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We explore presidential pardons for Joe Exotic, smart toilets, and Hans Zimmer’s divorce and expose the WHO’s spread of misinformation and Chinese propaganda! THE Anthony Cumia and Stu Burguiere guest!

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Hey audio list are still mug club quarantine month all of April. Everything is available for free. I know you're publicity overloading my apple by gas, that used to be Itunes, but that's because we want to do everything way for free. So you know what you're missing behind the pay well, as well as connect with people during this time everyone's hurting. Some people are stepping up retooling factories. We can't do that. We can do with more content than ever before, and so we that is for the month of April three morning, shows ten. A m eastern lot of Canada comes much my blood do consider joining internet from a code of quarantine. Thirty dollars, often As for the full schedule louder than about comes lashing schedule is a lot of stuff. It's a keen guy, only crowd, crowded, crowded, proud of jail, crowded, proud approach, louder with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter,
three men, the corona, my virus, chaos, Chinatown, has been saying fewer visitors, but city officials say there is no reason to be concerned with faint to enjoy all that. Chinatown hash offer one drink this approach. I don't have time now come true. Eleven, nothing
they say? Vena phobia is that a high state goes to continue
go up are now working to combat racism. Tiniest started, Como always stay at home
That's called the backstory boys and backs they did this. It I'm just doing it, because if we get it, my foot is an ice bath. Right now has caused great bodily harm. We therefore come here on the show. Lemme guys still is here, of course, from the Youtube com, slash stew. Does America show Yes
change that? Yes, I search at all, but let's gas, no one to find your quarter black. I dont, like it audio way too acute Mattie Gerald A what's wanted. One of today's summit vine demons summit vying millions that what what do you want spelt dossier and one kind of shouted at seventy. Three percent below its sister show it's about the news we screw around a lot and make fun of in China causing global pandemic. That, will racism there's a compliment you it happen, racist compression room that it's just this is We live Anthony, put me on the show and, of course, with people who don't know it's mug club, quarantine months. That's the hashtag entering the promo code, Quarantine, get thirty hours off a lot of Canada com, slash my club, and we are doubling or doing more content than ever before, we're putting it all in front of the pay while this month, and if your member please,
consider renewing also announcement starting next Monday. Everything is going to Bree ring. I don't you like. I preferred option, Everything is going well, yes, why eight p m So how is it eight eastern and then the upload, your nine and I dont know why that happened. Gross oversight, will you my part and people in different days. I didn't have an answer for you, and so I was upset with myself as well. You should these are now have we ever got so that tomorrow also been wearing that's every Monday, Wednesday fragment in summary announcements, question or the day before we move on this is where do you think the balance is between worrying about health with the country with the glow, as well as taking into account economic viability, particularly as it relates to the working class? And when do you think, it's time to start turning the economy back on? Who thought that the greatest active rebellion one could undertake is wanting to work as punk rock areas confiscated, and we should be in rancid
now it is, Are you drunk? I must I'm not a single, I'm establish. Well, let's just pull my shock it up to that's fine, then, first, I know a lot of people are bored. I know that you are a boy only view, but not as much as this guy. Just it's a nice trip.
It means wants me in the Nevada. That's why the fine words you're the one state or not, because it is a perfect like we're. Just as is the shadow like a film production, is trying to keep a pdf they're doing much like it looks actually doing a thing, because it looks like the goes to the darkness. We remember. That's all they provide
because we have always putting it out by hitting a man in the same way as I do, and I don't think he's why don't they get fate its fake? Let me list not just for some people have gone back and forth at first off is put on the make out of me looking really happy, and Ireland and and chinese people can act so
like I don't they too have like they don't outcome. Pray dont like the comedy of something played so straight, laced that it's embarrassing Europe mean yeah yeah. I don't know, I feel like you for them it be like a paper machine hat and like like they wouldn't do this a bit o and play it dry, the guy the burned his balls off. I take the view that it's how you feel after night with cash I wake up the next morning. I thank them later, like billion brushes routine bottle a jack, I don't know who does that nobody hordes Bernie Sanders, of course, has suspended his campaign by the way it will be talking about the World Health Organization little Bit, Lisbon sort of turning a page from our book, but Bernie Sanders Suspenders camping, using yielding for as long as he could. I know you're giving me a hard time. We dont hating. If these people were divided he's a worthy adversary or he was but as
Bernie right now. It's copyright free time to close, he did not work to lose I've, forty one and then he got elected to something that was all just bologna and I feel so bad that you know people got sucked into it. At such times, then began again, be. Time. It's time to go to places where you go to your. I am not a billion millionaires billion annually in an area as alien as millionaires in billionaires, democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders confirming he is a millionaire and offering no apologies. Really, that's just the billiard class
it's time for things to close things too people are lining up. That's a good directive. Clear he's not actually dead. Now can I want to make sure that doesn't go out. I don't wanna get snowplow. Campaign very, very just as hopes and dreams. I wasn't gonna endearing. You know that you struck out by a seven year old, because Joe Biden it's like there's. No, there's no semblance of even trying to be cool, like Joe Biden still try, or I just got a name. Elizabeth Elizabeth warrant. Please forget: there's like one kind of one foot in one foot out. You know, like you show up at the APOLLO Theatre, China get votes burning,
I got from young Frankenstein always taken is just like. You know what he does, he limped up and he to lay up and which, when are we, Anybody expect them to be able to begin a Basque. I dont think people expect them to be good at Things are also on Wednesday by Trump. President Trump was asked about. Let me ask you this: should I not? How long can I leave my foot in it it's bad for a long time. Ok, correspondent for like an hour not supposed to do that, took a are violating its purple no seriously. No, it's very red. Listen did not stay in that it took a few jail. It's not our aim and I think we should leave it to you. I want you want my foot to be, for us, get frost bitten. All my word: ok, I'm taking it out what the hell did you do it, I'm just a I'm, a puppy,
so I I should like to give evidence unbreakable, unlike Mr Glass, without the hood Pass so with this is really very good. You don't sound, we s eye devised for an hour before and fell asleep when you saw it didn't. Ok, so, on Wednesday, President's tromp was summoned to try and continue like I'm, not entirely distracted demand. It looks like the red lines screwed up the bowling at the water body alive. It's gonna put it it eyesight unexpected to look like you, your forehead. That's an aging their deserve. That's that's not look what a human footsteps
optimal foot and the worst part about it is that I know someone is doing ungodly things themselves, because it has showed my feet that money has to be too hard to ask parliament to sell its residents. Donald Trump you asked about giving up apart into the Tiger King these kind of cliffs alot of people miss, is when he seems endearing was asked about Joe exotic plan. If you ve seen showing any thoughts, Heartening that you didn't know. Are you on his side Finding a pardon the king it we are not allowed to do that. You'd be criticized by these. Would you recommend a pardon That way you don't you have a question about, take a look recommended partner, for let one reporters come over at a certain point. You just go american history x, you really I gotta body.
In point that it was Sunday Junior, two by two people, think like someone, I'm not I'm not a very good liar. You people like that who lie because that whole head is alive today very comfortable. I like like, even though justice wind will blow at all the little have the whole thing he's delusion. I am no ideas, thoughts do I'm. The tiger thing is interesting with Trump, because this is an opportunity where the kind of the can grab onto you different ideas. You disgusting and sites, or what Giant mass of purpose. I see he gets it away. You just gotta everyone, I think, the idea of making the water it reminds me of my teacher from your I'll use, his name. I don't care, I'm tired, Rocco bono. Was my class teacher and pray that way. You certainly that's actually work about all that about you. I doubt whether the Watergate me so he sent me outside to run one k run and I got frostbite really that's right!
early that looked like a little worse, so Donald Trump played dumped me that he played cos about its try to play. Why course, though, actually sources have conferred twenty one was that he has had calls with it's out of you run present. Yes, why? We actually, I think, you'll. Let us cut obtained exclusively about Joe Dagger down throughout behaving. Yes, President Drug Programme, american citizen, under the consultation procedure, bad who get straight to the point that frankly I like it- I want to talk about a problem in America. We adopted the curve it, but don't trust everything you said coming from child that got acquit watching the known, so you still do get did the Katy. I bet it. She had at its head right. There appear Europe run about a Hidell right, bragwaine! That's what I've been
nah propaganda made breed the movie the farther out and again I like Joe Tiger. Did you hear about the broad who gave her husband quite bad Creetur, this crazy? I would never come looking between you and me. Yes, she is dead crazy, that's nice word, but can you believe the figures try to my truck ground, you regard wrangling between you and me. I beg Bulgaria whenever stages, but before she whispered, she bade her husband. I drew sooner back to be one of the biggest terrorism over that brought about by a basket. Actually, I was going to say crooked Hilary, tiger, you definitely getting a presidential. Pardon is well yeah,
Little long live in a lot of work. I don't care if you watch Tiger, can I am three episodes in that's all it needs to be. He really have an episode arc really be about three hours it s really goods certificate. Chris forgets document showing there's no way. These people are real, yes right, yeah and then they are, and then there was actually holding the onion was crazy. Was it you tell me audio music with a dark Doc Anton jacket right flow there to the two subjects with documented slammed the series as salacious sensationalism? Ok, I understand I understand that does happen. Rain with reality, but once again I want to be clear: did this man run and illegal underground tiger breeding ring along with two husbands who were not even homosexual and he hired a hitman to kill and animal rights activists. I'm ok.
Without adding a little zest like that's it. I don't think you're too far from the crazy through line medicine, so, I hear he's merited because I feel like Trump would like the guy who was married to four wives than the guy is married to two husbands, but the two huh I will only till there now. Why are we had earlier? I was three in their not really gay and the guy's reasons. Twenty tigers is twenty tag. When you re like someone if unemployment now now, I'm completely straight, what are those titans? What's also like someone, the wrinkled, very diverse, just on your rear out the window with the the english sheep ducks and Energy news myths the same as having wings is another think of Santa think us now think of reindeer
wake up in entertainment, news. I thank you really are least quarter bladder. Carmody, not ashamed, doesn't mean Garfunkel to know Paul cider, just guard uncle its enraging energy. So much to challenge I take our government came and when we are taping Arthur, all instructors is accurate and, like do not mention Paul Simon now, twelve of my early history, this summer's, like a Superpower, Simon, like a twelve year old, crap disturber. What you expect, what else ownership networks on Zimmer for those you dont know. You told her the music for inception dark night Hold trilogy he's filed for divorce. Sad when asked how the divorce would affect its children.
Emma responded, interesting. Economic are infected with a thinker letter we couldn't get any element when everyone. Was ever you're making a. Instead being of course since such a simple or company I get so it's too mean identify and is trying to keep us right there. You have it. I could. If I sit and who Jimmy found lagoon, could we consumer does equipment, but I've never does right, shut up Jimmy. You brought it back, we're being quarantine. Pornography company there, helping performers safely shoot video at home. On Monday, I want to reiterate this right. Vixen media group announced that it plans to make this transition easier for some performers by sending them customize package's, including cameras ring,
Knights, toys and lingerie, so they can more easily work from home. In total, the packages will be worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in an effort to come back to run. Still no word, however, on the incurable aids. Nothing, the shame, feeling, really turning a science spirit of dark energy into that. Maybe I give you use needles. Otherwise you're fine attorney. Besides, doubtless an opera two and three heterosexual couples by ninety ninety four, I will get AIDS murmuring that yeah. Do you get a drinking like the one from two point: five million minimum death, two hundred thousand due to an forty thousand minimum outside sixty thousand minimum and Fanny point someone. So I dont, I don't think that's a minimum denier! Exactly you didn't! Do you deny science like your boss,
turning charitably but actually at the authenticity of these movies, because so much porn is done at office settings casting couches can't be done. Authentically home that's not right! Why not right you're the boss can't hit on the secretary authentically at home. That's true! They need to meet that need to be big. Real moves. To make this happen. We need to get back into the workforce that produce a story out at least get him. You'll get em all and Chatsworth and just quarantine em. I guess that's a little bit of a little regional humour in California generous as well as you know the Panada feet. It was funny when it's out of it not so much now society to think a team of researchers. It actually developed a smart toilet, yes with four can't why
oh I'd. I rested at why life excited you ever wonder how much prep Gerald a guy. Let s turn by ITALY's we're not going to age well for her it's going to age about as well as anyone who said, trust the World Health organization. You will Well, don't, as China Ass, that man's, not evolution, Rushmore, etc a team of research, the developed, a smart toilet with four cameras that can identify measures based on their quote anal print. This comes revised northward, each user of the toilet is identified through their fingerprint and the data is securely stored. Now, there's an argument, especially now with the new economy of where will end up with automation. Kind of in the region, at button right in striking that balance, though some would argue that it's become invasive and in this instance, technology has just gone too far.
Brandon, Kate, I do on good stay healthy. You stand figure in good health is the most important thing to have. The Fisher got near lands after this, no personal grab launchers lunch nice important too. That I haven't eaten yet I dont want to be just want a friend. That's why happen and I dont even know rotary phone. I'm afraid I like the idea for four cameras and a toilet could be another thing the porn comes, yeah for equipment. What they do, just the actresses, don't know it just just a man Uncle John can finally we'll just remove that
I ve made up joking? We can't remove it, none of them on the table, not reddened, link Finally, a rest as they drew first bladed, myself jerks. I really want them to I don't I want them to come back to do it, because I want them to go to Hell a man dressed up it's the same region have problem with, which is one dressed up as a Children's to all come on. Everyone gets quite that. Did you know that so funny when people get mad that you like? I think I Mohammed is a false prophets. Really! That's! I can only say that we want a second. He said that everything- and you just said was wrong. The mean, then ok Finally, there was a man he dressed up as a popular children's dinosaur, Barney too, as a young girl during quarantine. We have a picture of the main in question which does seem D
Joe. You just seems to have free rein. Now that burning dropped out you're going to lighten unchained what they had to go with a youthful option of the two seventy seven, yes go yacht Togo. Young guy had a low Pepin. Instead, you now Illegal logging is, a rain, has deteriorated beyond recognition, but you know he's still walks right. I think if they do a control delete them occasionally reopen that's. That when they never reboot, and he doesn't he doesn't know how to reboot he's unfocused tech support because he wants to outsource all american jobs. That's what you don't have to keyboard stopping sir that's a typewriter who stopped. Really that with party it's been been by now along. We share looking back. We should have seen this coming year. Ok sniff me, Joe
you're your, where the great day dutch room! whoa. Wow. You make sense yeah, that's already know, you're, not a curse, properly, language uncle John. You have to believe I dont believe so. Noise. I dont really around yes, worries there'll, be twenty Youtube videos of people trying to crack that co guarantee you know and what conclusions you guess it now using no binding talking about will get back to the World Health Organization, because that's why you're here, but honestly with Joe Biden, he re, I think, he's in trouble. We for a long time. People jumping- I don't think it's funny anymore. Did you can see, is the most recent gas as a case where we cannot let the.
We ve never allowed any crisis from civil wars. Trade through to the pandemic Seventy all away rule. Sixteen. We have never ever lead democracy. Sakes. Second, way that we can both have a democracy since, at the same time, correct or public health. It's a committed, a crime. But I like it it's help. Thank you Sorry about your divorce lacks any consolation. Hey with what again it's hashtag motor corn, Mug club, quarantine entering the promo code, quarantine, thirty dollars off. We have some fans. The weak point of arguing about real a little. We got. We get a J T, David D and David Ingle Heart. Also.
There are some wow is on average. I know what that's a black rifle copy of the month club and I have not yet received that. I can now say its full black rifle. Can you finally? Can you turn com. Please I've been waiting on that a long time. I want to try. The single origin is European Union chef because I'm ineffective listened and there are no respecter of persons. Stephen you away than mine, like everyone else now. Listen to me. I am like, let's be honest, I should be treated like royalty. I'm not gonna make it mechanistic with my sister. But I want to know what I want the perks. Let's go to you right now, everyone's been talk. We talk about it initially over a week ago, the World Health Organisation, the opposite in addressing China and now I know that a lot of other people servant picking up he's talking point, which is a great thing. Finally, but let's get specifically into how they are synonymous end. Really. Everything wrong with the World Health Organization,
I think this is the first time we ve done it with an it is a view. I think he has an individual's up until now. The number quantity so if people have been falling into they'd been actually turning this week as people they ve been celebrating the anniversary of the World Health Organization's founding I get to the south and celebrating this, what to do? It was on seven April nineteen, forty eight that doubly jewel came into being because I've got my ambassador to be Neil digress. Thyssen had sex with the somali pirates y know, I'm Joe reentered Neil? I am, of course it's a joke. Gay men can make babies. Oh that's right, works. Of course, everyone as you there that everyone they love and they trust the World Health Organisation and that so we have CBS Abc Nbc. They decided to come together to air
World health organization kind to say who, from now on me, I gotta, whose special agent of irony is that yes, please do not bring the foot back up. I want to see that the guidelines we pebble, I will bring it. I will be a spiteful, so everyone here today in life, It's one world together at home, it's an event with cold. There came all and now Jimmy Fallon hosting another, They say that all of this is just about humanity. It's not political, and I just don't. I just don't think they understand that they are blind spot, that the World Health Organisation who I'm sorry I don't like abbreviations it is. It is a political wing, they do have a political agenda and, unfortunately, its aligned with people who everything the United States is about no one. I really just want the left to understand this. Let's not even look at the fact that the HEAT America get you hate America, so you want to link arms. How about the fact that you cannot boycott the gap and support an organisation that excludes Taiwan and support
the most the most severe abuses of human rights of any modernize country, and they do it under the guise of World health rights right, obviously there just to help us that this great wing and right, you start digging in a little bit in this kind of project. Get to some of those points and ethical lotta people may say, but why has trump monotonous and explain why he has obviously been bashing who for how to handle the outbreak of kroner virus and he threatened to cut their funding. Of course, the media is beside himself W H, YO send out multiple corona virus words earlier this year, in fact, declaring it a global health emergency back in January. The present this. Those warning saying also in January, is going to be just fine. That's a direct quote now has been traced reports from Trump claims that W H O failed. Really they missed it. The president is shifting blame for the spread of the corona virus to the World Health Organization
our mobile shifting, if just keeping it exactly where it always should have been selected, someone shift the dining room, northwards always been you shifty suddenly, so the anchor see the new work and media for so long. You see what's happening there right at the anchors, giving the impression that that who was declaring requires a global health emergency. Well, morale tromp was ignoring it right. Trump declared trot public health emergency, the very same day that who made a declaration real and in addition to that, he restricted travel from China. How did who How did the who were not the who get that age raise risk, It really is indeed of racism. This room, that's like when a pilot has to impress the cabin right take. The pilot at disdain for an entire group of people course all groups of people really technically
organization, a communist front organization effect with, so how do I keep? the who provide again and if you tell no travel ban, they just they were against travel bans, and I would argue that it's not effective, Lena, listen. If your country is one big giant, petri dish and they're lying about it. I think that putting a stop on leave leave occasions is a good start, probably a good start gifts. Now, probably you know you could still get flights from one hundred years Kay written out right now there's one of those one seat available on saturdays. What I almost book did just so I could book it and they cancel its or someone else than by right, because it didn't seem a good idea to have any new visitors. There was probably toying with cabins Smith, and then he couldn't bugging you think it's only one seat buckle this twenty two doing lay down like LEO nation in the gray fantastic, they were there praising by the way, in its handling of the set of this pandemic croquet throughout the the entire bending over backwards. Let's be clear about
This is important time my manners This is not all chinese. You wouldn't very clear about that. Our hate, the chinese government and by proxy who, because empathize with the chinese people who are abused and kept under the thumb of the Thai, comes consider like I'm chinese, Communist Cosette or decked out a racist guess. I'm everything's disinterred racists, but I dont think that that's all I got ok, that's? Who cares what the double who know here? So I own. I have no idea with this one. I know I don't do join Michael Quarantine, thirty dollars, because getting better about may not be here sitting praising China and it matters as far as the timing, because all long way, China, they were destroying evidently the virus when it was first discovered they silence whistleblowers arrested them. Some of them just disappeared because it we're captain warrant conditions plus by the way they were studies. This is something very important to keep in mind what everyone wants to blame. Donald trump- and I understand if you want to have the argument- that it wasn't the ideal response. Of course I get that, but that's been nearly every.
Where particularly China, when you see unbiased studies, show that if they'd have used the proper mitigation techniques rather than focusing on key, up appearances, love in the who doing their dirty work. Ninety five percent Ninety five percent of cases- and we have the rest of the world not lay that it like not the chinese people like ok, can we all get pass it, but not late. I try to edge. Were you just gotta go now? I did it. I did it so that we can get we're all going. Ok, good! Now. How do we not lay that at their feet like a wooden? It put it on us like what if we had done the exacting? The word lay that under our feet, eight they laid the economic progress in our land and our minding feet. There are notable- any their own of fury,
Bela readers. I why get folder dancers I live. You tell me side. Things stay, ask another even mark in curbing none, sobered foot. We would like to say something there, yet maybe we should just reduce their funding by ninety five percent. Yes, that would be a nice easily by agree. We give about ten times basically to the debate. To almost nine hundred million dollars is ninety might think same thing with NATO things. Now, I'm not saying completely eliminate, but you know what everyone pledge to pay two percent. I think the average like point nine percent. We pay three point six about this: we're not only not going to honour the agreements more, not two percent. We will pay the exact average of all other nations by the way protect your own borders, have fun and hears. What matters are too has the World health position ever mentioned any of this mitigate if it's the World Health Organization rent the fact that they lied about the virus. The fact
silence whistleblowers may whom disappeared, some of whom are dead and the fact that it could have mitigated by ninety five percent. If your goal is to be the World health org. Zation seems to me that would matter if there's no political motive, if the goal is entirely to solve the pandemic, why not highlight that international abuse of power? Instead that not only do not do it? They just keep repeating chinese propaganda points without question. That's the
you here yet and in two thousand and three so just for comparison rights or calling them out in their response. Right now saying: oh China did this like honor, that's not a big deal in two thousand and three China responded the same way. They always respond to these kinds of things. They hid this information, they didn't say anything about it for the Sars outbreak they were blasted by the debate. Show the Debbie HIV actually had leadership that stood up to China and said right. That's not ok, same thing that they're doing now, the only thing that's changed tendrils guy and they talk about that in the second there's. A huge connection with him in China is very, very interesting. Why he's not going after them? I appreciated there's a situation to with with the Ebola thing that broke out in Liberia four years ago, the World Health Organization when in their first and they said to everybody there, if you get Ebola, you die so dont get it right so that people were getting it and we're like like cake it any treatment. So I might as well to stay home with my family and then they spread to all their family members. It was until organizations like Samaritans person, faith organisation- rightly minaret, hey guys, you can get to
for this that they actually were able to turn back bf. But Franklin Gram doesn't believe that Mohammed's preaching that TAT Jesus was a fraud is correct. Therefore, he the hate longer, and there were many ball. It doesn't matter yet so dont, you forget your mistakes. Liberia, given my eye in full on you by the way, a notification bell. If you are not subscribe to Marcobrunner that many of you aren't yet subscriptions that mean whole lot hit. All notifications and I do consider subscribing to credit bits, of course, the pod cask of its on Itunes anymore, not purple, podcast I guess so stupid. I think it makes more sense to have the toilet, robot really you're. On my side now I never was against it. I just think it's invasive, but I like a little invasive evasiveness. So here's another claim that was made by the World Health Organization, the repeated lies about how corona virus was spread and they said that there was no evidence. No, of human human transmission on January twelve. Now here's I want to be clear and hold them to the same standards that we all everyone. People can make mistakes right, p
there wrong, for example, the Trump Administration thought that it wouldn't be a severe It would in that is true. Right declared an emergency same time time, but I didn't think would be a severe because they were given information from the World Health from China and the World Health Organization corroborate. So I'm not mad because they said no evidence of human human transmission on January twelve because they made a mistake. I mad, because Taiwan, reckless gave, who evidence of human human transmission in December. They provided them with proof of doctors getting sick from the corona virus patients. It was clear evidence of human to human transmission. So why would the World Health Organization not listen and also go out and tell everyone else, the exact opposite, because they don't even recognise Taiwan. As its own state. That's one of the key reasons I set it just a second ago. Tenuous was elected in two thousand and seventeen the day after he came out and affirmed. China's one. China policy means that Taiwan is not separate from us. They are a part of us right. He was backing their play out the central bank. They get
We also discussed there stood. There are so many horrible things. In that phrase you just for rule one China, one child policy and like it was a baby to balance out in China. One might be going on child when one China, they said one junk Hannah, because then we can climate summit. When I watched TED Turner Praise China's one child is hall, that's none of your evil. So one China once they have like a theme, one something Yazzi, the child, China. You know what I'm Bob Marley rolling over his grave, bob. I don't wanna know what one love means: agendas, tattooed you're more, I'm just glad there can not getting any more. Information from Israel, because then they would never recognise everywhere else they would aspect. They would ask that Palestine Allopathic doing it. I want out of pakistani anytime, I gained by the way. This is a really bad job, as I think, a celebrity backing the paintbrush. No, because
I remember all those states that I have received complaints to twitter violations of policies, not from people in Pakistan. Pakistan The fact that, on the contrary of Pakistan's that is one one three other that we get a lot more to go. Oh no, I love or companies is on their different point of view that when that not officially, we need to make that happen to know officially very efficiently MAC, not not casually. This isn't casually with the letter and it's not like wacky Wednesday, where you, you know it all up your high socks behind a beheading in Pakistan for me out in a soccer field, so that children can throw dates at me. Figs. I dont know states road and rail line? I'm so here's the thing that really matter with Taiwan, obviously that they deny Taiwan sovereignty,
So those who continue to block Taiwan from membership, because China doesn't recognize them- and this is important because of the reason for Taiwan being a separate state, and that's because specifically applies to the gross Schuman abuse. Abuses of human rights even get out he's gonna, show maps organization in the producer getting in the show map I have he's in there. I will murder you changing them, so they want- unlike the Taiwan have a seat at the table as an observer, and the reason for that is because Taiwan has been outspoken against China. This is something we ve shown before, but I think it needs to be seen as many times as possible. It says chilling as a clip gets. You don't need a conspiracy watch. What happens when a World Health Organisation official is asked specifically about Taiwan, but that the actual consider? How was membership.
Or was it wasn't category I couldn't be requested them? Let me let me repeat the question of that. This was to another one that is, and I mentioned here is on talking about Taiwan as well on Taiwan's case. Erin Sorkin is surly. Why such the measure that has worked over a thousand level of accountability from every international organisations. Like the? U N, I'm asking Donald Trump about water boarding media like the question of what we spend do it
the tree. I love area the ball. I didn't hear your question: Kenya, european and integrated water, meaning because men up, let's move on to another. Without doubt why it's just needs, I tol you, Herr fine, you'd assets and ethics do get no. No! No! I am amazed by world the World Health Organization because they continue to do this. They do it with our money and ultimately our modern, mostly our money and like look, we do. This is the type of thing I hate international organisations where this is a type of thing, though, when you come to pandemics, it would actually be useful if they were doing the job right like what what they were. They did the job
smallpox very long ago, and there is a role for an international organisation when you are trying to stop an international spread of the virus. Yeah, that's different from the: U N words that we should all be nice to each other and thank God for the USA and in whether organ donation is needed for this type of thing to write in Liberia. We're receive very well there, Americans, we loved and Liberia, so we can go in there and user expertise and are happy about it. China's not re they. They hide it from us into turns into a something: it's overturning. Basically, the entire global economy, yeah yeah. What- and so we were so interconnected. Now we depend on an organization like this. We will go into a country that isn't necessarily going to be honest and be the honest voice. The adults in the room that said look, this is really serious. Everybody
to get prepared so that we can all we can do this, but now they have a bias and if they're gonna have a bias towards anybody, nine hundred million versus ninety million. Why, in the hell you you're picking the guy that gives you ninety million a year and I'll give you ten times that much you don't do anything for and why the hell are they so focused on a pressing, a nation that, just once their independence yeah like listen, left us out their route for the under, and that's the only way that you could just I ve sort of go into bad for Palestine. Went to launching rockets from great schools is just because a really bad at war. So you feel sympathy for them. I get it. They say. All right. So now you want to give him the moral high ground Papa Taiwan haven't. I want you to, but forgot seven years in Tibet, but it was pretty. It was forget about wasn't right now with the Chinese are not your friend. Is you go out there and not sweat shops with Nike and then say trust the World Health Organization
was it again this matters, because everyone has made people have made mistakes as a across the board, but there is a stark contrast between the approach of the media, China, the World Health Organization and its important remember that they ve all acted as one and the same right now and President Donald Trump first of Taiwan is already hinted at recognising Taiwan did ass. He was a first United States present to call Taiwan's president, since I think was: seventy nine nineteen seventy nine, I think review and that set, of course, of media into hysterics. They were furious about him and the truth is you are talking about Taiwan, why it matters first off its reprehensible to not listen to a country simply because you want to us, in the repression because, like China, that being said from from a pragmatic point of you, Taiwan handled the grown up than almost any other country in large part. Why? Because they don't trust anything. China says they know them to a healthy,
there are few well, it was similar to South Korea and will get back to that in a second. It was one of the earliest countries to be hit it as one of the lowest infection rates and death rates. Despite being right next to China, they almost entirely avoided the virus. Their new cases peaked. I think, back in March March, something March twenty twenty. Second, twenty four, some like that population about twenty five million people. They only have five deaths, also keep in mind incredible population density. We're not just talking about like why spread across. Why arming here now? How did they pull this off Taiwan and World Health organisation? I hope your listening because you might What do you take some notes? They started inspecting passengers from one, although back in December they banned who on residence and suspended tourists to China in January, then they banned all chinese visitors. Very six again, you look at South Korea. What they did. They didn't have a full quarantine now granted they docks their citizens. Would you care to United States? I note that we want to do it here now, but they acted early on and they were immediately sceptical of any information. Be
fetch them from China. So this idea that its anti asian continent, that not just the government of those ass and this is one of the instruments for paper like I don't know where they should. I just say asian I dont want us it. Could we always used to say chinese people in this case chinese journeys journeys? Are these journeys government you all? You met the Koreans. Ok, not the Taiwanese shine bad. So China S we can focus on that or you can focus on the fact that your racist, if you mentioned that eating bats, is a bad idea. You'll be cleared. My opposition to them eating bats has nothing to do with corona virus. I just want them to stop Yes, I don't care. Your role is eating bats cured corona virus, I would say, still stop yeah. It's nothing other than the creatures are desirable, personally pay. Sarah Mclaughlin royalties unaware while the almost one,
serve about. I really like a lot of good lesbian singers. You know my mom, it's a beside was at an end, sign for having been. I think that I call on the car back very, but what about your talking about Melissa? I know it was desirable disgusting. Still, how dare you parliament must go back to South Korea, keep in mind. They began moving to create testing kits January. Sixteen and again they work with private industry two weeks before the World Health Organization actually declared covert an emergency. So this is important to note that Donald Trump value,
Taiwan's approach. So if you want to talk about the international committee- and you want to talk about whose supporting people in Y all, why is it raises? For someone, for example, dimension. Bats are dimension the chinese communist government, but you don't recognize that Donald Trump actually is supporting the people. The taiwanese people I ve been oppressed by China and elsewhere is enjoying want to recognize. It doesn't want to talk about recognising one, even let them in the room because they're afraid of offending China right. That's that's incredible. My pet owners would you have to get to ethnic community and, of course, its Youtube com, Slash stewed as America, Oh, that's right: Parliament, Vienna, good neighbours, horrible url material. Thank you. Donald Trump should cut funding at the World Health Organisation and you're. Sending us people aren't recognize you why the working class Americans, from the time of the rust belt dont think that you're going into back for them to you, Oh, why Joe Biden Bernie Sanders, because you don't
go into back for the working class in China, let alone Taiwan. These are people who are being paid pennies, a day to work in sweat, shot factories that World Health Organisation turns a blind eye. The one nation that tried to get themselves, separate and say we don't want to do it. The way the China does Donald Trump says good on you, I'm going to actually try and recognize you and support you. Just like. I support the steel mill wilt worker in Pittsburgh. The World Health Organisation has none and we want to stand with the government who oppresses its people and then lies to the working class people across the pond insured. A pandemic when ninety five percent of it could have been integrated had we just done our job. I dont think when you to be funding the World Health organization at all. If you want to find someone to blame, you don't need to shift the blame from Donald Trump, the World Health Organisation.
You just need to keep it squarely where it always was chinese government and the World Health Organisation. We are cleaning up their mass, no one's doing it perfectly, but how about we start with this? Let's look out for the working class. Let's look out for the underdog, in this case is the underdog in the United States have been disproved by the international economic crippling and the underdog in Taiwan, and also the underdog in China when they're, not part of the elite ruling class and the government or Jackie Jean shooting propaganda commercials for the government could got. Can we protect? Can we make them included in red dawn? I can't believe that we hate you. I feel market and change it to North Korea. We should have seen the giant chinese red flag. Flipped them the bird and said waterings forever was a wilderness Wilbur China dont trust tide of China. S right Anthony come you have. My foot is really purple.
No way man actually now all you have to do is access than fascist computer mainframe. This will be to smash the o mine, not conforming. Gender was none binary to Spirit of God.
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That's good ravages! Important! Do you have to worry about that at your age, but when you get to be mine, it adds up here, so I have ever seen Richard Jewel. Yet I haven't been meaning to see I've gotta Felix predicated good. It's worth it fascinating story. After checking up on entering this yeah, you have anal fishers Watch this in more and our other channel crowded bits and see that song is preference. A street fighter theme song, oh yeah, because we all have to to gather together because we can fight. We have together as one fight covenant
given that justly laughing. I always that's what this programme is about is two is showing everyone that we can only if we are only as strong as its weakest link observing the like? I love our next guess: he's a fantastic conversationalist one of the best broadcasters in the business I mean that, honestly, you know you know from opening Athens show. You know I'm compound media. Of course you can use a promo code compound twenty compound media that common in case you make it your second subscript here, the molecular one, but I can follow on the coup me a show, Anthony Camelia. How are you, sir? good? I'm here with, of course, my covers Dave Landau is where coal hoarding together during this whole disquieting thing. It's it's very strange. A lot of people have been doing the Brady Bunch boxes right, where they were. They do their show that way, but we said Scrooge I'm staying here yet living at the my my ass
here out on long island. Ok, I mean the North wing and glad drew our guy in the I like to call the Otter Control Roque, delight E. This surrounded Stifler nightmares are made up, yankee everything we have you in long island and, as you referred to the Brady Bunch Box Racine and calls it the golden standard of broadcasting. This is it true that, when I was on Fox NEWS one time so they actually because they want to make it seem more international. It was either Doug shown a blonde gave us here. What are those stuff suits? so we were in the same room, but they put us in separate boxes. Because there are saying we want people to feel secure in different cities and at the end of the segment I said whether his dog or land, Goethe duck shown here take any more today I just said: hey Doug put her there and I put my hand for high I've into his box.
And I was suspended on air for two weeks. I don't know, I was really officially suspended. Bear no for two weeks are the regular spots were gone and it was worth it. It was worth it both in answer to your both on long island. Right now I wanted to ask you can actually go to a clip first, because obviously, New York is a hotbed for infectious diseases. Right now I know you have some strong opinions on this Anthony and I'm I'm sure, Dave you you do as well. Let's go to Governor Cuomo, I always forget if it's cool more de Palacio being what he be workable. Frankly, more aggressive on the enforcement of alone increase them. To ensure maximum fine from five hundred? one thousand hours, but it's not really. The fine. Nobody wants the money we want. The compliance
ok, fertile Jai Anthea by that that nobody wants the money. I mean someone wants money. Of course this, a guy that, throughout his tenure as governor of the state of New York, has done All these midnight legislation be elsewhere Laws get signed, unbelievable the highest taxes in the gun regulations that are so ridiculous that no never got to debate or or try to try to even put in their own you're. Not joking aware that, though, every time I see you you, your pack and a new peace I am in compliance with New York state. I will not be one of those guys that say well just give up or I'll be illegal they're trying to legitimate gunners to break the law, so they could their guns away answer, but I refuse so I go with their crimes,
the little round magazine in my my art looks ridiculous. Looks like you pulled your pants out in the locker room, and he got a little Reagan. Swans I know the lab already thirty round banana club, and I got this little stop governor the bottom. Why are you not God propaganda They are net log, which is one of the classifications. Werner saw weapon because many robberies done with a scream world war, one God, let's take the train, the seven a levy, covenant with one of those wrapped around their head, like it like Marley and Christmas Carol. Wrapping is you know what that does it. This is not going to fix your jaw danger. So I didn't even know that about bayonets, but you you, you work. If I'm not mistaken, don't you have a permit to carry in New York.
I will add one for the city, but I'm reworking on getting my back, which looks impossible. It just seems impossible these days. I did it when bird was still in office, but maybe even Giuliani God. It was a long time ago and now to block GEO Vienna as mayor in New York there, and then there was some. The scandal, of course, because they were taken, pay obstacle. People permits right so that all thing ended. So good in New York State, just not in the confines of the city where, by the way, is needed more than anywhere else. I was going with fairy in New York us they arrive if nothing else, just two to put the bats out of their misery before consuming. I mean what was. I know that, where a little rough around the edges but we're none for cruelty here ranks Davis from try it. So he knows some minor aspects of metal,
running around sitting on a second dave where you from Detroit, because everyone says Detroit, but where you actually from why Roma, you were born gross points by open Detroit yeah? We could you go into it. To buy our guns out of brown paper bag. Yes, yes, I've got you people who seldom and paper bags they walk into gross, and then they ride back to Detroit. That's very ensues. You will get you gonna want to go into their area for the gun now, because pops do stop and the second think wrong that water yeah earlier that is my dad is so he was actually inside of seven mile they're off of Jonathan. That's where I was born. Ok right, yeah yeah might live the sometimes he'll have someone say like on from determined and away. They went on another hall second here from sagging. Ah here you are much less and not the same thing. His house, I think, went for seven hundred and forty five dollars foot in marble
you didn't want to accept house be his neighborhood was or we are driving through it as a cloud dad. This is this really ghettos. Now now I'm that was MR, Mr Naples, or over there he used to make handmaid canoes MC dead. That's a mess! That's it that's a myth, how's business! Even me, bird malls and right to sell me wrong. There Ok, I'm sorry! We ve got enough after the beaten path, so New York, How are you what would you after their living in New York City. How are they they handling it because all eyes are on New York, Random yea, the aims that we seem to be the stars city, where aim is that the state but also New York City is a huge hotbed as they want to call it established. The United Soviet Socialist Republic in New York and it's so restrictive really do they. I don't I'm not crazy enough to think this is a hoax or order I've seen
on the on the fence about whether it was purposefully put out there by the fires is the IRA's I don't by someone or something I don't know. I don't know much about causes. So what am I gonna? Just take someone's workforce, but the is whatever. However, this thing spread. There are certain people in government that are using it way to their advantage. I think this is a test to see how far we can be pushed Dover, before we say hey enough and boy, we literally spun around shoved our own heads up our asses Those weird is taking it. We really I like to think that physicality, because it very flowery with your language, but I don't think that spinning around would assist in putting your head up. Your own ass. You would have to inverts Morceau right when you
through the latter. I mean like putting your second. Is one side of a loop. Ok well entirely accurate, but you know allow a little rough sites you wanna be. I we don't wanna, be fake news that we don't want to be the World Health organization. Taiwan's I shut up yeah you This is, I think, a lot of I said this early on that I won't be shamed into panic it and it's a real virus. Obviously, and people need to take cautions but law a long time ago. I said how listen we look at the actual mortality rates and we look at the desk. Wanting to your state by the way it just rhetoric- anyone who dies, who has corona virus as a a death and that's not even the standard in when's, the seas and meaning of someone has leukemia is undergoing treatment, naval life expectancy of three months, and they go influenza. They don't just listed, isn't it influenza death? But that's what they're doing with hundred nineteen million. Ninety five you'd die because your ninety five
yeah, you know, I mean that the Chinese, what market just bookseller the process a little bit yeah, The data. I think if you got no car accident, this boy he had died of massive, had tried and they somehow figured out, you had corona, they would listed as a corona right. That's why New York State has these. Unbelievably high numbers, it's all gonna turn out to be a money grab what's. This is all said and done they're going to go now we're putting this bill out there to prepare for the next pandemic, and it's just going to be everything under the sun on the bill. You'll be an influx of cash that unbelievable By the way there will be no preparation for a pandemic. It'll go in cronies markets in these crappy bullshit
oh grams layer, to make solos these eyebrows higher. What just happened I just heard of that. We decided to those stimulus in return. We sent a stimulus, your eyebrows guy, you know, there's no causation is not correlation, and you know it was it was. It was a death due to the do these slight air pockets, and I don't know, I think it was the Subaru on the I'll just cavity, but as you do that you say money grab. Have you seen this new conspiracy now? This is the reason, Donald Trump, and there really go on hard after clerk when we were earlier on this. I'm really going after. I think it's just because it turns out he's he's right and bio ethics. It was right so they're going hard now they're trying to say that someone who, the partial owner in one of the companies that will be creating more Hydroxyl clerk, Queen tablets visited trumps. Golf It's a generic drug, Bayer people, years of aspirin will be.
Putting these out like there, you know, like the ecstasy tablets and a little paper paper role, that everyone will. It could not be a less profitable drug. The conspiracies now are just so so landing? It's gotten to a point where I dont even necessarily know how to process the moon. So I just go to Joe Biden sounded like you drink a buck so what're neighbours on its anything trump does its. They ve been saying that it be said it was a horrible drug bedrock never used. Or when it would be all over the place and the media would be saying. Oh my god, I can't Leave these against this miracle. Drug use. The generic. Now it doesn't have a that. I guess you have a certain amount of years of exclusivity, when the dry, with Pat and after a while anyone can make it. This is like yeah, like you said, like aspirin, it's like nothing
There is no money to be made and how many other people from other businesses are played. Gob at trumps dull correspond out so ridiculous. Now they try to tie everything in to this guy passing up leaving his job as one of the richest guys in America, a successful businessmen, Donald Trump. Going into the presidency. Where is not making any money is giving it away and trying to make it sound like this was his aim to get rich right? no sense whatsoever scheme. All along was to make to ensure that China continued their wet markets in a country that he hates to ensure that a disease comes over here where he will receive a very small, not quite sizeable, but significant kick back from a company that would be one of many to print out a generic unprofitable drug side date. I cut me off. I was I was very rude. I apologize knowing your fine, I'm just would be completely disturbs me.
The available anybody can get it and just to watch. People argue was nice to see that somebody in Michigan in politics did it, but it was on the democratic. Simon bed were life was saved by bad medication is ready. Available, people can get it. It's it's in town of water, its value, your buyer, anything that serious its value. Well, I neither tonic water was quinine, arose, was it quinine? It's not tonic water, wine, I mean it. I don't think it has its Laura queen. I don't want to I don't wanna have snobs fact checking this scenario underneath here at all, because Deaf Dave decided to get lippy. I dont like three Well, I do see what happens tastes like the Pepsi challenges. As usual acquainted up these are we covered. You know the story that was everywhere the lady who drink fish tank, cleaner, total speculation. By the way, I think she, after husband, that's what you ve been saying per week, yeah I we I
Saw your piece on it: it was so good and I'm just sitting there can you gone said that from the start, the sick- I watched through many episodes. Byles autism is Sancho parades about it's gotta beyond forensic bile, hee hee looked around saw something that had chloric when in it and undecided what great way to kill my husband cleaner opportunist? And you know that's exactly that's what I believe really I believe he did. He made some bye bye, the debate by dinner. You know there was attitude Why are we not a murderer? Reacts. Those ever see those cases. Operatic piles where these spouse be significant. Other is stand eighty two times right absolutely goes back to those significant other right, no one rounds
statue, eighty two red alert, you might be personal yeah and then they they said themselves like superficially, so do you know the weirdest, why they fight of art, but I think that what you get you took a little bit of it and the others but dies provinces. I got all observers. Well, I you so we called the NBC reporter, because I've got, Secondly, only this should be catnip to reporters. Lady kills her husband, the only thing they get, some more hard as man dies from Trump medical advice, and so they didn't do any due diligence and she says she's well, founded to me, like you, have a story in that. You know I'll give. I dont want the story, you take it, you take us information, I'm surprised, you look at our voting records or criminal history. They no interest whatsoever It is remarkable to me, I think, of nothing else, and you ve been talking about this is, is the media malpractice that is going on right now the fact that Donald Trump approval
go up and then say: let's stop operating the press briefings. He can't talk directly, the american people. We have to have Wolf, Blitzer ACT as an interpreter because they want to control that yeah it's it's, though. The weights Now for years. With a little shocking, I think to America, when we first saw how full of shit mainstream media is and then now there don't we try to hide it. It's so blatantly there for everyone to see that their just lying to you right for an agenda to drive in agenda. They act. I either that or their so stupid. They don't realize videos or up online they last forever. What you said last week, ready is still there you're completely contradictory get this week, but we have that video. You say the opposite last week and I dont know what their goal is here because, like like you said every time they try. This trumps numbers just go up its
market. Speaking of by the way, I don't even know what we're speaking about but TAT guidelines. I think we have this tweet we can bring up there. You posted about the Nypd. Or at least it was there and you you commented. I remember exactly the original source of a police officer telling a man that he was going to find him if he didn't put the distant between him and this lady, so she's she's, my wife, so I'm going to find you I mean if I manner, respond with ok, I'll, find your wife officer. I just can't believe that this is what's going on right. Now, you to find a man for being next to his wife. That's what's happening in your state, theirs! Why do you really like bothers? I'm gonna sit with my wife. Can you find me through my? How do you know he's, but instead for its cause, I can't you can't doing along well, I'd love to work hand in hand with you in the park sweetie butter. You know that
go home and a thin out, and he don't they fear there is I've been just this amazing. Terry and jump during this hall. Yeah. Dad defining thing is ridiculous: you're supposed to be helping people, I could see God gone Hague. Our trying to keep people apply right like ice on lands and wipe. Obviously you gonna be together, but then there outside may their bumping into people. They shouldn't be, I dont know, but but made just say: hey people you're not supposed to do this, not the fine like, like you, said the money. Does it matter like one was that it matters I legally did you get that the New York City for double parking in speeding and and read like cameras. All those things are all about money, but nothing about say, look at this the turkey to your taking away people's ability to make a living and then your charging them for putting them on house arrest. I know we all do you want
Who would have thought that the biggest act of rebellion we could think up in the year twenty twenty, would be wanting to go to work and have sex with your wife. Bunker operate. There are worrying member! This fits didn't. Danzig have sex with my wife, gonna works when it will provide a role without a cause. What's your cause happens or otherwise? I know we are all just zany characters. I really pissed off altogether. I picked up people to urgent clinic is I got it broke my foot? It just means that tourism crap in there and I went in and there really upset about the corona virus it when that my wife come in ok, so problematic incentives are actually brought my own mask and when we bring use this mask minds better and they say well users as it was now, so that was start off on the wrong foot and I said so: we had a lot of corona virus patients and not the doktor. The doktor was very nice, but the nurse practitioner who's the guy Said easier to many, what he got ye have like
out of them like a lot of them, are very silly. Any deaths said no, not none yet here Is it the any like having any young people which is out of the blue or another on, like you, ventilators people who you would never you never see a company said no not so much with young people, and so I said, ok, so so, just the dry cough mostly If you don't know, you said, if you don't think it's that serious than maybe you shouldn't sanitize your hands like what would it is parliament s going this quickly and then they showed me a hundred dollars for a motoring shot. My ass, that's what they gave me. They were like its Moultrie, another Gonna Gimme a bill for a hundred bucks like I that's expensive. I've who profit couldn't you have told me beforehand, sorry Amber with you assess its it's been a rough day, Anthony Monopoly, no thrusters like the game from hope which, unlike was discovered. Would you tell with goggles on no yeah, I got like a million know. Ye know just your average self important in
might like. I don't like the idea that mail nurses are dressed absolutely like doktor, not very no surgeons, like specialty Diana sergeant, yes get. I honestly think they stood up to where the White Draft window with a little paper like it's a donkey sortes like that nurse right exactly and by the way, let's be clear there, all heroes every single one of them one hundred percent, comparable to New York, firefighters after nine eleven were just talking or just talking about the uniform Those guys who went down to the towers down to ground zero were still coughing upset rain about twenty years later child's play compared to you walking in a patient who hasn't taken is elderberry syrup. They don't know what this is ready demonetized, let's get going very well hey. Did you go
watch, obviously, because you, you ve, spent a lot of time with me, geyser front that New Lucy K Special and have you seen under the controversy turning it. Yes, it's First of all, we must rest. I will, if you hold that thought, let's go we're gonna go. This is where, if it weren't my club, quarantine right, promo code currently get three dollars off. We would go to a bridge Can clothes and then it would go to web extended, but you get all this for free, so just real, quick Now it s not one good thing and I leave. This- has not been adequately campaign. I think I've bought up. Another grand knows that must be our local levels. Bolgia meter, Those black rifle we never get ass press going. Monboddo was that of whether or not there was
we have been put down this good luck with this company dont comes much broader use, promo code, Griselda or twenty percent off purchase so and if a tale of vanity there's a glad half asian bills, not here today we're fine black rifle. They don't come slash, crowd or use a promo code crowd. Are you get twenty percent off your first order? Listen if you drink coffee, drink, better coffee, and support a veteran owned company, but, most importantly, its fresh roasted. So it's just better. I'm a coffee
Snob! You don't even want to know how snobby I am because I hate myself, though we're avenant about. We have so many bags here, because it's all we drink, bucketful covet accomplished. Credit entered from a crowd of twenty percent off, feel drink coffee, then just you should skip twice the speed figures. They retreated to hear you made of racial storage and fix it plummet. Exposing governor Andrew Cuomo was very clearly defined, nipple piercings, pretty open and shut case right. That's a fast. The real meat of this story became NEO Conseil and confirmed twig earned beta male Stephen Crowd or has been to stay right. There now am, I not be nipple rings oils thousand little hare and it has a little like goose bumps, shoulder it so obvious that only a solid material could make that kind of impression through cloth. So why would you pretend otherwise less is something
I am less pressure, not only has twig arms, but he also has a prince Albert Maybe this is my way through this, this my wife, my picture watching guys huge it s really good sign with an empty and recently so prepay social truth whisperer our football. It's a perfect size when you ve torn soft tissue and costly, damage in your feet, this one's generic, so sponsoring the show, but I wouldn't for them to do so because, as per the perfect foot bucket for ice snatching, big, not too small, there's no condensation, so we would love sponsored by foot buckets and offer discounts for people who I am pretty flexible, less as the others I but look, look look at that. That is a perfect ice football.
Ass. If I've ever seen, one not stuck angry foot buckets. Foot buckets. Please consider sponsoring the programme. Foot buckets. Yeah. Watch this in more and our other general a crowd orbits.
I came ill prepared for the journey, because this is my Scots, my right. What is my scooting, but when I get back the chair, do you share my right foot scooted with foot very said. I've never done that with the left what's coming an inch warm, but it's my foot
but then I thought will be fine, there's only two amputate and for people who are confused Anthony come yet we went set the timer stopped working and we did printed on the EAST coast and even wanna go super late. We tape like forty minutes, so it is available which is not loading that full interview separately, as opposed to this show and by the way. Thank you again. So much promo code is quarantining at thirty dollars off. It is Mug club quarantine month. Tomorrow morning we will see, you will be talking a little bit about red inland, We did the mass Monday's summit, which we thought was the friendliest thing we ve ever done. We obtained a producer. You coming piece of work, Be that as it may, I have no problem with someone calling me a pieces. I just I am curious as to why you think I'm a piece- So we talked about that more low, but tomorrow and probably to them. I think another mass Monday is warranted.
I'm not order that calling someone on fish but is brand friendly, seems to be the focus. One reads: rats and or link and other book names I think they're they're tv names, so a couple of those is usually I drank closing, provide some sort of inspiration advice. But I am tired and I actually wanted to read something that was inspirational to me from one of you out there, so this was your ago actually on the life vice instalment. We got a letter a gentleman who was blind and for people who don't remember
this one up on Youtube or if it was for only from a member's jogging memory. I've been blind since thirteen and I'm twenty four. Now I'm sorry to hear that a recent I've lost my sight. I I've noticed that I've been forced into limitations that keep me from living a life that I wanted. One thing they will say is missing from here and that's a dream, yet its goals and listen goals, change, dreams, change its people need no, that's, ok, to change our goals in your dream! One point: if you ask me twelve say to win an academy award, that's no! I was I was just acting and doings.
And up, and they went to related in play well with others, and I don't want to. I Didn'T- want my destined to be in the hands of someone else, my gold chains to whatever it takes for me to be in charge of my own destiny. For me to not be at the mercy of someone in each day, ministry, after being dropped by managers dropped by agents after being banned from schools, as before I ever came out of the closet, really is a conservative. By the way I was living in my own private hell. So what you're drama odyssey, putting a shrinking putting your trust and hope in an increase that doesn't. Be combined with hope for something reaching towards something a goal, and that was on the euro. That is those of funding, and you know it now pretty sure we made fun of them quite a bit here. We go really disability, as one does. Take it, but in a friendly way, hopeful appeal. When you do this- and I will say this is well, I want to hear you guys comment, but here you guys read you guys come at below obsessed with a blind and hearing here smell smell, allows scratching sniff. With the comments can you monetarist currencies have comments on you to reflect
smells like smells like a pit of sulphur and for some reason, Jimi Hendrix. Let's make it so and control is partly because I know that I read something earnest yet we do, they think we do this life adviser or whatever is mass Monday and beyond that. It is important for the pomp and circumstance in the jokes that we do. And sometimes I'm talking to a brick wall right like I advised not to read the comments always because you'll get lost in it. Usually the people who hate you the most of the people who come at first, so I want Canada gets to sort of Japan and enjoy from the feedback night. Don't always get a pat on the back, and I would like to know what you guys would like to see more of here with a month of quarantine months now that we're halfway through the of it. We ve done some experimental streams, video gaming, Mass Monday life advice. We told not everything is going to. They can all be James, but we are trying different things to see one that works and what it is. It connects us with you the most effectively.
So let us now, let us know what you like seem: more villona have get rid them, but sending with written these life advice email. Sometimes they come to the website. It life advice, a lot of cholera, common end. The gentlemen wrote me neither and I want to read It- says hello, MR crowded, the entire lot of kind of family. I now, if you remember me, but I was a young man who email into life advice almost exactly a year ago, when I talked about my blindness and the subsequent struggles with my mental health that it caused You remember you. We don't get that many blind emails. Yeah, not not a big genre of emu is no it's. It's niece yeah, but I appreciate him. Three part are the keyboards Braille. They must be. You gotta be rent. I guess not at that when it's all tactile like they probably Braille, is almost obsolete because of the key board. Well, if you typing none of anyway, I should we this letter that you hated you. Ok again, I cannot thank you enough for both the advice and gesture of the mug club subscription. You gave me my Pritchett that met them.
I am not exaggerating when I say legitimately believe those simple acts save me from myself the main reason emailing. You is because I wanted to share where I am now from where I was a year ago, I'm back in school like I planned. To finish my junior year, so I only have one more year left for my bachelors degree, however they considering going to law school, because I found myself more more interested in pursuing that court career from watching the legal struggles. You all have had as well as being captivated when Mr Richmond that's half asian Mr Richmond, to you buddy list that hall, oh, but I'm blind, stick, may work with professors, but not here when miss Richmond has discussed this profession and the law more generally. Not only do I find the subject incredibly interesting, I want to be able to help fight the good fight like Mr Richmond. Yes, it completely, understand and laugh at the DARE devil comparison, so don't feel bad about laughing at it to contacts. We remain fundamentally disagree daredevil. It was a legitimate question if other higher senses were heightened, so he didn't answer there wasn't a joke
that's it evaluating. I want a thirty motion. I want to show what is it about my passion project? The music has taken a little bit of a back seat, is a focus on school, but I still dedicate time to it. I want to show everyone that you can be something other than a far less progressive video login make it in entertainment. History, like you have, Mr Crowd, are you mustn't be afraid to exercise a little higher love? with regards to my mental health in a much better place than it was before. I am certainly not saying imperfect and I still have moments of weakness, but I do feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that. I am moving toward him for the first time since I can remember, maybe the road ahead will still be hard, but I no longer feel like I'm stumbling in the dark. Well. As much as a blind person doesn't stumble in the dark when they have a light at the end of the tunnel. I appreciate you can make the jokes take advantage. Thank you. Again for all the kindness you have shown me, and I hope I can make you all proud all
I renewed my my club subscription and was able to pay for myself, which was something that, even though it may seem small made me incredibly happy, I'm glad to support all you and being part of this movement is the first time I felt like I belong anywhere. My blindness is always made me feel like an outsider, but now I found a new home. Thank you. Is his name PS, I'm sorry similar to this email, but it wasn't sure what else to send it. Also, my email is giving me trouble and I don't know- and I don't really care about your technical issues. Ok, you know you have earned some points. Then he is wasting my time our peoples. Under this off ass, you may talk about Mchugh, listen. Sometimes when you're the boss, you don't get a lot of pats on the back. Thank you, that's it, but does it? That's that's When I see that it makes it's been a very tiring, exhausting couple of weeks Not really I wanna be, could not just
because it in the month of quarantine into shows a day and and and we have it yeah we're doing with a skeleton true now I just touch my eyes now. I'm gonna be like the email with eyes you There are some things technically behind the scenes hiccups, my foot, which is really just my fault. I am a pussy And something else happens too, though this is this is this is why this means a lot to me, and this is not really inspirational. So much as it is a thank you, I understand that many of you are in tough times and cannot afford to join my club, so stand that I'm not trying to sell you something that you dont want or can't afford. I'm just asking for something that you do want, and you want to show to continue that Youtube. You make so because we can't do it without you this is theirs. Difference a lotta people get to separate their their jobs, their career in their home life. Particular. This month. This is
This is a hundred per cent of what I am of who I am every moment. Pretty much is spent doing this show now too shows a day, seven days a week for you guys, that can be that can be pretty tiring. Anyone is ever spoken from a large group of people. Sometimes forget that you know millions of people watching here there's still that pressure born in here feel that when the cameras going, how I forgot that point yeah, because you know someone coming every credit for it, so it is time and we do this thing before the show called the is at the outset. We call the alphabet game again one of game. We did you. Would you some warm up? Games are trying to enhance verbal fluidity and, in short term recall, and sometimes we do an alpha became. We go and every person has to name word that starts with the letter. So a might be it for doing animals that might be like a alpha albatross b. I don't even know that's at this. The point that AIR Bear Appleby see you later, The point is now an end.
For me. I've always liked the thing that I You should have realised who you are when you really tired, or at least what your natural capabilities are like I've seen audio aid be very tired. And you can sing sing. That's my watched, courted like area be very tired. And then come out with a hidden amazing to scale replica of our to so accurate that went out there. Was this thing there he was offended. Not appreciate the deeds but sure. I were ask you to do something like that. Isn't your we'll house, when you're, tired, its heart and the gray I was doing the warm again. I don't know how to do this, but then, when I say the chair and do this show I'm able to do it? I really am and in its that I always panic before every show. My wife knows this preferably lives of every performance and I'm sure that but could you suck and be that as it may be the coroner redden link? they always say. Well, you know it when you sit in the chair, When you go on stage you're going
You go into auto pilot and I don't believe that, in I mean I don't trust it, so I always over prepare over prepared so that it can sort of be off the cuff and a little more conversational here, but I will say, They cannot write so come in. I won't be able to think of an animal that starts with b, as happened today but then we did that show what you know it pretty proud of that. I can tell you that when we get things a pretty fun show an anticlimax. Everyone veterans do, makes everyone better, but the pollutant getting It is a reason it means so much to me. I think everyone years can do that even when I'm exhausted compared to accounting because this is what I was born to do. It really is and so see people out there, and I see it was mentioned this because I think it sort of came a little bit from written link with their doing that interview. We did then ass Monday in there talking about. How can we try to stay relevant on Youtube and people? you to do things that you don't want to. Do for me and I'm not things is the case with them. But you hear from a lot of artists. Anyone who exasperated with
Their fans does deserve the privilege of performing for them, and it is a privilege- and I'm in credit grateful, and I know that I only deserve I dont even Deservest proposed, but I can only earnest privilege by doing what it is that I was designed to do born to do, because if I'm tired, I can remember anything else when I sit here, something happens and Really it's not really about me at this point. People in the room, we really are all of us trying to design their content simply this month created for the people out there like this guy I dont want to say is names. We know that sounds. It sounds not very like this guy says there blind, as its internal, not say his name. So for me, when I say like you, don't get a lot of pats on the back as a boss, it's been exhausting grueling couple I know will be this month. That's all it takes, and you know what I think that's the case for everyone out there, particularly
men just knowing that hey. This is what I can do. This is what I can offer not like this month, not a doktor Nott responded. This is what I can do: in that it not only mean something that somebody, because that's enough, laughing for me is enough, because that means something to somebody, but that it actually has affected ray. Change for someone to improve their life I'll give a rat? the people, Silicon Valley, say what they do if they want to shut us down right now, we're demonetized they want the channel down. That makes it worth it and I really really appreciated and would love to hear from you what it is that you want to see more because we don't moment we, We are here to serve you this month and beyond Thank you. So much don't forget to Morrow morning, good morning my club, nine, a M Eastern. I gotta get up the three thirty.
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