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Crowder Did WHAT?!? War with Twitter Takes a Turn...


Crowder was banned from Twitter AGAIN! Suffice it to say, it’s ON NOW! Lawyer Bill Richmond joins us with an update on what’s being done legally. We’re also taking a deep dive into how horrible Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is. HINT: Outside the gropey stuff, she’s WORSE than Andrew Cuomo. All this and special guest Rand Paul.

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Yeah, we got a damn good show for ya. Stevens get a day good show this dispute audio this year. What s up must both to say you don't know about me dry on. Ok, tastes like over it.
realistically cyclical, hey I wouldn't have seen on? There are often want to bring it up good morning, everybody too busy busy day today, because we can have a happy and lawyer in here with some legal updates with twitter been suspended. Ah, now get I don't know, it seems like ass, gay indefinitely because every time I was going to schemes resetting the six days, real you'll get yeah, listen it's the least relevant of the platforms zeal and when I haven't, we ll have to make its day. We talk about that. I'm talking about Governor Whittemore will be talking about. George Floyd will be talking about the border, racist golly, and we will have ran Paul on the show that anyone asking to tone down the caddy. Yes, a little by little world really will revive impurity bloggers. Little boys, you know it- maybe you could maybe, give him a little, but it has a senator of testosterone looky here that voice that the currency or conservative twitter, then you to pay. It was due to a grave
great. My life is good, is live good, that's nice, because great another day, without a capacity on your back as a day above ground to bring to justice examine your, whereby the tells you to just get in the car Kinnock are well known about Oh yeah go there, you don't get right to the car, let's movement microphone, it'll closer to the hunt, those of the other with a cavern Keith. Sorry Geraldine! How are you so well? Are you I mean this is disastrous staring all right. I guess you're today we will not going on in studio and quarter black is here got so we have some news to you before we get to the legal update, what the half asian cracking! I don't you guys been following this Heath and Kevin the entire Oakley School Board of CAP Cow for Oakland, when it comes to someone else's like there's an ugly Google home on someone. Like me, no no, not yearning nobody cared not just like was each there's like Egypt. Texts are Cairo, Texas, gather and others have. You know, there's a yours if there's a place in excess called white settlement, fellow
place. These are things we. He had say, like I did say. Well, that's all we have you here today because when we talk about George Floyd- and I can think things that I can't say so- Tire California, Oakley California, school board. Resign. Did you guys know? Why omission because of this clip? I wasn't doing anything bad. I think I really don't care about that. But you know what are we alone? ah you didn't call me I'm gonna. Do you have a vested interest in this process and they now What's going on behind the scenes, and it's really a fortune exactly, they wanted a con ass. They want for babies. back or along in any danger several. Why are you guys have the meeting we have them. Having opened the public right now.
Lord is then there stupid like now. No one can be a check or balance because they're all dump. You know she was pretty crazy, but she's. Not really. Can anybody operating that's the thing when women such careful, though jailed she said a few? What if you test her, we will, after all, we need. Now is what you get Gerald. That's what you get! That's what you get warm thanks to all of you just get to it I couldn't do anything back toxic, get shot, fan so they believe quality. You hit, reuse, Pixar and I believe, inequality entirely across the board, except when it comes to the military standards in pushups. then you Ladys can do a lot less.
Because we want to make sure that we send an equal amount of you on the battlefield. Did I first run, I tell you, I wouldn't be in battle. Ok great! Do a pull up Well, you don't you have you have it appears and fifty pound back. Let's see if you can do the job and put the rest of your unit in danger. Sweetheart just be sure Stewart Move trip so that they don't the strap. Anybody imagined work in certain sectors because what we want the women and children to stay home, but we protect any. Why don't you? Why? Don't you don't think that there is capable out in the front lines I do not. Why is that they can't do it pull up. I rest my case I mean I could build a case, but I don't think I need exhibit aid through z. You know I know pull up. I rest your honor.
not all women, of course not all. I knew a pregnant. A friend of mine Eric was out there watching good friend, among looks like the guy from incredible and credible to leave Mademoiselle other stuff, and his wife is at its very small, petty asian lady and she did six polyps when she was seven months: pregnant wow, that's like a dip belgian like Courtney, strong or any embattled courteously families drawn by the way Courtney says. Speedy recovery with your surgery should see her. She has had jaw surgery on average per faces are happy. She looks like every sibling interviewed in the true crime drama that respect every go down. What is it with your stress, animals that faces just about every day? It talk. Ok, it's not permanent, so it's ok, Courtney
Oh here's another one. A judge granted a motion to ban comparisons of George Floyd to Jesus Christ all because yet and sources yesterday Judge Peterka Hale granted the motion. After a witness made the analogy in there's too, I think flip, don't we're here. This is the analogy you are. We would agree that, quickly, as worded? The court can grant this with respect to the shall we say: but he has identified specifically in that motion, I have asked: how did this become a morsel. How did this issue? ask has tabled on turtle, shall ashtray your honor Our witnesses mention something like this we do bear witness by telling you that analogy
absolutely will not come anywhere close to being rejected, maybe it is a good today's question of the day again, the best you can do is comment for the Youtube algorithm, some other questions of transport, but is George Floyd in fact, the second Jesus Christ, listen, listen! all opinions, are welcome? However, if you answer anything other than without than you're wrong, But before I move on, you can follow main instrument, bloodworth credits. We have some lifestyle stuff, I'm not banned there yet and as intellectual Monday through Thursday, ten a m eastern that's the best way to Tunis, and next Tuesday is what is it? Is its march sixteenth, that's
we're doing the one year anniversary to celebrate the fifteen days to slow the spread, so on Tuesday did it. We will have all of the predictions. What came true? What didn't which rights you gave up half of all over and abortion? Oh shit, it's a third from abortion can still have it of abortion. Up until now, that's in Virginia just make sure you them swapping first, that in slow those proceed, Now we want it to be an unsanitary, unsafe abortion. Surely you some purely on that coat. Hang yourself. Also, send your tat people who are now the blaze. Let my club large outcome such my club. What are you to talk about which ran Paul. This is my question. No two is how do you ban like the George Floyd trial. They ban an analogy saying that its inadmissible, as opposed to you? No actual evidence,
I don't know I mean I at the judges. Eyes were all I needed on. I think I think I made we have someone to answer my head with someone to answer this with us. I have very large scale richmond with some up dates, but what use are showing twitter right through left them little by little brother, so many people, in other words before we get into the twitter stuff. What is what is that? the inadmissible. When someone says George Floods, Jesus Christ is maybe they in fact that he's Jesus Christ, yes, ass. They rules of evidence that govern the trial. They have a rule in the four hundreds of rural for three. It's about relevance. Relevance defined as very broadly a couple of specific categories, but one of them is: does the prejudicial fact outweigh the probative value and usually comparing someone who died in a criminal trial to a whole the figure is going to sway the jury and not actually be evidence. So that's you can say, I don't want you to make that argument right. Ok,
is it just metres is audio suck sure we should have full you want me to it. You want to do this, like you'll, Johnny COM Livingstone been there, so you wouldn't do it this way. Let us get in there. This work better. You can shut off this guy, I'm speaking across the microphone pillar. So, ok, fine! I can you update really quickly for people who don't know so we were banned on twitter. Let make sure we get this right. We do not want to get sued yet yeah. Ok, I don't want him. I don't want to have to pay the retainer for that long right now. I tend to sign in blood, to which I thought was a little weird little much on Tuesday and live on air. I was locked out. My twitter account right dandy, twelve hours and what was the reason Twitter gave. It was blank right also known as none also known as what the fuck
right now. The thing then yesterday morning just turn off his love and our work. This, for you could see, sounds he sounds like he's talking in a pool like us at today's disasters are lethal. We didn't plan on being banned in slandered then yesterday morning, that suspension increase to six days twenty one hours and then every time we log in it still six days in twenty one hour directly or that it will actually six days and nine hours. Then, three hours later it went up to six days in twenty one, our right to and fro tire hours last night it just froze Ryan. Every time you would refresh it would say yes, you're still its sixty eight and ten hours I'll, but through years later, you're still at six days in two hours and now. Finally, someone is letting it countdown right now. Was the reason given because if this three now three twitter suspension and look I guess I just want to do my job right right. I have
I didn't do- we know what it is that got event, will you do get three emails and every single one of them was that standard formula, probably lotta folks have seen it where it says you violated the rules and then there, for me, mail has a spot there where they say exactly what it is and in every one of those they went ahead and told you the reason specifically Colin Blake Listen. Now is this? Is this some legal jargon that are not familiar with? Well, you know might be, but not in the United States of America now so maybe, if you live in communist Russia, we're Venezuela with a lot is a matter that maybe that might be a reason for not here, I think of him I think you mean Socialist Haven when you said Roger, I meant to say Bernie Sanders. Honeymoon Paradise. Yes, exactly these people are running your government, copyright. You shouldn't. I was so so this one of the things that we are taking a middle. Let you outspeed off might because you keep having to adjust it you're so than others asked questions from afar. So so here we ve heard time and time again whether Jack Dorsey is in giving it
actually us interview or is in front of Congress or he's just tweeting chase volleyball. Actually, he just took a bunch of high walls, gun he's up a northern schedule on Juno out their learning to get with nature, and he says over over. We tell what the reasons are we let you know what the violations are, we're up front, we're clear. We you formerly enforce our policies and that's wait. It's except here. It's not just once. This is three weeks now with three separate alleged violations would not a single reason, but here's the thing people out there will go well what Neither reason you can tell what post it was for right. No none! There are even connected to the post, that's it. It's only then see what post was the one that was violated by the way. The union is also hit. The notification belt worship scribe, because none of actions don't mean a whole lot.
Before I give the microbial immaculate bill and a boy is that time was gone. Oh, what's Volovya what's happening, we can we bring on CNN really, but they will longbill. I'm learn Fox on capital, Hail see you later, our cities are in turn. Actually, you know doc joy, that's a son who interns here look, there's been a rise in aviation taken, you guys know so, there's a breaking point for everybody location.
Check on him no effects in a way that open l, half men I lost this is this? Is this also in line with the law and again twitters own practice, but legally, whereas this line up, if they dont give reason? So this is exactly the point we ve been making with other tech platforms. Your can set the rules. However, you want to set him, but if you're going to advertise in drawing consumers from the entire United States, the entire world creators, people who are advertising and say we enforce our policies in a certain way, and then you don't actually follow your own rules that is anti competitive. You ve got one media company trying to hurt and other media company and its deceptive litter. consumers are out there going hey no no, they don't don't ban people without giving reasons they don't enforced, twitter suspensions and reset the clock seven different times and a twenty four hour period without anything who would do something twitter would do something winter is doing that something right now, yeah we're just like. Why can't I gotta be careful, because you're here
What? What are you set? The jackdaws who is trying to get with nature? Ok, listen, that's a lay up, that's a lie! for an analogy of him: stopping a moose and of course we don't mean it that's a hard stop lied, especially running so here's these are big, the mousses and innocent victim, and all of you re out exactly really speaking there. Ok, I don't wanna put consent on the move when they must know that sends me scant consent. So what have you done Since I pay you so much, what have we done at this point because it doesn't feel good for me right. So here's a couple of things. I must go back to the one that was three weeks ago, which feels like a million years ago. This point where they actually shortened debate and after we sent a notice, they responded in, say oh actually Here's where you violated, didn't Lenny, that's up, they just said: ok will shorten the twelve our ban now this time round. We send multiple legal notices. We went through every platform appeal it's available right. This is what they say they go well, always away to be able to appeal it within a system. No not actually true, but we
through and we found other ways be able to do it with contacted the legal department directly with contact their trust in safety department actually directly into this moment until right before on air, still no response at all. They haven't even given us the reason right at all filled. It does out sourcing, linked to the same customer service team that Facebook useless, because to the exact same things they just don't get back with you. They will give you reason through suspension. It might be. I mean it could be a call, a call centre in over. How could we call centre in Calcutta? Nobody knows where there s something these out its. I now big tech. They re all have the same exactly in every time. They do one of these things they go. Well, you know a sob of a sub of a sub contractor, gave it to his cousins dog and, like he hit the wrong button right, but they did this same thing with a sitting president. They ve done this thing across the board. They ve had multiple instances of their inability to handle the kind of issues that are endemic. Having a large platform, essentially what their proving.
in India, is it. They can't uphold their own policies at scale, which means if they can't hold the power responsibly they, you have the power, they need to be held responsible. This kind of bad faith action is exactly what is it protected by section two thirty re kind of yeah yeah. What five days We got horse tunes tv right. We get this right e mail is pretty much if they were saying we're inciting violence and will always be terrible whores towards tee Is God delete, didn't tell us which video violated. Gimme that it gave his long lists in never explained to us, which Video violators notices, twins tv bit me. It was a paper view channel near me. I think it has been no, it's the stereotype of the angry black man they're still, it takes while their them to be de programmes, even at vimium unheard of fly was one was albino plots of land.
a rooftop Korea and see what happens. There is a danger late. They won't tell us exactly what we did. Did you set your bed people, it wasn't dont, give them an argument for no, so there's two thirty three years, Mitya thing: let because you have all these concern who they live for just they just want to look. I was banned, those I've not endanger been suspended and we are obviously without people who was committed, actual slander, libel on Twitter, with you know, people Photoshop swastikas, accusing me of everything under the sun right in nothing, gets done or doesn't get done for a long time, and then you get locked out. I get locked out. I've wanted what the rules are like with Youtube. For example shook it one of the rules and the rules aren't what we initially thought the rules to be because only created two three. Four sets of guidelines: now you Jabez Community guideline violations, advertiser front guidelines and then they have borderline. Content will who determine that? Nobody? Really, not it's not really too
but at least they have some kind of a vague page and they do. Answer. There is an appeal process. I would say this with you too, but the appeal process it sucks when, like notices, hate speech, but they tell you twittered, give any kind of a reason. So my point is look with this thinking. it to someone like me and I dont want to, but I'm not The self centered. To the point of view, being dishonest on twitter himself. If I end up losing it because I say look the international women's day, I'm celebrating the brave and beautiful trans women of Saudi Arabia, if The reason they should take it up with Saudi Arabia who, by the way twitter balance my tweets in Saudi Arabia, sometimes because it offends I islamic sensibilities, Saudi Arabia mean the number of notices we get that are about reviews. This is that Germany is nuclear and there are many all the time I mean there's where at least at twenty five different countries that Twitter has somehow found a way to actively and instantly determine whether or not its violating those
these laws, but yet they cannot figure out a way to lead a mere can citizen for an american company know what was the post that created an alleged violation or even what the reason was. This is what I am saying over and over again is that these companies have developed and created for themselves. So power that their own able to actually exercise it in good faith. They simply. Can they can't even enforce their own rules or not enforce them in railway Dave entrusted it a I to robots to subcontractors every in in this isn't just conservatives. This is happening to people across the board and yet nothing is being done to actually curbed that whether a Congress certainly not happening under this administration, but also the key the courts in some someone's gonna have to step up we're doing that action as well, but twitter, it
Health is now one of the ones. That is the most agree just on this front, and I don't think Jack Dorsey and how asked us to do anything about it, while the friends that moose might have some leverage require. You look at this picture of you mounting me the same evident I've always had so I just tweet did a little here's the thing. What can be done for people who were old enough to want rocking but yeah classic by the way rocky was ragging was, Thank God. We should look at that, mainly a matter of Romano Prodi and then Boris Natasha Commies come an entire people to arrange rag. Wasn't some sick rolled weighing classic done? They do right. You better leave you ve, been a multi for twelve years. You dont know how to get on a horse, not backward if we go this way really the best way
the point. Is you got a vote with your clicks, your tweets everything else, that whether you're sending a message is continuing to share stuff that they don't want to be shared shared is what you can go ahead like folks were doing it or go find them. Another platforms, Ramey justly simple existence of mud, club or other platforms that are making has happened, whether its parlor you're rumbles, your other other things like that there were the advertiser going wait a minute. This is not an effective strategy. The only thing that apparently matters to them is their pocket, but that's the only theater and listen to and we can affected every one little tweet, maybe not by itself, but all of them together. So while working in the final. The legal side folks can take that I, whether they're sitting at home, whether there in the grandma's basement whether there at the bus station, doesn't matter you can get on those apps and make your. surviving is important for everyone to understand section. Two: thirty with reinserting Twitter sued Texas, edgy Paxton, and they said that age Paxton was
urging them to try and infringe on that their exact words. Editorial decision regarding a lot is on editorial. May you ignored editorial, they did so. My question is at that point: how does that? How does tat we? suppose that, with two thirty explained, the people I know we ve disrupts, had not one, but the reason that these platforms are not held liable at all. So is because two thirty which, if York Times, for example, just puts up something there held responsible red slander. Electorate says, like hey, Jeff, You know Gerald beat me up in a bathroom stall with George Michael right, some of the New York Times rights that they can be held responsible for someone put it up on Twitter responsible at all, because of section two thirty, but then they in their own law suit, say well known, infringing our editorial guidelines and it's all OPEC rebel. It's one of the best analogies is: are you gonna hold it twenty liable if a criminal decides to call itself on the goes across in eighteen. Ninety, one right, you're gonna, say no, this utility, just because the city provided water was the city now
Well, for the fact that that water is used to make the best method, the country, no not at all. So what we're look yet now is a question of our you more like a reason that great, Eggs still has the Koran for math. The great merit legs water math aviation is aunt what what? What is it? Are they now closer to? Does it does eighteen t? Does the water company do they exercise editorial functions today, selectively, decide on a or a guide basis, who we're gonna be their customers? No, you sign up. You pay the bill you're in, but when you look the New York Times? They look, they edit, they decide they cut, they allowed They have guidelines for what they're gonna put on that. They have whole teams that are doing that and when you now look at what it's more of these platforms, what are they more? are they more like the utility? That's letting anyone go say anything they want and we're just providing the vehicle for it or are you coming in and actually exercising editorial function? use their own words. Exactly like you said this again, isn't about we're. Tell
you, how to run your business. This isn't saying the government should come in and run your business. It's run your business in an honest way and if you are honestly editing your honestly held liable for right exists, now. Look I don't want girl. Do you have a question of the analogy? Actually gets worse, even like you said, with the New York Times with Twitter, the moon widgets even worse. So it's like New York Times putting out that story and then a blocking my account the twitter blocking Count and saying you can that's what happened. I beg the twitter. What can be done about it would be a life that we always get screwed up. I will believe it. Oh building block your account obsolete that that's what it would be like is like a new times. Twinning at a story about me, that's false that I should be able to see them over and then Twitter locking MIA my account so that I can defend myself right you're right, that's exactly what it's like! That's what twitter is doing when they block people for twelve, so it's just a couple of days. I will fix the problem. No, this disparity
you're doing this stuff on purpose or at least very coincidental look have agent, but only if they get going. My final question years look I dont want to because an please John Monks, Lebanon. I don't like your band. I dont want gonna, have to sue Twitter, we're doing Facebook lawsuit, which I know we we can. We can give you a bunch of updates right now, but be we sought in motion. What do we do with twitter we're gonna. What's so on everything on the table, so everything on the table, all the options are available, but this is this is I will tell you and in most good wars will admit that the legal system should be the last resort and unfortunately, twitter is essentially pushing us to say you better go to ass resort, because congresses do anything, there are the president's not doing anything, not gonna do anything. The vice president is really powers and get to do anything. The state this natures may there trying silica delay area states that are trying to enact legislation to try and do something about it. Thank God that they're doing that. But really
Ultimately we're going to have to figure out all the ways we can do it. Speaking of I'm going to get out of here to go work on it. I got to go suit up dodo You know what I mean I know you're readjusted for is he going to leave now he's gonna? Okay, so he's gotta go sit up, sky, you still see Veneer Dona suit up. You already have Sudan from all show yeah, when in a battle, big tech, yet another best projection out there there's only one aim. I trust spartan body. Armor leader. Ceramic steel, conceivable rifle rated most of their products, are energy certified, which is the best irrigation out there, and you know you ve got it Get this big on your back. You gotta to make sure to protected
Well, that's true! That's nice! About many! Wonderful, sponsor! I've got a spartan, armor systems, dot com initiative, promo code, crowded you get ten percent more than it really is what most trusted inviolate. This thing is so light up to forty four magnum, almost eight even temporary February, for India and people. Don't even know that I've worn symptom there weren't you can you see it to save family, looks Jack. That's part, not only research. What happened at the thought Secondly, I find the feeling of Kevlar against my skin. Incredibly erotic, it's like accuracy with most for without my do. You guys have a body on Russia do we can send you some ITALY, lived and especially you guys know the rioters need yeah some vague name. You understand how some legislative legislative bodies want to ban something: that's defensive, oh yeah and in many places area for what defending yourself. It scares you walking around with this. You must be up to no good yeah.
The argument is that it makes you it makes you more capable of inflicting damage without receiving it. I think that's their arguments, so it needs to be like a gentleman's dual EDA person can die right with the collapse or you shouldn't trust, but you should call because you're not allowed again when someone is everything in that did they also get the vast super by the way, not least response times are they vary across the country, but one of them asked police response times that I know it wasn't Elsa Window California, when I lived there was a minute and a half which sound the good little known fact. when you're being raped brutally. Repeatedly a minute and a half feels like a lifetime. Any eternity. That is a long minute and a half spartan Amr systems are common to the democratic, ok.
the head of borders, is another story. Here they had of border security before we get to render all and again people on mucklucks sending your questions. Wait. You're taking your brother, I let's go eat just told me to wake. I asked how many times have you needed some caffeine, awake and steady progress crack cocoa? well come on coke. Will we do mass? You guys do that then we all heroin, although it is a white male stuff, all goods to Coca COLA, Damn crack. Oh, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No message, not the good stuff, it's not cleaners and crack. It's just that the poor white man is more responsible with his money. Well, he doesn't care about his teeth. Very my doesn't care about is now exactly English of your western price, so month to bind he's been trending everywhere, and we want to get too Whittemore in a second then ran public am really looking forward to, but the head of Porter Securities beheaded,
security, Roberta Jackson, I see personal claimed that the border crisis is because of trumps lack of humanity, which was discouraging people coming which, by the way, listen before even get the next part. I'm ok with. a pen later clip though she went on to admit that it actually was binds fault, and I know you think I'm making this up. So I have the clip right now. Oliver Roberta Jackson, sandwich together with it as soon as strong and this immigration policy were way out and buying, and his stated policy were on the way in this historic surge at the war started. Well, first of all, when things I think is important, is we ve seen surges before surge? ten, to respond to hope. And there was a significant or a more humane policy after four years of in a pent up demand
So I don't know whether I would call it a coincidence, but I certainly think that the idea, that a more humane policy would be in place may have driven people make that decision, but perhaps more importantly, it definitely of smugglers. To pick, spread information to spread disinvestment moment. We're sure allows it is now possible to change the administrations brought home from Europe. active. Is this search good? I don't think that's what I just said. I think it's a reflection of how my grits feel at a particular time lady, that's, unfortunately, what I watch- and I am I dont know I watched eclipse. I read a lot of the time zone and I don't see the cliffs these people, but that's Roberta Jackson, Right headed,
actually Jacobson there was a typical, somewhat Jacob. Such acts are that's right. What was saying Jackson was me side and I got to block as your Jackson's a common aim to mix up it's not even if you didn't, we women, I pick out and alignment and Stephen knows more than just say, acts in. I don't I said largest Jackson, namely one live on. I felt when I said. Let me pick the name other Argentina. Fifty pound black man with a under five forty and markets Jackson is actually a person. So that's it. Enough. Unbelievable reason we're out of what would turn round Jackson with the sovereign player to write with silver idea of the Argo Jago show that, but no that was so. I just I just watch that for the first time- and I realized you know it's unfortunate, but I did recognizer from somewhere Thankfully word in a good position. Still fiscally speak
jeez Turkey, so great about this by the way. Any comment question that another question today, of course, is George for Jesus Christ. Made it known here is: let's acres, Donald Trump when they say with a lack of compassion. Rather what the lack of compassion, its people, referring to these countries, for example, as shit hole, countries right here and that was considered race but then we say: look there's this pent up demand classic when Jacobs, pent up demand, pent up demand from what why We picked up the man if they don't live in countries, like thirty opened up the man to leave them? So they said? Ok, that's races and then down from symbolic using a national, the national countries. Let's on the map, Let's not allow them to come in here in recognises what the lack of compassion put
the border wall enforcing our own immigration laws like every other country. You want to find out who's really nationalistic and racist Godaddy Mexico ask them how they feel about hundreds in El Salvador is. Can we build a no? No? No? No, no! No! No! No one. Did you build up we don't have money. We should then maybe someday. We just put. We put landmines, Andy role, so we build them up in their re caravan. He's gonna when were you supposed to give people breaking the law, hope my worry I'll, chapel icy hope exactly like bank robbers going in another there's. A lot of bank robbers now know well that actually, because we removed all of the security features- and I guess I gave them- hope that they will make it out alive with money,
Methinks me saying a dreamer over their rascal rope for little bitch, a bright future I've just so I'm just so fed up with this. I think it's hope and humanity really. Ok. So what's the hope, now the hope and by the way you're putting more people engages record numbers. I saw unbelievable! I dont know when it became considered racism when it became considered inhumane, simply send people back Disney El Paso issue their non all country to their wonderful country, which, by the way, sees this same record number of would be migrants to places like Mexico, because the shining beacon of hope for all to see you know it's David, beautiful, we are also in the United Kingdom, we was on immigration hole for two hours. They put us in cages. And everything around frightfully. We actually had to say like eighteen, her some doubt. We too shall schedules sort out our from the United States, the United States and national? We went dead, While these at Detroit
These are the three Eu Visa. Dear vehicles, in Craig, we had to pay eighteen about just a big stated: do us shows no we're sitting beside it shouldn't. We couldn't talk to each other real. What does not happen? Donor they put like glass. Sat between you know, we just sit there, look at it too late look? What are we going to do? What they like you guys, were Islamic No brother did you have a beard, they knew what we weren't. You said there were fancy said there who is going to stay in a country and get on wherefore ass. Like you people so rights.
Decide without would say, we was not done it stay. In speaking, I didn't know worker listen, you're, welcome to say in our country love so long as you don't Mary into the royal family release likes this area, not for breeding with each other. We don't get any chance of Allah by the way make us that way it nearly black babies in this room are fuelled orders bit of dark chocolate, political Cadbury, eggs sinus. Here here saying you want better and also to as many minorities are ok. This I hear my UK. We don't have many black eyes, nor is it that crap in Canada to realise this in Canada, in income back their racist. Will you people there very racist do creep muttered. I realise that you say you, people, like you, with with
Canadians you people. So they are race. They are racist with black people with all black people, I'm trying to say french Canadians are often very racist. Another not races, innocence of they hate black people. There does races in a sense it s. Okay, to stereotype, so they'll like you, we simply talking with them into my guy man. You Americans, your soul, race, you're. So that's it! That's! The problem, like yeah, nervousness its id web woman. I think that's horrible, it's wrong too! To wake. You know everybody to be equality up, get hand, blacks are lazy, fuck man like Russia, the next joint, so there's the link that that legally long, I think, is what it's called piano confessed to me that we have some Montreal fans there who want to get out sorry, I can't get you all and work visas, but not here of income from so they have the language police and can be We stand this we'll talk about it. Nation United States, as they won't do not face some systemic discrimination in category mean you're right. It's a french province in an english country. Where I was forced to go to French, rules just because my mom was born Quebec. If you have one parent born in Quebec, you have to go to France.
they thought I was learning disabled until three loophole. I was allowed to learn geography and math English Lincoln? If I wanted to open Stevens, diner apostrophe s, I would be find out of it. Since, because it's not french rights, which they call the thing pure plan, is a term that literally this leads to pure wall here racial purity where they only want pure european full blooded for People like Nazi Germany Rottweiler, let's not you're the worst. As you get some looks and somewhat someone with a sum of Abrek tail. You know down you to get out man and want to guess Bay with the motion that Dorsey. Ok, we know spit roles, you do so then what happened. Is they created because we're trying to expel the english people from Quebec and so on?
of haitian people, Sir my ring the committee has a French and, like all that training is one of the haitian their girls. The little man I don't want people from where how you followed that shit all country. We don't want that, seeking asylum, yeah yeah dreamers yeah? You do. I mean you come near me to seek asylum, because all the haitian Darky gonna make me crazy and they don't rises up anyway speaking of speaking this right now that the disaster at the border trump responded. I missed, men already guy now his response, physicists response. Yesterday, you can take a little bit of what one is centred around parliament becoming be soon right, yet about twenty minutes towards when it's ok, that's your Whittemore set segments and by the way, sending your your questions for info. So yesterday, President Trump, This figure is, I hope, every
what everyone remembers when they're getting the cove igniting parentheses cited in refer to as the chinese virus vaccine that, if I was in president, you wouldn't be getting that beautiful. She added wonderful one shot at best and probably wouldn't be getting it at all. I hope everyone remembers you know it. Here's the thing he's not he's not wrong because we know that it's what is or is it to discharging it? What do you think he's? Never going back where I know it's not what you let me do research and that, as I think we got some right here,
We need to be better about a background checks, while you're here at the office, it doesn't get tents. Why didn't lorries? Let's get a background check and not changing its aid, because these Asia, that use reasons, seem like a nice kid, but don't trumps, not wrong. You think about it. Four seconds Joe Biden, every Democrat opposed operation working? That's why I'm not I'm not anti back people say anti backs. Look, I'm not anti vat at all and I'm not even anti this vaccine. I know some of them have been using have used a parent embryonic stem cell research to be developed, in which case I'm just morally ethically I'm against that kind of medical premonition, because it can use adult stem cells wreck. However, I just have weighed the risk rewards for someone like myself court, where the side effects, ironically in some of the vaccine, As for someone whose young and healthy worse in some cases than the virus itself- and I think that older
people who are susceptible of always that we should be quarantine and which we locking them in Buffalo bills, basement all people out of humanity and compassion, and they should get the vaccines first That is all it is absolutely, and you remember everybody who came out when Donald Trump said: yeah we're gonna have this and what our toper November, something like that is in no way maybe before the election. They said no when they also said Kemal Harris, I believe, cover to several times and I'm not gonna take Donald Trump have. Actually I like, I was you know, pouring beakers into each other and his basement. Crazy thing throws raking trump exactly just reminded people and by the way I think we stumbled onto a fun character. You started out in like a jack black Slash, Donald Trump Voice makes you gonna fun good, wrongly overseeing claiming listen. Betty Avenant play back my yeah
now. This is a remarkable man again. This would not happen if not for operation warp speed, because just put just look at this really, logically, let's be productive. That's reductive, just like I said about women can't do pullup solution, be indifferent once I'm ok with it. So let's be productive with this. Operation. Warp speed meant removing government bureaucracy, red tape, allowing more medical developments to happen. It warp speed so who typically supports deregulation removal of red tape, while allowing per no account of the holding companies responsible, as opposed to having the FDA, put it back on the shell for nine years, because it might give you a slight tummy, giving the right the consumer and a speedier path to market. Does that sound like
What about me? What does that sound? Like Joe Biden idea, there's a reason, Joe Biden Kemal Harrison closer? They wouldn't trusted axing and now the way now they want you to all. Take it immediately arrogant I just I want people to be: will it take the vexing if they wanted and if you're confused as to whose who does this better just point to any other vaccine in history? That's been developed in and rolled out in less than a year just point to one right: I know I'll wait. Is there one there's not You know how long it took the building impair staple. Do you guys know that, because you know under the World Trade center it took about twelve years and have put something up year after year and more stable than ten months reality is someone in their control, can find it there might be off by a month or two was under a year after year I mean some people, so people plummeted to their death, with their lunch boxes well or on cleaner. It happens,
we do not say to lose its first, throw enough about exactly what they thought, throw enough bodies at those hundred and forty story, steel beams. You get it up and think it first about Remote box, where terminal velocity is reached at a certain point to Morrow. It just depends on how quickly they reach terminal velocity sandwich box or no. I have no idea, that's a good question. Is there a drink in the box at this level, Airbus moorhouse either way. You have some time to think That's what I'm going to get your words digital, get all think about it, for you have to inhale for your second screening that minority
So far, we really should have conserved energy s, not gonna. While here is it, I didn't help. People that put a rope on about this doesn't keep happening, really good idea that we are having a way to learn that in a way to us from the empire state building websites a little bit more than ten months, but it was just one year, forty five days, one year days right, I think it s a wrong. I think I might have been the finishing inherited Aithra. I don't care about the crown moulding the empire state building through. Could I walk through the building? That's how long ten or could you fall from the very top What are you up this dump? What what do you think people free when they call from a tall buildings out just like yeah, I don't know Just like these lighten the doing society like anxiety of the whole issue yeah,
that's it you're a sound, very easy. Both they dont look very com. It's very least: what do you want to producing a James Taylor? These brought the guys the complaint and my wife put marries a get other savage, definitely Valley, first pilot, with a bill that, at that that's ego if terawatt, showing lands still hurts James. Taylor was wrong all right by folly, we pay Dick Man governor lets us of course, by the way I gotta Governor Whittemore does feel good to be a little? Actually, I want to say good to be vindicated because this is horrible, seniors have died at record numbers here in Michigan, Michigan is worse than New York. I believe in a lot of what, certainly in principle- and I get a second, but now there
talking about Governor Cuomo. It is brought Governor Whittemore back into the sea. Like for people who don't remember, we ve been coming for a very long time, isn't what's so funny to me when people have been saying with Governor como them about how how did go on and nobody noticed K people As we know you decide who should. I am stories from social media impact. I want to know you want to know why people didn't notice and by people I mean you, you, dumb son of a bitch, the reason that you didn't notice, not our audience but the rest of the critical America. The reason you didn't know is because of the same for the same reasons that I've been says, we ve been doing it for six days without any reason or cause by the story of him doing crack with his nation mood and stand up shower? I am theirs. I don't know. I want to disperse, took a repetition of the innocent ice hotel, but the point has remained in creating creating a mental picture for the same reason that post was pointed from social media. You never know about it because it control the flow of information. People like us people like rush limbo,
God rest his soul. There are plenty of people covering the Cuomo situation there weren't, so many people covering the governor went our situation, but that's just because not a lot of people have access to the information and Michigan doesn't come to the front of your mind when you're thinking about me, states with incredible corruption, so it's That's near here. My heart born there lived there for another seven years. Recently I love. I love a state of Michigan and I just hate the people. Not all the people got ones? You will let guided the lady whose who stockings will undoubtedly rowlocks under a house, hopefully selling Ireland on Monday, Mccone County prosecutor, Peter Loose seat out to him that name right. It's not Jacobson! Peter Mosquito announced that Governor Whittemore may be facing actual criminal charges with clip if we find that their esben wilful neglect of office, if we find that there's been wrecked, lemon endangerment of a person's life.
Bringing a man there, would move forward with charges against the governor. Of course we would nobody's while the law in this state, specially out when Puglia items enforcing its proper too wide a reference Wednesday and make more of a monsters, got itself they also Charles, looked filed the final complaint in the case against Whittemore Kyrgyzstan. most people know about obviously Cuomo Home scandal right. With even Elsie calling for an investigation and Elsie calls for investigation into democrat governor. He must be doing something really bad That's not as like a little bit like a variant. Neo C is Pauling. Everyone in the State Party saying right, have the tides and the tides turned red, let's investigate Cuomo, but a lot of people don't realize that Whittemore is actually a lot worse, then Cuomo again in practice, because her policies,
actually ended up. Putting not just not just returning old people who are sick, too old, photons young, people, young, sick people into all folks homes here, and if so, that we do not end up half a year ago This is the man who was being an old person or folks home in Michigan. One click: ok, that's enough horrible right. We listen! That's it still, tough for me to wash today that guy that old man, by the way that old man ended up starving to death, he became depressed start himself to death pm we first cover story. We didn't know that that was the reason that young man was in nursing a covert. I thought the workers somebody media in earnest going, but not just that it was a guy who had covered that was put in. It was a young guy right agenda. Moon is dad said my son should not have been there he's an. I don't know how many balls were dropped for this All my son should not have been there, and while the media was ignoring Whittemore fawning over Cuomo, we were the first ones to really sure to bring some national
into and by the way, Seton Michigan this one specifically for michiganders out their folks in Michigan. What what do you think has happened to your state, honest? I mean people think of the MID West as the heartland of the country. There has been no accountability for this. For this broad. Can I say that you can I mean it and disrespect definitely We even went in and hold that thought, but weaving of people remember we went to Michigan and held a rally with thousands of people and that have resulted in thousands of Ethel. I requests which will come back to because its relevant right now, in no uncertain terms or policies have correctly, like you told them of musical senior thousands and you have been at work life and death ITALY has lots of Michigan Strategy and it's the only state with these comparable states doesn't include assisted living facilities.
Adult foster care facilities or home for the aged. This again is thirty four percent coming exclusively from some nursing homes. Yeah how many those are one thousand sixty seven deaths coming from four hundred and forty? How many currently Active licensed facilities. Are there in Michigan. Ten times that amount faults. I say this, president rum, if you're, watching that I and the of Michigan all would like to say in unison, governor one where you want to conduct an investigation down drawn from this angle and govern our rights. We are you first and by the way the only coverage of that was. There were a couple hundred people who showed up and they did any of them. Try to kidnap Whittemore That was the only covered. So that's why you haven't heard about it and I've never done around like ever. I just they're gonna have a ninety. Seven euro grandma in Michigan who's been directly affected. these policies. Friends have been directly affected by these policies and by effective I mean debt. So
matters to me, and I just this is the problem with three fork. but he's controlling the town square people die. Sure I get banned because I point out the obvious fact: that of child abuse to put a four year old on purity, blockers, tomato, no DEC but it can. Actually. To the point where information that could save people's lives doesn't get out, and so you have people. Politicians were no longer accountable and people. die. There was a bipartisan bill in Michigan by the way to put a stop to this now and she vetoed it. Democrats and Republicans that you ve got to stop doing this now under the guy. emergency hours? You well, you know. The reason is because you care about the seniors there actually affected by this and what it seems like governor. What MC cares about is her image. Yes, what people think of the state Michigan and her job, because you know her stars rising, or at least was before all this happened. But if you look at the numbers, according the CDC per one hundred thousand so per capita, though the eleventh worst state right,
country in vaccination in their blaming the former administration by the way, as the time of this article that we're gonna get to just a second. There are seventy percent of the vaccines that were sent there were just sitting in hospital. Yet so let me so. This is what it so that was back then we're just some of the arts and yes, and by the way, can still go to a lot of Canada COM, Slash Whittemore death, So this got running there are thousands of sons put up in Michigan where you can submit your own Ethel? Why everquest right just to find out the actual death number, because it's far higher than is being disclosure? We know that it's way higher governor what were just she panted it. She said I want to do. Why, under the guise of emergency powers, ok- Those are going away. They were just trip from Governor Cuomo. Let's see that happen, Whittemore and then you'll have to at least answer some questions, but go through the misdeeds of having committed since, unlike you, sit back then just record number of old people who she was nothing and in October, should ignore the Supreme Court order, Strucken donor months of executive order, saying that the emergency powers, where necessary she again tonight The FBI requests, like I said, Cuomo
been stripped of those. So that gives us a path moving forward now, where none and you can't shut down churches, keep pot, shops open and not disclose a numbers of nursing home deaths and then, here's likely you. I think we have a clip of what you are talking about. Nobody If you want to understand Whittemore, ok, I picture non. What and remove all reason and accountability, because here she is blaming all of it on you guessed it you get Donald Trump. Are slow, walking the process of getting the addresses two Pfizer for some reason, I cannot get an answer to we have Michigan hospitals and nursing homes right to administer this vaccine and the bottleneck appear. to be the White House, it would appear
European Programme of Islamic scrapped as Grandpa gonna, want made a point out Governor Whitman right away. She was wearing jeans fashioned TED nutrients, guitar strap into a shirt, not mad, so she blamed on Trump, but once trunk was actually gone, Whittemore failed to allocate an effect seems for senior. She didn't allow vaccine for sixty five year old until January, eleventh and as of January. First only twenty five point: seven percent of the vaccine supplied by the federal government had been administered. She just letting it sit there. Just last month she quietly extended restaurant limitations until March twenty nine when they are set to expire in February Twenty first, I know several restaurants that will never open again, one of which employs nineteen people that fight Jeff. If team shut down the restaurant and she originally used up on their weaknesses. What so telling she eased up on it. directions two days after binds, inaugurate that make sense. That makes absolutely no sense nor have we ever Pierre, but I don't wanna, have ran Paul, continue waiting it just a propaganda clip of Governor Whittemore Duenna Santa
a thing to try and teach kids to be communist. However, you can still go to a lot of credit outcome: Flash Whittemore Death Toll or Michigan DOT Gov. We have the site up here where you can submit your own Ethel. I request simply want transparency in the fuel number of senior deaths that those facilities in Michigan keep her accountable. This is how you win. I believe that we have coming up right now, senator ran Paul. Do we have sent a rainbow links someone sitting there waiting so for senator ran Paul. Here again, we want to take some of your questions to be the sting of rainbow. No, we don't and senators thing it like a walk in, so I was going to say that that we can play the Santa clip, but instead let me take this There are several reasons I want to have ran Poland. First off, I, U keys the Kennedy. I agree with most who also aggravates me.
mother. Why applies? I shall let you tell that with a lot of people? I just I don't think, there's a Canada. I don't think there's any politician at their way agree with more on issues if we were to do when those compass useless tests than rainfall. But I do- and I say that, because you can just see other people getting irritated Here- when he was talking with assistant, how Secretary Rachel Living Doctor in providing actual scientifically accurate medical information, and you can just see the frowned we have a clip and though we have sent a rental do support the guy. women intervening to override the parents, consent to give a child pupil blockers, cross, sex hormones and or reputation, surgery, abreast genitalia. You have said that you are willing to accelerate the protocols for street kids. Will you make the more firm decision on whether Minor, should be involved in these decisions. Senator tranche internet This is a very complex and new wants field and, if
Thanks for informing the practising doctor, I will certainly be pleased to come to your office and talk with you and your staff about these standards of care and the complexity of this field. Let it go into the record that the witness refused to answer the question. The question a very specific one: minors, be making these momentous decisions for most of the history of medicines, we wouldn't let you have a cut so up in the e r, but your will to let a minor take things that prevent their puberty and you think they get that back is that your question love they don't they loved by the way talk about reverse logic of the video there was banned from Youtube: the analogy, BT, Q Town Hall, where there are teaching people how to transition children and funded by the government and awesome someone's by opposes someone who had a trench under childish. Look you given the purity blockers and then they decided to not trans, you take em off it and they probably
back at the horse. How about we do the opposite of that? We have at that doesnt work the right way. He asked the question and they did they don't just get that back. You write them on these poop puberty blockers for a reason and what are they making? decisions at twelve thirteen fourteen years old, six, even sick gas, but say sometimes even earlier on in a minor they're, not capable. making this in all ran pulled, it will say either a legitimate question that parents across the country right now our ass by the way? It's not just. Can the kid make the decision? It is at what point seven year old, get tied up with an activist group that then takes the right of their parents. Away said that the kid can make the decision legally. Even holders disagree that logically be like. So look you guys events, fitness financial intermediaries, hubby became really popular strapping young, that's so what It would be like someone coming to you for fitness advice and I ve been ok. Look I haven't done anything. What should I do and you got look
take tremble alone, and then afterwards, if we find it and give me the results you want, you can just go to you now lifting lakes and eating right. I noticed this between consenting adults. You know now is illegal. Bird is consistent. Those adequacy, what's the rush with a small child, they can even consent they're. Not even that legal age of consent. How could you let a small child? remove. His journey entail female in take people. The blacks, just sick is just beyond reason, and if we are to think about that, that's one thing: the people don't talk about. They are not of the age of consent, centrally they're, making decisions that can forever change or sex life. Imagine this right. It's part of the wonderment of life when they go through regular that first time, maybe for me it was that Joe with ass. Much like look there's her girl, and I was like that that part of the Jerry Maguire tape got a little bit worn. We don't have internet beckoned
The point is just crazy pointers. Imagine you think your parents have, you know, have done right by you, you get put on or you get a sex change, puberty blockers and then Once you reach your teenage years, you find out that you're one of the significant percentage of french and individuals who will never be able to think but achieving orgasm now? What are our just man is no point eleven, that's that's. When I wake up like a year, I don't think they requested Erhead outsmart wake up in the morning or what but he may diminish I got the I would like to marks for that. But I just wanna go deep inside we we were assuming their corn nuts, that's a good, especially if you're doing it in a circus tent in the? U S s our and your honey. You want people not talk about the fact that Bernie Sanders went to the Soviet Union for Alzheimer's.
By the way. This wasn't like last year or something I got. This is when it was really. This is what it was like going to South Africa during apart and by the way his wife was born in Saint Louis you. How do you feel about fighting about certain gets flight or linen? We have senator, I believe, senator ran possibly just showed that group of him with Doktor Rachel having senator, ran Paul. Can you hear me, sir? it sounds kind of crazy. I'm not sure I want to be a man, I'm not sure I wanna be hosting, but I appreciate you showed that clip of of you, with with Doktor Rachel, having first off my question to you senator Paul is how did it for to have someone sitting there at this. At this hearing informing you of the subtle and nuanced details and transgender medicine, of which I am sure you were not pretty yeah
Maybe Doktor Levine was going to say now son. You can't understand this and I'll come and talk to. You bless your heart. We just not sure you could understand the nuances Given little kids hormones that change their sexual appearance, but now I think you did when you look at the actual issue, it horrifying, to think that the people Biden is appointing We actually say that a ten year olds opinion would override their parents consent. So I just know, don't get anywhere near my kid. Ten year olds as I want to go to a gender clinic in all these people, who have already become activism, zealots for this, many of whom have done the surgery to themselves. Are there telling your ten year old kid how brave they are and how its a great thing for their kid to want to do this and parents subject and they would take a ten year olds word over their parents or tenure.
Opinion see. I think that nobody in America believes that I think maybe less than one percent of America ACT. You think that's a good thing right, but nobody's afraid of the media is a media, will beat the hell out of you and say you're, a big Haider if you bring it up, we are you, are you are treading on twitter? Is Trans phobic that day? When again it used to be that you could say, look What to do if you want to put put on a dress, put on makeup as an adult, do whatever you want to do? That's fine. It doesn't doesn't raise the libertarian more libertarian minded person that doesn't infringe on my life. The only issues when were talking about women sports, but it used to be- and I used to I mean still a relatively safe position is eight, but you can't let kids transition there's. No! No! No! Not really! I, like kids tradition. The good news is what, if she were to call you son, you could demand some testosterone pills. Dorothy left. There will be some kind of gender hate crime to revert to me by my gender it all right now about it is when, when you talk about this, there also lying to their saying, it's all reversible with a tutor
things they want to do to your children. First, they want delay puberty. There is a certain reverse ability to that drugs, but when they get to be fourteen. They give a girl massive amounts of testosterone enough to grow beard, a beard better than your beard, probably not saying, yeah I was saying I was sent- is before the senator legalise the person with whom I agree. The mouth still retains me here to the thing: if you give a fourteen year old girl that must start from she Rosa Beer, she doesn't go back to the parents of a girl. It changes things for ever and afford here? I can't make this decision, but they begin grooming. These children at TAT, because so called psychological evaluation is a bunch of people. Who have changed their sexual appearance through surgery or hormone telling the child. It's ok. Do you think
body is at the general Scoria clinic saying. Well, you may be here might be careful this to be permanent. Maybe you change your mind right. American college pediatrics has looked at this and eighty ninety percent of these children who are confused work it out and not doing this. If you leave him alone, don't give a medicine and don't Four men coach them into believing that it's a good idea to their own sort of desires. Most you're gonna grow out of this there's a large, it's actually over ninety percent. It's it's! It's up to ninety eight. Depending worry, I think the source you use was ninety, but it depends on the age. You know where you do the cut off it's up to now, these six or ninety eight percent. Ninety eight people, or not, as the number of children who transition if you put them on hormone blockers, is zero. So there's a direct correlation right there between intervention, which we know in any this scenario, obviously would be considered medically risky and the outcome of the child
and die, but this is a bigger debate, even just beyond the specific issue of whether not children should override their parents wishes at such a young age and to do something that I think is potentially irreversible, and I think it's really just a crime and should be considered to be child abuse, and yet these this is being mainstreamed and these people will be in charge of. Trillion dollar budget at Asia. S right, so
some of the lot of that budget will go towards government care of children. So will this doctor Levine Biota get her radical views into the minds of children? Well, when you have a trillion dollar, but it sure this doctor will find a why they added with age ass. A trillion dollars is like a take. A penny leave a penny jar. One of my co host here Gerald has a question. I believe then we're gonna have to go to Youtube only because I don't like this gas centre at a question. We have a club on the memory of yes. Yes, we have the Party of Science right on the other side saying you have always followed science, while the science will. How can we when they keep changing? What science is, I think, isn't that the point you bringing up like you guys are not following the science, especially the doktor, yet.
actually, and nowhere is this more apparent than all the cove in you know. There's been a million different opinions by doktor, foul she's, been on both sides of every issue, but the one thing consistent about Doktor Val team. Is it when he lies to you he's lying for your own good, because you're, not not smart enough to make decisions, you might choose not to be vaccinated if he tells you that heard immunity takes ninety percent, so he's been telling you seventy percent, because he wants to convince you! Take a vaccine, was on the mass. The reason he is admitted that he lied. Why what the law was because mass pry don't help at all anyway he's just the mask will help them ass. Well, but don't you didn't want you to buy the in ninety five, because in ninety thousand the only mascot actually probably works to certain degree. That's the one. The doctors eurozone was afraid it the public would buy them. There wouldn't be enough, so he lied or misspoke or told you.
we thought you were capable of hearing at your low intellectual level. This is a problem. This is, you know, found she is the Paragon of Elite ISM and that he knows better than the rest of us, but it, free society at the opposite. Every individual Sesar own risk, whether you got across the road with you, gonna wait for a green light. What are you gonna get in the car, whether you get on a motorcycle with you wear a helmet, whether you take a vaccine when you get the disease, those are individual decisions in a free society. We cannot forget that, and before we got a month only here really quickly didn't he Maki. She who your concept of heard immunity, or am I miss remembering that at every point. Did he agreed with me. He turned out to be wrong. We use amity everywhere
The surprise, that's a shocker Bobby, be the pride, the worst one, and this one hasn't been publicized in our first meeting in March of last year, as the disease was just starting to go through that first Pique I raised my hands a doctor, foul team. Don't you think in some of these very sick individuals that hydro steroids might work views did in other conditions like this, where the lungs fill with blue it as the last gasp sort of thing and is an owner, we try that that doesn't work. What turns the most important thing you get if you have to be put on a then later, is ivy steroids at a high knows to try to save your life and it s actually brought down the mortality by eighty percent using I ve stairway to be strong on everything he's wrong on immunity. He said: oh kids, you know, kids could get sick and they might have Kawasaki Disease turns out the death rate among those enraged. Twenty thousand one in a million it's less than the seasonal flu. Now it's warden there's than deliver our older people, but for younger people. This is actually less dangerous than the seasonal flu for young but one in a million
you're saying, there's a chance. Alright, we're gonna go really quickly to market only era. One watching here send your questions for senator rainfall. Doktor ran Paul, you tube. Thank you, But we don't know where this is going. So you can be polite. You know what to do. You tube
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