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Google Wants to Steal the 2024 Election, This is How we Stop Them! | Feat. Dr. Epstein

2023-10-09 | 🔗

In this special episode, Gerald A sits down with Dr. Robert Epstein to discuss Google censorship as well as election integrity. Tune in now!

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The all right. Good morning everybody you dont get a sip, because that's not really my thing. I leave that to stephen when he is sitting in his chair, but I still have the and it still got a wonderful tasty, warm ever genet You can be with us today. It's a little bit of a different day. We don't always get the time to fully into certain topics, and so will will take an entire our to do that.
asian. You ve seen us do that before when we did the investigative peace mackenzie, we did it when we die where we kind of drove into the career of mohammed ali. Different times. We we take a chance and go into a subject that we think that you are going to be interested in and when this is not much of a chance. You need to be interested in this today. Subjects: It really does fit perfectly in the realm of something that requires us to dive. Just a little bit deeper I appreciate you guys, given us your time before. We jump into it really quickly? I just want to make sure that if you are not a member of mug club, you got a letter with credit dot com, slash mug club to sign up eighty nine dollars you get this show you get. The hodge twins show you get Alex Jones, you get the mister guns and gear. You get. Cowan- you gets nicht apollo. Ladies and gentlemen, all of the guys I mean every single one of these guys is fantastic. It affords us opportunities to do shows like this as well. It's not just kind of the normal show that we do, it is fun and exciting. There's always great topics to discuss there.
every once in a while. We need to take a minute and dive just a little bit more deeply into a subject and really, let me just gonna start at the beginning in then I'll introduce our guest, whose waiting very patiently for that moment. I appreciate that. I was watching a movie called the creepy line and I believe it was around when it came out. Twenty eighteen was when a key, not either watched it then, or I watched it in twenty nineteen, and this was a basically a movie or a kind of a documentary about how google would manipulated search function and inevitably, potentially, that leading to manipulating elections. There were there are a lot of really creepy things not to stay, the name of the movie but it just really it bothered me and it was something that I didn't know much about. So do me a favor comment below. Did you know anything about them, creepy I'm the documentary, or maybe some of the work related to how google could be shifting, Elections violating you and devoting if you're in there, the right district and happened b of the right political party, persuasion, and that party needs to turn out to vote to win that district, where you
that I think you will after today, and, unfortunately scared the hell out of you, but that's ok somebody on the case for us today and joining us today and third year, is start to Robert Epstein psychology for now, publicizing the influence of search engines and you ve gotta had this this very storied career and this has been something that has conflict the script on your little bit right. You're you're, not a conservative, let's start out there. It's ok, though we're all gonna be ok right, we're all going to talk and to have a discussion where we have things that we definitely agree upon Maybe some of the other issues we don't approve. That's ok, they're about you're, not a conservative but conservatives, canada drug you into this a little bit and in your world kind of turned up santa. Tell me a little bit about that in two thousand and sixteen when that happened like what What was google doing and how did you get connected to? donald trump and the trunk family and being a conservative and no longer a scientist. Let me just point:
that you, you have a gun on your desk. I do yes, so I'm not gonna pointed at anyone now how worried, safe and added objects, rarely kill anyone. It usually people that do the doing an and none of the people here want that to happen. How can I next? I'm coming with protection, but don't worry, I'm pack and next, if it's totally acceptable you're in the studio there are a lot of firearms are for everybody's protection, not We ve, never use them on each other. Now ever not one that we can rimmer sets tell me what happened that kind of that kind. Through things I'm imagining that kind of turned life I doubt just a little bit but started upside down actually and new year's day in two thousand and twelve, because I got a bunch. Messages from Google. Might have been. Eight of them are even more saying your webs. It has been hacked and were blocking access. So you know I've been. A grammar my whole life early. Since I was thirteen, and I was
Interested I mean you know everyone's websites get hacked, is very common. google itself has been hacked for sure, but why was I getting messages from Google lynette? got govern agency or some non profit organization who may then the sheriff of the internet. So that was the first thing. Second I noticed that they were somehow blocking access, not just then there, ouch engine, which makes sense its theirs, but there are blocked access on firefox, which is owned by a non profit organization. I blocking access on safari wishes is by apple. How could Google? Possibly do that? I did and surely figure that out and published of a big and to get a peace and new s news in world report. People can get to it the new censorship dot com and I splain about Google's blacklisting, live there I go into detail about their blacklisting. That was published, I think in twenty Sixteen ever seen any is blacklist, none had leaked yet
since then they have leaked writing about things which I knew existed within. The company examined a programmer and guessing. I knew for sure that these things existed, but the point is I was learning alike about them and getting more concerned about them. Two thousand twelve two thousand and thirteen I started doing experiments because I started to think wait a minute. gone. Maybe has some power here we're not aware of right. There. There were marketing studies for late, two thousand twelve, the caught my eye because the architecture is worth were pointing out that if you could just move up one notch in search results that increase your sales by thirty percent and can make the difference between life and death for your company. If, in a few get up knocked off that first page, Oh yeah you're dead, yeah, you don't exist. We have
is the last time that you went down to the little google thing that had the numbers and how many pages and results came up and click next hours every never ago that exactly remember you rarely scrolled down past the bottom of the current screen. I don't. I don't know anytime that I actually get all the way down to that part of the page anymore, so you're right life is found in that top half of that first page, while actually fifty percent of all click. Go to the top two items, so I was thinking if people too those high ranking items if they trust those high ranking and so much could those high ranking items bees to shift people's thinking, maybe their opinions may be their purchases. maybe be their votes, so I'm researcher. This is what I do so I did a controlled experiment, early, twenty thirteen I predicted that. If we randomly sign people to this group or that group candidate, air candidate b
and a candidate a people see search results if favour candidate S. If you click up high, you could you get to a web page that makes that candidate. Look really good if you're in the other group is the opposite. So random, Simon good scientific methodology- and I thought this kind of manipulation, I could shift. Voting preferences by two or three percent, the first shift. We got with something like forty three percent, which I really yes, of course, what I did not believe so. We So? We were gillig, ok, run that again exactly so, we in them not doing this college sophomores by the way we're doing this with the full age range people who looked like the american voting population. We do it again I get we get sixty six percent, wait. A minute wait. I'll check. We will. We did it over and over again. The The bottom line is that I ended up discovering something called which is now
I'll, seem se emi the search engine. Manipulation effect. If you go to search engine, manipulation affect our com, actually see that the seminal publication, which was in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences, which is kind of a big deal here in science at, is in any of the sciences, and that you know that that that described five, experiments in two countries more than four thousand participants, and it described one of the most powerful emigration techniques has ever been discovered in the behavioral sciences, and a hundred years seem and basically mid means wait. A minute. Google has its power and its, and it's not like the power Put a tv commercial on the air or to buy facebook adds this it's a very different kind of power because they have a monopoly on search worldwide yeah. What is it? Eighty five percent of the search market is controlled by Google. That's more than ninety two percents really worldwide and has gone. It's going up still
and are being inductor go. Haven't really dented well being is about two percent tuckered out- is about one percent. They don't they don't impact elections. I knew, but if you that kind of control, and you can shift opinions by that much without people knowing cause people don't even know. I mean how it- How would you look at a bunch of search results in and recognise that their biased towards one candidate you'd have to click and every one look at the web pages read the web pages, so well don't know, and you can counteract what doing that's it's billboards and tv commercials and radio commercials cause. If you buy a billboard, I can buy two billboards. Exactly well in a lot of people when you go in search you just assuming that an algorithm is basically taking whatever key words that you're putting in and finding you, the articles or the sites that are most relevant minus sum paid spots right? We know that their sponsored posts and stuff like that are sponsored listings
or maybe like the first four, but they always note those as being sponsor repaid or an advertisement right in here just ok, whatever I get next he's gotta as relevant thing to what I've typed but you're, saying it's not or theoretically it's not I am saying that they, they they feel last, because most of the searchers people conduct about eighty six percent are for very soon. or facts. What is the capital of taxes Is it really that necessary are people really that afraid of just just factual? and getting out, or at least opinions that are set? his opinions well, while some information, there. There are forces out there that they, then they don't. They don't want them. Mason out there, so they they suppress it, and it turns out that Obviously, the though the press in general has always had that ability for sure, but the press is very competitive. So it's hard, you want the story. Nobody else is covering
if everybody's running this direction- and somebody comes to you and says: oh wait a minute. Now I've got this piece right here: you're going to run with it It gets people to buy your paper. Click on your website whenever it is wealth and janet two. We have a relatively free press, the problem priest press of any of any country in the world. So you're there and points of view are are out there. problem, though with content platform like Google is that there is a competitor brand. There's that trust that we have not just in google but in algorithms and computer output Have this cross to me? We ve been studying this now for more than eleven years we ve been measuring it. People really trust that they trust those high ranking search results. For example, they trust the sir suggestions. Google's flashing at you search suggestions. Believe me, that's part of the game. Here they nicky us from the very first character we type into the search bar literally. You don't believe me pick up your phone or your computer,
The letter, a they're gonna flash sums, just as at you and chances are that some of them are most of them are going to be for amazon. Now, you're looking for aardvark sear looking for apples, you're, not interested in amsterdam, other a do do a face. Oh that's! A really great! Let's do this everybody out right now. Do this go to google in the letter, I want everybody to do the exact same thing. Just the letter, a not capitalized and then take a screen shot of what you get I want to see how different those results are across this audience and if the at any of our social media accounts, you can make sure you could. I will put it up on the screen here for you to see where to send it to crowded on an axe. I want to call it twitter still, because that name is just that: there's so much kind of brand identity behind that Sarah and equity built up, but other, I want to see it, and I want you more importantly, to be able to see what everybody else's results are and how different they are now. That's that is I mean, if its amazon than their pushing accompany right, but it seems innocuous enough. We like ok, could be different after we
our conversation about like wholly crap. Ok, now I see it. I've done an experiment, and you shown me. This is weird Look you gonna demeanor up there, but when I would when I was testifying before congress, and if you want to see my testimony just gotta Epstein testimony that com you can save button, out of you to say you want a lot of yeah appear, whoever your hosting through really likes you. So when I Testifying tat congress Epstein testimony to come. I gave this challenge to senator ten crews and pulls out his phone right in the hearing and eat. And in a I said well we're tell me what you say: three out of the forest suggestions were for amazon really, and he well, why I said well, because amazon is Google's biggest we're and Google is amazon's biggest single source of traffic. These are business partners
We ve shown in experiments that, just by manipulating those search suggestions their flashing at you, we can turn a fifty displayed among undecided voters into a ninety ten split with my own, the up with no one having the slightest idea that that has it besides gimme gimme a little bit more information there. So so what what? What and so I was on Google right now and I was typing in information. are you saying like something like how do I vote or which candidate or what had tromp say or what it binds? I like. What am I typing in that is, excuse me or is it all of the above welfare thought you type something that has a bias like you type in hilary is, is the devil then, of course you're gonna get related, search suggestions, but if you just type something simple leg, Donald trump is You should get a get a mix of things, probably hilary trap, as he should get a mix of things while twenties
steam before that election on being or yahoo. If you typed in Hillary Clinton, is you got what people were generally searching for which, ironically you can verify at the time and on Google trends with which was things like raillery is that devil hilary is sick, hilary, its babies, whatever all this crazy things abies. But if you take I'm not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but I will say she's a baby eater. Now I dunno that one came from, but they type, that in though on google that summer of twenty sixteen are you got nothing like that Hillary Clinton is winning and Hillary Clinton is awesome which no one was searching for, so what we learned in our research as this is what google does when their supporting a candidate or cause they suppressed negative search suggestions. I see only getting neutral or positive, which is going to take you usually, which is going to generate. If you click on it, gonna generates
search results that are kind of neutral. Are positive and your rarely if ever gonna see anything negative because their suppressing the negative search suggestions, so that we can take that fifty fifty split and turn it into a ninety ten among undecided voters in my undecided, where people are undecided on anything, it turns out good Has that ability to manipulate with search suggestions, answer axis which give you the answer. This to results go alone, the youtube, their manipulating people, with a sequence of videos with the up next video. They are also, it turns out indoctrinated our kids, which is a new area of study, but for us, but the point is that if you have had the slightest idea of what google is doing. For example, monitor your gmail is the
just the ones you ride, not just the incoming emails coming from wherever their coming from the attachments habit. This year start you, your typing, an email could really mad at your girlfriend. Boyfriend, your boss and you're, taking this horrible email and what you're saying and then look at you wait not sending their that's crazy and then you erase it. Google already has Where did at that, part of your your profile now when, if, if you people knew the extent of the surveillance and stand the manipulation. First of all, I guarantee you they would stop using gmail. I guarantee they would stop using. rome, which is a Google browser? They would stop. You in android phones, because that's a yeah! Well, you know what now we're on the same page. There we go, I'm not saying I'm a tim cook, you know loyalist or anything. I just like the products a little bit better than android, but continue your your singing my tune I'm just saying that there is a there's, a there's, a world of hurt here, people
just unaware of an is the more I have studied the more I learned about it. The more concerned. I've become first of I'm a dad. So concerned about young people and what are they seeing and is? Is there any hidden mess the gene going on there is anyone trying to shift their thinking in any particular way. But one of leaks from Google, which is, I think, an twin, eighteen are so. Twenty nineteen was an eight minute. From their advanced products, division which is called the selfish ledger. Nothin Man's products division, but this new area, videos are called the selfish leisure and if you type in the selfish ledger, plus my name at a transcript of it and you get a link. Re actually think I see this video this video but the ability that Google has to re, engineer, humanity and they a say in the video they call it receive receipt. Wincing human behavior, a court,
to write in the film company, values really but whatever they deem to be the correct behaviour. Sounding like the chinese communist party without actually have the communism or the party. It's just this big corporation. That's doing this at that that, while it's a terrifying actually without animal, be worse. What is much worse, because without any accountability to anyone and their controlling all of this stuff that surveillance, the censorship manipulation in every country in the world outside of mainland china and there kind to no one. So it's much much, worse than china, me ever the chinese. No there being surveillance, manipulative or the chinese government. The chinese government doesn't hide their, but here you ve got a private company that cannibal to nobody? We didn't elect them again. who made them sheriff and who gave them all his power and why? Why aren't our public officials anything about this. That's the question.
I think a lot of our audience will have because look we discuss this before and mir very familiar with the hunter Biden, laptop story and how that swayed the election? So I think it was a combined total of seventeen per cent would either have switched their vote or simply not voted for Biden just just this. I of that one story. Potentially to change an election. pressing somebody's voice on youtube, so, like you said on by google, could choose in the outcome of an election could change the push back on restrictive policies regarding lockdown? Their masks are things that you disagree with, or could Things may be that you do agree with right, so you can sense or people in there arbitrary rules. We ve had strikes on our channel for things that they don't either any sense and there's no There is no way for us to to get around it. There is no way for us to to appeal it and get them to change their minds on something that doesn't work. They say, there's an appeals process. You can submit click here. If you disagree with this dragons, I guess it basically goes to the trash bin. I think somewhere at google and
if them that are higher. Maybe we need another strike to take to get back in line with a with youtube. The problem is politicians are doing anything and we ve had ted crews on we ve had some remarks. Rubio on we ve had a lot of people onto my look ass enough talking, section two. Thirty, as specifically relates to those platforms right enough. Talking, either. You do something about it or you don't exist. That's all I'm saying that them. If you don't do something about it and they are exactly who you say they are, and they are skewed against conservative policymakers. Then they could just make it toward people. Don't find you in an election comes around and you should win, but you don't anymore your opportunity to do anything, and I think, probably on section two thirty you would agree like hey. This is part of the problem. I saw you not in your head when I mentioned it like section, two any kind of being, this figures thing where they get the benefits of not being sued, but none responsibility to allow voices on as long as you're, not breaking the law right, and we have rules and guidelines for that. What that looks like other it should be you
the ability to have some free speech in the public square, but they're not even allowing you to do that. That's the obvious stuff! We know about that become like a car alarmed us? Unfortunately, we get us, I on you two minutes. I gather the tuesday find that happens. this is even worse, and so let me let me just kind of rwanda little bit to twenty sixteen self worth it. Where did get your d phd, a concern, a bastion little a little the university in cambridge message it s called harvard harvard: okay, so a harvard train, you're, smart guy, right, you're, you're, not a conservative, so that would make you or do you call yourself a liberal I lean left lean left, took a perfect leans left support Hillary Clinton? and then this happens, Donald trump tweets out while report just Google manipulated two point: six million to sixteen million votes for Hillary Clinton and twenty sixteen election. This this- and I think, there's none of this was put out by a clear support or not a trump supporter google should be sued. My victory was even bigger than thought judicial watch now there. Some
tax there. Those numbers are quite right. I believe I think you said, potentially up to two million to sixteen million heard or twelve me. Whatever it was, I think, was off a little bit on the top number and It didn't go into some of the new ones, but immediately what happened here hurry Clanton replied to him. Now no reason to reply to him. She got all know. None would ensure what she's was this she said that that research has been debunked, which is completely false, but I checked with lawyers. That's that's an opinion This is how you can't really she set in its way. stunned data obtained from twenty one undecided voters- and I went what where did she even get those ideas from I'm sure that someone? google gave her- that language that then that backed up by this machine which I had heard of it. I didn't know it was real, but it got picked up by the new times and a hundred I've been effect check. I read it today, hideaway than other main stream.
New sources, many of which I had been dealt with in the past. I know the people I've published in them before and I got cut off. I was just like virtue. I got completely cut off from mainstream media mainstream news, even though In many cases I know the people- and I was editor in chief of psychology today magazine for four years for true I, when I worked for new york magazines there and they cut me off. How did that? So, as somebody who leans let have they make, you feel really because in your mind, you're, like guys, I'm going where the data is telling me like. We have a massive problem here that you should care about two, and that's really all your saying just because Donald trump chose to grab hold it, that in that, it shouldn't have shouldn't Changed what what what was going on, but it seems like you did what it is, It in many ways let me explain that trumps tweet came in his. Summer of twenty nineteen last was ruined, it was
shortly after I had testified before congress about my work and that's also that summer I gave a private briefing to a bunch. state attorneys in general. including the guy who just got off the hook, the impacts them KEN paxton. Who who actually is had been really really aggressive and getting more more aggressive against google over the years. And so I'm standing out in the hall dissolve, isn't all this sent this twenty nineteen one Jeez comes out any as will based, and you know what she told us doktor upsides. I don't want to scare you, but he said I think, you're, probably be killed and some sort, backs on it in the next few months, they walked away. I know exactly who was still in a J and Obviously I am here so I wasn't killed right, but my wife was right
and that was a very sad story that you and I were talking about, but it's not just that. that story. It's terrible I am married. I have two young kids. How many kids do you have five if five children, what are the what's, the oldest and youngest, give me the spread here? I don't want to okay, they're older or the older, the young, it's a spread. Okay, it's spread alright. So I have two very young children right now and some I'm just entering into the dad hood phase and that's that's: terrible thing? And that would be enough, but there's more, that story. That makes what he said to you one of the attorney general attorney general. There said to you kind of ring kind of. In the back of your mind, a little bit like wait a minute. Can I trust that this was just an accident, so just just Give us a couple of things because, when I read about as like you gotta be kidding me, while the little pickup truck that she was driving. I made some things were just there were not right. the truck was never examined. Forensically had disappeared from the impound yard I
Said were, whereas it and said o was the remains of the truck were purchased by, some dealer in mexico, so it had disappeared to mexico that your property there right, but I thought it was my property. It doesn't make any sense, did I ever give you an explanation for why? No, Now, an explanation at that point, wouldn't have mainly indifference. Now the thing was gone so and I did for the women who is actually in the car right behind her and from shit. The way she was explaining to me, it sounded like something had gone: suddenly wrong with her breaks and chris breaks can be tampered with, but who knows that? The problem is I'll, never know I know I know- and I am sorry for that and that I don't want to- I don't want to relive it, for I don't want you to dive deeply into that, but you're now in a position where your ear,
you aren't suicidal correct. That is one of your. I get that on the record right now. If we end up fuck me, you did not kill yourself right. That's and weed around about that. But at the same time it's it's a real thing, because these are very powerful forces probably dont, once you tinkering with what they're doing while I have to keep going ex, formerly twitter, I had to do it again a few days ago and I have to say, to remind everyone. I am not suicidal now. Why do I have to keep doing that because it's a few days ago, there was a a very good article came out about my work and about what I'm doing now to try to stop these companies, which I'm sure you'll want to talk about sure and it was in. It was in a public Peter media, which I think is very good and another lean heavily to the right, but still, I think, is very good and anyway this article about my work in J media and it said- and it compares me to another epstein- he wasn't Epstein it says you know they do have one thing in common, because this
stein that I'm writing about. Now me is just as likely to be suicide, as the other Epstein was so. I course I have go back on line as they have now, I'm not suicidal, but I am doing work, which is definitely inherently dangerous, because a team, and I have almost fifty people working with me, a brave souls and We are, we are discovering things about google into to some extent, some other tech companies. That are really scary, because for one thing, we ve learned how to not just headed has the powers that they have, that we do in our basic science are basic experimental research. That's good enough to know, but then ok, now what away do right? Actually? So you know that's part of it, basic science, that that tells about their capabilities, which is interesting, but that doesn't there actually doing anything right, but we ve
in twenty sixteen. We have learned how to preserve what that Google, they call ephemeral experiences now in a million years they never imagine. Anyone was going to capture the ephemeral content that they show peoples of. What's up admiral content wise, that's a member I'd. You asked the question because it made me seem smarter for not having to. Maybe the audience would like to know. I know, but maybe they don't know just tell you when you get there ass, it happened. So ephemeral means eating short lived and definition ephemeral means it disappears, and you can't go by and see what it was rent. Twenty eighteen there's, a leak of emails to the wall street journal, of course, and of course, and what are these? What are these Google earth They call themselves whether they would discussing how can we use ephemeral experiences to change people's views about trumps travel ban? Well? Why
my heads spun when I say that, because I had been setting an experiment since twenty thirteen of the power that ephemeral experiences like search results are ephemeral. Search suggestions are ephemeral. Answer boxes youtube, sequences up next videos, that's all ephemeral, and here I am boys of the company thing. Basically acknowledging that they know the power that these ephemeral Businesses have to shift people's thing. behavior now that's inc radically dangerous. They know this? And presumably maybe even do it I'll get to that in a minute, cause, it disappears. In other words, it leaves no paper trail. Normally, when people commit a crime, there's a paper trail right, exactly it's really hard to prosecute, and you know what if you believe that the election was stolen by you know these machines doing staffer or voter fraud. We were talking about that before. How do you prove that it's one of the hardest things. This is worse
where's that things don't leave a trace. It makes it even harder, and so for you, we have come up with a way to monitor that into catalogue. At massive amounts of data, I'm assuming that is not cheap by the way right through able to store that a process that to pay people to do it like how how I dunno. If I want to go into the details of how, but you guys have a system, let's just say that what what's the name of this system that that captures all this data in there like a network name or something for it, that you guys have entered We call it our monitoring system back clean now we're starting to call it america's digital shield and we actually have a mark up of a website. That's gonna be up soon. It's gonna be live there, is gonna I hope, a generate a lot of interest, the other go out. There are eight and What we have learned to do better and better and better starting in twenty. Sixteen is preserve ephemeral contents of honey, Do this well
imbeciles at places like the economist and columbia university, and I have to call them imbeciles, because it s a whore, words not think about it. All competitiveness a little bit, maybe a little bit better. It's nice universe, but what they did to try to see. If there's bias in google content, they will used in and their use in anonymize computer and that one computer over and over again their running searches. And then they look at the stuff in they say: there's no bias. No biased, there's no bias. Ok, you can. Look at anonymize kind. Coming from an anonymous computer because there algorithm recognizes that as a bought. nice, though that is not a real person, because it doesn't have a long twenty year, history of data in there you know it in their database, so they can play while square, because it's a bod potentially and not show bias. We've shown this yeah. We've shown this. If you, if they know that is not a person, they just send perfectly
unbiased stuff really. So how are you going to see the real stuff so now with the weak starting in twenty? Sixteen, we come better and better ways of recruiting people around the country, we call them our field. Agents are all right. Stirred voters in their real people, and we have their identities, just like the nielsen company, hides the identities of the nielsen families that they used to get the tv ratings of the same things very, very expensive, very slow, very labour intensive, but stay where you have a team of almost fifty people who work on as each day were spare able to successfully recruit vat Andy ay equip train. Every day, another thirty two sixty people and then we ve started getting some of their kids signed up to so we, twenty. Sixteen we we Marie accuracy got ninety five field agent. Twenty four states preserve thirteen
thousand searches on Google being in yahoo? Looked the actual search results. The peat real people were getting and found. There was extreme I am in favour of Hillary Clinton, whom I supported, and no longer do obviously. But the point is that, we count lady from our our research at the time that that level of bias, if it had been present nationwide, would have shifted between two point. Six and ten point two may in votes to Hillary Clinton with no one knowing as it. and she won the popular vote by two point. Eight million votes looks like if you took out of that election. The popular will, probably had it in my area very close, very close. We built bigger system twenty eighteen, twenty twenty didn't have ninety five agents and twenty,
We had one thousand seven hundred and thirty five field agents in four swing states, because that's where the action has been preserved, more than one point: five million ephemeral experiences and We found guess what green political bias, favouring Joe Biden, I supported by no longer do annual they're, so Weymouth, that's That means that they shifted more than six million votes to Joe Biden. Wait another now sift shifted. Six million more than nine at least six men. You tell me what the swing states were I can remember I florida arizona. Ohio is with one could be dunno. It could be ok beat these are. These are states that change an election potentially razor that alone, that we know that there were razor thin margins in these places, not so
what was it in in georgia was eleven thousand votes or something like that in arizona and in michigan, and Is it was really really really close? Pennsylvania was close at all these places twenty georgia was one of the four aside left out georgia with georgia. We had more than us. Ok, we had more than a thousand field agent just in georgia, because there were so much going on there were there with us to six million in just those, for all is the abbot it gets. The story gets really crazy now, because we at this time, We were learning how to analyse data faster and faster and faster. So I, and its senator cruises office. Why did you pigs? protectors, because after I test find a few months later. He invited me to do you say we have for our private dinner, talking tech for four hours. That's why the man is really smart and areas of my address these issues. He is so I see I sent him the day. That we had
Couple days later november, fifth, solicitude days after the presidential election crews, two other centres sent a very threatening letter to the sea of Google. If you want to see it, go to lead, to Google, ceo that come in or of your sites that letter letter to Google ceo that common? You actually see the letter written by the senators and now the shocker november fifth, twenty twenty google that day shut off all of the bias going. To voters in georgia. How do we know because we had more than a thousand field agents there? Why? is this matter because they were at this point, gearing up for the two senate run off elections in january, but google act away from that election literally the bias. she'd never seen this happen before the bias in Google went to zero. Google search went to zero but more important? Those
their partisan go vote reminders that they had been sending out, stop so tell me what the go vote reminders is that on the search page will what were you talking about that and, as it is far more dangerous, this is on this? Is Google's homepage, is usually blank, but now and then they put a big message there. Let's go vote. That a vote or registered a vote or mail in your ballot. They they can put anything they want their, but what we it found as they do this in a partisan fashions, every sampling one example. Twenty honey to in florida, Hundred percent of liberals got that go vote reminder all day on election day that cover reminder eminent google's home hey just seen five hundred million times a day, just the united states, so they but hundred percent of liberals got that reminder in florida. Twenty twenty two. Only fifty nine percent of conservative stem real bad
really extreme manipulation, because we from actual actual research that facebook conducted and published that in that of election, a national election if Google is sending out a go vote. Reminder in a partisan way then lit early on election day itself. They can send four hundred fifty thousand more votes to candidate than to the other. They can gets people too, vote who would normally to stay sated sitting on their as all day. They can get that many people off their sofas. Point as they stopped they stopped, so this illustrates a very important point that just this brandeis made over a hundred years ago, which is, sunlight is the best disinfect. and- and the second part of that quote which no one knows except me, is an free lamps are the best policemen death. That's what justice brandeis ellen
nineteen seventeen or something like that, it's perfect and we use it all the time and we don't use the full when we're gonna change that can't you she's the best disinfect anymore. You have to have the cops thing in their day by the way are you are you starting to get picture little. But here is this not a little bit being scary. I got a couple of guys in here doing during the stuff, the tec. The tests like these guys are like really you serious a let's, let's just guide, when a back this off just a little bit in me. Sure that you guys understand this shifts, so many elections potentially and nobody should have power, no matter what my particular belief would be about candidates who should be an officer it. It should be a vote, not somebody roma Emmy. They have got the vote campaigns. We know that it works because canada to be doing for as long as voting has been a thing right where you go
districts that maybe you need to win this one a little bit like you make sure you do get out. The vote campaign have door, knockers have people call have people giving rise, have signs out to remind people to go, but because they can't be bothered in their daily left. Remember that its on election day, that's kind of an important thing too. determine who is going to be in charge of your area or your country They do this to swing in just one stage, you're saying four hundred and some one thousand men nationwide nationwide, to go four hundred thousand votes to one candidate potential, Canada, just on election day alone. With that manipulation, though, hardly line should go vote. Manipulation now, There is also a bit of good news, though, because the fact that we did get them to back off the fact that certain, like some results, that's right. So what was telling us was wait monitoring. be the solution here too, a lot of the terrible things that we are doing and again we have more and more evidence over time. Twenty twenty two we had
two thousand seven hundred forty two field agents all registered voters by the way they are these fields, or politically balance. There is no bias in it and we're very careful to politically balance them so because we publish our work in peer, reviewed journals. So following all the rules and to make sure we have credible data. So this We're in ten swing states give you a cup, a little glimpses of what we found first, while they shift google easily shift in tens of millions of votes and hundreds of elections nationwide. They all shifted in one direction. I happen to like the direction, but I don't like the fact there, I've at company is running our country, that that the free and fair Action is an illusion. I dont like that at all so why are in an eye I understand and we're not making this about your political beliefs. We ve already said we kind of stated where we are, and we have a very voting on common ground here, but it happened.
he. This question like why, why are all the liberals out there saying the freest and most fair elections that we ve ever seen? One that's stupid comment, because how do you prove its the freest and most fair election that we ve had in our history as a country, I didn't realize that the other ones were less free and fair, but that- and I'm not talking about the twenty twenty issues, but and why is one site out there saying hey? no these, Necessarily. We need to make sure that these elections now it's not you The bias of argyle didn't win right. It was have seen some stuff, and this doesn't look gets fair, but then the other side completely single. Now these are the freest and fair, elections that we ve ever had why? Why is that? My answer is gonna, surprise you, but it's actually the truth, feeding canada biased mike, I wanted me within a row again now, I'm going to tell you the truth, and all I can to ask you to do since this kind of sound a little nutty! Ok, that's ok did I
mention that Alex Jones comes on this. Oh, my god, firms. fine wearing good company little Alex is that if you ve ever met out he's one of the nicest casual ever made it it's hilarious, you wouldn't, you may think, he's like intense guy. That kind of writ runs around these by them. Been right. So many weird times where, like that's crazy and then six months later, Michael son of a gun, he's they returned to the frogs gay, it sounded weird. But there's the stairs the report. Well, you know He just invited me to be on his show, and I did it. I don't know what to do. I have my limit these a great he's. A great guy have spent some time with them. I've gone down, Austin I've done a show with them. Like he's he's been up here. A lot he's a key really. is a great guy he's very fair here. He some questions for sure, but that there is a tell me putting my tinfoil had on. Tell me you're aware, gets creepy I'm going to tell you something as again it's an have to mullet over, but it's the it's the actual truth camp and if, if you wonder read my written version of this
if you website doing. It is how Google stop the red wave dot com- yeah saying they met with twenty two. oh yeah, exam, ok, lay here, hear they ominous shut up here. It is here it is. You know this fascination almost obsession that sir, Conservatives have with things like ballad harvesting and messing with voting machines and balanced suffering and on and on and on all that stuff which, by the way, was claimed by Google's leave unceasing trumps legal teams bench one twenty and they got thrown out of sixty three courts. All that those beliefs, all that stuff is actually spread by google and, to a lesser extent, some other tech companies. Now why would google one is spread a bunch of spirits he theories and get people believing that stuff and get people
repeating that stuff and then and then inspire okay and in news max and fox that run story after story after story. Why Google want that because they what magicians do they? use misdirection. They were you looking over there because they don't want you looking at them and that Is that truth? So these stories most of them are. Completely false, even the ones that are true. They don't have much of a net impact on elections? So even you know, attorney general bill Barr tried to explain donald trump made no difference. The point is that much net impact, because their inherently competitive, inherently competitive, I just saw a speech by senator Steve danes. which is complaining about all the ballot harvesting that the day he's dead and
twenties and we gotta get better at that and we invest. When you I what there? These are inherently competitive techniques, they have relatively little net effect, but good which wants you to believe in all these conspiracy theories? What google does is different because They are not shifting a few hundred votes here in their food. thousand votes here and there they are shifting millions of votes in ways you can't see, and you cannot counter act, that is that is insane I'm gonna tell you this when you started talking about that, I kind of figured that you were once started talking about it. I figured where you gonna go at this and the reason that I can say that guy's you can go back. can look at our shows when we had a giuliani on and said why Are we gone after using just to be clear on the sixty three cases, the vast vast vast majority of those are either thrown out for standing or procedural issues that never actually even got to discovery. Where the judge basically said. No, we can't go down there
Road? Not gonna, go down this road, it was the entire thing, was adjudicated and determined to be false. But your point, I think, is very valid because it was my point is well regardless. I was saying why are you going after these things? Like the main point? that you can go after now. In your case, you're saying: hey guys, we need to be focusing on Google. I agree a hundred percent, but we also need to be focusing on states like pennsylvania that change their constitution illegally. They went to the cream quota pennsylvania. Who did it and said well yeah the time and I was pushed me into legislative sessions back to back point, as they were much more solid grounds to go on and try to make arguments nessie or you are you're actually proving my point here. That was right that we research there, they just didn't bring that case here sell your ear and proving my point big as well as mark twain, said, it's easy to fool people, but to convince them that they ve been fooled and you are proving my point and I have a feeling a few and I chatted and chatted chatted more and more and more you would. You would come up with stuff that use
think is real and big and consequential, and you know what it's probably not because dirty ex have always been played. They always will be played for sure, they're, inherently competitive, which you have to do as you have to look inside, where did they stories come from? How are they circulate? Remember this Tech companies have one hundred percent power control. Varela. No it's that. Ninety nine point percent it's a hundred percent. They decide what stories go viral and what stories do not? It stories like that about pennsylvania or any other state in and some dirty tricks and dominion voting machines it for that dont want those two things together. I know I know just you're saying but pennsylvania is, is something that you can look in the court documents there and see what, with the many voting machine, saying the ghost a few votes, Hugo Chavez manipulated votes and there that's crazy right
I'm just telling you that you have to what have been studying for a long time. Now is a whole different kind of beast Bees are your beast is way worse, its way worse, because the one we have to be fighting, I'm agreeing with ya two percent I've just making the point that there were or even though he didn't know how going to do it again, you're going to do it again. Me say it this way, even though giuliani didn't know about the google thing or if he did, he wasn't anything about it. There stronger things to go after and fight against, then what they did go after and what it did his plate perfectly into the hands of by Google's on manipulation, most likely is what the case your man sunshiny, trying believe in the conspiracy there's what I'm saying, The pennsylvania case is not a conspiracy that saps that hold on. How do you? How do you say it is literally, looked into the sessions. Let me tell you the law in pennsylvania. You cannot have mail in voting unless the legislature meets in two separate sessions and approved it, they met in one and they didn't mean a second now you could make
argument, yes, but that did sway the election, and I would grant you that premise. Ok, maybe it didn't, but it was so That happened that, unlike why do they do that of it? you're still doing, and why you can't even see. I'm I'm going to take that guyana. I am genuinely trying to understand. I'm not pushing that as like the grounds for the two thousand and twenty election are all. I think. If, if we were prior to the Google story, it'd be one hundred Biden's laptop thing right that that's much more consequential, you know cross the country, but in this project their case. Why is it not okay for me to be frustrated that states did stuff like that or at least in this one case it happened all right, so I could be I do not have everything and everything thing saying that frustrates means I quote, but you have laws and you broke them in this case and that our main point was male. Imbalance is a hard thing to do. I mean it's going to help me doesn't mean it's going to help this guy. It's just a hard thing to do. I I can't it's going to take a bit. Gun than that, apparently to have any effect here.
Trying to tell you this that I have given speeches to big crowds of tea party people All of them were carrying guns. I have I've given and none of them use them on. You see we're not a while I've been soda sewn up nicely, let's say, but the point is that at I've I have scared people I've gotten them for a few seconds to a kind of consider the truth of what I am saying and then they right back in their there if they are not talking about pennsylvania that I but whatever? What about this thing in ohio? What about this thing? I friends in arizona who just keep going on and on and on about. Voting machine stuff in in arizona and in I just testified before the air the state legislature in a way now in men, someone actually gets it because carry lake who lost the governorship was that race and twenty twenty two
she has now got in it. She gets it and she's actually saying now wait a minute maybe she was distracted with vietnam of these small issues and heavy really We should be looking at the tech companies and guess who gets it rama, swanny round. Swanny is now saying: well all those things you are concerned about. Yes, there are real, we should be concerned, but there's the thing you didn't give me the, but though he told me that that was silly and I'm saying will hold on. I I agree That you're thing is bigger and it's the thing to focus together, can't really do anything about these other things, even if they are real and are much smaller and scope, pray advising grant that he, but it's a little bigger I do not like lot bigger. It's like a little. It's the game. It's like Tiny little marble compared to the sun, it's it's a whole different kettle of fish, it's really really scary, because its operating on a massive scale by twenty fifteen
Google was deciding the outcome of twenty five percent. the national elections in the world and That number has gone up over the years. Can I about monitoring systems. Can I talk about the digital shield, because this is, I don't have much faith, yes, cruises- very impressive, I admit, but I dont. Actually, Much faith in the legal system, especially these days or regulators, hasn't in general law and regulation. Even without massive. This function. Laws and regulations move very slowly. Tat moves the speed of light kind of by definition, you're actually going to want to annex questions, but my I guess my to some. All of that up was. We need to be focusing on us all as others, is the distraction, I'm agreeing with you and we need be doing that. So how do we do that? Because I I don't we
up against problems all the time that we find and that frustrate us and we don't necessarily know how to have an effect to change things right, so you have a monitoring system out there. How do we practically go? I want to back that guy and jumped in with you on this and enforced you said this year, the guy standing between us and the stuff kind of fallen apart in that that's a strange thing, but somebody said that to you, it was in an article right around divine the woman who broke the story for their purse on hunter Biden laptop. If you go to stein in the new york pose stuck com. You will get to her recent piece about I work, and The ends that article seven amazing article I could not have paid I'm going to write a better article. She and with only stein is standing in the way.
I did not pay her to do that to me. She's, a bomb shrewd, probably never set out to have that sentence exist within a minute. I will not enter. Who would I've I don't think I've ever blush before reading an article that I think I probably did blush reading them well now. Which she say that what what is it? I'm doing well and twenty twenty two we didn't have Ninety five feel they have. We had two thousand seven hundred forty two field agents and ten states. We preserve more than two point: five million ephemeral experiences on multiple platforms and we got chaster and faster and faster and faster, at doing what we're doing, and I made a decision which is kind of risky and back. This is where your people and
We come to the do. We come to your aid, prouder people. This is where your people could be very helpful Because I made a decision very risky? I cited ok, the time has come. We have to go, and elections. This country needs a permanent, a permanent honouring system monitoring the tech companies? Twenty four, hours a day in all fifty states. We need to have representative samples and needs to be politically balanced. So our data are accorded admissible and We will either catch them and put these people in jail or we will stop them and when we stop them will see it in the data because will see the bias disappear. we will see the crazy step that they're sending two kids will stop. we will see the go vote reminders as partisan go vote. Reminders they will stop, will see it in a way
That would be the best thing for our democracy and for our republic. That would be the best thing is that we just stop them. They just stop by the way If I were them, I would stop because so we, started building last fall. I managed to get just over three million dollars from some Some very generous donors who built even in this modern concept. Where we now cod America's digital shield. and we started building an ass. Today I knew I knew gonna come up, so I went online. If you have the website you, I need to know what website search engine he uses out we'll get to that. Ok, as it today that at this moment we have a lead. Thousand six hundred thirty eight field agents, all registered voters and all fifty states plus two thirds and three hundred seventy seven children and We have preserved more than
forty one million ephemeral exe. France's on google on facebook? ah you tube on being yahoo and other platforms and others We're building it now, our goal is to try to have a full stem in place with representative samples courted well at the end of this year, so we can see we can actually go right after the primaries literally we can protect. the primaries and in which we are on the way, but the three million is pretty much got it. And- and I'm in a very tough position right now because to shut this Some down would be insane It will be even more insane than the fact that I built it. It would be. Saying to shut it down, because that would be literally handing over the free and fair election to the tech companies.
Permanently, probably and handing over the minds of our kids to the tech companies permanently, but I dont know I am not a fundraiser, I'm a very good researcher, So the money, I'm kind of baffled there you know I need. I need help right How can we help? What? What do you want? What do you want people watching the shell right now look indeed, you spend your hard earned dollar. As you will write, we encourage you to join Macleod. That's one of the things that you can do to help fight back against stuff like this, but what do we do in practice as well? Talk to you guys about making a different practically it's not just hearing about a story that gets you all raw fired up. If it isn't about that, it's not we're not looking too just do this to get people to watch our show and just to be entertained. We try to do in a team in as well as news and kind of make it somewhat palatable and help preserve. We have the ability to free and fair elections. It that's that first and foremost, so here's an opportunity here,
fraternity to kind of put your money where your mouth is and and I'm assuming that you guys take donations in small doesn't matter right, your build whatever people can do to kind of support your cause, where, where did they go if they want to pitch in the nation, my google researched outcome. But let me let me just point out that, when I go on a show that has a big audience, This showed, as gonna show. I get a gazillion people trying to it's me or reaching me saying I'll, be a field agent I'll, be, they. Just don't do that! Don't do that because we can't ever that volunteers, because if we accepted volunteers, Google would send us thousands of volunteers, and we know because they have sent us, they will watered down horses so that they can control the system. So we have to. We have to find people using the methods that we use. We ve kind registered voters
so don't do that. What we need are funds. Now we only pay our field agents twenty. Dollars a month is just a token fee for the privilege of being able to look over their shoulders when they're getting content from these tech companies preserve and protect their privacy, so data transmitted to us. It hasn't identifying information ever and we only look at data in aggregate, so we're doing exactly the opposite of what the tech companies do. Tech companies look at your endeavour joel data and then like the miser as they are. They are they they oh, look more data and then they monetize it and they use it to manipulate you, we doing exactly the opposite, so we preserve people's privacy we only pay them twenty five dollars a month, but a few we have eleven thousand already yeah there numbers gonna be much much higher. That's a lot of money- If you want to help us sponsor a field agent,
I mean literally gotta Michael worry worrisome, magdalene, that up at the bottom nag my google just put that up at the bottom and leave that for a little bit, I google research dot com, if you guys wanted it, so you can. Is it set up like you can just picked a sponsor. You just saying, give twenty five dollars a month as the the dollar amount as it set up that way, just have to is that they can just click monthly, put any amount. You you wanna, sponsor five feel days, her ten field, asians. We ve had we're getting right this minute and and this is wonderful, we're getting about a thousand dollars in the donations every single day from people we don't know and you know again, that's that's friend. That's me, that's wonderful, but do you what it costs us is not enough to read it I'll say it for you. It's not it's fantastic, it's wonderful, but we can do better if we want to preserve free and fair elections. This is
very, very big project, because it has tremendous people needs this open it, sir it has a tremendous security needs which are very very unusual because we have to protect the data we have to protect our people, it's a very expensive process. which at the moment is costing us more than ten thousand dollars a day to build, and that's gets us third, the sixty new field agents every day I through the whole process and its expensive. So if anyone there. If you have connections to a major foundation connections to a generous person who can have in our major gift. I can't do this myself. I literally need help from other people, but the good news. Is we ve gone a very long way in a relatively short time. We started building this permanent system fall. We now have
eleven thousand six hundred thirty eight field agents all registered voters in all fifty states. as far as as representative samples go, we've hit that minimum in ten states so far, so we're going state by state by state. Are you starting kind of in swing states where your focuses because, like you said, that's where action is gonna, be we did start with the swing states as those are absolutely critical in elections, but we're up far more now, because the car at worst, seeing cause we're getting data from kids and staff from kids from the cut devices we're seeing the content has been sent to their devices. They don't even have to be. Front of their devices, we're still seeing the content, and that is actually getting me even more concern than the political by us, because these cuts these are sending data to our has. That is so creepy that at the moment, we don't even know how to analyze it. I'm dumb, I'm telling you the truth
youtube videos that kid's actually watch cosette with data we were getting shows. The kids are actually watching these videos and it'll be like The sunday can't looks like it. It's a crappy cartoon parent by just sees a crappy cartoon, keeps walking for five minutes into the cartoon boom, someone's had explodes something: horrible happens, it's very brief speaking of ephemeral. It's very brief, but then, if you look on on youtube, you can do this if you go down along the bottom of your garden, what parts people watch the most exactly right and they'll be a spike right at that. Point where this terrible thing happens because kids put reply, that over and over again now. Why would I do that because that's how you addict people took to content or to your platform. That's how you would dick
because we are drawn all of us to accidents on the side of the road or sound, had can't take your eyes off certain kind of good times, and I wow I know a few things I mean wow, that's a horse. Not for me in a general I wasn't directed at me now have another day. Man come on now very impressed. That is called next. Seventy biased for those in the nose and social sciences. It's been studied in many fields, it's very, very real and very powerful. You know that's what Google makes use of when they suppress negative search suggestions, because if they lead negative search suggestions appear. Those negative search terms will draw tend to fish dean times as many clicks as neutral or positive terms? The same kind of deal anyway, who is making use of
it activity bias in content that they're sending to our kids that, since two addict kids to that platform- and increase watch time, which is the number one metric they have for revenue rent asunder. Let me just clarify, the cartoon scenario that you have one I'm assuming that people would want to be able to kind of verify. Something like that are. Are you guys able to capture that kind of data cause you? You were talking about, not really even knowing how to capture that yet are able to capture that you can actually see it happen again and show somebody see this is what I was talking about while is provable or at least admissible replay, that because I think it may mr couple words that we know how to capture capture capturing from kids. Now we're capture, The massive amounts of data twice four hours a day, we not a capture, we don't yet know how to analyze allotted it'll get so because how do you we
and watch video, we can see the creeping us in the video, but by whether, by the way that there's a crew penis that goes beyond, even that you know that one horrible moment right, the truck at moment, there's is creeping. Is all through that where we know is important, but we just Dont know yet hata articulate portance of it, and we don't know how to analyze it matthew adequately yet, but we will figure it out in a scalable way. Obviously right that would that that means the routine. in about massive amounts of people that fuckin hid it just to watch this stuff, and I extra like you, said, mathematically what's going on here, but well, well that the good news. Is we are, building an archive. In other words, this companies never imagined that anyone would actually capture and preserve and archive ephemeral content. So we're doing as as it will mean the number has keeps growing every every minute, every second,
literally as and when I checked this morning, we had preserved more than forty one million of these ephemeral experiences and we're gonna be preserve hundreds of millions and eventually billions and work better and better and better at doing the analyses and I'm just telling you this is, but we're doing is called easy insane complicated in the beginning, it seemed almost impossible, but we're doing it and this to me the real protection that we can have from not just google but the next google after this one, because if you don't mind murder and capture preserve archive ephemeral content you'll never understand? What's going on you ever understand why this person won the election birth? Is that person you'll never understand, what's happening to kids
in human autonomy literally will be undermined and people no you have to monitor knows this is not optional for humanity. Ok, maybe my monitoring system is optional because I could get you know run over by a Google street vehicle tomorrow. Please but I'm sorry, let's go a different direction now direction canal, so incognito mode, does that do any thing for us is that just a now, don't just messing with us with incognito, it's completely fake, completely fake. I knew it. I wrote question down earlier because you said with Google, like. Obviously all of these things exist and unthinking okay. Well, what service to you use- and then I was thinking- will wait a minute does cognitive vote actually do anything. So what what do you use? If you go to my private tip stuck on this whole list? I do that's. Why we started using these these domain names, because I couldn't remember the link, so it might privacy tips outcome will take. Take you and your for
members of your audience to come on it's five, if I had to, as you said, for five and man, that's a twenty five percent increase is wow google on getting more here. Have it so my privacy tips. Dot com will take you to a piece which begins as an article. I wrote and it begins. I have not received a targeted ad on my mobile phone or computer since two thousand and fourteen nice. So it'll, explain to you how you can get started in preserving your privacy, and I first published that in twenty seventeen and good news for your viewers- is that I just dated and a few days ago, so now all everything's up to date and in get you started. Ok, what the things I mention, I'm just gonna flashes and paper, but it is. I ever. Single person here has a surveillance phone in there get in their nurse somewhere. Those are all surveillance devices. Yes, they really do. Listen
every single day. Don't doubted and remember a few years ago our younger than I am, but few years it wasn't that long ago you could remove a battery from your phone. Now they solder the man. So you can't remove the battery. Why would they do that convenience? I'm just kidding more so now, is it so You can never turn off your phone, not completely. You think it's off and it's not off their surveillance devices that they there listening there recording if you disconnect from your mom, service provider, then yeah there's just store everything locally on the phone, but the moment you reconnect ball of it gets the uploaded. We do do that we we actually build our own phones for our key. Staff members, and these are secure funds. This is what people and who work for, the essay on the cia. This is what they use
and if you, while, I guess again, if you go to my privacy, chips- are com I'll, explain to you if you want to start experimenting with secure funds You can do that. Ok, that's very practical, good advice, yeah. I know I don't think a lot of people know less or really maybe want to know. This, like ignorance, is bless. It's not in this case because you just end up in a very dark place as a society, but I think report the blindest for a lot of people. I mean people have come on and said I you shouldn't, have a phone or like I would ever used, unlike apple or you're, an android guy, but or it may be, but your ebay saying like look at its if you're syria, about this. These are the things that you can do to take steps. You can support this kind of surveillance system right you can. You can sponsor that the twenty five dollars a month and a minimum. I know we can get stuff like that done right, but there is also things you can do with your phones. You can stop being the product right because that but google counts on as you you're the product right. information. All of that.
That is the product, so We don't use- and I say we, my my friends, my family, my staff. None of us use anything that has anything to do with Google. So none of us uses a google search engine, none of you listening or watching should ever use it again, because it's an extremely aggressive surveillance, tool, but it's also at the most powerful mind, control machine ever invented in history. there are so many different ways in which that search engine is manipulating you them again If you really understood trust me, you would never touch it again. So what he is we is brave, braved calm- that's all, that's we use for our browser. A brave has its own search engine its built into it. It's a brave search engine, strongly well we four texting in that kind of stuff. We use signal which
free up its run by a non profit organization. A signal is excellent. It's true that there are some of the big tech companies have tried to do so and tried to make up story one eye even edward edward Snowden, the guy who who who brought all at creepy data in out of the intelligence agencies a few years ago. and he's a signal. So now we signal you, can you signal for phone video calls for regular calls in encrypt everything for email frogs please stop using gmail. Please please, please, I beg you you should be using proton mail and that's based Switzerland is subject to very strict swiss privacy laws there, free version which probably get you at least farrier first year, but even if you at some point needs, paid version of protein rail. It's like six bucks a month. I mean all of these.
Corn quote free services and they're, not free. You pay for them with your freedom. Now, that's not free to me if you're paying. So when you put it like that, with your freedom as one of the best articles I ever read, I should buy that you are albert. I wrote an article Free isn't freedom, but I need to get there. that domain name, I should do that that you pay with your freedom, What don't do that? Don't use gmail gap. Oh ton mail. It crypts the messages end to end and the attachments so that even the folks, proton male, can't read it now that's a very different model, very, very different model. So instead there just there people who really use it heavily or people earn business. Other charging a few bucks, a emma that's what we should be doing discs. Companies should not be allowed to use surveillance in a way that the word we're not aware of tibetan
That was not just sell us stuff, but also tis too nebulae us here the surveillance Business model should be illegal, read what an inn in a lot of companies now are switching away from, or at least trying to decouple themselves from the advertisers being the only way they get paid, because then the advertisers are in control of the content that gets put on your platform and they can turn that off at the drop of a hat, depending on how they feel about you that day. So when we look at twenty twenty four, we look at the coming elections I received talked about the primaries. we know that you guys are there your monitoring, this stuff and you're, hoping that your mere presence is enough to get Google you stand down and not do anything with. These elections this seems like a national security issue, because it is the third is no question that this is about national security when you're talking about our elections, if we don't have framed.
Elections really will what do we have? And how long do we have until this country descends into it? The thing that gonna wanna be a part of right, united to be here for that, because it won't be freedom in it. There won't be any. Some of the america that you grew up with and I'm not talking about. cultural issues, I'm talking about just not having any choice in who represents you. That's the most basic thing that we have here why Is the government, in even in small parts or or organizations that are government, adjacent or somebody stepping up in saying you know. That's that's right. We do need to fund something like that, so that we can do, and I dont want the government doing, and I trust that I know it. I am I understand I want, if it if the government I wanted to be a state government or a local government funding it because you're doing it on a state by state basis. Anyway, and so states can say, you know what a what will take care of everybody in the state of texas will take care of nobody in the state of georgia will take over everybody in the state of michigan
Why are these groups not stepping up, especially right now, you're strongest argument is too conservative because there, the group that feels like their targeted the most by this kind of stuff, you're data, to suggest that too, obviously, right Why are they not stepping up and saying we gotta get this thing funded because it It will give us a fair chance, with our ideas and if our ideas are good enough, people will vote for us. If are not good enough, they want fear of Google. A lot of people who have access to a lot of money. Ok, they depend on Google, for their livelihood. They can't take a chance. Of google demise. advertising them demoting them. Removing them deleting them, they can't take a chance one of the best articles it ever written about. This problem was written by the head of the biggest blushing conglomerate in europe and his peace. Peace was actually called fear of google
and he called it. An open letter to the ceo of Google and he was talking about the fact that they can. You know they can anything in their business without deciding how good who's gonna react, because google and easily Jes syn their fingers whither without cause in the courts by the way have said yes, you can do this, your private company and they can just demote. You or delete, too, and if you're a publishing house or any other company you're dead, end the courts in the united states have over and over again said, Google. Yes, you can do that. Google is either under ceta to thirty, which imagined or under the first amendment they still have. The first amendment, don't forget, so well for the rent to suppress speech. Apparently. But the point is that There are some very, very wealthy conservatives who I have spoken to about this problem. one quite recently and united
can't really. I can't really give you details, but he owns a chain of something or others around the country, and he is very, very wealthy. He can't can't, Well, he can take chicken take a chances in retailing. He cannot take a chance on offending google there's a guy who in the past has supported us, but he a chain of blanket blanks, he finally or hear his his lawyers are some of his accountants finally explained to him or his marketing people in a way he can. Do that anymore. You can't be supporting that work because we can't take a chair. Google. You know the fact I live my life twenty four hours a day, offending Google is pretty nuts, that's pretty grace It absolutely is. Let me let me just change, which you said, those companies. Those guys say we can't take a chance on offending Google. You can't afford not to you are in a position to make a difference. I'm sorry!
it's time to to grow a pair and actually put your money where your mouth is nobody ever said this was going to be easy. Nobody ever said: preserving democracy was not going to be. Painful nobody ever told you that being in it. issues of influence and power being blessed by god with resources. I'm not saying hard work doesn't play a part. I know it does. you're, given that as a steward, there are things worth heading four. There are things worth putting yourself at risk, for there are things worth in sing in saying you know what, if everybody, like I do right now and doesn't do anything than this is only going to get worse and eventually you won't be able to speak up against said. Eventually, you won't be able to make a change, you have to be willing to put something on the line, and I agree there are people out there that have more to put on the line you're, putting your life on the line every single day. We're put, something on the line every single day as well. and then by having you want. It's like a double whammy right, but we're talking
about the opportunity for you to stand up and do this. I've talked to some see owes recently in and one of them a big company and they d with these issues. Well, we can't afford to do this would be associated with that, unlike you can't afford. Not to entire right to do it, depends on you doing it and depends on it people in your position not being afraid to do that. It will cost you something, but if you don't do it. It will cost everybody else everything, so you have to do it if here's the caviar if you actually believe what you say believe it just a convenient idea, that's different, but they need the one that you need to look in the mirror and say you know what I don't really believe in this country and the ideals that started this. That gave me the opportunity to create a bit of a business of. What's it called around the country doesn't matter what it is all of that I don't really believe in that. I'm just glad it's here that I could take advantage of that system and make my money and go sit my house and makes and pray to god that I
Then these guys didn't come for me next, the only way to make sure that they will come for anybody next is for you to stand up. You have to do. It sorry that kind of pisses me off, because people think that this is going to be easy. It never has been in history, nothing great ever has been, and it's gonna I ask you something and you're out their fight and you don't, even necessarily where the team jersey, you're, not a conservative right but you're out their fight. this cause. I I so many other things that I really wanted to get to know. We already gonna gone long here, but this these conversations could go on and on and on, and we ve already listed a number of ways that people can support. You bring that back up really quickly. They can do If you're working to donate batteries is going to donate you to join us, my google research dot com do it. We talk time about joining mug club. That's another way to fight, but sometimes causes, we want to contribute to outside. Of that. This is one of them do. You want to be able to look at the election and trust that it will secure.
This is the way to do that. Guess what, if you can never trust the your elections are secure again it's only a matter of time before people take to the streets, it's only a matter of time. Eventually, just gonna, think. Well, it doesn't really matter and you're gonna be void of hope and We don't want to be in that place. We don't want to be in a place that is polarized. We won't be in a place where people have diverse ideas. Yes, but there a core set of beliefs but unite us and that we understand we're gonna have differences used to support Hillary Clinton anymore. It's fine! I'm not can ask you why, but that doesn't matter were on the same team right now we're fighting for the same cause. There are things like that unitas and another speeches ping far more, but knights us than divides us. That's absolutely true! Another some big divides right now. We have to bring those gaps a little bit, but we have to start here. First, we have to be able to said the people that we voted for, or the people that end up in office. That is one hundred percent primary we have to protect.
Rights that allow us to do that. We have to step up, and we have to give you have to do our part in this. Well, if it takes exposing more politicians to what's going on super pacs to what's going on groups that say they fight for justice and for freedom and the for the first amendment and the second amendment all of these groups, take probably donations from whoever's willing to step up and give them right as long as there's no strings attached to that money right. So do whatever you can do to get more people to watch this episode to understand. What's going on an and send them to give, that's really the only way that we can stop this site just about elections, though that's the major thing right. It's about our kids it's about every single aspect of our lives being controlled by big corporations. That are annabelle to no one, get favor we'll treatment. It seems in the courts where sorry, then we can do about that. You just a guess, don't exist if their prey company they do whatever they want either
little town square now things have changed you as people who have resources, don't step up if the elected officials that we have done step up. If there are future robert stands at stand up. What are we doing here is all theatre. If that's the case, it's not making any difference. We have to stand up. We have to fight. Doktor sign. Thank you very much for doing that. I really appreciate it. I think, for spending some time with us today and that we went over a little bit on time who come a little fired up. This is This is intense stuff, but you're doing it's not selling. Something he's not coming to you to try to line is pockets he's trying to fight to save our country. That's join him in that fight
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