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Gaza Christian Hospital Blown Up! Who the Hell Did It?!

2023-10-18 | 🔗
Yesterday Jim Jordan lost the first round of voting for Speaker of the House. Also, it was reported that Brittney Spears had an abortion when she was with Justin Timberlake, who didn’t want her to have the child. And a hospital in Gaza City was bombed, and everyone blamed Israel. We dive into who was really responsible. Tune in.Guest: Nick Di PaoloJoin MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclubWatch the FREE show on MugClub NOW:GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources/NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/Subscribe to my podcast: https://rss.com/podcasts/louder-with-crowder/FOLLOW ME: Website: https://louderwithcrowder.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/scrowder Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowder Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowderofficialMusic by @Pogo
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the a look. But it did that that doesn't help with neck injuries, What are you doing next sore, you didn't lose the bug speak. I just want an excuse to you.
the killer. My gosh, if you see me dead today, like if I'm moving around like Michael kittens batman, it's that we had to raise the modern her because you have other go, let's go to the clip yeah. This really puts you in a neck brace for color it'll it'll go away in a couple of days, but a comment below that is he ever hurt. There are only two ways to hurt your neck. How did you hurt your neck? Wait? What is this We are going to discuss a few things. They look. We have the value with the show. I'm actually really glad that we get to do this you in the morning. Sometimes we get to break news before other people do and then sometimes the evening new cycle, we the value of of hindsight, were able to look at the story as it progressed and say People were wrong about everything you are gas, let you rely too, so we don't have to jump on it and be first, we get to actually attempt to be correct. So we're done with it. I think you can hit the run down there to a man get the Gaza
capitol bombing as it's known, which may not even be a bombing just to be clear. What here's, how you knew it yesterday real bomba Gaza hospital. Now, that's not true. Then you also heard it might have been Hamas and you all sorted that might have been the iron dome and there might have been a portion of the rocket that split off and then you also heard that it may be fire damage of these stories out there until the time minus, certainly convoluted and again to the squad what they talk about it, that you care Jim Jordan is still not speaker. Who really cares will also just in timber like the bombshell that here currently forced to new spheres or pressured her into having an abortion? She was talking about, but kind of, brings up the conversation of of men's rights so that and more gerald a number two. How are you, sir? I am doing very well, sir, better than new neck was it at the very least yeah. Well I mean that's saying something we're getting a volley going and
yeah, when you hear this, is the funniest man alive very happy to have him on my club? You get to watch him monday through thursday, five pm eastern and you can check out those dates at nyc dip, dot com, MR de pollo. How are you, sir good, what happened so cut off. It is yeah and your always do justice to the importance of lyon. With me, my likely can you I can't even check one two: what is this a tandy product that another one of those voice boxes? Yeah? I know that's private, probably just short circuited it. Oh lord! You are here now, yes, terrific! I nick hi, nick the trees, a realistic headphones. Yes, mrs accurate to scale it's like its actual size moment. I want you to do the ear had choose in comic books, actual size, and you go. You put them side by islamic us on actual size. If what I actually said
who was just breathing so low that are rumbled maya. Do you know who it was me? I made my late living these I gotta get you ve got about it. You have a wake up. I don't know what that was. I just lost my breath for a second look at all: it's a sort of like a fat guy, a van by a far bigger bolder before I go to that here. Here's one of the things that people talk to barely possible well now the barely possible with transgender and actually quota. It's a lot of monday through thursday and if at any point you see this while you're watching on youtube, which they had another to Russia, which is probably going to happen very soon repeatedly. yeah, so here's a trans person You ve heard of people being a beard, is a transparent actually trying to hide their beard as opposed to shaving with pounds of makeup right now. I have a
beer, but I have to leave the house today, so this is what does your man extremely? Does its works? Egypt calls has been produced to you all to the magic turtleneck sweater. Obviously this covers up my arms up on. Some people here does not provide a gene, is a bit sweater of those joy and territories once had a tendency to revel. In my case, your hair is renowned. Just gonna go in with his heavy duty orange lagoon with it with heavy coverage over our facial hair on second we're just that night after so he found a nice to look. A little more will be able to see a little beneficial here peeking through the added is this. You can probably never saw that I woke up this morning. Look like ottawa, ass man
we yeah. I can believe that's like that. It was a spray paint. Hair can look so natural. No one can tell yeah ever heard of an epilator, it's just that there is that they want to falsely advertised, but they're lazy just shape. That's right. Just shave deal with the razor bumps like the rest of us woke up. Looking like a man, That's a guy's german, an impression of a woman in women. Don't act that fag Francesca, whatever you do don't buy, although we all it's, ok, youtube rumble, we're fine get off you tube. Let me do my spoken at that time. No one can actually tell it's o you get to declare it. This didn't used to be the case not just before we go to trans. You didn't get to declare yourself beautiful. I'm apparent model, no you're not are and up anywhere. You know you on all those who say like Yeah well, you're. Not so much bombshell betty as you are disgusting,
below the belt, was the that was a caliber from a current or former, and current terroir was a great britain. France and America took a course to Assad. Are you going to hide your penis covers, are sold back to the home of sediment, I don't think of gerald know about it before we move on by the way my heart goes out to Alex Jones, who was supposed to be here yesterday, and he incredibly sick, and then it was for one of those twenty four hour bugs only was about twelve hours. Let me guess what I think, that's real he's any one of these very subtle around the house, and we will call me gerald noses they get nine at night, so he was on his way. Driving to the studio. Guy was a
and then he's been apologizing out of nothing apologize for no one in this industry questions your work ethic he was throwing up violently. Twelve hours in any sort of feeling better still try to make the track, but you ve hurt me about us. He will leave me these voice messages as ex ante debt leave them as though he's talking with someone is actually responding. all the time- and this was the voice mail. He left for me when he was on his way at the count. Please record your message: I clams, We with those
you don't need to narrate it. Yeah feel better camp. A lot of it is eaten clams in texas, yeah yeah. Do you happen to have these people who are friends who they would make me go eat at a at a crab shack chicago I got the best of the best snow crab in chicago, of course, we're getting food, but they fly it in today. They always do it's all frozen, even if you buy it and in in maryland, you're still getting frozen credit. I went to a crab shack in chicago little vietnamese girl scratch for a week and control that morning she was a man They love you a long time. I know a bunch of time on this. I, like Jim Jordan, he lost his first round of voting for the speaker of the house. If so, and by the way you guys get the like button, whatever it helps with a youtube algorithm, because they wanted to think that we're dead the bad, is still ongoing, because we don't know how many rounds are going to be.
You can send your bets into me on axe Well, I guess that's not so much an egg cells is really more atlantic city. Here I pictured a nine year old lady. It man, a flawed who'd have rocked gently exhibited by some teeth in your report Henny slogs you're not going to buy he'll, get there and to implement a zone of us here too, quick updates on Jim Jordan how he lost the first round from the six flags guy with a to pay. The tellers agree in their tallies the total number of votes to one hundred and thirty, two zizi reddened blockers m george higher net received few hundred the animal team, Jeffries or the state of new york, he said the animal two hundred and twelve. He said honorable, I thought he said the animal hooking generally, the majority of the whole number of votes cast by surname. A speakers not been elected all right, so the bet continues. It does
for a while. Do we want to go right now to some of us present by the usa and go for me, these two state solution apparently of shrugged, wear garters greater integration with his neighbors. These attacks only strength, my commitment and determination. To get that can hear your voice. Tell you that turkey will not win unprecedented support package money, money, money, let me address, began, liking for life stands with you It's great. I told the store look at the lower karen vital to others. Thinking of attacking Israel, you don't really prime period. If you don't period, don't send it across the golden, I say that was done emphatically that you said he just at a lapse in memory that to you but he had golden his ear donna termagant mega. Just before the night, three octopus god ass. All she slipped away. up and down? Tell me how bad things were her term of office,
and she looked at me. She said she like a photograph data retention, walk down the hallway my biggest marble floor that's what a liar does not give these details a moral. Moreover term, there is a lie here. The sitting and it was made from you're always made from slab of granite could have an agnes sedimentary course. Coniferous he's dying in front about dying in front of us yeah. This is and by the way we talked about this needle I'd, still love to hear your feedback. I think that the moral for that Israel has a right to do whatever they need to do to defend their country. That doesn't equate to certainly american bodies or sending more money. This, the issue you have you have a country that needs a different. Ok in the face of right, surrounded by people who want to what the muffin
math, but then you have the united states. If, if Israel is that little devil wrecked, the usa is the big devil corner Hamas and hezbollah depending on the day, and we are, we jockey for possession every now and then, but we found all sides of the war. Can we at least agree to stop funding all sides of the war about that haven't money to around liking. It would say the common button there talking about well what was Biden doing in his late twenties early thirties meeting with go them. I did the research can check out there's no way. This is true. This mollies diner angels, guy and Amy's dying already talked about used to go to Amy dyer Einstein every day and it didn't exist. Don't like I used to go to when a permanent trend is that what he forgot to name his daughter, they're here, me under the pope many lives lost, but I was a shops have other work. There was any data have been closed for thirty two years. Talking of a hedge up the whole, I'm you gotta go said. So we need your, don't don't don't we have that
action. Doing either are let's hear about. It was my mother danny state or any other hostile actor thinking about. taking. These are amazed the same as it was a week ago. Don't don't don't you you know why he's repeating that he centre on a sunday morning sure not sixty minutes. Scott Pelee had to finish it. The illegals, don't what don't come over the boy? Don't don't version sentences barely had to walk and throw we're not gonna? Take my advice from walking haircut split speech was maybe ten minutes long. Did you see how he was much stronger than he had his stamina dia hurriedly reduce, can do anything like me in the sack ten minutes. That's why you ve gone generals to journalists. you're, given an idea. How damning a lot of yourself do. We have accidents, letters contracts. We have that this we combine. Yes, yes, all right, so you know what
let's contrast that with what what what is this? Can we get a bunch of other things like this? Is him speaking at a press conference in just it's inside our president, speaking with Benjamin Netanyahu, trying to show support, show american strengthening the job of and here's what he had to say if we combine and listening if you have a problem for our dear from mere drop and you ain't black you know years ago. I asked sectors take with you and are working to send it to write something for them and said that one line that I think is appropriate. He said that is not relieved. manchester were who were taking too much time if you have a problem figuring out what you are familiar from and you ain't black? Alright, we get it. He was going to offer a light of like this is really sweet innocent. This is perfect for them. I get a buy and hold on
at the line, but I arm taken too much time and then unseen and they go to the lady with hairy forearms. I dunno what they're thinking the front and center after the trump interview. She is their main person. She has the gift, that's what pops out of my dad worked at one time. He just walked by a certain amount because he knows she is reforms I just kept walking and all of us go. That is absolutely true. She used to have a youtube row too. She did. She looked at the unit. Brow baby and the simpsons are always era segment as harry for well yeah, but that's more of a it's robin williams harvey foisting are alright or wrong. Let's go you're just this is something that it's cultural, it's its weight. cultural, but here's the thing- and this does bring to light some other issues- that a lot of people sort of gloss over men's rights and by the way, whereas a men's rights people will say they can say this about any anyone right. Oh black lives matter. Our human trans rights, are human rights, any minorities
rights. Are human or that's true, human rights are certain, inalienable rights mean you're endowed with them by ukraine, but we have once set of people as it relates to having children in this country who have no rights. The mother has rights then the child once their born accordance left, has rights, often there does not. So this is a flip side of that, but I do think that It exposes an underbelly that we wanted to know about here. Its owner, a memoir britney spears, we're using the term very loosely who they are yeah memo, our greatest rambling, eighty hiss She talked about how she had to or she was sure to have an abortion at the behest of just and timber like when she didn't want to these fears assuring a painful experience. She's kept private for twenty years. People can come that is a member of the woman in a lot of harm icon reveals got one woman interrupted timbale. She became pregnant does it had an abortion and the spears were at ten belay quote: Finally, was unhappy about the pregnancy. He said we weren't ready
have a baby and our lives that we will wait, too young. Even worse, joyful tone pushed her down the stairs. Now, that's, oh so lifetime movie, she said if it had been left up to me alone. I never would have done it and yet justin was so sure he didn't want to be a father at the time he was eighteen. She was seventeen and Well, don't women's rights, but actually this is something we get exclusive here. He was india. Yoga supported my club with marcobrunner cover with obtained exclusive audio of the physician. We warn you that it may be disturbing to some of yours, the to be clear that If was not accredited doktor likes of nigga, yes It's not a pivotal realized, but she came up with the sun oops. I did it again in the waiting room
in parenthood, analyses that we share, and that was sherry shepherd with an assurance shepherd I'm. So I can please that's easy to comes that's why the way she's dead by the way cherish epilogue written at least we have you actually she's die Don't ask me how why why, following you, you guys say, don't ask me how I haven't had a real cackling whores ad infinitum, but here's the rope next go ahead. Alright, do you have inside you have the inside out? I really do I just gotta, don't think she looks healthy know. I know. There's a theory online look. You guys read about em k, alter and all that shit josie disney. She's a you know what right the disney club and all that is needed. They sunk their teeth into a lot of those people like she's, one of them and I'm not going to saying there's a there's, a theory online. These people have time to follow it around like you, and I half the videos you see today are not her.
They're not hurt she's been dead for a while mickey mouse club ultra online. Don't take my word for it. Take the idiots online for it yeah telling your research get out. I am telling you, I know the theory to look it up myself. I had to cut the granted. I have I've spent time. Looking at the theory, and now I don't buy it. I do think there could be some videos that maybe our her, but I want that that she's jumped from he's got that we can do about it. You got a hit, I a different stage of grieving. I guess I'm telling you I'm telling you she's gone, so this does bring up the issue of people's comments to our goals. Discuss men's, I love that we started with definitively she's absolutely dead, like that. I dunno I'd rather know I absolutely not. I don't, but just go online. You sound like an old net zero commercial yeah. I need to go online sometimes, but I don't have the money in at zero
others don't show. Even your conservative all crusty people out there, like myself, are going to back me on this. Ok, I'm telling you what you guys. You can follow him and let us how come at below it. I'm comment if you're here in real time hit the like button. If you watch and not to let us know, however many thousands of life we see, means that you believe me and maybe an mma club will go into that theory. Little do you want to see a couple examples like she put a picture up over a year ago, her at her wedding that sam would have a guy and she's. these famous people, actor, jennifer, innocence and madonna and her hand is sinking into the Madonna street. You could tell us pixelate it could because madonna is basically zip ties and plato much de right, yeah. Maybe Madame madonna thing not tell you, I'm tellin, you look like
and the broad yeah nah. This definitely is he dreamt it. He was telling us that mushrooms put this does bring us, your people talk and they get horrified they go. Oh, I can't believe that justin timberlake would do by the way think that's a crab move to pressure from the worse now. That being said, on the flip side- and this is something that a lot of people have dismissed when people are discussing matter, It's a lot of men who no legal recourse if there in a consensual relationship summit and the one becomes, and he wants to raise the child, as happens all the time. This is one thing that a lot of you don't and all the references are available. Let us cut it out come first. Law does not require a spouses consent for an abortion at all or even letting them know in some states considered unconstitutional but then you have on the flip side. So in other words a man could say: ok, look we want, have the child or you don't even want to have a child, but I will raise a child that is that is my That is my dna right. That is my air. That is my lineage. I want this boy girl, whatever no say. We may not even tell him and then
It's a child is born. Ok, he has to pay yes, sir. in the light and pick out, but I'm not so that you shouldn't support the child on the flip side of that, though, Is we have a lot of men or thing I'll pay, double the state child support? but I need to needed to see that's going to the child, not to the mom. So there everyone this equation has rights, except for the father. the child red men are effect be relegated to being walking sperm donors and wallets, and so we can just look at and get horrified say I can play the jet. What amounts are just in timber like, but I would also said a woman who simply go. An abort child that is half that father without letting them know unilaterally is equally monstrous. I gotta tell you guys is chosen. Trimly dead, I wish we had. I jones we no word would be on my side telling you so call I see I read, I think he did it We're dealing by we talk about child support principle. Ninety one point: two percent of the recipients are mother
right mothers are the custodial parent, eighty percent of times, but the fact that a child abuse takes place degree in single mother, households. Ninety eight percent, people in a country receive alimony women. So this is the issue that I'm talking about here is when you look at this that young men don't want to get married its beak. As they have been relegated to the role of being a sperm donor and a wallet, and that is a problem for women, because a lot of women are seeing their no man in this generation who want to marry them and the abortion issue really does highlighted. Oh no vagina, no opinion that doesn't even work anymore because you have that barely possible covering up his moustache. There's no vagina there, but I guess it are allowed to have an opinion. Why is the father of the child not allowed to have an opinion outside of paying money? I mean. That's, that's gotta, be a full experience for gas, because you- and I were talking about this- you ve made the decision to have sex, so there The decision point was further back along with a malign nice. You make the decision to have set their go another cheek. Well? Let's assume that she did robin of argument. Brittany consent is yes,
choose to have sex and then a pregnancy occurs and you're you're completely pro life right, This person chooses to go a different direction like that's, that's a a huge loss. That's one of the things about having abortion for convenience. Yet society has to kind of forested on us a bit that call the situation where nobody went the mom later on down the line, most likely will anxious, rightly issues. This is just another demonizing of the man where it's easier to do, but no one actually talks about the the these data. the core problem in this country. These are not being made as parenting decisions as far as it deals with abortion, as far as how it deals with raising children right now in this country of a legal system that lie dismiss folks out there who are quote unquote: red pillar men's rights activists, but hey there is also discussed the draft which could happen really quickly. You saw what happened with Israel right and right now. I have a recruitment problem, so matter eligible for the draft, ok and then I have no saying what happens to their children. Okay, everyone has rights in this equation, except for the father, and I'm just letting you know out there. There are a lot of dads who feel like now
I'm nothing more than a wallet must firmly sperm, and that is not a good place to be. As as western society, and you know what else this is everyone else across the world. They look at the western and they laugh at us. This is where they do laugh at us. This is where they have a point gender bending issue, we screwed up submission here. We definitely have. We need to take some within its recent to be some culpability or sperm, don't nip yep. I indicators are described it every John, Why don't? They have so many people who are dead in the morning and this year, and certainly not just like we have met the file is wrapped up in the morning telling you Alex. He'll back me up a thousand but yeah. We should have seen the warning signs with that with chris Crocker, but like oh, this is going to everyone's going to be that mentally unstable right now. think it's funny viral video pretty soon claiming to be women in covering up their mustache with which can sealer aright. So this
access to the story from s right now: Israel, Gaza, at the hospital, but shouting I do this I didn't go. This is what you get, can cuss right from the made it there is so much misinformation and by the way I will say, on both sides, but but securing the misinformation coming from Hamas and the mainstream media. I don't take the idea s word for it by what military operations need to sometimes be covered, they need to sometimes misdirect. That's not the as the media reporting something with no letting whatsoever. So when you see these stories, we will walk you through the timeline, because I want you to experience it in real time, as we were kind of experiencing this yesterday. There were so many different stories, so many different theories, it's hard to parse truth from fiction. So if you were watching let's, let's start with this marley was dead then with, if you're, watching the news yesterday right late. early evening. I just after dinner time right, you probably heard that Israel blew up.
hospital now this is not. We know beyond any shadow of a doubt, because this is not true now, but there have been three or four different stories reported since then, My question to you is what happens to someone who just sees the nightly news, it six thirty seven and then turns out You have people walking around right now, right now, it's ten thirty eastern. Who still believe what they watch last night threat all the mainstream media that Israel blew up a hospital in Gaza, the breaking news, the devastating seen out of Gaza, where palestinian authority say at least five hundred people were killed. I was sitting in health if there. What do you say? The hospital was struck by an israeli attack
but all in Gaza city and the northern end of gauze slender man in ages, rigs from an israeli air through Hell spear look, as you know, this trend escape his eyebrows. Three hundred people have been killed: myers of age, the Gaza health ministry. The death toll in the aftermath of an israeli, what's believed to be an israeli ass strike force, deplore that hospital more than five hundred people, dead, ok! So then, let's go to about eight or nine thirty local, nine thirty pm tweets lines all over, blaming Israel or the strike right so of writers. We have rules, we have Jackson Henkel, we writers, how can you bring up a closer look where Israel, from the national arab hospital in Gaza. There are reportedly dozens of dead and wounded. Why is the media ignoring us, as we just saw they weren't ignoring? This is what they do. What they blame they blame you, of doing what it has accepted that there doing it someone's gonna want one bright, but was a first go to highlight it wasn't just influencers rashid play
where the squad right tweeted this at ninety six p m. The timing matters the tongue. matters and you'll see why Israel just bombed the baptist hospital killing. I've hundred palestinians, doctors, children, patients, just like that president, in a protest, This is what happens when you refuse to facilitate a ceasefire and help de escalate nuclear about system. Gonna say this proves that the Jews don't run the media. That's a good point. There. economy rights. Said mister MC, but she immediately went to and everybody went to this line women children because her glance showed heart strings of every single person, as this goes on. I hope that pisses you off a little bit more as you find out the truth of the story as we go. Yes, because, like we talked about as it related to covet it's not. This is what now at the time, and you have to go back and say: was there their information did it exists. that time and you ignored it anyway, for example, was or other information. That said, the Vaccines won't chile immunize you against contracting the virus? Yes, it did exist
Was there other information at that time? That said, lockdown stuart. Yes, that exists that you chose to ignore it, There are people who continued to cover story after at least part of the truth emerged, indicate that it was not israel hoof, five on hospital. That did not happen. We don't know all the details, but we do know that that is a lie and that lie came from pro islamic terrorist sympathisers Al Jazeera just to be clear and it was taken hook line and simply just so that number govern dozens. Two five hundred, span of an hour and by the way this we can go to then tribes response. Member of a squad threat to the well secured a united states of america, and I said about a hint of hyperbole. It echoed What a o c said. I believe this was yesterday about. I think this is the cliff the cease fire that went by and I think that position from Israel's perspective is that there was already an attack and Hamas already committed and attack. After that happened Do you really believe that they should not respond to that? I think what is
in terms of MR bot is Israel does have a right to to self defence. I ordered a pina calot about couple minutes ago situation dinghies if collective punishment qualifies as defence. Yes, it does. Yes, it does But what do you think defences? running save the dates. This is a I'm going after all of the citizens. Now, as this is then going after mass, but that they themselves that doesn't rashid its labour and eleanor the collective. They want you to believe that look too we're getting women and children as Hamas does, as these palestinian terrorist organizations do is now the same as you violence to protect your women and children I can use, Under rape, I can use a gun to stop a rate. That is that I can use a bomb to kill women and children, or I can use a bomb to stop the killing of women and children. It is that is productive. Sure, I'm fine with now during these initial reports, just to be clear all that information that you saw when the main tribute it came from court of what the palestinian governance what they said
you know that means meeting, and this is at the same time the idea to haunt we are investigating. This did not come from us. You have a deal the palestinian government, means you meet us next. I need some us. They didn't put that on the lower third that it was a Hamas says. They said palestinian government, hoping that you would make the connection the right Hamas mosque, giving us all of this information, that's false. By the way, the minute the sun comes up, You're out its false hear about it just so. You know, because we will say below not one voted for Hamas. It's not like a parliamentary system like all hamas. How many seats do we have when we have a veto? Power is often know Hamas. These days. Gadhia here go to nine thirty p m can determine timing. The idea issued a report blaming Hamas kay. And they were saying look. You can't just follow these tweets and just take them without any any kind of a critical right and kept blaming Israel, no matter what they said. They didn't have all of the information, but they did say this was not we do. This was not one of our shrikes but ill on omar after that, a ten twelve, p m on x still axed out we're not say tweet anymore body.
The hospital is among the greatest of war crimes. The idea of reportedly blowing up one of the few places the injured and wounded can seek medical treatment and shelter during a war is horrific. President needs to push for an immediate ceasefire to end this slaughter. Russia today had up there more than five hundred. But died in the eye hospital missile strike in Gaza with about six hundred more injured? What and this media report was citing the gods and health ministry, now here you even have the bbc. By the way, a ten o eight p m on air and again, look, let's just say at this point in time says: one thing idea says the other. You dont like Israel, but you do have to agree it. It's a fifty. Fifty split I would argue. This is just a matter of opinion that has a history of being slightly more dishonest. That's me after traditional, so at ten o eight pm, the bbc preemptively discredit. The idea of reports live on air. The israeli military has been contacted for comment and they have said they are investigating, but I
it is hard to see what else this could be. Really, given the size of the explosion other than israeli air strike or several ass strikes, because When we seen rockets being filed out of Gaza, we, see explosions of scale. We might see half a dozen maybe a few other be reporting dialed in such rocket attacks, but we, never seen anything on the scale of this The of explosion on the video I was watching earlier at which, as you say, is still to be verified. This is what I call the feminist defence where so you know they'll be going to world starting a guy and then, as you can't you, you know, you can't defend yourself against won't. You weren't hit a guy with glass which he's inside there may well wish and even though the saying that it wasn't in fact them Hamas sucks. So bad has Why you know they could have been set to this kind of governance? That really I mean they fall rockets up when the cell brightened. They have no idea what to do and they found
we think the homeless, the helpless they. What the french call lifecycle portal Well, gotta say that Israel were going to blame the Jews mate yeah. Well, look I I want to. I want to be clear: the the reason that we cited russia today and the bbc is because these are the people like algeria Oh come up next right, we ve got them youngest as well. That is the point Speaking to these, the middle east, there speaking to europe, their speaking to the people in the region, to get them going on this right, where it's not as western media like us saying the wrong thing, which there's still right now on cnn by indonesia, after devastating blasted gaza hospital, it blew up cars in a parking. What are we haven't gotten there? I know I'm just saying that's another thing you may not know the devastation is not what they claimed we get to the peoples. that's so bad, it was self inflicted force. There is video just because exactly who was firing. We don't know exactly the intent, but we do know that it was self inflicted at this point. we do know that it was not nearly as damaging as the initial report to the initial report was. Fat was dozens, but then five,
because of Israel in this massive bombing. Both of those are untrue now to vote and to work towards a vesper of course, was a founder cubs ever see what they do in vietnam, with those pits they have like a whole entire family in a coop of chickens going uphill. So at ten fifty seven p m. Israel and they provided video? And this is, they have to provide video because I won't be believed. They provided cnn with the evans The bombing was a failed rocket launch by and I This sounds very generic because when I say palestinian, islamic jihad, that's actually the organization it's like was it president select. version of terror. It is yes, it's brand. Add terrorism, yeah do like you're all islamic jihad, you can't just. a regional title, so Israel, provided this evidence of the bombing was failed by that organization and here's it's a low quality clip, but we'll give you some more evidence after this was provided, but the important fact that I can say now
The first time on cnn is that we did not strike that and that the intelligence that we have suggests that it was a failed rocket launch by the islamic jihad. There you go there was a rocket the fact that its unseen and gives it some credibility, but people is going to there it is israeli guide, is lying you gonna hear written but It's not a real, far leaked to think that there is limited and the mass is trying to do a rocket mary hospital because they use them. This was a human shield right, not a real stretch. Exactly right, that's funny was announced an income. It's your friends of the Josh. We have We I thought we were talking with the bbc guy. You actually mean a real person who did twenty one months in an afghanistan. I thank you for your service and he's like he said you don't see any incoming they're, not that you'd see a lady separate, but that's kind of a good point. Isn't it yeah? It is audibly. It's odd. To think of our script, be something else. It's odd to think of how
this instability units in palestine, they killed by anyone other than hamas soy, audio, it's hard to think it's the most logical conclusion, as happens all the time Emma guys- and this is no by the way, this is something that happens everywhere. It's it's universal right. People are driven by ego. Everyone plays the blame game, they do it in the west, they do it in the east. They even do it hear me off. It has been a problem all morning. No one wants to take and accountability are the stone. the someone set off a bomb in there. Wasn't me. I know it. Wasn't me: the EU chair all day, with these
ask me enjoying that's: that's like you want to do, starbucks. I just I just cut the checks, so Let me give you some some more information here. Ok, the following information. Just like that, all the references are made available letter with come lincoln the description, it's all from open source intelligence. I think the countess o s- I ain t, I believe, on x, and This has been by the way, a supplemented by israeli media as well, and the idea, because we already provided you with the intel from both from Hamas, and the islamic jihadis bbc, but I repeat myself. So Here's another video that shows a non israeli rocket was intercepted, or it may or most likely is most likely failed. There's an argument may that this probably wasn't intercepted because of how close it was still to palestine what about territory
but near the vicinity here, this video is very close to the hospital in question, they see something looks like it failed their mistake. It fail there then they pan out and then and then it looks like it looks like a cluster bomb at that point in the an alternate angle from my is Israel. So I guess it's up: cosette cash, it Another singer said thrush, it's the the new state. She brushed her teeth with a bottle of jack cheese is a ring. Doorbell yeah you'll notice, the white robber guess so this was released this morning. This is twelve camera. There's a camera situated in the city of Nettie vote in view of the vote as a strip, you see the time stamp on this? It six fifty nine- and this is what it happens. We can plan press play on that and you can see very
early again. This is channel twelve camera you can show that we can see the rockets. This is the left red stamp, fired where the hospital which has the right and you can see the blast. So that is proof of the fact that it came from the Gaza strip, though very go you see that now, don't believe your line, eyes and ears, and by what agitate, I will say he reached out he treated me acts may look. I don't want to because it was pretty respectful and actually hear some points in its criticisms that I think are misguided, but valid I would like to invite him on the show, but he was arguing that Hamas and a lot of people make this argument. They then have a powerful enough military. They dont have it. Kind of artillery yeah so Andrew that Israel admitted it now. I don't know if that's coming from hamas rockets are not that powerful. and the servants of the bet that A deficit beneficence is that what is no beneficiary vanessa The gods beneficence got nervous and are they who walk on the earth in humbleness admit iran. Thousands of children dying is peace where
a conversation and here's an interesting defence here. They use this all the time. It's it couldn't have been us because we sucks so badly. You sure you want to go with that events. It couldn't win us. What, because about what we do, we couldn't well the rocket we could climb. We don't have tinker toys and, by the way, it's believable, because you have had the weapons you in the west would likely assume that they wouldn't even able to fire it. Where did bob was hub? So my point is it's a convincing argument, but it doesn't mean that it's real is this is this? Is the funniest thing for me? Is that you're trying to strike fear in the heart of your mortal enemy and think we're going to wipe you off the face of the earth border very good? do this. We are going to bring to you the black death, but do you know
That means we'll get up around nourish. I don't see how maybe over a mile away. Yes, we have a few sparks. That's why I don't go to firing ranges anymore, because the guy next to me all the time asked who looks at you, and you just hear the theme from homeland you're going to get out of here by the way- and I agree Andrew tate has a point on some of the courtesies. How can we add that? Can people bring that up for me, the criticisms from our show yesterday, but about islam, but by the way in his tweet. I, the last thing in the world that I would think of when I think of agitate is humility. Have some issues with you, sir well, but that's peaceful and its various just like come on you're putting your korea vs about humility, you who you are right, but, yes, the other, like nine you're about to say, somethin era, I'm just saying when you blow up up if you get a gas station with a missile, even a crappy one yeah huge explosion in america when argot. What does the quality of the gas station have to do?
well you're, not listening a man of the cloth, the backside of your ears, that was their plan all along ten times harder than a friggin target store. We launched it wasn't even the oxygen tanks didn't even have a lead, it needs premium, dude by the way. Thank you for shit. Another great concern about the way almost does have not just but Hamas but palestinian islamic jihad, dont confuse the two because a very different they do have rockets. That cable. You are to believe them. Why? Because they claimed it, and they showed us good point at low firework that could real, it could be some stuff. Perform red tape in hair dye? But the point is: I'm not taking them at their word and just as as a small side agitate did he talked about yesterday we had a segment on the show mug club, specifically
the corresponding incompatible with the council. Vision, western values and, I will say, entertain at a vow criticism, saying yes, that islam does not tolerate the current state of the united states. Now I've sent us- and that is true about the koran and islam that toting drag queen story? Our I get it. You have a point. Let's move interpretation of what we were discussing. What I was saying was at the koran is incompatible with the first amendment. So not what you're living out in the united states today, which I read. I dont want to export this culture right now. american culture was a great thing to bring two someone in about freedom right, when we were a judeo christian nations, that's a valid point from andrew take. What I am saying is go back to the founders and the koran It is certainly not compatible with the first amendment with this at the moment. You think jews and christians are going to be allowed to have guns under sharia law or not. They have a curfew, demeter nepal tax, so I just want to be clear this- isn't there is one that a lot of people make we're going to western world today there is
To that end, we need an entire segment on it for the first time we are on the wrong side. Morally, culturally of history that has I wonder what the koran being incompatible with the founding document. And enemy for entered, it was very, was pretty respectful I'd love to have him on it, If you would like to know what kind of mist each other as it can be a lot more directive than the terrorist. Who was on our morgan. Well, there's a group guess she didn't see queers for hamas. Did you see that otto areas unbelievably unbelieving a black article, seven we have learnt that you guys have any idea? How do they want to have it both ways? A good hamas wooden tolerate directly story are ok, I get it. but you also shouldn't just be throwing gay people off of rooftops. There's a there's, a split the different they were. They could fly their testing. The theory us exactly haven't found him yet just club the fairy
live shall send it. The like, but if you would like to see up you know, I mean oppression, the tape, let us have a conversation and nodded again. I dont want this to be one of those. You know now, rama click paintings. Now he was respect for this agreement. I think is criticism is valid. Think it was mr erected, because that's not the point that we are making, let's go back to this here, Some here with some other evidence which I think Gerald was really not upset about, but you ve got, was pivotal in a lot of political and now upset. Yes, yes, now upset there, there's plenty of news, footage and images that show that the damage was actually very minimal day. There's drawn footage? Now? Yes, this comes from the idea, but again to corroborate some of those other pictures there, so it should be the ep is corroborating. The assent is just like this is what publicly available is not right for civic account that's ocean on their them. There may be one of those, but it's like all of these different accounts out there saying wait a minute we have areas. footage now of the hospital that was supposed to be bombed, that five or six hundred people are exposed to die and accept the hospital still standing, and it looks like five key is:
up in the parking lot and then idea comes out and kind of corroborates that. So that's what we're here right now, talks on you, I'm a hundred men off now, here is that the footage that shows and more will point out here the hospital but show the footage. So so writer that shows an extra bicycle for and after so there's a hospital compound or hospital compound. There's a mark on the buildings next to the cars aren't even blown apart. There's the site of the fire you gotta be kidding, I'm not kidding the ridiculous hospital parking lot, the side of the fire. Now a lot of people in those cars I mean people could have died, yes, but of course people could have died, but the idea of getting the first story that you heard was Israel, a hospital and killed five hundred people, six hundred more injured that The story that you heard at the very least. We know that that death toll is inflated. At the very least, we know that it was not a rocket fired by Israel and it seems the hospital
may not have actually incurred that much damage it didn't the windows got blown out and by the way, if you're hamas in hard to believe that, in other words, if you dont trust a source, the others are here a few. The footage right now has been shown to have shown no videos of hospital on fire hospital building images and minor damage from a blast that happen near it. Windows one out stuff like that. That happens right assume that didn't, kill five or six hundred people. Hamas. Can you let us know, because five, five or six hundred people on environment Hamas, its ability, I didn't want them in the shower. I understand that's fine. We don't want you on the show Hamas, maybe just tell cnn, maybe facetime or skype get it. I don't want them in the studio, but here's here's one of the biggest problems that I have with this. The jig is up while moment the sun comes up and you see the hospital still there. They don't care and we'll get to work. they don't care. This is a little bit to take us. There are consequences to propaganda. That's the reason for propaganda and those consequences involved. People being hurt. This couldn't be coming at a worse time in history with the evolution of a. I asked
undermining it s really hard to believe what you see. Everybody's everybody's trust know I know guy, I know somebody who's towards disney. They have technology. britney's, pierce god. I wish I would have his fingers I have to acknowledge that they ve been hiding. That's so good. That would freak us out. As far as making movies I couldn't come at a worse time. It seems, like it's a perfect storm of world war like then, you have to go. It's ok. What are they not providing? You know to disabuse, even ocean? Why is the israeli islamic jihad are passed? It sorry
I was standing and islamic jihad. Why are they not counterbalancing what the idea has released or counterbalancing? What the international and tell this committee has releasing now. Here is the hospital on fire and I wouldn't put a passage to light there on hospital on fires if they would eventually have proven that would have to submit right now say at this moment, right now house to vote on speakers. Mideast reels from hospital strike there's still running at cairo. That makes it sound, like somebody bond a horizon which right not happen that we know only person that would bother hospital in Gaza to most of the world is who Israel? That's the only that's it's the implication or current scenario, of a logical conclusion that the baby certainly still running that what it should say right now is house to vote on speaker as mideast finds out. It was all a sham, a car or a car. Got blown up. Maybe somebody did get killed. That's a tragedy! I understand that. But story is still being pushed out there as
There's something nefarious going on from Israel to this hospital or that five or six out of people, potentially that the middle east is really about the medici waking up in finding out it was. It was guph was a hoax, no They launched a rocketed veiled, don't just Donald trump is present in the world today and found out that Hamas lying ass old. Isn't that right? When I should, I know I've been alarmed by the Jews. That's failing this, could you believe it? I said? Yes, I say I say it all the time I say. Of course, I can believe it I'm a dumb ass, but that's what they do, not the jews. They don't bomb the hospitals, maybe the machine, maybe they bombed if you weren't getting into the media- and this is why this matters- because some of us- and this is why we tried to provide this show for you and by the way none of this happens without your support, my club lot of credit comes last month. You get an expulsion relay expulsion everyday, Alex Jones on friday, when he's not throwing up we'll do another. Forty, minutes our show here today. The above
cowan large ones. All of that, but we stay. the top topless so that you don't have to- and this is one thing that I talk about quite a bit a lot of people in the media. They either think you're, an idiot which is silly. I don't know why so many people reveal their audience like cnn, does they assume that you have the time To devote to this like this is our full time job in I interpretation it is you're you're, smart person. watching listening right. You could be a surgeon and you don't have a out at night to follow the story along, especially if you're hospitals being blown up. Yes, exactly especially if you're working a double forget about it, unless you're a nurse during koba, then you have nothing to do but dance. So that's so we try to put this. together for you, because you have to also take into consideration of their people who tuned in to the news last night, but seven o clock and they still walking around right now, encina by the way is doing everything they can who continue the lies and agreed upon lie. Someone could still think that, oh, my god
Israel bombed hospital, targeted women and children there? No better than hamas create a false equivalency and that can shape their opinion on the conflict moving forward. That's why The timeline matters. That's why accuracy matters if you are turning into the media yesterday before we actually have, but the truth. I guess it was as off here in layers. You would believe that Israel definite blubber children's hospital in Gaza that hundreds reconfirmed dead that there hundreds more who were injured. Yes, that's right about this hospital and that The international community was turning a blind eye. which is kind of funny when they so that the international aid is turning a blind eye, while they are discussing it, where none of that information was correct, that information was coming from us. The truth is that we know that the the rocket was fired from within Gaza failed landed. In gaza may not have had a hospital just to be clear. Moray I've had a parking lot and have been corroborated by the international intelligence community, not just the idea. Don't
I believe the first report- and it is your job to inform people who do if you know better, sure they know better. Here when talking about it at lunch. I did you see that Israel, by none other than another, now islamic jihad via Iraq, it misfire to hit the parking lot and we don't know the death toll, but it certainly isn't three hundred two hundred five hundred six hundred. None of that and if you work with swatted down palestinians quit or what? But let me push back You say that right, where we have footage of the hospital still standing couple burnt. Cars what do you say to the people say? How do you know? That's real, not well! That's what I ve learned that's what I said about that specific footage. We do know the rocket was definitely fired from within Gaza. We have more footage too. I just don't have any send it into us obvious chosen not to bring it. We don't have anything from Hamas or sorry. We don't have anything from the palestinian government refuting the idea. In other words, the best thing they could do right now is going to look here's one spittle and ashes there. That doesn't exist. As far as I know, what what
You said it wasn't idea who corroborated you sit in that and either is actually an unbiased, pretty good up twitter profile with us. Our necks out o sent not an undeniable think o since the account. I think it's worth something tells what it more monitors and the like that, but be warmonger about the very close, and yet it s rather thing. It will open source intelligence that idea, yes, opensource, that use opensource until it erect. Yet that's just a bunch of people on the ground, reporters other people putting out an information, and then you have the official sources from eighty f, the common in back that up- or you know corroborate, with, what's being set it up. Is that the problem, too, is what it created. Yes, what it in an insane and gonna glaze over that they didn't eleven on protests that there is something going on. They showed some something on fire right now, but what happened the entire middle east, at nine o clock, went in same yes thinking Israel, just a hospital in gaza and killed five or six hundred people vic the the iraqi,
and had started to kind of slowly back away, knowing that the united states had sent a carrier that another carry on the way reels going crazy there absolutely not going to pull back in iran was like. Oh, maybe we don't really want this fight right now, because we'll lose, and Hamas is basically thinking. Okay. Well, what What do we do with historic now that we now that we see that it did hit close to a hospital The same media, by the way who said the donald trump was so irresponsible that huh by nine eleven to write january six, this what happens when you cover you had not wall. The wall covered, saying that Israel bombed a hospital targeting women and children are the only consequence. Is that not worsen make your voice is heard peacefully in patriotically. Think about that for a second. Why are you not the same stated, so you just talk people losing their mind after the initial protest. Now a thought, the cooler heads to prevail. There was a large group, you know, let's just go straight to the montage or a bunch of protests, and there were, as they were
what s in jordan, the bait, the big one was the israeli embassy in Jordan, iraq, turkey, lebanon, this, happening based on irrefutable false reporting the the yeah
this is embassy which, by the way, the first one was the Israel embassy in Jordan. Discusses? U S, embassies, I think the rest, the markets, shield, nevada markets. I now well us as well as well about robin candles. Maybe they're right there are have equipment. Have you met my friend me the journey bob that anymore, so black cats do it doesn't make any anymore. Kids were blowing up pipes, we have blankets, we are. The visitors were the ones that liked the cut of like a. We have sparklers a n changes. Because the boy disappointed I mean be easy to manipulate those manipulate there they're little emotional little emotional, with religious lots. Yes, I mean we would be very easy to manipulate them. They don't want to know the truth. They blinded by religion,
start, not look at me. I know they're, just looking for a reason to go and protests are looking for a reason to do this. It has very real consequences suggests not only in the protests that we saw last night but think about all of the recruitment videos. If, if they're good at one thing, yes he's going about china signing up basically to be a human bomb right. They gotta have pretty good getting to get people to certain after they are? What I took them. Call me a reverse mortgage. Look look if I thought This girl, I wouldn't be here. I would have done it myself at sight of my parents do basis. went on Venezuela. Gonna use all this cottage please This sort of world said this. There never gonna run the correction of the story there, is useless. It wasn't just last night and it had bigger consequences with a plan summit. Yes, king Abdullah, the second of Jordan. I love that title.
it's like the iron sheikh, isn't satirizes job we're all me, so he called off. Some of them are scheduled today with former vice president Biden, the present of egypt and the palestinian people. It was called us was called offers. ultimate reporting as a result of the united states, at least our governments and yet does seem upon assessment that this was actually a failed missile junk mail rocket, launching from your own people and the EU by the way are going to vote today on a resolution and just to be clear for cease fire in the conflict. I have said this time and time again, calling for a cease fire after the kidnapping raping murdering decapitation of innocent people calling for the current of unfettered terrorism. Once people have been terrorize, you don't get too all a ceasefire before justice. the
the, the cease fire cease. Everyone calm down a ceasefire gone down guys I smell Emmy ask about the very least an empty, these greatest kiss, a work of erasmus. They still do nickelodeon, slime ones, probable, I'd like to I'd like to get one of those now. So that's so we covered everything that we know at this point in common, but did you have some information that was wrong. That was false. Did you get sucked into revenue line up? Where were you line up in this conflict and by the way they are reasonable discussions to be had as far as funding? I dont like this Ass one american body right correct what
last year, and I don't to that. We should be funding both sides of the war, and that is not an anti semitic view, but that a separate- and apart from the moral stance of israel apps, we have a right to defend themselves, calling for a cease fire at this point I would argue, is evil get that sometimes the idea of peace is evil, just peace, a chance work more hold on hold on what. and children raped market like there's a reason that we all the ones but we can all agree all these. All these epidemic religion, people say no. I discuss the differences. Yesterday, Islam, judaism christian, we do willie that justice is important and certainly as relation governing society. We can all find common ground on that and there is no judeo christian, system of justice that involves people committed. ass, murdered, getting off the hook completely? Unfettered there's no appeasing a terrorist and hamas One piece you can have a one sided negotiation, browbeat, Israel and a kind of having a peace where they just have to wait to get attacked again before they can defend themselves. They dont want peace, stop talking about. Hey, let's just have peace in the region,
No, I was ass different than nazis of the third world. Big difference, others in the date hide it, that's it. knowledge? I say like now. Look look. This is friends if it's just taking a shower, it's true, that's all! I don't love them we are a little nazis I call you a nazi. You know what I'm saying: I'm not I'm not a nazi over here, not guy, you don't know anything about that. They're, not no. I dunno what they're talking about the real nazis trump, diego wait, a second, I just want to, because I want to kill all the jews. I say it, I do it I wake up is the first thing I think about is the last thing I think about it. how about another. He doesn't know what he's talking about just ignore him. That's it gradually. The voice are the way they are not see their nazis without any technology. Not they are
Their their goal is obvious in the rest of the world. Like that's why I say people need to understand. What's going on in a conflict, you can get lost in the weeds and a lot of these things. I agree to a good job of hopefully driving you guys to what's important, but this is not going to stop ever. Israel could do everything everything that there asked to do and they can have more requests of israel They could do everything that there ass to do, and it will not stop this. These people dont want peace. They dont want land, either they want Israel gone, they want the jewish people dead Do you not think that most also the big differences in them and nazis and I am saying this because I'm trying to be as pragmatic as possible. I think it changes. Our approach is almost a development psychopath and a sociopath hitler was a psychopath. Can just do we have We have the hitler by Heaven you just to be clear, just to be clear. Just so you know hitler back, or I will read just to be clear that hitler as bad as he was he he did believe
that he was doing what he thought was best for his people are very limited sector, be bright, Arians exclusively and he wanted to protect them, whereas Hamas, just kill everybody. Hamas doesn't value the lives of their own palestinians. In other words, the reason that hitler was defeated was because, at a certain point, the casualty numbers are so high, where he doesn't want all of the people. He presumably cares about to die. That is one you can defeat when Hamas, as you know what we are going to use our, but they don't have a people, they don't respect. It is a death caught it not a word, not even a perverted psychopathic hitler. Bad make sure people know hitler that we're back for ideology, but it was this subversion of white hair. I start up white skinned, blonde hair blue eyes? Arians you no good, protect them at all costs and that wires getting rid of the Jews. Hamas is get rid of any every by any means necessary until we reach this one of domination of a caliphate. The way that you deal with them as different. You can defeat an enemy who values life to some degree, even if its exclusively there
their team jersey. You cannot defeat an enemy who doesn't value life at all and they seek more Damn because it's the only straight shot to haven't according to their belief, what you need to do is shame them. They need to be embarrassed. That's how you too, am. I you to be embarrassed on the international stage and of course you kills money as possible, because you know it's fun, with finding both sides. What do we get out of my funding both sides in this war? well, obviously, money it's like getting else or what what why we funding both? What has it the guiding its misguided here. It's me kind of trying to appease the stance in the international community, they would say we're not funding both sides and we are doing just on froze the six billion dollars to around. We ve done froze up money, freezer, happily, freeze a back up. How about you steal it from them by the way? But if I can raise your money, that's my my
yeah, do not have ownership of it, but it's my money to my bank. It's my nuclear capability money and I need it now come on guys. I told her mick de apollo I've pm eastern we continue discussing this in and if play, would you rather because it's a perfect net game on market, if you're watching on rumble right now, click that? But none of us have Without you noticed very few sponsors you'd have twenty liberty and they show we are funny, of yours, like you, and I will undertake Europe come on the show and actually do appreciate the way that he approached the the disagreement as opposed to you, but a lot of people just calling from here be killed. That's true you to piss off
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