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Is Jon Stewart a Conspiracy Theorist?! Lab Leak Theory Goes Mainstream


Jon Stewart went off script last night and made some jokes the Left will NOT be happy with. Will YouTube remove his video? Will it remove this video when we point out Wuhan DID have bats? Also, Chuck Schumer is getting away with using the R-word, and the latest Georgia ballot audit. #JonStewart #StephenColbert #ChuckSchumer

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Ok, don't you dare hits skip and now you're used to agree about Nature box or Blue choose rad about about about? I don't do that. All I ask is that you leave a rating wherever you are leave review. If you can add ons Can I tell you that this show it we're gonna be taught my John Stewart, obviously Democrats not paying taxes and. for those of you out there who are met. Billy retarded the words retarded do appear in this episode. So I just wanted to warn you if it may offend you, but if you're tardy You put you probably don't you see what I'm saying anyways louder with crowd or is brought to you in part? I do not support the fight by merchandise. Sharp great conversations retains the right people
It's called the guilty slip guilty start because I went to the gym today, meaning drove set in the parking lot. Did it and I said Jane. I went back home not today. I will never with pop tarts. You look at that that those are
Everest. Yet that's more than Kemal Harris has done with the border. So you re doing well right away to the politics of our Harold. He knows who knows where our brought against buttered glad to be with you today when we talk a lot about John Stewart, of course, and Stephen Colbert. He went off track. He went against the narrative in simple. There was not happy, then again he's a shill for Madonna and our fight I never want to hear him. Bitch about big farm again ever be talking about how Democrats actually dont pay taxes. Just so you know, will be going through. and Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders guidance. Carry. This is really abusing those loopholes from an end. What are we talking about today? We're talking about nothing just some stuff in Georgia that relates to the. election, which we have to He really really careful with, and by that I mean not express an opinion that Youtube deems
Youtube friendly right. Even quite dont want to say wrong hard because they know said we were wrong re they just you can't say that right and then a lot more set got slimy. Ok, we generally here how you I'm well hurry. So you know I'm ok could have been better if I d gone and done done, some some curls for the goals are equal to buck. Doing good. What's gonna know that was don't worry. What that is no idea what the moment when he has no idea poker move on. sounds like it was limited guy who's, another couldn't antenna movies, isn't a film relic tom size? as you know, is more that's his black voices Sizemore size and gave her woods Michigan Dave Land. I was here a hi. How are you, sir? I'm good. We have a show coming up in Buffalo right. I do not this rigour with the following week and I will be in Buffalo this weekend. It sold out. So sorry, of course, guys, hey, look Hypnotization Bell. If you're watching this is a pod cares, it's alive show you can watch it money through Thursday
at ten a M eastern year on Youtube Blaze, my club or at rumble, ok out potent. I forgot color preparation of the third day. Not Greece Aris Year going bankrupt, so lots of Harry men and lesbians desk less post. Did you know that Yes, both such working right, that's right! Also. It was where there was a first bass pro they simply hurry. They speak grave. Ray we're going to go to already. I do Biden Abacus in blood shirts. I had no idea that sense that does not sundry com. Russian, ok, before we move on to John Stewart, Seem Colbert it's time for our former vice president to address him. This we can buy problem figuring out what year for mere drop- and you ain't, why didn't we Can't interview Vladimir Putin laughed at the suggestion that you had called him a killer,
is that still your beliefs, sure that he has a killer and I'll containing the trend? If you don't mind my asking a second question: do you believe if he does agree to cooperate then what kind of challenge you find yourself in? How would you ever trust him and if Ronald Reagan said trust but verify? What are you said about him? thanks to the first question. I'm laughing too Actually, I was looked army. He is made clear that the. point of view the problem figured out. What here for mayor drop and you ain't black laughing was
to actually his remaining blood clots escaping uprooted energy, shaving, clear, I'm still a big blue spot, while that is we're all gonna die, give you badgering Putin, look into that like we, oh, my god, giving away Hague walk error by and set about you ve. No, yet, as he didn't tell her, I will use my judo black built to full these clothes with him inside them. He just you just saw the light fix it. the Erika. Her choice to make these saw. The light only saw Peter gone states have actually now. Thank you got down there and paid by though it did. You know that it's it's it's judging paying birthday sixty eight years, also happy birthday. Jumping America have to be careful you're gonna be ok, so this is MIKE
Ashton to you. What can be talking about a lot today? you know John Stewart, I genuine and I used to get into it. A lot with actually generally when he was over before bright part was prepares, big Hollywood and him, and I and Andrew priorities to run We thought that Bill MAR was funny sometimes- and this is before Myanmar sort of transition to little, but now there is a little more moderate right and he thought the Johnston was there. I've always thought that John Stewart is among the best of them and set it on an errand, Gotten in trouble there s very fun. I think the guy's funding we discuss this. I could not agree more anymore. No, what you guys did used to watch John Stewart. I know I'm not saying that you should get your news from John Stewart, but if you have to re late night hosts, where would you place a my thinking that genre he was the best to have ever done? It was funny, I think he said something about a bomb is, I am not sure if he's playing six deed chess or if it's just It is ass. If I don't like that's Bobby, you can plug, even though you agree with the guy was he's always been fun. I thought Stephen called. There was funny
twenty years. What was doing the character? He was They use genuinely very funny when we were discussing earlier. He was a great comic. He was. great, improvised Ernie had this really great ability to insult the right and left right because could we sought the left through the perspective of the right that he was also making fun? Yes, it was a perfect MA and now it's just any also Europe. De Johns, docile incredibly winners on which I sit. seen coming. When I get my long announced ass, a leader, you'd, say something to Johns, docile and just ass. Well, say: I know that your little audiences can a laugh, but Really we talk about tax evasion rapidly, it's kind of is there a guy ran over for his guests applause every show. For years, that's hilarious, beings- and this is what I think I think that the amount circulating of all men, the emasculation of men makes male comedians on funny if, as it makes them women who are inherently
I think that women you want that joint women are funding when women are funny that are there talking from their point of view right. That's all also why imaging? Jefferson, my page where the barnyard animal rights doesn't really work for making to trying to be a guy. But you look at people, a catholic Madigan. You look at a million look at people, you look like Phyllis Stiller. You internet trolls. Every only raw early on, though, does should get some credit. The ass she drag them old, absolutely they're, just being them and a man needs to be himself and you just see Stephen cold. There now has been so castrated that he's were concerned. With this little back and forth with John Stewart about getting in trouble with the networks- and we know the people who run these networks, we ve gone through this. You can just search well not on you, You can search on markets even greater network donations because we ve gone through ABC Cbs. They all you have direct relationships with people who work at the Dnc, most notably the Clinton's they have their claws and everywhere else
a direct relationship with John being a correspondence from the daily show yeah yeah, but he doesn't care about that anymore. Beguine, always now serves a new master and he's just trying to get away from the segment while John Stewart is now echoing what keep in mind would have had everyone here then, on Youtube if you acknowledge this just four months ago that code leaked from a lot, but I guess now we have licence to because the Fouche emails. So it's a long clip, but I think but you need to see it in its entirety and with Context John Stewart, Stephen pull their I'm. I and I honestly means I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to science. Science has in many ways helped. How is the suffering of the people damage which was
more than likely caused by science spending, but the great feta up, but I will certainly have to play the pussy play the pact's equal hierarchy. I welcome you. They don't do that to avoiding takes already what what? What? What do you mean by letting that exemptions wraps as those that there is a chance of this is creating the ladders investigation I've always to holding onto all them? I don't. I I like evidence, I'd love to hear novel Respiratory corona virus over, making woollen China? What do we do? Oh, you know we could ask the who s novel respiratory corona virus lab same name as the lab tromp was doing with Korea, and then I ass a scientist I like. How did this so wait a minute you work at the weekend, but your grown of ours lab. How did this?
but, unlike a tangle, kiss kissed, the are you What did he look there? That's incredible governed! Only zero pigs is about the panel's jollier thinks there's guard of sick. Oh, I work out in article by all concerned virus losing who and how did that abbot, maybe a bat flu in the wake of Turkey, sneeze into my chile- and now we are perhaps about well- would have in recent months wait a second. Where does exactly the network's bidding verse very valid break of chocolate? A good is near heard. You
and so they will maybe steam shovel made with a cocoa, be chocolate that could be or premature cover pc basis here comes covertly rescue I live. I gave them all tuberculosis, back in back and very well be and Anthony Faulty and Francis Collins, at an age of satellite dish, deftly be investigated. Stop with the logic and people in This is the way you think it is the way this could be possible. You could be right, it could be possible that they have the lab in war on to study the novel corona virus diseases, because
in war, and there are a lot of novel corona viral diseases because of the bad because of the latter irony says like this: they can actually and it's the only place, defined bat that go anywhere. I say why Austin Texas, as thousands of out of a k, e mail, committed letters in order you're out of ours, now, just as it is in a world where they have a lab, appalled whatsoever, the background of irish law. I believe that learning, how long have you worked for Senator RON? Johnson? We yes like listen, will be right back with more of wherever this added happen. Stick around. Ok! So a couple things first up right away. You're all RON Johnson like us, because he still holding onto this just shows you when someone is an actual quisling, lackey right, a Patsy for the higher up there,
even when everyone else has let go of the narrative, because there is no longer tenable nasty uncle. There's two like China is Donald Trump races. Him saying wherever this edit left out, is him saying please network, please network, get rid of this. Please network! That's what he said in his summing up. I thought it was hilarious. I really did Really. I thought I was a math class. Emily Iming makes a good point Yes, he does almost some other comedians for making this point, while yes, sometimes until they were banned or hard struck. So what interesting, though, as I did notice what John Stewart a little less willingness to commit- and this is Lithuania. We talk about this in a black face, obviously has opened as theirs their historical connotations to it, and it's different from, for example, I base up who you know doing a black voice, meddling in east indian boy, you're doing an asian voice which people have tried to accuse us of
racist, overdoing asian actions that was never think that was no a thing only a couple of years ago and John Stewart when trying to do in a sort of doing an impression- or I guess or of inter in interpretation in homage, if you will of the scientists ethical Hon LAB, does like his jewish mothers voice. We think that's just because he's afraid now because, if you would say maybe bear manner with Turkey they like to raise is that I can tell you about the case because he has done those voices in the past. The underground tat took place in ordinary in the province of north him young, should a built in king long now, poor Lindsey. So look. It's we're gonna, but we only had so much time this morning. The point is, I don't think, there's nothing wrong with it. I don't know cancel sort, of course not, but this just shows you how far it's gone so quickly,
when we started saint when you started data by certain I started in two thousand. I don't include me of this conference. Is a thousand five think? Yes, oh four, ok, you're! On the same time, we know you didn't do black face no right Why do my first sober legs? You learn certain of as a rude oda. Emily learn your last so before the design it kills every time. I did know that method to kill me. Ah, yes, but breeze, still doing voices, of course if you're talkin a black person, would you do an impression of a black person? You or an asian per? or your mom. The point is, we always knew don't do black face. This is very new because we are trying to move that overturn window to making jokes bout. Anyone other than what really straight white male is unacceptable. Do an impression of who I was discussing like if right. If and I happened to a drug dealer, dampness sound black, I would do my impression of that. and if you guys want to call races, fine, but that's what he sounded like,
right now. It was never done out of lake. Let's just mock somebody's, just people talk different, should a going away. Only rector now in any Murphy I mean in Beverly Hills copy was just like it was funny, but, like I used often, I know tat the exactly. Try talk like a white guy to a black eye. Rare just go on in, like you just so. I got her, but simply the end, and there like. Ok right, you don't exactly ices. When I was a kid, I didn't realize that every time I would do an impression of a teacher I didn't like I would cross my eyes and make them sounds stupid. until the teacher cemetery officer. I I was talking to the teacher and didn't realize it are doing an impression of how we are now and this teacher I wants it, Mr Eddy he's. this thing where you could say. If I don't know, I thought it was really smart. We thought it was really Martin, you would say you'd say, and this is important music. You know what you are you're a twelve year old, who thinks he's a fourteen year old, and I said that press it
Be that? Mr really, you said you know what you want, but I will do my bad. There was inadvertent anytime, a woman, Impersonator guy or Ruth Google goal food We sell like the stupidest people right and that its intellectual golfers it well Now you how sir you, with the exception of tiger in argument. The driver got yet, but you know how he would go to highlight and he couldn't let Colbert talk because he knew gave one inch but would be cut off any right to be able to come and like they value he would come and like the White Nike is called there. I do care about. You show me funny my presence,
straw. Joke sit a single comedy stew, like my visor tie, because a sponsor my wise it ok to do jewish grandmother voice and not any other voice like because each issue as I do, I don't get it basically the matter, though right there. It is supposed to matter, you don't understand a white male and that anyone here, one more people, my privilege speaking it here he was making a joke you should be the joke about anything. By the way you should be able to joke. I would say about any conspiracy, the beauty of jokes. Is they don't have to be true? That being said, I think it's pretty clear that John Stewart was espousing something that a significant portion of Americans, nay, I would say majority believe that, at from a lab keep in mind this conspiracy theory was not even allowed to be discussed last year. Score aided by the media only some of these concerns from four months ago, because we too,
Nowhere, the novel corona virus came from yet the conspiracy theories filled avoid I'm telling you I come to try to weapon eyes. This thing you conservative, talk, show host rush limber with zero proof suggesting a chinese bio weapon lab is double this question about the womb Hon lab. We know that it's been debunked. Those same agencies now have been tasked with investigating one of tat, the world's most favour. Conspiracy theories. This week, downturn is still pushing the debunked Blinkem, despite his own in television we did it in my only does. That is simply not true, and there are simply no reason to believe that that is the case. There is no empirical evidence to verify that of all the people from those clips like a dinner party bomb, it that's a good like a photo bob s photos flash. I am, of course not joking, a glitch.
Bomb. Whatever you don't ones are able to see and despair they took at one moment off. The Sirop occurred a full note. You give it might do you to the most powerful, but Google you two alphabet, most powerful platform in the world band. speech that would go against the World Health Organisation. The World Health Organization of Course said this originated, nature, can spare, she didn't. I am from a lab, and they also said that the krona virus was not transmitted human to human. I can say that now right, but if we said it then we'd be banned. This is what do you feel free, She usually do you guys fuel for this. This is our only in Saint just think about these things. For a second, when we talk about the World Health Organisation Cdc- and these are not just general- that the term guideline is misleading. Yes, these are hard and fast rules do not guidelines. It we're trying to get you a nudge, not now known,
I urge you guys are telling us what we can and can't discuss. Remy couldn't say back, then that asymptomatic people with carbon were not very likely to be carriers, but now the cdc, so we can say it now. We couldn't say then that furthermore, at serious risk and certainly not have been carriers, and we should aim to open schools back up, but we can say it now, because the CDC has confirmed that we couldn't say then, when they say masks are horrible, they dont work and, we would say, sure you know the only thing they really do or forest keep another be often getting. Second, we were selling masks ear on the show. Earlier we can say it afterward rectify this These, you couldn't say then covert lab league, but we can say it now This is what is so scary and in John Stewart is blissfully unaware of it. You know who's, not Stephen Colbert that's the issue that you see right there. You see, someone is coming from the old school of comedy inshore, partisan, absolutely jumpstart we're straightforward that, after all, is well known Democrat, but he certainly wasn't
pro orwellian censorship state, and he is unaware of the fact that until a mere two weeks ago. Really, two weeks ago, this, if you were in India, and the creator- and you too would get him removed. Stephen call there is all too aware and that's the contract, You see you see one guy trying to be funny and one guy trying arraignment, who also claims to be a community. one guy who has gone out of his way to help all this first responders from nine eleven right yeah. He goes or things that actually matter right, not trying to protect a large company, he's always stood up for what he believes is right, hey speaking of protecting a larger come, many here and going in for things that matter. Remember: Stephen cool. There took a completely different tone on vaccines, basically provide free air time as a commercial
when we get really know you're gonna be you're, gonna be safe. On incorporating didn't you wouldn't let I know you're gonna. Do not worry it might. I hope this isn't playing and rain casuistry heroin is promoting membrane, tiring enough. That's not just had an agreement, a comedy aneurysm never want an early, should from you again about the pick, the farmer or normal money in politics, Colbert villages left ship from him. Again I hear from him again you can pull it back. Look
Then? You must. Let me see the end of her thing when you said D feel for in your shirt, I think, is as free speech matters. It's right by the most recent. Oh my god! Oh my God is ass. Kicked it until we grab. didn't twenty dumb bells. I love it. Look at the end of what she said she said despite there being no proof. So what has happened is Youtube. Has such a heavy hand that I had a totally legitimate thought. You totally factual thought that did not safe now just a minute ago, because I couldn't tell if something was going with all the rest of it, No evidence on one side for budgets whispered suggests that, whereas the other side, maybe Y, know what you're talking about if there is no other site, guided the inevitable toast theirs this bridging the thing right now I am trying to do so. This is what it does. This is no problem. Look, U S! today? Ok, I didn't know that I didn't notice I know I didn't doesn't USA today- be saying that the reason we
struck me was that I claimed- and I never did after premises, that I claimed that Cove it was less lethal than the flu no you now never climate. Now here's what I can say what I did say was cold is significantly more people than the flew to the elderly and the amino compromise. Now I will not express any opinions as to how many children, because a context was about forcing two year olds to ask as to how many children in that age, demographic of died, of covert versus died of in any given year, go to the CDC make you in today's vote, I will express no opinions but we're not our said that companies are but he's a thing. The fact checker write something wrong and you can't defend yourself, because even your correct statement is impermissible. Recall their knows that and their supports that that's the problem. You have a lot of comedian supporting this kind of a world right, and nobody can fact check you on that right as a Colbert, because
Nobody can come even if it's a factual statement, because they ve said that is off limits. Nobody can come and incorrect your misinformation potentially, but what is factual about shooting five hundred vials? four hundred and ninety eight more than they recommend Dave has a point That's a lot of isles he's he's not a scientifically for heroin, but certainly it is apparently not a writer, or has the diversity and come up with is not change that Lear and by the way rule you are young you easily, Is the word sell out? Our views were green, decent sailor. It was over use. However, when you on air use. Your time is a comedian to sell, maim brand medication at what point of view cross the wanes world to threshold we're garths wearing the Pepsi cap. Although it's a blueprint, different order Fischer Weird AL getting a college is like no, I haven't aggravate than I do.
like, where it out you hf. He never sang about zero. A month ago, just it's a shawl bad. It's like when you watch those it's it's even worse. If the flip side- because you always have those awful suitable commercials, where they switched the words so us like the worst, is rocket man. That's not farmers who but rocketing. Rocketing like I said- I can enjoy in health and is still alive- and your brilliant John I'm still alive and enduring legacy o o o o it's silly magic, and now it's whatever that view going to want to do now is that I have restless legs I'll. Take a pill for that. Swine age. Well, I can't wait to see what call their comes up with for moderate severe plaques arises,
Jeanne residing. I wait with Bated Breath Hague thinking speaking of facts. Dont. Let this next one hit you in the tea you too, by the way all of our sources. References are available on the website lot of quota com. You can click the description below you may not like them. but at least you know exactly where we're pulling this, and I think anybody you too, who watch that video come on come on We can all agree on something right was near there wasn't. Ok now should be impermissible, but these guidelines, over the weekend by that so Sky NEWS, Australia, I want to make sure I got that right. I should have known by the actions, but I can t say I can only tell Australia and New Zealand had exclusive outage from inside the Wilhelm LAB showing which is which goes against what was accepted in what was fact checked again to three months ago, show that they kept alive bats for gain of function. Research at the lab believe your life
nice. It is not a conspiracy to say there were live task whenever there you have. It is a fact and, as you can see, this video shows bats in a cage on alive who had institute not about. I don't believe you can also see they're a researcher fading about with a one, and in this image we can see researchers out capturing bats and a bat even hangs off a researchers hat. No. That was just that. There was a trend in IRAN has. Then there are mass cases, it was our hundreds of them. We know that the world has instituted Neurology was using humanised mice for experience. As the saying which corona viruses could infect humans inside. experiments that use the humanised mice to make viruses and the same were previously infect humans. Do exactly that these experiments, cod gain a function.
Aim to make viruses more infectious and more virulent to try and predict which may cause a pandemic. It's not fair to slip in that had there was a trend, people wearing bad hats. We all do if one way that what was anything that wasn't really my camera footage- yeah. Ok, I say for the communist government: we have our backs. What what's all banana cage play? You everywhere didn't, kill, don't and in league, so lab pay in zoos. Duff weaken our immediate introduction with psychedelic. Colors are sorry to see that this is an elevator opening up filled with bad blood. If you look at the final cooked the bad wholesale, we deal in bad all day, you, commercial over bats, bats, coming soon bats. Why chat you're, on,
Nicole, Caymans, Australia, she's, australian, stranger, things of Athens will simply be Jackman straight. So by the way this no the claim from the World Health Organization and by the way, keep in mind that Eco Health Alliance present. I never got to say, and in Peter dazzling that guy nor does it said that there were no bats capital, add something else that should be telling in a now deleted tweet. This is what does it wrote into? between twenty no bats below it so funny to capitalize bats that have no no something wrong in sent to our lab for genetic analysis of viruses collected the field. We collect bat samples send them to the lab we release. We ask that at least Donald Trump was like Youtube as the cat. He knows that the land- and you did me like you sec- he was a funny- We want an emphasis on you there. Nobody knows
The real tragedy should say no use at meeting me, but that's why I capitalized sex x x, x, x, your majesty Matt Wrong and having to go back and look at your capitalized wrong. Word rightly rubber, whereas bats that I cannot, but all my because I use it said correct. Instead of a set of quotation, was quoting to loved Louis Diamond Phillips. Yes, that's bans, but either way, apparently his name is pronounced. a shack dashed out. You know what is the star wars character? You know what I'm not gonna I think this will be taking your chats later on today, of course, at my club afterward she consented, but let us try to come such my club again, I just you know I dont know what it takes. This is where I really do want to hear from you. What is what is the government have to know what state legislatures have to do? We have
we have Florida seems like Texas is getting in one year, and this is beyond people getting caught so to use that word for offensive jokes. We are now removing doctors heart. words. Stanford met currently practising doctors, not like vouches from expressing opinions wait. You mean daughters that have patience. Yes, Don t. I know it's a foreign, it's a foreign, I don't listen to them, don't we only respect dot, Roddy dont make house just trust the media? Ok, our idea, just trust the media nervous after you talk that well in history here is an extra, don't know how to segregate into this, but it just a lot of fun checks. Were spoke about mental health services. This is how the This ethical zealous disk, I believe in the New Yorkers him in describing is fine for mental health services. I didn't know xxx clip when I did my digging. I don't know. I think it's a violation of you. Do you,
two guidelines right to say what chucks humor said. You just its areas so there, if you urge this right now check should church the words Chuck Schuman Retarded and You will find all of these new articles reporting on what he said, but not showing the clip. So I had to do some buffering on a basement level podcast for about. I think an hour in ten minutes until I got to the part where he said pretty much exactly what you would expect a sitting power addition to know not to say, but he did anyway, this initiative, actually will how's the homeless population that is actually living on our streets. We see them every day around the house them and they are against its. It is unbelievable. I mean it's for I have found that my whole career I wanted a building in where I first was assemblyman. They wanted to build a blockade
we'll get living place for retorted tool against it. Even our kids. I wanted I wanted to help the retards. You know the Gulf, you know don't wash mouths, my god. I can't believe it is just one of those things against you. Two guidelines, except for one chuck, shimmer, says it would jump at. I don't know if it's there can report, it seems like actually right now what has happened this sea region I am a spokesperson for church humour. He would later knowledge eyes for the derogatory to he used he's sorry to all of the tardy people he offended. I especially his niece. me also, his favorite show was life goes on with Corky Corky was. Also water head and
You know I actually I'd they're they're, good people, I caught my wife in bed with one and they have giant paper mill. They are? That is there. It is true. The cows were a youth retreat, lessons and eventually, gentlemen needed help after the shower. I'll say my friend, Mama Clarice said my name. They possess workers in that man a table they deserve it. Could you can beat it shaded. It gave a bobcat prom around here I saw once on action allows like again look at you, the good Lord Giveth, any taketh away. Drives away. Gave us along now give you extra words. The brain ain't gonna work maybe that's why they killed Lenny Ellis again.
also how he was actually killing the rabbits, I didn't know I wasn't supposed to have a third peg, lay George George I made loved- I didn't know it wasn't supposed to The rabbit with George to take care of it. I just can't believe real common below. I want to see if you tube sensors, you guys quoting shucks humor, saying retarded children, find a way to fit in retarded children. In your comment and let's see because you as we never sensor comments. Unless there's like toxic or something, but you you do an auto filter out comments. so I want to say to comment and then comment on each other. This is get the best retarded then come not marking, of course, now started. Johnny, quoting Chuck, Shoemaker, yes, well. Equipped and part of this If you're being honest, The guy you miss spoke. I
care. I know he deserves to be careful because it's him nothing. I don't care what he said. I'm not thinking! Oh no, I know I shall stand by what I just said: item you just want to work is ignored. What to the rubber owes it to give a gay Pereira, love Gate, arts right he's just trying to be. He tries to do this to so many other people that he should be held accountable, but my reality is who cares right here spoke, he was trying to talk about something that happened when he was young, which is different. Now much like the word Josie Use right, but of course everyone is going to make a huge deal out of yeah. Well, I just I just want to go away yeah neural Gary Wrong. I hate him yeah you go to a prison and I think we should sentencing to an insane asylum that he can make a few new friends about snigger. Yes, now I went on and I guess I want, and I want to be with the ito with them.
Heads we should set the Digital Library, Hake, Ireland, because I here there's a lot of rights well looks like fire islands full up with the gate. Ok! Now, here's another thing that we need to talk when we have we really careful with their thanks. You tube and again you guys should join up among clever watch on rumble because that's where we can talk about it, a smash rumbled, eying joy button and watching on rumbled thanks gas, it rumble nine gets LIVE streaming act together, though rumble scene and reported, so they even poorer this. The new investigation to Fulton County georgia- for allegedly violating ballot dropbox, formerly allegedly Logically, now here's what they dont cover and seen as they say. This may have happened. It's sort of its more of it Macao Eddie. You know like icing, but Secretary of State bread, some try.
build this year that I can use these sources and not be kicked off of Youtube? Is everyone understand what a shitty existence my life is until I won't, namely secretaries Brad. Raffles burger, noted Deuce his office confirm the investigation is seen in any wrote. A tweet saying, new revelations at fault in county is unable to produce all ballot. Dropbox transfer documents will be investigated thoroughly as we we have with other counties that failed to follow Georgia, rules and regulations regarding drop boxes. This cannot continue. What money shouldn't have happened, The first point: I was evidently habits. I get what we say and what happened. Every single woman in your in your county was raped. This cannot continue no more continuing. It's done I thought it was for you re Pandora's box what're, you gonna do
now. The election is over years ago. Not you haven't even before the elections in looking to secure. These include imagery and roman Catholic than afterward. When they're saying has happened on my watch shall pass, except for everyone is already passed me no more revealing, but world are you there, all their I'm horrible at this game? By the way I love how we chose the cover for himself, like we ve done with other counties investigated three small counties for this same problem. When other count, there's been lawsuits file that try to figure out. What's: ok, accounting, yes, so now Lester count your boss count em right. The first don't act like you deserve to hire account. That's why well that four guys myth just needs a puddle world for Sidney's myth three Four Sidney. Smith. Far: ok, hate! The game is rigged, the garbage bags over the windows-
about half the bags so now, that's it CNN gay! You can go to that original source at seeing an end, then Brad Reference Burger. They have acknowledge this now I'm using. We try not to do this. A more conservative leader website, but they also have the actual skein documents red. Because scene and can say yes a little bit of a rule of form issue. There are not going to actually on the numbers that we may be dealing with right now, however, is acknowledged by CNN Paragraph in August. I think we should bring it up. Appertained of custody is important. Yeah, I said is one of the biggest things we talk about. Elections nomadic my head and shoulders anything math Edgeler Bill were here. He would say of course Or such like yeah, so it is a concern, recite Georgia, STAR News, reported that. voting. Can election official admitted a few forms are missing, which is confirmed by CNN and confirmed by progressive burger.
Georgia, STAR News previously published the one thousand one hundred and eighty transfer forms provided to them by Fulton County the open records request. You can go and see these actual document. I believe in pdf form. We have to link a lot of paradise. that's three hundred eighty five short of the fifteen hundred sixty five total forms. Physically. What does this mean? There's a broken chain of custody for over eighteen thousand ballots. Keep in mind the Joe Biden, one by twelve. that's a lie. It would seem statistically significant. Now again, I have to because of Youtube. I have to be really careful and unfair. Thirdly, I could never point out are you kidding Agri twice,
hit the notification California to go by the way, because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot. Now, an egg just give you back on Twitter for fun like if you just promises did I know things. I am very pleased that it back on Twitter, I loved it- may mean the President J S. Here's the thing Is this. I understand the logic if we were actually dealing the Mussolini european issue, yours writer, if there's any one who is actually trying to destroy, democracy and build up a militia sure that would hold. Does the defence hold water not when the Ayatollah, Douro Hamas are still on their know. What does not? Why did they even have to it
that is very dogma, is an issue of fatwa against you and he has in Donald Trump can't say I read about it. What do you think kill all the Jews, which is what he said right? We want to push Israel into the ocean right always out, and this is what the Ayatollah has said. Not may not their show, do you think that's a call to violence and hours had just merely somebody just it is destroying our direct. Your Donald Trump saying make your voice is heard peacefully. Fight, like Hell is apparently not as much of an affront to the sensibilities, as the Ayatollah wanting to Yukon Cornelius Israel off into the sea, Jane you plunder over there
when you actually piss me off, because we must have greater just for a hating Jews. What else is it for? I thought that was voted for. That's all of a sudden. You mean hate Jupiter. They just did between to shorten it s the bird than it used to be called hit computer using You can't go so he bought valid because he went from gold on board to silver, a less valuable, precious metal. who could have more, and I thought you wanted girl. You gone now Ok, what you gonna go, do next brass. What is he built? A vein, You wanna envisaged in silver coin, so your grand kids like were what Do others! Think, sir? You gonna go up Tom celebration of the fourth door. Is my first roadie? Yes, silver sweeping
you're dead, grandma's silver listens. Also mine said egg it, but now I get a regiment, If you could leave I'm going to take a dump on the rug love so working to belong to a second tat, I think, is really put the Democrats: don't pay their fair share and taxes now let me be very clear, any loopholes that is available to me. I use, and I thank her Everybody out there and everywhere I go legal, narrowly, no, the loophole. There's a little boys cry, Metaxas think about that non business levels, It's illegal or not that's extra, so good point at its right, to try and don't you try and bring me down. I said you ride. On you're out of a job, save your life mocha. I did overpay Naomi. A refund they'll get right on that in due time. I'm late one day day, you guys,
ten thousand extra dollars. Oh yeah, without overcome some point, but, unlike my Amazon prime order, that used to be next day and now its next decade, some guy just kicks the package and what the hell's a difference. Looking at coughing, that's being used as why privileged allow around so before we get to that. How I'm just again, everyone out there I would just advocate- I will miss- Advocate- pays little in taxes as humanly possible, because every single major democratic doing it and we would not produce who we're just a flat tax, which I support. radical white right wing extremism create, I want, is ten or fifteen percent. Ok before we get to that, though, I have talked about this unable to complain about ECHO chambers online. I understand the term social media and you think there's a problem with that and I've advocated. Without their set, some bookmarks viva left side. No right, citing lifecycle right side so right away I'll check CNN before I check Fox news I'll check it out and imposed before I go to whatever it is. It could be bright, but whatever the wood
the sites are, and then I also have on my phone sort of a radio package right, listen to CNN Fox NEWS. And then I listen to and PR and BBC now out of people believe that NPR is unbiased, as one would think of government funded media. One think of federally funded media, I think of you beholden to no one
free to say whatever they want, but this into very much enjoy, he has, as we discuss in the upcoming prying parade march for the oft overlooked, but still problem, lesbian AIDS mutation. When you, the term, usually happens from having sex with dishonest homosexual men previous to coming out as lesbians. But what do you think of it? I think when you're falls asleep behind the wheel, they are the listener nervousness and it should hope for rumbles trips. And yes, please wait for the break to killers. Yes, absolutely these results quickly is fine in it
You'll find a noose at your nearest exit, take or a lesbian Greek at the truck stop up top plasma in Ireland lay aside, and now we are now. I leave you with a wonderful cut of Stephen, compares Madonna or face sponsored by modern Pfizer. But of course we ve said the tempo at eight beats less permit. Our little gotta use your brain users, your brain okay, so envy are had a massive inconsistency in real time. I was listening to it. So what you are about to listen to- and I just want to see if you got this- is what bothers me is the lies by omission. People ask me: why don't you often address Rachel Matter? Look We know where she lines up. I don't have a problem with someone being biased and being open about it. I have a problem with someone claiming to be objective. Journalism are claiming their network is objective journalism that they are an objective journalist while lobbying for federal funding there not funded by viewers. Like you, that's a lie. Some of you
but most of yours, you know you know, Barneys not make incessantly street happen. That's why they had to go to HBO said he it's a legit, allegedly immense able, purportedly so empire at a massive inconsistent describing crimes- and I will just say this flat out blatantly racist little minimal. clip. But I want you to listen to this also. You know there are no edits, a woman was killed in Minneapolis last night after a man drove his vehicle at high speed into a crowd of demonstrators, as Sebek of Minnesota public Radio reports protestors detain the alleged attack or until police arrived, the demonstrators block. Lake Street in the cities, uptown area to protest, the killing of Winston Smith, sheriffs deputies. On a? U S: Marshall Service ask for fatally shot the thirty two year old black man June. Third, while trying to arrest him on a firearms warrant, local activist, DJ hookers, as
driver accelerated through barricades and hit several parked cars, one of which struck in a woman sitting, I heard a core game aloes going somewhere. I went out that didn't them. right click didn't pull in the right click there. Like a note that sorry, one that was given, really Poland or right click, young people than it? Let's put that in a little bit later will bring about it right now. Actually we have to cut. It makes your guys. I want that right click there, what happened with that? They pulled the wrong we should see an end right now announces that age. You know it's a strategy to combat domestic extremism which would a fit perfectly had we had the right click. What happens when your chief did the person whose, behind all of the disease, probation that driving some of this domestic terrorism threat is the President, United
That's one of the issues that were there that we or the former vice president of the United States back. We write what now this. This is a set up right, so they're saying that white supremacy is the worst domestic threat that we have to deal with and in their saying that domestic terrorism is a big deal, that we have to worry about right now right and what they said. They lifted out several kind of things that they really focus on one of those was finding people that are pushing this and so they're gonna use this as a pretext to come after you. If you have a bad opinion, even minded I've been accuse? We ve all been accused of white supremacy, just in calling it Langhorne virus right. So this What happens when you say white supremacy is what it's right wing extremism. What's right, wing extremism. entire Trump wing of the Republican Party. What's that the Republican Party, therefore, all Republicans and by proxy conservatives- are domestic terrorists. Yeah you're on
there's a big words yet does it make more sense to not do to understand why they will not move off of any any topic that has to do with anything else they won't cover, though, cover white supremacist. That's the problem, that's the issue that we have to deal with. If there's a mass shootings somewhere, they're gonna cover it all day, long with white, if the shooter is why Otherwise they move on from San Jose Colorado. Both of those happened. Frightening moved on from Georgia. Same thing happened there. It was the same story brighter pushing a narrative in anything that counters that data one here right, and I think that we have look the other way I mean about so this actually works perfectly. It fits in with what I just listen to an end. We are speaking of right. They want you to believe that white supremacy is the main thing and you might actually believe it if you watching and are listening NPR, to the way they described you're an idiot these additives, it's a drip, drip drip relic of chinese water, torture or a sea in an hour where they want you to only here. One side, but it's it's framed. Really it's
it is framed in a way that sounds reasonable. Its framed in a way that sounds level had I've always had, and I don't care if your passionate, I don't care if you are a little bit spicy. I just want you to be honest, not just honest, but the story, honest about where you are coming from one rule that I have, for example, I reached out. You know we reject a treaty to have a conversation even if we have people on the show who I disagree with, I make sure they know ahead of time that there might be a growing make sure that no ahead of time or island up, because I hate, when journalists just lie. We all have a point of view be honest about it. It's sort of when you would have guys in all, we weren't grappling tournaments and have a black belt and go, and they talks on a blue felt there. Could I just wanted to collect metals? Well, that's what a bully does it want to collect trophies, but there absolutely meaningless and of course, we left speaks from a bully puppet right now. So what they want you to do is only here about the crimes at the hands of white people which statistically are far less significant. Let's be honest in this country, if you are going to be the victims of violent crime in this country, if your white boy
or Asian far more likely to happen in the hands of a black American. That's just reality. Where's the girl I gotta say get out of my stagecoach today. irish hooligans took my pocket gradually all day old newspaper they have allowed at sea. As I did, you just Take this step out of the thing over that of the machine, and I put it the quarter, a drive, and on that I totally to start preparing pocket watches. It makes you and open target, but their gifts from Christopher Walken cell. So here NPR describing to different incidents- I want you to see if you can spot how they address race. Was killed in Minneapolis last night after a man drove his vehicle at high speed into a cry. of demonstrators, as man said, of Minnesota public Radio reports, protesters detain the alleged attacker until police arrived. The demonstrators blocked
street in the cities uptown area to protest, the killing of Winston Smith, sheriffs deputies. On a? U S, Marshall Service Task force fatally shot the thirty two year old black man June. Third, while trying to arrest him on a firearm redolent local activist dj hookers. As driver accelerated through barricades and hit several parked cars, one of which struck, killed a woman sitting on the curb a core game laws like some miles an hour ago, Doodle forestry spell out to the Gore and a hit Gore video that hooker took at the scene shows protesters detaining the apparent driver, a white man and handing him over recent elites for and pr NEWS? My maths, Epic, in Minneapolis, you're, listening to NPR News from Washington. Officials in Austin, Texas, say a man has died of his injuries following the mass shooting downtown early Saturday morning the shooting left More than a dozen people injured, at least one suspect has been arrested. Austin police say they think the shooting.
Began as a dispute between two parties. The incident occurred. long, ostiense, sixth street, a popular nightlife destination. A winning bidder is set to join, showing signs of a lorry. Now we move on to the next more than my story victim, a black man. Perpetrator, a white. oh, I would have asked it would have been an asteroid the mass shooting. Those a pretty big deal in Texas here was no mention of rice? Well I'll? Let you know as to why Austin Merit the OS american statement. One of the Premier papers right refused to publish a description of the suspect. Writing the american statesmen is not including the description areas as it is too vague at this time to be useful in identifying the shooter and that such a preamble, It is too vague them, they sort of dependency, and such publication could be harmful in perpetuating stereotypes vague, very, was nothingness and black. This right is not more. You can find it
It was a black man coming on air and these matters because it should keep people safer, ok, long, hair, a hippie, immediate aid should be the same across the board. If you're gonna say that a white guy did this or black or they noted some black white guy, and then they have like all we have to cover the mass shooting, but how we gonna do it as a razor friar, good deed? I hope you'll. Forgive me, clans just move on and we want a perpetual not per actuating stereotypes and what happens is then people glutton? Every time there is a mouse shooter, it's a white guy radio. because if there is any other kind of motion which statistically is not a white guy, you don't reported, you said perpetuate negative stereotypes and run up until you know the motive for sure you're hinting if it's a white shooter, your hinting white supremacy the entire time, but when I guy walks into a theatre, it says a lot of luck. Buyer like while we really dont know we don't know mental illness, that's what it is at all. We have no idea that that is prescribes.
Civically in his own holy book and the only guaranteed way to go to Heaven back to you Bob, but in other news, terrorist goes to Heaven yes said The two women are displeased. Yes, seventy two women they grow. Nobody wanted to have sex with them on earth should like ipods. I am entirely appeal is irrelevant, the book. Is seventy two virgins, not women, that I never know. What do I have to do certain things with these women, or can I just taken the baseball game? Yes, do you have go and they wanted to sit right in the dugout went blind. Pitcher is playing the hour when maybe they could be on soft bolting? Yes, yes, that's just like it would be well suited to Baltimore, maybe an employee at all of us.
groves appears very discussed in thy taken into the crux store and leave them there. Everyone would become less lever real. That would be like Heaven for them. Why would who are we to deny There's a thing with certain minorities there, where overtime, let's say during nine eleven people thought it was arab. So anybody who is remotely brown radical kicked the crap out of them. if there's an asian shooter, for example, Legged Virginia attack. I know a lot of my asian friends get really nervous was there are no people are going to react? I think that this I don't think that when I think that I did everyone agreed. That was a one off when there was one asian shooter people are like known as that religion. No, I mean this is what I was told, though, by asian friends, but I'm not, but I think with this is once you're too
he had two important where you won't identify a such factors at large. Here, like I do not say this he's very musical urban word now runs it would be able to run faster and jump higher than you could write. You a beat right. I can you describe as us. Had I don't know a normal childhood good at tenants. Yes, Dad wasn't around. Maybe that's waited if he were in white men can't jump. Remember Woody Harrelson, the other guy Yes, not woody, Harrelson Blue. I need to spell this out for you, because I really don't want to get banned from you to not Matthew roderick in the lower just leave him he's out there. I think that this man could procure of narration work for
penguins are really anything. Yes, we're getting an we do frame a pickaxe seems to have a natural natural gifts for rhythm. Yes, that's a rug, yeah yeah! Well, really it's a piece of cardboard release and where it goes, but I believe that I think they call it a rug, sledges snake, loudly. I'm on the phone. Also it films, unending, airs, also at church, speaks loudly generally jolly Are you catching my drift officer? You're? Not. Can you imagine he's height. This way to describes aspects words like God, it's bad to describe somebody's either taller short we'd, never find anybody. What did you see that, just as we can that someone spelled out Joe It is literally five foot three guy and look. This is a credible, ok
the kind of funny someone shore I met him he's not fight. Threes is not a tall guys very open about the fact that is not at all costs the amount of money to go into hating. Somebody is right, I guess what I thought was funny now. That being said, these same leftist activists cassettes. They hate your Rogan now because he has the gall to have someone like me or SAM Hairs, Rowan Peters and honour and anyone who is even or more success than them right, more successful than an empty, the left is upset with them there same people who want you banned if you point out the unhealthy behavioral patterns that lead to obesity, which they describe as that pride no issue with actually insulting someone for immutable characteristics. However, in height and of course, in this case its irrelevant its irrelevant his height was progressing ability problem makes it easy for him. Chuck underneath that desk body, whose short, though, I'd like to point out not the least bit, and it now, but seriously you guys suck. We can make fun of me it's fine afforded ascribing to police officer. I'd like where do I start torch short guy he's lying
hey guys, readily eggs, I do and we re moving hit the sharing button because sharing is government after watching this live twitter. Facebook, if you're, watching an archive use, hit that share button, theirs correlation with Youtube for some reason favouring that, because they want to bump us out of the top lifespan. Here now I, like it get to this. This is important. A lotta people don't necessarily talk about what is this guy merit garland all my gathered still talking about domestic extreme as arose now, that's the serious this with which we take this assault. on a mainstay of our democratic system by peaceful transfer of power. Why is it always a guy like he'd, be the president of the clan speaking, thereby we ve gotta, get why the parameters that a hoodie border residents of this world club task to law enforcement, albinos, someone work that guy up at day camp with it shaving kit and a feather
lock him a sock here about a real a quarter. Isn't it does so for each argued about the guided tour. The guided tour that took place at the Capitol Look This is what they want me to say this. We ve been very clear. Anyone who act. Really committed. Violent crimes should, of course be prosecuted, till whatever level people are prosecuted for those current anyway? who trespassed should of course be charged with trespass But do you really hold people who trespass indefinitely in maximum security prisons like they're doing right now. Do we really say that the system of justice are our federal praise fulsome false? prison right now, just bursting at the seams with skater kid you're grinding rails at private homes We want. We want to act but come on. Let's be real here. Really they brought their o o the insurrection
brought their guns and use them? Did you find one trespass sing and there still in jail, and then what the what the media does work. but these January sixteen directs look at them, complain about being in prison policy really really yet they just let out a how many people because they had the sniffle. So what's he informed well. I'd want to recapture cold rats, unleash amended New York, ripping come on. Harris and crew can basically set up funds to get people bailed out, but this one guy camera more wasn't California thing donated like twenty bucks to something to get people, basically legal representation, and he gets band yeah to cause she's six, nine, who is still apparently a wrapper, has led out of the prison the writing out other members of his gang any sexually assaulted, a minor a thirteen year old.
camera along with choking somebody unconscious. I believe it a shopping mall, so I'm surprised even had the forearm strength from gonna call bullshit on that story. He was from a Yo Yo office. Your deputy, could you, like maybe tough guy story for my street Craig is I'm kind of a red and they won't kick my ass. So this guy let out of prison because he said he had cove id and asthma and people who trespassed some of whom were on camera, saying, keep it peaceful. Not them People who are violent shouldn't be George right, there's just a difference, but should you still if you right now, if you Now, let's say I dont know March through a gate, neighbourhood in Missouri, where people greet you with their firearms on their own property, letting you know that they will not allow you on their lawn and you are on private property. would you be? Would you expected to be arrested indefinitely? What happened in Missouri what happened at the state capital in Wisconsin when they were trying to defend it
teacher how you love the start date they want arrested. They came in March they sat down and they shut the place down for a while worth weren't. They all arrested and thrown in jail, and we heard news report news report about how dangerous that could be for democracy, and I know you didn't hear thing about it other than yet. This is a great thing. You didn't you take money away from teachers, and I also love her by the way they ignore the fact that right outside of the White House, maybe someone can bring this up little later in the research bather out in front of Someone who are trying to cave in the fence I didn't actually did break through one of the fence is one of the. I guess you could say boundaries of the you're a barrier young about the metals or barriers right and they had a gay team with Donald Trump right. And then then there was the news that they had their when they are going to conduct. It was very Clearly, a paper machine knows you, you couldn't you couldn't
a warm bright with that thing. How many protests- and I did the same thing with Trump like old- we're a hang about or cut his head off, and I add my cried out loud. I went to the women list if you have kids, ok ever them. Just as I went to the women's margin, I saw Donald Trump with spread. Pussy yeah. involving several having mad about a noose mean it didn't here together? I don't know, I apparently you wasn't using his medical, dildo device, illiteracy and brave and natural transition. That's always that's all other that we go through a sexual common operation really How do you maintaining your womanhood, depends on how we are just an ogre upside. if we are to do just what people are there, because a lot of people de transition names? I know sorry, I'm going down a rabbit all, but you have to
coming, create a flesh wound filet your penis, like a five guys hot dog, others put the hut fundamentally the beggar between a delicious, but not always Your brain is inverted and you have to reopen it regularly as a wound. Not yet also what we're talking about this. This is because it's beautiful everything that the left says it's beautiful is horrible. and sat upright? My aunt was here who's a nurse by the way, my fill it. Surely there would then we'll get on the shop lover. We gotta do donors, I don't think you'll, be she struggled with weight I don't know this because I've always known as an ant, whose prefet but she's struggle is white. Long time ago. She knows What it's like to be overweight! I showed her picture this holiday. She said yeah beautiful, do they you about the yeast infections and as well. All women's you have mental under arms and under their love. Should I work at the hospital people that big come in with yeast infections, because
ass. They get into a fight water bath. That makes them completely weightless like a flotation tank planet, beautiful, brave, monsieur you double mask, but their brave beautiful, ok, sour dough looks were selling on Amazon. Get your catcher no pay, you know drains and a young culture for you in for you Here I might have some of its life Yes is himself for at sea, my body rigs Why metal died? We issue overran Anorexia. guitar rightly so. The guillotine right here sure yeah bring that up the walk you're, forgetting all theirs, was an actual functioning gayety, generically chop off the head. Other video only saw the still more a part of me. To appreciate their game They go for if they really go for it. That's good cramps
we see them. I dropped the gay teams that happened. The video that functional does not function that might have been functional I ran the correct dial now that wasn't functional they gotta gender study degree lower than anyone working and go work for the melodies color. angrier you of your build a gear team. I do not necessarily know angry just pathetic. Will you put it just a lot of work than another? work effort, not a to show him guys. That is a direct threat to our democracy, My paper machine Nous do not downplay this. Ok, absolutely. Basically, base. I guess it's a satisfactorily get like farming on an elevator when you leave. You just know that people are in chaos and take some solace in it, but you never really get to experience it like putting a razor and example so well into hello. You know it, and indeed it is second Jack's, Nay protects us not to cycle through this pretty quickly. I just want you guys know. What did you do to fear tat
so you're gonna get a refund anyone. It's actually a question that I have when you of actually had to pay taxes evokes into paid on time right if you pay, the penalty I'm gonna. Take you to get your refund. When I have, I usually get a refund because we always overpaying, there's a business that some of you wouldn't know that a lot of businesses, small medium sized businesses, which basically means anyone, not Amazon or Walmart, you typically overpay, and then afterwards you get a refund, and sometimes it I've had refunds come more than a year later, wow we're supposed to be electronic now happen immediately. What what are they doing? I would ease and stamps and stuff so today, the second tax day access. Sisera gave me a little session after our power grid failed in February. But let me just go through the Democrats here. This is something that is remarkable. All of you should try and pay as little in taxes as you possibly can so. Dont think that I'm kinda People through using the legal loopholes, however, don't do as democrats do do as they say:
and the wealthy is one percent merged just began to pay their fair share. This too should be able to become a billionaire millions, but pay your future. recent studies, show to find that the fifth five nations biggest corporations paid. zero Frederick acts last year, Gunnar Reform, corporate taxes. Pay their fair share and help pay for the public investments. Their businesses will benefit from as well Well, then understand its understandable that he wants people to pay more in taxes, because you know forty trillion dollars and Democrat. No, I don't really understand why you need a chart why you need to charge any one more in taxes when Egypt footprint Harmonics credit, it's all three, You got the machines like what are you gonna get. Did the balances budget I wouldn't so much describe. It is balanced,
as I would take couple trillion from the wealthy and then we'll just printed literary Julian and see where it does that sound horrible. I know it's like an opinion men, so you would expect them to pay more in taxes. Rent rest certainly seems to be former vice President Joe Biden and his wife, and actually voted paying taxes for years So this isn't a one on. Let me read you: this building is live till. They make thirteen point three million, an income from book and speaking, tourists from twenty seventeen to twenty eighty. They avoided paying over five hundred, thousand dollars in payroll taxes by classifying the income- and this is a trick. All this time, in a jungle as an S core Are they Fathoms s core profits rather than taxable wages, so they can pay him under Debbie too, and not have to pay the additional feel. That sounds an awful lot like that tax law. For that former vice President Obama in Morocco, Bundle wanted to close I knew I saw it somewhere, that's because it was if Joe Biden speaks in, you fired him, you do get a refund of sorts yeah, the especially
He comes from that house for retarded children from Germany. ass. I did it If someone I dont like what's wrong, I'm doing my blast tire about You should go to a thousand of the church on site. When you should talk. Did you mean drool? Here, sir? You stroke let me give you some and will be taking some of your play, some chat here and Muslim. Let me give you some other examples of politicians on the left to get people one act. That is just a corporate democratic rashest. You know that the real progressive all right! Well, let's go The founder of the fees, the man who honeymoon in the? U S: s: are you don't know how lucky you are by Bernie sanders and the need for the benefit of beneficiary. We will demand that the wealthier large cooperation start paying their fair share.
but taxes so that we can make he didn't. Ninety percent colleges and universities to wear should free and substantially reduce, started that in this country right well, that works when you basically were a glorified student with out actually attending college. Until your forties, where you attained public office and suckled at the government teat so him in his wife. They took over sixty thousand hours and tax reductions, which doesn't seem like a whole lot. This isn't there! fourteen, but in two thousand ten Jane his wife. I remember this because I was raised in Montreal. Where are they Champlain College, because we I went to shambling college much, but there's a sampling college Upstate New York, We need to see the commercials for all the time, and That's where she worked. She works era thinking they have worked its mother educational institutions. She allegedly I say that because a college shut down its so yeah she's drew
bolster donor commitments and burning office, use that influence which may be illegal to secure. ten million dollars in loans to purchase thirty three acres of land for what are linked in college ocean with President Burlington Karlsruhe second ourselves for those two shamefully, was more of a technical institute. Of course, the college in it a crippled with that force. Those but Jane got a nice two hundred thousand tuna. Thousands have and yet I thought when you quit, you just left yeah. Now, let's I just ran along dinosaurs, TIM Gardner of our Secretary of Treasury, he's also talk about the rich and even pay their fair share. Believing lionize and that's come about in what ways that the case, because if you don't try to generate more revenues for tax reform. If you don't ask them, you know the most force american such very slightly larger burden slightly of your religion. They aren't coming out of his colleagues. Are you trying to avoid the only way to achieve fiscal systems?
that is true, unacceptably deep cuts and benefits for middle class, seniors or unacceptably deep cuts in national Ok! Well, he had to pay back over forty eight thousand dollars after under paying taxes from two thousand to two thousand six, so not a one off five years. keep in mind. This is all in the context of the IRS. Can audit right there want to use the IRA to target political about and they found the dust on this out when they were interviewed him to become the? What was it sector treasury checking federally should be each be pretty good with these these forms and money, and in my eyes and ears like it literally, I remember watching this life. What about this text? Will I'll go? Hadn't pay that yeah anybody else get that option by the time I thought up until recently, the Secretary Treasury just guarded the FED from pirate swell him
a lot more fun Wesley Snipes didn't get that break at all, nor did Willie Nelson, although until we keep doing a benefit concert as a requirement. So this is my favorite one. Current climate tsar, which are saying is that an official than now now he's been in climate Zog is anything more broad and stupid. What are you in charge of modern charge? I'm bizarre What he was tsar of everything you see. Like all the light touches. Is my bullshit you're like a drug czar, liquid stuff dodge. I dont really your whole life inside your head tsars spelled with tee, not see, but I lunch at the russian tea room so Wanna go during his time, a senator. He said the federal government knows
not opening up your black, that's my mother when he said the federal government knows how to spend your money better than you do this to me actually set attacks is non targeted. If you, Further tax got into a business or an individual. Today there is no Aren t they're, gonna win. their money. There is no guarantee that invest their money and the United Nations there don't go anywhere that they want if they choose to invest so government, yes, government has ability to be able to make a decision that the private sector won't necessarily make today. So So the same thing I just that you you're an asshole. You look at it as a good thing. So using I love that he talks about you know, may we don't no, they could go somewhere else, so autonomous physical space, after all, is a climates are so anxious topography falls under purview, two thousand ten John
avoided paying five hundred thousand dollars taxes by docking his family, seven million dollar yacht Isabel out of state, I don't think like. If you were watching the show like revenge or if you were watching like Alice Dynasty, we have the ultra wealthy family. I dont think you would make the evil corporatist villain that they built the little on the NOS seven million that dollar yacht docking it off State when he's a democrat climates, are no one's. Gonna buy them these pushing for higher taxes, because the government knows how to spend money better than you do. Just think much money, this guy married into how, if he saved five hundred thousand dollars in taxes on a seven million dollar yacht solemnity, probably paid somethin guess it pays to marry the ketchup lady after getting hit by a grain of rice, Heinz. Yet what I heard
here's my favorite, not really my favorite but ill on Omar, accuse republican colleagues of irresponsible, given tax cuts to, of course, the wealthy, the other side this administration will lecture us on the academic principles of fiscal responsibility and steady by limiting deficit spending unless it means cutting tax cuts for the rich. Ok, trying to think of how to approach this one carefully, but you know what I'm to go face first, because it's a fact: I don't care. If you don't like it. Twenty forty two Fifty on our illegally file joint Tatra learns with her. Then current husband before they were, keep in mind. She was with her brother, Slash husband at the time, so she made her brother by the way, find a fat check. Saying that's incorrect. You won't find it. They just don't covered married to her brother. Illegal joint tax returns to save money did someone say double trouble. I think
I think, the stamps re, our hair, TCP seeds, flipper answer when all of the squid a structure would build a house for travel search Romeo, how high little Omar Unita House I'm great at that. With Brain dynamite thing. You ve, gotta, Guph Brain and fly Please come live in this. We got a poem it's, mostly water, air, of uniting their toys in the bag. I feed your fish out of pocket, knock yourself out. all right now, Hillary Clinton, of course, because she so easy to hate illnesses, but she's she's, but she's, a boy therefore, human being we discuss and I wondered how wonderful it killing right? We don't want
whatever the tourism sector, the art- of murder. Nobody, but it's more art than science. The murder really is she goes and unjust breaks the neck with her Cancun. Its Emma about mine control is like she. She has the zen you squeeze from golden. I only know what Europe does not get out of there: Hang myself about and abide fine. It's do it or take the fists of six men, that's it, then of course precise Donald Trump or not. Releasing is tax returns rent for forty years, everyone running for president has released their tax regulations. You can go and see nearly, I think, thirty nine forty years of our tax returns, but everyone has done it. Save gotta. Ask yourself that's blood, but why won't he release is tax returns and I think there may be a couple of reasons. First, maybe it's not as rich as he says. He is set,
Maybe it's not as charitable as it claims to be, or maybe he doesn't want the american people all of you watching tonight to know that he's paid. Nothing in federal tax is ok Well, it's compare those claims to what we actually know about Hillary Clinton financial analysts, Lauren Doyle and John Moynihan of DNA in DM income advisers. They allege that the clean foundation owes anywhere from four hundred million to two point: five billion. taxes and they submitted formal complaints to the IRA's? Take they they speaking of charity. That's ok. What are their taxes? They claimed it was a charity, so let me bring as to how much do they actually give to chair. This is something I wanted to. I want to go through really quickly. How much all Democrats give the charity does. I think it's shocking let me ask you this out there before I dont get bad. How much do you give your income to charity
now. I know I was critical of the term ties right by at least ten percent of your first fruits go to church and a lot of questions do that manufacturers, a book by by I believe, is David, Brooks who really cares where it talks about people and is generally middle income, red state Christian Americans not just affect the most terrible people, world. The single biggest determining factors in whether you are charitable or not is your personal religious affiliation, namely christian, and then your political affiliation, namely Republican, I know it goes against everything. You believe that we have a sort of a lot of Canada Democrats and to be the least chaired now, go through a long list, but I'm is going to go through the list of people who ran for that ain't within the last two cycles. Otherwise we would, here all day, so that from two thousand. Seventy two thousand fourteen billion Hilary actually seems pretty good. They get fifteen million to shared and for the out of a hundred and forty one million dollars until revenue. So that seems pretty good, but now
nine percent of their donations actually went to their own non profit, the Clinton family Foundation. It is called the Clinton. We hardly that's where we have been aware of it. You get this your own money laundering name it up. I would prefer to shimmers habitats for retards I went down to New Orleans with habitats for Mongol Lloyd's. I warn you I'd for me who is this and, with this reservation, build to serve the name is on the building the land. So most of the remaining one percent went to other Clinton affiliated. I know you're thing like. Where did the other one percent go christian children's fund now for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, declines construe you to the full. Our heads on these dingbat had, I know you think lotta glut overhead there, no staff nor offices,
well, it's a hitman. They got charge a lot of money. How is it that Ireland, violence jobs is always a jail supervisors and security in our family Dennys Parking lot? In a brief kids that easy, rapid and our Harley outside of about Evans, literally, they set up a charity issue. in their aim and donated all their money. To that end said job done. here's the thing I was at fifty million of a hundred and forty one million revenue, but first a further. The money go but still night, nine percent of that, went to themselves to really a hundred and forty one million went to the Clinton's you that while there was their income over the time, the bad right fifteen men was the donation that they made to charity if Chelsea, subtle, single day
In a merry up is hit men better, have dental and accompany the hour they pray do look ran. Reynolds is not cheap. That's gotta Bernie because you would expect will of course, people always save up when it wishes authentic. He acts as what he preach in Andorra people, despite being a godless atheist, is gigantic homes, right the plural them off in a lonely. Three, oh that's. True, twenty million. After writing, a book that made a millionaire- and he told People- dont be jail. You should just make yourself and write a book about your book Bernie gave ten thousand to charity less than percent of LA to be clear less than one percent. Now this brings us your former. Vice president, Joe Biden only bring a former vice President Biden because it seems to be the news quota, but these days from ninety eight, two thousand that the ten year span, joy, gave an average of three hundred and sixty nine dollars a year to charity the highest amount.
ever gave was nine hundred and ninety five that zero point three percent of his income, who irony zero point three the average was actually zero point, one that is insane, wasn't their story about him, trying to write off his used underwear that he donated to the goodwill as well. I have model, I don't know. I guess I don't know that's true, but I remain over its loading, but are literally that fact alien. Maybe Donald Trump is in his chair table. He gave his entire presidential salary all of it to charity. Yeah. That's on record: that's on record and this is what they will look. You want to save him and he's not as mafias acclaimed. Ok, you want academic, that's it you're, not rich enough, and they want to Well, I've been credible if he gave us- tire? Why now salary you see what you can only do, because you're so rich. Oh, I realise that I screwed myself, and this the issue to remember having this conversation with not being implemented Markham on here, I think we were ready. And he was very open about this. I was seeing look them.
charitable institution that we know the American Christian Church and like us, this book called who really cares about David, Brooks and liberals believe that we should remove that They see the government as the church. They see that they believe that people in churches and individual charitable organizations which, by the way, there's some there's a form of accountability. This also goes by the idea of a mass centralized government, for example, when the CDC gets it wrong or the world Author lies about a lively, more people get damage with charities are actually a rating system where you can see how much of the terrible contributions actually go to the people in need, or whoever the charities helping her up and, for example, the most ironic one bono's one charity. One percent. Exactly actually goes to those in Diaphana one percent a year.
never mind, you don't have any water, nothing grows the rest of it went to putting an uninvited album on my Iphone, the lawyer or showing up to the middle of Africa like we're, gonna sing for you to cure aids, and it's a nightmare. Hungary you're making it worse than making it worse or so so look. I know that you're just singing Vertigo on loop, but we could really use a well. a fly bellies, I'm here to sing shit tunes. Do you like you know not for you move we burned all trees. Stop it only hurt. your dick: what what first, I hate how phony all these rights, but the point is you can say: oh they one percent or whatever it is warming Parker. Whenever times, I have no idea what they're doing at least theirs
I'm accountability at a certain point of a charity is doing it that poorly someone gets to the bottom of it, and you can choose a more effective charity. I wouldn't be. shocked if one percent of the actual federal budget ever actually went to anything other than red tape and bureaucrats, but they see themselves as the more Authority. They see themselves as the arbiter of fairness, them individually, but the entity of government- because this is the issue right John Can'T- we just want to John Kerry Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden guidance or omar when you take the way they see everyone to the through the lens of race through the lens of gender rights. This all identity, politics, it's designed to remove individuality. So when you remove individuality, guess what else you? U absolve people of individual responsibility, and so they say the government is the entity. The government is the entity that should write all not me personally. I don't need to give the cherry think about that Joe Biden giving zero
point one percent to charity, some stopping by his house. Saying sorry, you look like you're doing pretty. Well, you collected a few million from speaking, from from books? You know, as you suckle, that the government tit me, You could give some to those in need. He might as well say. Are there no prisons? Are there no house for what you call them, so I just dropped wholly fart filled underwear off at the Salvation Army. Yes nobody's gonna love those around, and this really honestly, this is always would have talked about. I owe you to get so mad when I was a kid when people say Scrooge crescents Yahoo didn't, like This means that they are all your business. It was the greatest redemption tales of all time, and people missed is just what they miss it with Robin Hood. Robin Hood didn't deal than the rest to give the poor Robin Hood stole from the government, the monarchy, a similar agreement that we left and fought often under the Boston, tea, hungry kind of a big deal. He fought a corrupt monarchy who, over tax the people, install them to give it back to the rightful owners Ebenezer
Scrooge beforehand, transition was visited by the three spirit. He was pre redemption, Joe Biden Bernie Sanders. Are there no prisons? Are there no poor houses my taxes go to those in need, and I can't afford to make a merry Christmas, then afterwards he assured the matter will be giving more money and not a penny less, because he understands that. It's it's not the governments job he can. we count on someone else to do good in the world, but it starts with yourself. That's a fundamental difference in worldview and that's why conservatives that's why Christians, despite the stereotype, overwhelmingly Technically give more- and I don't know I mean it- doesn't hold Joe Biden accountable for talking about Donald Trump taxes. very single month of every year of his presidency, the guy was bacon millions. Governments powerful man in the world, but given we hundred dollars to charity and none you care all right,
this is a lot on Youtube or not so for right now we're gonna go to mug club and take your chat. You too, you know what to do.
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