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The CDC has sold out YOUR CHILDREN to the teachers unions, and we tell you how. Joe Biden had one of the most gaffetastic weeks of his presidency. We go over the highlights. Also, a comparison between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. And Tess Holliday claims she’s anorexic. Yes, THAT Tess Holliday. #CDC #Israel #TessHolliday

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Hey audio, listen, listen! I'm sorry for having made fun of you all these years, saying why you watching the video show, because, if you're, not my club member, no evil, yeah, there's Are you so you are right all along and I owe you an apology and I'm sorry. Come crawling back, but I'm just gonna ask you right now. Please share this like leave a review of your listing on Apple on Android on Spotify, so that people know that should we ever end up being tossed into the nothing that you're still here with us and to show their twenty two here may know that Joe Biden has recently seen the bloodshed left. Eider planetary to Norway this- is more proof of this actual baby boomers to all to support a close, circulatory system of true, more poor, truthful here is exit. This answers to the question
This register, where it is betrayed Joe Biden Wizard, with this disgusting early, this cord blood from its legitimacy. By saving questions. Interest could suppresses natural instincts, but dimension, the other obvious similarity they're, all producers with a hearty wizard. They should watch and support me, pushed him go, showed me a note like nets and removed a better space. Make videos. Currently organ He was unable to sleep till next. The simple louder with greater is brought down in part, John Support defined by merchandise, sharp great conversations. Theory, the right people
DOT Tk I didn't scald myself, I was there. I saw got mighty season in Iceland. my country, Biden after a night riddled with parma- I am like it tonight varies, I'm still sick, no covert took another test. Ok, that's your fit turns out. The flu is still a thing nor a cold. or anything else, so I will say
as the area and if I sound like an eighty two year old emphysema hacking up along. You know why, but I am so grateful for this mug. By the way it really that can hold a lot of soup so birthday Oddity garthie people who are watching right now on rumble, of course, he's got a mug, that's rejoined lot of. Canada comes I smoke. Let me get like an hour of additional show stuff that can never air on Youtube or this week we are further. That is all of it orientation So our every time, a lot o wrap up of this week, so many mistakes made the iron Domin Israel too. Holiday and also one of the top executives over their determined at the CDC who was found to be colluding with teachers unions. Why would have thought that government bureaucracy could be corrupt? it never know not possible. We talk a lot of lies and more General Day is here with me. How you, sir, I'm well hurry now come on. Don't ask. How are you quoted like aired, bind the dip,
that's going to be any matter, and waiting on fleet is discouraged where I go to bars at people use lingo that exactly how are you buying the dipper you, what does that mean good cheer up? Ok, I thought you were a friendly, buyer, my Mort folios socks, what I'm saying many gonna die or society and by low and sell high lets you try to shorten. Do you need me to explain to the difference in a bed in a bull market? I guess I could use work. I had no idea was gonna learn all this at jingles could David I was here how user ahoy you ever show coming up here. I do this week. We have seen with its leader funnybone very funny leader it'll, be Funny Louisbourg Tag, a funny about that's horrible. All right so far only hits the bone from going ahead and NATO's either the bone and funny. Oh, I get it so, let's
whether you know father of the that is what I like about. This law is now coming up in, of course, listen we're not beyond recognise a humanity, their fathers across all political spectrum in all walks of life, including terror. Arrests, terrorists or someone's father too. So, in anticipation for fathers day, we have an exclusive of the early front runner for Palestine. father of here he's a Jew Goodman? oh, while the Father the year was there was a twist you look
I love you. I didn't want to see that I'll blow out of the car was going to say. We feel that a joint do you think, I'm running Satellite Lee was the idea for high five. The kitten by that could have gone very easily another direction, and I don't mean that they would just shoot that. I mean that that child could have been a suicide bomber, worried about that at that, when I learned addressing, allow me more than just a facebook, Palestine, the hop pro Hamas father sent him into battle against a man and full battle regalia with an actual salt riflemen assault. In spite of myself rifle and actual military style rifle and then the jewish father or its democratic o them the devil, the devil. Father. Just ah, ah knights, and there is a further expectation which, by the way he go to crush up that come to buy some cool march for your dad. We fathers are best at ever change my mind. We do. We now have some tumblers just because another mugs him to have people would we
there was some lawsuits of people trying to drink in the car. Would you ve never have it? We ve never advocated that. Never, but now You know you have a tumbler, but this that fights like hell. I like that this good, ok, Last year my son got me a tie where was loose, but turns out of rope. It was just hanging on the garage years past, eight next, to give it to me. I just kept thinking about come included a dirty magazine, louder strand, and what a smile on your face arise. A play girl I saw like as a house, so this is something during yesterday's show. to talk about us. We should mention it on air, but it happened, live and no one had really talked about it yet, and so we- does something: actually it was Danny Danny thank you for sending further comment with an identical than I that Bible was prepared, ending to drive do we have a picture of it or no. We haven't, we just haven't. I don't live there, but if you look at it when he was driving their there was
second sneeringly dried and he turns he makes a jerk and the car doesn't move ha so there was clearly and his head goes back and to the left, so her dress was room and yet what breaks the rural president is not allowed to drive? Actually, especially ones, you know, have been governments before segregation ended. I was long before. Yes, that's it At that time he was using the words racial jungle. I believe, but this is a big weak, not only that four for former vice President Joe Biden, so we're gonna. Usually do you know? That's our buy me a moment, but there is so much that happened this week. We will use Give you wrap up this stuff that you would have never seen in the media few gaps so will go through the montage, he was fake, driving a car threatened to run over a porter quoted by the way I told the coastguards that they needed to laugh and not this month exponentially plagiarize a statement from Ronald Reagan- oh boy- and he called the coastguard a dull class. So here you go this week in the vine wraps. We want to do again.
the Second World WAR I should go from the bars I step on Nazis are nuclear, surround the Navy forms times. You are dont plants. I would think you'd have an opportunity when I say that about the Navy, please there's, we use in a different context of Chinese saying it says: women hold up, half the world, The third lesson in tip: actually come from two of my favorite political philosophers, MAO Tse and mother Teresa. They won't.
Tobacco. Let's get there, let's get a little butter, a little butter friskily here in this chamber that matters, because you didn't you see the history of action there they are needed I would arouse on Fox NEWS. I was on Fox NEWS when she quoted Mount giant people thought back, then it was so absurd. No one would ever do I was on Fox NEWS with, I believe, shown Hannity. I believe it was Kennedy was dug shown. I dont remember in their might have in her elder Rivera and John Henry NO did his thing really into his tongue, went from it about you know today where needed done, quoted mouth and eyes those that should not just the kind of division. Your showing the radical that this is this. Not true. She didn't quote Maoist. No, no! Actually she did What now on video it, I only when I see it, look to shine, they ran the clip and then we're sitting there right and by the way they had us into four quadrant. Even though we were sitting in the same studio and They want to make it seem international and after they when they ran that clip, and she said I looked to mouth, I turned aligning Davis and I just went home
maybe we can. I don't have the cliff distillery said: hey High five five, my square have five. My box and I reached into his box, had a conversation with the brass. It's that the letter, I don't see a problem with quoting the guy who ran people over with tanks, because communists are not bad to them. They ve killed.
Joe Biden isn't the first time you did. You guys are dull class, told us he set up a forest, clap you stupid, bastards, exactly he tells bed even butchered. The statement that was from Reagan Reagan was seventy, seven years old when he said that in Reagan may have been quoting somebody else and that's totally fine right, they laughed and cheered, and then he beheld the Navy and nuclear cheer. You didn't say anything they needed a clap. Would you clap for his dementia stuff assent of the agency tying? Like you, I heard that an eighty three we ve set it ever since that suit EU is like a drunken comedian who messes up his punchline gets mad. If the audience all seen it, there was an audience. You meant to reference a walk to remember and reference Titanic, and I was there in it and workers are you guys, just idiots you guys suck and whose not gonna go get mad at you? They just don't understand what you're saying clap you stupid bastards and then there was like two guys. They lag through that their like yeah, well here
It is an ongoing allows, led now they didn't have a promptitude just wasn't going on hermit goddamned. I would single crap prisoner pansy. For me, by the way robber. What open reflection cookie? It's you will be Tire Marco ass. You think we're problem with me now, though, proven by the way. This is not something that is unknown you'd. Do research right now just go. Do do me a favor search women hold up half the sky, it will immediately attributed to map, in other words, not we the dying, whether he didn't know or not. I think that he did know he doesn't have any one around him to tell em like. Oh that's map the optics growing likelihood of matter for our peoples. My all, ok, look. I know what you're saying I know it, but that's Hitler, so we can change. The word were who it
who did a guy who's? Mostly brain dead, can only remember communist sleigh. Logout emitted, like my grandfather, had a stroke and couldn't talk, but you could sing happy birthday because of the different parties brain that he emotionally connected do communist, faster com, or should I say he only knows that in the words to american pie, never misses a beat. You can quote mile. Can you drive a car by himself? No doubt no! No! No! No! No sign of any different Now I will tell you what he is like a walking artistic encyclopedia unleaded just plows incredible. This knows just he will feed it out to you by the way sharing is carrying you guys can share. This, I believe, is a rumble. We're telling people the rumble button run, because if you're gonna rumble, rumbled right right and then is not shown up, I'm here zone, if that's, ok, good. When we last empower this morning- and of course you guys can listen, subscribe, podcast,
we're out of hell. I need you right now. You guys know about the lawsuit got. A lot of Canada come to read more about it, but it's always available on apple Spotify? Who I know it's only audio, but you can t stay in touch. This question today is Do you really feel like teachers are essential workers already they're here, as we hear this term alot now essential workers. Have you noticed this of the heroes part as a guard, a real heroes, and then we talk about essential workers, people really great, not their essential workers like fast food work. Let them get that's that they also called them heroes for awhile out, I told them narrowly Darrow. Weiler. if you don't show up for a job interview with fifty dollar fifty dollar character. Dangled? I don't necessarily think you're such a network people mean when they say essential workers written our convenience workers that we do on a daily basis. However, if there's a nuclear holocaust, I would argue that the people like for all their faults- people like the bill gates of the world people like that you must for the world
reform of the world. They are probably more essential than the guy who, MRS your slice of cheese and your flatfish still hold London. You gotta. Let me know if there's nothing left, but a few families and some cockroaches how long before you can drive a car electricity and who do you want to help you out with it. This is- with our teachers are heroes. Look unpopular policy now depends on the team. what site every but big classified every one of them. It was like just because you teach kids, you are now a hero like have we loosen the definition know for the last year. A lot of them were like I, you do it or you can just go and do it well. We proved that you're not essential over the last year, Freya there, one of the few people who they actually, that would be a perfect bumper sticker slogan for the teachers unions, and it should be just as you do it, but it's not worthy enough. There are the only people, a bumper sticker when the air force has to host a bake sale to buy bombers and teachers.
There's more national expenditures on education. There is in the military. No, this is different, because municipality states right government, they fund the more than the federal government because we need a national motor but that Bumpersticker stupid anyone who has it on their car. You know you can just have by just to tell the vine Dr Objective floored, nothing there's a good chance that they'll get hit, but don't be liable to monitor what happens. Let the cards for where they make that might have one. That said, one of my sons and understood and take a gas is scarce. Had two pictures, other you're sibling in your face is granted then of a lower. It said not this one, it was just a diverse, mug, shouted fifteen. Disappointment that really proud of that one percent on average all right. So this is something we're talking about the CDC education. You look. I want to be really clear. I think that there are people who go into obviously teaching for altruistic reasons.
Doors error, and I think there are people who go into government for fur, inherently good reasons who want to make a difference. Maybe, however, that is not necessarily the rule. We can't say it's the ruler. At the exception, it's like when you have a baby, no I'm haven't twins, it's a fifty fifty shot where they're going to be a good baby, you're, evil baby. I may have the world or worse place by having brought these children into this world. It's all right. It's same thing when you're looking at teachers, it's the same. What do these professions? If you go back for your life? How many really good teachers who took an interest in you? Can you remember I can I can count on one hand Yes, you wanted at the Jews they just a handful of teachers. Terrestrial kind of, like I just made it through Miss Mc Clutches Class, was that a real person, our parliament, either a person, Micheletti, Syn, your last out there! Well I too, that were great. I do remember that real merrily MIA. One who I really liked a guy named. His name was hopefully isn't it max adopting egoism of politics and it was possible
and it was missing at your english class and has very clear, have talked about the sun here before he let you know ahead of time what you would be greater on the entire semesters. You had only to book every semester. Ok, that book would involve a comprehension test. What did you learn from the book? You know what do you remember from the book that book would include some kind of a literary essay that you'd have to write and then, in addition to that, you would have to do some kind of an oral, usually a persuasive oral. Oh ok, then you would have one group protests from the Mouth Gerald that bar then you we're one one general sort of grammar: testes, ok and then you get Ten percent of your great, if you just wrote something every day, better what it was, but you knew this at the beginning semester, just two different book: each semester, different kinds you would go for as far as grammar, far syntax and after the first semester, they came to him and said these were standardize tests. By the way, the literary tests we ought to reducing books is at your grades are too high. they're gonna have to change the curve Catlike Harvard with Asians, where they do so much better understand and assessing that they just give them demerits.
Their personality trade in ivory Asian has a horrible personality attending harm every other minority is just the cats pajamas, that's what actually happening at a loss into Harvard. Why doesn't it so? What the teacher did? He said? Look got to take all your great downright anywhere from five to seven points. I'm sorry that should not the goal of teaching your gun. The teacher should be at the end of the year. Everyone gets a hundred percent. Everyone gets an eight, not saying that that is going to happen, wrote that should be the goal not to trick but not to try and find the herd and not include people or show that they are not agreeing with the right opinions? It should be something that can be measured. That is consistent with tangible, quantifiable progress. Ideally, every student at the end of that year has your then at the beginning, the that's just my view of teaching. Unfortunately, many too Yours do not share that view, as seen by their opposition to standardize testing and by the way you see programme. Did you guys know this week. We will have this plan today, but you can bring it up,
and overlay, usually, like you, see, Berkeley, you'd ADA nor cities real. What Why do they do say why racism some shit? I can take the reason I graduated in nobody understands how I never took em. I sort of Well, so they read, your college mean no high school or university. Is only has the don't test for high school in there is the ace likeness and I was like any data is right. It is not an army Maisie. I remember the letters I d teacher area. Did you move points for filling out? What TAT Stuart idea I had. I had a teacher, I swear to God. I came the class one day where I didn't have weed and was in high end here.
you smell, like part. Now. What are you kidding? I don't know where they searched my locker and my car and I'm like of all the day. I want monitoring. I just like myself. Six might risk I did too and in their principally brought us to end up getting drunk with brownies, but that's a difference to say they say they have state testing that you didn't pass, that's what it was. Eight eighty, he know a city- and I say to your college entrance example right in that, but they other think they had. I'm thinking doing away with it you see, but about real anything left in that shit out. So I would hope that his California has people. So what was the gets? Colleges, not really no non Kelly It is a joy on Wednesday, the CDC, secondly, command a piece of shit without spending too underground on Wednesday, the CDC their second in command and shut stepped down. After emails that show that she colluded with the American Federation of teachers. Unions to keep
in person? Schools, closed This is a very broad through the science of this, because you cannot say this is the problem right when they, when you Well somebody a hero, so their hero. What does that mean? They're untouchable, don't question the heroes, so when the heroes say hey we'll just ex faulty trust assigned, means follow, yellow, but from felt she read the footmen olive, not not all of the other scientists and by the way, this these rules are little complicated, provided that they are superseded by the word of a non scientist here, like a teacher at that point, the science will get to it showed us that ensue Learning was not a risk that cities even talked about this, but for some reason teachers were saying how much our lives worth, and they didn't want to go back into class here they wanted to make. It seem like they were being thrown into the leper pit for crying out loud for the longest and no one could question them because they are our hero, so Randy my garden president, the teachers unions, defended the organisation their lobbying efforts to keep students and across Africa, so you call it normal, though I guess the in there,
but the poles saying those two suggestions that you offered at least organization offered, make it nearly verbatim in the final draft. You call that normal as far as the ability to do that and Petra. We re asked us for a language and we gave them language when they asked us for a bow. they asked them for it, so you guys have advanced agrees in medicine and they they wanted language so that they can contribute to. The report is that what you're saying you don't and on and on and on and on you know it's funny: it's all your hundred slave saying the quiet part out loud. That's not what this is. It's not their single quite poured out loud its they have. Worry of accountability whatsoever and what, if no one, is doing debate we're doing interview prep with these people go what? If what, if I say the wrong thing, Dixon was gonna coverage and it's it's so blatant right. Now he when you talk about Vice President Obama, It's very easy: he should know about the internet,
here that he's going to blatantly rip off Ronald Reagan. They don't care that is going to quote now, because they know that if you talk about it, it will be very or like this. Your moved from ninety five percent of the information delivery platforms that exists so start the quaint poured out loud they're, just say what they think now, oh no! We What does it seem? We we gave them away, We must do what we said so just goes to show how corrupt and entertain the CDC meters teachers unions are. Let me go through the emails really quickly. It showed bring us up. Linear, Post, CDC, director, Rochelle Linsky White House, Tirana, virus testing, coordinator, Karel Johnson and there's an associate rector of public engagement for the White House, willed Makin tee. for the people who were involved in one of the email Kelly traveller she's, a sea- your director. Ok for the better, and, if you just means argued for the inclusion, so just I want to bring us up as a side by side and we will say well you're miss quoting, and they said they asked for language verbatim. Let me bring it up here
and this is from a non scientist right. This is what was included. They said this line needs to be included in the line was, in the event of high quality transmission, result from a new variant of Sars, covert to a new update of these Lines may be necessary and you can see the CDC final document says it is possible to increase levels of creatures, mitigation strategies and school gains made need to be updated to account for new evidence of risk. It is exactly, and it happened in the same sequence- had happened during the timeline. Why is the city see taking the guidance from a teacher. I did not go the other way around. It didn't seem to make any sense to me. I thought the CDC was the expert on this again is not understood, understand how schools function. Had they not been in classrooms before and understand that teachers teach students and students are switched to learn from teachers, and it's in a building like I did note, was more complicated than that. So many presuppositions in that statement, but I disagree with so much
has just gone on that. I don't know. What's happened totally that teachers are all about aging would not saying they should be that they should need. I deal well should well with its in Botswana, something Christmas andean. That's it would be a Christmas everyday somethin like that, and I think there are some sexual in you, but you know what I'm talking about. So this also came by the way a week after Nancy, Miss Sonny. I just read in this direction. I don't have the names rohingya twenty years. Easy veteran former head of the in nineteen taskforce, former resign who right for our position, Like that's weird, when we can get the full story, shuffle IRAN, feathers work the politico she clash with Biden and officials over decision making. She was reassigned to the city season. Incident management response team just one day before her department was to decide whether or not to lift the pause on the Johnson and Johnson immediately. You know- and you say, tomato blood clots, Schumann, you have until noon to get her out of here and by God
son of a pen, it's a goddamn, it ain t so by new net Mina goes. You know tomorrow wish. This is all very much. the only explanation that was given this is from the New York Times. My family- I have determined and is now Now is the best time for me to transition to a new phase of my career, that of the unemployment light currently well those days I haven't you raise you mean you're doing to Jimmy Braddock Gonna get the money back and upright. She bought the day, you with the worst part of what am I to do with all this. Don't call that's the much and by the way I advise my students, don't you find? Musk was gonna be another. Now I was as close to a sure thing as I could picture of banks who knew never trust, Science in every way, I'll suggests enough, don't by a bullet, to rent a
and by a bullet we're not advocating that not not knowing what I believe we will even personal freedoms. You do you so I have to do, is look at the data from the CDC want to be clear. Ok did this happen before we get to corruption of teachers unions. When people talk about money, I don't I got the cup brothers. People have no, idea as to the money that exchanges hands from unions virtually all of which come. when these organizations and go to Democrats and when I say all, which I mean you're, Talkin about fifty something million which will get you in a second hunter percent. Gonna Democrats to discipline just fifty dollars or some like that when allowance here, don't you understand, look it surprising to anyone that public Sector union support big government who will even giant public sector unions, who it's a, never ending cycle of corrupt teacher arm fat. Bullshit. Ok,
Let us look at the data from the CDC. What people do not trusting the science on the transmission of school age. Children is the kind of thing that could get us banned from you to it. From the city see a piece of shit. I think it almost did get his band hard stricken at least one less than that's, not a word start stricken Moroccan Frickin in less than ten percent of covert cases have been amongst anyone ages, five to seventy, while the cases mom gets the way way way way, lower right, much They say that is lower than the standard flew with people that age as opposed to older people- words significantly higher, because that might actually be looking at the science and Youtube want us to actually examine the immediate response and see. Why do certain people react the virus different ways? The facts? Don't matter that young people, not only are they not typically carriers? Not only are they not actually being a part of these, these case statistics, but statistically non existent as part of the deaths statistics.
Should matter for following the science. We want to figure out how to actually address this pandemic, as opposed to just lock everything down until everybody gets vaccines where, by the way we enjoy being hope you enjoy The control group yeah, firstly, when teachers are making argument that you're sending us back into schools and you don't care about our lives and we're all going to die yeah. That was exactly what they were saying right word for word with their saint guys. You don't care about our lives, we're not going back in there's no way until you pay as more do all these things. We ask you imagine he's bitches on D day, just as those boats in those out come now speak now now got knocked out now this post students at the end of July. We actually have a month when I bitch about my salary, its money off timely June, but hey, I'm so tired of the teacher crap, I'm sigh heroes. so at least one nothing, five hunter
them that had sex with their students. Ninety nine yeah storks, where every day, while I tell you what made them under the little boys, those boys were the heroes, are all that they are my gosh. Those guys couldn't use their working hand for a week from all the high five who lets then pictures. to a teenage boy. Like he's not gotta go hey guys do like data I mean before he even has time to zoom in his finger. Instinctively hits the forward all about young it. Actually there not known for their discretion Isaac they leave me. That's actually really good point. The teacher sex lives really suffered and twenty twenty really are not eating areas. Many stories about how good they were given it wasn't, I like tat we're all moment hello once I can personally quickly vouchers saying highly likely. Americans will
Blue Boar shop, we area their reactors when it is, let's bring about bring up the volume really quickly over. What's the point of even getting a shot now, if I have to get another one later, deploy have to be set metalogy and not jump the gun, you are and I think it's fair to say up in arms. After reading your office about death, amplitude she's like poor, We cannot put the shots, dampening correct them up, I think that the different day was trying to do something good, which was tricks. To individuals who are fully vaccinated, that we are now very well protected and that's an important message, but the city say, is low individuals like every walk, right, individual patient and by well protected? I mean for sick
two nine my until having you there's another one and by the way don't for. Of course, it will be. The same kind of price control they had an eurobonds, are they haven't, or Donald Trump, hoping to five thousand dollar insolent. Look. Let me really quickly cut this off the past, because I can see people out there. It no one here levels make this argument. This is something everyone should do at home. I told David, I'm sorry too little free floating there are so many topics that we want to go back to the teaching, but this matters because No, what the argument is going to be with this a train tool that I use it o K. Is I try and find the smartest people who I can't on Youtube the typical activity you too, but could be wrong wherever you are not seen, it was sometimes CNN, typically not seen anything looking for an easy to get any have yet to stagger you try and servicing waits. Haven't you ever moderate, yellow light scenes electing what I'll do I will watch a liberal argument: I'll watch, a video and our pause and respond in real time. So you
and how to rationalize your position in real time. Could alot of people rights like the jerk store, called they go? Oh, this is what I would say, and then they gets Lummix when they actually have to do in real time, and this was something right away, because a boost, your shot thing is not new. There. Just talking an unseen and right now because they are gradually drip, drip drip, trying to ease people into the and I remember who was watching what they're making this argument going from the left. All you have to a boost your shot. Just like we flew shot. You have to get every year, it's no different pause. I said incorrect. Remember going through this training right, had to think out loud. What the argument would be. Let me ask you here: why is This different from a flu shot that you have to take every year. You don't have to take a flu shot. Well, you also know that debt to undertake a flush out, but a few Why is the flu shot different from what say the polio vaccine its tested? I thought a vaccine was different than a shot. the greatest supposed to help you further flow is different. Just like a cold, it mutates changes. That's not the same as these viruses
that we know we have concretely right? Where you are, you are supposed to be immune. That's how vaccines, what you want get I know now that voted we did. We did rebelled polio measles, Mumps, buzzer, shingles vaccine is a chicken positive point. Is the flu shot is an exception to the rule? Now you guys are the ones who made it very clear that this is not the flu that this is different. This is more comparable to the spanish flu. the more comfortable to things that causes were cut part culpable to other diseases out there. They have required one time immunizations and, like you said people do, require you to get a flu shot to engage in commerce. Right is not the same. You cannot the sole exception to the general rule of vaccinations. I shouldn't say so: one of the pre eminent exceptions, a flu shot compared to all of you, the vaccines that you get once in your life we. Furthermore, we were too hold. It was once a series of vaccine vaccines, one into it perfectly reasonable for everyone,
booster shot. That's not the deal. I was sold its excelling, so motor car, and then go home. They drive at six months later, showing up, saying: hey you only nine hundred dollars, but I paid cash doesn't matter now we decide This is the deal, that's not how it works. It's not like the flu. Right and it's a city sea has basically been doing this every single time they ve their stepping on themselves. Right, we go all the way back to the surgeon, general saying, masks, NEO, don't go out and buy, masks everybody and then saying away by the way. We should do that. In fact, you saying, oh, my gosh, you can't take your masks, often like two days later, CDC, all guess what in public you can take your masks of who know of your vaccinated that would be able to do that and then come out and say this: well, it's just one shot. Well this year next year were brought me honestly. If that's the case, that's fine. I know that covert virus is gonna evolve a little bit. It is going to change its gonna mutate. That's why you should say that from the beginning, hey guys, this will take care of us right now will see how this thing changes in a further shots are necessary, but the current
again. The CDC said the current shot seem to protect against mutations dead, yet it that's what they ve entered. I don't even know what thirst I dont know what their official statement is today I know you think said. If you get the two vaccines, you really that that the variants, really aren't that concerning also. They have said that the mutation his tend to be more contagious. This is what they ve said. I understand that now this conflict information, but severe in some instances- and I tell you say well what about India: they cover themselves, inhuman shit and caution. Ok, let's put the difference is not relevant. Let's talk about western medicine. What you love to vilify until it comes to a vaccine can otherwise got any take your chances with stronger route. The United States is not India we're about our country. What do I mean a better country? I mean more people want to come here then migrate to India and we don't come ourselves, inhuman shit. Also, if we have to shit, we don't use the sidewalk, and if we don't have access to it, we use the coroner right.
San Francisco than you do use this. I should say I live in New York. They certainly do use. Look you in the eyes of the austerity that Algeria like it. Like I dont like I already knew too I'm doing it topical question, ok I'll show you are so: let's go, you have now. Is it corn? Let's go back to the CDC, always corn with schools March nineteen, twenty twenty one, the shoe lays a whole year after schools or shuddered. The CDC routes we just talked about infection is case rates. We just talk about death rates with young people. Now look specifically the CDC unaccountable, because this is from March nineteen twenty one too pretty ways from the data available in person. Learning in schools has not been associated with substantial community transmission. Phil outbreaks do earn school settings. Multiple studies have shown that the transmission within school settings is typically lower than or at least similar to levels of committee transmission. When prevention strategies are in place in schools and keep in mind, people say how much is your life worth? This is also coming to the people use those you are.
you only in terms of safety right now the people who are running the country, our risk assessment experts k to people who founded the country, where the people who gave Farley's to the risk assessment for exports. you think George Washington was no more for rift. You're in love, powerful, turnoff, powerful nation. Ever existed versus the couple sense Anti. Let's start blow and heads off and switch to coffee wreck, and now you have people who are showing up as risk assessment expert saying you can't possibly consider consider anything other than total devasted. And destruction to the economy. How much is one life worth and they act as though there is no cost not only cost of life cost of livelihood. Opportunity cost. by the way, in some cases, more significant health costs due to their measures. There are cut, there's a dual pros and cons list. That's all asking here of allowing kids to go to school and
for longer scope. Well, what results do we had for me in home learning from people not going zero waiting these things. I do we increase depression, which dramatically increase suicides and we had a lower grades and higher failure rate. So what you need to do teachers, unions and see Please be honest about that and say look K. Kids are killing cells and record numbers. We have kids are doing. Fine, more poorly and schools are not being socializing depressed were seen behavioral disorders. However, teachers unions are happy, and you know that the death rate with kids is. We believe that we lowered it from point zero. One two point zero, no one zero lie. You can't just not taken too the opportunity, cost and people who do it doesn't their anti science. Guess what statistics are assigned to the actual in what one of the other things to kids were outside They were going to school, they weren't, guy and better need nutrition, sometimes do not available in the home, like I saw my nephews gain weight during this significant weight so that they thankfully, since worked back off, but it's
that's a health problem, foreshadow notice how it a segment well in a little bit here, but also one more point: it's easy to control people when they are afraid of something riots. Look at all when they're afraid of everything we look at all the despotic regimes that have come to power, there's always a common enemy that they make you afraid of, and then they say this is necessary because of some book bugging me. basically hiding in the closet here and teachers Lego, you can't do this right now you gotta give us a lot more money by the way right if we're gonna go back to this really dangerous environment of the classroom, Bryce Covert, stuff yell, so they liked are working on an oil rig Adela back off, it's going to explode. Are there in the coal mines in the black lung or they I've always had a canary. I wish it. It just think why. We believe the easiest way to control society is through risk of health, oh yeah, and that seems to be people don't even realise their unhealthy when they are I mean there's somebody to which that for us, the Sesar anyway, It really does. It does seem that that's always the thing where, if you can put people in fear of their own health- and you have the
That's a isabel to be afraid of its the easiest way to control people, and it really freaks me out because even with this obviously kids need to go to school. There is obviously horrible repercussions to them, not going right and what are we doing about it? We're trying to get out of it? Well, the order it! That's what we're doing with his minister is a good point. What did ministerial you're gonna make it yourself? It doesn't make sense, because this administration written entire Dnc he's in bed with the teachers Their goal is not to help your children to help students. our goal is to make sure that their donor base, huge donor me many many many many many tens of millions of dollars- is happy Sometimes we act like what what's good for the teeth. What's good for the teachers is good for the students, Well, that's not necessarily true that, then you know what's good, for the teachers union is good for the teachers. That's definitely not true, and then we say so. What's good, therefore, what's good for the regions are good for students? Note, as a matter of fact, there is often in April
first correlation, you scientists out there, you know what that means right, but I digress safety through so called shooting straw. Is it any wonder of a veto home school shootings, I've got up given the progress personae. Video macbook pro is just an unbelievable, just like the sitting at home, watching tv shooting unconditionally, no good. No, you know it was virtue lay a threat prickly waited the fact that was Robert behaved rubber. Well, look at these kids suicide in record numbers, their miserable their grades are wars, and is it any wonder when their dealing by the way with teachers like this? While doing back, just because you're not from around here
I am sure you know you did very long. True interrupted me, oh god forbid. When these do not interrupt me, but you shut up. Can I finish, make recommendations for the and higher watch we get window. You did great their knowledge and their understand swearing swallow. It is for everyone and they don't need to visit art school district, to make recommendations or every we're not following gets worse, but I do think that we should follow very choir their request when they were at midday. bore masking everyone's young boys, who said, I mean I'd, see good majority of whom you have better
I can your line that you're laughing, so I am asking thing this is another teach. Ok, it's been laughing cops are heroes and they have to have a difficult job, but we have to have all been alive. Oh, why not? I mean I'd say a good majority have bad people in every business in every yeah yeah, I won't wait I'll be on early release of prisoners, have committed an atrocious crimes and have gotten away with that and have never been convicted of any of it where's the payment of a person who has done a lot officers. We call when and trouble, and someone has a night for a gun. Now. What I do is, I, wouldn't you call the police, I don't trust him myself more danger and their present it addressed rule Japan. I wouldn't call anyone, What would you have patrolling pleasingly language? Would you have a gun on you, but which handicap
kind of land it ass. It is let him finish. Clark debts that child that students is teaching the professor piazzas white when people say oh liberals are above intellectuals and are likely to belittle not even people who pretended academia and further with this difference between What you consider intellect meaning a college degree that you could. You could have achieved for fifty four cents and late fees at your public, Fuckin library, right that versus wisdom, old people, people who eight people who are wonder, young tend to become more concern across what better way. That's even true of people who attended college not seeing their majority conservative, but as they get further and further away from university, and they get further further and responsibilities of having a family of paying taxes of looking to retire, they invariably become more conservative. You can look at that time, and so, let's not just a quaint intellect with academia that student right there is educating that professor. You wanna tell me that
Fischer who, by the way, may have a doctorate for all we know, is speaking intelligently and its thought critically through a rapist, is in your house with an axe and are raging erection. You have no firearm and you're not call the cops, because something something racism, although it's time to go very specifically, she said my life is in more dangerous them around yeah. Ok, let's, let's test this theory, I have a police officer in this room over here. I have a murder and rapist in this room. Please choose the door, it doesn't it your dirty harry test teachers are supposed to be able to utilise critical thinking. I you think you're more danger in calling the police than with the intruder. Listen sweetheart. Some guy shows up with a raging boner in a butcher knife he's probably not collecting for the Red Cross. Well,
I have had it were. A rapist has shown up and I've called the police and they all raped me to mad, not only as the police were directed at least no. No, this all started when you called the stripper holiest day. We ve been through this police, don't shore, I believe, box, or why they were failing ass, a direct your cap, yelling action swallow a desire to fight over here. Someone can learn dimension as we go through this, that of making all the creatures are overwhelmingly liberal. Ok, let's follow the money because suddenly blood to talk about dark money. What involves people doing an anti Hillary Clinton documentary, which is the reason for citizens? United? That's the reason for her couldn't water, shut down people, young kids, for making an anti Hillary Clinton documentary and the court ruling said. Well. You know what corporations, in that sense of people to their entitled a freshman protections thats what citizens united as we can talk about money in politics, but you can't just
turn citizens United, however, when it comes to giant public sector unions, giving on godly amounts to politicians by the way collected effectively by wars in these non right to work states from their members with no sane where the money goes. All the central mark Anaerobic self, two thousand Seventeen and weak study found that forty one percent of educators, and if I just Democrat, just twenty seven percent as Republicans fifty percent voted for Hilary and twenty sixteen compared to twenty nine percent who voted for Trump. When people talk about big political donations, teachers unions, when you turn it or organised, and there were the top ten political doors about him and you can thousand possible with any public sector unions, guess how much have given overturned Democrats millions, how many fifty five million g one hundred per Democrats, not even one Republican, while this year, the American Federation of Terriers, MRS Pack, hey what happened to be against packs united one point: six million congressional candidates for training
two elections. One million of this went to the House Majority Pack Super pact that boosts democratic candidates. So even if I don't go directly to death that's what happens is that of teaching in pack, and they give it to a pact that Fourthly, the Democrats like as Well- I don't know what happens once where the money is out of our hands willows, and would you get the money taxpayer dollars? Ok and then you collect the deuce from people who have to join the union's because are not right to work states, and then, where does it go? I don't know. I didn't the name. Democrats have something didn't throw up some red flags when it gave it we're back. I don't know science escapes me. Let me see if I get right, so the biggest donors. Historically, the union's ye are allowed to give money, but they want to get rid of. Any cooperation were, like you know like Addison, whatever they must from a Vegas was giving money. They wanna get rid of those people, yes, and so the people that balance it out. They want to get rid of that. Yes, ok, precise out an inquiry. mine too. Why would they do this? Isn't some conspiracy Democrats vote overwhelmingly for more funding for schools right consistently? They vote.
More money for schools and by the way, if per pupil spending. If that were the measure that were the measurement that we had. That showed potential rate of success for students, Detroit Washington DC, these places would be haven't. They have higher than average per pupil spending compared to a private capital, school in Europe with a beer class eyes with less funding, and they don't even have a cafeteria and they blow them off. The map. Let me be really but soon outcomes. When you lose dramatically increased student spending, look, education spending hasn't gotten better, Nineteen. Seventy two thousand thirteen, the spending, for student right from a kindergarten due to its merely tripled. Ok, fifty seven two hundred and sixty thousand test scores, aren't better Evan tripled as well. So there's not a correlation. Now the only places go to positions that we say we had a shitty personality, so go on the local plant, ecology kinds that welcome at Harvard. So it doesn't work out. that's about ideation crimes and then put people in
for buying their kids ways into these. Schools are yet that lorry lot scattered levy on those people are brought down. The media gather media wants to highlight eight people will of the people who make up right. The female disk throwing team are the dishonesty. That's not the same as saying to an entire race of people. Sorry you're too smart and standardized testing score, so we're just gonna rate. You boring this interesting people. That's what people dont people there, that is what happened harboured. Nevertheless, it is on all of the objective parameters: Asians out, scored everybody yeah. No noise gets mad at that statement, racist statement just to be clear about it doesn't mean inferior. It's a racist statement, saying that Asians are superior
are clearly on standardize testing. So all of the objective testing Measurements- Asians outperform, not just black white people right k- were victims of it to do now. What they do this it will senses objective, but we have to do some discreet, some subjective measurements right and I'm just mean test scores. By the way I mean test scores, GPA, extracurricular activities, participation you can find. an asian, applying to an Ivy league school who is not a member of chess club, and so they do say, oh, but this objective parameters, they rate them as more fearful as more cowardly as less social. These are things that someone with a gender studies, degree who sits on a board can throw in because they want to use quotas because again it's not about what is best for the students, it's not about what is best for Americans, it's not about what is best for a meritocracy which ultimately benefits everybody. It is what is best for the political donors, and this is really important. People talk about political donors who thinks it's the elite ruling class
not just Amazon. It's not just Zuckerberg. It's not just Google. You took notice, I still haven't mainly single conservative donor with a touch of powerful companies of all time. It's also these giant public sector, means who give all of their money to Democrats so that they get kickbacks regardless of performance schools, better. You are worse off for the act for the public education sector the union's having more power you're like teacher salaries and benefits they gonna. Eighty percent. Percent of their entire budget. Acta things what it saying eighty percent is used for cigarettes are. Eighty percent of total budget is now what makes him it went from the document we have endorsed the double that of garlic. Salaries have got up, benefits have gone out of time. Off, has got up for teachers, pup for spending has gone up and start doing any better. In many cases are doing worse and they have fewer opportunities if their last name is thank and they
a charter, schools and any opportunity for kids to actually go and learn from teachers who have to keep their jobs by doing a good job. This is one of those things. Are we talk about common ground? Look and I know we're running like suicide to get the anyone anywhere going to take your chat right. Please gotta, Trotter, shopped outcome to support us right now up to you- and I am in law suit. Of course, if you're on rumble we're going to go to Michael Representational. Forty five minutes to cover the Pike S Apple, Andrei alive shop Monday through Thursday, ten amnesia, the best way to just tuna and ten. I am you can comment your thoughts. Public education sector, but here's my question: does anyone anyone have a valid argument at all against article Does anyone out there have a valid argument against school vouchers? No one, not even talking about defending public education? I don't think you should be federal affirmative education. What I'm so is it rather than I do know. The number is right now, an average of summer, maybe twelve thirteen thousand dollars per pupil last I checked it was alive.
Thousand dollars Ivan and change that eleven and change to eleven thousand dollars per pupil spending. This money is what we spend on average per student right in a school school voucher Programme says: hey, you don't have to go to school, its nearest to you. You can take that money is now attached to the student that child and he can take that equivalent voucher to any school, provided his pants Chauvelin he's gonna, take a bike or a bus. The only argument I've heard against it. I swear to you and this is the argument that China is its racist, because black heads are they'll be in bad neighborhood, since they will go to make what they're still learn about neighbourhood. Now, obscurity sucks yeah give them an option you they would have. Will you go for that? There are only argument that I've read Domicile wrote a book about this in its phenomenal. He said: oh, they
do as well that the charter schools don't have any measurable difference, and it's like that's not true. Yet I have charter schools that are housed in the same buildings as public schools in when you compare those they have a huge benefit. The map, the numbers are autonomous, solar, arguing against her schools, never afford them. Yea arguing for them saying this argument that they're giving is absolutely crazy. Ok, if using it no argument about that. Yes, it s just feel we what they do now, those that you say it's racist and that's how you will not have recently argument catching her. I think now, you ve got it just re Cyst, while that also here- is a hindrance, really live scientists days, bullshit
If your kids a little bit stupid, you can send him to one of the bad schools and get an eight hour. Your grades, if you're getting a so you shoot for, like a be lowered, Michel Pfeiffer, will be your teacher and getting karate absolute Lampert bite off the curve. Aren't has holidays case the fold. So let's go on here to the iron with Israel. Ok, this is some of its pretty. We were just talking about this in passing because he's going on in Israel here they are what is really cool to watch will have a clip from that, but a lot of people to realise this technology is being used the iron. which is basically a technology that intercepts missiles regulate. How are the disappearing actually hitting them with ongoing on little tiny missiles, is a technology that Ronald Reagan skipper also spokesperson for Chesterfield the better cigarette for you, doctor recommended he advocated for this. He propose this. What was called the strategic
defence initiative as a method to de escalate nuclear war during the cold war? Back and eighty three here's a clip, It is that we embark on a programme to counter the awesome soviet missile threat with measures defensive? Let us and the very strengths in technology spawn our great industrial base, and that are reality is life. Does we enjoy today? What is free people, lives secure in the knowledge that their security if not rest upon the threat of instant? You wish retaliation to deter a soviet attack that we could intercept and destroys treaty ballistic missiles before they reached our own soil or that of our allies. But I call upon the scientific community in our country, those who it has nuclear weapons. to turn their great talents now to the cause of mankind and world peace, to give
the means of rendering these nuclear weapons and butter and obsolete, and you might not like the former vice President Biden, not once during that clip should have spent any almost the same age and just say impart it's the little wines that you don't see that at la finnish sentences he ass, he had every effort Just in case you think he was seventy seven yahoo. Seventy seven lightness! Seventy eight right now compare the two and I just what could we have to get through this relatively quickly, this strategic defence should have right. It was a sign, intercept nuclear missiles, use earth and space based laser stations to be clicked. Rancho, this report because everyone market, as a matter of fact, you can probably run a search right now, star wars, missile defence system. This wasn't his terminal. Turn that was used to train Markham. It said it was crazy, it would never work and the left just like they did with Donald Trump. Just look at it with George W This is not new. You just no it because at that point you actually thought that boy
car in rather or Walter Cronkite, where my God actual journalists them agreed star wars? defense system, crazy, old bastard. It was being used them, so this is in just just in case, you don't believe me. This is the technology that real was kind of abandoned by the United States, because people are This policy can be dictated by cultural mockery. The absolute you see that right now write another talking about on CNN the? insurrection. Commission right policy can be determined by what people believe culturally people believe, culturally. That folk showed up with guns that there are five or six death, no they don't understand at their hundreds of thousands of people. They do understand that people are actually let through the halls. I'm not saying in ample shouldn't get hit with trespassing unruly conduct. Look here's the deal. I would take tomorrow a new get it, but new civil gonna start a deal I would take tomorrow. I would vote in the January six Commission, if you vote yes on the black lives matter,
three billion dollars in damages and thousands of arrests and hundreds of casualties. Commission you vote yes on that. Our vote. Yes, in January, six left the left to call cars, follow them now, but that a hundred percent take that deal Ok, let's go here too now the technology that was picked up because one man's trapped, one country's trash is another country's national defence programme. The iron defence working right now in Israel, with over three thousand rockets being fired indiscriminately. Hamas, really cold war, so ear to watch a half expect working Phoenix to walk back into the violin.
well and then well. Booms disappears in the sky keep in mind ninety percent interception right. That's why I came here so when people say look. Look at how few Israelis doubting compared to pass which, because to protect our people there better at this, that if they, You have the technology, not an offence technology by the way a defensive technology cut up. I don't understand why anyone would be against the iron dome. Even though a yo see those people are against. The internet would stimulate why liberals want to ban body armor yeah, I'm going to be someone over the head with annex no sentence, I'd be better off using a Flintstones frying pan and volume of aid is entirely defensive tool. Let's take Way than ninety percent interception right do that mass with, I think, probably now for and rockets somewhere near that no it's gotta be over four thousand rockets and more than not not not. Ninety percent Dogan in a hundred percent do. how many Israelis have not exactly that I think the terminal got right was that there was a giant to convey material in the sky swatting stuff downers. I guess that's a good thing.
turn it into a bad thing. You know it must stop saying that Israelis, debt juice I just want to say anti some. You guys want to talk about ninety two medicatrix Jews customers will think you since June. Sages not now percent interception rate from the iron dome here, the technology you matrimonial Reagan, a hundred percent success rate with the Rockets, how many dead Jews right? well, how many dead Arabs that are living in Israel that have the most freedom in the entire arab world. Out of the one point, five or two million live there. Are these? Are people watching Rockets being shot I'm getting knocked out of the sky and that's bad, dating back. To my happens on a daily basis, every single child in Israel knows the quickest route to bomb shelters. Like you know, fire ex. This is like a blitz in London. This is, I mean this is like them getting bond all the time. It's like. Oh, it's part of life. We go down into the the subways right over here. We live our life under joint yesterday. He said they say they live in them. They live in some alternatives to build their
this is what our concrete, so that if the missile does Europe a rocket and sought guided? If it hits them, hopefully does less damage, and sometimes I lose sense of time and to come up with a horrible Brennan Frazier felt so and another comparison to Ronald Reagan. Ninety, like reload and like it he did not like it. I'm sorry I was he outlined, America's strategy in this was part of you know the national defence system, which now become Arundel. A part of his stance. Posturing which, like we ve, talked about the ensuing Donald Trump and Joe Biden as part of a national defence strategy. I want you to go back to this speech, which ultimately was ripped off by Joe Biden yesterday. But events policy of the United States is based on a simple premise: the United States does not start fights, we will never be an aggressor. We maintain our strength in order to deter and defend against aggression to preserve freedom and peace. Since None of the atomic age we sought to reduce the risk of war by maintaining a strong, deterrent and by sea,
genuine arms control. Deterrence means simply this making sure any adversary with thinks about attacking the United States or our allies, or our vital interests concludes that the risks to him outweigh any potential gains once he understands that he water tank with Gorbachev, I want him to understand that we are a nation who of course seeks peace, but should he act up? I hope he enjoys the taste of my salty salty balls. That's forehead is amiss. Do you see it? It's like a map of Yugoslavia and keep in mind you again. He was marked mercilessly by people like TED Kennedy, covert vertical strategic defence initiative, as quote red scare tactics and a wreck. Star wars, him that's where the STAR Wars Missile defence system came and they tried to turn it into something absurd and it worked worthy United,
it largely abandon the technology, and we now know that it works if it had been developed, as Ronald Reagan had seen again the posturing there is very similar to Israel. There say: look we want to clear. Let me just sort of, let me make it concise. What Ronald Reagan to set we want to have a strong offensive, okay and make sure that they know they cannot penetrate our defence so that they feel hopeless and I dont want to attack us. That's really. What is my defence is in petty is impenetrable its impregnable. Ferocious bright. I want to know I wouldn't you these children may be toilet, that's what he was saying: While he was saying my cousin. I know he was sad and strong orphans. We want them to know that we can hurt them. They can't hurt us, that's box, it he'll are central to about footwork unboxing had one is boxing hit them? Don't let them hit you such a huge component to air. We look if you wanna be against being able hit them. You don't worry that wish to nuclear weapons. To split China should k you're, probably public educator. If you dumb at least support the idea of not allowing them to hit us, or they are not massive s you're just about you you're not
Anti war echoed pink you're, just a political opportunity and by the way, just clear. This is exactly the same strategy that they took with Donald Trump Donald Trump, one or two. What developed technology that not it not only is often of but protects US space force Pervert example. What happened? but look at it and go. This is something I don't necessarily understand. Therefore, let's market, here's a clip from both space force. Prepare us for any potential starved, send the money. That was reason was limited volume settlers get as a news everybody earlier today, vice president might pants, gave a speech at the Pentagon about creating trumps space force. have began his speech by saying I can't believe I have to do this. So are you happy present interim brought the spaceport back, your downright I'm happy present
front, is gonna make outer space great again how exactly as you planning to do that? Well, for starters, where a building, a big, beautiful space wall and those Journeyings they're, gonna pay Varn. I still think fiddle from the finest human beings is a layer ever now. Here's the thing you could even see that that was meant to be a political hatch, Avenant. Looking for the funding- and I like hey, how can we make this funny either those pretty funny? But what are they do? They tried to mock Ronald Reagan. Right now, did this internal market and make him seem uncool, of course, that trade development that make him it, it turn them into like captain hook, it turned him into Alice Cooper. It turn them into the cool guy. Anyone in a landslide, the exact things will happen, Donald Trump in trying to market the image certainly made Donald Trump of all people seem pray.
Cool so here to explain the science behind. That, of course, is smooth any for the truth. Accordance with many are right now for people we're gonna. Do the tests holiday segment here at Mcloughlin know we'd gone late. I apologise if I had a lot to say today. You guys, let me know if the stream of consciousness bothers you in the chat and no I'll, see what I try and keep it organised, but it's just a SEC and that's bullshit bullshit. It's like I'm trying to iron dome the bull shit and I do not have a lab- might have a ninety percent interception rate. I know I'm not that fast. Usually this is something that is available exclusively for people were Montclair members, because from the many is sort of our resident conspiracy theorist end. Of course none of you mean he see, as I often think that he's crazy and after this you know, I put a little bit of lithium- is in his watercolor help, but this is
but I thought was relatively benign it's more than a year here to explain I guess explained to the eye, is what your theory as to what's been happening here with the cool and uncool. So if this was behind the pale segment, I would dive into how there's people dont have internal monologue. meaning just dive into it. We don't care is not our aim by daylight hours after an fray rumble hit that rumble button really quickly because you're gettin this this is like a hybrid you're gonna, stop them never go on Youtube. Many letter rip just They quickly that you like the Jews right, yeah, ok, so no! No! That's not! It pronounced you, Joe Jus you're, just like me, he didn't go to even go to Yale is not using use jail, ok, gosh viewers, I'm pretty regarded,
colleagues is sorely lacking in these. Other journalists is high enough. You still pissed about your blast from the past reference, the theirs well, I don't have internal monologue, so sometimes you know ray when you read like books, you rate you hear them, not everyone does it, which means they don't have introspection Ok. So what happens is when you're retarded like that or a kind of soul as they get I volunteered for years with the mentally retarded. They most definitely had also as an insult to retain a quite alot. Unless that ginger's, we have of course been injured. What happens is then you see that comedy bid or attempted comedy you're like get it trump bad. So will you get it right at so? That's the main part of it so have a perfect example. This overly can be met.
Google narrative is what the the media trying to do guys Trump offered me cash after sex Don't don't do you know what happens go to the reality of Korea? What happens trot had sex with her bad, not something oh evidence so even turned a word is my show that even after is trying to give money to leave, please leave with you. The only will make him. Cooler is. If you try to David you're like this, where the cash guns- God, why are you here? You want money, you know. I'm married United, get Google you some say which still there. So I got these trip.
means from Anti Trump account get it he's the bad scythe. Lord he's a dictator and he's Bain. He spoke. It also get is a valid, but those are amazing Photoshop it further and he looks really cooling bald. He should do that, but look here he could polarity could be held in a beard having a researcher and put the perfect example of the left, be just what Not so, though, there's a introspection, lack of self awareness, but also the love, hate hates comedy because they hate ridicule right. So then the trump fan owes me mean, though Enviro was when he treated himself. A stand was alive dont lemon cry year because it doesn't take a lotta but yeah you looked awesome. I get that that is the village, but they're like bad guy trump bad
we know: where does it? It had been the most powerful villain who's ever existed. I know someone removable collectors, shut up and go get a wife for you to try. The giant? Their point now pay him as a villain. They pick the most powerful villain in the interim. devour of galaxies, who also, by the way, has a rainbow bracelet, which is perfectly appropriate, because it was the only president to go into office as programme, Obama, pleasant and I'll. We still don't know about by he's worth queers. That's a good So in summary, In summary, the left is to tell Tyrian they hate comedy because they hate to be marked out because there dumb and so. They lack self awareness because a lot of them don't have inner speech right. Yeah, lily. There's like hey, you know what I know. What all really I know what I ll stick a term. Will she will tell everyone that Donalds Donald Trump had sex with a ten and he's most comparable, Tubby single, most powerful character in the most popular, profitable, affectional universe? Right now,
across the globe that all show and they wonder why these powerful slow. Very thank you for the truth. There we appreciate it I thank you only have to worry about says only one s question have an internal dialogue, some people- apparently serious something why I don't know what really happened. Only get old, like my ninety seven, your grandmother's place, where make you with me, shares talking too much a crap and that a sort of veers into stuff about all the crap she seen Holocaust equipped with o grammar back about how is a relic you baby, she twitched agenda, you have it that just she's, an old woman, now yeah. I was talking about people who are in that the twenty zero. We, I think, there's no discipline because I ve been told by their parents that will you know what you don't want to inhibit creative expression. be it where they just think everything they say is good. It will now it's not good, but I gotta gold star
getting a. We don't give out graves anymore. Ok then, I guess it was good continue on down that path and tell everyone what a loser. Donald Trump is for, having sex with super models and being as powerful us, at least no. I don't do that. Don't do that! Don't. Why don't do what you tell me? You really should listen to me straight white this male. What I say stop telling people about how successful Donald Trump has been honoured. opposite. What you say. That's gone my face: you, blue hair, screeching, banshee, ok, people right now we're watching we're gonna go to assignment to actually on Muslim. Here has holiday. We went over time. We are going to be back next week on rumble on weaken stream to you to act. We maybe Schuman rumble after that, subscribe to the park. Guest. Look if you're watching just described the Pakistan apple listening on Android Spotify, leave a rating go to the shop? Whatever you can do to support us start a legal defence fund. We don't do
charity for this shit. We don't want you to give away money with nothing in return. We want to give you value for your hard earned dollar and just you know, I make an uneven playing field. Thank you so much for the support. We are going to see you next week. If you were you too in this is just run the right now, the women other forty five minutes ago you to this, and I would tell you so ceremoniously out just a youtube. You know why you can pick up
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