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Biden Drops a Doocy on Hot Mic!

2022-01-25 | 🔗

Joe Biden attempted to own Peter Doocy at the White House and failed horribly at it. Also, the shrill harpies from "The View" have gone full panic porn. And who was better at foreign policy: Trump or Biden?

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Hey! This is crowded of Allah. Speaking reminding you to press your pants perfume, you be headline, leave a rating and review if you listening on apples, spot a fire android who lovely a baby, wonderful
can we little hot hake, Senator Harun? It's this content, maybe long, it's not cheap! That's what you pick a fight really give any idea how surreal it is to have members of the United States government calling for removal from a social me a platform that she count. I don't know she counts. and what if he asked why or something I don't know. I don't know something about that is fun quit way to Japan. I dont know exactly but hey. Look. We have a lot to get to today. We talking about two. Obviously from revised version, Joe Biden in Peter Doozy hilarious, the deuce yes self, given nickname. Yes, don't you when people give themselves nicknames like. I am the red warrior who came up with that? I died. Just did you like it and I love We have our own. I don't know what I'd be called thicker mailing around. That's fine with that's why we do it
one thing I will say to will be talking about. We mention this yesterday and people said hey. You know what we'd like to see a more in depth segment on this the world and how they view the United States verses today. Verses under president done. Remember when I wish to say: hey our world isn't respected anymore. Under present, Donald Trump with a laughing stock will have come how the world actually interacted with the United States under president from specifically right now we're doing with no foreign threats with Russia, Ukraine, but also China, North Korea, or enter National Standing, our economy. I think it's important I think this is we live in a culture now this is kind of cancer culture. People talk about. It, use that term a whole lot, but we do have an culture, and this is the by product of feminism. For sure, where words are, often given more written in actions and short President Al from said some mean words, somebody. We're done an even like, but you have to look at the and not only of our leaders but those who follow them. What kind of example,
how they inspire people, I think when you look at the results, This is the one silver lining before I get to anything else, a silver lining that we have in the United States today. If you right now watching listening, do your job is we had eight years of Barack Obama and former vice President Joe Biden, we had four. We really had three years. didn't Donald Trump contrast and now we're going to have another four years of former Vice President Biden, so you got twelve, years with force and which, in the middle and whether you like it or hate it no denying that there is a contrast and if you do or job. That contrast well served, continue creating momentum with more black republican voters, never before more black latina voters, never before me conservative young voters never before issues chow. Second amendment. First amendment issues: if you do your job, there is a real value here in eight four, and for so. If we talk about that, I also since going to be talking about that. If this show gets booted on the Youtube, you can watch a son, my club,
an extra for our much up. We do an extra our everyday Monday through certain or rumble ten a m eastern lately then go to the ten thirty, because news breaks in the morning how you guys, like a little bit later start. Let us now Let us not feel like we're thinking about starting later, because people in South Africa, you know like they have to sleep in my question for you today, I'm going if this will require that you immediately switch over to rumbler mug club, just our Vice President Biden have dementia, do you think so I know not a doktor. Yes, neither are you I'm sorry. now. He said he was confirming that you're, not a doktor right, oh yeah, yeah! That's what I meant also adapt. Am I the only one I am who likes women? Internal necks Yes, I don't know why. I just fine turtle, a woman in a travel, explain again Saki ruined it, for everybody will get to it of that turtleneck leave it also. Well, that's the whole point. Sixteen cheated turtleneck. What yes we're just the way- God major I don't want to go. like us, Brockett well IDA.
I'm not saying. Yes, I look like dieter. Buddy should wear turtleneck in any new except robber. Now's the time what's, rockets, levitate press conference and say stupid son of a bitch I'll write Gerald A is with us. How are you so? I am well sir. I do have to admonish you off the top. You did say black latino Republican, that as well as that is what I said: black voters nicer, latino voters, lieutenant lack of in black latino and, unlike what that's an interesting makes it a duly is like yeoman admonish yourself. This is there I oh. If I don't do it, somebody else will do it and I I care they didn't live and for its authority have happened. Said the haven that were Robin Williams, answered another voice over. You might have some magical Look I don't you know, I'm a looked now, I'm about hey, look bad old man whose foreign gonna big oil, Tiggle Oil Slick, holborn, intense funny guy,
very sad right now. I'm sorry, but I put on a clown face for whole cocaine and you ve heard his voice already, but I guess I'll do the honors of introducing he will be at the Cairo. Holger Cuyahoga falls Funny South in our high Haug, Ohio, funny, stop this. We can dig Linda hurry, ahoy, I'm good yourself I'm glad you woke up today. I ask, I tells me again: I from likes a texting better than blame. Me! No, no he's not! We suddenly to get an Iphone because half the time to be there. I didn't get your text. Knobs was you know, I want an android right, I thought it was still twenty twenty two, where you are Naturally I had a black very yes our motto that would this I only have stock of law. He woke up in Ghana. That's why I woke up and somebody's front laundresses of adjourn here. Well, look we ve all been there. I know right
that's why you're new nickname is. Your lies man who wakes up in long guesses, vagina manhood's with a gun, everything it Caesar. Milan ever said, and by the way we have tried in one coming up here out later this week or next week he said the evil. I was young. I was I was known as I was a mexican guy who could still walk a pack of raw wilder's. That's why they to call me the mexican guy who can lock a pack of what Very just my there was this declaration of making. I never do like all right. Before going to anything else. I have to watch this and react willing. I haven't watch this. I've been instructed not to until so I get to experience it with you on air together people,
currently the covert tick talks, are getting out of control and cringing. Let's see what's going on, I guess I'm silica mystery. It's like who issue. I certainly don't know of any this much I'm not taking us ravaging keeping alpha you're, not gonna ravage anyone. Doesn't you just tell us because I'm getting more attention, your popular you're, not serious. I hear people. Jim for ten days. I drove them insane. Tell me about a very serious I'm. Could you just expand upon them second case in point, one percent: he makes everyone that not everyone all the facts, not ass hanging down and none of them can get me. Yes, the vaccines made me feel vulnerable because I feel that they really understood me. I didn't call for them. Is that it seldom I lay off such rhino occur. We all know you were the first one here. I actually did not
Guy on our round is much anymore, but did you forget the frail leave this path for you honestly? Yes, that's how long do you a relevant? You don't care us, I mean all were different. Only dresses, volleys tat is so many raise high on until the crime. You hear what why, who someone say my name, ok, Look. I know that I've said that university is mostly go to film school, can't quit life. Gotta films go, go to film school if only to learn. That's that's circa, two thousand nine you tube type blogging, which I used to do with the blue bedsheet behind me. If you're doing a voice to a kick, look left then switch and look right, they donors in the line of action, which is why did we give everybody a tv show well that all the internet did it just handed everybody show then, owing to the idiots? Well, the beauty is there to be no gatekeepers, but now they just these. These people just think of the lock themselves. In a gate. I don't even walls works.
She was close to the eminent right at one point I dont fully understand. I do understand that she is someone who obviously was not was not elected fetching enough to make it and you know purely fetching room so, but also not funny enough to do anything Yes, you should be getting crap out of the bottom of the porn industry out. What will it be, but that you once upon a time, I'm here saying how life should work Gerald grow up. I know that you got real were extra important industry, while university urges appeal on the couch watching the only on my arm to Europe's long and likewise is happening person. fully clothed and by the way they pay scale so that unity never be said that the union's didn't give you anything about where you can follow us on Tiktok, even though the chickens and banned as one of the bandits took, I think, retains the thrice. The show came back the very next day,
like a bad vibes being a better one, getting their show. Who do you think we can't we talk about next? Shall we can't we talk about next, the one who ran and all the Lamb as an attack will turn yesterday on the view She was incredibly upset, Corina, Corina, really Oda. There is a miracle hidden buncher, while filming map sherry did he wasn't back then, but before chant tax. So when they both now I Iraq, which they killed, the daughter, gets into quit smoking movie. No shit antics, us of its reliance on our right that'll, be an open some points in all. Yes, you re on the view Whoopi Goldberg was really mad about. You know Bill MAR and she also think
about very wisely, but she was really mad about Bill MAR does guessing the actual science and, of course, what ends up happening. As you know, this is the same thing. They always you. What of it? if one life, ok, how many millions of them have been exterminated the abortion holocaust, but here's a thing job, not job, I will be going. I might just all people have large do guess. It was me push it. What does it is, but I had a hollow tree how'd, you call a child ass. He passed shhh ways you and me more national pottery and I was just pay as natural watches Rome. I will follow him wherever he makes Commissioner Lamy has not jewish, but she wants you to think she is she's. She's italian child I've gotta, go elf, know our let's try this again yesterday, what we Goldberg very upset that Burma was discussing. The science tried to browbeaten, but there ready and slip here, let's see if you can catch tangled up,
and I want to live in your paranoid world anymore, you're mass paranoia world. You know you go out it's silly now in earlier that the mass every car, yet the baboon sturdy, can your head like you cashier and I'm a bunch of bananas, I'm not bananas. You are that's not really funny to me. of lost their kids, so this vaccine people lost family members or dear friends to this it's it's just you don't listen. Nobody on the planet really wants to go through this. This is not something we're doing, because its sexually gratify, whatever set They gratifying to you is the stuff of children's nightmares. What where's the rest of the parliament funk Adele What did you catch? What she said really funny to people lost their kids?
Last there came to the vaccine. Probably just you know she misspoke, but hey Youtube. you're the view channel or are you gonna take it down for covered misinformation? Do we know took an hour? They stood up. I cannot wise everything. I was everything mob blurred there in the channel allowances the action they took, its the sexual growth figures that you got a blur, the sexual stuff, that I think it's just as its gross. Yeah, it's hard to look at now. Here's what funny about this too, not only what we go back say that but the clip and you can find a clip on their channel. The clips, though, that you just shot was pulled from more left, leaning, twitter account, and this is what they tweet it out. It says it's a quote: That's not really funny to people who lost ellipses members or dear friends, ellipses. This is not something we're doing because it sexually gratifying one they lost, who to what who? What when we're, why that's the first rule right
got the stuff that they take out. If I took out lost to the vaccine, is it true mean bill more like him or not, and please get Lasik, but like him or not, that is no research, being synergy ducal out what what what Well, why not you fine, you head! Glasses, are ok, that's a cheap shots, deck among living Dave Blog about my life, this guy shutting leather, various hall. Thank you. It's a good thing if you're not but I'm, not bananas year, bananas look at it. Logger line joke was good, everybody assigned for that, but it shows that that this guy who's extremely far left is now being almost looked at as a right leg near really arrangement of this realm. It just shows how absolutely insane the left has got, including the view you're insane nearby. you're insane and the membrane you're right jack. What action to re! I specifically hate how she starts with kids as if she's trying to pull on my heart strings
I went back and look just to confirm the CDC general cattle just to confirm here, but I'm just gonna say numbers. Ok, there's like seven hundred by those who have died. last two years from Kovacs, seven hundred too many. It is that you haven't hydrogen agree. I haven't your manager, I haven't got a son in that zone around seventeen year old. That's happened like four times in the last ten years. You four times that's more than children of the car. a lot of child crews, cemetery global gavel. One of that doesn't mean it's. Ok, I'm just saying was Whoopi out there saying the same things about that. We don't worry, you can't it'll come back, not be the same. Oh my goodness, and have no idea what you're making a good mother CAC always comes back. Does you can kill them on that like a scary movie korean film, I had a career in a one woman show that no one wants to see so now than I am permanently glued to the seat. In the view when I get up the seat follows my, I wonder: who
is that show. I really do all the child you, who are raised by the tv in the middle of the day they are set up. It is right and their right to have the child was just then one watch color purple, no, now jumping Jack, Lounge Madonna, I made some crap crap here, another sacking. Yesterday agent, Saki claimed that we can't judge here's the thing, and I want to prefaces. None of us here judge the economy by the stock Marco foreshadowing, but she, certain. She was irritated because your tat at any time their challenge because their use to going completely unchallenged that's what the left sees as the status oh and that's why you are seeing very different. You can't blame Donald Trump and killing machination. Any you can't blame them ever be more confrontational! When you had the meat essentially accusing them of life there still doing it today, there's told doing
today, more with present day attack President Biden more than they attack current vice of former vice president joke. They they attacked Donald Trump attack, for I just have that former vice President Biden, who for some regions going press conference today, I have no idea why you former vice presidents. Don't do that, so yesterday, Doc claimed that we can't judge binds economy by the stock market based first on the markets of present day. the deal that today Jones is down one point more than eleven hundred points. That's a lot of points to start with, we focus on the trends in the on me not any one day and any single indicator, unlike his predecessor thrown, does not look at the stock. as a means by which to judge the economy, I would note that the market is up around fifteen percent come to one? President Biden took office, but our measure of success is really how real working families are doing, whether they will have a little breathing room, whether they haven't
that deliver some dignity and a paycheck that can support. They can support a family on and we ve seen a great deal of progress made on that front K couple things she ruined turtle, eggs from it, I love women internal. Next, I don't know, is it make beloved below guys out there. I like women, that you know why. I just feel like it's just a it's it's like, You know having the methodology, it set a swimming record today, if you're wearing. whatever it is. It's a flight suit that makes you swim faster and I mean they banned it from the Olympics or something I don't know. The point is that the same, it's an even playing field of all women are internal. Next, ok, we could then So then you can just see like that's a beautiful one workers. Ok, here's my point put Whoopi Goldberg into turtleneck right: ok, we'll have to use a top, then put anyone attractive, put, came up and put Adele and eternal theirs. It just makes the contrast that most that much I just like China, let it come on
she's very attractive. Yes enough early, some women can pull it off. That's what I'm saying the women can pull after the next can pull up any again Robert Wagner, only man that involve turtle. That's true and push Lydia about well and kill Natalie Woody s ears. He, like alone Did you notice to what you just did? She said you know we don't use? Unlike her predecessor, we dont use a stock market as an indicator, and then and then she again it's a slight offences. We should note that its up should one percent more than one percent using stock market always goes up right. Fifteen percent, since he took office, so she said fifteen percent since he took office. one percent number she was discussing. I don't know I don't know
but she immediately points of a number of the stock market, which is the worst indicator in relation to write previous unrestrained dissonance, because it will always go up. It's it's a matter of to what degree it went up. If you buy the market, you re balance, you win! That's the idea of building equity over tat, building wealth, overtime threat. What he's right? You don't pick stocks monkey with with a dart board. Does it more effectively than the most effective hedge funds in the world, but the stock market? Always up. So she points to that and then says, but that's not our only measurement. Ok, you know it. Let's not just use a stock market. How about we use numbers like unemployment under President Donald Trump, three point, five, that was the lowest nineteen sixty nine was going to her that to President Biden three point: nine percent unemployment, which, by the way, is also a very well a crippling, lay low labour force participation about three million Americans, not of the job market. Right now that were yes, volunteers, this they will say: look our economy is bouncing back sure. Ok, you can say that your car
may as bouncing back from the worst low point. Since you know China release this plague the world, is sorry accidental, exactly you can be sure we're we're better than we were in twenty twenty when we all demanded that the economy be shut down and then once we know in the most free and fair election ever what took office decided to open it back up kind of. However, high. Water mark was twenty. Nineteen. The high water mark was twenty nineteen, how many jobs been added since the economy that existed under Donald Trump, prick of it and want to guess I would say what in the negative because collapsing economy, so people lose a bunch of jobs and then adding I don't know. Twelve more is not a good exactly it's stupid. So the Actual amount of jobs added since the high water mark of twenty nineteen is zero, but don't take my word for it here. The experts. On CNBC Urien they're not going to see
Wage gains are once again what we see reversal say in passing that has possible, especially if you're talking about real wages, which our negative, if you look at these EPA numbers blood I'm concerned about, is that yes, we ve seen wage increases, but we see wage increases driven by labour shortages? Have that kind of me- and this is an unreal- knowing has an added one single job from the twenty nineteen high water mark, not one all the jobs that we have seen gained are recover. Jobs were lost. We are not yet producing new jobs and back we're still about nearly four million jobs short, so these wage gains are coming on top of a shrinking workforce and it's not being fuelled by productivity enhancement,
If we want to find common ground, I would agree with Jen in at it shouldn't be the only indicated that we use, however, see the only indicated the bottom is, can use for any sort of success, and it just so happens to be the indicator that consistently goes up, regardless of who is in office over Ty long run your absolute here's. The thing Donald Trump wasn't hanging his hat on the stock market. What he was doing is making life better for every american ongoing and stock mark exactly well by the way, your retirement, your fora, one k, that's tied to this number: hey, that's got it right, and this is why again, Nebraska the benefit of contrast for rights are eight under a bomb, a foreigner, Donald Trump and now we're gonna for under. former vice President Joe Biden, here's the value in that country's right. You can point to these examples. You can point its concrete, its quantifiable right. This is the same thing here when we're talking about not only a stock market, but we're talking to disconnect between Americans in their everyday lives, their employment opportunities, verses stock market neighbour,
I'd run under Donald Trump. People are doing better, wages went up an average of I think the average wage went up about. Five thousand dollars first three years in Iraq of almost one thousand under eight years, so ages went off and the stock market was doing well right now you have home prices skyrocketing and you have the stock market going up, but you don't have any jobs being an ocean. Sometimes no zero jobs four million jobs were still missing, four million jobs, but the stock market is still going up and home prices are still going up. That's the disconnect! That's what's dangerous, Now the only silver lining- and I dont want this to happen at the expense of Americans. Unfortunately, it already is- is that you can have this conversation right now at home, with your family with your friends. They know what they are experiencing. They can see the disconnect. You just need a pointed out, and I think one of the other points too, as that wages one up what four point one percent, like our Biden, is great for point. One seven percent inflation do no wages could go up. A hundred percent reduction is that wages have decreased by appointing to put people went down in your buying power right.
I remember that I want to listen. My IRA several years ago and Trump was in office, was like wow, that's quite an increase and they were like yeah. I think Trump, and now the very same guy is like brace for impact right. My IRA just found a church, so uh speaking of of former vice President Joe Biden yesterday. This is the one that everyone is talking about course. We do have some exclusive information. Here. Yesterday Biden was caught in a hot MIKE. and I say caught. Let me be really clear whether you guys like Dick Cheney or not K and I'm not going to voice any opinions and Dick Cheney think there is a lot about, but I think it's pretty hard to argue that Dick Cheney was anything but smart. The guy was a clever man. They was clever and evil if you dont like them, but you can't just Panem as the Dumb Republic and right that some people do it. George W Bush. He was president for eight years effectively like charity like Gamala. So there was
I want that where he leaned into Emily was John Edwards microphone. When John Edwards brought up his lesbian daughter, I think it was in a debate, and you said you can go f yourself. bringing up my daughter? He knew where the MIKE was that wasn't a hot MIKE Momo that was a bend over and spank moment. This is a man who again you can come in here. Yes, dementia or Alzheimer's, whatever neurodegenerative zizi saint, genuine, unable Jackie I'm asking if people do not making a clangor, like the view with death from vaccines through their words, not our yesterday, former vice President Joe Biden was caught in a hot MIKE, completely unaware, but you know I do. I need to add that part after an exchange with the porters and usually set about Peter Duty We're inflation, stupid,
nice is at least we have nice back in the White House. Remember he does know that. There's a microphone in front of you have any that a podium right with a red light on a camera in a room full of reporters I know, is a hot MIKE. What I'd really what else could we- and he was saying it as I was saying it under his breath- like no unknown rigour, the dumb son of a bitch I got all of that. One so satisfied with himself Iguana kid makes a pope also made a poop way admitting to in the horrible inflamed right up a flag couldn't be worse, greater, absolutely couldn't be worse, but will be saying. Oh Donald Trump was mean at least show buys nice. Here's the thing at least at least Donald Trump. Would hey Hey hailed. Look at me. Look at me, you're dead, set of a bitch,
your package ship s, shame look what I say that don't take it out of context. I mean your mother is a bitch. How, while you're a bitch you come from a line of badge is I hope I have made myself clear. And this guy just shot he's holding up three MIKE's. Yes, let us take a look at this juncture that says Stephanie apple is rich and this guy just stupid son of a bitch. You have issues like this Theseus apiece, easy he's, a piece of shit, I'm sorry, but also muttered it out of the corner of his mouth, by opening his mouth as much as we like the clown. Many yeah flights, a lariat to say, or our acts into this brain stealth are thing into. Doesn't eighty actually tweeted out that he was saying that this is unfit for him as a candidate went around twenty team, but when he was a candidate prior to being elected and twenty sixteen and then
I was present and is even worse, Adams, single guys, you're coming Joe Biden Defence now saying at least he set it right. Like me, nobody I didn't care when trumps, that at the first time- and I don't care the Biden said: hey the rules. At least Joe Biden shoot straight from his broken hit. You you write, thereby anybody who is the president is gonna have some level of ego mania. You note, I mean like it's a really differences as trump Just didn't care, if you saw it right, never do see, is trying to bade him. Do see that it's a lovely that was this like you jerk, and I'm glad you at what he said. It's funny to me because its honest well you're too thing, then the reports of inserting the tough from Vice President Joe Biden called Peter Duty. Apologize term to do some damage control, here's the thing we have for the first one to get our hands on this. We actually have exclusive. We have the call between former Vice President Biden and Fox NEWS.
better to see? You're gonna do found painter speaking ah ah former vice president Cha Cha by my name is Peter. I just said that the thing mother prisoners from afar Croatia should apologise for calling you dumb son of a son of a bitch. It's all right, Joseph Craig reference COM, eyebrows. Rather kids, you know com. If you like again, my name is Peter and I am not calling your browser o o
call me ever mantra. How can come out what you call her, don't formulate report? Ok, then every man Jochen, I please start getting real answers to my press questions. Now that we're afraid I'll take what's behind do number three. Are you listening to me? It come up with bright mother says I gotta go fi. Mr President, I never should have marked out is tat. The world is letting it is a real area with laid knights and know how we keep getting it. Whether would send it to your commission. He does always sleep, though, needs button. He does well look it's just you know it's like when you have a coma after Thanksgiving somebody with Triptych.
And dementia now Alzheimer's. Here's something else here, some drama going on Neil Young, o Neil! You stop. It shut your face. Neil young ETA. Looking I dont like his politics, a guy's, an amazing Qatar player than the guy's, a great musician, but he's also Neil Young ask Spotify to remove his music due to quote false, information about vaccines- and this is NEO Young- who was of course the other part of Crosbie, stills NASH and young and this was referring to Joe Rogan. He was mad that jail Rogan was on Spotify saying this is a promise vaccine misinformation. I guess he's joining the troop of doctors and or people of Phd in philosophy I want to get rid of Joe Rogan, and actually it resulted with he'll young, finally putting his foot down and saying quote: Spotify you can either have Joe Rogan or NEO young jargon career immediately asked like a Spotify, though we don't even know you are still on here. We pick Joe Rogan. I think they responded at the or
or done old man. Look at my wife, I'm a little back go over? It apple or one of the other reputable corporations. That's right! have a hard I've gone through. have a nice all Ka Ree, what he said and I'm gettin all have you get? No, have you it's the way, my nerves, I talk. You have meal young. When I get out, I got stuff that have you tried clear it help get real. That's wrong. Yo Yo nasal troubles, ear nose. He caught it. Is it a catch? Has one good thing about clear? Let's see if it works, I had I'm no try to do both get back where your works, Burma, just so you know: go wash your nose at home, Missus Ashe, sponsor the show I talked about it a long time ago have been using it for a long time. He brush your teeth. You wash your face. Think of all the crap Pierre breathing and you live in New York. Your basic,
inhaling everyone's coffee breath and hobo fights, and you dont clean out your respite. Writer go to clear its acts clears, but with an ex because ingredient Zile at all, com. You can get from Amazon and get over the counter, There are some studies on this and covert. Now. Will you that are published by the way. Just so, you know I'm making a merry like real study like actual studies, actual trials and the beauty of the hazardous clean that your nasal passes in China, where mask investing, there's no reason not to use it. It tells me remember, I said I'd rather I'd rather be crucified upside down than sneeze after mister drawing up a lot, we ve got a lot of my right to do. I gotta say about a month ago no joke. I I had a scientist infections. It turns out there still other diseases over and you gave me that before their even a sponsor- and there were great trouble, I used a ripe of heroin on stage that was all protocol that you had it's. Ok, let's try to do something to help us through this problem with covert and just generals like seasonal stuff, but it was funny because the guy's, was a fan of the showed that the
that's not the show! I'm a guy like you would you would you? Would you like to tell her what use are stuff MC here? Is your stuff? What its own area, can I use your stuff? How do you think you're gonna have a sponsor for free? That's one of about our sponsors of they partner up others, it's great honestly, it I've! I get sick, a lot, less ease it before every Democrat in an airplane here something else, I also use at any time. I go to the scene and green room because Spelter Brain it's a waft and what about he's got a stand? Gassway put it whenever stouter leaves a room. There's a green skelter shaped cloud of where he used to be, and I think now, chlorine and feces yeah like someone tried to, rather than actually cleaning the tolerable, just spritz it with chlorine. So it's a mixed, ya. Now, like air freshener in a cab, we're just smells like poop ate aid too much.
Kandian vomited, aided again yeah. Well, that's! What's this is lunch break up here but as we know that, yes, yes, he asked to do as cotton candy breaks alone is like. I need to have gotten candy until very sick, totally straight I installed yesterday highlighted a school, and these are. This- is a wonderful I children in masks, teacher unmasked and at one point, Brien's dealt or made a visit, but he did a whole package at sea highlighting a school teaching young children specifically not about covered nor math. Now but about condoms on a banana with his mouth out to identify more specifically, Miss information. Does the man in trying to make sense of all of this. As a teenager. Now we got two impostor content, what its impostor mean or let it never be said another.
Israel like he, is not I never said and do anything for you love. It make sure it's his hetero attitude. He doesn't like broad's internal backs and legs and broad They could be sands turtle now write about like before I once and he jobs and to go swimming in the extreme, go take a swim where they had job this one's double its double edged for insulation, for putting up at your house now I like the masks and women s nest. This has been a good. This has been a good two years for me. Damn it it's easier to act on the street and see, but will not all I'm not lady. Fifty percent
of the nazi men, but no man, but in man bodily straight will die. You of my everyone we know is that I, like women, bats step it of Lady Batsy, stop your misinformation and a big breasts. Yes, so sexy I just those Brian elder. I just I just wanna as wanna take those big old voluptuous breast and put it in my hand, bag and take them home with me you're over selling I you're you're a year under selling what you don't you just don't like Brescia than women as much as I do appreciate the goal, just big battle ache. You don't really like bright Walter. You know, I really well. You know I like you, I really like I'm other bride. You know what I like a lot. It's almost my favorite thing is sex with women.
One of the angel on my shoulder says boys by the devil said the man I now and I sometimes at depends on them in so many opponents. Amelia men take a look at my sack arable. I mean meal young, not he's gotta go. I will not do that. I hate they were so much. I like saying it's a hard man, I'm gettin index now get no old keeps saying and with his I've got another late, or no, no, no, no problem of principle for us I, like their old lad, I'm really turned on either boobies like a nice vision of a job
The captain and examining well I've thrown up two decisions arbours stole over my jets of theirs, skilled everyone, certainly taste the rainbow chests getaway. can fly the flag, just don't eat it. You don't think that's it! That's what is part time jobs. As you know, the cotton Kennedy scooped up it is whole stealth or by the feet. Yeah Thirdly, I look like George could stanza, but I love penis, allegedly and well now penis means really ok, so as is also another question every year by life, you're watching on Youtube Swinging, o Brien Shelter smash.
Like by new, like as an attractive woman in a turtleneck, or a slab of trot. We can't leave now Everyone knows that was my first love was, and you can also look comment. Do you think the world is more respected under Donald Trump? Was more respect and untrue, or under former vice President Biden, is a narrative. It goes right, sort of get invited. The narrative, the tub, Barack Obama, was all that smart. I don't. He was dumb ready made it sound like it was a genius right never bought into that constitutional. for those cares. Matic use cares, moderators magic. So a lot of really nice flagrantly lanes. Three shows Bill Clinton before he just one full well, he was always full pervert. Now we just looks like a guy would set out Sedley kids foot locker a map. Are you say you know that an accurate, because I'm a w man, they don't have a clearly established
They don't know, and I wonder why dont know my outlets now This is an area that I have never believed, and I will make the case here we are at significant deficit. Now with former vice President Joe Biden at the semi helm than we were with Donald Trump, and I think again we have a couple years now we had for years really three hundred out what let's be honest, they robbed him of that. That last year, or so before we move on to the specifics as far as international policy, and I think this matter and will but will try and keep him briefer you, because I know your eyes greater Certainly Dave's do take place over like brands delta with exports illustrates Catalonia bar he's. Like I love this year, this is wonderful. Come on get me tat, fan fate end I'll, be a cat s eight, while a watch it as well. Of course, our Putin and global leaders. Here they have no respect for former vice
job. I gave you take my word for it. I want to ask you: did you order? the assassination of the woman who walked to the Congress and who was shot and killed. I policeman, who now that four hundred and fifty individuals were arrested after during the Congress and they didn't go there to steal a laptop. They came with political demands for fifty people have been detained facing there are looking there. There are looking at jail time between two in twenty five years and they came to the Congress with political demands. Isn't that prosecution forward
medical appears just now. I don't like it, but it makes a point is right to look at how we dismisses and he read a body language experts and a com which bind those takes. It shut up, shut up pensions in a dynamic and up, I also listening. There are sometimes the teaching since tens the pay, come and go quietly their questions, from each year that for those watching, yes, I moved my chaired on. I just want to see how it felt down here. What's the point, This is how we were looking. You are buying from a position of weakness, always want to put myself in their shoes. I thought they should move him back
from the table for those who are listening on audio kids tabled for those who are listening there, always as he has it, he's just glued to US of his rider for a very yes kids, able that he can spend like the packages and the full Monti. Now that's where there is a kids tablets for Prince Andrew, yes that that people are listening and audio. That was when they will win that chinese officials, who was that exactly was at that wasn't that was an ambassador I believe have there. funny, I not all ambassadors, look alike, a semblance of Jews when you as you know, the United States are selected from Represent Joe Biden, the audience laughed. Here's the beauty of laughter it's an involuntary response. You can't control it, and you know I didn't have the bill MAR laugh supply side. Now, let's look at different swindle from an vice President Biden, where we are the world's stand here? Ok Trump earned respect because he refused to follow the with a sort of global policy which I addressed yesterday of labour
hedge amounting to some people are saying its liberal hegemony. no, I don't know I've never heard. It said That way, but apparently that's the proper way and we come up with another word that doesn't sound, stupid, ok, globalist, cock agenda, very go right, perfect. I like how to global agenda. One are making humanoid hybrids that one liberal hedge hegemony hedge Armani educated, which also cast a smell, spirited, sumptuous and then you know, invisibility cook e g for their work, and I am here money got up the global idea that you know what we're all one and the same really comes down to this, dear, that the United States is not only superior to other countries, I don't just mean superior because of some type of God given right. That's the Lord bless us Controller Minister period. Since that we have laws. Like the first amendment, the secondment, we have laws that enshrine basic rights that are not granted by government but recognised by government. No one else does
so the liberals dont want to the left, doesn't want to acknowledge the superiority of the United States because they want us all to be the sick. That's why you can't have borders will, but would you need borders for well? You're typically need borders to make sure that you have quality control, to make sure that a country that, provides and affords opportunities that no other country ever in the history of the world has is able to maintain it. Do it with the borders to waive the borders, do it with the opportunities and, let's credit, dependent state, so Donald Trump did not follow this policy. A doctrine. If you want to call it now, let's look about Donald Trump did internet We left the Paris climate, a court left the around nuclear deal. He cut some, U N, funding, which I love him do and summits on climate change and covert. He replaced NAFTA with the. U S, embassy here, Peco, shaded, NATO and twenty? Sixteen only four of twenty nine NATO allies were contributing what they agreed upon the two percent national gdp into NATO by twelve twenty? That number have increased to ten. Just to be clear. Donald Trump said people weren't paying their.
their share and NATO is of no value to the United States. If we're funding security for the rest of the world, that's a toll. First off. That's a totally valid point of view to have ok, it's a valid point of view, also, you should negotiate from a place of power if you're, the greatest country in the world in integrated military superpower in the world. Also there not honouring their word. The other no allies, so you may like that. It's abrasive, but it is absolutely the right thing to do. You know what happens when Russia invades eminent Estonia to us. Nothing so pay your share so that you can be. did right arrive. We we want there not to be a world war, that's kind of our thing in Europe right now, but you're, the guys we're gonna lose your homeland so rightly be stepped up, and this amazing went from says: fair share comes from other places and unbind says. Fair share means that every American should pay more money right. Well only writ rich people, yeah Chordates too well written embody. Anybody makes more than dollar area anybody who
any family who makes more than exactly the prey. This is our yet say they readily quickly see that North Korea fires to cruise missiles fifth launch this year line you didn't set Donald Trump should Ricky Little Bela, Lugosi Muppet, I remember reading a whole lot about that during Donald Jail. I would trunk go over there to. Let him know he's crazy exit back. That's how good practices do not arrive here, as our I don't know where I beg pardon the chinese professor, that we should ban being elected, never laughed is the vice chairman of the scope, international relations at Redmond University in China, renminbi and his name is de dung share. Darwin Macedon shave o with it don't shave distinction, should long era always have cringe, came down, always fresher. Don't shave nice regime also
maybe he's all meet his wife. Madame thing, POW barbarous, all this Sun Gillette the razor burn alone Jake, I'm your via an odd as America, vegetable. What are they? sitting in those trees like that, so I ran during your exactly right. That's a valid point who not only respected president but present trump sorry and have a lot of respect for president by a big reason. He thought down. Tromp was a little bit crazy and you know what that's a good thing, because people on their toes here's, what let go to some other international policy. Donald Trump on China can increase tears from ten percent to twenty five percent. He bends chinese Epps Telecom companies like ha way. Why were you rejected China's territorial claims, the cell China Sea? He passed the test an assurance at five point one
billion dollars and arms sales to Taiwan and twenty twenty alone. He was a first president to take a call from the taiwanese president. China of course hated that he called cover the China virus, which, let's all beyond us, was a pretty penny. move in overall John Siena pretended it didn't exactly in all, while the World Health Organization, I wondered and accept this. the word. We will remember that. That's what I chilling that's added off! What about that? Taiwan, all on an old, can hear you rainbow how come on. Let's move on to the next question I gotta get zoom. Now, let's go service, this two former vice President Biden course. Everyone knows he hasn't been that big, with support on Taiwan's they don't feel is A very secure he's also fallen lockstep with the World Health organisation. Who is basically refuse to acknowledge that Taiwan even exists. He initial. shut down the probe not shut. This is look
This is what bothers me more than any of it shut down the probe into the covered loudly. What does take their word? Why? when people say Donald Trump and his sons girlfriend Kimberly Gopher. Aren't there not handing over all of their what's that private text yeah, but you should a probe into a lab league lab where they could only exists it had it in the main comedians have to point this out to you late by television, not not on our call. It come from Emily praise Autobahn, call they'd, lab trademark don't read the sign, doll, refine knuckle. We need a change sign. Very people get very confused I love her. They immediately pivot to weed bats. What's the big deal, what often got you back yeah.
A bed and a whole here must be so nice of you. So path met the perfect, not bad, no comment for you're not far. We can all be missed. A monk you'll have to Canada soon we for me, I feel this better life than that account sandwich, That is why not only all, but with more death red with kids, a phase kitty. And of course, night she got Katy. Not only did he shut down the covert lab lake, who could forget, friend of the binds tony bubble and ski in late thousand fifteen. I was approached by James Gill, you're still. Why had known for many years, joining him in a deal which he said would involve the Chinese Don't enterprise see see China Energy already called
one of the most prominent families in the United States. I was informed first by Gill and then by Hunter I then, and by Rob Walker who was working with the violence, that the violence wanted to form a new entity will see a c on May thirteen, two thousand seventeen hours the new email concerning allocation of equity, which says ten percent held by age for the big in that email. There is no question that it stands for a hunter big guy for his father, Joe Biden. Ok, really quickly, phrases regular now, on CNN Pfizer begins clinical trials for alma. Crohn's disease vaccine. Will then there's going to get new costumes. I know right what everybody needs to get a new vaccine. What's that? Yes, exactly what the implications are now keep mind. You are going to be removed from this information at one point if you said that vaccines and work against democratic, what's the implication if Pfizer's beginning clinical trials frame from all mccrone, specifically
Well, I would say- and this is of course high pathetically. Yes, perhaps the vaccine does not protect against all mccrone and also the huge it'll be human trials that are forced on you through late night television. I think you have an hour had very great pretty much. I prefer to go with her clear analytical but now you can you that if you get the underground vaccine, whatever other vaccine is necessary. So no it's and it's a vaccine where you still got the virus and makes perfect sense. Yes, it's a vaccine where you still got the virus, you can still transmit the virus and you know why we have polio Ike. I tell you what whoever is the salesman for these vaccines? At this point I mean he deserves just The money salesmen of the year works job, that's got to be credible,
difficult has broadened Joe Biden. They just trodden back out he's right yeah by the way. If you get this fact seeing we can we open economy of acts that you know I M united as you and what they just ok. They just change the definition of immunization. Okay, so look. If you get the vaccine, it'll protect against and it doesn't not anymore diplomats, and you can still get it and you can can they transmit it? Yeah yeah that can you can still transmitted, but you're not going to end up in a hospital or what, with the lights on the current there's a ok look at that rate of getting into the hospital or death with the vaccine without it is about the same, and you can both what you do. You know what I've been courage if I quit where will vaccinated celebrities be hospitalized with it, but still be on a camera telling you to get the vaccine? Well good? The idea, as is some other we'd have like a record number of fit soccer players around the world. Just dropping and matches knob hollow. How does a vaccine effect gay athletes within its more so the AIDS
it's ok! Well, it's different different thing, rang reliable far. Alright, I am already affected, might be home instead of comedian. That's the real tragedy. Let's go, let's contrast now, President Trump with four must present Joe Biden on North Korea because we just talked about missiles being launched. Like it's a fourth of July this year there was a nuclear long range missile moratorium when Donald Trump was president and two thousand eighteen, if you guys don't member trump met with Kim's Rangoon and Singapore, the first meeting ever between the United States and the north korean leader, look a lot of people gave him crap just to be clear. Donald Trump. They were saying, oh he's, being he's being too nice to unlock he's getting everybody. He called him little rocket man just to be clear. Yes, North Korea return and the remains of fallen? U S, soldiers which was a big deal now here's the thing in two thousand nineteen. He became the first sitting president ever to enter North Korea. People freaked now by the way, where's code pink.
when we are President Trump right, he was trying to avoid any kind of war conflict with North Korea, member code, pink member, with no war, no sending our people to work. We will never find in recent times simply all of american history. A more anti war present. Here's the thing you can only you can Negotiate from that position. If you are willing to go towards the end of it, but you have to exert exhaust all other possibilities. What Donald Trump do doll This is the same criticism, that's been lodged against them and its true is well downtown, good you years best friend tell you you know you insult them and then all of a sudden years, worst enemy and that's true and I think that's childish. However, it was the same thing with international negotiations with Kim Jong on he would be nice you'd want to keep it peaceful, but we have peaceful negotiations and if he didn't get what he wanted, he had
Iron rod and yet wasn't afraid to use it, and you can see the behaviour from foreign leaders. We can't just place emphasis on words, though I would say the words coming out of the situation of pretty bad. Actions matter and then all the actions of our sitting leaders, but the actions of the leaders who follow them yet up when it was hot. to have a business man, somebody who understood that when your negotiating it's best to do it from a position of strength right and right now, we're doing it from a position of weakness were apologizing for everything. In saying I don't know, maybe you guys know better than we do right if you're going to go to negotiate in these situations, especially with madman around the world, isolation hasn't work. You have to go over from like look, we can be and right we can be enemies across trust me. You want us to be friends. How do you trust a presidency where your first move is to sign everything back over to the people write that way?
have an issue with one idea makes it literally all the pipeline, that's going through your country, but put the one in place. It's going through the person who soldiers to everything that was done. That seem to be correct, in which no one cares about it's all. That guy was mean yeah, exactly any could make an orange yet but MRS Gill, exactly you're exactly reaches its eye or the fact that he went golfing while he wasn't taking a salary. Meanwhile, Es guys, like you, took it any donated it to another department. I don't aided in one year's president more than former Vice President Biden has his entire if he's at least share to a politician who exist it we're and on top of it there they complain about how he would you know any vacation trumped up, which was very little other than golfing. Look at how many vacations whiteness. Can it has even count when he's just sleeping afternoon? Nap fell at the heart of a day's, blew the Brenda gathered here. That is still alive our actually. What does he wait for a day? Forty three minutes. I can't believe it's still today. So here's the thing
I'll trumpets. Is here's the difference? K, Donald Trump is a president who you didn't want to count to three died, I counted to three many times, and you know that it has no teeth, K, Donald Trump, very nice at four. First and then you knew where he had his limit former vice president binding postures meet with these leaders. These pay, these people are tired, doesn't meet with them, but then and actually do something when they act up now don't necessarily know what Donald Trump would have done if they acted up because they didn't under his watch, keep in mind trump left, no doubt as to who was in charge when he met with Kim Jong Lugosi getting a good picture everybody. So we were nice and handsome and thin and use of yours Have you seen him now fact, shaming works? Look he inspired
people to become better love, nice and then It looks override points, rather they were, but that one must not. One was for me if I was a fool thing that one hurt Joe Biden has actually carbons mom like everybody is abusing them and she tries to threatened, but you just gives you didn't do anything, but here's what all these years would also matters is. You know it was a first present to step up North Korea. Donald Trump went over and he had terms and they were known negotiable. If North Korea didn't do new, clear eyes, no deal any left, no deal just to be clear and he left deal, so he was nice up until the hour. I know deal, look a little racket, man look a little, combined with his fat baby, face I loved you and oranges, the new black yeah. He really it lets. You must weep
is from its exact. I guarantee you that out of, can you imagine doing that to a dictator and then calling it a bad president's. Can you imagine the interpreter who had to break it to em? So the yeah well with it MR deleted, I'm here with your interpretation of transport without Donald Trump why you say I'm supreme not not exaggerate. What do you say that have giant pepper? No call you, I believe, a word bigger bone hoagie well, you're gonna die. Yes, it's EL the messenger meeting. I haven't written in my day, planner gear, and our meeting you? I do all you say you do. Is you raised live now
Does your face looks good. You offers a good, not what I half moon on a presidents own, look great good faith, very useful and some let's compared to bind with North Korea or cable you saw that I have fade, is the only eleven just you just saw it right now, they're launching more missiles that their fifth test that we that is our Lyra night this year and a half year. I Cameroon is year, who cares the point as its more by what we would call John, it's wonderful your by now. You want to be with me down. He hit me where I heard I was so looking forward to seeing the meeting nothing scarier than the idea of practice missiles there still missiles. Yes,
that's called a warm up. What the messenger to worry, just a practice stabbing remains. What do you say now? Give me a great honor took practices, Ok, I know them practice a shoe to firmly bags under it progress made you could I got my brokering and go driving? Is convertible on crowded freeway? Now, let's look at Trump and the Middle EAST kind of a big one sign for major peace deal a main Israel and Arab states unprecedented bitch. move the embassy to Jerusalem. He killed many Anti killed a albert, you have not enabled them out that God he was the guy who was just torso left that was extremely pretty much all bag whose well, let's listen to Donald Trump, describe it exact again. Guy who didn't want war, a guy who said that it was a mistake to go into the Middle EAST, but then scorched earth furious. I was a great night for the United States and for the world, a brute,
Killer, one who has caused so much hardship and death has vial Thirdly, been eliminated. regarding the harm another innocent man, woman or child. He died like a dog you guys like power in the world, is now a much safer place He was sick and depraved man, and now he's gone Are you a vicious? We would praise and violet and he died in a vicious and vial. Howard running and crying did I. In that I had the looks gives me I had the body transported here because I needed a place to put my shit to take my shit. Those Baghdad is good,
That's what it due to the fact that he is not dress like Josie, Wales is like he's like. We didn't just kill somebody. We violently ways you I literally gar. We could have eliminated him, none violently, but I should know I want to use I I am to be like a debt and not just like a dog with the cage in a place like fancied, I met a girl like a stricter. In Afghanistan. Let's be clear now, let's compare that and by the way he destroyed ISIS here that two former president. Of course it does tenure former vice president, Joe by his words was moving too slowly, but the following: is galvanise the iraqi government. So what they did steps I ordered last month were speeding up training of Eisel forces, including volunteers from Sunni Tribes, in on problems. Membranous Schiller trying to make. I saw a thing,
Oh, I don't know lots of letters. Eisele sounded better now I souls also when we look at the international policy what did Joe by what caused the crisis in Iraq and Afghanistan. We all know that you'll have the Taliban to take over. He left them weapons and helicopters. Well, in pilots of cash yeah, that you know it's, it's. Ok, it's just or tax. One is just how its I return. We had upon whole just remember, there's pellets of catch and gave it up, and by that you have to take my word for Do you know how we know they didn't have helicopters until Biden, screwed up just watch the first flight so doing like the guy with a rocket launchers, the gym at the embassy? It's just now. I call down after black hawk tunnel I'm getting the hang of it. These are hard
No, I thought that was more like you know it, but it's more of a general scope really well, let me just make the most of it the building- but I got I was just like you know what we shall do. We should pull out right now why it just the worst time. Yes, citing that the best time to pull is what we should it. Nothing else I have parents thinks well, or just want to get on the plane. I too handsome Allama, no military player. popular hang around the sides as they take off. That's beautiful guys fly come, I look. He got to play if I got the people flying from a way as to fly. Gonna beers, birds, Here's that's! Let's compare also to hear a little closer to home Trump on Mexico. What do you do? We threaten to impose a tariff to make him stop sending their immigrants over the Romanian Mexico policy which, by reinstated Donald anyway. The whole thing is: you can just etiquette to even look at Barack Obama and then you can look at reversals with Donald Trump and then you can look at where we're headed again with former vice President Joe Biden in two thousand seventeen had under three hundred three thousand border crossings. That was the lowest since nine.
Team. Seventy one! Let us compare the results with former vice premier, Joe Biden Record High of a hundred and twenty two thousand unaccompanied kids in custody. There are record high one point: seven million border apprehensions and two thousand twenty one not only that its visit. These are the results and you say: ok, Mulholland! Second, maybe you know the road to Hell is paved with good and good intentions are not. Let's listen to President Kemal Harris say that ass. Amnesty is expected. as early as now european you took outlined a period of all steps on immigration. So can you tell us whether you ve accomplished some of those administration of gold, and here you see yourself this shirt bored with immigration expectations, so it was.
Things we did isn't a ministerial meeting, which is to send a bill up to Congress for immigration reform for pathway to citizenship. We feel very strongly about this. Why my mask will show it all Kaliko near you know. That does basically says open season. then all you gotta do is get here. If you get here, we're gonna do amnesty, no Biggie and here's the thing. There's there's nefarious activity right. You can look at a malicious intent and when I say malicious, let me just be clear. I mean militia intent for you, the american taxpayer, and when I say Makin, taxpayer alchemy naturalised. Citizens also mean legal immigrants just to be clear. My mom is one of them, malicious intent for you. You already here they're going to buy your votes. And then there's just you know unintended consequences. For example, I dont think they meant to put a record number of children in It is. This is probably the most important moment that the media wishes they could sweep under the rug from the presidential debates about those cages that were broadcast across
all of legitimate media as though they were created. President Donald Trump and Present Donald Trump, just like in dealing with a foreign minister, made sure that correctly the record Ok! Just here. Let's talk about low wages, one question who built the cages? I'd love you to ask of the who, the carriage you. Let me ask who built the categories particularly? Do let me ask about your immigration, however, decay gesture. Let's talk about us. Look when here's: what comes down to win the world respects and fears the United States Kay the world is better off. but you can either have a united behind the United States in control, have them being a position of how can I don't mean policing the rest of the world, but we are the world's greatest superpower or that voice can be filled by someone else. You ve seen this threat. history. Usually the void is filled by someone who's more blood thirsty. Who is more power hungry? so. This is important to note. Look. People want to say that the left is more compassionate, but oh, the
in other words, when I was a young, I think it was a Churchill quote right if you're young and you Not a liberal. You have no heart of your old and you're, not concern you have no brain. I disagree. I didn't maybe at one time when the United States was newer, and this was an experiment and free enterprise with something that hadn't really been tried before how, When you look at the results and again all references of able letter of Canada come every single reference. I've, given you, you can click the link in the description, but, alas, was credited, can we make them publicly available to today's references could be as long as a novel, you're, probably looking at hundreds of pages to read just to be clear, and I hope that you spend some time with them. The results speak for themselves. And I think you're lying to yourself line to yourself and, more importantly, the people at the top with access to these results. Just like President Obama never believed that women made seventy seven cents on the dollar because he has access to being the people in prison, of power. No, inflation is bad. The people in positions of or the genocide of the world. The former vice President Biden
the Kemal hairs. They know that no new jobs have been added since two thousand nineteen and they know that their immigration policies have been catastrophic for the union it states and that it is. Kind of policies that built the cages. Let's contrast that what's more empathetic, what's more humanitarian to build a wall so that you don't have to put people in cages or to have a policy that requires cages. That's what I've I think it's more empathetic, I think it's more compassionate to build walls was not cages. How about that was not cage. Went cages K eight years wall for years and now we're back decades. As you know it, let's put that democratic shop that can make a shirt walls. cages Youtube. If you don't like this, I don't care everyone else. You can leave a comment, smash that, like button. Thank you rumble. We're gonna go play. Marvellous, maybe titles on my club, you to piss off, I met
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