so woman council her baby. I know the people are like all. That's terrible and that's interesting. People react to that. Like you going to set up a website called e baby and ends, seldom online and so people say well, that's terrible! That's terrible! The paper gets to live what's scenario is a terrible that the parent that that baby gets to live casino, ten percent a married couple,
apples are infertile have have big problems conceiving. They desperately want babies, and so you have people with a deficiency effort. Living here by the people with an excess of fertility? Let's have the market closed them off? Let's have people pay to have other did to to get other people's babies and is like an end. If you report by that, Then you have some idea how appalling it abortionist other people- that's that's a good analogy- I don't know- I didn't know end up on selling babies by understand or neat. I need to think of there. Certainly, we need to be some so markers in place to protect against your question is what is the shell both think? Yes, what is it not the enemies etc? But I will say that I got to handle. I got a lot of flak for saying that I think is real to sell your kidneys. If you want, because I'm going home, I want to make money this equation, the doctors making money the anesthesiologist, making money the guy's gonna, give me the alone. Wasn't: is a guy volunteering there's? No, what what's the incentives that most of my uncle am I dead makes me so? If you actually getting saw an open, you should making the most money in that valuation that, as everyone, no one else is getting the guy who's bleed now on the table, the guy who's,
can someone go in there with some Monday Python, hacks ordered to kid car about an essential piece of innerds? I got no problem that can make money. All the people want get make money exactly it's like the media, It gets market value. Ok, we do have to get going again. Where is the best place for people to find your tour dates coming up in Australia? That sounds like a party and I hope, you're safe. It can be great axiomatic, dot events couplet ticket. Laughter, there's a meeting greets you can have dinner, but Lorn, and I we deplore the private jets, which is gonna, be great fun. Looking for meeting everyone thanks a lot for your times. Even ores, my the jet actual, that's, ok, you can follow. Stephan Mona. We have to go and we have to get going lucky dear. I needed a need to hear this music you're comin in Britain's America, discreet boyhood Let me do the live red dot club died, concepts crawl, you can get your free. Five dollar is not freedom to five dollars advocates, not very Africa. We read, we dishes I've. Ok,
applicant and they have bought by pushing through body was and raises, and they have the balls to support this dish programme which members. But I can't Could I don't have fun that you pay me good law, the sunshine or I wouldn't do calls they'll be spotted Patty pan we covered or where the law these prices just back,
ranger panties, available bottle with crato shop. Dot com get yours today, it's like teabag in an age have you ever seen a gorilla? Do this? I feel its false advertisements. I've seen at once. I've seen like I've seen one like a scratch I have, but not that counterbalance. They do actually do that with tremendous accurately in velocity started startling? Almost one would have a special way old, lady and we are still a funny as many on the internet makes visually baseball is always a thing. Is there option? I always wonder if you could train somebody like a goat was TAT brain Sean. How strong he is, how unseemly strong a chimpanzee would. We would embarrass him if you could train a chimpanzee to bench, press if you can give a chimpanzee red wine and xanax and are not like little club com? You can you arrange this robot
Our british courts are violated that all of us and for our eye, but a brilliant ever next gets a lot of a lot of lot of color listeners and watches out. There was no, I don't know, didn't know exactly how this is going to go to just surprised that we were having a mind, but we communicating via direct message for awhile and he's he's collect six million something subscribers on the Youtube. That's a lot video gaming plasma put a video game was telling him was medal of honor online and one carbon copy and the Germans who come here this need. I standing a, I informed the twitter it day he didn't novel T D, a I t, HIV and G Ella did not lie. I just got it writes Gaelic its gaelic and that same you to channel. Mr, not MR, not neglect now can parents, how are you our set high typical now I caught in my head it's all over you over thought at what I didn't know. We were in Ireland, there's there's glare gaelic road signs that its
it's a social group. So the only speaker properly and like the grail talked words only Irish, their most people. They got like they can say their own name and their age matter like it's ready, ok, very little knowledge there, then it with common people who seem dangerous to make that exclusively the roadside it would seem as though maybe they should just none. They got English too. There really screwed other words. I can imagine. Listen, MR another Bucker rouble to say from now on, what have you on the programme? What what? What? What spurred dangerous off, I note: listen for people out there, don't slander, dont rake his name to the mud because, on my show, are used not to create far right wing or to the right of until the hum like myself, but Why would you even consider visiting us well properly. Speaking like I watch, actually won the election. Coming here. Look a lot! Yes, I will actually moved for a couple of months to LOS Angeles violet.
A couple of months or a year and then a couple of months here, I really like last was, I we're people, I don't know why. Well that's. Why have, I think, you're, not least sure some microscopist, but because you're all I can to stop, was heating up and that's gonna pick my interests and Canada, political sphere and whatnot soldiers, a dabbled. I looked at different sides and I'm sorry one side was yours. Well, demanding thing that me: there is like the humor premium it, makes it up and makes it up, which has been kept me kind of interested yet and the mix of heat and dishonesty. That's that's. If you read the article lax about some magic. What who had we are glad we have you. Would you say the term, because when we were in Ireland, let me say that we were all in a lot of people held sort of conservative or traditional its views. But not
I just hated conservative Americans when they lined up quite a bit. I think they have this misconstrued notion about what we are you think, there's some of that. I dont think my mind at least personally I don't think a lot irish people, even though the difference between Democrats and Republicans ready, asked what's with cider, leaning, probably majority whenever clue right, so yeah. Really blame earth are mixing up, color, like their perspectives and half an hour drunk, but the internet has reason people, while politics are probably we did. The shone upon the only drunk was a Scot me was it was used drinking Budweiser, any walked and install the show Libya, because if I don't know correctly you, at least that's a nice things about Ben Carson, which the, in LOS Angeles Arthur
very very early on. He did quite well in light shone with statistics. He was growing a lot you would, then he just completely screwed up- and I didn't know he had that part of his personality at the time that you lie. I was gonna like really positive, a bottom yeah. It's almost like sounds like is he's not created for the public sphere, I feel I guess you know is more of an industrial gonna die behind the kind of task or whatever, but in terms of People's faces and talk and public often seems like ie, who says things I think it's like. He almost adheres thing. I don't. I don't think you like really striking sabotage themselves. We really must not go. I dont think you know the hammock giving that it was a moment where he screwed up. I just think you fizzled out. I thought I think he was like a rain of in a ring sitting. I think, is I think he just don't know if those nor was, I think it was lack of lack of, am, I guess,
information about like foreign affairs and stuff, like that, I think like when they cannot scrutiny. Them on Sundays, he seemed weak right, People saw that NATO like moved on basically yeah. What did you say that? Because I see that you know, look too costly, some your tweets as we do research and when any people who come on- and I do so some very nice reasonable things about doktor by cars, and I thought well, that's that's. You know you don't see that a whole lot and so those words like three laws will not, but I think, because you know what there's far left and there's there's this far right and not so much for their there's the left and then there's far right. I guess we can say, but when you in this moment in time. Two years ago you liked Bank- and you said some very I think that a reasonable, but at that snippet in time remember, the left was trying to pay him as an uncle Tom, racist, invalid, moron and you're, taking your life in your hands and our life, you even say actually, I think, he's ok. What was that a part of? Even if
around, he didn't do only election. The weight I attacked him. Do you think that was a part and maybe some other evolution we're going home and a second this seems like a decent man. I don't die much impact because I just can't that noise and maintain it? Ok, and there were no like. I take drown it out. So too, like kind of get more interested I left a recollect a bit there now. I think I think I think a reason was I just don't feel like he could one as well. I don't know, I don't need bankers. Environment should clarify my question. What what pointed you sort of start to Haiti is a term like open your mind and kind of imperfect. Take an interest in doubt, walk red pills, the at that, because it gave a bunch of Pepys coming through another text you have arisen, and I know I know like and on all sides and the means and outside and what the site has to say
but the other than outside, but I soon after Trump became. Like the man republican nomination, the Azores, one on one versus Hilary, Then that's when I started ask like a lot of questions, because at that stage I think most people had a had a sceptical view. Both people like that Neither of them are really worthy of much. Can I worship you know right. Yeah does not like the polished Obama yeah, you know so the bottom of a very out its laws, and so when two people are very obvious flowers, you gotta ask questions. Yeah, then that I'm just ignored the flaws and just gonna want some kind of at that point. Evidently, own curiosity, I didn't vote is just curiosity right what, but so what would you say? I guess at that point the sort of having to look at the lesser of two evils: almost force you to examine it more yeah,
how many more examined like my conscious more and see what are the things that really matter and one of the things that are blocked, proportion in yadda, yadda yadda, because obviously it sets the war, words right there it really matters to you like just a lot of new are sort of. I guess non liberals, let's issue that wide umbrella, free speed, right big thing is: is that a big component for guy offers? speeches fairly important. I think like, like a good structure economic cost, lots of you really really important, and I think I think individual rights is a pretty big want to hear and then accepted in the night. I think like that like governments that are extremely controlling of aspect people's lives. I don't like that at all that always goes down here today, declared a government set up to
ITALY control the people that its most serve shirts. That's that, that's probably the man one financial year and controlling it say yes, exact and congratulate warm if you like, a man and in twenty eighteen, no other governments. How is this real? What's a reaction likened the gaming? Can we urge you talk about it with people wondered when you're doing I tend to find a game and community kind of years more towards like more towards economic values? By most, I friends, they didn't care too much they like today spread throughout business, bears men themselves in a lot of money and a gamer community, I'm guessing psych this mighty craft- I don't have enough mattresses to stuff it. Hopefully, hopefully, trance cuts come through I am getting link body So that's that's. Correct the man, the man thing, I've gotta know so little guys you waited
heavily male community, I'm no jobs is a big thing from guys as well. Really gamers are looking for job there. You go. Let it never behold. Medicare molecules data about stuff like that. No exit, please remember that there is a big attack on the gaming community from from obviously the feminist left for a while, and I was somewhat gear things not just not just that, but the whole industry right was saying it's too centric either with lightning. Nobody is its two male centric and gaunt. Don't just look at the whole. Look at the viewer ship, the viewer, ship of lightning been predominantly male because they like to watch com At night women tender like watch to watch other things that there's nothing wrong with that. I dont think there need to be asked. Is this just feminine? masculine side of things here, as it relates to two content. I have noticed, though, a few minutes over the gaming community. It does seem to be leaning, we're seeing a swing, and I wonder if it is temporary with with down from like you meant, can a Trump Hilary orbits almost like a shift between sort of Napster in the Music industry, if it's that monumental, where it seems like a lot of young men who at one point would have it
Very far left out of a sense of rebellion are, coming more right, leaning out of a sense of the counter culture, particularly with guns, particular with free speech, Importantly, I think like a loss lotta gamers, already edgy and to be edgy. Difficult to be edgy and leftist worried to be held back to every late night host on television ever right now, all of every single one of them, like I'm edgy, don't christian sack I'll make a lot of radio jogs fancy some stuff. You stay off together, knock em too much how water but am- I find that I think Gaming will always be very centrist more leaning towards the right and the reason. Why is because Artists Games are extremely practical and efficient coca give to make the best out of what you
in all the time we saw that the doesnt really go with socialist, unfortunately, for social have actually got a lot of the idea of practical efficiency and socialism did user. What lights? one of the major kind of point What I know is like government is Judy, locking and efficiency is when I went and got a visa in it, and it was like it was five, our way to talk to someone for like a menace, and he alone in areas like animals are sitting, do nothing in the line so slow and go to go through life for firearms like near the red than I could do so behind the scenes that slow things down and That's why gaming is more more centrist, thou anything has lost them onto the DMZ. Was ass. Lady was sent. There is nothing to do. The only thing I was working on was diabetes and she couldn't eating. She couldn't get to me. I think so. In a and bring me something I dont, because I had a licence had proof of citizens have my birth certificate and I had my doubts
return and they said it wasn't enough that are needed. My actual social security car and I myself security guard. My number is on my tax return. Like that says, tax the e number, I'm a bad, the bar, their leave anymore. I had to go back a week later. That's a good point. Gaming by definition, kind of exports is entirely results, oriented we'll opportunity, sure anyone can play the game you can now shore equal results, and I have noticed that in any field words highly competitive and it's really tough to tip the scales. As far as the results you tend to shuffle out some and as you get twenty up I shall, on. There are more right. Leaning Pizarro also chance that its due to gaming as a community sort of events in a lot of ways, but also very much an invidious individualist event. So she historically or ivory, though I saw the wizard with the Power Glove Fred Sabbath. Do you think this truth
Then there is, if we want to go where I think drive on play. Definitely because those arriving games does allow individual games where you have to pump hours and hours and hours into the game, and you know that That brings a lot of like personal attachment, and so I think there was like a bit color I don't know the name of it is like trying. Trying you somethin, like whose trial something, but it was like this weird philosophy of power. Excrete, unlike the night in twenties by like I think of the Hoddan Anderson does amongst or something of the triangle know you're talking about the Illuminati. That's that's for beyond us. I have that next is very like a big part of its philosophy. Is small businesses, yes, like how to like give light and bill, up the working man middle classes to have a bigger
of small businesses whether you're looking to elect us. I know you're said you ancient all sides knew I'd. I'd recommend reading ring Psmith, Adam Smith, you that's, got invented eternity in invisible hand, it determines markets. We always talk about higher. We talk about Karl Marx, internal Lenin. We talk about today, jobs getting Thomas all is up there, but Smith is really great. Baseline reading. It simple and its at its easy to understand. He's a Europeans. So there you go, you guys can claim that one. You know it's not just soccer and I highly recommend- but here is that we do have to get going. The? U channels. Can you say it's what I don't miss pronounce it here to heed the nobler? I wasn't going to
that in a million years takes it was forgotten. What? Let's have you back? If there's anything specific end of quarter? I apologize immediately for the blow back that you receive for even talking with us. I won't get any negatives, though you might very positive about the you. Gotta go and wrap this show up in a nice now, there's of using local law nature Jasper, all that what a major most beautiful creatures and one of its frequent twist survive, also its most Edwin, weighing in at over my lord that Grizzly Bear is humongous. Are you saying this gas just that you breathe I'd just, but no I mean really. I don't think I've ever seen a land mammal outside of the elephant, but they're not
this. Animal is clearly a monster. I wonder what would happen if you put this grizzly bear in an arena with a male silver, backdoor them up legal jasper. Start go with alive. No, I mean we have some budget here at wild at large. I really think that if we could set that up, if we could work with the zoos haven't get Male grizzly bear and a silver back guerrilla ends let them go to town. I really think that be something some have adjusted the lives will. I should thank our view, was getting gotta stay to imagine a narrow, Jasper.
Hello warmly I'm gonna go outside the accurate recreation of of of the physicality of water with it. I realize whenever you I see because Blue when I was gone for the four. No, no, no, no, you sure,
I was a pool and I was in fact it always was a t, shirt, essentially chemicals. You ve done jumping Jackson UP called pork using it's gonna, be home. Hope it's not a lie. First? I would ever think about doing something just as simple, and if I did that happened once I would stop how'd. You know x it. You do like five right, yeah value added to appoint its internal cleansing. I have a correction to make Richard Painter, not states. No he's gone he's going for the scope of gold. He has gone from all these goals for gold. Let us note we ve talked about by way net. Thanks to our guess. What does an add on armor forget not not die, he died and nobody denotes the nobler. The nobler nobler valued in other planet got it will fix it impose their nets. Gasohol we're just not good with that. I dont speak Gaelic, historically, which raises in Ireland as tradition that we talk about this earlier this week for people are not my club members. We
We are considering and let us on the common section, if you like, we are considering going to cover Richard painters, actual Senate debate, it would be put RO with all the Minnesota. I don't know their me papers that enough. It said Saint Paul here. I have no idea and us, if you can, I think it would be worthwhile. I want to give. I want him to win if you can put those remember him, but if they I think, a put Richard Dempster Fire Richard painter. I think these are entering the ring. We have Richard Temporal, there's renewing the season at that point he has a very looping left and right. It depends on the circumstances. Because what the remedies now that it has also been a good point. Actually we were told this during the break. Up of single mothers lie with the voting thing. People say all you know, vote vote both for winning issues on analysing like get what they're saying yes, but I was thinking like it if you are not voting through the prism of reach, or morality with its database in Greece,
today, authorities or whatever it is, what what are you ready for Sharia hates? can't is not compatible with the constitution. Enhancing Astaire my lap recover for continuing talking about it in a book about visas with where I see no reason but if you're all voting pragmatically What what are you doing lot? How do you feel good about yourself, then the night like? What is it? Why even do it at all, and I understand that having a winning path to achieving you're going. Ok this in the first. Certainly, if you spend on people's time how you try to convince them all right, look if you're great, but if your box and I ve got a great overhand right, you need to set it up with a job. I understand that, but you're just go in there and you run in a way the whole ten. Why you, and if I am right now with abortion, there's so much was information at there's so much bad science going now that I think that's
the very clear, open path to talk to people desirable it. It's not that it's not a long you'll need a. How long does it not a very long conversation to to really reach people? It's very short conversation about those. From some very pointed questions, I think I need, I think, it's unpopular with its one of our lesser popular changed. My mind and a big reason is a lot of people just uncomfortable the topic of abortion, but they are the ones that, but that the problem of productive ones, where people go so ok All right, I understand, and now we had several people say I thought about it before I wanna go home and do my research really bring other sharing. We like you're, looking at the latter troubling and you know it arose, though it was left to kind of it. To my mind, she ate it feel at closing. Lots of something. This is only branded somewhere around its amounts. Clothing thoughts knows been sown my mind speaking Mama shouldn't straight, so I don't know just my last thought of the day. I don't wash someone's gonna, send us a trademark violation, less favoured areas from let them be incorporated, dammit it has been doing what if I give you one piece of advice in this, is this: is they ve been take?
the easy door for a long time, cultural after Roby Wade, they haven't been going out and educating people there are times when they could go out there and if they really wanted to push the boundaries that Jimmy. If we want to push the boundaries they want to talk about, they could go through the hard door, but instead, like now, that's a rest on these laurels, and this is something thinking about a lot. This is why I always have reservations about about any kind of messages or advice to anyone that like right now is avoiding conflict. A lot of people like all we want is to escalate. Let's avoid conflict or Why did a message, one temporary tongue? I was tongue but being disciplined about rest because you look at Brine Shaw. He talked about that George Saint Pierre lot of high level panel, but I'm all I've always a little like a little bit on sure footed when discussing this, because anyone Offer advice where someone can use as an excuse to go. The easy door I gotta get uneasy. It is alarming that sometimes we talked with sometimes easy door to walk through right is the right option.
That's, probably find you always have to make things hard on yourself: training hard, for example, working hard, nosed training, hard or smart? I get it, but before you even make your decision. Here's what? most important, always leave that hard door open. That's what some and that's why I dont want to. If I tell you, look pale and avoid conflict at all costs. Generally, that's right, but you really have to when it, because most people are terrified of conflict even even want, if necessary, and so that gives one we're. Ok, great clothes, the harder of conflict when it comes to protecting, what's worthy of praying being protected. If I say, hey, listen, what's really important only how hard work but rest, some of you, ok Rice is its most important and they closed the hard door on hard training or could be work could be your family good example of this recently on time, and with what, with the left, you see it, they constantly water if they, if they have a majority, look at Brok Obama with his you couldn't get anything done. He
and they're going so much done right now, Republicans because they have been fights training with awaited vast. They know what it's like to march on through that hard door. When you been vilified, fears good example of this personally, I saw some people recently From my past my age, we haven't seen in a long time. Let me prefaces I'm no price peg, I get it. Ok, but these are really let themselves go and you ve ever met people. Look at your age from college from high school in any wonder but how It's one of things where I look around and my parents friends growing up, I'm like how that happened. Then, and now I'm seeing the evolution of my friends on like that's how it happens right. I see it now, like you were the skinny hot kidding. Now, while we are here tonight, I want to be totally type programme, identity and more approach. You are, I don't What you father or something
Some people get a rough shakes will want to be clear. I am talking I'm talking person, but a bigger people and we're both. They look like more what they acted like a member, what they were like in that same time period. You know me, I had had need such a third issues always had to have it. Nuke have had some issues that I've run into certainly issues worth seeing people give up and Now you see a lot. We see with some women who have children around a baby the kids and color your nine hundred pounds like this is dead. This is it's not the same thing. I get everyone's a little bit different, but we are talking about generalities here because you have to and in annually, for the term of talk about talk about debt five thousand cuts, its outrage early death by a thousand hard doors closed? it really. It starts with I'll Antonov like going to the gym today my clothes that door sort of austrian stir the die for it. We can start with our finnish that report from my boss later I'll, take the trash off from my wife. When all rub my wife's see later I'll, take my kid to place it play at the park later and Bang Bang
all of a sudden ten years down the line. You're thirty two year old person, you're twenty two year old self, wouldn't even recognize, and you wonder how it happened at every single point. There was easy nor to walk through and the hard door and sometimes again the easy nor the right door. Don't get me wrong, but you'll. Never even now, if you always closed the hard door before even take a gander for there to be a right there, to be wrong cake. To be contrast. So you're just walking through easy door after door. You don't even know what the hard door looks like anymore, and you know what the worst part about that is, and this is why I am at all I'm always reserve giving advice that could even allow someone to think of this as an option. My good friend shale, and not good front but front he eat. Eat talked to me once about sport. Psychologist spoken with his person and Israel. It's really it's it's hyperbolic, it was a failure, is not an option, and he said you know I was here there is always an option. Actually the most readily available and easily available option, and that wasn't for me, and
close the hard door nonstop, you don't even recognize anymore, the saddest part about it is. And all I'm saying Is- makes it's an option on the table, not saying you have to go through the hall door every time, but if it's not even an option, the worst thing is, you surely have no hope of ever finding out. What's behind it and That's why I'm always careful about giving advice. It sounds nice that sounds virtuous, no conflict, I'm Ass, a vast. Let's make sure that we all get along, let's not go after Roby. Let's pick winning issues, I get it. Sometimes you take the path of least resistance. Sometimes you gotta have a plan, but you can't close the hard door and leave the hard options off of the table for your whole life. Point you just let the cowards life seen it what
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