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How Vivek Plans to Save the World - Ukraine, Israel, Deep State & Donald Trump

2023-10-16 | 🔗
Steven Crowder & Gerald A sit down with GOP Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy for this special episode of "Ash Wednesday." The trio discuss Donald Trump, defunding the FBI, Why Vivek is actually running, Ukraine/Russia, Israel/Palestine, BlackRock & so much more. Join MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub Watch the FREE show on MugClub NOW: GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources/Go to https://Built.com and use promo code “Crowder15” to get 15% off your next order.Get 2lbs of Free AMERICAN Wagyu Burgers & Free Shipping http://www.goodranchers.com/crowder - Good Ranchers: American Meat DeliveredVisit http://www.prepwithcrowder.com for $50 off a 4-week food supply!GO WASH YOUR NOSE - it’s that simple. Go to http://www.Xlear.com for more info Available over-the-counter, on Amazon, and most pharmacies.Unlock your confidence with MANSCAPED! Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code CROWDER at http://www.Manscaped.comTry the Walther! Visit https://waltherarms.com to shop online or use the dealer locator to find a Walther dealer near you! NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/FOLLOW ME: Website: https://louderwithcrowder.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/scrowderInstagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowderFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowderofficialMusic by @Pogo
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The The. I welcome ash wednesday, but there are there no ashes today known smoking cigars, because either asked here, is not a big cigar guy. We want felt him for you can support him, follow him. You ve seen as covering on these debates of courses and this I guess dunks as people caught up with the media, the back twenty twenty four dot com. You can follow not on twitter, but on
acts. We have the link up there below. Mr back, thanks for being here, sir it's gonna be here, and I'm glad to have your I'm not saying your last time, because I feel like I'll screw it up. You could say it to ramaswamy. I don't want to yeah I trust you. You have to grow dhahran islamic yeah believe in years, without a right. That's did I ok, but its vague. I sat a bad thing it's like cake all right, but I've. I've lived this for my whole life best you're good with it, I'm good at best efforts right yeah. Do you ever use it to screw with people to act like you're offended if they get it wrong, like I can't even that's a good one, I'll add to my arsenal. Are you absolutely sure it will be very it'll, be very disarming to the left yeah? I think. Actually, I can't believe that you pronounce like, oh, my god, I'm just kidding, which actually only way to break the ice, for you may not before my with us, we ve been following you for, while we actually segment called, Flying v and we have a stinger, which this is the very first time that flying
he is going to see a pub to see. Let's let him see we spent not wiesbaden expert that's right. There is a gap in, but it's good because every time you do something because she's in that area, we largely we play where they are like yeah and then ever and then everyone just went off and it became a knuckle puck time people. I am sure that people are sending the means we can take your chats but are pretty pumped. Let me ask you first because there's I think now, it's is it eighteen hundred people running for the republican When I get going yes, why do you and everywhere else assets and we'll get specific area you had a moment. One was at Molly said: I'd run for president last december, really yeah Ok, I had guide come off of my second book that I had written. I go to these four side started a series of businesses with a nation. Victims innovation, riches of second book yeah and chosen the bookstore predation victims, and it is
of a university is a compliment, but then you take it seriously where you're giving beaches to audiences about your book of running at noon. this that I had launched a got off the ground, called strive, and yet people are coming he afterwards incinerate. You should really run for president, ok first time that happens. You know whatever you're thanks mom, but if there's exec k tankers and then and then then on from there. Actually, the funny thing is my parents are the biggest opponents, of my doing this surprising to still doesn't, even if they are not I'm doctor, they still are just to go through psychological therapy for the fascists, the one son that didn't go to med school. That's me he's doing this craziness and the others did go to bed scalding into practice erratic, it's too late. It is well, you know they think they can hold out. Hope by is always the grandkids. Now let me turn to the granting of a president took it up to you. I didn't think it's very clear. They would truly, they made a good beginning that if they had a veto on it. They would exercise the veto buddy
blame them just in the sense of like no one wants to my child, my kids, to go through it either, but you look at it differently for uk, versus for yourself right so he's going to me, but I think I ah the red wave that never came. That was probably the catalyst, as I myself. What's the gap and the republican party there's a bunch of people who have become practice. Criticising the radical by an agenda, and I've done my fair share that but The main reason why the republican party then do so well ass time around is that they can have an agenda of their own right and have an act. Affirmative vision, but could critique from under all of the things that the radical Biden left had done right, which which, frankly became boarding and on useful, and so my wife and I we our second son into the world. Last year I had just launched a new business. It was a whirlwind of a year, but we took a big step back and just somebody ask yourself the question of why right the wife and bother doing things were doing right now. We are writing his books, starting strive,
compete against blackrock, all the stuff. Why it in detail the treaty just a back. We're only gonna be here for a short time. It felt impelled, I saw a gap in the republican party. There's an absent of national identity in this country, and we ve lived. The american dream can ask for more from, country than the countries already given us. How am I gonna make maximum impact in his room nicholas, as that might ordinarily son on my impact by running for president. That's actually conclusion that I, two because I do think it skin take somebody coming from a dick generation to lead the next generation and revive a national identity that I think young people, but frankly, all people in this country are badly missing it. My way asked me a shipping this in person in a relationship asked me a reason? question, which is ok, even if you want to do this. If we want to do this, Are you sure you don't want to wait? Twenty?
years from now, when our kids are out of the house, when you have more experience- and that was fair- you into that, had me pause pretty seriously in india. part of the year, but I think that conclude we came to is that I don't think we have, twenty years left as a country really really don't ya. Not not the same country that you and I grew up in are careful. People will say, that's pessimistic, they'll say up, you have no chance unless you do the reagan's shining city on a hill. So it's not morning in america, that's the point, an idiot it can be morning in america again. I do believe that I'm inherently an optimist. Actually him natively optimist to a fault. But I also believe and not filters. Your optimism through a fake prism, anthea as some people was on the republican debate stage of the american dream, is alive and well notes. It's actually not right rental. It may be on life support that might closer to where it is it's not morning. In america, but it can be, but I think it
take somebody who was both motivated by something other than just. pummeling the other side into the ground versus actually asking what are we running to, but not doing this fake, optimistic pollyanna way that pretends like we're not in the mood This war that were actually and as a control- and it also requires someone with some scheme- the game, something to lose. You know gayer politicians, let's be honest, these people they never want to leave off, assuming, of course, that last time Joe Biden, so private office live, I think but I think I don't even know if we were on the new cabinet renault. If we were a d at that point, the only time they want to leave office is that they can explain their government connections to actually make more money than they would have me exactly two, but which are both parties but which goes back like say, brought here for a long time. He certainly not here for a very long time, he's fix what five they don't live. Very long, doesn't matter what my life ass a nurse and she tells you to follow you man, I say six to disguise bigger six force against these six five year, while the guy out there, but they dont, livery healthy. I don't care how much cycling you do with your like her pants it. So I think that some important, because
You do just within a five problem in order to actually have genuine optimism. I think some doubts. We will get it wrong when they say the american dream is dead and we'll talk about like that, no price of a house source jack idle talk about your pension that there Their parents had the tumor generation ago a woman's lest any working. Foundry regner still like Wages are available, yet it yet more options to live in houses further out of the city. We have different priorities, but as far as the idea that the world is your oyster and that you know you can go out and you can do better for yourself. I do see that generationally that, while perceptions reality for lot of young p, it is here and we called the american dream. You know me Something is the way you describe. America affects the way America actually works. That's the unique fact of a country built on ideals. Other countries are built on just say a religion, or am I arc America's not built on this example? built on a national set of ideals, and so, if you have a group of people that decide
those ideals. No longer exist. That has an underlying effect on the way the country actually works, and so I do think scan and take somebody who's able to reach the next generation of young americans to revive that's conviction for in our purpose and others. can dream is just about green piece of paper. I mean you know you ve achieved. Perhaps your company business here I'd hate in my dream, people look at us, but I guess you know he's surviving pretty well man. I got a tour of the place. You're you're you're you're surviving to thriving, but I don't think that that's the whole story. I dont think it's about accumulating green pieces of paper. I think it is about reviving conviction and in our purpose as citizens of this nation yeah it right now just feels like we're going through this aim. the passage of time and theirs,
more to life than the aimless passage of time. But what happened I think awesome somewhere along the way, is the things that used to fill our sense of purpose yeah. You can fill in the blank for different people, it's different faith for many people patriotism, belief in country from any people, hard work the idea that I work hard and creates thing in the world that I'm proud of that. I drive meaning from that It's my family when each of those things and they have have disk here in their importance in our american life. That leaves this deep vacuum of purpose, meaning in the heart of a generation and that's where we all right and you can fill the vacuum with avoid. So yes, if, for example, a lot of the middle east were taking a hot second, even if these people even try and stabilize it right- and this is something that's never really worked People who are under would be considered radical regimes, but at least there was in ingrained ideologies, replacing fascist. They rang out freedom, but you can't feel that void with nothing. Edit, I was jealous animals. You
and to the left is good at this? They have their you're standing of this is far deeper than echo. Many conservatives there was it fill that void with something you're not jihadism somewhere else race, gender sexuality, climate, which is sort of ideological jihadism an intellectual jihadism in this country, but at least there doing that- and I think trap that we have often fallen into myself included in this view, some of the books are written at times. I've been doing. This is criticise or that's wrong and hypocritical with that vision without talking about an alternative vision say: grounded in the individual family nation, god yeah, I personally, beats race, gender, sexuality and climate. If we have the courage to actually stand for it, but I think that Was the muscle member of modern conservative movement, was to define ourselves in opposition to their vision without offering an actual sub
and division of our own will read dilute their poison to irrelevance other than just hammering it out of existence. I want to get to some specifics like on the three letter agencies in section two thirty, but as you bring that up, because on a personal level, I've talked about this as the only way you develop self esteem is by getting really really good at something. Getting excited gets correct and at something it starts with passion. It doesn't matter what it is. You just have to get really good at something. It's the only way that you see. Oh wow, reps work about time. Work suggests a certain amount of doing it and it goes back to ok. What is amerika great at do. Right now. You know other generations kind of had that, whether within a world war, two that at an incredible sense of purpose, you know whether it was manufacturing spring technology, whenever a war. What a reckless whatever was and that voice been filled with your self esteem is found actually in your identity because its its criticism- proof, yes, which I think is why it probably draws people like you who are trying to look for that intellectual consistency and send it with me, I'm going like no, no, no, no hasek and the emperor has no clothes, but you can't also fix
self esteem issue that has now been replaced with identity, yeah, letting people know how you actually gain self respect and purpose in sauna. totally agree with you on an optimistic day, what I will say, The selfish loss of a self esteem is right over the target What's going on in our country right now, the elegy, I would love to draw, and I think it's true. I hope this is true. Is that maybe as a nation were not actually in decline. Maybe just going through our version of adolescence, yeah and when you go through your adolescence, you lose your self confidence. Your way, a little bet. You do some things. You regret out of that self confidence loss Well, maybe our nation is going through our version of adolescence, but, like all thus do hopefully or many of us, do we get to our adulthood on the other side and then for me, I the current picture of what I see in the country. This would be my version of the optimistic lens that I bring the table not just some sort of slogan,
in recital reagan. His men sates morning in america, but maybe maybe it's. possible that we're just in the thick of that adolescence, but we will get to order put on the other side, and we don't have to be that nation in decline. Maybe we're still early in our assent to. Let me ask him. four, because we cover these debates right. We did the two debates, whether these lie and and it seems that there is a stark contrast from the first where you did come out aggressive, yet efforts it If everyone on the stage, you know they're, they're, good people, it seemed much more amicable. I would say that for most people on the stage as a peep, even Chris Christie well he's got us he's got this thing, he's got his gotta. Stick is thing is not being one of the good people of this was for me from my realizing. I have a problem with is republican or democrat people who make money off their public service and will further advance policies to line their own pockets and yet a widow week of some into more important
to discuss than to assail individualism that states that exists in the republican party, including in this race, but I think most of them are good people tainted by a broken system. Right, ok, some running against any of those individuals, I'm running against a broken system, and I have come to this conclusion with firm conviction in a way that it gives me a few years ago. I wouldn't It was a problem in the same way, the super pacts are a cancer on politics. I may politics in the republican party democrat party like, and I should this conclusion earlier, because my crusade against let's talk about the e g movement, that yeah yeah I'll, sell to yeah. So We want to fight so my last business before I ran for president was this company called strive which offers index funds busy low, freeway invest in the stock market or index funds index funds that are similar to those offer blackrock and states statesmen, vanguard, but without pushing these environmental and social agendas onto the underlying.
Companies when they vote their shares. Now why Do I care about this? What do I care about this is. I think that the waste work in the united states of america? They're supposed to work is that we, the people, settle, differences on questions from climate change to racial injustice to whatever, through institutional republic, where every citizen's voice and vote counts equally in the east Gee movement rejects that because it says that larry think the sea of black rockets to decide that from the park, having a corner office in manhattan, bright and elizabeth, worn, socialist and chief- gets to say other too big to fail. and the socialists, but but but what am I gonna check variant rice right? I did a merger of state and core preparatory and that whole game and into the left when wrote woking, which is my first book, and even when I started strive, some people thought full critics. left would come up. Demean say: ok, well, Where are you on citizens, united and my response at the time? Right was
time, and I have evolved a little bit on this from having seen that really. Could we get up here because a lot of you don't realize us was the left and I used to combat them of their citizens. United businesses are not peoples when you're hossack and not the rule, citizens. United was basically the Hillary Clinton the current machine wanted to stopping negative documentary against eloquent. That's right now, so Initially, I'm going to second these filmmakers, even though their aid does not have the right to free speech. That's right. it's probably he started off with reference point. Men sought media, And I and I'm I'm a free speech advocate until we can put the legal holding in the first amendment holding of citizens united and just respect that we have the first amendment in this country and we have to have a world in which people can criticize politician are those who rise to power but might respond ass to the left. This it they would say you're inconsistent, cause you're, not calling out the actual influence of super pacts on electoral politics
where everybody citizen's voice and vote doesn't count equally. But you only focusing on this is cheating because its politically popular for you because you're the right, I don't think so. As a traditional partisan anyway. But, as you know, that felt to me, like the bigger problem, was the use of capital. irish funds, trillions tens of trillions of dollars of our own money, probably the money, people watching this programme that don't know it that are being viewed being used to vote for toxic leftwing. season corporate america's boardrooms. That's the real cancer and it is a cancer. However, I think that now that I have a close Similarly to politics, which I didn't have that I came from the world, where I realized what a big problem that was there, I have moved well, but to now believe that you know what the super back influence on. our electoral politics. Absolutely is a big problem that was a left wing concern. Thirteen years ago, so be it, but it ought to be in america. First conservative concern today and My view is that it's gonna take somebody who
independent of that to break that system right. What things I've learned is every politician and I've met lot apart in such just presidential candidates. At every level, every politician is, growth is grown, dancing to the tune of their biggest donor meeting, a circus monkey So so that's just like, as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west kind of thing. It's like a law of physics my case in an array, a few other cases that big donor. Is me right and so that boy, with a special sense of responsibility, and so I'm thinking about this race evolves. Part of me has a deep sigh did irritation with respect to the other politicians in this report, the primary the democrat races Joe Biden, everything else but The part of me now that realises these people are just vessels right there, just vehicles for advancing the interests of what the guy or gal, who wrote their biggest check, wanted them to say I can't even hold it.
They didn't have many cases independent thought like him, but their offering their but they're not even of an Think of them, as literally is just vessels vehicles. It's this that I'm running against at the same time? Sometimes it's too a relationship. Some of them will also make personal money off of it right and it becomes a two way: incestuous relations, they gotta lotta arrogance. I think it's a fair point to say that their vessels- and I I was I have to be very honest during the first debate I was chairing you on because, like you making great point, these guys are trying to talk over you you're doing a grey. Job. In their second debate, I was yelling at the camera because, unlike you're trying to make friends with these people as what it seemed like, and I want you to feel like down a little here, but I have my right of our trying to pull out the partners. Just gotta, be yourself very elegant, cyclists, look, look, it was there was a children are committing a great getting louder than does the sense of being in the reagan library is framed. Is we'll have a policy debate? There's six people talking
at the same time in what was effectively an unmoderated, the knives were out, though, and the id row and the bad jokes donald duck it was it was. It wasn't great, it was a terrible joke. So so I think that the truth is. finding clare in terms of what I'm actually running against money against the puppet masters who are putting up these puppets on that stage at this. time. There is no point in trying to melt over some sort of You know we don't really disagree on that much policy. We disagree on a few policies, but these are people who are effectively being wielded and manipulated by a superpower, puppetry system that I think I need more or less take my gloves off and go after directly, because idea of trying to play nice riding go out and make a lot of ethics that yes, so one Ways to fix it is make it just doing the cod. this race as it I want us to win this, but I would give up and publicly call and technically you know dessert
parallel system, but I would publicly call on any superpower supporting me and say: give that money back to those mega donors, and I won't show up at your events or anything else as law. As every other of get at it in the race do the same thing or at least the ones you matter in iran- the gaily at least. Maybe TIM Scott, who is all of whom are basically funded by super packs. It's a joke that your campaign is actually being run by your campaign. It's not. This is a superpower primary where the people can write. Unlimited checks are wielding these people as pocket. Well, that won't happen. So, as you ever do you have a plan b. Look so so I think from a policy perspective. Not now I've got a win to be able to do this. My view is There is already a regime that says there are limits on how much you can directly contribute to a campaign. So, I view, is gm free speech, try to absolutely you do, but if it's to promote a particular candidate to effectively either run
campaign operations, door, knocking operations to hand out signs for on dishonest or whatever, just everybody subject to the same rules, what most years of this programme are, they told three hundred dollars is the maximum. You can give an individual candidate. What Somebody else be able to give thirty million dollars, but get special political favours out of it. Now we have a free speech, You find policy, whatever powers, your cultural view you want to address great. We already have a regime that, It's the amount you can give to canada. So we accepted that's, not a constraint unfreezing. Only one arrested for it was the national sousa who gave it to a friend running four percent rates that lie at the specific case, but I'm sure we now need to deal with what is always there might even handedly. I think that greater police employees under President obama was I'm sure he was it a politically suffering. At the cost of his views. But that's waving the system should work right three hundred dollar max and in know thirty per primary general sixty six hundred dollars if the current regime- that's a lot of money for of people for sure, but it's not going to be enough to buy off a politician
at the federal level. That's why we have that regime. So you have the supper regime. Should somebody be able to create a film that offers a criticism of Hillary Clinton's policies or somebody elses policies or stands for a particular agenda, whether or not agree with it? absolutely should there be limited. Much money. They can invest in that absolutely not right, but they're going to use it as a campaign contribution, reconstructive rampage contribution in propping up a specific cannon, by name in the exact same format as a political, add, specifically advocate for an individual candidate. The same rules that you do for you just brought about the very interesting problem to winter. Talking about Hillary Clinton document, what no one saying that Michael more can't raise as much money as wants to be a private investment. This is a problem. It also happens and conservative media every made. conservative media outlets- and this is what we started my clever network. They all have a five oh one c three and all have a final one, C4 and ironically, the left is very effective at doing this through friend, prize right. They are totally far left as a but hollywood right at the end of the day, dollars makes sense and the right is
far more reliant on nonprofit donors, for even for even media content? Yeah. It's interesting. I didn't. I was aware of that seats. You guys have a c three arm as well. You're, not oh! You don't do that. We do not know. We do not and there's a big reason that this is a big thing, that we've had a lot of conflict with where there are a lot of unfortunate, consorted out there who have to play ball by youtube's guidelines and by facebooks guidelines because well, I'm sure, there's two idea at sea. No, hopefully you'll kill me last and they never do That's, why we're entirely funded by a by my club, independent years, but you guys know where to set up capitalism at it's, not pbs, where we say that and then take money. But that is one thing that you'll be. You will be up against just say: no, because these same people get into giant packs also give to the fiber once a force of these giant media angels, totally in its a choked system, and so Part of the reason I am able to say some of things, things that am able to say that part in peaceful and six protesters that I am against the war in ukraine continuing and against. Further? U S, funding may go down my he's on the climate agenda lot of people.
the conservative side it I'll make an good money, offer those subsidies or yemen from on high. By demonstration, The reason I'm able to take these views is precisely because it doesn't align donor establishment, but still I'm able to be close to Joe Louis, if he's distracted, yoga, which is incredibly like. Oh, that was never a box or anything so someone's, probably being murdered out there some reason the most mellowed, so he never barks. When was the last time I heard embark, let's go back to black rock you're kind of talking about this this does seem to be the sort of amalgamate right. You have now these giant companies fright that are critical for of taking the american dream? Even if you look to housing, totally open housing, you look into wanted to create an entire generation of of renters right. Oh nothing like it and then, of course, big tech, which determines what Can, I can't say, in order of determines what people can and cannot, learn and the governor determining the winners and losers in those spaces. How do you take
add on. How do you do it now? Unfortunately, it and fall involves government intervention, but not the same degree, Elizabeth Warner's once they too big to fail, so they have control what the way I look at it- is let's actually roll back the government intervention that created a lot of those behemoths in the first place. So you want to go big tech direction or black rock. Let's go. Let's go big tech first, because tech, first, okay, because easy everyone can say black rock opioid epidemic and I mean never goes yeah. We don't like that. But let's talk about protecting, there's a lot to say there sure, but I've been have been the vanguard and mckinsey and company address all. But that's that's been the last several years of my life, so we can go there. We'll go big tech first, so these the the three largest financial institutions- blackrock states, vanguard or you wanna- take facebook, google or mehta google, whatever these are the most powerful companies inhuman three more than the dutch east india company back in the day, which couldn't decide what you do or don't say, express yourself right now. Why are they
so powerful part of the reason why, in both cases, will get to the blackrock case too is gone meant intervention to create special privileges that these cut that these companies. effectively enjoy now this dates back a long time. I know that You all have paid attention to the section. Two thirty debate. That's one example of a crony cap. list privilege conferred on a special class of companies that the rest of the country or the as to the industry's? Don't enjoy right, so my view is, you can have it both ways through you get special governmental protections in in case you are bound by the same constraints applied to the government, namely the. U S, constitution, or you don't get those kids painting, you're free to decide what ever you want to do vacuum, but you can have both ran so what What happens today is these tech companies are effectively making. political decisions of annual experienced this about what kind of content can
and cannot appear on the internet that violate the first but the thing that people used to say four years ago was all in if you said your rube theirs. Women only applies to the government, doesn't apply does to state actors does apply to private companies. Well, not so fast there. If it is still action in disguise right if the government is giving a special blanket of protection to a class of companies to do exactly what they're doing Then, if state action in disguise the constitution still applies, and so one examples of mins you get out of the present and you go to the past a little bit go to history. You can come back to the present and see it more. Clearly. There is this head. Debate about the railroad companies during the war on drugs version, one point out of it at least where they want to do. emergencies individual passengers for whether or not they had drugs on them. The inconvenient part of this for the government is that there's this pesky thing called the fourth amendment that says you can't quite do that yeah. So what
government is they got clever? They said: ok, we're going to pass a statute that says that we're not going to search and seize anything. The government police for about it we're just gonna say the railroad can't be sued if they do that for one their employees or passengers, So what the railroads do they start searching and seizing and what they can do that with the behaviour of the government, though not because we have to have the governor with just the incentive you're saying they went behind the scenes. Probably in said, hey guys, what really nice, if you did this little or the funny thing, is in this particular case the big tat case you get that you get the incentive to, but in this ain't you get the back door. Goading too. In this case literally- was just the incentive- and so this wonderful cream court in the supreme court's at the incentive alone right the loss of immunity alone was enough say the railroad companies couldn't do that. That was state action in disguise right. So now, in the tec case, not only section, two thirty, which does the same thing, which is that if you take down section two thirty seat, in particular people better to see one c to us
but this is, if you'd take down content that is other wise constitutionally permissible that you can do that impunity, even though there are some laws at the states that so you can't engage in political discrimination right about half the states in this country have such a law. This is an internal for a tech company that britain interest internet website, you don't have, that same liability. It overrides any liability might have under that state law. So it's the same thing as with the railroads, but with it companies is one step wars. Not only do they do that so holding a gun to your head and saying that if you don't take down that speech, yeah we're going to break up we're gonna penalize, you were gonna, regulate you and so on. Its even more after row, since both in this case, it's even a stronger case than it was against the railroads they're. All there are only handful of railroad companies. You know back in the day because it's very expensive right. The issue with big tech read a lot of people having been there since two thousand and six, for example, on youtube brothers, the first regional partners, it was hey. This is going to break apart. The stranglehold,
really only five companies on earth. As far as media. You know, whole davies, rising cbs overcome turner agenda, so independent creators flocked to these platforms because it can make living and now those same people are saying: hey greatly brought in all the independence. Only now we will remain a competition. We can you what you can't can't say and then even for they're down the line he ever coming. Like rumble, who is being banned by foreign government right of being banned for simply allowing speech on the platform and they're the only company. That's really had the balls to say: okay, they flipped the bird to all of france and the uk recently and the uk, and you have a lot of conservatives who are afraid to touch it. So I do by the way, little known road who are afraid to touch it, meaning there affright, there's still afraid to touch it and really go after big tack and yet and facebook like that, there's a lot of talk and there's not there's been nothing done on entering. It goes back to the other, effective lobbying through capture, right rights, the eldest trick in the book. whose government as a tool rule as a moat, too, somebody from being able to compete against you, and so my views one
the solutions to all of this doesn't come from government at all when it comes to competition in the market, Actually, you had been another thy. I invest in rumble back when as a private company right precisely as I believe, in competition to Google, google and youtube. So that's also why I started strive to compete against blackrock look. We can complain about the powers that be, but let's create more, alternatives that people are actually able to challenge or those they'd have such an advantage to a leg up at this point, that's right so so so so so I'm not there's no panacea. There's no silver bullets. It's an all of the above approach, but if we're Relying on government where you dont have people with act, capabilities to compete in her while that really solve the market choice problem under the random good choice, problem alone, against the backdrop of government created protections that these companies enjoy. That's also not gonna on it. Solved the problem until you actually overcome scale advantage that the existing incumbents have your dick, the black rock example the reason. Blackrock statesman vanguard manage twenty trillion
plus, amongst the three firms alone, it's about as much worse as the EU s. Gdp in the hands of three firms is that pension funds, particularly blue state pension funds in new york in California. Those arms of the government invest trillions of dollars with these asset managers- and they further tell that we won't invest that money with you unless you embrace the goals of the paris climate accords, unless you adopt diversity, equity inclusion standards, not just at euro firm but vote here's accordingly in any, The underlying firms that your investing it. So, let's do directly using government controlled money of the devil taxpayer, the pensioner, to do through the back door. What government could yet done through the front door, so the same movies as seeing with censoring speech, as we now see, with the weaponization of capital through capital markets, and so that's the real threat
to liberty that we face. Tat was not raised. Big government rights out reagan, nineteen, eighty anymore, it's this hybrid of big government and big business that, together there are able to do what neither and could alone, and we require leader who recognise that new threat rather than just reciting slogans that we memorized back and nineteen. Oh, that's the death, where I would say of the court and quota, can dream. I still think that there are a lot of possibilities and I do think that a lot of people are entitled generationally but yeah. This leviathan, that is both big guy and these big businesses who by could not have scale to that degree with, The assistance of government yeah they actually, beholden to acting outside the best interests of the american people, of course, now lap rockin vanguard. You cannot be both loyal the constitution of the united states of america and the paris club. what I was going coda photocopiers away, which, by the way, the u s pulled out of wrecked. So it was when
trump pulled out of the paris climate accord that these people then said. Ok, we'll get it done through the back door, using your capital without you knowing it as a vehicle tax, write and do it. So I think that lays out answer to a question that a lot of people, I think, are probably when I travel the skull certainly wonder about. I do think we're in the middle of a kind of war in this country. if the war between the majority of us who loved this country in what were founded on and love the founding ideals of this country and believe that all men are created equal and that you get had not in the color of your skin, but on the content of your character, the basic american creeds. We know to be true, most of us here, those values in common, this fringe minority and I do think a fringe minority in the country that believe that you're right in these, based on your erased your gender, your sexuality, that you have to ban in carbon emissions united states, even if you ship the shift in a place like china, but the mystery Why is this other side when, that war, when it's a fringe minority that
because we save orange minority. But you can't name one member of the national platform of the Dnc yet doesn't actively support. They have democratic party chokehold, but they have every major institutional, chokehold right, everyday objects. every ass. It man but firm, every education institution kate through twelve or or universities, Even our own military and in part of what's going on here is that take each of these into patients or do they have in common, is something that you go beneath the surface to see it wall street occupy wall street occupied wall street after the oil crisis. The criticism came from the left, the ridge version of break up big tech back in that early two, thousands, and even to the early two thousands tens from the left the criticism of the iraq war, the afghanistan war came from the left, so you
through institution one by one. These used to be institutions that took their main criticism from the old left and so we ended up happening one institution after another, although up to and including our own military, let alone, whilst the silicon valley which were talkin about before is I realise that they could do Fang the old left if they adopt id and use their own corporate power used or managerial power. In that case, the military or otherwise to foist The new left chosen ideology and everybody to that's a blackrock is doing because the old version this my wall street, why don't you do that I don't know my only criticism would be that the tea party came well before occupy wall street, the centrality rant where he was the one who said this is what you get too big to fail with that famous. as a crash. Now what preoccupies? I will say that I was ended. The tea party this well, let's just go to the actual timing of this, so the bailouts were made under the bush administration? You africa notably
Initial tarpeys! It's absolutely! This is the original sin of the the bail outs right, and so the original version of what became occupy wall street later, the left wing reaction, the left wing position right, even in that election in the two thousand eight election, John Mccain? I bet you have one at election. If you'd criticized the bail out, but he came out where I stood, but the tea party we're right, pocket movement that did criticise it and there was. There was a big schism there between, like the body into the guidelines for the two thousand ten run. None of this was preoccupy wall street. This was this impact with the two dozen electra was lost across the board right, but recently the tea party came out in protest at the idea of the big banks and going to feel good we're going to, and I say that because I was there and I thought man this is is if there could be common ground. You would think the initial the teapot could have been the main occupy wall. Actually it was in new york. I went to some of those tea party meetings back then too. So I know I know what you're I know what you're referring to, but I would say, broadly speaking, What you saw was forget, left or right, even if you're blackrock or if your facebook or your google or fear the? U s military. Who are the p
criticising me for the war in Iraq or for the bailouts or for the euro for the agglomerate of monopoly power in big tack. What do I say to appease most of them are the tea party. If and when I can get them firstly the rest of the act by whilst it movement. What are we gonna say we'll put token minorities on your boards. We'll muse about the racially disparate impact of climate change, as long as we still get to flag up a jet davos to say yes, and that was the trade that effectively allowed this fringe minority by now birds in the united states? It ass much people in this country don't share these views but to be able to capture the managerial class that still wheels power over every major institution in american life. That is how the other side's winning this war and so forth. To recap control of this country and institutions in and outside of government. We, to understand that arranged marriage by that mutual prostitution of these two strange bedfellows that one
greed to advance the ideology is a sort of vessel as law because they got what they needed to it. That trade and I think it's a big part of what happened roughly mean, there's a different version of the story, indifferent. No, I think you're right. I think that had happened. Every sphere of american in the tea party had that mid term sort of red, wave politically and occupy wall street had the cultural and economic impact like your chocolate, with with a e s, g and dea right. These are sort of these. I guess you would say cancerous growth I come from that because I was down there during the dowry, the damage there, the naughty park and like I was yes, I will sit near to us and I ve gone. Ok occupy wall street, and then I see hammers and sickles. Yet known hagen around it and in Karl Marx and gone oh ok, so you want, I guess, you're saying that to make them probably gonna, nationalize everything. Ok, this is where I get off get off on this step. The logic trainers and stopping here, but we should have been able to find some common are also quick. Note. The railway there was a great book, maybe we can now yeah. I mean even that question right now. The old left. It's interesting now that I've taken up this, message: I'm not here! Million left rise up and joy, because binds election real
can get been, is absolutely gonna be run by the same apparatus? That's right! today, the republicans which is the super back apparatus, but it should in print we'll be an issue that transcends traditional, whether it overlap between donald trump and bernie sanders, the I say this as someone who I mean merciless with much Bernie sanders, but we had a lot of people once Bernie dropped at once. You screwed, let's say out of the prisoners, a lot of them came over and they became trump supporters and that surprised me, I was back and with a large scale well saturday because we have so much as far as what comes in through and google and yeah my own website we're going to allow a lot of these people were really mad at me for criticizing Bernie and his praising of Karl Marx and socialist policies. But now they've come back because they see us rebels an outsider and donald trump, and that was a you know it's funny. This is even just a rift on the left and we're here we're you know we can source of on the right, but it's interesting to observe even a figure there on the left. So you bring it back by wall street in the two thousand and twelve version of this,
there was this video. I talked about this in my first book. Woking can't remember where it was once it was in it one of the occupy wall street movements in philadelphia, because it's but out of new york, where there this event, everybody showed up pissed off at the system against the big banks that are that are taken. Our money. Redistribution from rich, the poor. That's it we're standing for, and so this guy takes the microphone, but he's a white man and they say hey. You have to stand step, and stand back or is it? What does that mean well, there's the inner sexual hierarchy, where they decided that actually fewer lacking and a woman you got to the front line in terms of when you get called on, and this guy was common ready to rail against the system right, because was the one oppressed against them and you could just see it in his facebook, but but but wait a minute. I was going to be the one who is going to be the one who's complaining about a big bank screwing us out of all of our money, but now she gets to be the one who complains about and she didn't know she wasn't. As I was saying on language, I guess I'm a patent rights and that was that was kind of a fisher between
Bernie his is gonna move in and can bent the knee a little bit too, though, woke mob tool. the version of just the economic redistribution is left there gave way to this new intersections hierarchy, the woke oppression, identity, but I'd unitarian version of it. what sort of a weird fisher even on the left that either the wall street of the world they dont want. The economic redistribution is necessarily be the ones they were debating, but that I did a tarion that want to talk about climate change, will do that all day, because we can just check a box and it's easy for us to do, and so that was that was sort of the way that planet, and that also brings us to the enforcement of this. You talk about a sort of these. These strange bedfellows, I mean they're. So straight it wouldn't be, like you know, the the hellraiser boudoir at that point. It is yeah awful, but the enforcement of course doesn't take place without the three letter. Agencies This is the ultimate version of the managerial class in the swamp, and so what think about what I want lose as president shut down administrative state in its entire apparatus. Now this has been talked about. for a long time. But
but otherwise and people. Although act reagan, I think it's gonna take a unique, combination of traits to do it. It's going to take a ceo, an outsider coming in, Saying that you know if somebody works for you when you can't fire them. That means they don't work for you, it means you work for them because you're responsible for what they do without it the authority to change so that on the one hand, but on the other, gonna, take an outsider who also understands the law and the constitution in a deep way, and let us make a basic observations. Those two characteristics don't go well together, like as one and have an academic that might be pontificating about the law on the constitution, but does not the sharp to get something done under there, might have a sharp elbow guys, gonna break the system, but I can understand. Why is going through the motions he does in. This is how they duped trump. In many ways they told him that you can't fire those people, because there are civil service protection smoke or, if you,
the law. You realise those civil service protections only apply to india jewel fireworks biological you work at that. I f tc and I disagree with the on abortion. I shouldn't but a fire. You found the president agree or not. So the rules are made to do right, but they do the plight of mass lay offs so that the key ass lay offs are absolutely what I am bringing to the dc bureaucracy. Seventy five percent had reduction by the end of the first term. over a million in the first year. Fifty percent of that taken lace in year. One people define honest in the private sector have told that there's more open jobs that our people looking for work as a tool for one. If we want it right that theory, absolutely he let's, let's, let's put some people to some actual honest work and grow the economy agencies that not exist, department of education fbi, I arrests, eightieth nuclear, regular recognition cdc jenner, you like
I didn't get got banned or well well, even though I know you you you may like to quote, it was too can shut down as they have been working with that go with that. I got some others even leaks, cicero, that's another! That's all you're sharp elbowed enough to do it. ensue, I think you need to have somebody who has a complete and total disregard for washington DC and it's norms. Yes, what? But it's also for your own popularity because look we're talking about the most popular. Agencies not popular. I guess powerful, the right term in the united states and maybe in the world does not apply other size. I wrong p were powerful agencies like that, that's that's risky! right here, obvious eve had to have like these kind of ok, like I'm doing some pretty big things urgently, some people that don't want me to succeed in doing this and no he's been able to successfully do this, maybe it's because they haven't tried, but There is no means of knowing what is Christy's call this. The dumbest idea that he's ever heard was to shut down the f b. I disagree. actually does your mother s dumbest idea. I've ever heard is when they found how many terabytes of pedophile pornography on cia
peters that there were no mass lay offs in somalia to get these are the same apparatus is most we go after an exact the other side, so disturbing like about it at what point you say? Ok, you see to exist because you're committing the grocers enables, as this is where other people and noise the heck gotta me when I see a republic as war going ambient we're going to get in there, and fire christopher ray, and I try to have gotten what what does that conducted a year? and you get your minds what it is that at all try to use them emotionally. In I see these people behind the backs stated for the debates. It's really sad but then comes on theirs. I will fire christopher ray and to what end, because james call me to point out. The machine is what the rot is: all that that is the leviathan. Now this also very practical for me: just offer slogans. They shut down the fbi. I'm serious about this thirty five thousand employees work at the fbi, the failed bureau of investigation. It is still by
way: the J edgar hoover, building that people walk into washington security? This is still honoring his legacy, the same guy, who collected tapes and threatened martin king with suicide, the same guy. That's now don't after concerned, and calling them domestic terrorists that still the same legacy their celebrating thirty five thousand employees. Twenty thousand of them are bureaucrats in office functions, which is where the rot in the corruption coming out of fifteen most of them are agents on the front lines. I say, put those agents, where they will be more effective The! U S, marshals, have actually been far more effective in going after child trafficking and related cases, then the fbi, s ff It moves some of the fifteen thousand. There we've laid out a clear plan to do this in a financial crimes, complex white collar crimes, people they have no clue what they're doing, because the guy was doing child trafficking he's doing count terrorism next day and is doing financial crimes the day after that, there's no specialization anyway, moved them. There's a separate Are the treasury called the financial crimes enforcement network, so move people too, places where they can precisely do their jobs and it's not a coup.
Incidents that when you have the loss of that specialization and over bureaucracy zation, that's when you see the corruption so what's up we're getting happening to get lucky solving two problems at once. The two problem we go hand in glove together. The ineffectiveness and the bureaucratic blowed is it. selfie formula for the corruption because you're, but people started to work that should have been at work, they and things to do that they should have been doing it. So, yes, it's going to take somebody who is willing to get in there and got incremental form will we're about where far christopher raise a false premise: the false lie: you're being lied to and their their job is to dupe. You they're trying to distract you to make me feel like they did something and they didn't he's a symptom. just as I would even say that jerk credit blow All these things are symptoms of wanting a complete lack of accountability. Yet it was you we get that blow with a complete lack of accountability. We have eighties one thousand, and we want to be sure that we're not fact checked on youtube. Eighty, seven thousand
employees to the ira, not all our agents. When that's working, then what did they? Do? You really? You guess, if you guys are very good evidence. But I'll catch you level, they'll suspend a lot about. If you say, agents and not eighty seven thousand employees the interesting if they applied that same standard to the sea and in clips that end upon lahti out, it is really funny. I've had my experiences with those guys yahoo. That was one of the first places that I saw you and you were talking to see it, and I think it was about the recent ethnic conversation that you're, having only I who it was, the don lemon yeah this year and not now get out of here. Get you acting with extra. It was one of those moments we're like are somehow they cobbler have earpieces, and that's one of the things that resonated with the american people about donald trump is that he was ready to say things that a lot of people thought any just didn't care about the niceties of politics here: care about saying something that sounded good night. You can have your problems with president trump. That's fine! I understand that, but that the thing that I think a lot of people saw you as well and say: ok, somebody's coming in from the outside that might be able to get something dies. Let's go take. The biggest question, though, is ok. People have tried it before
Why are you different the end? A president trump was because even had some problems getting everything he did a lot of great things. I think it is right and I ve said that's. I appreciate that the EU s president everybody else's trotted monday morning, quarterback some small thing that he, but I feel like they have, which is senseless rigour when in fact it was a great president, now how do we move this agenda forward? That's my question. So a few things. I think will take us forward a war all else, equal, whose gimme, the general that moves us forward in that war, all a sequel to better to have general who hasn't yet been wounded in that war. I afresh, like some thirty eight. Unless setting is less than half a trump saying that my question is what you were going to do. The last have you're forty skies. What next that says that I am not a plan, a plan b european after a kind of guy who got the next mission lined up there, and I forgot what comes after after, but I do think take somebody from the next generation to reach that next generation, and I think we can do that in a way the trump
you know is of a different generations, can be a lot harder for him to do that job. I also think we can pick up where he left off I mean I'm not saying that I would have been able Everything I'm telling you were gonna do trump had laid the groundwork the reason that we can confidently tell you we will be able to without asking congress for permission or for forgiveness, lay off seventy five percent of the ro employs shut down these guns Agencies is the legal basis for doing it. It's contested, but sixty three, the current supreme court agrees with me. look a west virginia vps. If you pay attention to this case very born case, if you believe in the holding of west virginia rosier, which said that there are certain regulations on coal minors coming from the epa that congress never gave them the power to pay and so there unconstitutional, if you believe that that means literally. The overwhelming majority of fair. Regulations are also unconstitutional so
This is how you drive. Change on the timescales of sophistry trump gave us a great supreme court. He did pretty much all a reasonable person could do more recently have done those four years great. I want to build on that. This for, but I've got fresh like this time round and I won't be same person eight years from now that I am today after going through it, I just want you drained the swamp. The swap tries to drain you back he's not same person today that he was eight years ago because we're human beings, but I do think it will take thinking about our movement in terms of the content of what we want to achieve, rather than just which person is gonna, be by america first does not belong to donald trump. It belonged to me when it belongs to the people of this country, and so the question is who is best position to take that agenda forward. Ideas can take somebody, from a different generation coming in from the outside with fresh legs to be able to see this through an added gonna be best position. Do it now are
So you, you ve, got a lot of the state agencies right here. You're targeting these guys and look. I think it right It's a lot with what we talk about on the show. These are the same kinds of things. We talk what you talked about, blackrock as well, so one of companies, I dont, know your exact connection, tube roy that are relevant, but I've got it right safe That company is that something that you still currently involved with have followed at last. I figured ok, I thought about it. it's in the race, its remarkable bridle collecting Nikki haley in while running for, presents, collecting stock up some corporate board- that's it seems unconscionable tat seems a little bit where he s so you mentioned blackrock, so is as far as my concern you got to these agencies. They come after you go after Google, they come after you, you go after blackrock blackrock, just dumb. Their size of ownership and there they think they went from six million shares the twelve mile shares as of august. Are you work, these companies, these big investment? comes out they're, going to try to get their hooks in financially and try to put pressure on you that way. Of course, how to get what had he planned for that was so here's the the game works, and so my my mode
recent book buckets by the most technical of the boxes, capitalist punishment. It lays out exam really how this game is played its not if you're a public company like let's say you take your company here, public which are I advise you not to do no, but but many many firms duty to go public for wide range of reasons. You don't have a choice he's in terms of who owns your shares and so its autumn. its programmatic that blackrock stayed street vanguard and similar firms through their index funds, because there but even making investment decisions is the day after they have to brought exposure to the market. They will end up owning five. Six Ten twenty five percent, thirty percent, collectively percent voting. Their shares in your boardrooms read so even many of these ceo who don't want to be adopting d. Policies for carbon emission policies for the goals of the as climate. A cordial condemnations of you know, George floyd, death or whatever that should be the business of companies their forced to do it.
El Gb, dick you, I plus hashtag dollars, dollar sign whatever it is, will the dollars they set. Let our sun silent, I see I see said so. That's but but pretty soon that made the dock may decide It's not saying there was yours gaze on what they like allows. Yeah yeah so actually gives a specific details on this when you said that using it as a funny aside its actually true verdict. Apple, the world's largest cup, you buy marked capitalization radio apple. They were demanded by a fringe left wing group that whole held a few shares to adopt? Would they all the racial equity audit apple and It is that we want to do that now is not some sort of conservative company? A gap of snuff is often An organisation has never lublin gate on what they are, but the one thing if you're apple you'd want to mess with is the town want to enter engineering rex right, you want the best and brightest go! That's how you're competing against equivalence in other parts of the world citizen. Thank you very much, nonetheless, that
fringe group puts up this. gives called cholera us united was the no one, a nonprofit that support it. No culture culture is a good one. I'm trying to remember who it was. I know that we covered it on the shelf. It's it's some, some free chemicals, yeah, there's a good one. Yeah it can be like colors. Are us whatever or something like that? Something like that was stupid. It was stupid, but then blackrock and state street come in and say we're gonna vote in support that proposal anyway, it gets majority shareholder support at apples shareholder meeting such that apples. admin team and board then go back and adopt the racial equity audit right. So this is nuts actually but the equity get kids in factories building those funds hither. Ok with, I guess I can't bring that I want to know. I actually be wasted sweatshops. Now we have like tackled the jobs that are there, but here's. Your is the other side of this, as it is not just passive hypocrisy. The he's in his apple or blackrock can't do best, in china if they
or criticise the practice of the c c, but if you're, all so criticising the united states or adopting racial equity audit or a carbon emissions cap. Then this cp rolls out the red carpet right. So that's how this game is played. It is an ugly game. So the answer to your question is how how does black recover money? It's because If you have a pension fund or retirement fighter for one kick out there, What, then, is your money that are investing in across the board? So absolutely I am deeply concerned This is good. Take president, it's gonna take leadership in this country that undoes out of the rules in the administrative state. You have their theirs. Used to be a rule. That said, you have to invest exclusively for profit information, retirement fund money, that's all under the bush administration. They rescinded Was that what was known as the was known as the sole interest rule at the federal level under orissa too now say. You can invest according to other standards that take into account factors like climate change and racial injustice. The government needs to change a lot about the pension funds need to stop using political.
things attached when they invest their money, but it also dick was market alternative We have to deliver the solutions, which is why I started stir the most recent business that I dead and set. My word absolutely, I am, but am I sit around about it and when I'm gonna do all, as I have whining no don't get mad at me here, but this is one thing that Is you mentioned another criticism? Could we have to give the ability to answer these yet lamenting strive like like eight times? Yes, What say you running for present a promoter company, don't say the right things be as an and by the way this. If that were the case, since that is not dissimilar from a lot of people who are in the swamp, who run for president to sell more books totally. But there are people who are going to pick them up and they are you just promoting strive? I have to ask you that no and if you look at the probably we pick it up in this conversely, I guess we're talkin about blackrock right and we're talking about big tech. If you look at problem
de the hundreds of hours of my discussion in in the run, the presidential campaign for my talking about this issue is less than one percent of the total right and actual data values. Its strong should have. Yours would be good to talk about it more now. Absolutely I actually that's one of the things that I have picked up. His people know a lot about my policies, but people ask me: oh you ve come from nowhere, you know, where you are you just or that, are you just off without its india? Well that we would never say that no higher than not know where art of it they mean. I live there little ass. I can say is: I think, it's important that people understand that I have a track record of taking on bureaucracy and succeeding in winning, but a lot better ways to promote your business. Maybe be part of your businesses, then to spend fifteen absolutely sixty million dollars of your hard earned money and twenty by asking some people will asset and people should ask every question if you're running for president added states, every question is fair game, but I think it's important.
to have somebody who has actually understood challenges as they pop up in the outside world and in the private sector, verses somebody who is only ever lived within the insular four corners of an existing pull apparatus, which is what most most look for running lipitor. You know what I just a mug club. I hope you guys think this is up, so I was looking at the wrong camera cause. That's usually my camera club, but today I think we're going to put all of this out there for the public, because we asked him to to in an interview, I hope understand you. like button and ensure it will do some extra content this week will flow. That from where you do have experienced, that all these people see dont right in the private sector that they suffer the government it, but they would say- and I think that this is actually as virtuous as they believe. It is ok, no foreign policy experience right that's really the forgotten. I think it's fair and it's it's a question for people of what they want. I don't have foreign policy experience Nikki Haley, in the first debate that you have no foreign policy experience and it shows my view from us
given the state, as you do, have foreign policy experience and it showed yeah yeah exactly we're shows you back was about shows your bank account. Yes, some of these people I mean just in her case made eight million box in the period after she left the? U n interesting. How politician leaves government in debt and goes to being worth eight million dollars by starting a militar contracting firm with your family and joined them. A boeing in all kinds of other things said this is. This is the wrong at its worst people, who what you gonna make such a near? That's why I see I see I must use the present whitney before as a whole, but she's a symptom of a deeper cancer of corruption that causes people to adapt. All policies, including pro war policies that have made a lot of people rich in the sky was boring. I was thinking boeing, I'm sorry continue, but boeing gimme, a boring pouring. That's the deal. Must really, I am so I would say, is if you will The same thing as the last twenty five years of foreign policy,
a trillion dollars spent in places like iraq and afghanistan. Tens of thousands of american lives lost. That need not have been lost. in the middle east- that have no point no end. Now seeing the same likely happen again in places like ukraine and otherwise find going. One of the people there Foreign policy experience, but if you want some who understood should and grew up in an era as Young person right, my pierce. I wasn't one of them but my peers, who did go serving those places, but twenty years later now rightly asked the question of the taliban. In charge in Afghanistan with hostile anti american regime still in in Iraq, you have to what end it was too literally no end the same wheels that are now turning again in new conflicts on the others. of the world most noted in ukraine has been a major conflict with russia that doesn't advance american interests, but we're going to see that proliferate in other places too. If you want an existing foreign policy establishment that favours war for the sake of war and a lot of
actors in their who can make money off of advocating, for it fine goes one of those people with foreign policy experience, but what I do have a deep under standing coming in from the outside to say that now amid a career, making successful deals for myself. What do you know about a deal everybody has to win in that deal, have offered the clearest plan of anybody in this race of exactly how we will end ukraine war and deliver peace, making hard com and that nato would admit ukraine to nato, yes, freeze the current law of control and other drives a lot of people nuts. But these are russian speaking regions that have not been representative. cranes, parliament for a long time in the hunting, don't yes fine, we can do that deal disputing get something that deal. Yes, he does, but we get more. We require him to pull out of the alliance with china? That's the thing and heard from anybody in the democratic. I think that's a very important matter of fact. I think it takes an outsider with clear understanding, but without the baggage of historical experience, capture yeah, that's what it's going to take
tat keep us at a world women. I think there will be some learning on the job orders, but I think that what you just said is important. We ve talked about this for people get furious, we will answer, will say there and by the way, not a fan of russia, putin at all ghana and oligarch and shouted also fan of you crit, just also by the way hitler bad, just to be clear, hitler and mussolini bad pol pot, bad okay, let's go through all of it, just make sure I'm covered, but when people say like and No part of ukraine that identifies as russian or has ever been russia like not true, just not the kind of deal, though, and you're like nope, so you can just ignore those people. The guy is going to be one hundred insurgency. Everybody ask that question in the eastern parts, where they, where they actually have captured land right, part. The reason. Why is that those are russian speaking regions that have not been present exact ukraine's on parliament. It doesn't go just eli honestly. The military option that it is about worthy facts is exactly for looking at it. We have to take that into account. Yes, as we have taken account the fact that ukraine is not some paragon democracy in this country that the ban. Levin opposition parties
consolidated all tv media into one state media arm. Does that mean is anything other than a craven. Dictated a putin is a craven dictator, but just because russia's bad does not mean ukraine is good, and we have this also narrative that we ve built up. That's the existing form See. Establishment is good at doing yasmine get to george good and evil in Iraq. What how much often when we hated her left hated him and when a bundle of became breton. Bravo, burma, but where's code pink, simeon outlined in the real world. They release these protests, that's just words, but where's, Michael more right out. There waving a ukrainian flagging, we're all second This is a very clear case where these are bad actors against bad actors, and I'm not saying the movement has actually been far more effective in securing peace than any other left wing peace appropriate. Is there any question that everyone acknowledges the economy right as far as donald trump? Okay, you have capacity of eight years of obama. Then you have three years chapter ten of war, and he grew the economy back,
the he also didn't, have a visa when presently didn't have any foreign policy experiences. What I'd like? Twenty nine part man for that first debate is like MIKE pence saying that we don't need a rookie on the job. only reason that guy ever got anywhere near the vice presidency was cast. Some guy who didn't have any political rights? Was a rookie put him in that job than touting? That experience is laughable, but again, as I have said, I've got the real reason he was. He was put their because down from one and someone who made him look even taller thousand greatest got I've I've sub like mike pants. It should not take fans of my country's actually it's you talk about talking points on that stage. Every single line is rehearsed, and then you could seize and andrzej looks out like a kid who just northern joke, but its inappropriately in front of adults like this choked in land man. I just wish that we will be more authentic. What can we now? Can we delineate, though, and we ve talked about this in the last two last couple of weeks last week, or so with Israel Hamas, yet
figures from ukraine and ruddy difference in that Hamas, as a terrorist organisation, where the extermination of all Jews in their charter and I don't necessarily Israel matters to our national interests more than ukraine, us yesterday to the matter. They certainly do matter to our national. Just now that doesn't mean that there is an argument to remain. We ran the numbers if we cut the funding too. all the nations with we provide for nato and by numbers always very low estimate when you have to understand also the the incentives and is as well that they would come out ahead because they have found a bunch of people who want to get some office. The map or israel little bit and cut money waste to places like around, but the denials you're doing is interviewing. Ilan has drawn this analogy with respect electric vehicle subsidies, where, if you got rid of all lectured vehicle subsidies, tesla comes out ahead because right unit economics actually work would have, because I ve sold to many tesla. That's why they don't get the subsidy more he'll have to turn fifty thousand sold. The subsidy goes away. Yeah, oh, so I sold good car in the unit. Economics are just thorgest more solid in terms of how the rather running operation, so he Here's what I would say
This is a moment right now, when ravenous conversation now where we need rational cool, headed responses to ask yes, how do we support Israel's own right to its own national? self defence, as Israel's fully entitled to know what happened, what hum It was barbaric. It was wrong inhumane. It was medieval in its nature. Israel absolutely has the right to national self existence into fully defend itself that the desert for Israel as to how they go about doing it, and our job is diplomatically in terms of intelligence sharing in terms of in circumstances of munitions support. That is our job as a partner and lie at the. U n, tell the? U n you knock em draw some false equivalence between Israel his defence sire yeah. Exactly what all that nonsense, though it's the most ridiculous thing is the most ridiculous. Since I was, but I was just raped, though yeah, but now it's a ceasefire, exactly selective timing of this, I'm still sure our job is diplomatically to stand against all that nonsense, but I don't want to one of these people shrieking
many gaily with screeching on air, finish them with a vague reference to Almost IRAN was which invoke right before she said that, and then you talk about my pants. Just do it like it's like a nike finish them is, like mortal combat. Exactly just do it like a nike slogans there like misappropriating corpse slogans as though that's our foreign lindsey gram. What is it something equivalent to this now I said, I'd, kill, kill every last one of Hamas absolutely have you. I've never have her mind. That's Israel's decision to make right into Israel's making those decisions. I trust them to do the right thing, but we have to be, very careful not to sleep walk or emotionally outburst ourself into another broad regional conflict, that in the Middle east, that the who s is enmeshed in with ground troops or otherwise, this- is when we made our worst foreign policy disastrous mistakes in the past. If from doc into baby, I would say: listen up, we get you back, your other, side of this
let anybody standing away from defending yourself, and we ve got your back on that. But my advice to you would be that We ve made some of our poorest decisions in the wake of real d after that was your nine eleven. We had our nine eleven here and we entered disastrous multi decade. Commitments in places like iraq and afghanistan and twenty years later it did not do it. and I owe to of good there's a little bit of a different, so I will say- and so just be careful yet, but I carefully, but if you can bring, it is absurd to the population of think it would be rather dictate our times. You know what I was twenty eight to thirty five relate island americans they limit. There and its never know they, but here he was all I would say so. Let's say you know as group: as awful as this would have been. As thirty times many people died and nine eleven as they did in canada did it will go into but going to Iraq still has nothing to do with that. Right right, we are making the point that we make. We made some of our worst yet decisions in spawns too
emotional reactions to really really disastrous things that need to be dealt with wreck targeted response, it would have been lost and get rid of the Taliban absolutely could get rid of get rid of Al Qaeda, hiding in the caves The people responsible for this, which, by the way, was a far more complicated, story, then the us government, let out until they declassified files came at twenty years later, go actually get. we'll job done wrong. There are then using an emotional response to do something that literally, might be nor objective, but in the mental ease and hop in the mental of war. We ve made some of worse decision so of other countries in their history? That is the decision to make, but my job at the next you as president to look after american interests- and I do not think we on a bee, entrenched in another long drawn out. U s involved regional, broad conflict in the Middle EAST that would not advance american interests, but there easy ways we ought to support israel diplomatically with intelligence sharing and equity
We have an ambassador to Israel right now, confirming a bastard, israel and egypt and other countries where we don't have. confirmed ambassadors light. Now we start with no money to ran at all. Absolutely Hamas is six billion base exactly, but even indirect aid to Hamas that's actually been going through in the name of humanitarian aid or otherwise. My deport anybody in this country who is heading I am also otherwise extradite them to Israel. So there are things we they're gonna- have so oddly well enough, but there are also things it. Nobody else is talking about that we ought to be talking about. We have to make sure that we over full phase out through the monitoring and agreements of IRAN's nuclear programme. But what the heck or we thinking with by administration, with some republicans cheering it along talking about nuclear technique you transfer to saudi arabia, and we should not want nuclear plant. russian of any kind in the middle east and definite iran, but not in saudi Arabia either, and yet nobody talking about that right now. So I with this is a moment for level headed rationality? Rather,
an emotional knee, jerk responses, and now it's cool thing right that would the cook its due credit, the iraq war twenty years ago in either party to the cool, easy thing to do, because its long past there's no consequence to you to do it and are putting myself on the back I was in college at the time, but I was against the iraq war, then add a bunch of other hair but ideas that I was dead wall on, but that wasn't one of them and that was left position, then, even though I wasn't on left, I consider myself a libertarian back then, but now I was a bit easier to do that now, but the hard part is in the thick in the heat of the moment, to make sure you don't make that same mistake, but it's not gonna relate to Iraq in might relate to IRAN, or a broader regional com, looked in the middle east and that's the moment to think rationally. How do you do the right thing? porting israel to do what it needs to defend its national self existence, but at the same is the: u s, look after our interest to make sure that we dont accidentally trip our ourselves into some large, protracted conflict in the Middle EAST. Now is the moment to think with that law full of clarity and reason, rather than what
I see as really lazy responses from all over the political spectrum. The far left trying to create this far moral equivalence between Israel and their enemies. That's wrong, but you get people the old neo con right that have no muscle memory other than just effectively pounding, comes for war. Without asking the question of the. Why we're doing exactly what we're doing? It's back to the question of foreign policy experience, I dont think somebody with Foreign policy experience recorded last twenty five years should be in charge of may. those decisions, I think it should be somewhat My generation come in from the outside and in this way that's my own. The track record is bad. It's not much of a track record. I do believe that kill every single last one on as far as it relates to Hamas doesn't as shown by the way they don't need our money to do it, but they yet we need our our moral support. I think you had a follow up. Doing I would say there is is just be careful, I think that's the end of the road there, because I am, I suggest, a client of butter forces that are wielding them like hezbollah, so taliban story, the taliban twenty years later still now in charge the abbot, you know when they, when they kidnap your women and children and cut off threads. It's a good start,
It's not, and I don't mean that irrationally I mean Hamas look. This is in there it's different in their charter rights and they're right there, and if you look into the history, what's happened to Hamas two point? Oh or whatever you know you get you get to be worse, but they might also get isis. We just have to be careful about that and tell ourselves these false illusions, because it made us puff our chests and feel good about ourselves to actually ask the question of what jobs. Are we getting done? What is the mission were getting done, what matters and then go and have confidence about what we actually doing and understand what we're not doing, or else you going tell yourself false smith's, as we have for the last twenty five years that have led us stray? So that's is, I think, would be really yeah. I think I'm a Hamas cases little but different, just a little bit because it can't really get much worse in the system. money as far as the ideology as far as what they have done to the users. Far as well they ve said they will continue to do. It is like an ice like organizations as bad as it gets, and there is no and there is no passport. If it was somebody you thought could sit at the table, there could be they could be reasoned with its no exterminate all Jews, that includes women, children, we're gonna, put our weapons catches
in our schools that we can actually have our own if it weren't for crimes on the wrong dead wrong. And I agree with you on ukraine, russia, semi, even looking back at Israel's very different situation than area nations, its weight will correct to stand with Israel in terms of our funding of their national side. Be aware, if there's a valid way that we should forget where you crammed so this related to foreign policy, but you I said had kind of like your moon shot moment you you made a that claim, on china and taiwan that I wanted to dive into where you gonna laid out. Your solution for the problem and part of that was too kind of reduced. dependence on taiwan for chip, manufacture, yes, right any by the end of your first term. That was that was People may not have understood how lofty that was, but that is an incredibly ambitious lofty goal. That a lot of people would say is not even practical is what what made you think, that, and why was that something that you thought could get done? I guess would be about five years roughly at of your first arm, so I think it's chivas. If you look at just the trajectory of what you're looking out in terms of the t s m c plant in arizona, the entails
ante in central ohio where I'm from today, but that's been a disaster in arizona, though the tsmc so far, but part of the reason part of the disaster nature. The nature of this is not money, which is what we pretend the problem is in the shower a bunch of crony money in the nick name of the chip. That is really just a green new deal in sheep's. Clothing works well with american cars, but yeah see amy. It's funny how this pattern repeats itself, but it's actually skills, shorted shreck rag. Sadly one of thinks we should focus on his bringing some of those skilled workers from taiwan over here, but then also training, more americans. for the know how of how you create so ten nanometer semiconductor chips. Those are the leading edge ones at that really the front lines of us, but it can just be an ongoing strategy. I love ensuring and I would love for that to be the long run. Steady state, quicker ways to do this as well brought agreements with south korea and japan and sam, I still further along than any company, but he is the EU s bright, even though the decency, further along the samsung if we are serious about decoupling, our debate,
it's on china or taiwan, we have taken all of the above progenitor, that's what's different than a lot of people who might my views, but just stick to ensuring alone, yet love on shoring ally, shoring, has to be something that we compliment that with, and so, if you look at the totality what's possible there right now provide market. access to the same sanctions. Of the world here to build your cetera, japanese, companies as well that I is a reasonable, achievable path to five years from now, having basically achieve near total. Leading it advanced semiconductor independence, which means that is not going to have an economic gun to our head. If they choose to annex taiwan at gun, just go straight to Taiwan said they do do we worry that they go like how well we're kind of we're kind of up shit creek here what what taiwan should be focusing on defending itself right now, and I would say in the meantime, the EU s should run one destroyer through the taiwan strait. Every week we should absolutely work with india to have an ability to block the.
And am in sea in the malacca straight. That's where china actually gets its middle east Sixty percent of its middle eastern oil supplies or sixty percent of all that oil supplies, which company at least come through that straight. There's there's a range of things we need to be doing. I love an amendment here about the second amen taiwan, China's deadly afraid, anything that resembles a second amendment put a gun Every taiwanese household taiwan's govern good train them, how to use it. So there are women's economic, monetary and fiscal discipline that mean absolutes? Another thing that I now we talk about last week, its it that some we used to have a civilian trained military they and so, and so it's not it's not the whole solution, but it's at least a step better than carrying like a lot of people here in the tunnels that that music festival say what a good going again hey yeah. It absolutely will it'll, certainly even the odds when they're fortnite hang gliding in knowing that these people are different and given mine I was raised in canada, which is a very silly place, a machine and no one there. At least economic was created for very specific purpose and it works. Ok, when you talk
that foreign invasion autocrat invading him your government in their that's what it was designed to do, that's not you know in the end, then I say something like this and then cnn will try depressing that and have isn't isn't in ukraine I want to turn strategy was just putting the second amendment. I don't know I didn't say that, but its port of a broader view of taking what you think of a porcupine strategy to keep taiwan and don't feel Taiwan spending less than two percent of its gdp on military right now. and the NATO commitment, Taiwan should be spending five plus person, of gdp on military, which is why I love Israel as a partner they actually spend for their own national defense. That's a good friend and a good ally so when the? U s clear about what our objectives are than absolutely right now and people forget the republican party. These people are such jokers that the current year, posture towards taiwan is strategic ambiguity. Right now, the one china policy is the policy of both parties right now, as we speak, this gives member this one donald trump won the election. He picked up the phone
when his phone rang from the taiwanese president, he was laughed at by both parties violating diplomatic, political. Yet that's the same. glp. That somehow says that we use out taiwan will recognise, existences nation, so I set out with the crap. Let's focus on reality, we will defend taiwan at least until we get semi. to independence, at which point we can then The status quo like exactly what it is right now return to that five years after Semiconductor independent were salami glad. I think a lot of people misses. You are saying that you would switches stands too. We are officially defending title. Suppose this moral ambiguity, yes in when we achieve semi conductor, independent, we'll go back to what the fuck. square with what she's kind like well, we, the terrible, establishment, yo everybody, but were strictly better off then, and by the way. In the meantime, we should fortify our homeland defences wrecked. Cyber defence is super mp defences, border defence. nuclear missile defence, as Taiwan can spend more of its own military spending on gdp. We ve been run it destroyers through the taiwan strait she'd been would have to idiot to invade taiwan
and in the meantime, and have that economic gun to your head forget about it were independent and afterwards in a better position than towards in a better position than they have ever been a more aggressive in the interim gets things like. That's a think. The key point that the commitment they made it sound like When I see a taiwan is out, that's an overview interim lazard it well. Somebody else a super back as saying that in a male flyer about mean that with this, this whole process of politics is so badly broken. But this would have said at every step of the way up great the status quo and then returned to the status quo, but up good. which is taiwan to lead time to start zack getting on their act together and allows us to get our act and we can pull in afghanistan and maybe leave one of those destroyers in the straight. We just forget has a few pounds: a cash india. I don't know I'm down the. Why? What do you say to somebody's critique? And I don't like this? as you might. My strategy is to go on the defensive for taiwan period. We are going to vent. I want that's what I'm saying, but I understand- and I understand that, but somebody
would say like look china right now that can save face, because the united states isn't necessarily kind of boeing up and saying will defend taiwan's strategic strategic ambiguity is just a term for all of us. We all that if china invades taiwan we're coming to the aid- and so is the of south korea and japan right, I think we all kind of understand. I likely I don't. I don't think debian tyler, we're running low and munitions by got got ukraine got Israel right, we're running low on our naval capacity. I dont think that, Tiny sees a scenario right now automatically that the usa is gonna, be in a position to defend what was either that normally it is they that clearly, what that would you would you say that they normally do normally and outside of the ukraine conflict right now and outside of materials a hollow allocate? Forty years ago, they did so thus situating got here. Did you need it the enable capacity we have this? This silly thing called the divers too. best program or die commissioning ships in the south, china, sea. So there's a lot of reach our economic dependence on china's only gone up over the last ten years, and we depend on china
other modern way of life. The f thirty five that we make in this country depend on china for their parts, so things have changed and so I do think that the diplomatic clarity, snuff, strategic, we could be strategic clarity that we were defense. I want that's actually really important economic inequality, because this information technologies, it answer for you- have heard critique and I want to do I kind of understand your cause. I actually yeah, and I actually really liked that answered by the navy was fantastic till the village people screwed up for the rent, a room regardless of regardless of partisan partisanship. I think most people in this country will agree. Definitely must reply. An important lot independence and some democrats too, will agree the position that I just laid out to get what I dont know is: are they gonna be able to hear you know? Who else will agree? Japan, yeah absolutely right that you understand it's just a hip, hop and escape away. That's a lot of those economic drivers right are big when they say. Ok, this makes sense. So now have some lead time, because I think that it would be too clearly unrealistic to think that the united states never has an interest, especially after covered two
achieve some type of semi conductor, independence or at least capabilities right I as scale they know It's okay. This gives us some lead time or were not just worry about being wiped off the map. Okay, we can now I understand what our agreement is. As you know, reaching your nato spending more time is, is, is a good start? That's right and yet that that's very, very different from waste been portrayed which is hey, taiwan, we're going to stay and ambiguous until we have our semi conductors and then by get that's other media pressure, I think it very important that important differentiation to make because a lot of people are not aware of how that also hasn t repent look. This is something we have to talk. did it really gets frustrating in this process? Is it's a it's a game, it's a distortion about what gets. I love these formats right here. discussion- and I I was thinking about this- flight of, except in a different context earlier today, the future gotta be media. That looks like this long form were able to explain ourselves go directly to the actual listener regret. But right now, intermediate era, where
people are doing. This kind of form. Other scared with this under this that the whole campaigners done this, but we're doing this in an era where legacy. Media is still relevant, so what did they do? They're gonna come in and I don't know what it's gotta be in this conversation with having to come in pics thing. We ve said here completely taken out of context, but that's the project that still much of the generally older republican primary base still gets served to them so we're in this intermediate transition phase for ten years. From now that legacy media is gonna, be far less realm if not gone, but there's gonna be in the future. But now we have this intermediate version of this, where we're having a long? What our plus our half discussion now. That needs to be in the listener whose gone through this going to be listened to the whole thing in full, but there person sittin in iowa, that's only get in their news from cable news, and the news, where they read is getting some purposefully distorted cook a some guy in the position, research camp of Nicky haley's campaign and ran his campaign that she's outcome either
This can be there super back the other disabilities watching this and is watching what better way to distort from what I came out of this conversation and they have some people historical repeat, play relationship with some third rate, publication. That calls itself a newspaper and that's exactly that's exam the way this gun, cnn or fox news clip of you saying I, the Jews, hey kill taiwan, Aragon data somewhere. Viewed as an example, let us remember that all right! Well, I think- and I know that we ve gone overtime, its back twenty twenty four dot com. If you can follow an ex, can ok tell me about it, what we have in the lower third, the back, but what g I just want me so what's the genes are criminally? That's my mental initial cost, because the vague rob Islam has already taken on the twitter really bianti aren't like squalidness. I mean it's like it. If you go to india not not quite like a scots smith, but it might be like a scott you, no crime,
Apparently, there are a few of them. That's like the yacht was its jago silver is like John c and brazil solely resilient ethnic I've known five. The argos and I've known twelve silver Alright, that thank you so much for taking knights and folks think leave your comments, leaving feedback because you're a big emphasise- and I really appreciate that you have the the fortitude to do a lot more candidates are afraid. You know gonna be an added its work at all. I think about thanks man, brigida guess then,
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