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Justin Trudeau Declares Canadian Freedom Truckers TERRORISTS!?

2022-02-16 | 🔗

Justin Trudeau went full commie against the Freedom Convoy. Whatever you're thinking, we guarantee it's actually worse. There is a lot to unpack! Also, TikTok is a communist psyop. And a Joy Reid regular tried to kill a mayor. #JustinTrudeau #FreedomConvoy #EmergenciesAct

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Ok, audio, listen I'll, keep the short. If you are not a member of Muslim, you should probably consider today because Gerald takes an absolute beating for comments on the gift of God, that is Dolly Part, a national treasure, I don't, I don't know what he was thinking. If you know that Magua bringing to miss this and that it, if you're, not if you're, not just leave a rating and review, and you know what Lee, in the review since run the theme of Dolly Parton she leave review. Today's key words are back pain. Back pain or you're. My killed my killed bottom. My young Mi Mi superstar my killed bottom I killed for. I love you swim hygiene strange of dancing power. It's not your bar, its billboards and their due I'm not a strong reader. I've been drugs I was in the womb and my foot.
there was a religious man used to beat me within an inch of my life every Sunday meet well anyway. I just wanted you to know the name of that delicious protein by written seo Maybe there's a way to do both now, my built by the Scottish killed. He lit, looks order large, that's more than I ever knows just cause. You are built. Mania? I can't work here,
Oh, that's perfect, temperature tee when Euro, when I have the hive is actually is the perfect. This is proof, body temperatures I'd like it put it in a pouch and be a drug test. They go I could, when a medal for Russia, they limpets, you sound different. He I do I'm sick, so apologies for the lateness, but it's a science
section two- and of course it happened when I went out of the Ex clear stuff- is just those travelling in our lab, surrounded by you. I know it's on the way glad to be with you glad to be with you. It has been a busy weak, bluebirds appreciated gets going from. Yes, have, and sometimes I hate being me because I should be home in bed right now. You should you'll go there. After visit Ellen asking cannon below because sometimes sometimes the Ladys, and you know I like the Ladys. like a lady, a lot, sometimes a lone voice, some people think it's going little bit, a little deeper YO, Lou obey slew. What did you take? What the russian skaters took is that what you're, voices lowers the NGO, wins the metals point. Is that you steroids and achieve everything? Also I hate the Communist Chinese Party, so we will have to get a better way to live, show Monday through Thursday. In case you guys, MRS ever hear on Youtube. I know this week was an exception because I just felt notified their yet we know it. when I got really sick? I get it was a gradual ganis and
So there is nothing we can do about it, and then I was also dare to work with a half asian lower, but most ten a m eastern you can watch unravel, and watch on mug club there's an entire full hour of the show and mug today we're doing the Superbowl, even though sports taking your chats and by the way you know I was when I was watching you guys you watch on the blaze. That's my club. It's way better that it real is way better to watch their because you don't have to switch over like from Youtube and so fat knave They have improved the user face so question of the day should primitive, suggesting Trudeau have to take a dna tests to prove that he is not because I'm assuming he has the illegitimate child of Fidel Castro. I think just make his black face brown face, and yes, oh yes, They put on one combat hats, yeah. Here's key We brown please put that on debt, so comment, but love. You think you should have to take a dna tests in order to be considered. So the legitimate prime minister can also look. This is the big we're going to be done about this, and this is the biggest really shorter.
Ass civil rights protests that happened in North America and our lifetime as far significance. It's not burning gonna Walgreens! It's not just going out on vagina heads of state capital. This is some It is actually affecting both Canada. United States- and this is a perfect example of people, saying no more in standing up in a tangible way and the reason that they are being squeezed. The reason that the government is acting tyrannical at this point will get into it. It is absolutely terrifying us because they don't want this kind of civil protest to happen in the United States. It's an effective, non violent protest and they are concerned that it will spread stateside. That's why it's being shut down so Americans out there, you need to look circulating brethren and see what's happening there and also to the support of the getting from the american government just unbelievable, but before we get to that giralda, how are you I am better than you
I would ask how you doing, but I know full well, but I have to save my words because you just like yeah, it's like I'm. It's like, I was nothing with Hell Razor in my throat is right now and I had the code. I remember how the covered, like four weeks ago, five weeks ago this worse or out so much worse. That's how you knew of it one day and a half, and I said you have a feverish education and I was about it. Turns out. There are still other things going around. This is way worse and that, of course, shutting a country down for two years. This through that change in invoking an emergency murden, see powers, acts to ban funding and freeze bank accounts will yes of Aunt Ellen voices of dissent. So you also you can hear me now and we love him and I will be on tour with him. There still tickets left for pikes Peak Colorado June 18th. I leave Evansville in Michigan are sold out. Sorry, you did. It shows, but pikes peak cholera day, Lando, her user ahoy and yourself good
Is there another runway at it's, not that I got a click send which has had a stroke, nothing target good. President Jubilant your here's bleeding which, by the way, I'm animal time not now got you a bit about Joe Biden, cramping himself at the Vatican thinking on delivered a good I gotcha we, so we take Dave special honour on Saturday at it, and I couldn't hear him stage said because the honest wishes it was a majestic data was so loud, so we had to go into the green room and listen to the speaker and me My dad and Johnny were just in tears at some cause. I haven't heard that there must be relatively new yeah yeah It was while I was as news him shootings we had to wait for the act as they talk about so we'll see what happens when that special will be available. Where we'll make it available. You know, because we want to be shut down by the year, the NBC Chickens, but we honor our african american brethren first, because it is, as you know, black instruments
Let us gotta! We want educate you up here, in two thousand one Viacom acquired b e t, which made eighty cofounder robber, Johnson, the first black american billionaire real, yes and black facts. You have a second one here, other Dave, I'm twenty nineteen magic since company us subject so, magic. So magic is out of school. The sort of man donated at an unprecedented two million dollars to aid. We see you grumbling stay universe, la I'm, completely heterosexual, combat lately, one hundred percent before fella before filing from address into doesn't three wrapper masterpiece had given a recording contract to every other black person he had ever met. Fact so that's a fact that ethnic,
also like Sammy Davis Juniors, like our honour, I wanna buy a drink for everyone at the trap, a canopy of ours, leg or strip there. Then you can cover like that's going to be forty million. That is not good, backed up gang of broke. and when he was dying there is just the IRA sharing or taking rings awfully you're, not gonna, be a united glass. I guess the hood ornament offers Pontiac currency. Because there's so much going on here in the country? I really want to talk about Canada in depth, because it's gotten so much worse and people. I know people have covered fatigue thing? Is I don't really know masks you don't do anymore that I like us they just in time for election, but what going on in Canada. I want you guys to not just get fatigue and think. Ok, we already heard this you haven't. You have not heard. What's been going on, it is as someone who was raised and can I wanted to publicly Renee
my canadian citizenship fairly, you can't do that really matters I don't know I mean I can do symbolically. I renounce artifact, letting us know had it bill there to say, can somewhat cats and someone who control and find out what that processes just like it. Announce it and then have the paperwork. You have to call bacon bacon and its official right yet executive deal. Yes, yes, renounces Findley sliced ham. That's referred to his big. Yes, yes enjoy worse beer, I'm sorry, it's just better beer over there. It is in camera, ethnic moonshine, on its better you're, and I say that as an uncle who found with somebody with a lot a lot. A lot of experience We would have liked Mosen, dry commercials and cartoons. Life has four years old. I just thought: intelligent, but binding Legal Olsen dry, see. What's this shouldn't be on bugs bunny emotion, triple x, now, back to patrol bs, put your dad s
run out to get a bear? You know what the grab it it's all right. First, though, we have to watch, and this is a weird time in our country, because you have tyrannical governments and I do mean tyrannical governments working alongside each other also working alongside media will get what's happening with the the Irish Sea and NBC and not being able to broadcast any of their clips on Youtube and shutting down smaller channels, and that's also concern. But we have this happening across the globe and then you have. protesters, young people. This is the first generation of people that I can do. Are demanding less freedom. It's very worrying. Think of the civil rights I can think of black Americans, a cynical like we. What are you? What do we want the right to vote? May people like sounds reasonable. You look like even you look at them like the tea party was a deep are even the most reason Tea party. Well, we feel that we're being overtax in this record number recorded the record amount of spending using. We disagree with you, but we understand now What do you want? We want to take away their rights ogre way, what
students at the University of Reno Nevada. They pay tested on Monday bring masks ask mandates back and we are here today to organise a protest to reinstate the mask mandate. This started on Thursday after governors to select dropped the mask mandate. All these people now on campus you're not wearing laughed possibly being the spreading of it, and that is you know additionally confounded by the fact that we are vaccination requirement. So there's no. I have no idea of knowing how many of my students how many of my peers, how many people walking past me eavesdrop on non vaccinated and spreading over the much higher rate and all the other students have away Bloom museum who's. The actual tenable, please listen to us. There is a huge university fulfils unsafe. Please help
we see no longer lab on their little sign. Solidarity. Member were all this together to address and we want you to force them to wear masks because we don't feel safe pay. What's what's that, What's the mortality rate for someone, your aid with Amr, that's neither here nor there. No, no, both here, and there are yours here a lot before getting a job o er Reno man. They have Well, your hired! Yet that's gonna be a totally worth the pay gap h, given them every month, thirty met, The demanding mass mandates and vaccine mandates are not demanding access to masks, though not demanding access by the way. If the mask works, the way that you think it works, you we run mask,
that's right. That's right! Cause it's only. I only works to stop the spread of someone else's wearing it, but the now there's things may not you're outside marching outdoors and you're wearing masks are where you were you concerned about the Elam Rights. I am sure that this grad student was probably involved in some of those protests as well, mostly peaceful protests. I'm betting that masks want much of a concern. You just for groaned aloud if you're talking about you know being worry that your outside just what the blacklist matter, protests sitting just look at the smug every one, the same thing if you just said, I think everyone should wear. A birthday party had Frankly, what you're doing the same thing, someone misread that there were in the birthday party at this. I thought that's what we're doing they have about the same efficacy roughly two days suit. Is that illegal slot walk well by the way is the greatest reverse psychology that men ever played on feminist won't like our free, the nipple relating no, hey, there's an
a good woman law, you out from the council and a guard her with a shield made of a trash cans. And my phone to record useless world just think about students. This is sincerity we're all in this together. No, we are not. We are not in this together, not anymore. People are not in this together when they want you to be forced to take an m rna injection in order to conduct commerce in all cross state lines. Now, that's that's! It's no there were no longer this together. This is why don't believe in this false sense of unity, false common ground? There is no common ground with someone who is protesting to take away your rights, their demands, fewer rights. This is, this is absolute. Look, it's laziness, its absolute insanity, but I dont have another word for young people. When you look at at least he's. Ok, they wanted to smoke pot. It was kind of silly, but they also didn't like the war. Fine at me,
You understand it. You understand what I'm saying we shouldn't be involved in foreign countries. We should build a put whether we want nobody's. Ok, get it now, its Wish Mabel to control what you put on your face and what you put in your body. It makes no sense, and if you don't want to go to school or live in a place that says you, don't you free of mass mandates. We have here a mask, I'm sure You can go online and find a college that is equal to the universe. Yes, I know, there's three watch you just hates me now. I now rests like that. It's a good school, it's it's Reno, bread for ever that's going on their chests he'd, be better off being a phoenix seriously. Might as well. What a difference yes go online, just go on unemployment now and it just doesn't cut through the refugee police are paying them. Yes, rising. This protest they'll be Mr De Vries. He did not really sees an adjunct. Professor best, we ve got.
now yeah. There's is the professor like good nobody's here and shooting heroin, but now I can ghosts they spent whose that brought out their debating everyone else where mass can get an injection she's one of the finest students we ve got a groan diversity of arena. I'll talk to you rivalry and sports is de force connected college, rent, listen fierce opponents, it so happens that a sharp like Schenectady Rina as right after games, you have seen their eyes. They once burnt folding chair I did well that took half the population of our cities crying out. Reno the gateway to Tahoe, as it's called by the way
match, that, like button and you're watching right now before we get into the stuff that could get us to remove smashed like fighting right now. It helps with the Youtube algorithm and they don't like it. It's a little screw. You don't have to park a truck on the border you can just match. The like button speaking of of tear, and this is so. I want to be clear as to what's going on it because it's happening to everybody, but we this last week I went into my email, and I got for hard strikes on you too, which is very rare. Bring up here Copyright! Yes, when I like were gone and not like we're gonna, though God. Whoever knows we never every day an adventure rumble mug club we're just we're we're hanging by a very thin red. Just yesterday, We were struck five times of which five videos notes. One one video that was struck five times by sea
organizations guzzler control, maybe guys can get that to me. I was NBC. The Irish Sea, whose sassy the US has the icy strike is four times in one video. Five, like five different clubs, Ok, I was all from one video righted. That's The thing we dont want to just it's not just happening to us, not just because we're right wing- and it's not just because this video happened to criticise the communist government of China and them cheating anti communist chinese Olympics, but that's the net effect. Here's the thing This is this: is the problem with social media right now is it. This is why we need to change. The laws needs to be no more safe. Harbour to thirty summit needs to be reexamined. There's the law that exists, and then you have you, two been Facebook and twitter with their own policies and sometimes that actually conflicts with the law. For example, single party consent is what allows for investigative journalism. That means that both parties do not meet of a camera is running, that's how you do under cover journalism and then Youtube just now. I know we're gonna we're going.
Rid of videos, James O Keefe used, even though its in accordance with the law. We don't want to have it on our platform or second you're supposed to obey the law. The same thing happens here, where there's fair use law just to be clear. You're allowed to use clips, certainly you're allowed to you eulogies Vinnie off your references that we were references in this video. The chinese skaters cheating, we're referencing in this video clip of a choice of a journalist being ushered away by a chinese thug communist chinese thug and they say will also- and this is just because it's the olympic- so you can't run it, but we can run it if it's the Superbowl again a few addressing it the whole principle, the Spirit of the law to be clear, is you shouldn't just be able to upload and entirely big event may? money off that red when I make money anyway, so that components that component is gone. Second, the spirit of the
is very different from the letter, but you're allowed to take a clear and say, look someone she did at the Olympics and cover say: look there shutting down journalism at the coming to chinese Olympics and cover it you're. Let us say, look they're doing the slalom right next to a nuclear reactor and it looks like the introduction of the Simpsons and you should be allowed to cover what this does. When Youtube works effectively with international governing bodies. governments? It allows the big guy, namely NBC, who runs the Olympics to shut down the little guy. This hurts independent journalists, this throttles the ability tat to deliver information, which is what we all thought the internet would be great for. Remember was like there won't be gatekeepers one other, our gatekeepers, it's the used to be the F c c, when you're doing with radio television the Irish Sea and NBC invoked universal if they have something that they don't like an they shut it down. So if you want to watch a video, you have to go to my club rumbled to see it and it's totally within the realm of fair use, law right and we could use it for the Superbowl, like you said, or something like the World CUP. That's an international event: that's incredibly popular around the world, but the eyes
He is basically making their own rules here and I dont know how they can get away with that, because coverings, we're doing something on the ice and saying hey that wasn't of that wasn't actually penalty. It's really, to do that was still photography right, which is all pretty much allow or order to go so far as to change all like color scheme in the background and like superimpose yourself over it to the point where it becomes comical and then we even saw some of those videos get struck on other channels. Yeah. Ok, this just makes it we can criticise any host country ever for the icy right for the the Irish Sea, like the p o s rays, raised right now, Mitt Romney put on his regiment using thousand ambassador to I'll, see it's like. Oh, so you want to make me like you less at its heart. I know those possible but that run on your resonate extra University of Reno there's a linked in the university Reno and then I was an ambassador to the Irish Sea. I just hit like it was nuke button, Reno least a chemical bomb. It's just this is what happens to think you're more free, getting the world is a better place.
Now? No one zones are being applied selectively that favour, of course, communist corporate overlord, of course, we know that what the NBA, what are the dollars from China. We know you do. We know fate. We know that they want to get into these markets and have to play ball with them. Americans settlement, not just this show but liberal, shows You should be able to cover what is happening internationally, especially when it's actually in accordance with the law. These companies are acting outside of the law and it makes you less free. That's it. You can upload a clip of Fox NEWS. Unsuitable girls was award supremacist. Doesn't it now. I know you have a little clip of saying. Ok, look that the Chinese are speeds. Gator is cheating. Look. You can see it right on camera, like what you can show that now, what do you see what Twitter did with defined else now that that accounts are based? They, the cow, yeah those I knelt. I only knew your screen shot like a tweet from you earlier and then squeezed screenshot, something from me more recent, that's hidden hypocrisy or whatever about masks or vaccines and retweet what you said
They were banned last night now I dont think its ban forever. I think its ban for like the seven days whatever suspended yet The spending and when my suspended, what you retweeted hate speech, was he suspended now, of course, and I fly because we don't follow the love and you see how that makes like no sense at all, like these tweets are still up from the original person. All aid is put em side by side, so you could see the hypocrisy, and now I'm not makes perfect sense of a dutch perfect sense when dance twitter, you to face book and NBC Universal, look follow the money. I don't know why liberals all this and they would bitch about citizens. You know that would bring about money in politics when it comes to the most power, we'll corporations have ever existed. However, it's like you know what go make your own facebook to make your own you doing. Ok, but you're bitch, because some guy with some franking money is giving money to a pact. You have any idea how inconsequential it is, compare To the largest companies that have ever existed. creating rules and bending them so that the net effect is you can't criticize the canadian government or China arrogant.
the point that were banning to screen shots and I'm still trying to get up and where we can just can allow their sets, how off the rails. Are we going to allow this to go? I think we're going up at first I mean we're not on the rails at all, right, we're coming, but technically around the rules that we work. You know like we're: an Asian were pushed by a black men in the subway cadet City, again at our any right, supremacist right, Argentina, restaurant largest threat, as in the world as white premises, domestic tear, our apologies for being why you know We think that Chinese. Wiggers have a word for white supremacist, Oh, you mean a government earlier Hansel Showtime yesterday. Did you just I realized like I've done anything like that. We're have cared enough, but I was like I was just so bothered by that. Unlike you know, what I'm doesn't I gotta give money this year. How can I watch the new Woke billion, since what I mean, I can't damn. I can't do it anymore. Where am I going to say, pay you to tell me I'm a piece of shit. Let's things Polje embodies a car tat. If you hit me right my pie,
but they don't care that only drinking water level. I guess he how can afford his own chemo s pace, people who are neither affords a medical treatment, so let it never be said that we have not been critical of cops on this programme, cops are not beyond This is an especially this is a long island man. He sued the bedouin assailing elements of a picture had it's not Some folk police for allegedly ripping off is profit. leg, during a wrongful arrest and by allegedly I mean absolutely here's a clip, Lucas Wooden give his idea to police and began recording on Facebook live. I wasn't payment secure, pungs cars, responding at one point. He says
police assaulted him while trying to detain him gravel fractured. Our socket Lucas says it got worse. According to his attorneys police ripped off his prosthetic legs, so Lucas would fit police, green and red. That offers like someone in our view, skin, because it's like this most glue to my skin. Fisheries were seen on video, tossing the prosthetic leg into a police vehicle letters pretty bad By the way you don't need it now. You don't need an allegory once already bad enough is a rip off. My prosthetic legs is almost like ripping off your profitless. Now there's enough right. There is really no need to go. Very far worse way to describe its being run over by a car and lit on fire is like a thousand mosquito bite like losing. You lay like Heaven, you let ripped off and tossing a bachelor party Wagner
I don't have the whole story. Ok, I want to be clear, though, it's alive yes- and I mean- I feel bad form- balls wars, police chief- We were Lucas with possession of Oxy CUP Codeine, and this is the problem to where we vilified. Anyone who takes opiates, its heretic there's a chance. the chance Edith. He could it. You know because he had his leg cut off just go out on the limb was. Does it hurt me more David's, they're, talking about how fresh, the work is being looked at by oh, you mean that partner negatively gangrene believing they take his pills. So what's this year, sounds like a damn Iraq yeah, that's my pain pails, because I'm in really bad pay. You see I'm missing a leg. I don't know if you know, but like not only am I missing a leg. I had a faint leg. It was therefore seconds ago, and now it's not enough, because the EU is to its
blue, do my skin and now it's all in the back and met. If that can I have those pain pills back, let's tell it to a judge. I but there are also I'm a blog. I try to use the bathroom and a gas station suburban, New York guess what answer they gave me a bed and even gimme the key with a giant wouldn't cattle, and they just told me to use a bush very much. No Canada hired me to use the bush because the ground is uneven and there's a little known key factor that you seem to forget that either way I'm sorry unspoken rule, I think if any man sees another man paying as well as he can in secret hiding leave me alone. You leave him alone in a joke. Come on just like there are people who put on it like sex offender list because they were being in a bush. It's completely and I quote: can't come on guy, come a girl slack and if it's a woman, just you don't even bring it up and you dont even bring it up because then, at that point we didn't you know it and also there's. This is all The unwritten rule you
extended a little bit more for the prosthetic legs. It's what we call a grace leg. Yes, we do it Did you give it a leg up here and I think that's right now. It's true the link that just let it go these. Actually, cotton, that's good! I hope you get a refill Vienna. We actually took some from another guy earlier years, Somalia here some good day. Yes, I feel like it's gonna cut to the one arm banded from the fugitive unease like yeah you're right. It really does hurt when that prosthetic get ripped off. Yet, while the irony is that the officer who arrested him his hand was a hook and have some Emma theirs. come on. You know I'm talking about. I don't know don't bring me into this time either Jones walks up on every prosthetic legs prosthetic arm Fair glared, vague everything I admit
over this man pay and right now get a former. Now to be fair, I do to be fair to the police, Amputee crime, its genre and it's on the rise and it even it so calm, and it even has its own cops spin off got a little beggar. Sometimes you gotta covering verbs objects case, and I can't get away and it turns out of business before the cavalry to arrive now this. This is an open short years right here. Ain't bills and is an amputee shit, doesn't mean painful swore. This is not the first time ever Us Abc Street, that's actually much more interesting than normal cops Mozilla is normal cops. Eight! You know by the end of the runs Spi like tonight, I went on in Poughkeepsie? This man was going seventy seven and seventy five zone, whose what are you doing here? They I'm Dr
right. I'm gonna write you a citation pause. What well the show their getting out of a ticket. Yes, Stevens does a right along with the cops it goes up to that are too hot. Blonde just turns the caring lean towards these issues. It ll agony beats or whether what is crap tease her Adams, apple and real pain of soup, if I'm a somebody has a fake leg, come on, I'm just gonna be like this guy had a bad day: yeah yeah, I had a bad light while nor right not to say that all people of ours with one leg have bad days every two: no, no, they can have greater by their just worse than yours. Yes, lesser them. everything your days is better cuz you put on your leg and the horn right yeah. I put you put on your pants.
And is that you put all my legs one at a time and then I don't have to put on the other leg this my body and there are put on page one at a time. So I'm just like you not at all like me. Well, you know what we can, but it came out of my mouth umbrellas up. If they make sense right did I do My alarm three minutes earlier earlier account, as I have to put a shoe onto a vague leg. The fake leg under my knee and to take into account which shoe because either good chance that later on our Moby beaten with it, so I don't know timberlands Noma nephew use me I'm gonna go get some opium yet be her honor. He beat himself with his leg with very we're death. Let him even if he doesn't needed just let him go
when a bed to what is it like everyone, Erst personal appeal to the public and suffered county ready now, is a Puma imprint on his face ass. He did that himself, not an yadda come on come on, you're gonna get all the lawyer has to say as yeah your honor. He made New York smell, like piss reckless and fell on him right, correlation equals causation so guilty is helping out the bailiff make that mistake. your mother's peel appearing on the courthouse. Yes, celebrities agenda the fire that Anti started when it's a jellyfish were twenty five dollars, let's also speaking of walking open wounds, so I wanna, while joy red is going to come into the segment but Monday night, a blacklist matter activists quintet brown. He was arrested for a time tank to shoot the Louisville mayor catches I live a mayor candidate,
watch this clip and then there's there's more of the back story. That, of course, shouldn't make sense, but it makes complete sense because twenty twenty just but for now can. I blew over Metro police announced that they ve arrested this man twenty one year old, quintet Brown for the shooting, a Green bergs portrait town mark office. This morning a police report just released moments. GO says: Brown was caught less than a half mile away from the budgetary market. The report says from least that he had a loaded, nine millimeter magazine in his pants pocket. Now investigators have not released a possible motive in the shooting just yet earlier today, Ellen Pity, police chief era shooting exact, sir, exploring all our sister dreamer Agus jewish surges standards, Lambert, we don't. I held my if it's just are we dealing with someone who has met issues or is venomous. I don't know why. I think the person is doing with mental issues as who ever gave me that flock of seagulls. Yes, I don't know what you are: a good scissor, Andy Half Robert Smith,
We go now to sergeant and which is a weird you shouldn't. You ought to be in a position of authority. If you like that weird, I know it's a personal thing, but it is a general rule. What are you talking to the media to go ass though he was jewish and so there's that What do you know what you mean southern at no extra? I guess a barber shop in this case and go yes, I'm a female cop. Can you make me? Look extra dextra lesbian? Yes, I want people to meet me at first glance and say I ve number that homer clippers want to come out on Thanksgiving, but I do. We have, This me, an awkward conversations helps just show up. I go dad. We need to talk. I think we understand each other. I've seen area in the cruisers
do those. Nineteen brown was actually recognised by the Obama Foundation for his work in the community and he got to meet for Obama. What standing young citizen Meanwhile, a guy with a fake leg is getting that crap kicked out of my carpet. Now he was also on joy. Reads show, and I know this is joy because she's you know she changed her she's such a chameleon. It's like Germany never looks the same twice to twenty eighty. That he told the mayor to give. You know this organization blacklist matter right, the sub, what they want and which is kind of ironic, because what this guy want wanted, who just shot jewish man, Mister Green Bourgh, unaware great detective work by those making. Mr Green Burg, who is fixed even Seagal, showing up Green Burke, he's jewish. I'm so glad you're. Here we would not now so he was demanding enjoy read from the main areas of meet our demands and saving you catch the irony and control from the
state of the Senate majority. Later when you wanting, and what do you want to know? What is in a note you know we are here, we want, we want kindnesses, got reform and, if you're not going to give us a real gonna vote you out of office. If we want to keep your job being and give us what we not what we want, but what we need what humans need, we need common sense govern for get rid of us. Heart rifles work. How are we to get rid of you? Is that a good thing? We will get rid of you because you're using the guns to shoot people right and I get to keep my gun turned out? What's common sense? Oh, I don't know shootin Jews. People are still the problem. Ok, I gotta you gotta! Do yeah, don't do that with a pistol grip, no regular common sense I had about. what knowledge it I would like to be free to go here, is just raised. Two million dollars from the right back now, keep in mind. Of course, why supremacy that's the greatest threat to us to our home
insecurity. There is this editorial by the way suggesting that Brown, the manager, so you just about But you're round into replay them at once, others there was editorial. It was suggesting he was republican. Ass he had already been identified as a left wing blackness matter actress. Let me read this for its as been no indication yet that the activists had ties to any right wing organizations and by their mean yet they mean there are never eyes ever the shooting comes amid arise and threats against politicians fuelled by an increasingly I went rhetoric. Extremist Republicans and you just saw Becker Ebay, the guy beg for more gun. Control, yes, and is a bill and activist is secretly conservative, we secret a white supremacist as well. Well, that's. Why he's the black face of white supermassive black programme as well? I think you're right, see nailed all in this argument at all joy red. Why are you plan to forming white supremacist? Oh,
Where will it end? Next thing is to have someone on there was a fake leg, only liberal conservative. What are we talking about here? Unlike that jewish man there? No holes in that order, traces cocktail. No matter. Shepherds everywhere, how'd you that is the Enquirer still about like there's enough, can expect proscribe. It's just me paper right. I just want to make sure this comes from the LAS Vegas Sun. While there's been no indication yet that the actress had ties to any right wing organization. Stuff, they worry of bat boy was more credible far and these ten years. I think these are the peace. but who are considered legitimate new sources like Brian These are the same people who signed petitions. They want to get rid of Joe Rogan; they want to get rid of this programme because I want you to have to rely on them. You just saw when TAT Brown guest on joy, red black lives matter activists. Here's the thing
either there lying or they are so bad at their job- that the net result should be the Nobody knows beggar, some now, no more reno working at the last night, you doesn't know classing I or death. That's a big step up to go to accept it is clear that we firmly Schenectady Community college talent, poor that we good result we're good about. We feel good about this sally I'll, wear, masks here, it's great! No one smiles can right. Also because they have teeth so by them. we just let you saw us religion built bars. There are wonderful sponsor today show I have lost thirty. By bounds. bill parliamentary part, replace desserts and night within the delicious. These real chocolate gotta built outcome is a promo code, credit fifteen. You get fifteen percent off just get in the world. They are absolutely D. Let no one needs protein barge do not even know needs to get, but it just it tastes like dessert. Will you freeze it? Don't you
the age limit of freezer. It's almost tastes like one of those snickers by Alexander that New Brownie fudge junk my gosh. They gave the devil chocolate to you. The devil, chocolate in I've gain thirty, I've house because of them do not abide by the law. They had every day by day by tasty, yet our all day every day, and we need some like Eminem. We keep order or for the studio, and I was wondering where they were going got a point where the go now. I think it is Dave It's that good graces of sponsors at that point. Yesterday, the guy's him immediately defensive. When you try to figure something out or the guy who cares going. I would like to ask her next topic. I can smell it. your pours effort to to smoke. Sweating meant this all right, is the segment that I really want to get too again. I was raised in Canada, so please don't just go with me on this, because I'm half Canadian, I want you listening watching to understand really the severity of of the.
Its quences here there's a reason that they are trying to shut this down the trucker protests, trucker freedom, convoying, Canada and at all levels. What do I mean at all levels? I mean the government tried to shut it down, effectively label these people, domestic terrorists, the governments, and that these views are inadmissible. The Azeri impermissible, intolerable, then talking about the government, putting leverage in private organizations to stop funding to these protests. Contrast that with Kemal Harrison people on the deal He raising money for terrorist organisations like black lives matter and for Antiphon, with these catch release programmes I'm talking about at every level when they actually are going to fine and imprison truckers for exercising their freedoms, I'm talking about on every level when the government is deciding to have content room moved online? Supporting these protests and here's? The thing that may be able to happen in the United States, but guess what My brethren Joe Biden, made some calls to Canada and was supportive of it. That.
Started enforcing some of these laws. They feel that they have the full support of the american government. Do you think for a second that if the United States government present form of US present Joe Biden, do you think that if he could do this here, thank God for the constitution, the checks and balances to think for second, that he, wouldn't So I want to get to this in Canada because a lot of people dont there they are worried that this could spread to the United States. Make no mistake, that's exactly what is going down right now. If this were to happen United states people would realise we, need a burned down a Walgreens and destroy our neighbourhood. We can actually protest especially right now in disrupt supply chains and make our voices heard peacefully, while still having a net impact, because it's worked again. They don't want this to happen in any state, so before I get this, remember what I warned you not too long ago with data when Trudeau was first starting with people saying oh, this is fearmongering. Now is not the first step towards tyranny. Is always ring points of view, and especially if the government decides that certain
points of view are not allowed us for the first amendment is so important that government should never be allowed to determine what opinions are permissible, and I told you this is the step toward tyranny when he said it: Eureka, racists, fascist sexes, and so that they hold unacceptable views in case you forgotten areas, NEO Sedition, so subtle, schmuck opposed. Vaccination, suffix chemist, cooperate on us used sources, arms version survive, I ceased to see sit sit the single biggest contract glass in law for further work on talk a little about p s skull ethical turn, small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa were holding unacceptable views that their expressing done tyrant do not represent
the views of Canadians. Don't you want here the rest on accept what you ve done tyrant period? That's it. You ve crossed the line that no leader of an allegedly free country gets to determine what is an unacceptable view outside of actual violent crime, of course, and you say that That's it your town, he needs to be out now. I don't want to say I told you so Monday, just ensure dough again, you guys know about the freedom convoy spend entirely peaceful, invoked. Canada's emergencies act now, basically putting Canada under selective, martial law. After discussing. with cabinet and caucus First Damsons document a with premiers from all provinces. Territories? After speaking with opposition leaders, the federal government.
has invoked the emergencies act to supplement provincial and territorial capacity to address the blockades and occupations occupant. To be very clear. I scope of these measures will be time limited geographically tar, it as well as reasonable and proportionate Hey time limited time, I figure sum in two weeks time, latin. the greater its yeah. It's almost like the people who he's violating are upset that they were I too, about measures being time limited before I'm here, I'm I'm. is that that this was a small fringe minority. Why in the world would that necessitate emergency powers that were passed and ninety nine eighty eight and never ever ever invoked before? Do you wanna be beaten with a fag like stop asking questions guns interesting, but no sign. It is over thirty years of makes perfect.
Yes and by the way, what it. What does this mean? This gives Prime Minister Fidel Castro's illegitimate on the power to freeze corporate bank accounts, and and to ensuring of any trucks participating in the protest. This can be done without a court order done and it protects the banks from retribution so last week, Toronto. minion Bank froze to personal personal bank accounts that each received one point a million dollars for the protests. Now it's not whether you live in a free country, it's not about whether you live in a country with laws its the laws applied equally when they raise money for black lives, matter protestors? They protect organizations like Antiphon when this Prime Minister Niels with black lives matter activists, and then freeze is money impersonal, accounts to emergency powers, which he says will be time limited. You, no longer live in a free country there at the nineteen. Eighty eight act that he's referencing their gives the government power to do that. For thirty days, that's
he also has power to do it by himself without approval for seven days, and then it goes to the apartment he had voted on and if it gets voted than its thirty he's got seven days to do whatever the hell he wants to Morrow and former vice President Joe Biden extended the rent moratorium right the people in that matters. A guy arrogant, struck down by the Supreme Court, but it gives us a cup more months and like right that breaking the law. You know it won't hold up their effectively. Acting like it's the perch for seven days We can do a lot more squeeze them for Seven days that a brake on then ok, they won't pass it I'll, be fine about no days habit. That makes out your new favorite trudeau, no days cells, not your about that yeah you're such a steel from your citizens. That should be obvious that what it is right, it's thievery from your citizens. Yet now it's left its theft and its thuggery, because how do they take the money in Germany, the bank's right Emily. It's a government that has guys with guns, oh by the way of Andrew people who largely don't have guns
oh sure, down his deputy prime minister. They also broadened the scope, is a term that they use of money laundering and anti terrorism. Laws see this like when they brought the scope of terrorism to include not just white supremacist but to include conservative church I am happy to southern poverty law centre. You look at what they do just lets. Us will broaden the definition here Terrorism have to be violence with means to political, not just a you know it could be peaceful, peaceful, a truck drivers do as you please. Yes, white people, yeah. That's where the US is money, money laundering. Money laundering. How does not apply here it doesn't mean funding a peaceful protest. Your law doesn't covered by the way. Specifically, you can't use it to break up a peaceful protest. Another can so I can't per cent they saw the can because of Canada. Let's, yes, I don't have the first moment I know, but it there. Remember when you also Jordan, Peters and a lot of user Jordan Petersen was silly because he said Alyosha pronouns at my students prefer, but I'm not going to be compelled compelled by the government to use language lesson this bill is about know it.
It's no longer a Trojan horse like its. If it's divorce, only their riding on the horse in a longer hide in the horse or Australia, and let us in a body- and it looks like a phone horse. So the deputy Prime Minister broaden the scope of money laundering and anti terrorism laws to target, and this was a work around because go fuck me booted ten million dollars right. That was your age for the trucker convoy, so they views this now to target in alternative platform. Give send go here, you go first, we are pride. The scope of Canada's Anti money laundering laundering and terror. financing rules, however, crowd funding lungs and the payment. service providers, they use, these changes cover all forms of transactions, including digital assets such as crypto currencies. As of today, all crowd funding,
forms and the payment service providers they use, must register with in track, and they must report. Large and suspicious transactions to fin trapped by what you know whether crypto guys like soup. Our main selling point was of a government, can control it, no better way we're taking all your crypto. You can't do that. Yes, we can just going to say the same thing that actually, but its interrupted great. Will you concrete encrypted for us? It was only a matter of time. For their like. No, no, it's ours. He adds its the same money it's ours now, but you seriously city. She said you have to report large and suspicious Trent define large because most of these people that are logging on and giving money to. These truckers are giving like twenty five and forty and fifty one hundred dollars to help them out there giving twenty dollars you? Are they the Rockefeller? That's large! I could be wrong, but I believe there is actually a section, unlike Irish she's react to thoroughly
the amount of drugs you ve sold and what it was, and I could be wrong, but I think that actually is a section like whose doing that right all right. Well, I did is rather than its here on the form we gotta fill out hounds of cocaine. What is a cow if I put in baby powder colonies, Pierre less obvious t count comma. Can I write off a gun that I believe we are just for this business. Just write down that you ordered nine out of forty two thousand poppy seed. Bengals that'll be fine, that's better work, Kroger bag of hand guns we excuse either is weird president's choice. K bars fired at that, doesn't count Ives. I write off so gives then go. We had been able to track down here because ten million dollars was raised and go for me. Go finally decided they're going to freeze it and giving charities, which of course is theft and then, when they had enough backlashes it will give people a refund, give send go, raise. Millions of dollars is independent, a more independent right organization and it was hacked,
and was replaced with this mess. Condemning the freedom convoy attention give send, go drifters and hatreds the canary government has informed you that the money you Assholes rays to fund an insurrection is frozen. They also said you helped on the January in sixth insurrection in the United States. What we Delorean river Delorean and a passport. They said you twond an insurrection in Ottawa. In fact, you are committed to funny anything that keeps the raging fire of misinformation going until it burns the world's democracy. Down in this is that the people who fancied this is why I never liked when people talk about anonymous, neither stupid guy folks Mass which, by the way, if you actually look, I fix this guy Bwana, basically religious oligarchy. So it's a student example these people to understand what he wanted. They are what they're, using their tactics now to hack, freeze and punish peaceful protest?
who are just demanding that they not be forced to put something in their body. Think about that for a second work. What you're demand that we that we not be proactively forced worst by the government to put something in our bodies in order to make a living for our families. And what happens is these people claim to be rebels and they claim to be fighting for freedom? Why? Because they ve labelled you information. All feel able someone misinformation, then of course you're not infringing on their freedoms you're just infringing on. You know the mission for it. Just you know it's it's just it's! What parents tell her set yeah Normally we look at dictatorships the kind of set the tone for the desperate around the world like out. He did it get off, he did it, so I can do to my citizens, as many people are looking to the United States and saying ah January six. That was an insurrection, though no one in charged with insurrection, to my knowledge, as of the state. That's the same thing: it's happening in Canada here so they're, looking Dawson going, that's insurrection, deeming guys park in your capital and shutting down traffic bats
insurrection. Do we need to change that definition is well what we have always Chaz, where they took over eight years on a summer love music fast, several people were shot wow. We lost count absolutely Have you by the early age rates is out there now, so that's courtyard patria. I like that. I will be the one used because from white supremacist, that's it you know was a patriot. Was that quintet brown? Well, don't worry. They'll have an acceptable protests list for us to excess. Lay. I? U can protest if it's this silver and down a CBS fanatic, nine hundred and ninety nine dollars from from target when these in Canada, but you can burn down at him. What I hear- and I see a lot of important there's plenty to suppress both the same you know ricotta damage stuff and began What does look the other way Uncle SAM It was a yacht. Another uncle leaf, whatever is in Canada, also up and savvy, so according to rebel news, the personal data leaked during the hack of gifts,
was used by the CBC to contact harassed owners who gave the truckers again You will understand that you, don't you gotTA, Venezuela to see government funded broadcasting, will use new gonna PBS here, but are not as powerful in Canada CBC the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation decided they were gone. to harass donors and individuals. That's the government! Again, when the government funds, the media, and the media does their bidding. You know longer, have a free press. When people bitch about the corporate press in the United States, I get it Tom Selling Tom sell it. Mortgages right, wavering, grimly diabetes, it's it's annoying, but I will take a cup We have around commercials if it means that I dont have to get my news exclusively from the government. So do you also mentioned the order, provides an opportunity to screw the usual lack of eight hours of rider he gathered. These can accept polish galore him
wiser nine billion dollars and earmarked for key. We shoe power and our new sponsor Keeley Canada. We of key, so he mentioned at the order, also provides an opportunity to compel us is the word that he used opportunity to compel which, if you're testicles, have not retracted back into your body cavity out of fear. Yet then I will show you a clip. This means, of course, I get to force companies to comply. There will be an ability to compel prick for just compensation, tow truck owners and operators to actually do the jobs for which they have contracts with various orders of government would have been a bargaining. Our roads, clear. This is an example of a specific tool that is now available to local police of jurisdiction in places all across the country if needed, it would be to them to determine whether or not
That is needed, hey guys, the control too. Can you get me that quota had from the fortune article? I want to bring that up. So this is before we get to it. let me give you the definition, the definition from the dictionary of compelled, because only just compel means force or drive, especially to a course of action. When he's saying, as this will allow the government to force people to what do what we demand has everyone has a freedom because a lot of time at forcing you, for example, to not break the law by the way. That's not compelling you to do thing. That's setting a standard where you cannot harm somebody else compelling forcing you meaning forcing you to do something proactive, like I don't know, take a vaccine, that's different than saying: don't shoot that guy don't hit that person now we're going to put this in you,
Just experimental am Arnie, it's out. I hate using the term vaccine injection injection works. I think that safe we're going to compel you we're going to Fort it's, not don't hey, don't break the traffic laws written because that protects our peoples, we're going to compel we're going to force you what if they refuse to drive your car for us what what if they would have a total drivers like now, I'm not gonna tell the trucks out here. What, then Trudeau so well, there's a lot. We will get doesn't seem a lot of. I don't know lotta hoops to jump through instead of the saying you know what you're right: it's your choice: yes, as in the field of there's a lot going on, Burgess said that what this receives a quite a big deal right or not asking to enact premier knocked up. I know, so, like hey, hey, we just look. We think that, where we think that vaccines people should be able to take them- and you know we shouldn't- have to let's put the eighty eight. Yes, yes, if I say it's a staggering how far this is going,
this- and this is why you don't call January six, an insurrection because guess what they call an insurrection people linking arm, saying we're just not going to put that needle in or ass we accidents, shut up it's an insurrection up what's next, if someone, if some, if a form it is says: hey you know what it's you should be taking a baby aspirin everyday, ok, that Ok, but you know what I don't want to know, and I know it's an insurrection if you don't take it baby, aspirin They have no right to tell you this. This is all these people, what they just want to be able to continue to make a living without being forced to take something that now I understand I'm not saying the vaccine is with entirely without its benefits are merits, but is irrefutable that there are no long term studies on the effects period. That's a valid concern. Forces
and you if I read this credit the other day you have Gretchen Whittemore Worried, because even with these borders now shut down, it is affecting Michigan in Michigan jobs, and it's like you the reason this happened right. What are you then jumping on this and causing all this problem was growing. There was going to do it. Wasn't gonna come back to buy in the ass right. What do you think you know got the balls for this? He has shown us. He has no balls in the past right. You got it from our actions right at one hundred percent gum What right- and this is now heading michiganders in their pocket book, a boy like shutting down their business, not shutting down abort, not putting a truck somewhere. That makes it inconvenient where you have to do. You know you, after you, have to use ways to give you the roundabout way because of a traffic disruption. You actually walking the businesses and said hey settled. This year. I don't you you. I do not need more done.
are you bitching, it's affecting michiganders pocketbooks, again, it's not! You live in a country with laws. Are the laws applied? Equally? More importantly, are they applied equally based on point of view and that's what's happening and it's going to keep in mind. There's been no violence. Not from Iraq to equip room fortune was. The protests in Canada have been mostly peaceful, been entirely onlookers, all our second, mostly peaceful, but not entirely so important. You go! Oh ok! So what actor? I once occurred wherever there, under the rail Canadian mounted police arrested, twelve people who were part of the Alberta protest and seized a cache of ammunition in weapons, including machete.
the r c and peace are. They believe the group had a willingness to use force against the present. Any attempts were made to disrupt the blockade of Gaza arrest any outbreak out or what is Tom Cruise Gonna come up with a future crime and be like I get arrest. You appear now, dumbest thing what also bazaars, because in reality, if they had guns, they would have mentioned the guns like ammunition enema shed on this area. Gonna do hot shot to throw the bullets at. You have been saying that for a second, there was no act of violence, but they had a knife I saw it in there. I did they use it. violence is having a tool to protect yourself, see that problem people use it will no mass shootings. Ok, it's about mass shootings. You want these laws or cable, and you go along with that. Ok! Well, then, I guess we'll give up some of our second amendment rights will not on our side by machines. Now it's about stranger ground. It's about castle doctrine shouldn't be allowed to defend yourself. Unlike oh, ok, I guess- and now it's about the it's a crime to own a gun. Now too rhymed honour, machete, we're going to consider an act of violence. If a cop finds you with a knife.
Have you seen hotel Rwanda, Stephen, come on medical hush, eddies yet a blu ray of Crocodile Dundee s yet a few times. I think we can all agree on that. One of the elderly well in part to the exact which, by the way we copy of Robocop three, we shot we biederman as fake leg. Just because of that film selection. We had to use violence. Sort of the plot actually does on the defiant Elles accounts. I was just pass this by brought again if we can bring it up if we have access to it or not, but the last tweet that they had put out was just in true dough, and that was the one that got them. It looks like got them Nevertheless, there referencing another says when a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is when its rapidly I its moral authority to govern, and that was by a harbour, the former prime minister, I think into doesn't five and his next, the ongoing blockades and occupations are presenting serious challenges to law enforcement ability to effectively enforced the law. Because of that, the federal government is invoking. The emergencies act to supplement provincial and territory,
capacity also known as becoming a dictator right. So the p providing out the people are providing challenges to government. Oh you mean what they're supposed to do, at least in United States. That's the design of the constitution, the whole reason for the constitution. United States look. I know people get us, I'm in a sound like one of those conservative, radio hosts and I'm cipher. Secondly, but the whole reason for the constitution is to allow how the people to pay and challenges to the government, because guess what this country, this country became United States by people with muskets, recent journey air rifles- maybe some possible guns- some pitchforks present in challenges to royalty. Now they are. We gonna make sure that the citizens can always present challenges, you're, so that you can you make sure that we still don't like. Of course, you can still ongoing ships like hey. Can I have cannons like we're? Fourthly, you could have came into effect on one, Why they allowed you to do that? Because if you don't it just builds up and ends up being revolution and that's what the world had been prior right. Nobody could bring
thing to government in say: hey fix: this is a problem. Governments would just ignore it and then the people. eventually have to rise up, and you know Marie Antoinette you a couple of times right. Let them eat shoe polish syrup. Is she the one that loved her horse by dont know she was a lover of many horses. If you look carefully over the full life out. can also, by the way, under these emergency under this emergency, actually can bar travel to from specific areas. You can force evacuation of people and property. Sorry compel compel taken compel you to stop worrying black face every other Thursday We can pay you to stop wearing black face every first third and fifth Thursday of the month. By that we don't mean for yes, it's compact with it such a fake word. I know it. I hate
yeah that's the word than what it means is. We will arrest you. We will potentially seizure vehicle. We we will use our guns to make you do what we want she's like while we were, we had ten million dollars for the truckers, and while we are actually going to send our guys with guns, if you like- and we feel compelled now to two not keep it compelled to thee anybody, those into it sounds a can. We interest you regard as somewhat the meaning right, that's why by not like we're going to incentivize them right yet Odette holiday. But that's what you think I. What do you mean compel acts break God we're gonna, give tax it's too truckers who are cleared out and what you mean by that break there windows and for their children under particular custody, mafia type stuff. We do know how Greece their accounts and take them. You know, like gaudy tat, Exactly that's why you left me right. So that's the point: providing the emergencies like nears. Then this is a two tiered punishment system. So right now there's a new series of punishments affair.
Not exceeding five hundred dollars or imprisonment. Not exceeding six months are both for parking. Your truck or a fine that exceed Five thousand dollars or imprisonment not exceeding five years or both of this can mean jail in fines to people now keep in mind. That is ok. That's two people to the tow truck drivers who are if they dont enforce removing these trucks. Ok, the truck which, in the trucks, keep in mind its effect. What we should be a parking ticket yeah. You can't work there. Why did it is going to handle it, wasn't a meter may well, I did so. This is punishment for people, private, PETE, private citizens. These are toe trucks who are now being ordered to pull, The other trucks have been parked now those initial trucks right. The people who started the protests, the actual convoy they are being threatened with hundred thousand dollar finds, while and of course, being put in jail. That's incredible being put in prison for a long term? I don't know exactly what it is. I think it could be indefinitely at another time
there can be compelled to you know, compelled to enter that sell and compelled to remain there indefinitely. We have called for a year jail for a year or two for a parking ticket pretty much, but the in taking any means is the government who, by the way, kind of inconvenience the people by not allowing it to conduct business or leave their house Madonna that was decidedly inconvenient yeah. That's it causing traffic Stephen right, have you seen the map? That's all just read. You called We cause traffic at a bridge. You cause traffic at my front door, or because I couldn't even got to pick up the piling Amazon packages Gazeta spray it down, and I will not leave you cause traffic in people households. Have you seen the border for the last two years? I mean? Is this really slowing it down more than a what's right of its maybe slowing down six minutes. The model of efficiency, but now appear so is the advertisements
the breeze to get through the less than this is this is always being done. What is it you look at the patriarchy raised its always being done what, under the guise of secure they're saying that these blockades, these insurrections, which are not violent by the way they are threatening our now nor security? So we This is why we have to enact these authoritarian policies, and this is by the way, areas, everyone's a hypocrite, of course, but it's not that trust introduce a hypocrite. It's that he doesn't believe what he sang. We saw this when Nancy Pelosi wanted to lock everybody down, and then she, going and putting in getting a blow out in her particle? Well Tax Washington have the the sergeant, Weinberg hair cut. She was being a hypocrite. It's that she wasn't afraid that the virus had a four percent mortality. It's that she obviously wasn't afraid to go out in public and not where a mask and rules for thee, but not for me. It's not that people are hypocrites. Everyone has a hypocrite because we are all sinful people. It's our people being hip, critical because they dont believe what they're saying and just ensure
Let me make my case here when he's talking about it being a threat to security and that's a problem. It's hilarious concerning publicly supported the twenty twenty India Farmer protest that utilised what what what eggs. I think that over later, ok, now, whenever I got a out of the indian blockades. Trudeau said any didn't, which was insensitive. We said what's variant, I do not get it. I always be there to defend the right to peaceful protests, and thank you very much, but could you take off the brown shoe polish? When you talk to us here said no, like a bitter, showed up to speed with their ambassadors with a jewel on his forehead. I do it's my thing: dance to pandering, son of a you said, we believe in the importance of dialogue and that's why we have reached out through multiple means directly to the indian authorities, to highlight our concerns, but at no point Trudeau even attempted to have a dialogue with the truck really just
an oar- and I wanna politics right these at all- He said no dialogue, but when it comes to other places, comes to other people yea I. Where would we? and whenever dialogue, the will they shut up to redress third grievances with government. It is like I gotta go to the United States right now. It's really dangerous here I'll be back, and then he was never back now. Detergents there's a trudeau, shaped cloud about, I always used to say you're, just a Trudeau Shaped Hall in the border wall suck it does so. Maybe I can convince you guys yet ever parliament, we shouldn't, really be all that surprise. Considering you know, Trio's pass comments about which, which country would you think that Trudeau most admires outside of Canada? Does it start with a sick, Japan, Come goon. Nation do most admire at a controversial fundraiser dubbed ladies night, Trudeau set
but the reason I actually have for China basic dictator is allowing them to actually our economy around on a diet ok, so many things wrong with that. First off yes, ladies night and him is hilarious and appropriate. Second, it was only controversial like account. It was controversial because it is stupid shit. He said it wouldn't be controversial. If you stop saying stupid shit, he also same language. Their dictatorship is allowing them. That's how he sees you. He allows you some views are impermissible, are intolerable. nine is great because our dictatorship is allowing them. That's the difference between the concept, of inalienable rights, the government in the United States does not grant take away rights. It serves only to protect them because their recognised as birthright
she doesn't believe that and by the way, the government of Canada does not believe that even conservative Canadians, no where else in the United States? Do you have it by the way, Joe Biden, Kemal Harris Nancy Policy want to go the direction of Canada. They say it with some surprise. They praise them. Well, hey! Look if you can just kill, people in silence, dissidents, you'll, have a booming economy, its land ass, it cause that's. The most important thing is that the economy is doing well right. Right that never mind the people. You're throwing into concentration camps essentially engendering our the millions of people that have been affected by you, not being people it hold on a non approved. It Indians right writer, bigger, will have a social credit score and be able to travel outside of the country or get a car get alone or anything like that, and we know that's important very describing autumn eighty scouting cattle, thirty one, so you ve got in China or that's Tarja Confuse validates either way ever know either social credits, the most important kind of And I really do I want my country to be an episode of black mare. Exactly
Myers, the Chinese so much that he was actually happy to solicit millions of dollars for them at a twenty. Sixteen fundraiser. Why wasn't that shit? There wasn't time gives him go. Ladies night, let me read this from you from the globe, Prime Minister, just in shadow, was the top drawer. Fifteen hundred dollar liberal party cash for access fundraiser at the mention of a wealthy Chinese, getting business negative in May wealthy chinese businessman. So being who, with a partner donated, I thought who was part of the million to one million Elliot Trudeau Foundation and the university Montreal Faculty of law weeks after the fundraiser so think about that. For a second, raising money for China, and he said he loved China need does determined a contradiction, actual genocide. This is the issue right can this before it can be frozen because someone who's in power. This is one of the elite. This is a person whose favoured, but then you, the citizens,
drivers working class. Canadians, this same guy who raised that money for a communist dictatorship, can tell you you can't park. and by the way, when I say you can't park there, I mean that Don't you take all of your assets and put you in prison? What an, indeed just to say in others that he remiss read the invitation. I thought it was lady boy, night. Oh that's true. He loves the lady boy culture. He was the only one that to get in there, they made him pay to get out. stupid ass when he walked out his period had since with the rest of it awful man. I love it ten dollars that night. Thus radiance hiding dollars are not quite as six sixty six to something like that. Something like this man Just for crime is I mean I do I'm innocent Menzies. I have a question that I'm sure a lot of yours right now like we always we always talk through these situations and obviously gimme the reason to be frustrated mad whatever it is pissed off at government like, but so what can Americans do to support Canadians
this well, I will say this advice I guess before it was nuclear country, the Canadians burn down the White House and what that was at. Listen that when I was raised your move when exactly what I was raising Canada brag about that for semesters. Again, because you know it's but your friends to burn down your stuff. Ok through it was sneak attack, we get it, but I'm just saying: whenever pennant back for that so we should just now on joking, I'm joking of course you shouldn't earned down, and then I have a white house anyway. That's fine! They don't you! this is actually someone tried to assassinate the canyon permission. I believe it was our crutches at that point. Person gets into the Prime minister's house gets into the house. That's that's up to the bedroom door has like a plastic knife and fork. They got from TIM horns and the wife stopped him by closing the door. That'll happen, videos like, but that it I point she called security to sabotage and awaited form. Was it
but the assassins uttered nerve in and around the golden Retrievers gain Caille, prime ministers? So what do you look? This is the thing is it I urge you to comical what your take has been, of course from us, and it ain't. No, it just us some support for Canadians out there. I don't know where we can actually help raise money at this point will need to get back there. You get back guys- because I don't what's happening with- gives them go, but I will This first off, they do need your moral support because they have one tenth of population of United States K, and the Prime Minister has a moral support of this government. Also keep in mind. We just talked about that twitter account than Adele moved if just ensure? No, I don't think it's a conspiracy. If you see the canadian Prime Minister just ensure dough is able to compel companies like go funding, we know that they spoke. We know go fuck me set at the behest effectively of the government, and this is what affected them. Shut down the donations to that were being raised privately for peaceful protest. I dont think too much of a stretch to say they are making a call to Twitter who works with God.
Mental authorities to say remove that because it doesn't look. I think, we're beyond the realm. conspiracy! Here, I'm not saying that I can prove that's exactly why that twitter account was removed, but there so many examples with irrefutable proof of the government's wheezing Youtube squeezing facebook squeezing go. Find me squeezing patria right. This is squeezing the app store squeeze Amazon that I actually think it would be silly to assume at something different. If we I'll find ourselves in a situation where any social media account channel critical of government is remove. There will be a most Likely explanation at this point we agree on that. absolutely well then look they can enforce the rules. The United States for mean, if you live out of step on a blog here from other countries but like if you live in Michigan or something like that? And you know some of those truckers are coming over and you have local access. We have just just letting
now that you support them right, if their IRAN there like in your area, go, do that through at the very least that's going to be like I've already, I would like to see a freedom, trucker convoy, United Sates, absolute. I would love to see their United States, especially its peaceful as it was in Canada. No, and I would also to see Canadian seek asylum a minute for quite a lot of people can do it in a caravan from Honduras. Wider can Canadians right now connect seriously. under Michigan can they gotTA, Michigan and claim Asylum because they're? Actually, if oppressive government, yes exact asylum, you do not seek asylum just because your country is ready, as good as the United States. That's not asylum, but when the government is freezing your bank accounts and threatening to jail, you for speaking out against the government or my God, jailing pastors for still preaching when the guy and try to shut them down. I can't think of a more clear cut example of a people claiming asylum if the United States wants to actual care about immigrants claiming asylum. It would be no point in our life. Without asylum world because it also to be the nearest country. Yes at no point in our
Would it be more appropriate than Canadians right now fleeing Canada, the United States? We would have to grant them asylum, Can there be a moment to grant Canadians sound? I think someone. can do policy wise, but I do know that we have a lot of people right now watching and listening. I would love to see a free M convoy here in the United States. That's a peaceful way to have an impact, I would love to see some lawyers help get some. Maybe it's here in the United States claiming asylum, it is entirely appropriate and I You guys you right now watching listing and promising. Like can do that with your truck driver, you can you can talk with your friends You work at a grocery store and you can start up. You know, bagging cut back. freedom, bagging convoy, I dont know I would like to see tow truck drivers just leave Canada. Yes, no, oh trucks, to be found. Sorry we're all out right. It's a great actually just leave
ago. Do you have it out an attic and blame diary and by the way it just just leave, though he should be able to because something something open borders, unaware that doesn't apply to you and we're back at the law not applying equally and based on a point of view. That's. What I would love to see and I would love to hear what you're solutions are, but people right now, you're watching for listing Canada need your support not only because these people are actually putting their bodies in their livelihoods. when people say you these peoples it when she goes down, we have the guns yeah, but guess what? If you don't do anything before that? You don't have it occasion, methods if their God forbid, there are ever kind of a civil war. Its guns are the only part of that equation, and there are a lot of steps have said this before we ve gotten trouble for these people try to say that I was trying to invoke a civil war norm saying there are so many options before any the violence, and these Canadians have figured out a really really effective one
and there are a lot of ways that you can make. Your voice is heard peacefully, but more effectively than burning down your own cities like blacklist mattered. That's not what we do right now. The country is scared in Canada and by the way the government of the United States is terrified comes here for what. Why are they scared? Let's do still this. Let's be, reductive. They're scared, because people who on charge of shipping right. Largely in charge of the supply chain have simply said, look worse going to do any more. If you are forcing us to take something, we don't want to take, that's all they ve done. That's all they ve done and the government is so terrified did it's. Basically, nineteen. Eighty four and all eyes are on Canada right now. If you're, not, if your eyes aren't you better put em there, because I guarantee you former vice president by getting briefings every day, and so as President Harris they are terrified of this happening United States. Don't let the left be the party of protest.
Make everybody think I dont want. I dont want future civilizations to look back and think of the United It's only a loud protest when they were violent and harming their own communities and wanting to look back at this point in time and say: ok, who actually affected real change, twenty twenty two is going to be a massacre for Joe Biden, but that's not the only thing. It looks like that. maybe a USA, Conway organizing from India Calvin had to washing diseased march. Fourth, ok as one that they try to start on Facebook and got shut dear now, so there We will look into it. The promise United States there need to be more because in Canada, basically, you shut down one or two ports and their logo. What do we do? Whereas here there are a lot of your browser things travel there is that we should now you can go to Seattle. I will just go around Portland Aragon, northern Aragon and importance, chairs mess and occupation. So look at matters of a people, the dates as manifestly the people did look back on this. It is freezing
old yeah, it's not reason that you see it's called a rise in their general level. They conspiracy kill them, that's how cold it know about, but they cannot field to make sure that they have hidden there. That's what I mean they fail to even heed them and he can't ring it to them. Preferred not just even food and bank accounts like they can literally kill them with the temperature right now insult to injury, that coldstone Kramer just making a killing, it is doing their ice cream and gone aid. And on the pavement liquidity done is mixing and basically just don't you know you have to pay for slabs. They want some recent. No, no! I don't I don't brag like you. so I'll smash that, like button here, we're about to play, of course, Stevens sports. The Super bowl edition smash the like button, because Youtube is not want anyone to see this and, of course it won't fit inside the Olympics anymore. If we've learned our lesson
I will say this: what do you expect when you're doing of Prime minister to do you know that I can't stand him enough governor would regulate or evil people, but what you expect from doing with someone who is, of course, the fully legitimate son of Adele Castro I don't know yet now. Look my gets a segment for another day, I can say that it is one hundred percent confirmed. It was even honourable finally old, more video of Fidel you the father, but we'll do it another day you to piss off
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