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Here's Why YOU Should Stand Against Transgender Colonialism!

2022-06-07 | 🔗

The trans community wants to colonize America and normalize women having big penises. Hey, we don't make this stuff up, we are just disgusted by the degeneracy. Also, the Washington Post suspended a reporter for telling a joke. And why you should pay attention to the San Francisco DA recall. #trans #wapo #whatisawoman

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Hey there audio listener, don't forget its cultural appropriation month in this thursday. South africa god. That's why? I don't that's not an accurate access, but you know no one seems to make the same. South african accent twice saw blood diamond, and I wasn't it- elon musk is not even close, You won't wait a second that got like us from Australia and he's from delaware, something none of this makes sense. But the point is It's probably something: you'll want to watch on youtube and sending your costume contest entry. So you send those in ass, crowded on twitter and a winner is- it is going to actually get one of joy, Our fingers, we just haven't, told him yet enjoy the show viewer discretion is advised.
One that goes girls what's gonna, do what you're gonna do feminist cops and filmed on location? a strong women of law enforcement. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. pornography down the main thing back up going to perform a tactical way.
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I welcome the money
That's a sip of a slow news day. for those of you who, in watching with us- time. You know that needs a good chance will be banned and it's not. Our fault exist, and there is a strong chance then we will not be here to morrow. Also we have that by the way that debt bs privacy violation from you too, but we need a sovereign member from the person who sat down for the changed, my mind yeah and then for about twenty five minutes and then complain saying it was a violation of privacy, even though he consented on camera, spelled his name and sign to release. So apparently two. Doesn't care about the law at thinking with your job interview and you like, Is this you yeah? No, no, it's just you're so stupid. Yes, why would you want this run out? While I watched myself and I'm an idiot, yeah? Well, up until this moment, I believe that I came offer swimmingly and
You have proven iran. Also I'm a workaholic. That's my greatest weakness. Does that help? You are not a burger king material of living burgers. We can't have you ruining our algae bt pride month with two tops or to bottoms to our weber. Could you see that? Yes? Yes, I am of the tail and one words that the seat belt buckles and it's like, yet all all of them make you die. in a crash, the only one that works is a male and female, for it takes two hands to handle upper. So it's a slow news day. That means that you can watch us on rumble monday through day ten, a m eastern monday, thursday or of course on now, mug club we have an additional hour of show like today, were playing what the flag o with our been in house mine. Well, so see what happens there band and there's something as oh. What well holloway announced dave My question, I guess to you today before anyone, because this is something that
think you're probably answer before you are arrested. The show that you're watching live weight and then, if you're not If you dont, want live posit dont cheat, don't ask for achieve three august gained from car. What do you think the most crime written sitting america right now come in, but I feel I can come in a moment iphones it could be that it had an ear thing, and now it's gone. No, it's just my own headphones. I hate the sound of my voice out every day to see. If I can damn. I have trouble controlling the volume of my voice. Oh so, ah, he is out before we get to that. He is wonderful. You know, I'm you love him. He is a voice for radio and a face. penitentiary gerald a. How are you I was wondering if you are going to introduce with anything I think I'm doing well hurry, you I'm ok, I'm alright! Well, let alone on the sleep, but this happens. I feel like you're about to get mad at something
Probably there's always a low ground. Irritation stories were about to combat we're, gonna be talking about crime. Just to let you know will be talking about you subsidizing organizations. Now these Gender organizations are newest. They want reparations. This is how we do remember all this trend. gender slaves. Yes, yeah they were promised forty acres and a dilator, that's right and some duct tape and What is it lupron lupron? I don't know whatever it is they used to. Can I ask straight sex offenders? It's puberty blockers. Now, let's find a different thing. We don't know since we don't know the long term effects, let's just roll the dice This is something has actually gone under complaining about anti trains. Colonialization is asian. and here's the thing this is gone. To be taught in your schools. Look. is important because people not too long ago, said come on? This is just a fringe. What look at when people say? Let me just preface this because some
as people. So are. You are so obsessed that the hall with a trance seems like you're, overly concerned with what really hold on a second the person responding to the president who made it one of his first practices to come in and by the way, now ban funding for schools for school lunches if they don't allow boys to use the girls restroom you're saying that us responding to that is being overly concerned with it. she turned her head around and then you entirely restructured society based on non science, so that's why when an end, the quickest man on his feet, the quickest wit in the west. he is going to be in june. I asked so authoritarian collins wages in deploying Iowa june, tent and june eleventh day if landau Ahoy, Ok, you said like we ve, never met the spectre
daylight new to me. I didn't, I thought we were. I thought we do know. We switch the right actors and their this weekend, architects, moyne, doin I'll. Why why the longest weak I ever spent was one night and a moment. Yes, corn. If you stay in the morning and that's nebraska, I your show jesse day, undermined by only john hotel in its own way, betting dwarf, they never It's all right now, the divine right of acquired cities. I couldn't do yeah. Yeah we're violante may only be threatened or if there's only one hotels, the casino and they just ask you, would you like to be in the north tower or the south tower? I don't know they said what puts it. south tower turns out? The north tower was entirely remodel like a high it, and the south tower was certain death, yes the language learning price they would you like that
I was filled with natives. He has the extended stay version here. Yes, except that it's actually nice more, like the super eight version as the red roof inn the week long hooker pads. Yes by the way, major fall, tour dave and I will be announcing next week as we finalize. These dates could be coming to your city to go to later with credit dot com, slash tour, stay posted, these are going to be some big. Some big big shows, big bigger, shows, are awesome. Now let's go to this really quickly, just let's just get right into it. So these trans activists right now- and I have to be careful to not use words- chris rueful. He he got his hands on some leaked videos from a trans conference and I'll explain you. This isn't just some fringe minority. This is something that is becoming mainstream and some of these organizations receive subsidies, which is deeply disturbing. You think the founding fathers pardon my language if you have its founding fathers would have stood for this shit. Think about that.
didn t party. We think about what that was. There was basically were eats processing fee for think you it'll be ok with so so dicing trans organizations that want to host drag shows for kids southern whigs were silly. Yes, they did have syphilis. It depends on the guy yeah. That's true. I guess they weren't heights, how much brain rot you had. Everything old is new again lip. So Chris rueful leaked these videos at the trans conference, and now their new crusade is and the reason I'm telling you about this now is because it's going to meet tomorrow's mainstream. There is going to be a college course taught on this if it's not already, probably as coursers de colonization of gender We have to acknowledge that the centre of the. transphobic colonial order
We are talking about that. His every hasn't advisory is warfare. Unless he was warfare against indigenous people. Virginia myself, it's in a constant in our struggle under colonialism. Acknowledge you accept- and I found myself but he's find acceptance and affirmation and understanding outside of myself. It was calling your society that influence me to hate myself, too separate and fracture hearts of my identity and uncle tried to kiss you at a bbq, my reflection and how I saw myself and how that is of related to everything else around me and the relationship to myself and to the land. I really see all gender dysphoria as being a product of colonial, his own. Ah, yes, you really look like you live off the land. Who can forget transgender gothic right yeah,
ass, its colonna. We all learned about in high school about d, the trail of queers amelia horrible. alone colonial. You know they just came in right away, took it out on me they never homer you gotta, get wounded, got enough. You gotta get outta that a bad placing it is at least to take one rule that were they landed at this split a cock? Yes, yes, If it still would be wounded, knee, wouldn't a slightly uneasy This is where we look. This is, as you know, we have a logical, have another video that we're gonna show in a second act as if, if but, but we have many just good. So I want to draw particular attention to not just the person talking, but if you're missing the little sub boxes below there like doing this, lap- and this guy's doing like you're missing half of that the em in the
yes, but just make sure you look at basically have a transgender, real life. Saban Assignor as well as are supposed to be making symphonies la la la la la kiss, the boy on the p. How do you know it's a boy dave? I want to be runners all get onto those. She shoot. Adams, grueling, the z. So much better. Do better women get wet little seagulls like ireland set as a remedy for monkey box. Look I told you to slow newsday, but the, but these people that's our surely trying to see the trap when you look at everything through the prism of victimhood? That's how you
up with something that is so far off the beam that these people have. No, I there's no self awareness like hey, you know what maybe maybe it's kind of crazy to see the all transphobia as the by product of colonialism. But you can see it through the lens of the slave trade from west africa. Wouldn't that much use for you know much account. If there is the old girl there were no girl, then this persons in line and comes up your leg. Well, she got yeah. I mean there were like well as the sea cow which we think are mermaids. We ve been having sex with those for some time the athletic. What about this thing? Nose ring perfect I'll. Take the manatee. Is there anything with a blow hole? I dunno he. I dunno yeah yeah, yes, but I guess I missed
stay D, I don't know we'd all that we should stop. So the conference included by the way society groups and feed the let us go back growing is hard to steer a splash, ah colonialist pierre, so tired, gosh Can I tan? Why are you so tired, estrogen, there, are great that by the way, are receiving funding, so they are running. programmes for minor just to be clear at this conference, and these were there are several of these groups receiving too spare funding, and these include. These are the actual groups, all revenues avail. But let us credit outcome. The haven't rights brush the black. and task force a movie. Gender justice league movie, utopia, washington and then the other group traction shipping on formerly known as friction honestly,
like trance task force was my favorite comic book as a gps, letting superpower is rigour. They become one giant right, superpower, Who could forget new shaft, yes or ghosts chat, the sequel, here's the there these programmes for minories member when they said they're, not going after your kids, we what we talk about is just right. You can go to two letters. Gonna come such mock up to seal the band episode in the archive. One of them was because we said, look to change the algae. Beating you ip community is targeting your children the title of the show, was they're. Coming for your kids, can't say that that's that's hate speech! Well, ok we tried to warn you- and this is the problem when you have big tech fact chickens, and you can't say that trans gender activists, coming for your children
They have your children, end your paying for it with your tax dollars, we're so far beyond the scope of legitimate government. Think about one point, although it taxation without representation, there was an argument about the young, institutional city of the incas. the federal income tax- and there still is now going to argue about that. Shouldn't, we just you, know shouldn't we we just put on the shelf for a little bit funding gender justice, legal black trans task force, through your property taxes. Jeff. gender justice leg, it has super and bat wonder yes and awkward that's just the same color you just naming work Of course, we could say at the moment. What is wrong with? What are you? How are you just words justice? What why I think, I'm a boy now we can now only think that picture
of James madison. You know another think about it. That's why didn't some of his jewellery writings the early works really threw me for a loop. Yes, they really dare to split, but my birth certificate lies as they classified you. You are assigned that at birth. No, it was recognized. What can you imagine being a doctor and now at his village, yet do whatever the hell you alarm it. If she wants, you just got room no room for those former partially gap. Your brave good luck elements. I want estrogen, no cancer as care a lie: throwin pills at a five year old. You like enjoy d. growing up yet enjoy your tits young man.
In the period I never want to grow up. Your wish is my command here. You go enjoy it, so I dunno I shootings are up. God bless you! Yes, no idea who could have seen this coming to see our fifteen? Yes, yes, it's them! Yes, here's my prescription pad just take it whatever you need. Here's my prescription pad and a stencil, so you can write my suggestion copy. My signature, look up whatever you want. I read it sloppy anyway to not get sued, but I don't even care anymore. I don't care what agency sued for medical malpractice. I just injected a kid with nine mrm on a vaccine. Now he has a third nipple and a head like the elephant man. So you know what really the oath used to be. First do no harm. Now it's a, I believe your guess is as good as mine, so I'm just going to write myself a prescription for three hundred. If I couldn't go home and make a milkshake yeah the old red wine, vodka milkshake, it's medicine,
here's an elite activists here there actually blaming european colonialism for the invention of the gender binary is colonialism preventing. You know, chicks. What mustaches in in in in our penises from being recognised as famine, and this is what there actually arguing and they are bringing this to minors. Yeah I just want to live in a world where If I call myself a unicorn I'd, be that an it will be well with that. I really see all gender. This worry as being a product of colonialism. the person you know. Once you still be able to look in the mirror and see every part of myself as a woman see every part of myself. Fortunately, you swear it. You know transforming into a beautiful being.
My mustache, you know my, although my patient, hair, my attention brows, you know, like my my fat, ass lake, my belly, my big dick, like him, everything I want. I want to see a jesse every part of myself. We shall only I love it. I wouldn't be cardinal binary transfer michalek. Now I don't. I just want to become a reality. I don't want you to let all aim lands. Karen, your daddy I've won hated me around and no other people. I will bring a pronouns. They would come up with can't they would come up with poky munch rayner. They will come up with whatever was on their heart and I was like that is. The word I want to see were cornerstones. Boards were con herself. Whatever we know you, I know it should feel good about ourselves. Let cyborgs will please tell me, is falling.
If there is any justice in the world, terminator will be here soon. Gimme your bike, your boots dial later Why do you want my pants other cute? I load them with an air of scanning is like I cannot do they want to identify cyborgs by the way, idea how racist ay, I is going to be think they were too. I would just like you out did did you. I said when I talked to my youths when I talked to my youths these the words they come up with. I want us to be known as whatever we want. The other person said if I want to be called the unicorn. I want people to be okay with that, like oh gosh, yeah sonny? I just made nonsense and yet like sorry, yes right, I don't know how to make people like this. Is your sequel to white chicks, its black things here, that is not enough for them to live in this way. They demand this. I will live in a world where everyone accepts it and they use
that we were strong. Adding on we would bring about. All of this is not only a slippery slope, but you have some people out there who want to identify as unicorn delay that just absurd that year, these people, taxpayer subsidized getting the youths. Utes was please We are allowed to be called unicorns and cyborgs, and the guy said I want what he say. I want to be called something, and I you share a guy's name and asia, rand randy and I usa. I often confuse the two names yes well, I was talking to randy. No, no, that's that's it. It was. You know what it was: randy, asia and by the way, I love how it's toxic masculinity until a female appropriating masculine culture just lists all the stereotypes. I, like my untrimmed brows, my gross mustache, my fat, ass. My all these, my big dick, wouldn't you took wouldn't that be toxic masculinity o because you're faking it it's beautiful brave, just like every
every, but most transgender male individuals who become females. All the sudden, all of the gender stereotypes of woman womanhood come back into play. I know what it's like to be. and why cause I dressed like a baby doll? Ok, you listen to a few awkward songs. Great, you know all the splendor that is womanhood. Well might I say my big dick is really showing near your bluff engender poker rights, as you like out my you know: aid in soft kerk s about a year, another chips until week, even crazier transgender pants actual like way way way way way straight flush. at every poker game, if ever you're watching a poker game in film when they, if they reach for the chips with one hand, it means they don't win because someone else is going to go out and then it's a full arm school That's all. I know about poker with the reality to all of this. Is there are people where this is a real problem or its, and maybe it's not a problem of this is who they are whatever, but it if its
all of you there's just a few doing this. So it's a trap, that's the reality. Let's just put about unity is count. The confounding fact call centres of colonialism, I forgot yes, yes, we know it was buckled. Shoes send the pilgrims buckled had who the leads a buckle, Anna hath right, sir. Maybe they migraines beer. That's true! I well that works. Let me know about my hey or useful: they couldn't even use them. They did now late. I do think there were just decorative there. I you know what a decorative offer oblast as other heavy. Yes, this head is not heavy enough. Now, the kyoto, to lean forward What are you an scully owes us enough from the no vitamins I had asked well abuse that them anymore walking around with pants and just keep falling knickers view. We spell the captain says: what did you say quiet
dad. Yes, yeah you better shut up or you're about to be twelve years, a gay. What if I don't want to wear the buckle? Yeah here's the thing I made spenders. If what your hearing sounds like insane ramblings, it is because they are and they admitted they basically acknowledge as much at one point one of these centres again, who is really the your tax dollars and target your children. This is why parents, if you put your kids in public schools and if you do not have some kind of an ad blocker whatever it is cyber sitter almost child abuse, because this is being pumped at them. Twenty, four seven and, dare I say it in many ways, this can be just as drink, dangerous and corrosive as pornography and by the way, often, these kinds of conferences include pornography, if not also advocacy for porno
murphy, because how daydream children without it. So one point one of the presenters actually talks about hearing the screens. of his ancestors from nature as a child, and no one says: that's crazy for me when I was growing up corners but a lot like my purse, introduction to one of them, but a lot lake me waking up at No four in the morning five in the morning, every more to you know sounds of my ancestors screaming from outside my window? Coming from the ground coming from the earth and nature outside you know like waking me. they tell me that, like hey there, there is work to be done. No, those were the souls of all the bodies you buried after wearing them as a skin suit. There wasn't your ancestors. That was a guy in the well. You give lotion too in a basket. We also just
EL, the pool on an indian burial ground, but twice where they make multiple the movies to cover it and it wasn't color, it wasn't colonialist sentimental, just hey! Stop that every morning at four a m. I hear voices yelling outside tat. I need to wake up and there my ancestors from the ground. He told me to leave your honour the tv wrestling and find a way. Of course we would never never insinuate in any capacity now and not in general. that this individual, specifically correct, might be dealing with some kind of mental issues because it would be to say so. Considering that z says the screams, we're what radicalized z, because what was the screams at radicalize him, but also, I should note because the parents weren't there, so That's what really radicalized me at a very young age amongst many other things you know her hearing.
Screams every morning is a really radicalized me, because there are things that most other looks around me, including mine. My mother could not hear and their things a day that you know that did not affect those individuals and sort out and carried that I followed those screams. You know into the woods as a child and my parents, hoddan really wedding let me raise our parents, your sites watch me very much grumbling. up so out in great listen was tired by my ancestors. In those words in the forms of nature, spirits in the forms of elements, walls and the forms, you know national deities in old guy, You know. While I was out there in, I was taught anything where are they? people who some de christians and say: oh your flying spaghetti monster, even though like unlike hearing the streams and into the woods
Jesus was historical figures, certainly at the very least whether your christian or not. You have to acknowledge that acknowledge the fundamental changing of western civilization due to his impact, even It is now that we recognise that we're not virtues before Jesus Christ like mercy and modern christian them, but I really mine concerning- and this does to me encapsulate holy shit, we're dealing with is the person there says You know straight there, my mother, I couldn't hear the things that I hear it assumes that their real it assumes that this person is is is is correct. It's just one. My perceived reality is reality. That's not. Peru and no one outside of this movement which, by the way, is anti science anti its anti family, its anti western civilization, but it's also
anti science and its anti reality. Nowhere else do you get to put your hands on a hot stove and say my realities: it's not scalding my hand or stand in traffic, and so my reality, as there are no cars on this freeway. But here he gets well. My reality must be reality, so these other people didn't hear the streams which made me feel really isolated. That's because there were no screams from your ancestors. Now where they probably weren't your ancestors, your grandfather's, probably named lyle, beautiful mind without that beautiful part right. What otherwise, the hollywood squares down at the bottom for all of the people that we're snapping, once you to notice. Is somebody later on? Go back and watch this or if you watching, grew wine this and look at the bottom there like now bringing you just need medical. These are people, that will be ready and able to applaud whatever things they sat on the schooner like how dam and died
the cloud screams and little would set out by the way when you're a kid why'd you fuck elo screams right that was comforting to you yeah exactly. I heard screams in the woods and thought: hey I'll, go check it out and see what they have to teach matter than my own life, the voices of the night phantom of the conqueror voices of the night. That's something I don't know ghost of christmas cease I thought there was a go at either that it also fierceness present unwrap it. It's for you are thinking, along with joy, what would the what's out of army is not saying you believe this and you d go in there, so you you do believe in the demonic, which means you have to believe in some sort of spiritual, afterlife, You believe you're born into some other body. That means you have to believe in some kind of a soul right because you're not so your brain than working. It means that you have a spare those born to another body, which means would have leaving the demonic, so
How can you be anti religion and then believe, all this stuff? It doesn't make us anti religion that, actually, you know, has some kind of moral accountability. That's what's so strange that right, it's italia you would have, but he for him to know that that's somewhat wrong right. They would, after. He would have to have some moral accountability to some degree to realise that everybody, like Gerald, pointed out below him that we're like? Oh Yet when you ve lost bruce blanche here, where he's a railway line has gone beyond the spectre that this journal fear reminded newman, stops the piano and can't play what's going on the fact that it was in the woods- and we were right- you got a red line because he's short because it creates a spectator. He fears. The most is the ghost of christmas creature. I'm not getting, fills wigs instead of point to a grave. Just the ghost of christmas future is just pointing to
a gay rave bar and right next to it as the grave of everyone who attended. I don't look. Here's saying this is also this is designed. you tear at the fabric if they can't do it to the constant This is very similar to issue with the second moment right, so we can't do accounts Actually she will do some things by executive order and chip chip chip chip chip chip away. If they do away with western civilization by just telling people hey, don't you hate western civilization and free enterprise and freedom, and most people say no so they trying to this is the marxist ideology. Is they try? and tear the very fabric of what has create western civilization, namely by the way the family, which requires gender roles not going to play this game of gender and sex. They were entirely interchangeable until modern gender theory, which was from some start Go back to Simone de beauvoir in french as existentialism they'll, try and say? Well, some tribes had some different genders. Okay, fine that eh not entirely true and be still couldn't get away with this. They wouldn't have thought that this was normal. But let me read you some this from you. Look at the marxist
ass if the destruction of capitalism, white, supremacy, patriarchy imperialism in white european land ownership. So that's the goal it's also by the way it's it's. This whole thing is a scam just to be clear: likewise matter oils, This is a scam. look at him so much money in their early, not doing anything with it. They were and defund. The police found us by the way smash that like button, I should if you're watching this on youtube right now and you can also go unless non audio, because we have people listening and audio on apple and on spotify but alive It doesn't make sense they for listening on audio. I apologise in the vision They are very helpful. Verily deeply disturbing yes to a soul. Rattling, lay terrifying, it's not. for them to just live murmur tolerance. Now it's forced acceptance. Now it forced acknowledge men of a false reality and ultimately
The scam is what are they want it, and by the way reparations for black people- and you know It should read them against that, but what now reparation knowledge. I am so glad I gotta have a clip, operations for treatments, people the thought to what I think another way that you can see the poor people who are doing any work, if you have less access to generational, while they your way and your parents, you know like have like a savings, account dies. You know very much so connected to slavery and lanthorns flogging own pay. People pay people the rightly given the money, so they can have the financial security in order to rest, and all of you,
and looking nets with their communities and whether they wouldn't have to because they ve been working, because I ve been doing this work. We ve always been doing less working forgotten one having grannies upper like pay, the money you know reparations. I pay that money to us now, because we need that we don't have mostly for black indigenous votes. We don't have leg. You know a safety net in order to take that time too. he'll, and it can be a privilege for some. So if you have those resources share them, so let me just list there some of the things By the way was at austin powers, chest ere. I wasn't sure what am I looking? I thought it was a shadow, but it also like chester. I wouldn't want to speak out of turn. I don't know, but at this point this is the problem. your guess is as good as its whatever. Whatever you're doing, we don't care to hear about those lights out through that for second, its reparative.
You have money in your savings account. You should give money and, of course, what they really mean is the government should force you to take money from your savings account so boom right there we're talking about policy, we're talking about changing the way that civilization exists and then it's you should give honey to trans individuals. Ok, because we ve been forced to work. So what we want to do is pay reparations member used to be pay reparations to try and balance the plane. Now they are demanding to pay reparations to people who are a race by the way to transgender individuals, so that they can be unproductive. While to pay for hey by the way? If everyone does that, how are you going to pay for anything if everyone just and again this is, I will say this is a bastard alsatian of as a christian. What we believe to be important. christians, believin rest, people trying to the union's gave you we can now. You know what was god like your rest, on the seventh day. Why? Because I really tackle it, ought to be making people in the eu first, you know what you ve done yourself a day of rest,
people want you rest always, and they want you to pay for it and there in alternating an entire generation. With this. That's how you do it western civilization you an entire generation of people who grow up? thinking well, you know what you should have to pay for someone else to do nothing because of very very long time ago, colonialist landed and em. They committed genocide against chicks with dicks. I didn't know that I have a phd in the studies that where we are headed and they're, not even hiding the ball anymore. The motivations are completely, dare I say, transparent her almost history. experience by the way, as the transparent, transparent
future future vegetables. Prosperity brush your teeth, a good general prominent shown hulu isps- and I guess this brings us to by the way they push harder and harder, and he did do. I meant to talk about this earlier, but I'm sure you've seen this and many of you have seen this film Matt walsh over daily wires, clear document. What is a woman, and is this the clip with this one? Yes, professor. certainly not just. This just goes to show you planned progress here, and I want to tell you something I'm smart enough. Okay,
When I came into this agreement, as I was just an actor and a clean up until about twenty one years old, and then I was sort of thrust into the political arena, because I happen to more right, leaning in that can be banned from these clubs and colleges early on in a forced me to examine. Ok, I'm willing to continue down this path and actually be authentic too, who I am right, live my true self The issue that we run into you know what luck is because it not legislative role, the cliff here's, the thing I thought before. For example, I went to fox news, but I thought before I would go and interview professors That these people ivy league universities, that the lawyers that the senators that this that the judges threatened I, of course, that they somehow had information that we didn't you to assume sort of like when you were a kid, and you assume that the parents have all the ants and then, once your parent, you realize you're just a kid with no answers in your faking. It allow the time that's a lot of these people. That's a lie
of these elites. That's a lot of them in the universities, they'll trying to be opened with their degrees. Not only do they know nothing that much of the time they ought to know than nothing because they ve on learned the truth. You see this with a lot of people who are in the highest offices of politics in the land, not only just Joe Biden, know nothing. He knows less than nothing because he hasn't had to earn an honest dollar and fifty years. Not only does a o c know nothing, she knows less than nothing compared to a business owner because she doesn't know what goes into actually creating a business, and it was a real awakening for me where I would sit down with people who are senior fellows at think tanks and, like I say,. I'm smart enough, but I was far more educated, meaning I had taken time out of my day to learn about these issues that these think tank, fellows and sometimes professors were teaching. And it was startling how little they know and I think that's important set the concept here. For this clip Matt walsh, daily wire, the film
is: what does a woman with this professor? and look at the condescending tone and then complete lack of logic. We're talking about gender and saxon? There's a lot of controversies there. If we're talking about trans woman has all of the male physical characteristics of. Would that not be amiss Couldn't we plainly say. this person is a male? Well, I guess it's is. Well. Why are you asking the question? I think I I want. I want to understand sort of why that's so important. So if someone tells us to sort of understand reality, you know I'm just trying to start by getting to the truth. Yeah, I'm lillian come through without languages like a good getting to the truth again marginal solar sunderland loss voice, because that sounds actually routes and you keep programme. We're gonna stop the interview. I, if I problem out what the truth is you can
invoking a word truth condescending and rude. if I were university, this is a place of understanding, truth, isn't it or Will they we're? We were assured your truth and I was ass, a scientist and that's what I was just so the truth is transfer with it I would say, if you're, if you're saying the truth, is that I get to say you're, not a man show me your genitalia, that's transphobic! Don't want to see what was going to tell you. I I just mean someone make a statement about themselves? That could be untrue, like, for example, if I If I were to say that I'm a black man, could you you accept? That would use be skeptical. Are you? Are you every american only by racial. I'm a social scientists await you, mispronounced useless. Oh,
You just get an a on everything now rea print. I think so, by the way, this a movie that never needed to be made. What is a woman yeah in what world did we think that that was a question that ever it needed to be and why I feel like we've done this documentary over the course of you know, seven years with different segments, and it's just he just put it all together and interviewed these professors. What is a woman dot com right where you can go in and watch it. But you here's how you know that it's cool fleetly false, and it's completely ridiculous and is the left movement he's defensive. Immediately it has ever conversation, doesn't have a talking point even right, It goes immediately to that makes me very uncomfortable. You would even ask me such a thing right, like he's one of the knights who say truth right, it's like no, I'm just asking you. If I had a female genitalia, would I be a woman? I dunno how to answer. What am I a professor?
by gender study. It s your minds whether what am I a social scientists have some guy, I'm not a doktor and by the way, if the doktor ensures that will see the doctor. Yes, we know fell by the way but it comments on that. We will bear them. Yes, are you? Are you, but, and then he desired by biracial? It's like show you buying the black man thing than right, you're, looking right at mainly went right by racial. Can I dont believe I'd be a fully black receives answered. The boy. Did I have rights question? Yes, we should pause those like okra, but oh shit, whereas oh no logic taking yes, kryptonite can use It's what you see, the wearing a lotta logic, lacketh, all those logic in his hearing seriously. That's just stupid thing about time, and how does everyone have kryptonite? It is true that a lot of space be rare, yet other rare on earth but he's wearing my waking. Kryptonite undergarments, bs The question I've I've never been in the situation before the teacher. He asked me what the
roads is now they wouldn't. You have a better answer prepared like you'd know what the energy is going to be about. Maybe like look, I dont want to sound like an idiot be ask this item out all the time you think so yeah, but those people get banned from classroom, swept away, there's no silencing the innocent. they too and by the left to just move on from that. We want to the war political cause. We're running late today will go to the golden state of crime. But this is a thing. People talk about, cancel culture, they get it wrong. I dont, like the term, cancel culture. Issue that we're dealing with two and its import to note the one point in time right when we would do or you'd appear doing terrestrial radio like romano club gig sell for the of many of you watching. Terrestrial radio is a few at pit. The power button in your car, which you ve never done it you know, there's still something playing in its regular by something called the fcc at that point, you kind of had a list at least of words that you could, or you couldn't say, and that's if a few supreme court case in George carlin The issue now isn't even the audience being outrage. Systemic,
so cultures, they will open to other consequences for actions, but the problem is, people in positions of power wielding it disproportionately in order to try and affect public perception, despite the fact that it flies in the face of it it's not people looking to bayonet washes film. It's not the average citizen. It's not such an outcry that us discussing effect they are targeting your children need to be removed its peak. in positions of power in big tech, educational establishments and in politics deciding that they will exert that to remove opinions. They don't like. We need to be a clear about that. These aren't consequences of the free market at work. These are consequences of, Corruption and abuses of executive power, whether to professor or president of the united states withholding funding to schools regarding lunches if they don't allow chicks with dicks in the boys' room or vice versa,
yet just showing that people are ponds, and this is a giant game. Polities politicians don't care about you right. This is all game. That's all this leads down to and dont send your kids a college yet lay down others nomes, suddenly, And caused a special way, I'd love to know what college does I'm not. I haven't seen one that isn't like this in a very long time now I think in their their online colleges weakened. Some of the damage, and I think we should be looking at trades. I think that a university degree as less relevant than ever. You really think that you're perfect who has access to information that you don't on your phone now? Why do you have to buy his textbook? maria. When you go to college the vital I have to buy this, that the test is going to be based on what you read in my four hundred fifty dollar book. We have
I get it only in the book store here. He ever an insane amount of money. So every good luck with your honor and fifty pages is twenty five dollars. Copyright and yours is four hundred and fifty dollars. Don't worry, you can sell it back at the end of the year for six bucks. Yes, let me it's a reality. For four hundred and fifty dollars. I will autograph it for you. It loses ninety percent of it's value once it rolls out of the library, as you will need a wheelbarrow because we printed in very large font, so it looks larger than it is lots of pictures. Yet, but good news, I'm a terrible writer. Yes, sir you'll be falling asleep before you know it and even better news, I'm a worse teacher yeah. Good luck. I was like why couldn't the guy just say? Well, I feel that some people are born male and female. That's just what the standard practices and you know the world some identifies something else, that's eyes only. I thought I that's a decision if you said edify, well don't they say it themselves,
No, they say that it's not a decision, because that flies in the face of the language that well they to assign around your sex at birth, as opposed to simply recognise sex at birth road. None of it makes sense. Look this whole this whole. the idea of the modern transgender movement and by the way something they dont tell you that we want in college the John money twin sex study. This is about you here. Twins and raise one is a boy. One is a girl right to show that and over the social contract. They don't tell you that Guy sexually abused, kids put them in sexually dominant positions and the kids both one up killing himself and I think, give them out of a drug overdose, I know that I know that both are dead. They don't you how it ended up and by the way tell you that it's representative of how a lot of people- and I say this with a heavy heart who you are. watching in these online conferences, statistically, will end up that's that article reality, and it's not because war
I won't let you take a dump in the bathroom that you want. Americans slaves, Jews in the holocaust, din of the same kind of suicide rate. We are not being compassionate by lying to people and enabling something that flies in the face of biology and by the way we know, beyond any shadow of a doubt that the way you treat these people flying in the face of signs of biology, egmont, being redundancy scientific biology, giving hormones that would put them to natural levels in the mail body, for example, of estrogen or in the case of women testosterone. We know it's bad We know there increase cancer risks, sure they do the workplace will have long term studies all right. Let me out did this. By the way below women who are watching, and I have a good friend of mine who just want for double mastectomy this week, God lover, the surgeries going surgery went well, You think they take some of your fat and I put it up there
she was very nervous. That's what he's looking at it this way you can you get a pair free, tits, I'm liposuction, hans better It was all framing it's true. This. so upset about openness and before I was talking about the dilemma set me up. Yet what do you do with breast cancer one of the first things they do with women comment. If you had breast cancer, what we give you radiation with as a remedy exe They give you a roma tastes, inhibitors that you do estrogen blockers because- No, it s room. Does they know it's regulation, a cancer including whether in women. Let alone in men and then got to use in the black market for body builders, newbury bonds, because it would take these drugs a razor testosterone levels to have normal levels which increase or estrogen. So they say Let's use these estrogen blockers. What often used for like prescott. Sir patients? Let's use that
to raise our testosterone to super physiological doses without having this. the feedback loop of astrid it's what they will give to you, if you're a woman right there very concerned about estrogen, as it relates to cancer, and we know but it's not good. For men I mean for contextual, men have about twenty times the levels of testosterone, that a woman does No, the ratio. Bastard- and I was it's. Somewhere in a multiple similar of women having higher estrogen than men and even with women. You have to be very careful in controlling when giving a boy, puberty, blockers and estrogen pills. We say we want have long term studies. Ok, I get it because No one has decided that they want to step on that landmine there's another results: who's gonna pay for those. What who's going to pay for those long term studies who is going to pay long term studies where they know the answer is going to combat cancer. Now they don't want to They want to be able to say in perpetuity, wouldn't have long term studies. That's why but trust the science. I want to be compassionate, look
This is a bad bad place is a bad place where we are- and I will tell you a large part of this. It stems from feminism and stuff from the feminist nation of young boys, and that was where we started blurring gender lines and run into a scenario where men have been browbeaten, toxic masculinity, and so what happens? As you know, what we can just all be would have noticed that the trans female tomales aren't that masculine and the males to females aren't masculine noticed the one thing, dont see in any of these is masculinity. It's the one thing. That's happened, and I don't just mean the father who didn't go on a field. trip with his door? transgender daughter into the woods to the sounds of screams of their ancestors. I don't just mean that a father was absent in that scenario adds yet there? No men here.
Is there some importance that men bring to the table and are not just talking about the fact that the most important statistical contributor to kids graduating high school kids ending up you're having success for relationships, successful a financial lives of their own grech, not ending up in prison adjustment of debt in the houses are really set their vat? You, too, in any of these discussions having a man, communities, there is not one. There wonders: men who want to be women and there's women. Who claim to be a man by singing moustache and I beg deck yeah. That's that's! I was taught by my father. to become a man ready, said, son come sit on money. Let me tell you what it is to be a man. It's a bell your chin, strap beard and a peg dec a nose ring in a rainbow cowboy? Yes, yes, the atlas scriptures say this video evidence of insanity that will be used against you in a court of law. This all stems from I'm sorry, you say patriarch What you really want to do is get rid of men period and I'm not saying that men are met.
Important and women, and not sing that men are more. Able than women are not saying that there better than women, I'm saying that men are needed also have that who found common ground their cause. That's one thing I'm not saying you and it's a through lot and us remarkably consistent. Alright speaking of of men: I don't know if you know this is a huge contributor to cry level: salary swimming but yeah. I just wanna say I do how much I agree with you on that and they're all reaching for a dad. You notice them yep. every one of them is the same as go to your parents, bank accounts and me money you're, all asking for a father in every video right want in other words alone, not having your parents they're, not having someone who cared about you. Every one of them is asking for a ban and you didn't have it and you know what this is the new We talk about toxic masculinity, but by that I mean the left. This idea that year, you know protect protect your provider,
that is a fact that is primarily the role of a man. Well, guess what you need right now: you're talking about violent crime, being committed against transgender individual than by the that's because and disproportionate, none of them work and sex work, and there is a huge amount of violent crime that takes place there. It's not happening in the population at large, but you want a protector and then you won't reparations you a provider sooner or later you run out of protectors and providers like people dont know this. This is one thing to men. Politically the men that you want. in times of need in the times of conflict, they're, not easy to live with when you're. Not in that period. Do you know how long it was before wins? Churchill was ousted after defeated, nazis somewhat concerned check me, I'm pretty sure it was within two years- is relatively quickly Do you know why you've told me, and I don't remember that it didn't support socialized elsewhere. I was now a big part of his justification. They don't tell you is because he was saying look we're going to pace
if we create this kind of, we create this kind I have a a social safety net system where we're going to be a nation unable to protect ourself from the next great that threat the government is It is our duty to provide people with free things, their job, to protect the people in that's just churchill, but guess what happened when the nazis worth their door. They said we don't want this chamberlain prick all right. Sure sure resort to deal with, but we need a brain that man who you reach for when you need them is usually someone who gets pushed aside when you say why are we don't need em now, just pay alimony, just be a cheque book just come in and fight off the other evil men. And then once were to talk like it's like Sweden, Sweden, with nato, I believe, and we don't believe in our where russia is, can we join nato now? Well, it seems to me it seems that you have a great deal of back payments. Do that eight hundred mile eastern border, that we have a russia crap.
The largest border with russia in europe, enjoy your shooting fish there. By the way, you know it do as well, and one of the reasons that we're dealing with so many problems is they impart identity in you boys and girls, their kids. They import that identity in a way that moms don't like they ve studied this. This is some. That a dad can uniquely do and when they're not in the home. Is it any wonder that kids grow up, not knowing who they are and running to the most safe kind? comfortable ideology that they can find like the woods with screams. Well, in that case, I mean that makes what kind of a neighbourhood do live and where that's the best you have, he gravity, look or to safety. Hymns and read Like the rapporteur, I am seventy rush. You feel like you belong, or that gives you an identity and in this group You can see it they're asking for approval from everybody in that video every single time it's. This is who I really am. You love me right and if that group as a whole said. I love you, but this is bad for you how many people
making changes, but instead we ve been told you have to say: oh, that's, beautiful and brave, that's fantastic that's exactly who you are. That's your true and here's the thing just so you know, and people get mad at me for this everyone who we just washed. Look if I, if you were to watch this for now, I do love you, I don't want bad things for you, but when you say targeting children! Now my love for children is more important than my love for you that I can love you both but understand that children need to be protected, and you also notice that these people they love to invoke eastern for Sophia in union yang now? What is that? Ok, look. What is going and yang mean how would that late to sexuality. How would it relate to gender? You need both. It's not Yang blur. There's a year There's a yank fit together almost like marijuana thoughts, many women, easy dc, ok and me where's, you refer to it. Rape will also
you you're, probably targeted as a child. Swayer, like that yeah you any grew up Obviously these people young the younger than we are so you open a system where all you knew was how to be liked by a click of a button right entire identity is based on what the internet did through, which people we're just liking your shit, so pardon my language too, for them, but for you to be like too, that said, it's it didn't come down to any sort of realism it just im down as a trade system right, and it also as hood, and it created a system of appealing to creeps, exact, appealing to creeps who wouldn't be allowed to troll the grade school are now able to click like and send you a private message, and you act as though that legitimate relationship and this. where we are now, I was an I- and I only have these memberships, because I have to review films, for you guys have to be aware of. What's going on so hold the anger, I get it with the disney subscription, it's a celebrate, pride months,
Why? In the hell, do children need to celebrate pride month why it's even worse than this disney had a cartoon with two male dinosaurs that had a rock egg and they were saying like all they want to be to loving dad's? They knew exactly what was going on. I go. Let's go and get some some of the animals from the whatever we that's an extra eggs whatever over here and they brought home to the two dad didn't dinosaurs, Mona, wonder there extinct or chief entailed it's not sound like a straight couple. No, it is now I dont known at wrestling uniting news. I still laugh at chippendale, Leah, germany, crickets christmas special. When you get it. Thus re donald duck here, everyone, Still it still gets me laughing will look. You worry, I know we're over time. We can we can. We can push that stuff. I think it's it's helpful. If you're cool with that we're at about an hour now, I think we should end ok, what does it say? Look, and this is something please by the way, sharing is caring, so we hit the share button if you're watching this on youtube right now we are going to play what the flag we had to.
silence completely prepared for today on the golden state of crime and the recall it's happening in San Francisco. We can talk about that tomorrow. I do think what it unfortunately get people who want to show you how much more they know than you and you get us from conservatives as wellness. Well, maybe they went down the whole weird gender stuff, but I want to deal with policy. These were some of the first policies enacted by this president, looking at what he did with a military one The priority for trenchant, we open the military and now one punish schools. For not allowing inter gender bathrooms sino entered under bathrooms voice to be in girls rooms. Let's be really clear about that by the way after sex. The reason For this reason, a spur to keep in mind was what it and I always written in school district, their rebellion loud county, it's almost resulted in the bathroom right, so pants were outraged, but then there was
response from the left, saying: hey: we can allow this outrage to paint us in a negative light. We need to make sure that people know it's a right to go into any bathroom, that you want and what was run up the flagpole to the former. Vice president, oh great I'll, you. my exec I'll use my executive authority to withhold funding from schools if they don't allow the scenario that could potentially lead to more situations like la county and have to be really careful because we also had an episode removed when we discuss rape having taken place potentially potentially at some point by setting an actual specific example, raw and female prison. What don't worry? The justice department was despatched to look into the background to these angry parents at the school board. Meetings. Yes, yet make sure that everything was ok with this domestic terror threat that they were dealing with and they contracted the they co contracted the black trans justice sleek well, which wanted to rest and didn't do anything yeah, so not imagining the organization
and formerly known as friction their plotted, kidnapper michigan governor, yes, and treat people yes running to the trees, running to the screams of the tree s eyes still remain. I can't imagine being a child. Is hit hit me like streams from the ground, and so I ran into the woods, and I and mother: do you? Do you hear it and she said no- and I said, we'll find it and she's like yeah, go find the screw head. Perhaps it's my father good luck, yeah! Alright, we're going to play what the flag in this same theme on mug club there's no way. We could. I think this still be on youtube, show it's possible If we do just so, you know if we do, if you don't see us here again, one more time, because we are also dealing with a bow shit privacy violations for someone who sat down consented to change my mind, no idea that's going to be hard shrank from youtube. We re out to them illegally. To say: can you clarify this and that some time today. I don't have them going to come down to go to rumble
watch us their monday through thursday at ten, a m eastern and of course July. We're not going to be here are going to be July, were there will be a break for a significant period of time so that we can actually build up? New studio dwells work here and I think I'm in spokane washington are doing like six shows at some point. In July I dunno the spokeo coming over those yet ass illustrates a grey room. Ok, you guys go check out. It's not. The website will announce our fall tour and cultural appropriation month coming up this thursday himself a show tomorrow. Yes, you do, but you know it south africa together, costumes ready for you too, I'm trying to think. If you know what I mean from today, take your pick right now, piss off
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