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'F*** Xi Jinping!' How China Is CENSORING Our Media!

2022-05-02 | 🔗

Corporate media has declared war on free speech, and China is pulling the strings. Hey, at least they aren't pretending any more! We cover the latest and how to fight back. We also review the "jokes" told at Nerd Prom. And Discovery+ wants your kids to dress in drag. #FreeSpeech #ElonMusk #China

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Alright audio listener, this exclusive for you right now, because we are going to be giving you tips throughout the week as we solve the mystery on the show as to who pooped in the mugs so give give you a tip today. that's, the Tipp leave. A rating review include the name Brendan, but it that he's not doesn't mean. The one who pooped in the mugs you'll see you'll, see how this you'll see what happened today later and that when you listen to your later in the show, you probably should go watch it, but the tip is is Brendan, enjoy the show. Well can I
I feel that is a sake and, as a matter of fact, you can that's so considerate of you to ask you see. I was over by the bar back there and I said now: there's a young man who could be of great assistance accompanying me back to my hotel as much as that. It's flattering! No, no, I'm simply not a homosexual man and, in fact, married, and so the dance begins, the two step. What each of us cloaks our true desires for fear of rejection like a mystery ball, the path to unmasking once truth is rife with self deceit. There's only one problem. I haven't
Nice and not too old at all, come now you- and I both know this act is pointless. A young man like you could learn a thing or two from me. Having a man like me, show you the ropes. Why don't we just skip this whole charade? Stop wasting everyone's time, as you accompany me to my car last seen, at the very least mildly inappropriate. I've always low barricade of age. Unfortunately, it's one of this world's greatest irony is that those guarding the most valuable treasures don't understand. That truer now now Van I of course misspoke when I called you a boy, obviously you're a young man, and I think it's one of this country's greatest injustices. The strapping young lad, like you just a few mere years shy of a driver's license can't so much as enjoy a simple beer with his friends. So some of this earth more fleshly pleasures weight you at he's. Thinking no, of course,
I knew young man. No, no, I mean I'm thirty. Five.
That's got to fake sip because it's too hot for little to heart, and so I had to fake sippet right. There was little buttons to you two areas. It is us think testing. Let us be up yeah Maximus. we need we. When you get that checked out, we have a lot to get I am glad to be with you. Cash is a theme. Today
it is largely about not only the media. we will take all the media's liberal media script. Yet we get that, but the idea that there can actually be foreign influences who determine policy. And who determined what you are allowed to say and not say. the forces that really have no interest in the western world who are determining what can be spoken in the western hemisphere and in western journalism. So well they try. Make you concerned about Elon, musk, purchasing twitter, there's a lot going, with people being jailed in Australia for speaking out against human rights violations in China. There's a lot going on when you little People at Time magazine are doing, there's a lot going on when you look at what Disney is doing with a drag queen. Children's show, what I really know, I don't have it to pieces. The chinese- I don't know, I think it's member, when kids, we just do the bozo show. Yes, that was it. Yes, we was grossly abusive to cookie. Yes, he was sick,
kids, Hughes, cookie watch be sure of what she observed is thou must do the reason I pay alimony. So My question to you because I feel it gets old hats. Just a question about media: I know how you answer is: if you had to go on it, with one Democrat: who would it be, who is who you think is evil but might be fun I'll. Give you my answer and Muslim. Okay. it's? Why is going to appall you? What is it YO si. No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! I've! I've learned you! Don't you don't do the thing with crazy, yeah yeah! That's too far, that's the kind of sense that you don't wash off, know she's good from a distance. Yes, she'll boil the kids pet rabbit. Oh she! it will. But before that hey look, we have e g e geral DE is which he just had his new baby. Yes, last week, I don't, I don't think we're supposed to show a picture or any of that, because we're not Brian Stelter who uploads pictures of his children without their consent and knowledge.
but we have Gerald being studio. How are you, Sir he's doing? Craig yeah he's doing the lamp re named. Is kid David? It's a perfect lamp re after his father and you hear him, you know him, you love him. You can follow him at Landau Dave and he is going to be this Friday in Springfield Missouri and then Saturday in Lincoln. Nebraska he's made it a lot of I can't slash tour for all. The dates will be announcing a major fall tour, soon, Dave Leonard. How are you a Hoy good about you, sir? I'm doing well had good time in Green Bay. I did they're good people down there, yeah they're, really nice and yes, What a serial killers come out of was calm, it's true and then I found out about more killers that I will mentioned on the show, but I googled the most disgusting thing: I've ever seen, Britain, the crowd, was yelling it out wow I can tell me, and my club yeah yeah, but I want to talk about a here now. Let's get in trouble is opposed to the drag queen generation. Dragon did that's fine, yet its village,
It's perfect. Have you watched it? You know what let's go ahead. Let's see the clip of discovery plus unsatisfied with the raging sick. ES of their documentary, found, she decided that going to debut a new show now called spoiler alert. everyone involved with this should be arrested for child abuse, the new show is going to be called a generation drag which it's going to follow five. What they refer to as drag kids are, I refer to as victims of parental abuse. In India that that the teacher is just as horrifying as you might imagine. How come to the pink pearl ass, my lovely friend, I first discovered dragged their team. I didn't know it was, but I knew I wanted it.
Put on the wig and makeup, and I'm someone completely different. I'm sorry, but I disagree with Vanessa Shimmer and just just a horse. You can have an astronauts call me by my parents? A child wants to do you, don't I never expected drag to be a part of our lives, my thesis you people willing to pay, and I were tragic. Our PS enchant ten told so my mom's drag you time, given their families are coming from all over the country where we get to be our troops I now invite self, I mean: dress like branched off is a basic level of work. This is me, and you can Well what we do but it's not an attack on youth and attack on your parents. Look Joe Louis turned away. He does it look like this. He turned away he just trying to go into the fire. Yes exactly
this is a most of the speakers have met chimney, but Jim Several wish you still live Isaac. You can just do this on tv. I wouldn't even doing it behind closed doors, thinking this used to be a scandal, people in Hollywood right when they are doing this with kids now night. just a show they patch. Now it celebrated look. I truly. I believe that everyone involved with this show should be arrested for child abuse. Hey you're, the director of photography. You are now a child pornography here the forms that you have to have all of your neighbor sign for the rest of your life. I why? to go to a Rina filled dish, no way, there's not Petros their judging it who judges Let me ok, here's another question of the day that the best quitted, the best comment, will Bobby pinned and you will live in infamy forever, is there anyone out there genuinely anyone, they are right now, if you are not a pedophile, this question applies to you. Would you ever feel comfortable in the audience there.
anyone, who's? Not a pedophile? Would you feel comfortable watching children in stripper garb of his comment to make? I mean why I not just little kids dressing up as gale. at boys. By the way this want to avail. My search history. Will it now as I'm writing this wholesome family fun, it's wholesome family when I used to think it was child abuse to send it. A six year old or eight year old or ten year old girl to school with since it had juicy written across the ass and now we're sending boys I got, I did to turn a big job since shirt inside out when I was in sixth grade yeah, but this is perfectly acceptable. I just and then they remember this- is that there just trying to trying to gaslight you in Florida they don't data, don't want us to talk about our personal sexual relationships. Look discovery plus is Disney. We just Disney. I believe CEO step down no idea. If that was you know, proactively trying to cut off the pedophile train at the pass, but
the issue here you. This is as bad. This is as bad as it gets it's as bad as it gets you combine this with. This is what they want. If completely, fettered. He already saw cuties at Netflix. They, told you they weren't coming for your kids, when you brought that they said you were crazy, they said. We're paranoid how much worse. Does it have to get I I Jenny? Does it have to be actual child pornography which, by the way, has existed on Youtube as well? I don't think it does. I mean at this point I guess I just don't understand why if you're a boy going to your dad and you're a child yeah a choice I hope you're not like a yet. We can't do this. I can send you. Do a television show where you can show everybody that you dress pretty like a lady right, I guess Kenema, I I don't think you do
it doesn't have to be you can when I use my Amazon prime account to order a strip report right after that. It's not say that your dad's chuck a beer bottle at you, but it's right. I just it's enough. You're dead, it shouldn't, be you know, instead of playing house playing champagne room, know he he dare just brace like. Oh that's a good sign. I just wanted the bank and got a bunch of singles. Yes, let's have fun yeah, I'm going to call the friends over this. Actually this isn't just Disney at discovery zone by winter. Oh, is it that spreading it? Reading the worn like that you're had other elect virus is he's parents so well. Yet how do you do that with your Did you just please letting your son actually go up there? Are you too? I don't wherever they live. We lay fed unfettered access to the internet since why there were six and that's what you get well and a guarantee. You right now feature search shock. You do it right now.
experiments search, use you to use Google search child drag search. Generation drag and see what pops up is it overwhelming response, the sentiment that this is grossly inappropriate, I dunno I dunno. This is an experiment right now, I'm in real time. I would love to see what kind of results you get. This is the the the only silver- and I hate this- I hate it. It's like when people used to say, when Donald Trump is running against Hillary Clinton, you would have some people say what I think they're both two sides of the same coin, and so at least till Clinton. You know, will showcase left for what they are worse. Donald Trump will be enough, in contrast here: ok, the silver lining now with Biden as well that people see how bad it is, but I wish that it didn't require That's the silver lining hears you do see the disconnect between not just the media, not just the entertainment industry. Just the elites in Washington DC, but your public school teachers, I'm sorry true heroes and the average american citizen.
Can't even imagine that most you, the world, Hey guys, you just wanted to get married saying they wanted all the same rights right. I thought that you wanted to be domesticated. White picket fence. Have a dog come home, plough your boyfriend. I thought that's what you are looking for, is this: what you had a mind generation drag, because this is coming from the energy BT, Q Alphabet, gay, stop outcome, right now and I don't know how far it goes. I don't think that's necessarily representative of the gay community. No, it's not that's! The problem is they they try to sneak. under the guise of them right they try to. Oh well, it's it's lesbian and gay, it's trans! Whatever! So now it's it's kids and drag doing cartwheels in front of you know. judges. I guess well adjusted adults. Yes, well adjusted adults, judges that are on Skype from prison, he's criminal. Criminal background check on every will judge, there's no possible way, there's a criminal back. There's no way you mention having the pedophile tracker on your phone, it's just a giant red dot in that a writer yeah this
risk it slow down. If I got these are peak hours, they shut off my five g, I'm back down to two to three g bs, many people using here- it's like south by South West, only with child rapist, just area removing from door to door of the hut local hotels in. inducing themselves. Yes, staying here all week. I know I'm also a monster going to the what's your son's name. oh yeah. What are you re closer? You recommend that place places like a top up where they have different bite. We could sample. Ok, few could sign here just acknowledging that we spoke. Can you imagine you sure, but her virtuous accidently, checking into that hotel feel like I was just here on business, I didn't know. I was in have to be like TIM Curry in home alone, two with a light, bulb pops off in the back of his head bingo. I gotta. So is there a sting operation going on this weekend? I was really open to catch some z's. No, no, there's no sting operation that those who would conduct a sting operation of the FBI. Cia they're too busy watching generation drag. Yes, they've actually brought their kids here. Yeah yeah we've seen subscriptions among
letter agency members go up nine hundred percent? Yes, I should release of this itself. There shooting abusive, foster families plus here yes, yes, tomorrow will be filming relapse citing day everyone who puts makeup on the rate year old boy. Yes, well? Just to be clear people say: oh, it's just dress up it's just having fun. No, no there's a huge difference. Then again they title it drag drag, has a historical connotation. It's not people copy pasting. Their fears to it drag has been connected to In a hyper sexualized part of the lg back, then it was just lg the community. Since in the early twentieth century. Let me read you a quote here: F, after the nineteen, sixty nine Stonewall riots in New York City and through the nineteen nineties, gay culture and gay pride built, mainstream support and with that came popular drag, culture has as well. It's always been linked to sexual behavior. It's always been links. To sexual preference- and these are kids who really shouldn't- I mean I wouldn't,
promises of a young girl at that age wanted to be a stripper. I just like. No, no, you can't go on stage and undulate with those from within New York, where a kid wanted to do drag shows, and he I forgot what talk show he was on, but I mean I'm sure he can look it up, but I may be arrested, but there was a kid It is a couple of years ago and he was like yeah I just saw he was like eight or nine or ten and he's like. I just want my drag kid, and you know the dad looks like Clint Howard, just faded and though the another month chosen wife is like you got what you do, it and I wait. I was like I wonder how long until he gets molested. It was like three weeks after the show aired once upon a time was like Dr Phil. He would Nick now now you're dressing like a girl, yeah, alright, but you're. Actually, a boy now we just have to support the mom and, like now, listen dad you have to this boy who be who is new? You need a tree
this woman lacked a queen. She is, you can hit her and you have to have any time view and women who have been a tune in to Doktor Phil Everyday. She says is accurately and not put up a now now to be clearly taking. You need to know that all women are beautiful in every way in european shit and take your man raising yours, to be a man is disgraceful. That is honestly, I'm disappoint our have a talk with you in green room after right, because you should not be. You should not be doing anything. Your wife doesn't like tat will be right back. All masculinity is toxic. Your boy should not play sports unless he is competing with other girls. Yet, like you write and guy solid. I don't want to hear any more out of you, but to give you an idea of the career that put the show together so Tara banks as the lead executive producer. But do you mean the person who to commemorate black history month? Read it
photo shoot of herself as the first black cover models. Sports illustrated she's like to honour black history month. I'm honouring me so? There there's chucked a phone at or assistance or is that ninety, go, there's hurt and then there's jasmine, startle and Jasmine's totals first credit on Mtb. She was a set decorator first called foursome a reality shall refer contestants to mount to female stand, a huge has together were they interact, build relationships and have hard corset, wonderful person. That's what channel was that on It's out now was actually matter. It sounds to me like your judging her as a woman as a man with a painless or you're, not I to have an opinion
You don't know what they were doing in that house. They were having where they were having sex, but that's their prerogative, yeah they're, just building relationships and having foursomes. You should probably take note because your relation, you know what I always say is if you see a speck of sand in a woman's at you, you're, probably a piece of shit, IZ man, it shows just simply call give it to me. Caddy yeah they're on the golf course haven't foursomes me Steve. Are we get together to figure out how I can bash man and he can bash white people the works well. to those colleagues who are all the greater the call incursion herds. Kids, family feuds: why don't you want just one thing? It's pain as we have It hit a wall painted camo everything, guy
Now go on to widen, disgusted, died, okay and don't think for a second that sometimes we'll get back and we have. But this is what they live on in the real world. Ok, christian conservatives. This show at least allows you. I know a lot of people have their church where everyone speaks christian ease. Go and watch Netflix or watch it mainstream. We're going to discuss the things that are actually happening in the real world and it's not to approve of the degeneracy is to condemn it and hopefully make this. world. Your kids are going into. You need to talk to your kids. You yeah you used to tell your kids to not play with blasting caps, now tell them if it's a boy to avoid the to avoid the to avoid this, the strip, the stripper out to avoid going to Adam and Eve Shop. Here Well, you shouldn't be shopping. It's usually don't play with blasting caps. Now it's don't order from the Frederick's catalog and you're right people, we'll be mad because they want to try to look make it say, ok, look: there's is theirs rightwing media saying that you should attack Trans KIT and that's not true, now
but he sang you say that you shouldn't hurt children right ample startling advocates right. You should milkshakes apparent absolutely right, So now speaking of people who are incredibly ineffective, like those parents, the White House correspond sinner, took place, I will say this spoiler Trevor. Not the first time I've ever seen him be funny even accidentally. So I want to give him credit where it's due. He did it again. He did go after both sides. Of course it's because he largely didn't write it right, but they kicked off. the dinner by playing a video montage, and there are some emissions which will get you in a second that recap previous White House, for those I don't know where they kind of roast the president and very friendly way. A previous White House correspondents. Dinners here is how the lead tonight. I know some talk about the coming this year and I admit the cross my mind George always says, is delighted to come to these press dinners.
Alone rate to be there at the Washington helped end is something a prostitute might say to Congress. Man is now the confirmation process is all about your in Washington, weeding out the truly qualified to get to the truly avail. one room we have members of the media, politicians, corporate executives, advertisers lobbyists, celebrities, everything that is wrong America is here in this room tonight. I just have two more words to say: Obama, One thing that there are very few moments in history that are more satisfying than watching back at one our spanish dinners when Seth Myers and Barack Obama were roasting, Donald Trump as a joke. Yes for losing his first,
as I said in the primary for Republicans, and he just sitting there to say ok the old memory chip, I think, it's the moment he decided to become President yeah, like dawn, I'm really going to go for it. Yeah it's like when nah Bruce Wayne saw his parents killed in the alley. Yeah yeah, I said Here's the funny thing is they show. All of that knows are pretty general, but they did omit one of the most legendary White House dinners ever and that would be, of course, nor Mcdonald. In the Clinton years, where you can see here. The audience did not react. The audience is largely press, so it's not. The american audiences people always wondered why norm wouldn't do well at some of these events and they be laughing at home, but because there audience, isn't your audience and he always had a. He always had a great sense for understanding people at home are who am to I'm performing. Here's him Clinton White House corresponds in ITALY was ninety seven, where the jokes fall flat, because they're far too true,
anyways the dinner was great, enjoy the dinner add some salmon was delicious, was great and I thought it refreshing to see. Democrats Sir something other than subpoenas for a change. I thought that was nice now Secret service the secret service. They have had to learn you now. How do to do this and they've been specially trained on how to lift and carry President Clinton by a top. Experts have been doing this for a long time. Boris Yeltsin secret service agents, they've yeah, step in to help yeah there's a rumour that last week a sir. I want to say is a certain gentlemen and ABC News. He went to a party and he got really drive. And he ended up having sex with his own wife. I don't know
not really. I don't care. Rumours gets done. Just rumor rumour. I love he's just enjoying the bomb proud, Ridges area s ears? You did a vote that the that's. What got em banned from the view so because he said that he was on there. I asked him about her when George W Bush, just when he said yeah, and I think it's good they're getting a you know a good man, though I am not getting murderers out of the White House like what all the murders on the White House. So I dunno are you sure, Bill Clinton. He killed okay yeah, so I thought you were supposed to You know that down on it year, yet joy bears that you can't just say that it's like I'm, not read anything that everyone knew this very pulls out a cell phone report in a cell phone. What are you doing at present?
you tell me the further be funny if I pull out- and I think tat in my phone here- just just showcasing the salute that that this this house of cards, that of the entertainment industry alright. So going back to this Saturday, though here's Biden, Trevor, Noah binds Ray Action, which is it there's no real winning with the reaction, but unfortunately, in this case by NASA laugh at the payments bring the american people, so it just comes off really poorly, but I do think Trevor Noah Data a better job than, for example, Stephen. Bear Michelle Michelle Wolf, which which means in her native tongue, not funny, also a quick note before people but there was home tonight, governor, Greg Abbott's is generously providing
free buses for the tell him Wendell table very classy, very classy, all the honest, I'll, be honest albums. If you didn't come, I totally would have understood because these people have been so hot and which I don't get you dont nothing. Ever since you ve come into office, things are really looking up gases up Inches of food is up everything. It really has been a tough first year for you, Mr President, surely you must be a little worried about twenty twenty for a lot of passion on the republican side? That really, is you know it's going to be an interesting time. Thank you so much for having me. This is fun. Please be careful leaving tonight. We all know this administration doesn't handle evacuations. Well, not everybody thinks that was funny. It was funny, oh by the way, speaking of evacuations. If we get evacuated from Youtube, you can tune in every Monday through Thursday, ten, a dot m eastern. You can
the free show on rumble, or you can watch of course, like the full hour. It's like an hour and a half to two two hours on a mug club letter of credit dot com. Slash, my clever cause Youtube, don't pay nothing. I think he did a pretty good job there. I agree yeah. I do I do agree. I think it's sad because Biden End Polo's here, like that, were they go a little the too happy at the parts were there not supposed to write and that's what he did. I think he just didn't know where he was yes, I think you're right. That was the moment. It's like yeah foods. Food prices are soaring If gas is soaring and he's like, I know right, I hate people that guys that we were really angry like put an ear piece in him and just tell him like touch your forehead. You know if he has like like a that and then people won't hate you the part is, though, even with the earpiece. It's like salute the Seattle. Let the rain is like salute. The Murray looks like he would just be saying. Laugh now
we ve tried that that's no way to work after a week. But here's what you said didn't say Simon says what who told you we will, Did Simon, say shit. My pants appear Simon said it and then you know have a hanging to say he wasn't January. Six, hang him out to dry. Also, I need to dry my pants to ten viagra last night. Nothing, nothing. Not a wiggle, fuck yeah, I dunno how that works. Is it like a bi, phasic effect? Where, if you take too much you you get sleepy? No, not at all. You take more. You get more sped up that mural hunters wide awake and his jar of Pez Alright, let's the ruthless the studio which actually has to our next storing she might be testifying today.
Amber Satan heard gorgeous woman looked, I mean I thought you having facetious. She is a beauty, physically, physically viewed as equally beautiful, yes, the inside is, I mean it's a test holiday yeah. Oh, it's no good to know. There's nothing good about no there's nothing good on the inside. I mean I've Shiloh vehicle ugliest woman on earth. Yes, exactly by the way they they had to reject that film show how yes, with its offensive to both fat people and Klinefelter. Yes,. So Johnny Depp sick. This is, she might testified today, and I think that an important story it does. It has highlighted the the abuse that men often endure, which often goes completely unreported and that's because men are often afraid. There are shaped to bring it forward and physical abuse isn't really as the greatest as the emotional mental abuse it we ve seen opposite with Amber heard. I think, regardless of the defamation suit, Johnny Depp has won because she's probably done career wise. No one want to touch her. He might be rehabilitated his because we know
sure that she physically abused him. We know for sure that she lie that she was cheating autumn, that she did give the money to charity that she's dishonest on every level. The only question is we know the giant episode, druggie we're, ok, fine, the only question now is: did he ever once retaliate physically and there's no evidence of that. Think of the standard that is applied to Amber heard and too Johnny, Depp and I'll has been most pissed off about this. When asked what is the women I've spoken to? because they all know a woman. Like this, every woman I spoke to that guy yeah. I would see that I would see that broad coming. A mile away, I've seen guys get torn up like this right well in it mean when he's started in film. He went out to Hollywood to be a Iraq star. Yes, basically met Nicholas Cage, one I would end a Wes Craven's daughter. Solomon was like oh he's hot, so we got nightmare on ELM Street, so he's always been a bit of a bad boy, so being a druggie weirdo wouldn't actually hurt his career. Don't know it's what made him his right back. That is a bit like that. I think this is actually the
revamped his career, if anything, already yeah. Just by seeing it because everything that he said is been proven, I mean he's right, he's right: yeah Yanez! His closing statements were were really pretty impactful, but to give an idea, as far as how far the abuse and Johnny Depp Security Guard, and I know some of this can be heresy, but there also are pictures. I dunno if they've done dna evidence on this, but that confirmed Amor herds. The event where she pooped in Johnny Depp's bed did you have any discussions with Misheard on the way to Kosovo. That evening we had a conversation pertaining to the surprise you that. In the boss's bed, try to leaving the apartment and when you refer to the surprise in the boss's bed, what are you referring to? The defecation I love. How he's been trying to be such a gentleman about it yeah? What? What? What is? What is that? Oh? No, oh, oh, my god. It's all
perhaps too, that's the data style haven't. Who did that seriously? Who did that? I haven't you hold on a second here: it's who did this, who take this are you serious look at this? This is mug faces, but this is Mug Shit This is industry, the club, that's grass, it's disgusting seriously. This is not poop, you know what I knew. We had a problem. You know what the problem is. This is the problem and covering Amber heard what the promise yeah you give her. The press, you create copycats, this is, we know we didn't find out. Who did this? We need to take care of it. Yes, this is discuss. You know what if it takes all week. So if you will find out we'll get to the bottom of this all week, unbelievable alright right Gerald be right. Yeah he's left
effected. He really doesn't. Sometimes I I I am jealous of his. You know sensory shortcomings. I actually think he drank his well. It makes sense at a certain point. It does ferment and you know liquors liquor, if they're over there, so it does thinker yeah it's cultured yeast? True, I'm just making some prison. Champagne, hey here's something else: yeah some toilet wine, the sauces, we're about to get to Austrian frequently not just those months attitude. Why didn't I just them over the Erika. I put it far announced to us. I don't want degree. I don't know one of you, yet I am keeping it just in case we have to do a dna yeah. I bet you Johnny Depp wished that he had kept it yeah. You know in twenty three and me that stuff, that's true yeah. He could have just comes back bitch so May day was yesterday and for those
you don't know in communist speak its internet general workers day, which is always fun I mean I love how there's no I want there to be, because it's always means like employees always always want there to be an international. You know small business owners day and they just fire everybody yeah, because act, business owners don't work like you only if you're in a union or on a factory line and so the holiday we thus have a surprisingly pagan roots but came to be associated with the Labour movement and Anti capitalism which, by them I dunno, if you know about this Helen Keller, wrote about Did you know that other Helen Keller thing is complete? Bullshit? Did you guys know this I know I'm going off on a it without general to try and keep us on track. Did you know the Helen Keller thing is complete horseshit judge chances of someone who can't hear or sea having two years of age today: learning how to its ear. It's never happened and Helen I was doing this right and it was abortion and Sullivan was insolvent. The lady she was with
Keller didn't sign. Helen Keller would do this to her hands you lagoon and then she would go on. She is saying that we must support the workers movement and destroy the capitalist system. You can read socially screeds and political endorsements from Helen Keller that just so happened to match her handle. who was a charlatan before that to the letter anyway, yeah basis What are burned her hand and she screamed- and she looks as everybody here- that nobody here that news. She said we need to. We need try Hoover for war crimes. Yes, oh yes! Yes, I do believe that we need more taxation of the wealthy yesterday the proletariat plight. Then she went through life feeling either pain or not yeah. That was if she can communicate the lies so anyway, just touch my hand about. anyway. So we have made a right now. My point is yeah. It's designed to try and create class warfare, and you would think it was
about workers' rights. If it was just about representing people who are out there working hard working nine to five, you know like Alice, Cooper's you and me one of the greatest love ballads of all time without a working man. Instead, they continued the pattern as they have I look for the last several years of destroying and burning down their own cities. Here you go happy May day that was two thousand twenty one. They are hard at work. It's a good day. The bike, store the and now this is twenty. Twenty two there's: Paris, wow beautiful Paris for science. Anyone that's a different reta to a sequel the. What
awful awful world yeah. I do love seeing that panic there. geez and then you scream how you didn't do anything. We just burn down Paris. Why are you running at me right not going to burn down a church? What does that, Greta Thunberg. Try is she being intercepted by the aliens from signs gurgling, while doing it. Yeah, in a ventriloquist routine. Yes, watch me die, I'm gargling Listerine. How do I do it? She turned eighteen, so her parents are drowning. Her we have no use for you. We can't put you in any more child. Drag shows that you're old hat you're past your prime kid you're a drying up right. So, let's go to hear Australia horrible place.
I'm sorry. We have a lot of people who follow from Australia POGO one of the best musicians around australian end. I love No, what? When you start a country as a penal colony, four murders and rapists? I guess it doesn't surprise me that you end up with what we have now, but I was hoping for better so Campaign in this is about free, but you ve heard me say this before free speech doesn't exist outside the United States and people push back. So does it exists in cup? in the way that it exists here in the United States, it's always curtailed by what, while I hate speech or offensive speech and we've, given you we've, given you some examples last week, you can see all the references at later with credit dot com, and I want to get to not just the danger of eliminating freedom of speech for individuals. Right. We've talked about that with ourselves, for example, on Youtube on twitter the way, I think we think a game's hundred and eighty thousand followers in a couple days on twitter. Just with that that little of, hitting the oh shit button, removing a shadow banning and we know it's far worse on Youtube, so it does affect us. We also did some number crunching on power.
Decisions and how it would have affected elections course the most free and fair. and of all time, but even then no one can deny that if you look at the numbers that, if twitter and Facebook and Youtube had not, for example, banned the hunter buying, do I let alone shadow band conservatives from reaching their own followers. Of course, even under the most in fair conditions, ever the election, we have gone yet away every single other swing state. We know that statistically irrefutable fact. So, let's stop worrying. About russian bots purchasing three thousand dollars worth of. I don't know Tommy John ads on Facebook and Let's talk about how this actually impacts you and more importantly, we just talked about the child to Drago or whatever. The name of the show is child, drag dragnet and drag kids yeah Trek, oh He's your camera, just got moved budget was just a day, seems right out of focus at our Louis just decided to hit Dave's camera Joe you're right, in our in Australia here XIX, please take drag heads off. Yes, don't talk about it anymore. We ve ruined
herbs, she's still she's, stealing my thunder, but pooping. That's that's cause. I do have your mug of poop. Are you going to finish their can fit? It can move that peanut. I don't want. A pizza got the epipen, so while campaigning on Saturday Queensland Senator someone who's trying to send an analog, you'd, say hopeful, Elect guy running for Senate name is drew Pavlov tell a sign that said in part my language. We have kids here. I would recommend that they leave because we have to play these clips, not only because I want you to hear what they say but it's also hilarious, to hear chinese people cuss in English, and you probably have to get your kids to a drag show to be late. Come on quick, quick, come on, there's got to be utterly yeah. So, while campaigning Senate Hopeful drew pollute here a sign that said fuck in pay and use
probably berated and then assaulted by now that this is bad enough, but the fallout is worse assaulted by passers. By for his troubles you, madam. The just pulled out. Mask watch them runaway like a girl, yeah yeah, one move, you win the fight. Break the bands
What this last guy says for a nonviolent peace with my hand about you, because you said no, whereas These may I type way now I want to know something. First, I did you hear what I said. You are violence because you are inciting now. This is the into his arm. For example, this even goes back to Johnny Depp and Amber heard. Really talk about abuse, talk about violence, okay, it used to be once upon a time that violence was violence. Then it became words are violence. Then it became silence is violence. Then it became jokes data picket Psmith, her aloe Pisa, is violence and warns us. So this is now whatever they dont like is considered violence, whereas we just counted three or four people there who committed actual violence by the way: violence,
in the name of a dictator. Choosing thing whose committed genocide radegund, I don't worry the oppression and fix it. we stand right now with Muslims. I guess, if the chinese Muslims, it doesn't really matter because Disney has a new drag show to show. So I'm not sure maybe another series of ten Adam Sandler films on Netflix, maybe no idea, but you would think here that those people would have been jailed, but no we'll get to that in a second, so Pavlo up, he described these people as Chinese. Nationalist, that's how we described, and now we are going with limited information right now. So something comes out. The changes I'm gone by what we have this guy, who was just so but he rose to prominence after he was assaulted for calling out human rights. But this is what he's done: human rights violations and specifically from the chinese communist regime and
as well as chinese influence in Australia, which we've talked about here in the United States media. But this is how this guy came to be popular. I sort of fell into this because I organize one protest to support Hong Kong and the weakest, and I was assaulted on campus by chinese nationalists and hundreds of chinese nationals sort of descended upon us after that happened the chinese consul general in Brisbane, who has also made a professor at my university. They have very close ties with the chinese government and he endorsed the violence saying it was patriotic. My family received all these death threats and I kept on sort of protesting poorly variously IDA versus he had the university of Quaint Simum and now the relationship with China with three hundred million dollars a year They are actually tried to expel me so that became this huge sort of off.
I didn't know saga in Australia and I'm still here, you know or treat almost two and a half years since the first punch, where I got punched still kicking and now we're running for parliament. So a couple of things here: don't you also find it funny that he didn't see the left at the time about how this guy is a racist and how these are the same people who were starting campaigns against like gap for sweatshops, of course, but when actual communist chinese government is commit genocide and is abusing their own people. They did. We prepared unseen, has come out in a powder of course, and by the way, the house on the world scene. I will be as usual oceans. I saw deluging jaw woods or hung to Cypher hundred wanted to apologize for acknowledging Taiwan's right for again admitting it was all place. Your eager for
I saw your link about a creepy. This video, as when you really think about it, and to the judge and jury and gear, was hundreds, She informed me this is a Hollywood. Celebrities saying and country doesn't exist. Information war with the at school will beach with Russians. I just uh hon hon hon. No, no please, I'm going to be doing is please go. Come join NATO, yet the chinese people about you hated. And these people, because you're being the government that a precedent. The governmental jails of if they have the Bible, Beiju Oji, and you have enough money to say no, and you're still choosing that's a good point, a boy s. It's great that you see sick kids in the hospital and that kind of thing it's great John Cena. But this is wrong and you know it you're also stopped dealing steroids to kids in the hospital. It doesn't help them percent, Jude kids don't need manual on fast,
nine is not worth your soul. anything, with nine on the end, but also crushes the soul of anyone who watches it. So you would expect that. his nationalists, which So is another example of Hake. Just like I said, money is a moral firearm are a moral you can use money to buy drugs or You can use money to help people in need right. You can use a gun to rape, someone at point or you can use a gun to kill the rapists trying to rape somebody at gunpoint, the same thing with patriotism. Patriotism is a more dependent took to what it is. Your patriarch patriotism, so certainly the idea of the United States, the idea of life Liberty pursued, have happened, justice for all in the country that fought one of the bloodiest wars of all time to end slavery. That still goes on in Africa and the Middle EAST. That's great pages, It has a meaning allegiance to a government that kills minorities and silence is at citizens and forcefully a boy,
young girls, that's bad patriotism is that in itself is not that nationalism in and of itself not that it's too, which nation are you pledging allegiance? So you would think that each chinese nationalists, who you know you saw Kara believe your lying eyes who committed assault they would be facing charges turns out according to a blue again what we have right now. I have no reason to believe that is being dishonest, that it's actually him facing the criminal charges. From the police there in New South Wales heat. This is what he treated New South Wales. Police. Just call detail. Holding up a sign saying, in paying in Sydney they won't tell me what the if charges in they won't tell me whether the men who physically assaulted me are being charged, and this is par for the course? Of course, without you know, commonwealth countries that include fries, but let me give some other examples
of places like this solely Buehler was an australian whose rested for posting about an anti lockdown protest on Facebook arrested. You still believe that it just about a private business. We ve talked about the Ministry of they people say: Facebook Twitter, they can do whatever they want. What about when they appease governments will rest their people for writing things in the digital town square? Is it no longer for diminishing Where's liability that little have liability because were given them section. Two thirty protections: do you see what a tie the ball of its it's like the Christmas lights. When you pull them out from that for the winter we ve got untie this government in an unholy alliance, with big tech UK questionable
Danquah was convicted of a hate crime for teaching his pug to Nazi salute, which is still hysterical in New Zealand, the Freedom convoy protesters they were arrested for protesting covered restrictions that I taught Joe Louis to goose, step. Yeah, it's fine, okay. He doesn't naturally oh good yeah his debts when he's dragging his ass across the carpet. He didn't have to put the you, didn't, have to put the swastika armband on him now. Well, I had already had it yeah. I know he's a custom made already ignore them. It just took it off mine. My other dogs, the United States, is the only place with freedom of speech and when I try and tell you this lot of people Let's say this is fear mongering now you can look to any other country can look to my home country of Canada. Writer good friend, MIKE Ward, was put before human Rights Tribunal for a joke. Forty grand talk about the truckers who had their accounts frozen accounts frozen who, by the way,
Was it paper? What was the able to go fund may pay? I don't ever was go for me. Pay pal with us, we run into pay pal shop. If I decided to freeze their funds because of their political persuasion, are you still think or just a private business they can do it what what about when they're, taking marching orders from the government in doing so selectively? Are these laws being applied equally, so want you to know when you're, when you're watching out there, after is costly, trying to gaslight you and you're, just trying to cry victim people's lives. If they're being arrested they being criminally criminally charged in other countries outside the United States, simply for speaking an opinion that the government has deemed to be unpopular and that's what the law Want here in the United States, they don't have it yet the so we have. These ran random mom, these random checks. sneeze graphs that right the United States, below places like Australia, on freedom of speech they're full of shit just like when they Cuba by the United States in health care. This is the problem of globalism.
They don't apply the same standard. You really think that that Australia, that Canada are more freedom, the United States. Can I interest you in a timeshare and the Ministry of Truth, and here in the United States, I forget the actual name, because we should just call it Ministry of truth. That's a scary is anything that has taken place in my lifetime. That is a line in the sand. Yeah, that's a line in the sand. I think it should be for everybody, especially when you see what's happening in Australia and New Zealand and Canada and the UK. So what what what's basically happening, though, is: let's put this in context: the police in Australia, the police, they're running they're, running defense, if a foreign regime, a communist regime, in a way that is antithetical to what we believe here in in the west and here's the thing you have police running defense for that regime, but You also have media the entered payment industry running defense for that,
if you have Disney, you have Marvel right, Universalis, fast and furious nine. We had that John Cena Clip that we just showed you these entities that exist and you're talking about five companies really that run all of media and about five companies that run all of big tech have a vested interest in securing. The the political future of those in power in China right now. This is not a conspiracy. But what happened with Cove it for granted? when the chinese ambassador is accused. The United States military of creating common and that didn't get removed. You're concerned about Elon Musk posting his opinions on Wellbutrin, right after It is astonishing to me the also you after two years of luck. downs Howard is like. Ok, that's over yet no one's bothered you ve gotta be yeah. I a lot of people are about, they think they're, afraid nobody can do anything. That's your right that just shows the Freedom of America versus everywhere else and again the quest
it's not. What has left been able to do. The question is: what would they do if they had so so look what they do. It complete unfettered power when AMC was actually tweeted. Can we find this actually, so I can bring it back up later, Eo C tweeted to a gosh. I think it was I dunno. If it was Elon, musk or someone she said. You know the example of the the right she said show me something this extreme on the law. That's been implemented on the left legislatively. exactly what it was, but it was a tweet, and I I tweeted her about the psycho. Ok, extreme how about how about abortion up until and including birth period taxpayer funded. I would say, that's extreme how about your five page bill that takes over a fifth of the United States economy, the green new deal just because it was blocked by people with that the rationale can't of their brain? That hasn't been damage doesn't mean that you didn't want it. That's what scary? What's when you look to debate or work pointing to Australia is a good example for gun control. That's a ban. When you look at people
Pointing to Trudeau pointing to the UK is good examples of what we need to be doing here in the United States regarding social media that mean that social media will help report people thousand opinions against the government and they can be stood by the way, the ministry of to treat its under the Department of Homeland Security, which means they have enforcement arm means they can arrest you It's not just like a White House, TAT, Gov petition they want this happening here and think about this. Guy is running for office in Australia and part of his body from a speaking out against foreign influence in their country, forums, ones. In their elections and if you bring a collage of course, we have foreign influence our elections as far as our own former vice president has vested interest in chinese money is well. If you speak out, Hence there well yet has tons of proof of it on the laptop right, and if you speak out against it, you might have a bureau of the government with the ability to enforce it through a rat.
Work hand in hand with social media to get rid of you and they said that's what they want. They've been open about it. I don't have an equivalent to show you what gents access, as we want to see more of this when job, and says we want to remove more misinformation when people want to they're freaking out about Elon Musk right now on twitter, we'll get to that in a second. What about this? what about ism? Just can you talk? about this at all. You are a o c parks in a handicap spot, so she can run into whole foods and get a coconut to eat. Like an apple with her stupid horse, teeth, yes drinking it through a cardboard straw, is that ANSI tweet by the way, which did the extremely just taking over. Where could summon tweeted out the extreme left is taking over. The liberal party should wear in Texas Republicans allow rapists to suit their victims for getting an abortion. No, they didn't. Can anyone in the far left policy that extreme that actually implemented anywhere? We can't even We party to import cheaper, our exes from Canada, F, o h, she wrote. What is it? What does that mean? Effort which fall? I don't know
you want some vietnamese soup and is not a spout. There should be a good. This courtroom tv show that comes on right after drag, kids, yeah yeah, exactly I think aboard, up until and including birth, which Governor Ralph Virginia, what I see as proposes as extreme stressing where it's been implemented, because it left sucks at implementing a lot of these things. How about the laws that you want to propose of children being allowed to be on puberty blockers. I think that that's pretty extreme, it means F, outta, here, F, outta, here, F, o h, yeah shouldn't be in caps. Well, that's distinguished of APOLLO Yes, exactly, I don't know what bartender. I think she I think she meant to write like like l, o l or do, but she couldn't she isn't at a depth perception yeah she's, a ha. What do I? What am I type I'm doing my best? I don't understand my Yes go everywhere, but straight off saying. Is that, and I do not think this guy juries political stances, I do support
east his stance in saying fuck, she's young king is right. Donald Trump, don't trust China. China is how Rachel Louis, that's enough, hey! You know what someone congratulates you might have to go to the matter to us on a dragnet magnet Child drag him. Whenever it comes to me. I can't help us. Miami drag drag just. can we drag so now have on two are terrible. What happening here in the United States, by the way smash that like button as you're, watching many congratulations to G Morgan in the comments section there: yes, barbarism! Let's get to how the media here, because you thank God, we have checks and balances really knives. Its government can't do exactly what they're doing and Australia. So who's doing the hatchet work. Well, that's the media. That's legacy!
just like when seen and when after us and again they use a non profit, they legitimize it through media outlets than social media gives it the right of way to turn it into a trend. Have told you that same those three steps every time, that's how they try to cancel somebody, well right now what they're doing with Elon Musk is. First off I mean there's a lot of do but they're they're, using this ready fallacy. So here's what time magazine this, how lazy legacy me you deserve to die time magazine I mean you deserve to die as a publication figure debate. It's a lie: man of the God. You're Hitler was, but you musk, I believe, was time's man of the year last year. If I'm not mistaken, oh and now, they're now is the deaf yeah, because last year they were saying, buy his cars. Oh oh, the electric car things good, but him owning a platform, bad correct, because Texas Rights. Here's what they were writing about in time magazine? They were writing that Elon Musk could have solved so many problems. Instead of buying twitter, they said Elon Musk could have solved America's homeless problem. He could have solved world hunger, he could have educator.
Every child in nearly fifty countries like it before we get to. Why that's not correct. This is what we call the Red Herring fallacy, its illogical thousand. Let me read you the definition of that it's diverting attention from the real issue by focusing, instead on an issue having only a surface relevance to the first, so Elon Musk is purchasing twitter right knee he visited this deal is very likely going through, of course, and people are happy about it. He said that he will follow the law and he won't go beyond the law in censoring speech that is having the left freaking out. Why? Because they just know, there's going to be an even playing field. There have been complaining about conservatives being favoured they're, just complaining about conservatives or right, leaning, people being allowed on the planet So instead they try to say you know what a wife you you're doing this with his money first off, it's not your business. It's irrelevant
What's his money and also why, if you want to be concerned about what he does with his money, why don't you be concerned about what happens with your money? That's a good point and I'm going to bring that up in a second, because I have some wealthy people there who own the media conglomerates that are just in time magazine. So these are lofty goals, and this is another problem with the left as they believe that oh there's x, amount of money future x amount of money in a problem it it just it fixes it. For example, if you just, if a child- and you just spend as much money as humanly possible, to send them to schooling for Draghi is not yet or or drag school site Clancharlie to strike out there. So there's more make up here. It's a dual clown drag out. Yes, that make up the same silly shoes, so they they believe you throw money at it. It'll fix the problem and therefore it's alright. to say that Elon musk should use that money. Okay, here's the thing if you actually. Confiscate all the wealth from billionaires here in the United States, all of it all of it. It wouldn't fund, the United States federal government for one year in twenty two
The combined wealth of seven forty five billion years was about five trillion dollars. A federal budget was about six eight two trillion dollars. That's even the american rescue plan, which I don't? I forgot, how many trillions wind ended up with, If you confiscated all the wealth, you could fund the government for approximately two hundred and sixty three days, How is that money going to educate every child across all fifty states? It's going to be hard. the forty three billion. That's not even I mean that wouldn't even show up as a percentage. We could teach most of them the alphabet yeah. We can still have court, be a for all whites are racist, be for black lives matter, see for a o caesar yeah, whether their solution, the four decks, are a figment of your imagination, yet even seal on that much money, and put it in a random. Now self restraint. Yes, yes, give. You must monitor the government that will solve the problem and it's funny how no one time against this is what they do. They got you I'm just going Twitter. Let's focus on what he said.
Do instead of that again, none of your best But it's funny how no one a time is making that same argument about the magazines owner a guy's mark vainly off here worth seven point: eight billion dollars, but still gets his haircut at sports clips. That's a guy who looks like he enjoys his money too much they use it. You just fell asleep on a yard currently drunk. Can you know three billion. in business. You do what you want, but three billion, how about how about four billion? How much can you part with to stop world hunger? One million is a million miles. One hundred pay you at home have writers that take took time magazine. Are people who work at big tech mostly make six figure incomes? Do you really six export income. If all of you pulled together, could you have hundreds of millions of dollars right now that you could put it to the institution of interest? What? What's that what's the number cross over where you get to determine that someone else should give their money and how much money is that this is in. By the way do you have?
metrics. Do you have the data to show us exactly how Elon Whatever is at forty two billion forty three billion somewhere between forty and forty five billion for Twitter? Do you have the metrics that was exactly how that would quote solve world hunger. It's only forty three billion someone get bono on the phone. I know well that guy does have lay. He is fed a lot of the children of jamaican institutes yet so I'm just sad, he cannot confirm. Nor deny that fact. You know we can't confirm or deny I mean we're, not Snopes, no, not at all. It's a maybe This is why they do it. Probably it's the Red Herring fallacy and I want to focus on those more as we go forward, logical fallacy that are often presented a special mention who changed my mind? I want you to be prepared for these, because you should be bought these in college, but they actually don't teach you this in college because they don't want. You to recognize what the professors are actually doing. Is you know, Elon Musk could put everybody through college in America instead of buying twitter yeah, he could. He could have done that. He could have done that
yeah and and then thank God. He didn't yeah, I'm just telling you so everyone should know that they're useless. I learned that in college yep yep, no, I know I know I learned stuff in college too. That's entirely wrong, yeah so the reason that they do. This is because what it really is about- and they don't want to tell you this- is they just want to control speech online, as you see in Australia in the UK in Canada, where you can be jailed for things that you say online and they don't like that? Elon musk is moved the ball in the other direction. Just listen to CNN contributor, David Raw Rick say this. He said this yesterday. I think the bigger problem that, when we focus on the personalities of people like Elon, musk and people, say, oh, I think elance thinking this or that there's a bigger problem here about how we are going to control the channels of communication in this country in nineteen? Twenty seven, we had the radio at nineteen, thirty, four, the communications act.
Congress stepped in. We may rules, FCC wasn't great, but it's still regulating the broadcast, for you use walls or language. You can't do all these things would speech. This is dangerous. We can't thinking. I wish you had hairs when you don't worry about not uncertain, as we have done enough people, I'm the guy. You can kill me her relations that can make it work. I think we can look to the western countries in Europe for how they try you need. You need controls on this. You need regulation. You cannot let these guys controlled discourse in this country or we are headed. The hell. Are you Tom? Jeff basis are diamonds. we just get it on my mark, Zuckerberg choosing bike. Troll, also you're saying freedom. He sang a year. I allow them to allow freedom, that's what you're saying exactly what you say and we in in case you were wondering what is he really saying that we should have less freedom? Then he says: let's look to the countries like you have in Western Europe where they have
freedom where people can be jailed for what they say again. What would happen in this country if the left had what they wanted completely unfettered? Keep in mind. This is the same liberal media who would have had you believe that Malcolm Nance out there and whatever his war fighting cosplay case. Can you remember this with the context? You never went out into war, but he wanted so it's hilarious. Now, when you watch it, when you first watched it, you thought he was brave now Europe Is it the Fisher price got weekly it out in front of the Ukraine Joy Reid! Here you go. You know The more I saw of the work on all the more I thought I'm done talking right, it's time to take action, beer. So about a month ago I joined the international pact. Legion is appearing in the Kremlin, Chin Strand. I am here to help this country fight What a centrally is now with a model of of its of ex extermination yet now,
ass. I can wait. Wait. No. Eight wake, never include jammer pansy out here and in the Bush I made an ear necklace. Did you wait? Did you think he was a soldier that he kind of implied that? Well I mean he? No, he meant he was a CNN contributor. You meant he was. He was the news contributor MSNBC contributor? Well, you Where would you want to know exactly? Just because you're jus dressed Upload slide, doesn't mean that you're easy now, of course, not is measured dressed like a soul. You're holding a gun doesn't mean that you're in the military. Now exactly so the shame on you, shame on you for making if you're, making a leap, a logical leap that you see him saying is in the front lines of Ukraine and that it was time to stop talking was time to start acting and he's standing there with his gun in his em. You made a leap. Shame on you for thinking that he also. He said that he was out there in the front line. So shame on you for thinking that he was actually doing that because then, in an interview with the guardian, Nance said that he was so important. They had to keep him safe
so I said no matter where, no matter what I'm doing, I'm constantly checking my gear. If I'm in us if house during a press junket like I am now I go over all my gear right now. Part of my duty is to the press and by that he meant all of his duty. They were well aware that I was a high level asset, so instead, putting me out in the line? safe house talking to people like you hold on a second or second? Can we play that clip again, I'm in a safe house talking to people like you, but you just set the time for talking was over. Let's start playing it again. You know the more I saw them nor the more I thought on the dawn talking are, I think, it's time to take us quell amateur, If I was talking to people like you, let's rewind, that clip as though in the courtroom, I'm in a safe house talking to people like you. Instead of being on the front lines, let's play the clap again, the more I saw of the work on all the more I thought I'm done talking. Ok, look it's eyes you can just get rid of It's a shame on you for thinking that he was done In fact, quote.
If I was talking to people like you, what did you I he was doing what he told you why the way, what what was going on in upstate New York at the time? Where is he standing? Well, you know the the jets and the sharks have moved to Albany FUCK, I'm in the woods behind my house. Ah, so this and we're going to play what the flag on Mug club here and just to just a few minutes, because there's no way we could play it on Youtube in the Ministry of truth. We get to us, but the same media right now. It's time was trying to say wise and you I must go in this way. and Elon Musk are solving world hunger. This is the same media who says when control, what happens online and we need to make sure that misinformation is removed and we need make sure that we look to countries like Western Europe or we look to countries like they actually pointed to Austria. Where people are being arrested or places like Canada where people are being arrested and protests are being shut down and accounts are being frozen, and that's what the media is absolutely begging for here, while simultaneously as you just
All references available lot of Canada lying about everything. and huge one. You know someone's a compulsive lighter and I ll leave you with this What's that guy's name again, commands, is a compulsive liar. Let me Kid, who I knew in high school we have also lie, is their proof that he's a liar. Yeah, we just want what you just said and he said the opposite: all but I do know which one is the lot, though the military thing right. Ok, basically, anything it's impressive is probably lie the right, so I you a compulsive liar in high school, and he would A veil lies to you that we're not required from the court. Why is you weren't? You didn't ask him something like catch them on the spot. Like does this dress make me looks like everyone lies, sometimes like no yeah. That just makes you look great in the world. Would wreck the world art world would burn, but when someone lies. for no reason, then there's no gain other than the game. They falsely
create to the line other words Nance their Kay, It was a reporter at a shitty network, okay, so We all assumed he was doing shitty reporting for a shitty network, shity networking double do exactly. None of us would have cared if he just I'm here in Ukraine doing a job. What nance does we don't care? None of US wouldn't have been a story. It's only He decides. I know what will get them Oh, why and go out in full battle regalia and tell them that the time for talk is over and that I'm going to the front lines while I'm not there is really no reason to create that lie other than for self aggrandize. But now here's the thing, that's one reporter and that's funny, but when you take into account that that most reporters, not only Brian comes not only Dan rather, but the people who work in the reporting rooms the same people who want to lie when there are story like four eggs. but a lie that they just made up about Donald Trump and russian prostitutes? When you take into account the totality of people like Man's
you realize you do have a media that is run by compulsive liars, The government is saying hey. We need to look to them to be our consultants. We need to look to them to be the advisers on this. Istria of by the way. What's our stated goal to be more like where there's less freedom this is your line in the sand. I think we're better than Europe. That's why we left and right now we're going to leave you to pit the like button. You can leave a comment. We're gonna go to play what the fuck on my club, which is about new gender flags. It's it's grossly affair. for the Youtube audience at, namely because it involves a mime which There's a special place in hell for those people who really is piss off
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