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Governor Caitlyn Jenner? Hey, stranger things have happened. We also take a deep dive into the D.C. statehood nonsense. Mask “guidelines” are doing more harm than good. And there is a rise in hate crimes against Asians, but not a lot of media attention. Why do you think that is? #CaitlynJenner​ #DCstatehood​ #StopAsianHate​

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Hey audio listener, you're, probably expecting the alpha brainwaves buying. These, but that's actually, next in your play us right now. It's time For the latter with greater show, that's make liberating an apple aurora, Android or Spotify wherever you are in, but look some of them. may not make sense and audio especially. We show the self defense techniques against an angry San Franciscan of unknown ethnic origin, but tat, I think you get a kick out of it still
with greater, is brought to you in part by John shut down supporting real mothers in this country. Since just a couple of months ago, the one who first you ruined her nether regions in the press that that's horrible beverage.
I don't know what you got, I don't know what it is. Is it all submitted, create a gold turtle soup that hasn't been warmed up properly? It's the coffee. I make we read turtle soup? No, neither we will have to do so today, actually we're when we talk right now in the news of course, it sort of died down little bit is actually tcp estate. No will give you the exact reasons as to why it's not it's Euler Ellerslie asking here. Why is it not a state while well there's a reason for that? There's a constitutional reason is a historical reason to left just want you to gets racism. Also remember asian hate crimes. for those who think that actually more committed really recently last week ten days that have not been covered guess as your wife com below right now before dont cheat pause? It the pause here when you're watching this, if you're not watching it live sake. Why do you say? you're not being covered, and then you for us. The show spoiler, alert correct.
Track. What you think is zero days here. Are you I'm well? How are you I'm doing? Well because you are taken over the meat? Seven? Oh no, you stay. I yeah, because you really know your stuff on that. Nobody here, I am incredibly disinterested bags, it'll be as simple as no identity areas simple as no, but it's not it's as simple as racism, but it's true for the lorry yeah. We have speaking racism portable here. How are you doing to get our state back? Well, this centre of the state. What real well yeah these, no one is not saying what I can get it takes up. Then we have our Dave land. I was here, of course, he's rather too. I hope we will show coming up in never going to be just weaken, come out to the Virginia Beach Funnybone it's near DC, except this isn't a place that should be a state. Health also point before we knew that we ourselves are going Atomic Caitlin General? Who would have thought that if you close your eyes, Caitlin Jenner
would be. The voice of reason for California gave an interview with John Hannity we'll get into that its a bizarre weak and by the way, when you know it's nothing but K pop trends on twitter, it's slow weak. There is so much fun with it. Here's something that just happened recently, a teen worker accidentally, Miss gendered some one which, as you know, to examine engendering videos. They almost We go the same way. There is usually violence and I haven't even seen this what's never liking, oh Tom Cruise, getting squirt with a flower with the foresight Mackay here jerk It's usually how a woman reacts beef, but I look like a man you're jerk, your chirk. Why would you do that? because your Tom Cruise and it's funny now you're a jerk.
If anyone is remember those hilarious, he got so if your leg up set about the guys, all your water from his flower thinly, let's Fallon, break eggs on his and he stole the oxygen from his co pilot in the plane and they passed out new laughing about David Letter. And the point: is you freeze in time once you're going to Hollywood and Tom Cruise has never become an adult so This team worker was accidently, Miss gendered. It's exactly what you would think also noticed that in these videos you never hear the miss gendering take place. Now here, the reactionary for and what a wonderful country we live in here you go outside gaslight. We are told that were crazy. I presume you need to be mindful of the. sadly enough to stand back and you're a liar. I heard you Do you guys lightning, transmittable zombie talk user corporate papers, material? Ok, that's bullshit! Yeah! I remember how can I certainly do not do
it's the tradespeople. This is discrimination. No visitors are you trying to say I M saying: is rising growth honours us real, sir, Sir Sir? It really does someone re Parker, and this is a fine look. I love how now they have the entire employ committee. What in God's name is that I'm sorry, sir, I move stoned out of my mind on child out of my mind, selling chicken everyone here, one ought to be dead. No one will work are all just. Let's see those videos of how chicken mcnuggets are made and it looks like sort of the bubble gum flavoured toothpaste he had when you were a kid I'd, rather be that
most Poleos, their manners and gas is about to come out of the back headed nine hours of this and has made the whole time in my life. But I do you didn't they eyeing hours and then you came in and moderate shorts and clown make up, and I didn't know she Caitlin Jenner will get to the next. It was John Henry said that our pronouns, my having my mother, gets broken. So it's not it's happening. The time. Look. There are people who are passive, older people who are not. I always just try and use the name of the person, because I'm not looking to avenge somebody but there's. This is likelihood with that person. I would get it I am using the people need to be aware of here: that's not stable person- I just want to be clear- that is not a stable person? A I dont know that person was Miss gendered. You see this all the time they think that accounts, as evidenced in indeed look. That's, not someone looking to achieve a goal if, if, if a short man, we're gonna, think employer actually disrespect asshole You have either a goal here where you want to de escalate the situation if you're anymore,
be looking for a visible confrontation, you would say what what what call me were in maybe slap them. You wouldn't be here. hysterical solely for the purpose of attention, This is a narcissist who is looking for a tent. isn't someone who wants an actual? plantation. This isn't someone who actually wants the manager who wants to correct a wrong. This is someone who is acting like a child, but synonym, for that, is brave unbeautiful, let's just assume that he actually did who's the bad guy here. The video shows very clearly that that person- we don't know which way but is the bad guy has a check- is about the young and the young purse
and behind the counter cause. I don't want this to happen twice wearing sweat, fill that love and has a mass or their faces, like I'm three hundred degrees after dress, like a surgeon, while selling you check in ivory thing, my defence MA am, I thought you were a fever dream, a kind of like when I first watch the Dracula with Gary old women can like did someone slip me the date rape drug? By the way we would be about you can send it to me. I have not been sleeping will say. It is a great way, though, to get in drifts. She's, gonna, Netflix unnaturally puts with the hair reading of hair. So, yes, this is want. Everyone is talking about this, although its values, if you could google trends, the trend, is Bruce Jenner, I'm not joking. That's trend is irish general. So what Sean Hannity interviewed, Caitlin Jim,
ok, yeah horror of all you hateful searchers on the Google's about TAT, Caitlin upcoming, rent for governor and here's. The thing was pretty reasonable, actually gave some pretty good answers talked about images, What about the wall talked about the power ridden? California talked about the lock down. How they harm people and I'm not look I'm not saying that every its erase, every crazy thing that Caitlin Jenner has done, and it won't specify which crazy things, because we'll get banned, strike muted, nation of one's penis in testicles? Is you cannot insinuate that that may be a tad severe but There was also a little hiccup here, which happened that I just thought was worth probably illegal immigration. I murmured organised, we really, the proper legal immigration. What's up a pro legal legal immigration gets or illegal immigration started at Miss illegal bark, catch me. You got my back
I appreciate that the wild John does have Caitlin back as opposed to Bill O Reilly. Who has a front tank cave jokes on you can't violent bag and yet will hopefully can you believe she's. Seventy one can seventy one, while credit words do yeah origins. Now I realize for saying that Caitlin looks freaky like something you'd find it. A Madonna, too felt I dunno many. Seventy one Europe to amend article I'll good for casually doesn't trans people forever Well, I'm not responding that I want. I wasn't against no you're right. I mean she doesn't look at day. You'll have a very complex fresh out of the wax museum. Jaurette yourselves, whether way Caitlin. Would you like to be sure that the Shetland Islands
all in all, I, but I learned a lot and great yeah for seventy one or a seventy one year old woman. Yes, I said of women Hear me rower. I wasn't your defend, look I'm not into, but in your defence they're, probably aren't any seventy one year old women, with with my way We repulsed so again feel it better than your clock. Listen better than policy. Ok, yeah! She could hold down some some weighing on a cruise ship, Maria body, Caitlin too nice and sandy volume. Is there any way to get into the asian heap? I asked that later and by the way, hey look. Just remember, Asians Asian Americans, we didn't use you like the left did we talk about the rising asian hate crimes and where they were stemming from, and we have also talked about affirmative action, how their quotas and how Asians are described,
against in universities. But you are now yesterday's news with the left so we're going to paying attention and makes that we highlight the truth. So another story before we get to DC statehood. What's going on here, the treatment of promoting. Eric and jobs, Planet Louisiana eyes. What tat Joe Biden has? Don't boy? Are they bore Why are they board right now? They're, just now, you're gonna Louisiana promote american jobs outside of the ones in order to overseas because of economic policy and support for teepee. Ok, gonna make spices and above ground graves. What's a K. What's in Akkadian, tell your like that firefly, but the princess was a little dark, such as what, but there was printed. In fact I caught you, I like it. I like that one too little firefly cages
fly trying to bang the moon of breaking better reference familiar. Nobody said I left just behind what only Oreo funny. How can that through this lie in wait? You ever meet segment coming up on DC statehood, and I thank all of you are going to want to hear this jailed really noticed his stuff. I've had enough. I haven't really heard a very good kind of all listen cases to I d, of course, should not be a state. It was designed to never be estate was never. tended to be a state and still should be the guidelines. But right now. The summing up of the cop who shot racial brooks. None of these names bleed, together Short Brooks, was waiting. Georgia, the when they use one whom two cops. Yet all the taser ended as face, and was you know the victim of the shooting Vienna Neighbour on the Wendy ass. They turned on the way to, of course, they should. Where is normal, so If you don't remember actually before I get to destroy the uptake you're here is actually clip for people who don't remember. I think it is important because you're not here
PETE from the media, and I want you to remember that put this in your memory. Bank. Ok, maybe bookmark this budget, Joe, because I guarantee you You'Ll- have the same situation with Macao, brightened right, Leubronn aims came out. The media came up, number one trend for a very long time? Then it turns out stably stab they just let it go away Saint. With Ray Shard Brooks right. It was every The Wendy's was burning. We were taught they were talking about defending the georgian eighty and we saw the foot all we did beat the hell out of two cops, including can cussing one stealing the taser and aimed at their face in the dead of night, and he was high as a kite drunkenness car had along, so they just want to go away, don't go away in putting the memory. from a cab right? Let's not let them do it to use the other, wonderful, beautiful, braver, Percinet, Daddy Waffle, House Gaslight years, except for those who forgot what happened fresher, brooks remember what kind of drakestail loafer
I think you ve had too much to drink. To be dryness. Perchance manufacturing That is looking to hunt a man right now appearing revenues taser thrown down other cup trying to control thrust him down here comes a punch. Member here comes and goes down here comes clumsily punches enormously I think it right and then only there at that point when he ain t you back as you get shot when he turned back lately in reverse. At that point, does he get shot so
burn down. They wanted to define the Atlanta police, of course, than most people saw that and said. Okay, we were sold a false bill of gets well officer. Is it garret roof looks like it. I'm scared off the officer, their role for no lasting shrove. He was originally fired, charge with felony murder have the unbelievable but one an appeal to the Atlanta Civil Service Board and due to a lack of due process, not having ten days notice of dismissal, he's been reinstated, parties basically on suspension, so he's reinstated bodies are not working. the criminal charges are still pending and, of course, This means that does he have some people protesting in Georgia, but not as many people. So he's been reinstated this as an example, we had Floyd, we had shot and trout. No one wants to talk about this, because the shows a kind of crap officers have to deal with. On an ongoing basis and theirs
Would you process there so clear cut example, right and don't forget about this? Was in the end, the height of all the things were going on over the summer. I think we're out people just we're. Looking for the next incident- and I just remember when this happened, I thought, if you as police officers, if you can't use deadly force in this situation, you never can, and thinking like this would be clear, cut so glad This is heading. It seems in the direction of him being fully exonerated. Saying, hey, sorry are bad. You the right thing here there is, there is a bad situation that you didn't ya. What're you gonna do something. trying to teach you the gift each year, the frigate eyeball, but I think we need better training, because there is no dear old in which two cops should have their ask and never hurt playwright. That should happen. I'm sorry it shouldn't have that. That does not happen. We need better trip, but the problem is whether we want chuckles Brighton we're alone. Chuckled and people will remember that the big promises taser is a few years ago. Amendment two thousand ninety two thousand twelve, and so then they
We have to achieve a certain level experience in rank to be able to have a taser on the force, so now they only have lethal tools available to them and they dont have physical training. Send these cops with their training that you see most police departments sentiment. What college wrestling Roma Highschool wrestling, send them to a local jitsu club, they'll get wrapped up like a child with from people who can do for six months, given six months training, but you have to allow chokehold You have to allow physical discomfort from police officers. If you want to avoid death. Physical comfort is what there is some kind of compliance. Otherwise you see what happened there and we thus weakening split here in the shop and Floyd situation. I think we're all in We maintain our wish that the cut had to do something for you. Let me know, they think of the weapon near they consider it taser at getting their asses set. I mean the stairs we wanted to take days is a way for them, saying that they were deadly weapons potential and we want you to have them, but if there are enough operators and it's not a deadly weapon- is not just a daisy, just add a taser, but we just had a
the taser was an extension of his. If it's like, I think of it. As a c p arm like Jack's for moral with behaviors there, but I dont get as he can take that and hurt anybody in their aiming at you what you have to use the equal amount of weapon. Similarly hard and they know it wasn't doesn't like- is not they dont half its accurately as it so they gonna taser, looks like the girl fashion, tease off boys gear cases. A cop he's got a whole utility belt full of other weapon road then take how shocked repellents now, a Trans now graffiti. Now I mean what what what? What do you want police to do? I don't know some of what we can only be empathetic took their mental, whoever she'd a mile long and more currently involved with assaulting officers. I only empathize with them. I don't. The blue unilaterally thing they do a bunch of crap that I'm upset with specifically arresting people for not-
ring masks which were about to get into but come on. I don't to exclusively empathize with life time, felons who are in power, set of committing assault that could very quickly escalate to murder we'll get to the aviation hate crimes in a cell and you're gonna lose your license for six months. Don't do something! That's gonna put you in jail for five years, the right, the part that I dont you don't want to fight a cup right now I don't want to get the d w. I lawyer from taxes. Did you see that guy what are we? I mean? The lawyer says that the judge dumping at my courtroom April, fifteen million away for the cartel, or whatever known I don't want to assume an authority on other judge. You said doubling the race into my court, rumour that now, as they just about the cartel raising I'll just say, views this money to bribe people, and then he didn't and now he's going to jail for fifty years. It's like, let's go, there's nobody there! That's gonna, kill you anyway. I goes rob Maastricht of ordinary. Like good luck, does anybody else ever did their french frozen frosty arrives
critical. Mass gasping, masking officers arresting people look This is something we need to touch on here. Hopefully we don't get banned for this week, No, there is no definitive scientific studies have still ass. No one has sent me this. That shows your mask stubbed in a glove compartment, any reusable mask that you are using the way most Americans are using. It actually effectively blocks the Trans missile of covert cake. Find me not sanitize, masks that are thrown out better applied with surgical, gloves in a hospital setting the study exists, but we can now go one step further and say so lonely beyond any shadow of a doubt. In some scenarios, not all masks hurt, they cause harm and we need to weigh the pros and cons were at that point or life. Look, it's been going on for over a year. I think it's time to weigh the pros and the kinds of mass boring, but the CDC director Rochelle will linsky the doomsday Lady said that kids playing soccer this summer
still need to wear masks trigger. The CDC has issued guidelines on summer cares for the summer that, advises kids too, where Mass disappoint eating or swimming. You know. Our activities and swore thing to wear masks a voice of antagonism worth during this ruling party last summer I never outbreaks and some are camps and their kids had to go home. They had to turn not attend these summer camps we're trying to make it possible for these kids to be able to have as normal other summer as possible. If people are dying, tennis and their there far away, we can reckon we can say that their masks can come off, but if their crowded on a soccer field there, on top of each other heavily breathing. We don't really think that's a good idea right now. These are kids who likely well not be vaccinated. Guess how I know what she just said is bullshit. She just
if girls are playing soccer and a further on top of each other? Have you ever seen? Seven year olds play soccer on a regulation, size field miles away the most, and I got these score- is zero zero in someone shows up with a bouquet of dandelions? Okay, this is who play soccer. I feel that we should be looking at her coups Larry and telling him that's ridiculous.
Employees are right, on top of each other, it's against the law, rules of soccer to have any sort of aggressivity or masculine gameplay, let alone with their double the strides just say. I'm sorry did. Does the unifil wear masks when they play to have a major league soccer about any of the other professional sports around the world? The don't wear masks at all, and so now you're saying with kids, are unique danger from here. But if you come to my house and play mask volubility- oh my god, it's just him hitting you with a ball longer wearing a heavy pandora and let the ILO you it's not a fundamental values, not just hurts it so steer them mask and there's teabag come was still drink like I was saying that that out lifted. What I was saying is: is it hurt list? it hurt. It hurts peoples get the natives Maggie William she's a high school track athlete in Oregon there. We have multiple examples of this, but this is a more recent one collapse.
at the end of a race because of the mask, but she was not required were to be clear. She set a record so when she was doing that so. She sat a record. She was pushing yourself as athletes tend to. You can compare yourselves sitting in a cubicle or God forbid, a government employ where you're working in Cuba. All day for chicken restaurant right to an elite ass. who is trying to set their personal best, let alone a state best, let alone a national best to try and get? Maybe I don't know a college scholarship if God willing, there isn't a man who decided to draw on a Maxie dress and competing your division. So this girl in Oregon that we have the clip she was wearing a mask and she passed out and I hid her face in the ground and I believe, may have suffered
concussion the direct result of a mask Riga, Maggie Williams, just seconds away from setting the summit's record in the eight hundred metre a moment ago over shadowed by this moment of concern. Williams finished in two minutes and eight seconds collapsing ass. She crossed the finish line: Williams blamed for lack of oxygen on the mask she's required to wear during competition. Clearly, in the past, this has never happened, and then they throw that I was wearing a map. It did happen, which I dont think. As a coincidence, her coach, echoing that belief, saying this was not a conditioning issue. It was emasculation of different response than I soon for kids of uclaf to the tree just cause air exhausted? She wasn't sure where she was always J listened releasing this updated mask mandate Monday afternoon. The guidance will allow people to take off face coverings when competing in non contact sports outdoors. So
That's that's sad, that's heartbreaking, and by the way we did a signal in this where I went no trained at the German. My oxygen levels got to what is what we're told from did he see what were tall American health authorities was too low, there's hypoxia, so I experimented with this myself. If you look at the meadow daddy can go to public urgency, restricted breathing with mascot. Of course, oxygen levels are lower and keep in mind. If one person poles are mask down, let's say: cheats. There then will have an advantage over their fellow fleets that Lance Armstrong didn't have with EPA. We are talking about these performance. Enhancing drugs like EPA was blood. You know, so I bought a dumping to increase robots account why you can oxygenate the muscles right, the tissues more effectively if you're talking about maybe a six percent increase verses action having access for them
passing out for lack of ambiguity. A Trans athlete run up with Russia's her head and watch the finish line. Just tat is just some rings with a whole like Xerxes like we're gonna, not for me to bring it back, It was always my worldly, its Alyssum Llanos knit mask with all the holes. Here's a bumper sticker vote fucker or its smelling salts and tell her. She lost her scholarship to admit that this is important, not wearing a mask, while exercising is already in line with the guidelines, You, don't need a where mass when running outside by yourself. So this is a perfect example where wouldn't be necessary, but here the problem: here's years, what happens when you create a culture of fear right, new, create a call, or of Karen's out there, who, though, our interaction branch William ask why you, when you have what what this is, what happens?
even if it's in line with guidelines, you have enough parents who complain who go to the parent teacher boards and so the coaches go. I just don't want to deal with this heat. I don't wanna be fired because far the guidelines but their mad about it. You know I had this when I was by the way, a rest and I had a cigar Kay I had a cigar in a later came over. Instead, I can make you think the government, because what you must be really centre, because it's not even lit up. I was going to meet someone afterward at the cigar. Latvia, and this is when they complained and imagine if that person had the authority to remove my livelihood because they have an opinion and they can anyone else's anti science by the way hit the bell, because that doesn't mean a whole lot of your subscribed anymore, and the best thing to do is look we're alive, sharp Monday through Thursday, ten, a M Eastern K, and
over under on Youtube, changing the live algorithm. They don't like seeing as being the top three out of five billion in any given. We you make a great point, though it really is because it is a culture of fear and, as you see somebody running down the street, especially wearing a mask, it's because they're afraid to get yelled at Tilney reason there, where or their virtue signalling, in which case there, my enemy well, yeah they're, afraid he yelled out, but there also afraid to be allowed into their workplace. So they're saying all you had a fire, this person or ostracised in the community it stupid. It's definitely Lego Communist China. We have an exact example of that, so none of this stopped units within guidelines, New Hampshire Track, coach, brag keys from being fired for not requiring his athletes to warm ass. This from within the last month. Bread keys was fine, this week as the tracking field coach at Pembroke Academy in Pembroke, New Hampshire, and he has been out
open about it online. I made my choice. He made his key says he was not going to force he's athletes to wear masks well competing masks, restrict breathing. There's no question about it, especially think about running full speed. The windows in your face and shoving the mask back into your nose in your mouth. Gets you really tired, especially on you know. It's gonna get up to eighty degrees soon, and it's gonna be really hard for us to keep doing what we like to do that Hampshire, inner scholastic, athletic associations outdoor track guidelines, I commend the athletes where a thinks covering during petition. Ok, first off, we just had an example: the cop who is murder, felony, right, felony, murder, re, who didn't have duped this guy now due process. He was in line with the guidelines scientific guidelines by the way so where we in the video, the got removed and our fifteen day the anniversary fifteen years to flatter remote from Youtube, because
It highlighted the guidelines back then, which go against the guidelines today. Is our justice for this guy people say, will cancel culture consequence culture, the main was cancelled for being pro science in following the guidelines, this important. Maybe he just said a wearing masks and impairs breathing. It impedes breeding. That's a controversial statement have ended heard of training mask of thinking that this is something they sponsor do not that one. But there are these parts of the EU have say this whole idea was of training at all to do which, by the way, is a scam it doesn't work. All it does is make you weaker for longer periods of time, much like cross it or being national Sakharov. It doesn't actually work if the livid elevation for a very long time to get the benefits and you lose it very quickly. The point is: that's anti, and making runners who are out there by themselves. Wear masters, anti science and people are losing their lives for being an losing their livelihoods site. But what do we separate them here for time in the world. We didn't separate, live versus livelihoods trying to everyone
back to a native amid the culture that less beautiful, so love to glorify. If you want. I can t here, I'm not gonna kill you, I mean or move your landowner, move your property and remove your ability to make a living also want to take all your weapons, and if I see you hunting we're gonna put you in this wicker cell you'd be scalped before breakfast What is it? What else is lab? What we ve now separated it, because you don't need a livelihood. The government can be your livelihood, but let us remove it first, one he base a. He didn't say that you can't wear a mask. He just left it to them to make up their own minds dna that they had to where. I think, that's that's exactly what the guy's elder and governance right in this wasn't last year, this was April. Well, let me let me just somewhat before we move on here. I wanna make sure they get this straight, so you have to wear one while running, but people eating food next to each other? If they're sitting down and have to wear a masquerade, stand up to go grab that someone from a napkin dispensers, they do have to wear one fuel.
line at the restaurant. You need a mask, but if you do it makes perfect sense. Also, I have a stranger urge to download Microsoft to paint s anything minded to divorce. My super rich husband, measles gunning, I'm going to invest in vaccine. What happened? I don't know why I see on the screen. Hoof.
I must say yes to everything it teaches. I exist logic, commercial, look like he's walking through a chop shut up. I mean what are the dramas commercials is like an I most units, a point where you think he's a good man caught faster flats keeps Tipp it has had in. I was just about to put a shock tank into sharp relief that little let's say you accidentally that could really hurt. Someone here probably know it wasn't, exhibit don't try. Dont want bill, we exhibit was the host dj, funk master flex was the actual guy who were Mirage are out of touch with your culture. Go toddler, cousins,
Land Rover eight by the way, the forums on your of the crowd of shopped outcome? We have a mother went on there and I think there will be a sail on some of the women's gears and ongoing support. If you have a mother, you have a wife, you they soon to be mother, it's a great place to go by Therefore, my wedding ring by the way what you like, even then I lost the automatic it off is going to end me the jolly and you did too ok, and I found there was a step on the window. Sill wasn't Where was so watch the Shell weekdays. At ten, a M Eastern, hey, here's another story, this one's interesting to see Governor Whittemore you of her. I love her. She won T J, F, K, libraries Covert Courage award. I wish there was no. I can't say that are valid or go ahead and leave it there. I think we ll J, F, K, library, CO, the courage of all lay like brains and address yes, nazi fags, after the tweet from the JFK Library,
seeing her one reads in the face of backlash and threats Governor Whittemore invoked emergency powers to contain the spread of the virus, issuing early controversial orders to clothes, schools and businesses, mandate mask wearing and ban large gatherings, among other measures to keep people safe. Yeah backlash: threats because you killed their grandparents their business and their businesses, but we must also make sure she's winning an award right now. Her state currently leaves the nation a Newt, nuke new cases, new cases as well. It's called it so far, If you can bring us up to here, it's collage token out some four hundred fifty percent foreign fifteen percent increase in cases from February two April to have its collegiate. Yet brain up vetoed the bill to direct a covert positive patients out of nursing homes, because you want them in their homes and she purposely put young code, patients into senior living homes with old people, which is why they had these horrible numbers now. This contrast that, within a war, governor dissent is by the way whose whose action
we're taking steps and, of course, their better off in Michigan, even the governor. What more tried to say that the reason they have an outbreak as because of Florida, despite the fact for doesn't have the same outbreak Michigan does want to hurt myself a couple of dissent, as this is what an actual wrote me that they lied and said that the sea on the award stands for Covereth. Governance is sorry I know what I gonna do, I'm in a sign the bill, its effective July First also sign in executive order pursuant to that bill, invalidating all remaining local emergency covet orders at first but then said, bridge at between then and now, I'm going to suspend under executive power, the local Merchant see orders as it relates to covet. I think that's the evidence based thing to do but that was important, the evidence
my only J D or you think that what you think it would matter, for example, evidence and guidelines that you shouldn't wear masks while engaging in high intensity aerobic activity or putting members of the crops from entered Detroit into senior living alms at that could result in unsavory outcomes. But now just anti science. I wonder what the criteria are for this award that she received gotta be some kind of Adam Jello Standard, very right like I'll, you enacted mercy powers, will ok, we'll tons of people did that here in Europe. We bear doesn't mean anything, but you didn't actually do better entire state is in us. It's in a state of Stockholm Syndrome, when you look at the world still like Governor Whittemore, they are, and I could go anywhere outside of Michigan anyway- outside of Michigan. You will see that it's better
so many businesses that I am on an email list of and died out of, know how, but whatever they do, you think I'm just saying I look. She recommends it. We do another. Two weeks know the answers. You can't keep doing this in Georgia, the Lido it's better in Toledo, that's probably the only time I've ever gonna say that for Michigan and as the only time, if anyone has ever seen anything nice about Toledo, it's true, the zoos better to say the zoo better and that at every zoo is nice leader. We're not a whole lot of the work they carry this we just have to be a living american and that there is actually extremely large area there, like I don't know, just give it to her grow it over there. The irresponsible for old people getting punished by gang members golden accepted Quabos little pissed off is like I killed more old seniors than you. That should have been my word. You know many people. I took a way more,
now shut up now. So what may you killed a candle to me now? I think we both be better off. If you show me you did say my brother said next to look crying guy offended by ethnic. That's what I'm dark! Guys you! Nobody! I don't got anything against some difference: strokes, yea! But if he d
did my sister I'd, give em a slap Patricia backing and keep a modest zero years in prison. You make a lifetime movie about it. Let me sorry, I gotta go. I gotta go pins, masks tool wall, I'm kinship done, like that's, gonna, be a blanket like d, AIDS, quilt man and really didn't say by the way. My main watching below here hit that share button and this Alexia shared on Twitter and Facebook. Wherever you are rumble, I think, on and off us directly from Youtube, but because sharing is carrying unless your communist, in which case it just robbing people of your personal property in Romania. I am and- and I do have a question for what. Why do you think again? Posit? Don't don't don't she really listen to jail, that what do you think the left wants DC desperately to be a state? This is thing, a kind of comes and goes, but there's a really intense push right now, sort of like what the court packing and I want to hear from you posit now
can continue watching Gerald? This is a segment that you ve been pretty passionate about yeah. We brought this up gosh. I remember how long ago- and I did some deep diving into it and found out like there's just no basis for this argument for them to be a state, but I want to give you some of the things that they are going to say. Our reasons will first, let's go yeah first, we do have just so you don't take my word for it or jails word, for it is all over the media. We have all the sources of ever ladders. Credit outcome. We train do this just so people now, if we are actually addressing a claim, we train finds the claim from those people so that we're not making it because price we will say well republican say we want to kill all blacks you, but I've never said that while I set it far them. So, that's why I trying to find other sources show them saying: go back to your purse.
Should throw more, cannot that he should ever Italians the show what have noticed an amazing yogi who could fit in its sorry. I have to go for my slumber and fits in its parties Harry made. I worked desk Universe, Cuomo in a box, Circa, Pinkerton. Ok, let's go to montage where you can see them It is claimed that it needs to be a state by voting for decrease I heard the house of Representatives reaffirms this too you said a voice in our demands for funding here, Congresswoman House Norton talk about equality for enterprises girls. Don't pay the corona per head down like that? It's the only cause of people's representation in the town, with fifty four percent of the american people support staff toward for their nations capital as a result of the histories of state, Charlie Brown cop learn what they did not know that
presidents of their own nations capital, nor that of our house have all my hair. Our I looked so first off DC was never intended to be a state in federalist, forty, three gentlemen: that's Eleanor Norton Del Eleanor, Norway, we're gonna getting what you will oversee the milliner exile in or who, according to Federalist, forty three James Madison Road, I'm in a really under the indispensable necessity of complete authority at the seat of government, carries its own evidence with it. Without it, the dependence of the members of the general government on the state, a state comprehending head of government might bring on the national councils and imputation of all or influence, read that as them having a little power over the federal government right right. Talk about that in just a second as well, another truth and art
call one section, eight clause: seventeen of the constitution specifically prohibits DC statehood, Sorgen other overlay there to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever over such district, not exceeding ten mosque. Where this really the only thing about DC, you can't make it bigger than ten square miles gather higher than the cabinet. That's true to rambles. At six hundred, sixty six, we as may by possession of her states and the acceptance of Congress become the seed of government of the United States. Are so the that this is all in issues, because a bill just pass the house and is going to the Senate Reserve is talking about it right now, it's the Does your essentially of the Democrat Party? There saying there's no representation, while DC
it does have representation. There are three electoral votes: they get a delegate to the house and a mayor who works with Congress, whether he wants to fort not a low pissed off about that from time to time. Yet another part of this is in one. The DC mayors and smoking Weed Iraqi yeah does have so you might ask this question is cheeseburgers. You might ask the ghost okay so who is Disease representative to or delegates to Congress? Will that is Miss Eleanor Norton, all right? Let's go back to its. This is Charlie Brown, look alike, kind of airline or not. She went from that idea. This is as a democracy and nobles ancillary about that balance gave the land Who gave away always crisper Lambert leaves for afore the nations capital go back to where you forgiven irretrievably and where they don't want you back, look there's only one option left, that's
statehood option across the United States today, the merits of the confederacy as symbols of inequality, just as the House of Representatives is rising, up put all ensuring quality for all citizens. Every section of the country are united on principle that is fifty one, the age of her grandson. Of responsibility from whence it four hundred just paying. income taxes I dont know that first wanted to hear when she was latin. Ho study should start lot. It sounded like like crisper, Latvia. Maybe we're just don't wait, India, you, gauge mortal down. That will does come on Harris perform Obama hairs? I guess right so I mean
this. This is the most logical argument. They dont want us back. Did here say that Nicolet they said talk about Maryland, that they don't want us back much man took your hand there. You have really sire. You really assume racism, everybody s, pretty much. That's not a place that I would assume that we don't want it. Where were you know we're one of those southern confederacy states that so much right? Ok,
let's just get a little, but a background on her and ninety ninety, just months before she assumed office in DC it as they representative, it was revealed that Norton and her husband had failed to file DC income tax returns for an over seven years. Nineteen. Eighty two to nineteen. Eighty nine is: I want to say that that is an important thing to remember. Put that on the to do less, not he's like an undoubted person of Color Willie Nelson, the exact exactly that in two thousand and ten. It things you know, can hoarse voice mail is leak of Norton using her office and influence to shake down lobbyists. From performing out of this clip, I just wanna we're gonna get again to the macro to why Dc Kinda state, but it's important to know that this person is the spearhead This person is yet one whose really poem the strangest persons, one who has the power to influence people in? Cindy scene. If look, you might be it illiberal you might be Concernment, be libertarian. You might be Donald Trump support. I know that we have different factions, different political structure. Special, but when we talk,
about the elite, we are talking about career politicians who live in d c d, pay taxes and then use their position of authority to shake down lobbyists for cash. Here is the audio hungry I can tell you that we don't have a ring the boy back and tell your having given to me. This my tongue and deep work back, at work. The supporting video is then dear. I essentially in Europe, I'm an simply candor recalling day contribution. The senior member of these I'm very air. Coy about tell me to raise hundred listen, I'm with you about me who hadn frankly,
done our homework Antwerp contributions not afford by asking for one man, women particularly need yeah contributions Those of us who have seniority and the chairman's laid waste. What an anyone coach this lady and it's not that she wasn't helstone, not using the worth of the pension. You know that I use words like I don't know you know you know, maybe maybe gimme those arms- and I don't know maybe tree TAT Eleanor you know treat sugar mama right. You know something like that. it's that she is so not worried about accountability, because she hasn't pay taxes because she isn't beholden to actual any kind of private sector. Employees or profit motive. Achieves that hey, look gimme some money and you
the ring a bell. There actually view other Democrats involved in that scan on twenty two and like Nancy Player eagerly, was our on. Why the reason we don't included, because one we're talking about an hour to no one else- was that dumbly voicemail, yet exactly of initiating an early, the female version of radical go of it should sit in jail, pissed off because she's still out there so really yeah. That's the whole point of this. Let's give that corrupt person whose less than smart shall we say, power the house, because that's exactly like us and the reason it this segment- it just is so intensively uninteresting me because I reached a long time ago what I use it even oversight. If you ask people so wise and uneasy estate, you go wizened DC estate and then you can
look into a brief history all because it's meant death. I sure people are impartially, have some people right now in the meeting a wire day in DC warrant, they pay in taxes and duties, because what we're supposed to have our people who pay taxes in their home states represent our constituents going to a neutral territory. This state capitol that is the reason for it wasn't by accident, and I know people who can't be bothered to read the constitution will assume that it's an accident, but it's not enemies been reiterated, men need times or the fact that their look there, assuming you're dumb. They are assuming you are stupid that you will just go. Do feel state then Google will join in and all fine when you run a search is DC should be a state, will show you the historical context or how the founding fathers and then people who
This country thereafter works Presley against easy being estate for a multitude of recent years. What they'll make what sounds like a reasonable argument? Representation? That's what we just cover gray! Oh, ok! Well, that's why we left England. We didn't get the representation we wanted and we were tax got it. That makes sense well so little different than what they claim. It is the next that they make is actually about population will look the entire state of whaling, only has about six hundred thousand people, they'll, say and residents of DC. That comes to about seven hundred thousand people. Of course we should be a state will. Actually that does not. That kind of thousand gauge lesson I gotta have eating ticket was leaving my while men, and he said one day said why we're going nine, let's let it get the hell out of here. I didn't feel like there was a chance of hitting anything. Yet there is no. This big sky stay because you'd rather look up. Well, look so it doesn't really matter again how big an area is: that's not really the qualification for state the Federalist Papers and constitution, specifically sectioned off DC, to be a federal district and
partisan seat of our government right about eight thousand people actually work in DC, but only thirty to forty percent of them actually live in DC. That's a ETA uninteresting fact that they probably argument what they'll argues. What most people who live there are poor black people. You know anything about that. There are large, that's not true at all right, and so they bring up this argument about population. Other seven hundred thousand people will in fact, in nineteen. Fifty there were over. Eight hundred thousand people that lived in DC was still a crime, then that they didn't have representation. We re still beating the defences and sang look. We ve gotta have a state of DC. Here, New York has
a population of twenty million people somewhat say that that is more than seven hundred thousand. Should they also say well, hey. We want to be a state now right. So population was the only barometer that we used for this, then that would not really work as an argument anywhere near city near here today. I on your excellent miracle, is obviously estate when you have New York. You you mean, though, that we take very fair. I think that's an overcoat because they were there. They did it by satellite imaging by here imaging and they counted the piles of Hoboes San Francisco population has gone way up as well and regularity, eight billion just like out there. I said you know how Spiderman would be useless in the suburbs. Of course, failure on the creditor would be useless and San Francisco seeking other We got off by all the Cuban should pull the creditor and instead be shown and roundly forget it. You always lay, though GM and now as before it was all the crap with it.
Then the hoboes had the common decency use the coroner like an animal. That's true! There is no excuse by the way, no excuse for shipping on the sidewalk were used in using what if it's policies, driveway Bell: ok, one imaginary one: riskier imagining predator new. Like turn on your vision, you, like gosh, where everyone all red giant, just Arnold rolling in your lot. Where did not really mother blows of the warriors? Look, this is happening eight or- and this is this- is an argument that was actually used against one of the Congress women. They said. Oh, you are actually in the District of Massachusetts, main right, so they're saying that it's been done. Of course we can do it again. Well, the truth, as main was formed from Massachusetts. Dna trace it at its meeting on four main and what's right so you have yielded again Virginia gave us West Virginia thanks a lot for that
the greens who hit has is constitutionally prescribe right. So, if you're confused about the issue, article four section three makes it very clear news it may be admitted by the Congress into this union, but no new state shall be formed or erected within the jurisdiction of any other state clear nor any state formed by the junction of two or more states or parts of states without the consent of legislatures of the states as well Congress rights of those states have to agree. We're gonna do that in their legislators. Then it goes to Congress. We can't just sign in executive order and you can't just push wart randomly, certainly that I find a say who is willing to a will partner if Maryland is if Maryland is a kind of take them is one of their will not do that, and in this case, Marilyn gave up part of its land to create DC so mail and can't give permission to make it a state because it's no longer there, she was in danger waters back correct, but it's just
which is to say its DC. No one wants no one specific use specific all what we get your connotations, I'm just agreeing with you for different reasons, because your horrible so I think there's one argument that kind of supersedes all arguments in this case. Why was DC put into the position as a district instead of a state in the first place? Why was it not located somewhere else? It actually was. The founders moved the capital to DC from Philadelphia to me sure that the host state couldn't exert undue pressure. Like we said earlier on the federal government, I mean really imagine a liberal, controlled state of DC during Donald Trump Presidency, like outside down on your water bills, a little bit late right now we apologise. Maybe you can take a dip in the Potomac you jerk right. They would do something like that. Are all the stop lights. There were really sorry Donald. You can have your parade rightly. Would they would definitely do something like that, and so what they did is they said. Look we're gonna form DC out of land given by both Virginia and Maryland. To make it's not an either one Virginia,
at their land back in eighteen, forty six, but it never went back to Maryland. We are left with that piece of land right now, so final reason for them. Wanting to do this. There is no other reason. It makes any sense. I want power right. The Senate. What do we have? We have an equal sharing of power, not it's getting down because we have people crossing I'll with these crazy. de as anything, if we have a state we get to more senator, if more ever controlled by Dems. That is the only region by the way, what some foreign to note. The also the reason for an aggressive push, because we know that this has happened after the Sandefur Texas gained a Texas came to or they would gain to two and a half your house to house and then other up in New York last one cause. I don't see any council, I love you, but I was a gain for Republicans right now. He cares, you think, are sure that was based on population right in eight New York, if you, Jim la allowed. Your police officers to stop eighty of the ECB four murders. You wouldn't have lost to see. That's got.
shooting yourselves and all of your citizens in what this is. What look at the difference that in seat in the house with the census because of population within the states appropriate and now the power grab comparatively, as we want to involve the states it's not actually based on is not based on historical precedent. We just want because you know what we're losing some power now, because people are leaving liberal areas for conservative areas. We have to try and shift this balance right and DC was never supposed to be a place that you were supposed to go and live your life. You were supposed to go, represent your constituents and then go home right right and to be vote your home state and stuff like that as well. But so, lest you take our Four Eleanor Norton comes to the rescue and was even asked this point blank on good morning, America and she kind of the Biden where she answered a question. She wasn't asked. Yes, she's heretic lie apart to filibuster, yeah. Oh, here's, Here's Ura your representative, Charlie Brown, talking about filibuster there
begins in the Senate, who bears such a block, Brad Eleanor more seats to the democratic side of things. But what do you say to them? Giving my football I say to them is that I think we ve tomb as bursting open, we saw the Senate laid organizing and the reason we often store, but the reason Democrats got hold of the said at this time because of the filibuster animal publicans were passing nothing. I think she said what she was. She says now I've parts out loud and allows them to be recorded on television in voicemail, bright and out now
say anything. You don't want red vex you in court and share it, leaves it to the sea committed the cardinal sin of being honest, as a politician in you can never do that, apparently right, because the the abolishing the filibuster you know they ve been talking about this to try to get things requirements. That is the first step. Democrats need to take to make sure that their agenda goes through expanding mail in bet a voting, crazy gun laws, free college. Why are you less topic of DC statehood as however, these laughing at your located at the bat doggie are going on I've. Never I find things photo Louis step them only I'm here you are the the humor and here no you're not in here for all or that I'm not actually the first time. I've learned any of this, because people have asked me questions and you just one. That's look. That's the reason that we're covering this because, right now they assume that you're not gonna, take five minutes and look into this and yet lies at this is stupid. I realise that I've always right. That's the point of equality and that's what I don't get equality good, except in DC bed,
right. Well, I mean basically that's what the argument has been re of disabused. You of that notion. I love to Santa sang at bilateral and look. There is a solution to this if they really are worried about representation, if they're like guys, this is absolutely unfair. We have to take care of it. Ok give the land back to Maryland, just like we did for Virginia right gave them the land back, keep all the federal land, let them do their own thing like they want to do, but give all the other land back to Maryland. Then Marilyn's legislature has to vote to make it a state. Then Congress has to approve it than the Senate has proven goes to the presents desk. This is complicated. That is the only way that just sounded very complicated. No, what you just said it very complicated. Let me simplify it for you there, state, because it was never designed to be a state and they wanted it to continue not being estate so that people could represent their states in an unbiased Yunus about that's exactly already provide exists and they set out by the we're gonna put in safeguards to make sure that it continues? That way? That's it it's over
making an argument that decent needs to be a state its the same time. They want DC to be estate pack, the court do with the Electoral College federal law of overriding voter. Yet we don't wanna, have I think about this, for a second unbeliever, going to release cereal, violent felons in California and by the way pushed for laws at people who violently abuse our fellow citizens. Have there to vote. We want to pack the court we want DC to be estate, bring in a record number of illegal immigrants, give them an immediate path to citizen ship. No voter, I D, which every single other super far left european nation, looks us and says claw. They have no idea how crazy they cut. The american left is significantly further left. Then the european left now outside of maybe income, taxes and abortion in some countries. You need to know how far we ve gone. It's not that all the Republicans have gone far for the right and the left has gone further. It's the left. Has gone so far left that the Right
even going a little of which they are republican, Donald from first including Obama, by the way to actually be inaugurated, supporting gay marriage, Prevent alone was at the runner up was due to a two hour. Senor hall was Cindy locker she's only done- has been doing for the last three decades for dementia Bob's. She bought in Euro area of any to this. This website Washington, DOT org. It's like washing disease official website like visiting DC press sports. All its data is a though a capital city. It is ironic that residents of Washington, like full self governance and that's on their history of washing DC page Didn't you another on history, they don't it's the truth. Of the danger of having it be its own state. You dont want that. You don't want to state exerting power over the federal government. That was the whole point to begin with, done arguing over move on, but they didn't believe in historical context than unbelieving precedent. They don't believe in actual founding intent in the country. That's what I think will. Actually, if you look at the second amendment that says the right
keeping barons shall not be infringed the right of people right they. Actually we interpret this as meaning that people have no right to own firearms whatsoever at all. How does that add? Is that? How to add is that mesh with a constitution? It doesn't that backward from this big. very nice he's all right so and you guys you let us know what your opinion is that when I hear what you don't know, what's the most convincing case that you ve heard for DC being estate beyond, I want I want I want. I want to feel better educated, Gimme Gimme Estate. I need I mean, I'm doing the work and let us lacquer shall I put right. I did right now, if you will right now live right now hit the like button immediately right now. Otherwise your children will die. You hate me so here
Let's move on Anti Asian Abrams member there's another because remember this: no this happening there and they were talking about. Yeah knows that away and I haven't hurt, nobody was a liking of colleges or it was about maybe a month and a half ago when they started covering it. After we were covering it saying we had to do something. Sorry, asian Americans, you ve been used, but here let's go back to a time when they cared about you. And hate crimes we want to document the hate crimes asian american hate has been much as more again, two american history as long as does humiliating advanced. I thought the various clever again and sixteen that's right out for the joke. A steady ferment in the United States he's been filed in a veritable raster asian that came to this to this country about,
in the middle of the nineteenth century. I want everybody to watch the segment because it says its outrage, seeing my pretty investigating what they say is a hate crime, assault against a sixty five year old asian woman who was punished and kicked Monday in midtown Manhattan violence. pack of allegedly made anti and statements sorcerer, that's according to the police, it comes as the late in a stronger, anti asian hate and violence, making this a crisis the age. Community and their situation qualification been getting worse, James Gordon's only vacations, adipose tissue,
first a K. Glad to hear you say you know, Asian hates is, as you know, that's brilliant. It's it's part of american history is organic to American and he's like pretty softened he's alive and an african Americans, but not without as long as I mean your were worse. What we have here is a failure to communicate and working on the Roma live long, inappropriate mission to take it off bottles, trick question not wearing patents, but look build a wall they just through the bodies in the war was not like, were the first became what's going on and see that guy in the left looks like he's he's appearing through exclusively the left lens of three glasses, nine, its actual, whilst in eighty Morocco, so look. This is one thing and we will actually give you a little bit of a self defense segment here in a couple of minutes got some of these crimes because a lie them are happening with blunt instruments, which is pretty
obviously disheartening but keep in mind the mainstream media, and we see this unseen and you see this everywhere. They tried to paint us as what what white, supremacist right wide support. Seeing there are quite a few we're gonna go through quite a few examples of recent attacks have taken place really in the last week. I think the oldest one is ten days old and you'll notice that, with the articles mention the race as opposed to hear the headlines at you see that always have white supremacist the environment, if you re an article and they say they have the suspect or they ve already charge, the suspect right, the criminal and it doesn't their name, or It usually means are not a white person because of its white. It will say white just like in the entertainment industry, if some doesn't espouse. Politics at all, usually means they're, more right, leaning because it's only a net positive in the entertainment industry to say your Democrat, its virtues signal that gains you notoriety points same thing you put in your article white man commits ensue. Group marginalized you hate crime here, you gain points
So it's important enough. We have other sources available ladder of credit, commie hit them Lincoln the description she can see the original sources for some these hate crimes, something else to that fact. Statistics matter and we it necessarily explained the exact reason why? But, if you You are surprised to learn that there's a little bit of tension between the black american and asian american community. Perhaps you should check your dumb asshole. but because this has been going on for a very long time in this country in San Francisco, where a lot of these crimes have been taking place over eighty percent of physical assaults crimes. All physical assaults, crimes against Asians were committed by a black attacker nationally acts make up the largest percent of perpetrators of anti I guess you not eighty of violent crimes against agents. Look is sometimes it's a robbery and they happen to be asian. That's also problem of crime statistics because they can just violet with under a hate crime or look what what was the crime murder. don't need a footnote, but we do
understand that there has been an increase in they want you to believe it's because of kung flu. or Donald Trump saying that this came from Joe higher meaning being being geographically accurate, like we ve done with other diseases and epidemics in the best. Yet they want you to think that Donald Trump was up there with a top a graphic mask going. That's where the yellow rough you you go to you're gonna, get letters again. You know that KEDO one day, Mormons the next. This was may fifth. Eighty five year old choice, Fung was stabbed while waiting for the bus in Chinatown. By the way you have children, I recommended probably don't stick around. We don't show that we only one area, obviously getting killed, but there are some. these are. These are being read that you can find either on Youtube or on these new websites. I think it's him. for you guys understand the context not a trigger morning. I just think it should be watching this. If, especially, if there like you know, Goonies little slick choose this they'll, never sleep again. As you know, it is
stabbing warning it is having morning not number not for this. Not for this way after this one deal with this is choice. On eighty five year old was beaten, stabbed waiting for in Chinatown, do not specify that second source of a lot of Canada. Come want to guess. Why the family of eighty five year old, shoe form said: she'd been waiting for the bus to say evening after buying groceries in Chinatown she's, independent she's, putting headstrong and she's just a museum, she's gonna. Do it so This is her. This is your grandson. He says he didn't want to show his face. Feeling like his family has suddenly been thrown into the spotlight farm was stabbed forth and market Tuesday evening along with another sixty three year old asian woman, both or accept They deserve. I've found remains in the hospital. Now, you noticing sorted into didn't, give Not at all you know. No, they know it is fifty four, your Patrick Thomson and he has a history of deadly assaulted in history committing crimes. Other ego,
that's fine, I'm sure, though, just bring him into the police station in New York and let em right out right you really are also in San Francisco. This was may fifth dad pushing stroller San Francisco. Whatever what'd I say, did I as I said earlier, said now our work sentences. I realise that I share your legal thanks for having my brow occurs. So many fine tat nuts Sherman ensuring EU with so many liberal hellhole my bed not turn family planning Cambodia, but indeed I would offer a damages, go dad pushing stroller punched until he fell to the ground has made this and we are getting new exclusive surveillance. Footage of another brutal attack in San Francisco to this one was captured at Gus, as market emission bay on product check this out. Police say an asian father was pushing. One year old child in a stroller was suddenly be. Into the ground here that guy is good recovery, though
the aid as he left Edmund. Look, I'm not angry and go down, but he got up. He got up because this kid Imagine this. I have a son round of somebody attacked me and was beating me and my son stroller started rolling the shooting rate, which is what just happened, should have their yeah. No, I mean it's just you unbelievable him. Are you in current environment? Yes, if someone attack me brutally well, I'm there with my kid and my kid is now endanger their scroll. Are we willing to the street I'd no law? her care! If you were down on your luck, maybe you need some cash doesn't matter at all: bang, Bang, Bang, bang! bang, Bang, Bang, bang, click, bang, Bang, bang, reload, bank! Ok! Don't kid! That's what now greets unfortunate, but that's what you deserve if you attacks which, by the way attacker Hammond there. He was arrested only a couple of weeks ago. Four assault and keep in mind. This is at a time in California when they are releasing over seventy thousand felons numbers. I dont know, The entirely verified numbers low end, fifty something thousand high and sixty thousand violent felons tens of thousands of
violent felons being released onto the streets, and most of these examples are repeat offenders. We can go to New York City Parma sought the alpine, not sir. I might have the name rank late later. You say that there is a connection between those who commit violent crimes and those who commit violent crime. like a choose, your own path book, it is whatever answer you want. Well, No, what the ending in that If now, I dont send also abominable snowman, don't wear sunscreen. That was an actual goose bumps, choose your path but sucked by the way we can choose. Your own path are staring. What happens is if it's a white attacker right. This is what happens when others if they are to tackle what supremacy black attacker establish trumpeted byproduct its white supremacy. It was an asian attacker, their mad, because people like us are talking about the realistic crime statistics regarding people here retreating, anti asian attacks against them and its white supremacist of the answers, always white supremacy. Does the question really matter? That's where we are with the meat
ok. This is New York City. Sixty one year old, Ya'Ll pound the attacker. This one is look toughness you mean, I wonder when the whole clip, but you need to know what's going on in this country right now, because the media has moved on, and I won't asian Americans out there to be safe to have their head in a swivel. His head was stopped, leaving an incorrect, critical condition. Three but contusions facial factors. This is the this one April. Twenty fifth yeah! That's enough! We get the point he keeps going and keep in mind that if that man was then apprehended by the police officers and tried to get away- and they left him up a little bit, those police officers would be on trial for murder and we would exclusively empathize with you. Don't believe me go I'll, get Michael Browns, wrapped. She go look at George Floyd's refuge, just because you don't have the video of the war. When being pistol whipped in front of her kid when George Floyd committed an armed robbery doesn't mean it didn't happen. If you saw George Floyd doing that, but you have a different.
How would you feel if a cop should do that? Guy afterward? The matter fat, how You feel if, after that, the cops it hey. Are you high as a kite right now? He said no, no officer recent. Alright, let me get you into this car. Let me get you some air conditioning and probably pissed at the cops going easy I'm. So you can't just react based on emotion, but sometimes it's important to put that emotional, that this role reaction into context. How would you want to come to treat that guy performers? and people can react, base and emotion. That's what that guys doing right. There is letting rage take over and your your stopping a guy who's already down of its rage or just a guy knows it he's never gonna be held accountable. So hey! That's for me. It's free free, beating, a lot of people who go out, though, and fight that you see where once the other person's down they run back, and that was in a fight. No, you noted media idea. I am not saying that was a fight on I'm not saying hey. This was a fund
if what he sees them fellows are cowards. Do this? Yes, our absolutely right once they're down and power to do this and cowards. I would under the cover of what will your marginalized groups so first it will blame white people, guess who gets hurt both black people and white defend the police over eighty percent of black Americans, one at least as much police presence or more guess who gets her black people. Let's say white supremacy so that we can talk. What do you get a guess who gets hurt Asian Americans, were actually being assaulted in record numbers in San Francisco. Eighty five percent: that's an import! it's a statistically significant number, ok saying that are using the Asian Americans in San Francisco. Should it's Wednesday Sabre should be racially profound? Yes, absolutely that's exactly what I'm saying, I'm saying it usually racially profiling and being aware of your neighborhood, where there have been anti asian hate crimes, and there are a lot of people who are blue,
can you are asian. I think that you should be careful right now, because eighty five percent and its a staggering rising crime and San Francisco are being committed against Asians by black Americans. I You need to be aware, and you need to understand the risks right now and you need to hold your city government accountable, who has stirred up and ferment hatred. Ok, it's like all are you have looked to cover up the bank blonde hair blue eyes. Racial provides yet if eighty five percent of all crimes in this area are being committed, a specific group of people and they all looked like Gerald I'd, be I keep my head and a swivel for any six foot, five guy with blonde hair blue eyes, who makes corny jokes name, Baltimore. This is one and now we're getting into. And by the Asian Americans out their comical. I want to hear how our how you ve been been feeling, because we did this with the second a long time ago. They were talking about how they experiencing the anti asian sentiment or if they were at all, has it chain and have you noticed that the media has all the sun gone radio sound so now in Baltimore bastion of hope that it
to korean women were beaten with a brick inside, their own liquor store now you ve seen enough so sets a brick again What we're gonna do a segment here, just done unkind of keeping yourself safe self defence interests being a more situational awareness, because a lot of people out there don't really even have before sometimes it s items have been a bad situation. Lot of attacks are taking place with Don't force instruments right now, so household items it's what's availed are not because he's there what's happening is not people going out necessarily sing ham going to attack, in person, whether we have maybe a gun or even a knife, happening, is maybe an asian person says something that they don't like and they.
Take it as a racist attacks has had the if you reach him very source, as happened quite a bit. She said something anti black and they sat insanely thing anti, but this is going on, and so they feel justified in in a violent response, and so that's where what I got. I got a brick. I got him and actually here's another one right now, which is a hammer in New York City Leslie these attacks to asian women with a hammer for no reason why they gave up for review ghostbusters they should have now. I want to note that this is, of course not the first time that Leslie Joneses demonstrated anti asian hate. yeah
and where we should have seen the warning signs, but with these are two places to Places New York and anywhere in California, Helmholz, both of them about what in Baltimore that will tell you you can't owner, are, you know what would have defended those people from the guy with a brick, I don't care what you say to someone you dont have the right to pick up. Britain start beating somebody with it, but you know what a protected them. Instead of our now gas, we gotta get about the store. Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, bang You're about Agora me with a brick bizarre that Craig with Debo on Friday David. And Bangladesh begging language? I live the content of the dna and I know that a lot of I think we have this clip Renault, so this I want you to understand that this is an outlier. This is an exception to the rule. Where sometimes you can take your crab Ukraine stance to defend yourself.
slim chance at work and I were working, but I want you to see when it does look adjusted. color of cohesion and by the way that you now get authorities do that, though he got lucky. It is not good at work that the the gentlemen attacking it was incredibly confused. That's all it's worse! They haven't you. Like fifteen years, older money maker, albums rolled to guide us goes our because when you can of course go you are right and he stands like this and other issues, are you all right so before it's going to start this here and then we're going to go to a mug club, it's time to teach a little bit. If you find yourself that a Leslie Jones with a hammer or somewhere the brick it's time to show some. Are you saying we want to stick to what we're gonna bring in smooth Manny here and show you what would be appropriate to do in a situation that attack elect a smooth manage we have come on in?
Yet monument some on various powerful various food man he's powerful. Ok, so let's have you moving here. I want to take up my headphones ask any questions, of course, to take off my fire right now. Did you like the EL female goes? Fosters? That's us they. The answer is yes, I think we should beat him marsh. Deafening allowed to kick. Animals is down no you're. Seeing a lot of this happening with blunt force instruments right, you see this happen. let's hear you gimme the knife. Like I'm now that I've been for many many years of self defence of the kid, and ultimately we just get my ask it: that's what tissue useless crap with a knife, you're only option is to run. Can I ask This question is jewellers can be ok with this. Will we not, but with so you'll, be he'll, be fine going attack you. The issue of the now he's around me like someone from attacking, with an Iphone run, because here's the thing people tell. to finish something ass night, it doesn't acquired inertia. This is, I believe that this is. I believe that this is a kill.
feeling I sent you a better chance. It gets older than with a gun, then do against someone with a knife there. There they slice you no matter what now it changes when it's a brick or a hammer, because one force instrument. So what does that require? wires, inertia and so now what people need to do? First off the best you can you run away, but a nurse Your replies requires movement and hitting right at the extension right of that sort. Momentum that blood what you want to avoid people out there, gone to. Everybody gets your glass, I recommend you go or judo they teach. You should have distance and timing, maybe some I was even some karate. So what we have to do here treat me like he's, George Format, He doesn't have a knockout blow, but he does with a hammer Mario Circa, donkey com whenever you're that will do so. What you want to do, as you dont, want to know if I can get the boxing range, we see people time of the sun, but you see this on Youtube. Regular, we'll do look Jack and I got tired of cloth and monkeys as we know, the your aspect that appeal or get away completely
Nor do I think, those not distance, so I dont want to be in punching range. What I want keep them away from me until I got so. This is What use my leg my league leg, because I know that he's not in Problem is not that it cannot. Do any Obama question Mark get anything like that. Nothing, fancy! It's a push. Kick as he comes in and write a push office every other Benito, let's because we all want to, but you want to kick him away, keep him at distance get back. So you know you're not in that range yeah get away. If you can, if you can't say: you're in a store like hand was the Ladys, with the guy with the break, so I can't get distance. I can't run away for the knife, your screw, don't care what the problem about guys tell you. You can't fight your dad guy with a knife beats a guy with a knife for in a store what do I do? I wanna be right here now I want to watch Why not stay out We want and probably gonna go in common and now closed because look less inertia with the hammer
and this is where we can go into. You need to start running grappling some kind of tat age, although as its when it's all good ones, even a good point here is that you're not necessarily gonna get out unscathed. No you're, not you're, not gonna, get a knockout blow wrecked by having some distant civil rights at using this push, get to keep him away It's not going to do anything with a knife because they can still cut right by number to bleed out no matter what answer, but with a break with the good side. This is going to be a little bit slower. Let me tell you that if you watch Leslie Jones, everything in it, which pays just a little bit ahead movement and then learn how to keep yourself safe once you quince them up, tie them up really. Simple ways you go over under boom, I got in and tie him up just like a queen, regular cedar Ivan Overlook or is now My back with a hammer, is not nearly as bad of a knockout blowing writings, our great gun, if you want at this point, learn how to handle them on the ground. But the most important thing is getting away in that case. New York, Yoda Scaffolding earlier you said that you use that put that
tween you and the attack like do some Spiderman stuff and like job up another. Now, how can we do this right? the old poet bunny, although on the part of the game with a guy Stacy, is the red municipality, was indeed one of the ways in which case kiss your ass goodbye, so We cannot continue with. Some of this in question will taken shape, but everyone now leave a comment and sharing is caring. Look at your Louis, The girl arising at your fine, Joe Louis, I mean on Monday day, Blue Dave Land? I was filling in, but I love you too will see later piss off.
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