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2019-09-23 | 🔗
Steven Crowder fires back after the Young Turks come alongside the Media-Entertainment Industrial Complex to silence comedians.

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Even just tells us horrible joke he's a garbage person. They don't even use the list any of the evidence or all the claimed here, and I think we have to do that because I'm a community, You wouldn't want anyone else, the standard rate, but you really because you just so when they take the only joke that we ve ever done, where the entire set up was a word for word, reciting of her testimony and all the evidence, the question of the day before we go to live by so here's my question, honest opinion here: why is it that you think progressives gets sewing
free whenever anyone have any notoriety. Sir challenges, even this, I don't know. I don't like that question now. Here's the questioner at what point do you think someone should be cut out of a conversation, because you are so that they are not even going to discuss this with this person, because there are bad faith that we hear that quite a bit, and there is a certain point for me: it's it. Is this person beyond any level of proof that great possibly convinced them change their mind, or at least cause them to relent too, to relinquish or think about point? What do you think of what point to someone not monsieur observers spot at the table and is that, for example, the person who s there now is that takes your help or yours truly, so here's the context really quickly before we move on to everything wrong with these arguments, but this is what I'm specifically responding to at the young Turks, because my my name was on their lips, wears a joke and as one of the servants do they like like people, you know, I don't know what you're saying: let them that's, not a joke. I suppose I mean it's a crowded. Does this all the time?
people tat were right, that's not a job! I am totally agree with you that any point any point ever in the history of this programme rebel groups show me
evidence of my comedy being anywhere near as lazy as the journalism found over there for young Turks that my challenge to you and I will again I'd love to have a conversation with Jake, because you called me out your debate every single twitter egg, but if you call me a little, there should be some recourse. This is them in a clip supporting the young Turks in a lot of people left supporting the idea of cancel culture and really irks me, because the eighties are people who never set foot in the arena, and these are people who they present these these disingenuous arguments or maybe they're just wrong. I also want to say, disingenuous and another intend as to why cancel culture is not really a pervasive problem, but it's really your fault that people are outrage. Let's go to the cliff to his explanation. Look is comic. Your hope thing is red the room right and that's your job. What is your room? Find funding through,
doesnt. Finally, funny yelling at them doesn't make it funnier as social pelles. Last stand. It was terrible thank first of all thank innocent. It does it make if, when you some kind of naked funnier and here's something else too, that I think is important. They try to create this sort of illusion of its just about consequences, reactions that cancel culture, because the first moments only about government, so they try to say this is just consequences for you. Actually, it's the market speaking rather than a second, its disingenuous or at least incorrect, because ninety percent of people like Dave Chapels, special, it's the critics one. We have a problem with a thirty five and you see the same thing which aims at tearing down the house. What ailed see people didn't like it? The critics are the ones who, like this not something where the audience or the market has spoken. Cnbc Renta headlined chapels, Netflix, specials, offending critics, but viewers, don't care is not one. The viewers are not agree with its off. This is
I think you know they try to see this as an open. This is an open market is actually not an open market. Let's not act as though this is a voluntary sale of goods and services, because a lot of times conservancy, while I don't wanna, be boycott it, listen if people boycott you, that's one thing that being said right here. We are talking about places like the young Turks and their beating, we'll get you in a second where they are the ones that are not act like it's more comparable to Wall Street speculators. Trying to manipulate the market. Is there more comparable to the hedge fund, the leaders to they claim to hate because they are so out of touch with the american viewer? They want to have control its. Let's look at that for a second, they run what ninety eight percent of media.
We see in Mississippi seen in Google Twitter Facebook, that's it that's pretty much. How would you say if I'm not exerting ninety ninety five percent scattering of all honey formation being delivered here across the United States, and they want to use their Bali pulpit to force everyone to think the same way they do occasion point days, chapels, listen, nobody was ever get. Nobody was cancelling their Netflix subscriptions for four days. Chapelle dish upholds not harmed one iota this channel. every negatively Nyc couldn't care less if their ads we're running randomly through Google adsense power changed my mind. Its people, like the young Turks, its people, like the catholic reference to the world, its people with a social justice left who want to get us band and removed because the market has spoken and people enjoy this content. That's what I think, they're the ones pushing on funding material, the marginal somewhat Hannah Gatsby another. There was a hundred percent. We have honoured percent. Do we have twenty five percent from the recent citys?
I don't think that's a hundred now, but this chick doesn't that's the whole thing that they set as the data held got up there and they said this is not funny getting up. There special was terrible weather this as it was ever halls were empty the market we speak instead, bearded man to let their numbers, the young Turks who don't want to stop people if they want to be like that, that does the crossing guarded, what what is it? What do they call us there? The whole minors not engage about. How am I don't know much about right? No one cares and personal is nothing that he said was really offensive radios making jokes about this, but they said he got up there and put the victim parties. The war was me act, and, unlike did you see the unfunded special that lady did in Australia? We know that what is me the entire time morning I want to get too like my ear, to call out of the internet to call out really worth a returning call. Don't start in a young trophy, not return young call to the young Turks you're, a recurring line called returning to the interim step that that's incredible farmer, races,
joke, so we will make sure that dominant knowledge that its market forces that's important, something else. This is the young Turks beating here they are trying to coach you on what comedians professional can we should do or really entertainers or anyone lecturing Gillis. You ve gone out there and actually put the next in line. How, should deal with council culture to appease them, I don't mind, and people are willing to accept that, but these again back and nineteen, eighty seven one us and those horrible things while gave folks, I totally miss the ball, and I apologize and I've learned from it and I've done this. Does this and that to undo what I did? We talked about something earlier. You go through levels of things to do things the wrong way: go to that same on effort to do things the right way you ve got you ve done. It is obvious that a certain level of things do other such things and items of that nature. One. I don't know what I'm going to. Let you know that as long as you follow this step by step guide will allow you to
thank you to my earlier here's one thing: let me tell you guys: don't ever apologize for the leftist mob now only apologise if you believe you ve done something wrong. Let me tell you this. I genuinely believe that if we apologise, we ve we tried to appease the fox. like that com that gives motive lever was NBC Universal, like it's hard to keep track and others a lot, we won't be gone. We would be on here's something important to know if you dont think you're wrong. If it's not so you want to correct something that maybe you so that isn't reflection of what you believe. Of course you apologize corrected but apologizing, just because someone says, if you do that in these other things will forgive you. The left doesn't believe forgiveness today. Let me explain to you why it stems from Marxism, both economic and cultural, and I know there are a lot of atheists libertarians out there, but stay with me for a second. It is a distinctly feast worldview, current, progressive ism and forgiveness is not a virtue. Forgiveness mercy is really only seen as a virtue in modern Christian, and this is something a lot of your. Don't look. So what about the floor? I don't find spaghetti monster determination. Shoot anybody or a second
Not all societies were against murder, though most were sought, is back right, even fewer societies, but more saw theft as wrong, but not all of them. That being said, mercy forgiveness up until really modern Christian and we're not seen as virtues strength, power, respect instilling fear were seen as more valuable than forgiveness or mercy this support? This is why you don't apologize to people who do not believe in forgiveness. Let's compared to the right bilbil. Remember his last special fond of Christians. Quite a bit number. You said I was a little rough. I didn't necessarily make it all the way through to show how Dave Chapelle Rail, against tromp dipshit pele, I think we're not mistaken, appeared at a rally, maybe or alluding to pushing some kind of gun control. The didn't say they should never work again. The right is now seeing their new specials billboard if Chapelle they ve completely forgiven them for any transgressions. Like telling offensive jokes, because we know that many can just turn it off, they move on the left doesn't move under a few reasons as to why this
The reason they want people removed entirely from these platforms from their culture? Before actually finish this notifications, please, at the notification, validation scraps of Britain's don't mean a whole lot muslim lot of Canada complex. My club join up. You get full access to the daily shown, really just bookmark this page every single day, and how did it do not you're not gonna, find us an assurance even alias, attract the reason they do this. The reason they want people remove from platforms is so that they can so that they can present the narrative, including the arguments of their opponents, in the way they want you to perceive it. As you see here, where's the joke and that's what all the servants do. They like, like people, now No, I don't know what you're saying what Tito's who likes them? That's not a joke. I accept is not a job we marry for every day. People tat were right. That's not a job! Ok, again, challenge one! If we ever done this chink in, please send me any example of me
saying, casement. Let me go through it, come these joke from Latin, and this is what they try to do that: try to separate the front, what hurt their feelings from the actual jokes last week alone, Thursday, when we did a smothered team spirit, shot for shot pair a joke. What had Gatsby, winning the Emmys Eleanor banging her brother, Joe Biden, quadruple? U dot s population with his gap, Andrew Yang, being attacked by box, would have been about priests, bombing cities with holy water. The Canadian can't decide if you can transgender men on their page. Regarding cervical cancer, a quarter black Garrett did a bit with India's farting contest and had women getting surgery to combat record his face gay rights its nowhere to be found not only archives. You may not like any those other jokes, but that is not what we did and by this is so. This is why they want people like us removed because they can say all they say is good, but we dont check your their number so that this is also about why we show these. Could please go watch the entire area. I know it's tough. I know it's tough, but sometimes at the Piedmont relating to want to shaded Anna, or do I want to watch the b team reiterated
I'm gonna have said are sometimes it seems like a pallet Windsor, it's like limes or bay, only its poisonous lime sore better we're look. If even if we do the dislike, do some jokes on one of these groups right. We do it on every group equally and we're not saying that we dislike equal people. I dont think that we ve ever come in here and said we don't like gay people. Are we don't like transgender people? We dont like putting forward ideologies that aren't good for society and that's what we're really pushing back against if they were pushing it so hard, we will have to buy the way the reason that they have but this is that nobody on the left does any quality against the left. That's why this is so unique, always on the right we get hit every single time. That's why bill bursting was Alura for me, because I hear it from everywhere. If I didn't from everywhere? It would ve been funny. You know well that this is the first time chinks that change the authority and all things Suppose it really really. This is
The challenge you find that any example of what it is their say- and this is what they want- is gone, so they can say what we say: good example: they even did this with the Christine Blasi forgery Where the jail figures show, the punchline ruddy authorities are still lying to the possibly the Christine Ford is a lying here. That's the joke. The young Turks, said, Zadok aims and you know- and you think Stephen just tells us horrible joke- he's a garbage person, they don't even use, they re list any of the evidence or all the claimed here, and I think that we have to do that because I'm median you only with anyone else to the standard rate, but you ve got wily because you just so happened to take the only that we ve ever done where the entire set up was a word for word, reciting of her testimony and all the evidence we listing the evidence and then, of course, the authorities are still allowing for the possibility could be lying war. That was a joke. You have to light the joke right, but you expect
thirty seconds neither direction, and then people get the context. So this is what bothers me. I understand that not everyone is obligated debate everyone else. I get that. Ok, I'm not saying says that case, but since I've been a channel with fifty thousand scribes the young Turks have through some reason my name only their lips so check. You know that let's sit down, let's talk about it. We ve invited you on several times before we don't attack you without offering you any recourse. Let's talk about cancel culture. Let's problem, you can cite some examples of me saying who looks like Tito's. Goes they stuck right. You can bring your b team to do your research and, let's hash it out. I am against cancer culture, I dont, believe it is a by product of market forces. I believe that you and those in the media, the media, entertainment industrial, complex, let's coin, that than the news, media, entertainment industrial complex, who want to be the gatekeepers of information, want to manipulate the market to bend to their wealth. So they can tell you guys how to think. I don't agree with it. I think it's wrong. Let's talk about it. Checks seems like your opens.
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