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Steven reviews the weekend violence in D.C. at the pro-Trump march, then turns to examine the use of Dominion Systems voting machines in the 2020 election. Finally, he looks at the science on catching COVID twice and whether the "experts" were right in the outrage over Rand Paul's recent comments.

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Hey there audio listener, tired of your old bedsheets, I don't, I don't have an. I can do for you, because bedsheets don't sponsor the show, but I would like to tell you about gold, really more of a golden opportunity, join Magua, but let us cut it out, conflict Muslim, it's the only reason that they show is actually available. Audio version that you're listening to all run you tube and we have a full daily show that you don't get access to anywhere else. So, if you want to continue- and during this show change my mind or the like- or if you just like a hate, listen you like a hate watch we'll do that Anna punishable face please consider supporting at Lahti with credit that slash mug club and up today in you'll, be a better person for it
Today then hey, here's a thing. You guys me Betty Hain killer. Is they work? Really? This weekend back. I want my rupture disk. My bad then had some painkillers now, of course want to taking, because I don't wanna be Lupi today right and then I hit the deck like an old man. So I apologise. If you see me to miss it not commercial mention just my back by the way you know we're doing from odium, Beverly Mitchell, the middle sister from seventh Heaven or, as I collar disgusting,
I was getting out. Just can ask who is doing commercials for emotive, Beverly, Melinda? Ok, who was clearly the growth that is now coming commercials for ammonium Instagram people. Like look look at my yoga pants. Look at Jim Shark and cheese like diarrhoea matter. I set myself from both a regular your sales revenue which you can get Steve, and we had a lot to get to you today we will meet with this is the start of fraud week we told you about fraud in electoral irregularities and we covered it has remained, but a lot of your thinking what's happening on a state to state basis. We need sort of a cat. log, so we will do a catalogue of starting with dominion voting systems, nobody, not see, there's a lot of tone poorer going on there and then we'll go into Georgia, Michigan Pennsylvania Day by day and apple than the crowded bit, so that you can share them with your friends. You will no longer be friends with you, but you have already
thanks, giving has been cancelled. Workaday is my half regionally able women enter the Landau of compound media. Everyone hi hello, Father Christmas, hello, that's what they call me. That's why you ve robes on air should ever be white on cover, because I can see that in the New York Posts, religion is one of the co host who Randy White Robe. That will actually have a hood. Actually, we cut a hole in the run up to the eyes, turtleneck road, combining that with a white surgical. May I ask why I got to stop three quarter. Blackguard? Is there a way? Is here Gerald Ays here? How are you? I am well get me paint bills and what we have rather well rob anything else. We were told that, of course, it was a conspiracy theory, but that this is breaking from my homeland and am very ashamed. I'm sorry, oh by the way, whilst we tell him what can you get Clovy twice, the science says no
so covert, twice, dominion voting the course of violence in DC from Antiphon. These are the damage will be covering today and there will be playing Stephen, no sports and taking a chapter mug club of this. Can we fight, but first the primary of my country, where you worth you were getting. lose what the terminology here the country had had this to say about the pandemic and the great reset building back better in giving support to the most vulnerable, while maintaining our momentum on reaching the twenty thirty agenda for sustainable development and the Stds. Canada is here to listen and to help This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset This is our chance to accelerate our pre pandemic efforts to re. Imagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change reset.
Here's what you think you! If you go out you members element that immediate we could just bureau abided by the craziest, deep wormhole of conspiracies Q and on Alex Jones Verbatim, and you couldn't factual that person. That's a horrible statement this means that only provided the opportunity for a great reset for global, economies and of any man. The? U N It's not a good idea, and I am pretty sure that more eco labelling builder burn it doesn't help that he looks like the bad guy from equilibrium. The guys like in the tv allowing you like big brother, this is what's going on and wiser camera social.
I know how to tell you that I gotta candidate on how they don't have high speed. Yet why not? I like what we're here to listen? Yes, because nobody cares what you say. We are here to analyse the logo, hadn't talk and for view alive hold on a second. I want to talk on my Skype and mother get off the far off proving Freudians slip right. It's like there are literally the top of the great resets, as do not mention great Rita. I just you remove if your dimension, the great reason, our global lists on you to your router is gonna, hear it again, and he is the one who says it. Maybe playing hd chess sooner, maybe know knows that people can react. Unease like that's exactly what I expect the suggested there were like if we measure
that they know for sure we would not let him into the great recent decades about it than its doubling. Our real zoning of reset before we move on tax filings have now reveal that Joe Biden had a cancer charity. Ok of net raised millions and spent millions on salaries, zero on actual research, really nothing on actual research on show by here. When we read the story, I member was thinking and they ve done enough. You're like a political junkie, but everyone Brok about was running for president. They were looking to charitable donations between Mackenzie Junkie and even if it wasn't, your bind the least charitable palliation ever and we do. We have the records he only three hundred and sixty nine dollars a year to charity over the course of a decade so from research, a decade, cancer, research, clarity that gives no money to research and over a decade he gave three thousand. Let me do the math here, three thousand six hundred and ninety dollars total to charity and so
right now here a lot with drought or by the power of Mug club combined. I right now I'm going to do more for charity and cancer than job. I never as we donated three thousand six hundred ninety one children answers research via all for salaries, though I am more generous than your potential president combined you'll save no one, but nobody. I know you shouldn't give to charity out of spite you now. You know. I think that kid's actually appreciate. Despite dollars, they come with a certain energy, unbelievably kid with common kids with producer, regions can't be choosers. That's true,
because I'm procuring producer is not a country. I am relying on community now of humanity, it ruined immunity, we're a poor people of color community work where community, where an amputee community. You just talk about that and you're going to have a way with the witch had to apologise to the minute last lies lab. Basically, I can't even think of the name, because it was stupid as less than others that limited something, and yet we had offended limbless people if she and am ifrits limb, different lens, the everything yes limb, different meaning you have less fingers different, so that their right, yes, flip its flipper, its logically examining in she's a guy, can serve its like why you can do stuff in the water. That's it I have been talking about Vodafone us, but first, please do consider following me on Instagram its ring at the lifestyle stuff, and I do not sell a modem that,
Beverly Mitchell. So I do consider calling on us to grandma look. There's my dog Jean Louis. He on ice and horse mug club, as it makes all this possible out of Canada comes much. My club consider joining crowded elections. Dream is still alive code because our election is not over and my question is: do you people this is kind of a crowd sorting? This do you know of your state uses, dominion, voting machines and out? What was your experience when you went in voted? Did you use that machine? Do you know, because there's a lot of information out there, that's anecdotal but pulled together. We might actually be able. help us get to the bottom. This little band. Finally, let's get to the million March Magua million March and the violence that happened in D C. Don't you love her and when you know the election was a potentially allegedly stolen from Donald Trump. There are no violent eruptions industry, it wasn't motor peaceful protests, it was entirely peaceful protests and then there was the Margo million March and an ant fish shows up and the proud Bush and then, of course, there is a clash. It becomes like the jets and the sharks. Yes, let us
happen and a lot of NAFTA gazed, gay ass. Ever I think, he's happy. I got you a muscle up. Well, first, that's impressive! We know Tony that you want to bang riff. You know it s, real, no judge we just now. He just had a thing for porter weakens and they weren't interested good tells her the teardrop tattoo they just had white. The count was added Limerick in there. I noticed that little screen, they looked like an animal cartoon so ants, but like there's, no, they attacked a bunch of trump protesters. The monument analysis, no one is blameless here, but I do want to be clear. This is the first That circulated that you likely saw at them a million march that Donald Trump retweeted, which the left says was taken out of context, but I'm going to ride with more contact. Here's the first Clip Donald Trump retweeted
already today, go in to any privileges, which is a very nice, but so just to be sure. This is what Donald Trump retweeted and then people on the left wing most taken out of context. Here's the whole clipped, but they actually then, provided you. just a longer clip that was equally reluctantly added here is the clip that is circulating on the left is talk shows right now. I want you to see it
taken as megaphone. They shut up shut up to now people are swarming em for people who are living in an audio shoving. People complain that he shoved women will come back to that back. So now you see as he pushes them away now that the conflict is over, he starts to walk away someone's inviting is time. Ok, that's enough. People see that many see those they were saying. Oh, he was pushing women you that late of Yuk Yuk intimate that little orange. Our cap emerges Jack.
Exec. That's what she was mad rush that right, we were not supposed to coordinate, know who's on what side of our power. Where an orange, I don't care. If you go on hunting, gotcha, shooting it invests, for being born shallow cat. We can call me or shall get we're not going to Did the bare gimme your jacket? I want this to coordinate, knock at your jacket. I gotta go to be clear. A lot of people were arrested here, concluding the man who got sucker punch there, because he also committed assault through have shoving, but anything it's important. Another context he didn't punch anybody there he was shoving people repeatedly. The left was getting really mad and can you believe it? He shoved women, here's the thing, those two women I noticed when I saw them in this clip. I have seen many clip Washington DC in
we single instance where, throughout the day, by the way- and you can see because you can watch these clifton- see as the sunset summer daylight- some are dark all day. Every time I'm that someone was being assaulted by an ant for writer. They just happened. Like say their name or our cap and a mere three times, and they show up just swing and take me back a batch of galaxies and pay that I thought how the little world we have a montage of these broad throughout the day. Let's go get look different lighting so clearly hours later. This is an old lady who gets the sultan. Others are shower guy, I fear,
Wasn't that sends a lot of food back. What another committed itself against the group guy from behind ago, still patrolling with the gang just two innocent ladys going on their merry waivers. It's the other ones, the gazing, some random nap obtaining the gravity, razor, pretty sure they follow this guy into the parking garage. Do this could the. And finally there they are just, as is the theory ago, and I know I know I gave it to you- guys- think the justices racist whatever cops. Did you see how they were shooting and assault?
they often absolute, which, if those ladys had tailors and had been committing ourselves, they would have been well right. You know to put do at least a little little neon belly. You know people give a little bit of an arm lock and, like I don't move just make an unpleasant, then little. yeah, I'm not saying I'm not saying a violation or think what I'm saying. I think that if you made a violent assault being arrested should generally be an unpleasant experience. Horse races, thing I've ever ready money. I also believe that president should generally be uncomfortable.
I know why controversy I now and enable could not. I should not be saying that we have a gentleman with a white robe and hear Lucia also been in prison. Thirteen to look at him. He does Matt Farewell and present. No, I am a prison ten. They let you gotta quit Breakin stitches, unlike I'm, not the one doing more experience with orange shower calves than anyone that the standard issue really wouldn't really my concern. If I were you wouldn't be so much about your hair getting wet. I know you don't like that. That humidity makes it frizzy, but gotta, be some other pains for you by the way. The guy that sucker punched him Kenneth to bury he was
with the sort of conduct inciting violence, aggravated salt and being a fell in possession of a firearm he's also registered sex offender sexually trial. Under sixteen ways are, is that happen? I don't. I don't think that you can find as many registering these Anders Drunk, but we registered sex offender Watch Party I don't think you did why to me. Registered sex offenders at a NAM block convention ready everywhere you go Howard now stooge two people was brought both of them sex offenders. At least one of them was one of them once Jacob leg Sky Amato. My gosh was a gigolo coming. back to re saxophone. Yes, yes, life around to the health sector is a matter that they don't even use the term repeat offender because he does it so often they use a word is going that he's a real sex offenders there's a whole different category. You gotta adequately label these people. I mean just as does your repeat: offenders, Daniel We sex offenders and there's envy pay right business. Let's, let's see Zena more, we go to something really quick on our fraud. Weak
There is really Giuliani. What are they talk, their attacking Giuliani character and his We're gonna relational. Well, let's see if they texted me Powell, because no one can argue with her legitimacy in what are we talking about that little bit, so we told you that we were. To dissect the different instances of fraud and break them down by state, but before we do that, today is the initiation of this. We need to talk about the macro problem with the dominion voter systems, time to kick off fraud, weak, and then didn't the line goes down, that's our country and actually right now we do have as we do all week are on the ground, correspondent, Thomas Finnegan, with broad weaker and some facts. Regarding for autonomous Finnegan. Can you hear me, sir, good morning Stephen? I can hear you fine right. Well, we can't see you let's, let's move the can't. We move the camera optimist, Finnegan Slow, the camera, please, let's,
angle. The camera up, because we're just looking at your chancellor look up a little more yeah. You already know. We don't have time and again this time, aesthetic and move the kid there. You go stand back. Ok, no whoever's, haemorrhages, really really dumb and deserves to lose their charge. A great support- and I request that is a great white armour asked, but that's not important right now. It's angle up of its hand, tail camera up our Then why did Tom is yet again give us some fraud facts here for fervid, weak. Alright, semen is really it's a beautiful morning out just want to go through a few. We tracks for you! Basically it of a family of frogs grouping, you might might say, is called an army of rocks and their Vivian Composing a you know. The order of a new era, which means tail list
Ancient! No autonomous palestinian! Can you hear me it's it's it's it's fraud, weak fraud with a d, as in dare all week. Yes always gets right. Fronted yeah, would nothing about frogs at all for the entire week. Ok hour, I will thank you. Thomas Finnegan will check back in with you tomorrow. Ok, ok, all right! Thank you! He was wearing by the way and armor vast. When we go, I don't have a website spartan or what is the website? Doesn't say it on your spartan armor system, Varden Armor Systems and their bullet, professor, actually, energy certified a lot of energy, equivalent he's, actually spartan farmers actually J certified stemming five Thomas
It doesn't do as research is going to need. Yes will use the crowd promo code, you get ten percent off sales and we actually using quite about this, and we will certainly give Dave some just to make sure that was shot. Yes, all right. So now is the again oh well, How can I don't appreciate? Look they not good at everything, though I still feel variants altered by my mother everytime I talked or even when I'm wearing the armor their limitations, they dont protect feelings. Cells. Go over very true to end. Let's make sure that the orange shark happily doesn't get me. Ok, you can shut off it escaped by their quarterback. So little really quickly. Talking about election fraud, election irregularities and election fraud. There telling my Giuliani K. Of course, seen and because it transit look Giuliani crazy, even though anyone to write a New York thanked God for joy and they want to live in the country who look at the actual declining national crime rates at thank God for Giuliani people there I know a lot of you are our millennials Lahti. We, our generation Z, kinda Giuliani in the mob guy.
Now we nine eleven Giuliani, got to that position by effectively destroying the mafia people to understand that this guy was very qualify, but I understand sometimes now there's a little effect where He goes all in the evidence, isn't as big as maybe sometimes he claims, but Sidney Power is about as legitimate as they come about as credible. come she's. The one who swooped in basically was a part of a defence team that proved Michael Fling was innocent. She talked about specifically, we ve talked about ballots pull watchers, we ve talked about balancing harvest that we talk about their them, not found the constitution. Parameters, but there is another component to this and we don't know I want to be clear. We don't know There is massive fraud occurring from dominion voting systems and there are some information at their both from the left and the right. However, this term who worked with the Trump Administration, Sidney Powell researcher. Look up. Our credibility had this to say yesterday, guarding dominion vote fixing to overturn the results of the election and multiple states, and
tromp one by not just hundreds of thousands of lives, but by millions of those that works stood by the software that was designed expressly for that purpose. We have sworn witness testimony why the software was designed. It was designed to rig elections. He was a brief die. He saw it happen in other countries. It was sport and internationally for profit by the people are behind smart, matic and dominion. They did this, on purpose it was calculated. They ve done it before. We have evidence from twenty sixteen in California, we have so much evidence. I feel like it's coming in through a fire hose well too clear. This is not a woman who typically makes claims that she can't prove or addressing Like me, I'd marry usually never makes glance she camp right. She that he is your lawyers is eating ending attorney with impeccable credibility in terms of not
her credentials, but the different fights as she's had remained. There are tons of attorneys, or I mean every journey I know, has a ton of respect for and the adding that she's looking at, and certainly worldly, seeing the tip of the iceberg right gate and on recognising what she's even allowed to talk about the right versus the strategy of the things that are going to get into. Really. This is something you covered. I want to say we may be like during the week of the election was we talked about the different connections, the actually exporting it internationally in the software measure, all different facts that have already been verified and she's putting them all together in this, you can see is a crazy winning record. I think a lot of you would you put her like a few. She were an athlete could well placed even though sports later would she be it. Michael Jordan are Wing Gretzky as freedom in her area for sure Felicia me, I'm not higher in her to be a family law because at the different their hand, Armada. Yet I mean Jesus yeah. She then I can Roberts proper
Surely a programme yet an enforced she'll see all hot on times over them and Robert Thumbs Lois. You wanna go to it, but let me get you with a few quick facts as to the actual history of dominion and then we'll get into some of the errors, inconsistency that we see this election. So this is these: all their final. The sources are available. Ladders credit I come will have the link below in the description. I want you guys to look this cake. Is Europe, and some people who he's been for law, misleading and say all look at these switched votes. I think Doktor shiva. Something is one. That's that's easy, debunked. The law. These things aren't necessarily true. It's very easy to use statistics to mislead people- and I dont- want to do that. So what I want to do is provide you with a snapshot history, lesson on dominion, what it is who they are and then we'll get to this happened this election, so dominion one of their one of their lobbyists for dominion is actually policies. Former chief of Staff
and was listed to the Clinton Foundation. I was going to say that the fast over, like twenty five to fifty thousand dollars, now, that's not definitive anything. I just want to lay out a case here in Texas rejected you Dominion voting system in two thousand nineteen- they said multiple hardware and software issues that preclude the office of the Texas Secretary, date from determining the democracy sweet. Five point: five: a system satisfies each of the voting system. Requirements set forth in the Texas election code. Here's another fast fact. For your case, you think we just a bunch of right wingers in two thousand nineteen Democrat senators, let's be focused more and Amy closure Enron widen one of these things is not like the other avenues gone wrong: Rhine Guy, right, you're like the third which Hocus pocus eventually going to walk on roll and second the city, so you know someone recognise their IRAN widened run wide, none the we doubt somewhere. Richard pages going where
you don't about. Only silly Amy closure Elizabeth Worn, run wide and issued a complaint about dominion, referencing allegations of votes, witching and other undisclosed. Vulnerabilities. Writing quote these problems. Threaten the integrity of our elections by the way. We're gonna go, of course, to bill, and I am happy similar bill in jail Morgan. My hip notification bell. If you're subscribed on you too, because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot notifications that you know when something goes up here and on prouder bits. And of course we do good morning, my club Monday, through Thursday, every week I am eastern. This This is something I think, a lot of people who want to try and paint this now is: oh, it's just you know Monday. in quarterback. From Republicans. This is something that everyone
concerned about it. Some could argue even more so Democrats back into the ammunition, a question that this was a by partisan concern, multiple states, multiple voting jurisdictions and authorities. People from both parties were saying hold on wait a minute. this system might not be exactly the way we needed to be now when you combine that with the new formation. That's coming out about the votes that aren't matching with what's coming out of the system, how there's these types of irregularities? At the very least, there has to be an investigation to go through all of these different questions and answer that, even if you're a Democrat, if you really believe in this did you know that the system will withstand scrutiny and all were saying, is scrutiny yet in further than that. The idea that we're going to just simply walk away, from one of the most important elections down one path with one candidate in a very different path, with different candidate. We got. Let's say we do this: okay and Joe Biden winds and if he wins, ran square. I understand, but I do not trust any other elections going forward this
vision. I think many American do half of America doesn't believe that Joe Biden, one the president right. We ve already seen so many irregularities. This is not like any other election. I don't think anyone here ever contested again what we said: Romney Mccain I wish Gore even remotely, although they call the four until it was a seven days. None of those were super controvert. This is very different and its widespread systemic something stu. In August twenty twenty data security expert, hoping things right here Kirsty warn that the minion voting machines could be hacked talk about how you can modify few lines of code when they're doing a mock election. There are basically saying that you could almost drag and drop put whatever results you actually wanted into this election and that day and election to end the week before the election right.
Propaganda outlet in wonderful, goose, Stepper PBS reported on the vulnerability of the million. They found that the cure codes could be hacked candidates, names could randomly disappear, but like Laval Burton PBS as easily points to a six year old boy whose more credible and for some reason you don't have to take my word for but election security experts working for the plaintiffs and the lawsuit against the state have uncovered several troubling issues. Alex Haldeman look closely at the cure codes. where the votes are encoded for the scanner by analyzing the structure of the cure codes. I've been able to learn that there is nothing that stops an attacker from just duplicating. Why
and the dumplings out loud original Borg ended lights of timber. Another concern came to light during testing election workers found half the names of the twenty one. Candidates for Senate enter suddenly disappeared from screen? Storing the review at what about run. Wine was a moron widen. Why did it what happened with runway going again? Who listens their behaviors news, our out in tray? How did Trump get to you? How did trumped get to you PBS? we can't nonchalantly, they said that last part and by the way names disappear. Yes awaiting him. If I don't know, that's the way, people you voted for or not, what are they re? Just not very I'm not a thing. We don't know how this
is already a. Let me get to what exactly happened. This election just to be clear, so this is re election we have other. Can we urge that we had covered? We talked about, but actually compromise votes in. This was one of those sort of I guess in animals. Where you go, I don't know how much fraud there could be. We can look at the balance that, where you know have some tea, ballads people who were not supposed to be an voter. people who are in different states out, but this is one of the things that we can account for. Oh and by the way we don't know how many but the system, where everyone pretty much votes these what you're about to theirs. That is its almost at this point like people, forgetting that its undisputed that this already
It demonstrated probably it rather not forgetting their ignoring it right right, you're, right it or thinking that within everyone else's gonna forget it. It's not saying oh well, hypothetically, it could possibly happen, which maybe you could argue from some of the sub earlier well. We are thereby pathetic unsolved athens at any hypothetically. We can fix it, and then you just go to a weak and half ago and realize it actually did already habit of Michigan I never really say machine that voted Elizabeth, worn to being an indian gathering has really drives, always have their eyes. Biotechnology is hackamore like this are breaking news really seriously. Think about it. They did a movie about this or a documentary. I should say with that guy who said you just change a few lines of code. He went in and bought one of these machines hacked it put the card in and said vote everyone knows little your election in any real. He flipped all of their vote. Yes on purpose to show them this good and like this is not new. You know I would almost we should have done he flips about. He did that's almost disconcerting
it's really easy to head of normal and a male invalides. Somebody that disagree with that behind your motor. Her walk, yell M certain aunt for patch near I get this vote. Where I get it we're supposed to go. We trust me really hold up your vote like this and he's like oh yeah, we got you inspired by. I guess they just throw it right. We are you making a paper. and you know why they just make two towers on your neighbors biologists airplane, Jane with can't county from Grand Rapids Republican counter. So this wipe little baby so long ago. There are some really reasons delivering it took so long river like an italian
another italian left in flight. I'm handling challenge. Are you say it. You're really couldn't have done very well in prison, the italian and not in the Moscow. They wouldn't. Even let me in the nice, you might get the big bread just read you in an orange our cap and so making its? Now? Let's get you. What has actually happened that circumstantial? That's a speculation, people saying hey, this could happen again, Democrats and PBS, and this could happen at election specifically with this voting software policy. We have proof that it has happened that we haven't a sailor. We'll get well here's what publicly available Michigan counties, intimate dominion systems flipped blue this, Six thousand votes a switch from buying nudge to Donald Trump. Now they said, though, it's because one of the clerks forgot to date, the software and then I had also reports that works is didn't, update the Italian I'm going on a second shot
I mean my iphone like I ate, updates automatically, and if I don't have it automatically says Germany remind you later and I say echoes in one minute in two minutes and four minutes in one hour. How about you just change it now my I'm working right now I phone dont upgrade automatically, but it does it and the people in charge of our elections. That system can't just live in a cage go to a satellite and delay hey. Let's make sure this thing is flawless. What what kind of uptake do you need to make sure that it doesn't switch votes automatically like hold. That was a very large majority, Joe Biden TAT. We do that. We need to update it, so it doesn't do that anymore. Here, you're somewhere is acknowledged as on guys we know the old version just made. The name is its appear. Actually version is the one. That's what she said about it. The third one is doesn't want. You voted all wrong on the floor. Opened you drop into a pit repealing if they gave you at your mail imbalance to pens and one pen. If Europe this,
few republican users interests, disappearing, invisible and get things moving. Ziad little sticks it'll appear later right. Are you wearing a white paint marker receiving that's what happened with the election of nineteen? Thirty, two all invisible link Joe, they all? I should have known you better. Have there been any switches to this degree for Donald Trump, you just saw a new Hampshire. Five to six percent leads that Republican, just when they did a recast of the votes. Now, usually, if there's no kind of direct fraud, if you'll do a recount, maybe a point: five percent did small, a new Hampshire isn't gonna prosecutor. I want to get it never get off in a rapid drop. You don't. You have heard about election fraud from the Democrats, have what they ve been pointing out, There is no way that black men, women and his, men and women came out in record numbers to support this racist president right and they are trying to find every excuse, they can't say I don't know it right and where the Good NEWS is the
only came out in record numbers for Donald Trump outside of Detroit Philadelphia. And so familiar yeah was record number of minorities and women and then a few counties. It was a fifth of that Soon, I'm even announced that he was taken Detroit when I, when I was there and then all of a sudden overnight, he didn't do it, gives a website pointy called out an iota rather early morning when it's over forty five was it was in the morning, wasn't either way someone's getting hit in the head with a Bristol board. Detroit as April cover up the pole stations they let all the wild roaming dear in Turkey. Over their votes is well right. Antenna very. This is where my identity is largely say. This out level will go through some of the details here, but as far as passing a sniff tests show by got ten million more votes than Barack Obama ever should Obama charismatic. I was that guy shoot three, but I did it. People who voted for me like are not welcome, and I don't
get it. This is the guy on the bench left this guy, it's like. If you were to go to your second string players on your bench and there's a coordinated and put me in coach like right, I figure you're about do is Jack. Taping to the nub. Right, ok, just but remember, but nothing in the rule books, quadriplegic aid work, it's basically the water boy, but he's not a champion sit a waterway actually put more sentences to get all easily doesn't get tired and the first act. So here's the myths, that's Michigan. Now we have to Georgia counties. They ve been using dominion software. They reported glitches, of course, during the selection Spalding County Georgia, which, when sixty percent for Trump and twenty sixteen years, the counties with a glimpse that prevented day of four hours when we talk about there's a glitch in people just couldn't vote for hours now, keep in mind people
vote same day tend to be republican and they tend to be gainfully employed. They can't professionally protest and burned down Walgreens and shit. So it's very hard for them to wait. Several in addition to the line up, so several hours, shut down of the system can lead to a five six, so when our delay for you to vote, and you have a job to get too so it makes it tough. That's one of the vote. that happened. Another one that had happened was in Georgia. Where was a term Fulton County Trinity? Here, there's no, nation by with that glitches, for that glens whatsoever Paul in Canada was another county whose it was either the county. There was another George mechanical. You have read enough: they either to org when it counting with when it I thought of it, helps them counties. Footnote said some issues or Anna was right. It was linear around his right out and this so the What happened? There was no explanation that was consistent. They try your election officials tried to say: well, you know what actually theirs let it was due to an overnight upload problem and then the
four dominion said no wasn't. Peoples have always a glitch, now I know why you're asking why didn't you see that scene ends? It binds president worry that that will happen with it. But what is the glitch? They said it's this. In says no, its not, there is no answer to it. Supporters in this country journal Let me now are you: gonna do a whole filled up, Aaron Brok, invention water, that's not even as toxic is flint and right how you have the most corrupt election of our time really knows what have you learned fishes going? I have because going I upload and the people in charge of the upload saying no, it didn't and then deal with current. For me, we're going to have a cigarette at Dennys. Will
like AIR Abramovich. There's no hero to make a movie about die, not yeah yeah. I was more anyhow, nay, Morgan Kind of Morgan Hound, I that from now on, I told em Reggio. I will say that we do have some reporters at sea in and they are covering how our favorite mayor really Giuliani there actually unwittingly working for the Russians. I swear you that was one Russia this morning is the unwittingly working on behalf of the Russian put it out. We really go right now come on Galileo. We, however, that I wouldn't be surprised if, like dominion servers were in Russia, certainly China you now Germany adjusted the disputed Chechnya area right now. No problem where air has earned Georgia makes sense. You dont notes in Georgia like no injured during George the country. Yet over that you gotta go across thousands of miles of ocean world, you put em they're. Your guess is as good as mine, space is seen not still crying.
yeah ok yeah make about the of all its funding, but CNN that night? You know they didn't expect the mail, and now this is something to that's important to know you don't. I said that I wouldn't because we Some young Turks, but young Turks are just briefly and then CNN Msnbc. If you look there action on election night right until we want they were pit dare devil. I'd like argument that we're losing this. How could you make this mistake again Democrats? This was, they were pests and others when they say well, we knew there was going to be this graph because a male and balanced. Well, we didn't know when we said before this this this election stream, that we did expect mail. Now to be largely democrat. That stands. The reason we kind of one party said: you're gonna die. If you go out and have a slight coffin, the other party, hey, you should vote in person to make your vote count, but the Democrats, Well, it's really important just go back in a little time, machine and watch all of news, media and all Democrats. Let's say about eleven p m. It was like a death march and I thought it was over. We announced it right now
we don't know we really well isn't. It looks like that aims to end the because he's gonna start counting Roosevelt. We know we're going to start counting assorted nine. In the morning we thought: okay took an hour and a half nap in a hammock people of earth destroy ad nauseam protection. While we wait for you to start counting on us, it's bullshit. It was this luxury school telephone tree and was again every democratic, german call. Every other democratic, german increasing it was. I can't get out get out, get out, what about those words we sent you, but what I called and cooler and get him out here. I put some boomerangs over. It will save chemicals for yes, thanks to all of us, and Gregg can hear show's over the bag of letters from four Santa news. Magic. Everyone by look like see him put in a mental institution. Gregg can air no said Joe Biden. Yes, he ever miracle under our street. It would just be We just be daddy, it'll, suitably Diablo lying in a ward. What are the American too
if amendment when they pull that and ragged model here, but I think that every time he runs, that's his defence for tripping in falling forty cigarette got around. And what would you like for Christmas little girl, Kamali hairs as president? I think I can pull that should be the now. If you wouldn't mind, staying here, I'd like to smell your neck resident in you really crown chimneys. No. This is once into whose coming through the front door you'll hear me up the state. Your parents will open it up for a photo up and then I'll sniff. You, like a cologne, add outcome in the front door.
Back then, in voting fraud within the power of fraud week all weaken tomorrow. I think it is largely we end with Pennsylvania. We're gonna have a lot. There's gonna be more coming out this week. We know that there's gonna be additional information. We ve just seen the tip of the iceberg from city bow and the other information, so that this is the best we could be doing it Don't yeah! What's on one thing you and I talked about this before, but we need to see evidence very quickly right if we too much longer without seeing hard evidence already here about his case is being thrown out these kind of more week, cases that were being brought because it's hard to prove some of these things right, even if that happened, some people have in an area that they're doing this to buy themselves time that they don't expect these cases to stick so that they can do right case, which is the voting for the dominion voting system, but they started at a little water dwelling dividends yet strategies. The reason is because remember we talked about certification dates around these lawsuits or trying to either stop or push back to certification day, because once you get to the certification
I right you you're you're way, far down the road about trying to then overturn it, and that's what you know when you look a bush, we Gore. you know, saying: ok, wait! A minute we're gonna, keep looking at things were in keeping our canvassing. So if the Democrats are able say none in no, we don't have to look at the dominion fraud until afterwards there will come a point where, even if you prove that their site, magic in a year from now. If we were to prove wrought run, you can go back. If you don't everything I made it cause incredible chaos. So that's why the Republicans are making a huge push now the different lawsuits in different jurisdictions, but why the dominion thing is such a hard thing to look at is there's no one. Who is a we'll watch her in the dominion software rattle your having to be able to put together more information that you would normally do over three six nine months or discovery, definitions, inspections, forensic examinations, but you're having to put all of that together now, in order to do it before the certification day right right and also keep in mind, they can't really they fear turn a trap, and I dont know again. I do I summoned and disappointed where they pray
these arguments. They must have a witness that really it's circumstantial evidence at Bay and I dont really provide a whole lot now get it we're frustrated. But a fact do have the mola brightness. They can release the crack and that's where Sidney policy, if they do have that they can't tipp their hand publicly. I've got a bet once in debt write, so actually I'm hoping that going on, and not just I'd exult up to raise money for the legal defence, because, if that happens, I wanna be passed and Donald Trump Gonna lose me. In other words, I view this is not proven verifiable with these Pacific's that this and ministers, he's gone out and claimed. I'm gonna be personal. I'm going to be in the corner. At that point, could you say you ve got evidence specifically It relates to millions of boats, votes, being switch boats, beings would run out of time and, above all, a lover count devoted late Tom TAT Boat, If it proves this specifically in court, I'm gonna lose for me, as a supporter now I think there's a lot of evidence of fraud with or at least on.
situational running of the votes right that driving force, indifferent precincts. Think that's that maybe of an issue. I think it is so dear to trust in the election were if any contract is based on fraud right, it's effectively null and void right people agree that there is no, there wasn't a truthful regional basis for the contract, for their claiming dominion thing to claiming the voting system thing they better have than otherwise. Whilst I think they do costs report was not. Someone is only work. This administration like like having been saying this, is someone who wants a career after this administration, whether its now or for years from now right, exactly and also the weather bells. You know a gram Mcconnell these guys Spineless Amoebas and for something they would not tie themselves as someone losing and for some reason they have gone all in defending Donald Trump. They haven't done that in the past as has been wishy washy. She makes me there's something there that we don't know, but that's entirely speculation against the euro.
Out, and I think one of the reasons that you see the media doing such a hard core press right now on them to do transitions Joe by the President elect their now using covered as leverage for that saying, if you dont, if you don't start transitioning now, we're gonna have problems with this and the roll out until everything you here is baseless. Ever namesakes lowering operating zephyr this yet right nevertheless. I think we need to put it this way way way way way. Zella me, the Joe Biden had an actual plan, remember during these debates and we're not that long ago, in the town halls where we were like, are you gonna pack, the court's annual? Then what are you? What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do about animal on its chief half ass? They harm Ella Human Kemal that's right. I was but land and other shit his pants, but was more of a hope. Have any mortal had real wench yeah hope was not a plan. Sir may scrunch
we're not any ammonium commercial Beverly Mitchell has a quarter on that more Eu Corona Look would see and installing, as they just said, modern has ninety four percent effective, corrects don't you love, but we're gonna talk about covered little to hear how the media said that ran Paul's anti science, because you so that year immune to go if you catch it around, but This is funny dont. You love how Cuomo said. I wouldn't trust a vaccine for this administration, and I don't usually I dont know if there The reason that I don't want to talk about disturbing the vaccine that it wouldn't go to New York state like I do not know the conversation. How interesting? I just said it publicly just of watches I ever get it give it to the whole country except New York, tucked Cuomo about that.
The others figures Alonzo acknowledged it. That's what I love like, except that governor I didn't want you weren't agreement, you great image, Credo Alfredo, maybe he'll be one of the other cases of people who catch covert twice. So this is the story now just making around. When you are happening, I think Saturday right was soon. Who is what we were rule? Not broadcasting ran Paul made this, and that you are immune to Kobe. If you have already had it and, of course the left lost their minds. Let's look at this What did they say? You need to follow the science, so I am going to give you irrefutable science in numbers that I think I think you will deem to be as definitive science gets and I don't mean like definitive like there are fifty seven gender than a facebook. I mean, like actual scientists with none. in percentages, but here's the comment that ran Paul made first, but the thing is, is with eleven million people in our country. We have already had covert way,
tell them to celebrate. We should not throw away their mass goto, restaurants, Libya and because these people, our immune but doktor, found she doesn't want to admit to any of the doktor values. I may actually occurs it now get out. Maybe now users attitude. this week's secret password is yeah again it the issue with ease hissed calculus come into it password and video version of his on Youtube and you will be rewarded with equally surprise in your new future, I just of the dream vouchers somewhere in the White House, gonna, pay
Woe is me like this isn't around here. You do enjoy sound like that or don't so. Nor do I so much intentionally changing your voice, not to sound weapons seriously, a downer guys like me, it's almost like people are happy to Jimmy Ethel cleared, usually bring Zimmer, sheer back its Abrams wine coolers. You, ladies wants of love, and ever since that Bruce, where those commercial here, that's what they're ran Paul said, and then he was absolutely excoriated by the left. For now following the science here. You go. They just let him late and I think that Doctor Paul needs to be held a higher standard. He is a physician. He a medical doctor. He knows better than that into to pander to this kind of nonsense
unreality that some people live in really just baffles the mind. Detroit republican side of the committee's came from criminal, vague contrived to suggest that it was a familiar scientifically proven fact: few survive a core of infection. You are absolutely immune to grow, virus. I don't know why you would say that I do reviewers there to correct misinformation. There is no evidence but if you ve been infected with cover nineteen that your immune from re infection for any period of time. Well, you know what thank you. I will correct misinformation. Supper there are, I don't, I know some of you guys. We know because you read the show met but bear with me. Some of you have not so there at the time come from ran Paul. Fifty two million about two hundred and fifty thousand cases have covered a lot yeah. Fifty fifty three million two hundred and fifty Kay Now. Let me ask this: how many would you guess so out of those because
anger is no. Scientists have been going on since some people have said since before January, right. How many would you guess had been re infected with covered, so we have a sample of fifty three million. Let's round it just caught fifty three million, so first to definitively be able to say that at least for a year or so you cannot reconstruct covered. You would think that it would have to be a very all number people who contract there sing. You cannot make that claim. We need a factor that misinforming. how many people who have caught code of the fifty two million cases do you think of reconstructed covered half of the story.
But I would think it was a comedian. What you know just note right over the past three four you're right for a year. The clause on Afghan you just saw Lord notes actually for people isn't really people. Luckily I don't look things look like he will. Maybe if there are a few thousand or a few hundred ten thousand want, you attended thousands more million aids for four on Saturday, he still more. Oil is giving melick. Four million no alone are not enough for telling parry clotted row here here. You know this is what it is all about. Georgia saying started to say that this lonely safer media by now four million Borman. That's it more
as for four months, I would say: four million people are living Orient million, while reconstructed covert, and I hear they lied about it, the first, but it was a hospital motto, put covered to be safe, more money, please please so by the weather and the first one. This is one or so people got really scared began was one guy. It was widely publicized compunction caught our heritage and build sir. You you'd Moors Honorary airborne publicized saying: can we really can we rediscover too, therefore totally? But the first case was a guy from Hong Kong and here's. The thing he's a special case, because immune response was a typical. This quote: when doctors test is to look for any buys the virus they didn't find in after the first time he had code, that can mean either had a week in response to the virus. The first round or the anybody she made during his first infection diminished overtime, but during a second infection he quickly develop. Here's what's important. This is the guys who reconstructed
and by the way he may not have had called that. If you look at us, or at least even have an immune response, because it never anybody's that would make you think second, like who digestible first time. You get that second time, it's like a game of russian roulette with five round our chamber and three or Freddy Mercury people during the second and affection he quickly developed or any body suggesting the second infection acted a little bit like a boost or to fire up is immune system. That's probably there He didn't have any symptoms, the second time to web em fuck. Indeed, so you and has no immune system beat the virus twice implemented. Well, thanks giving I've got a sore throat million, because TIM from HR put a deity show Gandhi improperly I wish I could meet as Hong Kong gentlemen with properly. How do you know what has to say so bold? I feel fine, but by the way, if you're under fifty years old, your body actually has a higher effective rate of curing that than the back.
Seems like ninety nine point: nine speaking of number in some, especially this body, so that world trade round up you asked me: let's do live in an area as a percentage, and I don't do math very well and my affection, Lobo Richmond. I just I just look at the drawn, not a math Asian knew. That means less then point and I count cc zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero six years, seven percent of people who got covert and never we contract at that point: zero: zero, zero, zero.
zero zero seven percent of people who contracted covert ever actually reconstruct southern wants you to think that you need to shut down the entire economy and its misinformation can offer grandpa was arguments ingratitude. We have people out there who are immune. They should be going out living their lives so that it this point, hopefully we can develop, heard and unity which also the left said. I was not as an end, but now than it out and about only giving us an effect seems to develop or Demille the context of Rent Paul was saying: you are immune. Throw away you're mask, go out, let's restart societies, that we dont destroy the economy for generations to come. There The sooner we shut everything down because the view that the virus
its anti scientific to double the can't get it because rules there, there only ninety nine point: nine, nine, nine, nine, nine nine three percent leg up cases when people have had enough symptoms a second time. What do you think you think people should be whoop Willy nilly walking around with a ninety nine point: ninety nine, nine, nine, nine nine three survival rate ordered gas page on without laughed real one. Are you? What are you out of your trees? Ok, evidence about the array of infection rates, only eight hundred percent. For those guys, I beg our poor voebel you're, walking around my goodness. That is insane well I think more things are leaving Us Anderson, I guess I can t say you guys issue you can't. I just I mean every person that I talk to you, no matter what their politics are says. There is no question that the messaging from the Democrats and for us of left about what the sciences, you should change. Like remember thirty, seven years ago, in March, we were told, don't wear masks
I will say you know two weeks, two weeks to fifteen days, Latin occur s land, the Koran fight than it was, you know, don't worry it's can we find we're gonna get a vaccine. Now, it's according Cuomo. Don't trust of accede right, everything's in me, bad now it's now we should ever thing down again, no it, but now you to wear masks. But then you know because the science proves that six feet is gonna, make a difference and actual legal standard that that doctor use he was a hundred percent certain that you absolutely can't get it ever again. Right is at home, as at the stain of romance right at Saint offers, and by the way these same people say there is no science that tells us that a hormone replacement therapy for young boys has any deleterious effect really really. This is actually a significantly increase. The likelihood of cancer, specifically prostate cancer, specifically
particular cancer. If men have high estrogen levels, let's because there is far more science in on pumping men critically previous invoice, full of estrogen being cancerous, then there is of your chance of reconstructing cover. We're gonna talk about science that set out these all the Sciences out, I'm listening, don't know about, you can do it? No doubt you have to it's not about here's the thing with science: it's just like the law. It's not did they use scientific method is is the scientific standard applied equally rent and when people say oh, let's get you do good example, the FDA, the FDA really talk about cigars. Why occasional enjoy a piper cigar and they loved when they get a study. the FDA lumped everyone, and so this is your increase likelihood of lung cancer and esophagus cancer right then, when they separated pipe smokers- and this is actual statement you can bring up from the de there was someone who conducted a study when they they separated people who smoke to cigars per day or less, and I think it like for peoples a day per less, which would be really high First, cigars right, we have a cigar, they actually found out. This is this: tricycle chance of any more to
these mortality was zero percent and the statistical Jim have increased mouth or esophagus. Cancer was about four percent less than non coffee drinkers. I've already got an answer. Risks nearly no, but the FDA still contain goes well that science is an out. If there's a four percent here, there's a point: zero, zero point: seven percent chance, however it's more than that, the other bread and that's what they Arthur could have easily said. He Look I disagree because we don't know if definitively. Yet there is very little evidence that anybody is gonna, get this again and have severe symptoms. We only had forecast. Does he go to settle that if he was a doctor? If he's
as we have only had four cases he's out of a job as a professional com, and I agree- and I agree here- I know he's politics- we're getting in the way of him being an actual doctor, a physician right instead of saying this is what's going on. You can probably go out and be less not ignore the Earl s not ignore the brotherhood, Ternata Sunday Gupta went in and thousands arrogant way that say their Dave Linda. I have no idea a real say that vapours makes ninety nine point: zero, zero, zero, seven percent chance of looking gay has already able to its right now when it comes as a birth and finds that eyes I mean that it is gas loan. The George debate minds, I had a guy, you know Skype Schuyler territories it, but it was inspired by. I wasn't a car in the sky next me had lowering who I like, of course, because he votes railway next to me with a vague, my nose like purple, and he had like that the wheels in his car that that didn't do the jumping they just eleven,
under the full. John Dolittle notified a little bit of my driver and he puts up and his lips. So this is the only goes any looks at me Are you sure what exactly does
and blows it out, and I said you look like you're blowing optimist, prime herbal silver advice. It looks like you're going down on short circuit Amory we're having a threed off the hook. If I could make him one, I would go: listen, here's marble, reds and a cowboy half an hour. I know I know there's a guy who will have sex with you. Just don't that's that's! What's the guy when you're of age, the point is less raided, Lichtenberger angel. When I say this as someone you won't get twice for guys is treated early. Otherwise it has only just the way robe, it's fine. It's ok! To save them in a white robe, yet I think it makes it definitively less. Ok and I say anything, white robe- and I say this as someone who occasionally uses, uses a journey boys from an alliance. Now I have with you gonna be landed on him he's through,
the birth because I like it, I get. The question today is dominion. Voting with you that your state as use? What your voting process was like what confidence you have in it and if you are followed up on it, that's the question of the day. Right now we are going to go exclusively to my club people who are not yet members crowded elections. Dream is the promo code. You get thirty dollars off until a selection is actually called, and it's a lot of come slash, smuggled we're about to play. Stephen, knows sports and take your chat you to thank very much pivot. Unless a piss off you, too,
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