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Steven talks all things COVID-19 with his own personal physician, Dr. Christopher Choi, American board-certified internist. They discuss everything you at home need to know as we face this pandemic together and the significant differences between how South Korea and the U.S. have dealt with the outbreak. It’s coffee, corona, and Korea in this one.

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Hey audio, listen, are you know, there's video right now I get it. Some of you are on the road, so you have to download this take with you on a plane. Some of you read through Braille, so this is the only option, but for other people that are exclusive sketches and visual elements Is it the night nightly show over there on Youtube or for my club members lot of credit. I come slash mocha. The show is daily beyond the cliffs at you just get on Youtube or here on Itunes. It's ninety nine dollars for the year, sixty nine dollars annually, you get the mug, you get access to avenge big new names coming, but we can only keep growing and inspiring, the movement. If you guys, I have let us cut an accomplished my club, but I get it you're an audio only guy or go. There is no change. Your mind enjoy the show louder with crowded studios protected exclusively by Walter
Eddie with a very special show for everyone out. There is a little bit different and we are going to have some announcements regarding mug club at one also kind of shutting down slowing down and taken. The precautions were going to do more. To serve you, but I don't want to waste time with that right now. Have another video on that I wanted to bring on a very special guess: full disclosure. This is why
come on. I know him. I love I am as my own personal doktor he's, an internist in LAS Vegas Devout he's been practicing twenty one years, and he doesn't want to make it clear what first of Doktor Choi. Thank you for being here How would you describe what it is that you do, because when I went and saw you, you don't kinds of different things, and it was very weird to me that you are doctor who actually listened well. What I do is what basically other into a medicine doctors. Do I may talk of adult and bore certify internal matters. In answer, I serve as a primary your doctor for my adult population patients, so that I mean I'm supposed to be a jack about trade or at least know something about everything. Right and then specialists are the ones who just Darwin, to one or two one or two.
Field right. O the vast medicine appealed saw a cardiologist only deal with a heart. I may deal with a little cardiology by little kidney unlivable over everything else and our doc doktor choice. I'm getting a little bit of an accent is that polish loud people think I'm chinese, but I'm korean, very small, clear exit. I came to the states when I was eleven or twelve, almost twelve, so I've been here about over forty years now good career. Korea was the Good Korea out there. They get. One of you now learn about
so you can. You really have some unique insight, because that right now we're taller than you know, corona buyers will, through all this it's as much of a cultural and economic means, we're seeing a ripple effect, as is just medical, so so being from from South Korea and obviously a longstanding sort of August feud for lack of better with with China. Do you feel it gave a little bit of a different insight into this? What as always in the sense that I do still. I still have some family members in Korea, including my brother, who went back poppy growing up here. So I mean that you're talking with my brother's. However, some some idea has been going on in South Korea in in relation to a covert nineteen.
He is at their relationship with China. Right now is a prior and a good turn at least related to the virus or the Chinese have are. They were actually are released, a lever lot about info on the virus to South Korea and asked why they were able to make the up the kids to rapidly task. Although there are population untidiness Algeria, so ready got the secrets of the virus from China in some time in first caught up job a January and that's what they used to actually come up with a kids. Now, when did we get that in the United States? When we know one China to us, they may be workable.
U S empty eight to try to get those kids approved, so we can use it here, but of desert hearsay. I'm not your right! Well, ok, or go back to that with South Korea in the United States and from the CDC. I know you have talked about that low, but before we get to that, there's they're kind of two sides here, there's there's pandemonium, there's panic with some people, and then there are some people who say that there's nothing going on now. We maintain that less and take the proper precautions, but we don't want to cripple the entire economy there's somewhere in the middle sulphur, for people who may not be in the no. As someone who has had to deal with this yourself, how bad is it the corona virus? How should people be viewing this right now?
The crowd of ours is a virus, much like the flu, but it is more express, pastor and mortality from the krona buyers. Other novel virus is higher than a flu, partly because we don't have any back in for bread and wouldn't have treatments because he has on you, but it is as we do need to take this seriously. I mean this is a national emergency. We do need to take us seriously, but this is not like a nuclear fallout reservoir last minors. Ten years we don't need to be panic. We do not need to hoard tulip papers. We don't need to do that now. It is going to pass this is going to pass, but we just need to
follow the instructions from the CDC and our government and actually do our part right and we can hopefully get through this without the least amount of our mortality rate. We can only do that if we have to follow the instructions right gasping of her according to a paper on the worst person for the, because my Betty. She eats that's your thing, Josiana paper roles. I came home yesterday and it gets better. My father, o K completely to the total payment, throws it all around. What that's important right now busy people are deserves when the blame game. And then finding out how this happened. So we can avoid it in the future, because now there's a lot of you no sort of Monday morning, quarterback pills, We should have known. What do you mean
A lot of people are now blaming President Trump and this administration that they haven't handled this properly. It's that that's what they ve been trying to claim in the media in hindsight, is always twenty twenty and whether our present could do a better job. We're not. I don't know about their high says twenty twenty right now. What we need to do is actually follow the recommendations that are given to Mr Trump from visa experts, the producers right and right now. The best thing is to stay away from each other to stay away from each other, so that without spread it, hopefully we do that we catchy dramatically could tell the spreading of the virus, so they in a month or so we will still have some cases viable
much less right. If this works, though we can really get it under control, so I'm it ass. The key right, it's about flooding that that that curve- and I want to ask you going back that- will force of you- said novel corona virus think a lot of people on notice. You know I have actually made wrestling match home Jim with indulged. Cleaner and it says on their kills corona virus. I think so people may be ignorant that, like the krona virus, has been around for a long time. That's why you said novel, corona by restricting explained, indifference, spokesmen and while we are, we ve, had a corner virus for a long time, but this is a mutated, is a different strained. Basically, so we ve had a Cyrus size call one. We call a star scope to so this is a new strainers, mutated. Ok, so we may acquire by us for a long time. There's just happens to be a look of restraint and it is more important than the Sars
We know that because it has caused more death and spreading of master and especially easier limit easier when data and sellers lately we had Sars and the Toronto airport noise from Canada grown up so more deadly than aunt that red different mortality rate. You're right now the mortality rate, as I daresay as highlighted three percent, which is higher? Ok, so and that's that's predominantly obviously, people who are elderly and people who are have pre existing conditions. They are the ones who should be most concern Exactly the younger patients number pages really have good immune system, and we can fight it off and almost most of the cases are the coroner others with nineteen. The symptoms are very mild whereby by large most people they get it. If you would be like a fool like symptoms and dug up the little fever,
car and then they'll recover right is the elderly patients and the people would even a compromise. Stateside diabetics were heart disease, I am. Was we little bit of a higher was now because I had a heart attack the beginning of this year and the people will heart disease or cancer, as those books are much higher risk of dying from it. So I saw some statistics the other day and pull over the age of eighty metallic is as high as about fifteen percent right and you're, going to seven visa about eight percent. Below that I mean the vote has very low, so nice and put down for the elderly folks sword really paying too, but they need to be very careful, yeah we'll. Let me proposals.
So did we summon people get really upset? This is this is just what we had to hand on the office. Let me explain why I am saying this here and you can shoot me. Dad has totally out of left field here in the office. We ve made sure that people are basically quarantine themselves outside of the office and then we come to the office because, where small enough company, we can keep track of it, except for some older people and when I say older men like fifty eight, so they're not really at high risk. What we wanted to take precautions keep them away and I want to do a corona. Act where we all like to pop topical states that we can get it over with. No one else would cite impair the my lawyers. That's a lie ability so, but here is that he's my question which are currently in the whole country? What about just quarantining old people all people and people who are sick because realign the UK, they want to hurt immunity where they wanted to get the sixty percent of the population and odyssey. That's that's. That's a natural thing to do. You allow that to happen and old people who are high risk or expose, but it seems,
It may be into the quarantine, the whole country, if we quarantined people who are most at risk, let the virus run its course of people are no longer carriers and then let them out of there their cages maybe that what are you a better way to approach? It is just a layman: I'm not a doctor. What we think. None with South Korea of Yosemite SAM? Only Ireland does no, nothing there's nothing to that is it Not saying kill them, I'm saying just keep them safe, because otherwise there are going to constantly be exposed this virus until we get a vaccine right for them. It's still.
I receive less risky, but it's not any less dangerous if they contract it for five six months from now. That's the concern not so much for young people carrying itself just quarantine. You know all people know what I mean, but doesn't interesting idea as interesting idea about how the problem is. I don't we don't know. How is a cake if we take this approach to get sixty percent of the total population young people to actually getting back, did and recover from. It is quite take six months ago that three months, six months or a year right zeal from MRS distant point your. How do we currently somebody for six months or a year, right? Now it s the best one thing and then too we still have young people who can die from this right and do we really want to run the risk of either the physical ethical, so we're pilot project approach were we're going to try to minimize the spread of the virus
let a kind of thy mother do they're doing that, but there is a lot of yea asked of the via soon we didn't after choice, work. Ok, I understand yes, but we're looking right now it trying to stop the spread and then the talk as if it doesn't work full quarantine and Samson before that quarantine most at risk. If we're going to,
that route and again some of this is hearsay, but I mean that's, that's pretty scary, to a lot of us- and I know you know you programmes more insight on this when people point to South Korea is being successful, units will know this. It's a very different culture and the kind of approach and South Korea are not measures. That necessarily would be acceptable to Americans or or work can tell a lot more about that. I remember it creates a very small country and is very centralize. Government still everyday can mobilise much faster than we can use a ways and the people are very densely populated, and this is why the using the masks as our work it was paying necessary for them because they are in a crowded place and there are always going to be in contact with somebody. But for us, maybe, like you, some somewhere like New York, perhaps either make
an issue but like in Vegas, were where I'm at the density? Here is very low, so we could have to stay away from each other much easier than people in South Korea. So we don't really need a mask. You wouldn't really the mask innocent, not right now, because we can t virus just standing out here. He earned it doesn't exist in the air by so it has to be transmitted from oppression. To expressly. I think this is important, and I want to have you, and there are conflicting reports were someplace to say it is airborne and then some places say it's only transmitted through contact, so it is only through some kind of contact or or for contact by proxy, while contact mainly what we think is that it is about contact they go if we shake their heads of another person who has a virus or if we attach the surfaces soon after somebody
who has a virus catches a service under? We touch our face with it wrong because he enters our eyes, are known her mouth. So it is a respiratory virus, but we can also get it we can be. Airborne is typically not be, can be airborne or droplet. So if somebody Cox at us and that we can actually inhaled that- and we can get up, we can get the wars, infection or right. So the person who has a virus has to be in close proximity and costs. Ok, then we cannot you caught in a cup of tea virus and then we can actually inhale Basso. If that were not ready, lamps, that's pretty temporary, it would actually have to be like you're talking about you know, but basically a fine missed, in other words its
necessarily airborne. Just because someone was breathing there twenty minutes ago no and does become airborne. It does become errand boy in the cases where, like in the hospital, if somebody has the virus and if you use like maybe lasers you'll earn, you feel like you're sanctioning the airway that can actually make it airborne, but it doesn't last very long. I'm stuck rubbing the air for a long time. Ok I'll die off, so you have to come in contact with somebody for a significant amount of time in order to actually up inhale. Now I got the virus. What about you being a doctor? Do you where I notice you not wearing you, don't look like Bain right now. I noticed that you're. Just yourself do you wear
gray. Now, all the time and people commander respirator, no absolutely not know what might seem pretty balls with that. I would be scared, white hot, Why not? What a listener about our right now, even in the hospitals, were not routinely prey on basques work. We ve got you locked down the hospital, so there no business coming in advance and then even the staff. Everybody is screamed with questions and to seek their fever or symptoms, and if they are dealing with a patient member, I'm sitting here,
and I'm not be exposed to anybody right now, riders after no real permitted where the mask it is not going to accomplish anything, because there is no credible in the error rate. Now right, it's only bombing the cosmos steadily with a patient who actually has sometimes or who actually has a in budget. So if I met you today, a patient who has symptoms are potential qualifiers. Then I will ask you, put my and ninety by mass gone up my gown and gloves on ok, but otherwise I'm not bring any personal protective of gear, appease equipment bright, and what kind of asked is that that is the CDC recommendation? Cities, a recommendation is that the general public does not near the need to wear the mask at least not yet and
the health care workers we do need to wear it. We're dealing with patients were the cook with nineteen or suspected patients right, but it seems that I have also read that really. There is no time you'll, not too, where these masks is is more so because of the shortage. Sat there still, if you, if you have them, it is not a bad idea to wear them, but specifically, if you have the virus that you should, where the mask your health and then, if you don't and you're around people who do that's, where you want the the ninety five respirator, that's correct that was why we requested in there that was. That was my fault, in our view, are not your doctor. You can diagnosed me as a rule. About the later. But its answer is due to be safe and protect yourself, which doktor choice. Are you for protected on line you protect yourself on line for the good at it
press Vps anonymize everything the bankrupt. A hundred percent EU data there about voted the number one Vps on the market. My radio wire and not the virgin? They haven't any break ins like data breaches, like others, are another WP ends out there and people watching it now can go to express gps dot com, slash crowd or to get an extra three months free, so Doktor Choi for interpretation align its Express bp and outcomes. A crowd of an extra three months free and you can even all your devices so that people don't know what you're. Looking up. You know that you're south korean you're mistrust of the chinese government. They could be keeping a watchful eye on you, they're none, the wiser views expressed GPS. Let me ask you again about about South Korea. Do you think that also evident we're talking about this, but their somewhat mistrust of China? Having worked with him for such a long time? Helped him get ahead of the curve, because,
were sceptical or in looking at the information presented to them, whereas here we'll get into the CDC in China has been, it had been a nightmare as far as the false info. I think they do have a little healthy scepticism to create, mobilise, really quickly and early on and is, does massively tested a lot of people and they are tracking every case to see you like the forces up within twenty four hours Wouldn't let you a four hour stood a typewriter, get a result, need somebody does have a coordinating. The day will achieve track, use all means to track where they pay. A person actually went to sit down together their credit card spending. They look after which ecosystems to see where the patient went to and actually let the public have been involved so that the people can avoid were the patient
the death penalty user system rather nicely to slow down the spreading of the virus, rather than massively quarantining, quarantining everybody so effectively the south korean government debt thanks to its citizens and that it should, in my view, that Americans aren't supercontinent writ with writing ragged ce marking. So, in other words, when people say look at South Korea and the failure- and this was a question- was getting to a. Why did it take this much longer? People are saying we're more inefficient here in the United States. I think the answer. The question is to all Americans out there watching. Are you comfortable with the government tracking you using GPS and releasing that data to the public because that's how South Korea got ahead of it, a lucky that you're a busy man you're on your phone, so you're doing. You're too. Have I board you this much much doctor I get, but I'm just I'm just a bigger caucasian here, but come on you're the most boring person No,
go and is already how to shove. Always right only and I find it, I know what that so that as yet, they literally we're tracking and then releasing that information to the public to have that those kinds of results here which would be harder because much bigger the United States government would have to do that with its citizens. One plus is much much bigger country were much bigger. Theirs is geographically, were much bigger and were also very diverse population so that it just doesn't going to apply what did what they ve done over there just as apply here. Let me ask you are talking about your when we were tongue, the peoples who are blaming Donald Trump and swelled now, really, the CDC doesn't have a whole lot to do with present.
From the CDC also wanted to quit with one go into China and offer help a while ago and were denied grotesque that that was a provisional had closed the society. China right rail, they purchased, don't wanna, except help from western western country right in what we ve been told in the media, is, as you know, that President Trump told the CDC not to prepare now as someone who's where it is, and it is this that truth only treats them. I don't know I mean I, I don't understand why anybody would tell the citizens to prepare. That's right. You have already asked the unusual It would be awfully unusual antipathies being the cdc doesn't really have a whole lot to do directly with the president. In that capacity they mention the pandemic task force, our team and the guy. Who was therefore not sex, not true, we weren't disbanded at all. We were we were streamlined and this sick. As a question of someone who works in medicine right, we ve seen this with psychology
a country a lot of them and we see now its media lot. Americans don't necessarily have the great amount of faith in their institutions. We seen, for example, the FBI and the d o j they can be politicized. Is that all possible with agencies like the CDC, because we see or or the world a World health organization do? Sometimes these different organizations have different political agendas where it makes it hard to sift fact from fiction.
I am sure everyone translation, whatever field it is other end. How does have some are? They can be employed to an extent by politics, I'm sure you're, just a that's just the way this right, but by how to imagine the ordinary organization like CDC, would be much more driven by scientific data and for the public. Good you're instilling sea has been standing in a do, get a regular updates from CDC on a regular basis. Is about the Corbett, nineteen and love we're supposed to do so? I mean it's not like to have done anything they they have been doing. Things initially were within, had all the proper information from China as a report that, without this was
he's deal and the later on, you know what the owner is spreading in South Korea, ITALY and Europe and recycling more concerned about. We still have a lot of cases here. End up, as far as we know, are really no death until I believe Barbier recently and that's what I was getting. Ok no is actually are spreading, to write. Ass well respected much more concerned right, and so I think this is important in a lot of you think that the United States is unique. We are unique in a way that you, ve, sort have drawn attention to were large were very diverse compared to a lot of other countries, but we're unique in that up until more recently, globally, this
wasn't seen as a bit concerned, based on the information that we were getting from China. Everyone was kind of in that boat until not too long ago. The World Health organization declared the up and delicate, and I believe that twelve march, twelve, eleven or twelve twelve so that that I think that when we really seconding are concerned, The schools were shouting down, the Nevada isn't a basically lockdown, despite all the non essential. Our businesses have closed as of yesterday, and all the casinos have closed say only that essential businesses have stayed open, such as medical practices and the gas station there under the food places where they rode the supermarkets,
right so on what about? What about weed and hookers data? Are they still in business? Is that it is an essential step on this? I guess that's me around. Humanity, beginning in history, its not everywhere side enough. There open. Now you have drive through dispensaries, earn in Nevada. I think sort of answers. My next question then, because it matters to get to the root cause of. Why did people not think this was in on us? It doesn't like you said this: isn't the kind of pandemic that is going to kill twenty percent of the population like people of misreported initially, but the reason that people didn't take it as seriously as maybe it isn't being is because of the information we're having according to the doktor Young, who was actually the epidemiologists through dont worry Sars in Hong Kong areas set out with this Corbett. Nineteen, the mortality can be as high as forty percent
and sixty percent of the world population. In the worst scenario, nor scenario at sixty percent of the world population can be infected and of those one percent more time can be up to forty percent as the worst scenario, but but we also know from what the South Korea has done and also a China has done, he can be contained. He can be controlled and we can actually get through this without the kind of devastating number, and this is why this is why the? U S is now taking the is a drastic measure or we are actually trying to the large towns and have the people not come in contact with each other for about a month to try to avoid the kind of are potentially having that kind of a pandemic right and right, and I don't think we're gonna have that because we are already taking measures were taken major, so I seriously doubt
we too have anything close to that. So we don't need to be panic. We don't need to be panic. The best thing we could do is a simple was in a simple measures such as wash our hands very frequently and don't catch our nose. Don't like our base without washing right and watch. I stop ones are frequently draw today. Araby out tried knotted touchy, a public places and just try not to go out a beacon for a while until we get this under control right, but I really doubt would then have a sixty percent of a. U S. Population affected, I read out with forty percent of those, are the die we just want. Primarily, I see now touching on this, but that doesn't sound like a from what you're saying that means applying it old game of head and shoulders Neeson toes eyes, ears mouth roses arouses out. There should be a day
yeah. I know you're killer at that game carriers diamond a game. I thought I was a limerick as other practitioner how urgent it for you to get the testing gets Gazette. That seems to be the focus, the media. Who knows what will happen if we have enough testing sounds really maybe you're saying it's. That's not as necessary. Has taken these these precautions and these measures, or have you been disappointed in the lack of of testing gets available? Why don't? We have testing gets its sound that we ve sort of action by the root cause of not having the right information, but as a practitioner, what What's your point of view, I do. I do have some testing kids now. Ok, I do have some testing is initially. We were Russia by five last week. But we now I actually have private twenty thirty of them a big increase. Seven, I think a lot of people who doctor Jones don't skin, pass that they don't get dont like most people think that there are no testing it's available. That's that's a ford There are no regard. Testing, kids, darkest, kids and hospitals are testing
so we're gonna? Have a mobile testing of places apparently were going to be all detest people as they drive through just like they did in South Korea? So the we're gonna have those are. We will have more kids, so he is coming, but we still need to try to slow down the spreading by staying away from each other, I guess We can't be touching our faces. I understand this document, I get it. I thought I don't know you. A pediatrician ask, but this is so dearly, like a sort of like taco truck but for corona virus testing gets correct, took a good as yet there are actually implemented mobile units apparent you'll. Do you know why you went from five to thirty is a big partly because I ve been recordings of private laboratories now to to
Just incredible testing gets crasser. Other big private lapse like the quest lack or are they have the capability about doing that? The tests, and now you they had approval from the ethics appear, were city, see a crass to use one of the regular slots to test ok. So that does why now we have a more kids know. Why was it not approved before? What's the difference from the regular swabs and the other swaps, Why did they just didn't know if he was wont to work as a date? They cry had to test it? Ok, so it seems like there's a lot of red tape there and assuming. This is a good thing that at this point had we rely only on the federal government. We weren't able gives me kits this quickly, so having private laboratories working in the sort of in tandem with them seems like when you went from five to thirty. That's that's a huge Bob
Correct, yes, ok, so let's get so there's a silver lining their and how do you know? I want to ask you about your health, but seeing what you'll see it you're drinking coffee, but I don't think you're drinking the right off. You're gonna. Send you some with black rifle coffee veteran owned and they fresh roasted ship it to your door, the huge they have, the balls to sponsor the show you and their offering a discounter ineffable little black rifle coffee that come slash, crowd or use a promo code crowded. They get twenty percent off their first purchase of coffee, snob doktor toy I dont like what I'm what I'm hearing about, what you're drinking that the office that is more concerning them, Corona sort! Yet bad coffee will kill, break the s s although there is mould there's mighty toxins? I know I read Dave Aspirin, I'm talking about are you. Medium rose to a dark gross guy, Duckworth Doc, roast salaries, a duck roast duck room now
This is my axe and have little so you ve been in the United States for how long body, two years radically Arafat explained that the accent only goes away. Forty four, forty four years you're just under the worry you and when it when you let when necessary or let my french canadian mom, now fail ass, a figure that out really but doktor. Join you just you'd mentioned is not likely that you had a heart attack. That was a big surprise me when you, when you told me that I think is a big surprise. You watching them in your trim. Guy I've always known you to stay healthy, how hot and you eat pretty pretty well, and you certainly have helped me with how do not have happened. A relatively young fit healthy guy have a heart attack that today you hildy self. I guess I had a high cholesterol
get up control it with a diet and exercise which I have been doing and are obviously not that's one and then to my job, is very stressful and add three there's a family history earlier at heart disease, and I can ignore that. I guess a combination of those pry letter here earlier heart attack and you think you you may be. Because you felt so good. You are kind of fattened, spry and I'll, be fine, correct, because I've been eating healthy and even exercise it with a trader or along. Many years, and yet I run on the treadmill, have just things like okay, so I thought I was ok, obviously not. But you that regional point- and I think it may also relate to this- the covert nineteen, but how in women, are genetics in health thing. Often we overlook that for the first. Let's start with that genetics how important, because it seems to be the sort of
frontier with health, genetic testing out even talk about gene doping, which I dont understand, but genetic testing is. It is important that that's cool. The direction allow the yard the new technologies bowing to the canopy go petticoat actually works better for this particular individual based under tonight. Disposition sort that out there, the women doing a study on that were quite some time and our companies out there were testing to see which medication that I shall be giving each individual, because here there are like maybe there ten different medications were one condition and the on they may not be all equally effective or practical individual roar one meal.
Or some of those medications may cause more side effects on particular individual and now we are to try to figure out how to test the genetic testing to apply to that, but in a story that were still not there in my opinion, but it's getting is getting more accurate and my second question is because you said you had a stressful job. How much of an impact is a logical thing about diet and exercise? How much of a physical impact, because stress and scenes of physical thing where you get the jam you get an internal it'll go, can physically moving rhyme physically moving. This wait. A bench press from physically putting this food in my mouth stresses: sort of conceptual Falada people. How much of a physical impact distress actually have on one's health, because I stress, we know that will it will decrease the immune system stress what Dick was emu system. So obviously
If you're emu sisters Lord and now you are more likely to catch the virus, not just corollaries, but any other virus range in their inventions. The aim of this package will be titled about corona, because that's what cell? So that's over time, we talk about who cares about right now, the old normal that low so item is known right in the medical field. I mean that's. A physical observation stressed lowers immunity that can be quantified. Yes, and I guess what other inclosing you're? What other tips would you give if you had to tell we get it wash your hands social distancing? But is there anything else, you think maybe some people can take us extra steps. Are there are their missing either whether its lowering stress whether are there any supplements or anything that you,
might be not we're not saying that this is a cure, but is there anything that you would also advise on top as supplementary measures for people to take precautions? There are some. There are some data or suggestion that the zinc may help does that there are some us does it. We're done The word the zinc has shown to slow down the replication, other RNA from the virus, ok, intracellular replication, so the zinc potentially may help, but there is no absolute data that says it does Corbett, nineteen, but, generally speaking, you may help. Torture is not to hurt. You take some closing, supplement and some initial there are there. Some anti retroviral medication italian medications,
were used with some success in treating the patient, but doesn't the hospital right or and am malarial medication such as that which is a hydraulic Roclin Dave also use that South Korea in China to trickier Senor cases. Why? Just right about that today, in its relatively new? How does that work? Waggishness, anti malaria medication, because it seems that there's a lot of promise there in it's? It's a little weird me that they been using it for awhile overseas, and it has really been discussed until this current twenty four hour. New. Second there's some mechanism, apparently the clerk when or the Hydra clerk with may assist in the transport of the zinc from extracellular to interest cellular, where it is needed to stop de replication of the virus. But that might be the mechanism,
two guys with I'm not exactly sure raw bug about tat, said that maybe the mechanism, but they have been using it to some degree of success, correct well now the list, a report from South Korea and the China. My trust report from south korean, and it was only coming on China, South Korea, you know guys make good phone, you know the guy I've. I've never had a korean food that I didn't like you know the Samson Galaxy seven exporting people's faces. You have to admit that that's one for you guys. I was open unless I put aside from that, pretty good relationship with them are well. Thank you so much I know I know that you are a busy man and yet patients to get you. So please do take all precautions that you can't stay safe and I'm saying this year the doktor and you that that happens, as do that, you think the public should really know about. Please do let me or let them know because people are desperate for information out there. Right,
you're looking right non politically charge sources to give us the Straits Straight story. I think it's very hard to come by right now, unfortunately, as well. Thank you. Very much. Sometimes a man a few words and then some as a man of intense mockery. Did you know that finally, our values and our king make firm on watching right now appreciate we really appreciate taken a time and will hasten big announcements here coming from a club and the kind of content that will be doing for everyone out there were no one else is stepping back. I think we're going to be stepping and then try to make it worth your while, because we know the Lahti are lonely out there. We want to help with that as much as we can. Thank you so much doktor joy, everyone else will see you next week
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