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Hello, everybody, so I had to tie my shoes, my slippers, you Ok, I'm wearing my my being here to look too much like TIM Pool. Anything at all branding thing I don't know we're here. today is still available. Of course, a lot of luck and such Montclair crowded Section three, my guess, is still the same: promo thirty dollars awfully because early elections idea card my language there's a lot of some z furniture like with doctors quackery. He is the name of the war today or much sun. Could some could also foresee that wisdom, dumb thuggery going on right now with the election we went to bed without the down was probably winning loudly state. I still think that if I was wearing one of these days, barring crazy election fraud and I that this runs the risk of being taken by the big tech overlords, but guess what you get has decided that my criticism of bill and a our fifteen Miss was election meddling. So, let's just let's just steer right into it. Why not omitted
this. Why introduced? We have Courtney. Here we have Courtney Limiter, looking very fetching better and I like the hoodie that we seldom restore, but it was too big for you as an exile. It's well! That's true! Vanity. They are accompanied by the collar not flattering, but quarter blackest How are you good morning but hey, look at em with as little he's bundled up like he's either jamaican Bob slighted ago runner or not without my daughter, we have. Our four million is gonna, get a better view, Wade, Reggie, bandit who laid his flight state reds? Thank you so much how you're welcome! Thank you everywhere. You know what a genuine, let's turn up a couple degrees with silk. You speak very cold. James, I don't have a robe because packing because my wife likes it says a lot has happened since last night. How my phone here- because we might have some guess so- keep in mind that just kind of processing it as it happens, we're gonna fly. There because of my merged guy, and we have some of the daily. Why are well, you know what
You know, I think, the going by the sea to your pants type thing first thing that I would be interested to talk about is is a kind of lying error. Yea either you find by the sea. Europeans not mean. This is my point, we're all tired that you're smart nobody's got a lot of sleep, and I think the president's since your tweet about Michigan is is, is bring up began, let so so we bring that up to censor tweet from last night I mean President Trump Correct, yeah yeah now laws tweeted our as a screen grab of this data binding, getting a hundred percent of new votes, a hundred twenty. thousand or more just in one chunk with zero for tromp right in and involved This is reason enough to go to court. No honest pursing and look at this and say it's normal and unconcerned and then Trumpery tweeted, and said what is this all about? But if you look at his retreat, Twitter has blocked that original.
From our wash. If we did, we bring it up clean up their very likely that we are flying by the sight of her pants, it's in the channel token now and screen grabs, but do you gotta went. Square even more it wasn't. mouthwash, retreated that a lot of people- oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, a lot of people are asking about it. That did not know how it was. Twenty thousand that randomly went all too by all button and right what were understanding so peoples in what's been going on? Ok, they're, saying that Wisconsin and Michigan are going to Biden no too many would surprise you because logic, but throw it out at this point. and I have to tell you that I also so. Let's get continue that regulate can continue to lose my wishes to theirs the tweet right. And that was a retreat of what MAC can we bring bring it back up their toes trumps. Sierra misleading. Now here's the thing
wheat wasn't misleading. You were saying ratchet we found out. It was an error with the election with people who are processing. yeah the was accurate. That did happen, but it's because someone screw and counting votes. We, previous our point right What I and all Trump said was what is this all about yet, which is a good question, now we find out. Why found out? What is the right one? You can also use out backwards, Auschwitz, oh yeah. it makes you feel about what you want to put a bullet in Warsaw like magneto parents, which our back and James pushed back and change you not like is your more waste, is what your back in chains and you not black. I don't. I didn't say you not You said you did you ate like we're just gonna black or white people. Also soy like you in black. What's it doing Ireland cept some guy out, there's yes, I know your way is, you is, or is you ate with the black confederates? Well, I'm will be President
That is, I still think I'm just going to present will explain why but I also out listen, don't you trust these states any further than I can throw them, and events We could maybe throw them into the great lakes, but that's not the cards right now, so we have to deal with the cards we are down, you can wish and then yes, that that error right. What what what happened was that she was a county accident He added zero to their voting rights so that it was reported briefly. In truth, was right to you. You know everyone who is questioning that was right to say, hey. This looks weird because it was in fact an error. Ok, maybe it wasn't election fraud, but it was miss reporting. A big deal, frightened so dishes in desk h q can't that air ink and corrected it quickly. You know when you have errors at the county level. I don't see why twitter would be censoring people call
Intention of Ryanair hurting thousand airs ones that do you think that that air would have been corrected? If not being hold on? I mean that's the question right, because whenever you have one zero, Facebook or guarantee Africa, I forgot to carry the one always forget some Monday in detail that extra hundred thousands that on Monday in detail, Michael and it happened to be in one of the most highly contagious stemming the union brain we It was if, within this was our Michigan, this mission Mitchell, hot right. Now you and I mean it's- I don't know the current global warming about a very temperate climate and record growing seasons, variants hot, because you know people of their mission- metaphor separately, but I mean the interesting thing in our lot. I can change just when you have a bit. You know twitter, Facebook or Youtube and with their caught censor,
and in every one calls them out on it, and then they say where we fixed it that you know they change course. I say so. Give us credit words. Do we were willing? It's like. None are now you would not have fixed it unless every night at all you out and yet, except exactly what happened with my you tube. So I was trying to run ads on Youtube videos because we're louder and ass now, and I had three videos and we're disapproved as interfering with the election. They involve. To build. I think one of I d been climate, but the thing is they. And that, with all my videos on Youtube, including a our fifteen minutes, including a lad and the criticism of J, W Latin, and they were seen this. It's not that it's directly meddling in the election but it's meddling in the election of its not even present back in the election did said it's a right, leaning,
point of view which influences people and we only were able to carry a gun. You too, with three of them. This oversight role, reverse it. But again you you, don't get that back. Don't you dont get those things back in this is what should be allowed to do and what should be encouraged on Youtube and Facebook and Twitter right should be the exchange of ideas. If we're not act, just going in vote for this candidate, but we're saying hey: these are in this way our fifteen hey, building science guy is telling you there fifty seven genders, but Youtube said that, is not allowed because it directly impacts the election. So that's important to no other lament about how effective the content as yet or how ineffective bill night. I don't want anyone questioning what it is there saying and a quick update with Facebook, because yesterday keep in mind. We were taken down on Facebook in that actually being haven't you tube shrimp taken down so what we and over half-
in people to win over eight million, some like people to invest in it that direct. Second, there is what four five and seven thousand people and combat like two four eighty new were grateful for government. If you will that we had, the problem is the principle of the same because a decided they were going to remove our facebook stream and I checked with bill right now. This is the answer: complete silence from Facebook, no explanation from any point, honestly, good of his bed data surge because buying was giving his statement. Nothing conclusive, still, digging how bill is being so he's, you're congeniality. I don't think it was abiden he's a sweetie pie. I don't think there is a binding search period Abiden speaking well here's here's another detail from Michigan where on Twitter. They, you know some people were looking at the results from, interim in the club office and they said. There's no way Trump lost this this area right. It was
very firmly for him last summer round in so a local reporter, Zack Gore, Charles called them. in the reviewing the numbers and said there. Discrepancies seems, like the numbers were transposed, that they got trumps numbers and bite and switched right now he said, they'll be corrected soon, it's a staunchly GEO p area- That's going to result in and they go thousand pages. It happened to swap them I am worried. What are the really well? We added a zero with that one where we said that buying what and jump lost it was the it was the opposite. What was happening and there are no hay and the opposite of what you say in Twitter says misinformation. There is, I know it's done this to later. There's there's a little others, Bert Feeder and genuinely speed when you gotta get out now, like I'm, not interested in Jack. Dorsey bird feeder though it gets a lotta hummingbirds or want to know what he's using that sugar waters below the honey in there. I don't know, but it looks like the squirrels would attracts hummingbirds, subject or she's doing very well with the Beard bird Feeder Gang
does not really important right now. What isn't going the election right errors, I haven't seen any examples of them going in the opposite direction, right where it's like our really looked good for Trump and then oh turns out. It was hypo and by We are going to be crowd sourcing, this right now this dream. So what you too, I fear on blaze, my club, sending your chats as it relates to the election things that you ve seen. Some discrepancies are, of course, on twitter, what most like to see us discuss today. So we What are the margins that we have? I really wish where the ability for Reggie just punch is there a way to just do that. I took announcer Redskin just punching with computers is enough to send to you and the new parliament. Are we not writing? A quick way is anyway just me, or can mirror something, or no now seems like a silly system for us to have three different points again. We're fine but a seed repents here, but I do know what console could take just a moment to look at and silence that the good stuff that mean tromp, outperform them
does whatever their results. In a being, he outperformed the poles everywhere right not just trump, but Republicans we picked up five seats- in the house in the house and we weren't export. You know we can win the majority. That, though, there wasn't a possibility, but we weren't expected to pick up five seats now mean then we also Trump had we lose one seat in the Senate was nothing in the magnetic one seat in the Senate. Wasn't one of those those those republican seats had not not even really republican from what she would break with the Democratic Germany, where it seems there is really no have tromp one. The highest share of non white vote for the GEO P. Since nineteen sixty it's a big demographic shift, that that that whole narrative, that we look at the whole narrative of you know, but lives matter and in social justice in the Democrats have thought this is our bread and butter. They have been pushing that you just non stop. That has been everything
the bulk of their agenda right in last night. They saw they moved backwards and here's another. I guess it his it's easy to go hunting how to improve in those demographics and then he's behind these swing. States rose demographically, play, creek key role. I guess there distributing that to overall voter turnout, so even if Donald Trump made gains with those demographics, it wasn't enough because more people voted It doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, and it's tough to make sense of this when their flipping county that we're for Trump and were versus Biden and their adding zeros two numbers yeah. every every single one of those people is somebody who may be voting for a publican for the first time in their lives or be the first person in their families to provoke a Republican that at some level makes you a little bit more comfortable when somebody else comes around twenty one. I think that's why they're there feeling the heat here is because it is their demographic right right, think they have the black, but they think they had the Lahti
their seeing that they don't and here's one stone. Do you want to tell me you guys? Can just gonna tell me you're about setting their core corny. I've forgotten, we're all pretty tired. So five guys- and if I say it, I think stupid, like Charlottesville North Carolina arose over national unity was bothered ears. I wouldn't bother it matters to me. I will I worked like a charm. I like it. I have it matters to me. It matters to me. Here's the thing I am sent Don't I can still win if you lose this mission. I was wrong about this, because this is something that the two seventy one and I reset to the map for some reason, West Virginia either was blue automatically or didn't fill in four tromp.
fill in it all right, so with West Virginia, which was called. I believe, if I am not mistaken, right, West Virginia was called for Trump and this main second district. What what is it? What are we using right now decision desk in desperate and doing a predict? It was called it was so the clock and district was called called and what our agenda pretend West Virginia still look with that map. someone's Pennsylvania. He still has seventy. So even with all this tomfoolery, they shenanigans going on in Michigan Wisconsin. It doesn't matter if he wins Pennsylvania, he still winds and the margin there is dramatic. It comes down to water, waiting rather than that map is essentially if this, if the current decision desk model Just solidifies. If everything that's leaning Republican goes republican of everything, that's leaning, Democratic goes Democrat, Donald Trump. To sum what I don't understand why you understand, but here's what bothers me? Zono is called so early, so early for Biden right,
but Don T go far ahead in Michigan and in Wisconsin and in Pennsylvania, and they won't call it we'll call it significantly further down the line than Arizona and by the way was a for. It is important. It's not like. Well, that's because Arizona had all the important counties, no one. I know that Maricopa County is a main important county in Arizona, but there's still a pretty diverse, set of numbers that had come through in these states and they didn't call four Donald Trump at all. That's what Donald Trump was talking about and the issue here is not just same day election voting, it's how many more votes can just be in Pennsylvania is the worst state for voter fraud. We that there's a long history of it and I no what's been going on in May. What I had in any decision desk still hasn't called Arizona. Right at yesterday's leaning Democrat, but they only have eighty four percent. I think reporting so yeah, that's substantially another screw up last night, the Arizona had reportedly count. Ninety five percent of its vote in
in New York Times, noted that, due to an error, the actual number we, eighty six per annum errors are reacting in so that that that that gave you know this morning. The trunk campaign said. You know, we think when we all the votes or Canada we're going to pull ahead in Arizona we also get I've seen buzz on Twitter about a narrowing airs? yeah we're saying they're gonna pull ahead, we're seeing in narrowing, which again you called it were seen a narrowing right, which are important. There is only one of which I was surprised by right wing, but it looks like these The remaining votes do lean, tromp and in another factor here is in Arizona the so sharply pins was cause. Some balance to be invalidated and it could be for these big numbers, mostly for trump supporters, so there's gonna be more to come on that that there may be votes that were wrongly invalidated just knocked over his cyanic transplant. Anything sharp,
you do what you do my tooth brush in some razor. Why are you not get out of the shower? I'm glad you use the phrase hispanic transplant that I'm just smoke. So, If Arizona in going to stop me she's, what do I do with it me shank? Little blue eyes and Roma from Como D say people. I think they let you call me unless they have each romp like. Oh, you must what you want to vote for Biden right this way, none on and on and on and on our now come I d say: look see, see hat c amp. Yes, have me. I want to vote now, just put that in there fine! No! No! No! No, not! Ok, because his because hispanic people are very polite, There are various online ladys rope. It really is true lesson. We have to recognise the cultural differences eventually, as it relates to older black women black with
are very, very friendly strip. I find and then In my experience, young You know this court about get older black women are probably most friendly people I encountered so friendly about. Nobody is not if this when I say it like older black women are very friendly. If you just say the most frightening I've, really all the time you wonderful smile, like you just made that day is usually stuff, even though I dont honest business you'll tell our eye. We do have some breaking news here, I'll think we probably need to take that Wisconsin and make it. Not blue, because from campaign has said there are requesting a recount there within their threshold I may say so- the trumps campaign statement, despite ridiculous public pulling uses a voter, pressure tactic. Wisconsin has been a razor ten races. We always be. There have been reports, irregularities in several Wisconsin counties which raise serious doubts about the validity of the results of president, is well within the threshold to request your account and we will immediately do so, and here are one thing people need to understand.
This is not unreasonable. This isn't trying to so trust in our institutions. First, our people, don't trust the institutions anyway, largely better than any of the actual institutions have been physically burned down. Then I am amazed that if we have that, what does anyone have that tweet somebody Canosa canosa, which of course had Donald Trump ahead significantly and then, by the time we went to bed, all the sudden switched can know shut, could I came in and how many writers do you have we're going into vote and it was around the time that a lot of this weird Wisconsin stuff happened that the allow can bedding odds flipped right, so it was going sixty four. we trump for a long time? What are those and then we went by the way, was around the time when that weird spike happened that ended up being a typo that everything flipped I dont know what? a date will be centred on was content. I was trying to figure out why it could have been that here
set you that you have a centralized out. You know that you have a channel that you're using right to communicate round. Is there is any way someone could gimme access to that at all here. So unless around my, if someone can grant me access, otherwise we can also use my channel here could have a communication channels like they're gonna, see this second ploughing coming with you yeah effect and happened. Just let me know something else that I find telling, and I want to female respect. look at that! Look at that female there on the on the show, not not as sweet as the female. We have here an hour, not a sharp. I don't like it exactly toes to curl up under a house, it's no way she's definitely diner. Her she's really how to calculate its present harry. Can you tell she can tell from the park. We lay thirties, probably thirty's no about. She can do as you answer bodyguard. I think Anderson Cooper did his best work with the mole, nor
Malaysia, the realities of the more I was his finest work. Nobody ever do anything better than them all a zoo, mors. Remember the mole sat juniors them all was like Who sound I'm making very well. I make one fund of youth rhetoric as even Brendan calls him with Sumer, but that's the consumer. Nineteen little regard only boom arrived right. I'm very tired and I dont know I think, of annex. I declare I like a prescription that last me like a year for when I travel, India or laugh right is hitting peak plasma volume cigarette a right. Now I m a one hour nap on a hammock. You do seem very chill yeah is that how ill or another little gives to the end of the year- and you haven't taken this annex- you gonna, take it all, or else that's true certain that on certain general warning, but that's how it works. For me, how works for me. Baby
yeah. No, I think we're all little bit tired and I'm amazed as to how lazy everybody else's. That's why? I also have my phone here and I'm trying to check your gear. You did ask about the election betting as it does still say, Biden up he's at eighty, two percent on the election, betting odds Eighty two percent: seventeen percent drop, hey, look it's fat, Jeffrey Cuban, but it's not Jeffrey tube. On CNN but I would like to be gained. Wait it's a razor, thin race. We knew it would be, and there have been reports about irregularities claim in several that is now I'll salaries which raise doubts about the blue. If the result is the last one percentage point like a very claim: ok,
Florida was called in two thousand a member for Al Gore. Then they took it back. They call it for George Bush allegory called and gave a concession speech, and they had recounts which went for Bush, and then they stopped a subsequent recount, which I believe added at five hundred and thirty seven votes for George W blushing around. I was like Ireland, and I understand you guys want to say I could go both ways. The worst one, a voter fraud was I'll Franklin and was that of the guys in common with common I saw a term Davis and no Alfred and I saw votes. It literally had common punched in and a registered as L, Frank and what its yeah. I don't do that when the worse than that ever seen, if any one remembers that Alfred Missus Coleman I do want to have a good crossway communication. It do do we have me and enhancing. We have this one. I have avenue neutral as it is it election knights were diamond again, but until relying on you ready to bring it up, because I can't sing the over something else to me that is, and I wanna go to originally wanted that, according to one of any real last, night. They say we're gonna start counting right.
because we ve already early and then bring. I went home wielded. We all went home. Well, you went to the home and no one had any of that was smooth man. He went to the home and will have him here and a little bit because he subpoena he's kind of a penny shea guy and then they continue. How did they will come to shift? Is that errors and there's a nice lived there's a morning shift. You can work a double, but taking an hour often telling everyone leave and then coming back and our only what we found out and twenty thousand that's what? What do you mean us? Our that's an actress era when I started this start counting suspiciously close to the time when Biden said: hey guys, we're gonna go home yeah. In a small island back and willing was dying in Nevada, just decided to stop, unlike the latter day at the summit right, nobody has taken today
off account again about completely like a genius idea. Fell, aren't gonna play them, so we there's a dealer. No deal quarter machine with my name on it now Have a video of a sort of an explanation of the sharp thing in Arizona on the ballots, this, then, is this going to be the new hanging, Chad Momently. I think it will be actually ok. Did you bring up music, we're good? We gotta, listen, guys guys. I just want you to know this. when at technical level may suck But we're not adding extra zeros to taking the illegal many euros on my check. It's like an have to have to say I'm gonna break on. Our view is a little bit more brag on on on us a little bit because we did have whatever five hundred. Thirty thousand euros are ass night. What our viewers are up to have ornately with three hundred. thirty thousand already, so they re our early, whether you people are pathetic
now I understand Laval reasonably leaving behind when the only reason were able to do this is because of my club. So please do consider joint. We really do need your support. I mean yesterday use our stream get taken down and videos are no long. We can advertise or videos at all on Youtube if it as a conservative opinion biology, realize it you're not allowed to actually say on Youtube that children shouldn't be inferior, blockers really yeah. That's hate us We realise that Youtube said it was one which always look. Look look emerge star, plug, look at home, that should we can. You show very look at her hello batty labelling fly, hurt a lot with credit shop, dot com, Superfly, that's new new item shaken available. Now betting, not good and ready Betty Betty, I think of my body. she's out at all. She, seventy seven Chicago.
My club on the back? That's because she's, that's because of her neurodegenerative disease join my club, so we can petticoat. What ok what's happening is your back Yes, it is having a wardrobe method. Wardrobe malfunction doubts over you're, not gonna Jackson me to wait for that. Ok, we also call on hearing that you got yourself on ice surprising. see my military action by german runaway know. What's going on adorable tell me about that's no good words that dog right there were she's she's, and to be shy. So I'm just trying to worry we're working out of thirty four dogs
shut up, you can go and buy. Are they for sale yet on the Europe they are out of like hoodies, because I dont want to betray wrong doing the streams going, don't care really it's like listen! This is what happens when you for someone to a corner with very little to lose. you mean with the bull get slightly off color humour that really horns yeah again. You just bailed on the metaphor, then exiting plasma volume piano. If we can get this the video, the sharp YE think, as I do think corny, maybe right. It may be that the hanging chance of twenty twenty. Alright, let's see the video of the sharp, be explained one more time the american people in front of me. Yes, I was given food. I guess I didn't. I read them. Ok and it is in their ties. Are you
It has therefore been through to read your background, my that and I read your ballot in Iraq. So what they're doing as are telling people to use the sharp ease that way, those votes on count exact and this is errs on as other people that were in their current, we are with their pens and they live We want a wound and they were Yankee Penza there. They try to do that to me, and I took this european I had asked because they had looked rather Serbia, you heard about emu and take this obvious fact: had a bull apparent behind them, but they were not giving his evil and only giving there we go whilst all the ones with the sharp. These are not being read it all. Now, None of those values are being run, does it? common darted, so that's again and are doing right now. You all know that there is any spares sharply might not even that
I was very largely Galileo's strong fluttered in other ways. Listen but they're, not counting. I thought I was alone. Can I thought it was a low, bow, Blueberry Bush and show their forcing people to use the sharp rise in those poach? I'm being counted can crush that's what's gonna domain name. When I talk to her, that's a hedge area, career many draw a hedge yep and and those one are not being gambling therein valid the eyes. I have so their invalidating vote. What there don't get like. I just that's how I feel about it yeah, there's a guy. It's not just
this video we ve had you know I've seen multiple people on Twitter in court, including one of the guys out, kick say that he'll know, you're just spoke and just see no register band is a genius. So for him to almost miss speak, that's an accomplishment hell I don't know. I must meet all the time man. I gotta those crabs in a bucket and he's the one kroner cryptic down the back down here. You little remains of a cake. Aliens and toys. Wasn't there's something to an overlay of the Pennsylvania. Two thousand twelve comparison, Brennan was saying he was young and what we bring that up Overlay of a comparison of Pennsylvania, two dozen twelve, what ok so not called, so that was too, and they called for Obama. With a five point, three nine percent margin. Five point: seven million votes not called with five. Million votes and an eleven point, two percent margin Dumb Donald Trump in Pennsylvania.
and I mean you know where your brain and I were talking beforehand. I said you know: you're, never gonna get an exact comparison there, but it does seem strange that we're going to such links to a sustained and anti trump narrative we're if Donald Trump if he loses Arizona, if he loses Wisconsin, if he loses Michigan but keep Georgia, North Carolina, which seems likely anyone's Pennsylvania. He winds and seen in saying that Trump is leading in Pennsylvania there. There. The acid my job, I sought Pennsylvania. So if you can go back. That night of the third debate us I think, buying just lost Pennsylvania. I think it was the title of the next day. Stream was one of the segments again. Did vine just lose contravene. Yeah it's walking into in italian family dinner being like guinea Wop day, now, let's see what happens right, he walked into Pennsylvania, said no racking and losing you know fracturing and Riots
No, I don't think I have used to the right of any at all about maybe a little bit of ragging, maybe a little less riots and he's like sorry, I forgot to carry the one hour together- has got em out about. So I really do think that Donald from us, we have those counties coming into in Pennsylvania. Donald Trump is probably going to win Pennsylvania. That's why people aren't talking about it and if there's voter fraud in any of these other states will vote or fraud, I should say in incompetence either way in camp. We ve seen plenty of illegality and Andrew yeah. yeah we're going all other, I would not qualify turning it into a six figure. Will. The we also have an overlay of Wisconsin what happened last night and where it just sort of flipped where you now you have these two lines: yeah right there in suddenly the Buddhist Jolly that
all of this guy rock it up. So I think Trump is right to say: hey hold on a second, let's just count one more time I see you know those lines don't turn out something that looks slightly more saint one. Other thing, people and control- if you can find me Canosa, there was a moment where Canosa Switch, the actual numbers were canosa. The votes were overwhelmingly trunk coming in from Canosa and then at one point I think if we went to bed sudden Canosa was tightened, which, again you look at Eagle, first off. Why this all This is the pattern that you see what's left everything as happened in the dead of night? If you want to say that Donald Trump is trying to erode trust in our institutions, Donald Trump, everything that happened in the light of day any no wanted accounting to take place in front of everybody and the left that none at all, it's gonna, take I was aware what methodology we can tell you that why, because you're a stranger, so that's no, that's not the ground but I'm looking for commotion, there's an actual side by side number of Trump vote and
this side by side. Trump vote in Biden vote guys and then right next to it is a Trump vote and Biden vote after us that point in time not talk about a graph because it doesn't show the contrast so early. We ought only to restart Skype guys, because apparently we have some riding going on in DC right now. I think we're gonna have a larger Schaefer on Riah Elijah's Schaefer. On on the please tell me you didn't get punished at dollar Rama I dont guarantee its a dollar. Already. This time is, is dollar anything New United States of not that's. Ok. dollar Emma I wanna bet which I'll take that story later. If anyone is interested, I colonists something here we're we're saying that things are being done in the dead of night. Media has been setting up this narrative four months earlier, asking cave makin any will trump except the election results. So it's I think they ve been planning this,
wanted it to be this close. They wanted it to be contested. They were so upset about Amy Coney bear it because they didn't want. This is that we do not want this going to the Supreme Court as if they knew it. This is gonna. Go to the Supreme Court of lovely eyes, Courtney, now, is that I listened to what you said and I think they re valid points particularly eyes. It's ok! It's ok because my wife has opted to to where I met she s court, came in choosing a gorilla got strangers ring the ladder of Trotter Hoodie, and I got a little bit and I said, Courtney Cleaners, We are currently very fetching. Lady. Keep your filthy comments in the chat to yourselves. By the way we always get horribly filthy com, and I have not read the cat: that's why don't they only my wife, you or to Cute Mattie, because it's like even the compliments, are horrible I and I won t. I don't worry the comments and then used to note the worst thing people set is, of course you told the corn, the corn infested shit yeah. It's almost worse, not knowing the full comment.
we can assume weird, MR, but I tell you it was for me. If I'd drag my packer through a mile of broken glass just to get down whenever that's how much I love her, Fortunately there, my pack, it would be of no use to her. Yes, oh you know it's a catch twenty two, so we do have an ANT Cabot, all that was fun little Tansy Paradise and they put up a glass riddles packard I read what the new sniff on that note. I always tell be myself up: maybe your dad just dialed back. Eighty percent, no known, I guess you be yourself, I'll be myself are now that we NBC has a breakdown of the man. You be a woman some of the estimated Arizona, early balance that are left to be processed and they have that listed county by county and It looks like that in line with white there why people believed Donald Trump is going to carry Arizona because their heavily-
Publican likely break in his favour there about five thousand I'll get any balance so, let's by the wait. Let's fill in this map really quickly offer people, I think we have them all filled and we have the main second district Arizona is, namely those relied Andria on that area. Let's take on irish zones and Nevada, within twenty thousand votes. By the way, Georgia is still looking like it's gonna be Trump and as the entire time, and they still won't call it right and their ninety? I think they're acknowledge what was agitated revelation. Ok, listen either way again what keeps this going and we have Eliza Schaefer out. There is a lot of Canada. Come such mucklucks Elijah Schaefer! your life, your in D C, corrects or can you hear us react? I can hear you. I appreciate the covering for electricity code name so that people don't know who talking to you right now. Are you wearing a flock jacket? Absolutely ahead of us
Well, it's not spartan armor, we'll get you a better one, because there are actually certified and we shot someone with that vessel yesterday, a blow up, don't Eliza You run out on a rail in D C last night, because you're supposed to call into the show and what what was it they they bade stabbed your face, because that italy- and that means that this time now that we can go this time, they they decided that they were going to. U attempt to assassinate me, so what happened? Words is the the anti fascist day, diverted the crowd away from police wanted to wood and they wanted to they wanted. They were out a plan about twenty of them to a tragic my life, and I
from a journalist and then another liberal journalists actually came up to me. Do you recognize me and said you need to get out of here, because they're trying to get away from police that they can have a coordinated? It sounds to me like this, that you can get away from here. Another person told me that they were, they were gonna. Try to us Ass Navy. I started getting stock by the group. We have to get evacuated out. It got really tents. They started coming up on us. The police were nowhere to be seen, and last night they actually said.
Multiple people jumping to kill a few, so their rights were very credible Emil. At what point do we call this election meddling granted? It's not as agreed just as me criticising Bill nice, gender theory that has no place on you too, but this is because the election wasn't even hall is what it why they were standing on a larger safer. What's going on, there what's happened. Ok, we have we reached. However, are you a preacher of Andrew Evangelist, and you got things she's wrong right things that, in her platform at something that's very soon people dying, unlike her, unlike her return or sold like a nineteen year old boy being pushed up as donor in a no you're, not you're, escalating the situation by its ringing in our ears at all,
Maybe but every time you do not stand ready, aren t this could be we're on a different kind of black where Europeans in the public provision buildings, have the right to vote and just like, we have the right to stand here and tell them that we not only of salt screening and someone the over the siren. I get tired as for to condemn the streaming in a year with sovereignty? Must respect? Could you can you for America condemn the screaming, and yet the auditorium soul reactions against anybody else out of the bag I am personally forgot aggravates romanian, oh god, and you do this regularly. Yes, so she's, not you think, I'm a now here since we started and she died
scream out were black lives mass owed? She can't tell anyone how to live their lives, but I'm going to ask her what does she, therefore, that our time you're right now we're talking here about Salsallat? Just because you wanna tell me exactly what you're here for what you're platform and in one sentence form is, is equal rights for everybody and equal rights? That doesn't mean that you have to consent to being starts because you don't want to be thrown to the ground. That doesn't mean that you, after you, have to consent to being such a measure on probation. Really not you. Can you talk to my friend and in the airport is outlined yet? Can I can I can I got your yeah sure? Yes, if you're, ok, what's that are larger than you picked out here, that's other hello! Take put in my earlier. We are hearing, I beg you looking that camera their high. Thank you so much what you, what you? What's your name, young lady, I name is aiming Hayley? I'm doing well. Thank you for taking the time. So I appreciate you just said: You don't want to tell anyone. I delivered what in Elijah. Can you hear me with the other report yeah
in both hear me. Lots wonderful. This is great media group aggravating this wonderful So what? What? What did you say? Your name was: I'm sorry, it's a little bit of feedback here, I'm Paley! nice to meet you Hayley, always whenever a sea Hayley Eminence daughter, all grown up, unlike that's Hayley, and then you probably get that all the time but Hayley now you know she's quite the dish. So I appreciate you said you cannot No, you can't tell you how to live their life when you time people with the megaphone tell me too what act? What Do you want to see happen right now, blacklist matter like what specific actions? What needs to be done, I won t be able to walk down the street and not have the consent of the search or being chase down no chase. I wanna see equal rights. I know when I get pulled out.
He's not now he's been asked me for my idea: he's gonna, let me dollars. So how do you propose? How do you want to do that, though? I know you're saying people should be all the work on the streets, but how do we do that? To make it so you know people can walk down the streets and not get shot police training to be completely wire rate. Then you get in so I am pleased and I d that we start electing police officers as we do not prevent ochre through that fella give their plenty to serve and protect us that we should have a choice. And who they are. So that's how you would like them to live their lives mean everything I can't tell anybody out of their life, but I would just like to suggest it right tool. We also suggest that people stop committing auditory assault. What's a mega phones and that, ladies years, so that way you know it's kind of two for two I think that result
I can answer like it's hard for me even hear you at the megaphone move from Europe. yeah that Damn street preacher trying to save their solve good. Lord. What John Times we have when people, rather than burning down banks and exercise their actual first amendment right to try and tea people, the Good NEWS of Jesus Christ, how how dark this country- but you know what they are- buying, no put an end to it- you had a large I wanted. I was dreaming yeah, so robots pressure. Where does work, In our view, the people understanding that there is now she said, she's the preacher of wine and what your form would you guys doing specifically about the scratch you're here to talk to our host societies. Can you hear the covered by blarney gets right? I wanted to test it
I thought your monthly cloud anything about it, our words cannot be hindered rang with me. You're trying to upload in Jericho, able before painters likewise is doing If she's talking about like a well, she always just putting you. Kate, isn't metaphorical Satan We cannot, however, was you got? What are you accomplish by swimming in her ear with Mega Collins Antonio deployed damage as maritime package actually does one great scream over her out Can I ask you or anybody were usually are you? Are you portuguese, on her part
oh nice angrier are you brazilian vary from Portugal last year, brazilian! Ok, I have a lot of brazilian friends. I know a few brazilian words and I, like the brazilian people, are very nice that are often very late, though, to events our heart or die, or have you noticed that that we really Lisbon? Would you brazilian jujitsu, sometimes this ain't running on brazilian time interested, but you ve run into that violence. I know I know, but I do love Brazil and taken. I asked you a quick question, MRS not political way. Water is freshwater. That's a soup right and Brazil. Smart by lowering our assurance aerial everything was beginning developing labour. They were have me
I have read that year in year out now like say, sought enable yours very confused, because when I do pursuing a jitsu with Wade, I choking- and I make my forum across his face- a yellow freshwater ripping his face and he doesn't like it. But now he understands fresh water. Is it's almost like red eye to any for brazilian? That's a stew with all the face and the years instead of libel, so Brazil is becoming increasingly conservative too. So what are you concerned about that he spent all going to break he's not granting a lot of polite and gradual decrease. I hope you have. As you know, we have not accurate Are you a number of United Europe oil? By might I didn't go away
Are you gonna do about more divided and what what policies abide and, over the last forty seven years, what's your favorite policies specifically attacked repair policies is higher only thirty you now elvers embargo, we repression, listen Elijah, we're going to check back in with you in a little bit Elijah this kind of tough for us to hear anything so we'll try. I can a little bit just let us know when you're somewhere, where maybe something is going on, that we can hear a little bit better, but will back in what you later lodge. Ok, I've found I gotta get to know your fault. We appreciated Eliza, but now we know about age RADA. So that's what's most important Brazilians and thank God for those people just trying to shut down the tender Lillian even see what action does he support tromp, so he's races.
W a process that single leap already delivered to be racist. Now, you're, taking a w, still hung up on. I'm now well versed in politics, I'm I'm only thirty moment. I live only of early fledged adults yeah. I was well versed in politics and two thousand during the Florida fiasco, which it I mean there's probably a lot of people on our audience who warrants old enough. The Thai Lyra Abu ALA and it's not, were sailing, we're old folks. We we too are thirty or so early variant, aren't area that our early thirties- and I remember florida- they didn't except the results of the two thousand election- didn't accept the results of the twenty. Sixteen lecture just to be clear people you to understand a kitchen offers color bar. So I don't see here on the monetary about to say something that register something knew how I was just going to say that data orbital is now estimated that Trump is in line to carriers owner really really waiting for them by the button campaign is trying to claim victory
yes, yes freely, so isn't why zapping factor can anyone tell me is, we know, has twitter fact check It looks at anyone allow. There is only one or two with winter has not factual the Biden lawyer Bob our says we are winning the election. We won the election, yet we're going defend that election and we no fact what about? What about any of the election desks out there that called Arizona early on or any of us being fat checked by the way my misleading content or someone said hey there. wrongly counted a hundred and twenty thousand votes in what was it? consular missions to keep forgetting that there was was constant rise in Wisconsin Fgm. Biden and they said this is misleading. Ok, it's not misleading So what happened? Someone retroactive? We added zero, all right, but you know what twitter I understand you gotta keep the beard, go in the bit beard game, strong with the birds nest, and then we have action. cool officials in the media, who should know better whose
you know better calling Arizona for trip. I think they call. There is start calling Arizona for binding. I think they call. There is a need for buying when there's like. I think presumably early way way, early waiter, yeah, now they're saying hey now we know is: is it tat? We keep getting desk election desk, what is decided in decisions decision desk what're they about Arizona, because right now we just us of Arizona goes if Arizona, those trump Raoul boy, those betting Jane and it was. It was Fox news that was the one that has arisen so early and I'm sure that there are a lot of Fox news fans watching going sort of an yet. These are some credibility, at least for some people who are going like our that's a big laws. They can sit on some tax that I think you're they can just go sit on attack. I saw I mean it. I mean, but you know what I will. I dont like people at Fox NEWS and I like tax. Their boats would hurt
They would be sore just like everyone in this country is going to be a significant effort to listen. I told you before I went to bed. I said that I had to say: let not your harpy troubled, but dont. You don't need to be held You don't need to let yourself be defeated and we are seeing a lot of good news right now. There are a lot of suspicious things that have happened, and the Arizona might go. I don't think the main second district, I dont, think any poles are Donald Trump running that, if I'm not mistaken, I think did he have in twenty? Sixteen I thought he had fatty did and an incendiary to a definite haven't domestically, but I think it Obama got it against, were I think I know Mama got it against became Obama, got it against Rami now, using its one vote, you guys remember yesterday when we have laying out the electromagnetic? If that happens, if that goes Donald Trump that eliminates the possibility of a tie in motion scenarios right that one vote so that one is very consequential. Now he wins- main second issue which has already been calls from and if he does, when Arizona, which some people are calling right now, those betting. What's
dramatic car would lay there already changing a little bit. So I thought in the passage of twenty minutes, or so it's gone Biden, chances of guy done about seven percent. Seven percent is borne in mind when Molly again just say, seven for sure, for this room is dead. You guys are under their own, I'm spinning held here. Call me Rumpelstiltskin sons of bitches a while ago and bitches before the election Twitter listed a number of sources who would be credible thirty authoritative to call state was among them. Sadly, no I think you're all Joe, almost like the guy who out of every single professional pollster, who called the state's right on the outset.
one way anywhere awful across me. What you re, an obviously you but in CNN, is now listing all that well nail butter election may come down to and it's all the state like we're gonna have aroused. I said North Carolina, Georgia and I wasn't super confident Arizona, but looking at the pre, this is the story of this right now, it is not only his Donald Trump Outperform dollop appalled that they should be debt. They should know Yes, yes, I couldn't believe me when I say this because only in the realm of academia- and I do consider pulling sort of the realm of academia because its key radical knowledge. It's not. Really something tangible and it's also some areas that will you couldn't possibly understand how we weigh our poles. No, was taking into account the early voting, my method, Ology was simply ok how how Donald Trump, by how much to the outperform his poles last time- and looking at early voting- and I said Ohio in florida- are not swing.
Dates, nor is I'll. I have no doubt about that. I said I would be more surprised if Ohio went blue in Texas, and we shall see the one that I was really carbon popping and boom Ohio Florida Iowa. Those came in really quickly and they came with significant leads, particularly Florida. That's a big! So for the rest of the country, then I said: ok, North Carolina, why Georgia ice? I'll think go Trump haven't changed my mind. Let the Arizona and then I just and Donald Trump needs to win. Why of these state. I didn't say he was going and when those it's at the end of last night, I did think that Donald crumpled, when Wisconsin Michigan and pennsylvania- and I tell you what if it were fair, I think he would win all of them right in the end. look at the map we have now. There are no surprises in Biden, favour right right as if you, pick up Arizona. I mean there there's a surprising trumps favour with Florida right I think that that is the right one, and that is really just turn my experts, have a in the Senate race.
Sera Gideon has just called Susan Collins to concede the rays and five thirty eight getting up by eight points. Oh anything, only real galleons bible. Well, I Iraq, really- not- I guess you forgot- to put the Gideon Bible in hotel nightstand, because you should a stallion Express ass night. Oh, I think I've spoken movies fuck still hasn't called the main scenarios, even though Things are really trying to do a lot, and I really right there's we're not conceding ok or an item and I can't get inside but Lucy. I think that set out a story about earlier, and I wanted to talk about the tweet The move honorary I got up, but it also has a whole lot of a woman being interrupted everyone's being interrupted here, but I will go to the tweeting really quickly. Fox news, let me tell you this
Gmail provisions important, neither is male privilege, job cuts. The pin, oh my gosh, crying out loud. Can we please, let's just get a let's just get me me. Let's just get a man and put him in her lap, no idea what have you any of us have an authoritative sources, but let me tell you what happened a Fox news. This is an actual. I can't tell you who it was, but when I was at Fox NEWS I will say this Roger Ales was oppressed the VP were they were bill shine. They were Sudan's got one or two of those people Students gotten the president now and I have nothing but good things to say about choosing got So I am sure that saying I remember them saying they said well. actually a really good thing. You know for us to be the opposition party Emma them saying before the election of Bob long before the twin sixteen election, but even before round me, there's lots actually really good for us if, if, if Obama wins as we are the opposition party. Do this that's what they view as their best financial position. To tell you something we
still the opposition party, where, opposition group, because it's not it doesn't matter who's in the White House. Even if Donald Trump wins you all of a sudden the meat is gonna straight up and fly right, extending it kid to his room of the time out only as an xbox for crying out loud they're, not there's, no accountability. Here this when we talk about with pollsters, there's no accountability to peace you got it wrong. Last go around and the girl run before that and they mark. The people who got to write traffic are whenever it isn't Rasmussen right: they got. There Let me guess they well hid their pulls always favour Republicans Donald Trump They were right. They were they mark than those pulsar should absolutely be five, but I will say this: the people in the establishment media on the conservative side, the republican establishment media, a lot of them have a vested interest because it donors and it's not a battle just against DC it battle against the media and the retain an industry. They think that they are better positioned. If its binding, not saying that's, why I Fox NEWS is doing it, but I am saying there is a vested interest in these
go media types because they think that they can speak out against authority, and I just think that that's misguided you wanna tell us, the authoritative sources of Twitter, yeah Twitter, put out to a while ago, saying, will only accept election results if it comes from these five sources of is a p Fox news, sin and those kinds of things. So just now, like eight minutes ago, bearing this in mind? Ok and last night TIM and I were goin over what has the statement called by a before we checked it on the map write about? let's go move on DOT org put out a tweet saying that Biden has one Arizona really despite Not one go. No facts. Fact check tweet, so up you know, called Arizona for any one yet, but that tweets dollop I hope they continue moving on past short cliff ass or sitting on Malta. can as are moving on. They can move on a long, walk down a short peer fear and
campaign, is also trying to say that they have won the election Y know I'm upset about this at this point, Donald Trump, Donald Trump- Tweet that spite which, by the way you were thing was misleading, was just what going on here, which is a vast. question, especially consolingly, we owe them off by they add as Europe. There was something going on if a teacher or to ask if you, if the answer is twelve right and you write a hundred and twenty in the teacher goes what's going on here. That's not me information, that's valuable! You were wrong. A hundred and twenty thousand number was wrong. Donald Rumsfeld, what's going on here, he gets fact checked, but right now you have move on, and I don't know these other election desk their claiming Arizona. It is wrong, but somehow it gets through, listen guys, the fight, it is not just for the light The fight here is not political. This fight absolutely is against big tech. Listen, we are we are in the era of the Roman empire and twitter. Facebook Youtube is Rome Oak
with you to an alphabet? You know, Google, you too, being Caesar. They are more powerful than any world government. People need to understand that than any national government or any enter connected glow, Will this government conspiracy? You see this right now playing out before your eyes, just think about it. They want and people to wake up this morning? Thinking that Joe Biden at one this presidency telling you? The Joe Biden has not ones. Presently he could but it is amazing to me that they are claiming that there are winning this. Do we know from eyes I could keep. Is an election election desk sure decisions, adage initiative as because it's a luxury that Genuine Fox NEWS decision desk, it's kind of like any general conservative nonprofit, it's like pro, Liberty, the Americans, freedom or hatrack in summer, and there is a picture of Jefferson and weaken one leg. What must start that executive, funny. I know one irregularity sure, but multiple, that's a pattern.
and by the way, you're all religions. Last night, I had many irregularities this morning about anyone else and you didn't need each partly. I did not even sure privilege polemics me gag absolutely so doing if the election desk, the decision in South Asia DVD. Do you know what it's crazy risk is right? You guys know it's not really, but you guys know how horrible I'm with names. Also I have a bordering on artistic facial emissions art ordering either with with fate like I can look, I'm just watching and on what is a film the other day with Hilary with my wife, good Hilary one I think our, whose throwing bottles and right now after her computer he's, never can see how the letters would it be. If Joe Biden sent out Hillary Clinton for the concessions nods Robert we want you to take anything the other day. Dont member, what was I dont know what it was. It was something it was maybe recommended Christian turn. I set out. That's the guy from separate, that's the guy from Sabrina the teenage which, in
My wife goes around. You mean the other messages and know not. Martin mall and we went on and you ll be. There was a guy who wasn't too episodes of Sabrina, and I recognise the fast I can recognize a face. People have been to our shows. No, I know I know where I met you. I can remember what I was thinking Newman brought you smell like him and what the surroundings were. Like an honourable member, the names so I always tell you names. I will get wrong like right now. I still want to say election desk, but I knows decision desk because I've been shamed for had the decision desk called. He thing right now. As far as Arizona they have not, but as far as the Arizona goes, we do have some some overlays here and again. This is a little bit pedestrian. One, oh it's getting, I would say we still have to see what we need to get to the bottom right. So you know the miracle sounding like Ventura where'd you get to the bottom. Of this note. Affair yes, I do that haggling garden, Maricopa County, but I'd better, fluoride in their top yeah, except substitute sharpness for Florence.
Because here in these elections to parliament is encouraging. People to use sharp is really too thought there ballot homage to come home, and then, if you the actual election ballot, its little dark, but it says, do not use a sharp type pen as it will bleed through and again. This seems to be a confirmed instructions here. The phone number the recorders office, is to an Arizona who is telling me mother, you sharpish, how and on a luxuriant scope, archaeology was telling people to use their charge me twitter, and they remember that was the butterfly without a butterfly ballot that they were talking about in Florida. How confusing that way doesn't have landed Chaz. The butterfly right adds yet I can put in punch all the way through and they had people looking up dimpled Chad's it was. It was in Iraq, just old people who never used a whole bunch to make a little snowflake in order. You folded paper in your whole, punching snowflake, that's
nearly as agreed is as telling people to use the method that will invalidate their vote right something going on. I don't know what to do with those. I don't now punch it here and hope that it works. That's different from hey. We know this doesn't work using this year, all the people. That generally of certain say. Oh this is unconfirmed. This is a conspiracy theory. It's like ok, we'll less less looking. It's like censoring trumps tweet before you even know. What's going on, you say well, this contains Babo Blob that information or maybe yeah, you know, maybe they re. Looking at him of it, I mean it's like that new standard that we used to have just fact, checks of you know after something was, and false brow with that New York Post censorship, it's like well, I haven't seen these documents Also, who knows I right? We have to censor it until you know
body over it. Twitter can go through these documents and verify them. You know, but you're, not as high percentages and suckers guess I'll take your word and right and I write anonymous source looks like we. Ve got some breaking. That Trump is one the electoral vote and main second counters rational district catch. four wheeled. I now did you young man, from breaking nine, when one number we do already have that in there I had someone bring up the poles before going with main main second congressional district, because that would be interesting. I don't even think that people thought that was what census man. Ok, I like what I dont think that anyone Donald Trump Winning means second congressional district as far as the poles and only see a whole lot of that in our cp. Would you look? You did you did. I think I like that. I actually did in my lap when setting, but everyone told me, there's no way That's why I want should be fired.
now this is really. There was a story that I wanted to tell you it s, really not monsieur le Maire, but it wasn't. A story was pretty interesting, but it must not happen now. We ve got a hoop or something now. Those are all. I was only those are all those are always interesting. I agree They're always interesting and again the people who are watching line of conduct come such my club how long we're going to be here? I don't know if jail can come in. I don't know if half asian bill can come and have no idea what anyone is welcome to come in any guests want. You guys are welcome to come in. I have a text. Actually you know maybe can get? Let me see- maybe Brian Cowen would like to be a lot of DR monsieur so looks like Brendan is reporting that Fox NEWS noticed that Antrim County and michiganders reporting zero percent, which has come a normal interim county and that's a very heavy republican district rain. So there They are waiting, how those their zero zero percent- that's dancers its interim county in and when did their holes close what nine o clock last night yesterday on a second, how many people live and interim counting
Jerome County is it house, it's spell in trim. answer in County- and that is twenty three thousand five hundred and eighty, and what's that origin of Michigan right now. As far as votes, that's a good question emissions so I think that the hair, it's it's very close and keep in mind outbreak. There are certain point: nine percent annually in Michigan is very district district level donors in it. If its eventual counties, republican district, for example, that's in western Michigan, that's one of those These were you can count on a lot of voter turnout. Michigan Republicans come out and in high numbers because there is a very informed electorate Michigan and they really should have forged in the fire they do not like being surrounded by commie bastards. Of over thirty yeah, so with Andrea, was Antrim County here people I don't now very and if you recall a was the one where there is a discrepancy
these and they thought that may be Trump invite and were transposed, so it shout the county. So I think, what's happened, is they ve taken back a result as they are in their real tabulating it? I think this is. This report here says: update the ant. County clerks, often missing and told me, the election programmed it use had issues offices now reviewing sixteen thousand in some on valid many errors we gonna say so. I said I'm sailors Oak with said she believes thirty. Three other counties use the programme what's Thirty three other county choose a program that roundly countries yeah. That's coming from a journalist, Emmi, eighty winning journalist Joe gone. That's not just a random guy out there. So so this is, I trusted and telling you you wanna Navy Award folk. I just I am friend of proper aid rice, either no friend of trumpets, no friend of mine No, no, I understand what you're saying I agree with you. If you get only resulting are for errors
more airs and they all lean left. You go by. Not been a single error favouring? Romania has there been of all six figures in trumps favour, so this is what We think about it. We signed up was almost four a m three, and it was almost three three, a M central three m M central through in such a further forty four angel. Almost four I am we signed off at all. This tomfoolery happened after forum in every single one of these major errors in these swing. States happened to favour by, Ok, so here's something this this seems pretty big to me. Ok, you s, P s. It says that this is just broke. The our aid grown LAO area of mail in ballots were not delivered so it, for example, in Philadelphia. Thirty three point: seven percent, we're not delivered to election offices. So you know this just in Philadelphia yeah this this It's my business, it could be
right, but it's just a mess, always going now way ass. The problem with the whole mail and system is really dont know we talked about. This is not just about voter fraud. Over two point, five million votes could potentially be. Compromise across this is without these areas that we have now right, but we had tabulated these or just the errors that we knew about that had already been documented with legal documentation over the past year or the past. election cycles, where we ve seen them, particularly in Pennsylvania in Georgia. I think Arizona was one of them, of course California, and and we have more that could be compromised. This is you want your vote to count You should want us to have a standardized system. Menu should want your vote to be counted in the light of day, and that is what Donald Trump is pushing for listen wherever you line up where we want political spectrum, the guy demanding more transparency, the guy saying. No, we want to oh these votes. Now we want people to go and vote in person. We were to have a set of guidelines that are consistent. We dont want
able to be voting to three weeks passed election? That's not the point he's trying to hide something that some who thinks they can win honestly and lets us remember it was the media and the Democrats side repeat myself who pushed mail and voting in her mind and, Meantime, anyone criticise and say yeah. Maybe mail in voting is not the best big tech slaps, a warning, on whatever it is, you ve just said and said all there's nothing wrong with male in Voting Logan, my law ability. Lo and behold here we problems. With its always says, our brain cells are seeing their saying massive mail in voter fraud, which of course, there's no evidence of that two point: seven million were tomatoes, not dish, Since then start rounding error to just a rounding air. It's the entire outnumber third placeholder fractions of opinion. It truly is remarkable at this point all of the issues, and I am not saying its outright fraud. I do think its outright project for them to declare Arizona,
it's very poorly out at best loses its people, who don't serve a job at best. And at worst its people who deliberately misleading and listen, keep in mind. Do you don't You think that any these, if any of these people who work in the federal government and obviously I am not saying that- want to pull workers volunteers, but again they were upset the Donald might actually want to be able to fire federal workers, my God, the humanity You re actually run the government like a business and have it be performance based do every year Have you been Danby lately? Have you ever the Post office, think anyone there deserve to revive it? Does like federal buyers, have it pretty cushy here they have it pretty cushy it's like they. Sometimes they understand the concept of going to work on time. are. Why are you being nice or being play being polite? Something gangs Ray. I thought your assessment, no, no, no family. I like
YO see was complaining about all the long lines and how terrible it was- and it's like you want to make everything like this right. There's never Miss Taylor, Lautner, yeah, yeah, yeah, we're going to have lines for health care, and then everything also getting used to I'm looking transport we have on the did. Anyone was anyone able to actually get that that so by side of Canosa County, not the graph, but there was a side by side of the percentage of vote where one is Donald Trump and by and then right next to it was there was a switch just like like someone actually on a light, switch and all of a sudden canosa county. They went overwhelmingly to buy. and you have to wonder what what changed, what shape all of a sudden canosa county. It wasn't a different It wasn't the state it was a county yeah I haven't been able to find that is. it's sort of ad searching stuff man the night after his kind of cursed, with asserts terms you get a billion years,
it's very clearly also love virtues is obviously manipulated as well. I guess that's the problem. You can't find anything if you search fashion It takes you to Donald Trump. If you search communism takes it offence, I guess what we need the show right? So I wonder I woke up. I was like what do I look at. I can't trust any of these numbers there. All different. Every single news outlets was different, so MIKE. What do I go to so that when this so important, while thank and of bringing together. You know what I do think that I really get the sense. When you watch me you're another trying to run out the clock, I don't know you and they want to just keep dragging their lines because that what they do now, as they dont know when they ve called some things a little bit too soon. Who was the cold air Saying Arizona will go Trump, it wasn't wasn't. The election desk
but it was after signing of the central decision it s what I think it was first called for by the aims you re right folks, but, let me just say general recently someone was saying it was leaning trump. Oh, oh yeah, dad orbital dead over that it was in line to go for, try it. I was inclined to go for Trump Data orbital and is being of orbitals women actually have to quench. I believe in the show, little later, that's great now it's in seemed to me there looking there there crunching some of these numbers from the poles to see you. how they made a mistake in two thousand sixteen, and everyone was telling us that. No, no, it's not like two thousand sixteen, because we ve adjusted our models and the Sky dairy Thompson It's gone through some of these numbers he's right or at the Atlantic any said that its old on here. Well, now, Lhasa, you said that, oh sorry, bring it up. It is, I can hear we are. Basically they tried to get an idea.
of why they messed up so badly in two thousand sixteen, and they found that there were five points off weird non college voters in their support for tromp and see here. And then they missed by five points on average. In now they change their methodologies and twenty twenty and they have missed, by seven lines right, which was remarkable because it arose saying from the early pulling I was using the poles from I think, late September, when we get that segment nicely. Let's just give Trump states where he outperformed by seven points and at went incredibly Ratan Let's just take the Poles reactor from by five point, because that was that was have how wrong they got it and now is being performed by seven points. The poles are wrong. You Trust and Brian Cowen saying that he would Skype and if you want him, always the on ok really quickly right and then you guys, let me know when we need to move on Miss
we're Callin, sir. How are you I know it's early, whereas at Millcote you're drinking does a bodyguard I drink. I'm drinking, I'm fucking Grass FED wrong milk. Someone! America goes a guy, you have given your lactose intolerant, which I say, like those intolerant and you know love you and those babies couldn't make your network thick so appreciate. I thought of a day. I was gone more for a saint Jude Vibe, but I appreciate your read on it. Following the election last night, I just expect Jennifer Addison, coming with a photo up where you following the election last night, you she's behind me in a row which is a cause of her. It's it's how I wrote, I don't have your hair on have your main main by, but and but still I make do with what I have done for does my enemy they haven't. I don't mean second, congressional different did go to Donald Trump, so you in California, what time did you go to bed and how are you feeling about the chances of the election too bad at about. Twelve.
After doing my calisthenics and catching up my brow with gratitude, and then for that I will for, for my meditation accounts, dedication and my reading of Nietzsche, but I also have my also Should I read nature in a hoarse stands by the way. I am sure my legs burned and I say: shut up legs. Let's bays image, I read, I read young in a preventive stance, but going so impressed my love, I see do it now. I forget all that no report check the results and he's gonna be look. I like this, because this is democracy at work and waterways, its messy their counting ballots and everything else. The biggest concern was that the debt we didn't have a step Crack super majority: I can t poverty and hold a house Democrats and hold it. I'm sorry about the argonauts hold the Senate. Yet they're not gonna catch, you build a house. See what happens, what what happens if by men, Paris, we
The White house. Is it business? as usual order. They push. This sort of Alzheimer's disease are gonna, be terrible, but my point is to have you noticed discrepancies that all of the mistakes have gone and binds favor. A single mistake- has gone and trumps favour or not, and if you show they called Arizona and now Arizona is actually looking like its leaning. Trump means second district, because the trunk, and by the way, even without Arizona, Donald Trump Ones, Pennsylvania, which it looks like he's, still wins the election but you're, the one I use it gets into mainstream media is biased. I am alluding to your alluding to so it's I looked. I just love. I personally just love that debt the media in most of whom is in New York and in LOS Angeles. We talk about this is so out of touch with the rest of the world.
what we ve been as I have it is travelling is a comic. Is I'm around people in this country in the so called red states? Do you wanna know something's gonna be shocking, tasted people and about safe there, not racist they're, not homophobic they're, not all the things that their cause they just want a better life for their kids. It's simple stop at work here when most of us, including me like we're, does not being her rights not be heard so I think a lot of this is it's not surprised. I knew the poor oh, let me they ve been off by seven point. Let me ask you this. You know right now, barring election fraud, which of course is highly likely in Pennsylvania, given its history. Who do you think winds hooty? Guinan. All dust settles, I think, they're trying to predict like that is, is always very if it, but, You got a gun to my head. Yes, I do right and I'm in poor stance, yeah, I
and as as we train this way yet Stephen not translate that sea. start with light and round by the way we re alive rounds. We do this even Seagal thing, no cameras, because our way, probably the best the best kind shortcut Stevens asked, Kennedy am in. For me, it's like eight, a m. in LOS Angeles and HEAT me. Why didn't you just your room he's got his hope. He's got up is got its mats everywhere, because you aren't you, drill a cat ass I can. I can I get it Can I move my neck around him in and he grabbed me and we did some. We did some russian that doesn't sound like me, but I did make you a fantastic coffee but gun to your head you have to, but now we have to go down because we're still calling some of these states so Maurice, let's go into my head, I'm Goin slop bearing the illegal. I believe that I think your eye I agree with you because I actually think that this point again we're still by having to run the board and waterways both unkind to do they also them can
I do, but I said that that means, secondly, that a second congressional district was really poor, because it removes the ability for a tie and it gives front the ability to win without having to win many states in the Midwest regard so Arizona, and now it's looking like Arizona. Let's say he wins, Arizona and Pennsylvania. Then you end up with a very significant electoral victory and its seeming like it could happen and right now. There melting down, of course, on mainstream media. Ok, Brian closing words. What do you mean? We have to go because an Burnett has a blow out just want to know what you're wearing a whole star wars that just sort of like a menace shoulder holster and I'm wearing silk adjustments which I dont like wearing, because I keep falling out of my chair. It's too slick I've seen that exact I've seen that exact holster in LOS Angeles, but instead they, pouches for things like
The communist manifesto look things they keep their till. They do. I still at the anarchists, cookbook little Bastards yeah Guide book now, you're. Absolutely right. I usually keep easily keep a book in mind. That's how to survive in the wild, really ended it's all. It's all bear false. That's all it does is therefore, just as long as you know the contract I carry. I carry a bell that scares grizzlies and, if I'm in the wild, I want you, I want you next meet with us. I like soup and I, like guns, still think gathering combination- and I start producing s- I'm not gonna lie you're a real or I appreciate Brian Cowen. Thank you so much for four calling in an listen, I think you're right. I think I still think that Donald Trump lenses thing- and I think this is something that needs to be fought in the courts. It will have to meet new year's. You call What I asked you when we were in Texas, I said: what do you think? Can you call this about what I told you is what I said in the beginning, the show cuz you're like a Florida eye Center Florida, the high or going Trump absolutely it's going to come down to.
more than likely. You know that rested that blue law and me the Arizona, but I said Florida, Ohio, absolutely Iowa absolutely, and I was pretty confident in Georgia North Carolina, and this is why, we're down to right now, and we may not know Pennsylvania, for we wait until the next election cycle My final thoughts, Miss is, is that this makes me feel good about my country. This is democracy, work. It really is. Yes, there might be some fraud in Pennsylvania. we will ensure that the most important thing is that we should learn a country we start talking about. The court's. We're not talking about guns is a big difference that that historically significant we're always as American say, let's have
sal. Legally, let's figure it out. I think, even though you current now, I think I need of Russia and renewed little bit because some people were stab in the face in DC. My aunt has already been wrote why you ve got aware when you're in liberal states gotta worse face, she other set it over, and I wear my chain mail. I work and ensure that really chain mail. He actually where something that you use. When you go diving with blue sharks, and it does, actually work against knife, so the abolition, of course. No it doesn't. I found out what out the hard way lay out of the blue shark and what a bolshevik comes along. Hopefully they won't that doesn't strategy it. Oh yeah, the wonder what I was about to go Scooby down, there's a don't wear anything shiny as they put the tank on me, As long as one of you, no smile underwater, you got very white. The perfectly got smokers t you ve got your Ella Zoom lightened teeth all right. Thank you very much, MR companies invest pleasurable defined. We support you,
You can get you a broad calendar. Cop warp drive. Rambler I apply account, are I am Brian Cowen go back to your horse. I thank all the existing audio being, since no one of em are twelve thirteen fourteen zero, now you're gonna economies. Since an add on all right. We will see you soon, Brian Cowen. Thank you very much. Do we have any updates here? Oh my gosh there's a lady there who looks like she's in esteem room, so I have I have to bring on you, Stephen you just pull the head of a b c news as the most watched morning, election straight really becoming watching, could more three hundred sixty two thousand? Really I don't I'm. My wife was distract me say that people weren't joining in with those because of the sound of the largest Schaefer, yeah in no doubt that the sound and that Korea Visa Age, I think we re really the bite campaign says it's expects to declare victory today this afternoon, in hell addressed the name
and later in the day, if five Joe Biden has about movement, he declares vacuum just like Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy. He just wanted. That goes. I declare a broad needles. and we are, I think we did slightly swedish. We did at irish side by side. I think TIM, let's find the side by side here of Canosa okay, so this will happen and Canosa County right in two hours. So we had sixty percent for Donald Trump to thirty eight percent for binding and then all of a sudden it shrunk to fifty forty. again, the Saint who hours each the same county. How does that happen are Unless there was like a Canosa Republican meet up, for they really? Let's go. Let's go vote now in a democratic will vote later and in the first it says, reporting. Ninety six percent- and this has ninety nine percent he had little how that gap. Rapid and I dont know
confirmed. I don't know, if that's true do we know if that's confirmed real, that's authentic, but I saw that and it looks to me like it was actually authentic and it also seems to coincide with that. Weird ass grass again RO notion. How does that happen in Canosa? Canosa, of course, is the kind of when you're talking about many in the MID West right. We're talking about that sort of blue all that Respell Canosa count. Is the kind of county that you would expect to go for Trump, because a it's more suburban and all the riots and violence rape to turn people towards the law and order. President which is one of the one, could argue the own not it's not a positive side effect, but only side effect that actually would would yield any tangible benefits. I guess in that way kind of, but the fear of rape not actual rate, and it is like seeing and knows that, because they didn't cover Philadelphia so much right, exactly and covered Philadelphia, radio gimcracks they cover Canosa until Collaret now soon or as I column, hero
yeah. Well, you know it's like when I think of cholera announced, I wanna be Whitney Houston and he can be my bodyguard you get me. My cabin Costner feel pretty send us a photo shoved about on twitter measures with with military through the doorway like the elite. That will get retreated, I'm just saying, may of course Susan Collins want, but ever have they called it now they haven't called main bridges and gallant that didn't we talk about Gideon conceding, getting conceded so wise in Vienna and calling it does say that challenge conceded, but this could put a check. on that ship CNN? What do you think? So? There is a good example, you can read it in and CNN Selden call it and is doing what we are take. I know we ain't back yeah. I know, even in the earlier vote, but Reiner at the Atlantic, tweeted the sound and just say how crazy ideas that
Owens did not lead in a single pole ever if we can pull this up meeting all the way back to February Gideon was up six point seven points, so it just shows just how points dreamily bad or how off the polling as ups posters in the wrong channel. Ok, yeah we're gonna get. They never had her ahead at all. We always have to choose and guns gonna be out soon, really the only thing that suits it could hurt. Susan causes that she was. I didn't vote very cb industry, she's republicanism. Only can redeem me. I am not a big susan counts and got them without any area and have to drop out so yeah where's that so Gideon was by six for by seven by one by four alive by five by twelve oh, my gosh you pronounce, it could appear. I thought it was acquitted, dippy a canopy around me. I want to say that, where it could again when it could, Nepi ACT should be just. It should just be etched off like you, Cornelius pushed off into the darkness. Not by now
What do you have bill is still vetting this by them. We are Trump lawyer who has some evidence of voter fraud. A million inside oh, that's a something to keep an eye out for it again. We haven't. You know he has a confirmed a living, but this has happened and billing. Yes, adoration too, has a trump lawyer who might be to confirm that, while that is, absolutely disturbing away. All second rank. He wants me to let you know, patriarch dot com, Slash Brian Cowen Picture not come Brian Cowen Brian with a. Why? Because he's gotta be different. The Earl I love the a modest son of a bitch You know that I was just about Brian Cowen. People need another Brian Cowen, issuing the husband of the woman who accuse them of rape, no wise and he's doing her. For the same reason, she couldn't file any charges because there's no evidence but who does have evidence of the husband taste and entirely baseless. Claims has been losing work for him cow, and I spoke with MR. What I will say about Brian Cowen spoke within behind the scenes, and I said Brian did you do it? He said no,
I did not. I said: did you do anything like this? He said no. I worked with tat girl for years after this rape accusation. I can show you the proof that we worked together. I did not do it. I will argue that ok Ryan. I'm going to have you on the shelf, on certain terms. I don't care if your lawyers say don't discuss this, I'm going to ask you: did you what are you a rapist? That's the only way I will have you on my show. He said absolutely, and I said Brian. If you lie to me, if you make a fool of me ivory every tool, it am I at my disposal I am using to defend your reputation, will turn against you and Brian Cowen said understand and he marched out Brian Cowen is up her and you know what Brian Cowen has some powerful friends in high places they stand up for internet from for the same reason, we have Alex Jones on even he's drunk off his ass, the Belvidera about Asia, because I hate I ate seeing people mob somebody, I
can I borrow out my girl card for a second young as a woman she's, I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm going there. We ten to want to avoid creeps, who make us feel uncomfortable right, So if you're saying somebody me and then continue working with that person for the next few years, call bullshit yeah. Now so do I yeah technically speaking, yet You know this is a good example. Tat happened with Clarence Thomas with I need help. I need a hill, not only not notice, so that's the private example is with clients, most people dont. Remember this Clarence Thomas. What he did do what they could for they try to say that he was a porn attics. They try to say that he talked about the Alyosha dealing and they could prove was that he had a diet. Hope can, and everybody agrees that there is a like an eyelash. You said who put
who put their shores and curly on the cocaine who put a cuban the coat candle joke and making a party with Clarence Thomas does have a sense of humour and it wasn't they try to frame. It is always her word in his note, was Anita Hill to say, done, Nita Hills word against. Clarence Thomas against. Not only all the records, the financial records and all the communication records, but every other and who's ever worked for clans Thomas, so they say tat. women. They mean just trust their women, because it was literally one one in India. And they don't tend to tell that story. They tended just talk in general terms about a sexually charged environmental rang like that. Just to make it sound, like he's a total perverts grabbing well, which right away I need I can someone gets up and he had done. I hadn't heard her name in a while it she no no ain't done, because I can feel somewhat lean. It needed done unless you, the campaign manager for buying. Can someone bring us up because it had done. We can find this clip she's the one who said that she looks tomorrow for inspiration, real yes
Let's find a needed done issue, someone can maybe semi and chat. Is she the campaign manager for the binding campaign? What does she is? She a proxy are needed. And then someone can find the clip just I later needed done MAO, because I remember talking about it on their land Davis, Doug shown when I was on Fox news and end, I think Lenny Davis and he's a domain. It done didn't say that and then we rolled the clip and dumb. Then it's more like poop yeah yeah. She was a senior advisor to Joe Biden, seventeen year advisor to Joe Biden, so she has his ear and now, let's see if we can find that clip Anita done now. I remember this is from maybe eight years ago. it is something to be effective. When I'm down, I look to inspiration of history too histories rates- words spoken by now, and she quoted MAO. If I'm not mistaken, I'm sure we can find a summing grab that cliff it a little bit ly. I remember how do you think you said a weird? Ok, this isn't done senior adviser scene, advisor to the Joe Biden campaign, lest you think that
to be business as usual? If binds present here's an EU done, we'll have a great deal of ability, a lot of work, hard put them together and that answers the. Why not? I said this is really not good reason and then the third lesson, the Malta market, come from two of my favorite political philosophers- oh yeah, even worse now say tongue and mother too coupled with little young and Yang their greedy, but little go from. Eleven thousand that's she's at one of my favorite political philosophers, Now how many dead is then, this indian Nosey. Yet again, the Van Ryan higher. There are millions of pounds I am now and mother tree said to intercept so that out not even close yet but depends view ad Pilots rating is still don't intersect. It's just a whole pot. It's really just to circles, mowing Paul,
bought and then a separate circle. Mother Teresa yeah, it's like PLUTO the sun and then there's one third there's up there's a third circle, but it's actually just a word bubble. With mother Teresa saying? Don't let me with that shit? So we have some breaking news that trunk campaign is filing a suit in Michigan Goodwill, and so they said that they they haven't been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the a of balance and accounting processes guaranteed by Michigan law. We found suit today in the mission in court of claims to halt counting until meaningful access has been granted yesterday. So, in our view, the ballots and they do. You know that trust You know in by saying that Trump is committed to ensuring that all the legal votes are counted and anyone who wants to say this is trying to erode trust in institutions. I remember that them combining with Al Gore, and can you blame them for all the irregularities trust me, how can you? How can you I mean I don't on
stand the thing to me. That is most bizarre. Is they stopped counting while Donald Trump was winning and then they start? again, our later at sea and in his called Wisconsin forbidden. really they always godson for binding lots. I don't know, I don't know what we have here. If, indeed it did, we have. What can we bring up? The is it decision desk. Let's see is now with comments and I will say the sea here with content had said that all of its votes recounted in that Biden had one earlier, but they still had not tabulated all the totals on these sites so that that was a kind of strange discrepancy we were waiting to see. So that's that's not exactly a surprise, it also looking like there's still a twenty thousand vote gap and nerves, five percent not reporting, five percent, not reporting one. That seems a little premature, but I dont know I have no idea of the countries are not going to say that there's no way arrangement that Canosa things went back and affected there and what?
time and again, the connections can does anyone. It is an explanation. Can anyone find- maybe you can tell me in chat or on twitter tweet me it s crowded? Does anyone have an explanation for why, in the same county Canosa, two hours later, it flipped so drastically? I have- seen any valid explanation at all. Well then, I mean Why Trump has already requested a recount right God doesn't yes, yes, so that that was already forgot. That somehow know try has already requested to recount Gan, That was so you know they said. Okay, we think this- is going for binding in terms that I am requesting or account. So that was why we marked it back as as undecided in so yeah. I think we will just have to see how that recount goes well, listen comes in This does binding when Pennsylvania, that's really what the downside that, because it doesn't matter if he wins Arizona, it doesn't matter if he wins Michigan, like I said in Wisconsin member, was saying this last night, if
Joe Biden Windows Car Minnesota, not enough it if he wins Wisconsin enough, he wins Michigan Nazis. needs to win Pennsylvania if Donald Trump wins Pennsylvania and, of course he holds steady in Georgia, North Carolina, he still wins think that we're on a trump actually won Michigan. I genuinely believe that he won Michigan Wisconsin, I wasn't necessarily sure about, but looking at the numbers that we have but ok gun to your head. Who do you think actually won mission? so that's interesting as I have an article from the Detroit NEWS pulled up and they're saying, there's about a hundred thousand absentee votes that have yet to be counted and weighing county therefrom. Democrats strongholds row, that's what they're saying yeah yeah! That's what they're saying that's what they're saying but didn't we also talk about how they ve got other republican counting? Is that haven't we heard it and yet and they're not as big, but again I think, but they could be prize by weight by Wayne County, because Donald Trump spin outperform out hunting is coverage there with black voters interested in particular
We in Wayne County again, because not only do you have black Americans, but you have a lot of black Americans who work in american manufacturing and they stand. They stand to gain the most from Donald Trump policies. So let me tell you that, like a black This is why we are not a monolith in a sense that a black American, whose in DC right now, you know burning something that is very different, lock American, whose working in the Fort Assembly line and a black Makin is working on the Ford, similar line of the Gm Assembly Line or black Americans working somewhere manufacturing in in Michigan or also by the way that we will understand. There is all there is energy in Michigan as well, not as much as, Slovenia that is someone who is problem. Very likely to lean from considering not very likely to lean trump, but considering that he has Donald Trump has approval of thirty something per cent of black Americans. Yes, forty six percent job approval, I think a big part of those black- Americans who have shifted that number toward Trump, probably more that would be working black Americans in the Midwest. I would imagine as opposed
Do you know maybe some people in India in California who are working in the manufacturing sector, black Africans and big tech, probably not supporting Donald Trump black american professional protesters problem. It's boring, Donald Trump, Black America. Two are feeding their families in the MID West working, a labour job that that that's a fifty fifty shop. What once they have a really talked about that probably is going to read, is Alaska and for somebody all right. You have called that when it seems a little curious and one that I think I'll ask as one of the most red states in the union, if I'm not sure, yeah businesses, things are that nobody's called it. I would imagine, takes a while to count them because efforts. That's Zella there and I was only does its targeting junior here, he's retired, so they get the results there, but it just goes to that trend of them. Now I want you to call even guaranteed states for Trump yeah. No demoralising campaign that their running. Why
going on in that way. We know that's why it's close Nevadas really close, really nomadic, as it could be a surprise if he wins Nevada. That change Well, really, don't think it changes much b1 is Nevada. Let let's do this for second, if he wins Nevada in Arizona. Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, stolen give enough and I'll think, does it give him the vat Arizona sorry, Arizona, Alaska, sentenced Can a mountain about right now, hey Georgia, godlike monsieur allowing are still not enough, so it doesn't really matter. So, let's take em off opposite the man. Don't turn of blue and said well taken will take them off and I ll ask Protocol, ask aren't gonna call us, go Alaska we're going to the media for the Alaska is trumped up over thirty points, its only forty five percent reporting that you know
well to finish that unalaska! That's like former votes. We don't know anything about that. I think the doesnt trump need more than just Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Now, not if he has West Virginia, that's because you know why I didn't feel that map out yesterday. This is where for genuine. I auto filled to seventy two. When it had hits restore map it had West Virginia. I think you are not filled in her had West Virginia filled, infrared, and so, when you put West Virginia in the Donald Drama here. If it gets North Carolina. He has that mean second congressional district Gregg, the second district pencil. It puts him directly to seventy years, since it is essential for watching three states for Trump, mainly we'll be guaranteed thing if it was Albanian North Carolina Georgia. Like those does it three end Michigan and causing would be a bonus Right does Arizona the onus they bought eyes right, but yeah. It is Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania I'll go that would be to seventy on the dot
to write right. It's a second main district that is which is already. I been called for Donald TRY here so changes that, like I was saying that was important and important electoral vote just that one in the lot of you were overlooking, because that gave Donald Trump different paths to victory. Now, maybe my mouth is Rome. Soldiers can yell at this level just getting insufficiency eight yeah suitable checking. This is that. But this is the thing that we gave me. He was about up way. Great at the singing now, as you said earlier, that the numbers gave out a junior, all five of brass of or over and now I think you gave him for the Nebraska votes, which is correct. whom you see here, if you listen one bring out again someone bring up Jake Tapir here. While I look at ways to seventy two one round, quite rightly busted four years ago and
we know how worried these truck campaign is about, was content just based on what their already doing, what their position is had their poised to say that they want to recount already. We should note- and I think, John in this earlier, but that the only way that a recount can formally be asked for is when the canvassing is complete, complete, meaning. The vote counting is complete. That's November. Contain. Suddenly there was a little there is something wrong. There is under two sixty eight without a debate based on. Why did you feel this and right now, we should also say that it is completely within the trunk campaigns right to request to recount. If they will, to do that, a good thing, and nobody should, that there is anything like war going on camera. You can ask for weeks. Lines are threatening. Setting aside uncover, say, ok for your saying that, because what are you still in their general soon if he gets Pennsylvania, you still need something else, and that
either come the way of Nevada, Arizona or Michigan. Yeah I mean, I think, is most likely path to victory is through Arizona and Pennsylvania at this point is just kind of feeling or Michigan or yeah, I don't know. Where did you get the two hundred and seventy trying to see where you got this two hundred and seventy map? I don't know I'm at work guys come on. Let me show you more thick and Massot. Oh, my gosh, that's what math teachers worn, but I don't understand what it is that you did. You must have some of the calculator main did you give more than with me did you know? Maybe you entered in the wrong main district, oh yeah on your map isn't mange saw one color. Knowing this it has red and blue. I can't see this map is thoroughly as I don't ya. Airplane paper airplane. What kind of childhood
Have you dont know? Why don't you don't whereby have papering? I was I or I wasn't also paper airplanes. I was a receiver of spitballs, so many things in the April during this clown. In my case, you know what I didn't fight back you'd like folded resides in. I don't know if I wanted to be able to throw it a little bit better, that kind of through, like a girl yeah, so I dont know If you are correct higher audio wait, I have no idea where he's going mad, but I miss something happens. What is happening here now, the matter he needs to win, you need to invent Selina and something else is is seen in one of the only ones calling was content at this point, or is that pretty widespread projectile leave? The AIDS has seen it but some of their arguing for it, like its others, are having to make a case right that what they said was the right call yeah. So it seems, like my an uphill battler like at least, and I
I don't know, I don't know, but I know they called Arizona. So I don't trust him any further than I can throw them in your stupid little shoulder pads looking like Golf London's wife and Rocky for Brill. Brigitte Nielsen, looking motherfuckers I don't understand why everyone has seen? And yes, it is out of the window where shoulder tat so easily model evening. I don't know, I don't know how it would be a media. I don't get it you gonna think when you get tired, the reference count goes up, the amateur does that's all lawyer and a lot of attic gets incur. can we more vague, but I will do the same thing. Well, should we fight and of course, yes, I actually believe that they should fight in the courts of UK if people decided to extend the deadlines and people want to have more male in voting than ever before, and we see all of these inconsistencies in whiskey. An end in Michigan. Absolutely you fight this in the courts. No problem is Adam consistent. No, it's nothing! Just in it are not at all and sms
when you take into account what is at stake here, because we're not just talking about a peaceful transfer power. There already is no peaceful transfer power. I think we have a clip right of someone who is already being attacked yesterday in DC. We know that Eliza is down there and, if a light, it's a common if he has even that's going on currently, let us know how they click, but we do have that clear. This was in DC. I believe where people were really being attacked last night. This is this. Is nothing has even been called and their attacking that is attacking to get you way, that is using violence to intimidate voters, to languishing their rights to you. Let's show this clip really quickly: black lives matter of a year, it's not a good time to chant slogan, stop guys
instead already evident as they please? I think black lives matter. I think someone vomiting uncontrollably in someone, you, ok body, eat fresh subway, don't shut the slogan there. Well now they turn to each artists. Have you she's gonna take issued a manly composed for being stab. What do you do it? Even if it was almost like someone here with a click like the clothes pin, went loose or something on one of her, so you tonight, I guess tablets stab me shoot sheet now I gotta go to the emergency room and shit, that's inconvenient as that's true Basically, I to get these nails. Did you get
that, but I get up. It is simpler. There's there's again, there's there's nothing really going on at paths to victory. Other Saint Biden as Foreign Donald Trump has one another just doing the radicals here. They still have Arizona filled in there. you have Arizona filled in four Biden and they dont have Alaska filled in this. Is it only to be taking note of with CNN, and I know what's going on with any other streams out. There is anything that I'm missing, but this is What you need to pay attention to was seen and look they have she can blue, but they also Alaska Blue Whale seven about a blue unalaska read. Well, I think, actually at the bottom they have their official called states that little Biddy tiny some of USA down their right and then this is their speculation, the big giant one, so they make the ones blue that they want or vat as within point five percent. Yet it's a square now, a couple of
things we ve got our eight thousand votes in Nevada. Right now, do we know which counties are yet to come in? We can all that can be built on Fox. They mention that there may be vote or fraud fraud in Nevada. There were reports of culinary workers who don't live there any longer receiving male imbalance lockouts in and we ve also got the chairman of the Georgia Republican Party tweeted out that the state headquarters or monitoring reports from county tabulation centres or problems with republican and other public observers being allowed to the population and Canvas and Fulton County told their observers you know you need to go home, we're closing up and then they continued counting ballots in secret, and that might be why we saw you know this site, weird thing where vote slows down in anything, it's three I'm going to bed and then lay down again can consent
and bring up the poles from that, can I don't think there is a single event uphold had trump ahead, if I'm not mistaken, remember them having binding head by four six seven. So the fact that some within. less than a percentage of the margin of error. If someone can we not but I'll say this about the coroner union, I have a direct experience with this because for a while. I was involved in trying to get Mme mix martial arts legalised in New York, and I did a video this and the reason that makes martial arts wasn't legalised in New York. It's missionary was because entirely of the colony union, this is what happened in Nevada, the fortuitous the Cheetah brothers and data white, the only you have seen they held there the bigger the better Non union gaming, casinos in all of Nevada. And the coroner Union wanted to get their guys in there. But the four key doesn't data wait said no, and so what happened the coroner Union, use their influence because they have a lot of influence in New York state to keep em
from coming into that internet stay strong? You have sea had some actual spreadsheets that show that if they were to hold an event now we ve seen this because it held several Events- Madison Square Garden there bring anywhere from fifty like eighty million dollars in revenue with one event to New York City I did a video on this and I want to say it was maybe was it Sheldon silver? There was a representative who really was adamantly opposed and the main European who was ass because there's no accountability. So the regional opposed to mix martial arts is because its violent type doing a local show. Local radio show in Albany New York. This might happen two thousand ninety thousand ten, that's how he met jail, son and the time at Pat melted, a few these fighters, because I was involved in trying to get in the main legal in New York in really was a vehicle to expose the option and the influence of the colony union, this Guy he was a representative in New York. I can't member, I want to say it's Sheldon, something or Sheldon Silver Somethin, like that he could then to the radio show in Albany New York not knowing who I was
to get on the campaign trail as to why Should be illegal in New York and I said: hey hey, shut up what you relation with the coroner union I don't know I was relevant as it haven't. They paid for everyday, on race for majority for campaigns, and he got really billing lion nice. It don't you sport football. You know about. city issues with football whereby hockey and this guy got really he was just so out of touch and it was entirely funded by the Collar union. He called into a local ready was already in Albany. I guess maybe he was in some kind of a lot, some kind of a state session so that the coroner union you wanna talk about corruption. The colony Airy Union had the ability to keep a sport out of this state of New York for over a decade, simply because of a vendetta against people who owned casinos, Nevada and didn't use I call the our union are very, very powerful and
they of course work with steel workers, unions and a lot of these other as well as public sector. You use these. You asked about yes, Nevada pulling erect like they had Biden ahead by five point. Three by five point: can we, We bring up the r c, P, poles or actually shows a different poles, because I think it's even more so than just the charge that the rolling average I think it's important to see, did quick, Quint Quiney Pierre. when he had quitted when you corner quit your day job. I think there are some poles I am not mistaken, had by not by like eight or nine. If I'm not mister, in Nevada. So again pause or day, but the old posters The old pulsar should die. Now mean that nomination divers gloomy listener, hopefully governance on the cutting edge entire area there. Unless you of course years view o the coloring in some money, then you get a nice lead pipes they had, but I do think that these pulse We need to go away because its again downtown. Outperforming those posed by seven point by five points, at least
but he certainly outperforming the Monmouth in the quantity Quinnapin Quinnapin act pulse when a pity They were so wrong again ask your one other thing: ok We did this is also, I think we need to fight in the court's you look at you too. Can you look at twitter? You look at Facebook. You look at these hearings, ok, weaving we ve been through on Facebook for a long time now being on fake news simply for actually talking about the CDC simply for saying there actually is study that shows your whole made Hoddan Mask is effective at all. all the studies that we have made with logical masks, disposal, masks or double layered mascot have been washed and commercial hospital washing machine. I believe that Was the issue in the end that the World Health Organization's had locked down, don't work? It was an eye. I can tell you what it is, but now I now ok, doesn't everybody was one of those things. It was something I was. It was a direct status updates that I copied from a tweet of yours, which it will not.
anyway controversial they owe it wasn't. Controversial is yes, it was good news and right and Facebook took it down. They said we ve notify you that's bullshit. And then they said we violate community standards and threaten to which platform us either way. Keeping my leading up to this election, all good NEWS violated facebooks communication, hey good employment, number violet organisms. Hey act, it turns out that the amid the herd immunity might be a lower percentage without violates community centres. Hey it turns that you actually don't. You too have lockdown violates community centres. Hey it turned out that the mortality rate is actually a zero point. One percent violates community standards, so we look at Facebook Youtube, so that with Facebook risotto on Facebook, simply by informing people with for of necessity Cn World Health Organisation by the way we're throttle on Facebook. How many other people too, that wouldn't do that happened- was on Youtube. Video that criticise gender theory from Bill nigh the critic? eyes: the Koran that criticise air fifteen myths.
we're all of a sudden sounds and throttle not because they had anything directly to do with the election, but because a conservative opinion expressed twitter, saying we will not allow. We will not allow down from to claim victory in any of these elections right Twitter so that their there they ve been throttling Donald Trump pursuing a what's going on here about the voter potential voter in the voter discrepancies going on in Michigan. So what do you think this election would look like, and Donald Trump still are performed these posed by an average of seven points. Now what would it look like with a fair press? You know what would it look like? big tech companies that aren't beholding the Communist China. What This election look like think about this, the fact that it is even close when you have Twitter Youtube Facebook. all of ABC Nbc, CBS, CNN New York Times everyone, obviously supporting and spreading. Ironically
information. What do you think this election would look like if we just had the kind of press that people think they're getting it won't even yeah we're here's ear, the numbers on the OECD average in Nevada, Nevada, ok, let's brows! Actually, every area of em had trumped up and want to look like the other side and plus eight Biden, plus seven Biden, plus six Biden plus six fine lava. Then all this that you're buying plus eleven within our sun right up to election day they tighten now when I was trusting to me is peace. Also, oh well, you know that that that that pole looks good for trumpeted from Fox NEWS. This three way poles on their Fox news pulls the plus eleven, the plus seventy plus eight. So yes, M set some pollsters, are really getting things badly wrong repeatedly. The New York Times saying that there is a plus rated pollster and they have been getting things off by like ten points here, Is it really is staggering as to how bad they are? I tell you
in any other line of work. Guess what if it's a lot of work words consequential right, your numbers, I don't know it's say, you're a sniper in your you don't take. To account the winded you're dead? Let's just I don't know you're working with uranium you're dead lets. You know what let's just say that I right here was off. We were throttle Facebook for simply quoting the CDC and the World Health organization? What if I cited a number by the way that was ten points off, I don't know, let's say in Michigan the final result, if it weren't eirik by a new, would have been ok right. What? If I, though, Mcdonald the door another hundred and twenty thousand was going to go for Donald Trump. I lose my right to speak. I lose my facebook, I lose my youtube. I use my phone We always have to be show right because there's so much accountability, because everyone is gunning for again in the big, powerful corporations for people who have Indians, like ours. There just aching for a reason for us to be wrong.
very first time, remember being fact checked back before us, for the daily showed no snowplow was a rate pamphlets. Yes, in Germany alone, Germany, Cologne, Germany, during recent new year's thing, was new year's Cologne, Germany, New year's, or was it I think of it. I think it was near cause, they had all kinds of people gathering as you right as you do, and so what happened were was they were passing out? There was a story, a lot of cholera com. There are passing out. Please do not rate pamphlets There is such a rape epidemic that they actually passed out conflict showing people if you were a migrant now do not rape, women and this actually, these pamphlets were distributed? There was a rape epidemic in Cologne, Germany snobs that either is mostly false or whatever the fact checked are saying these pay. such were distributed, but they weren't printed. For this event, they had I ve been in circulation, they just printed more frequent, We didn't say that those pamphlets we're create.
Work alone. We just said that. Please don't the fact that please do not wait. Pamphlets need to exist at all, then that line of alarm. That was our point right, but So imagine that when we were right they fact jacket. I am answering on Patricia reading the pamphlet going oh I was so vital co. My penis doesn't go here. It stays here This is why our pocket in my pants didn't now I understand at first. I was wondering why pants didn't even the pamphlet have pictures in tone Dada Rainbow that stands out of a brown of a brown man like you accept over a pale pay over Hale Germanic, broad,
Now we can bring us. Maybe some are going to bring us up. Snobs fact: checks bring up snobs their fact check of later. We got a new method of managing this election, but it just shows you how cautious we have had to for so long. they can be wrong by an extra zero on the votes. Be wrong by calling a state that they may have gotten wrong tiredly and certainly too early to call the states. There is it's not just about the biased that you see in the media. It is about a lack of accountability from all of their friends in the media, This idea that Mark Zuckerberg, because he hosted a meeting with a couple of conservatives by the way I've never been invited, the that that's some reason, he's meeting with people on the right merging across the out. Now now is not the case. It's if you play perfectly. If you get everything right and there's no margin for error, we are not allowed to make mistakes. What we are looking at right now, Armas eggs of monumental proportions for all legacy media and, from
and, by the way, the polling most of these poor there there directly associated with legacy media, was ABC News. Washington, post, right! Isn't that one NBC? Is it NBC News monsters at NBC writers? But the point is worth it not only for their mistakes for their poles and then for calling states nodded So this is what I ask you imagine if there were just a balance, but they don't even want to balanced press. Listen. We all know the peoples combat. We all know where they were not allowed to left how about we just had a press that was required to be honest about their biases. How about going for? Let's talk about two thirty changes where when they say the poles going the next election, they say the Republicans down by fourteen points. There should be a little. There should be a little sidebar that says hey by the way they were off by seven, sent the last election. So take this with the grain of salt dozen there's also a recourse for big tech. There's none. So we talk all the time. Big Tec is biased. Spectre censoring us and what is being done about it right? Nothing! So do
she gets marched up and face was Eichelberger gets put before the court as a well and they get a spanking right and we all enjoy watching TED crews excoriated. John Dorsey, it's a lot of fun and jack. Dorsey sits there not bother draw no he's up on that. As he knows, I'm gonna get this banking and then nothing's going to happen. I'm gonna go back My censoring ways until this comes up again and he needs to mute, is MIKE to announce from questions. As I got, really move to like shave, the beard or cleaner saga goes, hang can't get back and get back in their poxy. Why that's any names, I guess it's acute name and who has a bit and a nose ring far. Would you do that some someone is only potentially worship Satan, potentially potential May I just said potentially worship Satan, yeah so that's the problem and say why many there is some kind of recourse we ve been litigious where necessary, and I just really hope that TED crews for listening or deferential that
you dont, summon me, please don't supply leaders not give any inventor allergens any information that I have the nobody could possibly have because I've been in this game prolonged please. I just hope that I'm never call before anyone have to testify, because I don't think I could ever actually turned the tides as it relates to two. Just don't do it don't put me in that's it, patient, I beg or oh no, please other updates going on here with states, because, if not that I'm the gentle to put their quota bucket, I didn't have a nice long cause. I'm gonna have to use the bathroom injustice because human mind I woke up and they right. Let's go do this stream and you know what I had the coffee. we have a hell of a data run out of black rifle coffee to other when they go to steer our box, and so this is a really rough day for all of us here without the coffee that we need Black rifle, what a guarantee to extend our shipment or how much does is only thing going on here that we need to know about anything now. People are glad Ridge, oh no go ahead migrant, I guess people are tweeting in
damning. Fleck us on Twitter, about Maricopa, county and I'll be sharply sharp again before going call that an surreal his lawyer, saying as I know, but we got go their sharp you, real people are saying that no, it's a thing, yeah We need some proof of that in its. What what's really unerring about that is a thing to he believes sharply on their way to, and it was looking. get term. Pollsters were encouraging at that saying we can. Finally, we can't we find these pulsars children account you can track them down. Like hey, hey, Mr Hey, MR bolster, did you tell him LISA sharply and they say no. We say, ok, we're gonna go ask three other people, you talk to yet again say that you told him he's a sharper. Yes, aright recount yeah told by pollsters use. What's been provided in once been provided is sharply therapies and right,
anyone who is used to sharply knows they bullied right there and they just use a sharply because they could get away with it. They figure people wouldn't know ecumenical just give much of FISH pretend Eurodisney channels, I'd better, go it's like a fish that you find the great lakes region someone's are put in the bloody Mary had an alliance disgusting, the pointed out regional wrath, it's about the same size as a sharply that's about as useful. oh ok, so hot, so you not sell my will now I'm going to get. We have a break to contain a two minute: break yeah, ok, so listen bail, my visual or has just sent official videos and photographs there. Apparently I'm getting word right now. I'm gonna need a look them over and I'm gonna need a p confirm voter for and I believe we have these first, this exclusive so tell everybody
right now to tune into the crowd or election stream. I guess it's still a credible, a new stream and that we will be back in two minutes with picture and video graphic evidence
in twenty nineteen regulate nature was demonetized, but Youtube's community safety court for a crime they didn't commit today still wanted by you. Do they survive a soldier of fortune? If there is a left this no one else will make fun of, and if you can find them, you can hire the elder abuse eating
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The vicinity of the agenda canisters may have put you would risk go to louder with crowded accomplished my club now for a dirty hands, smug that for all we know, probably gears cancer. That's aloud. with greater dot com, such my club, don't hesitate once again, that's louder with crowded outcomes left my club join now run very, we are back. Stephen is out for just a second about again. We will have in just a moment here a great lucid information about voter fraud. We know where it's from now where the voter frightened ambiguities that oh from mystery location, voter fraud, Ok, yeah. It looks like The narrative is that these are videos of people entering a
you, you know voting rights, voting location and they ve got large suitcases and carts and they're moving ballots around two witnesses to it. No one searching the bags at all. Now that I think the big question is whether that is you know. Only problem to be moving balance round. It certainly seems suspicious and I think we do have some videos of that. I am bringing it right now herring I'm coming in I just wanted to check and make sure verified night. I didn't have time to get on the phone with my half Asian Lobal Richmond, but someone explain to me the contacts you're, sorry for the viewer. I been here and as such is my hair that had a good, are you my robe too tight down and what it feels like to be? losing herself tat, her son, that before we talk about the voter fraud, somebody Wait account lit waves waves. Looking leaner
When do you judge? You know he'll ass, he does look meaner here. He managed to escape the covert fatness that everybody else's fault I sought accessible deals hotel hard. Then he spent any ease mouths nice to live not mileage verily tells a story. Yes, that happens on a Joe Biden, some sort of its own on how well I smiles. Smile tells a story that Canada that's what they want to go to the contacts you really quickly from red, so we can explain it, which I really I just wanna take amounts again. People who are watching this kind of information we get, which is not a news breaker, but it all is stupid. Things have said today I was about a lot of these ports. Surprisingly, and we get exclusive information all the time we wish was of information and you to be the ones who crack that we were the first ones to get him to cover with anti the only way to get under way. To go under cover my blood, sugars, dying or money to eat on air? I apologise but
We happens for people who do join up at my club, and I know, even if you dont, want to watch the extra full show every day for those who are exclusively on Muslim, getting a text here from hearing on tourists with a massive type of the cause, a real problem, firmly Doorn mobilizing but our only way. Thank you so much. It's the only way this happened. So, even if you just want to watch the free stuff on Youtube it doesnt have. I guess it as far as the revenue that we generate. What keeps everyone you see here, everybody you see employed and the people who you don't necessarily see. It goes your subscriptions spy. There's we list some Youtube revenue. You know what we by a few extra beers every now and then, get to audio wait, a nice bottle of whisky or a box whisky? Once I got you a b bag. That's a young. I gotta give you another one to seven hundred dollars worth of being beggary you son of a bitch. I just want to get my reparations.
It says that I don't remember irreparably anyone here says it. I don't give good guess you can go screw yourself, pretty good, give good gives to everybody gift giver. One year you guys got airport prose lifestyles and switchblade love. That was awesome, apologised for the spin coffee maker that never actually came to production. This isn't kicks it was new and I didn't know that Kickstarter was a synonym for liar they had all been, does still get told in the comments whenever they forget to turn up you, re funds. I'm sure you don't want to bring in a cloth here. Another coaster, because this is gonna get over. My electronics are some of those watching. Ok, what is the contacts you read? This comes from half asian lawyer bill. Richmond he's that he has some video graphic and photo evidence of voter for correct yeah, so this is from Michigan and there were two witnesses who were able to photograph and video some people wheeling and tons of votes in coolers and suitcases at
four thirty, a dot m to the main convention sinner in Detroit, you know Bill said his main question was: is this moving a problem or not? If movie votes away to count them at that time of night. But he said both witnesses are licence attorneys, so you know if they can explain it to him in a way that makes sense you know weep. We may have something that a lot of clubs here so ok. So I believe, therefore, that before that, just so you know b C retracted buttons when in mighty their bamboo Alright, let's watch the cliffs. This is to be clear, so I understand this because I'm a simple tone- and I want to say simply I don't say senators use- Urban dictionary we're transporting votes by coolers in Michigan late at night
at four thirty am their wheeling out a whole bunch of balance from the conventions that are, and why do we believe that this could be an example, some kind of voter fraud where all that you know that ideal. You would counterbalance the ballots and not go somewhere. Also again, this is this is part of this stuff where you have, and why would you put them in colors Yeah I mean it seems it seemed kind. I hope the little effect. Little says big rubber made at work Again, I any- and you have these poor watchers that were being denied entry in some of these voting places where they think you know we just want to watch you make sure everything is above board in so if you have people who are you, know stuffing ballots into a big cooler insane worth that I'm gonna go countess at home. You know that there can be a problem. So I think the question is where they taking where they take it well, you're not like, and take him home, not like your it's, not like your class pet
No, I know, but I will say no, I know, but if we do that, so we don't so we know they were taken. Article is, but we don't know yet where they were taking them. Right right, so ok, so potentially could be legal if they were just to another area, the connection legal and, I suspect, yeah, we're about us it out or could be entirely illegal if they were too at home and just running it over the remote control cars like I did do with my class pet turtle to my everlasting shape education, yeah. It all Mano actually happened. Was my brother's Bali, a guy named Stacy our this is a truce you not we come back and play my journal story. These are the video after the break in there they are breaking little ceremony sitting. Please everyone week this out right now to your rider election stream. No one else is tat. about this. This comes just come from a Trump representative lawyer, Wretch Sir I'm getting. Some
conversing with bill. Sorry, ok, we're just trying to figure out how to how us and how to get it. Ok, I mean that we can't show it yet. Can we get build a skype been. Can we get? I have just learnt escape in here. Two faced I mean worth checking gets worth checking that might because, because I don't want to miss, speak and then put myself on the hook, because I got you can learn and coolers you just totally low. You just can't move em in the tumblers you just can't many fridges. I dont know what the rules are. What's the line I wish you and gave us. This was happening. Last night Georgia were asked me: ok, we're Tik, Tok techniques, I want to make sure that we do have video Pictures right now that we have video and pictures videos of Seattle moving around ballots in Michigan, from the convention centre in coolers. That's bizarre friendless wagon is weird suit. One easily wagons, whose counting these ballots Dennis the Mental richer.
ever cried aloud. I was a little radio. Liar is handsome Jijiu snow Razor Supper, hey who voted for whom do? We know what the votes are now a little bit, but I gotta put these both in our risk racket. So while we are waiting for this, I do we have also people direct messaging. You saying that they were given sharpish for their votes and areas. our real yeah in so it was in a one against this is unverified, because you know who knows someone says some: on Twitter. If it's true or not good example, Jake Tapir Retreat, out that thread about the trump cards, supposedly running the Biden Van off the road know that they will affect continue. That story, someone that clear, because I want to show people why that's bull crap. I will run that afterwards that clip of the thing being run off the rohingya it just it just ass. He was Jake Tamper whose whose you know
Spectre guy retweeted. This random person who made this ridiculous climate turned out to be false right or wrong. Take it with a grain of salt, but somebody. you know some twitter users are saying that they filled it. I, with sharp being called them that the Arizona voting session since it hey. Did you count my ballot or not? They said yes, those do get counted, but not till later. So right, oh who now, and we know that they are doing so that they cannot count. One of its done with sharp here just makes it all the more that a little more difficult. The did the class. Is that it makes it where the machine doesn't red adventure. You keep. You keep scooting for there fell, I'm so sorry there you go. It's like you see in all relax you so disinterested and still being here has gradually scooting eyes. Eyes went off relations potential. Voter fraud is getting more comfortable for crying out loud ranch, viable, oh, my god they want. We used to be friends.
do we know we're going to have regional or build judgment on he's on his way home when he's on his way he's getting at the same time, so we made other witnesses so and we still can we show the video right now and then have bill. You know what I'm in a couple of minutes. Reliquary has outlined ere, I wanna call my half asian and again. This is what because, for the same, ok, so things it want. You got to pull up the slopes fact checking us on the on rape. If we don't have that and that video of the White Suv at the front row, I need everyone can cause. I can't bring these things are bring those things and have those at the ready, because I'm going to call all right now. We need to be so right about these things. We and be wrong even a little bit even now. Do we have that video about the sharply bullshit we do too. We have peoples direct messages. We do tat, we have someone, folks and chats we do, but we cannot that information out there, because our last name isn't tapir. We actually have to be correct
Otherwise, we might risk our streaming taken down again, which happened of course yesterday. So call letter. Let my affection layer bill know that I am well. You know it. You need to let him know I wish you luck. Nineteen numbers on the second one. following a visual lawyer. promise when he answers you, I got means most phone numbers have ten our right corner. Second, let me bring those Beaumont when we call him and then I will ask my computer one speaker. Hey half asian more about you know I'm on air right now. Can I put you on speaker really quickly, So people will know that I am on air with you, because here's the thing we have a bunch of people
half asian Bell who are eager to watch this video that you sent- and I know you're on your way here and we might we apparently you might have some witnesses. Can I show the video and the pictures that you sent us right now and then you can view find more contacts your witnesses after because I dont want to do anything incorrect or in the wrong sequence. What I would rather as do is, let us give some of the context as they show it, so it doesn't get taken out of context. But what I can tell you, I love you just two inches of pay. What we believe to be showing what you our best to verify that and what not is that there were numerous informal bringing of ballots into abeyance counting centre in Detroit last night, fearing informal circuits, cooler should cases and the like some attorneys who had been monitoring there, are able to gather evidence of that. So we're looking to, hopefully in the next five or ten babysitting minutes, to be able to get those who get the witnesses on to talk about that
folks by joint, aren't you George soak it can. I show the video of the collars and suitcases and then we can have a modern. My am I getting in trouble. If I did, I mean you draw rather not so what we told everyone I when I took a p break and on back ok era, so fifteen or twenty minutes, and that means year ears years, your little touch is gonna, be in here very soon. Thank you. Very much bell drive safely, keep your eyes on the road to knowing about peripheral than himself. Actually I guess, building level. Driver honey, parallels hardly had he. The keys I bought with british writing an unbelievable shot you? Don't have to act to follow, and rightly so. I get. This actually is good. Keep tweeting this out. Let people know because bills were now. We might actually have witnesses and it seems like the plot seconds, and I gotta tell you too, you know. How can our noses- and so does I get frustrate with half Asian, though, because he argued with me all the time series like does jumped job
talk about any of this. Until it's a hundred percent air or seven you'll lose so that alone you're a loser and we don't need to say that if they hate you, because I hate you right back little shit and I know you're the smaller one of the two of us. So really it's not fair. powerful, decisive giants gripped by the way, I see it as a transcript so bill. If it half asian bill seals. Confident presenting this on air understand that with him he knows it is reputation, is on the line. This goes beyond some facebook, little fact checker. This is something that could be pretty sears interest. Hearing about this. Why would you ever put ballots in a suitcase. I would put valets scenario I wanna it's like I'm sorry, but has no answer to heist movie. You switch out the suitcases and then all of a sudden you have a hundred thousand that go for your guy right now, if you like it Jurassic park of Dennis naturally put the dynamo dna and, where those little silicone coin purses trouble following reference skin,
Kids, don't do drugs? No, so you do it does where it is worth noting that it seemed heat. They were saying that the ballots were being brought in, not I'd. I'd said, maybe you ve been taken out, but there were being brought into this convention sinner, ok and one they too seeing from two cute Mattie outlets, show this right now. Apparently, that we don't offices credible, but there was some one filming themselves. Burning from stolen ballots seems kind of bad, like a wintry journey way. Can we bring them when we bring that up? Let's bring up that a clip. Let's see what this is really quickly, and this is not so that we can verify what we have later on. Its half asian and potentially some witnesses and some higher up lawyers. This is something that is being sent to us right now and twitter. As a video, I have no idea if it's true or not, but
While people are circulating this, we have a clip, let's roll it from you, gonna do what you gonna do crimes from got around eighty. Office is real and I wouldn't know solely to run next. We have something more authentic, but we have some is actually authentic actors, but I wouldn't surprise me that that's been going on there's a here hundred. There may be a couple thousand there, zero and was constant. All of a sudden you ve got an electoral landslides hate makes you do a lot of strange hates does very well is eating it's a sickness of the grand. Let's bring up there.
We have a cologne, Germany, where we're fact checked it snaps right from its noakes. Let's bring this up right now. You can bring that up as an overlay there. Given so this summit, we wrote an article race at Germany, didn't create cartoon Lee Let's explaining sexual assault following controversy, the What you're saying this picture by the way that was the actual, do not Papa daily posted at all. touch the booty and what? What? they said this at the claim, Joe created and distributed leaflets to curb sexual assault due to an incident in Cologne on New Year's eve. What's true leave they claim this is mostly faults. What is true is leaflets were created and distributed in the city of Munich and twenty thirteen to reinforce cultural standards and mixed bathing areas such as pools after a number of complaints were german. What's falsely
Germany did not create the leaflets, the leaflets we're, not destroy, and that's not sure they said to leave us we're not distributed in response to an instant cologne, Germany in two thousand and fifteen to that in sixteen they weren't created after alive. No, they were, they were not created, entirely, are primarily related to the sexual they were distributed in Cologne they were distributed in Cologne, Germany because of rape they weren't created at that time in Cologne, Germany, it's not true, but they are. reinforce cultural standards right as in Germany. We try not to raise other. You know it's a causes. Roller young listen prevail. There are very happy to have you with us a k very nice If we say it's a gift that you bring zones have two things: a housewarming put your cock of a ok not having created as a here you don't you two first greeds people say hello and concerns before you penetrates and ok, that's a problem in Germany, but we can
change our constitution just to make it not the problem, just like we did with free internet, so so choices to you. Whether the basic assumption behind. That is that the problem is that they are not educated enough. They just need a little bit more information and then they'll stop raping only needs to do with the fact that they want to have sex with people who don't want to have sex with embody. The pamphlet was created in two thousand and thirteen right, not nineteen. Thirteen by the way, is like a recent, even if it was created in nineteen thirteen. All the evil western male chauvinist, we're Blake, We need to put that on parchment. We get it yet. We You put a ring on it right. Otherwise, as rape, that's a crime, will you talkin about? Why are you? Why are you wasting good parchment? They got. I just thought there was something to do. do we have that video too, of the truck the Trump truck do cause this
something to that. Was it when the second I watched it, I thought no first off, I thought by the way trucks surrounding the Biden Bus. That's not really a good look, it's not going to play well! But if you look at this, media, which was circulated? It's very clear, the White Suv I wish we could actually do us, have a line like that. Low. Puckery could show a line of the lane. It's very good. here at the beginning, this video, that the White Suv is over in the line of the truck, and only when it goes over the line so far as the truck bump, it back into its only but show this video here at the time that there was circulated by Jake Tapir. I will make sure we have the right this. Maybe this ok, this is this was. It was circulated everywhere, rightly to sit all Donald Trump support as they try to run the binding bus off road. Now, there is a white suv in this video, and you can see the lane demarcation Right- and White Suv is way over in the truck finally getting get away
and send him back. Do you have it? We are sent. Ok, we'll watch this video. You tell me if it looks like the truck just randomly rammed the White Suv full screen. This one gets the white ass. You did you see right there, look the White Suv in further. Why truck is clearly already laying it's already halfway in that line. It's gone further, look look! Now! It's gone further into that lay now look when we go back that trust. That Suv look at where it is look at how far it is. It's still not I can explain the play. Again? What? Let's relied it played again? Look it takes a while for that truck, even pushing it to get it back into its own lane. Ok, so the White S, you in front of that truck in the middle lane. Its clearly riding the middle line now has one tire the right lane. One tyrant left lying camera, pen way, camera pens back, look! It is entirely right. Now it is entirely in the right lame. It only doesn't get pushed off the road it get points. Its get
its poorest, won't do it's. Why where's that truck supposed to go off, then Rolex gotta go in a dutch yeah. I didn't push you off the road. I push you into where you're supposed to be driving so that was circulated, though try and also, if you trust, complete trust in the FBI. The F B, I short investigating that incident just something to that people dont understand. Having worked with the FBI even worse, too many spy movies. Ok, when they say, were investigating what they mean. Is there watching the twitter, video and airline hey Karl. Did you see that would have it here? What do you think let's get the superintendent you hated. You are too, access to do it. You don't have the they run. The blight may ask You run someone off the road, he says now: we call the new another up. He says no people too that the FBI has its ability to get all this information. The fact, as they get sculpt all the time by people like me, we did people and law enforcement asking when we cracked, the antiphon,
gang in Utah who were planning on stabbing attendees. The bench Shapiro event they handed ass, a teacher, and they had us an ice pick and their jobs. The pursuit of shot guns and gave us we were in their little encrypted messaging, app and the council you do it myself. How did you get the information? Do so the lack of God says: don't worry will handle. It worry that were general government in charge of it right, about our right, gradual used to awaken with this genes as more carefully. Nor is there any update year going on, but I should know, but before we get to the vote of refugees to fifteen twenty minutes to fill before now trying to get somewhere to hold onto your man behind now court you have, you said you have nothing to offer tool, treated, that is on his way to Philadelphia. Wiser Philadelphia with an army of lawyers and army,
army annoying in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Modest put you might back in the back pocket. This done tucking your shirt at a time. on route to Philadelphia with illegal team. Massive cheating to down from up by five hundred fifty thousand with seventy five percent counted, will not let Philly democratic hacks steal it. I get that he's talk, and I don't really know Gonna do like if they're already, there is already some kind of a ballot harvesting scheme, but he doesn't look like our guys. Listen I really really don't want to commit method, fraught. Ok,. I cannot clear from this enough. I've got a team of lawyers. I have a team. Of course we are going to be watching you every move good. Do you plan and committing Vodafone. Now. Are you too the truth right now, but I hope there's nothing.
going on. I hope what is or is there going again employers? Really I'm in here you up, I'm gonna break into baseball furies in the ghetto and a train it is. I saw I appreciate Juliana go in and doing it and, of course this is what our in writing labour, the character of the messenger with Giuliani. They want us to believe that Wolf beans, Blitzer and Jake Tapir have more integrity or Van Jones, or people like Whittemore and that Giuliani is just some kind of crazy person who times men of the year and a republic in in a Democrat city like New York Jimmy how hard that is to do if any, Ok, let's see what both of which are saying right now really. I was just wondering if it rushed concept. I was just wondering if anybody else's calls. This concept should give you just on state with simple seen elsewhere. If anybody else right, he's gonna, Fox and anti focus it by maintains a leave of about thirty, seven thousand forty nine point: five percent to forty eight
eight percent in Arizona right now. Eighty six percent of the estimated vote is in Biden, has a leave right How about ninety three thousand votes? Fifty one percent to forty seven point: six percent: eleven Electoral: Votes in Arizona in Nevada, with its six electoral votes, eighties, percent of the estimated voters in by there's a very narrowly only doubts about a year ago. We, their Wang Trump Arizona. God knows how many of those things were ruined with sharp and better way there's nothing wrong with losing trust in institutions. If they're lying to you, trust us. While we lie to every paranoia thereafter, you know it the American Institute right, we have the constitution, we are three branches of government. Ok, we have these ideas, about, which is very unique to United States it, All human beings are treated equally of certain inalienable right to screen. Saver hinted to us by God, which is also lights, a little bit hard for people who left understand, because they don't really that there's a guy detention youngest. So you know the whole thing
but the institution is not sharply. So hold whole. U out! Sharpish in this Europe is don't work. So I think that's not saying that you don't trust the electoral. You know it is actually trying to destroy american institutions. Saying destroyed the electoral college. you're saying you know what we're just gonna people vote two weeks after the election. Now saying here: did you added a zero there, hey you shouldn't be transporting ballots in common. That is not telling people that you shouldn't trusty american institutions? This is people, need to understand what almost all of the issues that we have are with the methods, The same problem we have with the poles. If there was any a dodgy is incorrect. The same problem with this election is who went to second, its actual effect that you guys are using sharply its actual effect that for some reason transporting them in wine callers this the issue that we have not with the actual electoral process. If these
all counted accurately if these were all these votes came in person. And they were kind of any other election and people were using the right thing, just like no scantron sheet to number two pencil by the way. That was an old trick that I used to do if I didn't say that I specifically using non number two pencil and they would say the sheet was all scrap of really telling us after retake that test de Tipp. First, they cannot caught on any after the third time. They just said that they said Stephen. If you dont use anything other than a number two pencilled we're just going to count as a fail us. Ok, you know that's fair I thought we were what's interesting to me is this is very different. You know you he'd, say well you. Why are you guys saying that? Are you saying that there is collusion to steal the election? Didn't you make fun of Democrats for saying that no with since this is a very different thing, saying that Russia bought some spoke ads and Sonya that swung the whole election. We ve got.
Multiple suspicious videos of you know, Paul watchers being forced out, we ve Guide, tallies for you know that we're favouring trumped that suddenly just spike for bite and after they said accounting for Ireland and started back. You got videos like that. You know that that that, at that bill is in his way on his way here to show. So I thought For that you know it's. These are tangible. Things right to vote is not being counted, states were called early. You have, things like Nevada in Arizona where it looks like to me. very hasty to kind of declare these forbidden. They could eventually go by them, but it's not unreasonable for us too. At this point in that's a funny thing is that the media, oh said, for so long, you're gonna have to be shouldn't? We told the votes, are counted and now they're saying don't know buttons got it right, and so I think that's that's. Uniting and vigorously stay once he wakes up from his slumber right rights argument with collusion was never that it's impossible to rig
action it was that he didn't Riggin election right, Ro in Russia in use, Facebook ads and totally hack. Our Dorothea was minimal comparison like, in other words, if Russia spent ten thousand dollars. I think three thousand facebook adds the effect is minimal. Paired too. You know Facebook banning tens of millions of people from reading accurate information on pages like ours that obviously, how much would it? How much would you pay how much would you be willing to pay just a guarantee that your facebook page reach all the people who actually liked your page and want to read? What's on there What would you bet guarantee you any business out there? If they said hey, will you have five million fans on Facebook, give two million fence, but we're going to guarantee that you actually reach some people would pay millions of them for that you will be millionaires, not ten thousand dollars, and that has been happening happened was Mark Levine, the guys constitutional law for crying out loud. I get that he's a tender
give me your bed is, Facebook page not banned, but throttle the exact summing up with Markleham it. So it's easy, for it will say: well villages, Stephen crowded precepts of naughty words and ease a little, but we should not be guilty as charge. I dont like me a lot of the time, but same thing applies to mark Levine, who barely raises his voice, it is his normal voice is raised so tardy. Definitely renew forlorn yeah got my facebook page dope. Gummy girl get your Starbucks latte and you're, so I mocha have you have I talk about the dog you tell me, I can't stand you, that's his happy voice when all this talk is Mark, which is rare, every now and then ass, a Haymarket don't break? How you doing Clara, I think better. Then you who that's how he talks? That's just his voice level of itself. This happened with Levant, it's happened with us attack
with blazing, as has happened with daily wiretap with so many are paid out there and what they do usually also due to this is it'll trick that they put one other thing before I talk about that Why did I b C Paul Arizona when still see a wide gap there right with ninety five percent about unseen and it's almost like. They know something. It's it's. It's almost like. There's account. Does a portion of that county that they know is going to swing, read which, of course they will. You know in Michigan, Ria, welcoming annoying county. There are coming Companies in infringed, airs and we're pretty confident that it's gonna swing vine, but for some reason ABC, polled Arizona, and it's a woman's it afore. What was Arizona here for point spread and five percent of the vote. That means are expecting something that again? It's is the standard applied equally and it is not
The same thing with Facebook is just like: the Poles were, they would say. Donald Trump needs to win this year, keep in mind that he only one Michigan by point, seven percent last election and he's by six warhoon. Second, he was down by six in the polls. You can compare performance to. The current policy have to pick compare the previous Paul's to the current post, because poles were off by about seven percent in state, so what they do with Facebook. As I say, not just conservatives who have been affected actually liberal just have seen their traffic down as well by forty percent will hold a second. Have I seen it down by forty percent, because their contents sucks usually see or because all of their ages have been labelled misinformation or throttled. Yet- and this is that's why What matters is that use a macro number without including the reason why matters- and this is at the point where a snark conservative would say to start your own platform bright and that's like saying just invent another method of communication. Besides the far right or things,
we'll just go out there and set up your own poles in your own five g, and I hear soft bank is looking for someone to back. I don't trust me. Japanese yeah, you can't you can't do that. Its everyone is on Facebook and hundreds of millions of people are on Facebook. You can't just say what you don't like the rule go make your own Plath. No one hears a fan. No one hears a fan of the international finance genre of humour that was great soft Bank of Japan, These had all the elements somebody out there. And right now, the real inside body, as the latter have slight ethnocentrism. I liked it, but the point yeah. You can just go out and start your own cell phone company. None came up, Were you born real Richard? I do you need a minute to settle enter you good to go. Are you? Are you ready and less ready shit
gee. I don't know check champ at you. Sometimes champing at the bet there was one thing was correct. On a long time ago, I said shopping at the bit its champing, it the better to get it right now I had always had shopping at the bed and I was also corrected. I want to say I select chomping at the bit better. I thought it was examined, as you know, was champing Courtney because you know horse easily forcing the horse, but both of them could technically work. It just use champion until I heard champion was correct. They are champion. Chomping championed Rhodesia I've been using or no in their circumstance, if not to make people feel some ever heard, people again resort I've. I've talked about the Champ Chomp thing for a long time ago, universally talking to people there like. Oh, isn't she being at the bid. It's like a chop charm for Mario, the yellow guy on a chain or black. Now you like tramping, they that's what people think of when they hear chopping at the bit completely irrelevant. Yeah, do you wanna talk Michigan? This is what we brought you ain't about. This is why I really want to talk Michigan. Ok, so we
the videos- and we have here's what you want to the context. People heard you everyone out there, let's make everyone the hash is crowded election stream right now we have some exclusiveness exclude. I don't think anyone else has this right now correct. Nobody has nobody. Has this right now, because I have just been talking about Michigan and we ve been talking about Michigan all Davy S, son Chile Wayne County their expecting a hundred thousand votes and win county which they are saying, is going to be heavily Biden, so we can pretty much put Michigan Undecided, Ledger forbidden, and this would actually directly to that. What happened? Give us some context. What's going on absolutely so. I got a call for some fellow Texas lawyers who are actually in Michigan, ok, and there is a group of them men and women, but there was a three women specifically who were involved. Who connected with me yeah exact, noticed. Here in the last hour you and they sent up. Yes, they are women,
They do not. They have around. They both reigns in nice, and so they reached out to say that they had some serious, some very serious concerns about what has happened last night now. I know, even though I was asleep and you guys were awake messaging about what exactly is going on with the count in the various states, but is really no clarity nobility to really see what's happening right. What and what these Ladys rebel do. One of the Ladys is actually gonna be skyping in. So you see that I share bring her on, but they took some photos in videos from go home. I don't often pronouncing there right now called Tc F Centre, the main convention centre in downtown Detroit, where there's a lot about counting voting in that type of thing happening, in most of these places, there have security, their security to make sure that ballots. Being brought in after a certain time? Their checking the front check here was only covered in masks and people were bringing in what should happen. only four to six hour shifts bringing in huge coolers huge bags, suitcase as other types of things with no choice,
whatsoever, while, coincidentally, at the very same time we're seeing spikes in the voting count in all kinds of numbers, going in one certain directions will emphasise it's not like any. These ladys ran over there in pride, open one of the EC lose or looked in one of the coolers or looked in one of the few cases, but rather the lack of institutional security surrounding one of the most controversial districts in counties and voting locations rise. Apparently, no and these ladys of actually tried to raise those issues there with election official since this morning and have now been able to get any answers. They are being completely ignored, it raises a lot of questions about what is happening for the institutional security at these key voting spots, whilst at absolute worst it is complete and its negligence. I guess really Well, it's easier its huge. It's certainly the very least negligence Eric. What we're looking at here is an undermining of the trust that would have in that particular system. I move heard from four
on the left forcing? Oh, you know. How are we trust the system how're, you know what's happening, but even at them, basic security, at mean voting locations and vote counting your letting people come in, Do things that really cast a question and a dog about whatever ITALY is add. Even allowed, isn't are supposed to be a process to make sure that there's a their checks, insecurity issues of a move that security safeguards. Absolutely that's will exert every single one of these locations is supposed to have a kind of regional safeguards in it depends on the location right, the type of place, but if election workers are allowed or people who are simply allowed into the space or not being checked their ideas. Being checked or not vetted the things that they our not being vetted than were really raising a question in these particular jurisdictions particularly when you see at somehow for four hundred and thirty five, five hundred and thirty six a dot m in the morning huge number of boats for votes for one side also died away. When there are ledger right, we call we
stop that it is important start counting, really, I guess again and they said we're going to start again tomorrow at ten. I think that this analysis in one hour later there's a huge spike specifically in this area. So you guys, let me know versus the spa skype. But let's go to the arrogance towards the videos. Are the pictures videos here? Ok, let's go to the videos this is in in Detroit. These are the balance, but all these ballots for Santa Claus. oh yeah. I know that spot for these are pretty raw, yet Egypt, pretty raw. So how long are these videos just three minutes? Three minutes, I guess ok, so you re you're, ok, all right! So let's look at this. So ok, so right here people who are watching again we're just getting this. These people bring them in in coolers. There's no one around
ideas that does not look like a bustling ballot counting operation. There is no doubt that looks like the kind of place we're Hunter Biden would find his next sphinx One of the things is: there's you know certainly a lot to be happening. We encountered a lot of votes, but it's the dead of night, wholesome and closed for hours and hours. Where these battle in the end. They are supposed to start counting, that's what they said on air right in what what are they doing at this particular moment that they need these type of containers at this particular time, while ok, let's keep fast for over that what was at voices? the treasure went up its if someone married airing civil court see well. This is one guy he's not going to die.
The person who's gonna, be logging in her name is Kelly S and she's. A licence attorney here in Texas. Again up in the Detroit area, monitoring with some other groups that are part of the attorneys for Trump Organization. they're just their monitoring, making sure the things he done correctly wagon and Well, shit, you're, gonna, see wagons and we have a wide wagon strange implements. So is either a horror movie or something worse. Well, I can't do that We just that. You wouldn't be able to trust that just because some balance could fly off the back a guy in a rustle mania t shirt with a cavy toys wagon bringing about the radio fire. No, right now. We re really liar companies. The laundering of the good thing is, it sets name brand good for him. Spencer. Still, twenty bucks thing I can think of the different points here where there is no security, there is no security. if we have no idea how these things got into the van? no one! There right now escorting and from the van.
There's no one meeting him as he brings it into that, like you would think that there should be a human conveyor belt of people. It should look like Amerika gangster when there are, when they're, all cutting the cocaine naked that you're sure they don't have anything in their pockets and this guy just walk in there isn't any kind of official. Therefore, for hundreds of yards he doesn't ring in a lagging right there and we have have run air. The person who the first report- and we have more videos, so let's outlets and her name- is highly surreal, Kelly Surreal, Kelly. Sir I'll. Can you see me? Can you hear me Thank you so much for being here today and look at this even after a long that you look better than than the people over there and CNN, and you actually have lighting and sound that function. Kelly oh. I don't want to get this wrong here. My having little bill is here that was you videotaping this and I dont want to be redundant, but I dont think this can be stressed enough. This, happening in one of the major areas of Michigan written Detroit. We just why
one video where a guy was bringing it in a red wagon, these ballots plain to me what you saw in why you brought it to a bills, attention and shows. Why is it so concerned? I actually went up there. All the poles were closed. Didn't I went up air after we had got back to the hotel I was watching the news and decided I was gonna. Go checks it's called cub. and so I thought I'd go downtown and check out how the absentee ballots, were being counted and see if a burst of counting, because I had her actually heard the news that they work in accounting anymore. That's exactly so. We were doing the election stream. All night, and you might get into that point. When we look we, when we were sore about to go to bed this ever going to reconvene, I think they set at nine Amity set at ten a m and then all of a sudden, an hour either there is a huge jump in mission.
For binding. So, yes, we were there. Last night people can corroborated eight million people watch. They said no more accounting and that's when you started from this video right well, yeah. So as soon as I heard that I was like, you know what I think, if we go down there just check and make sure that they actually are cutting off, because I would hate leave or not be down their checking on things and they be doing something chinese. So I went down and she's got in and they sprained me for covered. They took my temperature major at my mask. roamed around and I was like I'm gonna, go grab some coffee and then come back and work for the night because they were active. So I and ass, I was working at the door. I see this white man, fuller and, as I say, I stopped verse again turn on my phone you saw the video where I can walk around and I see he's bullet, like an old radio fire wagon and is like connecting and then I get in the car, and I see him like dropped the box and now his prey
what we had worked polling stations for the night and that's very similar to the box that we had seen and been watching and monitoring to make sure that gun art and removed from the polling stations pending vehicles and driven to the secure locations right. So, it was just one of those where I was like Moon, that's kind of weird. I went to grab my copy came back and was sitting and is observing? I tried to go in, I'm not a makes it begin resident, so I'm not allowed actually go in Rome around on the on the floor right, but I could observe it was glass window it could observe there was no security at the door. Nobody was checking bags or credentials were you know who was coming and even identification anything you want was able to go in. I miss you. If they were actually counting ballots, they wouldn't get something somewhere right by just for
Miller folks in there were other attorneys in our group that actually got in later and just roamed the floor. Yet once a meter, Are there to serve right now, because right now we can hear them typing. Ok, so that was the first video and understand that we have some other videos as well. If I'm not mistaken, crap there, Why are you so? Can you tell us what the next video will be? Getting back get give us a description and then we'll go to her looks like we're inside of the the area
again the island building. Ok, so we're gonna. Why she's here I'll stay with us? I just want to make sure that people can see this, so we can sort of give people a visual visually. Let show the inside of the building of this is where they were going inside and that's where they're supposed to be counting those ballots. I assume- and so I'm very sorry. I forgot the name of your ear- lovely Gaster, Kelly Kelly right here. Can you turn on the volume of the club little better, so Kelly right here? We see them coming in and suitcases It's the same place in the area where they are now is that where you saw them bringing in the red wagon, because in here it looks like there are quite a few people at the ballot counting operation no I mean I can't really tell which video clip looking at? But so it's an it's basically like a convention centre. Rebuilding that were in so there where we came in or where I came in with Canada, on the upper level and the
down and there's enter. Since, for everyone and their drag luggage their driving bags, their dragging it like Chaz? there do in five or six hours ships, and yeah I mean they were taking those items in with them into the clear glass window. Room does to the back and the area I couldn't cross into so with him. We were about a year ago. So yeah so that This area to the back his word: they wouldn't through to go into account the balance right, and so this aren't areas the lobby area and they would come in from outside. bring those items into that secure area debts in the back where they actually have the ballot and that other counting- and this is at that time, when we have been told they were spoke- they had stopped counting. You weren't supposed to be counting act and end the concern, which is the security concern. We don't really know what was going on with them
items they were bringing in or who was going in or any of those things. So what is? I guess? What is your friend? How does this differ from the normal experience? You know where they would count ballot sooner. Do people right now we're These people, bringing in by themselves with no security red begins in common coolers, brain them behind a glass area where no one has access. How does that differ from how ballot counting should look at how it usually looks cos keep in mind for a lot of people have never seen any of this network. Work I would think you could come to look at how we bow right. I mean we go into appalling location, it's very formal! There's a process we go through They check your identification, lay invalidate who you are verify that your person is eligible to vote, a great danger in the right area oh, you know everything that if we're gonna go through all of those steps too Make sure that, voting is is
Tat. Did you know that we're doing it properly? You would think that our end result would have the same level of security right, and it knows that here and so the difference is basically there this wedding, whoever n with whatever I they're, not verifying any of it. You see the two Ladys stand in there, but they're not stop into saying hey. Are you supposed to be here right and so what what? What would be risk there, those those people walking in with no stop here alone. We're gonna have my half regional Urville Richmond you're coming. What would be the risk of those who will right now, they're walking with what appeared to be giant. You know Santa sacks or their walking in with pillow cases full of something we see working with colors, I guess, is your country they can be walking in with what with fake ballots they could just, but I mean that the link between this is about a ground stay. We came up your two Michigan Donald Trump, because this is a state that under fire. You know what this is one that we needed to be monitoring for fraud and his kind. the monitor for fraud when nobody's chicken yeah it there
Really is nobody checking there, and I don't know if someone would argue our older their checking once you're pass the glass I don't know some would argue that they go they were around, they sit down, I don't know what you're one of that. One of the important things here is, and we can raise a good point is look. Maybe maybe but he's got some sandwiches may be someone's got some drinks, but the at the very least we have of a very clear appearance, of a problem in given how many concerns we ve had a particularly end and democratic control jurisdictions about election secure, you imagine that the most heightened election security concerns we ve ever had highlighted for weeks and weeks on the day of the year, should any battle grounds. in one of the largest precincts in that battleground state. You have
act security at a time when the balance are coming. In now can the bouts it's not like all of a sudden, you know a million Biden. Votes got happened right after these igloos went in, but rather the very clear that at the at the least. Yet we ve got a lack of security that raises questions about the election itself and particularly in the Jurisdiction and at the worst we have people who are without the ability to vetted whose in there well. This is also vital to listen as someone who has spent quite a bit of time in Detroit. You have more, security, racquetball court, its Detroit They have someone there guarding something. There is no checking at all, What time was this, where these videos taken approximately Kelly that wasn't? Actually like in an ironical The issue with Wisconsin came in at shift change all of that war. See most that language come in. Is that their shift change at four thirty five in the morning.
while because you know what we all we could we had to end these stream. Was it right about four o clock right right about four o clock in the morning is on we ended. We want to say here throughout the entire night and then they said we are going to reconvene later today and count, and then I took a nap an hour Nath in a hammock and and I woke up and Michigan had entirely changed. It happened right at that time in front of my eyes and all I could think was about. saw- was all this stuff governing now. What would it? What would you say to people? You say: well, it's also because all these votes are just Darwin County and that's heavily liberal. Would we would we expect that kind of a turn around and there was a huge leap going into or a big lead at that point by many more was at six points, Michigan points. At that point we will for about four thirty eight You say to people with that, so this is actually just kind of an interesting thought, because he thought given in the last nine down the clear right Michigan, we had been working Michigan right all of this yesterday,
the authorities we spent roaming around check increasing looking it. We did Detroit. We did the suburbs we did all different areas to see how many people were. You know the appalling locations, and I will tell you suburbia loaded you can tell, What were packed in there, they were busy all day you go into. did he Detroit? Nobody was in there that we were like sheep. We got this again and again was right, and then you come into this and it's like what the heck all of these absentee valets pop up in words Ok well, but couldn't it just be that people voted early and that's what they're finally bring an enemy that some people would argue right, well, he's just early ballots in their accounting them now and that's a liberal county. Well, ok, One other thing to is that when I left this morning they were looking right after I left they announced today, basically were around sixteen thousand uncounted absentee ballots.
they were working on and then by ten a m in job to about thirty to thirty five thousand. There was like adopted ten minute gap between thirty and thirty by right, and then that thing we know were up to one hundred and twenty something about something. and they were only that insisting on their own. In sixteen thousand yet this thing this morning: that's what they were looking at I have a video that is she might went away and on this is from map fin. Fox news, and This, I believe, is the same place. Its is seen at Detroit Absentee ballot, counting sitter, its growing, more heated and their people,
have you are saying that their allocations violations and their covering up the windows so that people can see what they're doing inside Acacia Kelly ear evil to see what we're showing you right now correct, or can you actually ever lived it already this afternoon higher Turkey's? I had actually been here. I thought my slept yet as we work in another step by some of the other. Turning with a grin, they were kicked out, they weren't allowed in and they were, they ve been down here at the hotel and not able to go anywhere. I will let show this video here, that's going on a Fox news, so if you can get from a do we have that video here, let's So this is what they were doing. Why would they put up what Is that common place can someone, let me know any from from nine aside from inside again, this is not going from Kelly other video that we just showed the wheel, wagons and the people home with no security that was separate, Kelly, its exclusive to us. This is what the showing a Fox news is that common practice? polling station to cover it up with Bristol borne out well,
if you're, trying to show that your transparent and that these are legitimate election. You shouldn't have that open ability to look in at least observe to make sure that people are following protocols and there's some kind of you know, process than being. You know, I'm glad I thought that was a purpose to doing it and have never been to polling station where it wasn't. All glad I mean I see more of the inside of a Mcdonald's and I've seen that wasn't it put those important any scalded. You're crotch with coffee was great, although it's really funny, because I started is I got back this morning I tried to start kind of discussing with different people the concerns I have and the things I had witnessed and so I ain't, got around in just this little grew when this little area, so I'm pretty sure, was probably discussed over their nets. In response layer, amazing, their recording and so lets. You no luck, mouth yeah, and given that we have a lot of people watching right now. So let me
we ask is what what do you think? be careful legally. What do you think happened? What do you think going on. If you have to guess what happened at those that that was the devil's. Our three thirty three is our Something happens all the time it alone I sought in horror movie, but before it very well do you think happens. We saw people bringing in wagons and coolers, unchecked and putting up boards to cover up the glass. Do we just think, there's an hey. We want to keep this secure. We don't want anyone to get shot through the glass. Is it Just there were so many votes, they were overburden. So when it, what do you think happens there? well, I generally don t you try to hide something. If you're being transparent, honest right, let us join, you know, that's that How we see things right you out of here, giving I don't know, I'm doing the right thing ready
We are happy to have people observe and see that you're doing what you're supposed to do by the people in your community right right, So I mean that the only thing that would lead me to believe that they are doing something they are That is undoubtedly dishonest and it would seem to coincide with something that was almost nonsensical as far as the number jump, what A challenge. I guess, can there be to this practice as you're a lawyer and my half asian level. Richmond is here: what do we do? How do we fight us I'm not jumping on that, because I am not a Michigan attorney and I'm just gonna sit back in. It were the administration wants to go or where the air and sea wants to go or where the GEO beat. Your mission wants to go What I would say is theirs, obviously, there's a mess up. The problem be a million different ways. We saw from the Supreme Court rulings leading up to the election there's a lot of different ways you can and valid. Or otherwise allow voting to happen in and create spoilt votes or in valid votes, be college.
there can be a lotta decisions to be made by the party directly affected, so the Aral Sea or the GNP in Michigan and nationally, but what it does raises a lot of questions. What will really have to know is what is happening inside of that room right right. What is happening that what what problems have been created from the lack security and again The very least, let's Biden wins it raises questions, lets a trump wins. It raises questions, all it does. Is delay, delay, delay and again in the in one of the most central precincts in about around state for this to be happening and then for this afternoon, for it to be no clear, really doubling on the problems rising. We we may have had a problem, but we're gonna definitely come. We're up any resolution of the problem, because I then you'll believe it's getting done it this is a lot of what you want me for some contacts with Florida. They just thought it was too close for comfort, so they wanted recounts, it's not the same thing as well and they were the butterfly ballot. I think that what they were the butterfly bout, so they call them in this case. There are a lot of boxes being checked there
is confusing process and then there is no security and then, for some reason they proactively deciding to cover up the remainder, the remainder of that process and All of this happened all of it. that you just saw happened around that When we went to bed, we were told that there were what were you going to be doing any more accounting? That looks when you look in that room that looked like ours before Christmas? there Keep us in the loop arm. You know you, let's, let's efficacy, where things are going, Michigan is still in port, say: there's a number percentage, that's out, it's a very close, battleground we're curious to know what else happens, but thank you too. You in and the attorneys were up there working on this in keeping an eye out for what can only be described as yet again I can only describe as an end. Have you been aware Kelly? Have you heard about what's been going on in Arizona with the sharpest now getting? you ve been focused on Michigan. This just happened. We just had a video. We had people who parenting did you know about this bill? Pollsters were here
hang out sharpers in saying this is how you fill in the ballot with a sharp Vienna, there's very clear instruction. It's written when people time a thing about do not he's a sharp, because it will likely impossible to read, and we have people who been sending us direct messages saying that they actually were given a sharply to fill in their ballot. There are people on video saying that there are sharp, is being used to feel about. So that is anecdotal, but there are now many many hundreds of anecdotes in Arizona cynically Maricopa County, where people were being given sharpish by volunteers or officials who are involved with the actual polling stations that happened in Arizona, the best of our knowledge. Now how much sway is that I don't know, but again, it's like it could be pretty significant something else. It's bizarre to man enough. You South Canosa connection, obviously was going. Donald Trump was sixty forty and then in a span of two hours became it even split
no, that I've ever seen that in a suburban midwestern districts, not a different county, the same county and a switch of fifteen to twenty point again in that little our where they weren't must become anymore right with, I think, five percent more of the vote coming right. All of a sudden, it flipped anymore once bad. I just was actually being annoying. I was like you know what you know what he was like water. Lastly, my brain ride, like ie flashlight I gotta go see, there's flashlights, you no authority there. You know. So I don't know yeah was so well yeah. look into the rest of these. When you get some time but get some sleep, you don't look like. You only got a couple hours slave meal of little. That tie, but you still look lovely Kelly. Thank you for taking. Time and we appreciated what will I will try and you keep us posted because you're there on the ground,
Thank you very much. Aright half asian bill looks like you're looking at something on your phone, so you muttering things with Courtney, where we were casting spells. That's it now. Well God, that's the enter. In parties. There are so many different things to be paying attention to right. Now we are in the different states, its import eventually, but realizing that even folks The ground are there and then trying to get the message out. So fortunately they knew that you know how big stream last night, where things were that this was a place, it would be able to look into it and We saw that some of our team and provokes outside Some more digging to see else's out there, particularly in Michigan yeah, I'm all and to see if we have any new information, Arizona because ABC officially retracted, Arizona being called, and or to the disregard for her, I guess Arizona, I guess ABC, never actually called Arizona for really yeah. I'm I'm hearing I too, but I.
If you look right here on CNN cyanide is talking about the tense situation at their location. We want just talk out. Neither John, I might add, the daimio there. The whole thing covered up, yet it make it their a couple of signs for like a pan terror concert coming into town like I can see this out of this post. You know they covered up everything, its textile, that's the takeovers till they live this guy. Who is in the way that they will be through the vast majority votes here this afternoon. They also believe because Business Detroit, that most of those boats will go for Joe Biden. The pressure on the people who have been counting votes is intense. The sense of of the difference between yesterday and today, at this little corner of Detroit, is equally intense. Clearly both sides- of biting very hard looking at how this process will play out. No, no he's not must be really clear. Both sides are not fighting over the integrity. The process only one is
there is only one side. Lets me really clear when people say about trust about trust, restoring trust in institutions, there's only one side fighting for transparency, and there is only one side right now: fighting for integrity institutions, the other side puts up, Crystal boards and banners to make sure that you can't see what they're doing its import, note that this is not a more there's, no moral equivalency here. If some, and is putting a cylinders. Putting us puts a terminal for spitten, I guess Spithead, but you can see through a spirit someone's going up. Saigon, your head is not the same as the geisinger. Can you take that back off my head? No they're, not both fighting for integrity. That's not what people are fighting for right now. You are not hearing any calls, a vote or fraud from the left. You're, not going any one thing: hey, we need more internal aid. We need more transparency, hey what happened with these counts here, seeing it from one side and that, important you know it's ten year olds,
To show why it's dense, why don't you souci? Isn't it also kind of incredible we do so. We have this before CNN and we have the person who had the footage. What is it think they don't have the ability infrastructure to get that story. You do not want to show you that story, because our two budget calling Arizona with three percent of the vote, but they would have shown the story? Had the numbers been reversed, of course, it would have been evident Maria media, and this is what I mean it doesn't matter where the election goes, where the actual final vote Congo's Questioning of the solution is the questioning of the process. Itself is something that they are raised. right Emmy, they are creating the problem by not having a type skirt is necessary. This is the thing: I will tell you when we were richly when I was originally talking with Kelly. You know, I don't know what this Bobo Hall looks like on the inside Anoura, with this particular removes. Like mortal he's, also mean there. There were definitely some hoboes run. It is Detroit so, but I know
First, I want to sell those pictures. I said well, what is only a sandwich so hasn't trump ballots, Delicious sneak up in the sandwich inside the igloo inside the american cheese wrapped up, but I, what is on the other side of the glass and she said no issues like that's where their counting, but that is exactly so you're saying there's nothing there. She was others, there's a covert check that track. Do you want to bring in the army to bring a rocket launcher in there? I mean you could do anything and that's a big, big, big problem right now look look where we saw there, I mean CNN was in there and they're not come anything about the lack of security, but I think you're right corner of it goes. The other way will will see an alien rights commercial. They would have been doing while the wall coverage of we are not an exclusive on their state. Wolf blistered never would have let it up man. Instead, they keep going through what does widening to do too each to several issues again before this was Donald Trump. Aren't have Paul, watchers, nursing all looked or don't try to intimidate voters in M from the black Panthers hanging out with night sticks. He asked today, but this is why you need some kind of Paul watchers and their object. You can't even watch yeah
Radipole, watcher anyone just sit out. There was some popcorn to watch the american electoral process. You can't see anything. I it's actually way worse than I thought I was going to be. I thought we see a couple more we're about to sound corny made this point a different way, but I imagine if this were in Texas, if there, if we and yet we like in Texas, somebody was blocking windows and support. Again, he would be there going like yeah. The trump is, trying to steal this alleged. When I went in to give you a conscious when I went in- and I contrast I wanted my voted in person- I had two- there were two George right at the voting station and I had to walk through one door, there's a right jornal after they both open, but summers and I had to go on one side like like, like a movie movie, what movie drapery call a movie court? What is is and having anything to do so, velvet oil federal than rope I'm going to need to get some food here, pretty much mistaken. It. No doubt knows yet: I ate at all. I went in you. and then they said: ok, Gimme, your idea! Okay, here you go please.
He's right your name here with a pen they gave me, they made me, take a pen right with and then sanitize it put it in another. Little another little law holder for depends what then they could sanitize it again, and then I went into a booth that had blue. finders on. Where was the reply? about ten of these lined up right? Did it digitally and afterwards it was printed in. I dropped it right in that box. Everyone could. What was going on it was clear. It was a conveyor out. No one paid any confusion and by the way that the exact same thing that's exactly process. When I vote, in Michigan in twenty sixteen, so it's very, very different on walking with a bag on hedge, your votes, fuckin, do whatever you want Stephen Saunders. I wasn't watching the stream earlier and I have been following. You guys been working. Well, I've been doing other things and you mentioned the sharp rise in Arizona. Is that the only stay we ve heard about so far that anyone's reported on us far sharp Asia? Yes, ok, well, Then, let's break some more news. I got two different tax measures when people on the ground, one in Michigan,
in Livonia, which I think is. I know, Livonia very well gay another and become county, also make it Michigan. Two different people have said they personally voted, they were given harpies untold devote in those jurisdictions. Ok, here's some! did anyone out there right now, so we have Arizona and Michigan. If anyone out there voted with a sharply, someone tried to hand you a sharper and you have a picture or a video. Send it to me what the best way for them to send it to their homes. Were here's tending in? There is almost no way, there's gonna, be that because they don't want, you have been allowed. That being said, let us know where it's happening, because until we shed light on it, look if you got a video, somehow doubly send it, but if you even you dont. We need to know where it's happening, because this is the only way that we can conduct the kind of investigation. That's appropriate. What's what's the best email, frivolous and on the website. There, Courtney oh my god, I'm hesitant to give mine. If not it will not yours, but what our way in one year was the main one. Mine problem is now,
the main when we're people consented. Let's say whether its life advice. What's the mainly contact the website, I could use life, advise you live in areas like twitter, something here or so. Room who sent me a reply at s crowd if you have a video is that is twitter is the best. They are twitter right now and then, as it life advice it. Let us cut it out, come I believe so beside it or is it ask letters gotta come. Can someone find this out getting? Well? I don't think I can percent me if you have, We need to give you a real specifics, because, and I advise that Lutterworth credited outcome, life advice, Laos got it. I come or tweet me at S, crowded, I want to know where you voted right. Tell us actual polling station or if you have a picture because then we can follow up and track it in We can find even a handful of places that we're using sharpish that is systemic. They better than to give you sharpish. They know that you should not be voting with sharp using. That makes it easy to manipulate votes and, at the very least, any balance and have sharpish
be discounted and there should be a recount without so we heard about it in Arizona now hearing about that Michigan and you just saw for yourself what happened in Michigan. Listen, I wasn't. was a guy. You always said: there's a lot of ineptitude with votes right, two point: five million: these potentially compromise votes due to an apple. Largely because of the United States postal service. This is actually something a little bit more militias so our souls in also in the process and Gue pause one. Second, I want a book, but gal trumpet problems can hold a press conference. They receive Is it going on right now, I'm just not showing an unseen, and because I am I am. I heard that he declared victory in Pennsylvania, so just to give a little call your thoughts. I don't forget, your thought is the his came. Manager said where declaring a victory in Pennsylvania on oppress call. He said this is not based on good or feel. This is based on math and then his campaign, adviser Jason Miller. Also John Roberts is reporting that he broke.
Math down. He said there are six hundred five thousand outstanding day of ballots in Arizona Trump, only needs fifty seven point. Seven, three per cent of that remaining day of vote in that's far less than he is and getting so the math, he says the trunk pain predicts it will declare a victory in Arizona by Friday, so that so like it- has a little more new wants to it. So, but Trump is holding a press conference in Pennsylvania. Three thirty, three, let us, but at three thirty easterner three thirty is essential because I'll be right. Now, yeah, I think it's I absolutely fine, oh yeah, sentencing Biden about to speak will show that we can. We go to maybe a network that actually cares about a protracted upward check and at night I'm not mad at you guys manichaean it mattered. So they are telling your how ok here you go, halts Summit Missouri with sharp peace being handed out at my polling station.
cute. Mattie is not here right now that we can bring into cute managed, can call her Mamma for Mamma she set her Mamma was handed, shall really yeah and can someone up that little. I know we saw earlier the sharply thing in the video, but the ACT what sort of outline saying do not use a sharper? Can someone actually get that to me? So we can show it to people on air yet showed it on their flicked in information cause. There's America County elections tweet from twenty three hours ago, saying that they can use Serbia's because they have new, offset columns on the ballots prevent bleed through ok, so we want to be accurate, but that kind of contradicts what the video from the two voters in Arizona were saying right. It was not going through for them. They were saying that an Arizona but now I'm not Missouri or tell on many other places, because right now, sharp is handed out at a Patsy Junction, Arizona, Penal County Forepeak Supplementary Livonia Michigan. They gave them Sharpish Montgomery, my Montgomery County Pennsylvania, they gave me a sharper, your Pennsylvania origami.
County, Michigan Sharpish. a lot of people right now saying they had been given sharply, and so it does come down to zero more all these places capable of of processing travellers only about sit here is that the visual of the ballot that says do not use a sharp utopian, as it will plead through June. you know would argue. Tat is ten, as it will believe through I was also able to accept either Europe errs on about and its five Tuesday. It says you may call their office a list of writing candidature me colors at five years. Seventy four six, eight three z. Oh, so there is a number there is we can progress at the dead already of nerves on available. Yet if people are Emily Life advice, staunchest email and say I got a sharply to like we need where you are. Yes, Just the counting the counting appallingly polling station, please be a specific as possible are getting hundreds of years. One sharpish Mesa Arizona, eight, five, two zero to two: zero: ff I've won West Guadeloupe, hey, that's very specific,
to be able to find someone and maybe a phone number. I don't think a little to call them because you know they're all their they're, all out of work right now. They ve left provided that they're not boarding up the the glass cat right now, one of the individualistic who was messaging earlier. It was his brother, so and his brother voted in Michigan. The brother was one who told me that he actually had with a sharp iii that was the one in Livonia the gent. And who I know a actually the owner of a great ammunition company red outside of Detroit, and that that that visual went to the polling station with a full like headscarf, covering the face was not Remove it. No, I d check: go ahead, go on and do your vote no problem so there sits or some other problems and variances if you're out their retreat. If you're out there doing the retweet or out their commenting now ahead and make sure dimension. That is well. So here's something I want if we can get some researcher, no Donald Trump is gonna, be speaking in just a couple minutes. I know he's running a little bit late. If someone out there in the country if you guys can look for,
in Slovenia for Missouri and see find the little instruction pamphlet for filling out ballots and if it mentions sharply because we have another specific one Alamo, tree, Lansdale Pennsylvania, so we need to know of fees. If these instructions are saying do not use a sharper if we can find his instructions for those states that shouldn't be too hard to find Pennsylvania Missouri. If someone could look for it, then That shows us that there is something going on that the problem may not be a huge deal, but when you combine all of this together sharply sharply sharply sharply, which could which could treat some believe through And then you also have what's going on there and county man. That's what's really disturbing. What's happening, there, Why so now we're hearing some reports from folks at are now complaining about the Michigan GEO P, saying that the Michigan GEO B is because their having someone, people, watching a couple hall that their preventing democratic democrat lawyers I'm going in to actually look at what's going on, which seems absurd use push best asked Humane Europe into account.
but the long and short of it is there is a lot how to shortly Renault GEO, P watchers right there at four thirty and morning. We software, where we know that there were in that's what they're saying like right now, this this kind of quotas quorum, quote tense. Wage policy and it is called it. His is only increased and you know why it is increased, is because of the fact that are putting up that Bristol Board prevent people be able see. What's going inside. It's not like the eye. Laws are changing. The votes. People I mean right what's happening inside of there is what's happening inside of their you ve, let CNN on the inside. Why can't those people who are on the outside watches? Well, it does raise a lot of question. but I've seen any inside and they took down some Bristol Boardman attempts in and what must be really clear: the entire Air perimeter was covered up with boards and Congo with just because a little squares, one looks like one looks like a prison and one looks like a decorative choice: indifferent
Finally, I see I see you're going for election fraud, contemporary woe, thou, how fair you gonna get some food or what sir I'm going to need to eventually get some food, but on behalf of that goal, when we went down from a press conference, ask if you want to hear him and not me so much. That's the best way to get him to start rightly odometer on President Trump. Please start your country, watching he's like Wednesday evening or leave want annoy him. That's my trouble. Why are we saying that ABC didn't call Arizona retract s? They just didn't colleague, isolated and call people. It was the first comment, kind of zeal that people are saying that they did, but many places did Arizona, locks called errs CNN. some ap both collars right now was at something orbital saying that Arizona is they are they still see potentially leaning toward Trump well there. We something there in Arizona that remaining five percent, that we don't know
God only knows what would happen without the sharp is also used. The demographic of people who are going to use sharpish, problematic, confused old, like people, I mean the big pin right, there's a mood and bring their own terms. That really worries and want to see. I could use a wife real, but I need a fella by ballot now to give you this does not seem a little sick, ass or work fine, ok. I would you like me and immense- would have it whereas other young people. Like me, even area many sharply, we're gonna have unilaterally and arrange our scan for one percent of old people. Are there there's people who got confused in Florida, not a bunch of ballot and you're, giving them a large rain, precise, permanent marking tool that Billina through lodgings paper pardon my language. I remember when I was in school and then we were so particular about the number two pencil as if there's just bunch people bringing in
their sorts. Now it's lately. I would deliberately fail the test by bringing in, I don't even know who the number four, but I believe I didn't study, so I knew that it wasn't a number to a dark pencil. I would just get a different pencil and what I would do is I would fill it in like kind of poorly, so I would feel in some really really heavily and then some really lightly, thereby there's something wrong with your scanty. Like can you take your test again not now and in the right mental state? then on the Asian chewed off him, story does not surprise me so or not at all. No yeah I put on out of iron ore into not working into, I put a lot of effort into cheating on homework and high school because an antidote you, you were great on homework and we would have three hours of homework and is it's kind of a brilliant thing, so you're, smart and then just
not channeling into studied is trying to be nice. I wasn't very smart and we just a crook, petty. It was a pity thought here by Hector trading small, clear about the saving their wretch. Oh, I was going to say the data orbital, what their basic that prediction on is p. will generally assume that early valets are going to favour Biden, but the early by ballots, that are outstanding in Arizona are from counties leading very heavily trump- so they say you know this is that I on outstanding balance being mostly for Maricopa, favouring biting message, MRS a huge factor at least to interfere. Thousands of the remaining balance have a republican advantage of twenty percent. Oh yeah, and what's what's the margin there in Arizona? None of that is really closer. Take eight thousand votes that twenty thousand boats in Arizona right now so tune and fifty thousand. If there's a twenty percent advantage, that makes sense, and I go saint. It really does come down these counties that still have to come in an ever. If there
male in votes or if their same day, votes and states do it differently. It does MIKE, whichever streamlined consistent process. But if Donald, does win Arizona that changes things quite a bit. No one talking about Georgian North Carolina tell her by those one. Every one among the first to close their poles and again We're not even still waiting and want to take my pulse or you it may be another, and we heard one of the folks in Michigan was actually saying Ngos in war. Michigan was given a pen to use ballpoint and told o nano that one's dirty go ahead and, put the dirty pen cup and then oh, here's what you do use instead sharply
rarely to relate to sound so suspect him no source, but would you would you have the margin here on Arizona, the margin, Arizona or at the margin? Arizona is what how many votes is ill. Total vote, Camphor Biden, one million four hundred eleven thousand to thirty five and then Donald Trump, once it's almost a hundred thousand, that needed is eight at large, and so, even if that's children, fifty thousand votes that are outstanding and a twenty percent advantage to trust that wouldn't be enough I'm not sure exactly if we numbers there. You know, since the data orbital since in that, although I am not sure what they were working off of yeah, it's tough to know that the problem of its fluid any countries are what are they are they in each other in Atlanta right now are located at last, but nothing's boarded up I see this on CNN all of CNN just froze on us Fox they're in Atlanta and nothing is boarded up of those hours, foxes, and Atlanta. So I
understand the reason in the region for boarding polling station ass. You do it's bullshit, now. I do understand the reason for various hats exact. That's the only reason is the fairy Emily Nefarious Litigious is the serious, its non prestigious, its malicious. It's up rageous outrageous and this tariff friends No, I have no culture. Was the agenda cochrane parity on central I am always known, Seinfeld everyone. I know what I'm felt is. Excuse me She knows what Seinfeld is she just I ask watch it like. I watch like ballots. Let's what Dana Bash is saying? What is Donald Trump, not speaking yet because I need to get some man they're not also be cancelled, mania passively the case you're, giving a very practical answer, and I happened, do agree with it right. I mean the Supreme Court of the United States, the members, what why would they decide that they want to take it up?
we have here an issue is lying dish again. I know what sells the way that they seem their trending Pennsylvania. becoming irrelevancy, so that picture kind of mentioned as irrelevant troubling ass, a Yo Yo fail, isn't it it's all come down to Pennsylvania. Folks, call Arizona really early. I now Michigan has there's no mention of voter fraud or the idea that there's something going out with the votes in Michigan unseen. They say it's a very tense atmosphere, the tenets of viable, That's. Why do they not trust? You guess reason it's like showing up at a biker bar and gangs are fighting for the tenth year was going on behind your intention see, tens is tending because people were carrying in burlap sacks filled with ballots that merriment. have been filled it with sharp ease and we'll never know. The answer will never know what happened because they put up paper boards to
keep you from seeing. What was happening is that extension. What somebody asked me that when we talk about doing their job. Wasn't. Some is there in the control room at Sea and NGO identity, I what's with all the what's with all the other wallpaper on the windows there I would point shouldn't you I can do reporting. Did you ask a question that's. Why we just looking around going, looks like their cantons about lets. You reject tapir, saying: oh, that's, usually, really smog and self righteous, where Eastern Delaware, that former vice president, your Biden, is going to come out, and speak soon. Let me bring injects Eleni, our rapporteur on the ground there Jeff. What are we expecting Biden to say the heat he cannot. Yet. victory. Nobody has the clue at him the winner. There remain many option ending states. What are you gonna do jack? I'm till the Joe Biden is going to
do it is campaign- has been saying all day long that he believes he is on a track toward victory. I'm told that he is not going to declare vector himself, but he is going to call for the fair accounting of balance and he is going to work, told geysers, and this could be fluid here, but he is going to push back against. These suggests strains of fraud. We believe it Joe Biden, is going to come out today and speak about the elections are, namely that it's happening this and he's in it. He leapt into democratic presidential nomination thank you in advance about all the reporting. I expect this as I see it in the most trusted name and knows how I am there's nothing. There is not going to feel something I think I therefore think we just filled up with and we ve been broadcasting battle. We ve been switched off broadcasters, but with a break of what for areas where you three hours in thirty minutes, that's right here. At last. It was sad hours plus that's what I'm saying you. So we feel that
explosive footage of what's been going on there in Michigan that nobody else at them, bringing in ballots completely unsecured. We have people talk. About sharply from it. We had a correspondent down there on the ground in DC, we have footage of people who are going to crack down on them in DC. We have states that have been call them then retracted. We have. We have numbers and in pulling discrepancies here that haven't been discrepancies and they filled time was Joe by there's going to be speaking and he will be doing that using his mouth Jake. What? What? What? What is it? What's the value, Why do we need to keep them alive? Why does why has seen an authoritative? This is Why? Why weakens the results, even though they offer nothing? And this is really what's funny to me funny, I should say amazing I should tell me handling funny how you mean funny I mean funny like I want to stab myself a stare myself in the heart with a number two pencil you like check, Wiggers, probably like gayest. Even do it
and then they lean over the like Jake you're, not allowed watched even lower continue. I just I really imagine especially can't watch him, as he's doing me could know which one I am the inception of Jake's it kind of a feat when you think about it: the fat fat offer nothing and they still exist, How is CNN existed this long? Is it just because people assume they were telling the truth. Another that fails been lifted. They'll be gone in. This is also what so concerning when you look at the marriage of big tech maybe this is what is most concerning to me- First, I remember Joe Rogan actually back when he was in his house. He was doing the webcam thing at First Conifers movers rights with Pike S I met him always talking about this is that this is a new frontier manages. Anyone can ever show you need to get a deal Television network. Why would you want to do that? You need to just do your own thing now and you're not as much if you're, not as many people watching this, what he said but
you're a little slice of the pie? You have your own little plot of land, great, that's what we thought and it was going to change right. What was going to change when he saw you two stars remembered sort of started changing when there is a growing LISA Nova who is really big on Youtube and she was brought undermanned tv and she was so bad. It was ditched after season, but we thought hey this is showing us that actually people on line can create their own programming and there's no gatekeeper. That was what was seen as the Big Perkins, the bathroom all society, but anyway, can actually create their own content and now because they are dying CNN, that's Turner Broadcast ABC Disney NBC Universal. They are the ones who are spending the most on advertising foxes by the weather, exempt spending the most on advertising in Youtube, trying to smaller channels like our own removed, NBC, Vocs, Universal and
getting themselves to be declared authoritative so that our sources, people channels like us, it actually provide information and actually try to corroborate, actually try to find some verification as to the authenticity and by the way, have also the acknowledged mistakes are things that have been called to early on this programme. The law, see media outlets because they have nothing left. They want to squeeze all. the new media programmes. That's what's so concerning If we don't have an administration is going to stop it again. They want you serve the basically, I guess tat. Papa, you would call it on cable news. They want that to effectively exist. I'm on Fox NEWS, CNN Nbc. We see, doesn't really have a full service, cable news, but it CNN Nbc was Jemison Mysian Fox NEWS. They want that to happen. New you online rather than this and TIM Pool, ensure the young, Turks and channels like the quartering ensure channels like a giant giant dishonest Bali, pussies, like youth, incline each three, eight three still,
at least there is a market of ideas they to silence that out. Think of when you think about house MR, it is, and they tried to paint this idea that it was may verses some some gay latino lack next gentlemen. Over there who happened to work at vocs which totally discounts effect. We criticise vocs many times when it didn't involve gay latin. Next members. Think, though, about how Bali, a bully is someone who picks and somebody smaller than them. The universal, using the power of you to be trying to squeeze out this I don't know right on policy, then we could turn into NBC right now you have brine Williams, Brian Williams shot down an Apache helicopter Brian. Shot down and a helicopter Williams? What is it with the liberals lying on helicopters, Hillary Clinton, in your islands? I think it's just a lie. That years ago it was like an old ineffectually helicopter does no one ever been in one. I have no idea, but think of it, How bullying that is. That's all
I had a problem with that eight three, eight three, that is inclined do in a whole that you on the quartering. Nowhere, no ordering has a fraction of you ship and he didn't have em on you now the debate on these lines of a bit? You just call them whatever was a racist sexist because those criticisms of black Panther Bree Larsson like this and if you're, the bigger guy in you're, going to punch down? You have to give this. All our guy and opportunities beat back. That's not what they want to do. This now admits universal, wanted to do with us and seen and want to do with any independent voices on Youtube, and I say because guess what, if it weren't for this broadcast in people like this, you wouldn't know anything. That's going on right now, you wouldn't know about sharp, You wouldn't know about about where they called the flier wagons. Big flyer, radio, flyer, radio, fuck, you know about radio flyer wagons. You wouldn't know that there are people actually trying to pay attention to the polling stations. You know. Any of these things you wouldn't have a lawyer who came in out of his love
work. They were I'm sure. Your client farmer pleasant me to bring in witnesses to bring another lawyers to bring in verification, to bring in evidence you none of those things you just have David actual rod and in Rick Santorum, slash walls and grounded stand in. Why, like nice, guy talking about how Joe Biden is going to give a speech regarding the election, the there is nothing there at all, not to mention they never create. Piece of content and their life. They ve never done a parody. They ve never done a sketch They ve never done a changed, my mind. I ve never created anything new and they do even discover new stories and when there are new stories they actually can't be bothered to check them. Like Hunter Biden, crack
There is no reason for CNN Abc Nbc Cbs, as in their current interactions, there is no reason for them knew just anymore: they are of no value, they provide you with no service whatsoever. It would be like you, having a cable television provider, that just interview tv you're like what I pay for cable television. We gave you a turtle, I don't like turtles well how to put it in boxes, but what kind of dogs we here somewhere between December twenty third and February twenty six between the hours of eight a m and ten p m to remedy the problem lies garbage lower third, its so Biden just patients as Trump threatens lawsuits. What the reason The Biden is urging patients is because he knows that you're gonna carry his water, it's wrong. You now make everything works out. That's why right and trumpets turning lawsuits, because that's a legitimate way of making sure everything is done legally incorrect right. Let me ask you this
Do you believe that in any any field that people dont make mistakes it for some reason, human nature vanishes, that people are all inherently altruistic gulf. Don't you have any. Where way we didn't discovers here in the studio capitals I mean it's a mean bill in the office of them has been legendary write. Her people have disagreements in people are wrong. What did we ever hall But what have you ever seen? Biden call the media the mat for anything ever they ve, never got it wrong. They ve, never got it wrong, bind doesn't fit binding. things that the mainstream media that seen in is flawless. Think about that for a second I see that I have push back. What do you remember that, one time when someone s show about Hunter was one? I went Nabs Lulli insane. You said you would ask questions like that. Hit yes I am a journalist and you know it. I know it it was even more telling about that. I can we bring up, by the way, someone asking Joe Biden about about Hunter than the one where he's coming off airlines the place, as you would ask a question like that people may not
this when they watch it, they may not necessarily recognize it. He does. It needed MRS the guy, and he looks over the other members oppress like right. He's not gonna be in a cool kids club anymore, you better than to ask those questions right, kiddos! That's what I saw when I saw him in the question was something like you know, care to comment on the courier: how terrorism that sort of thing you guys jets, a real John stuff like that for crying out loud in mind, commissioner, we are buying up leaking. Yet, let's make sure that we keep our eyes parents anything or I find someone out with him. Can you guys analyse commentary rogaine, we ideological, I go pay and eat something problem says Our group is like so people in there all right. He last sooner one come the time make greater good start, restatement statement. And I'm sure will have more to say later.
either tonight or tomorrow. Let me begin by any stretch press for being here. what else my follow miracles yesterday and you know that once again proved that democracy is heartbeat of this nation, gesture as long as they were nation for two centuries and even in the face and More Americans voted this election than ever before in american history. Over a hundred and fifty million people cast their votes, but you know it doesn't want. I think there s a extra ordinary is how many more minorities we hadn't Dowd Subway ACT as an awkward for who should have any longer, but a government of by and for the people Is very much alive, much alive and America here. The people room. Power can be taken or asserted. Shirking It flows from the people, that's why you on it.
Is there: will that determines will be the President, the United States and there will along and anchovies And now after a long night of county is unclear, about one million of states. Two hundred seventy electoral votes needed to when the presidency declared victory It is clear that we want what's the weakest regions innocent you did with the cap. Finished. We believe we will be. The winners. Tell us why. Of course it freezes for man here, weekly our. So let's what what Lauer Jerry, I just couldn't help but think that this was just reading a bunch of platitudes. Mia somebody's, we, when can we can we run that speech at some point or a spectacular margin and presentation somewhat neglected twenty six to sixteen Michigan complete. His vote shown maybe as early as the day,
I feel very good about Pennsylvania. Virtually all the remaining barriers to be counted were cast by mail We ve been waiting, seven percent of votes by mail in Pennsylvania, hats weather, male and boldly we flipped Arizona in this. The District of Nebraska, I do like this special significant eat me that people rules really well. Jordi of the american people. in every indication is that majority will grow popular vote lead of nearly three million votes and Indication is that will grow as well. Indeed, Senator Harrison. I are on track, to win more votes than any ticket in history. This country than ever one. the presidency seen vice presidency over. Seventy million votes out of our campaign. Only
three presidential campaign in the past have defeated. come at present. What is finished? God willing will be the fourth This is a major achievement, This is a major to some curious. It's been a long and difficult journey and make sure wretch maybe take a look at where this plan has. This phenomenon can command today, Tarzan, some kind, a hard time at the looks like it's operate. We had. I can't leave before last night's a movie faced hard times before So what this election is finally statement about behind us, retired for us to do what we ve always done as Americans. put the harsh rhetoric about the camp ain't behind. I keep it or the temperature all out, to see each other again today, said to one another tree to hear each other again respecting care for one another.
We do that already. Do you learn a lot of calls to teach you every vote to come together? as a nation. I don't know he's gonna go for him? I'm not naive. Neither of Idaho deep and hard. The opposing views are our country on so many things. but I also know this as well as to make progress. We have to treating our opponents as enemies? We are not manage this again when, where does brings us together, Americans is so much stronger than that it can terror, support so low, be clear, I we are campaigning as Democrats. He's right. I will govern companions does an american president, but that's what you The presidency itself is not correct partners, institution so he's. Not those y all stress right in this nation, the represents everyone
it demands a duty of care. We are all aware and sniffing precisely what I will do come out. Our work is hard for those who didn't vote for me as it were for those who did not take the guns away, restart now I await the results must be countered by saying he's airs. Everyone is saving up every point on this entire, not every plank in his black workers rather too far. America's far too many battle, The interesting thing is, you know saying that register president for everyone we, whereas he was calling from vote voters those as link eyes, lights waiting for what I took it Very personally, I know I've got on his way. Rouse regimen decided its work on my skin. yeah look urge their tanks. Just do you have a nice, not cloud. Thank you again, for this will not be
my victory alone or arbitrary alone, victory for the american pillow, because you can. I gotta see ass, also victory that resources should raise in media when we will, which is just a United States of America. God bless you all, and may God protect our troops Where are you staying about Joe Biden yet with it? You know, interesting when you here at the very beginning, he said we ve got to more than seventy votes by Werner are the electoral votes by were not declaring victory so and I would ask you this: you ve got a very interesting dichotomy: mainstream media, carrying the water for the Democrats for Joe Biden. They are declaring victory, in a number of states where there is still some large question and very tight margins, but their Canada is coming out in saying you can't make the call. So you know it's. It's gonna be very, very interesting,
it some earlier earlier today we were hearing from folks were saying: yes, there's gonna be voting completed by the end of the data four Michigan, but I'm gonna guess by where things are right. Now we're gonna go into the evening for that, and then solving by the end of the week, though, you have seen a lot of folks who are calling Wisconsin they're saying that the vote count is pretty much done and all the way or by the unseen and just projected that binding would win Michigan. So there we were at a level that have an event is digging out for a while. the estimated telling fine in it's like the old downloading or it's like you ve only got ninety six. Ninety six percent and stays, therefore, seven hours so on you dial up and when you look at the New York Times, no worse, switching between just the kind of covert cover the different coverage,
concept being called by the New York Times, not surprise there, given where the data is currently and some of the others websites, but then Michigan not yet called the New York Times, though CNN has decided they have. These answer there and then El Nevada, Arizona, Alaska can a negligible in its decision and also Pennsylvania still not ruled by the New York Times though, interestingly sure maybe we dismiss it here, did see in an already call North Carolina in Georgia know those states in El Paso start rolling. Ok, Havana, Langley date yet feels like days. Not. I M excited here, Jake Tapir talk about how about it is that button declared victory. I think that's
that kind of guy, I am back by the weather. Some chick fly out there for anyone who goes off. I learned at all because to see just check all yours, you monsieur you're, good friend Joe. He started by saying that he had to an or semi votes, but then he didn't really yet not yet, but he thinks that he will at some point but he's not declaring victory but platitude platitude platitude, oh yeah, thanks the troops by Her- and I saw you guys keep here. I am not really quickly blinkers- continue big Pappy with the Democrats and sometimes the Republicans. Further final time I met, cause a republic, we can have a democracy taken away, that's technically true as a burden, never democracy ever had. You can't take always something that you never had anything else Did you guys know that when I came in earlier today, just as quick point, so when asked me, because this is the protocol, when I come in usually on the show, did I want to robe up and an eye, and I thought to myself- and I take it three.
afternoon, and then I realized he started early wait a minute. I wish I realise how long you guess, you're going to say I got I've got some really. I said I didn't expect you to show up today. So I appreciate you being I burial is known reached out to jail, so it might see if he can come and we did so. I decided just to come here my own cause. We were doing a story about Detroit. I swear my Gerald slashes tyres in I think, sir, so let's get early like wordy instead as my seat mate, so she's, pretty oven girl of rain by we'll, that's not rely on Coward Borneo, Democrat ten miles Yes, I don't know what that means. That is a lot of Democrats. In a lot but he's a mile, singular sizes confused. Now little turned about now. I've got some accident happening. We don't have only drink in this energy drink because we don't mean more black, rifle coffee and refuse to drink. I refused the coffee that we have not given my money, those Mexicans
You were obvious its root of my coffee. Why? Because they sell it at the sudden, like giant bags, is actually not dad was not great a girl if it's a trade, friendly amateurs, poop on it once a museum organic. My arms unique, at least, which shows what did I miss anything big happen while I, but while I was gone, sorry guys, I just had to go right just by down, give us be jet now known using it on a bee. His trunk, his campaign manager, Ogilvy making a statement is not exactly clear. I do like that's even thought that we had hid the Donald Trump speech while he was out eat and yet, I do appreciate that it is better that we would never have we do that. I do, and I appreciate appreciate everyone aesthetic, where I get tired its regular lobby Debbie. I really celebrate followed all you folks are here with us and in an please I mean. I know that
and if you have joined up at my club, but if you haven't the only way were able to do this, I could just so that that what could be a big exclusive scoop from today it just a little bit earlier and weighing county in Detroit. That doesn't happen. That doesn't happen You don't have sometimes anonymous really looking for these stories, but we have the infrastructure and that infrastructure is entirely because of usually so, please do consider. Ladder is going come slash. My club, you entered the Roma, crowd her section stream and you will get thirty dollars off Everyone is a student rag of military and you know not act. You not actually activated I don't understand what I'm saying you the same price as people are active, military or veterans or students, and today we are all students of life. Saving is appropriate. Spring of students have life wretch. Did you switch? like to leave later today