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Joe Rogan Gets NO Forgiveness from Establishment Media ... Duh

2022-02-10 | 🔗

If you want proof that Joe Rogan shouldn't have apologized, we'll show how Trevor Noah threw him under the bus. This is AFTER Rogan defended Noah's comedy. Also, CNN is full of sexual degenerates. And why can't Al Sharpton find toothpaste? #JoeRogan #TrevorNoah #CNN

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that's bark with a b Noah's bark stimulus down stay. Do nothing. So he listens the second surgery, anything of its food of its drink. He thinks it for me. Sorry guys suggest we ve been having a wrangle him ever.
cal written, as has been the studio Joe Louis, has had a problem. As we had nerve guns and we had the paupers when declared not guilty of frightened him. So is a big scary dog. He's just Annetta Pushover isn't like loud noises doesn't like loud noises. Well, that's wonderful! When we take you hunting well best, though, please is, and I start we have. We have someone who's been co, my house, helping with the little ones and the first day she was terrified of Jean Louis well yeah, petrified second day she's in his face she's Lacheneur plain where their braids itself. Anyway, you're afraid of dogs. You know- and I can invite you out here- which I won't. I was a big it over. It's like touching a spider s, a big scary doc, closely with you today. look, there's a lot to get to we're going to say quite a bit of time on Joe Rogan today, an Trevor Noah, because urban alot of responses from other people in the media, people who you would surprise if you hadn't been following this comedians are turning on their own
but there really is an underlying theme here. It is all about eliminating competition. Just like us, what the vocs Apocalypse wasn't about some guy box but NBC Universal one of the biggest companies who didn't like that their territory was being encroached upon. Broken talk that today I want to lay out the case for it, because there have been some developments in GOSH. I don't know where this goes is a big moment footing assessing the Freedom Congo in Canada and obviously the trying to turn further them, and then here in the United States. This is not going to stop with Joe Rogan, where it is written Just like you, Sesar that what was never about covered because then it became the racist thing and I guarantee you there's more coming down the pike. So we we we ve got to make a stand here and at yeah. I think all of us here, whether you agree with him or not with your friend to them, are not need to stand with the guy. Whilst we done Dave Chapelle because he's in the news again he's an across hairs recovery. Now the crosshairs, for you know, being a human being and having opinions. Ok now lay out. Are you, God forbid? Well, you know partners what well apologise for taking a picture with him. Oh yeah, that was ballsy. If I seem
because another policy, I think that now is wasn't this device said today. It's because I am so Michael before anything else to you is whose funnier having a criminal, Grogan I'll come on, don't really don't song was right. I mean you, give it away. I was trying to force shadows, furnace, Dinah is or being, and then you just Gallagher that you just smash the watermelon they gotta stay to the finale. I'm sorry are you guys should form your own opinions if you're right Trevor Noah, though don't anthrax It's it's! The only time wherein new common sections awful half the time. Just someone like saying you should kill yourself Ray is terrible and of course, but with someone Rights Trevor Noah, you know, in taking advice, are the comments. I should like to say a word. It also, of course, do not, of course, no don't ever don't. I just kill your comment that it will. You have course here you're virtual self,
better, nay medicine comment and by the way since were speaking about this, and we see the lot of people in getting and troublesome some people in getting removed. Just for commenting on the issue, if we're not here on Youtube, if you Thursday, ten a M Eastern watch us on rumble join, my club today is Thursday, where we will be taking your chats for extra forty five minutes today, along with another segment, my club and Russia, just because we're not on Youtube does not mean that we are gone tune in all. Gerald Day. How are you? I am much better than you apparently yes out, but but really our yeah. Well, you are angry, but at some business to yesterday with the hat and as you will understand that these things are required choir time and work and wanting to him Will you take the comments section advice to heart? You see, I mean you're busy guy, I'm a busy man, I'm a busy man, some golly dim and got? I'm glad you're doing well and of course you know, I'm you love him he's on tour, and so am I
We think that a lot of Canada com slashed tour, we added a feeder date to the Royal Oak, in Michigan in Detroit April. Sixteenth second show is added the first one sold out really quickly and we just added June eighteen Pike speak Colorado, so get those tickets quickly and what we try and do as if it sells out, we add another show, so let us get rid of conflict or all right. You're doing so, I should have said how you doing do good ahoy. How are you haven't even give you a chance to say the whole a whore by here yesterday, I things get a little out of hand there. There are quite a good some years. Let me know and the comments that I didn't I didn't have time. I will no longer that so I was in Russia. Has six will we were gonna? U letters like hey the hell you sail on Youtube and what happened no way we're on our best behavior. I think. Well, you know that's a relative. There really is well! That's tourism like when Trevor Noah says I killed Jerry, Esther sure, I'm trade, greater right, ok, nuke onto the floor, we get to that. We
to watch this spring of comedians there comedian, Heather Mcdonald stay the same manager many years ago. Really. Well, hopefully your land. Is it you, imagine it doesn't know years years ago of yours he's. I think he BT doesn't. Do it anymore, probably guy he's got a poster. I think that makes two of them now, but you'll find rise. Equip so haven't. Mcdonald was bragging, look look everyone stop because it only opened. Obviously, it's never funny now, when someone. Obviously it is never funny when someone from and themselves harmed in any way right what's funny, as the irony. I mean I get a lot more. Several prisoners end like what a million spoons knife that's an ironic I mean actual irony where she was onstage this comedian bragging about how like super vaccinated. She is an
but well. Super of a lot of people think being super vaccinated, isn't what it is, but it do I don't mean to brag. I tell care, but I want you to know double faxed booster flew shot and having to be honest, I have the shingle shut. and I still get my period Y yeah perpetuate an original stereotype. Travel when geometric twice did shows me we must be very proud of you, so ever got Kovac. Wearily Jesus loves me the both seriously. oh she's, just let her words, but that's real Again, this is real but he thought it was a bed for a minute law. My word, so why?
their Gallagher tarps could be completely to be clear, could be completely unrelated to all the M rna technology. It course through her veins. Why thinks you took all of the shots right before she went on stagey she liked. I think they should have the shingles vexing. Yes, I do. I just shouldn't snort them open is ok! Why updates? Isn't there any updates, as you think, she's? Ok, she was in a new issues in the hospital speaking lives. Daphne got she's, ok, so they played a broader back and so smelling salts Avery Builder, yes, said that they thought it might be a publicity stunt and she was leg ass. I went to the hospital I wouldn't have to. I wouldn't have done. I would have cancelled two shows India. It's for a publicity stunt went well. She also hit her head pretty hard on the state. Yes, she did she cracked her, so they sound like we're not when ass TIM Kennedy choked Steve O on stage and in this draft him any. They sang, though, that Bob sagged died of brain bleed yet from hitting his head did he's, as you pointed out,
in our ok, not to say correlation between anything. But I am not at all. No, no, no! No! No. We would never do that. Relations does not equal causation. That's very it's not that entities, one one that the That's very ironic engine ironic stay this like rain, no, it's not It's like an hour now stage, it's a brain blame when you're halfway through use it. What is it with comics passing out these? What is it with female comics go in my period and expecting and applause brake on the whole unsheathing go my parents, because my period who're you Larry Flint. If that is how have you name it s exactly it's just an iron deficiency. You gotta river, like that you are going to follow a re run through its yeah, no river of dreams, its new Billy, Joel, She was dreaming because of the river
Look we wish are the best. Yes, we're Andrew yeah, which are absolutely the best, and I'm sorry that that had happened so publicly and hilariously vital if you guys agree smashing but if you think it's I think it's ok laugh at that look jail, illnesses famous with french people for reason. The French of the word sense of humour in the world only like J, Louisen, friggin paper, machine, hats and study for in all fairness, that was the best joke. She told I guess, What happened to me one tat, so not that you know that one. What is happening in those one guy was dying. Laughing like that is a good start. Work was her. It was her height man he's a triple x. Is clock stops Now it happened to me, I was doing to show a college university and you guys know have spared neither put the states together these like most purpose wooden blocks and they shifted apart. So I was about thirty five minutes.
To myself. I think this was it was anyway, I believe and then your college in Montreal and shifted apart and so on, go inside my heel slips in that the ball of my foot. Isn't I follow but my shit is perpendicular our tear snap and I just start, you know, and you know, I've worked pretty clean starts wearing and screaming- and people just roar laughing what they thought it was lay low for thirty. Five minutes then go as low as possible, and I know that this is this this in this they thought I was joking, and I didn't get the surgery because it was Canada and I couldn't get it and what is worse is that was in French, yes, was Robin Harris. Babies, kids really really funny comedian, but he had a heart attack on stage. I think, and they thought it was a man whom joking around too What was I going own heart hit? The turned buckle. Little thought okay, this is when one statistic gonna be up because
There are no bruises anything in there are carrying out. This is just what happened. This is the problem, sometimes with when you're in the performance, arts and, of course, when you material relies on your virginal flow. But you know I do that. I'm not here to judge women. Can funny to set yourself clear. If either one of you guys fall down onstage on the upcoming tour, it is not part of the show. Why can't promise rush in and actually help is gonna be sub stunt work on my special? Oh, yes, like Tom Cruise, the idea. Listen, I do oh, my own stunts. You mean like running Yes, no, I held onto the outside of a play, they're not going to invite him to ensure you for fifty million dollars, and I can't let you do your answers, but I really rooftop wasn't a roof there was a but it looks like a roof. I hold onto the top of a plane with a fan blowing on me. You allow that is impressive, Well, when you consider my transplants, they could have been three Maastricht over crazy. You ve seen me upset, or I like men, quite a great deal, and by that I mean the entire
We platonic jungle, do not have the same shoes gets was he gets into the pressure points? speaking of girl had I keep it there are a few physiotherapy yonder is for me because it will also do so mayor straight hands or here. Yes, Thinking of hilarious, now, I don't know if you know, there's been rising crime with talk about New York City. What's forty two percent, since Eric Atoms took office ran, it was up many I mean you somewhat hundreds of percentages, hundreds of percentage points over last couple years, poor, guy the new era games, the new new mayor, it one of forty two percent under his watch now, and you The thing out sharpen really know the reverend. is upset about it. Now he's upset about the eyes in crime, because it now
it's him on a deeply personal level, Can I have a culture where people are just at random, just Robin and stealing and is out of control? put on a front page news. Tat courage is where is it fairness to earth. He's only been may have five weeks, but in, but even as a valium Erik the locking up my tooth, I don't really know. What's the densher, he uses toothpaste, that's a start. Yes, that's gotta fails me. I didn't care when they were Robin Mugen. They will ripen. We had a three hundred percent increase in right. Now not give my sense of Don Emma Enamel is sovereign. Who we are have a city where people know enamel going around.
A man of peace, the tooth cannot get a crowd complete because Adams, without not proper enamel, then I can not to, enjoy more care Rambo wilderness They say. Someone steals ten stakes from trader Jos, like that's the worst thing that happened in New York. The worst thing is that the EU them other shoving Asians in front a trains, but it's like this guy stole a whole bunch of food. Did the Asian was he deliver and not to place? I'm gonna ask for toothpaste like I'm. Your ring. The bell to get much effects have reigned, get Martin the phrase and my aunt, you raise a bump crime. I still don't worry. I got bumps my job, it's over. I have, but that means you're doing your job as a chop payment. I am useless. Fatalities
ill dressed like a big while he is pimping out his constituents loyal and behaviors ever stick. So my way, I don't shark that the army to or fire was more funding, is more jolly getting his aspect on daytime tv, but I did think just right now: federal sharpen just covered in gold would be wholly chess where's my two vega, without not to face my even now made go. I would encourage you Eric men grill, because you can again because I wanted to be- I got my name mammography hit. Spins gotta go my lips sideways now Eric Adams is the mayor and he did respond hears us response. where's our leaders being honest.
Who'd. You know: why does everything should be made every day police department adjectives, cracked, his eyes I still am no sovereignty safe then, by the way, I'm not one, as you also crackers the same as you know, no one, but he is a razor. Well yeah he's a racist, he's a mayor version about sharp than those to design. I feel you shouldn't say it is a mare. Yes, that's a good idea. If you aspire to be one, as I don't know, maybe Egyptian referred all police as crackers also problem, not physically seldom yeah, when the crackers ass might be. The reason why they're not doing anything she s executive, gotten, trouble for doing the assault with police officers, let's oil yeah, I can draw their connection here. Kick crackers police officers and no
toothpaste and are not getting their stemming from the store, your blaming the cops, yes we're, not stopping them, I I hated I used to love. The kind of I love this country. I hate that city. I hate this. Here's the thing there locking up to reset the lock it up, because people are stealing everything you should just be take it items, and hopefully you know thanks to wash and free beacon for this. Hopefully these locking up AL sharpens teleprompter, but resist we much We must bear Judy about a shut down the authorities in a race co, author of who breach
suddenly a poor, no fresh dry should signal. My we were says son. I have rush limbo, worse, Limbaugh rush Limbaugh. These will rush lumbar host got just because someone, yes, that's a mile is my guilt. Is MIKE Mercury and turning Scully, gay Bob didn't candidates will carry, will win Gaza. We weren't lots, love Rita for can't stand Kazakh stand to college students in Beijing like had only jail, peas, tax day, give away Tamil DNA was traffic problems, emails agents and words
Of course there is drawn up I'm glad you got out. Toothpaste, the fact that incite toothpaste, kind of Amerika is easy to fix. Put you know I'll, take the wind. I want to see him and job I've never reading contest. I admit I can go to. I gotta leases, paralyzed Everley in Cairo and lodging worse than by hook or anyone couldn't get Beijing, and alien heirs of is like that legal security with six gossip weaver, and you know why she had hardly and the only reason you was protected when he was that damage. If you say he's that dumb people will say that you're a racist, no its, not because he's black, it's because he's him puts partake,
key ops we'd, be we make fun of a white guy version of him in the White House. Right now come exactly o thou it out. I will that guy's wayward I'll be agreeing that categories. I'm tellin you like this, applying charades is like one stroking stroke, your work, those promotional value, in the car lot display scrabble everything's misspelled, whether they agree, I think, sounds about ready right speaking of crime by the way, whatever sponsor author firearms are responsive to the programme so that commercial there to beginning to show in good Walter arms TAT, comes shop online for gear parts, go to a dealer near you, because you can't put them on light. Look. They have the ball to sponsor the show of always said there are great firearms. Are many great fire in companies and I'm not here to trash. Neither firearm company put itself in a certain way and get a Mercedes and get a Bmw right there good cars.
and somehow, but you should buy American we're ok, but in Germany there are another word for tow truck. So my point is: ok. We get, but I'll just go. Try the Walter try searching review for Walter PPP, Walter PDP, see if you can and a bad one. You can then one of the best kept secret because I don't have the than others say marketing budget as all the other guys in these joint military contracts, but they have us and recommend that you support sponsors through the show all right. Let's move from this. I do. I have a Walter here always in this is and what is that, when the one that's a pdp with a red dot, it's incredible Monday on your holster, oh, this is like a limited edition one I will say it's extremely expensive. You won't share now. I want you, ok, but its unbelief appreciate that the enduring play a little roulette with it. I don't think you can with this. It's just going to always be loaded. Just the call to suicide law still covered Dave Roulette is dangerous. If you were to slid and The bullet emerges
from, and you will find yourself the ad and Freedom Seed carpet, for it is a gum I tried to shoot but not to want to sensitive, because I have a lot to praise a long time that look like let's get this. What people get more? for two years and his angry about whose beggar habit lock up felons, not toothpick every government below can we do that may will initiate. Maybe we need a shirt for their undemocratic application. Have neither lock up felons, not toothpaste, that's it, were literally putting toothpaste and razors and shampoo in cages so that people can.
Rome, free who should be encouraged, I'm just curious, who is stealing toothpaste? That's like the least stable item in the world. I wiped even care. I mainly the hoboes think this is their shot. At the moment it grows, let's roll gay and for your tea works. That way, they don't know they always lock up the teeth. Whitening strips what Yes, of course you know bunch of never Fifty dollars and up the very existence of it's funny, though right next to all the stolen toothpaste with toothbrushes, galore rightly asked me. What I need is right next to the anal bleaching strict. I think to do the same color as the rest of my body. It is like a cavern filter after two plants unlike the Michael Jackson, Laplace, alright, ok
yesterday Nancy Pelosi. Before I move on to Germany, we spent a lot of damage eroding today, because this is the time to make a stand just like in Canada the made a stand with trucks. Here we make a stand with jargon: Spotify, Of course you know hopefully support yours, yours truly because we run into this exact same scenario before sorts near and dear to my heart, but first Nancy Pelosi made some interesting. If hip, Cried typical requests. Republicans gives close by saying that don't you We say again and again that the Republic seem to be having a limbo contest with themselves to see how low they can go. They seem too, lot ranged rock bottom there. She always wins. Limburger shadowed, end backwards and walked down the stairs discourse, legitimate, legitimate political. Course. I have also said that Republican Party, with country needs. A strong republican Party made great contribution.
To a country I sadist Republicans, on which I take that your party from this cult Yes, you dress, like John Murders, foil on threes company. I have no idea at the good call and that's actually the least offensive of her gown, I hate her, so much yeah! Well, I'm what you mean by that. Is you hate her actions, it's wrong to hate of your I know I don't hate her she's sues wonderfully idea. He has a soul for sure yeah. They have no doubt this, as does not gonna burn in Hell. Maybe she would be nicer. She was fat like Al Shopton I'd how well, though, at ice cream need assumed that should have some meat on well. She throws up right, afterward or that's true and daring, I know I did it, that's why she ordered the p soup, flitting colleague, Huggins does John. It's a fly, Oh yeah, now Republicans really they should listen to Nancy look fit. We want to get credit words. Do they m Republicans? No one concerns that myself. It wouldn't want covert hysteria, black lives matter, worship to devolve into account
journey thinking we wouldn't want or the thing the same kind of behaviour that lead to lock up to face. We wouldn't want that kind of hysteria to lead to a call, like scenario with republic, because Astina right this, the relegating key may then come up with a vaccine that is from God to us, and we must say thank you guys, governor me, or you know where my vaccinated necklace all the time to say on vaccinated all of you. Yes, I know your backs. You're too. Smart But you know these people out there who aren't into to what guidelines, God POD legs, a bag music. bans. and could you just please apologize for it? You know for your white privilege.
about them and or violence we are doing the way my way in the most of its big, it showed its large in this country, There is definitely a fire here, interaction, mother, that's
scoffed omega Crosbie Sweaters Banking George Worldwide- for sacrificing your life for justice. We are the called she write. All donors or anything else, is urging us to really say Dave. There's nothing ridiculous. When I that's the world now was their world. Oh no, it's it's America. What's their party, none of us, mostly peaceful protest. Mostly peaceful Mozart's, unites. Clearly that check the conservatives. Were the problem dismantled, Spi, sweater scar. I just wish we would among her corpse of Desmond Language, Goats summaries, you, I your you fear what privileged near like. I just have to find the wise words. It's it's fuck. You don't you
starts with its not that hard and then walking Then, if it goes viral guess what you're wearing a mask pronounced for ya out, I just I take this time and actually say thank you. J F K for your sacrifice for all of us, George, for he didn't have well he's coming back and you dont, do it on purpose. Jake is gonna appear once more. Oh, is he he's coming back my irish, scottish Italian, like all my role, he's got her like the forties. Sorry now, a lot of privilege Primo Carnero, who would have wrought over as a carnival, Barker and didn't know how to box, and they just put him in the ring until it was basically bludgeoned into blip. Brain drama is locked, worked off his debt to the mob. I'm sure he really has a lot of privileged to check the interested at its enough
just done now or does little here is a positive development on CNN right now, seven and a half percent inflation has actually higher than we thought so this well good. Is it good for the Democrats are just winning on all four about good for them when they anticipating like six? I think it was supposed to be like red at seven. Ok, I gave him far too much credit his sex a little bit worse than we thought. I thought that's that's a decade inflation rate of inflation. forty year high Stephen Beer, your cash is never going to be worth more than yes, yes, unless you are like the republican, many right where you can she's north less now To give you an idea of a ten percent return on your portfolio. Let what once upon a time back in America double your money. Every ten years right now deviated to about a tent sent yield you about double your money. Every ten years right now, you'll be barely be given. It was inflation that five percent raise. You got it's a tumor
Why? Yes, if the two percent ass technically, still can't get my to voice mail, real crime and all of this, when I go down to my Walgreens, or do on reading my ready when I stabbed C b s Phoebe vote if it's a cover up, I got mine just count cod, and they give me that love receipt with two dollars of my parents can prove maybe I'll just a shopping, by Amazon, so, let's get to the Rogan thing because there have been some developments in. This goes far beyond peoples around the term cancel culture. That's often an umbrella term used for lazy people. Or they just want to say, look cancel culture.
I told you about how I wrote this book along TAT ended up being changed my mind. There was no term social justice warrior. There was no term cancel. Culture was called I can idiots, because at this point green day was really big and was turned down by every single major publisher, saying that it wasn't enough of a doomsday book because it was designed actually change people's minds, so the term cancer. Culture is often used by people now to just say its cancel culture, so they can kind of getting on the action. There is more to that? The here with Joe Rogan And- and I do think it's important understand not just about actors at black stop actors. These are major companies and, of course, the current administration. This is scary time any. What they're doing out their freedom Congo in Canada there trying to say always from the top down from the big big. It's big trucking added again price yeah yeah, but how you guys do a commercial for Pfizer. Now, it's big trucking can only a on an operator acting, it's big MAC trucks.
so we covered this last week weekend Saki before this kind of happen, where she was calling right Spotify. She was calling for more censorship and when I say this from fuel cell, if the governments not banning let's not censorship. Now, if the government is setting guidelines to try and courteous, your views, your livelihood. Look. Let me ask you this. If you were right now. What whatever you do you watching listening? If your listing an audio and by the way recommended watch, because you miss some hilarious video of Alsace. Let's say you're working on an honor manufacturing. Ok, and you have a job that you do the same way every single day and then the from an tells your company, you better make that guy actually do it this way, otherwise work! start looking into your your company, and now you have to do this job in a way that requires twice the amount of time or is much more dangerous for you. That affects you right as it can. We say at that point
governments not doing it to know you, actually they are when their when their leveraging companies and where they're making calls out there to try and change. is the playing field. That is, it For a long time- and I want to say plainfield- de Blanco that was set by things like the first amendment, doesn't is to play the printing press now. Try to change the playing field for the people can't make a living, absolutely does fall under the umbrella of censorship, because private companies cannot operate as private companies when members of this administration in international governing bodies telling them what they need to do, or else so we covered it back. Then and then I want to get some updates. But here you go. Is the gent Saki thing people talk about dog whistles? This isn't a dog whistle Jenny fuck. You watch your answer. She says, and I want everyone on these big tech platforms. Basically saying hey look. You better start doing our bidding for us and, more importantly, when you see the incestuous relationship, listen to how this question is framed, Our hope is that all major tech platforms and all major
resources for that matter be responsible and be vigilant to ensure the american people have access to accurate information on something as significant as covert nineteen. That certainly includes spot a fly. So this Claimer imply that we got from the virus, but I really want to every platform to continue doing more. To call out misinform, misunderstood formation will also uplifting accurate. Information? We want all of the Tec platforms and media to be vigilant. If you see something say something and I'm going get to Trevor, know and a little bit because he commented back. Then he was saying you know now this is people, use it as an excuse to say that we I told them when they were roman vaccines and now it's just a they happen to be right. for they were wrong, harnessed I will understand that if it just like someone making prediction linkages, even a rapid, just very broad, but when we safer, example: no, wait masks the way to being used, don't work and get an hour week when we were for example. Now you can still get covered, you can still transmit it and they were saying now. That's actually gonna be banned. That done
mean that we were to shooting the dark, we're very specific when doctors were saying the two or four percent mortality rate is not accurate. Based on what we're seeing with our patients, thousands of patients right. We have a good sample size and they were banned from Facebook. You too now this is not just shooting in the dark. The point, as the government has been wrong about nearly everything every step of the way just like they were with aids. We ve talked about this member, they said, one in five heterosexual couples would be would be touched by aids that was alive. or you can say it was a mistake. Anthony thought you so that a child could catch aid from his parents if they're in the same house from the same cereal box effectively, I dont know if he said Cereal Box, but he said living in saying that it could be airborne. He was right you're, a liar or you're, really really shitty at your job, so point. Is this: when the government says we need to determine what is Miss formation. I ve been verifiable wrong. That's a scary spot when, if all of big tech answered.
John Saki call right her little censorship signal in the sky. Guess what we're gone right and it's not the purview of the government to be dead meaning what is and is not allowed to be said. Rather people they have got guiding doctrine, and it's free speech gives you get out of now there are some other updating, o Neill young. You know new young citizens, cupolas music, but now NEO, young and people. It was never about. Covered misinformation, because you guys have now seen the inward attack- and I say this with a covert misinformation. It's not what it's about! Don't apologize, dont back up, because guess what PETE these we'll have no intention of giving you you do not APOLLO. The eyes, someone who is effectively in abuser they're just looking to use it against you. They want you to be wrong. Exec, you admit, you're wrong. That's what the appalling areas than you know come on down the pike for Joe rubbing there's just now. It's got. There probably find something: Elgin, BT, Q, something that he said. That's insensitive so even these really a classical liberal. So was never about that now, NEO Young! Does
for example, people say well, companies can do whatever they want. Ok, we'll NEO Young who, by the way, some of his catalogues on by Blackrock most powerful groups in the world with covered that now he's not just saying I'll pull my music he's Encouraging employers incursion poise Spotify to walk out. So when peoples are we really care about your music that much he's equal. You know it now, I'm going to try and start a mutiny so again never enough. They were to remove all voices they don't agree with and then after covered misinformation, what happened on the right side Did we mean that covered was the worst them as the jargon? No, no! It's that he's racist and that's a new accusation. Look This is a view of a in an argument with a spouse and arguing about something legitimate, maybe you met some illegitimate could be something as far as division of labour in the household. It could be about something. As far as I dont know, you're getting home at certain times? You can spend time with each other, or why do we have any money in your life? Because I wanted to please Neil Young, so I quit my job right. Yes, effective right,
I'm sugar at a table near Young for a box of to meal, and I paid him so. If you're in that relationship right, you ve been that relationship and then, when you're, starting to make some headway, all the sentence which is at stake So I thought there was that it wasn't getting home early enough and it is they who know. Actually it's about the fact that that dumb, you're on your ear that your mom is a bit like what will happen even get to that. This is what since when they're not actually trying to solve the problem. Everyone knows us. Bilbil has a bit about this. Where people go road, this is what happened in arguments. When someone knows you're not winning an argument, they just bring something else. They bring something else, and so if this was truly about covered misinformation, the fact that Joe what Rogan use the Edward in a non racist context could not be less relevant. The covert, attacked and work effectively enough, and if the racist attack doesn't work effectively enough, there will be another attack, by the way, little known fact about this. The end
controversy, it came from Patriot tat takes that's an organization partnered with a super pack, MIDAS Touch and they're the ones who, of course draw. Attention to this is a democratic organization. Rob verily could justify organisms so shocked when its outer, they seem to disguise themselves as if there were a right wing organization, wiser logo and flag, sometimes Calico Lincoln product, but that's really more so just a front for pedophilia, whereas aliens railroad, it's the Lincoln Log project. Yes, Lincoln Super Don't get me started the tinker, toys back, no point something else. Malta connects guy, so here's the thing so where they Rogan can't be cancelled. When people use that term because he's already been offered alternative so accompany, for example, rumble where they show streams and by the way just so you know there is I think that would make me happier than to never after broadcast on you to begin and all of you to migrate over the rumble everything is here on Youtube is honourably. Guess can go to rumble right now. It's just that are a lot of people come
that does not an alternative. You guys need to migrate there once all of you migrate there by value too Just you guys understand, but we need you guys to move over. We need to reach people right really. Billions. We reach billions of people and billions people who were unreached here on Youtube, but at a certain point, if you get to the point there, yet we are not allowed to actually discussed the truth. For example, Gerald getting us, and because of this policy must have followed it and then the misinformation of it being Dave right as a convenient scapegoats. What rumble offered broken a hundred million dollars to join their platform and he rejected it because a spot, if I see YO, said to his employees in a manner that cancelling voices is a slippery slope. Here's the thing! Ok, it, has nothing to do with misinformation and has nothing to do with. Robin being a racist. This has ever thing to do with big multi.
billion dollar media conglomerates, trying to eliminate competition. We made it very clear when we went through the box at polyps. That is what is happening right now. So let's go to Trevor Noah who works for via come. I don't know what they're worth seven billion. I have no idea what you're till they're here but Trevor, no, oh, he is a national treasure- is terrible at his international treasure. Do isn't treasure terrible damage. Fifty five billion fifty five billion billion I rounded down by all of it, yeah you're only off by fifty five billion here. While you know us, wanna, I don't wanna be hyperbolic. I did not want to be hyperbolic. How much money do you need because the charm of me I'm fine motion so
Joe have anywhere near peace. Now, where this element is right, corrected Mr Mccleery remember: Mccleery MAC care I am I'm not coil. Mac Queer Mcdonald queer fish for like we're not to place so, Joe, listen Joe. They were never going to forgive you! Ok, they were never going to it might be watching just look at her fellow comedian and day we can talk about this. It's always wonderful. When comedians doggie pylon I'm a resounding this alarm back in two thousand six, two thousand seven, when I was a teenager and having been banned from cultural fares and can think they're coming for the inconvenience they know that won't happen. What comedy it's our happening was comedy and then what happened? Is people thought? Okay with comedy clubs, we can sort of circumventing do it online and now you can't even do that so here ever know a fellow comedian TA,
about this issue, and I encourage you to go watch the whole video, because everything he says is wrong, as well as on funding. What I found particularly illuminate is, is is when he says I wasn't being racist, I'm just being entertaining know Joe. I think you were using racism to be entertaining you sound say I'm not saying you are. owing to offend black people by the way, but you knew that offending black people would get a laugh out of those white friends that you, I wouldn't do that. If you did your role, no, would offend blackened of joke when he said we walk in the plan of the apes. we walked into Africa did we. We walked in the door and there was no way people. There was no white people. We plenty of didn't take place in Africa, I was a racist things. Exactly recently. We are you saying it raises other than the video humbler garbage. One memories jargon settled
These things. We acknowledge that nobody was recent literally when he said it. You said it means that brought them all over us and now is like I've. Never never say rates of people do a thing. That's recent illegal acknowledge not really can I can I be honest with you. I am not us I'm not looking toward the what That is my opinion. They will be stung to find out you're, not amongst them just treat petrified of having the label racist branded on them. For, like that's what people are really afraid of. Yes, that's that What do you think they are afraid of that? But you know who's you always afraid it people aren't racist, people are racist. You go your racist per year the problem is that you ve branded. Everyone is that right now, so what did does it make now, and if you look at that, when I didn't the planned, the apes clip- I just even made it made a joke about the other day, but when you
here's the plan of the apes thing you go. I know exactly what the joke was. Yes, I don't know, and by the way it's it's a in again it's a stupid joke. Its Jody does need to be made and he acknowledges it immediately knowledge than immediately because of a geographical area. Here's the thing he went to go see that you look at a time when the timber and planet of the apes. Okay, if you watch that it wasn't, it in place of Manhattan, it was taking place in a jungle. It was taking place in an area that obviously seemed exotic. That's what he was talking about. Ok, just because I didn't take place in Africa, look ease, being literal motorways. I didn't mean it the way that it came out. This was happened when your honor for a very, very long amount of time, Joe Rogan should not be in the business of apologizing and everyone else's agreeing with this to people who will not exe, your apology. Here's a think. Trevor Noah was liberally misrepresenting and there several videos by the way and are the only videos it get significant plant revenues channel recently. reverently misrepresenting Joe Romans apology. I think we have a clip.
I was just trying to be entertaining, certainly wasn't trying to be racist, and I certainly would never want to offend someone for into payment with something stupid as racism. Okay, so right away Trevor knows misrepresenting it, but here's something a Joe Rogan said in his apology that I, highly disagree with, and I think it's why, unfortunately- and I want to be clear about this- this is not to come down under. Rather not, this is the hopefully let you someone like Joe Rogan and everyone else out there. We ve been through this and, worse still, standing how you handle it. They, held blood in the water because Joe Rogan, because you were being sincere because you're a decent person they too. To use your decency, canst you but Joe, and said something that this is where I think he made the mistake in his apology. But whenever you're in a situation where you have to say I'm not racist
That's ok. Now, first part, my language, you have kids, they should leave because after quote him here, we can't leave this necessarily in real time Please. We disagree with that. If ever you have to, that you're, not racist. You fucked up. No, that's wrong. They want you to feel that way. If ever you, in a position where you have to defend yourself by saying I'm racist someone else is trying to fuck you up. Doesn't you screwed up, because guess never say I'm not racist or racist, trying to is that these are not racist. That's exactly what a racist would want us to think now. I think a racist would want you to think that I don't know. There's a superior raised. The matter tend to yell it. They tend to have a uniform on and they tend to be surrounded by other people with said uniform, yeah, not hiding it's. You acknowledge the racism that you may leave. You knowledge the racism that gives you the racist branding the Trevor. No talking about that goes right under the person. That's not racist! Exactly that's exactly what I want to do.
So confusing that I just said that, but that's how the world isn't honestly. My eyes, glazed over, like I was Nancy poetic, was through its accurate now you're. Absolutely right. Races, wouldn't care exactly you think, when he was when he was recruiting for the clan. You think you think If you did was marching down the street with burning racism, to hear your racist, what I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind that may know king next, somebody hold my hood yeah just walk in it looks like we might have had a little comment from MR note about this. In fact, just recently. Just recently, they just like this is happening, liver if you're watching right now. Is that only commented to us? Why didn't you invite him on to talk about it? What we had.
your video while having to our German, no one, can talk of our people reach out to your people. Absolutely is a public tutors, it's a man! I don't know. I have to find a thing as a message. What MR hell you're more than welcome to a dinner. We can exchange contact information, and hopefully you can desperate free to write from an especial I wouldn't want to do your material they got. I would add a racist, then, and not let me they really clear if we have Trevor no on- and I know I wouldn't make it through the because of course they are coming to central, of course, I'll be respectful and cordial, and I respect anyone who you know reaches degree of excellence in anything, even if its you know, through the assistance of a fifty five billion dollar company. Now look, it's
To be honest, you have to answer these questions now. I M going to be enough based on what you said in your video. Nothing is ever going to be enough. No, let's hear gonna find another thing to go after and another thing and another thing and you're gonna miss characterise, but can we have a man? Is there for real absolutely have because that's this is this? This is the kind of stuff the needs to happen. If we ever want to find any common ground and say the country, I know I don't intend to find common ground with someone who says he's racist from us as european as racists, I'm not saying that you're gonna find common ground, but if can somebody who's actually owned by a giant company, come on the show and actually hey, you know what over also put in a word to your guys over their via come to stop false copyrighted content out with great regret, because no peace you have to go and independently creator shows where we can say whatever we want. Then of course we're vilified, for we operate a little bit on a different playing field than you guys. You have the support of big tech and, of course, this administration telling big tech. What should be permissible? What should be impermissible, but we don't so. I would hope
you go to bed for the little guy, not port, the latter behind you. I would gladly have you on the show and if you ve watched any conversation, I've had with adversarial voices Michel, will be one hundred percent respectful and and what you have to say even don't necessarily respect what you have to say now. I think this is progress to some degree. I do too I use the term progress. I mean it's gonna make liberals mad. So, because they use that term progress, meaning that got a prayer vengeance good to me right, the slow degradation of the moral fibre of our country that doesn't sound. Nevertheless, remember this Roseanne bar she was cancelled. For me, king, a similar planet. Now she made a plan of the age Harrison by inevitably context wasn't about black people and planet of the apes, she said this is why she was fired. That valley We share it. Looked like the lady from planetary. It's now completely disregarding race. Just to be clear, I think Brok listener.
Looks like an albino guerrilla from a movie Congo with the laser. Does it does so complete? Disregarding race have you looked at run problem? Yes, man is in a ring. It monopoly right there if he yeah there's only one man on this planet who looks like an ape its run prince running around the missing link b. I mean that is just what I don't know. I've he's a things ostrello because I don't want us. I wish I d give her back. No guerrilla he's barely walking upright back or put em on a skull ios us back. Neither have I embrasure. They just build peanut butter on his gums and someone else. he's I wanted a beauty and the beasts they had to press that. I can answer a beauty. There was down between him and Clint Howard, and it was just that in IRAN, problem had the height and by the way clear we love you run problem you're, incredibly talented now
the comparison was made between Valor Jarrett Roseanne Barmaid this comparison and that one lady and plenty of specific character, completely disregarding race come on. Come on this was a comparison that she made this comparison that she made inflicts political and here's the thing Rosa BAR was very clear that didn't even know like most of you, the valor adjourn was alleged we black that was why I back the bridge was why she sleeps
upset well how you have my word, for it was far less offensive to take her show away, say that that she had an opiate overdose, then just change the name of the corners and you gotta respect the cast for not standing. Buyer and all staying on the show we are good people now and I think the show was going gangbusters and right at the outset, we're tuning in for the lesbian middle sister, I've it still on just because I think ABC has to keep up with the things that I ain't. Gonna live on after their debate. By the way, Roseanne wasn't the only one who made the planet of comparison just one more time on this double standard. No, else did die right. You know RO the blacklist value must be re. Remember. He complained that the planet of the apes used his image because it wasn't unalienable, invest. I want to be clear about this. We talked about this when it happened. I wanted I heard to re is it drama, Cason, dynamic at you? I think you re a good arrays going after
I'm at the race at a planet of the apes. You know that he was threatening to sue. I believe at one point they stole my image using my at my patented, like my blue vest. Would EVA cartoon character? You were the same thing I would have never ever on the comparison HU! I go into a movie and I see the ape without Bluebell unimpressive, no, oh, my god, you're way, self races. Didn't you didn't even those who pay. the rights that would have never been lodged innocent going, I to own. A blue vest, yes, like the last the Boolooroo S, those yourself loathing black man of the public. If it was, it was a spy
the monkey and upload. That's what you said that me watching a cable or commercial and being like you, son of a do. You live in a tree, how I did get a great big money from them by the way you might want to switch to an electric stove by the way, as fresh cookies, etc. Already a day I have held many family members with my wooded brooding area, with a tree higher speaking, these actually responsible for more birth pieces going extinct than wind farms and its crew actually, but he's happy doing there breast and swallow, though his my dear friend our Lord, but that the African Europeans, while you know it, doesn't decimated they are both swallow. The US, the what's hilarious too, is not even hilarious. Look. This is well standard, it shows you can the decency they want to use your decency against you, Joe Robin, ended Trevor Noah and twenty fifteen. When Trevor NO was accused of racism. this is what Rogan wrote. He wrote to much round and forty characters, but nothing, he said was out of line and he's a funny. Dude, EFTA, Haters Noah, that's what you're Rogan set,
this is this: is real black people can be racist, us even right, so that That's the minutes. I dont think Trevor. I dont know that Trevor Noah is, I don't think, he's racist. I think he's got into a lot of racially charge narratives. I thing there's a racism that is a constant through line on the left that everything you there needs to be seen through the lens of race or telling people that they cannot. They they ve tv, the gas like yours at all. They want to traders Poleos of up by your bootstraps. Yes, yes, that's it! actually that's exactly. Correct, and I know that you're going to counter and say there just saying that, because a delusional, because their white didn't, unless you can't do it, when you're black women, want to let the some kid with flipper grandkids from the hills of West Virginia. Ok, everyone has their thing. and yes, some people get some tough breaks and yes, we ve had tough
in this country as it relates to raise the decay from Africa needs and hosting the daily show. What's a fair point you can do is get you'd. I think, even if you're not great what no right, I mean can t get you give yourself a chance. I honestly don't think I think how many central was cruel. I think I don't know, I think comedy central is cruel, because John Stewart is a tough act to follow and they said. That is why I wish people in positions Lake. However, now as or anybody who is in the media, who has a voice in the black community, instead of perpetuating these things lead in a different direction, dont have the victim card, be the on like on The only thing that you're talking about I dont know how much of a voice Trevor known as well. I know what you mean, but I mean I don't know either I don't know I listen. Listen, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna compared to say, like Dave, Chapelle who's who does lose. Rachel Giants. Further is using the white community was outside the liver.
here's the problem with comedy, I say right now- is the key mix that are actually doing in making a living, don't give a shit there I completely support Rogan. They supportive Chapelle, ably what they're saying because they're making a living comedy right. The problem is the ten thousand open microbes that think they're comedians, who Came Social became social justice warriors it's his people there and make a living from the reason why calmly clubs workplace a word bastion of free speech where you thought you weren't, sensible was because people shared in the commodity that you were able to say anything, but eleven preferment accommodate club again only reformat a comedy club if they have a written policy that a few film or if you are and did you are not welcome here that as a free speech friendly zone- and there are now many clubs after the debts. If that's what you do, these theatres fogey as while also that enough for you, but I do. Care of my joke? Offend you're allowed to be offended. I mean that's fine, that's your choice! It's not Europe! shall reaction to my joke- is one thing,
and give you the right in the middle of a club, to stand up and be like you, son of a bitch every word. You said when you did go a little far. Why do in twelve minutes in the titanium ribcage bill? I think I was a child. I think my fall on my face vaccination but was stolen. but to be fair, you fell forward, yes, well backward this put it out west. On I sought on links. We would put a pictures of rogue into nine. Only did it because I'm like ok, well, I guess we're standing morality whatever, then it's a we would find the ledge under that. It's like not just homage real comics again opened for Chapelle. I've met Joe I believe in what the talented, The trouble is one the greatest comics to ever live ice. And by that state, of course, also a I several these people should be allowed to be out there and say what they want to say. The idea that
chapels getting booed off stage somewhere. Disgusts me the idea that Dave Chapelle, who is embraced by the black community and by the like many, which is a beauty of comedy by the way, but because he is rejected by not even the algae, be community but the tea q. I pay community to the point that White Patent Oswald has to delete a picture with his friend and apologize. That's how far we ve gone. That's why you don't apologize, Even if you think, you're wrong, you don't apologize. people who are just going to use as an attack. I'm sorry, I don't agree with it. I think that it can sensual, loving relationship. Of course you apologize because you're seeking some kind of reconciliation. That's when one party is not look. Peace is a two way street. It's like driving down a freeway right now. You may not want to hit the oncoming truck. They want to hit you you're getting hit period. So don't play ball it's also the finest of Hollywood, though
If I want to be your friend, I'm your friend, I'm gonna, stand by you and say that's my friend: that's what it is. It is what it is like. The fact that you would have to apologize to take a picture with somebody that you came up in committee with is its disgraceful. And I'm not going to say the pen Oswald's on towns, because he's not he's funny and it's just the fact that you would without a picture disgraceful as a man. Now yet now disgraceful as a man It's you and your friend, there's no reason you should apologise for putting up a photo of it. It's it's just cruelty, doodle somebody who's, but in your life to due to what please a mob of all ever hear the Campi. Please also shows you how it's not enough, because either that whole special on George Floyd Dash upheld Dipshit Bell was absolutely on both a lot of the black lives matter. After Candice, Owens, hard and Canvas Owens is forgiving of Dave Chapelle. Then this group, think of that a second. She was immediately forgiving, not even only forgiving. She wasn't bothered was about it. Now we're moments like reveal people's character, so just watch what people that you think well of
doing well: here's well here's what I wanna get you! Here's the root cause of this issue, and I am glad the Trevor known as message, because we can talk about it. I think they're, certain thrills, that he won't be allowed to talk about, because when you try and convince people that you are sent can say whatever it is, it you want to say different from people like Joe Rogan or myself. It's pretty tough to have an open conversation. I'm trying to reach a delight. no as attacks or at least what I would say, misrepresentations unbroken it- has nothing to do with racist language. Now, here's another video that I uploaded where he insinuates that the problem is because and he's not just saying the problem in the sense of an objective sort of observer, saying The problem is now he's mainstream and others. You know people are now going through his stuff, a defined to have come what the contacts he saying you should be mainstream. You should be needs which is ironic, considering the audience size and the difference, but that's also they want to keep this facade alive, that I got people actually Tuna washed over now
on comedy central or my God, people turn into Watch Brien's Delta or my God, rhyme rumours and actual journalists, and need to keep that lie alive. And so now have you ever know using the what this is? Basically, the bully approach of well now that you're at the You know it's ok to be over there, but you can't come to the the cool kids table. Watch what happened here was Joergen was fringe I'd. So he was. in his corner of the world. Doing his own thing. Doing that doesn't like our noses like a weed concept, like Jura those friends, she was in the corner of the world doing his own thing with his friends by the way saying what am I should they want India rubber? Then the pond cause got bigger There is still a murmur them organic that even today, and even like it, when it was huge, it was like fringe. Then Spotify came and they will again we want to make you mainstream. He stayed he's fringe lane you find this would have. Videos of come up and gonna come up, but the people most people didn't see it because it,
our main stream was introduced, something that's the curse of mainstream. not if you're musician does met. If your person doesn't matter for your thing, is I be careful, you make your thing in a corner. when you come to the rest of society, be careful. What they think of your swinging. Dick is what I'm saying I am bio by shed some light on this situation, Hague, us the funniest thing by the roots. What if I like, by the way you know what a comedian should never be careful. You know
Spotify bought Joe Rogan because he was huge, never gonna make money off. When I got an aggravated by your Rogan, they bought the right right. Nobody goes this no, but it is not. Nineteen twenty, where they like, I'm gonna, make you a star kid. I write exile, they knew of sea. They tried it with no road. I've had my one hell of a corner iffy if he was often to coerce somewhere around. I met you just stay away from that apartheid and a farmer right now, but we shall. We shall think that the Americans will like you, because you're half neck, but not so. I think that you intimidate white people, then your data daughter. Yes, this was all there. This was already as big as it is now, I would argue, maybe even bigger before was on Spotify right, it's true, but he tribunal actually just said something there. That should shot not shock everybody, but should shock him. He just reveal the play the place that the cut the videos have come before they ve gone. I ve come before. I got nothing you're right when he went to a woke company that people like governments want to put pressure
then it became an issue, not the content, because the content is has come and gone and by the way, I think of reasons I think, of a region that European went to Spotify because he saw the way the tides worship. Turning on Youtube, You know it. Ok, if I go here at least I can say what I want not what they said. That was contractually. That was part of the deal and now that chain. So, ok, you too, maybe not okay well than Spotify. Ok, we can't do that. Have a facebook now how about twitter now this is what's hap, ok, well let me let me create my own app and out its own away. We banned from the extraordinary the well. Let me going audio book on Amazon. Oh that's going to be, but we ve seen this happen. Every you're talking about a consolidation of power with really five companies. Let's call it six to be generous. And all of them are doing the bidding of the United its government and people like Trevor Noah children. If you stayed in your fringe, late, hey how that happen, how about you actually celebrate that a comedian came up organically. How about you celebre this?
The thing I remember watching Joe Rogan Kay watching, Joe Rogan back when he was on his webcam a long time ago, a long time I was in Montreal and I was watching it. He was lucky to get it out. You thousand viewers at this point was mainly on his website member. If anyone forget about this Nick DS, hey, trim by day jargon by night all night every day. This is something that have a long time. It was part of his interests of following him for a long time in Bruges him in a webcam and one thing that he would always say, and I would echo this was inspiring to me when I was coming to pieces beauty of the internet? Is it there's? No gatekeeper anyone can do it? He d and he change when it was on Tom Green Show that was in his basement. That one point is that this is great you're doing it on your own, and this is job. Joe Rogan, withholding one was popular shows in the country. At this he had been news radio, he was hosting fear factor and he added contract. What do you see and he decided to go and take a risk. Any was saying this. I want other people it it s, because you are tired of dealing with executive also he did. He did work with the
we have seen for no money. Earlene lotta people dont know that this was a budding. This is a man who takes risks and who actually, this money where its mouth is he just that I'm a thin I'll go and do it? My think at a certain point said: well, it just cost me too much money to travel and got into the EU is doing it as a fan, and now, of course, he's wealthy working with you have seen as he should be. He stopped with a webcam, and he talked to how there are no more gatekeepers. So here's since the contrast, Joe Rogan thirteen, I would even career you want to go through and wholesome racist suffer, but go look at us. Content. You will see a constant him saying: hey we all know what can have we're just trying to make this work has to do with executive telling me what can and cannot say on the flip side the people who want to get rid of the NEO Young who work with Blackrock Trevor, no, is saying should stay fringe really. Just let me go you Noah I'm ask you, when you're in the shop do on a world where comedians
have to live in your world of the via, comes up, let's go through the companies. What is it ABC Disney Embassy, Virgil via COM Viacom Turner, there's Turner via come there's about five or six companies. Travel is at the world. You want do, more free than Joe Robin. Do you want millions to look to your situation and say: oh yeah, yeah I want to do that where I have to be at home for two years because of the policy of covert and I'm not even free to go in front of alive audience, which he still isn't right now or do you think that you do you want younger comedians to at least look to Joe Rogan and say oh great? I can do it and I don't have to be beholden. to some one else, dangling a Czech. Do you We believe that the moon does is that the wine stings, otherwise that suckers that's right, you're out of the world. I have to deal with that. Do you really believe that they have the best interests at heart, of entertainers, of performers, of people who should be free to
speak their minds in their opinions. Do you believe that's a better world for people like you and people like Joe Rogan, because you Or a quisling for them, are you mean to or not I say this with a of hatred I with tremendous sadness because Please just going to swallow you all to man, it absolutely will and ironically, when is this? This is fringe. Well, you know what I dont know if he believes just like when Brian step towards bitching that people were trust that it's a problem there, trusting Joe Rogan more than CNN, well steps at your job, see it in. For starters, I believe for starters, fridge. Yes, well wasn't concern about locking up toothpaste, you just concerned about them, locking up large pages. They are lacking at night. Beef tat allow. The tribunal is most popular video eighteen million views with the assistance of Viacom Joe Rogan. Fifty one million views I don't have. We have this
rather I ought to go swimming. I probably Loretta. Ok, we have the strength of his recent videos. You know he is how many million nine million subscribers he's lucky to crack at Only videos that are immensely popular are the ones that are addressing Joe Rogan and we're talking about. clubs produced by my uncle Toby Jura Louis Louis, I'm sorry to lose out. I'm talking about quick short clips that have the floor. Promotional authority. He'll be fine, now for promotional authority of a fifty five billion dollar company and it gets less than and not the tumor Then the hour and a half show that we do. Every day now not to mention the short clips, and you want to say it's french, its gas lighting. It really is it's it's free and then a lot of people are gone and how many at least eleven million people are gone. No, it's not but there are three hundred thousand people, have seen ongoing. Yeah thought seven million there fringe.
they want to change. They want to maintain a death grip on the political landscape, the media landscape and they want to make you think that they are not and they want to make. You think that you are in some fringe minority and you are not just like Dave ship, it is not. We have a segment here and Dave Chapelle, but you know what I guess. We're probably have to do it on my club lesson. Please. If you want TAT Trevor Noah on the show you think, good conversation. Do me a favor smash that, like button, do I think it really would be a good conversation with. I would actually like that I'd like to have him in personnel, because a Skype and rethink its asylum when I like a real conversation like something needed. Yes sector's needs to happen and leave a comment on it? We're gonna talk about Dave, Chapelle in zones, laws because apparently he's racist now or something like that. I don't know you to piss off
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