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TONIGHT is the big night! We’ll have it all: Live reporting, real-time fact-checking, drinking games, & interviews from Milwaukee with key figures. Tune in! #GOPDebate #DonaldTrump #Tuckercarlson #RonDesantis Candidates: Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Tim Scott, Chris Christie, Vivek Ramaswamy Guest: Nick Di Paolo Join MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub Watch the FREE show on MugClub NOW: GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sou... NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/ Subscribe to my podcast: https://rss.com/podcasts/louder-with-... Music by @Pogo
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So for years have been telling you guys to never take no for an answer right. You know to keep mug clubbing than never put down that muck till we get the kind of media company that we want. Because we all deserve in all these can smear campaigns the hit pieces, making sure about my personal life. It seems some of that in the right, letting big tech win is that you know I'll. Tell you what it is. They want us to tap. If I typed out like that it'd be me taking.
for an answer, it'd be them beating us, not the other way around. It's me being hypocrite is what it is. So what we're growing my club?
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If you were like you for eighty nine dollars annually join the fight at lahti. Was crowded outcome, slash mucklucks! Today, and here we are, but we went to the weird screen there they took it can be better than that tonight. It's there a stream it's going on right now? Most of you don't care, because Donald trump isn't there, but we'll talk about that.
you can use a promo code right now, crowded geo, p debate. You get ten dollars off right, a muddle of ladders, credit outcomes, less my club or use the hashtag crowd her job p debate, hashed murphy ways to say hashtag, not right, How do we don't see any more countersign out on a stone or what people use, but there will be life sharing this debate here from rumble. We actually have a seat. A boot right down there in Milwaukee, where Gerald was which of course means indian burial, ground, milly, walking at night a tongue. and any canada to you now have the stones to sit down we'll have, I think we have visited. The semi governed looks like we're running daring, just gonna grab him in and walk him over his. We won't even touched the ground or by a fellow we're great. So if you, by the way that we have a youtube, we have the youtube dumbarton. So you see this at any point and I that means head on over to rumble because we are live streaming on rumble, which is where you should be anyway, and you just click that button below and you get to join up. I put a question to you right off the bat, what do you expect? Who do you think
Your front runner we're going to give you some predictions here tonight. Gonna go through we think, are the need to nose, and by that I mean not if it is really necessary None of us need to know, and I don't know why you would want to know it, but it pays to be informed, we have g morgan junior here with me how you, sir, I'm doing well fresh off a flight from Milwaukee to get back here? so horrible town I mean I don't know- I don't say I don't say it from a legal point of view we have. Ours are being fly over, it's just a very bad place. bad beer lists and a lot of place like that. I got a four different spots executive here, how a mill along a lucky or grain below it also it was all that kind of stuff, and I imagine that this was in western beer tim like
and city lights. What you ass I can I can I get a propeller awad somewhere. I say I don't know I mean that's all. I should mention that before for first off, of course you have here today. I just not third cheers like a joint cheerily he's like there's like a siamese twin growing out of my shoulder, a gargoyle really nick. I can't I can't imagine, I'm excited almost seen it to follow who, by the way you have his dates right there you can go to timber fifteen september, fifteenth that robs comedy play out. There's a name negative, a communist show is live on market monopoly thursday, five p. end europe recover from the bid? Yes, I'm getting over the bed. Luckily I scored some was it I remember I wouldn't say that is a white guy. I scored something. I've ever met them, poxy chloroform
you yourself, you gotta combination came from or subway back there you have it. I don't know already. So I want to thank god who ever get that the media. We have no idea, they wouldn't be in the studio. So eight before we go on to what we are giving our predictions, we were down there. In Milwaukee, and you actually will you set this up- that we actually got an interview or semi interview with vivid area. We did so in a catch. We had a bus set out. He had a really really cool, set up right there out and written from a final one thing. So I really quickly first oft him. Can you put that down a lower third there? Just I would ever those of the stream,
people know that will bring in atlanta to watch them, but there are a pre taped interview that Tucker Carlson is uploading to his twitter to his ex with donald trump. I think they're airing it as a live stream, but we know it was pre taped and we will be covering that as well with the highlights you can get it all here in this one place sorry jail to cut you a really cool set up with his bus and his team set up like this exclusive event for everybody he was the one person who did something cool at this event, all the other candidates just kind of were getting into town kind of there, and so we had one of our guys go into this. They had the the all access. Ass, courtesy of rumble. Hey we didn't give that backs are about the guys. But how do you say, do you say vivid was cool, is his setup was like he's an indian fonzie. He had a lot of really like he was a very nice setup like it was it was. I would go to it and be like oh, this is called they had a beer garden there. Maybe that's why all the other places had crappy beer organisers at that place, but we asked
some questions, because you know you guys want to know what these guys actually think about some of the stuff that Alex Jones was hang on with covert and the elections, and we got up close and personal with him and he had some good answers. Okay, alright,. Let's go by once, but I guess before that we should later the drinking game rules as we have for every single live debate, stream bring drink, emeralds Any time and you're hear the sting anytime present trump has mentioned you drink, I am twenty. Twenty january six is mentioned: dang you drink anytime, a moderator, cuts off or interrupts a candidate you drink any thug life moment, which I expect to probably take it. Probably most likely will come from vivek could be from RON de santis, and then you finish your drink the time a candidate mentions a democrat other than by all gashes threatened. He's gonna happen a whole lot. No! Yes! What are you talking about mention other Democrats like who God gave a newsome gradually. then why would they mention gavin news? Because that's who they're gonna be running against yeah, but they gonna be
fighting tonight, it's gonna be here legally in writing, but that that the twenty twenty and trump trumps gonna justice that we really gonna do that every time they mention trump or drinking Oh lord, how but everytime somebody mentions Chris Christie's loves to bid What is it going to gallagher heavy cream dripping yeah. I think he, I don't think he needs a bib anywhere does have an ivy drip heavy cream. It is clear managers, federer rises to the top, I've never lets go this package that you have for a moment or two on the ground reporters with vivid earlier and then that allow lead us into a protection
Do you have any actions that are coming now? There are reporting news understand. I don't know the mail in voting. That's gotta come rather we have these potential accounts single voting. Should I need not remind you, sort of regular foreshadowing, these mass man, aids and everything on your prisoners is a few days ago. Visible, satire virginia. I do appreciate for survival. the baseball cap, but also appreciate that he gave a straight answer. I liked the fact he's home
a baby. Nobody knew where he got. The session is vital challenge dealing night. Yes, this will. This was a enough for all of the there's somebody people out there who trump is the only way to have a look at them. Like look, I get it, but there is also going to be somebody next year. If he gets elected, it's going to be for forty acres maximum verdicts again, I who comes out and gives you some very. He said not only no but hell no right. He gives you a little bit different answer and it doesn't take a whole lot to make. People go. Oh good, it's authentic, and yet, while you're here, well things that I want to go through by the way we also do have some other packages. You interviewed carrie lake down there. We also have marjorie taylor green and a few on the ground packages again with people who will be interviewing hit the like button to them, and I didn't think you let them know to comment below and do consider sending up at my club. Let's go through the people who are running here, who will be this debate. He had dissent as you have them You have Nicky hayley of TIM Scott. You have my pants Chris Christy
I saw Hutchinson agents and william we'll call Amelia, because my red, I think of it as a woman's, nay naga. Many of you have dug bergamo, who is the governor of north Dakota? outside of that? No one really cares, but Does what's remarkable here. So what do I say? Here's one thing that I think a lot of other people are are are are missing and I want to hear from you guys will be reading your chats here today and everyone talks about donald trump, not going to this. How that benefits him right. I understand really, if you're, leading by double digits. Ok, it's sort of a risky doesn't need to take on the flip side This is such an act of It is an act of mercy, a miracle for everyone else tonight that donald trump isn't there think about it. For a second, if tromp showed up the best. they have as may be gaining some traction right now is double digit lead. They would have had no chance of donald trump was there, because, even if he wasn't winning, he would
burn down the whole ship. Think of the primaries, that's when he was the most right. It was as low as low energy, low energy bush, small hands, Marco and ted cruz. Your dad killed jfk wherever you are that day. Where were you? No one could prepare for everyone left with blood on their face. The fact that he isn't there people act as though donald trump is just not taking the risk for himself. talk about no one, so my how much that benefits all of the other candidates is it me not re born, I think you're. A hundred per cent correct, like these guys there only shot, is to try to get some traction tonight and donald trump. Is there he sucks all the oxygen out of that place like everybody's gonna be focused on him yeah you will really have to land some blows and donald trump is so fast on his feet. It's gonna be really really hard for them to do that, so I think you're right leg, it's a blessing for them, but here's the thing
a number of these guys. This may be one and done for them, but they have enough support to make it very far will get into some of the campaign numbers the eight percent of the world where they stand there, just terrible, I'm losing my through morgan and coca drinking games. Gonna have you now in the icy you four grand outlast eyes? What he's a nice guy woman up? I thought had said christie with what are known as he did. He said in a mere three times helping a campaign would appear that later. I didn't think I like cap, the morgan, sorry What what? What does europe you? You think that is really gonna be the next night right. I really do think is going to be a big buzz after this everyone be talking about my I sent the guy money and we know that you sent donald trump money or vienna sent property to another thing about sent back tat S, a hostage and above fifty bucks to come on to drop out rates and who else tim scottish sent him back and have web, I said yeah. I said twenty five dollars to have it back. I just I I've yet to go this guy he's the most articulate eloquent like
Cities put he's balinese, walking that fine line rent kind of trompe in his you know, and as I did in his approach and people, young s alike, that about rhonda santas when we talked about run this anti before he declared, whereas it into your mind, oh my justly clearly I ll grandes ale doesn't like down trumpet I like living. I think he had maybe, like some foreign policy experience, I would vote for any of these well against Byd, with the exception of Chris Christie, I would I would write in nick depaulo. I got a by lewis in a presidential election in minneapolis my dog and dean king got like sixteen thousand. I'm sorry, I've brought you up I think I hear something bigger than one date, so my parade fell by putting I may have to pay out an election with it with a guph. Why we? Don't really believes that wasn't michigan so that others let us find more votes. Here's one thing that I think is pretty important, too low People are saying: ok, who can who will win against Joe Biden in general?
and right now, they're saying well donald trump. If he's the nominee, he can't win in a general, that's not really necessarily to against some contexts, actually matters, and I think you can bring up these overlays Matt. We have a collage Ecologically one is where we're going so down from a horseman leading the way by at least twenty points now came in the primary, so it's really are from the make up that gap. Unless there's some kind of amerika there say That bind leads trump and a head to head in. by the way only recently, by plus one or plus, five now keep in mind up until June donald trump was leading by and by a couple of points which was surprising, but let's put this encounter, If you actually were to compare donald trump vs. Hillary Clinton, this exact same moment in time going into that sixteen election. Hillary Clinton actually leading by ten point. Four. Why so not one to five ten point four and then, if you go into binding this exacting point written twenty twenty point. He was leading donald trump by plus twelve shop, plus one to five, which is pretty new as a development since june. Just don't don't let your prime
a vote, be determined by someone telling you what the poles are saying, because anyone who would be ahead in the polls again to you the average would have them behind Biden mayor. not be true, but it's not by anywhere near the margins as the last elections. It's the best margin that you ve seen at this point in time at a campaign here in any of donald trump. Gonna fluctuate a lot based on what's going on in the world right. So if there seems to be economic progress, which I dunno, where they would get that from it right now by dynamics is the term it should be Biden I'm family was the term that everybody was throwing around up there. This is going to sway people back and forth for a little bit, it still very, very early once we get into march and april and may, like obviously you're gonna, start the things shake out considerably by then so I agree. My main point with Donald trump was: if he can win, I'm voting for him because he's got four years and nothing to lose day, one he walks into that office and knows what to do run descent, as governor been fantastic, I've liked a lot of what he's done but day one. He walks in and he's trying to find out where the pencils are. I guess he's just not good.
but he walking in brain new gonna have a little bit of a ok. How do I do this way? I go. What do I do? Some trouble and he's got some scores to settle. I dont want. to turn into like political tit for tat. I, want to go after and prosecute other opponents just because they prosecuted us. I want to set that kind of railway o dell, because if it is evident that it ends up in a general die of nine eleven rather better yeah, I mean we're more prepared. We are the party that does have most of the guns, and so, if it ever does come to, it will be fine. I just I just one to go anywhere? You know what fbi you'll exist anymore were putting a under construction sign on you for just a little while right and deal J. Here we got some people to clean out there as well. I think he walks in and does that I dont think rhonda santos does yeah. I think it be right. What about vic lying at each? I think v is hilarious. I don't think foreign policy in this case, I don't think his foreign policy issues are going to be that donald trump didn't have a lot of foreign policy awareness at that
He had business interaction. Let's take time on china thing has evolved since them it's getting ugly him the outmoded. I statement today about from above wiping out the earth. I gotta get outta here you got a guy who's, gonna, armored car land and girl, asean, oh yeah, yeah, you're, really may marietta chickerberry for college. One wonders of your eyebrows, like money, destroyed her by the way. and slowly distract caitlin hollow. Yet can you bring up ok, conscious, eyebrows, like Michael Keaton? Well, she's got better, they ve, they ve brushed her up a little bit since the town hall with trump. What they do shaver lax- and I do believe, is the term nick waxing napalm. Yes, no so vivid to he's gotten under he's gotten some flag, reposing, always nine, eleven truth or again. If you look at his answers to the questions nylon was inside job so that we were lied to by the commission report. He said that we were lied to in the sense that we were told that the saudis weren't involved at all. Isn't it kind of crazy? Because I don't know, if you remember this, but there was a man, I believe, as Michael Moore,
the panda, eat a whole film about that, and it was a badge of honor to not believe the george bush government, George w bush government, narrative, nine, eleven and now they're the ones attacking any republican nominee, a point as other a crazy conspiracy theorist. This is why I say when they say Donald trump is so bombastic they're going to make any candidate out whose nominee to be dumb or evil it doesn't matter what you do now. They're flopping on the nine eleven on the nine eleven issue is the biggest I think the highest grossing documentary of all time. Up until that point, fahrenheit nine eleven, someone can fact check me on it and Michael Moore is a dick. He looks like walter white transitioning and no one likes him, but he was the guy championing their cause and now vivek just saying hey, you know what we were lied to about the saudis, and so I'm saying that this is a reason to distrust the government I want you to believe he's crazy conspiracy theories, also critical,
actually theorist Alex Jones, who was right about more bags and masks going to be up there in the debates tonight. I know I would I would boy. Would I pay my autumn or even a moderator moderator we we've got about three minutes until trump and and tucker tucker. Thank you very much, lost his name for some reason. Your time until I got so deep, maybe get to some reasons why? Mr daul and yes rhetoric in them a promo code is crowded geo, p debate. The hashtag is crowded. European debate will be taking a chat, smash rumble button hit the like and we actually do. We have some exclusive here. You know we will get some exclusive here at lot of credit, so we on the inside lane. For those inside baseball yeah. I don't talk it. It's a sports reference. we actually were sent from the trunk campaign plea top seven plus one reasons that donald trump is not at the debate tonight. forgot by the way why you guys, maybe ask
de I need some of those I dropped budgeting pop there because I I'm coming down with something into europe and down for each of these seven plus one reasons that are donald trump is actually not going to be at the debate tonight He gave officially on the record number seven he's golfing p We were still having fewer strokes and mitch Mcconnell care that past one reasons that donald trouble not being real at the debate tonight. You know it nick He took a tracking number six he's rubbing millennia by the pussy we emphasise for that sometime around you're doing it right. Number five five reasons that are actually not you can not do this one. Child donald trump will not be here to debate tonight. He would but Chris Christie ate his debate. Pregnant sallow christie. You don't have that one gravy and you know no potential
sustenance unturned. Never for I dont want we'll be there, but he has a date to play pickle bob stormy Daniels which, while I dont know what pickle ball, is exactly assuming be throwing a pickle down the hallway no way David grew hot reasons that Donald trump again to be officially gave our production managers you have done a fantastic job will not be the debate number three. He it has a private lesson, was doktor Ben carson on quote how to keep his pants strong, yet shop on that yeah, and you don't even know what that means. Well, you know I I spent I was raised in a generation of enter the wu Tang number two nick. I think this one's up your alley, he'll be in fulton, county georgia tonight. Looking for those eleven thousand bucks here and there yeah, that's the bud light warehouse, so yeah
looks like it's backing up: ghostbuster, hey ted, the only person there is kid rock. He got caught with one of those with a bud, light, bud light and the concert kid rock every other training. I know I'd rather get caught with dilemma vanity than the actual player. Is that right, yeah someone could bring it up kid, but somebody set them up. As you know, the paparazzi and he was just drinking a bud light settling cell phone there's no reason come on almost like they've taken aback. I know I know commit yourself have some courage. Dear dear convictions of its ever really hurts me, it's gonna get drunk. Do nobody was listening to his bad music? Ok, what do you want? A new set of any ban dead or alive you could see, would be motley crew. So you're one, that's not true at all. What he's talking about, I dont understand there. It is look at the centre auto shop,
you are one for want of a loose sam lesbian like that in twain who still believes in santa, but you know that it's not really trevor keep an eye on the other. The twitter did that the thing that used to be called twitter to make sure that so you guys know even acts comes on. We will have a lasting one reasons that donald trump has not made. The debate shrink tonight number one. He sick his best friend sisters, boyfriends brothers, girlfriend heard from the sky. You knows this dude is going with the girl who saw tromp pass out. thirty one flavors last night I guess it's pretty serious andy. one reason that donald trouble not be at the debates: night grand jury duty that has been this week- seven plus one go for that jail brief us really quickly, I gotta or so I'll trump. So it looks like
I have no idea, so it looks like they upload the full video want ten. When are you going to see if we can bring that up like, but it quickly or their smiling? That's address annex for joining us and you. Why are you this debate tonight, no walkie! Well, you know, a lot of people have been asking me that, and many people said you shouldn't do, but you see, I said, all other payment right out in the leading by fifty and sixty points. Four and seven member of the bureau and to our two hours when even get harassed by people that shit me running for president. Should I be doing that and a network that is in particular let me live. It was an upload years so that this issue is doing it does not look and has an apple. So we ve got our team known through to give clips
and by the way, I can fact check that as true by the way, just to be clear. Fox news has been anti trump for a significant period of time and now they're kind of turning onto santa's little bit, but they they definitely have been actively campaign against trump. What she was doing- I don't just be honest about it. Just be honest honestly, I sure why probably there if they think the murdoch sons, their area establishment. I remember when I worked for I was at fox- is four and a half years and roundly was our guy. When is there no money in trump? Is the a blind. The bottom minds about bottom line and news on tv, I think, does I think they can sort of. it can be. A coronation because fox news has had has had a service I googled on the market for a long time, so they think they can get away with it. But let's continue listen to Donald Donald's, grateful that you did it's interesting cause. You spent a lot of your career in tv yeah. You would capture the true avail, but you don't feel the need now running for president to do television. Obviously, do you think
our vision is declining well, according to a pole, that's only ever saw. I just came out you say according to nail: syn, absolutely down, because its lost credibility, MSNBC as they say, Mf Dnc is so bad, it's so wrong what they write and what they do and what they say is fake news. As I said, I think I came up with that term. I opened yeah, that's what that's what other people say? They say you came up with the best terms by the way, the drinking game rules do not apply to this interview drinks. At this point, I guess it's killing me see and you have cnn who's. Absolutely please no ratings at all, I mean we smell your drink. What they're doing like a child is wrong on I've. Gotta villainy, following your way down something strong perfume think it think this might run its most.
perfume. I was like egyptian drinking egyptian musk judge. They just that's a black means along aftershock letter aftershave is neighbourhood on names, a terrible moved with you. You know television and all of a sudden. You were doing this. you, but will get bigger ratings using this crazy form that you, using than probably private, We, the debate are comparable It's not really a fair apples to apples to an upload and again impressions are not the same as views, but I guarantee you that he will have more views. But if you see like one hundred million with tucker or something like that, it's it's the same as live viewers, so sometimes they'll pull that trick. But it is true that cable news is dying, it is dying, and this is when we talked about that. This is one of the first events where you're seeing them die in rumble and places like that are going to take them out, put the nail in the coffin boys and to be clear by the way about foxy of bret baier, he's obviously running of the the debate there tonight, along with Martha Maccallum, and he did say that january six. The committee hearing may donald trump look horrific parents
I have been a lot of reports if there's a soft ban on donald trump at fox news, yeah we're going to they were really going him because they're being sued by dominion, they were all in under santas, but now they're not doing so well they're sort of backing off a little bit. So there is a very strong bias at fox news I saw when I was there for mitt romney as well, which was just opinion. Quite dumb, waiter was the guy. not doing that. Well, because also talk is not there. Well, that's a big component here, that they're going to try to put somebody else in that slot, obviously and see if they can like move people around, but it's it's dying media like willie nelson they're, watching our show they're watching this right now, they'll be watching the stream on rumble like that taking over media. So here I want to talk over trumped up here. We go, it is now the work they do. Is this: is this life? That's libya are well it's britons.
some tech or two right now coming in from fox news. This has been live stream from rumble bring up the volume here there is one battleground. It may be harder to win than ever wisconsin up a little bit here that got the state known for it's beer and cheese, return and grit, and also the razors in elections. Two thousand and sixteen republicans narrowly flip the badger state red for the first time since ronald reagan, who did that by the way it was back to blue, it's not razor thin wisconsin wisconsin was in fact a blue state until Donald trump flipped that I lived that that night and wanted to practice. I'm around the same
suburbs of Milwaukee. The division seem deeper than ever, the that was just the beginning. Two years later, the? U s Supreme court struck down roe versus wade, believing the legality of abortion up to the states in wisconsin, with a nearly total ban, while the interests you want to go over and obviously the opening statements all will be back there, but you want to go back to trump for a minute while there yeah. Let's go back to donald trump, I think there's perfume in my beer cheese. like preferring trump. It's the nuclear. The death of record of those your voting hefty nation on the election, for he said he did and you pretended he did, but he didn't mixed way, in the u s attorney in pennsylvania, philadelphia said bob, I just wouldn't let him do it. It was crazy bar became so petrified, so frightened of being impeached, we're going to impeach him. I dunno. If you remember it, yeah, it's not a big moment and
we're going to impeach you're. They play a much more africa lunatics and don't preach bill bar and he was petrified now. How do not get impeached dont do it here stuff, but he didn't do the job there. So we're going to go back to those highlights. Let's go right now they are introducing the debates we have bret, baier and Martha Maccallum. Now is that is that program not c o theirs It depends way down on one end, he's a dick there's bergamot. All the way around the riot comes on the Yeah there, various italy's playing basketball. There's a guy like I strike you as a basketball player. Let's see I marked the council table. The rapporteur will never go baldy as an airline like curious georgia, s choice for will accept the parties nomination next summer, the eighty million under usually who gave the order they sit,
It does not actually and handed them in the middle standing centre stage flow tonight. It's saying tat money is just that smiles on putting if my primary care position, my exhibit neutron Nicky was good tonight. I've been looking mascot Mary is, MR s: teeth hutchinson elegant eyes, quiet they hate her. He was a little bit like skinnier muppet likes we're says he sets tonight and will ask the questions and then candidates, given one eyed, why they say that just so, you know for the tramping you're, not missing. Anything our team is actually going through right now in pulling some of the best moments younger. Knowing all the matters we gallows rumble a man you dont have to go anywhere to see all of it. We will make sure you see. Yes,
we will make sure you see that and cover this life surgeon. I these candidates. Again, you can use the hashtag credit european debate or that promo code, get ten dollars off my club right now. As long as this is no, let's hear these stupid questions a time when the like Democrat nominee, president Joe Biden, is working. To convince the country that with binding things are looking up. Great do involving my plan and economics, I'm not sure, remain totally compliment. You read, but guess what law is it. The american rescue plan is what one point: nine trillion: inflation reductiones five hundred billion the bipartisan infrastructural out. One point: two trillion chickens secular and seventy eight billion dollars, and we ve had the worst inflation since actually surpassing Jimmy Carter. This is an easy, easy lay up. I hope they get into specifics. Let's go to the kind of Michael Jordan at lahti here homeless. We complicate bad thing, always
I wanted to have more is renowned. Seventy bizarre versus to every his is: you can afford a house anymore. inflation is, is ridiculous. If children, that's not your biggest problem, We sit here tonight. number one song on the billboard chart. Hurried up, north This is a. We await a leading the debate company, his marriage, think of alien has to block one service album all eyes on me with I live in your floor of this country Washington d c is about a hundred miles north of richmond. What is this like? An awards show how
now for a song original looks hungry, I'm not even tell that looks like he's looking, they don't very moving our countryside you're, like a guy in a strange at island when you turn to like a roast chicken drumstick. These guys are probably here and saw for the first time either like richmond north of richmond. That's us exactly this evening about us ranking such a nerve in this country right now. What do you think it means our country is in decline this. Decline is not inevitable. It's a choice that is so rigid. It almost seems pretty bad to his basement. Hidden reverse american decline was that a plan applause because he hasn't said anything good standing. We must reverse biodynamics so that middle class families have a chance to succeed. Again, we cannot succeed as a country.
You are working hard and you can't afford groceries a car or a new home. All hunter Biden can make hundreds of thousands of Democrat whose job I one hundred that is wrong. I'm not finishing my drink, though we also cannot succeed when the congress spends trillions and trillions of dollars, those rich men nor the rich men have put us in this situation and finally, we need a lower your gas prices. We're going to open up all energy production. We will be energy dominate again, for you know, someone said: come out, forceful come out forcefully, and so I think that the military so he's a later the born later, we'll figure. You d if he's forceful for loud, That's gonna. Christie do agree with government has just said there, and why would you be better on my christie next than him well Colleagues, epic ominously with Lord cumnor, decided just laid out. I think that if you ask every one of us up here that we would agree
predominantly with what he just laid out. Here's the difference, differences that we're gonna the work and make sure that we sell these ideas and we able to be able to put ourselves in a position where we get a majority of the vote. Like you saw two lane traffic on your bridge and the senate in the two thousand, poor, but also finally, somebody's head. experience are doing it now I was elected, as a conservative president trump in a blue state. Now, let's correct that phrase, sixty you were elected as a republican, let's not say, conservative republican in a blue state, which means you're, not a republican. It's a state where you can't pump, your own gas is still jersey, brought them around. To our point of view, we can access endangers strike. Cutting carbon we rose in new jersey were confronted with bad democratic ideas that we stop them and when they were good ideas and brought people together to make peace
go going on. Second, I take a bite of my truth and accountability are the things we need to do to fight waste and, let's see ass, it is this bread we can. Sit by any longer, and allow the kind of spending that's going on in washington. dollar they spend is dollar that these people are not this ban on their children and their grandchildren is robbing our country and its wrong we're gonna. Let me just follow a very quickly journals. Very tempting we're governor had the second lowest credit rating in the nation after illinois, and it was well that's not his fault. I mean I'd, be my yes, that's what happens when you inherited a blue state that has done. But when you look at what we did on debt bred in that state, we caught dead in that state debt that had been left to us by you got the crust off your sandwiches systems of mine who ran up then turn nothing landing at him. Proposed jamaica tomatoes and ended up. There was to cut the unemployment rate in half was over percent when I became governor in two thousand and ten, but we all did was cut
payments support employees to make sure that taxpayers we're not being so. Apparently now that work is you still second, alas, time letting the tax because appropriate follow up, but when it comes to being second to last, we're tops welfare programmes, these debates as a senator. Now President Biden before the grazing federal spending isn't back in its on those. Why are you wearing a photo negative of a thriller jacket? He did not talk about that any new administrator, though for ten years. So what have you done to reign? Ably led your actual eyes, kemal question, several years I've been an opportunity to vote against spending package after spending package after spending package, but we also need to understand: is Joe Biden spied a nominal has led. to the laws of ten thousand dollars of spending power. For the answer family when he sees
sixteen percent inflation, your gas a forty percent food is actually have a numbers right here on the earth the by now, for how much more you're spending which put paid is by now actually I had in my trip I was going to let up and then at the very back to keep the volume there up there. Let me just say this: Chris Christie had the lowest approval rating ever for a new jersey governor at fifteen percents. I'm sure that is going to talk about the records of the Democrats yeah. So we were spending two hundred and two dollars more in July. By the way in just one year, then you would have to buy goods or services one year ago. Seven, nine dollars more than two years ago, and it has crippled amiss, the inflation. Just you know, that's one thing: it's not a talking point put. Everyone has an airliner quivered. Let's go back to ask you this news for the american people. Ok, images, tat you did during the topic we freezing you approved trumpet mentioned pass by only one trillion drawn point: seven trillion over the course of administration. That's a lot of money laundering
during the Kosovo right, we were dealing with the experts. We spent more money, but here's what happened at the end of our time. In the majority we had low unemployment, record, low unemployment, three and a half percent for the majority of the population Seventy percent seventy year low for women african american, The spanish and asians had a all time low, but our where the white women at two percent under Joe Biden we've seen the exact opposite. We ve seen inflation. flowed was led to twelve reserve increases as devastating homebuyers today, Mr round swami you're listening, thereby, if I may I was I was there a luxury. I didn't eat industries that are not challenge. That's like with your second, MR president, Mr Rumsfeld,
Are you sure you can? I talk is rolled up a newspaper and sprang migrants dogging autonomous during that canada is a matter on which we in parliament are cut off during the three years old. You said that you told you gonna be anxious and presidential elections before this moment is political race, first. Let me just addressed a question that is on everybody's mind it. How did I get my hair is real? Who the fuck is this skid, a guy with a plenty last name and what the heck does? Anyone in the middle of this debate stage I'll tell you I people thought tech support here, I'm an entrepreneur were my parents came to this country with no money. Forty years ago, gonna clause provided for last night trying to get. Why didn't you come out of a most passionate, my wife raising or to guide heritage as the american dream. Good.
I am genuinely worried that that america will not exist for our two sons and their genetic question. That's an issue. This is it. This is kind of like an opening speech, which is fine because for a lobby needs to do that, but then it needs to pivoting to answering the question who have been running from something Now is our moment to start running to something to our vision of a lot of fulfilling your man. He's got the keys to the people who broke it again. A new generation, actually fix the problem. That's why, This raises just get worked up. Thanks to turn around this economy, that we've heard all of these voters talking about tonight,
ceramic swami, who is a successful entrepreneur nationally right now, he's beating you in the polls? I dont care about Paul's care about. The fact is that no one is telling the american college ruth the truth. Is that bind didn't do this to us? How do I know this? Most of us do when they passed two point: two trillion dollar covert stimuli for other pointed out, although it does we ones about twenty million people on medicaid forty two million people on food stamps, no one is told you how to fix it. I'll tell you how to fix it. They need to stop that spending. They need to stop the borrowing they need to limit the earmarked republicans brought back in and they need to make sure they understand these are taxpayer dollars. It's not rare string of earmarking there's about you're right here. We share your president's got My lord loaded to railway male president with a black strip is firstly, flats backyard air kids all eyes like at the end of the day. You look at the twenty twenty four budget. Republicans
as for seven point: four billion in earmarks democrats aspect in point eight billion? So you tell me who are the big standards? I think it's time for an account at the white house. First version reverend just in my purse speaking a boring democrats different there remember defence cannot have a good performance tonight. I'm calling it right now and you can. You can send your predictions. It's not possible for him he's vasile. It's yours, it would matter now increase, but as vice president, your administration spent more than any prior seven point. Eight trillion dollars the national debt. Three point: five trillion of that before but I'm proud of. Is that mean that you're part of the shipments that doesn't mean half wasn't sure? That's a pretty big number for letting me respond to a question mike. Can you find a dipstick since record? proud record a trumpet shipments gas,
I mean it in four short years: we rebuild our military, we revived our common. We unleashed american energy is one of three hats, and the resolution of an old warrior gave the amazing he's a where it was getting, rather than as the villain once a year earlier. Who is the most best prepared gains? It knows best internationally, with all due respect. All my friends who donald trump and even one is probably looking on question. Really. I am the best prepared. Test is our lives and fight and proven conservative in this raise your train, a leader in the congress of the united states, led Indiana, where we balanced budgets and from a monarchy. when I would certainly would make a great Judas,
steady, ass, we speak for leading to india might till it. I know right scary, it to be clear and in others it come on. There's two Judas yesterday, when the man you die, you will in a hundred years all that being said. I was the first person in this race to say tat. We ve got to deal with the long term national debt. Is You got a little when I look at rest razumihin. I am more experience because I was tat to be deeply. No one actually voted very my right and it goes. I was the first to you were the first republic and to say that we need to lower spending dummy, there's nothing you. This is a thing with with my friends he will say. Well, I haven't even thinks is necessary. It is talking point at this sign a fine. I don't think I've ever. Is it just made us he doesn't have an original thought. It just doesn't heat. When people talk about politicians who are rinse, recycle repeat there too, there are specific entering to MIKE pellets rent he's the guy. I see
eighteen. Eighty, when I learnt something that's going to give the very first, if this is a very complicated guys, I lock american energy drill track. I call embrace nuclear lobbies that burma I love. It has more to stand up in bed stabilize the: u s dollars from the town where, until the sky was based on the declare, as u S, president will be the war on the federal administrative state that is the source of those toxic regulations, lacking wet blanket on economy. So I'm not sure exactly understood my pencil comment but I'll. Let you the parts that out for me, it's a pretty the balkan way to call on you to do with focused and I'll deliver on eliminating euro like environment. It is not doing the thumb bs he's pointing that these points, like a good indian, should assume tat struggle with a really color guy house. Conservative leader before was cool.
Still much of what we actually reduce somebody's burden of debt and he's also salt and pepper cover band. Was this balanced budgets and cut taxes? When I was governor Joe this country at home and abroad. Now is not the time for on the job training we don't to bring theirs is closed when it really felt on the draft. We need no blood mike if I could even dress like that, what about take on the job training over on the job, failing midas. Yes, there is no question mark with you. It's a guarantee. He talks like he was the president. I know this is it's federal government handed covert nineteen by locking down this economy, salad, calling me and telling me I had a lockdown. We kept our state free and open. That's a very strong point, though, for ronda santas. He should point to him being one of the. I think really
few places that, if I'm not mistaken, that did it right as far as right away unknown, like the first day to open backup, repeal lockdowns. This is a strong point for him and I hope he goes in hard on immigration, because I like how he's entered that in the past no amnesty, he should lean into that. Let's see, the appointing orders are almost always pointing too much. That's too much of the point in everybody's gotten. Their memorized pre prepared slogans out of the way we can actually have a real discussion. Now. Yes, the wonder years, not really mike. Actually we're just going to have some fun tonight and the reality is you have a bunch of people, professional politicians, super pac, puppets following opens had over the last week the real choice, we face in this primary. Is this? Do you want a super, pat puppet or want a patriot who speaks the truth. Do you want
incremental about, or do you want revolution, a revolution gotta regress to take control back here we need ever have a moment on the economy. I think that's fair. I agree with Martha meta talk again quite as a method of silent from governor burgum this and I'm just glad to be here pathetic and barely fit about paper that blew up my kids scorsese various pocket on the stage with all these folks. I'm just happy to be here by the love of these eyebrows wishing me well, I think I took a little too literally when they said go to Milwaukee and break a leg to get that when one has tore his achilles brought him up something we can just talk about that. I was hooping me last night on and the energy and national security are all tied together. We have
for paying too much for energy and arts in our state. Right in our country, right now, but a part of the reason: why is black binding policy change would have to come out with all like, like swap roma swami did today with bee, a barrel and instead he's coming out exactly showing us. Why shouldn't be here? They all dressed the same or my high, what the pretty much pollution at both your high flying batteries from china, we're just trading opec for sign opec and then belatedly. Thirdly, the devices administration says no we're gonna put sanctions on working. I wonder what he looks like he's. A martin schulz says he and Henry Winkler had a baby, bring up those pictures spot on his country by a soul like an italian beyond their produce. A plant in china, powered by coal or its being powered by oil and gas, are twenty percent off, and every farmer in this country like to buy decently, play percent off. Just like this. To this guy said, I'm going to be, the energy gets right, click that and when he said I was this that guinea. As that,
the great seven calling carts and of the mediocre asia bibi. Be here too. I forgot you were there. Let me just Jamaica is noble governor from I can Targeted state that airline conservative rigour in which I lowered taxes is a declaration of her I create. A two billion dollar surplus thought passed all four to my successor and I made sure that we shrunk the size of government in arkansas into them. Every action motion, fewer state employees in arkansas. A government. Then, when I took over as governor eight years ago, I tell that because what we need more? Should it they say we, somebody who can actually constrain the growth of federal government that can actually reduce the size, and I play I'm sorry. I always need to be very clear about something. This is not. This is not a race about,
just reducing the size and spending of government. Yes, of course that should be given, and I get it that republicans have spent far too much. That is not what is going to energize the american public. You need to make this about immigration and about corruption in the government and the media. You didn't make it about the elites just like ramaswamy did right now. Donald trump could have said that it's very simple: do you want a puppet backed candidate? He sounds like donald trump is tearing a page from his book because it understands that that is what mobilizes people, not just talking about deficits. Yes, that does matter, but that's not what you lead with. If you need to get ahead and get american people the american public to actually start paying attention to you, and especially since you've been in congress for the last twenty or the problem exact, why is it out of you when you want what have you done or drivers that give us through the control them. Let me hear the bread there. What's this question after the deadliest? U s: wild fire and work out curry, wise and governor and white house official who said that climate change amplified the cost of human error and it trot
storm, California, for the first time in eighty four years, the ocean we are you gonna, do miss clarke news actually trying to pay the idea of climate change itself. If it got a little better, let me see, let me see how little we should be able to trust the throat examined. Laws from young america's foundation has a question for you. Polls consistently show that young people's number one issue is climate change. How will you as both the united states and leader, because they don't know any party or fear, really clear- is the answer? Please swatted out of hand and upper back a warning didn't work that the water didn't work, that all of their fail safes didn't work and that it was that guy who was there was the corner from vegas the vegas shooting for credit. Please clarify these children. Let's have the debate. I mean I'm happy to take it to start laughing. I don't think that the way to do so, let me just say that alexander this first of all,
one of the reasons our countries decline is because of the way the corporate media treats republicans versus Democrats Biden was on the beach, while those people were suffering, he was asked about it. He said no comment, are you kidding me, as somebody its handle disasters in florida. You gotta be activated, you gotta, be there, you gotta, be present. You gotta be helping people to recent we're doing that doing the perils. Can you answer the question about climate change because we want to guide this already having all it avatars everybody comes, the moderate should be interrupt indians, interrupted stage who isn't bought and paid for like in siberia drinking in romania was ITALY's, has decided to hope that the third room rank life in agenda is the wet blanket on our economy.
So the reality is the drinking game rules, climate change policy trump has mentioned january. Six, as mentioned moderator, thug life moment finish. Your drink of the mentioned democrat other than Biden said. This is not enough. I've had enough. Mr French guy who sounds like chat gb to eat? All of you stole that from a funny meme. You read on four chan you're the last person in one of these debates, bread who stood in the middle of the stage and said what skinny guy with an odd last name doing up here, obama was Barack Obama, I'm afraid we're deal with the same type of amateur. Oh, that's not going to help. You chuckles say the word bully Chris, your big girl. He just like any type of old iphone, or is it just me and hit the like button if you're watching it on youtube or if you watch, I never think that
script, they say he's took. These are tough talker comes across as inevitable. If you got an intimate yes he's a wine he's caddy, he was picked on his fat as a kid me still hasn't mattel. Here I should have gotten ripped he's a big girl, let it as an end in the bullies face charles was clean water. We want to see that taking care of work, but there's a right way to do it in the right way to do. It is first of all, Europe will guarantee that the change of funded us, but if you want to go and really change the environment that we need to start telling china in any way, oh well, what has happened is that they operate very special needs. Green subsidies. That Biden has put in all he's done is help china because he doesn't understand all these electric vehicles and he's done with that. If someone bring up actually a mission to drill bring this up, you should be able to get this in about fifteen seconds I'm just removed, I think, was a ten or fifteen companies from the blacklist from china just it just today. Labor was yesterday that he did it unless there
we have within the last day or two because we're sitting an envoy over there right now I get back in anticipation of they'll have to keep appearances up in china you ve gotta, stop polluting and that's almost started ideals for china will get right on their bottom paper. Are you bog and bad so that we know there's with the american people deserve as a debate? I only issues that affect their lives going fourth, being childish is not helpful to the Erika novel to decisively the highroad. Exactly you shall not concerned someday. You got a single parent household. Martin Charlie, I only got was the amazing journeyman real for kids, who are as stated by poverty devastated by the challenges of life, I came. Conclusion that america can do for anyone what she's done for me. If we focus
while restoring hope, creating opportunities and protecting america. If we have a drinking game rules for an anti thug life movement, I think TIM Scott. Has you get that you could drink yeah? You know what, though the last person who said no, no, no we're not doing the climate change thing. The only person was vivek so good for him maybe he's saying rival, wanna hear, but at least he is willing to speak out everyone else. We should the childish, china and in what are you gonna, do about that making because you are ambassador to the? U n who, by the way they ignored. that was he was having a larry elder moment. Our carbon footprint for the last twenty five years. The places where they are continuing to increase nine hundred fifty at some point over Billy's car china over big. Why would we put ourselves at a disadvantage? Devastating is our own economy. Let's bring our jobs hook here. What you do, the line of questioning rip up? Why would we put our here's? What you do? You say why
Does the binding administration want to put us at a disadvantage to these countries that want to see us fail places like china right these great polluters out there who have no intention of honouring its international agreements? What sort of or cripple the american economy? That's right, because not looking out for you they're, not looking out for the american people they're looking out for internal and international interests because they are bought and paid for? We can talk about Joe Biden's connections with the chinese government. He's talked to. Quite a bit? We can talk about their connections with ukraine if you want to understand what we ve dedicated a hundred and thirty five billion dollars and I haven't spent at all yet. But the question needs to be asked, and then all of us here need to have the balls. If I may, to answer it's not an answer given answer that I'm going to win this, that's the guy who is going to make up some ground. I don't know who you guys are hiring, but aside from the tonight, fire them. Is it
Similarly, that police ascend in your predict romance it feels very donated their approach. It I've seen that show a thousand times and I think we're tired of it right up there with absolute tired of hearing these canned responses indicators climate change exist. Absolutely while it depends what you mean by that right. Does man made climate change exist? I don't know: do we have an impact on a damn sure to some degree? But if you we'll get a lot of the scientists coming our right. Now, let's do much of what you say. You are going to limit climate change. What we think is member climate change. Look maybe there's some debate about that, but about which there can be no debate is Joe Biden can't fix it, but they go then you expand upon experiment if you have that time, but the point is people because you're you're I get your nerdy saw my legs little bit, but guess what people to yield have a few seconds to punch and punch out if outfit artificial, busy tripping over yourself and your advisers talking points to get to something prefab, you're, not we're going to connect with the people. I get it. You think donald trump bombastic, but not bombast. it is better than cure.
Lately it often the only people here tonight who have a remote chance in vivid potentially ron de santis, but he also needs to the, It just relax a little bombastic one twice with the way we've, probably. Actually they gave us that it was actually dozens of companies that were dozens of companies. I thought it was fifteen yeah so, but also we may have some clips from trumped him to him tom and do you have any of those trump with Tucker carlson, throw a punch and then Did you ever. We actually were on the ground, correspondent finnegan, whose actually out there today at the year, the hour and seated with law. They gave me a lot. Of course, we do not include the first one off the top with all right. Let's run these now. These are the highlights from donald trump and tucker karlsson, as their commercial break, with the urgency debate by area that's a war that should end immediately, not because of one side or the other, because hundreds, thousands of people are being killed? can you imagine what you re, not desirable? Ass and rockets are going into that building and blowing it up and not get down, and who can
Why why should any Why should anybody human beings is a? U, whether a russian and ukrainian or whatever they are? It's gotta. stopped and again be savary. Isolation would never started if I were president it would have never. So now I can t exactly what it is going to say. Oh he equipped in between you, innocent ukrainians and evil russians, because a donald trump said russians just like ukraine, which of course is horse shit he's a guy who's saying we shouldn't have a war. I can tell exactly what the he's going to do come back Tell me if I'm wrong on that clipped with contact for the next step that we can run well. It's start. I so angry. When I watch something and I know there to losing play- and this is what the You don't want to know what the problem is. You want to know what a little bit of the promise is. These people are all beholding the same non providential. Why do you think that you, after the first question: why do you think it was a lamp for climate change? I like what I like a lot of people. You have just to be clear, like a lot of people these nonprofits, but the bill dollars, ironically, in the free enterprise, capitalist movement. Unfortunately, the purse strings are held by non profit.
We're out of touch with the american public shouldn't talk about. Someone is convenient for clicks, but why was yap asked? question about climate change? At the aren't debate, how many things How many trains did not run on time for that to happen exactly bodily just so you know the debate is taking a break right now. That's why I covered in the north or their item. I just want to make sure that you guys know that, but we do have some more trump clips there and I think they're labelled by what they're talking about arrest. I say second one, but Biden, thoughts about Joe won't make it simple because you're so bad he's the worse precedent in the history of our country? I don't think he's gonna make it to the gate, but you know you never know what he's a corrupt purse. and so corrupt, and I took the name of hilary had allowed under two people are one time I took the crooked hilary and I made it. I retired there never was a good day for her excellent and I use it for Joe because it's going to jail, but you really nothing he's gonna make it two november.
Well, I think, is worse mentally than he has rightly urges rhinos nigh, notably Gerald thanks to try ethically it's not gonna, be the end. You guys can come and especially for what you are now in my club. If you're, not a memorable, go to my club explicitly some innovation can they said a lot of cholera comes much. My club, everyone here so for me, thinks that the nominee for the Democrats will not be Joe Biden. Let me know: let's go at another asking Nicky hayley question that I put up on the orders of class this country. Thanks martyr! I am unapologetically for life, not because the republican party tells me to be, but because my husband was adopted and I had trouble having both of my children, so I am surrounded by blessings. Having said that, we need to stop demonizing this issue. This talking about the fact that unelected justices didn't need to decide something, this personal, because its personal for every woman and man. Now it's put in the hands of the people are gonna. Tell you re when it comes to really seems like fox news is trying to set up these people to fail asking a lot.
question about the abortion issue, because I see that that's been losing issue on the state level with care? Not understanding, however, says DC in the ordinary onto the doktor and the same thing right there when they're asking about climate change, it's like I'm not It's like I'm watch and see and enter MSNBC. I don't know it just what I'm seeing right now. let's see her finish her answer. Of course you shouldn't have to perform them. Can't we all agree that contraception should be available and can't we all agree that we are not put a woman in jail or given the death penalty, if she gets in abortion. No know what I'm saying that no one is saying that boom got the wolf in sheep's clothing right down to her, using that talking. Point point me to one governor who sing that a woman should get a death penalty for having an abortion performed if she is rick theirs? one person saying that it's like she took that straight out of salon or slate or sir? Your shitty blog here what do you say to him and others who say politically? That is it
of thing to sell now, you're actually really quickly. Let's go live to our on the ground. Correspondent actually he's out. There he's gotten some interviews, thomas finnegan, he's down there. Do we have him? Yes, we will this is a boring question or another asking in its it honestly as a set up, I don't wanna play these games. Let's go right now. Aren't interpreting. big night, what you got for us? I soon I'm really go yeah we're wearily. Hence his back Why hiding out I'm gonna, get you carry exclusive interview. Are you Are you out of your mind? What how did you get past security jail just walked in. I don't think they like it very much are you coming
I'm sorry That media are better married. Maybe not! I don't think we should ever expect better from thomas finnegan, but you called it. Where is something like that? Coming from an article from salon, sunny gb bill would subject those obtaining abortions to the death penalty area. I know it's almost like area on this for a while and Nicky. I believe it I'm workin on tat s all right. Let's go back to run these scientists hey my pencil talking. Let's go, let's all hurry, so we can not care what well look I'm I'm not new to this cause. Aren't you too have bernard mazato Jesus Christ? Is my lord savior open up the book and I read for you in the womb. I knew you by the way, I agree with all the This is not. The first debate should not be about the abortion issue for these candidates and the way they frame. The question was: Firstly, one trying to get people to slip up. I get that, Michael,
trying to position himself as a social conservative which I am through and through I could. I must pro life as you get, but this line of questioning tonight do not be fooled. Climate ages, the most discussed issue in our generation and then the next question after two questions later is abortion issued its being misrepresented. This is I can tell you who your friends are when you look at people like Nikki haley and how they answer. I guarantee that MIKE pence has a good answer, but this is This is a no win situation to these people. This early in a campaign you know they won't ask. They won't ask a single democrat to put a limit on board. not one that will never happen. Hey. Let's say it's not nine months, whereas it is eight. Is it seven it six, find out really quickly as a more reasonable policy. I'm just really disappointed that fox news is doing this, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Nobody's talking about abortion and I've read the headlines every day for the last two months. Well,
percentage salon fox news whose, with us on high Heaven a bell leading you know it's biometric anybody makes it abortion. I know about goals. I was distracted. Looking for a fly on my princess hair viagra, the safe, though that there are no his hair is actually just a bunch of deceased flies, agreeably wax appoint heading it. They got him any more than I do I have can ban all those state law don't make women feel like they have to decide on this issue. When you know we don't have sixty seven votes in the house here. Do not yet have no opinion really know if there's never been a male president's, so you can't run the leadership. Have those or female president you have to be That's what they learn about. Didn't we, let's get governor argument for one one minute here for anything, because you
You really think you have a shroud just over what, but you don't hear still, but the result of that decision was that it went back to the states. that's where it is right now, that's it as I do. I gotta tell you when you about the states there's about five of them, including new jersey. I think if you others, never allow abortion up until the time of birth. Would you show me third grade a by what First of all and I'm getting evokes winner of the varying from a later stage, and this issue is, of course very important, but I am on the record and I stand behind. We should not have a federal abortion, then we should
and the reason why we shouldn't is very simple: there is no federal abortion down in the constitution. There is not a matter of orange and now he's saying that their basically pushing for it. That's what the argument was with Nicky hayley in my pants bright, pushing for a federal abortion, vanity sang, look, that's estates, rights issue right. It is pulled out a little constituting the idea of last june. The people we will attempt to drink from other people in this country that man owns no upper lip. We can't Republicans who fight for fifty years, for this great cause and where we turn it back to the states and then next day they turn around and don't no. The feds should do that because the feds are stepping into people's lives. There's two people's businesses over. As someone who does not know where you and is a termination of a life, I also understood this is that this is the middle ground that people talked about that republicans need to take. It goes to the states I understand you're making me aren't you have it? Murder is illegal in a federal level. I understand, but as far as what you can accomplish politically this is about as good as you're going to get in states can enact their laws,
do a better job of doing that within their states. But this is not fair. Rushing to ten also credit where credit is due nick, you gonna nailed it with the flask constitution, I'm having now. That was a thing. I guess that's the verses lip up against this river right down to his underpinning. This isn't a guy! Out of all of this makes me laugh that he's he's dead and I now huggins and add a there. What lessons can we forget me is an aim electing christianity, harm, so they have their extreme position at a national level. We is mostly it's gonna be addressed in the, but it's so lay fine, for we say three is most likely going to be addressed. We we, what the confederates I'm thirty pro life pieces legislation. While I was governor thirty and its headache behind it exactly what I thought it was one factor, and it is the most important issue for what
and for the unborn child, and for our country that we get this right. It's not just for women anymore, abortion. That's true! That's true! I'm telling you can have abortions too! Absolutely yeah! I mean your prostate, won't be the biggest fan of it, but you don't even have to go to planned parenthood. You just play football with your buddies and back to your beds. Blindsided and Timmy ends up in there anyway done in arkansas and are important for our nation's future depicted were just have to touch football and bobby ended up with a miscarriage. I dunno how to wear body like california new year,
working in Illinois have a blush I just saw on Scott. He just didn't come to play date. Black people are boring. How do we pick a boring black yeah? Well, you are one of the interesting people. Where do we find this fucker man again, Carson was already taken Jesus he made spent cardinal Malcolm x record. I gotta tell you, though I gotta tell ya: mama has got the best fit for the gods, since our creator gave us inalienable rights that include alive.
That is unless that is an issue we must solve, we can't leave the illinois. We can't live with that. Come on. Yes, you can. Why did you start talking? Like octavia spencer cries? I know we can't ask for his game. He sounded like hillary during a blackout. Here are thirty, eight or thirty, nine that a woman's shelter silica. That's what another issue is america, you have to get it right class for them the homelessness crisis. Where's, your limit cities are in decline. People are moving out as drugs crime move in there. problems, problems, accelerated drugs and crime within Mr Scott? You know about that. I'm just joshua ya hutchinson this for you less new york's cargo. All thirty percent between twenty nineteen and twenty twenty two thousand twenty two homeless, that blurb in the face of the elect for the homeless, is that the president signed the a lot of this began in
if you wouldn't mind showing your ass crack next to the big gulp. Don't worry I'll blow your face happening around the country as a result of those kobe lockdowns, and is your administration in part to blame for how we got here? the I think, what's part to blame as democrats, men talk about defined in the police for five years and we ought to be funding and law enforcement, particularly in our major cities, at at unprecedented levels. I made an extraordinary to think about. The violence is claiming innocent lives literally every week in every major city in this country, and yet, The crowds and liberal prosecutors in major metropolitan areas continued to work out there full agenda is it to do
we need, as is shut wrong, could bigger than that like it's a troll revolutions have been rush into behind asleep little marshal the resources that the states marshal the resources. These are these, like germany, cricket. If I can stop and opportunities for people, don't know that strongly started. We want to bring up some of the trunk with a tougher somebody's guess. That's a lifeline blind. I have no idea what's coming up and I so I've got plenty of trump stuff, just gonna feathering it in two years him talking about gather, newsome, wonderful, nationally fund by MIKE new new similar worse was so it says, newsome three It says to know somewhere, ten was cutting and we have waited till now. Let us give us the highlights. We don't want, you click clear cut, all of it. Ok news had everything.
New some frustration, because the EU will be around the country talking much, you can catch rhetorical agents, prices on easy access to guns. They also blame republicans for blue in gun control legislation coloring this may be a layup for Chris Christie to sabotage himself because he's incredibly anti gun that I'm the only person along with governor hutchinson up on this stage, who's actually running the united states attorney's office. I ran the fifth largest office in america in a sad state where there are significant or the oblong office. The you make it the fifth largest office and actually more money with a broom, because they use that they have. There has prosecute west wings. These factions associates are refusing to do their job and to arrest violent criminals. So would a president Christie would do is appoint. It's attorney, general.
who would instruct. Why didn't? If I'm not mistaken, why didn't governor christie? You guys a fact check, bring this up for me, please in Michigan sure why didn't governor Christie get rid of the waiting period? I believe it was thirty days and there was a woman who actually in a restraining order out against her ex husband, I believe- or maybe it was her- the answer you ended up being killed because needed a gun immediately when people say why do you need a gun right away? Why can't you have a cooling down period? I don't know. Sometimes people need to purchase a firearm to defend themselves for a specific situation. Governor Christie was probably the most left, if I'm not mistaken, he's if there's a rating system, probably the worse republican governor and the history, the second amendment, that's what to talk about who he appointed was mandated by legislation sponsored by his father? You have a justice department that walks away from those charges that apply to everybody in the christie administration, go to jail for ten years. What about a present on the sly? What is it what's? Goin back about guns,
So the reality as we are crying wave in this country, and we know how to fix it, the question is: do we actually have the spine to do it more cops? the streets who are on the streets are able to do their jobs without looking over their shoulder forgetting soon and we also having mental health epidemic in these countries? over the same period, the vehicle, suburban women, health institutions that we have seen a slight in violent crime? Do we have this and to bring it back. I think we should, as president I will, but not just dragon people in those psychiatric institutions with so laughed and Sarah cool. It's a deeper sure I think faith based approaches can play a morally reached older weren't. They of a national identity crisis, and I say this as a member of my generation, the problem in our country. Right now The reason we have that mental health epidemic is people are so hungry for purpose and meaning at a time when family faith, patriotism, hard work, have all disappeared, We really need is a tonal reset from the top say in the business.
What it means to be an american. Yes, we will stand for the rule of law. Yes, we will close the southern border where criminals are coming to visit in their good without like moment first got immigrant integration will remember who we really are, and that's also how we address mental health epidemic in the next generation that is directly leading to violent crime is really weekly, governs sunni, says we're not looking for a new national identity. The american people are the most varied filled freedom, of an idealistic, hardworking people the world has ever known. We just need government is going to our people. Our government periods do could have some others, like you, may have on the stage of its morning in america speech. It is not working in amerika. We live in a dark, parliament, and we have to confront the family right, drive her no good and by the way, if you go back tomorrow, reagan, everyone actually ronald Reagan was just shining city on a hill, now
beginning of his campaign. She talked about where they were in that country when he smoked carter. He talked about the dark days of amerika and then transitioned into a plan might pay does delusional. That does not resonate with the american public and certainly not people who will vote for Republican. Let me remedies government dissenters. How do you stuff follow that advice at times at a fifty year alone, on lord on my arm, you're happy, so here's the thing was too ready load out. Yet this is your old. I noted your america's decline in one of the biggest reasons: tissue. George soros funding. These radical left wing district attorney's, they get an office and they say there now. We all know that we're going to do about it. They disagree, but the inmates are running the asylum there's one guy in this entire country. we're done anything about that me. That is,
Two of these. That is true of eternity in florida, elected with soros funding. Who said they wouldn't do their job. I remove them from their posts. They are only thus and repose on the beers, because I know I'm process right. You need my tongue, the horrible merely because they are hurting the quality of life and they are victim. I added I there's people in every corner of this country will study the when I get into your right on. Chris Christie was a thirty day waiting period and there was a woman who was killed while, while waiting on her gun permit for putting out there. I reckon that, if I'm right, that's probably what does that that's going back many years, two thousand and actually quantitative tina going fifteen year if they get a jug, as it gets
comes together. Nelson gives declares me dracula, talk a little one, because the second, a small town values that we now need to get this country on track. Again, we could do it in north, but what we can say that smile they do not understand that drug crisis rather having got too much to ask Well, that's what one looks like what my pants is going to look like another fitting all ending on top of that he has eyes like those white rats from mexico has naturally have like the eyes that are inflamed, get ready and he he looks like he probably read. Yes, so usually any as a tale. Does that's really the growth of the cocksucker tailbone. But these are medical terms
oxide saying we will by much and lacks a balancing arrayed. You see that president in the united states, we start could do? This was not said that I am rather than how could I forget either? That round is undermined by attacking judges by attacking prosecutors by it, This is linked, LISA relieved, and so we you have to have respect for seriously it we're not like he's in there we paralyzed and his right side right like we're, not just jogging about islands like say just you just a bit of an ass had who refuses to remove turkey to move the right arm at all like hip, hop guys grabbing his balls as president from test tomorrow. Cypress hill fan rates will have an opportunity to talk about they're going to break. It looks like Derek fulton county that street, while really quick let's say there doesn't. Let's say we can go to another trump clip. If you want to you, if you wanna provide something of commentary there, I he was
basically saying at the federal level. We're gonna stop these smashing, rather like really how it's a state issue that you have to deal with and really it's a city issue that you have to deal with, and you have to get these stupid democrats to have better policies in these cities where these things are occurring. That's not a federal sending the police thing, because you don't have a police that you should be sending in. I think you're right, but really quickly. We should probably go to since we have a break. Here are some of your content or you are down there in Milwaukee or about c The first is you spent some time. This is, if I'm not mistaken exclusive on the grandfather, terry lake and other candidates, yeah catcher for the brewers. Okay, what's Chris Christie said well, actually there's a new campaign ad from Chris Christie. That's right before that, if you want to hit that such right before his original okay, let's do that with a new chris Christie. Either we have the exclusive here at a later was Crowder. Of course you can join my club lot of cars, dot com, slash my club and then Gerald was there on location Milwaukee, and you can see the answers that we got from some of these candidates. Chris Christy, I can guarantee you success you. What I'm about
for the working man, you're gonna get some three talk from nature. Right down again, because the truth matters, if you are in search of the perfect candidate, it is time to leave. I am got it small, or are we gonna be there I came back to tell I intend to seek the to seek for republican obligation, united states what a twenty four hour water. Chris Christie you make good cookies the.
Terry lake has decided to join the story. Thank you very much for being here is so good to be back and to be in beautiful milwaukee, while they've done a great job with the city. Absolutely we were talking about this. I believe earlier in the year- and I said, look the best possible scenario is four more years of donald trump and then eight years of dissenters at the time, because I thought just stay out of it. Donald trump is going to go and be become president again and you will be smart enough. Money would be right, and that would be good for him and the the thing that people liked about the santas. He he's not been doing any of that. It's almost like he's taking kind of that. Mitt romney turn that the costume to change when he was facing off against Barack obama- and it's like don't go, don't go be who they want you to be, but I I do believe that president trump will be victorious at this debate. Even though he's not even there. I don't know that. There's any point in him coming to some of these debates, I don't think the people are going to suspend their campaigns because they are banking on president trump either running out of money running out of support or just not wanting to deal with it. I don't think any of those things are going to happen. So good luck with that he's, never going to run out or support that the people who love president trump love him and they will vote for him, no matter where he is, they could try to lock them up. They'll still vote for him absolutely, and I will tell you he's already won that debate. I have been doing interviews for the last couple of weeks about the debate and not once has anybody asked me about the other candidates, all questions about trump that you wake up. You turn the news on it's about trump and how brilliant for him to do an interview with Tucker carlson, the two people that fox hates the most right now are president trump and tucker carlson and tomorrow, when fox wants everybody talking about the literally game they're going to holding here tomorrow, everyone's going to be talking about trump in tucker tucker, who can be a tough interview, I don't think he's going to do a snub or a softball he's been critical of president trump before so that person will be able to get out his ideas for turning this country around and how he sees us saving ourselves on the world stage, because we are marching toward world war three. That is the backdrop of what's happening by the way they want us distracted with all these other things. Meanwhile, the world is has been disabled lives and we're heading toward world war. Three, and hopefully they talk about some of these issues, because I think we're going to find out there's a lot of warmonger sitting there. One of the main reasons they want to bring trump down is using the truth, teller and a peacemaker. He didn't start any wars, and that makes the military industrial complex, which has a lot of control in this world. That makes him very upset, very upset that he was rich, so money and peace that there's trillions to be made in war trump is about. Peace, absolutely will really quickly final question: can you fast forward a little bit to president trump winning the nomination, selecting a vice president? Who do you think that could be, and where do you see yourself going next? Maybe those two things are tied together, I'm not saying they aren't listening, I'm not leading the witness, and I well, I think that you know in a year or so when he does choose his vice president and president trump is very smart. He'll look at at where things are and you'll say. I need help with this group with that group in this state, and he will pick an incredible vice president and whoever he picks. I will vote for enthusiastically in the meantime, I'm seriously giving it consideration to jump into the us senate race in arizona. We have two democrats running one who just announced that she's going to act like an independent, even though she's voted with Joe Biden, ninety three percent of the time- and we have an opportunity to pick up a seat and get to finally get an america first, senator in the us senate, one who's actually going to do the work for the people and so on. Considering that'll be making a decision in the next couple of months. I just wrote a book unafraid a great book. If you haven't seen it get it it's a page turner I in in typical fashion, I throw a few punches. I would expect nothing less and I have a few other things, I'm working on right now in my personal life and I'm really giving that serious consideration, because we have an opportunity to get a great senator in arizona who will serve the people of arizona in Washington DC. I love it. If you end up running on a button- and let us know, let us know what you're doing we'd love to stay in touch with you, but thank you very much. Thank you so much and thank you to the audience out there. The ok we are.
Actually debate bring it up there in a lower quadrant to a man, and nick de Pollo is with me. His show is on mug club lot of courage to come. Such mug club get ten dollars off with the promo code. Crowder g o p debate. Hey, what do you get you get naked palette you get Alex Jones, you get the hopkins coming soon. You get Brian Cowen, you get guns and gear you get our friday show you get double the show. Every single day you get. The investigative unit does not exist without your support at mug club, no corporate donors like these pack, the collar is going on. We also robs comedy play us, I'm sorry what a terrible needed, but it's a very good, then use of timber. Sixteenth nicht. If that come together. was like a kindergarten, this September fifteenth, I'm sorry nick. It has nothing to do with a sicilian know where it's going to be packed, no matter what you say stiff, I don't think it's eleven romans changed the talk about clusters or turnip. I will just speak the truth. Okay, president trump
I believe it was the best present of the twenty first century moment, I'm not finishing my drink up what you got a drinking, your also going to that's just a drink. That's just a dream finish my drink, it was just filled. You understand how much good he just over his mention january torrenting, allow very six. We need to continue with him or carry lake. Is the beekeeping programme with a vision for this country? They could just the channel to MSNBC right now, but I'm not gonna. Let me see I am running for peace, Citizen of the united states point where the point that the dark brown fingers that set a precedent, the cycle uses police force decreased to your a very bad man. You have to go to the debate on fox, but nobody cops. Usually people wait, an open palm
Let me just say this fat fuck, you severe it answer use if everyone, no don't pale amount martha. You live here. Why? Let those booze let it run Arboretum do indeed do is not bread. Rats. Lecturing me my talk about this. You suggested here, John men and thirty, a moderating the censure moderator interrupted me. Let's drink, you want to stand up for the rule of law and order and the fact is there be selective in your book
much different things to say about dollar trump and you're, saying here tonight, as though it is very true as true I read you know, and you ain't you quoted the which was, and you should know you know why quoted down delawares, look at how they can any better than you do you ve ever done it like you'd, never done anything to try to evade the pony and arming with sam to put itself forward as a candidate tonight. Here's the thing we do not for one thirty is Chris, that's a turning unit and stand up to a waiting period in people got killed in your stay used in no one, Chris Christie. If nothing else tonight, please but his giant bubble burst as far as the tough talk and straight from the hip. Everything about that man- that's! You must rony by storms and up to the manages Arby's shorter, he said you have. The beef lie go now they advertise right. Now, I'm not preserved intact.
He's gonna hang himself right here want to spend. We need a european road safety to read it. The cable, it's gotta be cable, political pressure. We ve gotta, be in old. Like I stand up, it's been aroused damagon and ass. I had not drawn, let's see, armor light on this stage. He has faced hecklers on the campaign. Trail overreaction. Look this morning, the puppet january next day, the vice president termite delighted with the certification in general election. think, given that I had a weekend with pinocchio and MIKE pens happened, how did the right thing on temptation, I won t believe you did the right thing, but absolutely who did one sector be. We should be asking ourselves a bigger question about the weapon visitation of the department of justice when I'm president, the first thing that things garland
second dig lonely apply. This here tonight says: disband the fbi, our intelligence agencies and build a new is the guy who should win this debate. I've said that's a close at an issue for me. You can not say this country without disbanding our intelligence agencies, who are political, uganda and hit hardest wings, youngsters How can you here is my friends: did the right thing and say hello to each other. This cannot, logically against political opponents, but also against parents who show up at school board. Meetings of this deal judgments clever, that's how young can one his election reich asked about the zero, the uncritical race theory. He talked about the white privileged talk, transgender bathrooms and people always say those social issues. Don't work, guess what they one young can ownership in a very, very blue state? So this is something else. It is ill advised, don't listen to those people. Those people morons is homes,
go on strong, because this deal J uses their power uses their authority not just against political opponents, but it gets conservatives and conservative causes. It is time for a change in amerika said: miss scott re that change to the grab at all. To do that, he did not doubt the right thing on january, so here in Europe we have genuinely drawing up innovation of these federal agent, dishpan them command. Someone gross involved here, disband the f b. I comment: I'd love to see you. Gettin my club, but let's put on nepal, You think we need you to jerk you right now, millions of me but their whether you're farmer, there are hundreds of thousands who are watching now across all our platforms. You're a sample group would do you want your keys make the republican candidate to run on a platform of dis, banning our intelligence agencies they want. They want you to think that you're an extremist. I think its most of you, let's put out a pole, rat
that you focus on the mission. Above all else, you can't get distracted. So republicans we ve got a lot. forward and we gotta make sure they were raymond message. Second man in this important debate on the constitution of the united states. I think I think People deserve to know whether everyone on this stage agrees. but I kept my oath to the constitution that day no more important to be consistent in your answer and here's the thing it's not about just defending we're, no longer a nation. Look I want to take that constitute yes exactly you are no longer a nation or a candidate defending the constitution. What you are doing is trying to undo a president and by the way, really talking about twelve years. Eight years of obama in four of of binding than there were foreign between three really someone of wiping there asked what the constitution you're not
sending something anymore you're trying to cure trying to re institutionalized the constitution. You are true. to ensure that you reinvigorate the american people to understand you, an entire generation of people who do not understand or if they do, they don't care about the costs, You are no longer in defence mode. You need to be in attack mode. You need to be in rebuild mode and that's why MIKE pence, absolutely he should do peer into obscurity he's not talking to the american public and certainly not the voting base as, where they are at this period in time. This is when you about. The donor class. Ask yourself about my pencil, for girls and didn't do what you do with my pants guess what he would still be a darling to a lot of the conservative donor media class- and I say this as a as a you can go, the two thousand and eight on youtube. No one has it time record longer than me of being a conservative, pretty much basic bitch pumpkin spice conservative across the board. But the messaging now is different. When you are at a point in this country, it is a turning point and people like MIKE pence are out to lunch.
consistent with our and see rules, chats witness utter same disband like crazy, marianna, nepal on twitter and we area. Can I answer the question I didn't know I'd like to answer I don't know you vice president- that judges testimony hang on each mike pants stood. for the constitution and he deserves not cheating cried. He deserves our thanks as americans for putting he's out there, office in the car, the tuition of the united states before personal political and unfair pressure. The argument that we need to have in party before we can move on to the issues that wrong talked about it
I have to dispense with the person who said that we need to suspend the constitution acting trump put forward his attack donald trump. I don't think you're going to like how this goes hotshot, I give them credit, but I mean he's an idiot yeah. I mean I dunno, where what he thinks he's he's gonna gain from saying that you look at the polls trumps. What He has advisers telling ahead of our very should be a romney type, I do think that we need give him credit for that. But what I will also tell you is I mean nobody needs. Are some live with it and see whether or not to shut serve or not? I trust the american people. Let them let them decide vehement wrong, although there will be no real turning point. It's a significant portion of american, including by the way democratic doping that their voters secure. That's counted properly there speaking to people who, aren't there? This is the price with the donor class? This is where vivid is going to pick up some seem the g o p.
What do you want? A puppet candidates in the american people ought to trust their vote. They already don't talk to those people their tuning, right now. There are looking for a reason to give you their vote. Are you mad enough or woman enough making early to take it? She's both have the balls Take it- and you have said, but I would say you started off the top of this. Our saying we're than talk about china, ukraine, educate ilo, the crime in transylvania by forty percent, three matters box, imperialist, rub seventy five percent, but take root your watch, his eyebrows back garlic harvest is right. If you run away and now
if you are moving to the us, has committed nearly seventy said. I speak on this issue that we thought you were done, but they were talking about camera or mic. What did you say that such making a commitment that on day one you would pardon donald trump on the only see what they say? Listen to our nation forward, the robot will be convicted of these crimes. You may be able to make a commitment, the same justice system. That was the difference between you and me. I'm not a politician. Financial actually given pardons governor state of indiana, usually follows a finding of guilt and contrition the individual to spend convicted so will have what, if President of the united states, will give further consideration and important request. But if I'm not political taller,
You know it's not about looking back. It was our management around a turning point in its about january twenty or twenty seventy featherweight drink, my lifetime about gender ignored virus like yours, my writing I took an oath to support. the constitution of the united states boy, and it ended with a prayer so help me god, The promises made to the american people monica state. But I also made it s actually pressed. Made it my heavily for our demand to the lord. What a guy that were years they sought to keep battles. and everyone on this stage needs to make it clear whether not they'll do the same. If you're out in this job and the confidence of the american people of vice president, all that, oh look, I've made it clear. I had he's a beach girl, the issues surrounding the two thousand and twenty election, and the controversy about were allowed to come to this had not come to criminal proceedings. I would rather, they have been resolved by the american people anywhere.
People alone, but no one's above the law and present, Trump is entitled to the presumption of innocence that every american is entitled to bring back up the drinking game, people who aren't familiar we're playing right now and he pulled his leads. Don't get alcohol poisoning just pick a light beer tromp. As mentioned january sixth or twenty twenty moderator interrupted Kennedy any thug life moment, and you finish your drink anytime, a candidate mentions a democrat other than by exercise you're taken will also add anti thug like moment, meaning a low light is pretty much. Every time might pence about it. I'm gonna as they would draw malfunction, will have no life. They have election when we beat them in twenty twenty. Four that give rise to vienna. That's a little presumptuous. If the guy is, you know what I mean he's had to leave it to the american people, that's what they would do not generate six, Do the unit rambling you're right in my pet ministration? Is it doesn't get any bloggers? No, I'm writing dollars more
regardless of that specific here. Specifics of that plan is there anyone onstage, who would not simply on I've and on the increase of more funding to your tent we want to support the vexed up. I run It's a raise your hand question. Can I ask you why they have Dallas cowboys local authorities, because our american allies, not with a cheer writer? Is it going to be doing not these latest engine them doing it, and I would have the port in china to devote attention to take china. Do we need to do? Let me raise my finger was around his long. You would not support an increase in funding to your grand. I would not, and I think
this is disastrous to point the finger somebody else's border when we sure do to prevent across the invasion of our own southern border here in the united states boom drink. What did I say at the beginning of this ring in immigration? That was a winning issue for donald trump. It's still a winning issue by the way for that base who voted for donald trump people in the rust belt people in la sperience that with the southern border, it that's the one. We can pick up some some of the left pieces of donald trump you'll say you know what he didn't really deliver on his promise. I will finish with Donald trump string. People in new york and chicago in Martha's vineyard are starting to they might have because we ship them to you. Avec is four for five, with three triples and a homer I don't understand,
references to sit next to the entire lifecycle of ukraine, and I agree on this because I wanted to see for myself the cabbage let's break was due in part to the ukrainian people. Tell you won't get a level of rail services, and I imagine that everyone, every one of them, was a thing towards greater hungary more. children outside to make over Twenty thousand, who have been. I hate, and I hate everybody's dance for but from northern ireland, to pay father adverse now when he says that our grew that your mind, I just say I can only say this curse. Christy I did. He wanted to go over and see president Polanski right. I don't work. Just put him anyway.
We have a new. We have a new intern piazza rhetoric. When I have a good correct, some of the more you might appear and media they are bringing up for a freshman. You are taken to an egg he's going you but you're better than I could add. Surveyors bears babies to right now is lying through his teeth. He didn't go over there to see what was happening first hand on the ground. We have media us over. The second is pretty you understand. What's going on by here? Look I get it. Maybe you think that there is a little bit more to the story. You, over there, because you have a campaign that is altering and you're only path. A victory is to stay relevant. Somehow we either way he went down you. They re lyrics to John bond jovi to put next to the brink of oscar that sean pan left over there. That's not gonna help them win a war. Don't lie. an you something that is absolutely tragic together,
your campaign off the gas bag. Do you know? Why else do you know what the other reason why he went to ukraine because he had to go there because he endorsed the government barack obama, by the way, who installed a puppet government in ukraine just to be clear, not saying that russia is right, putin, dick okay, understand it, but let's not act as though ukraine is a bastion of freedom and democracy. Let's go back look he's making that is making it the quintessential indian face which aren't even care good for him lashes rather than all thrust minorities it. That's me, I've been using lash, the ussr does not exist anymore. It fell back in nineteen o flood liveliness and that very supportive, Barack Obama, those mitt romney risa, not not not now the cold war called they want the policy back.
You ve been saying he wants to reestablish the old soviet sphere. You'd be surprised- and I imagine this oars- might pence defending funding ukraine a proxy war. Yes, yes, the republic did you think, that's what the republican voters want right now. Is that what you want? You come by the way like to think that that's a horrible technocratic! It's what the neo cod communist china and we are doing I think russia further into china's arms
china, military alliance and the very small single greatest threat we face, but nobody neither political parties talk about me. Let me finish, MR president, between moderation interrupting drink. We have so far tribute of these linking the scale of that you will never be an eternal and then some housewives, protodyne china will not think about taking taiwan. Is it made its please through strengthened instruments, which is five walk right? Yes, everyone, everyone, republican party, believes that Taiwan should be armed should be protected, that some of that makes sense. Ukraine, russia, its I'm. Sorry, it's not our fault. Ukraine? You wanna be a nato guess what you have a bunch of back payments
Mr Ramaswamy, you were mentioned you get thirty seconds, so the reality is that today today priority for the united states of america, and I think that everyone, the moderate, took us into the iraq war, the same people who took us into the vietnam war. You cannot and do not store another know when war- and I do not want to get to the point where we're sending our military resources abroad when we could be better using them here at home to protect our own borders, protect the homeland or someone playing the theme from Holbein every time he appears in russia do not have a military alliance. That's a very unlikely alliance to have right now, the economic, china and russia yeah right. They don't have a military that I think he said that either misspoke or he says that often maybe assuming that will happy move rosanna. They have a vested interest in it, got under attack and about friendship, agreement parental- got a cosmetic memorial dispute. Why,
First of all, the american president needs to have more of clarity. They need to know the difference between right and wrong thing. You know the difference between good and evil. We need to look at the situation with russia, ukraine, here you have a pro american country that was invaded by a thug. So when you want to talk about what has been given to ukraine less than three and a pro american countries remain, the only other countries in that sector, the role of holding to drag, shows. If you look at the percentages per gdp, eleven of the european countries have given more than your. U s, it's really important is going back to when china and russia we hand shook hands before picks and name themselves, unlimited partners, a win for russia is a win for china. We have to know that primarily the guy's need a sandwich. What do you do that recent me? What you know if you come up ones too?
and given the answer, here's what people? Don't want to say they want to say a pro america and international relations and, of course, the internet. Okay, are you willing to go to war by the way one hundred thirty five billion dollars. This is the only time in history. You can spend more than many countries gdp in assisting a war and claim that you are not in a war right just to be clear, the world views it as the united states being engaged in this war. You may not like you may not agree with that, but that is true- and I understand the arguments regarding ukraine and russia understand it, but when you actually look at the amount of money spent on condition that the drop in the bucket compared to the inflation reduction act, I get that. But again it is the principle of we want to be the country who is involved in proxy wars with countries who, by the way, couldn't she just at primary
if that's not true about ukraine, certainly not true about Zelensky that is complete and total horse shit. That's neocon talking points, let's go back and you know he came off. He kept that you've been pushing this call you'll. Let me address that. I'm glad you brought that, on the other hand, swatting the last time you had no power, don't let her over talk to you and you know what she was laughing. The friends do, friends help each other stand on their own two feet, so I will lead abraham accords to point out. I will partner with Israel to make sure iran never is nuclear armed, but you know what I love about Israel and I've been there, probably in the last ten years more than most people on this stage. You know what I love about them. I love them
our policies. I love their proper on February Mona. They have a ringing de immigration, which was very singular renovation for dialogue and often twenty sixty knows that got away from it a little, but he knows what he's doing Yeah those are those to protect our homeland. The most I said, must did not manage, etc to just one when she's pointy. When we goes. You know Democrat me to point. The united states, europe, First obligation protect the american people in our country and it's people. Yes, that means you're sending all this money, but you're not doing what we need to do to secure our own border. We have tens of thousands of people we can do are being killed because of shit. Bullshit go by wrote here and please bring it up. I think you probably have this and the change build a wall change my mind. I think the most generous estimate, if I'm not mistake,
in for the wall being built as Donald trump originally proposed? It would have been about twenty billion dollars. I think some people tried to say it was forty billion, but the average similar was around twenty billion dollars and illegal immigrants cost the american taxpayer an average of one hundred and sixteen billion dollars a year. So if you're talking about, let's call it forty billion, let's use a salon sources as governor christie in gnome. Sorry, un Nikki haley want to use themselves are using these talking points a day from the far left. Okay hundred and steam billion dollars it was cost to the american public getting married taxpayer every single year for A billion dollars compare that to the amount of money pledged to ukraine, that's what it would cost to secure the border physically. Of course, we need better policies as well like deportation. No more dreamer act, no more amnesty. We need all those things in conjunction, but the point is: it is a drop in the bucket when you're talking about securing the american people. So when people say this
a very small number and compared to a in comparison to our deficit, to our spending, but it's a very large number. One hundred and thirty five billion dollars dedicated to the eu to ukraine in the comparison to what it would cost to at least secure our border. That's why a book and voters dont like these people, just to be clear, here, our borders first and then maybe you can make a case to be a nurse a common foreign policy hawk and not with the wall with a military policy, but I'm serious he wants turrets. For how long landmines they weren't report, I wanted to be dropped like Kevin mc allister's, uncles, new york, apart numbs areas, though you came and later when they bring up a wall. I laugh even when trump brings it up really, but we need to get some military on earth I, but we need a wall first. Why, then, you could, people on the wall. If you have to know this is yours, after a plug in case put a friend's up three fleda research. It's the guns of flame, throws that key people out the goddamn wall them.
The liberal estimates value said: twenty one billion dollars: twenty one billion dollars, twenty one billion dollars hundred and sixteen billion dollars costs yeah, but trump wants a zebra kit. So it's going to go up there. They like they, like Sarah mower to ukraine and green, wants to prolong a war. Yes to prolong a war, while the american public is struggling. Aly, that's dracula talking about, but Biden administration wanted to put these seven thousand people in the irs as opposed to giving the money in this, for we need our own border patrol that MR programme to thank you for letting me talk again guys. Thank you. Ll go see remaining the people up here s the eighty seven thousand. I my foot, hurricanes and higher double The number of border patrol agents- I just love yuma arizona about to leave by the way he's going to get fact checked on that. Just to be clear and just don't be fooled by this tomorrow, they'll say: tim Scott miss it's not eighty, five thousand a I r s agents, eighty something thousand new ira s. Employees are not officially agents. Who cares?
doesn't matter, but a bunch of pencil pushing certain Pushing pencil, necked, pussy clocks is still a problem. Here is a new monopolies on apparently thought about the sun block. This shows that if you really want to bathe caught at our border, how many we have not been cut our sun about what do? I think he wasn't? It was about three. Fifty two Uma tree failures, understanding all different five billion more. We can have the military, great technology to survey on our southern border to stop Thank you, your military. I do want to look at them crossing illegally. Are we want and what we do and you have to see before you showed. I want a laser wall that vaporize system. Oh, yes, I want, as the super sulk is filled with cat pissed reality. What if they ve caught settled terry rep
a mighty ever gets payable. Cap would also solve our rights. Are our fuel cat problem in our inner cities? That are you? That's a too for once we deal in IRAN or dracula talking about three hundred tell you, though they were taken mass casualties and those are that's a statistic, but these are sons and daughters. Needs is enough, use that were learning about that you're, not gonna narrative line night helicopter emissions from saying- and I go to the gulf coast going to stop these transnational criminal organisations. They got better funding on their side. Then we got on our side speedily trans. He s got a nice job he's like energy. A valiant effort here is linked to the little money gets mexico. Vice president Saleh limit just for this mod of what we see up here, it really doesn't help I'm asking a question mark. Is it just me or does the acting like he has this in the bag? He does delusion and really is he's. Okay. What's she'd private notepaper
What was crossed. The border should go from here, I came by the border patrol cosby law enforcement as needed to protect them, and then I lost my goddamn mind. used for intelligence gathering purposes. This is not what you know about the. Whenever I was in the bush administration. We went down there now that the ringing endorsement of a hot dr grant s help I'm going. I guys you remember when I didn't do a damn thing to stop the problem. Could it's terrible today? That's true, add the mustache. What seemed an actor was the the owner in s lap shot? Yes, I came out here, you see the and see
thanks, overdone purses candidates in the matter only go my girls vermin birmingham. Mexico is a partner. We have to use economic pressure to accomplish their prey over doors, not been helpful, and we have to use the enlargement, it is you re not using the rule of law has to matter of how we deal with this in arkansas was critical. Wouldn't have not about mexico like lives in texas, we don't foreign debt with it. For you and you know, in a little or on two legs against some shit, I put a stop to hurry up to avoid it. Don't you ve got another and only the damage that can do with a tooth brush and that in fact, paperclip zactly sending you silverado horses
The electorate that I mentioned that national to take out vengeance lab safeguarding the top drug cartels operation of some kind of american military. Look at him like somebody has all the power. It will do it on day, one percent, here's the thing, the forces to take out, sentinel labs- and, I will say Ronda status- has as answered very clearly on the question before where you said no, I will not support amnesty whatsoever. He's been very clear about that. He just needs to be clear in this debate on a part of your southern border. We to re, establishing the rule of law and we have to defend our people. The present The united states, gotta use all available powers as commander in chief to protect our country and to protect the people. So when they're coming against the global average and eventually the sentence, yes, we reserve the right to operate. How many more tens of thousands are we gonna let to die? I am sick. I ve met angel moms throughout this country. I met a lady in texas name, s number and her son took one.
turkish rallies angels, but that was least within that immediately died. That has happened. If all across this country, because of the poison that they are bringing in so as president, would I use force? Would I treat them as foreign terrorist organizations you're darn right? I would zap me vomit arms would have been great if not for that you're darn right, I'm sorry, that's just not a good way to frame you're darn tooting your dawn tune. El Chapo, El Chapo I have a little something for you guess what it's not snack time there are those that should the third lamb accidents in apache. Now, could it be say: I'm not talk and malarkey. Yes, I don't want any part of your tomfoolery this. Isn't the local town hall hoot nanny? you know Joe had some bent on the kitchen awesome mandate does not get it. There was a fire. That's been.
Linkage, pointers and eyes a mannequin into the year tragedy caused, if best prepared to be the next president of the united states, to go to prepared because it was vice president. I voted today. Will you you wanted that? As you know, the room later like saying I played, I played in the professional league right and you were dead, lasting scored, nothing around the clock I negotiated the remaining mexico policy on behalf of the preceding rocks around your life is. We would like with asia. Is that of bacchus helps to the table and they allow us to people waiting in mexico while they apply for asylum and ended asylum abuse overnight we got them. Chickens to deploy their national guard, their southern border and furthermore drop dead stupid before and I want to promise you as president of the united states of america. I would engage
because the exact same way- and we will follow us military and we will hunt down and destroy. you're the problem with my parents. If he wants to claim credit for down trumps presidency all turn out, I would have run being that's exactly right pivot. When it, the other ways like we will, hunt down and destroy the cup, know you and now cartel will always come back. You know why, because they have a product and there is demand, it may be somebody else. It may look a little bit different, but that is what history has taught us. That means you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Also I have to get cheap as fillers in mexico, at the awana, That must not mean magog might and Michael Douglas. That's not here. It is ironic that we talked about all night tenacity, so we have to have one somebody's aroma salmon. We
I want to make sure that when this clause we get everything match up their food and now they're still more have so many wonderful people from around the world who are waiting in line following the law to try to come here. And pursue the american dream and those people are waiting and waiting and waiting clear line. When these not had kept them teens, we have to make sure they are not rewarded. If we're having broken the law one of us to have a child at all. It's important that we secure the border very poor, as I just said is sending these chemicals to these drugs. cartels for them. Create the fact, though, that is going to live here.
with thousands of our citizens. Much bombed chinese are engaging in an act of war against us. Take them to just drop him, that'd be a moab. They wouldn't be that transferring every twenty minutes in a porta, potty and fucking drop that all that Chris Christie to a blackout and assign yeah. We have to find a new shade Look a lot of regional blow him at the mexican iridescent laying the ground for a fat guy, hey man general children. Accordingly, I dont know what did you see those what is ethically grandma? I couldn't do whenever a fat guy hate it's a really quickly. I just want to go back to a few things that happened while reading. Where do they go to a trump? Did the trunk clip attempt could yet from restructuring programme? What am I
people that I love to hate Robert Reich said there is no such thing as abortion. All the way up to the moment of birth, governor to scientists is telling a dangerous lie here. True ask governor nor from that, but he might be too busy doing black face in his retirement face. I had so much so I'm trying to go to the the next trumpet clip I guess it's like fifty pages backup here to find out. You mean president donald trump, with Tucker carlson with Tucker, so we are covering and keep this in the lower third here just so, people can see that their advertising birch gold grow. I guess they don't have the I guess they don't have devane doing it any more. So look they're, really really good pensions, nephew fucking pants there was. There were a couple of them that they gave me they gave me it was really quick. So I dunno let's go to the so gavin you can use the hashtag credit gnp debate. Ten dollars off my club at tat. Credit Jupiter is a promo code, use a lot of current. I come slash montclair, We are covering both the debate as well as they took her curls and energy that just dropped with donald trump, which
is this next clip Gerald. So this one is a pimp talking about Gavin newsome, ok, goods, another when they want to get too but will have to get that given new. I give me the names if they want, or as you have a new, so no some news, I could be- I always got along well with it believe it or not, but I could be him could be. Somebody else he's got a big a big alone on his shoulders revision of California what's happened. well pelosi dropping it will really the people that vote for him. I dunno. If enough, they can look at so many of the things that are going on Well, don't seem to be in the old days if you had a bad record, it meant a lot to navy have a winning record. It doesn't really mean anything yeah. Well, I actually don't care what he has to say about the new and will see if he ends up running against the guy, but it's civil war like it's actually open conflict that he's talking about. Oh, I think maybe we have that clip yet we
that would right, let's hear that they, as we had resident donald trump talking about that eight second civil war or as might pencil first to its something he will never touch you think it's possible that there's open conflict, recently I went. I dont know because I dont know what it you I can say this. There's a level of passion that I've never see. There's a level of hatred. I've never seen this there's. Probably bad combination, dolphin Thank you. Thank you very much for the detailed I'm a slave galley yeah fellowship. Do you see the tuckers of damnation? I would say peacefully go but last time that didn't work exactly I dunno look. I don't know. I would think there shouldn't be any type of civil unrest, but If I don't when I can answer that question, I can speak for them. A lot of people say if I dont, when they might, they might try
take out the government. I hope it does not, and I said now, that's the last thing they say: that's what people tell me there's nothing. I can do love at his style of putting it off on someone else. It's just someone else always ivan iranian citizens. Twenty eighth, eighteen! I now from air I used to tell me, look up people who saying that people say that a lot of paid you wouldn't know. I know these paper he's a great it's really. it's like your people say Donald trump. As a liar, not look Joe Biden
they compulsive. What you're, just a bit of these cars is a bit of a bullshit artisan exaggeration, big deal for the huge the army in it in and friggin bogs lying about, shit that affect other maritime europe might but exaggerated. Behind me, peoples at the inauguration, like like Joe Biden, was a profound so by economics has helped every single american when they are struggling more than ever be down from my work will be lip radius were, but got right mentally might be. Ok, do you like the great prettiest wall? My wallet, the boat, Eric of walls of perfect ten. That's what people say. I say: maybe it's more like a cat yeah them while they save our. So we ve got the debate coming back up here, but a lot of people are saying that the trump interviewed wasn't like it's, not donald trump, being donald trump,
donald trump advisor yeah? Exactly well, you know he's not punching back at stuff like it's, not the funny. When was this recorded? Do we know this couple of days ago hanging also yeah, that's true for him. events I mean? Maybe that would get to anybody about ninety charge. Even MR de scientists, we are back hashtag, crowded geo peter, eight and we will see who has a balls after this to sit down the rumble both under debate states lock, there It's at a a school for a year and a half that was wrong. We stood up. I took a lot of fire for the day I was. I was pilloried by the media, but I stood for our kids and is present in all stand for you in your kids is wealth, but we have make sure What our schools are doing is focusing on solid academics. In florida we eliminated critical race theory from our caleb for all the work. He is right about that. I'm going in that country is no doubt that we have a pretty good idea,
ordinary areas. The guy was at best record and the worst rhetorical skills, I would say that's a thing is great at speaking when there is not really invigorating people but he's a fantastic record. Yes he'll. Learn that like pants look, apache is a magic yeah foundation in what it means to be an american was ramos whammy as rumbles cleaning up like we said, you've said that the department of education, the f b, I the a tf the nuclear regulatory commission, the irs's, the department of commerce educate, many eventually not exist, is correct. Some guy education grants in. How would you like a moment? So we have. A crisis of achievement was shut down the head of a snake, the department of education. Take Eighty billion dollars, put it in the hands of parents across the country. This is the
civil rights issue of our time. Allow any parent to choose where they send their lids does. Every it ever go. School senior should have to pass the same civics test that, frankly, every image including my mother, had to pass in order to become a voyage now that this country is civics richard righteous whenever this new documents, like I've, been saying that for years, but you know the word, privilege gets used a lot. Will you know what I did have ultimate privilege of. Parents in the house with a focus educational achievement to enjoy that's apart from Israel, and we also have a federal government that pay single women more not to have a man in the house, then you have the moon. The house contributing to an epidemic of father was this but its wording, hypocrisy, but he don't stop it out with that. That is an important point to make, because a lot of people who are labelled when we talk about the fatherless households in the black community. It's about fifty fifty split half the time. It's them
I was pushing them out because they want an additional check from the government and that's why I actually want to support their children, but they can have their wages guard they can be put in jail, and the mother has no burden of proof to show that that money is going to the children's. Let us be clear: we talk my father black household. He made good. What he's talking about mothers who are incentivize by the government? Yes, I've been blamed for years was factual. I'm serious. Why wholly on this issue? No I'm saying, let me say they made a mobility of protecting women's work. We ve done about them with gary all elements of this when we start talking about education and different trains, athletes and sports loses under my weekly losing track of the fact that education differs by state. Some,
school districts are doing a fantastic job, some less same three, but the idea that every school district and state and every teacher is somehow indoctrinating people is just false. You know when I was building a company, that's a bad answer. It is a systemic problem. Systemic racism isn't a problem, systemic education. Corruption is a problem, bring up the for exceptions rather than we talk to them. We do that governor, won't bother you're kittens innovative partnerships have together. I go. I shall always doing title of the night before I find out the students the student finds out, I'm gonna go to every class with them. I don't sit, Sure school? Does you gotta? Do it? I go and see the experience in there's a lot of things that have to change, but what needs to change and education is its innovation. Where do
It's the same way. We did it fifty years ago with innovation, not regulation, I wouldn't get rid of the doctrine of educate, sure we're not doing the same way we did at fifty years ago, as a matter of doing it worse than before. There was a federal department of education just to be clear when you hear this by the way Genji and a lot of millennials ago, while we do without a federal department of education, ask your parents, the boomers, were you mock all the time, because it's a cool meme they likely went to school before there was a federal department of education and they they they actually tested higher? standardized testing scores because it was state run and me, run by municipalities. So this idea that you need a federal department, education, no, it has failed and actually the objective measurements that we have. The metrics shows that it has gotten worse. There where a guy like? What's this, I always forget, is left in due time. Whatever lost me, let's hear in our daily work of burnham heard or easy woke things happening in schools, but we gotta get these kids reading if a child can't read by third long answer. Last days after I was born, the department of education came around october, seventeen nineteen seventeen year old life all already threatened. Not yet forty four,
I agree one hundred percent, we blame you old, but so cary lake had this right right. So we talked about, we did an interview with Kerry lake. I still have I. He said that the money should follow the students. You want to change public education, start incentivize in schools by letting children and parents. Obviously parents make the decision, but the children the dollar's follow them. They get. Pick where they go. If you have a good school and your desirable more people by the way, the black and white in the gray issues coming up, it's the one that was controversial. It's the one that when that went on for an hour and a half with, of course, a black woman and daughter who went to private school from a wealthy, suburban area, guess what they attack mate. You'll see this. All them are very good conversations. They went. We're furious. They demanded that are not air it, and after that I said hans. Let's see can find common ground on one thing, and so it was. It was a statement that there is only the upload. It is a video the whose they that I was a black woman and her daughter saying you know we don't want you to air this. We dont things as productive and then at the end of it. They agree this. Oh, yes, cool choice, school voucher programme, What can anyone be against that? I said hold on a second hold on what, if I were to
The only reason the Democrats oppose it is because it claimants racist this. Well, that's I said, that's my point exactly that will be coming out next week or the week after. Let's hear mine, you can say that, did you say what a buy you? A cardinal cooled I promised that lambs heads, madam president, that businesses could, I saw you, don't need a person. I saw you don't why would you want a dump it now? You didn't signals a puppet drop it. we need a president who knows all calm resuming reboot again the white house work this. What are you laughing at him for dissent is like it's no child left behind on the republicans. We're double in the form of education also shut. No one will get rid of environment of education and went on good economic there's. One anti semitism is put the care moments. Nineteen eighty eight realities in school, choice to every family in america or the borg regularly hold on mr rama.
or in the white house you didn't get it that I read it. I really. If anyone wants to pass the bar gonna, do this, you didn't do it in doing you know what I why general might go. I got Jarrod good girl. I was the vice president growl K. I want the funeral, I would limiting difference if it gets, whose an automaton somebody who is actually a thinking agent in the white house. We didn't I have been there too, that guy so much. Suffice it to say I like, because people need somebody of a different generation to lead this nation. We do look at the way on the outside of chicago to kansas, are going to blow up in philadelphia where traditional recalls will come out, don't go so well. We have an opportunity to build a working class majority to deliver a landslide, and I think I'm the only candidate in this race, young or old, black or white hockey, to bring all of those voters along to deliver. they didn't. Nineteen eighty revolution say: twenty because he's between black and white
yeah he's actually darker than tim sky, but he's a suicide golly. I guarantee you know now. Certainly south indian tim scarlet, maybe not him, but south indians are darker. I'm all form like a light. I love. I love him. I love and sport. I love is culture sector. There are essentially the same course on education. First of all, look at arkansas. We would surely either contributors gonna held in educating. Like you see somebody scarcity in one. Is I don't want anyone wanted to look at arkansas? What am I like it? I can see we ve got walmart, otherwise we wouldn't exist. Exactly look at all these trailer park. Could japan could you have other necessary? I was arts to every school in rule area offering computer sites christie look like hell, but here the stately present compete with china
yeah, of course he can lay on the toilet. Could I really feel like this is a so you ignorant slut? Yes, cash was. Let me hear this question in this country. You talked about it a little bit before tonight. So is there a role for press of the united states in changing that. What would you do to change that? Our nation was founded upon the judeo christian values that has made this the greatest nation on god's green earth, and I am a big believer in ephesians three, twenty, that god is able to do exceedingly abundant right now, and they have three fifths as a person. That's exactly what the heavier we want, others to follow, education the only way we change education in this nation is bringing the backs of the tea the union's island stand a good answer to our house of our that's too violent. Getting failing, schools shoot them in the head with network of the greatest future.
we're going to soften minister has not wanted to paralyse. You should mandatory military service. No, that's not what I want to join the tory military somebody that volunteers, who serve inspired by september, eleven deployed to rack alongside you s knee that's lie like this, like iceland balloon and watch the one that I think has taught me. You know when you go in de gaulle, monkey pox anything you have to follow up at their destination attributed to media, really thought there was a shot from not even there are these guys only the presidents of these women,
one of the documents coming with a polymer gun. One of the murdoch you killed that duck ass. All that will be okay now for something completely different. She lifts her shirt Christine. Do you believe that the recent spike in you fo encounters, and you wonder why legacy media is dying? Just said that I get to your full question, looks like you. Fo, I think it was kristen was, and people are taking this lot more seriously and we're hearing that you know there are things going the way we take this about as seriously as you do christie, would you
All like supplying t sell sorted out that way, flights us it get off the planet, you ready they bring order, and especially coming from a woman from new jersey, I think its oral just from new jersey. You asked me about an identified fine objects. Thank you for telling us what both, for instance or different budget, in other words, this john doe, the procedure that it states is too. With the american people that everything The prince united states is needed to learn how to find a job. Local, that's not entirely much at present, it is to be a role model for our children are not at all a ranch, whether it once more. This problem is that we need a pigeon, overweight, mandeville rural model, not another guy. Twelve in the male is ongoing, Probably all we do is a new jersey is not funny knowing how to an all time low popularity rating because they are put themselves before our kids,
What do you want to be with? You are something we need as and when it is to that question is already required. I don't I don't. I don't fall tim for this incident. Just what do I do? I should really dumb question is live the spin room right here? Yours got it for what it is a casino in vegas as soon as they state that guys will be at the mgm grand entity, Harry's like I'm next, if god can be paid by the way, I should. If I tell you this a little bit and I dunno- if I want to take some chats but again, the promo code is Crowder g, o p debate. You get ten dollars off hay with Michael, but he get you get two times a show. Every single day, when you get a friday, show that Alex Jones is Alex jones to point out on fridays. You get nick Depaulo show monday. you friday at five p m. You gonna Brian Cowen, show harsh when show you supporter investigative journalism unit, and we also have some animated series coming down the pike. None of it happens. If not for you noticed there very, very few commercial breaks in tonight she's an exhausting three hour stream, but I do that. You know every now and then you know this neck. Did you say three
We will get a contract to have shot again, what's going on their home.
You really happening in this. I thought another shot and estonia waiting for walter, cronkite gum on the deck swanny dead at nine thirty eastern to try and do not just program. You know we like them, laugh sometimes in the studio, and sometimes we pull some pranks in each other. You know that's how long have we do not, and you know about over two hours, oh good, and you know that gerald is obviously a very devout urgencies who write an oak is every time I say some of colouring cringe. I know a little bit like it's. A mixed, there's later secular body that is by the way, is risen. Yes, abide by what we all agreed rules might like button. If you like, this eclectic makes it is going on, but we like that laboratory nick and I'm not a wholesome pranks in the office and the euro is often talked about. These talked about really oh yeah. He remembered so we put a little bit of apparently on general. Does we go to the poor now? I think we all had a good time whether where they don't you are one of the girl. Didn
Mother come on guys who took collar and what the guy's everybody. What was no way well steve saving stephen now, no, no, no tim, no, no, no, no term how come on lord term. What has happened? I did everything I was a positive. Do the giants with the ministers school message, trips for good, it's gotta be kidding Oh!
Love you gotta get sick with, is not left behind with sam yeah, ok, there's they have ever ass I'll. Take a look. I've got hind with the anti christ in you know, people dying left and right, but not left behind in used to say that sam sam is not that ok, so I'm not going up the drinking game rules, one more time that has had to help her technical neck, because he was shining like the greasy sicilian that he has, but that's not going to stop take it easy. Donald trump has mentioned twenty twenty january six, as mentioned the moderator, cuts off or interrupted candidate anytime, with a thug life moment, and then you finish your drink anytime. A candidate mentions a democrat other than Joseph bike, mikhail and chosen been pretty effectives, yet our planet
the answer actually on that poll regarding disbanding the intelligence agency yeah, it was a no is overwhelmingly yes overwhelmingly and disband the f b I'll be disappointed if it wasn't an hour until this, the long commercial break. Should we go to do what you want to go to really quickly. One of like one of your schedule remaining interviews, I now sure yeah, okay, so they have all the others, the ball Let's get worse got you well, two thousand gabo. You could be worse than ninety one percent, agreeing with you that those eight yeah it's gotten worse, ok, so I'm going to go by the way. Can I just ask a question in chat: use that hands, like my hand, smell like like my group,
those funeral. I owe a debt of uranium, it's just over them, whereas my, why puts a shit on comes in the living room? I did not really does I'm hype and I'll do it. My way just have a little butter recession, frenetic about a lady sit next to me on the plane with that, yet it's going into a campbell shop for three, always someone birthright pioneered or pellets yeah all over my hands. How long is this we have gerald again bring it up in a lower third, been conceded tat. Birch gold is still going on right now on right break, not I think they can Nothing, I'm ngos, they notice the reagan library. Let's see what would raise our elliot bump doing this in september, any yeah, that's in september using with marjorie taylor green or spent to get on with my other candidates in Milwaukee. So, let's roll that really quickly, as we come back to the debates with people outside of this
just an vinegar. No one cares about, but here's your than the walking so you can see. We have conversely marjorie to the great. Thank you forget. I would this for me, I think sir, haven't me, I absolutely the biden. Crime family name is going around quite a bit. I'm hearing a lot of people talk about that. You obviously had a lot to say about this. What do you think is the most egregious thing that the american people need to grab a hold of that? Maybe they aren't about what's going on? Well, I served on the ever site committee and we ve been leading the investigation and the house of representatives and the bag and family, and our investigation is not in the higher by its ended Joe Biden directly for us all
it's damning evidence are shocking to me was when we went in the treasury department. I've been there several times and there's these reports called suspicious activity reports sars. This is a report, you don't you don't have on you, there's not one on me. There's not one on most people watching the show. I would doubt hardly anyone but there's thousands of pages on hunter Biden, all kinds of Biden, family members, but it outlined very devastating things. It showed us that there were millions of millions of dollars coming from countries all over the world going directly into bank accounts that
the hunter Biden and Biden, family members managed under l, l, c's show I mean you have twenty as well right. Everybody just has twenty yellow seas? That's the way I normally do business, especially when you're not selling a product bright working on the inside and really seeing how utterly bad it really is. I've I've changed my mindset to the point where I'm like. We only have one choice and it is to vote. If you don't,
if you're really voting for the other side, not voting is truly helping the Democrats congressman. Thank you very much. I appreciate you're in the fight continue to do it and we look forward to seeing what happens tomorrow. Hopefully, the some people start, throwing some heat will see what I hope they drop out. They can just say: yes, we should focus our effort, that's not a bad point. I like that. They still are. Thank you very much for being here cause so good to be back on. What's your take on big tech, I know you've been mistreated and we've talked about that before in the past, and that's that's an understatement. I know, but tell me what you think about big tech and rumbles place relative to youtube to fox and others. I'm a huge fan of rumble. I the first time that you've ever streamed a video and put a video out. I chose to do rumble rather than youtube, because youtube has been behind censoring americans on talking about the most important issues of our time what's happening. I think the the if there are good ratings on this, because I think with missing president trump- I don't think people really are going to watch that much. I predict that rumble may have more more viewers than fox news, absolutely and- and so I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of old school legacy media and we're seeing it being replaced with outlets where we can put the truth out where people can get to it without having to pay a huge cable bill without having to buy up a bunch of stations that they're not interested in watching cable news and, frankly, I think fox is going to struggle with the ratings tomorrow. Thank you very much for thank you so much guys. Thanks for joining us, we ran into somebody we're going to
they're doing closing statements really quickly, so we want to go and I will see who actually sit down at the rumble both ear for they crowded gnp, debate tim scott, closing statements against me you still love god, I'm asking you for your vote in Europe. I am asking you to turn up in Europe tombs got dog com for more information or to make a contribution Thank you. Thank you, Martha work. Everybody on the island travels to the next president and the only way that's going to. I spent three weeks in iowa by I'm. The only one on this stage has ever beat the democratic incumbent. Now that you say beaten or eaten, I did it in a deep blue state being outspent three to one beating democratic incumbent, it's not easy. The last democratic incoming president who is to feed
who is giving our waters as any of you is that, if a rash alive you we need a democratic, isn't republican jersey. So we should not applause. You can delete your weight and then I'll rip island armaments policy, raw harshness waste thrives later a crap. I would really does by heart against weighty, Lynxes play clean. Yet what has happened in other governments all over the world starving to death warrant? Could you some other normandy who's, never beaten the democratic and down that fact that one can win this race? If anybody changed criss crossing a grant me by winning, you couldn't wanna race, making any repeat right Nicky, I really think I'm not gonna be gone. Husband, Michael, a combat veteran from Afghanistan, for I am for another year. Long deployment I want you to independent. Ever your dirty soldiers pick up there to doubtful exit belonging to go to a country. They had never been all in the name of protecting america
you're, not you. They are willing to protect us from there, We should be willing to fight for america here. I will be Joe Biden, and he knows that europe level to strengthen our economy and will bring this inflation down. We'll transparency in the classroom. We will secure our borders, we will have the backs of our law enforcement and we will make sure we have a strong national security and, once again we will make sure we haven't america that is strong and proud we a country to save, join, gotta Nicky, Hayley, dot com and, let's get it done all stop shopping Marshall today that our hearing moisten with assume some honour to be here. Nato, Joe Biden has weakened america at home and abroad still funny the disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan their war on energy, runaway
threatening that launched the worse inflation forty years, a crisis set ourselves. Ireland are an assault on our values and liberties in the american people. Had enough I know we can bring it back, different times call for differently? Your share of this new political body is these are running out of a mobile telephone meditation taking all levels of land for how we can all be written by labour is adjourned sense years. You can turn this country around fresh and you can imagine I couldn't turn around a pickup truck is dangerous because I have faith in the american people you do. decent hard work and fulfilled idealistic people desire- and I have got- is not yet We all knew our fate in one another and renew our faith in him who has ever
guided this nation since we arrived on these world into shores where's the last year greatest nation on earth? Now we don't? You never knew our faith in each other with corrupt members of the government. That is not the people that is not the american populous were speaking to visit. Let's hear about two celebre, our diversity and are different is it so much that we forgot? all of the ways we are really just the same as a man, I can barely buy a common set of ideals that set this nation into motion in seventeen. Seventy six, and is our moment to revive the common ideals- god is real there or to genders fast fuel that russia too freely. Well prosperity, reverse racism is racism. Water is not a border. Parents determine the education of their children. The nuclear family is the greatest form of governance, of known to man, listen, lifts us up from poverty. There are
the branches of government, not for and the u s constitutional, whose lives are strongest guarantor of freedom, In human history, that is one of the american revolution, that is it will with us the revolution of two thousand and twenty for it. Thanks for letting me do this and finally, the match the game set match. Let's the governor to say, hey guys, where's the coke run incentive, I got no strings to hold me. Dances are a time for choosing mayors ride back to his base. Marian, don't want an ending of the decline of this country. Blue collar kid. I worked minimum wage jobs to be able to vote for me as a load for the american dream, and I know how that slipped away from so many millions of americans will restore it better and who served in Iraq. I know what it means to put service above self. Most so again and a husband six five in three year old. I understand importance of protecting parents, rights and the well.
You have our grandchildren, ngos like three showed it could be a guy. I made promises and delivered on all of those promises. Twenty two before I make or break we're, not getting a mulligan, no excuses. I will get the I've done and is your president? I will not let you down. God bless you, or are you rush you that we don't get involved yet I think it very slow gonna get possibly think of how they gained the red light. Enough, then did everyone is able to reopen they didn't we get some american. I miss bargains. what'll. I do my right. They are the worst. First did us, Acta pinkos greater first act of current than last remain cankers. I ask I had a great time for our rights look again: the promo code, as if you got a lot of gonna, come such my club. It's crowded geo, p debate. You get ten dollars off. You join up now. None of this happened.
We're going to see right now we have someone on the ground there in Milwaukee to see who's going to sit down at our booth. We have a rumble, has a booth going on there if you're, watching on Youtube head on over to rumble we're going to go to mug club exclusive after I dunno the timeline here tonight because we're waiting to see the candidates who sit down, I do know that we're ever going to see one or two can get. I it's basically the wild west out there. After this, what's a wild west and of course they have some stops, they have to make first with people actively either contributed to their campaigner provided press, as you know, pro bono or com. But anyone who wants to sit down and look what questions would you have for these candidates? Send them in I think, obviously it seems like tonight vivid was the this winter, an that people say perhaps agnes rhetoric doesn't maybe necessarily match his own in the past and I dont really I've looked. I've spent a lot out of time, looking endemic I'd, always either that the waffling that people claim. I think that is provided clarity on some answers. You have understood this does not have has been a public spotlight. A whole lot does not a man who's been in public. Office, and so what you need oh about as points of view in the past, either are coming from excerpt of his book
or really interviews. Where he's not consistently from the press. I think tonight he made it pretty clear where he stands. I think it was a kind of coming out party to the american public. He did well. I think that The scientists did all right and surprisingly, I can never get the guy's name right. What's his name, the governor burger bird bergen? Stop it. ranked number three after those two supervising really interesting than somebody adaptable, gallia his lips. Yes, but as far as back at you saying that people point not something he said. Maybe he's evolved on the issues like the Democrats say yet exists, It flip flop a little bit, but I've evolved on this. So in their case they just did what I thought yeah he he did. I've been saying it on my show, for for months now cause every time. I've seen this guy weather is on fox a year and a half ago too damn. What is he presses me every he has a he has a different take. these things that everybody else does very eloquent and to me, maybe
I'm just in oh, yes, happy seeps more sincere, I don't know, I think, you're right. I think zealous made millionaire, which are close an example. I can point to a bee carly farina and twenty six. Now, why do you do? And so I hope that he doesn't have at the same mistake were carly fiorina came in as a contender and then all of a sudden at the mitt romney advisers, inner ear, which she was a failure as a ceo remember. But that is one thing. Actually I will say in her defense, people don't realize that hp was hemorrhaging. Hundreds of millions, and then they started hemorrhaging far less so, if you're going into a company, it's like okay, there was an eight hundred million one year, the next year they lose. Two hundred. I bought a very different when that bitch in two weeks yeah, but that's the closest comparison honestly that I would have- and I just hope that didn't make the same mistake. Do think that anyone here closed the gap on donald trump? I vivid, maybe close the gap. As far as being a top choice for vp for download, you're gonna say I'm he you already. I know it's early to say this he's gonna be in a
but yeah he's gonna, be a cabinet position. I think it'll eat a lot of closet. I set a cabinet that would be a burgum yeah coffin yeah good evening was the age and I don't can work kind of in a box here. Just so you know we're in a studio or we don't have anything other than the air support. Is provided to us from mission control but doing a very good job tonight that would be willing to bet willing to bet that people on twitter on social media are outraged. Let me guess over vivid saying that climate man made climate change was a hoax over, the idea of defining the federal department education, I'm just going on what they think are going to be there. Winning issues Of course, they'll go in on pants on the federal abortion ban, but talking about lefties and lefties, I'm willing to bet that's. What's going on in twitter right now, I'm going to try and the internet bug they're going to try and go after vivek for saying that he would that man made climate change is a hoax, so I think we're seeing right now is that the vaguest odds makers are saying that the scientists it better than living.
It's really does it in their down just a little, but I don't think so. So me when I hear here's what I heard from vivid, could I didn't hear from anybody else, a very clear, concise. What six and points that he gave at the end there every no time he came back to this. He went head on into these issues. The other guys gave very canned responses. That's it. I mean you scientists to give some clear answers, and I do think that we have the strength of being able to point to a record as governor he does so again. I think it is a guy. Who's record is right, rick doesn't match up with the strength of his record, and I like to send us a lot right. So put him, you put your actions, not talk right exactly, but you put him next of ethnic right and you go descent. While the sudden seems very kind of like stodgy and kind of tight, and he doesn't really put him next to die tromp now you're, my yes, since that is what I was thinking rhonda sand. What's he will look like mike pence before you know it if he doesn't change our unease at two scientists tonight would not farewell against donald around a debate involving, probably would
if you didn't have to balanced kind of trying to court the pro trump audience, but I do the scientists, really would have a tough time going up directly against donald per year, and so, according to our website, pull actually this just in from brought again. Seventy or percent of think that vivek aroma, rama one that I think he did the both at all was that gerald on our website. Our own website pull back on my website. I dont really had ralph NATO and the land so that it does not happen. We have to vote on. Mr, maybe I feel like TIM's got kind of things around a little bit into. Does not let you guys ladys article it he just. He doesn't like What are you morocco now not broken in general? Is jai reforms. Tonight, that's right now. I think I mean not surprised by a hutchinson. Like you just see like he was a fish out of water logged out of the first to go. I think he was pulling at point eight,
That's what I'm going to your mother s, politics that I find what should. I do not think this last minute ironing out when we, why do not even know that better liberate, I roundly, and so then you burger just he was. He was a novelty because I know that the vampires, where can we finish talking about a right? Let's go to sleep and right now to see if they're making the attacks that I thought they probably would do. You know the difference between good and evil. When you look at the situation with russia, ukraine. Here you have a pro american country that was invaded by a thug. So when you want talk about what has been given to ukraine less than three and a half per cent of our defence budget. Been given to ukraine. If you look at the percentages, gdp eleven of the european countries have given more than the. U s
so what line under the first ever, given anything the boy we noted in the closet? Oh, this is too I know, but what I'm saying is they haven't paid in the nato? So, of course we have the money, for ukraine have little money. They have no money for virtue signalled in their right next door. As you have the backs of your friends, ukraine, at the front line of defence, we wouldn't have friends, you can Ukraine is not our friend just winkler. Neither is russia, Ukraine is not our front right in the baltic sea. Are next It's a world war we're trying to prevent war, look at what putin did today. He killed pagos and when you add the regime by the way I was going to say that was a pretty bold claim to make out there emphatically that putin killed bank pagosa because of the the plane crash. That was definitely a faulty or muffler yeah happens all the time he also. He also went down with a brother, scott brown. So it's not really straight.
In writing the indian play what happened. What did you say, your linearity that you said something about you'll, enjoy your new position on re like why we, as younger I heard so hawk. She's like the balkans, are next. That's right, like we ve talked about the potential for that. But let's hear what to intercept bill. Christiaan haley's whole mantra is battened down, there's a bullies and she had to show that she's a strong one by cutting back proteid frankly to talk louder than ham which You know as well as a woman's easier through Austria as a woman mc shut up. She said the woman. She saw a press out the policy here. That is
Really, an issue has to ramaswamy will check at a red lobster on the left and that's sort of america. First for problems, the scampi faith and support for this idea that she raised about kind of pulling back from support for israel is not, popular among republican voters, and sometimes it seems like you those things on the table just to say, oh, I'm gonna throw out the idea that no one's gonna talk about, but on the it stage. That's when you got called out for things like that, prompted this in sixteen may we went. We watched him but morgan, things that were not already orthodoxy we also my tie my time I can ask Hoboken or but it What we learned later was it wasn't about the policy, as much as it was about the attention. You know what we want. europe has always you're talking point scene and be as boring as possible tonight and cultivate analysis like we're those handed out.
stephen yeah reflection, Nicky Hayley is arguing rigorous position she's, whereby we focusing on Mickey hayley unseen it of course because she's, a woman like that night was retorted, is largely an answer on voting position with the basin. The party right now when I was out- and I was struck by so why either on the other side, not so much about Putin, It's not about ideology is not even about america's leadership in the world is that they feel that they are good. Screwed by washington and you're watching, keep sending money to other places. Not that good point, that's near what it's about we have been ignored and he's, sending our money and other places so she's trying to she's traveller trying to have an american leadership in the world again economies against a murder against a thought on the fact she's right, but it tall with la republika voters, who just think you're another politician. What about my community has meant that the song ice right that a reference to the beginning, this I've been, I say to us- might check with such a really first reference. Wretch, then more than richmond it's gonna take place, and I didn't realize the fox going to raise a bit too johns, making up
know a lot of the way we are going to have patrick bet, David on the show. Some of you may know him as mister value tainment. I call him patrick that David he's going to be on the show in a little bit. What do you think is going to say about this debate? I bet you're going to go. Okay, look! My man, My men, let me put it this way tonight right. We have a problem. We have the debate, gate and then people are saying. Ok look reported that we now me Ok? All right? Maybe we want to look and Nicky Hayley, or maybe some people going to say, she's a shrill bitch right and what they might say lamp and hold on a second. They might say: ok, roma swami point his finger lot right, but does that guy, Patrick but David? If I'm trying to solve the problem? Ok have big biceps right. Ok, was patrick bet, David have the biggest biceps. Let me put it that way: I'm going to put it to a poll to the audience we'll get back to it. I'm going to go back with the or have kid junior kick
I don't know what you say and so look. We do have an interesting question from my way before we will give it he's- probably my favorite part or another, now they're outside of asia black. These now he's he's a syrian geraniums like ice multi, millionaire with successful right guy. We had the opportunity to meet him down in fort yeah. He's he's an hour journey time of them. Any support or master conservative bear not only lives, and in Florida he is a business man. Yes, is the most him orton part of it, but we are The question on there do you think that vivid in this isn't just a question from our audience is actually a question that was put on line that we think maybe we should address a little bit he's more of like the star of the party right now you know in, and he won't really last lassie like a fat, my got say: that's probably the case lying. I don't. I Thank you. I got a lot of substance even why. Why do you think that that's your gun, why should I think, as I think that he has a lot of chile's ease night. It's like Michael Keaton in night shift is an idea man. What for?
first time he's really going to have to defend them and here's what happened, even if you're, better defence for example. He may be better renaissance. Defending them, then rhonda santas are certainly ran, hutches right, but he's going to have to defend them too. front degree than any one else, because he's been a break out star. So the attack there are going to come, are not going to be proportional with level of defense that has been forced to sort of mounted in the last? The underdog yeah he's no longer the underdog, and that really is difficult to navigate. That's why these people they end up feeling overwhelmed and they end up hiring the old g o p advisers now he's painted himself into a good one where he cannot bring. People in I must say he won't. I'm just saying that I think a lot of I've seen this in the past, where people don't show foresee that potential pitfalls that come with me. thrust into a national spotlight and I'm hoping I'm hoping that he rises to the occasion and very well could, but I could see going either way. I don't, I think, he's well equipped. Specially up to watch the schmuck, seize up against to know, and I think he has
We have to defend his positions. The less carbon, alas, yeah yeah and- and I dunno I was kind of the nominee darling right now. Well, for a reason, though yeah I, I really think he's got substance and, and diversity thing doesn't hurt, I'm serious. Whatever do you mean? You know, you know, I'm look, I do you saw what is competition and the fact if we lived there, perfect world, even a normal world, the fact that everybody in this country can't get what we ve been watching in the white house for the last three and a half years, the ngo, you know not only Biden suck. The Democrats party pocket.
sorry. I know what happened there. Even the liberal party and I going to believe this a lot more people that are feeling that way than we know meg I'm having a dream here now, so I think we need a young guy like Virk. I was about to say so I think what he brings to the table is a very trump quality and that he is a very clear communicator. He can answer off the cuff. He some of the the efforts that we actually showed our night you're cannot hide or they might later just so. You know when people are saying all they thought the odds maker so that the santos one have you noticed that sir In any case, IRAN has not. So from remo swami at all, not instead of eight there no tell you who they know is most dangerous. Yanza absolutely and higher posted may arrive rama swamps until they waited, as I think that it is seen as you said it, but it just says I says, but there's no other than the stranger exacting and psychological, but I think that we really do want anyone about whose on their air, that's fantastic. I love that for them now,
You think that there is something to what you're saying, stephen, though, that he is no longer a kind of the underdog he's no longer the guy, that's just kind of the outsider. Coming in all the sudden, all of the attention will be focused on him. Dissent is think in some ways like this, because the other candidates have to punch at vic right? Instead, a little he'd gotten a bureau. My theory is this: the people that are voting for donald trump are voting for down. Trumpery you're, not gonna change, reminds all of the other votes that are up for grabs are either going to go to the santas or vivek or some combination thereof, and maybe somebody else is going to hang around for a little while he does santas needs vivek to be defeated, whether it's from him or everybody, us getting up on him. He doesn't really care because he all of those votes to go to him, so that he'll be the last man standing and challenging donald trump and maybe some way somehow he can overpower, and I don't see that happening. Next gonna stay around yeah he's got his own money. He's got a ton of support, he's got a lotta young very enjoy. Aged anvil, as is kind of hard to do and he's gotta
on a free media. If that changes, if cnn stops inviting him on a fox, runs away from them and go somewhere else He'll. Do you start arms and he'll figures have been out, but it'll get a lot harder, really going to somebody's tech support to hack it yeah somethin like that in a play, dirty economically dialogue and see this is sprint the one thing to say this has all the way back. It is like you said great governor he's done this. not be higher he's, not just bring it up and there's a reason: p fleeing from california in new york and these blue cities. My everyone of agri, so give people will sit there long enough for you to tell them that he's a great governor and stand the nah. He needs to punch in a little faster, exactly right it. It doesn't matter what the truth is it matters what you can do, people just people in a short period, that's truly more about optics and the dead, but you know he did kansas campaign. You who sat there, even though it was sealed
without the years. It's really simple these candidates only to understand that this campaign needs to be all gas no brakes period? That's right! I don't understand why they aren't all doing that. Look. Of course, Hutchinson is sitting down with Dana bash actually now, by the way, I'm sure we could have gotten him to sit down, but we don't want him at the rumble booth really quickly before we go to that before. We have patrick bet, David on and we'll see the candidates who we have on here in a little bit. I'm hearing now that we actually do have are on the ground, correspondent finnegan. Who is there again in Milwaukee right now, who finally tracked down some folks? Let's go the alright It took some chances, let's see how it paid off brother wealth even well currently securities pretty tight and she got you have nothing gonna
I got this lapel pin of the american flag. They took it as a microphone element, it's kind of par for the course for you? Isn't it basically The well only four more years until that retainer is not obligatory. Now you know I should have just stayed up there. Instead of sending I dunno and nepal, paula Nyc dip, you can go watch him a mug club monday through thursday, five pm or september fifteenth go see him at rob's, comedy playhouse. again. I follow new york tonight's. After hilarity and clever for you is it the right? After that I thought, was a falling weakened the nickname tonight's out, ok,
between adhere to the idea. I can't plug it here. We understand you all right, so we have that we want to watch some more via the tucker clips with with donald trump or is it just kind of people are centers a little bit of a going on the only the only thing there was. There was a clip about the indictments being bs that maybe had a little humor to them. So if you want to watch, It really quickly. I know we're working on the the connection with rumble right now to make sure we're good to go outside the booth with Patrick okay. So if we wanted that really could I do think this goes back to kind of eight months, I think, is the name of our protection, as it were dictum it's pretty much spot on yonder slaves, That is what we expect of us, and I actually the surprise for me. Was Christie didn't go harder after trump I figured he just gonna. I think he did it for a moment. I saw the audience reaction yeah, that's what I think, which I give credit
well yeah he's a big puss, but he he stuck to his. You know he clears and he put up a good fight, but I mean that's just do guys in the back. When we're doing all this stuff, maybe have ground to a cynical, I feel it participating in a game bill the last election really now I got a hard drive and I feel like. This is all a big script in a show where part of it until the Dams it's still enough. I think that the margin has to be so significant and we do need to definitely I mean look that that's why we fight back with the tools that we have is you know like, for example, we talk about my club, but there's a reason that we tell everyone by the way to head over from youtube to rumble, because if you just look at the hunter Biden, throw we've talked about this that last election, all Interference allegedly wouldn't have made enough of a difference, and so what we can do is
it's all governors who need to do their job as a tab sort of relates to methods. If you don't know it would if it were yeah well, in other words, all the election interference. Would I have been able to save it for them. If people just knew about the hunter Biden, laptop story and the corruption, we know that there would have been enough votes that would have switched that they could not. That would have been insurmountable it's a multipronged approach with the media, Unfortunately, with talked about tonight, we see the candidates who are geo, p, donor class puppets and a lot of people in Unfortunately, the right wing media follow suit, and so you look at a lot of the same talking point. I expect you ll see a lot of the candidates making the rounds and a lot of these shows issuing the same talking point. So it's a multi pronged approach me to fight back and the big media sphere, big media, big tack right. I was called the entertainment when media big tech, industrial complex. There needs to be on a state level and to be at least adhering to your state constitution. Certainly governors making sure things like voter idee and and really sunlight being disinfectant, but what we can do is certainly fight back with it.
dependent media. That's the first step. That's the vanguard in you guys can support it. If you think that we do enough, a lot of canada. Come such michael. You get ten dollars off and if not hate, then don't support us. We need to do better. Say right wing media other than flocks, we're talking about children well on fourchan the right wing, media and I've talked about this quite a bit in the past is its down. Data by a lot of non profit influence, and so the problem is not. profit influences that you? It means you have donors enemies, those donors get to dictate content and a lot of these for profit businesses by the way like the biggest media companies online, that exists in the conservative sphere also have huge, not profit sectors and there's a lot of funding of the funds for what are they were when you say dictate content. Where I wore platforms, where are we going to show you to name names from pressure? People can guess who take the top five? Yes, that's ok. I guess that's what I mean. I mean I'm nick, quite literally. billions of dollars and non profit right. It's a five one once three or five or one C4, these are not business, isn't so, unfortunately, when behold and look?
while we have investigative journalism unit, the people we have you're gonna we're were thrown wait. We don't just have to oust congressmen whatever you think, is most important when you have a donor. They it is this, it's ok gonna give you ten. He forgot to the magic word and that's when people often wonder why can service so far behind often on the cultural fight? That's why because for the left, as as as ironic as all this, is they largely are propelled by for profit industries where the media, with the entertainment industry, with big tat. That's. Why is a sea and aunt em, as can be seen all at out numbering we got fox, We even have a box as we already have, and it is the only one. But then, if you look on line right again, you're its, he can't fight back when you have donors dictating what it is that you can and cannot say, and we see that a lot. Unfortunately, but that's our media, it's not just that. Don't it's not just a political issue. It's a it's! The media industry in the right, yeah, the advertising connection to that's why you have to decouple from ad
drivers as your model. Yes, I must even said that. He's done a lot of things, I don't agree with sent saying that by hiring the ceo yard and other things, but that's the thing you to do, because if companies go, that's not safe, that's not a safe thing for us to say we want to advertise their all of a sudden dollars, get pulled out of it. Yeah given idea, just let's just say one to let alone three ever crisscross you just by the way where superb perfect. The fact I'm a child, I still think they're funny, there's not a single other conservative media entity who would have allowed that not one wouldn't be allowed and guess what their enough people out there who enjoy, having a laugh and enjoy different kinds of content. But that's the problem with having a donor class dictating now only the candidates, but the media, able to call balls and strikes, and it also makes it more challenge. I would they think like that, when the average american is like us and hurling will the dramatic and isn't the donor yeah paratrooper david is ready. for us to give us a little post debate all right. So,
Let's go to my main man. Ok, very excited! We me put it that way, but David, Mr David, can you hear me sir? Can you hear me, can you see me? I can't it can you only. I can hear you yet one. Second, ok good is needed on their limit area, there can hear me can you hear me now a boy or had one and were hidden. This is a little more than I can hear you now, sir. Look at you you're looking ten, but you always looked in our. Let me ask Mr David, what do you think of the debate tonight who came out the big winner? We had our predictions, but I don't want to lead the witness here I think I know what you're price we're going to say. Because I am by the way- I don't know what the media saying. So what if I say to you is purely fresh out of being in there watching what happened had our audience was reacting. I thought vivere cattle, great churn out in the port areas. I think I'll, give him an eight and a half is what I give him. He
could add a higher score, but I think mickey haiti when it came out to foreign policy I had a bit of an edge now, remember guys. This is not about who you like or who we like and who's your guy who's. That person's bert, you know who you're rooting, for I thought Nikki had multiple good moments and, quite frankly, a lot of people in the audience were reacting. We're very well come on now that she It's not on my list of anybody that was going to react. I thought TIM Scott was a little bit flat. I thought he said the right things. I thought he was a likeable. I thought he look like somebody that would make a good vp. I don't see that as a person, I would The good number one at that might pass was very aggressive. That doesn't mean I was good aggressive, but I thought he was aggressive. Any was ran, imposes himself out there. you gonna, have to see a couple times. You have to be stopped. Who asked you to say this? I thought he had a scripts very well. If there was scripts and lines that the scientists have to hit. I think you hundred per cent of all, and I was
watch him very closely. Wanna breaks what happened there, who would talk to who, during the bridge The scientists in christie would speak a lot. If you notice this answers. I poodle. to count how many shops you took our trump. I don't know how many you took shouts tromp, maybe even zero, but europe Stevie frisky was a mouth is to say the things that may be I wanted to save say, but you didn't have to save so strategically that it was a very good strategy, By the way I mean I will say frankly, I don't have an opinion on the web yeah, no one does either you the Bela Lugosi. Look like a brougham, but tat. I do you're so congenial by the way, and this is why I think you get all of these guests who come on and don't realize what, and I mean this in a good way like what a sniper you are and how surgical you are you just sit like you know. I think that he had six scripts. He hit all them. That is a way to say a little bit in a friendly way in respectful way. That dissent is obviously has to go with them. Points a little more and I do that's an interesting dynamic that only you could provide insight to the inner here for the audience. If he was talking,
christy. That does seem like there's a little bit of a double cross. Maybe right I get to be good cop. You get to play bad cop. think that's what was going on a little bit with the scientists in Christy. I think we're naive to think people are not doing that. I think we need to think enabled. Maybe my pants don't have a partnership going on there had a moment to show that they disagree, but it was. Then they disagreed on that wasn't really important, but they agreed on the bigger issues. So I saw some kind of a connection between them to buy look I'm in a strategic viva. Obviously, if you were to They close your eyes and say who was Tromp was true in the debate tonight. You would say absolutely I'll, throw effects of these strategies that they're playing and for to try to just painted that this answers is plain that strategy. We christie its naive, every was plain it yeah. I think it's a
very good point actually provide some and so that we could never think Gerald as a question for you, I was actually a piggy back off of that, so they look. Like Christie went after we back a little bit more than I expected. I figured that Christie was going to go after tromp but view that is the real problem for two santas. In my opinion, these days around. He steals votes from the scientists the people would go to him is that Is that what you're saying you think that that was actually that the target was not just trump but vexed with christie, if you notice there, the part where my pants took a shot at feedback about this. Great, hey, slow down, slow down like trying to say you're a fast stockings else person you know and You know the pants had a line that got a reactionary, says: look we need took out of not not not. vote for someone, that's gonna, be too old or two young. Obviously the two old he's talking, I'd never know tromp into young he's talking about that, but I think america's, maybe at a point where you know data,
a pan same. You know bedecked flatter called everybody. These are. You know. Superpower pop Those comments that he made an he did not hold back saw, I wouldn't be surprised offence. Was that happy we'll be back, but I I'll, be back exactly what those who are. ro tromp would have wanted him to do so again, even though trump wasn't there. He was that's exactly ruby, but that's exactly when it was happening and we were watching this live and streaming it, and I said you know if you were just to change it. If you were to say, if you're, read this from a script. What did just seven say, Donald trump said that you would written go. Do you want what a super brac puppet- that's the joy somebody that is quite a quite literally exactly some, I won please positioning himself, do you think with someone like echo, maybe doesn't have a ton of experience. We ve often Who would be the vp candidate for trump opposite carry like would be up. There seem like a lot of people are in a surly willing to take the risk. You think that is more likely to be short of tat for that vp spot are certainly a cabinet spot after tonight,
then, maybe going for the presidency, I have a bit of a very hard time with that, because when you have an alpha personality like trump eugene, I have an alpha z as you have, if you just can't it's just not going to work out when you run a good come, when he typically the sea owes alpha. The number two has to be a little bit of a guy it knows how to privately call you out, but publicly hold you up. and am I dont- know a vague as a founder, see your driver whose bill multi billion out of companies in his mind depend what we see himself as an equal to trot because he thinks she on his own soul, even on the inside the ex a pretty competent guy user guide, it came from a mamma They came here two years before he was born. So yeah I don't know, I don't know by seem as if vp I think that we can perhaps a people that trump would want. Vp. If you want to look at everybody on that stage april, one hundred percent royalties important to him. We were,
jerry a few minutes ago, carry somewhere around here number one is a jerry super. Carry he'd values that a lot and number two somebody, that's not gonna outshine him and I think Scott, as a great candidate the because he's just not going hour. China yeah, I would hope- it's not the case in here, you have the most the best person for the job, but I do understand that those dynamics to be taken in the place where you about it, some say noses. Nicht apollo here, I've learned so much from. I really did know about those games. He asked them speaking ghetto descent this and crystal patrick patrick with David, is a killer little. Unless you really annoying that relations that I never heard. I but I was thinking of a vague playing it look. I know I'm not gonna, be the president, I see planters, maybe chief of staff, like an end and trumps gotta be trumps. Around is good. You done in four years here I seem taken a prominent role. They are but
by making a great emails. I want because thing, but of all those people on stage like pants, was the guy who trump choses vp last time, but I know that you guys, like after you, ve been in his administration. What what are you been afraid of him? I know he's loyal took to falter. It would be that a little bit northern because he kind of had to do it, but I just learned so much. I never knew games like that will be in place yeah, and I do think that mike pence then I'd absolutely sucked. I know that Patrick can't say that, because again he gets all of the people actually they'll go on on his show and rightfully so let me speak for him. Like rebecca know, they just did he read the asset manager. I have another question for you so outside of Kerry lake and anybody that was on that debate stage tonight. Do you see another clear choice for vice president, fan of all trustee noma. I'm a fan about she again. Look you for a again think about, the alpha person. You know when your life that operates and leads a company or runs a cheap, ok, whoever that alpha.
Is number two should not be an alpha. Your ambition cannot be too outshine the alpha it just I'm gonna work with its target what a personality so you're gonna take the person. What a lot of ambitions of one day I would to be set up Is so so it s not going to work out? What have you back because we back is very ambitious greed and he is very calf. And he is very driven and he is very hard work in any believes in himself and he knows how to sell the dream. He knows how to sail the night, but he knows how to rule to you, you know that a rally inspired the audience up. Every time he got up and spoke, the people were just energized. What this guy speaks, americans want some like there right now because a little bit of a fear nightmare doom and gloom top up america with, lebanon portal ass three four years would wait too much. Animosity. Intention in you know but so I don't know I don't see that port, but I think there's gonna be cheap. This am, I would
president wrong here, a very unpredictable, yet predictable leader type doubling the areas that is very predictably values. Loyalty, ok, ran he's predictable in the area of wanting someone. That is, you know I'm gonna want outshines, but he's unpredict the board that he's gonna probably end up picking somebody, no one is thinking about. Just like you pick pants. Also very likely have happened and stormy. Daniel spits ways play. Pickle ball with her right now. So look. I know that you are busy, so I may not that you needed, but where is the best place for people to to find you for you, because I always tell them, look if you're gonna pick the top three people out there doing programmes right now. Patrick David is one of them. What, where is the best place to find you Patrick you you just type Patrick they did. You can find us on all social staff from David rather part, yes, call peter podcast that the recover a bunch from things from politics and business you can find us everywhere see. That was a very
very friendly way of saying. Look. Let me put it this way. Google me bitch, that's what he said that I look like a patrick bet David. Thank you for taking time brother. What man thanks, You took your guys. Acts be wealth it was laughing has never hurt anybody. Do you never heard him before? I guess it was probably impression what you are you are you get on with a nod spot, but did he's? Also, I'm only asking because he said peabody at the red b d package be right over our life is to be re. Anybody, that's all, but that's all Ok. I was this thanked him, though, how paris was trotting hardly faculties, inexperience luring lose I'm gonna several how to deal with it didn't hurt trump, but let me put it that way: you keep. Might bans are right as a very small, be not venus. Right does right, but vivek right is an alpha. So the two go together: one's going to be a power one going to be a power bottom, alright, and one's going to be a top. and that's what are you
at Gerald. He looking at me looking at someone's, I dunno what language something was just in my experience of patrick's days, writing and oldest seriously rumble had three of the top four streams in the world tonight right we were the top stream other than the actual just scream a lot of people for that, just on rumble not including youtube video club member rubbia, all the other mods that we we go off of. So you are a part of the obviously something other than what was What was using either that you're just original set out in the original stream like we were the largest thing out there, that there was something that look like you ve, probably a cricket review, I don't I'll pay. You saying rival of the show on may show on the four largest shows at the time were rumble shows through the fort and we're never took massive. thank you guys so much again, release do consider like the lumber and there's one thing. I know that we mention it quite a few times now because of that promo code, credit, geopolitical, dad? I was number two: it's ten dollars off
would you rather a cell bowling branch bedsheets equip toothbrushes? It then start to turn into a vibrating cock with the related diseases all over the pot. Now we could draw up quick to posted a rainbow tooth brush. it looked like a rainbow vibrator. Every single conservative was selling that shit. Don't feel, judge me. How can I show you in your city were out there? They try to get on with it radically lot out of a whole, a brain I haven't, we we re read up rather do have not the other way that one of its much bigger picture. Anyone remember me latest picture and honour. Go there, bring up the quick rush. Why? Why rightly, we mention one thing tonight, there's been what and it is my club in that's because a viewers like you made this. The number two is driven by the way that doesn't include all of the other numbers out there. So because of you, we're
it will send investigative journalist journalists out there because of you were bring the oji like nick to parliament because of you were launching, shows a brian cowen and like the hardship, I will become an alex jones. Of course, I think, there's the future by the way, by the way, plural like how he's doing he's doing the show on friday, but he wants to do the show every single day and we have animated, shows documentaries. That's entirely because of yours like you. So would you rather plug bowling branch and quip and birch golden I'm doing our lady or you know Well, I guess now they still run g, gordon Liddy commercial. Is he dead where there's gold in them? There adds to the quiet. I want to hear what MIKE Axelrod has in a minute we'll have a Jordan peterson, I believe, will be available to come on your one. Guy has to say he was standing there, but Patrick was going long, so he got pulled away, but he's going to come back and just you think, Jordan peterson said listen, Patrick I appreciate. But could you should shut the hell up from them I am pleased that mrs Mann, Jordan Petersen, look your doktor cape buddy,
I'm the guy should shut the hell up. Now by there isn't a great hey. I don't have one of the candidates because a lot of them are, you know a lot of them. Are our urinating their little panties, not, but not in a gaily of course, and I would urge that we are the? U everyone other than her, but I need you to do that. Restroom really. Do we want to do a quick commercial break as we get Jordan petersen on line or figure that out in a few minutes for german petersen, but we can do a quick break, because these guys are just basically just the aghast bags on cnn and, yes, he saw a quick break at one. You see, urinate really quickly will come back, Jordan petersen, most likely in them will see which other candidates are available, and then, of course, we will take your chats go exclusive to my club apology morgan enjoy this quick commercial break, while relief myself the the
the some people have a deep abiding respect for the constitutional law. I created this country some people doubt started liberalism monk like stuff Now for the adventures of the white privilege
all right. There now tell me I know you're a teenager. I would invite all your wants. I've told you a thousand times you can't park a vehicle in the ongoing traffic come on. Let's move g officer, I'm sure sorry. Can I just go back. My call now- and I want you to follow my instructions either get down on the ground of follow me away from the back officer. Can I just get My pc, p, now now usually I'd say now, but you can make a quick get out of your white rascal boy. I free base themselves in that dune for next its instalment of adventures of the wide privilege buys info about that. Today, your dad said it best urban said you read that look it over that! Well, let's keep building this wall brick by brick by well correctly shoots fire
You see you're gonna pay for it. Guys the czech libido, what you'd like me to put it by boat. I alligators Let me tell you that that is by far you can't do. That is by far one of my first there's people running behind me. Oh my gosh, I favour sketches that we ve ever done unless trump playing minecraft building the. What am I gonna do look. I know we ve got people that were working on right now. If you see on, like cnn fox everybody right now, there's a spin room right, so the syndrome is basically where they go to do interviews and talk about what just happened. Essentially, what we're doing here cnn sucks it doing and what obviously many many more of you are watching us do this. They actually have
bit of an issue- and I don't know how it got resolved, but apparently matt gates, representative matt gates at florida, said that it was resolved. They were now. Not letting any of the trump surrogate and basically people who are going to go any kind of represent donald trump him like Kerry lake or anybody that may have been a miscommunication, though I think it was intentionally miscommunicate it if it was. I think this is fox being petty, because access, a little pissed off at tucker and their their pissed off at trump right, and they They are basically saying hey. You know we're gonna make this a little bit more difficult for you, Donald trump junior you're, not welcome kimberly audio failure that you're not welcome right things like that are happening. I think they finally get sorted out. Maybe they were making a big deal out of it. Maybe maybe that was that the whole story to this, but I think what we are seeing right now, bigger I know how to say this- the right way bigger than that.
Eight that we just saw were witnessing the death of mainstream media, which also tell the hell out of touch these candidates. Are that their appearing with data on sovereign right, everyone, every single time, it's like vivid, get out of the room, nobody's gonna, be watching these people yeah right. So with rumble being the sponsor and streaming like you're, seeing very, very large numbers of people watching this online, you of about you by the way, all of you to offer spot you tube and facebook inside the biggest players out there you're seeing p kind of run out of this. No, you know it you're seeing a moment in time where these people are gonna, look back and go This is the death. Now right no longer do control the politics that people want to see? No longer do we control the questions that get asked because thing about this? If you're somebody who's brett bear Martha Maccallum, you have to be careful, sometimes questions you asked because maybe they're gonna come on your show next week. Maybe then
it'll be exactly at the at the network that you're going to get called? What was it the second floor? If you've ever got called to the second floor unit? Fox news, it was a second florida problem, right, yeah, that's where all the executives we don't care, we're not going to be jerks just to be jerks like the clickbait stuff that people do. You never want to sandbag anyone, but we want to ask the questions that people have exactly normal everyday american. That has a question like look. I get it I was with the marjorie taylor, green and congresswoman she's. She was much nicer. I haven't. I've never really met her. I just thought she was a little bit fiery and most of the things that I saw very nice. She said look it's a ten year problem to fix. You've got to give us the house and the senate and the white house. I'm like look we've done that. Maybe we didn't for ten years, but we gave you that You ve been burned so many times. Can you promise We then it's gonna happen this time. Look here. I don't want to be left at the altar. Yet how many times have we had been tat? Crews, Marco rubio, Dan Crenshaw ato, and talk about section in two thirty thirty, and then nothing as I said, we women, I don't think I've noticed this-
I don't have anything else to guide dang crenshaw last time he was on his support, the taps act. I gave a ball and I said how is that not red flag laws and asked him? Ok, let me ask you a dick Why? How are you going to guarantee that the taps like that you're supporting does not turn into red flag type laws? Were a neighbor can simply in a disgruntled state, port, a neighbor who they don't like and they forfeit their second women's rights. He didn't have an answer, not saying that damn Crenshaw is a bad guy, but we ask that question real time where he was immensely popular now. A lot of people have those issues with with representative crenshaw now, but at the time it was question that was important and no one else was willing to ask. We have had questions for people we never by the way. We never aim to be disrespectful. Now, of course, this is honestly. People are often surprise when sit down. We got look. We match your intensity, but we are also not going to do. The bidding of the donor class rat, is a big difference between what we
If we were doing the bidding of the donor class, you think nicht apollo would be here who, by the way, told me he didn't have to go to the bathroom. He said nah, I'm doing all right and then I come back for nine minutes. Hope you had a hell of a piss arnold yeah. Well, I got a prostate the size of venus statue of liberty's size of Chris Christie, exactly that's right. So when when we had sen rubio on we, we basically asked him and said yeah. We president's that look if you don't fix to third You may not be around the office Maybe they can just lock you out, you won't have a voice. This is the kind of thing that needs to get fixed. Asap and look. I love and you can go on. My will probably put it from a club, the full interviews that we did and now, if we showed some segments of it today, but you can see that full interview noses like look ten years. I didn't go following you did it. You did a good job to jail to everyone. If you please be sound off in the the chat there that gerald gerald is a. He is now migrated to this full time. I mean you worked here, part time for crap. I guess going back to two thousand and fifteen and some
So they re slovakia and it's you know what happened: ears distorting ill it yeah. Here's a story about europe doesn't happen to me about Gerald. Do you remember the conversation so Gerald set and we were? We were in these contract disputes and I said you know I just. I really want to be independent and kind of break free of these shackles, as this was a really earned a moment and jobs that I think you can do it, and I think that two people this way what kind of went through potential you know as far as sign ups and as far as our merch shop, which you can go to a crowder shop, dot com. He said you can do it, and I said I know, but if I do but independently. I need you. You're gonna need someone to handle it yeah not going handle that all yours that and he was that guy said he said that guy, so he money spent in europe.
Garden in the form of gerald morgan who, by the way, a tight and yes there to this day. I can. I have a question because I know you you are discussing two thirty. Can you refresh my memory? I noticed some adieu laminate laws like the moon to yeah. So, ok, when you, for example, like sprinter verizon or in your case metro, pcbs, tat, lies laid it as a public utility right, meaning that ie if you're a neo nazi and you're not committing a crime. it can make. They can't shut. You that's right. That's a different regulation with their afforded certain liberties they're not liable for what people are saying across their there. Their area, thereby cell ours was aiming at by the way to like for you the town square. So to thirty extended to the digital towns where meaning that places like twitter facebook youtube there I've seen as publishers like the new york times, dotcom right, they are seen as digital.
where's, which means they do not at a they do not sensor content based on point of view which of the gorge them right, but they benefit from but you can't see you did right, sir. I have it both ways. There haven't arouse ways, and so I lange is the way that you over to see you either a platform or you are a publisher and considering that youtube has removed our content and suspended us for points of view and preemptively said, send us your content, so that we can tell you everything I wouldn't by the way, what we did it in. They wouldn't right. Axing thing we're like hey. Can you tell us if they have actually on earth? I shouldn't, but we just want to make sure that, like the moment to stop that thirty or to build another dimension, but their abusing at rome would try and who just averse aims that well we all are they all say that they are he's already hit angle, pick on what they're not trying hard enough now doing, in other words their daily somebody for them toy. And here's the problem, two of your conservative media company in your making, quite literally tens of millions of dollars off of you to the easiest path, make money right now by the way you guys you understand, this is make money
with a view to advertising google adsense and facebook instant articles, that's the easiest. You could literally have never created an original piece of content. Just copy paste, hat tip and tens of millions of dollars and me people out there do that's it! That's it! That's all constant. It's something that we have been up against for a very long time and that does not encourage conservatism republicans to do better and that's why they company right now for crying out right now. Bergamo is appearing with Dana bash on cnn you're being be any toned anymore. Predictable. I've had my pants on who they have. First, that is how the vicar of, but that they are doing this like rebel living men. I really have to. I really have to bring my message to the people living with Dana bash they're just used to it, though we have to get out of the lobbies debilitating from trance of anyone see, and it is true, I use beta. Well, I tell you what he certainly did stand up those ottoman. So
I worked out know I think people do get stuck in these old patterns where they're like. Oh, I have to give a canned answer. Oh I have to. I have to be a little bit more kind of upright in these debates and and not show the personality and the fire that really got me here in the first place, and now I have to go talk to cnn and MSNBC and fox and cbs like I talked to all these guys. No, no, no, what you need to do is bypass the gatekeepers yet are taking our away from them. Look the tooth there are two things in this industry and we can give you some insight baseball here that are hardest to cheat and if so, for very long. You can buy views on platforms, ok, if you have billions of dollars or hundreds of millions in nonprofit funding, the hardest numbers to cheat our law, have you worship and ticket sales. That's why we're people pointed Donald, trump's rallies. I get it, you can have a big rally and maybe not win a general election. That is plausible, though not likely rent, but it is very, very hard to cheat consistently having people come out to your rallies or pay a ticket. To go see you speak in person or people at that, in other words tonight, when they start you're goin on you have a choice:
the tune in anywhere. We cannot pay too what are viewership because it has to go through a twenty four hour approval process, who the tunisian, you tuned in those, are the two toughest numbers to cheat, and so I will take this if nothing else, if you want We have in the wool pulled over your eyes, If you see a huge media company online that has these. These, huge place like millions of plaice and TIM. You know you run up against us, have only run social here on you too on facebook last five million place, but consistently getting a few thousand or maybe even fifteen. Hasn't on a good day. Twenty thousand live yours. That means there's a disconnect. It's what you got a good example by the way, Patrick but David great live. You worshipper, Jordan petersen cells, more tickets out there than anyone, the conservative movement. I was thinking about this in the drive over to date. I would love to hear from you who would you say: are the top three shows online like the top three pod gasters afternoon? I would say, Patrick that David is up there for sure
in peterson in his field is, is he is untouchable and mock marriage and yeah the count of monte cristo? Look alike invention and I was going to say it because I dunno, if you were friends with them or not, I don't have a problem with I mean I do people say no, I just do not want a guy's, gonna scare them easy. I'm out! There's gonna be interesting, so their fact checking the debate right now. They brought on the answer and glasses unseen, and here we go. I would say the rogan, because a first movers rights you stayed in when everybody else pulled out and I would say Patrick, but David Jordan peterson
Joe rogan would be in my top three I'd love to hear yours. Let's see the factcheck from this rain wilson, look along open is misleading at best, and that's because governor de santis is omitting a bunch of and looking for two years, one cup what he did to reality, certainly between two faster that other guy doing. So that's how I pray not keep it open from the thought bubbles of the regions are still going on for people its businesses and lobbies- disco god, like some of the things that are twenty one, she s wanting a closed borders, schools for the rest, the school year you look into schools, he ordered borrowing, drenched go and I'm gonna like each other, the school year. You know that means county for a couple of months, the idea, because it was in the April late march that we were talking about this, the closing of all of this stuff, like he closed it for the rest of the school year, he's now
telling the truth, because he did close things down for florida. He opened them sooner than most people. Then the car only asked the context matters. If you had your way, and by that I mean known mc grath shells. Yes, Anderson cooper, this man, his name escapes me because I don't like to remember it. You are in but it, but here to think if it were. If what kind of policy Would you have left unfettered kids wouldn't be in school, of course, ass. Without a hint of hyper, like children would not be back in school and if so, at the very least with mass, on which the which, by the way, the literature someone can bring a sulphur mission control show- and I know it's not a perfect trial because you're not going to have that with masked, because it can have a good placebo control group just to be clear if we're not gonna the golan standard. But if you the meadow analyses children who wore a mask infrequently are not at all were less, likely to have severe covered complications and children who wore mask
randi Weingarten said. I thought you were saying: Randy newman is a thing. You know I'm not on board the test. Guy, I can't read cause awareness mask for the grammy man fox or back I sex I like him. I like the idea that barrier him at all. I got that. I always tell you that was their big facts. Oh by the way they ve gone to commercial. The fact tat was Broad scientists wasn't telling you the whole story about the lockdown. He needs to be any was like very adamant about that, and I was I was kind of trying to his lips. He was TAT was all they do not there they point out these small things. Words like, of course, everybody closed down. Everybody was worried initially about this right, but it's what he.
did once we go ah get to it as Joe louis cam. He goes again. This is how we go with the buttons you've been very patient right now, he's wondering where we're not at home, we've taken him out the years, the hostages- I don't know what they're doing that stuff india do or don't want them to eat me, no kill that alright could go either way. Let's not tweet from our former,
President Joseph are for robin at by going back to them by the way. That's because nick feeds them from the table he died, do not feature of EU and how you are on the table and a bitch. He says, if you can, I shouldn't have higher diagnosed aviators that, as he says, you, son of a bitch I've been playing with the canadian pituitary. Here you got me cussing over your ideologies that work labour. I mean, u hell you so this is from Jos level and we took my poured a bunch of Publicans on stay with white, One united mega ideology from our honour channel bring that of rain. I sat still not at all he. That might I mean that we are now so far by that always bad all. That's true! look at it from the what she said to me, the one right above that we're doing this lie without a net well he's a case. She said what we ve been drinking, that
right. Above, is literally half an inch above that that's gonna bring bring it. Do it like a bunch of republican, learn stage. One united mega ideology is hollywood squares sakhalin useful way and you can make an appearance? Is this the middle square of the age quizzes Joe Biden front with s supposed to be clever? That's what I mean. What are you gonna, buy better organised the videos and I didn't hear and next day care what you say about you said about Paul: let your actions, if I can do what we can do, Kenny Roger sit. Yet yet the singers came up without went around now. Can you right out, you just hit my shoe, I think it yields a good your world, she's. What's it made a shock teeth? I don't know, but I know when he said that stupid white dog that felt bad for net coming out of his mouth because he loves Joe Louis you deal as for a moment. I could have a dog on the planet nap. That thing he's a faded away. The deserves
three. What who feeds caught uk, indeed heart like a bit faster, you like to make, is he This likes it sweetest, scariest dog, I've ever seen, he's a scary. Looking dog I've never seen him dislike anybody, he doesn't know me. I hate everybody and he just like stray cat. Let's grab a couple of his cats because we're waiting on obviously dr peterson he gets in there and outside then we can go. We can go to my club and if these candidates want to want to wait, then it'll just be an mma club will run it on up as a clip tomorrow. But let's grab a few chats and thank you again promo code is a crowd of gnp debate at ten hours off and he will be it robs comedy playhouse September fifteenth somewhere in new york. Buffalo. What fighter know you're here. I am in front of me remember any every year I am in front of my pizza place. I love the picture yeah.
It is a question for stephen. What we're your thoughts on the questions and what issues do you think needed to be addressed during the debate? I would just very surprised that they started off so quickly with the climate. Change is the number one issue and how they partnered with young man this foundation. That seem odd to me. Maybe it's just me and then right away going into the abortion in a way that was hedge really, as though was written from salon, dot, com or slate. I think that we and today look and I and I've always tried to be really careful about this. You know this job because I was at fox news for four and a half years sprint. They never liked me to be clear. Well, actually, that's not true. Two people dead and then roger ailes did not he also like bans nor mcdonald for life. So I felt like okay, I'm doing all right. In other words, they don't just hate everybody, but I was there for four and half years I've tried to be objective: they're, not your friends, they're, not your allies, fox news, Think we learned that tonight would you say so girl that do not seem like they were being even handed
its reasonable. I mean you, you ve got an entire feel the Republicans, and so you have to ask questions a kind of pushed him a little bed and get the conversation going. But when you talk about climate change as a settled thing, that's a debate right now with after additives and what part we planet what we should do literally I think, trillions of dollars and shutting down world economies to to try to make sure that we are green instead of letting africa I dunno use coal by the way, every single fricking electric vehicle out. Is powered by call. So thank you. We decided an add for the cadillac, the new av from category four hundred fifty mile range which, by the way, you know, is probably thirty percent better than actually gets. That is one tank of gas and the gas mileage. In my s, u v 's offensive definitely is but I also think that they are not pushing back the way that they used to fox news. Yes, she used to be. I can't the rebels again, there never gonna be that again, but never going, and I say why on open rumble guys of the rebels. Yeah they're the ones out there. What is it what it was?
is that your ear mentor sandra Robert, you punk rock, yet like that's what they are so rumble lean into that. Don't try to be friends with these people go in there and burn the damn thing down and put a nail in the coffin for us all so that we can just move on and that's what I love about rebel they're, not trying to burn anything down, but they are what they are and I couldn't be happier to be part of why they don't have a woman. As a ceo start there that serious this is what you're about to sit in for that. That was it. How was it how customers and Scott and whoever the hell else? What are the kids to laughlin those two yeah we're going to fricking berkeley, yeah yeah it have to be careful because manager, Tom he's being interviewed, yeah. I thought it was Vick's brother. I, like gay radio. By the way we do have Jordan peterson on the way, just a minute, he'll be picked up, let's grab another another chat or we've got another chat. Here's a question for crew how bad would trump bulldoze republican nominees is because he had been at the debate.
we talk about that? I again, I think you have to imagine. Ok, Donald trump, their next to put him next to christie, put an to TIM, Scott next to vivid, put em next around the scientists. Put him next to Nicky Hayley. I think Everyone comes out of there. Like I said earlier on tonight. Everyone comes out. of that debate tonight, worse off than they went in with it. Exception of vivek right I dunno I get any sort of tb dissenters I it's in. There is still a question mark. I dont think that the scientists answered the questions that he needed to tonight. That's what I think is profit. And I'm not a political junkie, so another little have yet about, but we do
We are doing this tonight- would turn it down while they were ancient stood waiting. Little bare right going. We set about. We missed some of it, but I must say it now: there are a lot of fat. Jokes was johnny, Carson, combat delighted right. So what did you think of that debate? Chris Christine? Let's start with good good, while stop, whilst iron, while snuff, what various had already greenish dick and reform I'm your ancestors humor! I thank you well, that's because Chris Christie hasn't seen his dick cavett once we have Georgiana, though we only doktor, do we haven't, all right all right now, of course, we have patrick, but david legacy of our going to put my top three people at their kind of fighting. The good in their shows are pod, patrick that they would be there and doktor Jordan petersen. I believe we have on right now dark. Can you see me? Can you hear me, sir?. nay, stephen, our you do it man. I am
well hold on a second I'm trying to that is that is that, like a is that a jacket and it's almost like a toothpaste from don cherry white ensemble, it's done. exactly well. I am a canadian yells necessary to have assumed that this now that's big that's crazy about him in rumble. You can't go out of bounds. So what did you think? What was your two and by the way the best, but I think we can just Google Jordan petersen and find everything that he does a missing the most effective plug he's so ubiquitous doc. What what was your take away tonight on this debate well defined thing I thought was that I thought all the candidates did incredible job? I thought it was actually a pretty strong playing field. I thought of each of them. some points home effectively. and then you know I had. I have opinions about each of the different. Can needs performances by thought. Vague ram swami evolved,
most positive and the most negative response from the audience he's very charismatic, and so he can he can he can. He can produce that extremely broad response, from the audience shortage, for a vague will be too learn how to minimize that the negative content Wednesday, of his somewhat impulsive style and too capitalize moron. effectiveness of his vision. I think I think what he does, that he's very strong. I think his use of insult in relationship to the other. Candidates was not do any particular good. I dont think it hit well it turned them against him in a way that was somewhat counterproductive form, but I also don't tasted it sat. What with the audience, I thought scientists. You know I give scientists are pretty solid, b plus performance raining with very little variability. He was
able and credible the whole time. I thought it might pants quite statesmen like that. Chris Christie showed a fair bit his spine. I liked the north quota governor. He looks like a credible die. It doesn't look to be like he's in the race to the same degree as the rest of candidates, mickey haley's scored the odd point. Dissenters was very strong on the southern border protection issue, so Scott has a good sense of humour, although I thought that he was he's played a light think he is polite, and I think he is a genuine good person. But there was kind of bar there tsar, there's a harshness that might also be introduced into the realm that I dont think that he capitalized on so You need a little more tim scott. He needed to get in there go after the pack, a little more care, and I don't like you did yeah yeah. Well,
By the same token, he didn't make any mistakes that made it look like he was fit for the job and I actually think that was the case for all of the candidates. So I think, as is showing on the republic inside it was quite strong. It's a tricky made form without many people talking, we it's very difficult to develop any ideas in any detail, so you know that this challenging. I think it was unfortunate that trump wasn't there. I think it's not good that both Biden trump I've decided that they are not going to participate in these debates, because the debate, a crucial and I think, participating is a show of strength. On a show of respect, I mean trump made a bridge. It moved tonight going to see talker girls and instead, at the same time, let me say one thing here: I slightly disagree in. Let me explain sort of my premise here. I said this before the short run into these debates. everyone's been talking about, and I agree with you that for donald trump strategically right, it was a risky didn't need to take, but I also everyone there tonight
really should be thanking their lucky stars, the best It could have happened to them from a selfish perspective where this far advancing is donald. From not being there because every time I'm watching these people answer with the exception of civic descent, certainly pants, certainly Nicky Hayley. Certainly Chris Christie, one. Let me put it. Right next to donald trump, Every single one of them tonight would have left that that debate for more bruised and battered, if Donald had been there. So it's almost a benevolent turnoff yeah. I mean what we need to learn how to can partly right. You know it look at me had been advantageous to these candidates. For that to be the case, you, the playing field, was a lot more level. Yeah so so I dont think that bacon can necessarily complain about the fact that he wasn't there. I think it's unfortunate broader level. Read that is forgotten the debates, but you know it's early in the campaign and god only knows what's going to happen, I mean the world.
very strange place at the moment, and no one has any idea. What's gonna happen between now and november running your absolute. Let me ask us from a perspective of someone who, as is literally run up against the I just figured ugly, but quite literally a gone up again. the canadian government litter If we run up against them, litter literally actually had to actively fight the canadian government, the free Each issue is obviously something it's. But I'll tell you, there are just a new, I think was acacia ruling there in canada and have always said that its aim, is the greatest country in the world, because the only country where freedom of speech exists in your gut- but as someone and I know that free speeches near and dear endeared, your soul watch Not tonight, who would you have the most trust in as far as someone who would be a defender of freedom of speech, that's a pivotal, issued, extends to big tack and extends to media in general and, of course that affects all of us do. Did you have a gut feeling of this?
be someone who will be in our corner. That's a tough one. You know why I think I guess I would pick either precise, answered your question, but I would have some faith in pants and christie and vague. Ok from each other's foreign descent. I see no, no. I think those people would would fight for that for different reasons. I think pants would fight for because it's a right, I think the vague would fight for it, because he knows you can't think without free speech dissenters would fight for it. I think he would fight for it on principle as well young. That would be more constitutional argument. Christie, I think, would fight for because Christy's christy's got aspire, needs a tough character and I dont it gives a sort of person would allow anyone to interfere with
spray speech, you no one so pretty confident. You know you don't know what temptations will be set someone when they obtain down to the motive power right. But certainly have lot more faith on the republican side of the political. supervision in relationship to protections for free speech than I do wonder. Democrats I'd be. Look, we know Biden, we know you know. I guess I did it personally to some degree. Do because I know absolutely perfectly well because this was all revealed. That Biden told me What, for example, to preferentially promote new york times in the wall street journal directly over the daily wire and, of course I'm quite you know. The associated with them? So I mean that course. In that case reprehensible individuals- yes only as it funny for anyone to say, look I know, of course, you're going to have a liberals who hate jordan petersen, but for anyone to put the words rep, sensible and joy.
Petersen together those are silly people. You can't say that talk, but I well, I think Gerald has a question and I know we have to wrap you in just a couple of minutes here and know some of the things that do, but I just he's a busy man. Yet dutch petersen, I agree with you on the back. I started to see the same thing. The audience interact the same way that I thought they would He was kind of a marked man going into this debate, like the scientist needed to do some damage on him, because he is basically gobbling up all of his votes. So yeah, is there another strategy heaps of taken, like I think it was kind of nice to seem. Goes it necessary little bit, you mean You did a different strategy for vanka for dissent, perfervid egg, basically going on the offensive in punching out, I just wanna know. I think there are some things we could have done and that there would have been for I think that pants was quite markedly professional in his use of pauses. You know controlled the pace the dialogue and debate is quite impulsive and quick, and I think that
That highlights is youthfulness away. That's not nor useful to. I think that more explanation and less criticism would have work better. Again and made him look more sagacious and more mature, big. He could have done that that and in a manner that would have only be advantageous to him, and I also think that he could have highlighted is as I said earlier- is concerned for the job. Enfranchised working class particular on economic grounds, and I think that was a weakness in the entire food. they live in that field. They ve left that part of political domain for trump and that's not smart, because that's really were true the stronger the up. I think, you're right. I think that maybe the back with smart to go into the immigration issue, because that does tie in with the american working class, who that's a big. That traders and twenty sixteen and I dont think that fox
which was really doing a very good job of trying to at least lay up the issues for them where they would be strongest. To answer I mean going into climate change and abortion. I dunno. I was a little disappointed, but I know that you have to wrap up. You have your the belle of the ball tonight, doc where's the best place for people to find you and support you, because you're everywhere, these days well I mean People are certainly more than welcome to take a look at my books. If there are inclined to do thou Tom, they the place most active is really on youtube. That's the right place to follow me. That's where I mean from the books. Obviously, that's where I am I suppose at my best. I don't know if I'm on my best at at my best in twit on twitter, for example, but no one is it's entertaining and necessary. Use your series snake pay! You correct your dirty mouth, it's ex doctor No thanks, I'm sorry, no you're right! We will get that right. Eventually, none of us will our so on youtube in, of course, your books, everyone knows, is one of the best selling books it. I can
Think of certainly in india, they want the yeah. One is his book, and I want to thank talk to people after his bulk. I was going through some tough stuff yeah about six seven years ago, and I made a little bit of a mess of my marriage and his book. Basically, the gist of it was you gotta. Do the right thing yeah and it it really one of the few I had an impact on me so I wanted to thank you, sir. watch for that and I live in Savannah Georgia. I think you opened a center down there or something are you going to clear, yeah right, yeah, yeah? Well, there's a yeah there's a new university down there, ralston ralston! whilst in college on bricks and mortar institution, and I'm starting this peters The count me what My daughter is running and we're going to cut the cost of a of university equipped degree down to something approximating four thousand dollars, which I think law absolutely comical, and I think we can do it do so, while doktor. I understand that the radical proposal we run indifferent circles, but you know nick just in case you didn't know nick
apollo is the o g in comedy, he's probably one of the most respected joke writers in the unknown as one of the meanest comics in the business. So if anyone were to tell you or tell anyone twelve years ago that nick deposits will be thanking Jordan petersen for a book that tells him how to improve his character and moral fibre. They would have they have called you an absolutely insane person, so that shows the kind of people that you are able to reach and take some time. Nicht apollo one of the funniest men, but an animal savage doktor petersen. I know you're busy sure thanks for taking the time brother bag a man. It's really go to george you, and I am very happy to hear that the my book was helpful. I'm I'm always very happy to hear that that was the whole point of writing the damn thing, sir. What are you? I really really really need to thank ass. Your bank had occupation. We appreciated
well that is insanity yeah make the paula was like. Why not make your back? You see all you look committee d'amato D'Amato. You don't have to they're black guys are right a lot, but a lot of this stuff get paid. You know I'm serious. I get pigeonholed and I read: I get plenty of books at home or the Jordan peterson whether it was back, then they newt, gingrich, pat buchanan, even big chomsky but there'll be alive yeah, but I'm just saying I just don't. Have I'm not a pretentious asshole who has to show it like a lot of just never know I have to lure like, but do you know what nick the pilot was? Actually he's? A he's, a kind man I mean. I saw five minutes of him on youtube one night and went oh, my god, yeah sky is absolutely brilliant. We we were right. We were really covering him up with bill c sixteen there in canada, before he, you know, had appeared on rogan and before he had sort of broken. I said look. This is a guy who is really fighting the fight against the canadian government as a professor, and I couldn't be
happy that he's done as well as he has, and it just in just one of those guys. He just needs a good. in front of people when it, If you have heard the left described, Jordan, peterson you'll think he's a monster. If you've heard, petersen. In his own words to know Mr love him. So that was rush. Limbaugh yeah and that's all I heard was how evil he was, and I put it on and I'm like I haven't heard him say like or even close to a dark. that's what the same thing that I had heard about you and I too nice, and why I see the point yeah like put it's ok I need all different kinds of to figured out what you don't think doctor piece would love to let it fly like I do some nights. I know he's a big fan of trailer park boys, which means he does have a little bit of a dark side to him and again, the promo code is Crowder g, o p debate, ten dollars off it later credit dot com, slash nightclub, we're about to go. Do we have arisen, but we're gonna have done junior here in just a second to yell. Should we go to to club or I mean at some point: they ve been gone for three and a half hours
that's probably go to our rights Laguna donald trump. Every year, some clips of day will have some more clips withdrawal from junior tomorrow. If you, if you can't be but look if you're free letter, I understand seven dollars a month, is- is genuine their medicines. I get is tat for some people, but for you get yet Whilst the show ladder with gravity get knit apollo four times a week, you get Alex Jones and its full length showed deep. Dives on friday can get burned. cowan hodge twins Yet MR guns and gear were adding some new series every single week and, more importantly, none of this exists period. Without the support of you. Please, you hit the like button. If you're on youtube subscribe, hadn't up. The best thing you can do is described a rumble of grown rumble. Right now tell em right there, you just call that button right. There boom little went to join up my club, you go to that portal and you can see what's live at any given moment in any given day. We really,
appreciate you thank you so much. This has been crowder g, o p debate, nick de pollo at so, and so comedy playhouse in buffalo just got a tip done, except that the drinking game really did a number and rumble. Thank you. Youtube piss off well,
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