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AOC MET Gala HYPOCRISY! Plus SAFEST Election in Cali History & Larry Elder!


We're breaking down the SAFEST recall election in California history between Gavin Newsom and Larry Elder. PLUS, AOC wants to tax the rich ... so she attended the Met Gala!

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Ok, I know what you're thinking audio listener yield, out in the show is it? Is it the Roma? Is it not, I've interesting tails to tell, but the only interesting thing you can do right now is liberating review its the best thing and we appreciate listening and audio must be a trucker or if your job is replaced by automation, we, I guess you're, probably if you're blind person is no advantage to watching. so either a trucker or a blind person louder with greater, is brought to you in I do not support the fight by merchandise. Shop, great conversations irritate the right people.
dad that's wonderful, zip! You do good mornin. Everybody says you can hear him still sick, but I tested get it for covered two times now: twice the wife very low symptoms, positive. What and I sleep with her-
while awaiting but the boy I dont. You know that before you in any way by the way and interviewed lay elder today with I will let you know, is actually from the archive and I don't know why you never heard it who's, never air a few months ago. I think what has happened is we had something sometimes it was maybe more topical- we're Dupree taken because he was in Pacific time. I called Satan's turn it on and you will get to watch it and see how the exact same attacks are being today and how he was exact, same person, then trying to say that now he's doing this for political theatre? Your watch- Larry Larry under the same guy now, but the point is cocoa. Let me say hello to everyone. First, how dearly hi? How are you feeling better? Are you? I mean no, you said your wife might have the cove it well, I we're not sure aha, she did so and conclusive and eight they say to treat that is present, depositing I'll get a pc artists. Oh yeah, very nice, now get into treating it as a potential bars of court of Black Yo Yo. What's up, go get better? No Rona not anymore now knows
round Rhonda that not all know locked loud blade, micro, all washed out and Dave Land who, by the way, is going to be the Saturday in Beirut in Michigan hi. How are you good? I dont know what I mean to be written, but I would imagine that the audience looks something like two some like this. I think it a pal it was supposed to be beavers we're supposed to be. It was going to be busy some horrible, the orders, but here's the thing I will say about China. So we get those great. Why sensibly were adorable? Well, I'm sure that by the time we were done photo shopping if they wouldn't be so Oh, that's true: we crazed waiting for someone to be virgin and I have a few questions for it today. We're going to be taken which had after Larry Elder, but you think that maybe some pipes bursting tonight,
for now. I wonder what he is. An important regulation happen and you guys come it will. Let me know before so do this again before we actually get the results afterwards. Your point is mute. I was just a negative two types and the lady whose doing the testing the tremulously she says she's well it s. A negative twice in one was a rapid one was a more accurate. I don't want there said, but because your wife has it, I would just treat it as a potential as I have said so you know, play it safe, don't go to show itself quarantine, see here. You'll stay away from the kids for ten days, don't go to work for two weeks ago. Ah you're, a liberal she can understand. These are life during changes, you ve just don't just room, just don't don't be employable for two weeks. Don't see your new warn, you re right hand days like this, we're all in this together. No we're not! yeah, they aren't elegance good, just a treat every disease, they could exist yeah, instead of just
something you might have that just makes common sense. I treat polio when I have a cough. Yes, I just go their own irish hair like what's wrong. I might be a scientist infection could be boldly every time it rains that little. I get that little cricket, my knee, I live in us Alberto HAWK by people say what are you doing now? Tb could have been eradicated, maybe I'll shoot and in the air. So we're going to be talking about. California won't be talking about some new covered tests. I should say covert studies. Studies, Hooker, which are very interesting and we're going to be talking about the that the gallop the poor, the met gal right, yeah tax, three the color of the thirty Jesus plate Harmon Man's yes, absolutely based even its for charity, though it's for chaired on within. So as the Hamilton can we take one of the most one of the most interesting historical figures right in american history. You make him in wrath society
kids want it'll, sell out, ok, but before we get to that leftist teachers on Tik Tok- and this has been something that this is The reason that we show this to you guys is because people do have echoed chambers and others. important that you see when people say, while people got extreme right, people got extreme left that you see the difference This is considered not an extreme right, but pinch Piero. This show. we're the Nazi. So this is as far extreme right is you get, and I want to show you what has been going. Borrowing passes for moderate left, my tik Tok, where you know that the Czech comes here, our spying on us. The state law was located along with our Blackhawks from the Taliban. Black often Taliban aim. We just way to school, with Tiktok look away ass, much ass, you playing checkers you're, so stupid, Edison ready love. This green is low more angle. To see you show leftist teachers on Tik Tok have a new theory,
but the thing is I describe it, I'm going to be accused of racism because an AIDS it has raised, is what they are presupposing is that teaching children to behave is racist patenting. My word, for I made a comment on one of Miss April's recently, David about PBS, in which I stated that what you re, I ask: why supremacy with a hug allow you wanted to know more about that. So here we go. First, I think it. A Jack Koper reminded me that Dena Simmons was the first point. The term. So thank you jack. So much so. If Cuba as concerns itself with positive behaviors. We have to yourselves. Ok will wonder this positive behaviors and it's like making sure that you're fine directions and making sure that you're sitting quite Lee and you are in your see in all things that come from white culture should be
idea, just sitting quiet in told stuff and taking things in a passive stance is not a thing. That's him with many culture wrong. So for positively about arsenals, behaviors, we are only wait and positive elements of white culture, which therefore keeps whiteness at the centre, which is a definition. Wait supremacy you. Say the first off this man. This saying on X, attracted David on your honor. The proper term ever say the word whiteness without accompanying it with this. I don't think I've seen it.
This is just another way of saying that black people yellow movies. It really is pretty unheard of merger Jiffy fought by and by the way, if whiteness is at the centre, it is not supremacy. Supremacy is on top you more on new teacher. Everything else is below if it's just a part of everything else, it's not a princely a hug look in line with that of other extend the kids unruly you treated like big Mamma and just to beat the shit out of chaos, which I represent in a kid reach for, like handy bar to growth, restoring like man is gonna watch. Please use the single as well. I dont intact, We disagree. We ve talked about this in the sense that young boys, goes on raising, and this is what happens right. This is how the trunk inflate race engender. So I've talked about this in the past, but I should say: look I don't think that same sex marriage is the same as heterosexual. Marriage doesn't mean that I dont want kids to be in a household rather than being a household in the system, but I think the ideal is with a mother and father and they would say well
That's it. That's the same argument people used against interracial marriage assets, that's a complete red herring. Why I dont believe that a white man- can provide something that a black mother couldn't I believe that a mother can provide something that a man. I believe that men and women are intrinsically different in men and women and boys and girls learn differently. That's true! It's not black and white young boys, don't typically learn sitting. taking notes. That's why they score lower through throughout all of their formative years, right, great school hut, junior high school, and they, blow girls out of the water and yes, it is work and study on their own time and using methods. So it's important, not me, I think, I don't. Let's find some common ground to reform the way we educate young boys more, be racist. Like run roughshod over the school thou likes sitting there in being quiet. Okay, so they just get the run around five zero desires. Yeah this is that sound like learning to you, I don't know pretty enter.
I saw the son of the truth with what's tumblr under way. If I throw gonna, do you get out of an auto? How many do we have left? I saw the substitute two and three with Treat William strictly say. People I really is its removing gathers, was a one, eight seven, where there I'll do in russian roulette the another movie. I have no idea you do, let's, behind a more might hinder embassy data. Sets aside, I have a criticism of the next person who happens to have more melanin in the skin as Canada, first to its own, a wig who is at your quarterback definitely Wiki married and I have no idea, one hundred percent, that's away the eminently what that former gay tiktok whiteness How do I own I or weaves does can and still have big foot tattooed on his back. I have no idea: how does a big woman him? That's a sturdy girl. I carry driving them woman No, I Reed was really mean.
talking about Nicky Manaos from the met Galleria, because Nicky Menage imbalances that they don't really often talk about. The fact that you have black Americans, who are actually probably that demographic and of the single most back in hesitant gay asserts that Republicans that can serve as a black Americans because, as you know, if a little of the area and I'm gonna, did we not really trust, as you been telling our right to try and to try and really sort of coma com, our entire community for votes, the entire system is oppressing up oppressive and racist. So we don't really. Trust you now think now addresses when it comes to this vaccine we put in on they doubt. However, they the mask, slipping that when Joy Reed furious yesterday tongue, Martinique, him out at the met gala, because she didn't want to get the vaccine here. You go like Nicky manners. I have to say this: will you have a plan? foreign system that is its twenty two million followers. Ok, Two million dollar you have to two million followers on twitter for you to use your reply to arms, to encourage our community to not protect
cells and save their lives by God, says you could do better than that. You got that plan you! It's blue! It's a blessing, its blessing, that you got that that people can t you and needlessly you want. I wasn't me solution. How about you both just shut the hell up. what is more that around and find some common ground. I think my god and I will make you monogamous, though I think she has the right to use your platform for us. You feel Will she had a friend who see said alchemy. She said the balls were so, when I got a little within William twenty twenty one. So you have to ask if the friend was mail, yeah, I don't agree that allows a male bow was well. What do you mean a person with ball adverse up, her ball in person, pulling hurts a person with a penis gas praying and with that peat is needed.
No human. No, Turkey not talk about their odds, asexual legitimately Jurassic Park, Kosovo make about maybe the out of touch. The out of touch nature of Democrats with the black community today is unbelievable. If you were to pull back into the black community. Are not the algae beating you ip right, you ve got they want to hear policing eighty six percent, one as much policing or more you pulled, government mandated vaccines. You pull them on overall trust of government. You would think that the January six insurrectionists. What is the pull that you're? Doing? A yes, be no see with a male spelling that everything at their letters ass to me. Let us child few hours and shit so this business, it may happen on CNN you're gonna, get the met, Gallagher Legislative and met guys, perfect
morning, the ceo of the Texas Association, a business Glenn Hammer look, he was unseen, and- and this is why this is important- you know we always try and make sure that you got These are our aware. What's going again in the opposite sides echo James, CNN and they're, not MSNBC they're supposed to be neutral. This is that we are watching you were watching this this morning. They tell us we're watching it live with it. You gotta pull this clip where someone who walked out this host with her Dnc talking, went and in no way was prepared for the most basic for word, statistically accurate response and then tried to back pedal. I dont know that you have a more perfect example of how again out of town, and out of sync the left as Hagen you. I just want to highlight one of your arguments. You see the vaccine is the most effective way to prevent the transmission of covert nineteen. Oh that's right. it's also the way to get the Texas economy back on its feet. I mean if you just go back you economic out. Are you not only to roll
my my question: is my question? Is how do you ok, but it kept me ass. My father may what? How did? How does it help? Anyone if someone leaves a larger company, goes to a smaller companies or just dropped out of the labor? For I mean it is a happy proposal. No little coming half baked. Everyone knows that it was terrible process, is gonna, be challenged in the and you know I I I don't think this was the this was a terrible process. Do you want people to get back to dated the president should have brought people together and said he just something. Unfortunately, that continues to divide us, we'll see where this I'm rotation goes. No. The conversation ended cheating really because this is the way to get that touches economy. We will you oh, oh, oh here in New York yeah, you know
the standing or manage isn't easy. I'm no idea, but now it's not California, it's not New York. Don't you understood just this is when people say, for example, of someone argues, overpopulation drive across the country the economist has been decimated using drawn across the country. They have no Why did we talked about this yesterday with Ben Shapiro? Look, you can look at this on a state by state basis states. I texts have done well states. California, states, like New York, have not she wasn't ready for that now it hadn't even occurred to her. She didn't pull basic economic data items like what she try disabling. What about away to optimize Texas is exe future. I don't know Lena I'm going to answer your question with a question. Should we do it like California? How do you think that's go in or you other we're gonna stay successful. But what do you think we are? India is, I feel like she's like haven't you been watching us tell how scary this is it gathers still open? Have you considered
and city, we got seminars. Do you have a sanctuary? Is you have overpasses in Texas how little benefit under their yet the cartel hangs people from because our economies or some other way look, Gonna met Galliard podcast. You can listen apart, gas in case any problem, you to run apple, Android, Spotify and the best way to Tunisia hypnotic patient, robot, saliva monopoly Thursday, ten m Eastern make it apart. Routine without a doubt, let Crusoe Donal in Batman and Robin what happened Oh yeah, I and my question is what he thinks can happen with the California election. So, let's continue with this YO see genetic defect. It helped myself. Do you think you think that the Democrats feel the way about yo see like like that Republicans feel conservators feel about like the Kyoto Sherman or do you think that they really think that she
rejuvenating their base no see eye to eye, disagree. I think that the Democrats bought her. I don't, I think, she's a useful idiot for them right now, long as they get votes eventually they're gonna castra, but if she gets too powerful she will eat yet, but the queue attitude on chairman to us as a useless idiot, that's true funding. I think they know If she becomes a leader of Heavens Gate there like sure we're gonna cut it we're gone too far, I lie thinks it can still stump. For me, I don't know I was with until why do I? Can I bring it on the spaceship with what's weird smell in the clothing yesterday, she didn't the commons man Gala, the EO see gala. Basically, yet that's what we're going the aim of sea wearing this truly inspiring dress, my guy hacks. Wretch! Oh, she can remind you model as I live our shoes
Like this is new like Taylor, Swift, winning her nineteen to work, even though of how she's acting like everyone, there isn't rich Riah. Isn't it funny guys now really talking about which, by the way, my little little even for a fellow squad, member Ellen Omar, took a different route and made an even bigger splash with her dress, mash the patriarchy Andrew brother, which seems almost like an admission on the nose alarming soda to carry on with, with with Dave's point quicker mind you hear met gallop, It's actually do go for about thirty thousand dollars, I know you're saying oh second, it's a fundraiser assure it goes to the museums costs to institute. I'm just glad that we can get that done. When I say this as a man who own studio, women, entire back room full of really weird gusto, but Julie, been lost on me
should we know endowment to the arts. Let me just say that there should be no. What look if you guys want to raise money for charity sure, but here's the thing they pitch about the church, so Samaritans purse, for example, who they pitch about, and airlines, christian and fundamentalist go into Liberia, one Ebola, has a fifty percent mortality rate right, one of two, the only private innovation, I believe only non government entity to go in and serve people churches, the Americans. The most charitable institution in the history of the world. Not just me, America, far more terrible than the government. They create soup kitchens. They help members of their church. They reach out to the community these people spend thirty thousand dollars a ticket. Although, let's be honest, a lot of them are carved gets to. Please you pay. The third has now staying to go to more hyper We gave Tik Tok, ask that its. Whenever they readily homeless people and Peter PAN cost right ever I think there was any indication will be more outfits likely. This is what we're talk. Now. That's a deterrent
It is about what is that in the middle? What's on the left, you said hell, don't let the carnatic and actually that was a job that those Khartoum tradition, yeah Have you Talibans? That's the newest. Fashioning, all right now, oh shit, that was at that So it was a mistake. I said green worth suit. Face open, blew my group. I want to have a trash Ghana, but it ain't gonna do to become pay the guys that of everyday. Its black man group. Is this disease. Mister mark. My dating history book, you ain't black, like the ale, see though it is a good point, released this. This is this is a lady Isabel abroad. If I may, I make who sells tax the rich sweatshirts four, fifty eight dollars, while fifty eight back in twenty twenty? She were a fourteen thousand dollar outfit for her vogue.
students that guy lazily gathering keep it doesn't matter. You're trying to make people for what but the self esteem issue. Your journal. will feel lesser then for not having a fourteen does all of it. You think that its harmful to people self esteem, it not having a bee Emma over forty gonna magazine, what about putting my fourteen thousand dollar dress on a magazine by illegal Parker TEST, I dont know if there's anything more or less than illegally parking your tech, your Tesla, behind a whole foods that only two blocks down now that I can it be like that, equivalent to the most diverse human being ever gets a single single black mother Amputee from Detroit, whose trans with rickets you I won't. Let you all the boxes and they don't have here. That's a parking, your Bentley on a homeless man. Are you watch this while I go in
to validate parking now, skid row? I have to get fair trade coffee, I'm sorry, you're bleeding together we have to get. I have to get slave free chocolate while I run over Genie Fox playing a violin, I dont know. I wish I love stories exaggerated. I wish I loved anything as much as eighty lives brimming over homeless man. I don't think anybody of anything that much said she ass. She still owes bodily two thousand thousand taxes from twenty twenty four: a failed publishing company. So she did. She has Look. You can pay those taxes you suck, let the government teeth, those taxes. Yes, I thought I thought, as american citizens, if we owed taxes, they came for us, knocking on the doors you're good give her to grant she spray painted a white dress at thirty thousand dollar Galloway will give it to you, no other other costumes, which they consider fashion.
Her away. It still doesn't have a roof so well, but there is a go. Fuck me for that, at that we took care of this issue was allowed to go. I now I'm just saying I was allowed to go because she was offended by it. I thought she was shamed, do at least paying for the roof in saying no no boiler I'll take care of all. She has no shame in the video that, obviously I found yet have fallen asleep. She illegally parked her Tesla a whole food. Two blocks that did. You must have priority that regulated was she was gonna, go to, hopefully later right, o Well, they need in other years. That's what I'm saying is she perpetuates all the negative stereotypes where's. The ones on the right don't really exist, certain others for someone in office. It would be like. If I read, if I start a house fire by resting. My Tiki George, because I ETA go pick up my clans hood. That would be the railway Remus version of parking. Your testily illegally in a whole foods two blocks away
wasn't even February, some. It is acceptable and it's cold, awakened to ITALY. Another blatant display hypocrisy at the met. Gala was something to people owners and the latest only the worker had to wear masks only, the workers will bring us a bunch of celebrities out there and multi. I dont know how tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in outfits not wearing masks, only the workers serving them we're mask, except for jailer embed afflux because they had to gay down the fellow attacked work, bread, roll top labour keys. I just think this is what you wonder: why Republicans, you wonder why Donald Trump has picked up the blue dog Democrats, it's because people, whether you understand this innocent people, don't want to be sermonized too about taxing the rich and the wealthy from people who are at an event. That looks it. Look. Look a glorified
congregate. That's exactly look exactly that's exactly what it is that's not even if you re literally when it it's just works, it's weird or on the left. It is sufficient. an impasse. The way tat we start. I only get a Yossi did try to get out ahead of this first, even she did say that. Do you know, I know people are going to say I was at this event, but but but but he's in and local politicians get invited to these things and they heads they're, just not out yes, you're right you're, not only on the back room gosh. I don't do don't you love to that that the tax rate keeps changing my job I like what has brought about every family met when it was VP. Everything when making a overthrown. It does how's your now he's president anyone making over four hundred thousand a year really what what happens at four hundred thousand words my salary three. Many now
would take it so transparent. Just tell us what you want is a tax that it took a fine, take all their money. Do it. Today we already talked about this. We won't pay for your programmes as its look, and I want you will you guys come and tell me where you think the tax, a marked top marginal tax rate should start I just don't believe that we should create a system based on envy, right people, try and say: oh greed, it selfish. Actually, I dont think that greed is a synonym for success. I think that taking someone else's money that you haven't, earned ill gotten game is end yeah. I think that those two hour interchangeable but dream can also be power which she's literally under that yeah yeah, that's verger, This is why we really are at a point here where they want to pit everyone against each other based on money and then hope that you don't understand that they are a part of this elite ruling class were rubber rikers along that same milky, always tweets out, like I can't believe Jeff Basis makes a hundred
something thousand dollars per minute like I can you have done the entire economy and basically we at Amazon and was it everybody use Amazon and they loved. You quit your job in the nineties. When you see something coming beer put all your moraine to something build a company create something he's alive, to make the money that he may because he's the one that took the risk to make their money. I wouldn't be their building penis rockets, but that's just may right. Also, I I think the idea of Europe, our opposite is my profound. I agree, but that's that as a whole, the difference penis car, that's the whole point, a big issues like I do a heinous car we're saying to you that people don't have a plan, that is what we all welcome. The fact that they talk about the top one percent of Americans, this a self defeating argument. Let me explain you what I mean they are talking about the rich here in Amerika, because guess who's part of a top. Percent anywhere else and globally is the average American Whore Americans. So the fact that they are whole
the Americans to a higher standard of tat. One percent, oh so when you are making overthrew three thousand algerian women, the top one percent of America or the country that you hate, which is the only country that has afforded people the opportunity to be in the top one percent of the global, then we're talking about the top one percent of America. That's the top zero point: zero, zero one! It's also covered mortality rate of thirty nine thirty Grand is the line to itself thirty worked out, as someone can bring that up in the control room. I think it's if you're, making over thirty three thousand you're in the top ten or one percent globally, but this country, that is, we have far too much wealth inequality. What we are. We are lagging behind other countries, you using the standard that this country created exclusively now So we will put some scandinavian countries this summer. We have also talked about swedish Americans have quality of living and make more money than Swedes in Sweden same thing for danish Americans, they created what they have under free market economies and then migrated towards sort of a hybrid. I socialism, but the point is
someone says tax, the rich and they mean the rich in america- isn't that nice for glow for globalists, people for people who want global government, the? U n right. They want us to share the same currency for these people. to somehow well Norhala. Second we're going created dividing lines by american standards, because what you are significantly higher, the same of used mortality rates in hospitals. The same applies to quality of care. The same applies to technological innovation. We are grated on a curve and America is its blown past. Everybody else, historically are now we can move on to the covert, which is fun be talking about you're. I dont, We're gonna go about, then I might have it, but I told everyone here I tested negative twice: yeah, that's good enough for me I mean, I don't think you should be kissing day, but nonetheless I think that's close enough. We can prejudicial medical choice. Do I blame it for mercury?
my wife, has it, but also my sit movement. One of my relatives, I will say tat her husband. Had it yeah we're looking for an exemption from the vaccine for something that I won't get into, but gestures of medical condition you, my wife as GPS, and so anyway, you guys can still make you an infant. I gave away tomorrow information Pierre, but I heard her on the phone tongue about the exemption with the other person who only the Karen in saying no, you can't an exact exemption. She said, look, look, look my husband had it k for a week and a half I slept in the same bed with him and I Squire and didn't get it shouldn't safeguard. Good point, though yeah yeah, some look, we dont know why some people have more proclivity toward horrible symptoms and other people know if you're obese that's obviously delivering the doktor and, if you're older, but outside that there are some it's rare. There are some younger, healthier people who could be blood tat. We don't know, there's a lot of doctors,
tell us why some people have reaction. Others don't test a negative twice. My wife has fewer symptoms tested positive. So in there with every too many real, I think about it. I am some people get cancer, they beat it some people in no don't if these are fake. If these are false negatives and am actually positive, I would describe this as a moderate called. Ok, Its honest, I am my wife just had a fever and she was really she was tired, but that would be great if, if you guys ended up with like a very, very low kind of symptom thing, then you have the antibodies and you get to go. We don't might both my parents. I do, however, is what my parents had originally yeah yeah, minor there better another right, a total of over my dad was fine, no matter what I was worried about my mom because she has she's. Had you sort of before and she has asthma. Bronchitis. Therefore, totally totally total, totally anecdotal, grant used a cocktail of ivory act and whatever else add they, then they my dad was already improving. But then what did the anybody treatment? Monoclonal anybody treatment which was dismissed his quackery, not that long ago,
or that it was also dismissed as something that only the latest could use its three in Texas. that's, incite violence or dead. Let's talk more about your healthy, barely yet living like you said yesterday s problem not a bad thing, considering what is going on here and no, no I'm glad they're gone. I am so glad that there are very their world war. Two! That's love! Oh yeah! They, I can imagine the ones that are. Could you imagine the greatest generation putting up with this crap? No Did you just see them as aid in private ran around this splice? Madam guy? He also knows now. I was wrong, like oh longer, lasting light bulbs or something? Oh, we developed, you wouldn't Christmas.
I was in the end, a saving private Rhine. Where he's going to the cemetery you can do that is like granddaughters or just bored fast. Not real is better than a real as they were on their early flip side kicks the area. That is how you feel you. People do period that fell again, somebody out he said but down for our freedom. But we are we here you're here you know the soldier seriously war a million years aware we're gonna have that again for crying out loud. I'm did by the way. If we I'm a mouse announced I'll get my period on the mountain Munting letter followers. Grandparents, followers install lame you little. My friend went on that gosh address it looked like a swan and sang like that's where you spoke are still going to play,
I can't I can't we should make us patera. Sometimes I cut myself and start does reveal sharper, those gravestone why the way I've, never just so it before I move on to cover talk about death I've decided what I've got. You know you asked me like what about what to do when I die now, we have a plan. No, but now I have a different now demonstrate a point. I have to kill me. Ok, that's to kill them but it's if you're going to die, you need, if I'm going to die anyway. That's who do we in depth? Yes, but then I told my wife that I don't think she's at you wanna be created. You wanna cousin, infringe Canada, also open casket, my wife is they ve, often cremated, as I don't care. I leave me up the trash on Tuesday. Don't trust me, but now I know it. Ask me what I want to do because there's a cemetery there's a pre civil war, gravestones rent, Eddie, I'm talking to you and I, we really cool like what there is a third mausoleum. You know, and as I want that biggest mausoleum that we can get at the cemetery and when people go in,
I want someone to accurately accurate to scale replicate my body only a little bit decompose and make it like a haunted house. They aspects, and I like it, has alone there and I gave a jump out item so even in the afterlife I'll be Boston. People's boss, make sure the asses to scale as well. We have to have a counterweight This is a new study there and by the way, this is a new study. The comes on the heels of two other studies. And to be clear. That study involve thousands thousands of cases that were reviewed now. It's not definitive. I just want to be clear, but it does In other words, this may not be entirely definitive. There doesn't tell you everything, then again, neither to see, and so a new preference study published by the Atlantic, the indication of that fifty percent of
open hospitalizations may be mild or asymptomatic cases, so they look at fifty thousand hospital admissions for covert with the to be clear. Now I know, you're sank is that in the second the ba there aren't many women or children, though that's that's the next step of fourteen year. Olds too, should be camouflage propeller cap, but this is something to talk about a talk about with member Ben Shapiro, women years ago really, despite the started a pandemic you're in Africa than ever, that matters is death per capita and our appeared it yesterday. We ve talked about this the entire way through. Why? Because you can't well, you still can manipulate those numbers of its death or risk of it, but it's far less prone to me, violation, then cases because right now we don't even really a magic tested negative twice, but this had treated like a positive new. Do they list as a positive, because my wife is positive house elder report it I have no idea how many tests that countess. When they talk about hospital admission,
we'll get here in a second guess. What fear admitted to hospital because you getting tested at a hostile that's it there's no place around you that has rapid testing only places the hospital meters pounds for co, but that in many instances, is a hospitalization for cove it right so this is important. This doesn't give you the whole picture: deaths per capita gives you a more clear picture, provided we have the criteria that is clear as to what constitutes a death with covered, as opposed to from covered, for example, the guy try to blows on had offered a shot gun shouldn't count, but he did the guy who got into a motorcycle. Reckon happened, have covered shouldn't count, but it did still. There were less foul play ugly with the deaths per capita, so they look at fifty thousand hospital missions for covered the and and they found that forty five percent of vaccinated patients had completely asymptomatic, are very mild symptoms versus fifty seven percent of the vaccine
so either way is about half had no symptoms are very might now. This is not a very small percentage of those people actually did of dying. Yes, we need to be clear about this. I mean that half of these hospital admissions when your hearing about it are justly we're going. I've come it ok, I would. I do gone drink flewed right yet cause I think they have barely bring. You interfere six ec right like until you'd like you, get abandoned room and everything will, you would say so, but no, not a fifty percent are asymptomatic very mild cases, in other words the ba. They were counting these hospital admissions, because someone was in the hospital who happen to have covert. Why would they admit you if you have no symptoms Does make sense. You like hey, I'm not feeling well do I have covered and then verses, I feel great, to have covered right. It doesn't make any sense why you their show as this is also important, but that's a good point. Everything's hears you. I think some people go there right now. There are frankly
lately, unrelated vaccine mandate, the United States right two hundred to two hundred hundred employees more. If the forces have accepted or corner Joe Biden Corner, gee he's giving them an offline, its being moderate rehab them every week at a cost of assent and that was announced find a test within fifty miles of your house. We can't like a rapid response, I was taxing you yesterday, no home, no home contest and not home, and actually none of the end of the drive through tests as well that he would have a lot of pharmacies not available here. There was a new emergency care. I dont emergence from urgent care clinic that had someone that's just because there are new and nobody knew about them. Yet member I send it to you gotta right down. The block from there was an urgent care. That's been around for a while that gets going to electronic noticed Cooper,
Emily, but the reason why, as if your only chance of getting a test go onto a hospital, you ve been admitted by the way my wife tried calling their place. They said they would only give you a test if you had symptoms, meaning like you or your six EC, like if you're you can demonstrate, reset goes like. I have sometimes like now, but you look fine really. How stupid anything is a symptom. Now it's all right. Look. If you have a sore throat, you dont have a sore throat, a t, F, congested ingested, nasal, cavity, tired headache. Chelles fever feel cold feet high. stomach distress, liberal hated by law and is being a pussy on there. I said headache to this tat. I feel like a big pussy doing over a chance. You just canadian positive, not saying and is not incinerators virus. I'm just saying that we are getting a fuller picture of the numbers. Oh by the way people will say this doesn't include children. This comes from too Their studies that we want
cover in the show, but because of the rules Youtube memories it! Well! You know it's not rigorous enough until we have more to add so there were two exclusively pediatric studies to because now get the Vienna and it comes on the heels of two pediatric studies. These were published in May found that forty to forty five percent of all pediatric hospital admissions. cases where covered with incidental meaning they were being admitted, and you can go to a lot of credit outcome right with the Lincoln the description you can go the sources that means that there are being admitted for something else like cancer psychiatric episode which, by the way, these have increased because of quarantine, isolation, people aren't going to school and they happened to test positive for carbon. That's again, forty to forty five percent. Hope it was incidental, they didn't even go because of covert or have symptoms. That's insane everyone gets a covert just. you're a meteorite non hospital? You say
blocking kids up and making them wear, masks and scaring them is somehow hurting them psychologically. Now I don't know we should safeguard dashing there met gal out, see economic blue who, and what are you supposed to be? Came the american economy also the less guided and again before and I'm gonna think the robber carnations just look from Hell going there. Senegal no jail? Well, I guess Karma is a bitch just to run again I'll just in time, you know either was there when I started to get sick, but I'm just glad enough how'd, you, like those things instead of sheep, saying Mary to go goes out of visas. Now saying, don't even know it I don't know what that means is that we have met him, and I only Madam said he could say bye.
Hamleys terrible, the caliph here we'll go to this. The California recall election today, as is as its known by the American Plumbers Association king. So what right there Mario mortification of little little eyebrow live a little slow, I'm sorry I'll do highbrows go back to jogging about car dashing other young people of color yeah, it's not obvious and I find that humorous. There's nothing funny about the conditions or interracial relationships. there's nothing wrong with that, of course, is nothing wrong with words, whether something funny about it. I know that's why I'm not laugh it's beautiful and brave. Always I don't have to get out of this one.
Actually, there anyway, I can get up. I don't care where they date. No, of course not. I just you know. Maybe the crazy The young wondered who actually I got so much flag from the actual I this is where I found out that white supremacist worthing actual NEO Nazis back when they were known as what they were there. When I say I tweeted out maybe years ago, sitting of my if my daughter brought home and the french or of my daughter brought home, a black man from church certainly be happier than if she brought homo white man from a dive bar and let my gosh. I can't believe this cock and us less what yeah no no it's. This is. This is the falling down and nothing like you. right that they realise that I wasn't jewish a lot of what she knew. Not just what I was You actually has a medic. Things only realise that I wasn't jewish, they started like photo shopping. Swastikas on
You try and say that I hated and then the professor picked up a new, and then it got picked up by professor Sunday. We break the retract. It enables never reprimanded professor knock accountability for the left and twitter. Still let those posts step. Ok quotas, swastikas with horribly racist gonna see, can you should have explained to them a listener? Nothing area issue is for them look egg. If they were going in church. I would clearly have gone through wider automatic and in saying that, nobody went to that come on. I want to see. I want to see some valid mine. Grandkid come on course to what get to have a ten all the time, and I got to deal with as porcelain, skin, spurning toilets kitten yet it met. Interracial is the way to go, because you just get your tanneries washing out, admitted, and I will say of and having just had to white babies. White babies aren't Judas
now. Sadly, like asian babies, other bills bill why half Asian Longbill Richmond Adorable, When I first saw Mangasarian, a little going up there you I mean come on, you look like he looked like Satan and the crack desert and passion of the crisis in the crowd, I've never wondered liked babies now now it's like. On hold my kid num lock. Now I don't. I don't know- and I still one day when I heard it never mind- I don't I just wanna homer, not also who can I drop it then. So, the California recall- is happening today for people who are what you may be watching us tomorrow, so analysis in the morning, it is ten. Fifty five, a M Eastern and let's give some did you have to be really really really clear, very clear that This is a hard show today, it is homes just so
over are able to show the cliff first, you, yes some voters that so that you know to take my word, for it? Take a look it's in the clip El Camino, real charter, high school me Ray our Reao, what's EL the real it was carried out. That should be the other like it's not just real you're such an. This is but you're the school is a car drugs he's a little slow because in a late night, at the MAC Gala Day, that even a guy who served you served you crab, cakes and ten with a double mass? I was the gasping for breath. Aright its El Camino, her charter, I school they, told. This is a report from not me that there are issues with the ballots. People tell us, They showed up to vote this morning in the special California governor, recall election and were told Computer showed they had already cast their ballots, so one what
upper modernization of apologetic helpful, but those voters. We talk to our extremely concerned specious and wanting answers, so wait. A second fake told that they already vote so it's gonna be secure, recall an election history or ordered safe and secure just make sure that we are all on the same page. Thing young and secure doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo doo break that pipe then get the suit case. Who knows what that much with feet. On that same note, actually Babbitt allegedly received allegedly logically, allegedly three ballots. at her former address ha one for her range. The photos treated by the twitter account for
Ashley that raises money by way for actually in her families. Leah fund for people on the breast of habit is a lady who was shot the only person to die on January six. Third, during the direction yet or as a capital police refer to witness the congressional Democrats mighty could shoot you justified. That's what they call yeah and just to be clear just so. I just want to be very, very clear. There has never ever been in instances recorded of fraud in the election ever in a hurry strictly United States of America, it never happened, and so I assume that these reports that you ve seen from multiple different news outlets and receipts of course, should not be seeing with your own eyes all sources of able alot of color come, and there is no proof that there is ever been I'm not. Even if the elections the government is beyond reproach, there's not a corrupt there are people, say power corrupts. You know what I think invested.
Reporting corrupts about that? That's what I say. Why? Why are you so busy investigating other people's business caring about legitimacy. What are you hiding Why are you so nosey yeah sunshine is poison. It's not a disinfected. What's gale attending valets are in your closet, as things happen in the shadows come so just energy was elected not by the Mafia, yes, and he was shot by us and, of course, no bootlegging outside of that point separate issue Janine Gloria role by saying that rights are jailed glare, Janine go! I don't care. I get a gurgle. Last name sounds like a pitcher Eddie sister. on CNN was talking about course. Larry elders running against gave a new somewhere grinders republican candidate. We're gonna have an interview from the archives here, just a few minutes and fascinating to go back and see what he was saying just before this you can call on ring for governor
I wasn't a long term plan to be really clear. Janine Guerrero, on CNN, of course, referred to the black candidate who was pelted with eggs by a Gavin Newsome supporter in a gorilla costume. You would think if you look at wifi the what if this were on the back of a children's menu? Let's say it, I hope, and I would simply ok would show you write. It would show you the gorilla, costume, throwing eggs at a black man and would show you just a black man and I would ask you to identify the differences in one of them is which ones supremacist, we'll CNN would fail the back of the eye hot menu, because we're here you go the aspen able to reach the minority of voters in California who embrace his his white supremacist, where the view and his co opted this line by my fellow columnist from
from the headline Ino calling him the black face of white supremacy, but he refuses to engage with the actual substance, of our reporting. You know the idea that he his eyes, his These were shaped via a well known, white supremacist named James Taylor, so causing- and she just said black face of white supremacy, so she's a stupid person, yeah. I just had an aneurysm epochs here, the guy. They have ways to remedy about that. That's what you think about think about She just said he he, of course, where he did that these persons, they saving infected him, and so he must be a white supremacist. Even those two black. I thought that was not so. I feel that same way, we're never gonna cost go, and I see a bag ass. A jumbo shrimp. What like when this is the most obviously terrible attack to throw it,
because it's the weak idiot, what's idiotic right, like it's stupid, like calling a black personal white Supremacist believe, because you don't like their policies like its work. Then what we saw with with what even Carson calling him like an uncle Tom and all those different things that we saw right from the representatives in Kentucky Israel's like what are you? What are you so? Does it wasn't enough? Look? This is the only play that the left has good people will understand this and will go to Larry Eldred ARC. So you will see these attacks are being used it and just when he was a talk, radio and a guy who we are gaining an audience. People were listening to him. They say Uncle Tom what they think that'll work first off, they say, but I believe you regret. I gotta go with that for awhile. Right, then block you will say. We think that you're taking us for granted That and they all anyone is a black republican uncle Tom and then one that doesn't work there say: oh, you know what Donald Trump got is got a record number of black people. Latino people, support using number really caught us off guard outside of six major cities. They dont say hey
they go. Oh Uncle Tom, isn't white supremacist and there's no one in their entourage to just go You tongue, Timothy Gagner. to Larry Elder. It's just that electricity. That, with this point really is because early white supremacist white, guys black white supremacy, I guess also the silly thing we go. I don't you did you see the other the reporting, though from the LOS Angeles times as well they so when we covered that story about the eggs being thrown us like Larry, Harold Elder cut short his his present urban, his campaign event because of unrest, and then the next one was something about the same thing, line and it showed Larry elder with his hand on a white woman s face as though he slapped her
was I love may have a fan of Larry Elder, but our white women near he played the video it was like they were, giving each other a hog and welcome and those later I'd be a mind. Now run this archive inner view. Is you can personalize color because you for it It's doubly don't round slap in white women does web any women, but especially where women did. You look at a white woman Kraus which have effect private. You show your at a crossroads between slavery, might women you should have slept the gorilla masquerading as to reveal a white woman. Then slap a white woman sat there in both Donegal scam do area
I would have gotten away with it. It wasn't for you, meddling, scattered, wise they're, just everything that's gonna play doktor toasted. I took from us what you promised what you promised outright. It is it's a saying they use this against Larry Elder unbelievable. These we can spend cars and by and by the way, if you watch or no smash that, like button to show very elder some of your support right now, because we want him to obviously do well in California, where of course, elections in just a minute it it's calthorpe, secure its California. It there? The golden state standard it is yes, it is will let you make your own if you now just avoid the piles of human shit yes the golden idea in human ills of the golden shower, sir? You fill this ballot out with your own species are not going to scale. This is a place where you don't have to disclose that you have one.
have sex with a stranger it actually went up for ever. I thought like all of this is one of those absurd laws are going to have a job where you Kate, where I had that their children on Sunday, after two o clock, and only every third son, like absurd rules that still exist on the books now this was relatively recent. People asked a question like hey. If I have aids infected load should I have to let somebody no before I have sex with no, but you need to wear a mask and we need to have a vaccine passport. Yes, this is think about that, for a second stupid were if George Michael, we're still alive He would walk out of the port of party after having bang strangers with reckless abandoned. Then it wouldn't be a problem unless he didn't have a net gator stir Charlie, how big is port applauding ebony streets probably did ever turtleneck the yes, I brought it up.
this guy's agri saying he got ever turtleneck. So George, Michael's, bang and pay report about it. Now we have new sums what's next as my question: what's next, if it doesn't, will, they think, and you can come about using. The left will think that that calling Larry Elder or white supremacist work if you Harry elder, doesn't when you think of going on it, no riving right now, I guess that's so good, face of white super. Well, I've seen a lot of people post about it. I mean people buy it. That's the problem is that were laughing Atticus, its absurd, but there's plenty of people there. Yeah is the right. I think they are but I think I saw it on the Babylon be like a year ago. It there's no way this will happen through their pulling all their Blount. I can put yeah can believe that anybody would assume that wouldn't have happened, ass rise, it didn't happen this sooner. I just what's, but I dont know what we do. I don't know we do is accommodation anymore, I dont know what are we doing armament? The left is accusing the Larry elder a being the black they didn't just
well. He has deeply hidden Ralph loathing. No tendencies say said the black face of white supremacy. I'm not sure or do you go from this habit just framing it no way, that's not retarded. I mean if you're, trying to subvert we're we're really are in an orwellian time. Words. Double thinking. They're trying to change languages, in other words, what supremacy meant that you hated the thought white that black people, in fact, not out of me now, but not much, but just as many black people, why people in white supremacist, really how many just the one According to the meetings I go to its just the way we think we're a little better, o moon you're, not the middle mad when the middle adder just or better yet more or more equal. Yes, I the way- and I thought this was already taken care with Barack Obama and Black supremacists Louis American and sitting under his teaching for years,
because I'm not sure what is that a major, my right, oh dear, my right, who is influenced by yes also also did, although they are anti semitic. Sorry are you. I mean this name. The blacks apprentices mixture of innovation in the blackness Louis Vereker blames everything on the Jew. Yes and then Jeremiah Right is just a charlatan who humps the podium. Onstage Missus Lewis, still there's Lui Junior. Now now exactly I forget, I've read what the one I was in times Square used always try to read their newspaper though, and they would not have not happy about the guy I'll. Take that like this. Never I care about a news, not for you. So now they part of Newsome strategy by the way has been appealing to the latino. That's been pivotal, so this is Look at this. All of it is raining we charge from the left right now give a black guy Republican who actually wants to improve it
by the way, even Joe Biden, Elizabeth warranties people who went down and said: hey, you got above organism way elder made a great point. Yet they haven't said they haven't said the girl this was done a good job in a job. I said you know no, some far, as I know, He was just follow and science right. That's what he said. but that's it endorses what you're doing do that's the best use of others. It's on fire Betook, mass was in the beginning of this, where everything was actually named after orwellian plan. The only place where plates are more expensive than the met gala. Yes, the french laundry order was low club. Kindly I'm the fruit of the Scots and Cigars afterward ledger. Did you do that? We need? Did you go you some? I did was it a couple
that's it with a new set of an entirely let our foreign itself trying to appeal to locate about problematic because Eighty three percent of electing a vote went to Donald Trump and turned my big than is actually talked a lot of people, and I expect that to only get bigger left goes further left again because, like have said with black Americans, if you actually can be individual pulling on issues with Ladino, they are not expected to be a democratic motorways, they give it idea is stupid and out of touch the left is they were saying that when Mexico, Meda, they they d Criminal an abortion. There's people from Texas who can't get an abortion can go down. There are going to have to go out and get him in Mexico how this works, simply considering maybe letting people out of prison who had abortions, and there Sir we're going to ok, maybe look at somewhat, you would consider far far right or they would consider moderate policy you're not going
get someone from southern California to go down in the second trimester in Mexico and have them serve and abortion right up to a gringo. This is how to touch the our mexican people, Mexican Americans, typically catholic, very conservative, exam antiabortion. That's, why was manual but for the law to even move just an inch and you need. what they actually dead because are not moving the way that you think there are some action, abortion very different. It's his share. You stand behind kicking donkey, Falada is not known for them. Ok, I'm a doctor just them over. He Armand Diamond, I'm a doctor in stand right back today. Well, that's all I hear. Basically, where community design Joyce. So I wanted to If you remember, by after Trump success, even Barack Obama said that hispanic evangelicals he was the one who,
He was the one who short of acknowledge at least the first one. I know Brok about publicly to acknowledge that hispanic evangelicals actually helped get such a high proportion of latino votes are sorry latin exe. Why do I go to Mexico? Calls him a lot next see how long it takes before you get your ass kicked by a gang. of non gang related Mexicans, but they will form one for using the terrible that next year's Iraq Obama. Actually single people were surprised about a lot of hispanic folks who voted for Trump? but there's Lahti Lot, evangelical Hispanics, who the fact the Trump says: racist things about Mexicans, swore puts detainees undocumented workers in cages. the younger job than the fact that a member state their views on now,
marriage or abortion. So this is definitely uphill battle lever, Newsome, random. We actually have some exclusive We owe him rubber calls trying to obtain income. what is happening right now across California. The lad next vote. All max, I'm old cabin Nujoma Lucy enter Dunaway about Border French, have Andrea Recall, as no boy now know, ask why not a negro S, Blanca Supream, all and we just get another crack at some palates. That's my regular as I go to the governor of the Bank of Supreme like us one. What did you say that way? Doesn't sound! So bad luck, us really going they. Can you give me the White supremacist egg? Okay, I say I'm sorry Let's go support is a woman.
It is crazy le because it said negro allies, our various there's, not what people that also decide you are so dumb. That is why would I riotous on their it's like during the trial, is lakelets Latinus learn how to create like their reply to their like? Well, this is actually spanish. So you know that the guy clothes just waiting there is, he can't an automatic like Ireland or wait till you see the red and yellow grounds you're, not gonna, Leggum boy Ray this creates a moment? I was a kid carpeting. Excellent! Isn't it true story? I was in a carpool as a kid and there I was trying to talk about a blackened and class. Remember talking with this this mother, the carpool thinking Oh yeah, I'll use different, oh yeah, Andrew the, and I stopped. I might have been eight or nine, and I thought I can't say black rather black is offensive, and so I said the
the Negro Kate at school. I thought that was because also keep in mind that we're have french half english ruminants languages like we're talking, you're, crazy, Allah, slice. I stopped myself and she turned back. Don't you ever say that black course. I just don't know what the subject I think, you're heavens supper and nineteen. Fifty Montgomery Alabama. I tell you about me robot on top of that men Jotapata, so don't bother me and my friend will be sitting at the lunch counter. He will be sitting wherever you put him. He would be sudden wherever he pleases so long as it does not many. Ah ha placement and, of course, Mark railroads Jim area already. Breast creole is for my aunt Jane it ass. They walked adverts and yeah. Well, that's no off, but but again we separate they you so Neg was the term never while Nagras a term for black, but that was a term for black people
The wall was covered with two differently, both and we're supposed to United States. Black is the same work right yeah, so they went the other way. Where they had a word for black people. They have a word for the black color and then only relatively recently today change its the point. As it's all silly look of France, it I got racist who caters, that's it ll enjoy. Your trail is, fortunately Madame, just come out in his daughters, told him that the inward is something that he should throw it already. I ah here as catalogue of jokes, the other half is short guy humor. That's how he was trying to tell her that he wasn't gonna vote for Newsome referred. We're going to have to delay elder here. We don't have. We don't have a bunch of time, but before that speaking of people of color, you that's the term response to use now yeah, blacks, a shade anyway, cause be cancelled or what
cancel, does Carmody tourism? Suddenly he had a comedy tour. That was going to happen? I wanna make arrive, and for this I know you're a verbal or dollars on tickets. Well, So what was going to be a comedy towards universal sexual assault, him being let loose silently river amount? Of that first on one in three of vacation and because we never eggs Vista cosmic conviction being overturned is what the world all american. You view that world fairly said he never like. Everyone knows this is for the people. A good I, which covers the celebration poetry, because the men here these people can get lawyers so our rights
prison outta. Here we ve you all obliged employment while we're. This has been used. Just rape a few people see raped. Many A thing I, by the way he is people said that it was cancelled because they didn't want to say something that could be used against him unresolved league, So you are those of right when I was a level. Lydia give. While the gave a broad well go back to the role of the black brown people Have you thereby word the king? You see what did it was because I was a girl. A party in the lab evoke lackey rebound well, where above
about what I call a bad job believe we will fail to act with. This is this is everywhere in the news we having he's let out, and then he has a tour. It was big right, any cancels the tour reason for cancelling the tours very different, so we actually have here to help us understand. We're going to go on the ground to the law. Remaining bill. Cosby apologist, all right? Ok, the last remaining bill. Cosby apologists may have on the ground. Are you there? Can you hear me, sir, but where would Oh hey whatsoever, about british hey with about what are you doing, I'm eating pudding, well. I'm just reporting live on bill cause. We like he vast toy, is what
then the ground, yarn correspondent, your third chair, they will need. Why will Cosby sweater? It's not? It's whose vendean occur? Ok? Why are you wearing that that that well it's a little chilean here. It's accomplish what are just to be clear it's a style that bill cause be. Might where sure I don't like it lets an electoral and then going. I don't care, I bream style back now. The bill Cosby has been found innocent. Well, ok, he wasn't about the spoke of him. He was not found. He was not. Innocent. He was led out on a technicality. Let's just get the letter convicted rape, Is that a prison? That's exactly! That is exactly They daring snow he sexually assaulted, like dozens of women, he allegedly so you call us to make sure that this I want to make sure we have this right. Jelly values. You drank that Bill Cosby as innocent are any of us truly innocent yeah.
of rape, yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I know what matters is we're all wrap. Dave, ok, so maybe of rape. Is anybody here guilty of raising a generation? Hayes? anybody here guilty of being America's dad. Anybody show hands misfits angered point exactly it's a good point. Thank Yugoslavia, bill customers, a terrible man, terribly funny, Ok, why don't you I don't matter? Will I'm afraid that I'm not fund understand outlined on what's happening? Hermits? Well, ok! What's that, what's that day this year? What is this? This be This is my good luck, football it. signed by Oj Simpson. I think I know where this is going. No, actually, it was signed by Mark Furman, but he did use o j blood. How can I get that? Doesn't even that doesn't look like an autograph.
I wasn't it was a racial slur, but it smeared overtime, Bower, regular area, easy, easy mark vermin. He watches fervently. Alright, this is abandoned, are on the ground or build Cosby. Last remaining apologists. Correspondent all right so What would we have this go? Do you know when this was recorded? It was within a few months ago, yearning. Fifteen. Does our I'll go to court in twenty fifteen, twenty fifty new that awarding most so this? Would it and we never ran? Thus we never read it was. I was actually going through some of our archives and it was unlisted, like it forgets, Emily same her was back in back in the old back. I can't tell you why didn't being released. We ve never actually done that with within it amid we have no other means. I didn't even know what sometimes
happened, though, is somewhat us appreciate an interview and then museum eggs and we get a guest. I assumed it was something we shall get about it. You have a huge studio, gave you didn't really sick as it was wrongfully accused in prison without could be it or it could just. Something has news worthy right. This is measurements. Are you? Ok, it doesn't matter what used to be my den and we were through the archives they found us that you know it. You should probably run this just because it's very rare that you does. This has never been aired before that you get to see a glimpse into someone who I am This is how we was treating me back when you really have nothing to gain from show at the point where he needed severity handed over and she was a very small show, You can see that he is exactly the same person and right now. The attack of courses is beyond him. Being the black face, avoid supremacy that he's trying to become another trump that he's just pandering, promotes well, let's go back into the archives here watch.
This Larry elder interviewing. You tell me and then, of course, the partner we catch on Youtube is going to be. My club only will take your chat after you tell me. If he's pandering for votes, if he's always been the same, very elder so glad to have this next guest. Me- and I know I say that a lot, but this is this is true because I was raised in a country where we didn't get em radio. We didn't get any kind of political discourse and it's funny, but we can- we got it. I used to watch his programme. I had no idea no back or not. Remember. Looking to my dad is it teenagers thing. I think that guy's, serve at ever. At the very least, a reasonable human being Larry elder dot com? Is a book dear Other dear son out Larry Elder thanks for being with us there so much for having me, I appreciate it I am so glad to have you know it's funny. We haven't. We what have we been eclectic mix of gas right? We don't typically just do that. The M radio stuff it everyone else does we have weird people I, but I, I dont get star struck by
people I have on who are just on cable news because I didn't have it, but your show I used to what was now. Is it a morning or a daytime show why I had I had a couple of tv shows. One was called moral corps in what we call the Lariata show how we think about the Lariata show that was on for a bit, but I've done radio now for twenty years. Yes, why not? I need to talk about, and that use you, but for me that was the only thing I had access to and Canada you're talking about a centrally a government monopolized media with the c b c and Radio Canada rights. It's funny, so I just remember watching as a kid I had. No, I didn't know what a Republican was you and John Docile I sat there and I said I just like what these guys have the say, get this Barbara Walter's off because it came on Africa and I think you were guest on so if I'm not mistaken, was often our above libertarian. This is true yet- and I think that I was introduced to you, because we too have t J, F, Sabrina teenage, which point world and then twenty twenty came on and John stuff What come on with his sword of smug? Gimme a break! You know its whole segment and
that's right, so you and I just said I. I have no idea why I was so drawn to you guys, I've, I've known stuff for a long time had people often ask me Stephen how I became Rotarian. It was kind of a long process, mostly by made being exposed economics, but also found some book. A magazine called the reason magazine, on right natural, thereby he just left you pick it started reading it. And it was all libertarian and therefore game interest on interesting, libertarianism, so Tom, if you'd miss that boy, Then he wouldn't you still be a card carrying democratic. Apparently he said, apparently so What you it's funny actually subscribed to reason magazine through one of those guys you sold subscriptions know yet, though, stick door to door. He had been shot and face eight times and I found out. I remember I was so gullible I was young us, but what you have its political and- strive to reason magazine and Amber I've I'm at a CBS or below,
CBS over the different pharmacy. That people understand in some things easier, for reference are seeing him there in finding out. There was a complete sham and I was upset, but I did my reason subscription and I read read that thing religiously for two years, so you say libertarian- and I think that's really interesting this week, because I feel it you and stars who have been incredibly consistent, Socially, you lean more liberal. I dont want to misrepresent you so what is your point of view. Then, on this Supreme Court, the decisions last week, I would imagine for a libertarian it's much more than the reductive reasoning of lovers. Eight, it is in in California we ve had the issue of safety. marriage on the ballot twice in both times. I voted in favour of it in both times by California voted against it, and I'm ok with that, because I that we had a country where we have the concept of federalism,
article. One section of the constitution, outlines the duties and obligation to the federal government, the knife and tell them it say anything. The federal government can't do always. to the people into the state, and I think marriage and abortion are issues that should be decided on the state by state basis. While I don't mine, the idea that a state has accepted same sex marriage. In fact, I voted for it, as I said, and I really disliked the way it was done, ramming it down the throats of off. If these data thirteen or fourteen of them didn't want to say anything, worship and they were one and the argument on the ground as they were with abortion in autism. Three everyone Robbie weight was handed down. Abortion with available to seventy percent of the nation's population. Similarly seems there. Which is legal in about thirty five. Thirty six days before this, and in the other fourteen We had something constable unions, so see. Any reason why this had to be shut down the throats of the rest of the country, where I will ask you this as someone who is I'm trying to play african american gentlemen of color. What should I say here to make sure you don't call the acl you
when I never use the term african dash American, I think it's a stupid demeaning term. There was essentially ran down the throats of newspapers by Geoffrey Jack's. If I'm in a hurry work and who happens to be black, that's not what I call myself so colored, gentlemen, we'll go with that! That's ok, for I never understood this and have no guarantee of co. Though it's funny is coloured as racist people color, is now correct. I can't keep track of the rules. Don't get me everything changes without when I was a kid who was negro and then it was Afro american, then all of a sudden african American. I guess that's where it is right now, if you notice, when newspapers you, the term african American next, it I'll say black gonna go back there. I know that you're gonna cover their baby, it's worse in french, Canadian, because you know it's nor his black, its color neg is negro so and then they switch between French and English. You have to be careful with that. Because you can you some french words an English, but if you just say negative people wait what what would you say so you have to be kept.
aunt em again. It is it's funny that this political correctness, people understand what's politically correct here- is actually offensive in another country. My staff to cross offer it. We don't know level I seen police, for example, describe and a sale. Is being quoted african American. How do you know it wasn't from Haiti? Have you know it wasn't from Nigeria right out of body? You would have to Canada with it with a son and his son said dad. very many, many black people here and Canada on decent work. There are some things, driving you go to a gas station and the sound is ten years also dad there, African American. Well, how do you you from ever America. He's canadian african American isn't right. He's haitian Canadian yeah, what yeah now that we have a huge haitian population, funnily enough in Quebec, which is a bastion of multiculturalism, and we talked about these wars when they try to purify the province pure of land. It's called for pure french european blood, it's it's horrible we races and then they had a huge haitian immigration, because Emily speak French.
and French Canadians are much more racist that American? So it's funny to see them flipped out. Now, though it it's funny that you say that, and I'm glad to hear that we're not through stepping on cultural landmines, said that you don't want to see this given to the court's, because you think people should vote on it. Obviously, liberals, even some libertarian say you don't get to vice, like you don't get to vote human rights or civil rights and compare it to the plight of black Americans. What do you say to me? I don't think comparison is well taken for members as we call it with me that others should be handled on us on our state by state basis in that sector, orientation is not the same thing. It's race in before It is sixty nine. It was illegal for blacks and whites to marry. In some points, this country, mostly in the south- this has nothing to do with race has everything to do with people's behaviour and orientation, and I can at least on this. the argument that the traditional sex, the traditional proponents of marriage, argue which is that a marriage
the possibility of having children or having children and we have to provide the kind of Roma, oh that teach me how to be men and women have to be women again. I don't buy that reasoning, but that is at least a straight face, reasoning that a lot of people feel and the courts ought to respect it. If you dont, like living in that particular state, you can move to another state if you're a state is one of these data does not support same sex marriage, you can decide the business person. You can decide as a tourist not to go to that state. You can punish they met way. Maybe that's. They wouldn't rethink its assumptions, but to cram it down go to the american people by arguing that the same thing, the civil rights of the nineties he's after blacks to me is unfair and not I'll take him and one of the needs of the Americas name of the king. She, the pastor, very much resents the comparison I can imagine. I always talk about that. You know it's tough for me because, obviously I'm not black, but I say I if I were black eyed again at something you're born you're born black and you're born people's people say gay with it. I've talked about that.
I don't want to. I do want to open that box right now. I am, I think, people don't user sexual desires, but everyone has choices over their sexual actions. Is a guy have a choice right on my wife, not saying you yeah you're watching the love boat, New Moon skipper looks great. I think I want to offer him that's what I am saying. Is everyone chooses to act and their sexual action, so there is choice in being black, despite what the left might say, I've seen them say that you're not black enough. So I guess it is a choice and how you act. Your people, people claim. I made a choice to be white, but I don't see every morning I am going to the minute. I got the cartoon where you jump out your skin and then highway. You can just jump into a new one. I got my them, I'm right now, I'm Trans racial, here's. My point actually now we're we're off on the ravages of the translation thing I've talked about this before I want you to tell me if you think, I'm absolutely out of line here with a transgender movement. That's where I think there is a slippery slope, the fundamental interchange ability of genders with the same sex marriage. I think it applies. You have to apply that reasoning to try.
Gender as and transsexuals, but everyone call it, but I do think it's actually much more reasonable. I'm not saying either is reasonable. To choose is your race. Then you or sex because they got the four seconds. One second come with mere Bruce. I enter had they go through severe hormone replacement therapy or kind of surgery were essentially amputate, your penis in testicles to become but it still very much looks like a man and address anyone will be appointed Rachel Dalzell slap on a spray tat. and a sideshow bob, a figure and all the and w C b for what a decade I mean it would seem that you're viewed by the public. That would show you that it's it's actually a much more physical issue. It looks if you can become somewhat different on innovation all the easier than you can become someone different on a gender level, because dollars are basically said she felt black therefore, she is black
Are you in the morning and feel amish and become amish? It's fantastic amazing. You know with interesting. Is the end of a lazy. P gave her more support than they gave Clarence Thomas Clarence Thomas was the second nominees black nominee for the Supreme Court Well, I think we did not support him. The black, Does he call? Every state is probably the most widely circulated. Black magazine in the country comes out, some. I know you think I don't know because I'm what I know about ebony what it wanted: inform you right now, not obvious knowledgeable is used even anyway. Every year they have something called the one hundred plus most influential black Americans, and every year they omit Clarence Thomas this all and walked away in three prominent black people, because they feel that they aren't black and you ain't black, that is to say they are positions that are antithetical to the play. unity, but Rachel dollars are good to go. It's mine that want to be Stephen. I don't think I can explain it to you. I just wanted to make the joke about her sides. Psycho Bob per but you'll, find the clans tough thing
I was pretty young and when I went back and are in and read up on that, so I was too young to fully understand it right I was goin like ok to the best of my knowledge, it was a joke about and never region, hair and a cocaine or something on go on like this doesn't seem to be a national story, and I just showed you that Things can get so hyped up in the moment and when someone comes in with a fresh point of view and discuss this we have always not them up in arms about my think. We're going to have that about nearly everything occurring these last few years. I think you're right. What happened in the case of Clarence Thomas is that one of the women women personally work with their neighbours. He said that he hit on her and said: there's a pubic care on my coat with you boring clumsy way of hitting on her and for that reason, Clarence Thomas was perceived to be not qualified. To be honest, in court Roddy beat me up. Meanwhile, our sharp and have the shop I'm MSNBC and I'll drop in is a recycling person who became.
With my lying about Wanna Brawley. He five million dollars lightened taxes, got involved in the crown eyes affair would divert, isn't it that therein Wilson should be arrested and then, of course, there was. with exonerated here, show on him. Isn't Bc Donald Trump fired what world do I live in I will. I don't know, I'm not a fan of of I think I'll sharply and Donald Trump should have a hare war. So it's it's cheap. It's a changing world out there lay out I'll, shocked and are able to talk about that, because I was talking about my producer here whose younger any more apolitical engage era over here- and I M He'S- talked about this out art and actually when compared to my generation of re spiders. Like D Ray and Sean King, the people who made their entire living on line and daily costs are being funded by Soros out short seems downright classy. Have you noticed it becoming even more aggressive with people, my age, it funny? I'm just about bought a moment ago. In my show,
The millennium goals have been now accused of being almost as racists as non millennials, which is fascinating, overrun MSNBC. I heard upon it just now say that, because Dylan Roof a pair because of his age. Is it I guess technically a millennium, and it's mostly appears The myth that millennials are not races, this guy deviate are he couldn't get a following he has a racist manifesto, Steve away complaint again and get the clan to join him you want. He's going to raise the package for pointing out that this guy could not get a following. He was angry. He couldn't get the clan to follow him, he kills nine people, and we're having a discussion about how much greater than there is in America will have to discuss. About twenty miles back is denied Mass Ngos were exactly the same. You want to start a rate war. We wrote the general not he's gotta, you gotta swastika tattooed on his forehead, he's an unknown and so this roof guy, where we have this conversation about gun control by the confederate flag, ridiculous. It is ridiculous. I did get a lot of fun.
though, just for saying, hey listen, I am obviously absolutely people have the right. to run of the confederate flag. Let your free lag fly anywhere. You want an Amazon and Walmart also have the right to not sell it if they choose not to that's the right sort of first amendment issue and I me personally, I am not going to be pro confederate flat, and I got so much flak for that people saying well, you know it's about states rights, This is something I would like. Your your input on income it's a blind spot for me. What I said again as an ignorant white guy said: will states rights, don't supersede human rights and, as far as I'm concerned, slavery is a human rights issue. The federal government had to abolish slavery. Am I often those not no, of course, not an end I were the in the legislature in South Carolina. As I said repeatedly, I would vote against a flag as well I would not assume that everybody who voted against me. I was a big. It is interesting.
say that not every Muslim is a terrorist, but apparently are re body whose a proponent of the confederate flag is a big it not fair. That's true! That's not fair! It's not fair, but I do think I do. Think it's tough when I argue- and I say, hammer, I'm a conservative nor public in the Party of Lincoln the Party that free the slaves in someone's going faster. It fail my payment right. My fight, mommy, from Proposal Alabama. My dad is from Georgia or even some black people who think of the confederate flag as a symbol of history and a simple, a southern pride in their lot of why people feel that way in good faith or again, even though I would not vote for the flag, there are so many people that resent it. So many people They feel is a symbol of racism and so many others. that would not relocate to my state because of the flag. I would vote against it for all sorts of reasons, but I would not assume that my lawmaker glossy, I would vote differently, is doing so because the bigotry, that's a good point, that's
incredibly sensible? They know the arguments, I don't know what you're doing. I don't know what you're looking every now and then every now and then I was going to say every now. They were wrong about you, unspent city. Did you make a cameo unspent city? Did you I didn't want to be in city? I did one also on the deal hugely shout yeah sure call american dreams. I am an actor. This is certainly an outer. Did they treat you? Ok. Did you come on this treaty? Like a beside my I had, I can't you appearance on twenty four and twenty four and one of my buddies produces it, so he got to be a little cameo thing and when was there, they production assistant says so False friend is here to do its part. I said I'm not so, and so a friend I am an actor and she went so ones. Those friend the actor is here well, if anyone has any research and find out who so and so is he'll never produce and how they would again. So thanks Larry, didn't you Well, don't spend city again I was a youngster, so that's where how I was introduced to you they really
They knew that I was conservative. They knew that I probably had views. I would make the ears when everybody else on the said, but they were very polite to me. The author knew I was only for a few minutes now be giving they allow, so they probably will able to be polite for a few minutes right, yeah I think it was very funny story line and- and I thought you were good sport at going in and doing it- Limbaugh. Do that and I remember thinking it was a really critical error for someone like Mitt Romney, to say no to ESA. Now I like that conservatives doing what you're doing at least being open to listen you reach across it maybe helps because you're, libertarian and so right away. I don't know what that means. Can we book him only to bring you back after this break? Larry elderberry elder dot com? Don't leave because he smarter than me.
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