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LibsOfTikTok Exclusive Interview & Dodgers Pitcher Framed By Crazy B*tch!

2023-10-03 | 🔗
Twitter is the “Free Speech” breaking news platform, however, LibsOfTikTok has some exclusive information that'll shock you. We have an exclusive interview with the founder, Chaya Raichik. Also, Former Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer has finally been able to exonerate himself after battling sexual assault allegations since 2021. We have the latest.Join MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclubWatch the FREE show on MugClub NOW:GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources/NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/FOLLOW ME: Website: https://louderwithcrowder.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/scrowder Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowder Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowderofficialMusic by @Pogo
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Hey there audio a start. You are about to hear a real, which makes a whole lot more sense when presented visually, but the high. Twins aren't studio and we are announcing There are new show starting October twelve and our show every week coming to my club october, two, enjoy the show sign up Good news we join is deeply proud as network all global protectors. Deep that didn't come through this with a nonprofit. Her back They weren't even political. They. What is massively popular youtube errors in the body building community when beauty was really just getting started, seeing in alone, but he put that right now says as they began to speak out for the weekend. more that he has already monetized just lady. Did you tell us what
Suddenly there lie shells were filled with people who dared not just left, but he had there been signed up a website. This is Why people gotta show me you're going to be explicitly members of the month of army twins uncensored, coming the muslim october twelve, good omen as it s the problem
yeah huh It's just. We have we a higher rate higher rachel. today, tiktok is going to be on the show so flight. She just landed, and so we are having to work this out before we just had started to broadcast live. So that's accept. because she has some new us some new intel over
on twitter go into my sip. Let me a little, it's a little bit crazy here today we have a lot to talk about. Let me give you the rundown. You guys can see this here. We we bring this up for you, so that way you know where to skip ahead in chapters The former l, a dodgers pitcher trevor bauer, has been little exonerated for the sexual assault allegation. Why member he lost his job losses contracts. He lost his reputation millions and will show his recent video as well. As you know, statements from it turned ease and the media and the smear campaign that was going on for a long time. So as they seek to look back and say, okay, we know that that is Plainly untrue! Well, now, let's look at the thing that we were told through that lens kind of like the johnny depp trail. Remember that and then people going. Oh wait a second! You broke. It finger with a bottle so and took a dump on it, that the theme today is crazy. Your name. I have tabled the crucible leave me my name it's late
take your name from you they're doing that with donald trump too. So we'll go with a brief update. There might be some more. they stand, the trial taking place with Donald trump just intruder professional glass. in chief his it is now in canada, they are coming for podcast meaning they want a registry. Everyone who is managing a pay wall service multi media service, a social media platform Annie. With subscriber ships in their country they want to have all of your information and they to be able to control what has spoken about knife? I talked about this many many years ago, so saying it the fruition. I guess it's it's been happening for a long time but its worst is very dust. being, and then we have a higher from lives of tik tok he's gonna be discussing twit censorship, ex censorship in his current censorship, but max twin, also say twitter. guys right. Is it ok, you understand what I'm saying if I say twitter, so me ass, this
You trust that IRAN must cares about the best interests of american and free speech, or do you think, he's playing both sides in this a little bit but will show you some things that are disconcert. but they might be coming from yak arena more than more than ever. I just feel weird thing that name: it feels like a fashion or yeah yeah career, before I go to you insert chair here today, you know that you love em an ever made your announcement. They are coming to my club October twelve. is when their show launches their falling, show keith and kevin hodge hodge twins. How are you guys search of a dog, great but enemy? Why are you laughing you don't like that pitch so you're shall write attacking over twelve twelve looking forward to it. believe it or not. We do, since ourselves are now you too, but a big gray be able to say what we want to say. Yes, because insane on rumbling, then of course still get the extra continent, unlike what they sign up for the arch wins. It were,
we're gonna get their website for my thought. It was the hot twins, dot, com or sorry. Conservative twins item slash much I believe that the finisher but yeah I'll go make sure you sign up so that goes through your portal and then people can people can stick with. The twins were going to they're going to need that, Yet one going any that like our now and you there's never doubted really don't like forms party ass, you ve, weeds and clear. We plan on doing an hour. You know just be so great that you to say what we want to say and you got like an amazing platform. I don't think no, but like take that into consideration you been able to build on your own. Really amazing, you, you don't have a network like a c or fox news. You All this stuff going on is like you're going to be appointed, as can be where- and you know what having the the the partnership with rumble in a mug club in rumble rumble as my club, where they have our backs and that's a broader network at my club is underneath it where you get now. Hodge twins Alex Jones on friday, soon to be daily.
MR guns and get Brian Cowen weekly show you get nicht apollo everyday at five p m. So I get it out there. You guys, hey. You have tipp fatigue right, there's a patriotic here and as a network their to grow something that provide you with enough people. You actually want to watch. That is the idea. It is the models hey who do people care and already support. Let's make sure you get them all with one, ship, so you can send up. I know it later today: dot com, slash mug club, but the actual don't have around so give age. gerald a never to see. How are you you should have the landing page. You see you now, I'm sure, that's that's a fair critique yeah, take that when I'm doing well, I'm fighting a little sickness and doing well just making me a little tired. Is that why you're cold fish? Yesterday I was in a cold Should you are dead fish? Yesterday I was under a colored fish. I came out of the gate. A little slow all admit that you did well you're right. I finish strong.
I figured out if we also learn. I also learned during chat, who finishes in five minutes. Remember that you're, the guy. You know it's just five minutes of gratification. You have to think about the rest of your life and we're like Gerald. That's not going to be received the way you think it's five minutes, not bad yeah, but she certainly not impress it I'd have word if we're having a modest real dark here. Let's do it. This is a bad right. That's the way it happens. A lot suggests that before we go on to our diversity- and here the fool, anyone before we go on, first story because of what the first story is: you at any point today, if you're watching on youtube- and you see this
We call the youtube done that in which we're not going to self censor on youtube, but we have someone back there who goes up. They said nobody need to be ready for this and they said tranny we have to go to because I just am not going to lose that word that they could just hit it really quick sure it doesn't sound like morse code, sometimes are fine with this next story, but you never know just watch it and rumble anyway. That's the best place to wash it it. You don't need to put your money where your mouth is put. You are free click where your mouth and take money away from people who hate everything about you so trans person claims that if you were to put them up Next to a woman, now let me present that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference now. I guess depends on the woman. And you'll see and with a clip in question, you wouldn't To tell the difference, if you put them next to an antique can opener. So it's a very wide spectrum of one of these things is just like the other, but they are claiming difference between themselves and
biological woman. Let's let you be the judge, my vagina. What's as functions as stretches like any other vagina in the world. I have the ability to get the same time infections that they get a east affection, I cannot gentle better good for you get uti eyes. I dont have an open wound. I dont care. I need badge, no help because not all those infections, I have the potential for cancer in the world. it might be china, like everybody else, so you may not like the fact that I have to go see I gotta colleges, but that is life. That is the way it is. I guess I deal with it, but if you pick any other woman would tell the difference. Look at the guys, the canada geese and
yeah. I've never seen someone be overjoyed to hear that they have cervical cancer thanks doc, but newell is the woman said. Prostate cancer will say cervical AL final. Whatever you want you're going to day the way, yeah, okay, yeah, it's cancer, either way it's bad right. Yeah yeah by the way the bm I wear which charter wheezing I go we're using it, but I was going to say your bmr for a man is not great a woman yeah. This is morbidly obese your you are also going to die so tat? You know what the news is. If the king, doesn't get you first, your hurdle. But give out anyway, which restrict their by not notice all the things that this transgender individual brags about it stretches And by the way I'm skeptical color me skeptical doesn't come at below. I don't so another by all that, but they don't mention climax in Eighty percent of mail to female trend genders can never
achieve orgasm again. Oh it's no wonder the suicide rate is so high life, is it not have an orgasm you'll think about their hats, minutes you'll never get back. You wait. Gotta people get all the good do it's a real live com, don't worry, I will go to see you see about anus so as to get one or more like it's like what they do. Is they filet your weight and by you you get liking always said, kids should not be walking to show where informing you that you can protect your children from the evil of the world's pity thirteen plantations drag it shouldn't what what they actually do as they. They fully you mean, like you, ve got a five guys, and yet the hunted ogg cut down the middle that and they stuff it up in
well, John looks like a barely but a deep belly, but that's probably what it looks like we're all that gas belly button. You That life like going to college is that we don't think about it. We don't care what that's life you have to deal with it. No, no! You to deal with no orgasms and apparently used infections mayor. And by the way these invention doesn't require vagina. It's probably in your fat faults. It also happens there it's my son. Vagina go height is true, and you do with disturbance everything she won't get fat chick at all now know No? No! No, no! No! No! No! No, no, not at all, no brave and beautiful, as does need to lay off the meth, but brave and beautiful comes with it's perks. She can open your cans.
I know you may not like it, but I don't care just opened this. This is baked beans and thank you I'll put it over a fireplace the extremists that think about this. According to big tech, we are the extremists for some. You may not like that, inverted my penis. You may not like I am proud of my yeast infection, humane, ethically I'm an extremist because I'm going yeah, but it's not a real penis and you'll never have an orgasm. They just don't want you telling kids that it's a good idea, because it's bad for them. It's unhealthy, not mention, you guys in the body building world lavishly steroids are rampant. We know it happens if you have access testosterone in the body If you have any idea what happens to the male physiology with obscenely high estrogen levels: excess estrogen cancer, cancer, of course, it happens in women let alone men cancer. This. Why women?
it cancer more often than men, in like a brisk asked and one of the first things that they do. If a woman gets breast cancer is they use, not a body bulgaria's and romania's inhibitors. They use that to reduce their estrogen because it decreases allegedly the pearls, iteration of cancer cells, so even with women, excess estrogen can be a problem. You need estrogen right. The keys and the doubts and men have less I'm just like a far more testosterone and women, and I think of These transgender experiments that we're going through women with testosterone anything it's gonna be good for them. Obviously, but I think Esther and in man, particular young men, developing young men, puberty dangers. That is at that, as you are putting them in a shallow, cancerous grave. Forty two percent, and the suicide rate pre and post up and cancer rates, skyrocket with, every single percentage point of estrogen in the bloodstream. That goes on and set the due to somalia. You know, unless I haven't sexist I'll check out my vagina method, that that there is a big lion,
it stretches were scattered like you would have to have like a pump like you, like those holloway mass, ever be like blood earlier. Yours like just at this time around You got like reebok pump action, only it's an inverted five guys split hot dog, while you're the woman of my dreams, maggie like now I demand an israeli. What are your greatest feels great? We have their landing page, no aid rear I've. I've asked words in our bilateral look at it. I got flash my club and whoever signs up today will make sure it's just considered how change and then you guys get them out there. I think, then we ve had some issues with the usa thy bling canada. Now, let's go onto this really quick trevor bower. I think, as a former dodgers pitcher now best he was,
one of the best he sent a giant free agent delian. He had won the CY and was a phenomenal best, a out there on them. I don't know anything about him other in the sexual assault allegations registered without. Let me clarify this before we go to the cliff and it's a little bit longer, because I want to provide some, text here, because this is one of This is one of the worst problems that we're facing right now in society, because this kind of smear- campaign character. Assassination is the reason that young men are not so out. Young women will not talk to young and in its region that young women say there are no men worth talk two or marrying out there there's a breakdown Just a marriage, but of relationships in We are generations and its based on fear. And that stems from a lot of the false me to it. Does it didn't get worse because rape went up, rape has gone down just to be clear. salt has gone down. False accusations have up and so manner saying it's not worth the risk and then women are saying well aware what will? But, but where am I going to find a man with you know, a seven figure income who six foot too?
is willing to get gimme everything that I want. Well, you know you don't be falsely accused of repsol this man, aaron rodgers, sorry about your rushed got us ever bower. I was greatly already supports name, I know the aaron rodgers current shilling. I know a little. I know rice Ethel old sand, very farewell to be returned. Our relief trevor finally been exonerated now to be clear. The accusations. They came from a warning, linsey hill yeah. She accused Our of choking and punching her now The consequences were immediately. Baseball is suspended by four hundred ninety four games. They doctors pave the first The games are twenty twenty three. Then he was cut by the dodgers and now he plays in the japanese league. So there is a silver lining because he's probably much larger than them. He's making more money, too
You know what I don't know, but I'm sure that this guy, obviously, if he's one of the best- in other words this was not based on performance. aspects of his job being a good picture, it was based on a smear campaign and guilty until proven innocent, but he's proven innocent now, but does it get that back in here? the thing that's really important to I want to run this clip. You need us the difference between what takes place in court versus what takes place in a court of public opinion. difference between rape and sexual assault and defamation. So he didn't get financial damages for defamation, but it was ruled that sexual assault to place that's important to note rights, I want to add one quick thing here too, with the end of the day, the d, I believe, declined to bring any charges saying that there was no real case to be able to bring. I dunno, if they had all this evidence- and this was a civil suit that we are talking about here, but he was reince. stated by the major league baseball by major baseball, and no one would sign him because of this last year, this guy's been
lying in japan because reinstated fully cleared Nobody in baseball would touch him because of the allegation right and how they were made, and how this me too, mania got away from everybody by the way. Remind me. After this, we want to monitor the trump update on the overvaluation of assets. Will do it after it. Ok, so labour accused him of choking and punching what she would thank you know, you'd be able to prove yeah he's a big guy added athlete. If, lastly, of had pictures not at all this to see a doctor last night bar released this video of him detail. the case, because now- and this is something else it often happens is in order to protect the victim. You're often and by like a gag order, while the case is ongoing in court, and so you cannot speak out and defend yourself and you are attacked instead in the court of public opinion, regardless of what's going on in court. So what you for example, what you heard about johnny, depp and amber heard, wasn't true,
until finally- they had a trial that was broadcast. We all thought we right, we were all wrong. This happened is this happened many times so go through this video here that bower released. I believe that was last night detailing. So civically how the cases go now next victim, star picture for the dog. Text. From the last wednesday l sent to a friend before she ever even mammy, wash still she asked another in reference to visiting my house for the first time the answer take his money. So how might that work? I'm going to his house wednesday? She said I already have my hooks in. You know how I roll then, after the first time we met net worth is fifty one mil she said: bitch you better secure the bag was a response, but but how was she going to do that? Need daddy to choke me out? She said being an ass, slit horror to try to get in on his fifty one million. Let another touches that after the second part people say you know with guys: ok, don't hate the player I hate the game now, in this case you hate the player this guy. She had to play
How do I steal his money? I will fake abuse and planet no one will fact check me on that and by the way, even if I lose in court, the damage will already be done, and I have a book deal a man doesn't get his name back. Alright, let's continue padres pitcher Jacob Nix told her. You gotta get this bag I'll. Give you fifty thousand lindsay replied her a sponsor asked her at one point: do you feel a tiny bit guilty? Not really she replied It's then her legal teams approach me multiple times about coming to a financial settlement, as I have done since day. One I refuse to pay. Even single cent in august of twenty one, when the health claims were heard in court and during those legal proceedings, critical information was deliberately and unlawfully concealed for me and my legal team, information like this video, which has taken by lindsey herself the morning after she claims she was brutally attacked emotionally traumatized and desperate
to get away from me to face up to now we have the meditate are so there can be no dispute. It was taken mere minutes before she left my house. morning, may sixteenth twenty one without my knowledge or consent. Of course, now posit because I want to go to buy her lawyer here you need to know. This is a shakedown. Obviously, right now this came out publicly and before anything transparent in court. Her legal team said hey. You could offer some money because ass might be uncomfortable and her lawyer brain freeman, caterer kedo. Is this a very different way than an axe? went down, but her lawyer in august of twenty twenty one brain friedman released photos those black eye. Let's bring that up. That's overlay see one. So was released right from understanding, day that you just saw that video or it was a lead Then it was from the day that you just saw that video. Her lawyer, brine Friedman, wasn't with releasing those that went to daily mail, and then they went this man and said give us some money.
they give us some money. This can all go away. According to Friedman her lawyer, it said: look at this picture. No one absolutely? No one can consent to this. Logically, legally on April twenty two, two friedman asked him to publish photos showing hills, injuries with brave that previous overlay really quickly of free trevor. Barrows team continue to try to abuse and assault victim. They need to stop now so so you're not just going after trevor bower you're going after the dodgers as well. The organization yeah, maybe shake them down for some money. Maybe a pay out there right, no one, so consent to this logically or legally. First off no. Mostly because it didn't happen according to your eviction, yeah and by the way I've some people who are into some weird stuff, we beg of you can incentive that legally, it's like look there. up in that area of germany, where that's their thing, always germany. So here's the core.
and does the lawyer know that it's true or not right team approaching trevor bower right about over bauer trevor bauer, you, if you're, not a baseball, I want to say Jack bauer, I'm thickness. Ninety four look at this picture said the lawyer daily mail. No one, absolutely no one can consent to this legally or logically, Now we just saw that video from the day in question and that'll that that's, porn because you'll see the changing of tat. You'll see that changing. Afterwards once but was declared in court to be final. Let's continue playing this video. I might my heart breaks for the guy. You can see her lying in bed next to me, while I'm sleeping smirking at the camera without a care in the world or any marks on her face, I think it paints a pretty clear picture of what actually happened the evening of may fifteenth. why the video was originally concealed from us, boring sex, regular after hearing the evidence available to us are judged Diana gold salt and found that linsey he'll have misled the court.
Hundred claims to be materially misleading. She denied her request for domestic violence. Restraining order and she found that no sexual assault or non consensual conduct took place now, some of you might not know about restraining order hearings. I know I didn't but I've since, and that is extremely rare for a request for a restraining order to be denied, because the standard of proof that you need to obtain one is extremely low, can confirm. So you can make about what you will. The fact is. I was never rest I was never charged with crime, and I want the only legal proceedings took place without my side of the story even been heard and, most importantly, as I said from day, one I never sexually assaulted, lindsey hill or anyone else for that matter. So I suitor, which prompted verdict counter sue me. Quite frankly, regardless of the outcome in court, I paid significantly more legal fees and when the hill could ever
pay me in your entire life, and I knew that would be the case going in and by the way pause was never about them. I'm sure I don't know how much they brought it back. That was, of course, friend is bullying right. That was, when he sued her for defamation and to be clear, he was found complete innocent of any type of sexual assault and the restraining order shot down which, like you, said, the burden of the burden of proof, the threshold that just enforced restraining order, because it's not that much of a hassle to a judge. is really really low means there was absolutely nothing there, but if you go back I read the articles, for example, at tmz, probably page six, maybe Perez hilton daily mail, web this person. None the attorneys reached out to an issue. Their statements Framed it as though power The bali was abused that was coercive control, bullying and suing for defamation to intimidate the victim. when in reality It was a man who was having his life round its important. When you look back and go okay, what were we told? It is the exact opposite of the truth, because they know how you're going to react, and this man
had to live through Hell. Think about that here, for defamation, which is very, very difficult to do by the way, the public figure that's a totally separate issue and I dont believe that he'd gotten any significant finances from it. Buddy as exonerated from any type sexual assault. How many people know that right? Let's continue to me, it was the only way for me to obtain critical information to clear my name. The discovery process in that lawsuit recently concluded at which point lindsey hills, legal team again came to us with another proposal to resolve the case. This time, however, they weren't seeking any money from me. Having received much of the information that had been hidden from us, a small portion of which I've referenced here, I was willing to agree with the terms proposed. Both parties would drop their respective lawsuits neither of us would pay either side. Any money. Isles retain my right to speak publicly about the case, something I have not been at liberty to do since june of twenty twenty one percent. Not imagine that right. This is
and a lot of these people, especially we're talking about a criminal accusation black sexual assault and abuse gag order can't talk about. It now Obviously this attorney had no problem discussing it in posting of economically what was going on in court by the way that the I'm willing to bet that those pictures never admissible in court and on the whole to one of those are doctors very clear once they saw the video, but you only saw the pictures. The people in court people involved in the case who knew that was false, were under a guy. where they could not discuss this guy went from twenty twenty one until last night. He had to let his name be run through the mud. This is how the system works. There shakedown artisan hollywood. It will sit down. We can shake this person down for money. This was plotted from the beginning, with selfish woman who is trying to the advantage of this man you shot knows tax, then she went said who can find who's going to help me. Do this leak this out there to the press, because I know
but when this in court boom there you go how you hurt you rang said I guess, returning in friedman. Let's keep watching today. Both lawsuits have been settled now. Over the last two years, I've been forced to defend my integrity and my reputation in a very public setting, but hopefully this is the last time I have to do so, as I'd prefer to just remain focused on doing my job, winning baseball games and entertaining fans around the world. So I am happy to be moving on with my life merrick. I'm glad he's gotta get attitude about it. I would he'll needs to go to jail. Yet he targeted somebody. She lied about something that happened. She obviously for injuries either by doctoring photos or by having somebody beat the crab over or by make up or something like that right. Having, although lie a liar, and actually somebody beat the crap out of our so that she can get money, then sold it to these attorneys? Who did know? Do
diligence at all who then leaked this information, but public pressure to seek a settlement? That was it right? That's that's the game plan. He wins and still lost. You don't go. To being the best at anything and that other spending your life doing it. You took that away from him. He was at the top of his game. Just signed a three year deal, I think, was a hundred and five million dollars hundred twenty million dollars can't remember lots. lots and lots of money that all vanishes all of the sponsors vanish all of the extra money. All friends and family Van potentially because now he's a sexual abuse or he has to go to japan the year after already being clear, because the days that there's nothing here for me to do, I can't bring charges on this case because the major baseball guys are too chicken to hire him because the meat to movement will be picketing right outside, because this story never gets told them. That is why these and abuser- and they give you option number one or number two they go hey. This can all go puzzle.
Have pictures of black eyes, and this may get to the daily mail I dunno might get to page six might get to it'll, get out, there's a point or here's a bunch of money which we now know is her gold, aerospace and you It also, but no that's true you know by the time you go through court in a trial. I'm willing to bet that maybe some calls are made to the major league baseball folks and you probably lose your job and you'll be on some japanese game show with a hole in your face I show up and you're like, oh no. How can these be? They have no idea that he's a giant here's how her attorney right, the the liar lindsay hill, her attorney Brian Friedman, characterized the trail he said: listen to trevor bauer sued Lindsay hill for defamation in what turned out to be outstanding resolution for linsey, neither lindsey your anyone on her behalf paid anything to bower, not a single dollar, even better lindsey, these three hundred thousand from her insurance company, based on that and bites lindsey agreed to settle the lawsuit. Now that the
the lawsuit is over, Lindsay, looks forward to helping others. Oh she looks forward to helping others helping others ruins lives based on lies, says one minute. A turn got to be complicit in all this or you think yeah insurance fraud seems like it does. It seems like there's a lot of fraud going on here. It seems like again, linsey hill is a criminal or doesn't prosecute her. There is no justice. There is no justice in this case. If somebody does not prosecute Lindsey hill right now, you have every but the evidence that you need go, make it at one and the promise defamation is so hard definite already. But I was not set these actual crimes of glass but This is the issue right and look. There are people out there who talk about this. There is no accountability for certain bad actors out there in the press and largely out that does take place the feminist side with women. Write me too, was a haven for women to lie in shake down people for money. This is a guy only This. What do you think happens after this pay? Bower? You think that women, probably a catch right, let's say he's not even necessarily or type but
A few inches of hope Four hundred million dollars is gonna. Kill me Please no longer available men like that check out and say hoo hoo hoo, through that again and then women say there aren't any high value men out there for me. Well, what do you think so and now An entire generation of young men coming up right. of seeing these stories take place. So even if it hasn't happened to them there, We like a battered housewife, they are saying, there's no way, I'm awaiting into that quagmire, absolutely not I'll. Just play there. oh games and watch pornography, and we see sexual dysfunction going up. This is a serious problem when there's accountability for one of the two sexes and men, can have their lives destroyed through the court of public opinion with people who decide to act outside the boundaries of the law. Guess what, before get two marriages, the romancing the of men and women seas. too big.
What do you think should happen to people make these fall? sexual assault allegations or false abuse allegations or coercion right. The defamation, I remember, always thought that was so funny we're like he's trying to he's trying to intimidate her. This is more of his bullying. More of his bullying suing her to try this as victim shaming, that's what they always do right. This is that. Does that that's the projection? Oh, I was raped, no, no, no! No on second! No! She wasn't she absolutely video proof that they never happen, and ever children and ever buncher see this as a victim blaming again what a war careful way to remove any and all accountability. But hey the press, loves a good story, This guy doesn't get his name back said Does all this talk about toxic man as these toxic women ruining people's lives? Like I assume some we happen to me. He was a family member may do. I was I was which here She called me up is that gum second, can punched a family member drinks? Z came to me. She caught extort me for many years like I'm sure
ask for most he's got need this man asked like well I don't gotta she's a well this there this crazy. They keep calling me and she's claim the eurozone clia assaulted her ass, like a dead happens. Is that word t what, if you don't give me fit thousand dollars chump change bit. Italy, don't get me. in going to tmz right there. As I look, I don't care if you had evidence for K. Video me banging Caitlin Jim have a damn mhz. Do not detain fifteen thousand dollars on me now that is chump change for you guys. You guys are very good entrepreneurs. You should have taken the fifteen thousand dollars and pulled a payback. Were mel gibson you'll see that fifteen thousand. This is as close as you ever get to it lighted up
in the fires, but just because I think now you wouldn't do that, because that's a felony right, yeah, the ability of light money on fire ego. Has this fifteen thousand this'll probably bias a lot of nice. Fake, stretchy, vaginas says sean. I didn't know there was a woodchip or back there, all the time and bang and trainees it happens. Often, when are we going to rodeo star takes a while, so it's like who the hell is. It is like this that went to my wife first website. What the hell is, this that's like an obeying training. What to deal with an amateur thoroughly badly hit the dump button and the story is a picture of lights. Do you do with erection right ass? It s not marked our dear to my heart in another, goes gag I don't know you will give us grainy, I mean they.
I didn't, have any real gains in a way that no yeah that's the most offensive part of a small user? No, no, no you're good. I had an idea that I said for them to find the find the missing link yeah and by the way where someone's self efficacy know. So we're we're going through this theme right get. Give me my name leave me my name. It's shaming. It's ruining someone's name reputation hit the like button by the way. If you want to show bauer some support, maybe we can hear if we don't have them on the show, because I don't think he wants to discuss this anymore. Might not. He might be wanting to reach out behind the scenes because, like they sleep, a lot people here. We know a lot of folks have been through similar situations. The trumps civil trial very similar right so that Day, wrapped up, we have all the information. Now we will, as the show goes on, but this trial is largely about donald trump. inflating property values to secure these loans are trying to do that. He lied about the value of its assets. Ok, so far, let me just show you something the proof again in the media, so what you here is in full
the value of its assets, he lied so that he could get loans. He defrauded banks, credit, defrauded lenders, ok, so This is from sun, sentinel were actually the judge ruled that the morrow logo, the state, is eighteen million dollars two million dollars. I think we have a picture by the way I did have a bring up a picture of marilla. I think that's it that's the way it independence is. Do we have that the next independent over they from our lawyer, their moral logger. Let's get an aerial shot where people can see, let's compare mara logo, so Ten million dollars is seventy. In acres with ninety rooms, as the power directly house is sixty two thousand square feet. Ok, there's a house:
either down the ethics just down the street. Seventy two hundred square feet on a much much much smaller lot sold for fifty three million dollars. How many bedrooms does that one have Steven Alan has still more than I even know about five. I believe something like that. Also: five bedrooms, fifty three million dollars- ninety plus rooms, eighteen to be fair, eight and a half baths that might have been Ben Carson. That's the best thing to note is the palm trees run at whole property right yeah, like probably a couple hundred yeah each one of those palm trees, is black around forty thousand oh yeah Jesus. Here's, a here's another one, a much smaller lot at that far from seventy million I'll put in an offer right now, stephen, can you finance me yeah? Here's somebody! Here's one! Not too far on a one point: five acre lot far cry from almost twenty to twenty four thousand, square foot out get bigger and bigger, not still less it still about a third. Ok one point: I've eggers its
one five miles from our logo: it estimated to be worth a hundred and sixteen million accompanied bedrooms pace. Ninety plus rooms, but a prejudiced? we really big better. If I challenge you to find me any proper, with it with a house on there that is Let's say: let's the threshold needs to be seven thousand square feet or larger seventeen. square feet and more than one and a half acres that is waterfront property near me blogger. Finally, anything that is below million dollars, and you can say that I find me a single one that is sold in the last two years or is valued at eighteen million dollars. The actual value of moral adjust, the property of would be well into the hundreds of millions of doubt. This is You know the system is rigged. The judge said
I probably know anything about. I dunno, I ask Jeeves said eighteen million seemed about right, did a search on my. What was that bent bent over and pay per click that a million dollars? Here's the crazy thing too. Just so you guys know the law. Were buried back with interest the people who alone what monies have donald trump artificially inflated the value. Let's say like more along right meeting, because that's an example that we have that lets say he artificially said. No, it's way three billion, but he's only worth too and he gets along the banks. Weren't combined. The lenders weren't than I they were paid back with interest. There are no victims these, so old crimes. That is what, we do know, though, fraud did note. The bank's determinable, Holmes value backdrop now that the banks are the ones ago, yeah sure outline to you, and if you don't like it, then they dont care the bank's don't care. This is about. Is this
a witch hardening yeah there's a story and by the way this is the twenty. Second largest home in the eu, it states or other things were a team. We drove down that debt just a veal alone. Just you stay in their landing ocean is like a nasty gopher mixer, whatever it's beautiful like the one. It blew us like. It is amazing right there, just like one of the richest areas in the world yeah. By the way, I think I think we have a queue of houses. No, don't go back to that. You know cause. I dunno it's hard to see those houses, but there are other houses that are not mar a lago look at are worth more than eighteen million. Look at the giant house now. Look at the other property of the shuttles. Are our property court judge look at all the palm trees so that the forty thousand, a pop at yang, get Atlanta They belong in a properties over eighteen million, by the way, of course, to me it's largely ridiculous and people have these around like MIKE tyson had yet. It was weird to me, as he had a house that had like twelve,
grimace, but it had like twenty four bathrooms yeah. Why? Why do you need more bathrooms than rome? Well, this helped draw some of these houses had the same. Like yeah trucks. You never know what you're going to need a toilet to flush them down right, across the house, and it is a way of acres has not feeling up day. We have right now this is going to be prosecuted and he should James is trying our yelp statute. Limitations is not up when, in fact, the statute limitations is up and you had a judge, it gets worse eighteen million dollars. This is a rigged system and by the way, just It's rigged. You just saw with with with MR bower the picture you see with donald trump. If people want to target you, there are going to target you and you have done asses out there, who actually believe that donald trump artificially inflated the value of mar a lago, you right now probably have people on the street. I bet you thirty percent of americans, maybe twenty five percent, who believe that donald trump lost two stormy daniels in court, and that is how it is worth eighty million dollars there are. Those people were
walking the earth today. Yes, by the way, this is the second time the statue of limitations is bad, basically they're trying to move it. The first time was with the defamation lawsuits that he lost for five million dollars where they did. I can't remember the lady's name that it was against, but whatever she she was not his type. Apparently, then he reiterated and got sued again by her for another five million dollars to think he's going to lose. But this time this actual limitations ran out in twenty fourteen nine years ago and they're like now now should matter your honor lights little your honor. It shouldn't matter considering the severity of this case where he we're valued his assets to receive loans that he paid back with interest. What kind of a precedent do we want to see? We are happy now we can't have that wish. It was just like judge the fuck out of my courtroom. These cases there are civil cases right yeah in these cases, but they always trying to you know they try and turn into something criminals were permanent right, but you didn't get them for raping a bitch in a wait. What
Italy react immediately. Guess zeal like as a burden of proof in a simple try what you need to turn the vote to go. I think he's guilty. You don't need up you were in aceh, indonesia, you don't you need a reasonable reason. I don't know! I don't like you but yeah for civil. you need reasonable doubt now there are just not beyond all doubt legal. That's how oj got found guilty in the several trail murders are ours. As I was caught, her said the inward and what it is there like everywhere, you look like you been found guilty in both tracks, whereupon she wrote the book. If I did it forward If someone really, I did you did it it's ok, let's move on! Here too, we have turned the type of canada packets. Before I gotta get about eight marks a letter. This when this one matters because look I would say to you what what would liberals do? What would the Democrats do if left completely if that are not with the checks and balances that we have. You have a pretty good idea as to what they would do. We sought was covered, but canada is a great experiment to look to
and hopefully, eventually take over I'd love to see us take over canada, make it the fifty first I gotta them. You know people to accuse us of being at rio, Vienna take yellow fever. talk about this many times free speech doesn't exist outside the united states. Kate does not exist. So earlier this year the canadian government passed this bill, a bill c eleven which regulated away services like netflix anew to operate in the country. Ok, now let me just now they're going to extend this to podcasts they're going to extend this to people, We have online digital platforms like yours, true, in places like rumble the canadian gut It is going to demand all of that information be handed over. Just like you, just like your gun registry, so time of the original bill concern opposition leader, pierre for the quality of folly, Whatever, however, you say it in a minute, I'm not trying to be affected. I just do the very it's like. I have fifteen friends who have that last name, it's like smith in front of you. He warned back then, regardless.
The nations of the bill so I rank letters. One question: if you just introduced, try to shut down competition by passing censorship laws that give a powerful central bureaucracy that we did the control over what canadian c and say what that bill will do. reinforce oligopoly is it will limit? the number of voices that can compete for canadians interest. I dont think that canadian should be forest just to listen to the powerful corporate or state funded media. I think that it should be free speech, freedom of the press and then let canadians decide what they read. what they see and what they believe online fast forward friday, Everyone else undersea eleven that all on line services with revenue over ten million dollars will have to register come with us. Rtc, that's like their equivalent of candidates.
And see about reality, see kind of, but it's a silly place. So here's a quote from a national post, Such services include streaming services, social media services, subscription television services that available online. This includes podcast This will include yours truly. This will include rumble on we'll get to their responses here. This is very scary when you consider the kind of information that they want and the kind of all that they have exerted and cannot keep in mind. This is the country that froze the bank accounts of truckers. Protesting lotta doubts this guy. This guy gets a thrill trudy, at removing or civil rights to only two people who, I think, actually it's almost they get that god A serial killer gets you when they take another life. That's what I've heard is get the get this free case with most of the treatment for cystic a little bit here. I am a golden god. Now, oh boy,
These guys get a thrill. I've said this two times: trudeau whittemore they gonna throw off removing or civil rights- and we actually do- I guess we have observed- reaction. Right now is the news is breaking guys issues, networks and canada. Referring to regulate all the podcasts everything who gives of yeah. Tell me when they ve been overrun by venezuelans, like it also not here. I don't know polio guys pretty dashing the healthcare. the you don't carry, is each he's pure of heart, so yeah This means that that all these services and this information will have to be provided to the government to see our tc addresses.
numbers and emails the types of service the offered and who is actually subscribing. Look there's no reason to live in canada anymore. Unless you personally a fetish for living under a gay dictator. It put it that's one of the things that whether those are the only two things leave the country, stephen, don't you think it's the only takes it was it as you just move more clear, both rumble and all of a sudden is breaks now, no, I don't think they been targeting all of the top creators on rumble. Well, yes, they were, they will target level itself. Yes, they ve been targeting all the talk creators on rumble and- and this is also the problem with look- could servers playing ball with big tech companies, because guess what youtube is probably thrilled about this earlier, the poet behind you use matter? They want to work with. The united nations is more water of information. I gladly these other guys they won't. So we can deal that bring the regulation, so Jordan petersen. Actually, he posted this. An actual going to say, tweeted out he ext out atom
It is downright speech in canada, if it ever adjusted, does not exist. Now, now without your computer's? If I loved you were the wonderful old sea sixty on before he was really out here in the states and anne and I've been saying for a long time. It does exist in canada. Free speech only exists in the united states period p I'll tell you know now. What exit member that newsroom clip with Jephtha jane you see is what freedom. Belgium has freedom; no, they don't know they don't they do not have freedom in canada. It is a lie. It is a facade just like you thought you had freedom in australia until you are put in court dean camps Chris patten, sk, the ceo of rumble and poor pendulous balls, I couldn't be happier just to be clear to be in business where these people- these are the only people By that I mean the only people pushing back in I was raised in a comes. The ship well, that is canada. What he said was It is no longer part of the free world as a canadian. I've never been more embarrassed that I have these past few weeks
So let me ask you this. If we see what they do in places like the uk places all across europe for free speech does not exist. You now see what has taken place in canada. Do you think that free speech he's going to continue to exist in the united states of america complex. You think it's something that can do you think you can keep it do you think you can protect it People often say big tech. All laws that does it's not government, go create Europe one second, now we ve got another rate limiting factor, not just protection for these big tech companies, but you have to register all of your information with the government, a government who, by the way have already said that they will makes an information impermissible to post that there's a a ministry of truth, I know I'm using that term as a monty python thing, but they actually had a panel conclusively- and this is something look guys you can go back, go back to the blue bedsheet days. If you, if you need to, I have been talking
this for many many years on this channel. I didn't know that it would get extreme, as it has been in it states this quickly, or certainly the government using a registry to get all of europe I thought they would just sensor what you said on big tech platforms I didn't think so get your mailing address. tell me about this warning about four years: here's an old clip, so you ok, with light canadian law, where you can be jailed for court in court hate speech or find gap What is his speech in canada like that? What it is bill where you can actually pending and how you read it legally, you can find or you can be jailed for misusing gender prone for someone is transgender newspaper for that legally with you. At that point right would legally it's either it's illegal or it's not so that it becomes. Is it by
centres on purpose, either way. Is it something that should be a punishable offence? Ok, so we said that so that's not hate speech so, in other words, that trying to break down the first rights and canada will then have a first amendment. No other country The first amendment outside the united states have free speech dozen eggs outside the united states, while of people don't know that sharks back then hear laws regarding pronouns. Then what about I'll pay the same same place. It will jail you for using them pronouns now the address of anyone who subscribes to a platform that may use their new made up pronouns, oh my well, or farewell! Well, undershot! It isn't unbelievable these data and pass these same legislation in California.
you're, right you're in a pass at all across the united states. If they had their. If the left had their way, they will be able to remove anything that they don't like right that what they, instead they do, is ensure that things get demonetized and throttled classified as hate speech, misinformation, which brings us through this next roy, by the way, pleased hit the like button, whether you're on youtube or on rumble, preferably on rumble, an incomparable because it helps with the algorithm because they do not want you to see this next story lives of tiktok they ve been very effective right. think, I'm proud. I know it's higher those higher rate check as a personal lives of tiktok twitter, now is often seen as the free speech sort of platform right as well. relates to breaking news and they ve started it they go to medium, and I want you to bring your business. There is independent journalists, but their vin, and we, we always said, were cautiously optimistic right, Findings by higher lives of tiktok have put into question just how free the platform, and so before,
get to the experiment that she's actually run the evidence that she's actually presenting- and I highly encourage you to go- follow her and support it. Let's go back to friday the new act, ceo, twitter, sorry, I know it's very convoluted, linda yak, arena Moreno! Ironically, never stops. Yakking announced that the company was all this, and this is the system. should surprise you ve been paying attention. The company is final, close to being profitable. We have a good set of eyes on what is predictable. It's coming, music download, it looks like in early twenty four for will be turning a profit. So that's excited is something odd about someone saying a good set of eyes wearing dame edna glasses, but yeah, so we're close to making a profit in July of two thousand and twenty three elon musk but he made the statement of the company had lost fifty percent of its add revenue. Interesting, that's all very, very fast or in other words something changed. so elon musk purchased twitter. When there was a big deal,
really glad they did thought would shake things up then too, lost a bunch of revenue because I said hey. This is this is hate speech as opposed to free speech. We don't want to invest in twitter and advertisers are pulling out and the advertisers weren't pulling out because a user base wasn't there, they advertise pulling out because of the giant molly. International conglomerates, writing, corporation saying you better pull out otherwise aren't going to ensure that you can't play at the table e s g scores. All of that. We covered it. Okay. So then, if backup fifty percent What do you want? You want purchased? It was going to be free speech platform, something change. Revenue went down now, revenues up, fifty percent I think you're gonna be profitable by next year. That means something again changed crowded they attract so many advertisers back that had left. I think you might be with the lending yack thing caught up in this is a theory cut a plan. Both sides a little bit. She came from NBC universal, not exactly a champion. A free speech that took pity on in trouble is yet all free speech on twitter, and that became a problem for us
These people who like to silence things like you, know the one hundred by laptop, which would have changed the outcome of the two thousand and twenty election we've covered it a million times right. I think this gives him the both sides. Angle linda, can go out and talk to advertise is a like: I'm, the one in control, I'm taking care of it don't worry, it'll be friendly and muskingum there and say: hey wait what this is happening. It gives him. Then I distance a little bit. I hope. That's not what's going on at cop bad cop, yes, exactly the right, but it does give him that operate. I think you're right and in and let me go through this in parts and then we have I we have. I believe we have here a break, bring iran in just a minute lives of tik tok, because she has some new information. That'll raisin, eyebrow or two remuneration, many eyebrows. I will call you dog burnham. someone bring up that picture of that weird mapa someone bringing up. We have it somewhere. So let me give you the first part and on twitter we know beyond any shadow of a doubt now and we can prove it and we'll prove it with you. You will take part in an experiment with us today that certain words,
have been demonetized on twitter on X. No that's important, because it means that stories that you likely wanted to follow right story. that would be journalists, important journalistic, are demonetized therefore also democratization. Let's be clear, we ve seen this with youtube right. The the suppression that comes with being democratization then people say we have a right to be. They got a right to make money there. Well, when you have a platform like like twitter, following the footsteps of youtube, the model where'd you monetize. We saw a ninety per cent drop in reach. Now we were accidentally re monetize. Member for four months saw a one hundred percent increase in reach. Yet again, followers who are democratized again boom went down and it stands to reason their business, so they want to direct people to monetize content here's the thing. Journalism can't all we be about a and banning words, which is what they're doing its falling exactly the same footsteps as youtube and facebook by the way that we're seeing with acts it
to get a journalism will cease to be. So. Let me give you some examples: the philly looting hey. What do you do if the key words here are demonetized so that people do not about people. Not you not from filling. I don't think I don't see how you guys are black now united in items so there in first, our so my college? It's all good for you, so you're drunk could J p. She will be able to receive any more than asking the banker settled virgin islands that the guy the government over the Epstein trafficking words we're sitting
democratize words, that's censoring must be clear, demonetized mean censoring words january Own schreyer, we had him on the show sends this today's in jail for just being january six, not inciting violence whatsoever, hake journalists. cover that now The these stories right. These add up. I want to cover philly away. I can cover the philadelphia, but when I want to come, Epstein sexual away. I can cover because a chemical it in that way. I want to cover someone who's being where he's been over the calls for unaware, onawandah can't cover, because I can't make anyone kind of like new to me what a second I wanted to investigative journalism, always they'll, just remove it, because I don't respect single party consent laws in states. This is dealt with Watergate could have never happened right and by the way. That's. Why been a watergate again. You think that you think that ukraine, Joe Biden and hunter by you. Do it makes watergate. Look like child's play and by the way, this next one I just want to set this up really quickly. I think this is the one that the lives of tik tok account posted the kind of started this entire thing. I think this is one of the things that lead to her going wait a minute,
going on here with this video not being able to be put out, this was the burbank of a former mayor cash cons, nineteen anthony being spent by a drag queen, at an event with kids such clip, spain, the I she took it, like wiggle, a little white when his legs, really said. Look, let me say: let me want to get into a issue, but we have to return. You notice data,
she gave for paying attention in detail later, there's nothing more important than a drag queen spanking, a mayor for a child's development, certainly less than five minutes We paid for maybe go use it So I believe we have her on now, I'm really glad ever on and from what I heard. Maybe you can confirm there might be some new developments. Her account yeah, ok, Go to our guests higher rate check. You know might I was going to say you know where he lives of tiktok and you cut me off before I could say you know our lives of tik tok, but I feel like we have to get both like macho met, randy, savage but macho man. That's what I am about. How are you
oh great things, you're having these are greater rigour. I am glad to have you on here. Thank you for taking the time I know you're in flight before we get some of these other. What did I, a development that your entire account they have been demonetized yeah. So I actually do not think it was possible for an entire account to be the monetize, and I actually wrote on twitter last week that I don't think it's possible, but morning, it turns out that lives in tick. Tock is completely the multiplies right now. I typed that exact same word on my personal account: olives, as they thought, and only the one of my personal account is monetize. So as of this month, right now at eleven o nine eastern lives of tiktok on X, the free speech platform, entire account, is fully demonetized yeah. That's what it would appear to me. You're, the you twitter equivalent of us with youtube here trailblazer for ex I'm sorry well in the problem
happens with that right? You know how it is not just being demonetized, but then that usually results in significantly reduced reach right now. And then what triggered bears in you just mention the mayor. Thank you, the mere wording side. The video confronting him and I posted It- wasn't a copy and youtube video action. You know what goes into editors time, their time and energy and money We, we spent all this energy islands video and oppose the end, its being completely surprised, it's, the monotypes are to have like belief, least the problems, but I was upset that I was being suppressed and so on tat has been really happy by twitter, ed, it turned out that the word drag queen was democratizing, it so that are really started. My whole, like theory, like owners, written word that if you write those in its we in that we will be demonetized. That's when I started by testing out they are a bunch of different kind words right, so it's so they face. civically demonetized words, and they told you that the brass at twitter, I know you reached out or sorry acts. They did.
Spot and say yes, what we can confirm that so actually. I would like only limited me, some somewhere, that I discover that there were dragging was the monetise and after I discovered it on my own, I was told that the word dragon is the monetize the accident. Now it's been fixed, it was fixed right away within twenty four hours. Why don't? They fix at one? What's going to have to happen? Is you're going to have to find all of the other words? Then they'll say: oh, no, we'll fix it right. That's what happened with us and youtube. Oh yeah, thanks for letting us know we'll fix it, and then you find twenty other heirs, I know because I think, I really believe that iran is trying, as I think he s really good intentions, and I think that my whole investigation was a kind of just like open can of worms and just like started the discussion about it, and I am I right, hopeful that there now he's gonna fix the entire problem. I dont entered
I hate that we're going to have to come up with a complete and total list of words, but if we cannot do, then I am here for it, but your whole account was just to monetize this morning. However, an issue. I think that only gets a word. I think it's it's my account status, adaptable supper issue ok. Well, why do you think you're a kid? My point, his men, maybe ilan raised is intentions are pure, but that doesn't mean Yeah marinos are that doesn't mean that the people who are in charge of democratizing individual account right. These people are still in it. Pecan valley, largely that you're, a journalist but if you look ass, you do it in its entertaining, but what you do is journalism in its very important and if journey I can't make a living off of journalism. Then. stories that matter won't get out there. I don't know about the books in the libraries. I am I'm your view. Your look you're being very congenial on past a basic we need a whole accounts been demonetized, greater We give you somewhere about information, and I know a lot of reverting to forego any data by lives. The sector has been
we made any money on opposition from day one, so they started in february rates out like that a month ago we have, barely made in many and you journalist, containing on sweater about the motivation of other really making money, and it should be making more I made probably like. Eighty per cent life and those people complaining on twitter who have tried to do that involves two point: five million dollars I never really looked at twitter as one of the ways out anymore, but let's begin our doubts because you are making money, it's the same thing with me. I just ran out of the house twins wake met, but my last check from twitter was accept was literally seventy five dollars. I believe you have not yet I'm not Joe is seventy five dollars and then some I was talking to someone they're going to clean it up on twitter, I'm like your bullshit and then he someone reported. He didn't like investigation and decided that leaves a cigar is probably making about three million dollars a year over twitter.
Where do I draw my allotted teslas? What you're button if the question are jailed because I want to get to the words yeah so high up really quickly, I mean at elon is- and I hope, you're right, like I hope, elon has these goals, there's a few things that you can do like you know, maybe, and what you don't have to comment on this, but put Alex Jones back on the platform- is a pretty easy free speech bar writing. I may disagree with that guy a lot but put him back on the platform. He may have good intentions, his entire. You're pitched creators is come here and make money, and so, if he's not, monetizing an account that has two point: five million followers. Also has incredible reach an important stuff going out there. What's the point, I agree with you and I think he didn't write on twitter a few days ago about a lot of them. They, like sort of things that are happening, are just leftovers from the whole truth and safety department. I was there before he bought twitter.
And that's why I really do think that he is trying to that, and I were wholly between authors rights. as I'll tweet out their lives and take target the monetize and we'll see how quickly he responded. But here's the thing he fixes it there's a difference when fixing something because now there are eyeballs on it, because I will say this if he said these are sort of remnants from before, but people really making money off of twitter before right. That was kind of new, in other words, when they deuce, that two verified accounts they would. also had to create a process to what would be considered monetize ball and not that wasn't some that carried over and so the idea of demonetized words that that would, by its very You have to be a new thing since ilan has been there. Not so you did it directly but therapy, the post in there that there that their posts are positions of authority. You have what are some specific words and we're going to actually do this of your if you're, ok with it we're going to the audience a tests with us live, but am I know that you?
found some specific words right. You did some digging that result in the democratization of a post, right, yeah, ok, So you, I think one I'm! U found was porn. The word porn right, yeah! Ok, so we tested this we just this and we can bring this up right now. We twice that tests retweet porn is bad changed my mind. People can. see that there and then scroll, they are told me the reach, so twenty one thousand reuse keep that in mind. The route The reaches of these are these rural happening pray, so no advertising whatsoever. Now we switch that tweet two p, o star symbol and is bad changed my mind we can bring this up right here. Ok, then, can scrawl and we see during the ad now that one look that makes sense beyond that. The problem is not getting rid of poor diminishes, riddled with pornography on twitter. That's a separate problem, but we did another one, the word and tell if I'm missing the word ugly, so
I tweeted out. The word is a o c hot or ugly, childish and stupid. Yes, but then again, so's twitter and now I believe that that has been fixed yeah that's been fixed, in other words, to believe that we're ugly was demonetized ugly was demonetized of all more of that. word that you found out- and let me know, trans was one right. Yeah can train What did you know that I think that's been fixed now there were three I initially both about ten and seven out of ten were fixed within twenty four hours right this and why they only what they sell. Right, you're saying it now, and I think that the only let me bring it up right now. So, trans, let's see right here, I tweeted out, should trans due to be able to compete in a limping water, polo scroll, They can scroll them now it is so so that is progress. But that means it's all happened because you publicly named the words right and that should not that
a journalist shouldn't have to blow the whistle on journalists being suppressed, for them to no longer be suppressed. That's what I guess really gets my golden. Why I'm saying what you do is so important that work is so important. Yeah. Well, like those of a horror I think by. Hopefully you wanted saving looking into all there and he sat on the arm- had twitter space that this less needs to retrain them with a agree with Lena always internships out. I mean it I think we will give him a little bit of time and if it's not thanks and they're, solve his problems, then we're going to have to just you continue with this investigation and just a word after afterward I mean it's a guy and it's going to be a full time, job libraries- I waited to make automated account, legislate posts word I did to do that, but let's it, let's do it right now We can do so right now we have a lot of people watching and everyone out there. You can share the show the give let's go let's go through two or three words that you know arson,
our demonetized right now, we'll have people and in the audience right now thousands go out and use them. Let's, let's give us a word. Hi, I'm in you, you can give us a word. One word: that's demands! No, don't worry about what you tell me a word that you knew that you found and then I'm going to ask the I'll I'll send out a tweet, and we will also have audience member send out tweet, so we can kind of a sample pool. I'm I mean there is and about the word fight. If that was demonetized. The word fight you wanna. Try that Let's see limit what we will tweet out have tweet from our account mission control. Should illogical due to be able to fight I'm sorry a female in the octagon but sweet out. Ok, see if it that gets demonetized and you guys out their use. The word fights are people who are watching right now and
let's see what we will get that back in about a minutes, we will see if it's monetize or democratize. Yes, MR hodge, one of the odds to win how about something has to do with her and abandon. Maybe we have this tweet with amplifies demonetized. I dont know hi. Did you see anything that has to do with hunter specifically I didn't have that yeah, but I do test to doing in ukraine and the landscape and First reading was demonetized and then a couple hours later and not ours, even minute with its banks. So I don't know I want, without whom we contributed again. Okay. So let's try Putin, I will just say, let's tweet out for my account, what yet when two assholes collide so linsky in potent, well, I thought might be ok, you know it. What do you get when two sphinx collide these are linsky input and let's put that out there and will see if that's demonetized and then you guys try, we should have hashtag going test like hashtag test twitter.
right now I go hashtag twitter word test. Twitter word let's bring it up. The hashtag twitter word test technically to get one word at a time. Just because you don't know what other words in the sentence means you can monetize so to really find out, which exact words the most effective ways to do. One word on time: all right, I know that the word innocent was monetized innocent. I mean the word innocent probably were not really because I didn't want people like you know trevor bauer saying hey, I'm innocent like not. If not, if page six says you're not couple of words here. Actually, from suggestion so furry furry would be a good one for us to test and also petko yeah, let's type pedal above public and from our account, let's just let's just try just. I think that we should be I don't like right, though shouldn't I think we're say I don't like Petros or I dont, like pedal also try one of each other's just get those than we do
I have the the word fight the test on the word fight ready. If you are right, oh, do we have the tests to sword fight hire. This is happening in real and sorry. You can't take part because your facility attacked a fucking post on her personal account, all right, all right. Okay, let's what's there, what are the results from the word fight this month it's my dad's a hold on the maverick there there we go. What we're going to go where to go or not. There is a that. It is only right. Just monetize, that's good! That's progress safe as soon as we have the rest of these as we we did tweet out your. I tweet out that I dont like pedophiles, because I'm I'm not afraid to take unpopular positions here at the group. Take the risks, so you don't have to What other words? What do you think they're petros eight hour? I had those letters we get some pedophiles, let's see. I dont like petros: oh amazon, amazon. Well, that's apt.
so it looks so those are monetize seems like you're being less growl, I heard through the great time that those words you moment that last week and then after it about a bunch of words that were previously demonetized were monetize. A lot of the problems that affect the other branch of the I'm from the roads that there's no transparency. In other words, they could fix it and then change it next week. Then there needs to be an actual policy that they make this very clear, especially for content, writers and journalists. Because look that the big thing is there pitch. People to leave other platforms and come over to twitter right if their content creators, but if you do that, based on misleading information will now. people they have two new lily pad and there being that they can end up being just as screwed, that's not just for journalists, but for everyone. it's a waste of which words are dramatized like if you're saying like hey like these words, we don't provide. We're going to the monitors, are okay, so just give us that list that we can make a decision on if we want to censor ourselves or not? Yes, no, that's
Absolutely right by the way, did you enjoy all the jewish holidays in september? it's actually thoroughgoing our remit of a hot air and bow guy was a guide for for a very for very industrious people lots of days off the september. We know that with sand from nature for holland, everyday comes like you're still it's another holiday sam, the theory is rather yeah. Well. How right yeah gerald look? I just I want to be and want to be clear to like we, we are fans of eel and if he does the kind of the writing of karlsruhe in- and I think that I will take your position if, if he had not, hired linda occurring. I would probably be more fully on board like hey just give him time, don't worry about it, but with that higher didn't make me necessarily it some questions about Ellen's kind of motives? Maybe, but I just don't trust her. As much as I feel like you and musk, is pushing in the right direction that, Air to me was incredibly suspects and I dont trust her to do the right thing when it comes to free speech, I just don't they That's the world. She comes from
I need you see that answer him, so I think a band of a day like he's the one in charge, you ought to give him credit for getting rid of the whole action in hungary. The green forget the whole raw present safety and all that We do. We absolutely do we credit for that. We sing his praises when he does stuff, like that. I know that he ultimately as they guy but he's running, spacex he's running tesla he's doing a whole bunch of other stuff, the reason she was brought in this or that he didn't have to run the day to day. I just don't want her to do something that he finds out about three months later and then has to undo so you're right, eventually, a can be undone, but what if it happens in october of twenty twenty four, and he doesn't find out until december. That's my concern right now, and so I do like is that I think he said the right direction and despair. concerned about what she will be able to do and when hildy, but I find out about it now. Well, then, what like high out there? The work that she does is very important, and you know it's important their platforms out there that will get in there,
mt. I would like to see ilan do and obviously I'm by us, but you know rumble crisp about whose canadian he flipped the burden. Higher french government. He said no, absolutely not just now with candidates that he's never been more embarrassed. That guy will not will not falter. Will Well, you have not seen this take place there, and I think that in I do think that is that why I dont think that the communication publicly has been as clear and you know I think conservatives are obviously you haven't you, anyone whose right leaning, free speech there little bit nervous about this. We have some more results and then I want you to actually a couple. words that I didn't think would be monetize. You can bring them up and see which worked so Sean ten. the word fag in a movie truce to hurt, you did say the word faggot remove it, and it's this. I wanted this carmen, ping add just gets posted on your god. It's probably terrible placed the shop seemed like really low rent ads. Maybe the checks are so small that I think so yeah we need to dive into that a little bit further yeah I mean I feel, like you know, like
Oh carta bees like samsung and minds liked up that the copycat alibaba side. We, at amazon? One time all right we're going to continue this year on mug club, but was there any? Is there? Are there any other updates or any information that you think is is pivotal for people to know before we continue on my clyburn with this experiment, I know I'm gonna tweet out now that those who think that completely demonetized and will see what happens. I think you I'm a whore respond in fact said yeah like I said I think you ve been in hungary and I'm gonna, given the benefit of the doubt, but I will also hold twitter account. The ball. You know I I. how often sir said I welcome these problems. I do think that they're gonna get thanks mom, you call them up so yeah, I'm gonna get you're doing this and hope they will get some answers. Are I won't stay with us for a little bit people right now, you're watching on Youtube there is no saving you but we're watching on rumble. You click this button right. There
to continue watching seamlessly. You join my club. We get the harsh ones new shortcoming october, twelve, along with Alex janshah, along with our devils every day the Friday show Brian Cowen show MR guns and gear Nicht apollo everyday sign up. It doesn't it is a little bit of staying when you click click view no cut them a club button. Hey. Thank you re much rumble you to piss off
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