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Who is dividing America more: Trump or Biden? The truth will … most likely not surprise you, because we all know Joe Biden sucks at life. Also, IKEA’s Juneteeth celebration is offending certain people, and a pop star wants the American flag to be more woke. All while we conclude Cultural Appropriation Month with our salute to the People’s Republic of California. #Biden #Trump #IKEA

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Are you just you just going to hit skip and not hear what I had to say? I know it was just. It was horrible because I have something really cool to say, really cool to say. Honestly, if you're still here and haven't hit, skip, a marvel and the jokes on you, I don't have anything to say. enjoy the show and don't feel too bad about it. I trick alot of people louder with crowd or is brought to you in part. John, you look better, but, more importantly, you must go with a new problem.
God is refreshing today, a little lime seltzer. What an early had my coffee at just a you know: it's it's almost a little effervescent, just like you. It's really nice carbonated milk, the! What's? What do I make it myself like it unclear?
something like that, and I have no idea what we have a lot to get. Do today, I'm really excited so one thing that people in talking about quite a bit you allowed divisive trump was I've heard divisive. I don't like it legally binding- is far worse and allowed the case as to. Why will also be talking about what the Prime minister and president of the Philippines engine like vaccines, but vexing along with the american flag today in its history, because May He gray apparently needed some press, but I'm gonna be a lot of fun General DUMBO. She had. boy, green goblin missed an opportunity at last. I'll get J, Maisie Grey. This all willing to follow is it's like of Christopher Walken, where those dinosaurs seduce you. You begin in this area boxing water- it's like, if you didn't add the water fees he's a visa crusher workers would Putnam meet dehydrated. Yet
I'd, say about show me with a hammer of unjust and wanted. We gotta get me reality Olga and then, like a sun, dried on like a raising. Yes, I don't even runners in more moving. Without doubt, we got started used when we're elephant raisins aright GMO. Can Junior Gerald? How are you say? Well, how are you, sir, I'm doing not pretty well good, I'm doing pretty well how or why court it won't. You know what I just said: I'm clearing up the nasal thing, ok good, which is nice himself, so coughing I've been on blood, but baby steps quarterback, offended that you said Christopher walking in that you did well to foe I'd nice as buttering grinned goblin, you and I said well, if I was a green goblin area within which Christine that has nothing to do with it. Neither one of em are your people pay more tribal to miss the point where there is a pretty good dj. What is it slim video? I forget that true. We have Arafat employs little boys Lamb that voice limits biology, directed it Dave Land. I was here and you could show coming up. I gotta do I got a couple. Oh look at home. I
Hungary elixir about, but I'm starving and Miss Baker. Snakes, I'm sorry, I get off try boy how my hurting myself with this this we getting see, member from New York, ghosts of dates and when I went Columbus, Ohio coming up and Minnesota against their Buffalo might have. The first socialist mayor is a true gets true, true happening right now and she looks about exact picture in your minds. I rang ok, what a socialist mayor like a correct, really. I am feeling the US so here before we get to anything else. What you're talking about unseen and other Toma highlights a violation of human rights to require identification. Frowning, you know in the United States, for trying to entice people with doughnuts with life Greece to get a vaccine, because you know freedom. and in the Philippines, though, their president hot arrigo do territory don't I'm saying I correctly, but I don't care about its largely irrelevant country many. yeah and stick fighting Elsie. I got a stick things he has to
in a different tack, and I will I hate it because satellite internet abuse of rights, but I love it because we host an entertainment programme maybe maybe they'll, but above all by all or popular logos, cylinder how so say you're young sealed agenda says on China. Released jails are filled, thirty thousand elegant police are lazy and cleaning had done bow and unborn he's on that is where you'll be of a border. Otherwise everything we got all the butter wake up. They still have entirely of the people says you will get vaccinated. Otherwise I will order tally of people who have not vaccinated burgundy. I will not checked them without reacting bridges intended for pigs. not I will there is enough No emergency. I am more of a coordinating body still get there, but am Buckler no getting
We now have you arrested, sent to prison and I'll inject the vaccine. In your pride of how I love how the president of the Philippines is just immediately admitting the corruption and the lobby andred area of that here. We complain about the prison industrial complex will again there stand there too long as in for our guard, don't do work, they don't show up. There's rape, it's very unclean wanna go it's really punishment. We say airy referring terrible. We they have no stand. We have no end of the top. I mean really needs governs. This was like. Well, that's one way to get. You know the job done and make sure people kit vaccinated. What can we do to hear? I press cell door just closed behind. You know big. I send in their like yeah vaccine. vaccine you be, but I think you should get down on your knees. This seems unfair I'll start, which you So by the way you ve got a crash up that come. If you support this shit, look freeze, matter hurt and the best way to do this. Life shall Monday to Thursday at ten a m.
stern. Our final show before the break before I go to justify open for surgery. Early July is going to be tomorrow, but we will I think, like five episodes of pre tape, kind memory unchanged reminds going up and you seen doctrine when Riviera. Yes, the latter are they going to be. It's gonna be Thursday tomorrow and that's going to be California for Cultural appropriation month, because it's absolutely should not be a part of the United States. I thought out broke off and simply the ocean shit. Now I didn't, whereas you can cornelius when you need em, I watch twenty twelve at my axe. Pick him up nothing burning but surrounded by water. That won't put it out. You can't just leave me Napa. I just I'll. Take that yeah well, yeah you can hear you can take Napa Wholesome Street fair, you gotta get back and you want to be,
well most powerful genie, everything that comes with it. You get the fulsome street. I don't want. You ask us to fight a lot, a soccer moms for that for a lot of novelty, tee shirts, its wine o clock. I ate fruit for dinner. I drank a glass of wine, don't talk to me until it had my two glasses of wine and finally, my favorite justice shirt for four zoloft. I'm questioning my business that's so this morning on CNN. This is something tat I want to do. A lot of people get this wrong when they talk about, they cancel culture and a trend, changes to accountability, culture, here's what the term cancel culture of talk about this It's not just when someone says something that turns their audience off for a pervert example that there could be no cancel culture with comedians There is a saying that a Louis UK, someone like a billboard it doesn't because the audience comes to see to cancel cultures. When you have people in disproportionate positions of power who right to force someone out of the limelight because they hold an opinion
that isn't even necessarily Congress with the rest of the public. That's the thing: that's! What cancel culture is it's not accountability. When the people CNN Msnbc are the ones trying to get someone cancelled and they happen to be effective or you to Facebook, Twitter, so cuban they were talking about just. I think I think, as young as its Jeffrey one hand clapping to them so this morning and perfected it set that's our most esteem commentator, analyzes civilization such cut, his feed cut it the analyzes situate, but can analyze what to do during a phone call zoom car Thou Jerry said earlier this morning on seeing their tom I leaned. Meanwhile Miranda you know he's a guy create Hamilton and in the heights. I guess is this new film adapt to have its adapted from play So what happened is there were some outrage, and I think this is silly that there weren't enough afro, Dominicans,
that that Black Dominican in America, in this neighbourhood and they're talking about that? who, by the way, like a bright seller, I was sure was gay. Until I found a show tunas. Hearings have now he's just used he's just who he be whole lot of you. I think Lynn Manuel Miranda is not what he be, but it do and they were talking about in response to the people who outrage of him not having enough black Dominicans in in the height, and this is an actual, a serious discussion that took place America's most trusted news, unsustainable, speeches on the line, you're not allowed to say anything, but not at all levels of hot ensure people are able to speak their Meyer and say what they believe in question is how is the marketplace going to respond exiles? Your? hence goin response in the specific case of in the analysing What more? Do you want right? You may the founding fathers black and that people are still giving your hard time, the neighborhood
it is about which is about half a mile from where I live in. Harlem is majority Afro Dominicans, so imagine making a movie about Greenwich Connecticut with no white actors. People would say make that makes sense or making a player the founding fathers with no way back. If he did it made a play? What the founding fathers, black and they're, not a black people- dominican neighbour every like having a play that should be about why people, historically with no white people, did cellphone much. Also I'd love to hear the Funchal yeah. Every huts Hollywood, it's all White Flynn, Connecticut alarmingly, sounds very internet. There's! No! There's no lesbian couple adopting a child, hello, hello, hello, hello! They keep hanging up. Have you see Britain has hyper online. Twelve Brigida has black Queen beauty in the beast, has black people in positions of power at a time when that did not happen in England and by the way I dont really here I mean I think the wrapping is already crappy
again when there you know their their standard bearers too costly, six, nine. I don't understand region as a whole, lot about him up that beings. bars. Look I don't know if I let you know, that's not music. Now, it's not it's not always not music. It's a butter, soft bitch who snatched and got out of as in due to his asthma and covert role. That line may act in our day. You did your time and shook night dangled you from a third storey: balcony: ok, better cash, those into tunnels, royalty checks. We know how it works. It's not a world that respect its, not a generation. I respect and you can comment if it irritates you and if you don't like that, I'd go to bed boys records. Herself life after death, goin on death row This is funny to me that she didn't understand. Reba, say something I just. I couldn't believe as I watch this live on so glad we added this to show this morning, because I wonder if we were watching it level, I was watching it. Yes, we're going to Heaven. Macao mom look at their Christmas tramp pretty much so I would hate yeah. So what does hate this in Essex like, of course yet locally Shiela Nature, like ok, fine fear, prove my point for me
What have you say something controversial go one. Not one of the EU is going to say anything remotely controversial and it's not just you made a great point: its gatekeepers Thea, it people saying you can't say this. Not audience not advertisers it. It's it's also disproportionate on your opinion, you say her the things of your democratic, really terrible things about Republicans, although on this isn't that terrible it I'm going to show you the next to this is again what we're talking about, appeasing or trying to oppose guys to the mob. Now I've always said your words: don't define you, your actions, define you and, generally speaking your words. The way you speak to your care yourself is a reflection of your character, as are your actions. They should be relatively in line with each other. However, we see this on CNN and S cup, which relate to the wall. and of our oh, you know like I was. I was they republic in on what nothing nothing ever but take my word. I have credibility. I dont want Donald Trump and I would they were publicly and really what to do. I don't know
anyway, she's the white equivalent, where she just claims she was republican dines. I doubt that for years and they actually show you that it does. No matter what you do, if you ve said naughty words, but Del forgive violent Phil loneliest actions? If you have the right political persuasion or skin color, this next clip I'll, take no gifts and Michael Vick bloom on but not really. A question is: who is your audience and our? U smart enough to know and figure that out who is now gives an audience while everyone brave our ambition, we end up in a bad management and now, when have people done enough to redeem themselves- and I think that's a very real question is: when is somebody worthy of forgiveness? You take some one, for example, like Michael Vick did something terrible was convicted, pay the cost for that served his time. and then came out into the tremendous amount of work in supporting animal rights, and when you speak to me
most community? They say no. We thought this was ok, ok, so here's the deal MEL Gibson said bad words, while drunk. Yet no one. So you didn't say bad things. Well, drunk most hilarious voice, mail server, coronary fine, he called them sugar tits, who was a God. How is that might not hysterical, but I understand holocaust denial, bad, I get it. I'm not absolving of that. However, bad words Drunk, they are saying, is more impermissible than a man who drowned and electrocuted dogs or live while come up and made about that for a second Oh you, why do you think Michael Vick can be forgiven and they try who watches male gets and, like everyone, ok, he's done some of the biggest films of all too I it does mean even love them all right, but he is Monumentally successful filmmaker yoga- is wanted him out he's not,
you guys for some reason allowed, Michael that we back and integration. I dont and I dont know if you agree with this, what do you think is worse, anti semitic tirades when calling drunkenly your goal. Digging girlfriend and offer your one more chance minded or or kill drowned electric shooting strangling dogs alive, who want nothing more than to be loyalty and you'll. Let me, and by the way, Michael Vick didn't walk up to the police station and say officer like you didn't come out and say I am doing this. Please forgive me. He said oh crap, I got caught now I need to do something to rehab my image. Now he may be. Genuine court ordered redemption. You hold on exactly so that it makes its. It makes a difference. You didn't turn yourself in right. You actually get caught and were like our crap, analyse our yet you're. Sorry, you got caught. Look I think redemption is reduction, is horrible, as that is your aloud change your life right. I really do think that ignited think in insane with Miss Gibson. I also
I dont know what work, though his Michael Vick for doing with all the animal he threw summer. He threw some spray paint on people coming out of a tv max and forgot: that's exactly a hint. He volunteered a kill, shelter boiling gonna. Do it anyway might have we'll get paid communities it's already right Dave like you can be redeemed, and I am not saying that at all. I'm just saying that is that this is the pattern for the left it somebody who gets caught like Jimmy Kimmel didn't go in and say guys look up into an blacklist for long term, and I'm really sorry about it. Somebody put the video back out there and he's like a crap after respond. This right is also different situation. Right totally. Respondents, I'm sorry, I mean it. I definitely believe that yeah, but it's not like these people were not there and didn't on their own accord. Saint gosh, I just do it and I think that is very clear that the left will forgive violent action Perhaps you think if I do you think of a white male conservative was burning
dogs alive electrocuted dogs life, so I dont want. I dont have a hyperbolic. Do you think that they would be forgiven? Maybe cats terrible, I'm kid I love, and now I like animals more than people. Yet, if you really want to you Madam aims, I still enjoy good, get Miss Gibson winners. They would sooner Father, they would sooner forgive the man who kills his dog worse than the one who names his dog Himmler. What it meant you shouldn't: do either Stu. I learn that with little Mr Goebbels, I learned at my laptop, Mister Gibson is insane, though, and that's why I enjoy them. Yes, that simple, Everyone knows that ran recent you'll have no saw have no show, but then he tries to save face because he's drunk in creating this. But I will give you much like that's. It you're a killer, but here
we can. We go. Ghana sells a slice, that giant or I do she promised hot tub festivities right and live up to eight, and then God, man, the main piastres Rodya. What you gonna do he came home is MEL Gibson right come on, come on you're, so that our story IKEA, is now under fire for creating this Look. I don't think it's that bad, but they should have to grant coming the sparrow. Creating an african American seemed menu, seen forces, and this was sent out to some workers and land for my key it later to honour the purse, or at least the Atlantic placement, to honour the perseverance of of to honour the person you're in a black Americans and acknowledge the progress to be made. We observed unity, Saturday June June nineteen point and then its as we look at our special menu on Saturday, which will include fragile watermelon, MAC and cheese, potato salad, collar dreams, candied yams in white hood
so the bureau, the Blue, galleys were outraged, calling it racist and demeaning which love getting lariats. What on death? That being said, I created apologize and for the remainder, fragments they'll continue Suva serving that regularly scheduled fair, so yeah they're gonna get it's just a swedish meatball. Yet just a swedish chef demanding in densely dirty margin, don't move as during a giant dron slippage. Leer budgetary reassure building restrictive cinnamon roles, guys come on fairness, that many looks delicious training some races, some races food going gardeners raises Gazelle, don't know that's what I had on Saturday and Sunday, fathers day. I love it we had watermelon it's in season now, if in the middle of February, are seeking out some watermelons nothin like perpetuate
original stereotypes. And what you do you? You got a problem. I love February Melloni us now so closed by the way? Happy birthday right now that this is something else before we get to the different policies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden again, I will argue that Joe Biden has divided America. More than any president, in record time, I understand that in the journal, Tromp was not divisive, but for two very different reasons. But right now I do want to honour someone. I was observing Clarence Thomas relative injustice, Clarence Thomas here. Is it he by the way for people who don't know he's the guy who made that guy Andrew Bright bore a conservative and Europe Bert tuned in to try and watch this guy, get read the Riot ACT and watches core, and then he said they are lynching. This guy, you can go and read a book. The trial outlines Thomas specifically Biden. Treatment of em is what led to Andrew bright part, becoming a conservative but I believe we have oh yeah. This is this is a classic clip of of Clarence. was obliterating former vice President Joe Biden
is a case in which the sleaze this dark search for by staffers of members, This committee was then leaked to the medium and this committee and this body validated and displayed prime time over our entire nation. This is a circus, so national disgrace, and from my standpoint as a black American. As far as I am concerned, it is a high tech lunching for operating blacks, who in any way deign to think for themselves quote we are we have a nigger Mary. We don't need any more nigger big shots needed here net. Now I just wanted to to show you the timeline, because it's not like you learn from it.
What is the side by side, so quiet today, Dave five hundred yeah time allotted alone, you're, taking me to push that hardly on their own merits. We'll get you something, and I understand he was quoting some analysing the inward. I think you said the inward suddenly. Sixty nine and this on a few. What is it you think? What about again just playing by their own rules? They should be cancelled Yeltsin and the honest otherwise requiring that is I don't. I don't remember that speech that he gave run by an anomaly that was confirmation hearing. Yet I have remembered happening now, but I was just kind of taken back by for a minute. I forgot how completely rule that was. Yes, net so it was put. It just shows you how times of change if he said anything close to that I mean I'm not accidentally like you did in the click that we have him here than you would see like cancelled immediately right. I think Papa Johns Guy
He was quoting somebody. There was another. I sent him while he was quoting somebody else and saying that it was bad any exact, easily hey. This is, I think, don't say this word until I removed I hate when people ask me whenever quota anybody sang the inward have, of course, I've ever say. I've ever seen some of the guests we ve had on the show I like they have had to address of the things that they ve said. Twenty thirty forty times I just like the one. You see somebody in a position of power like that word. Reading the Edward Ass, they feel good, they they. Why do vodka? And that's what you see? I I find that, Sir, We already know that that oh look, I'm going to say in Zaire, somebody just someone get my highlight. Aren't you know what make I why I wanted to be the pink blue and yellow one? I really want to make this just a party on my page.
You feel that when somebody is doing that deliberately right young able to sick ass, he could have easily said and word is trying to get arise out of absolute and piano. Remember the the witch hunt that it was they tried to bring at every negative stereotypically hours. Oh, he went to this porn shop, which turned out wasn't even a porn site where he could have been when he lived, I believe in DC. At that time they brought out. These are the worst sing that Clarence Thomas did just to be clear for people out there who don't know just like some people are familiar with eight Macy Grave out with Genji is he said hey who put who, whose pubic hairs on this diet? Coke can not just makes me want to party with Clarence, yes hilarious, you tell me, do you want you want to go to a canker with clans, Thomas or Sonya Soda, my or that's a good time. While it would be offended about she started investigation as to who shorten curly was honours EMA upon here we are thirty years later. That would be very about a scandalous as a parking ticket right. You would think so, but now
I want to move onto this really quickly. This is this is something we ve heard this a lot right, America. More divided than ever before. Now, because of Joe Biden and buy them you're taking hit the notification bell, because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot that has hit that Ding intellectual mandated Thursday tenant I think that it is so woefully misguided, and I understand its by design with the media. Look Be it from me to argue that Donald Trump cheaper, restless legs, and can you stop shaken your foot? Why? Because you? cause! It's like it's like it's like you, be lifting up your knee and showing the mild and its causes. Or to severe plaques arises. I keep getting his leg. I feel like he's trying to set your morning ETA, one hundred armed, spread Eagle. You honestly. I am more But what does that say about me? You wait a minute I like it lost, so they tried. Are you done Charles divisive, present ever and would say GEO binds more divisive, but for two very, very different reasons. Donald Trump was divisive here,
the reason why in this is just my opinion and then I'll, try and substantiated all the links are available. Let us cut it outcome. A single president before I should say certain every single democratic president before Donald Trump? You can go back to the Bush years in member how they treated him. But at that point still had some semblance of attempting to appear objective. But of course we know that they weren't We had eight years of Barack Obama. Where was nothing but fawning over the president and, of course This point new media started to emerge. Legacy media tried to silence the media. We saw that happening right. We thought hey you to Facebook, Twitter, there, no more gatekeepers, and then these huge corporation spent ton money to silence? Voices like yours, truly men if you out there, Donald Trump was divisive because he was pointing out what we all knew for a long time but to many people were afraid to say, including Republicans. The media was dishonest and that the left were liars, that they were biased, that they weren't they. not well intentioned and they were lying about it. So Donald Trump created a divide in pointing that out
Joe Biden, is divisive precisely because he's one of those liars exactly and I dont think buying would be divisive today had it not been pointed out another if we went from Barack Obama Joe Biden a lot of Americans right. How many honest question comment below I used to about this, when the show us indicator and radio before down tromp was ever present, and I said there are a lot of people, their who think that, seen in his my God objected journalism and they believed that they believed it until Donald Trump. That's what don't go after MSNBC, because at least their honest about where they stand CNN was exposed, We see NBC Cbs, New York Times institutions and the left think that's thanks. That's a bad thing that people have have lost their trust in american institutions. Jimmy Walpole ensure demeans notes, absolutely demean, Brien's delta. Ok, now, and tries to come back and act as though this is business as usual, and there are lots of people don't why he's permanent, so Donald Trump Divisive, because he pointed out the lie. Joe Biden is divisive because now he's a part of
The lie in no one believes the lie anymore. Absolutely so when, when you have drunk coming any basically understood a principle, you dont sacrifice the truth for you doesn't always get everything right, but unity was not his goal doing what was right in most of these situations with its policies and what he would say about the media that was important and unifying people. You had to point out the hypocrisy threat out really quickly. Let me point out just a trying to prove my point. I want you to see how the media treated Donald Trump versus job. I know you hear people. Planning about it a lot, but I actually want you to believe you eyes and liners here's some of the greatest threats from the objective journalists as it relates to die from packing us. Can you give us a question not? Mr President, like president, since you are attacking Youth Organization man, can you give us a cheer organisers? You're fucking our news organization, you guess it and she asked me a question circa, sir guys they must present a like going. you stay candidate, we're getting question no personal like? Can you give us don't be reminding us? Can you give us a question? Be
Does anyone here? I'm not gonna give you unless you stay you are fake dues, CNN spake lose out. Thirdly, and undertake weightings from seeing things she and enters fake news. I don't take questions from but I'm having a good. They will say. Donald Rob, Branson raves at the press, renting and raving I'm just telling you didn't you dishonest people, little more. What do you think's Peter should I have? Let him have a limited, must sit down. So man, I've missed the guy. You know about their feet, a fake news. Who do you mean you? You knew you, let's bed, you wave wow I can't possibly have an office has become now. I know now compare this to form of expression.
Joe Biden and how the press treats the questions. As usual folks, they gave me a list of the people, I'm going to call. there must be nice Jonathan Associated Press, a perception of you. They got you elected as a moral decent man is The reason why a lot of immigrants are committed, perceptive with one hundred percent of Amerika how to resolve that tension, over the years over your career, you ve already spent a great deal of time at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue. And now you're living there and your president has been forward What's it like that? We talk a chocolate chip. Each has discovered higher. Would you mind away is also how Joe Biden would react if he saw fire. You have a flint and a red hot. What's that what's that device,
creates the magical he its zippo. Ah, what will we do that then we can also laid him out for the next seventy two: did it take a nap this is this is this is turned back into liquids as a solid now turns into got the sofa. Locating pocket gather what I thought was bad with Barack Obama right. The media gave him a huge pass right. Didn't do a whole lot of digging when he was running for president. Didn't do whole lot when he started to begin to do his policies do you think that we are about it's gotten worse under by what it's gotten worse, because at least Barack Obama had charisma, an idea that we need to get it on raising charisma, but now they have to make up for that also so another Brok Emma Bomber, they would build. Ask him a question, I dunno about policy and he could shut I've which, by the way people should know out there, they tried to use european of being racist and now releasing the assault black commentator saying that kinda someone's owns was checking in jiving and as it is known,
I could shucking jive, you would that's got you know it's a term from slavery and if you're talking about being a blacklist matter activists and supporting critical race theory, you should know what shocking jive means. It comes from being elusive to the slave masters, usually doing during corn husking season and then became common nomenclature in boxing lackeys, Poland, the shocking jive he's being a vase of anyone's. They would ask Broccoli question, he would shock and job not answer Nega. Thank you very much and move on right with Joe Biden because he doesn't have any charm. They have to say first before I ask you a question, it's very clear, You are the present near injured everyone's everyone loves animation, you're, supersaver cool. Now, do you like stuff, Do you remember where you are in this? Wouldn't be so bad? If Donald Trump didn't rip off the bandit Donald and turn the light on so do blame? The man who turned the light on? blame the man who is now shooting the lights back out or attempting to- and this is something to objectively. This has happened.
Around the globe in my home country of of Canada, with by Prime Minister black face and then even ethically, that freight from Australia, Sky NEWS and I used to appeal and Skynet or talking about debates not friendly Here's them talking about former vice President Joe Biden at that seven summit. This is across across the globe where their toilets flush, the other way listen to House CNN is reporting. This momentous event show fight stepping on the world stage for the first time as president and equal to foreign leaders. Now, let's go back time to two thousand and eighteen and see if those same newsrooms offer the president's, Donald Trump such lightened positive coverage. Can deepening G seven divide better put perhaps as G sick, Put him off allege that I give the illusion that he doesn't have any disputes with any of these international leaders. What did you think about? I just think Jerry Broaden is lucky.
said he has all the media or any side who moist surveyed me. Your wounded securely CNN, completely at odds with what they did sorry, you know he's popularity. Surely I can only win from these because he's getting so much positive payer through the journalists who are pursuing pr by upholding to watch and what happened to strike news reporting, which doesn't seem to be existent there, straight news. Reporting went out of style along with all straight news. Reporters straight White news reports. on forever. Now, CNN, it's all gay, all the time, I'm just not gay, still gonna get its terms is not gay its
brain they say. I've never seen sky new smug. Well is right. It is mobile terminals on Sky NEWS, the guy I was talking about. Why do you do this? Was in the UK or Non Australia? I don't off its, I think, have different networks. It goes. well. I certainly hope that you don't have any firearms. Were you I said yeah I do. I haven't I'm a hip right now now on the world. Would you have? Would you have some kind of fire on when you hip right now? I said because I don't have the unsecured that you have in your building right there with firearms. I dont have any really taken. It We then you don't have any security there than you build out at all to say to have any in front of me. He goes well hope. The safety legislation and I sent the ills that once and then you will undid. The safety relate catch. My guide, but it would have been John catch on retain a hot potato, remain skill, and so
loaded away. Tat was where I live in. Australia can see, obviously these guys in Australia looking you're going Haber. What what the hell will Australia's really concerned about China, and so Australia right now is actually saying: hey. Guess we shouldn't? Is anyone keeping an eye on this because they really are vulnerable and a lot of ways they can be exposed. So they been nearly as Anti American is a lot of other nations have usually when you meet Australians are fun and their drunks now scrape This is also important, so we should look at a difference in policies when people say Donald Trump was divisive and the personality wise? I guess, because as far as policies, really there wasn't any all that divisive and there shouldn't be by its very nature in reducing the size of government. In my opinion, when you, true into people's lives, like I don't say, shutting down a business or paying people unemployment in perpetuity, so that business owners cannot hire them free or lock people at home in place. Despite skyrocketing suicide and love, Ellen's back
into the street right and charge you for trying to protect yourself from fellows. Amid these might write out to those are more divisive policies. Where's Donald Trump is like rolling back taxes and regulations, but I will, you to hear from straight from the the whole his mouth. I guess it's a MR at montage, I don't know I ran into space the media criticising the most divisive policies of Donald Trump card decision of when a woman needs to make a decision about when she's having children, how many children she's having under what circumstances she is having them that those are fundamentally. Her decisions present tromp, tries to create red herring arguments that don't exist and he's lying to the american people and therefore, what do you think then come really sick of this precedent and everybody who walks around him greater german public emigrants, seems like everything they utter is about s thirteen. It seems that
we think they utter is about my aligning the dreamers and immigrants that come here now to our world top counter terrorism official in the? U S is now saying that recent anti muslim rhetoric is making his job and the work of his colleagues more difficult. Let's bring its units Jim shoot. Jim, this official specifically referenced anti muslim remarks by President Trump, the Trump White House. Is cancelling raised related training sessions at federal agencies? This memo says it's come to the president's attention that agencies. Spent millions and must have a whole of Orleans Thomas, I believe, anti american propaganda. It came to the president's attention how you know it was not you answer how how about you, answer. How many should have enough room and that Chrome dome for a couple of answers for crying out loud or maybe some proof of I think you know how that happened, really, how racism, I don't know. Let me look at my purse. He has a purse
my sets back in the James that we can bring it up for later in an item, so he video, that's the thing nor was talking about their demand, carries a pretty hasten. The crux of your elbow looking at him? I would I would assume he did you want me really clear about. They were taught just addressing the really divisive policies. Donald Trump supported radical measures like heartbeat bills, one a baby. Its own heart beat autonomously from the mother. At that point, it's considered ending a life. He didn't believe that we should be funding abortion overseas, meaning american taxpayers. Look you may think that use port the right to have an abortion here in the country. You may even think should spend some money in financial. We should provide financial aid to nations abroad. I disagree with both of those things, but if we're going to find common ground: can we at least
I agree that we should not be funding abortions overseas and any capacity. If you can't then dont tell me it's about the first semester. Second, your answer is not about that. You think that american taxpayers should be taxed more and we should provide more money to abortions overseas as a method of population control. What else do we have ratio? Is racist immigration stance, legal immigrants by the way? That's what it is legal immigrants coming through that the Muslim Ban identified first by Barack Obama, countries of danger, you know who supported it. Syrian christian refugees Christians who made up less than one percent of the migrants coming over during that search, despite the fact that the rest of the world is Lompoc mill? Terry aged men, When you see what happened in Europe, what we have to abandon diversely, turning critical race theory in the federal government, ok sure A radical policies are talking about. My point is there is, thing there, what reducing on corporate tax rate to just beyond Paul with places like swine
in Denmark, nations that you guys love and you who proclaim as the bottle of socialist success. That's radical, but the only way this works. If you buy the lie that everything that Donald Trump said was racist and the only way that that works as if you watch the clip that they want you to walk right when its edited the way they wanted to be edited right, that's the only any of this work and everybody had to carry the water and what he did and we talk about divisive and radical. Let's go through, let's go through by inviting wants to put our tax to a level that is unseen in the industrialized world, supports black lives matter. The terrorists Has anyone who, on their site demand the destruction of the nuclear family? He said aunt if it is just an idea, he wants to spy on Americans who may be too far right wing. We did an entire segment and that's not hyperbolic so that they can use government as a political arm to target you and, of course not to mention you, he supports men. who have been men, their entire lives and with within one? beating the shit out of women in sports and you wanted to look Barack Obama
To give you an idea. We talk about divisive, Bernard, Obama went into office? He was wishing office opposing gay marriage. Donald Trump was the only president ever elected who would support a gay marriage but He went into office whether I agree with him or not, doesn't matter right now, if you were to go back to Barack Obama meeting in two thousand and eight slash, two thousand and nine two thousand and ten and remember when he changed his mind for political speed if you were to tell Berlin, who Saint Obama, hey by the way you're going to have to make sure that men with penises and testicles can fight women and compete at the olympic seats. It not not come on you're breaking up a straw. Man will be bullshit another dollar they want that politics seriously. You'd anti gay marriage, Barack Obama, would have a chip to compute thirty two year old men breaking the orbital bones of of women in sports, and we act like I'll drop as radical. So dowager emphasis. I don't know, I'm not going now: men,
they with men. Women can be with women rights. I am pop goes well, you know, however, you want identifying women's you just get used to it. We have to redraft up title languages to protect women sports, but you know and there's no. This is when it's when it is determined by what you think you have to do to be woke, it inevitably becomes radical. This is a party that is politically beholden to block lives matter, Antiphon, then Kemal, hares and demands Navarro, I don't care how many decades ago she was a republican and if, Doing all this crap publicly saying all this making these the issues What do you think they're doing behind your back the trend? screw, you get your money and this is either. All the other just prejudice the nonsense they throw out there to make it seem like they care. That's, I just write what things aid above all day: when will it get old right?
Will they get old when somebody just tells you what you want to hear, but then does something completely differently? And you don't have the time to go and look into the matter and see that they did something different. That's what trumpeted differently to he said I want to do this and he did it yeah. Well, let me let me tell you this is controversial. Ok, actually won and I dont want to be conspiratorially. Only conspiracy that I hold is to whoever is in charge of the photographer for John Travolta, be adjusted because it's always a saint. I don't think he's ever taken a new had shot like we'll get to that as a whole. It is something that really wonder. However, you follow the monitoring of its and you look at these international entire for an entire. You look at these international corporations right for the same reason that they couldn't discuss China the same reason that they couldn't discuss a lot of these foreign issues because of of basically them being beholden to foreign financial actors. Let's put it that way like the World Health Organization, not acknowledging Taiwan. I don't think this is a conspiracy when it happens and play. Site, but I am asking you to extrapolate that applied a little bit to places I see an end to places like you know, Time Warner to place it things like this.
Universal right. This is a huge China is a huge market. Ok, when you look at the policies that were most controversial, What most defends the media when they say Donald Trump, is divisive. Is he committed the cardinal sin of enacting policies that put you the American first, and I would even say you, the american woman first, in that you shouldn't, have to compete against men. But let's even talk about this on a more g political level, ok, Donald Trump creative force a european nations to pay their Fisher NATO, I was the original agreement with a two percent three percent. There are paying about point for sources available out of Canada COM, I'm goin by rote. Right now he left the Paris agreement. He left the World Health Organization, keep in mind. People thing I can't believe you that this was after the World Health Organisation set? No covert, cannot transmit from human to human said that we do not advise the travel bans and they refuse to acknowledge Taiwan as as anything they Palmer they acted like Taiwan is a concept metaphysical, can concept stuff on China
terror, genre jobs back, and what are you doing Force Mexico to stop migrants from coming over the border by levying a tariff? The we're the policies that were considered impermissible and divisive. So just because it's not media versus downtrodden. It's not the left versus right. We know that the entire media, with the exception of maybe Fox news, an exception of a few NATO's like this right, but the entire mainstream media ABC Nbc, CBS scene and MSNBC. They left it's the media, verses you. It's the media verses America first, looking out for the american- and this is how you get to the point where no one have believed that Donald Trump, a guy raised in the lap of luxury, wealthy his entire life, beautiful, penthouses, right you're, talking my beautiful price, its schools. Every opportunity handed to some seemed more reliable to the working man. Then someone Joe by new talks about his boxing, Jim behind Amy's diner, which never existed, and the reason
what is just because Donald Trump look. I think he had a heart for the average American and guess what the average American was doing better. Why lack red and yellow black and white their precious to cite a few more offended at the red and yellow and there you should think about the precious in his sight. Jesus loves the children of the world, but you can go screw yourself. My point here is this is what happened? He believed that American should come first, since he was a president, the United States of America, and that was impermissible, and so the media attack attacked attacked and then they go look. How divided? We are trying to think you have a meal even former vice president right now is putting America first, but then unquestioning on any of that They then, why do we put first? Because it's not enough financial s interest! You have saved me, they're Dave. I thought. No wife forgets ok! Well. This is also something really important and I know your hungry, but this is something really important Biden, of course, former vice president Obiang. You take my word for it. You know of our burden. The shit he's a laughing stock of the rest of the world that this point we're not more respected. We all know that
Britain pensions. Anna come up by some one. the gene synergy howling meeting going in Cornwall. Mr President, how are you meetings going here in Cornwall. Yes, I'm gonna play not even wouldn't have video, but I think I Angela can bring up the picture of Mccrone putting his finger.
in the face of present. Look like Slovenia is like a father. Scalding a child Donald Trump would either break that finger. Offer have somebody else, do it afterward schismatic? That figure is just really think we're more has been. This is the point you can't appease the rest of the world by putting Americans last and expect them to respect you. No nation respects the leader of a nation who doesn't put their own nation first and towards what's going on here, Dave I'm hungry ok? Look if you're, not how do we have? We have built Barton, I have told you go, but it may we have billboard just go to the office, get yourself. One come back in the recent, but we ve had been resulting have go, get a whole John Jago go get one hour.
Oh baby, let us build part played by the way. You can go right now to fill our dotcom, ensuring which peddling better- and we no met. We make no claims by the way. Did I Manny again
David David outlier, that he was removed from the clinical trial. A billboard outcome, crowded, fifteen. You get fifteen percent, I've looked people have asked really amount, they believe in supplements. You don't need to eat protein, but just to be clear. However, these things tastes like actual candy there. So I too few of them. Probably we just at night. They don't eat dessert, because you know I don't have any more this. They want to get down below two thirty, four, the surgery. The up are you close and I I figured I getting to sit in a son. A suit in Sweden are late for certain gonna cut weight of research,
when I get upset Epsom SALT bath chewing on a towel filled with ice chips, so directly honesty. They are delicious. Someone tell me to put the bull bars in the freezer to a really and it's like a frozen snickers. I don't know the sultan caramel. This tastes, like one of you, can also leave him in your car and ruin. Yes, I have rightly primarily I'd said the cocoanut. Are you going I owed I'd? I am with those yeah, I'm not a bigger I gotta know people who love coconut love that led the cocoanut, because otherwise that's what those people of freaks. So serve. You said divisive, divisive people have corrected beyond that. That's it's very divisive, but also in Canada and maybe a little leinen, lives on in an envelope hello, fancy delivered by the way comment on what your beer. In Europe who is actually more device. I want to know objective leave you thought that Donald Trump was more device overs job, I think again down from call outliers Joe Biden is a liar not saying that Donald Trump. Isn't it
believe me, there are not enough. We must. Inevitably Joe Biden is a useful idiot right now on the world stage. They want him. There there's a reason that Putin said the guy that is killed. People a hit. Job, and the KGB was today that he said eyes a moral man. Do you think he gives a crap about morality, I He is a man that he can manipulate. So, of course, he would want to keep him exactly. Where is the World going to love us as long as we're weak like a wind up now that they may give again Loma those brethren button. These symbols and little have were like Jim Jim Man Blank the world also hated? Churchill turned out well for him rise, unicycle, the again right, the way it is no good cycle. What do we do with them? Send them to Michael Vick, you'll, take care of various beds, Beth and beyond no bed, you aren't you
Michael Vick to what round him and we don't have a bill. Just think kid they pull turning over. He will know how to fix it. Take him too, sharp jail is by the way we have sent me before. We leave too much club. The other relations from watching the show just so we will allow John allegedly talk about something. Yesterday we pointed out, and within hours it was changed and we have this I'm saying not long ago with the children and covered, but right now before we get to that this was this was number one trend all social model there for a little bit further low, but a time online and dumb. because I didn't know, may so great- was which surprised me so consumers, the cheek she wrote not bad advocating for a new national flag, and I know why do you care it's not that Macy Grace at this? It's a bunch of blue verified, Checkmark swore journalists here on twitter rethink. Why this radical idea, but use
a twenty three percent corporate tax was radical siren, I think changing the emblem of our nation should should qualify. So she- said that we need a new national flag in honour of June thirteenth. I think we have a clip. Macy Gray believes it's time for a new flag to represent the United States of America in say shared on the stock market. New site market Watch Macy's your thoughts on why she thinks that we are going to have any what it should be replaced with. She starts aftermath by saying quarrel with my own everybody's point, Madam hearers and members of the Congress. The american flag has been hijacked its code for specific, believe God Bless as believers they can have it like the confederate. It is or diamonds divisive and incorrect and no longer presents democracy and freedom in no longer represents, All of us now, ok, first off this is so the problem with with very stupid people and people now holding them out a stupid, less they be feared.
the excessive regulation raises Russia say honestly. She said it is incorrect. Ok, so that's a statement that requires qualified What is incorrect about the american flag? What what is that factual error of the american black, but you translated, like another started, CDC right yet by engaging in Puerto Rico. Well now, however, that that doesn't mean that is incorrect. It means your incorrect simply because this is not a state borders so that the truth is when we're speaking factually. You are incorrect, despite obviously the qualifications at most. come with writing an Ipad market Watch Bartleby flag, What can I stand? Its viability, Yasmine I've going on CNN right now, having a show to talk about the criticise, jugglers work what is happening in a country where you have good jugglers, please it's not a problem, she's running what the flag at market watch when we would
Russia balls juggle. You boss, juggle you Jane. She has an embarrassment of freedom. This is the thing like she s so much freedom that she has no idea what it's like in the rest of the world, you're telling me that she has a lot of time, and yet she does people around the world and as one would Patty term Anna killing about swam out when a solid? What I'll do that? But, as I said earlier, I got no hit singles coming out of here. can. I just say I have had a single and that that but symbol behind China guideline in a stone blind, because I am a drunk here prepare methamphetamine, look the shop you got, this symbol is hateful now I did not say Does that stands for freedom, name for your place on the planet,
Nepal will run that flag up. All of you can name that place around words and it is not clear I have not. You know it's a good point. Maybe Luxembourg now well shit, Luxembourg is basically a foot fake financial state. Repeal your Maya see only place in the world with a higher average income than the United States to space. We just a bunch of is not to replace photochemical is like mountain. So here is the argument. I want you to see the argument that has been made from the left, supporting, of course, Macy Gray. It's not that Macy Grace at its that people amplify this, and this goes back to the idea of cancel culture, its not that one person says this is offensive. It's a bunch of other people in positions of power deem it offensive enough to get you removed to take away livelihood in this case, it's not that one singer who hasn't had a single and years which doesn't make her unqualified mind you. It just means that, obviously this is someone who is a useful point to the media in there.
choose which voices on which opinions warrant elevation. For example, if What James Woods has an opinion rightly washed up after James, we're just had a number one should not long ago and James One gb hard, pressed a fanatic people, don't respect as Emma replenished Clint Eastwood, who hasn't had a good sincerely here's my utter. That's the point see what see what trickery is going on here, so these are some of the arguments that I've heard people making as to why we need to change the flag and their silly. They hold no water, One is what a flaxman redesign before we hear this isn't all over twitter. We have dozens of designs of the flags that I think you can bring us up ecological at the Philadelphia museum. Why not? Now? Ok, I don't no. Why should have to explain this? We do a lot when you're a new nation, ok, you're, creating a fly. Obviously some changes happen. For example, you may I have the same number of stars represent states when there are no states, so
This is what happened did eventually in agreement on the flag that incorporated stars and stripes and then eventually stars in two states and here's the thing to what change them we changed: the number of stars, for example, or the lay out of stars to avoid flag being cluttered right, aesthetically, it wasn't a cheap what the flag represented. There are no monumental changes. There weren't arbitrary changes of colours of symbolism, of what the flag meant like we had started, though the represent states now they're gonna represent Jefferson's horses that never happened. It's always been the same and when we're this also men, when people say what we added people to the Supreme Court, that one point made on talk about the historical context, the historical context years, the flag that we're Now fifty states is the longest standing Clegg. It's been, therefore, or sick de one year's sixty one years and then the last flag. For the only difference was forty eight stars, forty seven years so
only from seventeen two hundred and forty plus years, the I guess, remained virtually unchanged outside of stars, as we have new states for the circle right, sir, which I got up so when they change to the square. You know it's one of those things is kind of like when they decide with the Iphone to go babbled the noble. What's modern? Is it round it? Is it angular? I don't know I'm not in the Tron fan club in have to circle. Scientists were lot of getting danger that if you are out of the male symbol, so we have to avoid at all so that thing the next thing you know someone put an airline errand you're in trouble Macy Gray and the left they wanted to change the colors. They want to change the symbolism reason, because again, the reasoning was the current flag is racist right. This is is pretty important are saying we need to change it. We need to change the colors we need, make it elegy, beating you IP inclusive. We need to make sure that includes Washington, DC importer, Riga, and this is the issue with things like critical register. So, for example,
in school. You should learn hey. When was America discovered a declaration of intent? hey what was a civil war? One was When was the emancipation proclamation signed, hey? Ok, we had slavery. Why we end slavery who oppose is the abolition of slavery. What happened throughout industrial revolution right? These are the things that you should learn when used teaching children? None of that stuff is important racism. People have foundation understand. This is why we have the floor. this is why I also other nations, be it World war, two Other nations abroad, for example, being burned alive in cages, Christians in the Middle EAST. They are scanning the horizon, in the hopes that the what The one being of a shining like they could see a nail is that stars and stripes. It means something to them. That's why more people have died, trying to get here than anywhere else.
soon the boat? Some people have tried to make trip from Cuba. They do not even dare not only not see what do you do not even buoyant car, they organise our doors and cooler right and other styrofoam, but to them here's the thing. The cuban american immigrant knows more about why America is America than Macy Grey of court. Like you said her privilege, her privileges are freedom is embarrassed We could you care in the same breath say: hey it's racist for us or not, to have a wall to not open up our borders to every single caravan. That wants to come here and say the way our flag as a symbol of hate. It's it's like the Bethlehem star for these people and I understand it and that's why I am sympathetic to people want to come to this country, but they have to do it legally. Macy grace never thought about this. more importantly, the senior editors at CNN and market Watchin Forbes and news weak its asinine. But that's where you want critical race theory in schools.
Because you want the asinine to become normalized. Yes, this day being somebody who, just you can't make happy right right, we'll just from like data may had re. Allocating may separate, but is What now get me another about mother, doesn't matter what you do, though there is more and more more every time they get something they want it. Something else oppressing them. If you, good so they're not oppress than they have nothing to do. So. That's why the second change something it's just something else the flags. What do you want us to do that? If our? If our sharpen look, Rainbow over here and I'm just wondering like what do ya No. They want to be a skittles commercial. If our european woke up to Morrow and realise that racism was over, it would be like the first chapter and left behind. got today was a job to do what, it would seem to be no shoes. What I'm saying is empty what'll. I do well basically useless, there's been a John comment I wanted to make
a question: what flag design did the union soldiers who freed the slaves where I don't make it Well, maybe that one would work for you, because that I think it's the same one that sitting right behind you right now know those ones are those people are racist. Hundreds of thousands of people died Neuro there was there to hardy switch. Just ask Robert yeah. Just try and train sift through all the end bombs. He drops, but you know, you'll find it and I have the other teams flag all over my truck civil, also, some. but razor blades. I thought it was like. I just wanted to decorate I'll. Let you know Manny sent over some pictures of garbage raft of jobs.
Yeah. Why not to see them? When I went to Guantanamo? What Stephen? What happened? Is they get closer, more errors that have you changed? The fly get yeah that you haven't, we're not come and we're going got close, and I was just I was just Macy Gray and a loudspeaker. How come you go with us? I don't got us, that's a phone. Everything is, but mostly sick, OPEC go away. I love Chavez, they're, just Burgess like you are sitting there like an ex lover and Battista doors to pay is nobody's too I now, but he does not, as an old regime shut up shop out a photo way get eaten by us is it not a racist jarred? Wasn't tiger make up I'm gettin S, so terek we're act. Now America is harder, so you should
Gallons of water are run its over your money like crazy right. You were so I decided to milk jugs. So here's another another argument I gotta hold on his important. Ok, we have of overhear bar. a rough made of milk jug. Ok, I was alone for the only we are busy laughing at the one you had just warhead, worse the weight, look- I'm not saying I was there. I must say that work I appear, but when you take yet workshop, it works out. I've seen you may see greater quietly with pepper. I don't know much about you're locality that jokes. Why I'm performing in a Strip mall just picture?
about how to drink, because there is a man who drink your Lord help. Many writers have arsenic what I thought copyrighted I have time for this shit in his manner management. Actually, according to the schedule, you do all kinds of a lot of got nothing but tat. So here's another argument that we see from the left us all over toward again: blue checkmark, some people to live all we Allison for people who say that Wagner do not want to change it. Who fly the Trump flag or this blue lines, like you, lost a leg, to stand on: ok, real, that is its now? This is an argument that you have for the CNN Room or the Stephen Deborah writing. Look almost always almost. Invariably, when you see the Trump flag or simply lines like its alongside people, who also the Americans like because they don't demon, offensive wreck. It was ever meant to replacing that conflicts. Have you ever seen someone opine
we need to do away with the american flag and replace it the thin blue lines like no not at all, but because one of the flag and, unlike Macy Grain, the left who hate America, which is why this they Donald Trump was so divisive because his policy put America for starting to see the thread here. They, of course, will not carry the fuck look. I challenge you this ok, first off the Magua flag right, the Trump thing this is basically a bumper sticker. it was turned into a like. You won't find rally, Donald Trump, rallies or official rallies or people are flying around there. Isn't Americans, like cake just won't happen, Usually I want you to try this to see a truck with a thin blue lines like I look at houses, but they have the same blue lines. count how many of them in your neighborhood I'm at below our alongside the american flag. Now, for a contrast, I want you to count? How many of the rain Oh Peter puffing flags are alongside Americans likes because that something I've, never understood if you're going to say that America is the symbol of hate and and oppression. Ok, how many people just do you think in IRAN have the iranian flag next to that
Maybe take you a ip zero. Next, the body hanging. Yet what it is so I don't understand it I get. It is because you hate America, because, obviously we could we could go to the rational and it seems to me you could still love the rights and freedoms afforded you're in America and love penis. way when we are not mutually officers when police off say that really being killed for sitting in their car in the wrong neighbourhood. It's kind of ok to say I want to do something to support you off by the american flag and the thin blue help. You mean, like the people, the relations that masonry supports, no black lives matter yet taken up police officers record. Violence against police. This letter, yeah yeah. Ok, we understand, but I don't like fly by the way there is a bit Clyde's matter, flag of a flag as well, ok and gave forgets. What are you these flags do exist, ragged put them up. What do I do have to measure the American like because they hate the United sitting at its edge just put up the fly. You want nobody said you couldn't yet people are due to stir
I was in short, look I'm trying to look, I'm not a centrist, drawing a line in the sand. When you say we need to change the american flag because it raises sexist homophobic and incorrect. I say no you are incurred. That's it. I think it s a represent freedom. That's the dumbest part of this argument shows that you ve done zero research on the rest of the way we call a tribal, isn't just patriotism yeah at one point, that is to say, ok, there's nothing wrong with it now, which is now it seems like trying half the christian fish you seen american flag, ninety percent chance or conservative. That's reality and may not like it. It's trip Are you can make your own flag now actually have an exclusive look at tat? What may see raise new flag looks like it's aiming to be as inclusive as possible. I think yeah, I like it, it's basically just the way to space on a slippery slope, operation, corporate sponsorship, man, I hate it. That's a good therein, everything I know, I'm surprisingly. I'm surprised as well that it wasn't cools subtle funny whether taking away
Mental. We too want in danger anybody right, yeah right and one of those levels could ill. You evident, though, is funny to me. This is, this is how they do everything wrong the governments this is, I remember I went into an audition once I'm not people want to settle inside baseball, but I went into an addition with one of these. one of the most well known comedy, casting agents of our generation and she's again ionian since most of the more conservative that's not really common in this it. Why is that? I said well, and this is how we entered exactly. I said without getting into detail. I tend to believe that individuals, when, given the freedom and ability to Their own decisions do them more effectively, relatively speaking, to bureaucrats in DC and that's why I'm a conservative what is interesting, but I can understand that, don't ever say and if you want to work in this industry, most people aren't is tolerant, as I am is what she said. Why and
you mean all aware of people and how they would, though, that our clause rights urban. So at this point there is making there is, I said that because I truly believe the gunman almost screws everything up gender, really speaking the examples they tried out when they try to say you're social security check me. That's a screw up, and they have begun to. We had a re, the slush fund. You know us believes that, though, that that principle that that you know you just basically rouses Republicans Democrats, they just believe it with religion, right they believe that if you're on human beings are generally good when their unshackled from this oppressive guy right, my point was the government because we're taught we started with cigarettes, and I got all I've got up on a side sidetrack, a tangent thanks Dave and your restless leg syndrome. None are seriously it's a disease. This is the thing about this: the FDA I think that if there are no well said the tobacco lobby, anti tobacco lobbyists and also they got together, came There was a meeting of the mines, divesting brightest among us. Let's be really clear: they said we need to do something about smoking.
It seems that cigarette smoking is bad for teenagers and that's it. Ok. Let's Look at the component. This is the government keeping my our best and brightest. They looked at the cigarette, the Premier Little box around and ok. What does a cigarette gonna whiteboard wrote down? Ok, causing harm what's coming home? What is the best that we could do to try? and her behaviour that infringing on right, I know, will ban the men, saw components of the cigarette ha. That's it to be the primary offender here, also vague juice. Yet this is the best and brightest put them. In short, If your retirement, John Ass, is more accurate. The men saw is the same as well. Even I understood when I was young, even though whatever the joke Hamel thing, it's like look. It's a cartoon and appeals. The kids. I understand mental cigarettes, there's no reason it's Spuds Mackenzie who, by the way, died of complication of liver,
failure and HIV allow a dog at busy. I thought I thought it Michael Vick, and yet not yet, he is already one: do you were really bad fighters? Slogan is early day. It's ok, though he did. I e past hour flight with more specific, as is walking nor Michael Vick body, never works out. It's hilarious and also not right I do not go with that you're making about that. My all your data, we don't get their baggage going. Ok, this appeals to kids, whatever I can did the marble miles, and I was like fourteen that I smoke Jack, don't get me a pool. Take That's ridiculous by that Jack. I can understand the book the taking menthol is really I honestly see it as racist really because is it it's a cigarette, that's more commonly smokes by black people, just a fact: and if it something that somebody in Joe I'm not saying you should do it, but of union.
You're, an adult you able to make that decision that you're allowed to have a cigarette night. You should able to have it. That's just my big wow race side. I think I heard a day I think I heard him say racist no, no one would think cool cells non menthol. Let's be honest, I started a new ports because I was good come on court of horse more, but we know there are no rights, because you know what else give the FDA studies. They also said here we want to reduce children, smoking. I understand her and so data cited to include among cigarettes hand world eight or nine dollars cigars, along with like switch our sweets by the way. A lot of these are fully sweets. Are coping tend to be smoked in. I guess you would determine urban Communities- it's cultural things has been around for a while, but when they actually create when they actually looked at the studies, because somebody said hey, I want you to my mom and pop businesses were unrolled cigars, very expensive. We very much doubt that kid and junior high are purchasing nine. Ten,
twelve dollars, cigars, zero percent of children, no we're, starting with Hannah rolled cigars. None will I serve the black amounts? that's a cigarette, yet, as you say, what put with a wooden, but even with those of nursery using cigars, because when they buy a cigar, just switch sweet to get wet, then enough, with the razor blade dump out the tobacco, fill it with pot and heavy self. A blunt art unless it seemed unless it's Delta buddy, I should say you, Japan and within it that I mean I don't want that kind upon. Our no haven't just have this gummy that'll make you see the devil's dick, quote Ganz. That's a quote. You think erected a blush now that is a debt is a direct quote. Ok, it's not a good dick! So very like angle, we, like Y gotta, have something you ve gotta have something going from for anyone to have followed him and a fall that's true. I now I'm kind of a jerk of a mystery job
beautiful man, but he did bless me will wonder about vaccine, so four people who are tuning and later it was the Brazzaville who threatened his own citizens with a but vaccine and President, so this is something that was brought to my attention Yesterday- Gerald be fired because you're too much of a liability and the time you point something out and its linked ladders garden as an official source. It changes. I thought this it's like that really is attendance. Computer rules on the Show- Jim dimension. He was looking up something on his phone and I want to very very here. None of Us expressing any opinions right now at all, because that would be impermissible and, of course those remote mocha members will talk later on the show Gerald covered that the who
World Health Organization's vaccine guidance on their own website yesterday. At the time of it was eleven a m eastern eleven o clock. Yesterday Gerald pointed out this. The debutante did come out and say chill It should not be vaccinated for them on this, while their websites out there. So yesterday yesterday afternoon, yeah was giant ball dead letters, which almost seems I think, might be important. It makes a god Oh god, we available lotteries gonna comments or time issue, so you can see the previous day entered. Now it is replaced with non bold. Children and adolescents tend to have milder disease compared to adults unless they are part of a group at higher risk of severe covert. Nineteen, it is less urgent to vaccinate them than older people. Those with chronic health conditions and workers
more evidence is needed on the use of different covered nineteen vaccines for children in order to be able to make general recommendations on vaccinating children against here's a thing yesterday you a very clear recommendation that they should not be vaccinated and must be clear. There have been other national governing health authorities that made it clear that children should not be vaccinated. Now too well, that's very yesterday. Within hours they said we can make a recommendation This is the issue because we ran into the same issue with the CDC again, not expressing any opinions. Can you bring up bring up the overlay, so I dont get in trouble where the original on CDC when we went when this was set on it, I'm just going to read the CDC. It said the risk complications for healthy children higher for flew compared to covet nineteen. However infants and children with underlying medical conditions, art increased risk for both flew and cover. Ninety two key there is the risk of complications for healthy children is higher for flew compared to cover ninety. When that what,
quoted on air. That was the violation of you to guidelines, not the court. Exactly they said it could be. I think the commentary could be missing operated as though covered isn't dangerous, which has not yet. This was on the CDC website. When we brought attention. Then there's one hard strike later the city you changed it to read. For young children, especially children, younger than five years old. The risks of serious complications is heifer, flew compared to cover nineteen, however, serious covert nineteen illness resulting in opposition in death. Can you occur in healthy young children. They changed it to minimize. Well, we don't really know, but here's what's important when you go from hey, don't do acts dont, vaccinate children right, it's not recommend Two, we don't know what science, what almost nine, what site changed in three hours. There are new study that we all know that this is a website. Can I want to be able to address the scientific process. The site of the process should be jail, says something at eleven, a M Eastern, that's bullshit on the world. Organization right. You have to
We know that you have to sift, through the Taiwan doesn't exist, the common strategy, he said and then more than three hours they say, although we do have an input to make recommendations so than either you may recommendation both based on bogus information before or there's no new information, and now it's a political change. That is my point, That is why you don't have trust in institutions, not Americans fault, it's yours will and I think they have to be held a cat. Why did you make the change So do you owe an explanation to us, because I believe that the that that link that page those recommendations came out within the last week, maybe ten day, something like that. If I'm out by a little bit, it's definitely within this month, right not long ago, what You ask the question: what changed? Ok, fine! That's all I know now you need to tell us why you thought it was so important to remove what is a very important part of this? The boldest sections tend to draw people's attention on purpose, because this is where you need to focus your attention than below it. You explain what the point is you chain
that and then you change the right at four. Why and here's the issue you are seeing this in real time, because we ve talked about this. In the past they switched on asymmetric carriers, they switched on masks, they switched on double ass. They switched right on it. lab, like your experience in real time right now, people trying to have a their lives and make decisions based on information that changes arbitrarily look, lest you claim, anti factual. Let me be really clear. Ninety seven year old grandma, whose had bronchial issues I want her vaccinated has shown, is humanly pop up ads? Why? Because I look, through the information that has been provided dad and we had a lot of data on older people is specifically people who may be amino compromise and, of course, the Sun it seems to be very clear that any risk is worth the reward for them now: need to be able to make this decision in real time and before yesterday, at eleven accordingly, World Health Organisation, some we're looking and go their sing, the sciences dont you vaccinate for children, and you make that decision. Then a chain three hours later
This is your seeing. It happened in real time and then after words they safer against us. Your against science did some of you make it Did some of you look at the World Health Organization and maybe cancel vaccinations with your kids and was not wrong to do. What changed? What information is there? We know recommendations were, and we know they went away, and this happens all the time b. But You mentioned on the show them things. This happens all the time to look at it like five times actually tweeted this out, and I was like I wonder how long this is gonna take to be taken down, because I'm sure this is gonna go against our policy. Little did. They know that notes just just a screen shot of the website. Yes, and then somebody pointed out, we have to give him credit for it. If you like, I think I think something changes at what I click the link with just gone. Whoops just absolutely gone. It's unbelievable, no explanation. I wonder who made the phone call? I wanna know women. phone call and says: hey you need
to change this, because people are actually taking what we say seriously in their basing their decisions off of the railways. Please change this really quickly to something vague, so they can't do it anymore and I'm not even I'm not even saying at this point I might qualifying either as dishonest what I am saying is I have no. Idea why there was one statement and it was changed. This is not just pulling it s even sure, asking questions just trying to insinuate that there's a conspiracy I actually want these answers, and these are answers that only the World Health Organisation, so that only the cdc that only four people out you can give us your on the grid. Yes off the grid, I'm off the grid, because I have about half an acre outside of Saint Paul, where I, I ever block filled her to a white flour, tab, half an acre, I'm off the grid Unrhymed. My new television show that you realize you can be more on the grid, they'll you're. What is I was a Navy seal where those things
It was an underwater demolition Jonah, but at that same damn thing did the predator you know that I'm a real ask her if I still managed to rise to some magic, of fame with by riffraff do usually don't like folks like us in the door. I'm just asking questions are right. We have to the time. I think that we can talk about here and we're gonna play I hope you're not a member, so much club, we have another, If eminence of show that of color comes lash, my club tomorrow, cultural appropriation month, California, I think we have Michael Knolls on the show. Not mistaken red lines. Do let alone we have some of us. Are you it's just a still gangrene it. I forgot Zack image tenure costumes will be taking your costumes tomorrow. California, cooperation with you to piss off.
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