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#6 Offended or offensive? Podcast!

2015-01-15 | 🔗
Enough with political correctness!  It’s time we stop worrying about being offensive.  In fact, sometimes we need to be offensive!  Andrew Klavan joined me on this week’s podcast to explain… Also in this episode, Krystal Heath chats with us about people who hate children, and Jordan Crowder’s here to talk about how oh-so-progressive Hollywood managed to give us an all-white Oscars this year. Tune in below or subscribe for every episode on iTunes!

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Hey. This is Stephen crowded with louder with greater, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you here fifty seven black rifle it is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want to community from which to learn about how to care for your gun, gun safety were defined. Conceal permits forces as well as the best online gun store in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a our fifteen. Does that's a our fifteen dot com.
We stand for the motor city, maniac, weird from them. At the great lakes Grandmaster, the motel mad man, the mittens killer. We ran out of names, lessening do out with crowd. Good morning, good day, to you so glad to be back here, aren't too
who had to be back here, funded, I'm always here. You're always having remaining. I'm right here. Do in the news for South Eastern Michigan Dear get used to getting up so early. Never I've been doing that almost consistently since about ninety six, and I still have a hard time getting up without my beloved, carefully Have you had coffee since you're a little kid or that it is an adult thing. I started having coffee when my dad started taken me too. The Buick dealership on the weekend So that would have been. I must have been about tat, and we go to allies, brothers, big boy and we'd get you know, you're bacon, pancakes and a couple of coffees and we'd be good to go. Good goes relative, At that point, your doktor might not agree, but I thank you. Four tuning, and not only, of course, South these Michigan Detroit. But
the inter webs we get a lot of emails from people who listen online. I'm always amazed known. I see someone who's listening. Terry Base, you know in Jacksonville Florida or out in Atlanta, and you realize what the internet is just. You have no idea whose listening we ve got a lotta listeners. Actually that are in Florida check this out. I get it. I call on all the time say and yeah I'm the freeway here and I've got no backups no snow and, unlike thanks I don't know why he feels the need to tell you that that's probably not a zone of particular mental robustness its cause. I went to school, just Robin it categorically. Ok, I guess it's just calling from Florida to give you traffic updates. That's the kind of What's the lotion on its skin weirdness alleys that way anyway? A but Let let's be honest, people it's one of those weeks where The news is very much the same as last week. It's just like if you look at nine eleven several,
weeks after nine eleven, the news was still nine eleven. So the news, if we were really really wanted to talk just hard news today is still Paris We have dough and the reaction to that but we got into that so in depth. Last week I would say much more so than than other shows when we had people on. We talked about the ramifications of Islam, so we will get into that today, more so, the free speech angle. The terrorism angle, but the free speech angle, because you, We need to be a terrorist muslim too. That would people understand that there is a war against free speech and that's a war by any and all Muslims, almost We believe that drawing Mohammed should be punishable All Muslims believe that speaking of the off it in a way that is anything less than glowing is planned. Should all or should be punishable now. What about muslim capitalists talking about their profits? Do they get in trouble are what is is. Are you implying that Muslims are not allowed to be capitalists now, but
if there is a meeting and they start talking about profits to somebody say: will you can't do that? Why? Because it sounds like profit. Because you don't like the word, but your daddy, never mind, I'm anywhere, you haven't had your coffee at area. I have it might! Well, you know it. I made an coffee and was really week. My mom brought this. Behavior was enough notion, brought me beans from up like Nord Stream and she was all enthusiastic about a Stephen you're. Gonna love these you're, never gonna believe it than they were just terrible. Man you don't know the harder than what was that, isn't that a clothing store, yet they have like a coffee shop outside of north, from which I come. You are we actually it's funny. We were talking with one sponsor one potential, coffee sponsor and then They wanted to get on here for free, that's the problem with a lot of sponsorship, in the conservative movement or an email, christian woman anywhere else we talk about DES right, you come
a business transactions, necks access, there's a why access. Ok, this is our budget. This is the value, bring to the table, its fine, the intersect and then in any ideological movement. They just want to add just catch it and go. You should do it for Jesus or you should do it for conservatism, and it's like yeah I've gotta eat everything for me as like you gotta, do it for cash gonna do a cold, hard cash money. So we have the Islam deal. Of course we're still going to be talking about that, but you you ve, heard about that a lot. This week's we don't want to only repeat ourselves at its best. If you got a lotta with crowded outcome, listen, I say that not to be arrogant, but nobody out there has been consistently hit. As long as I have online I mean just knowing you I'm afraid. Somebody's gonna kill me for what you ve done. I know No one hears a thing and what kind of joke about it, but what I ve done really isn't that offensive funding for any what else for Scientologist for Buddhist for Christians
done is not vulgar, would have done it crass its edgy? What everything that I've done has been accurately sourced from the holy books themselves and done. Goofy way online. It's not that offensive show any of my videos to it. You know to Ben too Due to your child in a wouldn't be inappropriate pop up, maybe from my left wing wipes perspective, it might be a little bit offensive, but isn't that funny it's not funny with left wingers. What offends them is what they don't agree with. Right and I'm a grown man. I don't believe in being offended, but that's very from me! Saying a you know: what are you saying? Hey Ben you know you can't watch. This is just it's not age appropriate. You know someone's blowing someone away with guns doesn't offend you. He loves that, though of course, all little boys, love guns and love. Violence is just the way their bread. You know, I think I think there should be cartoons with violence, and am I don't think they should be watching. You know, pulp fiction,
I don't think you should sit in your kid and from a turn, Tina was a baby sitter, but the point is: isn't it money if its death proof, because it's got a really cool car in it? which all of that was the cart Russell. Yeah yeah. That is that's my favorite guarantee no hands down. He get. I don't like that. Aren't you while everything else is really difficult for me to watch, but death Guph was so fond because it captured that job. Of the old car chase movies and the stunts were so brilliant and the three actresses that are in that car and when they, oh, my gosh. I just absolutely love that movie. It is so fun beginning to end This literally sounded like funded movie minute, but wait. There's more here will fund up movie minute now. Murmur now will be talking about Paddington, Bear GOSH I can't even believe they haven't. Even I,
the preview for that last night. Here's how you know a film is bad. When you see a preview like the date for the first time of the day, the film out so I ve been bearing the previews and there's an ailing STAR and their who? You have no idea this path just last night, was and the gold Briggs Paddington. Bear Preview came on good. We. What is this all they crept? common Firth, I know column birth or whoever it is. I think it's Collen furthest in this one, I think so others tons of alias stars and there, the guy who plays the twelve Doktor is in there that the Mai, guy from downtown Abbe is in there. Ok, the woman from Happy go lucky and me in Dagenham is: is the mom there? the stars in the UK, but there alias stars. You I'm lookin so far, That is, I mean the Paddington Bear books charming is all get out. You know and
Ben saw the trailer when we are watching tv. It's been on actually for about three weeks on BBC. Ameriky constantly see that that trailer that's always been talked about. What are we going to the movies on Friday night and like no that's after work will probably those Sunday afternoon, I cannot this mention just get up Oh by the way we forgot to plug get our guests are wonderful guests. We will have on the day we will have Andrew Clayton, always a writer extraordinary people realize this guy's resonant Andrew claiming to he's written you now so many films at what you ve seen and probably love and didn't realize. A thousand Andrew Clayton scripture that was adapted from Andrew Claim, a novel, real just a great, informative guy, funny guy, I will have a crystal he's on my wonderful producer, who also just knows politics in and out she'll, be coming on to talk the the dac a bill and and Romney likely announcing his bed for presidency. I wait a second.
You have another producer, you two diamond good for nothing. I now I am I'm leaving. We haven't. You wanna go that's true! You're like little kid who says I whirling away and you make it to the end of the block. With your box a grapes, you come back with your head. In shame it's like, I, don't even have the snoopy thing over my shoulder right. Yes, I'm picture, I'm picturing you with the stick and the handkerchief yellow, method of method available, the accurate adhere to what it was, but yes, Snoopy has that needs runnin away. Whoever said like that, couldn't be a less efficient, hobo tree. Rotation device a stick in a handkerchief. You can fit nothing in their mouths. About theoretically, don't have a lot of stuff. I if it's really just it's a cover up, it's it's! It's a stick to hit other hoboes with I go there. You go of my train whack. I thought I thought you
just broken your lunch, though fling none, jerks. We weren't Austin this week and the homeless problem will talk about the homeless problem is just rampant, their anywhere. You have left ism and in an filthy, hippy sing real accepting of all you have just homeless. People are costing you on every single block. Of course, it's the same, an ant arbour in San Francisco and then it gets your point where they have to they have to fix the city because it becomes a problem. It becomes a safety issue, so it actually do not that the diminishing point, I wife and I had a conversation which made aware of the fact that the greatest male feminists out there are married men and we'll talk about that after this break out, we'll get back and we'll talk. Islam, feminism, death penalty, for years about Charles Warner who's been executed. This is TAT the page news and where they enjoy clavering stay tuned to the louder with the credit. Let's actually see. Added
it's a louder with progress to show what I added to make it sound more official, so don't be confused louder. Roger will be back your listening, do louder with crowded on where taught sixteen hundred your listening do louder with crowd her on WHAM taught sixteen hundred good morning. Glad to be back and so happy to have you with us with me. Funding was fired and eaten. The break and I'm your new produce their Larry you be renewed, immune search through the rolodex of voices. You just put a spawn there. I just want with the highest one you know like: ok, what's the furthest away from the regular could have gone with this guy
we really do want the guy who was chasing after inspector gadget as your producer oh man. That movie was terrible while we're talking about films, I'll get you got it. With Matthew broader. Did you ever see that one? I think I did think it was on tv at one point and it was just dreadful: Matthew, broader, I'm inspector gadget I'm here to inspect gadgets. That's my job! Just like no inspector yet it is supposed to be here and wise and needs economic, I suppose the salad, John Adams. I dont know how they did that. Would you believe two girls scouts and golden retriever? now. I got him started so we're talking about lots of furnish used today will get back to Islam in specifically free speech. What really really bother me today was all this week was turning into the news and by the way, I'm done This I'm done with cloaking things and not saying conservative, media news or not saying Fox NEWS, I'm I'm I'm done with it.
Ok, doesn't me just because uncritical of someone on one issue doesn't mean I'm indicting an entire network or an entire ideological group of people? Ok, but when I do two msnbc and when I turned into doctors are none of this was the entire tomato Emerson be steep, has still consistently taken this stance and they refused to show the new Newspaper cover for Charlie have dough. I couldn't believe I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't I think, they're they're motivated by fear their motivated by fear exactly. But this is the first religion that is act. We truly infringed on the first amendment. It's it's completely this Such a slippery slope, for the news to cover, the biggest news story in the world really
the biggest new story of the last several months outside of nine eleven. This is one of the worst terrorist attacks. We ve seen in such a clear cut, depiction. Of the influence of the motivation behind this terrorist attack. So covering it in their covering what caused the terrorist attack. It's not a violation of FCC rules, but there happens to be a portrait of Mohammed of the newspaper and they're saying we refer, two. I did a joke about that if you got a lotta with greater dot com. My Koran challenge video. When I compare Jesus to Mohammed- and I did a joke that said portrait, available from it and then right after it was me dressed up as Mohammed, you know trying to to lure in a six year old girl, as Mohammed did. But to see our news. That is your job. I mean if anything if you want to give yourself in a ward and talk about how brave you are and the rift you're willing to take on this.
Yield and you won't even run a damn newspaper. You should be ashamed of yourself. You could put pixelate all over the thing. Put it put it over his nose? What looks like a she wants him here? Without that your job? That's your job with news it your job is to cover the stories whether people will be affair. It or not. Whether people want to hear it or not. That is Your job and I'm a comedian, when entertainer. I've never considered myself a straight news guy, but I I'm doing a better job of that the news, and that shameful it really I don't just say this is what isn't one of those things were getting on air? can hear lotteries. Hopes will have to find something to get mad about, as Committee and as someone who makes drunk people laugh in a club for live, united that for years now unfortunate enough reckon go to my own venues and and bring people to me, but it's so necessary for everything:
to be within the bounds of safety to critique it's either. Oh ok or none of its ok, the Indians, invest. Issue of freedom of speech. To me, as is the really the most important of our time, because it's it's not only it certainly not only terrorists. It's all of Islam. All was cat Stevens gets diva said the guy deserve to die when he was talking about It was Salman Rushdie or or Muslim. You christian converts. These are moderate Muslim, they believe punishment by death, Four slandering Mohammed, they believe punishment for converting from knowledge, and you don't need to be a terrorist. You just need to be a Muslim, so even if their blowing you up Islam is not or religion can coexist with freedom of speech and, as a matter of fact, it's an ideology that demands. The ex german Nation of free speech commuting someone whose only tool as my voice my words to have
I was taken away not only by Muslims but by a complicit left. This cowardly media afraid to run a friggin satire newspaper by the way, not a funny paper. The French have a terrible sense of humor. Anyone is ever performed anywhere with french people. Even in Montreal you go out and you can have some. Unlike a billboard, you can have Dahmer era performing brilliant stuff. Not allowed. Some mine with the paper machine: friggin hat comes out and there in hysterics. Freedom of speech that that's what it comes down to its it's one of the most important issues of our time, because we're losing it- and I don't know, do you ve done get that sense funded. You realize how imminent it is. Oh yeah. It feels like you're not allowed to say the things you know that fifteen years, go. You would have been able to say with no difficulty at all. But not even fifteen years ago. You know I started stand up, so it would have been.
And my teens, maybe two thousand five, two thousand yet two thousand five, and I could say things back then that would get me fired today. And it was never dirty like us- have never been a dirty comic. I dont work blue, but just things that were clean, correct, whether it be about Islam, whether it be about you, know, vegetarians visions. Worse, I was saying things back, then that can be better good. Get me band today, so I wonder what it's like now to be a teenager or to be coming up. Right now doing an internship with with some kind of a news agency or or trying to do, stand up or trying to be an actor. Its be a hard minefield to navigate the politically correct minefield right now, because not only is it being dominated by people who will kill you, but by
people who are so cowardly and afraid of the people who threatened to kill you that they just threatened to fire you I added it slowly changing over time, and then eventually you don't have those first amendment right any more. I tell you what we'll get there. If we, if we kowtow to Islam it all you dont, you don't owe me first rights. You can say legally, you do, but if we live fear of a group of people and here's the thing if you are the only way to appease ones and as long as far as not being offensive? No art just have to be no art. I don't believe in depictions of. Did you know that funding available even depicting the human form you oughta have art? All you really need is art Not all you really need you just got done talking about cash money. You need that to think it can money for your art, that's ideal, but we need is not just about Islam. It's about those power before
with credible. We are back with a guest with whom I am actually thrilled to be speaking kind of have to say that but Andrew Clave, an author video maker, extraordinary and writer Andrew thank for being back. It's a pleasure, and, yes, you did. I know I know I just it's the law and then you could hear my breath afterwards that I have to say that, but that
so after you ve written a peace here, that's up a Pga media and, of course, to your videos. Truth revolt, I hate to be that guy who brings people on and spoils the peace by explaining it, but only sort of profit. Here you were talking about how its necessary the humour as we move forward. People are going to be offended and in why the truth is important. I know up in. I don't think, there's there's its by happenstance here that you wrote this in the wake of Paris so want to tell us what is it? You know what I'm talking about the fact that you are talking about the one about, the counter culture. But yes, yes, yes, yes, because I mean this is the thing, the truth, a thin. Some is always going to send somebody in the world in which you tell the truth and everybody applaud and carries you on your but they're back into his Hawaii. You told us to true thanks. So much that happens in the movies
if every life, not so much, you know in real life. You know worth Christianity teaches us what happens to people who tell the truth, and I think we should all remember that in other that's pretty much. The way truth is received. Writer when comedians tell the truth. You know people get offended when win. Any kind of lecturer tells the truth. People or is always somebody can depend. So this thing where, with outdated being offended, our sending someone to the level of a crime is just insane. You right, don't have the right to be a valid. No one has the right, because that would be the right to shut up everybody writer who tried to tell the truth, while young people like Sally Count who do believe that they have the right to free speech, just not that they have the right to not here free speech that they don't like. You know it's funny. I come Canada, Andrew we talk about this before each doesn't exist there. A lot of you don't understand it's a very uniquely american ideal, this sort of rugged individualist free speech, so I mean
in Europe right now mean even see the way people reacting with the unity March. The universe could be a great thing. I think there were what were some great things to have come out of that, but you are This huge faction of people wanting to unify with the people who wanted to kill them because they drew a cartoon and that's if Britain took to lock, arms and sing. We are the world with the guy who wants to kill you because your car to it, you doubtless know we're talking about this. This is something I know you and I have discussed before it doesn't take. Terrorist or radical Islam too, believe in silencing of free speech, as the Koran teaches any kind of depiction of Mohammed deserves punishment, any kind of speaking out against mom it. It's the only religion that teaches punishment for speaking about their profit, the
That was a sort of a catalyst to writing this this week. What you know it's love so much. I mean look these guys these, whether or not to use our bugs and they aren't NEO Nazis. I'm not visas is the closest comparison. I can come to write to these guys, but in a way you know it away. I dont even worry about them as much as I worry about us, because they are bad guys. You know, there's nothing to do with them, but kill them has nothing to do with fight them in and suppress them. They got their cells. It's the only thing that we have to do, and eventually I think we can beat them what bothers me is the guys in our universities, the guys on media who put their the court the offensive cartoons about our but are only too willing or the new order because what we put up offensive cartoon the New York Times once illustrated a book, a story about offensive muslim cartoons by putting up that that crucifix
was putting urine as a rice, art. I am anxious an example of something that you see. They didn't want oath and Muslims. I worry about these guys. I worry that these children, their young people in colleges, were being taught that they have a right not to be offended that they have a that there's something so special and precious indelicate about them that that they have to hear a trigger warning before somebody expresses an opinion that they ve never heard before you. I gave a talk at university once and I simply sat down and stated for about five minutes, some of my conservative principles and when I looked up it was that's scene in the no books movie the producers, where they sing spring time for Hitler hand over the large haha throughout their chests Gina, never heard these ideas before and when you protect people from, I guess, you're not doing I'm a favor. You no protection from being offended. That's not helping them that simply making small minded
cut off reality. Now I think you're right and you know funny little tidbits there I may or may not have family members who actually were offended at springtime for Hitler and walk out of that play. They do they they didn't even get they did so we will do that, but I just haven't example and that by the way may or may not means yes. Yes, I did have family members who did that telling us. Could you believe, a thankless thong about Hitler, he's worth man and it s three yeah I can that's the point and they were offended not even at the right thing, so it not only if you shoot on what the clearing being a fit to be offended, if not a right, but even then people who are offended at the wrong. They don't even know why their offended. So if you declared a right, then you just walked down this path. Where people can claim it,
they make in silence anyone for saying something that they simply don't like. Even if it's not offensive. Yes, I mean your visions, everything the Obama administration has lent its support to a u in movement, to ban blasphemy to condemn blasphemy right in countries, but it's the most in the EU and will put that forward, but the of course your bonnet ministration like went qualified support to that. In a minute. I heard that I thought your well, you don't we used to have and thy blasphemy laws, that's why they killed Socrates, nuts, what they kill Jesus, so we could possibly go I'm over time. We learned that you, when you were offended, the best thing to do is walk away. Turn off your television. You know, don't go to that movie. If it bothers you. I get letters all the time, people who read my books and they find language in it if they don't like and my feeling is, I'm sorry don't read my book such that's. That's the only answer you know I mean- and I think this idea that
how you have a right to strike back. I mean the Pope set it today. I will show flabbergasted to hear that I wasn't you weren't now. I wasn't have expected it from the sky, normally at the Catholics. Madam, if there's a liberal pump, I just can't believe it. You know, I have to say the last two Pope's were two of the greatest men to live in my lifetime right, this guy, I'm sure he's a sweet, sweet man buddy these just he's just not thinking. Clearly, you know when he says you'll be leaving biblical to say, When somebody offends your mother, you can punch and Judy. I dont await us God worthy infallibility in this? Because I am scanning through the texts, it doesn't even say it somewhere in the index like it's, not their position in the face for funding your mother. But you know it's what's funny about this and we have to get off the Pope, because, unfortunately, the Catholics and ever since,
more about that an end, and it doesn't mean that I dont like Catholics. It does will not making fun of Catholicism we're just talking about something. This pope said that honestly jack. It's you gonna, give me a headache. We welcome that. But the point is here: that's really important to me: it's someone comes from an area, that's a multicultural enclave. Like Montreal, I watched kids. By the way I went to a school that was at least probably thirty percent Muslim. I watched them actually apply. Odd when nine eleven happened so- and there was nothing I could say about it, because it would be hate. Speech actually was banned from Malta, cultural, fair by that same mama, high school, the college years later, because I made a joke about Mohammed, their results. One religion right now that says no there's no level of offence, that's allowed. There's, there's no level criticism north aloud and then, but, like you said that the real problem is the left that cows to them. When I say that MSNBC and by the way, let's be honest,
conservative network didn't want to do it either. When I saw the news networks didn't run the picture from the newspaper I could. I couldn't believe my eyes and I dont say that to speak in some kind of to you some kind of false platitude I really. I couldn't believe what I was saying: the media still gave him yeah yeah. Well, you know I mean I would I thought the proper response. I mean a genuine, proper moral response, rightness everybody to do it if they had responded instead of linking arms and saying you're, just we? Surely you know if they had everybody had said you'd want to see these cartoons did this. We know this obviously come adolescent. Nero Satire magazine put up will now we're gonna put him everywhere in rising on every to everyday work up of Eu Visa. The cartoons you know and then that's how you strike back, that's how you silence guns, you know frightening, then the pin the pain is only mightier than this.
Lord, when you use a pen, you know it's not it's not mightier than this one. When you cower- and I you know, I don't want to offend you guys, because then the sword basically wins it should have, they should have been everywhere. You know, I have to tell you something I just just to be honest. I don't believe in spending people's deepest spiritual beliefs, Annabelle even got going out of my way crossing the street. You notice thrown a modern people or of or anything like that. I might not, even if done what that magazine had done, but they have the right to do it, and you have to defend that right with everything you got, because if it is the outliers rewriting speeches tested, that's where free speech is not an end. So, like you know I just bring. Everybody should have some as one and repeatedly and day after day they should publish those cartoons again and again. Now I think you're absolutely right when people say why do you want to do these videos on Islam, Stephen, you you're just trying to offend it's, not
about Islam or the fact that you know Mohammed was a pedophile, it's not really even about that. Its It is entirely of free speech battle. I mean when we started over Peter to be another during his videos at a truce revolt where people should absolutely go fantastical, but when we started there was a video I did maybe one video on Islam Then what happened was there was such a reaction and not just for Muslims not from not just from terrorist not even for moderate Muslims, though that too, but from leftists telling me you know you really shouldn't do this. It was kind the Bill Murray in Scrooge moment. I said now. I have to all of you, you know you view forced my hand, then really bizarre world to me as a comedian and that's what really struck me in your peace that that humor is
it's a window that closing more and more to what's allowable and we either have to decide it it's all allowable or none of its allowable. Well, I mean just think about the fact that there hasn't been like ten jokes on late night, television about Barack Obama, I'm the guy who you're one of the guys who writes for Saturday night lots of Odin. There was nothing funny about I'm DR drew up. Smoking secretive you get elected, basically as an affirmative action higher and there's nothing, there's nothing funny about it. That's the kind of matters that can a rogue state of frozen fear that these people have talked themselves into, and you know I just think we have to start striking that we have to start like being. We have to stop being offensive. You know if he doesn't even come, naturally me, but we have to keep. We have to start doing it simply to show people that they won't explode. They won't be, they won't break, you know, and it
and be done any can stand up because you that's the only way. These guys are gonna be stop an invalid. They could have. They could have struck back so effectively against terrorist attack. It rightly body had shown those garden or ought to be honest. I hear some of us will explode it's bound to happen. Let me put it this way mark and be standing up for that, the existing exactly valets, some of us will- and you know I'm at the top of that list when when care puts the Tampa list, right. Next to Salman Rushdie marks dining out. Ok, maybe I start until they get a shot gun in every room at this point I now answer this. This piece is granted really to speak. To me I was his a comedian as someone who tries to get out there and fight for free speech. Eminent, like you said, listen what we're out there, what we're using the pen we're not using the sort. We don't get at least the satisfaction of operating someone's head from their body. So you put a joke out there. You write a piece in you, don't always know if it lands or if it affects some change. But yours
we did so working people less find you well the best placed to I me right now is that there is a truth revolt, but you can also find my writing it in Fiji media that I have a blog. There call claim on the culture annex with revolt, I'm doing these videos, the revolting truth, hope everybody will turn up. I have a novel, a really good novel coming up in March, called werewolf cop. I think it's one of the best book ever wrote and I hope, like people will go out and maybe pre ordered on Amazon cause. It's real exciting book, it's really different. I don't think you read anything like it before and I think I just like love it. People turn up take a look at the matter of fact. I've never read anything before so It would be a true statement and I will do yes. I only I only like your young young adult novels and that's mainly for the covers, and so May I ask myself what what's he really trying to say here, so I can act in respect of an analytical, but then I go back to my said, sad state of affairs that is my life Andrew
thank you so much in in really do hope. People go out not only by that book, but read this peace thanks again for being thanks a lot Your listening to louder with crowd her on WHAM talk, sixteen hundred more allowed or with prouder when we return right here on WHAM Tom. Sixteen hundred
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you're listening do louder with prouder on WHAM taunt. Sixty nine grew more good evening and day and everything in between, because you could be listening to this whenever, if you're doing podcast, let's be honest, Southeast Michigan, we come to you home, Studio of WHAM, but thanks you know, as you can hear this anywhere? It's funny. I was going, talk about. Did you see that the Charles Warner, the baby cuter a baby cuter Be killer was executed? What state was that Oklahoma yeah. I didn't catch that in first lethal injection since a botched one last spring Oklahoma executed We could kill her with a three drug method also used by Florida. So the big story here.
Is that as he was being killed, this man is a baby killer by the way killed baby. He said my body is on fire, meaning some kind of pain, and so everyone is up in arms. We need to end the death penalty used, for killing an infant. Ninety. Ninety seven gale I am bringing us from having imposed to. They don't go into gruesome detail as to what he did, but their call. It's a tragedy. Blog, Maybe killer got killed well that he was dead felt pain when he was killed. And what does he deserved it what he deserves? If you just tell me what he deserves, he deserves worse than what he got, but as a civilized society, I don't think it's our job to torture, criminal. Think we should try and both of them in the most efficient way possible, which should be humane, to consider this, a tragedy. This Today's left, you know a tragedy to me in full.
If you disagree with me, you can tweet me go tweet me at asked, crowded, that's s crowded on Twitter, A tragedy is Your son goes out is playing sir ball in a street and gets mode over by an escalate. That's a tragedy. Baby killer, sperience, Ing and aftershave burn one the let's go out, and rightfully so is not a tragedy to me. And it certainly not enough of a reason to to consider ending the definite I don't even think it warns the conversation of ending the death penalty by the way, I'm not even necessarily super pro death penalty. I can go either way on that one I do. Is I get a little aggravated when Christians talk about an eye for an eye? The really is a lot of biblical basis for the death penalty. When you look at the new testament and old testament in its entirety, but it's nice, prohibited. So I do.
It comes down to you know your your personal worldview. I just think what where's the cheapest way to dispose of this. These new humans come back now, you're pro death penalty, the right there, oh yeah, it's in everybody, is always confused by the fact that I pro life for the innocent born, but pro death penalty for guilty jerks see it's funny. I dont think there's anything confusing about that. What's confusing to me as someone who's anti death penalty and then pro abortion, oh yeah yeah. But you know when you talk to people on the left, they they say. Well. How can you be pro life an death penalty, unlike or because the kid we're dead, meaning the our guy. We know he did because you have a moral compass and that's the problem with this whole false moral, equivalency situational ethics of today, it's that they want to act as the life of a child is the same as a life of a convicted, violent cut. All look at that's right, writer. You know what I would consider tragedy the Bay That was killed by this guy Charles Warner.
That's much more tragic than the fact that he felt and what they're saying, as you know, he technically shouldn't have experienced the burned that there's there's a process to which chemicals, are injected into the body. One paralyzing you and one numbing you from pain and then boom. Your breeding stops us it's supposed to be entirely painless, like going Take a nap or going under. You know for surgery and that happened in this case that somewhere down the line he experienced, some pain yeah exam! did its front page right, not Huffington, Post, I dont. Your stand! Why people are that upset about it? That just goes to show you how far along the trail we come you're talking about millions of babies, aborted! You can happy but like Wendy Davis or up Warner getting their demanding that abortion, India, third trimester be legal, demanding that a woman's right to end the life by the way at a point
A central nervous system is developed when finger nails and toes exist and thoughts and re. Action to two to any kind of stimulus in the womb they fight for the right to that person, And are furious when a bit the killer Felt a little bit, you know, maybe maybe like Robin, that the the the hand sanitize. When you find out you ve gotta, cut on your palm a baby our experience that oh the humanity. I guess it is too. I guess maybe for them the guy never committed a crime right because of its an instant. I guess they have a cut off as to whether you life is worth living. I don't know what how young that has to be. So bizarre. It's it's which weird. But again it goes back to the same people who lobby Talking about free speech we were talking about it with with agriculture needs is the same people who say we demand free speech, really. We also think that we should stand up to Islam. We want to be sensitive to the people who want to kill us for exercising. Freeze
we want. We won't be sensitive to that its in people who killing a baby is is fine, but this guy who killed a child. I e Britain's any slight discomfort they with prison. We need to make is better prison should be as uncomfortable as possible. I think that penalties should be as uncomfortable as possible, not physically in a term of pain, but it should be so that causes you too, to think about the fact that you did some crap, and hopefully have you come to Jesus moment, and hopefully doesn't burn when they put you wonder, but you know what you decide to kill some kids. If you decide to go out and take out of school, if you decide to to ruin the lives families haven't light burn when they put, you wonder and you walk toward that white light. A red light, that's risky. Take sorry.
You stand for the motor city, maniac, weird from them. At the great Lakes, grand Master, the motel mad man, the mittens killer names listening do out with crowd. You are listening Steven Stephen crowd around ladder with greater looks like Mitt Romney run, might run again here that funding Oh no, I know
I know what is it with the Republicans. Running losers, nonstop there, I don't think there are any really strong candidates that come forward at my theory. Is that if somebody is bright enough to actually do the job there smart enough to realise that they ought not run he. I guess that's good. Or maybe the night corrupt enough. Maybe so decent enough to do the job, isn't it Testicle isn't maniacal enough to actually run for present. I think you ve got you ve gotta be a little bit nutty you ve got to have done some stuff to become poorer. Or become the republican Domini I could be entirely wrong. I could be entirely outlined, but we will have our guest Crystal Heath after the break discuss with us, the top actually not top five
ten reasons: as to why Mitt Romney is not the man for the job Mitt Romney is, is he's the best at one thing Rami is number one at losing one when it comes to losing Mitt Romney tops, maybe there Detroit lions should hire him. Are I don't follow football? all mean either, but I remember there being a lot. Losing lions jokes over the years I think we have actually had a good last season or two I haven't paid attention since Billy Sims was on the team Ivan. Paid attention. I will say this and people got so furious at these tweets. When there is no harm in Dallas here right now. Broadcasting lie from his studio here. Yeah Romo is I'd, be I guess he. Some quarter act or something what thou ass. They were But walking around at these, these play offs Games were hockey's.
Playoffs, don't even been noticed. It's called in football and hockey play often the Stanley CUP in football. I know it's a Superbowl, but are they called play off. And they were wearing the guy's jersey. Wearing someone's name on their back, It is just something that it just seems a little bit sad to me. You're, a grown man. Wearing the name of another man on your back. And if you ve got a wife or if you ve got it girlfriend and she's there with you and she sees that your cheerleading for another man, so much that you ve paid a hunter. Twenty dollars for that officially licensed NFL Jersey, put another man's name on your back I can only imagine being a woman looking at him saying if you gonna be with him Why am I with you?
I made it a name on your back of another man. Have you been pinned with his prom ring but if you're wearing assured that says, led Zepplin on it. That's the name of abandoned. As for people in it, so you're big, let Zepplin Fair, but you said it was true what people set about the m. Ripping off songs, oh yeah, the early blue stuff, but I mean everybody that was playing british blues during the late sixties taking from the earlier that the people who started it. That was very prominent at the time. Well- and I hardly ever listened to the first two islands, because it doesn't really get good until Zepplin, three and then Zepplin for is my favorite. Example, fan Ike? I liked some songs, but I am. I don't really get into the album I guess so much can like pink Floyd. I just can't do it, neither there probably about four or five Pink, Floyd songs I really like, but yeah
Ray time. Anybody puts on a whole pink Floyd album for me to listen to my father, their something's. It's really calming and it's really numbing and yet goes off. Well, that's all thing! It's it again! The point where you have a few good songs and then you go now we're going to put in a bunch of sound effects and ambient noise and you're going to think that we're really in any way, where's Volta, like that for my generation nets and gray gray, songs, the Morrow Volta you'd, actually love some of the songs very similar to kind of rush. In a painful this, but then they have like half of their album issues like Blue. That kind of thing you I've never even heard of Mars Volta. Oh yeah, their great There are great, like the name of an electric car, I got the new Mars Volta at the North american international waters, Jonah which, by to anyone. Listening right now, I have zero respect. Zero respect for electric car only part
if you see that guy, who doesn't have an electric car whose parking and that spot that's me and I feel zero parts guilty it. Just like the handicap parking. You should have a couple, but nineteen spots and they're always empty the only time. Their full is one some some you know giant lady in a mood pulls up who somehow managed to convince her doctor that she she gets to use it. Nancy Parking Spot. I can't believe I can't believe that more people, don't point out what a sham the american Spell he's acting is in a lot of ways in the really the reason. Why is because no one wants to talk about American Disabilities act because you seem like a jerk. If you see this is ridiculous, what disabilities. Now there they you, have to search for enough people, Your town to fill up the handicap parking spots in one Kroger parking lot That's how many there are rather a lot of them anyway, Mitt Romney
He's going to be speaking that I likely announcing that he's running for president again, he basically told don't To hang onto their wallets, which is far I am Concerned- is a Jack ass move basically telling them? Don't don't I back any one. Yet back anyone yet wait until I get in which is sort of short chaining. Although the candidates, here's what you need to know about Mitt Romney. You don't you know about Mitt Romney there only to people. To people in the history of mankind to say, healthcare mandate, Delong. Rock Obama and Mitt Romney. Doesn't need to be much more said. The really does need to be much more so than not social myself. Here there are two people ever story of mankind. One is the and who Republicans and conservatives loved to hate- and you know, and rightfully so they should hate the affordable health, correct, boss,
absolutely hated. It's a horrible bill, the only other person in the history of ever to have done. That is Mitt Romney. How do you go out and find that candidate incredible to me that Republic said the app ease our guy and then what funniest debates happened and the first abatement rounded pretty well and then said. And third member everyone was sort of saying. Yes, he does faded, he just appeared me: no, no. What happened while tell you what happened this the biggest issue of the election, the affordable health CARE Act, Obamacare He couldn't wait. Mitt Romney couldn't address it. Yet was of Ramaker yeah, he couldn't attack it all, Barack Obama needed to do is say you first, and the debate was over. So Romney wasn't aggressive because he was hoping that it never came to that issue. He tiptoed around it but everything else under the sun and
completely avoided the absolute that that the kill struck, which was just dismantling Obamacare sober talk with crystal. She knows a lot more about Romney. She works in politics after action, Yes, we're going to have another break and then shall be. I will be talking about the top nine reasons why Mitt Romney should not be the candidate and he is number one at losing, will also talk more about free speech, the death penalty, and actually fund. If we are going to talk about sex in the eighties, he was going to enlighten us right. I vaguely remember it. He vaguely remembers it later, with greater we'll be back. Your listening do louder. With crowds were taught sixteen hundred bring the funding.
You gotta love the average white band, though man these I know it's. My favorite bomb learnt about if you do not know the body of law, these debts scottish ban jam and that you, I know a good story. Everywhere. There is new song out its by ARC Robson and its featuring some other guy, any its uptown funk any. It sounds like the time its awesome. Ok, it's well one of one of the first recent songs that I that's really jumped out at me. We were talking before the break funded, and I were talking about about sexual healing who d what sex before the break in fun. It was documents. Oh that's how it came up. You said so.
Sidney Eightys was great. I should not have your Tom Hanks in Philadelphia, and I think we ve talked about this. The movie rent. That's a big play: have you seen that I've seen bits and pieces, but I've never seen it all the way through Well, you know it's it's. You know it's about us about those artists living in the EAST village, gal of AIDS. They're saying, they're they're playing the victim card and I'm watching it thinking you all have aids. Single one of your friends has AIDS given it How rare that is Y Not if you don't you to change the world needs to change baby. Now you need to change. The whole world doesn't have aids. You have aids just just screwing each other stop shooting up heroin it's an easy problem
that is demonstrable. I do don't you here with thirty needles in screw the guy next or will you know, has AIDS. It makes me less sympathetic to the cause. By the way. There was never an AIDS epidemic in this country. You know that right they never existed. You mean I read all about it, there was never an AIDS epidemic in this country was an opinion, was a pandemic hours at a pandemic. No, that was the birds. I always get those confused. What is the difference between? and democratic epidemic. I looked back once, but I can't remember right now pandemic is slightly more epic, but it's a big dude. No, they How to make you think it in the 80s right now is to be politically correct, that anyone is at risk of AIDS and it was so prevalent. It really wasn't. Do you understand you know what your risk of contracting AIDS is as honestly, not even entirely monogamous, but a relatively monogamous hatteras. Actual male or female in this country, twenty five per tonne
Yes, less it's less than one percent less than one percent. You have to be copious amounts of sex. So I really tried harder in the nineties,. You must not be afraid to drive a little bigger love, go out there and make a great day it's one of those things again. It's the politically correct Yuki! You know. Now you see these posters. These billboards says it's our disease. Let's handle it in its near the rainbows and gay people really taking Will it because the fact is in North America is almost entirely exclusive to that community. Now I'm saying they deserve AIDS. I'm not saying I wish aids upon them, but what they too, to do in just being book, because the politically correct thing was not to say: oh, I get it kind of really common in the gay community. That has had to say will aid super common? It was never sure regarding what about that. Little kid that Elton John talk to and had on the tv
yet we are, you can rind example: you can find Labels but you're talking single digit percentage points and set, but but so too talk about it in the media as though it's it's just as Apple bull to any portion of the population. Frankly, is doing the gate community or the drug community a big this service, because those are the people who who who tend to suffer with this disease and in those of the people who should be raising awareness. We need to be honest about how the diseases spread, where your most likely to contract it- and you know it different from obviously in third world countries or in Africa, where a kid can be borne with aids. Through no fault of his own and that's just tragic to me- that's tragic to me what isn't tragic to me is if you are in the United States and you're having copious amounts of by Sexual fornication, let's say, and then a flight attendant Toronto, you read the tipping point. Haven't you know I didn't get a chance to read that
Did you know that that the entire AIDS, the entire, spread in North Amerika can be traced back to one male flight attendant from Toronto. Damn Canadians, I now it's a damn kenny! but it's true. They talk about air walk and how the skate shoe thing came about in the dinner. The tipping point when something becomes part of the Zeit Geiss right and he talked about AIDS and was traceable back to one man with a flight. Different Toronto, whose goal was to sleep with as many menace mainly possible. That was his goal, so He himself didn't know he had aids by the time he had found out. You know thousands of people across the country so think about exponential, that is, your mail flight attendant and your goal is to conquer sexually thousands of people, You don't know you have aids now they don't know they have aids. If those thousands of people just sleep with one or two other people and those people sleep with one or two other people
It was basically a book detailing how something goes viral before that viral, meant what it means. Now what with AIDS? You really are talking viral, but anyway, condoms. Answering phone calls. We we ve ticked off enough people today, so he sees manning the phone lines and were not taken. If you want to talk with, may you can tweet me ask right now. Trying to wade through the angry Muslims who are furious with the videos that I've been putting out. But it still a good time. It still Good time on the twitter was at someone calling complaining. No, it was a guy who said when the left gets a cause. They want to make everyone get on the bandwagon and he noted a similarity between the the AIDS issue, when that was really hitting the media initially and the the campus rape issue, which you discover yeah a few. We
back. What did you see? Lena Dunham just said you know, I don't care what I don't care. What conservative white men think about me What are you talking about you? It has nothing to do with whether their conservative white minutes that you lied about rape, lied about rape and unmolested you little sister numerous but we're spoke feel bad, like oh poor, Lena Dunham word is the issue DE the golden gloves- and she said you know when you shut twitter and you get away from the angry me a like, couldn't Be it may be someone's not a NEA con over use terms to begin with But when someone reads about you, when someone read your writing in you're talking about fondling, your little sister, but I dont know what I can say on air, but sure, her little sisters, most secretive places and Lena Dunham innovating- it away that's kind of disgusting and writing about it. Couldn't it just be that you too talk about how you were drunk and coke booze and Xanax in Europe. You are paying outside
you invited the guy back and you want to have sex with them, and you talk dirty to him and then afterward, you didn't really like it, so you accused him of rape. Couldn't just that someone- maybe isn't a me con They read your writing and just think this is a bad person as that possibility to condemn sounds like it would make sense. It sounds reasonable to me, but this is the problem or what we're talking about whether It is long whether its rape culture, whether its aids can't just be critical, Mohammed or islamic ideology, without being, What will you just being Islamophobia is an offensive. You can't say: hey you know what it really seems like Linda Dunham has a lot of holes. Story where she just claims she was raped and there's no one who bore no one who believes it. Rapists should be extinguished from the face of the earth more than than funding for mice, but their little holes, you're you're, just the rape, apologist, you'd, love rape.
There is no way you can just say you know. The ape thing was blown up epidemic. If you actually have a numbers, you just uses hate. You d, Hate AIDS, people now We need to be able to have a discussion about everything, and by the way, that's why I don't even have a problem with those Westboro Baptists there's only twelve of them, but they get plenty of media coverage. I'm not fan them, I'm not a fan of them, but they have the right to exist, but they should stop faxing so much need rest really you're using all my paper. I know I don't mean those People are absolutely tenacious. Maybe that's why they're on so much there just constantly, I don't put him on I thrown over. I throw those press releases away like you're talking and does not even in Michigan and your faxing, my local news department go away yeah, yeah, I know other, does willing to take any press they can get and the media is all too quick to book them most of it.
Because I can go see they're, just as many radical Christians Muslims, Dear John, hundreds of Muslims who believe that anyone, sorry hundreds of millions of Muslims who believe that anyone who draws Mohammed her arrest. Critical of Mohammed deserve to die. Westboro Baptist church is twelve p. Nine members are part of this. Family, but even then think they have the right to speak. I dont think it necessarily have the right to go to a private funeral in protest port, the death of a military number. I think it's distasteful and I think they should have to be a certain amount of distance away. But when it comes to free speech you're all of its ok or not It is ok, variant, battle will be right back
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Yes, we are happy, we are dancing in our next gas is actually waiting inspiration to me, because I have a tendency to grow. But take towards being miserable curmudgeon. But I am Robin Albania are next year you can find her writing at later with credit
or follow her on the twitter I'll get her handle up here on my twitter Crystal Heath. Thank you for being with us young lady. I Iraq and thank you for having me back earlier. The pleasure even now in the morning, but I do have one suggestion, though, since this morning, maybe like nice classical peaceful music figures like ease into the day I beg you to mention that no jog, your art, will those right off yeah it be like playing. Coldplay we'd fall completely asleep, and turn gay? I agree, The cobbler you can see in Burma and somebody recommended them to me this week- I because their from England and I listened to, five songs. I went through a book that shows which ones charted the most, and I said this is lousy. This is lousy,
none of its any good now I don't think resort english music generally any good. Clear and crystal your talk, funding show on the british invasion music. That's his thing! If you like, you kicked out I'm a host of London recalling every Saturday night right here on WHAM talk, sixteen hundred and everything from the Beatles Stones, the who led Zepplin all the way two more modern stuff, like Lily Alan all of that cats, announcing it let's get back to plug in Christiania, now Crystal actually brought a wonderful, up the ladder of credit outcome kind of satire, but the point of the peace is that Democrats, Why is the Republicans? Eight children am hearing it. I see it all the time it has to be true, because look media tells us right, so Why don't you explain to us what inspired this? Exactly while I mean I'm lying
Republicans eight children, I'm hearing it. I see it all the time it has to be true, because look media tells us right so right thinking about it and the slick, you know what it's it is true, because now we expect kids to grow up speck kid, you pay for their own college or get a scholarship and not very shocking, whereas democratic dislike. You know what you're just you're, just a kid: it's ok you're allowed to you know you just make, Europe takes dollar, not learning from other people's mistake. Sound forget that do what you want ceremony, Daddy's insurance, blah blah and I mean the latest bring this week- was the president's deferred action for childhood childhood arrivals plans. Excuse me they Republicans loaded to not funny that which in that obviously that's up the illegal immigrant issue where it would like could stay for three or increment wrong. They were here. You know before each sixteen
inevitably here since seven, an ending some kind of a school one, a right I school metals Elementary School College, whatever you're wrong you during school and you're here to stay and Republicans like you know, when I can a fund that in some clearly media that Hake is interest, it's just the fact that it gets through programmes. He'd goods, I think gum funded page children, but funding, especially when they stand in front of the tv during the gold bergs. I can't see what's on eight copied, see, hasty and sunshine and loudly jobs. And the rainbow yes and rainbows, and peace on earth that really works. You doesn't funded drives me, nuts, nothing better! Sherman tank, go and write down the nearer. Their forget, but is it needs it's an important point crystal and we'll get onto old will will move on after the break tier. I think great, your top topless about why Romney is the number one loser, but
There really is a narrative, and you see it this week. It just it obviously hasn't been his big everything short have been buried in the Charlie, have data that the two first attack. Unfortunately, that's happening all the time now and I I just don't want to always talk about death and the show that really, if we were already in the news today, that's what we'd be discussing, but you ve seen it the tea party and racism. You ve, seen it with Lane Dunham end the rape, culture or feminism? and now you're, even seeing it it's the same thing: its identity, politics with children. Crabs, liberals are legitimately teaching children, and not even children, honestly young adults, that Republicans hate you. It's not that it's not that Republicans love. Children. Are conservatives, love young adults just as much as Democrats or liberals it couldn't be that they just have a different viewpoint on what on as to what conducive to raising a healthier, well adjusted young adult
it has to be that they hate young adults, and it is one thing I mean we're about the same age crystal even when you were starting in, you were in college and you were doing the caught up in a young republican or rent. Whatever was it, you are involved with. You didn't, is it just? Where did you not see politics? Being this divisive and really, I am saying solely from the left, where everybody is constantly assaulted, on their character for simply having a different point of view, how it don't you feel it gets accelerated very very rapidly in recent years, if Excel extremely rapidly I mean it's. I feel like it. The point where we dont even the fairly talk about the real issues anymore, we just but there's something I can go after you for your character or something that you personally believe. That's what I'm gonna go. It doesn't really matter what you think about actual issues like the national debt or
Uk Shin or whatever else, into the minute tat you personally, because that's the best way to bring you down politically with age which is set out in its really sad political culture that we're living in right now, just and constant, load spin him attack mountain and, if you ve been following my twitter, no funding knows about this. Did you see the share fans who came after me this week? I can see that this is what you get for. Putting up means making fun of peoples. I can't make it a meeting of ten t bow and said something about him. I might have to send you some hate mail. You might have some hate mail, but it wouldn't be like you. Never. You will never touched him Debo, no one, Jim Debo. These people were few yes, I did a mean, because share will talk about this with my actually my brother. He knows about an award winning filmmaker after the break share said can't we knock the terrorists, can't we shoot them with with a tear gas and dark guns, no more martyrs, and so I posted that right.
Next to also over to fund up right next to a picture of a terrorist and adjusted Ella, well kill her because don't care, they don't have no sympathy for share yeah? They any urgencies, trams and thieves, and there like get that thing off a year price Oliver! Oliver fans are like how do you threaten a life of share she's, a beautiful human being? I did it seems to be a real lack of of understanding satire now and when you combine that, with what crystals talking about the personal attacks, I may crystal what what kind of an atmosphere do you think it's like today in college for a conservative g. There's any way. They can even express a point of view without just being silenced before the conversation starts over economic strategy, gonna, be humiliated and smashed and told that they're wrong and stupid. So when you tell a young person well you're, just dumb stupid, because you just don't know stand up works then you now
easy see how we're getting so many level. Kids conservative, in the college lubricants coming out, because the conservative use the one thing liberal view there: D shoved in her face constantly and then, if they dare to express anything to the contrary, is legal you're, just a stupid, little moron and ears. Why sought me Nobody wants to be told that and if you hear it enough, you start to believe it and then oh. I should just that my thinking, because maybe you're right, because everybody Furthermore, now want me the more on row. Funded, loves that word yeah. It's actually my nickname, Ferko S, child moron. Already today, you stupid little more on they setting stupid big moron yeah. Definitely, but I mean one of the things does she brought up a pretty interesting point about the conservatives in college? I imagine, expressing those thoughts, while you're in college also makes it harder to get a date good point funding.
I think it would make it harder for you to get a date, maybe not christian. Well, no, I because there are so many people that believe the liberal side of things. If you are expressing a different viewpoint, you become ostracised regardless of whether not your ugly like me or attractive, like other people, crystal. It's actually good points are, you are you? Are you dating now? Are you? Are you in that process? Are you just focused on work? I am not in the Dayton process, but I wouldn't say that I'm, like only focused our I'm open the possibility of going out. I don't have any of them opportunity right now. Shall we say I was trying to softball that now you just insulted yourself. That's not necessarily Unita. A better self image love. But let me ask you this dating since we're about the Sami. I'm married. You have that conversation right off the bat I mean. Is it it's a deal breaker for you right if the guise of the guys
Just not you you can't data liberal. Can you now a Democrat I could do depending on whether or not their liberal, because I don't think we can really go just off of what their voter registration cards does any more it really comes down to you. Are you a conservative or you, a liberal, so ya know about the whole liberal thing pretty much, though I think you can tell that with most people before Are you would agree to go on a date with them? Not necessarily sure about my wife and I got married well between the the elections and so After we, after we were married, all of a sudden, the election came and Obama. Running and I'm like, if that guy- that's shaven, my head on our frontline other radio station and she's like your own you're you're, a conservative am I go on until now, five Zammit Super conservative and, unlike for of any issues I ween to the left and I'm a couple of my just don't care
How did you screw up so badly fund? A part of that conversation never occur. Could she was cute? So at no point Did you ask her about our fundamental values? How now was okay, so crystal and it's funny you mention that you usually no before they. You start data question with men. Generally speaking, if he's a wimp, If he's like a you can just tallies, spineless a bit of a wimp usually tell is a liberal right off the bat right? Yes, yes, you know how yes wondering when we were in a lot of stuff on Twitter all the time I have oh yeah women are hotter. There were born. Four and then look at all the lever, women, but they succeeded in orderly The same is true of men like a lot of little guys just are not attractive; either it looks or personality or, like said, they're just turned away,
There are pushed over and things Actually I have a little more of a stronger personality, so I can do some one. Who is a pushover? They have. Be a strong guy, so I think there that's probably words. Just it's never come up with me because tv, if you're pushing it's not work. When I also imagine where I also met before you, even though you're about you or your young enough. I guess how old are you crystal destroying Ernie? I just turned thirty jeez. I shouldn't have asked ok, but you're still you're, not forty five. Yeah. Well, really, if you, if you are to cut funding open like a tree and just look at the rings they'd be, this is its man's a Marvel EAST. Ninety eight then somebody J, I thought he smell bad on the outside. Oh geez. I would imagine no crystal beagle being a conservative woman, and I will get to the raw meeting we get back. This has gone off topic, but I think this is actually very informative for me as a man, you want a man, I dont think
that you want. The you know that the Sea W plot knows woman without breasts. Look right! You you probably want someone is a little bit more of a traditional masculine figure, or am I wrong you're right, I think most girls at their artifice, what they want they. Let me outsiders trooper guys? Do it was Garber, honest, what they want. They want in Wales interacting so attractive, but that change now like what, if you watch the Sea W Ernie these teen movies like Justin Bieber. Is or one direction is what girls are going nuts for now. I'd. Imagine you're, like you know, I'd rather have a Clint Eastwood, you know Circa seventies or Bronson Gray, head punk, now, ok felt like my king graduate. Meanwhile, John Wayne, Jimmy cured Cary Grant Phil Yeah ok had banana tells me. You gave him a christian household that wouldn't let you tune in detail.
My parents. When the Batman movie came out funded politeness story. The Batman film came out my parents who wanted to see it because it was young, the one and only nine yes what they show me while I was you know I was. Why was too, When it came at cop. What, then, even they were? My friends were watching it. Like a ninety three, my parents had we watch the old, no, that old tv show, but they had a longer version and called it a film. They had me watch that as the Batman Film and our top my friends get remember and when the Joker like fell off the base, while diamond and right now, I dont member that that didn't happen in a movie at all sure did when they move hydrated all of those people in all of ethics. I was completely out of it. I was completely out of touch because my parents protective me when I was a kid, but a crystal. We want to talk about your tea reasons why Mitt Romney as the number one loser brilliant peace, we will be back here with Crystal after the brain
Your listening do louder with crowded on well talk. Sixteen hundred Your listening do louder louder on well thought. Sixty nine, we are back with our wonderful gas, crystal known as the riddle on Twitter. You can read her writing at a louder with crowd or dotcom the wires. What the what the riddle
sounds like some sort of pastry I don't know, well. I have picked understandably one growing up. They couldn't pronounced crystal the phone call me Bristol Comic, our attitude is like more together over time and the Comic rebel fell. My nickname standing. I love that so nickname invented by special. Children. This is, I don't know how I feel about it. HANS God! Ok, so it's it's a thin line! You the great peace louder with greater dot com. Nine reasons why Mitt Romney name for those you don't know. It looks like he's going to run again and he's asking donors to hang onto their wallets, so he can absolutely decimate any other contenders which I think is a Jack s move, but that's just me personally have never been Romney fan. I know we're going to get letters and phone calls. You can tweet me at crowded, gotta lotta, with greater dot, and let me know I'm not I'm Romney fan, I dont think he's right candidate. You created a list,
as to why Mitt Romney, if he is the candidate will lose Let's run through that. What what? What is the number one reason? And I think I can guess- ok, wait! But first, let me say that I I heard friend who is a good friend Romney. I've spent through extensive time with the man a few years time. But he was running and was one of the people I've ever met. That said in politics, are lack said, I am friends of the sand Or his family and spent so, time around Rami on the other side of the coin, and it's very different when you're in the inner circle or if you can help someone's career. If you want to see how someone treat people see how they read some one who can't provide them with thing- and it was a little front, but again at your campaign, most are to be ferrets. It's different treatment, but I have heard good things about them personally, even super nice or let everyone that I would like to add at all. I can say about that as a person, but
politically now number one being invented the precursor, two abominate. You wrote the script, throw Obamacare with Ramaker Massachusetts. Then, are we ve seen how that's got Well that, like us- and there are only two people in the history of mankind- to sign a healthcare mandate in the law. Bird- Obama and Mitt Romney I don't know how you run him. I dont know how you run him with that anyone not much of an explanation necessary. So, move on the number to allow people. Dont know this. The number to reason Romney would be a poor candidate choice. You never Turin? He footsteps on social issues like gay marriage and abortion. I think it was in two thousand and seven don't you want to know what it was for governor. He said he was more pro choice. Then TED Kennedy was and TAT Kennedy like a limo as it gets? So how can you possibly be more pro choice? Then tat Kennedy
yeah, I don't I don't know I don't know. I have no idea. I dont think Mitt Romney drove any of his mistresses off a bridge and left them for dead, but you know it's still out there, that is at last he has that go, inform and here's. The thing was that that I find em amazing crystal is he's always been a mormon, so when he was for gay marriage and abortion. He was just being a really really bad Mormon, so I he's politics where fake or his faith was fake because neither one of them can be justified. The other, it's not like, he said you know. I was a secularist. You know I was an atheist and I had to I had a come to Jesus moment was changed my viewpoint. You see that a lot of people have the right to change, but he was a Mormon pro abortion, and then he was told us. The same old normally was against abortion. What changed? If not politics right! So I think that's an important there. Ok number three. A lot of people will be surprised at this one crystal
three, the guy supports gun control. He said we have touched on Long Massachusetts. I support them. I believe they are protected and provide for our safety and personally, I think that we should have some gun requirements, but not gun could all like that. It's just in its second amendment this guy yeah yeah both on those things and we want more people, but they have to actually look at the kind of laws in Massachusetts to understand exactly. I just don't have binding gained all that right exactly. We have to keep it short, because people have a short attention span with the internet. Now it's all about its own dramatic hamsters and turtles copulating work. Boot see number four Here's one another people dont go at airports, we have to allow Governor Massachusetts. Taxes on businesses went up by three hundred million dollar three hundred million on businesses, but the guy
friendly and all that yes, exactly three million dollars and we have an entire list up there, including illegal immigration, Polly policy bailouts. His view on judges and the Supreme Court Crystal. Thank you so much for being here on the show aloud Prada outcome is where people can read that here today and we hope to have you back. You can inform some some miscreants like us. Out of here. All right crystal. Thank you very much. And we will be back here on louder with prouder. Lamb circulated Your listening do louder with crowd her on WHAM talk, sixteen hundred
these stones, motor city, maniac, weird from the minute, the Great Lakes Grandmaster, the motel mad man, the mittens killer? Listening with, final, our louder prouder just oh. I just cut my Think you can get you never the arm, chair the arm of your chair and your finger caught between the arm in the desk.
In its scissors your finger that would hurt. I had, I had a backdrop, fall on it and theatre. Years ago, on my thumb and it busted by some between that we had a bar in the set and then the backdrop. No, my brother broke his finger because he some kids, the bird who are trying to beat up on me, but he was on rollerblades and so they beat him up with hockey. Six things that but in Canada, literally or the problem was yet his risk guards on. You know from rollerblades and others like Wrist Conaway area, yeah, and so they were having a with architects. Needest fell and those things just act ass, they act as levers to just crank your fingers and he broke one. I felt so bad because he was kind defending my honor, but made a monarchy. Sticks
no else. Is there any more of a canadian cliche than they beat? rapporteur, my brother with hockey stick while he was roller bleeding he's going to be on actually after the break will be tough. About the academy awards. And now we will also be talking about how liberals are mad at the academy awards. They think that the awards are two white people are up in arms as well about the fact that the Lego movie get a lot of nominations. I love that film. Exactly like, when you look at the plot of it, it's exactly like the plot guardians of the galaxy. You know you yeah you're right out the same basic premise and the same guy plays the main character, but but I preferred guardians of the galaxy so much to the light no movie, but I think there was one key reason that I just could not get past the Lego movie, but as this will fare
oh that's right, you really don't like welfare. He makes me want to vomit don't do that? Don't do that the studio, it's an eye, studio is expensive. And then you can't blame it on welfare, but ok, so this week. While we're getting into the entertainment side of things at savagely, big and a lot of conservatives. Let's talk about, you may notice. We ve talked about terrorism. We ve talked about Romney. We if we ve covered all of that the big thing, right now in America or the Oscar nominations, and it's important that conservatives, don't become so disconnected with culture that they, rendered themselves irrelevant. So the Oscar nominations are the big thing right now, of course, a lot of liberals are mad. They say there aren't enough minority nominations and women are being nominated for enough awards. Best actress supporting actress, notwithstanding their talking about writing and composing and directing.
I'm not into identity. Politics are quotas on on any of this. When it comes to the creative arts, I think either you're funny or you're, not either your fill good or it's not hey you what you would agree with, that right, fun dip or one hundred percent, some of the best stuff I've seen has been produced by you, no minorities, women and an even completely different countries, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it- a win, an award for it, well that broad with a tattoo she won for Juno right, wasn't didn't she read the script for Juno: oh yeah, yeah yeah, that was a great movie yeah Actually it was a good movie at an average of one like best script,. I love the whole thing from beginning to end. I might just I was just charmed by the whole thing it was Pro life fell guy, that was to me, that was the key to the whole thing: I've yeah man, you don't see that in the theatres very often now, when there is a new one that just came out
forgot the name of it, but it was a pro abortion famine and you know people were or praising it in Hollywood, how brave it was so before we get into that. What will talk about share them? So this is what share said this week when we bring up the quote were you here. This is the one that got me all. The death threats from share fans biggest share fan and if he knew this fund up not a bit, sense of humour now now not a big sense of humour at all. Actually so her tweet this week share Regarding terrorism was, I know nothing about fighting terrorism should stop right. There should have stopped right there. That's enough. If you dont know, don't come in and I guess we should do it and shares on how do nothin not find real ma am, Dad, the might might clean it up should I know nothing about fighting terrorism, but if their objective is to die, can't police
RO, tear gas and then shoot them with darts no martyrs. I In short, I see how that makes sense, though, if, if the objective, you know you you you yeah you're awarded with all those virgins, don't kill him, we lay lock him up and get my fur couple a decade, but that's the thing and then shit she'll be out their protest and get my she's not about that, because she is not because she saw the irony in martyrdom it's because she thinks cruel to kill them. Ok so share. Would you be ok with you? You know this covering them in in bacon juice. Before you kill them. Go you understand that the islamic view of Heaven is a much more physical one than that of Christians or other religions. So they really believe your body is defiled before you get that meeting that data. You can have some problems. So let's get him some problem now. My view of Heaven is actually being covered and bacon. Not the begging
use the Greece. I want the actual bacon yeah. I know I'm just saying the Bacon, Greece, the seventh that's my that's, my vision of hell is someone throwing piping hot bacon, Greece all over me there that member that movie was it you're, a false it where she was the guy the home intruder comes in. It was was basically like. You didn't quite rape her, but it was you headed that way when he was making a pretend to be his wife like make me breakfast make my coffee, but he's sitting there holding her at gunpoint. Did you receive that? Oh, I think that was oh. I can't remember if it was a maid for the burning, I think, is what it was: the burning, yeah made for tv movie with an she throws, the the hot butter on him memory at Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo doo. Now that's a buttered popcorn yeah! This same thing she threw the hot butter on him just sit. There is like that's brilliant, but then she didn't capitalize on it and I think he locked or in a fireplace so
weird turn, but of a sad turn, but share saying this, and this is not unique to the share. What's read, some of the top quotes before we get to the Asker nominations as so that he thinks there's a strong streak of racism whenever we engage in foreign adventures, our whole history regime change has been people of a different color Sandro Bernard said the real terrorist Sir George, W Bush and his band of brown shirted thugs Let me see here. Oh Dave, Cleanin Start CBS Television Series, the agency. These are just these, come to me from rightwing news dot com by the way and aggregation of all of these quotes I am saying that the moral climate within a ruling class in this country, America, is not that different from the moral climate within the ruling class of Hitler's Germany. I'm not coming. Bush to Adolf Hitler, because Bush for one thing, is not a smart zig off Hitler and, secondly, here's the kicker?
Bush doesn't have as much power as Adolf Hitler. I don't write. Books are the opposite. Bush has far more power than Adolf Hitler ever had guy is actually serious. Shell chrome, I think war is based and greed and there are huge Carmack retributions that will follow. I think war is never the answer to solving any problems. The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies couple of things. If you have no enemies, your life is and consequential war. Or is not always the answer. Definitely sometimes the answer. Sometimes war, this kind of the answer war and did not he Germany WAR, terrorists in Iraq. Just recently, if you want to say war, they said you just avoided another Paris bombing in Belgium and by the way violence manages to fix every remote control, I've ever owned, so violence, some
times is the answer will talk more about that and the Oscar nominations after the break with my wonderful award winning Filmmaker brother, Jordan, crowded state, you, you are listening to louder with crowd her on well talk. Sixteen,
Stephen crowded with louder with crowded, to tell you about. One of my favorite sites on the web are fifteen doc. I know you here fifty seven black rifle it is what they are. Fifteen dot com is actually the best website. If we want to community from which to learn about how to care for your gun guns, safety were defined, conceal permits, forces as well as the best online gun store in the business and talking ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a our fifteen die. That's a our fifteen dot com. Your listening to louder with prouder on WHAM taught sixty nine. We are back and I am so real.
That my mom forced me to have this next guest on. Actually we're talking about ask your nomination and its trending. Oliver, twitter there's a lot of controversy, even though it seems like we shouldn't be so actually, this gentleman is an award winning film maker, an actor LOS Angeles, so nosey industry really well my brother, Jordan, crowded, Jordan, thanks or whatever hey Stephen. Nice beyond the show kind of Neptune. Met its finest nepotism explained. I hear all these radio spring on their their parents or or their relatives were completely unqualified and, in this instance, is actually quite five. We bring Jordan on to discuss issues relating to Hollywood, because that's what he does know he's always been a filmmaker. He does He does comedy like I do he D Sketch comedy so Jordan have even following at all the the asker nominations. Yes, I have actually harm. I I I was surprised that that,
Selma got snubbed yeah. I thought that that was a twenty fifteen really set. So I was. I was surprised that there was either talk of it. Well it just it's always the industry scam, where everybody waits until the week after crew, MR release their movies, so they can be nominated for award season and then so most of the stuff there was out early in the year gets totally ignored. What would you say? Georgia would be your your top films of the year if you at what you know, disregarding the academy and their whole popularity contacts to Vienna, give us just like two or three: well, I'm a little bit biased. I really liked the Grand Budapest Hotel. That was one of my favorite films in the air, but then also I got to see an early cut up last year of bird man. I really like that when I watched it funny cuz! I was in a focused group
I had a lie and say that I wasn't in the industry, so I could see the movie, but I got really what I got. I get like these free emails where they live come see, come see the movie for free and tell us what you think, but you're not supposed to no one. Was to be an industry, so I end up going to those. When I tell him that, like I'm a freelancer or just make it really vague. So I could see these movies that I want to see, but the cut was really great and I sat in on his focus group and everyone their hated it. So refund. It would like that, because a couple of reasons fun dip, it's Michael Keaton and it also sort of follows its worth mirrors his life right here. It's a film about him being a successful sort of big super your franchise bird mankind like bad man and then Can I have a trying to have a career come back, so isn't it? It's sort of Michael Keaton story Right
a sore I mean, there's some parallels to him. I think it's kind of more of a nod because right there ain't, I dont if his life is actually like, that it probably really sad yeah. I think a lot of us a bit so that we can live with Mickey Workin the wrestler it paralleled with his rear come back, which TAT was a good film, but man. I was tough to take what films just leaves you goin, Crap I can't believe I wash it waters of using this controversy, Jordan, but some but a really mad. It's actually trending on Twitter still now for two days that the ask Cars are so white bill are mad that there aren't enough black nominations. What do I mean what I want people to win
that that deserve the award. So whoever was best that year should get the award and we'd have we had Oscar years where there is very many, african Americans who were nominated in wind, so I don't I don't see what the big issue- and that was last year, that was last year with the twelve years, a slave girl, whose very pretty, and that too, toothless pirate from Captain Philips. Here, that's good Tough though it did. You see Captain Philips funded no. No, I didn't want you play the somali pirates, anyone the Academy award, but the only role he could ever play the somali pirates. You're gonna, be tough, he's trying to break into the industry, what I really want to do. Is romantic comedies this Ali pirates do not have our Arnold towards a mega. Who is our Bruce? Will, as I want to be? That's it. You gotta, have some teeth and fix the hare line and engage ninety pounds. Yeah just Google, the guy. I see what you mean,
stuff. What else is he gonna do unless the script calls for somalian pirate while he probably play a lot of different aliens in I I could usually see him being one of the people that hung out in the fifth element. Actually saw him in Santa Monica he's, got hair plugs now and zoom widening I don't know he's gone. Hollywood he's looking for clothing sponsors only where Galvin climb it that's gotta, be it. I mean it's gotta, be tough. When your cast specifically for something like that and a year at the top, it doesn't get any better. It doesn't get any Are you ve won an academy award and your gun, be broken five years because no higher you for anything else what twelve years a slave to jeer receipt. I'll be honest. I didn't they sent me the screens as part of the actors union, and I I just don't. I just didn't happen
guilt, laughed. I watched Dallas buyers, club and and by the time it kinda twelve years I was, I was beaten up to have you seen it Joad? was actually it was. She really great fell my eye in Georgia. The lot and, like you said you do feel really bad and guilty. I don't know why, but I didn't do any of that stuff, but it's. It's really good thing that the I forget the guy's name. I just remember I liked him in that Woody Allen movie that nobody like right, yea gosh, not not blue jasmine? I was a recent one, Linda Melinda, Melinda Melinda yeah, that was it I think I watch that on your recommendation and I didn't really like it, speaking of which, if we're gonna be mad about black people, not getting enough awards, can we be mad about cereal pedophile rapists? Getting awards I think I think that safe to say I know, unfortunately not they protect what Woody Allen protect Roman Polanski and then they
don't wanna air the charlie- have no cartoon nowhere, so brave worthwhile brave. Buzz word in Hollywood, everything's brave, it's almost become become like that like I like a curse, though, if somebody cause you brave, in Hollywood, people like oh, ok, yeah, this person doesn't care like that's, that's like that become the badge, and if it be, my god, I don't know what would you call again, you know like a curse. Recalls you brave it's like a bad thing, can alike that thing that what are you laughing at fun just delivery, a girl ago, like a curse. I don't I don't have the words this morning light you literally eleven here's your coffee at area using drink coffee Well, no wonder I love you laid back. Panic grew. That's the way. Jordan is Jordan. Is it's funny Jordan? for those list,
Jordan is my brother. We both have worked and entertain industry. For years I mean that's, that's all we ve ever done. It's the only way we ve made a living. No, we don't know how to wait tables and Jordan is so mellow, and I am Firstly, a very explosive guy you're, like one dog that sees this squirrel in up squirrel yeah There there is some of that us that's the way he that's the way, I'm wired, but when Jordan gets mad, he's impulse of any if the shakes and iron orchard in about I've, never seen this he's never seen theirs, but his hair is scowled, goes back any literally shakes like a kid who just template too much chocolate cake it a birthday party and yours like oh, my gosh something's gonna happen and then it usually passes, but That's how you know its edges, german down deep into my soul, were helped me. And then it and then at forty five will get a motorcycle, and here I had after Sturgis,
according to five years old, where an alleged Zepplin T shirt and bear it cheap. Ed. Good I'll, be more like a social distortion. T shirt think funded presented the the punk rock, but you know it is. It is funny you talk about this direct raises robot around in Hollywood so often that is really lost, all meaning all you played a gay guy. Congratulate I'm so brave you're, not action Being a gay guy, you played a gay guy. For twenty million dollars. I am not gay, but for twenty million dollars I could learn we could do probably lesson even less and twenty million in funding when it dry down. If all of a sudden, you know like you MR deeds situation where very early I don't think you know like when this is going at all hours it will bring in the music. Now. Let me finish: this fund came in his motion. It gets out of my head
two million dollars have to join me in the mansion. For the evening greater say: two million are right. Now, let's do this, I think it be like we gotta get back out here. There is greater part boys for me: you'll be a cheeseburger radio can we'll be back
nice. We do but dancing the happy songs and every time I sit up, my white gets mad and text. You don't need to stay and every time I believe equation dump its inspiring, though isn't it it is. I really do like that song and so does my aghast my arm. My brother is with us today, actor and filmmaker extraordinary. So,
damn you have him on to talk about the Oscars and why the academy is so racist, Jordan. Thank you for being back phaser. Haven't me: ok, first off, let's get so where is the best place for people to find you? They could find me at Jordan Crowd or films, dot com or on Twitter at Jordan, prouder at Jordan Crowd. Now, nearly so formal wig to improve, improve sound quality, and I think he's gonna take my job. What what? What she trick and the Rhine apply best parties. We wouldn't have to change the bumps. It could still be law with greater sure right there less work for me I still had. I thought it would have been a better. A better show name would have been just crowded. I think that's it. I think tat. That was like a throwback to when you were when you were in high school. You had it's getting crowded in here that wasn't S Logan environment of airspace. I do it was a good one, my space
Myspace Myspace existed when you were in a high school yeah you're, just a fetus you're not a little, so you want abort me even had a little EL fees, on there, with his little had pictures and everything I did a number of binding on the computer, they what the heck is. This eaten his younger tubes. It was a bit well To be honest, is before social media was really a thing. Myspace was kind of the first version of that and as before they created in profile, so I just use it for stand up and Amber Jordan shown me: how do you like hd male coating enough that I could put some clips in on my profile? It instead of a music track and at its She got the attention of some talent scouts and I want some some competitions and in GSM got into some. Festivals and some tv rose from Myspace I remember once you won this contest open for Bruce, Bruce God, and that was like that.
The worst audience for you. I remember you being the only white guy in the room they went up and didn't. Get any laughs and to putting on a fake ebonic accented, making fun of yourself, and then they were all on board. You have the surely I went up in any of like that, any of the political humor any of the commentary, am I I know, I'm the white gown evasive the planet. It was Bruce, Bruce, If you don't know, he's literally funded about four hundred, something pound black comic from Like Alabama or one of those southern noise, the southern big southern black comic and then his opener, wherever he goes as a guy named black boy, you're working completely unfamiliar with his work. Well, as others Bruce
Bruce Black Boy, and me one of these things is not like the other. Would you know what was the best learning experience about? That was, I remember sitting in the green room and that's when I learned that black people really love Andy Griffith we're watching it on the tv in there and they were just like the howling and laughing of the guy did not expect this to be a sitcom that they would like to watch while black Americans, you know they share a lot of the same. A lot of the same colloquialisms. They speak the same way a lot of the same culture as southern White Americans. You know that the the only people use it or black people wanted a black people from Detroit or white people from Oklahoma. You now! bless your heart. You know, for example, prosperous has a funny bit right talked about. I talked about. You know what black. People was someone, I guess in trouble. We say Jesus. Because you know that guy is power and the name of Jesus. What people say
oh my god, you know, that's are typical white person voice. Every black cats is so you you drive and on the road, the black person you hit you a patch of ice, the structural around Jesus both yesterday a car why person their patch ice all my boom, you crash- you go you're off every was. Just white people verses black people, but it was funny Firstly, because we are so white spring of snow white. Trending right now in twitters, Oscars are so white. So this is the. Criticism? George. I mean you ve, seen the nominations, Do things at this is another opportunity for Hollywood to push in. What's funny it was Hollywood. Has the bastion of progressive, progressive, isn't right, you so How do you think they react? Do think right now that we are trying to do damage control going? Oh, my gosh. We have that next year we have to have a bunch of black awards because they they would hate to be called discriminatory, as they are right now,
I don't know I don't. I don't know that they really do care. I think that their debt, that they did, they probably felt like they made their quota last year and nerve and andor infectious we're just there's going through the motions you know I'll as Think whenever, whenever there is that color uproar in within the Hollywood community, it psych it did not even Hollywood people just like. Well, that's that's that's crap! I didn't mean to do in care about it, it's like they, they fain. This kind of this interest in social justice and stuff, but when it comes to their own community, they actually care about it. Yeah, that's a good point: they should have separate what they want. There's a lot of diversity in the films that I saw this year. I saw one film that had green woman, a blue woman, a blue guy, a talk and squirrel wanna talk in three. Now that's the one popped, lsd?
No, that was that's my favorite filled with a year guardians of the galaxy. It was a good film Didn't you haven't seen that? Have you no! I haven't and you know it actually, I'm completely non political film, but a lot of conservative values espoused you know, family, ah, selflessness sacrifice living in an analog tapes Also, you know what else I want it will do Really like to acknowledge this, but the most successful films of good and evil as much liberals in Hollywood, they're trying to create this whole gray scale universe, you know, is bad man, a good guy. Is he really the bad guy C mon now he's of abusing his power, whose good and whose evil? If you look at the most successful films like Lord of the rings or this year, guardians of the galaxy you look at the biggest stars of all time. There was clear cut good guy, bad guy. Because Schumann's inherently know that that is true in the world and the like, it represented on screen, but Hollywood loves to act as though there that everything falls under this moral ambiguity
funny Jordan, you see a lot more of that, don't you find in the nominations, then, in the successful films commercially yeah Noah This is Hollywood. Would never the nominations are never what what what the people enjoy as yours: it's always just kind of whatever they want a promoter push that year. It said that there are totally out of step with the regular movie going public bodies you can always trust the movie going public, though they like dumb and dollar Remember they rejected diamond dumber. Do I manage major day totally got rob this year, What it's funny, though, that that your it's right, it's funny that something I was. We were How can Patricia heat and once you recommended the tv show a walking dead, which I thought I
would never enjoy. That shows a man. I've never really been in a zombie movies and I'm not into Gore, and I didn't think I would like it, but she explained to me she said it's. One of the only shows on television that dead dead good and evil, and also forces you to examine values, because its postal apocalyptic situation in theirs constitutes constantly reexamining of morals and values, and I had I thought those like there was an interesting point now watch it in its true. It's it's really really interesting, show and bunches, zombie, killing and stuff in between all that stuff? But it's at an that's one of the most popular tv shows right now in families gather around and watch it Everyone in my church watches the walking dead on Sunday night, which is because that would have been shunned by the church a long time ago. You you have something funded. Well, what channel is it on em see? Ok, it makes sense that people in a church would watch a show about right
erected dead, Zombie Jesus so, I've got a friend who was just got a huge rush on Norman readers and I keep meaning the check the Show- and I never have, but everybody raves about it. You know that's funny. I hate zombie films to in its mainly because jordan- and I you know, went to film school to be fair Jordan for much further along the trail than I ever was, and every hid in their dog makes a zombie film. It's like the first thing they make in film school and they're all just trash yeah, and I was in a couple of them to remember that in a screen writing class there was it was fifty people in the class- and there was about maybe five zombie scripts will make Europe screen. Writing what you need to what
What are you gonna write about amazed, these Sammy there's nothing in this, but some think you're supposed to write, dialogue and learn how to create characters and insight, and then the guy blows zombies head off. What were you there do away? You rightly cylinder money. What was that they're, just riding screen directions as opposed to dialogue that yes, and that you know we go back and forth on Kevin Smith, Stephen, but one of the things that I like is how much attention to dialogue he pays. There's there's constantly Clever, dialogue, Thank you. So much pays attention to dialogue as much as gives a talented cast time. If you didn't write a little a lot of that what I dont think He'Ll- I don't! he allows for a lot of improper. Most of his stuff is written now, he's not like a bury Levinson, where The dialogue comes off really off the cuff.
He could see, there's like overlapping dialogue in the guise. The guys are really kind of just just off the cuff, but I think Kevin this right out right outlaws dialogue. That's that's what Many of the people have said on the commentary tracks on the films of his that I've watched if they stray from the script. He says top threw it over again, I wrote in a specific way and it's gonna work. That way well that's. Why ran into so many problems with Bruce Willis? he hated Barouche. Wasn't that movie that film cop out, which was awful, but he just said, Bruce well. I was just really difficult to work with and frankly, that was kind of classless to throw Bush will listen to the busts kind of a general rule that unless someone you know cause, is you harm to go over budget or over time? If you didn't work too well, together, you don't you don't drag their name through the modern and he Kevin Psmith did that would bring. Well, as a mediator in one of his public speaking engagements he'd basically said that he hates Bruce will assume will never work with him again.
He came to my class and film school and his big master class, and he just teehee. You could tell you, I mean I respect what he does as a director and I don't particularly like his films, but I respect the way. Then he got into the industry and how is kind of his old man, but he just burns. Every bridge like he was sitting there every movie. He worked on every actor. I working with sky discos more on this guy, producer made me do this this guy's a more like. I don't know that he has any friends and the insistence more like that is, like that guy who made boondocks saints there was, Humanity on that where he just you know, was a one time film that went crazy, but you know viral was successful and he's never made another one again, because everyone hates him I've heard of that. You actually gave me a copy of it may never wash it so I gave it to hunting is like a stocking stopper, but right now before we go lets, you go Jordan. What what's that,
take away here for people. Looking at the Asker nominations, a lot of conservatives are going to say why we ve been careless. Talk about Benghazi, I mean you look or twittered trending. Why is it important for people? at least have a cursory knowledge of this law it's it's. It's the pop culture. If you're going to affect Danny of it, you need to know. What's going on in a huge, do need to engage with it. I went through a period were, was the indicate in film school and didn't mackerel. Watch the asker Zat Ball, crap, but term. It's in important now each freshly now, but I work in the industry, but just to know what's going on and to engage in a be able to to have an opinion on on these. These movies and stuff that are popular and to just not to not to be separate from the culture but be beat in it. You know, I mean yeah to be involved with other, I think one can argue for sure that hot the Oscar
you are a separate culture from, I guess: mass media consumption culture. You know you're right you're right, but the thing is, though, Hollywood sets pop culture. Algeria has now leave said all these movies and are important and so the main stream is gonna. Go out and see all these movies after the fact, nobody watched him during the year. That's always what happens yet ever since I've had a kid, I hardly seen any I used to see you know. Deeper scent of the Asker nominated films and this year. I think I've seen. For movies and I don't know which ones have even been nominated. Gout guardians of the galaxy, the New Hobbit Film spite you know I do and maleficent I actually really ass. She likes maleficent, and I worry that I am like guardians of the Galaxy okay, so Jordan Roquat we're gonna. Let you go here, your top three films and I'll give my top three
I was a grand Budapest bird man and gash were what else is on their way you think of Shaff? Yes, a chef, would say if I D give Grand Budapest chef hundred foot journey and our Goneril gone, would be up there in an guardians of the galaxy I would put in their too was actually really well done. Jordan, Jordan crowded You can find him on Twitter at Jordan Crowd or thank you, sir. We will bring you back on to talk Hollywood in the future. Your listening do louder with Crowder, on where sixty nine
this is train show- and I am you're a strange animal, we're going to change the entire intrude for that. I think we both agreed, that's the song. It should be. I like that song, Gotta love gown, which is funny you know Dana's husband, Chris Friend of mine does not like Gowan. He hates him. I was very. Pressed with my wife when I was cut up the audio for the show, and she Gowan Yale gown. She loved it as a very cool. Oh no, you ever. Before the break, What I know what you're talking about their funding and we were on break-
what oh, what were we talking about what the two pictures you can send me in the things you were talking about, they're going to talk about that the honor. While we were taught we were talking about you know the things that men find attractive about. Women and you sound like a child, is explaining something good he's done wrong to his mom. You, wouldn't you admitted that you and I both are our fans of nice back ends, so that's all I get her veil that nowhere dogging that we were talking about that in a day- it is my wife is, I think, obviously I think my wife is is beautiful and I think most people would say she's a pretty girl didn't some guy holler at you guys with Iraq and on the street at one time we met in a couple of zones, but that time was hilarious, because the guy looks like exactly like Chris Rock, not Chris Rock Kid rock from Joe Dirt. He had that law. That markets any like, you know the Budweiser T shirt, but I find
very pretty, but I've seen women treat her like crap, just because she's, pretty or because she's thin, and listen. I don't think that anyone should ever be rude to someone for their size. Regret that, regardless of whether their large orphan cause I've been, I was fat in June, Junior High was a fat little kid night. I got some jokes about it. Now is hurtful, and I was also really skinny my senior year because I know what happened is. I was really really short in the eighth grade. I was a small kid. So as a short and kind around and fat and asserts that's when I started training was thirteen years It doesn't matter how much you work out instilled good discipline, but you can't change genetics at that point. You're, not a man yet so you're not able to actually cause the neural adaptation is necessary yet again muscle, but I got into the rhythm. And then when I was state my senior Europe high schools, I graduated nearly eleventh great their there. I was six foot chew A hundred and forty six pounds being Paul
The input and I was eaten double whoppers with cheese, Every single, your side I could imaginative couldn't put on, which was made fun of for being skinny so better, besides? That does go both ways, especially with women yeah. And and you'll see a lot of bigger women, My mom is another one: she's smaller she's, thinner, she's, not quite the you know, she's, not as as soon as my wife, my wife, because she's so tall she six foot, it's exaggerated, but my mom one time went into a store and said you have this in a size and I guess eyes, for you know that's crazy, but is not big. Smaller woman and the Did the store said now we only carry through as a for real women, and I just thought it would be a new story if my mom are working at the store- and you came in as a big woman- and she said no, we carry sizes for women who warned fat tubs of crap. You know, but they did all the time so people understand that actually does go both ways with women. They can be very harsh and try and tell you now that you're too thin you're you're trying to
eight unrealistic expectations of some people are just dinner. You know when some people are bigger and it's ok yeah. I keep open that. I get to walk past that Gypsy from the Stephen novel one of these days. I get that you know they brush mean, unlike thinner, I believe that you are a result area. The end result is that when I die from the Kurds from the book, but I get thinner for you know meantime. Or that we will, instead of dying, you could just using a final zol tar on a boardwalk and make the wish to. Ah, ah, I could see that Tom Hanks in bed rumour that yeah and when a piece crap machine. That was a member. I saw it when I was enough managers. Things Colorado therefore allow. This is gonna, be great and just give you a little cartons as a your future is bright. Gonna say a dollar on this. This is a rip off but
all around us out here. We were talking about a lot today. We are talking about Hollywood and how their mad about there are about how there aren't enough minority nominations. We were talking about the Charlie have dough in and in the cover that they decided to run again in the newspaper and Hollywood has refused to air at the media has refused to air it, It comes down to the same thing all of these issues. It comes down to a first amendment issue the right to free speech. And we are at a time here in this country- words not only under assault by people, don't believe in it by people like Islamists people in countries abroad who believe in censoring speech. But by the media and by liberals in this country, who are complicit under the guise of being politically correct, of not being offensive of hate speech, laws no ones. They come in here and say, take away your free speech, you're going. Come in and say we really, for you. Dont say that let's just try and be nice, let's try and be civil. That's the big call is civility. Freeze,
for me is too damn important, it's too important Muslims take it away if I'm drunk the profit or from criticising the prophet. It's too and to let Hollywood, try and take it away. It certainly too important to let the media take it away because of some trendy political correctness. Freedom of speech is too damn important.
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