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Fox News is NOT Your Friend! Here's Why...


Steven looks at the deterioration of Fox News and the network's massive failures in covering the 2020 presidential race. He then assesses the latest calls for civility from the Left and contrasts this with their past statements.

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day gets its hour Firstly, CBS morning, mug clubs, its women, do nothing but election lives through how right, by the way, I'm keeping my heat until this is all settled in the court. You gotta have started Harding Standard down. Well, then, well, my comments remained to be seen, so we have.
gotta be talking about a whole lot today, the region where little bit later, because urban, some breaking stories aria, I don't wanna, say outright voter fraud, but are voting irregularities and, in some cases seeming outright. For I don't know if you re a sitter dead people voting fraud, it's at least irregular its ITALY right, irregular ladys. It's a typical! So be talking about that. When we talk about why Fox NEWS is not your friend and will be talking about why the left in yesteryear did. Care about civility. Now they demand civility from us, and you know, arrests and probably not gonna, but before we can to ensure that we actually have to get you some breaking news regarding So I think we have all read the bandit here. Reds abandoned. Are you there yeah we, the news this morning, is the sworn affidavits a voter fraud just keep pouring in,
there's a New York specifically this morning that just happened before I went live yeah there too the sworn affidavit by whistleblower and Clark County Elections, department in Nevada who claims that Paul workers fabricated. proof of residents. Data for illegal voters, reeling ok in theirs Another election fraud lawsuit in Detroit with affidavits, alleging backdating valets that had no matching signatures, so this one includes an affidavit from a city employ claiming she was. Ass to that date, the ballots wow and by the way, was an event that little bit different from people who they say? Well, maybe don't live in Nevada but taken vote, an event, This is not what this affidavit is alleging right. There Reggie bandit right, it's it's that they fabricated, proper residence for people who are voting lately, fabricated. That seems to border Novak's. If it don't, you understand, could seem like it borders on
fraud, wow and everything, of course, for those who don't know people haven't watch we went through yesterday was constant Pennsylvania, Michigan Arizona. the above I tell you what it really is. Looking like for people who ve been these defeatist little, and I mean this cowards coward lesson. Donald Trump may lose, I'm not saying that he's one right, but we certainly know that Joe Biden has one. We not know that for a fact neurons and for people who already just taken city defeat? I don't respect you, but I dont respect you and it looks like this a lecture as far as Joe Biden claiming victory actually going to end up, going to a place where
by really doesn't want to everybody run for the supreme quarter is appointed the Supreme Court to be more precise, should understand. I have not made my judgment based upon this proceeding because we have not heard all the evidence as a black American. As far as I am concerned, it is a high tech. Luncheon for property, blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves. This is a major Roadrunner nation. We want the law to be used in a proper manner so will be going to the? U S: Supreme Court has middle name really rather nets air,
about those two Donald Trump to sit there, listen to Barack Obama crap all over him at the correspondence dinner, clay, Thomas right now go on to say that we were going to bring me in that the pew by this diet, coke? Can we believe, to the determination of the next election. A number of people who were in follow glanced on us that was his sexual harassment short and curly armada. Cocaine, is it not a man could determine their afraid of our electors, have turned a diet. Coke and along does a technique. I get my highly very like that and our president. He does like to be democratically really how incorrect would have other people don't see it by the way also the banana, because someone tell me should try doing this fasted
I didn't eat anything today if I start sounding like that's better like round ball or something just somebody, my banana, this old trend. We have a line two hours, the treasure odd years, he's a national treasures. Audio weight is here quarter, black Garret is here and information are is here. A token world? How are you I'm? Well? How are you I am doing? Well, thank you very much. Let's check really quickly with see an end to see what they're talking about, also gaining right now happening and trumpet campaign H. Q, Jackie consented. That any relation to hurt me the else Dennis Casino reality law
I'm curious about what we get there. We got poppy horologue dressed as orphan, which, if you ve never seen that film, that I'd want to ruin the twist but it'll turn you off from adoption. Ever it's not real, so we have an equipping anyway, that's crazy, it's not for now thriller. It's a very natural thriller based in natural law. Careful which are the basis of human rights, was so first off by the way there's been a lot going on in some things we can't just cover. I know I've been doing like fifteen our fifteen hours streams and coverage here, but do consider following an instagram lotta with crowded. That's where we have some no material. We also have some stuff, that's not necessarily political, every now and then a model. My ass, I get a t sponsorship. Panda will be taking your life chat for those who are new members tomorrow. Exclusively at Lahti, Canada, consular smuggling after we brought castles year on the Youtube. My question of the day.
is what do you think about Fox NEWS, one your opinion on them has changed. I will say this: I've tried to avoid talking about them for a long time, because I worked with them for years and no one wants to hear. You obviously speak ill of your former employer but far beyond that. We are far beyond that. We're we're talking about election meddling from different media entities and new media and you'll get some of the actions that Fox NEWS has taken in recent memory. I've gotta tell you there, not your friends set. Listen conservatives stop trying to make Fox news a thing. It's never gonna be a thing it is no longer a thing and to the full out there who, like the person who lives across the street from you, and I can literally see into their house because they never use their blinds, and I can also tell it they're hoarders, it's horrible fire hazard by the way, always on Fox news It's like the Fox NEWS is their daily clock, there's a generation or they think that everything coming from Foxen you and, I will say, there's some great people, a Fox news,
but there is also some bullshit itself will be talking about that and look at first actually before we get to Fox NEWS and before we get to see really important some voting anomalies. Now that have come out of Pennsylvania, big big vote an animal is beyond what we just talked about the came up this morning. I didn't want to do a whole segment on those with new that in Michigan, because we have enough time to cross our cross. Our teasing daughter, I M, also get their only daughter, tease, Crosser eyes. What do we do? What am I a logic? It's weird, but before we get to that. We have a lot to talk about right now, actually are on the ground reporter most Finnegan. We have to go to so Thomas Finnegan, of course repeat,
lieutenant was our on the ground. Election correspond rain average Thomas Finnegan are you there and what's going on with the current state of the election, any news governing saving? Yes, I am here on the newest right for the election. I can't give you much insight. I've actually picked up a SEC job and I'm in previous Nokia behind what way way way way. We do what you're not like a contractor. You are an employee of minds that concerns me tax, wise. What's yours, Your second job lot to talk about. You know the taxes off are, but lately I've just been driving around picking up, coolers and dropping off at the convention centers and it's pretty sweet. It pays, you know, spice biggers It helps you. You know what I dont think that site that sounds like a Thomas than usual spare election correspondent
committing massive voter fraud, which sounds like what you didn't look inside the coolers at all, or did you appear peak into them? While we know that that is not my job just like a ballot mule right, yeah! Well, I'm not really proud to say that you are amongst our team. Your temiskaming Romania have to talk about that. Maybe I don't novelty. Ninety nine! You! Ok thanks semispheric and we must go that's election correspondence. the ground. Well. Well, I mean you hired and lets nice to see an end before we go to my Fox news. Is not your friend because Fox NEWS about as much your friend is seen and believe it or not, your election day are going to open its letter with affidavit thing. I just wanted to come back to that. Yes, like that's, that's a legal document right. This is net somebody logging ladder towards their facebook, twitter or Instagram account. So I have proof ha ha ha right in trying to get some clicks are actually it's a crime to lie.
a sworn affidavit: it's a crime to fabricate a ballot right for that too, of course, to lie about parameter in many states? Is a crime to harvest ballot right? You know, there's a careful, it's also a crime for a dead person to vote, but usually person being charged with the crime is not the deceased. Yeah. That's because they can't and so usually someone else accordingly crimes by now. I want everyone who are you? Are you kicking a dead Dwyer, you kicking a dead voter are not so facts feel if they get you anything about. Let me go into flocks. Full disclosure work for them for over four years, some great people there, then I will take this new Commodo is possibly the nicest person I've ever met I have come to realize lately. Looking back, you heard me tell you never met or else they didn't think. I was funny that's what I was told
people who would bring me and in kind of advocated for me they would always want to change me. If you kind of Watch Fox NEWS, you could see that was low, but muzzled. I always thought it was because it was edgy because I didn't like humor. I think it might have been, because I was too conservative real looking back and I don't like being by the nose, and when we look at what we are seeing now from Fox NEWS, I think it's time four conservatives to understand and by the way I am totally fine, you watching successes. calling for a boycott of foxes. We watch I watch MSNBC Irene have pole, I reach late, but I recognise what they are and I would put Fox NEWS further into that category. I used to have Fox news and then CNN I used to have you no Emma, and B C and then, while than drug report at one point that I have obviously blaze thought If I have seen only then Fox NEWS its redundant unless they need of my life is more redundancies. So, let's go. figuring out how to spending in Bosnia is actually a few things at Fox NEWS have done in case you ve, forgotten. Lenny, lay out the case
Why they're not actually concern never certainly not on board, and one thing I would say to having worked Fox NEWS: we have for here who have also worked Fox news. They might New York. A lot of them are New York Republican to lower taxes. They bore a lot of people in Latin America still kind of see you as a useful advertising asset, sometimes not not now everyone, but I will say that think. A lot of conservatives have thought that the hallowed halls of Fox NEWS or something that they are not. Let me explain to you a couple of things here as to what why might illuminated for you so Fox NEWS election night. We talk. This was the first major news network to call Arizona for buying and they that, right at the time that the Poles closed, we way way right at one thousand one hundred and twenty eastern right, so is that one thousand one hundred and twenty mine, green, the one that eight twenty somewhere around I'd better.
So they could hold it. But if you go back to our election coverage, they were saying that Arizona look like he was going to buy them for us, a guarantee that actually can effect. If Europe, public and in Arizona and you're, going to devote you're going well Fox NEWS, which is the most likely new source of your choice, is predicted. If you over the age of eighty in verse, mortgage you go out and vote, it's already on two by two. They called it. five and twenty p m. On Tuesday the ape didn't even call until the next day. You know I dont want good on you, on AP, like our left chain. Gang Fox indecision desk, who is also pretty hesitant to call states, was also right It was also calling some pretty early took. You took a few days to color, yesterday we voted on and native even call it. They never did and in contrast, casino, I didn't call anything because they were terrified the distressing that clearly jet they didn't. I don't I don't. I still think they haven't called Alaska. What I was not what did, but they called Virginian and took it off. We look
Things are moving in radically, though a guy. Maybe we find new stating that, ultimately that people are just so you know this is one thing I will tell you. Having appeared on Fox NEWS Cnn sky news babies and the list goes on and on and on their nodded sports? When you see someone going harrowing to put Virginia up on the board for providing hang on, take often you're, assuming or wait. There must be some algorithm change, Gian we would react, run an elevator. Let me tell you what has really like in the halls of foxes and seen having spent years of my life You know what yeah I've put Virginia up there for it. I got it all up. That's it affects us. Did it not was that I spoke with Megan Kelly ownership. I'd recommend you go and listen to it. I really appreciate in cash is very fair, but she was talking about how much she respected entrusted some people are foxes. We are an errand in Michigan how legality charge of calling States Fox NEWS, and I felt really a silly, because I wasn't super from my. I thought she was trying to say and see Michigan and pronouncing it.
It's hard in Michigan. Is the person who is in charge of the Fox NEWS decision desk he's a register democratic reluctant and twenty sixteen and he's given a whole lot to democratic? So it's one thing have opinion people at Fox NEWS, Tucker Crossroads. But we re a whole lot with what Tucker Coulson says. You have people after crossing of Lord Ingram, shown any kind. Ok, take him, really them What are you saying? You will hear you list? You listen rush right, pretty much in his recent movie. I know so there important dunno, but the person in charge of calling those states, someone has given overwhelmingly democrat someone who voted for illegally. That does mean and this is on the record. How do we call states here? Well, we decision desk we had the other works. We also had our ear. the ground with local sources strictly. For me, I know: Michigan has a good predicted. Local tally of places like I'm lobby have different precinct are easy to follow, so we
local information that we would check ourselves. It would check with decision decision H. Give us isn't ask his decision to set decision desk, H, Q, Q, Liberty, PAN Freedom, America. The point is, we have multiple different sources, we weren't just relying on aren't in Michigan, Mr Martin and MR aren't one layer, long and musk, and earlier today I'm a dick saw
here's another little friend asked back just three Rinaldo there's no miss de black openness. Jesse I've been this is America, so I really mouse wheel. Another presented earlier. An allusion to the urban enriched can certainly do I not removing all thought of you so right away. They called Arizona ART in Michigan, Dnc, known supporter, well on fact. Ok, so people were confused dumping confuse anymore Saturday Night Fox full justice with Janine the show we don't know her she's permanently cancelled, but the show was pulled because she was going to be discussing voter, right now, listen. I thought I met the biggest vein of judge. Janine, always Oliver commentary and her her hair do as it is, is a threat to biplanes is largely
are thereby because a flight inside it the ILO, the lies now the of aid should be aware. Yes, the should be aware that making the case for a request, land and current. Yet we got to noon. Here's within four hundred yards of Lady Harriet tarmac but I'm Sally oil tanker. So not going anywhere and tat. My criticisms are largely superficial. I think that I think that I think gene is a prime example of someone who almost always takes the party line on the right, but in this case there is a vast, It concerns a voter front, there's a valid concern of irregularities and Judge Janine, whose an opinion Percinet fires in Russia, should notion is unpleasant herself, as news isn't important, always defended foxes. They have their new side, re have their opinion side, there's some value to their opinion site, which could I think in the future be take, somewhere else and separated from the new side, which would be left to
there on the vine and die? What great would be that I have no idea who would be a bad great ticket with that great but Concord tonight? What tonight? to not integrate. You asked for a background. I knew very well from not like what are you doing on remember to not answer me unless you have something, though, maybe juncture they pull. That soda remains to see if he's been cancelled, for a network that must be fair and balanced in their opinion, people. Why can't, in opinion journalist, actually cover facts regarding voted for here's another one fast fact I guess number for Chris Wallace
lied about. The dipper cross was loaded with eight. There was Donald Trump and Fox move. Soiling has been, I couldn't listen, isolated, suckers walls was more fair than, for example, Candy Crowley, with Mitt Romney. By the way I apologize American, I voted for walking. Talking seem of agenda. Mitt Romney serve very few people. I have much respect for in this world and mineral me. Ok, and that includes leader. Hillary Clinton has the balls to kill a guy Romney's, the eunuch and game. A throne just sit back and goes. My plan is almost complete, the other they're doing fighting for me eventually, I so slight, and then there's the eating realises that now you just use your balls cut off for nothing you're actually not take over any kick dammit. My holy unaware filled up giving comments. Wallace at Fox NEWS who hosted that too
He lied about the debate or at least made an untruth statement. Let's assume that he forgot. Let's assume that he forgot, he hosted the debate and you forgot what happened in the debate, because what he said and I'll show you this clip is a blatantly True statement lie or misstatements here's Chris Wallace, here's. What happened We began the first statement on the Supreme Court. They each got their two minutes and I both obeyed and not particular case, then, by started to answer a question and the president's started interrupting him obeyed, who you back see That's a language industry credible whose bank say I don't know anything about banks, Amis straight now, momentum journal, here's the truth! Trump! by President Trump and not president trouble like violent
gave their initial surveillance during that debate? Yet, MR, via the former visor line, MR by tell me a story, Mr Batten, almost robot, that's terrible reform I really tired. Well here it is resident trump and a guy like guy amendments is gay. There she'll statements during that debate, k rendering during trumps rebuttal, which he was supposed to have graniteware regarding a Supreme court buying interrupted Donald Trump on make sure this right three times a before Christmas. Came in and also interrupted, here's the claim a president and the Senate is elected for a period of time, but a president's elected for four years, We're not elected for three. Is I'm not elected for three years? So we
have the Senate. We have a president elected to the no that period of time. During that period of time we have an opening, I'm not elected for three years, I'm elected for lawyers and I'm wondering, argues Girdle Jill two hundred million people is where you get that number. The bigger problem that you have is that you, to extinguish one hundred and eighty million people with their private health care. The very simply not true well you're, going to socialist, I only just over a year now and a gentleman who are now in openness got open discussion. Those governed. Yes, I great had widespread number one general were now to open discussions. It was your floor, but I agree with you Biden going about you go forty, eight yourself with. Russia. I expected a lot more out of him for this.
really did it. I didn't I and I thought what I was watching it that he was doing better until I went back and watch it and realise that I'm sorry, I was wrong and I mean, but not having seen at first. I thought that he just had a really tough job to do that night and he did it poorly and he didn't do a good job, as I thought of being unbiased right, but going back and seeing that bind through the first point, five the first three punctually Cresswells was, let me get inaction. Any punches like that. You're gonna get in that action. More effective than Elsie is like you. Plants like a batch How did you come and all I can say bets because you now we'll I can think so I wasn't good performance and Donald Trump. You know we walk Zephyrs Debate as a Donald Trump is needed to shut up, but again that switch got flipped because he was in. Up to do three times and then interrupted a fourth time Bikers Wallis's. That's! What's so telling me it's open discussion, I agree,
I wonder what happened right and called on his his comment either right. He was being fact checked by everybody else, but by laws. Ironic that thought why the CNN have an anchor dress like orphan shoulder. What is going on is this. Is it only has gone for a new look with the potentially new administration? We're gonna, go the ugly airmail Del Toro Rout right cats orbital bone broken with a bottle, ok, another fact about locks as to why there, not your friends, stop trying to make them be your friend. Let's stop trying to be a part of the club. Ok- and this is about- and down that Doorn just taking a dump on their welcome that in the house, not the one outside that illegal ivory issues. This is this is where we taken it. Taking a year
You and eighty nine. The hardwood floor, that's what this is about right now, because I like it when my issue with Fox NEWS now the same issue that I've had with CNN. I always used to say I don't have a problem of Fox NEWS and other problems, and we see me your point of you. Just don't lie to me: MSNBC told you their left. They are left soon Sesar Centrist, their left fox, those in many instances, tries to say that they are right for the most part, they are left outside of opinion outside of opinion, and I also think that bears probably one of the best broadcasters are sought. That's a military relations. If I want to follow closure you're. I don't you think, I'm a lover, scorned, I've member, now waited so and used before making a fox Don't worry about me not being happy with my experiences there, though this is about
What we are seeing from Fox NEWS right now and the danger that it actually presents to the free flow of information specifically is. It also relates to online content, which will get into second that's most. Concerning so another one Fox NEWS, John Roberts, people dont. Remember this. They think I'm a fox. conservative job again. You see Tucker Karlsson, musician hundred, you see Lord Ingram John Roberts. He was one of their course bonnets he was when we adopted at the White House. He was one of the main people pushing the conspiracy. We did this whole segment. Of course, man in the street that Donald Trump wouldn't denounce white supremacy. It was a lie, and it's actually funny. I want you to watch the endless. Click is little melt that it's like a child who was sent to a tender anyway watch what happens here knowingly lie about Donald Trump, not condemning what supremacy
you name. It made clearer statement you do now that the president announced I just said. The president has denounced raised repeatedly. Stress now was ass. Busier your contriving rely in a mere asking you to please let it rest. I just I read you all of the first of these is the role you on Twitter, who were hammering me for answering that quite for asking that question. I dont care because it's a question that needs to be asked and clearly the president's reply. looking colleagues, a mile away from here are looking for an answer for it to stop deflecting. I don't blame you, the media, tired of it I don't like it it's hard to understand what the argument as we also still.
Here's what you did. You read me a bunch of quotes from the past. everything is in the past year. I shall not that's what he's been condemning it for years. That's the point you Jeff! She read you a bunch of course of who you are endemic supremacy already put it that way earlier, you're using the word passed is in the past We are now just ass. He had still tired of it and you know what you are calling on you to do. I kelly my MAC and any I've taught what this man to work at foxes and would appear in Huckabee show quite she used to what does she was very nice jewish. So I've worked with. Most of these people at some point, I've had released ships, nearly all of them friendly of them really should it that out that I won't name names aside from the friendly ones, Keeley MAC and any she was one of the nice ones. Thank you that one time I was on my computer, that close to Christmas or Thanksgiving made a bunch of bull dog puppies and are playing with bulldog puppies Kelly MAC Rio Idyllic Shoppy. I idea
I delicious, which I don't know it's a new cooking up from apple today ago, Roberts That's enough! Here's another one of her down to fix examples up to six examples: folks, hired former Democratic Party chairwoman, Donna, Brazil, writer, who don't remember Donna Brazil Harry who got busted After leaking debate, questions to Hillary Clinton, gonna, disappeared, yeah a lotta disappear and then reappears. We will hear if professional occasion, not remembering at the dawn of results you it's looks a bit like onto my my eight all of her own product for business Jemima don't cut into your front. It's getting fat on our own supply. Don't get my gash, don't get big bone,
desire the only response to play at a glance, the other conditions on your own supply at home, and yet she was here. By Fox news dynamism, given my she was gonna. Let go because even seen I was a little rough for us here is how China, Brazil, on Fox NEWS, responded to the job he'll, be chairwoman, Rhonda Mcdaniel, when covering the democratic primaries. That's happened on Fox NEWS for us. I want to talk to my Republicans, first of all, state I out of ours stay outta here. All of our worries, I guess entire Ed and Sandra, listen to Republic can tell me and the Democrats about our process. First of all, they don't have a process there. Cancelling I'm they have winner, take all they don't have the kind of demand
so that we see on a democratic side and for people to use russian talk and points a cell division among Americans. That is stupid. So got a hell. Does now go to Hell, on top of it, what I meant We believe in El God. I gotta go Cleveland because of you Poland is it nobody will get you and again she was fired from sin and for being too partisan, artisan, foresee and watches design. Rigour is out if it wasn't artisan, like I'm partners and to use design. I think she handed the question and I know some of them in fact, like us, that's not true snow procession, hand them shoot you mailed them. Ok, she's sense, digital copies of rise in advance to Hillary Clinton and even the most, and then she went to Fox NEWS to tell people to go to Hell. I am amazed that photo negative.
Wait. Watchers Elvira, has this much credibility. Bernie Sanders was pulling out her. His hair, whenever she said the democratic process that we have on the democratic spirit for primary, do that what the democratic process you have Skype twice. You know the democratic processes. It's ok policy. We gotta super delegates. Girls get yourself!
at them super delegates Hilary we're not having to go back that four years no law says it's amazing to me all the people complained about the system being rigged against burning in the democratic primers amusing. I actually a great risk that it was an Bernie Sanders. These is policies, you know what he's a bad tipper, so on a personal level that we probably wouldn't get a luxury product, but it absolutely was rigged against him. No I'm wondering all these people combined with democratic primaries. We were against where'd, you go now, listen! There's! No possibility of electoral fraud at all suffer more rejected. Dal it's in your primary than in the national action. Paramo, just those data. We broadly far more rejected ballots in Montpelier. Get on a map you didn't have to zoom go north that's a very hard to find an amount of early further north. So this
This is what I want to get your opinions on Fox NEWS, but you, you know that I've tried to avoid talking about Fox is too much for a long time. You ve been over backwards. I've told you guys at all, I know is Roger else did not like me, you're not finding funding there, and I found out that he also threaten our Mcdonald's at least funny personal life, so it chalked up as a win that that absolute, they didn't really know what they wanted it. They just knew that didn't want anyone else to have me, and so I was therefore I am grateful for the opportunity. There were a lot of people, who worked at Fox NEWS who were people actually MAC and any people who I got along with an some people out there who are great and there are a lot of people who are not what they would present themselves to be. I will say that, and I think yours in quite a bit right now in their presentation, something else by them. I think, is important actually want to. I want to really quickly hit the notification bell by their like. If you're subscribed on you too, because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot. I nor schedule is little all over the map because of the elections. But good morning my club get airs, live you get to watch. It live weekday mornings at ten, a M eastern and two more fact about facts.
So now we have six so that every seven the Murdoch family. gone from on air talent, you known, Dunbar's enlargement. The murder, We were celebrating binds win, checked this brought out. Look, she says we did it offers whose we await us. We did it from Catherine Martin. Who is we And I don't know she's agreeing with she's agreeing with someone on CNN stake Tapir, but we did it that's a damning. Do you mean we just a Murdoch family, in which case you own vocs new thing, also a problem? I watch shell and loudest voice in the room. I feel like I'm informed, of how I was there when those things went down. Some of the time
you mean we as a network. Did it either way, someone who is conservative, or at least even wants to present the appearance, keep up appearances, love or where the Austrian keep up appearances lab? Let's keep up appearances, I'm a bang. The point here is that you want to keep up appearances that you're, unbiased conservative, you dont say we did it when you buying was coordinated the president by the media and by the way he is not president. Yet we did it. That is a problem that is telling you that the face mask is coming off. Also, Could you more things number eight? As far as facts on foxes flats pass, an hundred Biden story by them yeah. I know eventually. Yet they cover the union again. Another Karlsson produces what're, you gonna tell Tucker Karlsson. Will you can't do that he's gonna say: oh really want a second. Those are my balls in the table and he's going to that. Look it's a little bit like like a preppy.
sort of punishable Michael Land and a little bit you loved her, pop your face. The love doktor face. You just got love tuckered, tuckered out so a lot of news passed on the Hunter Biden story, the news division. Now we know that it's authentic No one is actually disputed that it's us and I got the ten the media which are set to Russian. This information campaign keep in mind. We had Eddie Giuliani on the show where he showed the laptop. That was the first in the lab. Tat was ever revealed and actually the first on the process. Had been revealed that hunter buying just left it with a local computer repair shop and because of the contract and didn't pick it up for ninety days problem because it is a crime better with Thailand and lazy force it a little the rate of Rabbit Fox NEWS, news division passed on it because they were interested in doing the investigative work it wouldn't have been hard to do the investigatory work to find out if that was not sent, extort Fox NEWS,
asked now, why do I think they passed for the same reason that the markets are gone? We did it one by one: that's fine! If they tell you that like unlike MSNBC like see and be. c b as Williams? It's fine they say we're we're actually passing on a story which we think is likely authentic, because we want Biden to win, but they didn't lose division at Fox NEWS Pass. It had to be taken up by the New York Posts, and yours truly, we were the main news entity, meaning media brok, Azra plenty of great websites and blogs covering it. We were the first and may news entity digging, and doing the investigative work to see if it was authentic, including hosting Giuliani on this show at that time, when they weren't Setting but Fox news at some points that were cutting golf when they finally did have a man I can. I dont know if there's a personal problem vendetta with Giuliano, he said some crazy things, but I will cite in working at foxes. It is like the world's biggest high school
I'll, get some insight baseball after this final fat reader at nine or ten. Keep in mind that you do. They had boosted Fox news by the way, our rhythmically to favour Fox news as an authoritative source cut a deal now. Yes, there's nothing, because whenever I'm watching anything conservative, it's usually Seth Myers who pops up If I get anything in Germany that pops up its Fox news right right, never get TIM Pool popping up sure I never get bench appear popping up I never even when watching a video of me me popping is never like. I'm me, hey you! I'm me. That's not a happy Fox news, and I tell you what if you tube came to me tomorrow. The big thing I like, if Joe by new, becomes brethren amounts it hey, listen. We'll put you into authoritative sources as limited as long as you know, you you're, ok, altogether but well HANS. I would write what about simple. What about these
new media and now really just media. Others should stop seeing new media legacy media dying, media dying Sore media, you know of talkies verses today, though technically we still are talkies, but it was not to them. If you took came to me and said, but you, I would say no not until I see the listen until I know how its outcome parallels curated boxes at all, ok, good good. You will be analysed good enough for us and closed the door behind This is some inside baseball for you. When I left Fox news. My clips of me appearing on Fox NEWS. My own Youtube Channel, which were allowed when I was at Fox NEWS for an ape like Fillan, hosted, sometimes like red eye and fox and friends, and I had segments they were taken out for my own youtube. Gentle fathers did not believe in Youtube.
I was there, they were saying. Fray is the enemy of premium and there are turning it ever want to go to the Fox NEWS player which, by the way, work that we're talking about a thousand twelve thousand. I think it was there until two thousand thirteen. I know for a fact, this is me just shoot and shoot me straight. They didn't like it. When things went on Youtube and was a catholic at least little clips the moment I left fox those are got. You cannot find my Fox news Clips admire you on my own, you to channel what you can find our mailed Russia today cliffs. Maybe some of HIV Encrypt, certainly sky news BBC those might be on my channel. All Fox news clips gone from my own Youtube channel. They were not vans. If they do, they didn't want to plan Youtube until they had a deal tat. Your opinion I don't know Fox news, not your friend dump, it does seem like they dont want to play. Fair, run Youtube. Italy said so they to go, and as long as the rules are rigged in their favour, that's at its tragic just like that. It acts right
banks, big big oil, big farmer, the big companies want to snuff out the little guys, there's no difference between NBC Universal Vocs. Wanting two beady monetizing removed from Youtube rather is Fox NEWS wanting to be the authoritative conservatives and you won't even who won't even take an interest in the line and I were hit. Imagine being somebody wants to start on Youtube right now? I'm not. I admit that you want to start your career on Youtube, not gonna happen. There's no way I do my career and yet you know one for me You too, when I started, I would send some ice. I must have sent over a hundred thousand messages to people directly saying hey, please check out my channel and at that point really were no other conserve channels. So what I round were like firearm channels animals that involve the line or not do it yourself, rice or maybe military channels who I would reach out to them and say hey, maybe you might like to watch channel then look at their subscribers and I would reach out to them and send direct messages back enforcing hey. I think you might like checking up my channel, because
There were no right, Lena Annals on Youtube and again, when I was there a fox, I was told that was never going to change it change because of you, and now Fox NEWS wants to hop scotch in front of the rest. The other conservatives who built this new platform, despite the fact that they are not conservative. Imagine a landscape if imagining a terrifying. It is where Youtube is tube tv writers are like Hulu service. Young Turks are on Youtube TV. You ve got sea had knocked news, MSNBC Fox Business N T Whitey, which is just reruns of the guy, with the Buzz God. I have no idea what it has signed: a twenty four hour news network, but action on Youtube. Where you have a world because of authoritative sources, you have the left, which is all of Youtube and then Have the authoritative source on the right people see the point of view, the conservative point of view, as being represented by Fox NEWS, the people who hire Donna Brazil and who planted the hunter binding.
Instead, we won when Joe Biden one the presidency. That's what scary to me and that's why it's Smith to speak out now. You know what I know that a big target on our backs and sweet since we beat Fox NEWS in the election- Garcia, not relatively, not comparatively. Since would I know that this is this is not for me to do and as it relates to my career, but I think that you people need to know that there are some folks. Claim to be your friends, and they are not all your friends that doesn't mean every single person at Fox NEWS again, israeli, not only Neil Computer, I'm sure I don't know Tucker Karlsson above sentiments, lieutenant had good interactions with you, to be going into this with wide eyes wide open and there are alternatives at this point you're watching one right now. I think. That's the point. we've always thought, and I had Watch Fox news for years, because I thought okay they're just going to say stuff that I already think right, but already believe it I'm going to watch all these other stuff, and I just assume that they had continued on the trajectory that they always had, and I go back to it now that we're starting to
a lot more in elections and in this seasons been crazy. I go back to them like oh, my gosh. This is not the Fox news that I remember like some some crazy stuff is still being said everyone's around my either way, for I thought I'd want to hear anything about that and then I commend like this. This is not the place that you can go to if your general public person threaten. This is the Right news organization for conservative viewpoints right, it's not anymore, but that's that's the quality that people still haven't. You have to break out of that, whether you're watching foxy in an or us. You have to think for yourself. You have to check what we're saying if we're when you something and it is buying a wholesale no better than you know you don't fox news, can't do, and you know it seen and cant do Fox news. Cannot you seen and is a source right scene and cannot use New York Times the source we can do all the above, because we want to find the most authentic source you if we go right back to the original every now and then you might see a source of its coming from bright, but because of doing exclusive reporting are daily collar, of course, ablaze, but we try and go to submit We try and go to whatever that, wherever these statistical grass have originated, we go to the region
Imperial College stood Imperial College London, General College, London study for the covert fat on every report, but I think we sign language, the original, but occasionally we will link you to a source that is liberal, because we want to drive that point homes right. Even they are saying this and We should include no sources now fox news and I will tell you that I was a fox to as well listen if, if nothing else, they might let me, given the benefit, that they may think that most conservatives don't like Donald Trump, they may think that most consumers want to return to the norm. One returned to Mccain want to return to when, when Mitt Romney was going to become a member at Fox NEWS, it was he's going to be candidate, and I do remember having some conversations because I wasn't campaigning for. I didn't actually endorse Rick's Anton, but they were friends, the family and, at this point between Mitt Romney Oryx,
and torment. Well, you not disappointed for weeks and torn because I thought it could, when the rest belt better them round me- and I showed up at some of his events- and I did some stand up in kind of one at the crowd and I was called in it was what what are you doing? What are you doing the wise it a problem, though we want the most conservative gotta when they always won in Rome need a window. I voted for round me like when I went in polar Romeo it offers us with his cowboy hat, watching Jack Daniels come back with his date from the ski trip. I could. I believe that that was the case at foxes. They may just be so out of touch it. They think this is what conservatives want, because they were out of touch enough there. listen. I will say this a Fox news. The show that you see you can look at the direct Timeline K actor that that their dirty there's a certain period of time. Where, once you leave and network, you cannot appear anywhere. Ok started. This shell grew into what you know
Every single time I pitch the show it won't work. Let me tell you, kids, conservatives don't like this. Let me ask it send me: What do you like? This doesn't mean all of you do grant, but it means that there are enough for you out there same thing change my mind: the book. This was before social justice, where he was a term. The book was called America idiots. It is changed. My there's a twenty. something pages already written up and was called american idiots, because Green day was big at that thing- had the horror I had a picture of the cover with the brain. Instead of a heart knows this kind of plan there. It's not the brain from Arthur, not to bring about is another guy. The brain has another book paranoid. The memoirs were very forgettable. I picture book, that's bait, let's call it change. might because there's a lot of terminology had not been created. For example, I called the mob what you call social justice warriors. I called the modern leftists and then I called what you might call the classical liberals in this book. Treatment
liberals by default, meaning people who are inherently vested right, not just in the cause, but if you're gonna take your default, browser you'll, be a liberal and about the modern left. Us are the activists where no amount of proof, where no amount of reasoning would change their minds in this entire book was written about identifying the two different kinds of liberals out there and how you deal with them and how you deal with the liberals by default was verbatim change. And how you deal with the modern leftists was verbatim. How would you debates here? I was told by every single major conservative publisher. It would not work, and I will tell you this- no one, a Fox news and will ensure that DEC of content either. So I will say everything that you see is the direct result of me being told by people at Fox NEWS in the higher up for a long time. No one cares. No one wants this. And of content, it'll, never work, we're gonna go to running Hannity incomes, we're gonna, go back to ship Smith and keep quiet,
What Stephen maybe tone it down a little, but I always thought it was tone it down because it was edgy I realize now. It might have been Jonah down a little bit because it was authentically conservative. You should have heard the questions you could even listen I can tell you if you, when I wrote about not having sex my wife and I not We were married people, people, don't you gonna, go, let's go Stephen you're gonna die. While I was a great article that European then offer, but did you would you do do you without? Like? Did you really yet well what you do like oral sex because had no, they could without it shows you, how will you lie with Metal America that they don't believe that any of you out there might actually be absent, they were under the impression that I must just be doing it for political gain, to ingratiate myself to middle Amerika to fly over country, and I wasn't- I just happened to be that american fly over country and I will tell you what most of the people in charge of all of these networks- and I include Fox NEWS amongst them- feel that way they absolutely a boar Middle Americans and fly over country.
and on a short of a written form. All apology I will. I need to I need to go into my prayer clodagh, but I find it very difficult to ever. Forgive Fox news for creating a death march before the poles were even closed in Arizona that could directly affected the election. They are not your friend of your opinions on what I was going to say and thank God, you didn't start all of this under the Fox NEWS Umbrella, because it never would have become what it is today. Rightly, this has a silver lining of this in a terrible. Don't start this show when the snow YO between grab and megabyte alleys, tits, saying you're, not funny kid Hancock, whatever.
I am glad that this this maybe gave you what you needed to go out and do this right. It gives like fine. If you don't think it'll work, I could do it online and show that works on that thing. That's good! On their part, him saying you took something it was banned. It turned into a good situation. I wanna go back to Arizona, though, when you talk about them, calling that when there were two hundred twenty five thousand votes separating those two guys and it was whittling away- I kept saying it during election- I go back and watch it as I it's going down that down fifty thousand voted down. Another twenty thousand stand another twenty. What did they have to gain if you think about like what their met their mode, They fox NEWS, yeah Fox, namely why they cannot answer. I what I think they want to be first, but what does that get them there's no more channel because any better than a ragging right. So if they thought that bind was going to when they could say, hey, hey, hey, hey kill me last today,
ministration. We call the result of very exact evil. It is the people, restaurants put their fist up whenever Belian right exactly know that I want to eat my chicken. Yet I can tell you that I gave my we went to Boston affairs. This guy, you tell a man, that's a wanted to be cool kids table. That's the only motivation that I can come up with, because, if you're watching CNN coverage, no way, you're switching the channel to Fox because they call Arizona you hate them. There's no way so, why would they do it? The only reason that come up with is hey. We call this early. We wanted to be a part of the club, yeah yeah. You guys. I those guys, I think, naturally there's a lot it. There are a lot of people who are having that say: temptation where ago. Well, what's the best way to be accepted its to be perceived as balanced or perceived as moderate and proceeded giving enough to both sides that sort of thing refining I've had it? Donald Trump became president not by not doing that and a lot of data on a lot of time on the right wing. They have been train
compromise for years you gotta try to get the most moderate candidate and and ensure that there are the temptation on college campuses, I'm sure, there's a generation and friend groups to try to sound as much like a model. To try to sound as balanced as possible, but really this the way for the way forward is to be committed to convictions, charges in the control and act like three blind mightier governors, everything. Ok, every heart was on our rapporteur. That has not happened. I wonder, and I think it up- and you know it on every one of the cook: it and then I have been one of the core kids I'll, never be one of the Caucasus, and I'm ok with that. You know what, if you're watching hey, be one of the non cool kids with us. Your welcome here when I give you an example. There was that there is a time it was a cow Polly assurance, a cow Polly or China, whose capacity What can we do? but I understood the language was carbolic demographic jerked the hand, I went there and I did a speech at this point. We had to have problems,
dogs really this is before this show went daily, keep in mind, while before this we had anywhere near million subscribers damn afterward, the group that has brought us in some kind of a college conservative group there a bunch of people there and they was what I used to call the took across and look alike and mentioned because TAT. Does it back Tucker Cardiac Boating right across by air Tucker, and there was a guy in a mega death shirt with long, stringy, hair and it was a metal head and then he had something re mentioned. Some of the outcome of your now could prevent and this whole topic a kind of happens at these events for people who don't know is in you know how, The incomparable aim with this: that's what we do and after party at those is the teeming, bring you in it s. You mean people yet as with other. Similarly, what usually happens for these events is they want to do a dinner and I want to sit around. They all want to get a picture, and I might you know it listen like let us do the event and then, let's hit the fan, the people then, let's do and after party where
one can be here, because that's what really mean something to make tracks. I've always been in companies that process, but this was a cow Polly very nice, but they want to take pictures, and often they ask me questions that I can't answer like so well what he thinks gonna happen in this zone so run off of my home, even though the district I was talking with one guy who no one was really talking with. He happened to be conservative, yet a mega death shirt law, Herr later on, we are eating it put an opponent. Ellen was would be you know, it would just be unsanitary hand. You're the one who I saw some misfit not just spent my whole night within two years later, when practical Polly and I saw him in a Nepal, not only are cut and his beard shaven what the hell. Why would you do that approach may say? Well, you know I could I had to become the chairman as it did. I the old man. I want to argue that dude any kind of said yeah, but this is the way it works. This is not the way it has to work right. he'll, be you and by the way you do not have to compromise fine
the ground where there's truth and reject any compromise, reject any common ground where there is, in truth, This idea and I was well the country- needs to heal and we're gonna get to some of these calls for civility little, but now the country doesn't need be. You over a lie. We need true for all elections moving forward and when you have people at Fox NEWS, Chris waltzing well, apparently TED Cruises, like the japanese soldiers who don't know that where's over ass. It is over again, that's that's amongst calling the Nazis, but that's back and world what you as it is, This fight is of our give off bow and they realized in the running of the problems with the russian and understand that things are actually closing in on them. Don't listen to them the art of war is, and I think some not that I don't know, I don't read one of them Asians ever, but did they take they take jobs are gonna, take my reading time to add as a valuable to get a point. We're not look the truth with love like us, Christians we have known,
is forever right. You never compromise the truth, but you always do it with love, so don't go out there and in just beat a jerk to somebody with earth right. You're, never gonna win people over with that, go out there and in speak the truth with love, because you're ultimately talking to somebody that, at the end of the day, once our country to them they do not understand, or maybe they have terrible ideas, to get there and you just need to educate them, and if you can't agree on that stuff, you can still do with love and at least have a better So what will do this? Because I used these gimmicks. It fox NEWS, written by cell or hold, was a segment Fox news, whose efforts as a conservative buy sell Hold me to say so hard to. I don't give up it miss Wend man. I never hold do our rude, its crew not now and into the mud. Don't do that today. The mug is its great net holder.
you just you warm up a nice cup of water, oh yeah, ok, would you actually actually before them I would have a sponsor before invented left call for stability, because that's interesting for black rifle coffee, Thomas again, is actually going to be here. To tell us about black rifle capitalism is again come on in here, Sir, as he's back. Oh right, Thomas Finnegan, Igloo, black rifle coffee. As you know, a wonderful sponsor to the show. Ok sees you. Thank you. Don't want What are you doing good more area what's good morning, tanzanian? Ok, black rifle coffee, I drink tea, ok, but that this is a good stuff right yeah. How do you know that you know to tell me where to go. No ok are actually black rival cognitive donated that I didn't notice over forty five thousand pounds of
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Try to get twenty percent off your first order. If you join up black River copied outcomes left, I love the vintage roast. Then I'm looking for trying to holiday rose. I get sounds of smooth delivered in my house. You do I some months very nice ounce, your lunch, I dont like coffee in the Christmas resounds good. It does that re marketing, one was not an easy Gerald, is a now. What I don't know I haven't felt like saying it because lay now streams. Its removes true, I didn't mean it as a priority of immense you're, very happy. and you like nineteen twenties get year and you don't need any more dopamine boost from coffee for the rest of us. Like me, we're unjust, incredibly depress Alla time. Coffee makes me feel the small shred of joy that you all experienced naturally. Well, that's the protracted What is this right now Trump campaign John, came by the way, Can I gotta know CNN, don't put John King and
a whitish background blends right in these increasingly get the Bert knows from us as mystery. I now putting a visiting large on a background like that affect putting eighty million on a love fern and having a broadcast arguments and bronze or on line campaign manager had an all staff meeting this morning in which he said we are still in the fight but he even immorality what he called amateur, our in part of the efforts by the campaigning, putting the circulation of fake Photoshop try headlines from newspapers in the Bush more flight time ago. So how long can the trunk campaign and the White House, gonna love in arrears, anonymous or socio. We have sources that claimed Donald Trump set. His team is quote amateur our right from Photoshop headlines, which Photoshop airlines, because there are some Photoshop ones and there are some real ones by the way. The words like we ve talked about, but go there's no one's. They declare. Photoshopped ones
so everything there is conjecture and responsibly NEWS and my point is Fox. I don't know that much better provided a civility. Hey guys. Aren't you know it's civility time were again milk and cookies in reality very time, wonder what how do you know what civility time when there's, at present, we may hear what they want: a no civility party like a democratic presidential, so that a product as a democratic regime instead of a public. Well, it actually stops. It doesn't itself diver, they varying when Germany Syllables, but you know what bench appear couldn't do it left and I speak very quickly. I'm just not as Julie. so let's go to you know what this is so goddamn right now people are caught before we go to the then and now let me first, this is: What matters! I guess it's sort of a pretext when people are talking about civility right now, we'll go to several different officials. Talking about it, but first there's a city
I heard about this Trump accountability project wars. Yet this comes from a yo where she tweeted out. That is anyone having these Trump sick affair. For when they try to downplay or deny their come What city in the future, I foresee decent problem lady of many deleted, tweets writings and photos future nerve and other people. Now, who are archiving any elected officials anyway, petitions any medium? counters, any daughter, don't or anyone who has overall supported the Donald Trump Narrative, so they ve been shit. They literally been created, a less poor, they are creating a list of people to keep track of just for having different opinion from them. They're keeping a list checking it twice, look out boys and girls. This is one Santa whose bursting, through the front door because it's a very area Martha
Whatever happened to fatherless Christmas and fast forward five years. Are you now have you ever been a ashram supporters? Are relevant August is actually, whether God winning and she's like our own them up with our voters socialist led second topic. I mean what pointy said: Braun shirts, right and I love her and already the thing. I think it's funny that people you know won't be responsible for their own comments, like this party, whatever fall between was indicating, unlike that, that's not worth eight would say, don't put us on a list in Color yeah the court. This has ordered a drop in the support, because this is how they lead it and then, of course, now we have always celebrities. We have all these politicians and I can't even run through the list, but pretty much. Ok, look pick any famous celebrity or politician who is against Donald Trump and carbon monoxide Hitler. Yes, they are amongst the people that we are calling for. Civilities border on through the topmost, never one, so that, yes, I would like to call them now.
All right. So let's go to the wonderful, not commander in chief, would like the President elect really hopes president sent some sherry's berries, declare instalments, Hemison, Sorry Argyle, my Joe Biden is now calling for when I say Joe Biden is right now. Gobbling for civility. We may be opponents, but we're not enemies. Were Americans no matter who you voted I am certain one thing that majority. Two hundred fifty men can talk million Americans they wanted. The richer out of our politics, we're, not gonna gleaming white vicious lease. We can agree to be civil
You are certainly not going to get a lot of issues like abortion up until and including after birth Abolition of the second amendment problem. So you say we should all. We should stop the virtual ok, let's go back to bind and then where he called Donald Trump. ugly, folk and also threatened violence against the President designate, a political stance. Like those ugly Phelps over there, they ve been or fair asked me what I like to debate this gentleman I said no, I said if we're in high school I taken behind the German, beat the hell out of them major thine. The bike rex show we don't have Bike Are there any rational? Do he threatened to beat up We have a friend now think about their right to judge the trio politics you friend
to strike the right in the face repeatedly use a bit the hell out of him didn't, say: I'd like to get one shot or given the old one to ride up, and you said I want to beat the hell out of here. A clear lesson was justly come on, She said you have to believe all women in the Joe Biden accusers were probably telling the truth until she needed to know biotic. That's probably because it is not at all a unity behind that time. The gender neutral Jim yeah, that's making of Kemal but don't you don't you love how they said that mispronouncing? What does the exact pronunciation? Is it Kemal Camelot to hear Bala Common or come along because she accused, we're being races for not getting it right either way I get. my name's wrong all the time and they are very white and pretty stupid.
How they had a joke about that once? Did you hear those folks in our polish jobs or new free, so against a divinity? A mile is now calling for healing in our. I see our, maybe maybe not her nation. The essential work to say lives and beat this epidemic too a building, TAT Hoddan. So what works for working, able to root out systemic racism in our justice system and society and measures to combat the climate crisis. night, our country, any heal, the soul of our nation. Well, you have to make any threats of violence are obviously don't take the seriously but figurative. We. I would just like to take the corners of those ass Scots that Ascot bonus texts asking I think that the sole of average yield bungee court, but that, while of course I don't mean it like buying
meant beating the hell out of here. I'm just saying just tighten that if I were the wardrobes house, I just type ass got enough to make her nervous like the right. Maybe a little take account loosened we are voting on. Is that better here's, some tea, there's nothing wrong with that. You got really group. I just want you to live. Looking over. Your shoulder over near thirdly by racial. I turn now but all of them one should encourage protesters to continue burning down. Cities. Are you talking about the the toilet? Please? I don't think we should play the commodity. We have now which one get a skipper beyond the one, with zero Owen. She saw how gas right now that we have not want not mother blowing Willy Brandt Thou know show that must show the one of her then, yes make sure
the one where it so this was her saying healing unity. Another then click, not the Willy Brandt Clip Rancho, which let her career the clip of her encouraging protesters. Yet there now they're not going to stop and that they are not there a movement, I'm telling you they're, not gonna, start and end everyone? Beware, because they're not going to stop It is going to be there not going to stop before election day November and they're not going to stop after election day, and that should be. Everyone should take note of that on both levels. this, isn't it they're not gonna? Let up and they should not. You don't stop it Asta, but don't understand the last part there the protocol at the outset that we are not saying that the city are going to be burned down regardless, because your white, now she had they been theirs. I got up because teeth the plea for they break your shit. It's gonna happen,
what exactly does a man they stop like you'll, stop collaborate now. I dont Calabria not even any lessening you'll stop come at all listen that stuff, but but if they went, should they stop You would think about winning. That's life is like it's like. It's like Elsie, said its entire destruction of western systems, as we know it and white people need to retrain and we need to destroy the breeders right capitalism, and you also see come out here this that really bothers me anytime. You see someone discuss equity, verses, equality in how equity is more desirable, that persons a communist because what can it sound? As if someone you see a lot of pseudo intellectuals? Do let you see like the known Chauncey will read what about equality into an equity equity means forced outcomes for act. When you would be right now, I would force everything
purse, every single person you're gets paid the exact same despite the fact that you don't work. The same ours is way despite the fact that way doesn't have the same experiences as TIM and despite the fact that matters a girl. So the point is Of course, I'm gonna pay, seventy seven to dance, don't get paid. You cannot force inequity you in the two By the way they are mutually exclusive. You understand this equity. If your palace, is favouring equity between all people. Races, creeds Genders Abd Al Dvd Ip. You cannot have equal opportunity now, not because you will preclude people from opportunity, as long as they are perceived as a majority or the peak position of people in power who cannot enforce equity without directly infringing on equality and that
What come Allah Harris is talking about and your house is gonna be burned exactly in. The only way you can get to equity is to take from very successful people and pull them down. That is the only way it does not lift all people up. It pull successful people down here and now. Go to our favorite site. The vagina who speaks Romney. He went on CNN to tell people that he doesn't see any evidence of voter fraud. Any asked people to get behind Joe Biden while he gets in front of a similar Is this Ronnie? Twenty? Twenty four is this? Is this what they said they got? Four, it's always been run at any error. Omni the same Romney The same old Romney, my If you want to know why you want to know why we needed Donald Trump
Mccain Rami. We weren't think there was any one of very tough and you put pale and on a bumper sticker, you thought okay, but can we just going changed? The letter had with making and pale and Romney in Paul Ryan, very boring. Two. During that time, I dont think I ever described Paul Ryan as anything other than a winner, and I am a conservative, I said being counters. Did you combine cutting Canada he's gotta been here? when a little then had handled pictures already. Ninety ex so Romney's that people should get behind Joe Biden and he's been talk now how we need to unify the country and he'll. But here's round me again where what terms a con man in support of cohesion. Is it about plenty of evidence that Mr Drop is a con man. A fake, Mr Tromp has changed. His position is not just over the years, but over the course of the campaign
and on the good work plan daily for three days in a row. What is it, what is it shut up shut up. Why was that that is going to run me. It's not about him. Disagreeing with policy, for example, had crews did take it to Donald Trump and the primary takeovers did on certain issues So you think that maybe you aren't consistent but even accused Donald Trump of the cake. It that's leftist. That's far left shit find a way Basically has its own spot any get any given time he wants on foxes that I point those are. The kinds of conservatives will welcome matter: conservative, who maybe disagrees a Dane Crenshaw, isn't going in his heart, as I would like on the alert she irregularities, but nobody is take cruises going we go into that is going to go into the paint going into the paint getting into the pain. I don't know. I think the point is he's making a go of it. Mitt Romney, do you want a social justice warrior deck as a Republican, the KKK, you know, that's not true.
you know, that's, not your environment, we're talking Mitt Romney about Donald Trump, changing his position! Here's the thing I have more grace for Donald Trump, who Does life is likely a secular new Yorker and then and was surrounded by evangelical Christians who seems to genuinely appreciated by the way now seem to be very loyal to, and that is something that people say: I've ones abandoning Donald Trump. You don't really safe people in his cabinet who arch swamp things rich in spirits. I tend to believe more that Donald Trump, maybe hadn't thought about abortion. A lot and I gave him got criticized him during the primary say: I've thought about these things when you're almost seventy years old, but you can trace it yeah. You know what now. Here's an argument for life- and you can say Ok, you know what I understand that I didn't know that their dna- I didn't know it had its own blood. There's, there's a there's, a flash there's a turning. Romney was pro abortion for decades, while he was still Mormon. So what a shame, but it got together
red telephone in the Temple ring rings. Are you know what you might wanna get right about abortion because you ve been going against my judges digging for a long time I shut up and run for real action in two years: click. What change Mitt Romney! You only change due to political expediency, Donald Trump change, because I think it a change of heart and that is proven by how he got more conservative. Then you state legislatures and more conservative than George W or George H, W on a NASH level- and it's not even close, so don't make central? human being with the k, K, care and here's. Another reason why shouldn't try to be a moderate like Mitt Romney is because the media will use you as a hero or a villain, dependent italian, what's convenient for them that day what they think that you're just gonna, be they think they're gonna get in with the right people, but really there
can be used by them for whatever the place at binders, full of women accused him of being racist inside us manage Rosanna goes announced my trying to do and I'll drop. Rather you stop the turns how about you get off. merry go round of also Take us and Mitt Romney, doesn't want to go silently into the night right he's ready to be relevant, whether its being the heel or being the hero. He doesn't really care as long as they call him to jump on an interview he's happy. That's Mitt, Romney, here's a bit divides Mitt Romney in some ways Mitt Romney still in office. He should meet. It doesn't need. The money now is now serving anybody at this point you he's out of any value. It is Let's go for a seat, that's up for grabs. He comes from a dynasty, a family of wealth and power who always been in politics, go run, a business. Why Mitt Romney just so over to the sunset retires went down with a very large family, beautiful family you do. That
and his dancing horses and he's day is that there is already an Irish did. Did your size, research? That's the run of his horses. I have got yet that decisions on the illicit make rapid. My major here you you be a little a basket or to the alembic Sicily needed about Mitt Romney when met Romney's, only ambassadors to the limits they all removed right, sling from the one which is one of the this Ross, the globe and by the latter enough. You know when the Olympics launch. There were three sports: do not one of the most barely horses, its growing older for crying out loud, so rifling almost and they took private parties, Ryan raised on the drying wrestling captain the Olympics, which, by the way, created the Olympics, but first reason dressage, which endorses gone dance
of minutes earlier to look at the pace of that gallop, that's beautiful towards throw overboard spectator earlier people trading in the Caucasus. Mountains have been wrestling, bears wrestling and against any bears by the thousands and american collegiate RARE those who have nowhere to go not dimension across Japan across Asia across EU wrestling as a support. That's practiced ever we wear round me where were you to try and keep it that it took on it'll, take took two part to start dealing guys with Fox catcher. Another time. Ones don't match up, but the point at research because it is daughters, wife does. Why is why? Yes, I believe it imagine. calling for your champion in the army caught your socks exe
where's my eyes off the figures you can go sideways. Is the Olympic Orton somewhat bring up bring up Alexander Carolina Highlight Wrestling Graham, I was that round these hours wrong is actually worth Robbie. Your horses, suck your horse socks- and here I don't know I didn't say I was gone out sideways, like a bullet high tech. What what was run over like live on. One daddy had had her her knee issue like Runnin sideways and about your horse, looks like an idiot. I think the point it may be that Stephen and I thank you knowledge is cool. Yogi really go with horses Courtney, whereas her horses are actually impress. It was sources more than people. Yes, he does so that being set, That was it Olympic sport and wrestling almost lost?
I believe the original sports were some cat was boxing sometimes striking, sportin resting in pan creation, which was originally Mme, generally, I d really quickly. You know webs track events. difficulties. I really javelin. I also took a long y all things more. Dressage, as well as the gymnastics, what the ribbon thing an ogre what're you doing. What are you doing here? Take it that you take it a birthday rather than yours, but look this. This is a sport. now. This is what the requires far less effort. When you watch this, then dressage look at those guys, if only they were willing to put in the hours to sit on top of dancing horse. I haven't had a crying out loud, get ass, grim, bow, If your dominated Bolivia, at my remit Rami as by the Democrats, hope you enjoy pop figure. nice bottle of wine that you can't drink,
right. Actually, before I move on, we have voting anomalies in Pennsylvania and all this by the way, are not good at what we're gonna go to your chat for those who are most remember. Promo code is still crowded election stream for my club. thirty dollars off until the election is called, and I hope you feel the groundswell and if not, we're, gonna get the pencil ban here, because this is far from over, but also have another wonderful sponsored. Something and you come in black, be actually is sponsor Gabby that, basically, I hope you get the best price on earth still Thomas Finnegan, election correspondent? Far again, oh, let's guinean yeah well, let's do you know what it's not it's, not as a kind of voting its national cup. Get it's not a vote. Count Arizona. That's a terrible briefcase by the way. That's just It's not well, that's not a brief case and its a ballot. He doesn't know Gabby. I can read this so hold that up, so people can see the part about gay
the red we gotta move the paper outlining you gotta run on a Yo Yo governor broke out in front of the number, the attic down or up there's no eager till the camera limit, their quarter, black hair As time is regulation of these Wang lifts? we, the adding red part gallery the breed, the part that matters what is Gabby Thomas Finnegan when you ve had the same car, insurance or homewards insurance for years. Have you kind of get tracked into paying your premiums and not thinking about it? I do that makes it really easy to pay. Maybe I has noted, like Otto pale Right, stop overpaying over your car and homeowners insurance. How do I do that? see about getting a lower rate over the exact same coverage you already have thanks to Gabby. Oh, that's great earners, That's cool that. If what I do, what do I want more we're going out? There is a lot more. I don't Gabby dot com, slash, crowded people go very quietly, get a free quote right, that's correct! That's correct, required
news. Thomas get Gabby takes the pain out of shopping, That's right! That's fine! I hope that what goes and go, I think he got there make use of it. So you may be. There are wonderful sponsor, integrate certainties. You get my rapidly its uprising. If you check it up, like I went, looked insomuch was thing and current journal I should have. I should be paying Canadian Kennedy tickets, yeah out of any tickets are left out of. Speaking to you, I wasn't my omit railway and there is nothing if, if I would have blown a tie, my rental car and spun off in any direction, no one would have been harmed aside in the landscape of Wyoming, which depends where I was a little bit of improvement. A cop pulled me over You know I've told you over and I always I say, no, no. I do not officer now, because I back the blue, but some of them are decks, and I say that I do not
said you were going. Twenty over, I said, doesn't sound like me. Are you sure he said well, it is not so well that's interesting. So why are we going so fast ass to get out of here maybe not the best thing. over the last decade. The last time I got pulled over, I got pulled over by a carpet I was in my underwear because I got dressed in the dark and I couldn't find my parents left without them. I left without a matter, and so I tell I caught, but that's also, I think, put em at ease when I told the officer that had my conceal carry permit, I had my hands attention officer I should let you know that I am a lawful owner. Had I conceal, carry permit butter. I do have a fire. I'm on my person. How would you let me restate he said I could guess I'm afraid you're gonna I was wearing Walter White Briefs. Ok speed spending money, worried or not forget where you're spending it. I sometimes forget that Thomas Finnegan even works here.
Is entirely sure if he is this is this: was the last shot right like this? This is out on our he'll. Get plenty more. Shots are no yes and pictures that I dont want getting out. So I know I work with him. Ok now that makes sense than we all deserve a great job, shootings there'll be the he did. You hear the executing site, I have followed the where we're going that it was ok to be pants when you arrived. Why wasn't going anywhere you're going from morning, DR oh her morning, drivers last Christmas is going for a morning driving with black rifle coffee naked issue, not it has had my whereon that's, it is still not a dirty Childer such a filthy mine, gets married opens the floodgates to sexually. You know what put a day or two dammit. No damage has an endangered species fever all right. Let's get you some of the voting irregularities here and I think we have read the bandit to bring this up. We ve talked about quite a bit.
Can we had Giuliani on and we don't want to sound the alarm when things aren't confirmed or there, for example, since impotent They will only become a hundred votes there. Maybe he doesn't know we ve numbered tens. Thousands already that had been verified and their hundreds of thousands more votes that are potentially compromise, but some new stuff came out today from Pennsylvania. Do it the bandit I reckon abandoned. Are you there, sir yeah? What would you like for me right now, because they most Pennsylvania explained the people this is. petition, William Briggs, and explain what it is that he analyze what he came out with and at that I'll be allocated from Erin kind of explain what those primary but primary blips are so analyze the numbers from Pennsylvania and its also important what he didn't use. So lot of people have been looking at been for law. What comes to these voting totals now? You would probably assume, if you looked at the first stage it
and look Raul numbers from sets of data that we're not you're hurting you probably assume those leading digits, It would be one part of the time and to part of that three part of the time that would be equal rights that you have each leading digit be eleven point, one percent, that's actually not the case. We and you have naturally occurring data. The leading digit is typically smaller regrets billboards law that wine occurs dirty percent of the time to occurs in our little over seventeen percent and when you, denying it only occurs less than five percent of the time? Ok, now why that's important is because when people cook the books or when they make fake results right, they tend to make the numbers. Evenly distributed, but that's not really how they ran away occur. Regiments can bring up the first charge, as he talks about us from William Briggs. In the analysis in what Briggs was saying, is you know? Fine, you know that's a valid critique. You can go through these. These result in find you,
places where it seems a wily been for long. People have done that with election results, but he actually It doesn't even have to be that widespread right been for its law would indicate like a sort of systematic cooking of the books, but he said there too: instances right. Why would I want to be clear about this? For people who don't know the entire state of Pennsylvania flipping for by so, let's be cleared up the entire state of albania- flipping providing can be attributed to two instances in reporting. To this is not including any of this are not even just including potentially dead. People voter rules or any of that right, which is likely. Looked about in Michigan were just talking about from data standpoint, the entire flit two instances and those instances, if I'm not mistaken, right. The first one is at nine p m on election and election night and enraged
and it is very smart. This phone make sure I don't miss speak because I could easily be suit. Nine p dot m election night Trump lost almost ten thousand votes when votes at when ballots were subtracted from three county simultaneously. That we haven't running totals to one is the file here right, nine, M Donald Trump lost ten thousand votes when ballots were subtracted like right in one instance, right ridge, the bandit you that's correct and invite never needs subtracted in reporting. I'm not sure of the reason for that. You know. The supposition is that I can get perhaps say yet you know made an error right and had to correct, but it is strange that you have you. No ten thousand votes subtracted programmes total in one instance Right and the next morning, by all of a sudden, he jumped twenty seven thousand votes in two consecutive voting periods.
You're. Exactly so what you have there and you take ten thousand plus twenty seven thousand, and you got thirty seven thousand right just from these two anomalous bombs in the reporting, one bomb down for Tromp one bump up providing now in this data said combined and ended up, winning or or or leading by a little over them four thousand boats right so that lead would be completely raised if these two anomalous things were indeed some sort of fraud or error. So that's that's right, Briggs was poisoned pointing out these. Is he saying you don't need to have been for its law to necessarily say there's this cooking of the books across the board. That would indicate something much more systematic right out would be. You know a lot more to cover up right right and by AEGIS head these tools tweaks alone, could read the whole state supports it, and if I understand correctly, Briggs is saying that we know what real random listening looks like right, and this looks like people trying to look random. My people are true,
like they're trying to make it look spread out. as actual randomness looked much much more grouped Yankees. Also, just saying that, even if someone is not systematically cooking evokes across the board, it does take much to put the whole state right right, it's it doesn't have to be. We don't have to analyze every single report right. Just these two would be enough to do just these two would be an effect you so much arrives, abandoned appreciate it. You must go now whenever I get. This is including the pull watchers now talk about This is not include to allegations of yet all the votes, that of initiative too late on investigations that there have been an inability number of balance. We don't know if this is true not because I was able to confirm we're. The only thing checked was binding and ass. It was ended and which doesn't really statistically happen. This doesn't include the fact that a record number of me Alan Balanced, despite them being on requested, were accepted at thirty. I'm the rate of all the previous election at many times the writ. If I'm not me,
I think more ballots were rejected. Mail and ballots in California, in the democratic primaries than across the United States has just this enough is enough, These two blips were all of a sudden. Ten thousand votes lost four trump immediately across to counties and next morning, twenty seven thousand, but that's thirty. Seven thousand votes completely unaccounted for this is just eight is a statistical argument, not that Paul watchers needed they're, not that ok, you know what they're ballots that came in, and the Supreme Court obviously has an it's the law that they cannot come and after election. This is something else which is me to be, if anyone says this doesnt worn investigation, I thought you were the party of the Science Andras Department of Science,
and, if you are the Biden campaign right now or that the Biden supporter right now shouldn't you say well we're so confident that our guy one, of course, do it go look at whatever you want right. Do do a little thought: experiment to place candidate, a and candidate, be arrests, and not Donald Trump, and not Joe Biden and have all of these anomalies say it's weird that candidate doesn't have any of these anomalies. Go against him and candidate. Be. Has all of them. Go against him right. Why we need to look into this right. You wouldn't care who they were, who they were side. They were on Ebay like that looks on. We have to look into that, and these are just two things that are publicly available less than a week out. Right from the election, that's it, there's gonna be more, there's go, to be more lesson. We ve talked about there's quite a bit. Obviously you know that Donald Trump they ve that this present I want to make. You have taken legal action in six, I'm not mistaken, you six contested eyes and their confidence all shakes out that they're going to win those states. There is a lot of talk about the trout with talked about was going to talk about Pennsylvania. This is new in Pennsylvania, not dimension.
Arizona not to mention Georgian right. We're not so. This is important to note, This is just all the suddenly statistical anomalies, which we did not discuss with you. When you look at the streams, the last three history that number well over fifty million place. We never mentioned this once this was newly discovered last night this morning and no, has investigated it. So this minute It is pretty confident that, with their their pending lawsuits or litigation in six states that, when it checks out they'll, be the winner so confident, Donald Trump is I believe, he's already actually calling somebody has an answer, dad
believe what you ve got left leg electoral. He led the way that we shall find wearing my day. You know I just did it my way. I wrote a poem.
When will she again, you just scratch my age again at that fail to gag, especially with dirt, now you're dead. I applaud that. I thought my good, but that I'd rather we can just God alone by John waiting close rising. We cannot yet
and that was our shadow because it was close in votes as well. That's why Donald Trump has thirty of those ever recorded. I think that's so, even if you already subscribed to crowded thirty six thirty six, where do we find the collateral he'll get so much energy? media. He just wants to be an artist. I find the time and is not a very cheap and song. You still spends all that. I am. I thought I'd hate, guys Lear and is thank you so much for everyone who has been watching right now we are going to go, take your chat lie or those who are muslim members. A lot of credit accomplished my club for people who don't know about this. This is where we go. We usually send to show we have given a lot of it for free during elections right now to you particularly a forty five minutes right now we're just going to be taken, chat lot of Canada concept Mobile? Have you to thank you not really pissed off
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