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#380 #METOO’S WORST LIES EXPOSED! Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, Karen Straughan | LwC

2018-08-24 | 🔗
It’s a full house tonight! We host Lauren Southern IN STUDIO! Stefan Molyneux and Karen Straughan guest! Prime Minister Justin Trudeau drops in, and we discuss the dark side of #MeToo.

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On the other side, lot was gonna come flesh, Macleod you and they showed that back in studio was here yesterday in third year, is Lorn Southern Lorn Underscore Southern how're. You I'm good wrong, pronouns, again remember illegally man. This is true. No, you don't have to be uncomfortable anymore. What's Fernando Use nobody weight into the microphone? Eighty, honest: let's go with z, I print yet yesterday Lord, for those who must warm, welcome, indiscriminate abuse, beautiful dress and we all felt horrible, and so we shamed or red away and said now addressed down. Please don't we bring much cozier unlike PJ's, yes, eggs. I know about it. I know it. We would have come out on the show. We don't have much for obvious reasons, the guy's a lot going on, but we do appears drawn boom. We just seven Manu because it from initial just ensure dough, an Samantha beat him again, not exactly producing actually doing really good job. This week is sort of like aired. You are in fact the court. A black. That's right, I am, I appreciated, show the fans if there are no trust, you that's terrible, we're gonna ones, the entire black argued it's all four percent and that, what's the one today edging moving, you had to bring an extra large bottle for heavy drinkers. This is a long shadows, pure wet long shadows, pure wise, in an actual at about one of the cell. In that put format when it comes to one size really. Does I think it's a minute? I would see on Pinterest from a mom that I dont like weight, so this is really good. I'm only having my one serving of wine and you have a guy in a single area. Mommy needs special J ass I ate fruit. Forget I think I am hopeful. Your kids have a pull without offence and hopefully you're buying one for me by the question today. We're gonna be talking quite a bit about me to answer. The latest frauds involved there of a few months into this now.
Who have seen shifting notes a shift in the temperature changing the temperature toward the movement. So how do you balance being supported the victims? Of course, actual victims will not automatically throwing anyone has ever been accuse under the bus. No questions asked let me now, let us know will be talking about it and I think we have done with with Karen Strawn. Actually learn will be filling hosting for me with courage, and just because I can leading the news, though your love therefore- and I have no idea- why is a new study on eco sexuality? Doesn't that was a thing so
Having want to know that was what's having electric and tell me anyway, I am with the earth yeah the earth taking the earth ass. A lover raises a number of legitimate concerns regarding non human consent, as well as sexuality comes from Sage Journal lowered seems like it would seem that this would raise a lot of questions. I've heard of objective sexual, like a lady who married, then we let our guests annual trend. Now because someone, I guess, that's a tree, then people now have in falling on the trees, were rehydration, stable. Well, that's what you say. So this is the new progressive frontier. This is where we are and that we actually now go live to press conference being held by representatives from the other side of the spectrum disagrees them. Their spokesperson is about to take the podium. Thank you for coming as an ambassador of the three to movement, personal survivor of Eco, sexual assault and self professed throng fan botanist. I am appalled at the lack of compassion, self awareness or accountability as it relates to the ongoing sexual abuse it of my triple without consent, largely because they cannot consent. This has been an ongoing struggle with triple American, sadly, learn to live with, but with the recent events occurring, Cabin Stacy's nursery and the widely publicized herbicides Harvey Weinstein's, potted fight. Yes, we can no longer stay silent because that plant had a name.
His name was Vikas fight this morning, what he was my friend for free of the ramifications to my everlasting shave. I stay quiet but not anymore. We will be signed is no more. The tree to movement is here to be heard and here to stay. I will now open the floor for any questions. You may have yes really hardwood. I know there are expecting. I don't want it. I was expecting something other than what she's hearing. I think you should have known better Lawrence. You two point: zero, the you're fucked up long brother that I've regretted coming here. Since the moment I have ie poligized. So so, going back to yesterday's conversation where exactly with the front coal be where the train,
Earth explained convict for people who don't know I'm going back to yesterday that they can set it or not. You not eliminated a bundle of poor ass, though that little dvd item nine dollars a year which, which is a problem which is definitely a problem. Students are ok. You learn to do Gerald job form. What's the conduct of front, I have to be the one to exit gladness. I get to explain front all among privileged with the task of explaining. Well friends, you must know by now that using the proper terms for genitals is very offensive. Thing today is because, everyone can have the China is. So I thought you were going to voice saying I was going on and I realized I couldn't I was my brain was going. I was going through words scrolling down like no. No, I got not that this was not one of us that we can reduce. They want us to confront holes, front holes, and you know what Probably not gonna other news, John Stuart Mill Hideaway came to the aid of two.
in the run in Brooklyn. This comes veneer opposed. The comedian turned farmer rescued the two rogue goats caught running around. And train tracks sell tickets. You taken to an update sanctuary where there is. There is a real good story. There cannot be taken care of cared for well, FED and room, and given a late night talk show don't jump in the piece of bark. Michael colleagues can suck my But- and I hope parliament for gets me bye, bye
I don't even know what's that, unlike those least, would be necessary to allow us in writing. This programme is horribly Cadiz. Dream, goats and sheep, or that's all we have the wardrobe for. Thank you learn for tolerate bottlenecks, ratification, Belgium, Denmark, Oversubscribed, Itunes. You analysing this audio on the go. You do you get it was. It was a good decimate. The bar. None pleasantly surprised, going to come back to haunt me. It well, don't ever run off us, but do appear in shark, NATO. Five that are actually battle. Reverse course, for the only thing that makes me feel better culture, even I now significantly worth speaking of animals by a chinese man was fined for releasing pigeons on the highway. If you're wondering how could this go wrong and explain to you how it so he told police he'd been keeping sixty seventy pigeons, but he decided to set them free and he said he chose the highway because it was a wider, in space.
Of cars. Yeah, you didn't know how this would end. I said I'm not Equally it about half of whom survive, but look, look, let's not be too picky here. This does come from a country that each so this is a step in the right direction. If we let them go and shine or is it just Vietnam? No, it's China that was the whole festival was in China when we talked about it really. Yes, they have like an entire dog eating festival, another reason to not like them and we will cut inflate their currency and they, Mandy approaches have you ever limos. Those posters begins for their like, at which point you side do do decide which ones are food and EVA picture like cat dog pay
cow that it doesn't. Everyone puts it gets beginners trying to say, like they're all beautiful animals, but everyone does notes the line before pig. That's what other line at this late hour junk into bacon their amazing aim, bigger than stratum of fetal chart and watching explode like offend bought in Austin Powers expedient, which do that there's an all female swat team, well yeah being deployed to protect the indian Prime Minister. This comes from Amazon Dotcom, their expected to play a major role in security detail for the prime minister. the address and independence day after being inducted by the daily police. It sounds funny Ellie policies that they all good good for you not exactly the hope diamond, but in all females. Security too, I know, might seem odd sorry about this, but we do try to keep an open mind your lot of programmes in the studio, if not loaded tokenism. So we decided to look at the pros and cons in this week's eye on India
So the pros and cons of an all female swatting yeah nobody's emperor. There are definitely some prose. I know you do tat, so this is not a woman hating! Claude now we ve been pretty welcoming you how I hate my room. If you hey, you know along very well landing at the memo just gay men, just my only and are gay men. Yes, it's if I seem to give a lot of gay male friends why, though, the only people that talked me well, that's question with my wife: she likes you, but maybe she's a gay man, Billy, I'm really have you out is even yourself or and that's all you need is a little. I have. Asking a multitude of ways there are. Some pro is for an all female swat team in India, Pro, for example, the highly perfect and the other half of addressing dialogue very useful and its mental warfare, another pro,
the twenty percent more cost effective over the pig in less than three percent without effective another brought this long distance swimming Ok, but you didn't know that you know, I know I, that long distance It is clear that women are better almost in swimming. How do you not know if the one medical things you are better than May. Indeed, it is the only thing the only need sport yeah there better there better. The minute long distance selling women are actually lie. I did I know it all. I don't know if, like if I put a slave, women were better at almost all the sports than men, and then we had one thing like a booby clinging to that, I guess have healthier egos can of course cons when all females, why vulnerable, when cold and the units forget their jackets, that's one yeah that definitely is you like next con unit, often incapable of being able to even
this seems a little odd and the milk on the battle for put them at the front lines. The common unit available there there unavailable forty six days out of the month at seeing on is weakening of another com. Polyps collapsing right there in the final com is every other physical activity for an all familiar stocking outside of long distance foaming outside of longest. I mean it's not like a water attack, their golden right, but I d say: sharks, sharks, you gonna, save the prime minister from Sharm Sharks. What is needed holding- I don't know, but I dont can you not? Can Indians not swim, resides in? I didn't say that you're putting words in my mouth now. Let's see, we defended the Chinese. Indians legally got time to offend everybody else. Don't worry when we look here, here's the thing I say go for it like this. Guy gets assassinated its own. Damn fault that this point. If he likes the quick fix it for all female crew, go for it prove the model or six meter Olympics with the executive bodies on eleven. We didn't have the foresight.
Maybe it's a trade off is like nice view. I do not like rain die I'll. Take the coin ties energy. You have just Bali where the film sorry you, yes, that is before he dies. Finally, a canadian Prime minister just ensure dough is now defending his recent racist attack. I guess he called this heckler racist, You know what, let's just before it lets role this clip right here and now it's explain to you That's it that's what my entire maternal.
Family ever sounded like I'm on my whole mom side, I met them right yeah. They always sounded so she's asking about about refugees costing hundreds of billions of dollars to taxpayer here. Is he saying this? Racism just plays no role in Quebec now use, but you speak French. Do you now? Ok, all right, so that was just as I was trying to trick, she's basely saying, and what about the cost of the asylum seekers and refugees in Egypt says you are racist, its extremely frustrating, because you ve also got the media and just the progressive education system supporting us in saying. Yes, it's a racist view to ask about taxpayers money being wasted on illegal migrants is a racist view to have borders. It's a racist extremist view to want to have a nation state with an entity that is complete
False the extremist opinion is true, doze opinion to destroy borders, to destroy a national identity. If you dont have those things you're, not a country. So why are we pretending women like this one asking rational questions. Are the extremists? It's a lot harder for Canada to begin with the United States, where, where our identity was basically a series of ideas, Canada's identity was sort of kissing. The ring of the queen was an outline of the data was right. It was a colony of the United States. Identity would never racially tinged frank. It wasn't. It constitutionally based people understand that in Canada or in places like Germany, for them it was a people and so
it's a little bit of a tougher transition will have absolutely. She said it right. So this woman actually said illegal immigrants in her question, he and original responded from the podium immigrant that she said this. There is a need that basically, what we actually wanted to sounds like it. He replied with immigrants. Your your hostility towards immigrants has no place here and then later on said, the races raised immediately, changed it back to creating a network and start a race exactly and yet a league and their legal people, let alone a reference death, and we are talking about this yesterday. You said they get all kinds of benefits when they go there, they get picked up and taken like a valet service to a hotel where they are likely to years of welfare like they're having more money then can they and Canadians are paying for this have Canadians. There are struggling there on the streets we have
literally hundreds of thousands of kids in Canada that are below the poverty line and you're bringing in tons of illegals from America. Thanks by the way you have your own situation, don't send us. Yes, I know no worse than that of North Idaho issues. They would use and send them all the Mexico than one's warranty from their artery. Tat goes out or set them all to come back and people are realistic. French sounds kind of sexy rival people, I think, of french people's. Oh, I like that. Madame DE meal, Do you know what that's that's? What French Canada sounds like ordering potatoes european French should if you do palmed tat superior button. Cuba be reminded that that this that's actually what they sound like. I'm, not even sing words. You understand, but I think you hear that only drunk at this borders that normal Tuesday, but here, to give his what do we have them here to give his side of the story? Actually is canadian, Prime Minister just in true dough premonition? Are you there, sir thanks for having me Stephen
Prime Minister, you were recently criticized more slaves of racism in Canada. I didn't ask my question. I'm sorry, sorry reflexes, please convey. You would be your originally criticized for how you responded to a constituent during us. Speak she and was yelling hate speech. The question was when the federal government would prepare come back for the costs incurred as a result of the influx of illegal immigrants coming across a Canadian? U S border! That was the question that she asked right, hate speech here: How exactly is that hate speech? Will I am really when people your questions on me. It actually seemed like a reasonable question. Prime Minister, you ought to see exactly what she said actually got quarter person of color gap. Can you rule clip see If he doesn't get asked me that now as I am that I'm minister, now. They show you're, not what about them. Question, though, do you think
loose immigration laws and incentives for asylum seekers have added to your one point: four trillion dollar deficit? Maybe you, you know as well as I do Stephen. The deficits are not in dictator of long term economic viability, but but print you're, Harper, rent a surplus for years off the backs of our first Nations peoples, Stephen Logos, but was a spirited communities. I dont know what's happening ashamed when I think about how far we thought we'd, it seems like a constant Oh parameters are just ensure doll. Everybody, that's not going anywhere good. I still we ve got the prime minister, and I know I know what I did what I had to get up my also carefully. We gotta raped tree here that you know that it was at Yale. There was a very good get. You know I mean, I think you know that he is who he is right down offensive to you, that
since I've accepted at I just I don't talk about Canada now. You know it's know why they have no idea how good they had it with Harper. They really don't understand how well the housing crisis was largely avoided because of his policies, and they never appreciated him. It's the northern Europeans they get this, I kind of socialism in its diversity. Beautiful utopian mindset because they have all of these other countries protecting them from Third World mass immigration. We have America protecting us, we don't need an army, we don't need to worry about the mexican border. We have water and America, so we think liquor, perfect country, you dummies. We don't have to do it, not an item immigrants, but also bombs. Yeah, yeah yeah, whatever you guys, whatever snowball chance in hell against Rockets. That says that an end well for women, and we know if it's a choose your own path book, it's ok to get screwed. Let me pass B.
see path, a little get screwed today than we hate America. So much when I was growing up in school, I used to just tell kids, I was american just money out loud. They would get all hey Americans, but as soon as things get rough, America where'd you go. You have made. You already said. I know you guys have all my heart beating the ones, but can we just Juno Juno sounds good. I don't just walk under that when I write by the way. Of course, Canada really helped us in world war to another at all, but do we actually to watch for side since improbably eyeing the film, obviously right through the union like all night, and then I wash actual footage in school of Juno Beach, and They actually get off and get off the put that the pontoon boats and they run into the midst to the public, when they got up they're, pretty far, didn't even very pepper, now,
it was pretty easy for them to be so any move onto that wasn't one of them to move in here can reasonably two prominent sexual harassment cases so involving women be using men. Still. We ran now, don't be silly well, does happen every now and then, but usually gag its high five. That's that's a cigar. We can't let you so. First I want to share pronouncing. Is Asia our jobs. Are you don't want spell like I'm gonna, say Asia, and I only limits, I think it's mine eyes yeah. Why No, I don't know these go raping. I had eccentric parents so that the first one is when we're asked me where you line up on short of what we were the dividing line as it is different for everyone, you wanna believe people. Of course you want to come to the aid and protect women who have been victimized, but you also want to ruin people's lives so virtuous
Asia Argento choosing the original leaders of the meat to movement with her, I think, she's. She brought forth right through the rate accusations against why gap choose one of the first people to now: Both issues having sex with a minor she knew and she children is kind of a Hollywood mom, since he was here's. The thing story there is no easy way to treat it's not like all my minor of eighty seven years old. I think that's blogger ones cut off where we I mean even Mohammed, like jeez, that's kind of harsh consummated when see within my guess. You know when you think that guy who go to Mars is hard camels before I sexually it costs them, but not before seven lesson about Mohammed. I did. I did send your letters. She then, by the issue, cheese. She paid through an eighty thousand dollars in hush money to keep
don't take my word for it. There are gentle paid three hundred eighty thousand dollars to a young man, and he is claiming that our general sexually assaulted him in two thousand thirteen Atta California hotel. So its official laser wonder if I also had a wrong. Did you hear its Ossetia I see I see a by sea area how good? How do we get it? There's there's only three syllables we ve got some all. We got three of them wrong. It's all her faults in her hair and eyes, erect was You know it was shocking about this that scene and actually covered it. That's the prize me the most very briefly very briefly, and it is not the right way, but they at least had an old in another working party was habitable. I think wrong when I was that what is how its pronounced again monetary and economic at each is german and comparatively short, and why you so, even though yours? What's anything about this, story behind this person? I see it
As you know, we now we the next difficult out. We ve moved out and have a tall have at all. Rather I want to put the ball because none of us knew how to pronounce. Now today we all realize we read the news, because we don't really watcher listening to it, because we try to actually keep em. I try to not contaminate my mind with down lemon has to say or anyone and try to read it, but that way it's kind, but then I forget out of digital mispronouncing, go with it. I think when you try to pronounce it correctly. Well, could you ok? Let me clarify for unity was supposedly a lesbian she's. Actually harassed. Twist gay male graduate soon. Is that, like a double again making a positive? Yet what comes from the conservatives grieved at New York Times so Habitat Renault? Then he said pull them into her bed. She put my hands onto her breasts and was pressing herself her butter, onto my crotch. He said she was kissing, make us in my hands kissing my torso that evening a similar seem played out again
and you know that's a gay man just by his description right. Yeah me. She made me put my hands on her breasts house right now. It sounds like silicon, a reg it sounds like a dead actually unregulated like your fantasy night and then, let's you any honest grass thing hurrying out. Your honor mother could say that the professor was talking official term man. Yes, he's really gay cause, he didn't like it at all years. If you're, not one, not one. If you see pictures, he might not be ok, it might finally cover at this point most now. What were these people excluded for it like everyone else, and we do not know now. What do you think happened with Could it be usage moving your chindia. Yet to pretend I give her Chin beard, ok, go Florina, rigour! Think Jaffar he's got it. I got happened They were demanded of ours by the last year. When there's even received a letter defend legs
But both of actually sign is signed by a squad of famous academic, including Judith, look! You ve talked about in the month, mother of all gender studies that you'd have butler. That's the one, these drift ending them the first one to say that gender was a spectrum of Judah antler even before modern gender theory was still kind like with transgender transsexuals. There were two genders. You could swap Judith there was the one who said she's myself. This is what so infuriating about this whole Hollywood. Mass is now that is blown up with sexual saw accusations against everyone. Every gender. Every group there suddenly saying the things that conservatives were saying years and years ago, which is a soul? Accusations are complicated. You need to make sure you have all the facts before you persecute someone, send someone to jail or ruin their life and its horrible rape, someone know conservatives ever set greater.
If someone I've always thought it was back, they just thought: let's get the facts now. Suddenly you have rose Mcgowan freaking out in saying. Oh, my friends been accused. Let's be gentle begins, let's be careful. It's like Kay knows that we held a seminar that were little hazy on the rules you used every serve. They all need to be believe now, don't know where we live. There actually had seen and that's how they get it wrong. They write the entire segment talking about where they got the documents from and well we're not really sure we got it from here, but they didn't speak about the the terrible nature. What she actually did. You really spent the whole time can escape what round again got exactly. You know what I think you're, I think, there's anything as important. We have there to kind of sides to this meeting. There's exposing perverts the common spaces, the writer Harvey Wine, seems granted an end holding them accountable. Absolutely, I think we should do more of that unemployment low.
Restoration in their I'm fine. If that's what you ve done it just about your men, I feel men with wives, mothers or daughters, we'll have a secret meeting behind your back to be like secretly like ripping off it. Never never happened. I've never once had a guy bring up ray, in front of me outside the key of a joke, because there's nothing else that we learn from for show it's that rape is always funny the second beside me to movement and demonetized, now quarterback, yet the Shell Lord. She would laugh at that, but ironing are high herself. That's out of Europe. Are ass, she's our
never region pass to quote her general out. I love the trunk front hole. I wanna make cornered yourself into saying we're. Never so many weren't guys in my brain and come up completely empty, no good word for protein municipal guys like tally, whacker, Packer, John Tomlinson, all kind of silly, but with women there all round of sexual lives like there are a lot of silly. China is almost the most polite where it is really a technical there. I've got inside it again with a path. So a couple there's the flip side. Of course it is important to weapon eyes. Writer couples samples here, as in the case of Argentina. Now they reveal that bit that this crowd, like he's, they dont, believe their own press and remember that using clip of none other than Hillary Clinton telling you what you should do with anyone who comes forward when it comes to accusations of rape, you have I to be heard- and you have a right to be believed,
That might be longer. That's it sounds a little older Hillary Clinton, yeah sadly she's the one immediately after you and I have a right to be believed. Funny I am right, I wouldn't much sooner. I believe you saying it than anyone. In this room said. That's what would I will look with the urban Meyer story mean that a big topic right now I was, I was really afraid for the guy, because I play form another name. He was unbelievable coach, but every The immediately was saying this is the end of his career. You have done and heat it wasn't. Even the guy involved in the situation I understand that. Maybe you didn't do everything exactly right, but immediately people like he's done he's out. I was so pissed off. So thank goodness, it was a three games and send us a casket approach and that when they also for rest of all tat, he was a boy. Mire wasn't do as well as working time, emperor studio. Ok, look! It's not exactly the westward we ve said honour today. Ok,
That is the word I hadn't been linked at that guy. You remember the I regretted my date with disease and sorry article. Remember that did you redundant. Yes, I feel like that was the end of the me to kind of called following that being said, I hate him. I think he's an ass as these are I do. I do not like him is a huge, arrogant, liberal ungrateful, immigrant ass, but they do to destroy his career over something with very little evidence, and this is what it's it's not about: bringing perpetrators to justice. It's become in large part about demonizing men, so but when the meat to movement first broke member but wasn't really about Weinstein's immediately. That is used as a springboard. It wasn't about blaming individuals, they blamed what toxic masculinity right now. I see, I think, even having overlay you're from CNN. Ok, anyone now yelling about toxic for big lesbian entity, but I repeat myself
happens when it's a lesbian sexual raping a gay got. It wouldn't even have a file for that. I'm not sure what we do with that. Your guess is as good as mine the system as a change, because the guy so in these situations a guy has zero recourse wanted out there that you sexually assaulted, salted somebody, even if it true, you can't on ring the bell, even if these people like. What can you do to that? Your name is ruined for ever. Even if an article gets publishing, you didn't, do it you're still that guy, he was accused of rape or sexual I'll, never be justice for Kevin Spacey after this adopting a rail, obviously a problem in Hollywood like yes, there are these ridiculous meet. You claims in there just as much of a problem with the lying in everything by sex. A powerful thing, and this is what people have they ve tried to make. It seem like all you can sleep with anyone and it's no problem at all cosmos as its liberating and Jordan Petersen at an interesting analysis when me to started. He said this, finally going to teach our generation like this is
that really psychologically influences people. This is something that in Germany to society, and you need to respect it- you guys needed. Being so crazy and ridiculous with it, and this is what happened. Hollywood is in shambles because of this one thing that the A brawl media tries to tell us is so free and liberating, and anyone can do all that, but I'd least mean in the shower, because a lot of people- and I was Told- welcome- are back in the show, but I'm gonna Gabriel. They gave her a whole pass and with the same well, yeah occasional realise women like to get laid, and I said I'm not saying that some women don't like to get laid. What I am saying is that I believe that women, by and large, not all women were making a generalization are not a sexually predatory, Alice men. Sick well, disagree find common ground with that road, Think women want to have sex with as many management because that is what all men here. If everyone gets a guy's being honest here with no moral compass Second, as many women as it possibly could anyone else,
but everyone company I haven't heard now I well, I know I know I'm absolutely but women are you heard what it that way women, I even if they are tricked by the media, whatever it may be, schooling to think you can do everyone, I think deep down. They know because at the end of the day after they ve been with a guy in the guy, says goodbye after tinder, even if they both agreed to just do a networks and show their sad, they call up their girlfriends. I've had girls, call me after this and their upset about it, and they, like. I don't understand why I'm upset I dont understand. Why am attached to this guy? I only met him once well. How far do you go regret that its literally cycle equally wired in your body to make those connections yap the bond with people's most Christian, that doctors colonists their sole tie that occurs. You are you're but says when their quarterback yeah, I had a friend. They did the same thing that human attended eight in things happen, and he fell back after it Jemmy just
like that. You haven't remind everybody, a rare for a guy who, as I was, asked what I do I do it listen and I think that if it gets because the moral compass component, but yapping said guys, are hard wired to spread their see, it's a goal posts moving power grab from aggressive, but that's again by the way, it's one that ultimately arts, both sexes. Certainly women, take Henry cattle. For example, he said he was afraid to date in the meeting era, rightness feminist, jumped on him and said Feminist and Bernie Sanders. You you're, not I'll, write, yell crap ties site about Badge Superman. Just as one of the subjects of rolling stone article. Let it have you met hours weakening is encrypted. I know its measures girl. You have nothing to fear. If you're not a rate, but you have everything to fear, if you have a payments, I told the truth and Davy was hard enough when you didn't have to have written consent before you kissed someone rogues, what have they been difficult for? Charities to separate went for runaway progressives have admitted to me. Two million is less about truth and it is about causing what they quote.
A shift in power, imbalance. Oh yeah, that's from the conference right there, a shift in power imbalances, nets, everything, that's like that'll, be the closing clothing. Seven. I want to talk about a little bit more because shifting power imbalance is just for the sake of it. You have to figure out who is, at the other end of it see so when you shifted that's real important to Know- and this is the foundation for the modern progressive left like we'll talk much the underdog automatically has the moral high ground and, unlike we have to go and what they are going to a ceremonial economic, John Oliver, Samantha BS meant the air governor who just bitch. I do maybe solution oriented, and you touched on this and I think you're right the problem or told us. We have a culture of rape. Ok, let's go along that premise. What's the fixed The solution is the exact same kind of crap that you been. Working for decades, like my pet, my pencil After dinner, along with woman who's, not his wife,
like not allowing your teenage daughter or son to go upstairs at the door closed in a box of trojans how about that may be teaching young people that accidents, if not until marriage, which I still advocate, that's just a personal, doesn't just make, but at least until your old enough and in a permanent relationship or a long term relationship. Maybe that could be beneficial, like maybe teaching young men to serve and protect young women. By holding doors for them by not allowing them in a dangerous situations- and yes that includes the front lines of war. Why? Because pull ups like teaching women that mother? It is more important than your business success. Why so they can re successful. Morally, upright young men and women of their own, maybe like teaching men, yeah man, you're, not gonna, talk about real masculinity. Let's throwing germs toxic masculine habit is real masculinity, like being a leader, a good husband, a faithful, husband and father who stays with mommy in works through the marital problems, even though his feelings might be heard. How about that, what you called accept masculinity.
Call necessary for the survival of the human species, and you know it's not. You know it's not necessary for the survival. The human species, identity, politics, so let's being ism lesbian in an initial utterly unable to with no you cause toxic lesbian, raping gay student ism and man shaming, that's not necessary for preservation the human species dummies, whilst defamation of after this and then more is gonna, be here only funding now for hopper proverbs sponsored exclusively by Mug club said that if you do a dog from treated you feed him for a day. But if you give a dog a cow, Not a make tutors, but I find a bunch of some farms a papa could forget. Just one more o Stephen, can give Hocker. Maltese is because he has farms
stay do far more about proverbs, sponsored by mug club. Tanks are very glad to have our next guest. Actually, Lorn is not here right now she had used restroom, which actually ties and perfectly we're gonna leave this conversation off with restroom talk. You know, of course, Youtube COM, slash free domain ready as long as they allow, and I want to get this plug right. He speaks Phyllis, Laugh Ways Gateway, Eagle, council saint, Missouri September. Thirteen through sixteenth, of course, you see, is twitter, their Stephan Mono Stephan Mono. Did I get that right and that's that's great anaemic? Looking forward to the Eagle Forum, I pretty much ass you, that they cannot release a rabbit on the stage and I ve been a drop to it on the rafters. That whole approach must be
this. Basically, we gonna be that generally the plan, so you know you have to be there. Are you miss? The whole experience is at an honor Phyllis. Lastly, now just the name, I liked Phyllis she had run the show a couple of times. She died of course, quite recently at the ripe old age of ninety somethin, young and yet very powerful. Great woman should a lot of great soft pilot. Politically she was a mother of the EU for her entire states. You re six kids, quite a powerful force in Asia that woman a lot with my gentle, actually good sense of humor I to introduce her. It does see pack one year, Sir, about for years in a row where I was as empty at sea pack and then I ended up just the hating, my life, so I stopped, but I introduce Sarah Palin and eventually ok,
The governor Lascaux eyes at an she's, fine and people can a laugh, and then I brought our finnish lapland. The very last thing I said about it was, and I should also mention that she's fine and you can actually funny young gentlemen- now thinks you realize the sexual connotations are. You were saying before on air that you really enjoy speaking daddy, like we're your words yeah, so I mean for a variety of reasons, not least of which being stayed home down to a toddler, but I didn't do much on the road for like half a decade and back out with Lauren to Australia and well almost New Zealand, wise men mystic. I really remember just how much fun it is to play with an audience and and of course, the audiences in Australia quite Interactive, and that was a lot of fun. The queue and there are a lot of black, smiling
you mean you're on a black people in Australia. Like me, who I see, I invite them to be part of the show, because you gotta give them something: that's not gonna get by just click on a Youtube, so I want that interactivity and I wanna play back and forth so remembering how much I like it. I am available for parties. Bondmaid says the usual, and you know people want me to come and speak out I'll. Do it I'll? Do it so that's what I'm doing the Eagle Forum and got some other stuff lined up as well as man is. It ever and began in front of an audience again. I am the exit. I hate it. I despise it I've. We were taught I've, never liked it. I've, I feel very, I feel like I have to do it because people want to want to come and see us live and am very appreciative of the fans. But I was a kid before an oral, but it would feel like. I will get there kind of Bandy Bandy, legislate, bandies mom before I would like to introduce you matches or any kind of a sporting event. I would get so nervous and I'm feeling like I was gonna throw, but I don't throw up almost never throw up. So I just get explosive excrement,
before every oral. When I was a kid I don't know why I started doing stand up comedy. I always get nervous before audiences. I envy people like you who don't get the nerves, No, no! No see it's not that I don't get the nerves. I do, but it's more excitement, but my big fear, while the two big fierce when it comes to public speaking, especially when you're doing like some big huge area. We have a very ill defined stage edge like you, don't want to do a full. You know Steve Tyler and plunge right off the stage and and hope that someone catches you. So I actually lie yet, in their early and making friends with the space and making sure. I know where the edges, because they have a tape it and it's just like good luck, hope a pledge somewhere and the other. Is this nightmare that halfway through a speech, because I do like an hour are usually more halfway through a speech I'm just gonna have to pee, yet it's gonna more on like a soon army. You know dollar biggest peep,
broken water and your like industries like when I went to go and see the movie Titanic Anna had one of these giant flow drinks and entire loss after the movie is people's latian random water in one it is anything, but I thought that's got to be pursued. No, it doesn't get this the movie titanic. It takes actually less time for the ship to sink them. For the movie too, and by tat yeah those two. My only two big fears you can deal with one by making friends with the space in you, deal with the other by having for peach tax before you got back to speak so after that anecdote? What I would I from it is Stephan mountainous, gay. He went to tighten, it was actually Fraid to miss a portion of it. I can. I was looking for a reason for a vast and recollect TAT, Miss Jack, not for one moment to take his eyes off, and you know I do ices back when the and now this is back when you would roll the dice and you ve got at least seventy five. Twenty five split on seeing Cates boobs
in a movie right. Could he was just like this? Was her? Audition was just like fly here right, every other. You know this is back in the day when the internet was still pretty primitive and it was worth paying toolbox, Lugosi symbol as opposed to hazard ram. It was in her contract for every single found. It wasn't a seventy thirty split. It was just ass. There was a high there's, no rolling of the dice. It was real. Just Europe is like throwing a ball destroying everything I need some plants that are basically made from ahead band and roll escapes won't hurt, but that its basically how it that's pretty much. How goes so, but I know we were just tell them. I learn how even touring- and you have more speaking engagements coming up a highly recommend. People go go check it out, but let's talk about this also You're you're you're almost gone from Youtube. I, when I say that you brought you, won't, be and will obviously be heard, hopefully help you in whenever capacity we can and people can find out where to support him shriek and tell them how many hard strikes did you get immediately after Joan Alex Jones? Was a two right neuro we're out of his actually immediately after coming back from, Really. You know we're still tron a tunnel through
I'd em like jet lag that happens and basically yeah. I mean it was a real drive by you know it's like that. Samuel L, Jackson, character and pulp fiction. You know, bang, Bang, bang, it is justice, outlines on the wall behind you because we got to come The guideline strikes for, like I dunno offensively in Ray a continental. However, they exactly phrase it and yet that's pretty rough, and one of them was on an interview I did but Katy Hopkins noted british journalist and the other. Sammy. Talking about how white males were dying in the opium crisis in particular, so apparently whole have Paypal, but you know kudos to Youtube kudos to the community who fired off thousands of lovely dil for positive in war messages, saying hey, do not fair back to hell off. This is an injustice, they were taken off the accounts and cause Notin doesn't have any communication. You gotta read the tea leaves you gotta, you know just right s. What's going on
Yeah there was a chicken bone meal, toilets really marilla you. Somebody did, though mass flag, and I guess somebody in Youtube thought it was bad and I guess it went to a higher level The review- and you know I mean I've- never had any problems. You know twelve years been on Youtube. I was like I was like user. Before you do and twelve years, no problems that you go on a tour you ruffles and feathers, and boom boom the eye get all this stuff back. You know this is the kind of low back. You naturally get when you open a debate that they were about to give your walking paper. Subject: limiting Glengarry Glenn Raw, sending you onto the rain, it was re I mean I was. I was when I heard about it at first. I was really worried and sad, but I thought this would probably be rectified, but do appreciate you tube is for closer spiritualist, for clothes is only ports that video down. I do think In summary, I admire about you and we try to draw attention to listen. We have we have the ability to reach the highest legal counsel at at at Youtube. If they don't always respond,
because of my affection, Lobo Richmond on Retainer, because the fact we found them and we may contact with them so that its even more damning if they dont respond. But what worries me is not what, doing to you or to myself, because we know there's enough blow backwards, we can hold them somewhat accountable, but then Skies common up behind us, the people with the smaller channels there are so many stories that we may never even Nov, including you and myself, because our inbox has get flooded and we don't have the time to check all them every day. That's the kind of thing that keeps me up at night. Well, you're, absolutely right! There are the people who are they happen, cameras and I get messages. Just like you of people saying well, you know I did. I had a channel, I was doing for six months. It was drawing and then Bonbon bomb at God vanished, and this happens the Facebook pages. This happens, on Youtube in other places, and you know much though I'd love to help everyone. You know we ve, we ve got lives in an audience, is to please and all that so there's a lot of people out there who are not whither, of size and reach region, cloud that we have and they're getting disappeared and dont have this
the same kind of recourse, and that is a real shame, because I want the new talent to emerge. I strongly encourage people here too, to take the swing at trying to affect people positively in the culture. Warsaw I try and encourage young talent is much too all the more competition, the better. I don't alight CNN once a wipe out competition. You know that's a great challenge, you had better, you know what. Why do you want to wipe out competition? They polish you to a shine. Yet, why? Don't you can't palestine them into a shine? It's always a match finish. What it's like? The mat finish of near death, always becoming there's a lemon pledge joke in there somewhere on the point that he looks like dead, Johnny Mathis. If Johnny Math is returned from the grave, it would look like Don lemon you could. You could use a misunderstanding and I do up listen people out. There obviously reaches many of the big Youtube as you can. If your channels removed, we always tell people. Obviously Stephanie know this can sometimes we'll get messages. Read an entire
talk of artists uploaded Glinda, Larry Glenn rose to my entire. You, too, gentle derives from a second most of the time you usually are violating copyright, but if you're in the right, you know that you're, not you know, you're doing the right things yet do reach out as many people as possible. Sometimes I don't get through, but we do want to help you guys really quick, we'll have a timetable Aaron Strawn, coming up, I think actually Lord, is going to fill in home for me- will see how that goes. Your recent video was titled the and of South Africa. I believe- and I know you just toward of Laurent Southern who did farmlands and at work mother documentary woody. Think happens very obviously the titles provocative people can go watch it, but how think this all comes down in South Africa. How do you think it. Well I mean I hate to think that is inevitable in the title is provocative because I don't want it to be the end to South Africa right. I want people to have enough food. I want them to have political food, so I don't want to meant bulging in with guns to strip land from people who farming it for generations rights who, as you know, they change the constitution recently to allow for
communist takeover of arms and is like how many times do we have to see this damned story play out in human history of the last hundred fifty years is like people are doing really really well that's injustice that bigotry that's races and we're going to redistribute all of their staff and everybody gets to starve to death and fewer than one percent of south african heads of any rights. Here about this landed as you. It's just something that's held up to excuse bad behaviour and corruption and government. It's it's. The equivalent of the collusion story to explain why Hilary lost the elections like well reasons economy is doing so badly. The reason that the South Africa is no longer a net food exports, but a net food importer, the reason the Rand is crashing against the dollar. It's because too many white farmers like no its not because of that is because the government is horribly corrupt and inefficient, and they have really races laws that are there to promote a the blanks getting into jobs, to keep lines out of jobs, because they have these massive
squatter camps, full of whites who are not allowed to work. It's a really horrible system. They need to fix the system, but they had the right of communism in there for decades, starting before. Even the a dot m Mandela got into power and if we can find a way to push back against the communist take of birth, fantastic. If we can while they go the way of they d can rule in Cambodia. The girl, in the way of the communists, take over and in China and India Holiday more in Ukraine. Everyone's gonna, starve, Then everyone's gonna be sitting there saying while we gotta help all these people- and this, like, I gotta, tell you from what I'm seeing man there's a lot of compassion fatigue about it, because you know if it's drought, that's one thing, but if you starving has your national lies the farms and stole from everyone? Sympathy not simply high and that's gonna be horrible to see it's hard to get the gap to do a campaign. For that. I thought tourism a just died out there because of Leonardo Dicaprio horrible accident and bloody that'll do damage to a country's reputation. We do have to get going to encourage people to go logic. It is lovely directorate.
Was left, these gateway, Eagle, Council and Saint Louis September. Thirteen through sixteenth, of course, Youtube COM, such free domain, radio, seven thank you for being here, sir. We have to go. She cares drawn out there. Every time first live rate of the weak and the last slavery. We don't do one life really glad with Canada. Come such microbe. That's what keeps this show going. Lorn has been here actually a few days this week. After those don't see, I wish it. Forty five minutes every single day and you get the clips on Youtube. Sixty nine dollars annually for students, veterans, active military and it's what allows us to do not only the show but go on location. Do the hidden camera work, duly investigative work We appreciate so much people who joined up, especially with you too bright, now and the instability we really are doing a lot better, because so many fans of joined up and supported in were growing and we're moving into a new place and we're going to be confronting were people more change, my mind's next week as razor
springing in supporting the people who stuck there neck out for us. So we appreciate support you don't have to. You, can watch the free stuff, but am I go away If you do too in a particularly complex, my club, come to wild law on the major networks. Now my jasper o Thou Water Buffalo, a powerful, often misunderstood creature, also known by scientific name, changes Whiggery tankers jenkins- wakened up on that right, yes, Jasper I thank us waiter, deriving from the latin terminology to insinuate afar integrity, mostly known as a docile gentle overall agreeable creature
finding itself amidst adversity, hover transformed into a bombastic disagreeable formidable damage ass. Would it do the lines out, I'm telling you I was out of safari out there in India. I don't know if you call to survive, we run a cheap and this thing came up and just started ramming for no reason just say the lines. I think this is about doing all viewers are service here. That's water, Buffalo is not what he presents himself debate some people, I think it's a good natured agreeable. Greater, does looking to be pat, wouldn't really he's
flaring I'm just looking for a bob. I won't even talking about jasper, I'm talking about one of these things when I was out there, what that's why, when the children or, above all, those are ass. You re right over for no reason before that we were facing the damn thing we are supporting its livelihood just turned on what everything against we thought it stood for. Another part ranges fine, my ex wife, because she felt on the wrong food and she had the nerve to submit a bill by God. S budget do not want that. Like do you know what I'd like to get a bell six month, I've got a moment for something Yoda. Even though do you know about stole crossing that is, I beg of you. Did you stop telling me to stop you're smart little day to Malaysia Justice
so good and hello everyone and welcome to louder with Lauren, and today we are with the wonderful beautiful Karen's. On from girl rights, whites and honey badger. Radio on Youtube. Karen, I actually have seen each other since we went to a slot, together in Alberta, I think, was it yeah was in Edmonton here you got to sleep on my couch, which probably wasn't no, it was a very, very cosy couch. Now I entered
and that you wanted to talk about the Asia Azure can pronounce rename Argento situation, one of the first accusers of Harvey Wine scene and one of the founders of the meat to movement, and you want to talk about the fact that she has just been accused herself of statutory rape with one of her co stars. Actually younger mail, it's it's a little bit about weird story like I think the statutory rape thing. Kind of muddy the waters, because I mean everybody knows that there is. Seventeen year olds out there who are capable of can consenting to sex right Canada or age of consent, is sixteen, but damn really struck me about this particular case- is that they met on sat, when he was seven years old or something like that
and they have had this sad- they formed a bond that baby described kind of it. Like a mother son bond. And she's still calling him her sudden- and you know like her, you Sonny Boy and all this I think this situation in other french president with his has much older wife that used to be his teacher and they ve got this weird. Like Mommy Son creepy, plaything going on yeah. Well an end. He describes the situation as something that wreck actually really messed him up. So essentially- and she was thirty seven and he was seventeen, so that's like as significant age difference there than you actor in the relationship between them that that might mess somebody up and as the responsible adults in the room. She probably should have you know, even if he was interested
should have said no. No. This is not ok,. But jobs so how to age itself being under the age of consent. Just confuses the real weirdness of this situation right right, and an DMZ has come out with the photos of them now in bed together. So there were some doubts now people are little more can ensure that this did happen. What do you make of rose, Mcgowan's comment, so she came out and said everyone needs to hold their judgment and be gentle towards Azure Argento after I think that people should we hold their judgment for sure until evidence, but that's how modality elevating anyone else in Hollywood was it or that you were a general who Mcgowan was an answer and we have all victims believe all victims unless there met yet no that's that actually that the problem or unless you they're accusing, is a woman that that's. It You that I have is like
I would argue in favour of it was Mcgowan's approach to this case that that should be the approach to every case, but that's not what The movement is arguing, you know leave survivors, I believe victims. Every acquittal is, is it miscarriage of justice right every man who comes out with evidence. You know where every time something like the University of Virginia rolling stone? False accusation comes out as falls. has discredited that that Actually proof of Sir but he getting away with it somewhere. So whole thing is just annoying and ended. Frustrating in its hypocritical Hollywood is a mess. I can and look at it anymore. It upsets meeting our lives are all just. They need to sort that out now some else. That is a mass and you talk about it. A lot on honey, badger, radio, free speech,
situation of famed internet rocket to your account, Dank Yola, who taught his pug dog how to do the Nazi salute and was brought up on Haiti. Charges in the UK has now lost his case and subsequent appeal, and he is trying to take the case to the Uk Supreme Court for a final appeal to see if he has the right to make a joke without being prosecuted. Essentially Europe, it's my thoughts. You know like when you, when you watch the video and I did watch the video, and I found it hilarious and played it for my kids and they founded hilarious. Is your damn also latticed is your dog also a fascist? My dog is, I would say, she's borderline personality call digital order, but she's she's, not that extremely political up like that.
essentially, he said he prefaced the joke with to play a prank on my girlfriend. I'm gonna try in her q we dog into the least cute thing I can think of which is of course a Nazi. I am thinking of the worst possible thing. I could turn this dog into, which would indicate that he doesn't it Nazi. The guy are doubly also. This is something that the mainstream media never mentions. He has a giant down on his chest of a hammer and sickle having the conveniently forgets when they discuss this case. I dont think that he is, I think, is political these have changed, since he got that permanent badge. You know, but at the same time he's definitely not far.
Right he's not he's not a fascist he's. Not anything less and less able in this day and age. You just appreciate comedy humor, free speech. Discussing different is therefore in their push to be in this bizarre sphere. Amalgamation of men's rights activists Santa Estuary, double use, conservatives libertarians, classical liberals, everyone who has been just force to support each other's free speech together and, in some cases, support far less free speech as well, despite the fact that you want to take all of hours away now, one more thing: I wanted to ask you about those this march for men that is taking place in Australia. Has you all up in arms? Can you tell me a little bit about that? I I don't know much. Its being organised by a woman named Sidney Watson who, as a Youtube Charles, her yeah? It's is she's, not term super super popular like she does not in the millions of subscribers or anything but but she's.
Gotta go ahead on our shoulders. She's conservative she she's quite soon, or to you and her views and she'd? Like recently, there as a young woman killed your idiocy Dixon, who was raped and murdered, while walking home from work at night and ever since then it's just been constant barrage in the media and in politics in parliament, calling all men to task over the behaviour those few men who do things like that, an painting all of masculinity as responsible for this and then essentially saying women shouldn't have to learn how to protect themselves. Men need to stop, raping and killing us right, as if all men do this.
And so she she kind of got sick of it. So she does, did. She was gonna, have a march for men and, of course, All of the rhetoric now is about how she's all right, she's she's a fashion she's a the sergeant she's, there's more Four men, Falstaff, more or stop March for men is racist ray. His, I guess, because white men are included in that category. Anything that includes white men as racists rate so and And I'm just watching these go down and she just seems like one of the most solid people she's. She gave a solid pitch she, essentially said women and men should now be at each other's throats, we are: with each other, we need to learn how to love one another work together: cooperate have each other's backs,
This is not a march to slam women. This is not a march, that's political in any way, everybody is welcome men, women of all political stripes, just to support men just to show that men matter, crazy. I am a feminist march in the UK and before I got kicked out and they start screaming at my camera man, because, had no men on the March no men on the march, so not only was it a march only for women. No one had a programme that, of course they wouldn't even let men march with them and she leaned and attacked. And who came near the march to tried, supported or to film it so radio, silence on that, and yet this poor girl, whose organizing amends March absolutely be earlier and on top of that there is a counter protest planned between essentially Australia's anti there are some other feminist groups
national union of students. Women's com is there something like any protesting against idling men issues to their high suicide rates, leg massive and that there are more likely to be killed on on the job? Look it I saw. It was almost parity, like I'm sure he sought to in the U N Women's page on Facebook. They posted something where it was like, seventeen percent of journalists killed, are women. This is it asked how we have to face this problem in a dress it and I'm not going go away personnel. Our eighty. Some odd percent are men which mobile numbers up, you gonna? We gotta get more female journalists killed to make things equal right. I mean I've similar things like that, in a globally sixty million children of elementary school age or out of school half of them are girls will no doubt.
yeah we're supposed to care more because girls are affected and empty do you care more yeah, it's it's sad, but thank goodness, we have people like you sticking up for rights, even though its tough and you get all the slander, but it's good to have you when I was young and I started go into the Slutwalk stop before I got into this crazy world. You had back now, Yo Sidney's back, and thank you so much for that Karen, but we got arrive on to the next. Meant so I'll. See you guys later anything now for the adventures of the white privilege. See the look at Mr Mccord there's no one here, join it there's officer gentle. What do we do? I know let's run into that, alleyway
showed tat done it now, boy review for even up to no good. I don't know what you're talking about Officer Jenkins. Well, I've been getting some phone girls does your Macarthur ring a bell or a case run. I got this. I still have my be begun or Timmy on disappointed. You know you're not supposed to a loaded firearm on and off. What are you going? about an officer Jenkins. I tell you what I'm going to do to you to me, you're going to put the loaded firearm down going. To call your mother first grab an ice cream. Gonna talk about it. What do you say? Ok? Can I in the front of the paddy wagon. Oh dear, usually that's not allow, but since your wide,
all about what they go, where they find themselves in their stay down for next week's instalment of adventures of the wide privilege buys has called the Blake Liveliness
Fear is the shallows. This is every single shouted were swimming with real life. If she did this throughout the Jews, all our air in the great what we need are also by the way she doesn't have better vision under one of the great white shark, little known fact, everyone Ensure mule album quarter blackguard what what's it? What's the tourist q t argue tiara long black hair. They would they want to have a job. There were the track, Esther learning this new staff. We appreciate it used to be key gripped ere. It was always a little bit of authority I side, because he was a smart ass. You he smokes too much. I like that, mostly at it and course Lorn Southern. Thank you so much and seven Manu Karen Strong, Thank you. We really appreciate next week we are going to have razor. Accurate office was going to be here this week. Yes, you are, and I hope not let his dad was sick- you to take care of him real for the razor fearsomely. I know we also met. Iceman is going to be in third chairman, Benjamin again, of course, Hodge Twins, boss route and money,
blind world strongest man, I'm gonna, have a feminist duty, I'm so excited analyze, gonna get to the door. I have no idea. We might have to have him with with two cute Mattie R, R r female entered the only female editor we ve ever had every browser that it accordingly in offices have good accordingly office, sometimes a sorry, Madison or mom he's dressing me up, but I love show Monday because we are going to be working on Simply, the biggest change my mind ever done. We have some hidden cameras. Have to give an example, the team that puts us together that crap in France that you saw this week that was months of following this path real videos of months in the making and then sometimes we work on them for months and nothing happened. So that's what I'm talkin about the new era of the super videos here, because they're enough people at the lot of dirt. I come from a clip of joined up. If you can hear me to join up but it's not like Jimmy Kimmel, where I can send our gear MO. I am Gear MO
I am the Larry, but now I have to go out, and actually we want you to find someone who can do some prosthetics for disguises. So the lot and events or was it, your monster, monster, kaluza monster police be out. Looking, that's really sad. What are you It took me a monster kaluza, but I wore a comecon cost him like an optimist, probably awkward, but they really had. I don't know it's a video, I'm looking at that a lot of money. I think we need to do that, something that would be completely out of place but would still see nerdy, but they would be a latest in their nerd them since it what I wanna talk to you about, today, you know are attempting to looking for something greatly. You I'm a thirty thirty one year old guy who gives a cramp what I have to say as far as life advice, but it matters to some of you. So this is something Actually, I was on my heart this week because watching my favorite movie ever so all this me too, the blacklist matter the democratic socialism, it all sponsoring the same evil All companies idea of shifting the balance of power simply for the sake of shifting the balance of power
the foundational philosophy? The left we all know we ve talked about the sort of underdog theory, its known by another word envy. So what my favorite Arms is, is the edge they might have you seen no I'm not I'm not. I want to know. I watched the trials that you keep talking of islands and watch it is. None of our armies are the reason why? Because it is my favorite fill it is, it is not. Maybe it is my favorite film period I'll say that people can be crap about that all the time, but don't go and wash the film comedy Let me know what you think whenever I talk with someone about this, so my answer favours shouldn't. Happy godfather should never think. Chinatown was a better film by the way Who cares what acquainted and the fourteen year there was a good film, but the edges- favorite fill my everyone comes back and says yeah. Was pretty good. No one comes back and says nigh thought it sucks. So this is one of those ideas recondition to not like somebody get it. There are a couple couple: from them might be cheated a couple of green screen sequences. It maybe don't hold up today by think it's at least the most underrated film of the last quarter century and it just fine
The writer David Mammoth is going to be on the same matter. Glengarry gone ROS, who here at Untouchables, really. I don't know he brought a most stayed right of our generation is written. A lot of reforms he's going to be in the shop. I cannot tell you how excited I am? He actually came out of the closet conservative with an article titled. I believe it was evident from me why I'm no longer brain dead, liberal, New York Times, I believe, is re, wrote as well. I could be wrong so we lose New York magazine, but I dont know exactly where it was to someone can we be? Let me now, I don't have a source for this. I didn't prep for this, but. Like I just was. My mouth is getting dressed owing to drink and that's all over people or listening on audio by the way subscribe on Itunes. If you aren't for when you're on the road here's the thing he wrote, the long before the article re came out as a conservative, and This is a big reason. I love the phone, but there are tons of reasons
especially when you re watching it's one of those that, like a video game or backtracking, their eastern, nearly every single shot, almost every line of dialogue means something, but something that is singularly unique about this from the billion air play by Anthony auctions are characteristics. Trials Morse. Kind of a spoiler alert here. Three too good the billion or is actually the good guy in this relates both to the point be making in the Roma Cinema where the wealthy person is nearly always the big evil oil baron or the Corrupt Wall Street banker. Here's this film, Charles, more civilian air, surrounded by artists photographers and in an even minorities, by the way, one of whom just gets crap of me. Lot of a bear way worsening residency stand out man of character. The true blue character is the old White Guy patriarch. Personified Charles, more threats from can not only improve people's lives, but he saves them in the past. Is it sometimes shifting the balance of power mere for the sake of it doesnt. Taken to it,
who's going to get the power once the shift is completed. So the worst people throughout history were powerful, so work, All of the best and if we try to strip power from people simply because we perceive them to hold it as well, talking about now. Does these articles you see them with with me too. That's the end game with democratic socialism. So if you want us to power, just just because people have that's that's the reason but who's going to maintain the balance of power afterward he too charlatans the algae, beating you a ip movement feminists, but because they aren't Charles Morse some opened the edge that that really stands out to me is everyone in the film wants something from this bill. At every turn. He doesn't know who to trust you and other motives. Credibly isolating a really highly recommend this so much that there are a lot of undertones here that I could get into. I will hopefully, what with David monopolies on the ship, but it's real easy to vilify people of power perceived wealth. You know, it's easy.
Because a lot harder look ourselves in the mere for the selfish pieces of garbage that we all are. We want something from those people. Why aren't? They could be cheaper deodorant while we all vilify Walmart could be cheaper gas, we vilify all companies or so four streets when we vote cops. You know I've a few wealthy people now an unfortunate to know if you wealthy people know I am I am not among some, but I've seen a happy with them. Happy have seen it happen with them people, like I'm, ok Mark carry cabin all people. I've seen with folks tugging at their sleeve demanding something of Upham happens when these people don't get what they want, whose roots jerk, and that's how the shift of power just for the sake of it begins it sprouts from the seat of selfishness. People who are you, because all of us do this every day
a foundational principle of the teaching of the modern left to use example Kevin. This is a real person, an incredibly wealthy I'd, I'd like this, I feel fortunate, say friend, of mine, I'm always on people asking for anything even though he is offered a lot. You know this guy to give you an idea. Ok, let me give you some examples from try, I'm trying to make sure don't reveal identity, but I don't think they can only. Let me Give you two examples. Are two videos completed here louder with greater this t, never would have been able to do. If not. For this, and Kevin lending us his personal plain, I know of pure white white people, problems, listen yet the guy has a plain good for him but you know why you lent it to us: just be a blessing to just Let not only us but to you the fans, one that was.
Product in France. One of them was the whole yeah conference in what because we were, there is no way to get out there commercially in there. They were over eight in advance and that in that not mess a ballroom, I wouldn't miss Elsie. He knew that we need to get six crew members out to location. We couldn't afford to do it in time, otherwise we would have enabled it. Unbelievable blessing that Heath peer the interview, ask for it with a lot of these people. You'll be surprise as to how generous there it applies to every moment of your life. Really. This is how we time think of any one. You are but really been mad with your dad you're teacher, maybe your boss, your mom, all people who, at those moments in time or in a position of authority over you. It comes down to submitting to authority, sometimes, when appropriate, left wanting to submit to authority when it's all right, people based on identity politics, not stone, morality, where's gap as a Christian. I do what a biblical basis for submitting to authority when appropriate.
These people, almost all the people you ve, probably disliked some moment in your life, had authority over you not think of anyone on the flip side, who's ever actually really helped. You been there when you needed it So when you actually meant we years, I got your back broke. What is at me? What does that mean? So in a truly meant that when they said they had your back, could we then maybe you're tap? Maybe that teacher that boss, maybe your mom, now magnify that, that's it wealthy person. This is a big name actor, that's just a person in some kind of position of authority who, for some reason you or I or society, doesn't like and that we automatically assume them to be in the wrong? Why? Because we so want them to be in the wrong. That's what
That's what's wrong with democratic socialism. That's what's wrong with black lives matter with Antiphon. In with the me to movement, it's it's based on! So wanting a specific person had ripped to be wrong that we will do anything. We can almost haste it and that's a foundation of the left today. The point here is really there's nothing easier than to vilify people of power or authority, success that we haven't achieved because haven't achieved it easier to just hate? The people who have some of them are bad people, of course, it's even harder to seven, the mere and be honest as to why you hate that person is. It then, is of them or is it you so think of us in your life if your listing right now there's someone under whose authority- maybe you ve, been even difficult Maybe even given the harder, maybe even vilified, maybe you're, envious of them and you don't treat them so well, really right now,
give you a second. I want you to think of one person. This is an exercise pick one person in your life. These endeavours reserves how you treat them. You maybe has his or her own crap to deal with. You think, maybe that per Could you someone to really trust? Maybe it's a person with a plain point: is it doesn't what're, you ve been thinking of you and we all do this, make it right go to it right now, make it right, or or at least leave Make it right moving forward starting today, because it yours is their job As many powerless as there are powerful heroes and vice versa, its human nature, I'm not trying to shift the balance of power just for the sake of it, I don't want to restructure society based on envy all want to see our more good guys and girls at the top. So you know what the left wants you to be, that guy don't be that guy, hopefully the guy or the girl clawing at the guy who you envy. Don't
aspire to be Charles Moors and watch the edge and tell me it's not underrated, so you next week,
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