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There was a deadly mass shooting in Allen, Texas & we have information on the killer: Mauricio Garcia. We'll be refuting the media's lies about the fact that he was a white supremacist and so much more. Also, black people in California want trillions in reparations & NY is on the verge of rioting. GUEST: HODGETWINSJoin MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclubWatch the show on MugClub NOW: https://mugclub.rumble.com/post/3969345/allen-texas-mass-shooting-media-lies-the-truth-about-the-killerGET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources/ NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/ Subscribe to my podcast: https://rss.com/podcasts/louder-with-crowder/FOLLOW ME:Website: https://louderwithcrowder.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/scrowderInstagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowderFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowderofficialMusic by @Pogo
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the How dare you because I wouldn't want entries? Torture yet killer max until we get back. There's no third chair Let it be with you monday out, look look. These days, always suck right. These days are always tough. And I have always said this in the past and there's going to be a theme today is first off. no one side as a corner on empathy, just to be clear. I do think
people on the left to manipulate and lie regardless of the facts, but I think there are a lot of people who pay for the measures that will be discussing today, of course, then repeated ad nauseam, who think that they would actually help the problem. Is they wouldn't You have a problem with your car and the problem the engine or the problem is a transmission. You dont look to the rear, hubcap bolts, you say: how do we fix that that the major problem that we're doing with it's? Not what supremacy? Certainly not our fifteen's- it's not guns, but there are things that we can do and we're going to get to those solutions, our hearts and our prayers. Yeah people say: oh the thoughts and prayers. We know what's better when you send thoughts and prayers but proves to people that that's better than acting irrationally, acting on the spot, because here's what's happening now with the subway shooter, which we will also be discussing. Mr nearly more evidence has emerged that has made an irrefutable that he was a danger that he had violently attacked many people
some of whom are minorities, some of whom are algae, bt q and was in the process of at the very least assaulting somebody, if not potentially committing battery here's a problem, the peace. reacted immediately. As you saw this weekend, the protests If you're wrong, because you react on the outset, it makes it very difficult to acknowledge the truth. Because no one wants to be left with egg on their face. That's the probably about, and we talk about the divide, we're not to my left and right. Of course, there is a left and right divide, but we're talking about is a group. People in this country, not who, in the abbey of information make inferences that are incorrect. In the face of Refutable information decide to pursue the lie. Anyway, that's happening with Alan, it's happening with the new york, subway lynching, as is trying coin it. It's happening with.
Brains in california, and it's happening with kemal hairs as the new age are: that's not the stuff of children's nightmare, so moving with that, it's a intellectual monday through friday, monday to friday, ten m eastern. You can comment as to what practical steps you think would be most effective, in reducing mass shootings, but I think you can guess Gerald a number to sit yahoo user. I'm doing well, it's rough weekend, obviously with a lot of stuff I know there was actually another thing that we'll talk about in a minute like a scare in the area of a potential shooting just hours after that wreck stuff. That happened in brownsville, so we have a week, you bought your shoes that they outlet, I didn't, realize you, I've ammonia, crappy she'll shoes. Are there not criminal, chauvelin you're, embarrassingly bad shoe rigour, rigour Well, what are you doing in Iraq has showed his bad shoes in a bad way. You said the comedy turned aside: I didn't you comedy not occurring, and now they have a new theme song. You don't remember what you hear this damage
search third chair: you can follow them. That's too conservative twin it and wherever I have twins keith and Kevin. How are you, how are you guys doing only hanging in life stuff to the guy like clean queen, a lot butternut yeah, but they'll sue us? We wouldn't get a strike for that. Oh okay, yeah, let's see, there's a subtext, we also have we have white america. So the choice is yours. Oh my god, so before we move on to Allen and before we move on to kamala harris before we move on to, what's happened with the new york subway issue, so I dunno. If you know this, but reparations are a thing there. these nigger stale Toma we're going to get there. Yes, but yes, in so many the call number from eighteen sixty days of forty acres,
the day you forgot. The meal is two hundred men for every african american you're, not at your house party or talking to a mixer supposed to pray you're just supposed to tell the truth. I spent letter jacket and treat you're supposed to say what the people now before I get to panel decided, which is equally absurd. He just said if you do the math two hundred million for every effort, an american entails in California sophie you do his man, it's for honey
in twenty trillion dollars. Yeah now I know what you're saying like hey, there's no cost too great incorrect global gdp is eighty five trillion dollars was five times. The was five times that for black people, in california, one of their earth that That means that everyone living a lady right now there are people in the sand minds in cameroon going all going to have to pay, for that will take a four hundred and twenty eight the trail in dollars. Now here's a The task force actually did approve in California. I believe they prove eight hundred billion
eight hundred billion dollars still to compensate silver, it's still too much. You believe that a hundred billion dollars- that's really where you would give a fifty dollar claim, jumper coupons or even a black people's looking like he was crazy, like he was crazy for doing that, yeah pretty profitable. Yes, he knew it- can make all right yeah now that you've gotta go gotta, go to hr gotta go to hr, so we can get worse before the So boy. Thank you for coming to the office to meet with me today, always while language Thank you both for coming today. brought to my attention that both of you have been using a certain racially loaded word around the office loaded loaded, What do you mean louis? We ve taught him up
you ve been using certain epithet. That is a little spicy epithet. As a white man's word was an talk about stopped beating around the bush? Yes getting poisoned and using a word that said, derogatory, torture, people No, I guess not. Let's just say it. What is wrong with rhymes, with bigger from white people around for bigger, would happen a big near yeah. We do say I've done. What's the problem it since its inoffensive word. When you made your ancestors aimed at night- and we happened like tat, Yes, we do say: oh yes, but now that we use it nager problem with it. What are you? A indian giver do within the giver. Well,
what sluts sleeping dogs. Why, on this one numb boys, german, very very fine germany defrayed ago to feisty. Thank you voice, and what does this go? You can socket? ok, they shut up the shovel back in right, let's just tryin or took care of to the bed. It was the worst he really now you feel free to use whatever those terms at will, I'm not familiar with them. I've, never! No! No, no, not at all. So, it would take. You seem to have seen more positively area. So here's another story right now. This is just to show you for example, Kemal harris member her and we have a bit We don't often highlight the excellent job that she personally think chosen get enough attention yet for doing the thing that she does yes with a plum
for Adam people say, is doomed credit where's do she's going to be the new ai tsar, czar They are old. Wives are you're, gonna come marla, unlike gemlike, also move out. The silver salad middle age. Always what this brings us to the community rules for this week down within diagrams us three circle back so he's going to be the a I tsar, artificial intelligence zone, she's going to have one hundred and forty million dollars a boy to work with a lot of wardrobe. Yes, and, of course, of a does take overs. We all fear it does and they become our tech overlords. We call hairs with full trust in us Actually what to do have sex with it well now
key reminders of the woman is also the borders are yes, she set at that she's. The borders are now really eyes are, and this We will talk about the swamp when people say hey this person's qualified to be present, Donald trump isn't qualified, because he's only run a business. What do you do you think that anyone who works in any type of co, of engineering in the tec technique. well, Gee sphere would be able to have a conversation with kemal, a harris in the same room and her computed, no, not at all, but the just dont forget she loves school buses Everybody can gather around their love of school buses right those school bus, as this is the kind of speech that she gives you look it Joe Biden me like this guy can't string a sentence together than kemal harris does what she does like. I wish couldn't string a sentence together, he says, hold my aren't authentic sold. My cosmo, yes, selects compressed air communicator among them. So
so me all here's the thing so she's the borders are now she's. The ai are and keep was very busy last week, giving a speech at the white house form for asian americans also if hawaiians and peace the guy owners. That's a pretty. That's a thrilling arrive group here so here she is addressing them talking about africa and, in fact, I am sure everybody here knows, but the median age on the continent of africa is nineteen. Oh, yes we don't give a shit about africa, africa, yet yakuza kill us, but I realize that's what I was getting. Echo kill the speaker, oh yeah, that's what she says: she's a pacific island. Ok, let me tell you about kenya relevant restructuring, we'll get. But she has made sure that you well aware the eyes are. Importers are that the american economy is doing superbly I love than diagrams. That's I'm sorry. Here's the right wrong! Click! Yes,
what do you say to americans everywhere? Work? That's not social distancing, just wanna, be near her word that the economy is looking very good in terms of as addressing the concern that people rightly have about the cost of food. The funds to gas and we ve been able to address that in a variety of ways. Ok, you know this click like if you understand why that is incorrect, whether europe, youtube, whether you're on rumble. You can hit the rumble button, it helps with the algorithm. They don't want you to even know that we exist. Inflation has gone up under by at least five percent racing go month since may twenty twenty months now Remember: inflation could actually be. To be around seventeen percent since they stopped using the housing prices for the consumer price and that's not relevant right? That was used as a resource inflation ever well, actually,
you said, hold my cosmo, and here we are right now it would actually run seventeen percent of the change. The metrics they don't include housing. prices. Discussing inflation, so it's into the double digit? That's why what you're experiencing is so disconnected from what the media's discussing and by the way? if anyone out there, wants to have a civil war- and this is how you do it by telling americans hey, you- know everything's great you're, doing fine, we've really handle the economy and everything, but I can't afford anything. No, no! No! That's just that! That's just you! Everyone else, doing really! Well, we I understand that you are doing well in using the donors, thinks I'm telling you that I'm not doing well, they it all. We hear you, we hear you, but it's you're doing well, when we take up the single largest purchase that you will ever make in your life. Yes, you're doing fantastic. That comparison, Jimmy carter right, nineteen, eighty, the peak eta, but about fourteen percent, which everybody thought was like the end of direct nowhere at the highest in a hundred years, while the high in a hundred years, since nineteen eighties, during the baltic plague at war. What was We need you to be bonnet plague. This, I'm not always familiar with the place. I more of a car.
irregardless flute yeah, I don't know the last dimmick. We didn't learn anything from that. That was sars, and that was a toronto airport was one asian guy, hello, kitty, knapsack the hello kitty, a tamagotchi, tamagotchi sneeze, robotic leg: it was the it was the spanish flu. That's in it, I admonished myself, but I can't do it and by the way, while they try and tell you, unemployment is very low. While the labor force participation is only around sixty two percent, which again is still lower than pre pandemic levels. Of course, So this is very important to note she is trying to discuss this a sleight of hand. It's era. The economy is going really well and we're going to address inflation. So what you mean to say is inflation is absolutely horrible and you're going to try? you exactly what you ve been doing to address it, which undoubtedly we'll make it worse. And this is the same woman who the border we're talking with the highest number of illegal crossings. We just had a tab, we're that number things up: twenty six percent hunter sixty two thousand. This is the broad who, the borders are for last year. Might that's what she didn't know
Well, MR chapel, I loved anything as much as Kemal Harris loves having sex with people in power, The second dudes have to have another hr moment. Maybe the ai control mission control can find this for us too. There is an interview, it was actually, I think, a quote from willie brown, the mayor and when I asked him, if he, come on harris using probably one of them yeah, he didn't deny it. He was like I dunno man who can keep trying to measure the physical bang a lot of bitches even like at no point was it denied and then all of a sudden she gets some unelected position. She finished dead last in her own state. Have any idea how hard that is to do that? That's impossible, it's almost impossible unless you're kamala harris she is a marvel of science. Alright, believable
and by the way, if you watch it on youtube. If you see in this tat means had on over the rumble, because we're going to get into the shouting right now and and of course, we never know the rules with youtube, we're not going to be showing you an eclipse, involve people being killed just to be clear vote, because there's no photos because gets ten of those have been circulating. If you want to go find them, you can, we may call the references publicly available, but sometimes you to decide that even discussing these issues of course result in removal, we're not going to self sensor by the way. If you want to join my club, it's a eighty nine dollars annually and you get this wonderful handle mug you get. This show you get the friday show you get an extra hour or two every day get nicked apollo show at five, and you get two new comedy specials coming down the pike and if you are a member anywhere else, any other. Wing conservative streaming platform, sending your proof of purchase and you get three months for a month limit
free, mug club at latin america and also history. He posted his second michigan's in the year as well as so I'm sure he'll be talking about this, and just people asking what what he doesn't really do is show the things mister guns and gear. He was throttled and shadow banned on youtube. That he's able to continue to create the kind of content he wouldn't been able to do it if somewhat in step in and get an hour and a half video on the suppresses. I know My group was set up with the baby, a few videos. Yes, that's the kind of thing that the youtube algorithm just says we just and we wish to raise the right. Well, you know you get structure that you can't talk about. You get talk about silencer, sorry, suppressor, whatever the mythical you can talk about, that are new to the ripening any sense at all, because it does no because a kindness well that's for each area all right. So there's nobody, alan shooting here- and this just to get this had taken place this this week and of course not too far from here and I can tell you what the media is going to do- they're going to trot out the same stats of guns, the number one killer of children, not true they're, going to be talking about gun control. When we talk about universal background checks, right
lag laws. Railway none of us would have done anything white supremacy which of course is a myth that will be Liddy bunk really quickly and I will go to sea in and if her covering this live, we know what there do we know how to going to politicize it before the bodies are even called and then when the wrong, they just move on, and that's why we do. What we do here live and we make the reference is available to you. If were wrong the EU should be able to call us on it right right. That's the entire purpose. If they're wrong, they have to make the lie. Bigger some people still believe hand up. Don't shit was a thing. Some people still believe that George floyd was a site patron saint of feminine. Some people still believe that may arise. doesn't aiming inaccurate replica baby gonna people in a park. So if you think zimmerman was a white supremacist. Yes, this is that the very last time this happened, while he wasn't a he wasn't, prego doesn't quite yet. Understandably so it doesn't make him a cripple what doesn't make him a murderer. So for those who missed it and we're go get into the claims and troops here, saturn
a gunman open fire, Alan Texas killed do we know if the number is officially eight and if that includes the shooter I swear, I'm gonna lose my believe. It does not include the shooter, as at this moment, so eight and seven injured wounded. Who are, I think, several potentially critical, yeah? Alright, so look. Grain for that family? There also places if you live around there were you can actually provide some help it. You know what you can you can see. If It can provide a meal at the hospital. Can pan write a letter whatever it is it you can do there are things that you can do and there are things that you can't control Come on harris instituting an assault. Weapons ban is not something you can control and, dear god, I hope it doesn't happen, but you yeah control, helping those around you and in the community and supporting the community, and you can control speaking truth. So here is a clip from the dash came when they started-
fan are terribly but due to guess crook, and he didn't run over here- that I should point out. A lot of people said. guy should turn left now, I'm not saying that he should have, but I saw those comments and I'm like looking until you're in that situation. What if he of course in his car and what, if the shooters able to get off five shots, he can duck, maybe as kids, cancer and car seat like it was a gas truck. He went down if I'm in a croaker yeah, but you alone in that truck. We don't rest of the dt. That's true! I also hate the race trucks that people do. It's like look at my wheel, that has rivets it's called a ram for a reason. Let's go yes, I got a bad moment. Whole family truck I'm willing to doodle yeah, that's well, here's the thing was taken out by an officer who, by the way responded unrelated to the call by the grace of god, the grace of god and by the way. This is something we get into their lot. It here's the one through line- and I say this before all of these shooter-
all these mass shooters are stopped by someone else with a gun. In this case, it was an officer who just happened to be there: alright, many cases, thirty seven percent of cases, its people who are carrying in other cases, if the these officers responding right and that's also, why training police officers is a very important thing, you said what happened in a valet verses, what happened in nashville, but in every sometimes there into custody at gunpoint now, every single one of these mash. They haven't all use the same gun. They haven't all suffered from the same mental afflictions they haven't all take. the same assess our eyes. You can talk about these as patterns, but the one thing that is a constant in all shootings in every scenario. What stops is someone else or themselves with a firearm if we're lucky enough for them to to too to kill themselves and and I do mean that you know That'S- that's that's a good thing, I'd. Rather them do it prior to in shooting up let s just suckers yourself. Yes, that's a good. Does a dart what the man in the mere yes exactly like Michael jackson's? Yes,
I used to sing out by the way into his nineteen security cameras about alert him when parents were around the country, oki secure house, a heavy subject. We get add some, so, let's through who lets who the shooter was? First, ok- so you can hear the media, give you some reports later, what they say: it's bullshit shooter was a thirty three year old hispanic male, his name. Maurizio, garcia, maurice garcia. Now The reason that we are pulling this in your asking yourself, because you make the references available reporting is from today news africa is because it's the only the only that outfit showing you the shooters face, you won't find his face in riga and be sea wall street journal CNN Cbs, washington, post. They want to tell you that he would
as a white supremacist, yes and not see his very hispanic looking face right and a second ago, I actually signalled you because CNN had that lower kind of cairo. That said, basically that this person was influenced by white, supremacy, that's the headline running with right now over over over over, yet to make sure they drill it in now, here's effect will get to that claim and if there is But for that now here's the thing at this point that maybe he was we dont know here's what we do know kay russia was registered as a security guard transacting. Twenty people's minds. They all look. This was a guy good, good guy with a gun in helsinki, regards I mean there is far less very that goes into being a security guard, then actually getting your your your your carry permit just to be clear. Okay, I've known the worst people alive who are yeah. I used to be a security guard, those people suck yeah people you ever want to meet it's just a warm body to be there very often to all want to be cops and they all got park trips. Yes, ma'am. not necessarily all but the
let's go with. Oh yes, so we know he was a security guard. Okay, we know that he was removed from the army in two thousand and eight for mental health concerns yeah. Alright, we know he was staying at a hotel in dallas at the time of the shooting. We know that with his parents from what we see in northeast doubts as what we saw beforehand, but he was at a hotel. Ok, so through some of the claims. Why they're not correct and some actual solutions here and if the scene like remedial there's a dynamic with this story, there's a little bit different. So the first claim is that this shooter is nazi white supremacist, we have details about what took place yesterday, when eight people were killed at an outdoor shopping mall just outside Dallas, we have new reporting on the suspect who allegedly interacted with neo nazi and white supremacist content online, ok, so arms keeps him notes here, because None of this makes sense. Aurette, shooter, white, supremacist. Ok, he suspected
I can be hispanic white supremacists. Many have two black white supremacist. That's believe. Will I know we could say that its increasingly rare, so they claim that he wore a patch reading right wing, death squad roca and we ve been looking for images. Is that right right see if we can see that on that, that kind of tactical gear- yes big and they say he was influenced at the right, broad term, here's the truth, the shooters that the social media, what's not available to the public rat cain, accordant NBC, who are setting unnamed law official. This said, the preliminary review founded the gunman social media posts were not liked shared by other users and that's basically, it right right. We're and to find the reason that, like they say, a source is saying that their reviewing these, but we're not finding any of these price sunday the Allen police chief brian harvey here. He said about the potential motor. We said we actually dont have a lot, which is the correct response retro, if the guy
in charge of the investigation. Sunday night, writes a last night day and some time after the shooting says actually guys hold on. We really have alot yeah. Why Every media outlet running with this report and not showing you the posts, rats showing you even blurt out, post post post post. If there really are that many they go to the wayback machine, she might wanna find out, you should be able to find them now. we have not yet been able to find them. Yet we have been able to find official statements from the police chief saying we do not have a motive that doesn't stop cnn saying right, wing death squad which, by someone could also put that on their to troll like we, so it happened with Christchurch This happened recently, I was inspired by candace owens by Ben, appear to shut up shut up. was it a church, was a synagogue pressure to eliminate undergoing archiving. Oh god, my it's as have to keep track. So this important because the truth does matter here and if it changes will let you know here's another truth now. This is an issue, prince that we are making using your her rational process, white supremacist, what
why doesn't really make sense? First off he's not white. That's a big one authority. I think that's the mean you know. I know I could be wrong like it could be one of those non white supremacists. I saw a few of them in american history. Self loathing he could be a self loathing, hispanic sure he was born in the states and he went to school here. He identifies as white the identifies as where you go. It's very likely that policies like the rachel Dol's all of shooters rea yeah. That could be the case but let me tell you, I don't think it makes sense, he's not wipe it like or smash the rumble button. If That is at least a somewhat compelling case to start with. But here some more. The shooter is from Dallas, ok and Is there in Dallas drove to Alan to kill people
Let me give you some stats here and you can go look this up yourself and we know Allen pretty well, because Gerald bought his stupid little shoes there, the demographics and Allen. It's fifty seven percent white, it's eighteen percent asian! it's eleven percent hispanic, ten percent black. Now, let's go to where he was in Dallas twenty eight percent, while twenty three percent black forty one percent is spent he's a white supremacist. He went to a place where it was Majority white, as opposed to he was staying and where he lived, which was minority white and majority blackened hispanic, he left the blackened hispanic area of dallas go, shoot up a wide area, of town, a very wide area of town comparatively in all, or to inflict a white supremacist massacre by the way he's also not white.
It doesn't pass the sniff test. You were just handed said. No, I it's not that it's actually I'm just kind of connecting the dots based on some of the stories that I've heard them and being one hundred percent serious here right. So twenty sixteen to twenty twenty, he was a security officer. I really would like a researchers to find out where, because the first person he shot was the security guard at Allen in Allen. I don't know if there's a person connection there. If there were some kind of firing earlier as some kind of you're, not really capable of handling this job or anything like that, it could be completely random. I'm just thinking through this going on my gosh, that's. Why would he DR all, the way up kind of building up your point. Why would he pass up dozens? dozens and dozens of other, potentially better targets for a white supremacy and by the way it's it's a decent, dr compared to owings tomb south gob highway. Seventy five, it probably to take him half an hour or so to get up to Alan. If he's, in dallas somewhere like below six thirty, five right, that's a long drive to make their plenty. Unfortunately, there are plenty of targets within the city of doubt.
itself that you right out and if your white supremacist to shoot up and to make the news and do all this crap. Unfortunately, that's that exists, but I've just connecting like wait a minute erskine? I think his name was christian. I can't remember exactly the first person that was shot was a security guard right I just seemed a little odd to me when I first heard that yesterday, unless he was just targeting that person, but now that he's a security, but I do know this would be like a white supremacist living in harlem right and then driving to suburban, connecticut, yes to commit a white supremacist massacre doesn't make a lot of sense You just look out the window if he was in harlem, make no sense. spanish targeting white people, but he's a white supremacist ran that's crazy. Now it's gotta be more to this. Sorry, there's one something about, maybe as connected, because he just parked his car, that was his coordinate, gets get out and started, shooting yes, as the first written record. So in of h and m like at one, it seemed like at one person initially and then just shot in that key was coming from that person like I didn't see it that way. You can always really hate agent in their cause.
Do not launder well, they don't they dont one. Why they're gonna exhilarated periods into an extra small, exactly right over me by two extra large? Is that not even the same like who made this a cinderella by threats but seldom here's another truth just to be clear. While we're making these inferences, I can tell you that but they ve said is not true in the sense that they don't have that evidence. We can also give you some truth here that are planned France is the media, but make the last three Ask killings by the way in texas, they ve all been hispanic males to steer clear of Alan Cleveland yeah. That was a man who murdered five neighbours. I was deported four times your brownsville, which has happened, hispanic men mode down eight migrants outside of a catholic shelter, don't what they want you to do is is is get mad at white people course not by the way. You know we're not saying get mad at hispanics. No,
What I'm saying is this doesn't fit. What they're trying to tell you where we can get into the fact that white supremacy terrorism is a very small percentage of the actual acts of of mass around that you have in this country in the fact that air fifteen, then we will that air fifteen's are not actually used as a tool. Very often did happen to be used in this case. But we're not to tell you that you need to fear all hispanics or that we have a problem with now. We have a problem of illegal immigrants committing crime in massive numbers because it committed a crime to get here. Legal immigrants, and not so much it's ok to differentiate, but these last shootings we're not white supremacist. They were hispanic and this man was hispanic and went to definitively white area to commit a crime against black people. Now This adds up and when the It is wrong, they're, not going to admit it they're going to move on. Remember the vegas shooting there to me as one of the most greatest examples. You never heard the information after, That's none of it added up now when it doesn't
they move right. I remember that morning the fort worth shooting that took place at the school was a black. It turned out that he might actually been doing the bullying he might have been bullied. He shot a teacher shot. Some other kids, don't gotta believe no one died, but we were live as it was being covered and right away. They went the race angle. They want the mass shooting angle and then they memory holed at the very next day when they found out what actually was it was later on when they got a picture, they were like oh moving onto the next door yeah and he he's out on bail immediately yes out on bail immediately. Now it does matter because the hispanic is sort of. I guess facet here matters because Do you know who honestly are the victims very often of illegal immigrants, of illegal immigrants in this country? we hispanic illegal entrants, legal hispanic imminent, it happened to these illegal immigrants often go into their areas, sort of like homeless encampments when people say we'll set up this giant homeless, encampment or think about the unintended consequences. The innocent against consequences are the more vulnerable homeless people. There are now getting raped and getting their stuff
fallen. Anyone take a homeless encampment is, it is a drum circle, You understand rang why people are. Naturally homeless. Right. You understand it's very lawless group of people and now you ve, taken all them and put them together may vary. Animal possession. We had that interview and we did that changed. My mind, build a wall where a lady said houck remember she turned to me said: how can I report this? We have these illegal immigrants are committing all these. My area. She wanted to find out how to report them because it had destroyed her neighbor. It's important remember: the hispanics can be victims even at the hands. of people who have the same color skin is them are not at all. I ever saw what a good thing, and I guess I leave this look ass though, but I can see solo ordering government, the bar at the ground rules that must be our local civil, scum of bold europe, whether or not there was used freedom of thought but we have to put that older
by this? Jesus gotta come clash smuggling. I guess ok yes, we're not sell neck office apology, its unique eclipse. It was one of the things I wanted a piggy back off of its not just legal. It's illegal immigrants, rights! Oh it's very easy to look at this and go hey you! Your pic on people who have cross border legal, Oh we're saying that that's a pretty good place to start to make sure that you enforce the law. Guy who's been deported four times killed a family of five. I believe If you were also illegal immigrants as well right right. Neither one of them should be, you're right now. Maybe they would both be alive but four times, and you can't get that one right. I think that's a good place to start and by the way illegal hispanic families that are in the united states right now to your point about how do I report this? They need report. Anything you know why they could be deported right. So all of the crime, and you know who knows that other hispanic, immigrant
whether they're, here legally or not, now run cartel is no way that they're gonna report this. They will fear going back to mexico more than they'll fear me robbing them. Yes says it doesn't help any one is the point to give in a bee comparison here of what the actual proposed PA seize and by the way, is an interesting. I'm telling you some stuff is coming that Alan brownsville that the media doesn't like put up their torment because bart talking about ukraine to talk about Moscow. This is like catnip to the media, the fact that they are- should be per member. What happened nashville once the trans issue came up and it was gone. We I don't know dollars of that right, we still don't know the cause, though it was going to be released and then now it's not released. So what I want you to do- and hopefully we serve this purpose with the shows is, is recognized. recognition trying to think of your brain is pattern. Recognition software, you know which mahars will be the tsar, and I reckon nice when the media jumps on a story and they dogma and recognise when they all hop off. If you see that
that means something doesn't smell right. That means they got something wrong, and rather than issuing a correction or retraction of caution, written publications it do it on the third or fourth page, regular, several paragraphs down and in brown guess media they just don't have to do anything. They just don't cover the store anymore, but I do get into an eighty comparison of he proposed for legislative policy that you see from the left and the right. What can we actually do? because I do understand that we think all of us think we should do something Do you think there's an element here in its can comment. If we disagree of kind of a social contagion? Member back in the seventies, there were all kinds of cypriot wiki Gacy, yet Dahmer you had Bundy right through there were bunch a bunch of serial killers. It became shorter. This way, regular zodiac parlor, Unabomber yeah. That was later. But yes, but The only see as many of those now and what happened it was a trend and people saw the coverage, of course, people who have no regard for anyone else's safety or their lives. They want to be.
Miss they'll, say: okay. This is the wedding to get coverage right now. I do think, there's an element of social contagion. First up we do give a mental health crisis, which we all predicted. Of course, far accept accelerated to an unbelievable degree, thanks to covered locking people up social distancing. Isolating people want that's my point First things I'll, tell ya therapy if you're depressed and are worried about self harm is to make sure you have a good support circle of friends to not isolate yourself. We through policy policy, isolated people. We through the media, made them fearful right through power. policy encouraged slothfulness and then right, knighted you're looking around and you say: ok, the number one job that people want right and generations he is to be a youtube or social influence. Her that's the number one most desirable job, all right. I have no, talent or skill set, and I'm depressed I've been isolated. I want to be famous, and then you looked the news and then you looked the headlines.
Oh there's a sure fire way. So I do think There is an element of social contagion around here like we saw a serial killers, it's just a theory, but I do know beyond any shovel. at that there are things we can do that wouldn't be unconstitutional. That could help, and there are proposals from the left that are unconstitutional. That would hurt. So, let's look at what would actually help to reduce gun crime must look at option. One: okay, here's pass from the left? And you see this are saying that we need a ban. Are fifteen? That's when these proposals? Ok, what banning air If, if it was possible assuming its not unconstitutional, would that make a difference? introduce total murders by less than three percent cheese cake, on twenty six and forty seven total shootings six forty two people dead. Thirty six reportedly killed us acres, we have suicides by the way with guns, twenty twenty one. It was twenty six thousand. It was twenty four thousand and twenty twenty twenty three thousand and twenty nineteen. That number has gone up. Suicide went up as these covert
policies were trained, so let's bury our fifteenth less than three percent all the references are publicly available, Do you believe that that would have a discernible effect? You propose option number two different that tough on crime bail reform. Perhaps let's look at new york: it's bail, reform laws, and I mean reform of their reform. I guess I should say they did bail reform. We should go back to that's what they are. If you can't make bail you'll stay in the clink for awhile, you hurt somebody Stay here, you're punished for your crime. If you're, a repeat offender, maybe we don't just let you walk right back out of the precinct so once I sites as Bani are fifteens okay, that would say that and full. Alas, all right now, if you look at new york and taylor, from laws that went into effect january first, twenty twenty, and this meant that they were they completely limited bail for people with pending cases. It lets recidivism right led to six percent overall
That's overall overall racist violence, felony arrests were up nine percent violent felony, offences in rearrest up ten percent. If you look at what act, It took place in europe. You look at the skyrocketing rocketing chrome, not to mention the violent crime that takes place against average everyday citizens, an expanded to the rest of the country. You can look at california, you can look at places like baltimore. Can look at places like detroit, so bad fifteen, is one option or let's look at surely punishing criminals for their crimes by the way that also includes italy. Immigrants, yeah, and you actually made the point that one point that the giuliani is new york. If we only had a comparison right, are you actually tough on crime to see what it's like to live in? york verses when they're, not tough, on crime right by the recent Louise new yorker, chicago or los angeles. cisco as these policies that leftists are advocating for you right coming to us. did he near you is what they would
and by the way, let me just go back to your bani, our fifteenth. Do you know what that means when you, when you say, ban a r fifteen? That means confiscation right for every law. Abiding citizen, of course people who break the law. It doesn't matter if you're not going to seal the border. Guess what you just in an additional market for the drug cartels, good job executive rolling out soon, because we're not going to stop them at the border, and so criminals will have a r fifteen right, but law abiding citizens won't and here's another potential path from the left right. The left is saying: we need. This is option number three from, and this is what we need to increase gun free zones remedied. We need to make it. We need make it hard for these will carry firearms, for example in schools. You know, for example, But a is a lot churches except ny. before percent of mass public shootings took place between nine abbott took place in countries. Especially between nineteen, fifty and twenty nineteen. By the way, this is from the crime, research, dot, org, and there are other numbers that have it as low as eighty something percent yeah
don't find a number lower than eighty four percent you'll find a number as high as ninety four percent. So let's call it between eighty four ninety four percent of mass public shootings, the ones you're thinking of by the way, not inter gang warfare occur in gun freedom. So the other solution that we present is all on a second: let's stop creating soft targets yeah, and this is why don't like it when people just say: if there's a school shooting put guarded schools, that's not enough, because they'll find another gun for Don't you need to eliminate the concept of soft targets and gun free zones, and we need to allow people to protect, themselves in these zones and you need to have a plan period wherever there is a mass group of people, not just schools, and I dont know why the media? I do know why I don't say that to be sarcastic. I dunno why they don't talk if you're genuinely trying to find a solution, politicians media- whoever, if your genuinely trying to say what can we do to make this stop? You have to look at the common thread every single time right right. We talk about good guy with a gun, stopping it, but we don't ever hear them talk about of these are done for
sounds gun. Free zones go out before we go. I have another another plan that they are from left right now, unseen and they're. Talking about the money for californians reparations, this is going to be funny. This is right up your alley. Let's bring up the large forehead lady in the united states representative, Barbara represents california. Specifically, she represents a district that includes oakland. She did speak on saturday we're all professional rushmore coglan forehead, do what you did a placard it everything that's against. Blackberry cans are undeniable and reparations, for it are a tangible route to acknowledging and making a menace to the glaring economic and social impacts, generational imperatives of labour and systemic racism and meet. We must repair this damage, she talks about how it has affected it. You know one on soon and as yet laughing at the building. They will then send these recommends more limitations to the state legislator before they July first said life. Those not a done deal
as yet. No of course is not available the growth rather that before the world yeah it's over. Let's just say that unseen it and, of course what was proposed will actually bankrupt the world hold on a second. Is this puppy? Whoever she's talking about the texas governor's right wing extremism standing by for an update from police on another tragedy, tackling all. I must say that it is where new secretly tangs is good bystanders taking matters and her own hands, after a driver plows through of migrants standing by the side of the road, so. Why are you saying deadly texas crash deadly texas, mass murder? Writing something different here, because its hispanic on his and I can read it that headline and I understand that, but what they didn't mention the ethnicity of nourishment, but I crashed recently that she said it like. She actually said what happened a guy plowed through. I appreciate that the people read headlines. Yes, you know that people
headlines, you know the people are clicking a link because of the headline and probably will never get to the part of the story. We actually describe it. It's a headline game that you guys are playing right: white supremacist, that's the headline right, now for Alan well, let's keep an eye on it as they come back from the break of looking at it. A good deal on food xaver, a lot of them across the fields, feel safer and now certain foods, even a clear choice. Dental implant centres on old people watch my gosh when they went to advertise the guys that guy look like he had. He had written jack. Let's at his face. Well, that's not! where you can hang out his teeth on a beach in cuba for it. So let's go to another proposed planet. You see we need to when you to ban people carrying firearms are far too many. People are carrying. Violence gave us and there have been three. Seventy, at least defensive uses of firearms? Just since january, right on record just to be clear
annually. It's estimated between one point: five to three million defensive uses of firearms and just to be clear citizens we're not even talking about officers, armed citizens, have stopped thirty. Four percent of active shooting attacks, letting and here's something else. Well, that's bad lithuania people to stop kind, but will actually anything if you want to encourage people to be law. Abiding citizens, You want as many firearm carriers as possible. Why well eighteen million concealed carry prevent holders k. They occur. for only zero point. Seven percent of farm related homicide not only that something of equal importance concealed carry holders as a demographic commit lower crime, then after police, Austria, it is the most law abiding group s of amerika. Is that you can find are concealed, carry permit holders just to be clear, so getting rid of that what you're just gonna get rid of? people who follow the law more than you if you're watching conseil k, permit holder, yes, they followed.
Better than you most likely as its discord out right and by the way. If you want to get rid of conceal, carry you basically hate women. Do not want women to have zero defence with pepper spray. Ok, fine! Yet he think a guy can't work his way through some pepper spray or some maize, or something like that. You think he can't do some damn right, while you're trying to fumble around for that, and even after you, spray right on this demographic report has given ccw is one of I know it's women and I want my one firearm purchase. Absolutely one hundred per cent have a gun to be able to fend off any attacker, especially when she's with my children as well right. She wants to protect them yeah. Now, let's, to another claims, are making your saying: ok, what we need to focus on white supremacy right. This is another options: it cracked down on white supremacy. This is where you see from. I think we have an overlay from the media. This is an option right going forward that will actually help some of these, these crimes out there and eliminate guncotton? Ok, suspending our fifteen while work, let's cracked and a white supremacy, it's a very, very small percentage of violent crime and gun crime in this As a matter of fact, I don't have the number from me. I know it's over ninety percent. If you use a deaf
mass shooting mean three or more people, but what they use now occur urban areas, a huge proportion, a huge portion of those occur between black people, it's black on black crime and, if you're going to look at the statistics regarding interracial, climb up crime, blacks commit more crime against whites, average, and they commit far more crimes against asians than whites, commit against black or commit against agents now, not so But that means all black people committing crimes against what what I am saying that is it as a statistical reality. you're going to say that banning air fifteen's less than three percent using these shootings and cracking down and white supremacy. Another single, budget percentage point and ignore into gang related violence that takes place in major cities, which we can address right now through tough on crime policies. You don't care will actually care about solving the problem You can say we don't care about lives, lost you dont, actually they about solving the problem and by the way the problem was created through this regarding and repealing laws and others we
Ah, that's it. If your criminal in new york for criminal, you stay in jail, miss it. Let's get rid of that. You can be a criminal, the master in jail, but what? If we rescue three hundred times brain, Three, let him right I've done yet one. Apparently, by the way, there was a really interesting, a graphic that was put up. I think over the weekend that elon musk replied to. Can we bring it up this just yet, let's bring out because right now they're talking about the outlet mall massacre here unseen and let's see, if that use the tactics that we just described for you right wing, extremist groups, I feel that in scarcely hadn't, let me turn to hit crash uv into a bus, stop killing people cnn has the x new video prepare For that I mean someone founded on twitter right and leader is, on average, level are now warning of the chaos that could follow scene
thought there was no border crisis. Didn't you guys hear there was no border crisis because of donald trump? Yes, of course, it's because of donald trump. I was looking at videos that a nightmare in EL paso, texas people to sleeping on the streets. Yeah, there's crazy, that's what they call beto territory, all right. Let's see how they were so their leading with the the massacre, the deadly crash and oppose the I am also see what the sailor outside a shelter that has been housing. Migrants were told. The group was waiting at a bus, stop we're I can show you the moment of impact it simply to disturbing, but look at the top of your screen here and you can see just how fast that suv was. Traveling. You see in their passing the car to the left of it and new videos. so the industry. An end now shows the moment bystanders try to detain the suspected driver. After that crash, he was taken eventually into police custody the immense nick valencia joins us now live some brown. like detaining. Is there go knowledge
opening of the cheering on guys. Yonder, like hey, hey, detain, him detain. I want him What? If the Jane doe like cuba motherfucker? I want it to end like the scene in the warriors where they kill the right guy who took out cyrus was me it was like shut up man. We know it was you and they just rip him apart. That's what I would have liked, alright, alright, let's see what this guy says when he says all of a sudden, a car came barreling blowing through music. I want you to do right now and appeared as you're watching see if there's any the value added from seeing it is there any insight Is there any actual new information rhythm It really is just diarrhoea of the mouth but see what that we hear more details but romero I caught up within Sarah and he was just devastated
He was outside a memorial that had been set up there at the sight of the crash, and he had tears rolling down his eyes saying when this driver exiting the car he tried to run away. So that's what you're, seeing in that video is a group of and trying to restrain him to keep him from running away. He went on to say that that driver began yelling absurdities at the men in spanish and was just you know, appeared to be impaired in it zero are you're. Looking at your now, the man who had suspected driver is the person with a short offers. People are surrounding and we are expecting to hear from police shortly here. What are you expecting? The new information that you might yet from them? So I spoke this morning to the browser. department? They tell me they will announce preliminary charges against this aspect. In this case they say with the emphasis. This is only one way him a scoop.
It's been a well known, have announced preliminary charges like they did tell me what has been postponed. I don't know, maybe everywhere wooden tesselated, they taken blood, work and sent that opting to texas gps crime lab. We understand their waiting on those toxicology reports. There also look into whether or not this may be a vehicle malfunction. Initially police said what, while it may- and it is here to be intentional- they also said it also appears that the driver may have lost control. after, hitting a curve and the third part of their investigation. Here's what here's the thing that happened to me this weaken this weekend. I am died, I was driving iris. I think saying the kids we're in the car. I was driving and there's a man three? I it's a road near my parents, three three lines and the guy hits the next to me, he's writing it for a while, and where his tyre rattles flat, almost like you know in the cartoon, attacked when just how to those poor, poor portman attires got ya like he skids through
The skids ways now. Perpendicular to me all three lines he was up on to tyres. I thought for sure this guy was gonna flip and so I say, I have the little bit. There was a little bit of an opening in the concrete median, but there's oncoming traffic and swerved around him pulled over checked on him and he was. He was a black guy who has had these out of state plates. and you wouldn't. Let me I don't have it was any rain or just embarrassed and shock. I just pulled over this. A hey. Are you? Ok, you have whiplash and I suggest call somebody said now. I said you a cup phone, the car he seemed like you did want to call somebody which makes me think. Maybe he didn't even for and I dont want to get in trouble, but just kind of check to see if he was ok and then I was going off. Left, but then I realized this could be a accredited register. drug managed well see I know most people wouldn't have even pulled off that ray. Are you okay? It looked like he didn't, have any whiplash, so that can happen. I have seen people lose control and that's an important
I might have seen and actually gotten exclusive their authors making stuff up. I have no idea, I just didn't know it's like what curve the curb where all of the people were sitting young, I don't of this guy. Into them and had you know, heavy metal playing in the background or if he lost control of his car, because he was high out of his mind. I have no idea, but you can see clearly in the video that he was speeding according to every other car. he's going way faster than anybody else right and it's a very nice car by the way, rice, rain, railroad. I'm not saying that the guy could about good about it was stealing it was. It was
waiting to be fair, like there are not known for their reliability. So something could have malfunction, looks like there on the island, but let's see what they say about our dallas area forces sell us it previously samantha motivator by right wing extremism. They say: firearm training. We know that on the day of the shooting he was found in a tactical vast. He had a firearm nearby. I want you to look at that photo that was obtained by seeing, and you see this aspect on the ground after he was shot and killed by police officer next to him in a are forgetting style. Why would you sunlight his most diminished, his ear of ammunition, and that is so chilling to think that? But for that police officer, stopping that shooter, this is obviously could have been so much worse now, untold by long for source that there is no one noticed that they have yet, but we are learning that they are looking into right. Wing extremism has, alas, it is a law enforcement.
There is no known motive yet, but then he said, but people are looking into. Did law enforcement say that we look far and why this morning we could not find that from the police chief. What they do is they take them is that there is an official statement that is factual and the editorial eyes and they lump it all into the same same category and a new that, without must be that the police chief must mean the detectives are saying right. Wing extremists No, that's the gay guy on cnn by one person saying that it takes one publication saying police are looking into according to a source police are looking into end. Cnn will run it like it's. The gospel washington post will run at every left wing site were posted. I can't believe are looking into this again. White supremacy is the biggest problem. America. Everybody will run after that with zero Look. It's back up, source gunman may have been motivated by re. It says, source Men may have been motivated by right wing extremism. These are just wait
george you made a source said cause, that's not a sort of your show. Then why would you put source column? I just said it on twitter right right, exactly: ok, here's a first responder on the scene, guy, the third guy, actually expired. While I was trying to do just Britain's the child, the child came out from under it was the mother might have been relative. I know how the relation is that was started wander around asking for help saying mom mom momma momma, so I just scooped the child up and took them about fifteen feet away, so he she or she couldn't see what was going on the heartbreak you mentioned. Of the deceased victims have been identified, we're still waiting for the ways to announce the identity identities of these six others, of course, I, even as this community continues to mourn, agree the loss. And why are you here to hijack new stores to miss? Then why are you here? What news are you addressing? But there was a bit
was very sad number one. The southern spring shooting Stephen villefort, was on the show first, and I spoke of I said: look I want to make sure that you can speak to the audience. He's the man who stopped by the way the mass shooter I believe, killed was at twenty four twenty, seven, and was on his way to another local We need to set a church. Stephen villefort certified instructor at one point for the injury he shot this man with an air fifteen, I said: look I dont know how to necessarily navigate this, because I don't want you to just come on in an inn and cry. Dont want to make him, but I want you to be able to tell your story and took a back seat. And was incredibly grateful, but he actually gave us information as to what happened as to how we call it in as to tat how he took out the shoe. there was value there for you because it informed you as a viewer or as a listener, where there are tools that you could take from it and say: ok, I now understand who maybe they should or could it could be stopped? I now understand perhaps the motive. I now understand the situation and thank god it keep. It didn't result in the death of more people, theirs,
no value there from cnn their mentioning southerners bring out there. We go. Let's see what you can stephen! Well, one like zero people were killed in that massacre. Twenty eighteen, a teenager using as a start to look around for months guys we can bring up that old, stephen villefort interview, and you know it maybe we'll just run it as we exits on my club, because I dont know if it's even still available on youtube, but that was one of the most heartbreaking interviews. I'd ever conduct. probably one of the most important that man was a hero who stopped the mass killings of count. It's other people and when I say countless, I mean we actually wouldn't able to put. We wouldn't able to quantify it, because we'd have to make an estimate, and he did it with a scary black rifle and by the way this was an unwilling hero, a very unwilling hero- and we want more people like that. We want more seven wilfers in the world. So we look at what they're saying we look at how their covering this look. It's like you know you ve, given you ve done, like fitness body the videos and stuff for a long time it's like when a woman comes out and comes in the mythos and she goes well. I have. I have fat, my glutes can, I
Can I and some others yet will do some bridges and but you can't spot reduce she can't get rid of fat there? What you have to do is say: okay, you need to diet and exercise. This is the bulk of the problem, and and that will affect the fat on your glued to the love handled. You can't just spot, reduce outside of love but liposuction. It's the same issue type of issue. Here you can't simply say been our fifteen. That's three percent I can't simply say: oh Hossein, we need more gun free zones with ninety. Four percent of the shootings already take place there. oh second, we need to. We need to get rid of handguns. Well, no, that's actually not accurate. If you look at what's happening, you look at where the vast majority, the vast majority of gun crime in this country, takes place in urban areas that takes place often between people who are younger and in gangs. And of course you encourage that by being soft on crime, we can either look at the problem and say we need to correct the criminal behavior in this country and we need to account for the
mental health issues that we created through legislative policy in this country, and we need to stop creating soft targets in this country and we need to give law abiding citizens stephen will efforts of the world and by the way, even this officer who responded who was not responding to a call. He just happened to hear it. We need to give those people the ability to defend themselves. And we do need to study the issue right now. the social contagion that is taking place, because it's not just measures for every single measure that goes out there. There's someone who mutilate their generals and says and roma woman. There is a mental health, Google and it goes far deeper than shooting right now. People take their own lives, people start abusing drugs. We have record alcoholism, we have record suicide. We have record sucks these. Have you looked at a map of how many youth gender clinics exists? It's all a part of the same problem and the problem is this. The problem is as far as a social contagion
and you can disagree with me and you can comment below hit the rumble button. This is. I was taught me someone a quick trip about this. They said you know what would you think of your promise? Here's what actually think it if it really does have to do with moral ambiguity with situational ethics. We have not corrected behaviour, of young people for a long time, and I dont mean beat the hell out of them. You know because they stayed out past curfew. What I mean As you know, a generation of people whose whose primary goal is to be famous right, that's Genji, that's the first time are: all of them want to be influencers. And their entire life growing up its. If you feel that way, that's correct you feel like you didn't lose a socrates, that's correct! You, You, like your woman, that's correct! You! You feel like you, dont want to work because that's correct and we and I mean this through policy. We pay for their gender reassignment rather than addressing potential. The underlying issue we subsidize rent and but actually student loans and asked
I'd, say you know it. You have to work for a while, because the rough economy and people now are purposeless imagined graduating from college, just to put a fine point on during covert, ok, you're saddled with debt you're, not an apartment, you can't afford economy crashes, rent forgiveness You gotta check for you still getting them depending on which state urine being agenda reassignment, because that's export subsidies to depending on the state urine but you're certainly never told you wrong, and then real world hits in its. You know what you have to go back to work and I have to start paying rent and you feel wrong. You feel wrong. The truth is you need to pay rent. The truth is you're a guy you're, not a woman. The truth is he picked wrong with your degree. The truth is, you chose to take out a student loan the truth is you ve made a laundry list of bad decisions that have brought you to this point and none of the union large throughout that period in time or compassionate there's, nothing to ban it,
I won't let letting your child put her hand in a hot stove. There's nothing compassionate about that when you combined that we had people come back from world war. To think about that, you think the guys from d day. If this is ptsd. I don't think it's ptsd! guys came back committing mass shootings, but they also had a purpose. They need. But that they were going oversee that they are fighting for their country. They believed that they were whether you agree with it or not. They believe that they were fighting a good fight, there's a huge difference. between being stressed being. our attention with a purpose, and Simply meandering through life, which creates a chronic stress and we see that generationally and the solution we always offer is. However, you feel what are you feel is right what What do you feel? You want to start the incalculable second, what's gonna be practical, because there's gonna be
What do you feel? Where do you feel you want to live? I just want I feel like I want to have this experience, data, okay, but you can't afford that rent. What do you feel? What what what Do you feel you are, I feel like a horse, and no not that has consequences. How you feel cannot be the determining course, your life and not only have we allowed it. We've encouraged it, I was actually someone who identified as gender queer to change my mind in Dallas and she did say, there's a chronic stress that is unique to this creation, because I can never shut off. There's constantly this challenge through social media and scrolling to get the new thing right, but it used to be get the new car. What you don't need to do it used to be get the new makeup. Now, let's get the new me now, let's get the new phase, dick. Now, let's get the student alone for the useless degree. Now, let's get the rent forgiveness. Now it's look at these influences, it's beautiful, even though it's unhealthy fake is beautiful. Morality is good for you waken big here's the thing a matter
if it potheads unlimited furious about this shut up for one second, just one. Second, we get it I know believe man, I can tell by your hat your t, shirt your belt buckle. You probably can't even afford any but anymore, because you're spending all that useless shit, but hey steve. If you were to drink right. We too, if you, if you drank in the morning, you're an alcoholic you do that. Message to send it. You can see billboards, waken, bake, get medicated link that you don't think that's enabling I have some back pain for going to wake up and smoke alaskan sunder push whatever held it. Promoting tell it gets a light up. Saying have a legitimate role for adults or, if you want to when you're an adult, but we didn't tell kids to wake up and drink a pint of every clear. You think there are no consequences to this and by the way, you think it's because people have a our fifteen's now now we don't want to address crime,
I want to address which right and wrong because we're not let us say if something is right or wrong: I don't want to address the moral decay in social contagion that has taken place. He knows it in combination with, by the way, yeah a mental health crisis that was create through legislative policy. I dont think that I could design a plan which would create more mental destitution to use that term. Then ok, we're gonna, ruin the economy, we're going to take it. opportunities, rwanda, lock people down and prevent from even seeing loved ones, including casualties, hyperbole,. There was a period of six months where you couldn't visited dying relative in the hospital. We can isolate people, we're gonna to make them afraid. We're gonna, shut down home depot, but keep the liquor stores in the weeds stores open we're going to do this fundamentally change the economy, forevermore and we're going to solve it by then telling people that will pay.
For their students will pay for the lounge. What we pay for all of it after the fact and their go, and they grew up. with this is normal put yourself and you you're, probably you you're, probably an adult. What do you think a sixteen to twenty year old living through? two thousand nineteen through to talk to understand what that does your formative years now or fifteen to eighteen year old, Those EU countries around the roost certain illnesses, the democrats for trying to save it, getting rid of Fifteen is not going to do anything I'm in here with its. It really is a situation that is unprecedented. We acknowledges a problem, but we we can't acknowledge why there's a problem right in Part of it is evil. We fail to acknowledge that there is an evil problem right. There is a mental health crisis going on, but I think sometimes people being evil gets lumped into mental health and it doesn't diminish that there is a crazy explosion. Mental health problems, because what you just described, but we have an evil, prob,
coupled with an uttering problem. We can't get Adrian you can get anything fix. Goes though, other sites is exactly good. Free zones work go right, What is worse than that? The other side says Magda republicans, the other side's here. All those people who think it vaccinated are actually against you and ask them with the other side, as more violence in the streets until we get our way the other side's, as I can't believe, you wouldn't let a woman have the right to kill a baby. They pay. It's not just saying. I can't believe you won't let your own child chemically castrate right else. That's what the other side says and then it basically de humanizes your opponents and so at some point. That's what it took. Four slavery to be Ok in this country, that's what it took. Four gin, germany for the Jews to be killed. That's what it has taken for papa, nations to kill each other in rwanda? Do not those groups also blocks gaze gypsies in hand exactly right, smart people in Cambodia ye all you have to do is dehumanize a group of people, and then you can do whatever you want to them, and people that would normally ever do stuff. Like that turn a blind eye or participate,
because you ve done a significant enough job of dehumanizing them there, the enemy there. The problem that's what's been going on, and all four votes in jail for votes journalism landed this horrible you'd be a bastion of integrity notice. How many clicks Yet how can I denounced emphasised is like journalists Was there the whole both parties, a cannibal? Now? Did you want to be The agenda they're getting even more desperate yeah. That's a problem. It's going to accelerate so quickly as the desperation as the levy, yes as they die, and they don't have to be right anymore, but here's the thing: here's! What worries me! It's like these, these criminals are just revolving door in new york city. Grant wants that breast has been lost and it should be seen and abc NBC Cbs, any fox news. They no longer have to even fain, trying to be not only objective factual. What's going on, three, four five years it's going to look like,
What is it what's the globe and male over the bigger tabloid thing is that what is going to look like that's what you're saying at them with a lot of new york times, new york, post washington post lot of these places, they're going to get are desperate for ratings and well known trust us anyway. So let's become as incendiary as possible that fox news just posted a argue about. I forget the the actor's name, but there was talking about her favourite sexual positions. This is one fox months, They don't have the name nor positions, you're useless digital society was, it doesn't get. Someone was someone who I would want to know about. it was a white lady right, you're, probably not she's, a good. Looking white woman, that's a good start, yeah she's an actor in it, and you have to read the comments that, oh, my god, fox news. This is not newsworthy. I think you would like this one I think you would who is it? Is rachel bills in from the o c.
yeah. There you go. You have my curiosity, know what I'm talking about clean white. Sexual position was not loopholes that horrible within christians in time, jumper, jumper, jumper, jumper, compromise is always jumping her child dave. Oh, where we go right now alone, forgiveness, on cnn, more more free things and no context you would. Corrupted the world with what you're talking about in california. As far as paying the reparations just for california, black people, people that said one state's worth of black people, they were led slave and it's crazy. When we talk about this, do low forgiveness, nearby boats, buttoning, and your vote, which your very own money. Yet what actual be the single greatest wealth transfer to wealthy americans ever because people who have student loans, typically a gender
please baking upper middle class. Why people who take out useless degrees, so you would actually be transferring money from the rest of the taxpayers to a bunch of karen's who are getting a social studies. Degree who are not begging for student loan. Forgiveness, generally speaking, are asian american immigrants who are getting degrees in engineering in the medical practice. The degrees are worth something. Yes exactly. I don't think you have a chorus of Jews in law school saying I want taxpayer dollars, no, no, it's an investment that they made and it will be worth it in writing about the juice now I was going to say something piggybacking off of it, but I dunno let's go to this is another important point here: new york city. We talked about this last week, the move that the media has moved on. Well, here's one they move on. While you deal with the wreckage deliver, New york city you're, not greater risk of violence, because there were protests that broke out mostly peaceful, and by that I mean violent following
death of jordan nearly here they are taken over subway tracks. Here they are blocked passengers run it, and here they are beating people up and calling for the active violence against white people, the days of winning We are not over four point high man sneeze your volume is violence when you look at that, maybe one above we learn of these people are nuts I know it within a very short changeover
Just let's bring it back up. You may not know. There's takeover executed black people for being black. He said execute without trial before a I believe it was a: u n rights tribunal. He said. Yes, we will continue to do so. He broke down one of the walls to his office, he could watch the shooting squad at work. He didn't like black hair, ben x. You wanted to purify cuba to basically europe tea and spanish blood that guy might as well be wearing a robert Byrd shirt, but nobody or a hitler, shirt and where's the third rail. When you need it. Yes, I mean somebody could have made a mistake and wrote on it and I'm like. Oh well, worry about it. Grab. Somebody else with one of the twins is about to say something that unless it is crazy, all these people, victims of violence, are now on the subway and nobody says anything to do with. Somebody stands up and you know, unfortunately, guy losses. Danny one, a rat in what we have far too, and by the way, a marine? What happened? Do we want to cover that beyond the pale? And I want to start it here, and I will continue at here on. My club
so they're gonna make it george like to point out. Ok, let's go at them. He has been saying about that. So new york, acl, you executive, director, Donna liebermann- is that right. It's, not labour is leave up about liebermann, that's not immediately name. I have no idea supporting the guardian. It says his killing is a reflection of our deep. he showed bias in our society. Labour read the us, it s, labour. My bow that the time at mile kate, there are no right. Like Lord monastery. Shrines NBC ran this wonderful headline, black americans, say white vigilantes and played a role in Jordan, nearly homicide white with dynamite and again this is from NBC news who says it: what's the source black americans,
after the black americans colin white vigilantism, that's what they would do at cnn. What is it that people? Don't even use that word? No, no! They do not mean that white guy god he's, but would you describe it as vigilant as of now what is meanwhile beach. So let us be clear. We're still going with this, but there's no info They're. Going with this, even in the face of the truth now We have not discussed this on CNN today. I can imagine why nearly jordan. Nearly a man who was choked. Ok not Did we tell you before about his forty two arrest? I believe, including an outstanding right now warrant eleni assault. Now have been more and more videos surfacing of neely leading violent right,
even hurling gay slurs at new york city street gore's. If we have this clip you're more clips of the rainbow I go to the michaels, the guy which they didn't show the clip where he actually goes up and beats up. The guy starts whacking them. What are we? What are we doing these sorts yeah? He starts hitting the guy after calling him drag queen, which is kind of funny, because he's dressed as Michael Jackson. So there are plenty of videos now that have been surfacing of him being violent and by the way we have a criminal record of him being violent now,
There's a new video and I dunno if they get updated the clip with what you mentioned to include so that wasn't on the clip. That was a quote, though, that you can hear it it's really kind of low, so you to pull it in, but I think we have a southern marine who we now know as daniel penny, who choked a man right, I actually was actively putting neely in what He, though it was a recovery position again. He didn't know how to apply any type of strangulation old properly because they don't give you that training in the marines and he didn't know how to apply a recovery position. But the point is: if you're talking about intent, this was a white marine going out to kill a black man. This is a routinely. It repeatedly violent black man who targets are most vulnerable among us people on the subway, sometimes women, sometimes people who have uses gay and this man try to subdue him and even tried to save his life. When you see pass out. Here's the video
Is there a applied the he doesn't know how to put him in our country is trying to waken, ok and then afterwards,. There was a quote yeah. So one of the one of the people actually was thanking him for for what he did basically right right, saying because it's one of the people that was threatened there and just
thanks some appreciation for him. Stepping up in canada stepping into the gap, basically in trying to keep a situation from getting even further out of controls at the people that were there say that the people that were there in the situation not hey. This is just Michael Jackson, a street performer, the people that were there who felt threatened, say thank you for standing up for us yeah right, so that that matters a lot that the people in that situation were at least had some gratitude for what this person did? Here's the thing: it's not going to change anything as far as the people. It won't be as big as george, but the people in europe are going to need right, continue to protest. It will continue to be violent in spite of the facts. It's not in absence of the facts, in spite of the facts, and you can predict this to look, you can predicted tat down the letter, see exactly what happened with Alan? If it's an inconvenient narrative just like with nashville there I d memory whole what happened with jordan nearly because it's very clear that, by the way the police released him for a reason because they see
I tape and I'm willing to bet even more tape than we have seen, and they looked at this guy's record and they looked how vi looked at how violent he had been. But the media wants you to believe it's why it's white guy black guy, again We have a social contagion in this country. Let me ask you: what do you think, reed's, more violent me saying: look wait for the facts at the very least wait for the. Let's start, let some thoughts and prisoners are tragic, but wait for the facts and err on the side of caution and not everything is white and black? Let's look at people's actions as it relates to these activities. In this case, it was very clear that race had nothing to do with it, because, where people from different races were trying to subdue this man, wait a second good, vs, a good and evil does matter not everyone is all good. Not everyone is all evil. My would argue that we're all evil must we correct. it's the eyes of god right, unless we do it through god, so what we believe is christian, that human beings are inherently bad, but in the case you can look at the situation with Jordan, nearly the media. What they saw was white guy black
and now have violent riots and protests? What we saw was hold on a second. law, abiding citizen who is trying The good samaritan me we didn't know how to handle it as a deputy, as it should have versus forty two time criminal. Maybe there's more to the story here. Your worldview, the lens through which you see the world and approach it makes a difference as it relates to the mental health crisis, the social contagion? If you cannot acknowledge good and evil everything becomes about race becomes about gender becomes about physical disability. I love you know this, There are some people in wheelchairs who are pricks There are some black women out there who are horrible people, and there are some like guys who us also by the way, some black women who are fantastic people and their white guys piles of our love, you know that. But that's it! That's a pretty important
opponent to a story when you're going okay rather than starting from race, let's start from what what what you'll be judged by the fruit of your tree, the actions, forty two arrests. Okay, I think that's relevant Would he also it's weird for me to look at a white vigilant ism story? involves a black eye subduing a black eyes while well, because as a black eye doing this and by the way, if the marine had been black guy. I would still be saying this. Like the hodge twins said it's it's terrible loss of life. It's a very unfortunate thing. You don't want to ever see that, but if this person was threatening but you have no idea what he would have done. This is a scenario where, and we ve talked there's a difference between deserve to die in forfeit, you're right to live. and I've tried to be really clear on this in the past. We'll talk about it more with we just so happen to have two black marines here. Ah sorry, means of color. So I'm trying to do it right
what we I don't remember. What was that it was? I was about to say, yeah your favorite era. You forfeit your right to live. Okay, as you rape, a child. You deserve to die. Okay done, you murder somebody! He deserved to die. That's different from. You play the knock out game you haven't killing. You forfeit you're right to live the mug somebody at knifepoint. Even if you don't plan on killing them, you forfeit you're right to live use. start going crazy on a subway car and attack people for the umpteenth time. We don't know if he was attacking there, but we know that people felt attacked and we do know that he attacked people before in this sub. You do forfeit your right to live Second, that you are engaging in an activity where someone else is forced to make a decision to save their life or a life of their loved one completely by the way, not of their own volition. You ve put them. In that scenario, you forfeit here right to live if you're mugging at gunpoint. I can't oh, that you just want my wallet. I can't know if there's an opportunity.
it's my life for years. It's gonna be yours, you're breaking. We're house middle night where there are people there are people there. He didn't my god, you are wired yet the ship, I don't care if it doesnt matter, some broken to my house, no middle than that. Just as easily end with me being killed and my wife my dog right, whoever it is pure too Do your husband and your beer adoptive daughter point as they could now be victims? If put your right to live, you break into someone's home. You forfeit your right to live. If you put someone at knife point, you forfeit your right to live. If you start wailing on somebody in the summer, do you have any idea how many people, by the way more people get killed by fists than they are fifteens know just to be clear, This is a scary thing when surrounded by concrete and moving cars and subway tracks and nuts the man deserve to die to tragedy, but what we know now and the crime and the scenario in which they put someone
unwillingly jordan, nearly four fitted his right to live. This is it happens. There are consequences. When you inflict violence upon innocent people, doesn't mean you deserve to die. I would rather you not but see. That's a judgement of good and evil of right and wrong. Violence is not. evil violence can be used to save a woman from rape or can be used to rape. A gun can be used to save cow. more people from all or can be used to take the lives of people at, but you can't just start with the gun. You can't you That was the rays. You have to start with the act. That's the point mary difference. One section of this country, there's one half I should say the country believes that we should vote on the actions and how we met
take those kinds of actions going forward. The other group focuses on let's just look at today reparations race, has never know the actions because it does not slaves staked jordan, nearly race, not the actions, not the crimes. Alan gun Every single time with covered these stories, we said: how did they act? What did they do, what they inflict upon their fellow men, actions right and wrong? versus inanimate objects and identity politics, you have to decide, direction. You want to go in this country because if you go one way, I want to tell you that there is no coming back. There is no coming back from them. Just a dinner party politics,
Let us face it, potted plant politics. What answer some questions for use is being having been in the marines and they actually have some insight on this. We are also going to play hips your hope, I believe on my club lot of canada, complex local there's, a lot to continue with and, of course, we could not discuss this on youtube. So, let's let your freak flat fly, join up, click that button right there. Everyone rumble right now. Just click click click. It you get the rest of the show you tube piss off the
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