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2018-08-10 | 🔗
On tonights show we give NotGayJared a farewell. Ben Shapiro and Jim Norton stop in to talk the current state of comedy, Democratic socialism and Alex Jones!

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Hey there audio listener, you are a Marvel Itunes, sound cloud Android, equivalent worm wherever I just had a clever went, but I'm not gonna retake this. It's a library who really cares, at least in that Selinger one of those bento boxes are bedsheets but tat. Most people actually watch this on. You two were lot of credit outcome, such Macleod. That's what keeps all this going, but if you are listening in the audio visual on the road, we should write in Itunes and helps to show up quite a bit. You did see this trend is going to be not get. Yours last show on air in its current role, as producer you're probably seem around here and there a little bit but damn. If you want to see the the montages enough on the show, go watch that you to Burma Club in of course, is actually a mission impossible, themed Intra, which would make all our sense on this audio version. So a lot of Canada COM, Slash mug club, if you want to support the show Youtube, is getting worse, not better and a lot of cool big new things coming here, starting
We see some very glad that arose as this is the view them Iraq, as they do this way, or even a little clams with their letter. Women, and it is this a glancing. Isn't it does? It is through these pipes The banana I've had enough. I've had enough of those pipes Friday? I don't think you know. Kids airs hunting to forgot your thing, a hop other hop. Russia needs another. I surgery out there, the aspen, a tough we
He has to go. Even have wouldn't is called causes. Is hot compresses called compress me I, which seems a little counter intuitive. So we it show events appearing on the show whom we have given Norton on the show how we have in third chair. They brought against an I half asian lower bill regimen. How are you, gentlemen, do under look at you look very alive. You were like the hot twins and apparently broadens also afraid of ducks question today. What's your thought here on the sun banning of in full wars, I think almost every social media platform, my nose, if I don't really social media we're when we talk about appear about this. I think was justified. It was my understanding for words that people are certain opinions, but this library, of argument is a valid argument when they just clean hate speech, rent and will it concerns a comment below? I want to hear from you producing with me in Syria. For the last time will talk about this later on is not gay, Jerry
following a knock age shared and knock adjourned. Yeah you're right, you have, you, can tease, tease yeah. I have some some news about sharing. Yes, very, very much of a tease out and Well, this is a ghost how they get suggests you just leave, got, does or have a very nice send off for J later now. I can't take it in a trip down down memory lane, but yeah not gay dead, as it is a big big part of its true and we're gonna be passed in the torch and some other people can be helping helping Failure was its size for shoes. I dont know five insulting our divine we buying fit. You lay rounds Gerald. What's the won the day? One of the day is alpha and omega the beginning. In these I love. That's it come in the nineties. It was good use puppetry. There was a second half hour.
Through our feebler law on my planet. Only shrimp, Uclaf track also lead story before we get to that, and we too about Alexandria, something something Cortez than the latest in the line of Bernie Sanders Socialists, but first in the news, Nancy Policy has said that, if you vote for Democrats, it will give quote leverage. She actually to illegal aliens. In her words, we love it when we win in November. And why that's important because it gives leverage, family to every man courageously her child ass. It s escape escaped death rate gang violence in Iraq
You have a way with words. Evil bitch by her speech was met with resounding applause, but the National Association of Latin king so yeah they might make their happy its once these refugees and exiles, beating my language see mean what we say Zaccheus since you situations Rashid. What you said is like everyone, the same thing, but with a totally different tones it'll give leverage to legal immigrants. That's bad I don't know about it- that's very good- says integrated way. You'd like there has been no one in government before Boozer everything what I leaned views of Republican. The terrorists will not, bold yeah exactly neglects nobody. Does it she's gonna show, but the full face tat, just ass. You can identify human that brought in and in building up a zombie one of Indorse John Kerry that that over there was going to the north my eyes at Andrews, happy that pretending any mortgage, usually when you say that go you just want the illegal voters that they go you're being xenophobic, racist, five other isms into s, dancing, emails,
the greatest democratic leader who has ever lived for people who do what we do for a living even just says. So there is a moderate. I go you just. You just want to get an illegal vote in the Motors Nancy Jury spots, Jays, ok, if he's been me, here's another story by the way is being a thing that aren't funny. We had this cabuc city man. I apologize who electrocuted himself while shaving zone of villages, local police, are saved the call after midnight, Tuesday, of an unconscious many apartment building when they arrive, they noted at the man had suffered burns and he had actually does feminist, who actually heard this record of Saint see. I told you this was followed, crap Unfortunately, actually we had to just sort of embalm this sorry in a way that was more palatable because he actually died before he was done. Shaving we have exclusive video spray site, language levy terms is based, hurts
we can say without his blessing put his glasses. I've learned a lot about really listening at Itunes doesn't seem. Funding at all levels is a better, though. How do you do that? Its awaited its way to deal with traveller our pull over and its attitude that it's just I saw on. I sought. I couldn't containment, though it really came at a left field for anyone who saw micro loans who do not,
make us. I only. I always hated him as an actor layer, even yet only like, like a good son where it like it was him and lamentable debit. Hammond bill bill bag and taking it over the cliff and the mother dropped him. That's what I actually stood up and cheered and movie theater look away. He was my with anyone. If you see MC caully Cocoanut Shell Rogan Arable, not it was not only a sad as I thought I was going to be. No one was so painfully always, but it's really company over this happens. When there's a funny, you there's a funny person, Joe Rogan and in someone else's commenting on the fundamental less funny like you got the contrary. I watched you know like that, all the time it was so uncomfortable. There's a segment were Joe robust. I'm like people want retroactively change art which largely dongle Jim Norton, use top of the Mona LISA. Yet there modern Italian like take the Mona LISA, let me give you some big tits and pushing together Mcculloch right and fix her eyebrows like most you're, not adding anything Macaulay. Most surprising parts me was that you said it does for semi ever had a call and ass. We recently, though, I ask you to call
nevermind arranged. This is the first adopted related given in one: that's just put it there, but it's a fine line between corner ass could be and video video lawyers Dick Spring, a more entertainment using ask is now the introduced. A new award for outstanding achievement in popular fell ass. This is me baby. This is often you intranet. It's actually unresponsive criticism that many, the films acknowledged by the Oscars. Don't they said, do not reflect the viewing public. Another creating an awards category four in the certain foreigners that have to be considered popular films, this year's recipient, not d c the regular they also in the cabin Spacey Achievement award for excellence in sex with boy that there are looking agreements. I just need less so many candidates in that category was this year. Is James gone, there's the spoiler out Merrill Superstition Homelike. So I have to make movies people
like right now about real popular we harness housing and half asian lavish. Nor do I, if I do have to say allegedly when I just said James, Gunnar sensitive since its photos. I'm ok, maybe you're right that the thing There was funny, though, its budgets, because nothing's ever work enough, then your time Tori or that this is bad news for Bum Black Panther, because people are when he was gonna, win the normal Oscar This is gonna, be the only Oscar wonder when the sis I never gonna, get to something something: Cortez, Alexandria, what how is the middle name? I always I want to say I feel our tv.
Usually they had ass much ass. They reserve that for like people who try to assassinate, I have no idea but before that, another new facebook argument actually lead to a man shooting another man in the ass possible. A line according to police Alex Stevens and Brian seeping became involved in an argument that lead see, bring to Stevens home any brought his Gluck Semi automatic pistol shot. Him, though, is this is it problem must be tackled. Polarization on social media, though, in the spread of providing for context it should be That Stevens was vice chairman of the shoot me in the ass literally, I dare you party, that is with Obama's leaned forward party that it almost seems like you're asking for it. When you do an almost hourly serve no other political purposes, as blocking blocking noticed. This block did blocking. Oh, oh, not block. Now, let's be safe in poker, doesnt there's a poker anyway phase. It looks at the ready to put away we're still have our Facebook yet spoken.
Facebook events that you're Venture Fierro and Jim, nor none after this. So this is something we want to talk about an in broad again. You are passionate about this. They have even following Alexandria, Cortez Hola. Yes, I have been very, very, very diligently trying to figure out what her Real names are for the last I haven't got quite plainly. Where else that's that's about three. Sixty five hours we multiple the hours by is that how much money have you spend on figuring this so in a non surprising news. According to according to her American, it no longer has the upper middle class split up there. I think we're the overly there. I brought a kind of what she said she said there is no more middle class in the United States has given a couple of interviews lately, but this is actually something more specific where she refers to it. She and she's trying to paint a mental picture she's taking the mantle from Bernie Sanders. You know, you know, he's pissed about she's going further less than he is libraries yeah. Ok, let's see, let's see the clip first, where she talks about this dislike upper no class.
Is probably more moderate, but that from middle class, doesn't exist anymore in America. Their Haiti was in the nineties when, like you know, kids, like fur bees, unlike parents, yet like soccer miles like to vans and stuff like Berbeus yeah? There's, not America, you know it's not him anymore, you don't even recognize Amerika if you have true actual crazy eyes yeah. I think we have another one that we will not do it. We live like it, just Google any picture of her eyes, multiple event, it shows you, Google or Yahoo, is most upset. This is, is Bernie Sanders began more. She still more attractive than Bernie Sanders, sat beside them as an aging site. That can you imagine, being him staking out that far left position, saying there's no way anybody's gotta talk this end. And he could have very tat comes along territory. I says
yah, but put these started it. It is true that this is how the left sees the war, a core task when America right now actually looks like this, something. Cortez actually sees this. Have even your kid. Saudi immune system in their half asian were YO, I think of it, nothing to be said about an amazing move abroad, and I was two things one in her defence that does actually look like a buildup. Lousy is so that's what you're working hours for cargo on a good. We don't need you gotta go. We gave us rather a fire has. The annoying thing is especially now that in democratic socialist are basically the lifts Tea Party bunch of these candidates. If you, if you ever been to a bar in New York City and had a conversation with any again
of Alexandria, the independence at the Rio Cortez, but she's alone, she's literally every area debate like it or something I'm not broken, you tonight, I'm goin on energy that you can be in Congress. Lady, if I know that you busted verdict and the entire twentieth century pretty much put to bed the fact that socialism sucks like and kills millions and millions and millions of people not to buy guys bottling. Our specific claim of yours but the nineties in the middle class now started to veins and fur bees and like stuff. Ok today, actually millions have it better than the nine so just a fair comparison, so the average vehicle, specifically whichever you talked about how this we moved on steadily risen along with the median income. Yes, when adjusted for inflation, so even in her examples
because they have more money, and I like, when you look at things that you didn't bring up, which is what we talk about. A lot is free enterprise advocates and you can come and I'd love to hear from. You was advancements in technology. Things like ok, think of plasma screen cell phones out smartphones. Again nineties, you go back, it was still just a cell phone, a cellular phone you're, Lucky guess: smartphone services, online educational assistance, re everything is more accessible than ever hear. Tell your first plasma screen was probably what fear I mean might might My first pleasant was about twenty five hundred dollars and it was like the penal did because, with the arrival of money, I am arnwood money, nobody hundred pounds, I literally its. It was like a bull, a bootleg plasma television and I got one last honey for five hundred. I was ecstatic to have you still have grown in haste. Yeah. I guess with like I'd like tens ten dollars a text or something like that I was there is ridiculous, you're very debt with it when you infiltrating antiphon, now nine had a parent or missing here. Is that what you actually wants to do is actually make food more expensive things,
exude more expensive when it all has to be local and organic and asked to go through every thing and sing. Thing possible that the business progress made over the years so that people can get fed. That's actually the opposite of what she wants, especially DR sticking to paper a coconut, no you're right, I'm going for food is cheaper right now and more healthy than ever more healthy options. Ever these remedies to talk, but this he's these ever food deserts food deserts. Ok, on others, Amazon Fresh, Amazon, maybe even cheaper if we didn't price thick Sogo able to submit in Michigan, because a great legs record eyes and a lot of them and actually no record drop years ever the last few years is now get your machines are very personality crops. Then you can't it's not extreme cold extreme hot very long, moderate, slow,
sighing winter and they have the best engineers areas around. So what happens they make em dump chariots sending encounter government could accurately straight them. Dump milk, because I wanted to pay the price of the toilet charitably too cheap. So we have to sit with the save the chain. Formats fix the president we're not going to tease factories now. Aren't you gonna homeless, jumping down the drain, just point given to a homeless, shelter, homeless, shelter, pick thing bright, it's a retinal, Garcia media and the government gives him while they really do screw these things. Are they actually heard themselves whatever go? They have they dont achieve it? Prices high of everybody but the right way unless our goal is to make prices are high, settling it scared they want to make a higher and then a complaint about here, but if a byword for taking over the middle class is getting ream on prices, at least as far as point sixteen and twenty seventeen is concerned, America's she spent more money taxes and food and clothing, becoming your labours. Statistics may socialist up a little bit more
so what we say we want to talk about Americans having more money again, like you said, take a closer look at the governed, also by the Way Court Cortez, something from the quartet's sees Furbish like this. I kind of agree with her that, although, like further still available the audio, don't affirming anymore, something something or does because they have Ipad with angry birds, Neuro psychiatric Applicator, urging them to object dummy. I will I will say that an end in Alexandria, Malaria, girlies, defend Cortez, US defence or before proud of Ok, we're only words that every everyone's lining up for them. Lucan has this new century technology with a second, it's just a button underneath it felt that you immediately babies, plus the devil, has two aims to EU wide unity. Why being Ebay, I being wise men, are the people who thought that invests all. May I now radically, as that's actually give us
What years have closet fully address our day was a firm straightly capitalism doesn't work. These Billy babies, too, should have been worth more wait, wait, I'm not an aversion to share their you're, not making me. By having an idea. That's worth five minutes of your time to make another claim that unemployment is only low, because Americans have to work to jobs. Let her say it is that you just talked about is part of the problem right, because we look at these figures and we say unemployment is low, everything is fine right, while unemployment low, because everyone has to jobs or everyone, even political, brings that brought again rate. It is his pants on fire so that that is a friendly.
And so if I really serves hours page of Google and then work, they are heard. The oddity asset that a first links as no that's that's what remarkable about this guy I'm pretty sure put a fact is funded by Hillary Clinton: donors, I therefore Alexandria, the researchers and already bath and Cortez to get a panther hi. How are you Working on this I know: that's why I want to get this correct in principle, in effect, is funded by pedestrians, underground Peter Sex Ring Readville. That's absolutely can remedy that. That allegedly, can we just we had we haven't numbers, is currently active. The number of I think job holders is about seven million compared to more than forty, eight million Americans are employed in a single job here. This is important where it's not it's not because of tough and by the way, also on a lot of people are working. Second jobs right now, because of something else at the left opposes, ironically, socialist suppose, sharing economy. So beautiful work, full time jobs you don't have to second job. They do
over these are homeless and Airbus and be in some. That's what's really hard to get those numbers. Even then it's more damning, then she would hope you to believe again rated pants on fact, but there's nothing. She goes on to suggest because any things aren't a surly working, so you just keep Stinger whole deeper and deeper, with her blog, I don't think you know that the knew I new ideas like universal basic income, demands octane he's explaining doing a pilot I'm of universal basic. That's also what people want right bank really want of new. What would I regulations as they? Can they be s right? Yes, exactly! Oh, my gosh mayors doctrines, mayor of start in city. Commissioner of Toledo, Ohio duly do happen in flint. By like this is not a new idea, universal, basing its been tried and place, I can in Finland and they're not continuing it. Yet going on? It's also, these single worst idea ever floated in basic economics
on a second, we still the holocaust. The air I deal wasn't floated that actually happened. Tat ran did what can happen. It was exactly let me run something by you, but I think it goes. I think it goes. The Holocaust ghostbusters remake universal basic entrance warmer, swore that we thought there or are you transformative set for the nineteen eighty six hour to moving where everyone died? Is that isn't an actual data be downright workings moment place here and here s the thing is it: it is all based on the premise and she repeats us a lot add not. She repeated has not acknowledge him. Just like that. Bernie Sanders did its product on the concept that inequality is a plaguing gigantic evil social in. Just then it's not. We need stronger champions, but I dont think that they see exactly how
rising income. Inequality has resulted in a very start political reality holdings to enlighten what we ve done. What this could happen in the show knock it you're going back to when we were in the basically in the embryo dates, but we do have the ability to do geographic, knowing your graphics, accept that badly need a lot more sense and audio had made a lot more sense, and obviously we ve talked about this. When you now say about inequality, inequalities what's wrong with inequality, we're doing inequalities wrong. No one in the range of problems. Inequality in itself is not a problem. If everyone is doing better, people can have great economic equality and actually are worse off, see Venezuela, and so let me give you an example: let's say: there's a ten dollar pipe attend out by Ireland. Fifty you won't. Fifty were equal there. You have perfect equality. Now, as I bet it, let's say you go and grow that pie to five five hundred dollars so I only have twenty percent of that pie right.
Twenty times what I had before you, even though the latter only gap has widened signet. Where am I better off and most importantly, you have pie. But he is not cannot be a measurement in and of itself. We say this its new ones. It didn't exist in a vacuum in In and of itself, we say this its new ones. It doesn't exist in a vacuum: inequalities that exist in a vacuum. Anytime. You have somebody who creates goods or services that benefit the rest of society. That gap is going to widen kind of. Like any time wing Gretzky went to go play for a hockey team guess what the gap between his scoring in the rest of the place. It was always while performing Gretzky arrive and the team, but everybody else play better where they will offer. We risk having continue. Of course not or like when Michael Jordan played for the bulls or Leubronn Minimum Wendell Bron Genuine Authority, but that do soon knock it years last name what's setting their food, and this is why, as you know, we had a lot of Bernie Bros, you sort of jumped to Donald Trump and end, and we had a lot of people who were formerly sort of socialists who got on board the Anti Esther W bandwagon.
I don't want to hear you guys are right now with this Cortez businesses, if maybe your eyes than not quite as widely as hurts, but you know nothing about them in leaky eyes wide very wide. Are you a PUG Tom cruise going we're going use It is a fundamental world. You issue where people like Cortez This is all I have a degree of iron. I have degree, so I don't you understand economics, because not only can that pie grows, we ve talked about, but it always permanently tunnel is due to human ingenuity and free enterprise system. We can make more, buys a limit
a number of wise brought it. Can you forgot your biographic there, Sir there's a limit there, you go look. It looks a little like another part, and I was a demographic and wrote if it wasn't for those were listening. He was about five seconds like guys, I might have felt I'll. Try to think annuity middle name for Alexander or doing we need more organs, is what we Alexandria Anti Diabetes in March. A head start right now. I've got at Alexandria by Biomass American Bellegarde area that allows have. All of that is the last time a hand up urban before the show is celebrating Nigeria. Pregnancy smiler is move to use your own words. It's not the nineties anymore. I can anyone tat entirely new points that have been created since This is a good example. The lagoon this aid can create new pies alarms its that's really silly, arguing that the actual arguments and she's making giving zero sum game. Ok, what pies have been created have been baked Cincinnatus. It didn't exist, smartphones, Amazon, social media, electric cars, Frank
nanotechnology. This sharing a kind of me. None of these pies existed two decades ago. Ok for bonus, whaler or from Venice war. Any socialist country for that matter in her pretty sure not much now, maybe something during those times. I have no idea. I can. I can verify that completely, but pretty sure Finland's grappling. So why are we doing? Oh, that's right, because Cortez sees the United States like that I think, so
she's gonna dialed, so easy, it's better without law, with bench apparel coming up next and then Jim Norton will hear from you and common. Second, all right glad to have our first guest one of the favorites here on the show one of the famous people really like em. I mostly like him. It depends on the day he is going to be in Dallas Texas. On August fifteenth-
appear alive is this is the name of the show not particularly original? What's naming, but you can get the tickets live nation dot com you can follow. Adventure, of course, show is available daily wire, Itunes anywhere else. Podcast are sold or have kick ass, bedsheet commercials. How are you Ben to allow them in. You just feel lucky that we didn't, namely show bench appear among club. I have real very fortunate. You would not be the first to have attempted that were so. Are there still this left by the way in doubt, heatherstone couple tickets left things like thirty five hundred seed house- and I think that there may be a hundred and fifty eight seats left something like that. Very nice, humble bragging, appreciated that screening of humble arrive right, you're still on the Youtube, I'm so on that you too, but all over the news I wish this week. Listen, you have no of lost at only gets any secret for four Alex Jones. In four words, you're, not a big fan, but what's your opinion on this got any unilateral action kind of taken against the channels across the board.
Committed every time. I talk about electricity, isn't gonna, go crazy, yes, but aside from that, I'm not accept here he suggested that dumb I'm an atheist and that he would send people to the homes of some of the funders israeli daily Wire and also that Satan should get behind. As he attacked me, and I can get my business yet Al Shows- and I had not the best of friends but the facts,
I think that ban is taking hallucinogenic mushrooms again. People like I like most of the burning bush. If you listen to the same people online. That's have you heard this conspiracy. If you like, you're crazy spaghetti, what's your God and then they have this whole conspiracy. That Moses was on hallucinogenic. Mushrooms. Are the burning Bush nice that take so much more effort to make up that one just just say its non existent: let's disagreement met areas when they met there is one I suggest that I'm part of a dessert called because they can't spell board desert, so they instead say that I'm part of a dessert called, which actually frankly sounds like an amazing call like we're going to need a cop that would definitely be cheesecake I'll come on havoc in it. She hasn't come in ways. Is commission dessert, I'm not Julian. I thought it was not. Actually it is not actually accession of Croatia to pick like cuddle, like
I've. Calling you on your tuition, references God of ok, canadian question is: is nailing maturity, the law? It is references I don't feel come. I dont like talking about kneeling any due to all this has taken a horrible turn, learn that, because I was watching especial I'm ever with my friend in New York City and this whole special Indonesia's in Manhattan, and would you said I you know what we never had a condition we went. We had it not gonna tell you. It's all right so back to the Alex joined it for something special. What what is your opinion on a you didn't disagreeing with impersonal? I know you ve had your personal around as outshines a complete. Bad by the fact that all of these reasons that you dont like Shapiro let me be clear. I think that he's a steaming pile of of human down by the fact that Alex Jones is is ban by all of these areas. Tat companies for bad reasons, is really a problem, so if they had said: listen, we're not going to our people and our if I'm, who libel or whose Langer or who are, who
in widespread conspiracy theories there. What do they are better ways to some sort of objective standard that I guess that you could maybe hold two, but what you can't you just I hate speech in advance. So maybe you can cause your private company, but it it's a really bad standard. Because I mean Stephen, you know, I know we all know. Anybody on the conservative right knows that half the step that we say that is just basic fact- is now construed as hate speech. By voting we'll have to violate a man, is a man and woman is woman. I have to have six hundred police officers to protect me in Berkeley, wrote and people are calling it hate speech. So I'm not comfortable with all these tech companies create using the category of hate speech to ban Alex Jones, even though, if I make clear: I think that Alex Challenge they done. I think that we have to do is your via. I think I know you're coming with coming from without, and you know it's listen. I disagree that, I think implied. I work for you at one point, we're telling me something happened because he ended in the show in awhile
Furthermore, your salary man, I know you can't tell you you know you you, Jews are tight, fisted do with a dollar. No, it really is one of those deals where I didn't make any sense to me, because I know is, is son has been a supporter, and so I've always try to be amicable with as many people as possible and I ll go and shows his views differ. ITALY from what I know you will too, but this does really concern me. I thought this so you're a lawyer found a lawyer and I I did think there's a sandy hook angle if they with. If they have spoken, because because no there's a lawsuit coming, and you know sandy hook. They are going to win and apparently Alex so that he may counter to the sending of people in our second. Maybe if you do, what is that? We do not want the legal liability of allowing this to plan and our platform, but against they spoke about hate speech or even if they just suggested, which was the this specific line that crossed if they just said, you're not allowed to call sandy hook victims. Child actors burdens. Ok,
I like. Ok, it's very specific policy. It seems kind of me, but I think we know where you're going with this would just exactly like that. Then you can't you the first. They came for Alex Jones because he called the children of sandy hook child actors, and then they came for big because nobody else call them child actor so that there is no next step to the slippery slope. You say: first, they came for Alex Jones because of hate speech and you're like wild yeah, but they can expand that definition to encompass pretty much anything so yeah is it not consistent in applying it, namely the coordinated hated. It was also a serious problem like it wasn't just one outlets aside: ok, we will do this and then for- later another outside its borders, all of a sudden, all of them decided ones which looks a hell of a lot. Like collusion, looks like all these people are calling each other up would almost. As aware what what amount of evidence is needed, if you're going to bring a collusion, is an argument that point what are that? What a statistical odds of Spotify was it. But if I tunes Youtube Facebook, or maybe it wasn't Itunes, and then they did
I think it was it right here it was it was, it was apple, I'm not sure I tunes it was. It was Facebook, it was you tube quantified than their parents. Modified are all of them. Did it. You know, within a day of each other. I think that there maybe a monopoly argument there. They did maybe a restraint of train argument there, but this I honestly knockers begets had my domain of constitutional law which nobody, but that would lend itself to the argument of you know of it being affected. With these major platform, some conservatives have argued, and for a long time I said I don't agree about them being public utilities if it acts as a minimum we legislate in this case. This is pretty clear that acted, certainly as a monolith. They all act in unison, yet is very bizarre. Where does he have all these people were other things somewhat? There's the part to drive me crazy people see why you defending Alex Joan sight again, I'm not defending extremism, defending the principle that you can't just call things hate, speech and ban them because their according or hate speech, that's not an actual category of speech, right,
yeah and in an and it's a thing that can be used against anybody that you don't like it. It's its highly irritating to me when the left just create these linguistic categories and piles, everybody in them, and I have to say they are shrinking the opportunity, now Alex Jones, maybe outside the overturn window. I think he probably has in fact I definitely think he has but it, but that doesn't mean that the West thinks that he's the only outside the origin window right there is little box dot com video they caught. Where was like everyone's insight outside the Overton Window, now or it is not just isn't- interest Alex Jones you're outside Britain will presumably I'm outside the origin wind up like ever. Every single person is outside the overturn window in the year. We are left with a monolith of Leftist, a penny inside the Overton Window Class David plus David from Edinburgh and MAX boot right for wranglings from an and max boot and are being is at high trumpets there right now, then we will sort of given them. Strange nor respect where they get to talk. But if you are remotely conservative, even if you don't like Trump, then
I considered outside the realm of acceptable discourse and of course I experienced that when a single handedly destroyed the embassy you by sitting here a couple of weeks ago, I federal Marty blast they more like marketplace that any director, It's out something remotely nice about me. Ben yearnings cry marketplace! Sorry! I know who he is using this. She was on the show, but that's right through the National Guard before it was used to hear the truth about that. I actually to talk with you about that. You didn't show before anyone else. Before any other shows. This was the first concern of show he debt write, so it came on the show and it was it was I was. I was the way with all voices of opposition matched intensity was very simple, but you could scheme getting caught a kind of upset if I said well countersign we're coming from, but I do disagree and at that point he was used to conserve its a civil discourse, meaning let's just find common ground, but I've had not lost. Let's get to the truth, and then, after that, we had him on a second time, and I try to keep his private, because I was here
he would come back around. But after your debacle, it's kind of given me, it's liberated me to speak about it. He sent me an email saying. I don't think that you're actually seeking common ground- and I dont want to your show any more than one like. Ok, I understand that. But then he did the same with you and now isn't it effectively with all conservatives not named French is a David French Minister French's that bears the butler. I would get the two confused principles, this area they that here's the thing a day that re, like I'm good friends, David French and these people have to confront either like I happen to know that these people will not accept. Even friendship gets up David a lot and the reality is that anyone who were more like you like dinner holds. Views are the same as yours, and mine as far as trenchant arisen, that you can't magically Well, anyway, clarify I mean they will accept anyone who is very anti trump because they see them as a useful tool like you were talking about putting even there don't do that so long as they dont sniff that you're a conservative right Rachel so that that's if, if every column you write like match, but lately is Donald Trump, Stalin and no matter what down from tat story
then they'll, except you as long as you're doing map of the minute. You write a column, that's even like half thought out about something remotely conservative, but Stevens Right is Anti Trumpets MAX boot, but one breast Stevens write something about climate change. That is why this given that the New York Times how's this even a thing- a very wise who is also very, very antitrust. It she's been been like. There's always get tired. Really a year, though she got hired- and that was basically the last person through the door because there's way, they're gonna, higher anybody, even as quasi right wing is very wise, was a hard core right winger, especially that of unilateral seasonal leaning, Google's beer, though it is delicious. I do understand where you're coming from all this, but I was really sorry to see my mark two plus do that with you. I thought you were kind of the last go around after turned our show is gone or I will make As you know, we have we had twenty bain and obviously with comedy it's a little more edgy. I thought. Maybe adventure peril have a crack at it and I'm sorry how could I become the that the fact that you know for a while there I was sort of the outer women and now I'm outside the upper limit, and they just moving women's it, and so that is why I say like if you can't have a conversation with you
or with me, or even with, like David French like who is laugh, they can have a kindly Stephen Albert label Jonah Goldberg Trumpery on national television. I haven't seen you have to be to have to have crammed meet the size of acceptable opinion. In Sweden then what they got a mean that every acceptable opinion can fit in the palm of their hair and that's what secondary about the Youtube and info wars, because they say mother outside of this symbol. But everybody is absolutely outside of this. This symbol. That being said, I you think there's a silver lining. Do you think This'Ll be self correcting a little bit with the market with Youtube and Facebook? I think they're acting in unison, but they can't do it for very long without pissing off half their user base and I think that what you're gonna start seeing is more more people at least building beside businesses. Subscriber model like you have like. We have people saying that listen, we're not gonna wanna can be subject to Youtube. Democratizing us and you to destroy in our view, a base. You can watch our stuff Camacho stuff right in I think that you're gonna see the media fragment new tube and Facebook
other social media sites, while the fascinating things that they arose in opposition to control the media interest. Sure, where you only had three channels not controlled what you can watch right and then they came along these that we can put anything here right in the end there was a well. This is great. I can get whatever video I want on demand at any time is just awesome and now they're restricting right now, they're treating themselves like you'll net worth used to going to decide what can go on and what can go off and we're going to decide based on ideological bias and what that's going to lead to New for other place. These out, where I saw somebody say well, nothing can go up against Facebook. Nothing can go up against you. Do I'm all. Furthermore, Myspace is that I am all our friends. There was a thing and an NGO was a thing before that. Now is nothing but Asians and horny emo kids. I remember all of these things now you're, absolutely right. Yes, I do mean that I doing that it was Asians, its anger and then the horny emo kids took it over. Then it became basically like like they that it became a whorehouse like myself. Its tumble, weeds and prostitutes, that's what my space became and that pave the way for Facebook. Let my final vote question on this areas of expertise,
I do my areas of expertise, so this is that this is an. I do think this is important for people understand like is at its important, see. Someone like you disagrees a lot with Alex Jones, because local life, what you can feud ideologically, instil understand that there is that there is a real problem at play here. I do hope it will be self correcting tat. I was going to ask you: did you guys get the now for you to run their new copyright policies. Now I know As you know, one of their social media team work because it because it used to be you too, is one of the few places it respected. Fair use a little bit more and now It seems as other opening the window to anything critical, for example, rebuttal to box or a rebuttal to Chris Cuomo might not be fair you say, might actually allow copyright claim ids against those that the wording is always, as you know, very vague, very broad, but it seems that's where they're moving and I think if they do, they are done. That's that's that bet. That's it you're, the man, that's a real problem, especially because their uses, obviously defence, is not actually a claim rights and when you put something up, therefore simple did their first,
go is, can we take everything down and then it takes a week to put it back up saying. No, this is fair. Use, nipped realise its if they start cracking down on that stuff. More harshly can be. Has brought me. There's gonna be a serious problem, but I think it's a kind of problem. It will cause mass exodus. I do want. You will understand this, and I know you can confirm this. As a lawyer, there is the law, for example, single Party consent states Youtube does not. By the loss or even though its fair use. Legally, you can do it. You too say well on. Second, we're not gonna, buy the single party consent lawyer that a written release form at a public protest, even though this person is committing a crime and a public space, and you dont need to the law, says no Youtube says yes and that's the problem with the fair use, the copyright, the content clay. My these, it's me target, and I know Benjamin at the front of it so have we even, though, are different and a lot of ways- and I know in for wars in a lot of ways of doing it too, and so I hate see any voice eliminated Ben where. This show that people can find you. So we are doing it.
What what's lemme theory? Now you know, I you know it's an analysis in Dallas I just go just gotta, just gonna. Take it master, I believe dances any so go check it out. Take it mastered, Cobb we live nation to combat the tickets deserve jewish community in those areas ok. I think- and I believe that this is the fourth largest dressed community in the United States those New York allay Chicago Dallas. Having really well. That surprises me a whole lot. They must be hiding because they have not met many when I ve spent time in Dallas, but I'm going I know that they do not think that they would acclimate the temperature very well. I mean you know that the reason that the rigging and found them as they see this giant Canadian is trying to figure out whether they are properly the work in national like? Why would I be around us, but they did not in any way to the law, will get us now that many Jews in Canada and French Canadians are a little bit anti semitic. Nature are right that is at bench. Appear. Dealers show August fifteenth in Dallas. Thank you venture prohibition, nor next we must go. Me
now for barely legal with bill. Richmond sponsored by my club, Richmond louder with crowded half asian lawyer. Here too, Splain, sometimes confusing legal terms and concepts. Today, we're talking about different types of courts that exists to solve legal issues. First up family court. Worse, child custody, probably no one talking about, but if you don't think Oj Simpson and Nicole Browns First fight, but with less blood and no gloves nexus, probing, court where you resolve post at issues like wills and estates in inheritances. It's the place at an Smith hung out on weekends, hoping for a pot of gold. General jurisdictional court, is a pope hurry of judicial forums, yet a little civil and criminal little family law probate last may time. Small county courts are like that. Then you go to Next level, the court of Appeals were someone's martyrs, gonna, be checking your work and finally, the Supreme
court at the top dog in most states and the United States in some, AIDS, though, like New York, they just want to be different and honorary. They call their basic court, the Supreme Court and then their top court. The court of appeals, I hope this clarifies the issue for you, though, considering this is the internet. You probably forgot half of what I said and will send me a letter anyway asking the same question in a week. I will not respond I'm half regional, your bill, Richmond for louder with prouder, cheers, this has been. Barely legal with bill, Richmond Sponge Mug club fairly, this means star. I have no idea. Why have no idea why our next guest big fan, so it's a bench apparel who is one of those? Were the fan? Favorites, and
so we have own Benjamin next week in third checks and about that this is one of my personal favorite, twin Nicht APOLLO. I think last week or two weeks ago. I think he's one of it going to take. You're comedy one of the best comedians out their working. Today I can farm on on the twitter at Jimmy. As long as they still allow and he'll, be it hilarity in Cleveland August? Seventeen and eighteen think, is that and I can't Jim is I don't have that right? Is it seventeenth and eighteenth? It is yet First time in that club- and this was the great clodagh- really loves the owner, Joe whatever comedians loved a club honour to good place- is usually comedians club owners? The way you look at it guarded Dachau, some kind of happy. We find a gardener it'll jack by the way you take. No unity is lost weight because I'm sick, and so that's that's the camera faking Andras, more gaunt, soil of lean, but real I'm weaker and less capable when this happens unimpaired I took off my shirt right night about it, but you bet
there's gotta be in Dallas August fifteenth? So a lot of live shows going on right now, which is often August, is kind of a dead man for entertainment. Each of our budget tickets, because people down the shore unless you're a big name, comic benches talks. Rather he would did you gotta give lively debate or talker and now he's doing the bench appear show lives, since you know we did it here, but ass yet, but now he is he's very skilled Manila. Anyone can do culinary, but but you're being named comedy I mean I think, you're right up there well yeah me when you look at big name. I do well, but I mean I'll Kevin heart does too arenas a night like this study, comedy, let's just like the guys, like a movie star, recommend it to get up here, but he gave because he's a comedian kills and arenas so For me, I'm happy by can sell eight hundred thousand tickets, I'm good the other. What seminary? Although I did see that one time I think, when using taxes, he did to two arenas struck in one night, along with two I checked, so Isabel was busy night for him, and I mean I have- no idea- can actually confirm that
Let me ask you this. I really don't know. Brainwashing I've been a hilarity. You know. I remember, because I did not do this all the funnybone in Pittsburgh. I dont know ok to be. I remember that gig I stopped working there, but I do. I don't think that everyone, ok, what does it matter these we carry Oki. On the other side there at the fight was this big theatre. The funnybone in Pittsburgh was really big and in it was kind of tough because it was such a big feeling room and then another with karaoke. Anyway, I did something in Watertown New York, back with Louis and then I was at the Pittsburgh Funnybone and it had no money. So this data motel, because middling than for Gregg Morton at hilarity in Cleveland and amateur everyone saying it's an amazing club because they put us a hotel it that at that point that that did not suck into me. It was incredible, was a lot of fun. You know that Is one of the great things about travelling stand up? You realize how many lousy, accommodations or I've taken so many places and
it's funny are who just make a Louis Raymie. Yes, Louis is really great man. He's one of my first comment. I went to see like Jim any ideas you to stand up for a while. You realize how complex work, but I remember watch. You Louis re me like a nineteen ninety and going like how does You do that like to create such a careful narrative and so smooth and count on my I'll never be able to do what this guy does. So you Louis, is really really unsupportable. Surprise. I would know you guys so you weren't a guy who is always very confident because anything we doesn't have you Daniel formulae, and I find this up he said that he was making excuses before his fight to mutually note to lose. Even though I want and I will show you one of the more successful comedians out there. How did it start with com? France, or or are you always nervous, did you did you have a moment where you realize that you could do this at a high level? Like was our cross over moment? You know I have. Those
where'd they go away quickly. I really do walk around three like just Garbutt personify, I'm never and completely uncomfortable. In my ear skip it's funny. Some young comedians in New York remark Norman SAM Rural really when he dude Delegate, Would you like us for a while gum so, but I love those I do think it really good, but I'm just socially uncomfortable. I don't think anybody like me. I guess I say hello when I kind of when I leave but are starting to be negative, some like these guys. They, they might think I thought so. Why does Europe both of you think they think you suck? Now? I will say this one. Eighty ready near there you are one of the very, very friendly committee, when I walk, and I was very nervous indictment. We should all hey Stephen you good to meet. You knew my name and as a key to grope watch. This point was twenty one. I was very nervous, so that's, kind of always said this by innocent under Rogan show you you're, you're, filthy onstage. What you ve got a sweetheart. Your committees were good to me. You know
a comedian, Lynn and Jackie. I never saw her again amateur once and ninety nine before ever did stand up. She talked me for half hour. She was a middle act just about comedy what it was like, and I will never forget her kindness to me, so I always try to be nice to comments, because she gave me a lot of love and I had never even performed- and I never saw her again so whoever that woman is our ally, and she just show me a lot of kindness back when I am she had. No reason to this is far too touching for program right now. If it was that Europe, we call on you know what happened in backyard led to give her an apple hungrier. Would it be right now for someone just shot me and I slipped over those the backward and rob? That's, that's her Sal, you signed off. I'd I'd, be happy. We have right before it's it's odd right before on we're talking about. How do I just mean shower in French you tonight, you're fixtures with do show that the offer conversation was incredibly childish and what you do comedians an audio gets very touching, ok, it's being of which comedy death Hannah Gatsby. We were too
this on air. I don't. I don't wanna put other comedians an awkward situation, but I remember ultimately audience. So I'm gonna get your thoughts on the state of comrades any kind of political correctness. This this special was praised was lauded for being the first company special that wasn't comedy, but it wasn't subversive at what she actually to says. This is Dino comedy self. Deprecation is just humiliation and its. It goes into after school special. What sure taken this concerned. The media has just. I know it's been a big thing at the festival. It's been praise everywhere, front page right ups. What you read while the media's stinks, but you know I wash Hannah's special, but I into a kind of expecting to hate it completely. On my car, I doubt it and I want
and, unlike ok, I'm watching flight. The first forty minutes only she's a legit stand up like she's, not all curmudgeon like she does this thing after applies it. She smiled a lot like Pomona. Does that promoting will say some really hard stop and then he smiled and just let's be errands technique. It's like a performance at me right arm. I like the fact that she talked about really hard subjects like your anytime somebody's talking about being raped or it'll, be call them. May all this stuff that MR up and then she does this hope, on art, like I've, never heard anybody talk about contemporary art were What would the way artist were perceived? A secular whatever, so illegal is very, very original So I, like you, put it the able to cut it, became a TED talk. I didn't they it's a good report that she could do that. But when she says something like well self deprecation is humiliation. It can be, but it doesn't have to be. Nobody
more socially, pointing or makes more socially pointers. There's Richard prior right, Bishopric talk about his mother being a prostitute talk about having homosexual encounters. Given a lot of stuff, and I nineteen, seventy one and nineteen. Seventy five before was polite located do here, and he was always funny. He talked about racism in America. And he always chopped it funny to me is kind of what gives comedians the ability with a right two to talk about this stuff, because people want to hear it and be able to laugh about a really hard and that's why I wanted to get your take because you talk that would make Nicht APOLLO, whose unreasonably I think it's gonna be in for children in the coming weeks, in studio with us, because to deal with a lot of these issues at a pretty rough to, and you ve caught some flax, sometimes for it. But it's a lot harder to come out and take that because we're comedy isn't turn it into something funny. Then it is to sermonized, and so that's what that that's for me. The problem is when the media tried to to really prop this up and prop up the sermon isolation, which was the least
interesting part of special, because you think a lot of talk about modern art postmodernism. It's like George Petersen Ben Shapiro on this show just now. Comedy because a lot like are unable to turn it into something funny. That was I issue with it, and that was a second have you not. I mean like because I was enjoying. I love, watches somebody talk about that really hard subject matter, but her I dont believe that you can't make it funding and I dont believe joking about it. If you're joking the right way. Do you feel good about is ever selling yourself out if you're doing itself self deprecation find another way to tell your story. But I didn't I didn't hated it all. I thought I'd been, except when it with negative expectations, but I was people like you start stand up. I can you tell me that I'm watching for forty mental, my she's a legitimate any whether people like it or not, applies lines. You don't stop she's telling a story about her, her and then she won at the end and told the real stop. Even if
We don't I disagree with you. I think I think it was a twenty minute set within our something special, because the content of the first portion, but then it really stood out because there was a long gap with no comedy there. For us. I thought that was like the last fifteen minutes Can I forget what she took them? They got to the bottom of what she did it work, but I know tat I was talking to SAM. I call host. And I said you value- is over forty metal mortgages very like we're just legit Stana, because here watch the ended. Does Google preachy something that's your bottom fishing to do that like. I think that if she's like telling her truth, again, richer prior did it Look at his nineteen seventy six woman on an old, your people now that the applicable bicentennial nigger, that's also the name of the track two tremendously sarcastic track at the end of that records about sarcasm of American liked he entreated it's really moving and it's getting let this music overlaid yeah. Would you
I'm sure it's getting left the whole time right. Unease tells the truth about slavery and a black humour started at its an agonising awful truth and he gets laughter. The whole thing and the law a sentence. He says I we are the last moment right and that's it hit. You like a shovel so to me like that, how a guy, who tells a very sad truth, does it as a brilliant com. I'm not going to believe that, just because a lot of time on the show in quoting other people that I dont want to be Papa Johns so year I hear you're my collateral, Solberg looked you nortons around my show to that record was Richard. Try were the name of his albums to stay in the backlash against certain words, especially that word, but I'm not qualified to It would change what that genius called his record. I'm sorry, I'm just not! Now that's what he chose to call. And that's the name of the record so but the final bit, which is dead
the title, Triassic, that's really inside, for what you just. I think a lot of people don't realize what they're watching, sometimes when the areas where we have an interview with you, but the more I listen to you that's all incite full way of putting it if people are are listening, its have ears to hear you don't have the right to edit priors material. She wanted it that way, and some rich white guy in in Greenwich Village shouldn't be the one to change that, but yeah yeah, I think, with further with with a hand ask me: if you go with those expectations, its kind go and I'm trying to think of like keeping up with the Jones it was a comedy than I watched. My sought an airplane made. No expectations knows it is our right, but then someone who paid for the ticket was pretty pass. That being said, it there's something I just hate. You want to see an airplane like the wash I turned away from the screen. It was that it was that bad, I'm thinking in the in the lonesome with the watchman even see the watch. I only heard this diverse negative. They have hurt, but I have watched it myself. It's just so bleak for the sake of being bleak. I'll get this one thing, though you know you talk about a lot of painfully
obviously in, and you certainly get some controversial issues doesn't it this is I'm up. My issue is not just that special, but this idea now people policeman, we can't can't say that is enriched- provides a good example. One of the primary purposes of comedy is being able to Phyllis Tailor made the quote. We talk about just for two rubber tipped sword away to make a point without drawing blood so too, dammit the idea. I think it was Phyllis. Don't you know who said that No you're, not you're dumber, that's actually good! Ok! This is definitely not mine by I can. I can never Bruce you tweet made as other people who are listening, because I don't wanna be accused of played rising something. When I clearly tried to attribute the quadriplegic, Egypt, you did agenda as a quart of somebody else. Yes, I tried to as best I could, but that is the primary purpose of comedy so for the media to jump on board in anyone comedy to suggest otherwise. To me is that very slippery slope of some Declaring self humiliate itself. Deprivation is humiliation. That's terrific. A lot of comedy not your own. I don't care what gets me things of her own stuff, but that's declare.
In brain region is all act, is basically self deprecation right lesson. Somebody up right, yeah he's right in these brilliant and that's when I get home I intend to go up when you try to declare someone else's comedy. Not or not acceptable and analyzing the union and I agree with you, but I think that she goes wrong when she says so. Application is humiliate, because this There's something very honest: if Europe, during your phone, You just don't look at me. I'm a big fat tight like domain, deprecating yourself a humiliating yourself, but if you tell me the about the way you see things like I've told you. Truth about big hating myself would have a lot of people do you are not new deacon that on his voice? What this little stupid thing tells me I had all day and I'm trying to make it funny so myself about them up being dishonest, I'm just telling the truth about what I know is a flawed perception right, yeah it comes down, wasn't the same through line there, but we're talking politics talk me you're, Talkin comedy it's just its innocent people off
toward my truth, but in this case it someone trying to dictated to someone else like listen, cod is comedy you don't have to like. It is entirely subjective. I understand that there are certain quality yeah. An end, I would put your right up there and Nick Nepal, of course as well. He was in the show, reasoning, chinese he's so funny, and I dont think that he gets to credit deserves just because this sort of east technology, averse yeah also could more conservative and Look in the reality is an entertainment. Like look, they did it Alex Jones. Look lover: aid Alex Jones. I get my people, I don't like law. The studies that are like live is dumb conspiracy, but he should able to say whatever we want that frightens me people's right to say stop it. I dont like or you know like, is taken away crazy mapping signed. We could put you in a carriage and you can make a good, maybe crisis actor if we ever needed. You too. You know, I would be happy to do that too, because I can't get a gig doing anything else. So, look if anything about it, I thought we were. I don't know what happened. I would just get six that we always I was.
If your voice, I've always had a little bit of Cagney in it. For some reason, I don't know what happened. Jane was around for a baby cagney. Our ideas would authorise. It is at Jim Norton Polarities in Cleveland highly recommend, go check, amount of August seventeen and eighteen June Norton that communism gas is everywhere as long as I tunes, and these are the places to allow it generally they go. Thank you, sir. I beg you by your lucky. Ah now for hopper proverbs sponsored exclusively by mug club. You said that if you give a dog some cheated, you feed him for a day by day, give a dog a cow. I don't know, I don't know how to make tutus, but I find a bunch of figured some farms. Apopka could figure it out my colleagues O Stephen, can give Hocker more teachers because he has funds
stay. Do far more about proverbs, sponsored by my club, David's beer engine Norton next week and credible, we have chosen the Rev OWN Benjamin here all we ve been some sketches.
Lot of fun. And yes, we talk about it earlier, so we teased it and it is with a heavy heart that actually I'm at not gay jeered the care, now that we will be retired after this programme next year, will be moving on two occasions a greener pastures, daddy, confused that behind, like were taken behind the bar. None I bring a fascist means, good means good things, but let him oh yes, there's stuff going on. There is Lovely Missus, o my life of the lady and I will be joined by another lovely lady and to cut short months through Zella very excited and you really not gay some really also. Let me clarify here too, because it is now now it was fired because he had its that's. You don't know that I am frankly you fire. That's there's exponential growth, obviously with the show and a lot of new pressures and expectations and listen you just a minute.
You knew the hours it takes. A thing to put in the show is just pretty crazy and yeah, really darn hardened yeah, just good time move onto it Megan, babies and I'll have was was never a gay Latvia vinyl everyone s prouder the first episode that not gay jeered appeared. I don't think I remember that. No, I think we talked about it this year. Some time did we think we did. I dug it up like a couple months ago. An intergovernmental approach has rough guess, yeah, Let us now, do you remember how it started you said: hey Have a producer year gauge Eric what do you have in your eyes and who also happens to be gay of began registered as a joke? Because I think you told me that guy's commander you quite a bit all the time right, apparently, mobility- and I, like your shoes, is a common pickup line and that all the time I'm like I was wearing foot blocks,
you're actually waiting or talking very fortunate that I use that as an opening. Often they don't even. I now little you talk, they just Escobar Junior, employing you forward central and then, after that, lively peoples are their own. Conspiracy is you're, gay or not, because you kept saying you weren't gain we're. Ok, let's, let's go with this and not gay Jared character was born in you to keep your Missis. Under wraps for long. She was only a contract. I beg of you talk about it at all, so excellently said something about either leaving it actually bloomed at a time the YAP references early days and hours earlier than the earlier was out of my den in Michigan, and we had no idea what we're doing. None at all, we were just we were on radio, but also it was back. Then it was. You want to talk about sort of providential that A Jared became equipped at producing this. As a pot guess was the day the station that carry
would no longer carry the show because of some of the jokes that we had made here today is a video industry. There is an answer to Friday morning at six, a m or like a good guys, we're That's the only option producer and said: I'm not ready. Yet your jokes. We can't do this early, ok, ok, our eyes on NATO appearing to show anyway that we produced ever produced carry now that it was a weird reared transition. It was invented. The drop it altogether so is, still too many. Well now, that's mine. We don't want to do through. That's how the commercials to start at a member we just we had all these local adds that would play and it will work Do we just made stuff up for the first? The first ones reached to do if you were the first ever did was a fake emergencies.
Warning. Yet I was very against the line fairly thought: less highly illegal velociraptor warrior not through a lotta Dunham, roaring, wreaths, Reese, Witherspoon Movie movie, who are here. I we weren't. We were saved because it was tat it technically. It never made air on terrorism, but we could have gotten really screwed yeah. We could have. It was no instability patterns outlining a noise with Bill Cosmic, where the first commercial, those ones usually by eyes, dish mature, that's true, you. Ve been sure we started, we have it's funny back than we had. We bought the costume for Jesse Venture, let alone we go to video and we never end up doing it because it's a wrestling speedo it is. It takes take some by and large reflective to NASA grinning green scream. I haven't quite invested in it yet out of, and that's where you met Gerald We had some beers and all the sudden about a beer and half injured, struck. I'm gone on a thriller walking
the wall about we're gonna, have a montage here of some knock it your desk memories, injustice. Just a minute, I won't say your best memory is on the show gosh, probably probably stressed as attorney taking. I'm on the Texas capital. In the way these restaurant wait. What? When did we? What we do? This right right before you and that's that on tape, actually I think it ain't. We go in particular, we have tat because it was not at that point. You always had a camera. It was always running
we were then we're gonna get anywhere with Wendy Data. Snow had IVO transgender come up, so rubs gives happened so that you could get, and I love to gifts recorded murmur that I would say my most of Europe that we would probably Utah was a big one, because we like we ought to put bullets in our brains, because that was non stop work, but it was one of the biggest phrase you ve ever done. He always monopoly lodged when swimmer there that's true, but we couldn't we can do and what they really shows. I was the first time that we really memorable and then in line with current, you talked about on the Michigan capital. If you go back, we did they understood bill tree all earlier remedies that are working to dumb costs. It was you in your eye late. I made him you I've made from scratch yet native regret, what tat, yet with bed foam and their diplomas, harpies headforemost therapies, and we now have a green screens or to put it down in my living room when we choose, where some of the shots you see our green screen and then so is act directly shot on the lancing capitalist lapse, capital mission, which was far drive for us at the time, and while we were taping it US estates,
superpower, love democratically left Black lady Eversleigh, but that's how you educate and cannot take a paper here are likely to please you. Please do actually upward instrument retreated a yes, and that was our first great. It was an accidental troll. Jail was before we did, I think, would be forbidden really any of the serious undercover teenage you by the way. I am pretty, I'm pretty sure she does present for you. That's right yet apprentice terrible glowing, get you answer. They really hope it spiders. I get nervous. I think that this is not typically the way we do things as brown ones, agar. Those are fun right, I'm using a knife here. So if something goes wrong for those were listening audio apparently I didn't have any wrapping tape, so I use boxing teeth and rapped it's very considerably. This is because a terrible wrapping its potential author little living a finding outside I make it could rain so wrapped it completely with tape. Product of other could have put it and I'll take over gas
for making progress. Thank you very much. I can't see it here. This is right. The original straight arm of raw nice is very touching, but I'm not going to crack that. Tell myself I wouldn't. I did we're being on earth to get it out of the way I took some bourbon urban sounded emotional and, as we know, this is because the people don't member, we can for the original structure Armstrong, we can't afford creepy collar side the many such Armstrong and appropriate quickly very thoughtful order that I really do appreciate it, and we are here for sure going to miss you quit but here too shows your size, for it will be impossible. We do have a montage to get to test and by the way to night he wants a knock eject. Did what
we do in this, be my combat every now and then suddenly run. I don't love. Stranger here is not going to be a complete stranger and we do is we all states are some all kinds of things of beer. That's right like going around here. I forgot about how states like it's it's great if you will, but I think it is just very, very difficult. They say the bench appear or shall we have trained Ebay in coming out and motor scooters and smoke machine life. We gotta do this again, chimpanzees on sideways at yes. Yes, if we don't have a budget for it, but if we delay we answered but tat fill your shoes, but we are you do this is kind of a thing like the fighters have to put the next day we are your passing the torn and ask to our very own gps, You could always wanted that. We all want to hire black guy and we had
as you can well Admiral, more jokes. Yes, oaks, category, two, six bands. Yes amicably, we had a lot of black applicants for, but they weren't actually video adapt. They wanted to write you, but actually you know miss as key grip garret, but he's a quarter bladders quota black, so yeah, not Gauger did the seat. I guess is he's gonna be leaving the last time there acting like a shared and we gotta come on. Man is key grip. Garrett, who is a quarter bloc? Have helped us, of course, some hidden cameras and you are right can confirm that I am a yes. I can confirm my Liege Norton earlier other media. That is based on that, oh god,
A real lords. None of them are just words. Do we back to where you stand up? Let me saying you so I will try and I'm just saying,
you guys, you cannot give all, above all by Bush,.
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