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Media Uproar After Trans Manifesto CONFIRMED, YouTube Censors, Police Hunt For Leaker!

2023-11-07 | 🔗

A lot has happened since we publicized the excerpts from the Nashville shooter's manifesto yesterday. We are going to fill you in on who said what, what's happening now, the latest developments, responses from the media, and more! If you have information about this incident please send us a tip at LWCTips@ProtonMail.com

GUEST: Bryan Callen

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I made it in time glad to see this patches brought my pen glad to be with you today a lot of developments since yesterday. Obviously the national manifesto, which is available now publicly, made predictions yesterday and surprise Are they all came true, but there's quite a bit more to that. If you didn't understand the media and big tec is the enemy a free people hold onto your boy. To think today will eliminate any doubt, let's get on with it there. What's that looks like a hatch to reopen it. I think we have to look at all you smell, something I can't see a thing. It's too dark. It is clear out there clear
what you ve been down there, since, why do they compete? It's destroy the world. No, not the way! Think launch! How have you been surviving down there since before two thousand? Can beans and pickles? Have you sure about twenty plus years on pickles pickles? Was my german shepherd rose That I picked up at is there anything you need that we can maybe help you with fresh bucket yeah. We don't have to do cause you, okay, like a bucket to bucket, do shit. You say leg up or bucket to know you want a fresh bucket of
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The media is not going to give anyone a fair shake and you'll see it on display. They are scared. When you look at the recent polls, they have nothing to offer. These are empty suits steward body. I am thrilled to be sitting alongside alia, the the univision. The fifty two points: that's the lead. Donald trump has tons of fun. Look at the museum change the hair put on a dress. Does anyone actually think that Chris Christie had a good night stop trying to be nice? Don't call the george w bush from the santhosh. Whoever has an r next to their name is going to get the trump treatment. The media is not your friend peter's, the modern burgh from the.
The it was a little longer because any little peppered my step, we have a marina on very little sleep here, prattles reappear. the show appreciate you being with us in their lot of you with us, really We must get the run them it will be covering today we will be discussing the natural manifesto, the release, the aftermath, of course, we ve been suppressed and outright removed from big tech. There are they spoke.
new claims to speak on behalf of all the parents who attacked us, as well as our source, trying to intimidate investigative journalists. As was whistleblowers and even the nashville mayor decided to get it in line with his weird little balloon had so a little strange Let me ask you this right off the bat. What shocks you most now if a settled a little bit and then has been kicked back up as it were to the nashville manifesto, the writings anything surprised you most as it relates to the sort of falling out. I guess- and We just had some developments this morning. That's why we started little late from them york times all the news, its fit to bullshit. So well that and more boy hey. You know what happy to be here I am glad to be here if this means that youtube suspends us facebook gets rid of us now, times wants to come after us. The mayor, we're fine.
I don't have a fine you're gonna need very hard but expensive, but we're glad to do it. issue number two cat morgan. How are you, sir, I'm doing well and hey by the way, the the do it for you audience out there? Thank you. So much mug club you've probably experienced a little blip at the beginning. There don't worry about it, there's so many people that signed up- and so many of you that are watching right now. It's pretty big numbers for for mug club. Muttering, having servers every day, then we're gonna be strangled goes today. There are a lot of you today. So was a little bit lagging crashed those watching exclusively on my club. I know you're in the chat. Let us know if it's working for you, it's it's a good thing, but we are going to ensure that you know we probably have to I dunno how many more millions to spend on service, but it's a good problem to have. When you hear this, you know who's in third chair eleventh most of you. I never ninth november I have organised. I have often had eleven till the good nights, don't call it charlie and in raleigh north carolina, and you can see the rest of his dates at Bryan, Callen, dot com and he has a show here on mobile. on tuesdays off limits. Mr run counter. You I'm way
I've rendered to be on the outside with you, looking in all the hypocrisy. So let's go increase. So did you rehearse the mayor? I didn't idle at self aware. I got this. You taught me to change my you know I get because you're a name brand sweater bills. So you those either cried. Then I can. I change it for kashmir is and scares Don't even know what it is. I just know: silk comes from worms, so I don't like it ok. So yesterday just a really for those of you who missed it. You ve got a lot of credit at com. You can follow us on on annex on twitter. We were stop this publicly the manifesto, the portions of the manifesto of the nashville shooter that had been suppressed for seven months case you have missed it hears a recap: kiev chilled shouldn't be reading this and right now, you're watching on you too. I'm about to direct, you sclusively to rumble slash, a club because they don't want to see audrey kill those kids. Three
commission points. Those crackers going to private fancy. Schools those fancy khakis and sports backpacks with their em. Dash dash dash daddy's, mustangs and convertibles. cute little shit. I to shoot you weak ass sticks with your mom, yellow hair, wanted. all you little crackers again bunch little faggots with your white privileges fuck, you faggots I should have said before this, if at any point today, you see this, this youtube dump button That means had another rumbled, that's a signal to mission control. You absolutely should have to be issued a party scene. It should have already because out it when I'm you're not too, but youtube is using rico against us, because criminal organization is low and ahead of it. We knew this story is afraid of at least some. We knew that's an insulting people. We knew that we get some attention that you, what if he shared it so we made
sections yesterday, and this is something that, if you guys know mouth from andrew, This is something that he discussed. You get finish the sentences of the left. You know what they're going to do before they do it. I didn't expect you to do it quickly. Or as dishonestly as they did, and we have some clips here today from some interviews that were conducted that them were released and chopped up, but yesterday on the show. We said What call us to the matter. We are going to make these predictions as to how the coverage will play out. Yet, let's call it like gerald set the left one. We will try to spend money scenes that includes by the way, all of media and big tech. what predicts that people some people on the right, we'll cover it don't know how much attribution there will be because a lot of people don't want to highlight that they haven't. covered it themselves, you'll probably see some blow back as to what you shouldn't have covered this, because you could create copycats right that some of the virtue signalling that you will see that would love to hear from you comment below. If that's it, that's a line of thought
to which you subscribe, and I that's all I'm calling it soil alert. Let me say that we were right: yeah, yeah, yeah, there's no person. So what happened? The video was removed from youtube where they send us being a criminal organisation. The manifesto is also been banned in all major social media platforms. With the exception of acts, couple of warnings that went up were taken down by x and, of course, not just us, but a fast to itself was attacked by local and national media repeated The covenant spokesperson claims to speak on behalf of all of the parents as doesn't demanded money. I guess, and then the mayor of nashville himself launched and invest investigation, but here's something you're not seeing. No one after I would say, noon central yesterday, on his refuting the authenticity, its
It was we. How do we know this is authentic, for maybe about half an hour to an hour. Then people were jumping on the bandwagon, claiming that they had confirmed the authenticity when they would have had no way to do so and that no one has refuted the authenticity, including the mayor, including the police department. They are attacking the messenger, so. Why would that be? And I know that there are some people who are new here now there are some people who will buy this. This lie from this a self appointed spokesperson and that This is this is harming Anyone who is involved with the shooting up, not a lot of people, are actually buying that line, but there are a lot of people out there who are inquisitive or what was also makes sense manifesto in the national associations, so that we have the right to do this job. based on present. Look at all the other manifesto. Why is the media so aggressively trying to bury this that's the same reason that there are attacking this programme and all of you to be clear for sharing this? Many of you have lost your accounts for sharing it so
Let me tell you I remember this is the same group of people meeting them the entertainment industrial complex who handle it this way from the beginning oh right after the shooting they were. that and focusing on accurate reporting and making sure that it was kept safe and understand the motives undressing the targets they were. tripping over pronouns. The shooter has been identified as twenty eight year old, female audrey hale said she's a former student of the school and confirmed that underhill was a identified herself has a transgender person tonight, nearly a month after metro police shot and killed the gunman than that we're monday, a shooter blasted through locked doors using a high powered rifle there. It looks like they pass some type of front entrance least tonight, and why they believe the assailant may have had some weapons training I want to go
Every on a pattern of former classmate of the shooter. She received a direct message shit or on instagram student at the school? I don't know what great sees attended a grades, but we do for firmly delays. He was a student there there she there was they. There was eight and there was audrey We also have a collage plenty of other mainstream outlets. They were trying super hard to make sure they got the pronouns rightly spring, collage, be to look at sea and in new york times right, usa. Today. Here's a quote: police have referred to hail as the quote female shooter. When asked for clarification spokesperson, told CNN hale used mail. Pronouns on a social media profile. The new york times there was confusion laid on monday about the gender identity of the assailant in nashville, shooting the suspect appeared toy defies remain in recent months. Usa, today, police on Monday afternoon, said that the shooter was a transgender man, Charles had initially misidentified the gender of the shooter. This is the point because you're going to see today, they want
distance themselves from that, because this is just a crazy person. This isn't a theme two male transgender. They want to get Let us not term is used far too much worse. lost its meaning. I want you to go back. and your time capsule and remember how there are treating it. Then we know exactly to be clear to answer a question. We know exactly. Why the media and beg tat did not want manifesto being released. How do we know because they told us they didn't want it to be released because it would make motive pretty clear, as Obviously, we shall I met yesterday and they thought that that could negatively impact the algae bt. Q commuter let's get nor delorean. It is shameful, it is disturbing and our hearts go out to those trans community as they are. Winter attack right now, tennessee already under siege transgender community is terrified. One advocate told,
They see news. We are already fearing for our lives. Now, it's even worse. Pronouns do not kill children by people with Council called altering my fear is that folks will continue to two weapon: nice things against trains community, with this being one then transgender community and its supporters, the disturbing trend in anti trans legislation and states across the country, bathroom bands, pronoun bands, educate, you'll restrictions on gender identity topics. So, if the shooter happens to be white but and a white supremacist you'll hear, not supporting point about control might supremacy. If the shoe is transgender, and now enough, faster, obviously despise people of white privilege and crackers and subscribe to gender ideology or gender.
yeah. I guess, if you're going back, to see one of oranges, but let's call it gender theory, because that's what it is the theory then it's about the backlash. we really have to make sure that trans people are safe. You know about and feel safe but who were shot exactly kids, here. The train lay of rage yeah. I think they were promoting the run run that same time as well and other that pisses me off all over again My first have enough. We were very frustrated by, but especially that lead part. We talk about the white house christine jean Pierre, going out there and saying the white house needed to go out and say: hey. We were so sorry. We stayed with the community, we're so sorry for the people who lost their lives and the families and the community that was destroyed by this act of violence by this crazy person that did this, and instead goes they're in talks about trade like train. It doesn't make sense. So let the memory hole this remember how angry you were when it had yeah, and you know what this move, the needle when it happened where people were saying. Maybe we've gone too far with some of this trans business, because does seem as though we are creating a little were creating a little bit of instability. Now, as far as how this went
and we're going to get into the throttling of big tech. Because it's not just us, it's everyone out all its you watch it now shared and we warned you, but I apologize if you lost your account if was suspended if it was locked. This is, we have a good micro chasm good encapsulation. See this email from the new york times yesterday and it tells Things were high they're mine Emily cockerill, I'm a reporter within york times, I'm working on a story and Mr Karas publication of the covenant, writings and just left the press conference where one parent, brent leather, wood, was critical of the decision. To publish those photos he described? It is in clicks at one point and said the proceeds from the video should go to the families. you mean you, don't even weight to say more money, more money, more money. I will the video earlier this morning and will incorporate some of that, but also one make sure Mister Crocker didn't have any additional comment or responds to the push back. Thank you now. Here's the thing article was released today. I did respond to this person. You did
They didn't include my response. How this is the aim, we were chasing clicks and we should give the revenue the peace seed should go to the families I'm a major retailers. He described as chasing clicks and that the proceeds from the video should go to the families? They asked me for comment gave them a comment. Was there, and I was very, very clear- and I harry I was right- Careful of my words. I says Thank you for reaching out. I approve. You wanted to be even handed in your writing process in a tent familiarised myself with your previous writing. I attended s more of your past articles, but couldn't make it passed the pay, what is bring it up overlay see to this is face, is that they want to air, and this is the thing it's it's the light. First off right, there's the lies by commission, its including the statement. Why that makes you look silly Emily cock rain and then
hocker, save accusing you have doing exactly what it is it there don't take them. Times. Has subscribers they have you pay due it not an investigative journalism europe you're paying, for it of midtown office is what you're paying for you're, not actually getting the journalism it you're paying for certainly not the entertainment and don't this had questions about motive, that when I was watching that everybody wants to know its natural for you to want to know what was going on this maniac who killed children written, and so I guess the release of the manifesto and the picture of the note book is more disturbing than then seeing this person shoot through the winter. The idea that an end would walk the halls that school. That's carry the videos okay, but this written note book these brush. Then don't bug is apparently way to trust in the new york times profiting offer this with reconstruction service. That's ok, completely independent, completely independent journalism. Mucklucks me
in. Joint bottles cannot come such muslim. You know, there's a promo code, undercover also the new york times you can we least offering you an option? It's ok for them to do it. They don't know investigative journalism, suppress stories. They don't actually break any news stories anymore and they don't even the comment that they received last night? There is no excuse, billy, you are lazy and you dont do your. Diligence. Please you don't be afraid to stop perpetuating the original stereotype of female reporters? Love don't be full like they don't send you those emails, because they want to get more information. That's not they're, not doing journalism their ruler, basically hiding a hit peace and they but you to say something that they can then use against. You are taken out of context or use half of what you said to make it look like there. that's it. We're lie there to listen, leather word to by the way was apparent. I believe someone or children who went to govern it when we're not shot I'm saying not not thank god, and you ve never heard me say anything other than I cannot even imagine dealing with that kind of a tragedy.
But I want to know this purse new issued. A press conference are Any other relatives to those victims who got the new york times, treatment wears a hate you like to comment knesset yeah yeah, I'm apparent uncle on a mom on a grandparent. I'm a brother, a message. I would like to know why this happened if my relic, our friend was targeted and that's it included you would never know. You would never know that there was a comment issued if I Tell you right now, we're gonna get to more of that. We are releasing full videos, and, strips today on x from some of the wonderful beacons of journalism that we had to deal with yesterday. So let me go to predictions from yesterday. Some of these developments, which look some people, would be scared right. Fine mayor, you want to investigate if we go ahead, with a cry and that's committed, they weren't, we are sure that this was a felony could make it stick. Now, let's go back,
predictions that we made yesterday, let's see if they came to fruition- and it's not hey, aren't we impressive it's. The left is so impressive, they are so lazy, predictable and predictable that you and you can see this from a mile off, so the first prediction that we made yesterday was that big tech would, of course, try to ban throttle sensor shadow ban. You know what let's call it like Gerald said the left one covered with trying to spend money scenes that includes by the way, all of median big tech. and what is the net result What would happen you to remove your video stating how we wanted to? Let you know our team reviewed your content and we think it violates our violence. Criminal organizations, palace and organisations are the mafia around part of the gang boy, wonder world. I love. How dare you
Why would crore? Maybe they mean? Maybe they mean the shooter was sons of tren Archaea? That was it that chart Charlie Hunnam is the worst at worst american accent ever hey we're about to go pick up a shipment of a K. Forty savitz out by critics they said we know you may not have realised this was a violation of our policies. So applying a strike to your channel. Well, that's kind of you can. However, we have removed your videos from youtube. So look you too! now. This also goes to google global ban sharing about so that's alphabet. So now all of Google, all of you tube. Where people go over your content, this doesn't exist. starting point, and we still we talk about the Google thing during the show your dna, we brought it up for you to see that it said that things are changing very quickly another not yet there a release of information that the only thing that happened to Google, then they decided to Japan, the sharing of it altogether friend you have read it by. We read it actually, what suspend account
It's me out a little bit for sharing it at all, so mehta. as facebook in surrounding the messenger- ban, sharing it entirely. It's as your post go, against our community standards on violence and incitement, so nuclear right. Now you just added up you tube alphabet, google, Madame means facebook interim, even in your your messenger, apps messaging people, a band suspended that that but Sliver the pie is getting really really small. Isn't around. You are allowed to speak freely. This is violation of any law. This not something that included any gratuitous violence itself, but it did these two luman, more than nothing motive and targeting which one again help people if you're gonna do struck this rather than just say guns, bad guns, bad one. Second, maybe this could but recognise why we have a mental health crisis in the country, the kinds of people who maybe are committing these What kind of echo chambers do they live in what kind of content
are they consuming instead, they all decided that you don't get to see it at all. This is the biggest fight of our lifetime? If you are not allowed to speak, there will be people who I missed yesterday's who aren't among the millions who never say this if you're on a search you're not going to find it lesser using being at a public library. You'd have to go to rumble cook won't find it on youtube. So this posed courting demeter facebook. goes against our community standards on violence and incitement. The same thing with youtube yet see you can spot the difference, or at least The inconsistency it's hard to understand the rules, because this content is just fine. We want to get right to that. Breaking an anti muslim terror attack and new zealand, the prime minister, there is looking at one of the nation's darkest days, a government two mosques, while hundreds of muslims were praying. The man who is claiming respond, billy and charged with murder is an extreme right wing. Whites
promises of thirteen people were shot and what their calling a racially motivated attack and jacksonville florida for people are that including the gunman after shooting inside a doll, general store authorities held a news conference just a few moments ago saying the incident was racially motivated and they quota actually from the manifesto and a lot of those to be clear. They want you to live in darkness, right, that's not a good thing for anybody, whether your left, whether you're right living in complete darkness, lack of transparency, darkness isn't good. Will try to ab test. We ve been experimenting on the office and it didn't go well the.
the captain morgan what he got so all of those clips just so you know we're from the day of the shooting day after the shooting that we just showed you. So the media was doing their job and getting the information out to the public, and that was not going to be a problem for anybody. It wasn't going to create any issues, but also the The previous school shooting I receive was one of the most that hair, raising experiences we ever had to see happen and unfold believe They foundation is actually calling for a boycott of this show, after the release of the manifest, why? Why would you be calling for boycott, of a show that discusses the motivations behind him shooter, so that we can then maybe prevent more ass shootings. I would think that having some kind of security having some kind of an understanding of where these people may be coming from would be in everyone's interest, especially people touched by tragedy, though it may be hard to relive these situations. Are you
Are you saying the same things to the media that cover the story on an anniversary date, because next year, when it gets to march probably going to be a story in the media. The one year anniversary of and the way that same standard. I seem to remember the valet police chief saying that they were fine police. Who did a great job on the outset, until more video came to light, rather they waited in the hallways with children dying. We only transparency is where we all agreed even found common ground. We need to better equip our police force. God they're running away from gunfire member after we found that some parents were being terrorised, trying your brain, they were trying to bring in a safe. You don't get it I'm sure mission control can can bring that up. Worry he's at all. You know they did a great job and maybe some it we'll see what we could do better. They did a horrible job you're, covering your butt, So at this point hey, you know what there have been warnings, where their warnings were there? People who- rest concern or jason. Some other leads to, as it relates to covenant just to be clear. What is this,
What, if it's preventable kyoto this- was preventable, and what, if knowing this, makes these more prevented? in the future- and this is We do what we did it look if you want to support it like we said if you dont get into the daily show brian show Alex joneses show nick. Hollows daily show it still. None of this to get of journalism exists, if not for you lot of canada, come such ballclub ten dollars off. If you enter the promo code under cover all If you just want to watch for free download, the rumble app if this hasn't. If this hasn't showed shown you that youtube hates you, then- just download the rumble app. It's the easiest thing to do in your mobile phone you'll get notifications. When things get up, they will not crumble. They will not falter. They will not bend the need to big tech. Ok, let's go to another prediction here and the reason we're doing this is is not just as it is not as an end zone, the hence its. you can see this happening in real time, see us calling it and see it to fruition and know that this is exactly what will happen in your life. If you try and speak the truth, that's the issue may happen in europe.
The school with the teachers and it may happen Local police department, with your police union, it my and if you work for a company, that's valuing de eyes, it can happen to any of you so watch this happened in real time. We can fight for you, so that you don't have to every single day if we're not doing we're too stealing your dollar right. Look in your time, the subscription. So another prediction we made a second, we said no one, probably what's going to happen, done properly, definitely blow back for covering until attack the message. and you'll probably see some blow back as to why you shouldn't have covered this, because you could create copycats right that some of the virtue signalling that you will see. I mean one guess: spend cycle horse has been massive, and this is only after. It was and keep in mind over seven months silent nothing. You knew nothing you had your suspicions, but you heard nothing
Then this went to the number one trend- milk, the people sought they had to respond. They respond with saying this isn't true. Now they responded by trying to spinnet seeing this hurts people by the way, I don't feel its words or violence, silence, Violence used. I remember one. Violence was violence, but no violence. Isn't violence if its permanent against the right people. So than the media, the local media, it's always cute, because some of these people think they actually journalists there. El downs over the covers? You can bring this collage their matt. You have a w s m for national ws em for nashville has a veto. as talk shows criticized for releasing covenant school, shooters writings, our job nonprofit calls for boycott after of covenant school shooters writings, who care It's amazing to me. I just wonder if the new york times or one of these mainstream legacy media outlets gotta hold that manifest. And they released it, would I think they would have
It was then that I would have liked to have seen that blowback be very interesting if there was any blowback at all. What this next guy, who I spoke with from our wsm fours? I guess, he's our chief investigative report, that is that it Yes, I wonder if I don't get it belonged. She because I can tell by the eyeball test chief investigative reporter chief investigative reporter who home the chief meaning he never leaves the office. Yes, his name is jeremy thinly and look where We uploading that the entire interview to ex right now you can bring us as an overlay. It is up on acts. We will get it up. rumble on our channels. Can it can you bring it up? Just there's nobody, so people can see, go and follow on twitter full interview in its full context rooms it's there I want you to see what happens when you sit down, and I know that this is going to be an interview where sky had a little bit of an axe to grind, because this outlet, I believe, had tried to shew to get the manifesto. The attic they try to end. They didn't know
so. Then they were upset that somebody else did and by the way back that no one reached out to you locally means they don't trust you exactly yeah, so what you see how they cut the interview. and then it will show you some clips here but again folder parents. They wanted to go and watch the fallen of you also because it's kind of funny cures w s m for nashville most trusted, and I have no idea if there might be a second most trusted news, but I'm sure they're trusted to some degree here's cut the interview and let it progress admits he is biased and believes he was right to release. The writing. Squatter is no stranger to controversy. He's been of homophobia, massaging and racism. He has remained defiance in the wake of these criticisms and steadfast in his beliefs, including that has taken too long for metro police to release the covenant shooters writings. So all of that is structure should spell louder with a you had enough
Yeah loader, it's not it's not typos somewhere in an article, but it's in the cairo it away. He the way he just said, though you been accused of these things I'm a phobia true, and it said- and he stopped by these beliefs so that the they do. Way: they bay insinuate uncle cannot escape that. But tell me: do me a favor, but you didn't accuse me. I will accuse you of writing a partisan hack who, just as an honest about it, real people tell Yes, I am biased rhyme, but that we combat below you ever heard me say that I am an unbiased journalist ever have you ever hot now underfoot how many times give or take have you heard me say I am biased, of course, that doesn't change the fact that I'm seeking the truth and we make the reference is available. My problem, people who lie about it, yeah exactly I don't care if Jesus Christ had presented these documents. I wouldn't be
looking at him and saying. Well, I have a problem with your. I like you, so they must be true. I would be looking at the documents and seeing what the document said. Are missing the boat in it so obvious that there is no good reason for you doing it. You're not. Making our commentary on these documents. Your attacking the very fact that we released- then the perpetrator replaced, as is like? Well, you wanted to do exactly that, Does: let's, let's assume that you are not only accused of other things but guilty of, although things does it change a single word on the page, I'm probably guilty. There's one well I'm just saying that we all feel the thought I gotta listen, you're, afraid of homophobia. Yes, what is it It was Charles manson who happened to like find a manifesto. That guy is a guy found, a manifesto for my cellmate, but oh okay. Well, I don't think the swastika and affords a good look, but he seemed to check out that would be admissible evidence yeah, it's so irrelevant, and it's so obvious what they're trying to do here and I dunno, if it's them being pissed off or trying to run cover for maybe these
You should never just have seen the light of day, because we don't like wolves local lose is an illusion just to be clear to anyone who thinks the golden age of journalism. There was no golden age of journalism. Walter Cronkite was was a completely biased tack and in local news doesn't exist, is run by basically three companies just to be clear, so here's how they covered the rest or I would get up the portion of this of the interview and how they shows two presented between five and six o clock broadcasts, local news as we croatia has an agenda and I asked what the agenda was for his source in releasing truthfully pages of rights and a lot of people thought that it was necessary for this to be out there and their people involved with the nashville pd, who also believed that two things haven't been necessarily transparent. We want there, so we can agree minute for contacts? We can use experts to evaluate this. You have only released three pages and I'm wondering if you think that's irresponsible. I sincerely doubly for a second and I don't think that you'd
that any of this would have ever been released. If not for what took place today, I hope if they have more and there's more conscious great, I want to our job. is is done, so let me tell you something that wasn't how I answered that question by the way it's still kind of stands, but I didn't answer it in that sequence, and this is another trick. People That's not how the guy look to know when I spoke very different, witham candidate. But can you guys? Can you get me some of the lighting reverence his legs? Can you guys get me some of that lighting different? They made that they made this to hack. Look like David moors: where have they did a very good job, and I know and looking and it's it's silly. You know because he's obviously hiding what he actually looks like. There's a reason these local but the dishonesty there is when you record an interview and then they go out, they go back afterward and re record their questions. Now I say that in this case he met presented his questions, but they will do that. You allow the townspeople would ask. Why would these?
on the daily show. Why would they answer those absurd questions because they didn't those have actually, I never asked, and then afterwards they film themselves asking those questions, but here some kinda, apple, when I'm doing interview number three, four, five or you're doing that in a given day, word whiskers here: and about his word whiskers. Maybe he must pronounces something. Maybe of his sources is not correct. Maybe he was caught flat footing my question point blank and there is already a long pause because he didn't know how to answer, because he's not equipped for all of those things can be edited out. If not completely wiped from the right to change. The dynamic of the interview that you see so here is how I fully addressed the question and again the full video with full context. Is now available on x.
Here's I addressed it in its full context when he asked me about just releasing three pages as journalists. We want the entire manifesto release. We want that, so we can examine it for contacts. We can use experts to evaluate it, as you have only released three pages, wondering, if you think that's irresponsible manner that fears if there isn't what I think responsible is: how long has it been since a shooting, roughly at what eight to nine months he had suffered, we're between yeah. I think it's late, seven call eight months kay involved, involves investigation I don't the pd repartee of the fbi involved these people saying that it's you and this information should not get out there. They want this suppressed up, but they haven't able to name any other people of interest with their investigation and the Can public has seen nothing. We know more about christchurch shooting which, by the way, if you look at that manifesto, it was trawling in this case. This is off
take. This is someone who was deranged as someone who is steeped their entire life, it seems. in the modern, progressive ideology. the term white privilege on ironic before he came in a mass shooting crackers. If you look at the languages being used, of course, ever misspelled, which also is it terrible indictment of our public education system, release. What it is that we have, I sincerely doubly for a second and I don't think that you do Any of this would have ever been released if not for what took place today. and by the what you can come at below one hundred one hundred stand behind that, if. If we didn't do what we have done yesterday, we'd still nothing and I don't believe you would ever have had anything I don't need any portion of this manifesto now note to be fair. I don't have all of it and if there is another journal that exists of this person, condemning liberals pro
condemning, woke ism and you praising donald trump we stand corrected when I say job is done at the very least now but now they were sold a false bill of goods. Rightly at least they know the truth was hidden from them. Now I just want. Clear. I absolutely too, we would not be having this conversation. It would still be alive victimizing algae bt q plus people when it was just a person who was mentally deranged and keep in mind again, remember those pronouns we discussed earlier. They were and to honour them, because they were more concerned avoiding those land mines when this was before the bodies had even assumed room temperature will now when they know that this person, obviously motivated by modern progressive ideology they wanted distance themselves like no? No, no, no, no! No! This is just a crazy person, so the pronouns aren't all that important right here you go. We have heard repeated later this person that was so mentally ill.
There may not be there, may not be any understanding of. Why should do what she did, because she was a mentally ill, but I dont have the entire confidant the entire. Oliver writing. Scientists say she. Why do you say she. Well? I will say she because I had interviewed her twenty four, the faint emily Family refers to her ass. She and although she identified as transgender she's, not here to basically diskiver herself what she preferred to be so this point, I am going with what the family and how they described her, but you know we're. Also. but why have won the millionaires? Why are we taking the families word for it right, because this person was only twenty eight years old right aden is how they feel the aim is how they last referred themselves when they were becoming a a mailman, they committed the shooting they identified as a male. This family? That's right, has not seen the man handed over the authorities as nosing according to the famous
I have not seen the matter so when then, I wonder, shooting happened right. It was a game of of walking backwards with landmines, where people were being for using the wrong pronouns. Now, I'm not going, gotcha with you, I'm saying that happened with everyone out there when they were covering us and now people are a people. Are well, the authority would be the family. Are the lawyer, the family couldn't know. Why is a fan? authoritative source they handed over to the police department who, by the way, have refused to give anything to the public. This is one of those issues you, ok, if you want to get to the truth, you are stonewalled by stonewalled by those in positions of power all were left with is a couple of days of the shooting people be tat for using the wrong pronouns and then moving on, because it's not a convenient tool to use forgot control. Also, let me just go back to the point of changing rules, we have been condemned and people have lost their jobs for saying identifies as transgender no it identifies as a man identifies as a woman
right. There is a man who, if he wasn't amongst friends and of their ilk, would be attacked with this person identified as transgender. No, they didn't they defined as a man. You have said that people don't identifies trench and transgender people identify as whatever gender choose, and now they want to eliminate the word transgender completely and just be man woman with no parentheses. I, like the parentheses like men and women this is. Why did you see what happened to his body language? You? What it's going on as modern progressive ideology doesn't even allow you to ask relevant questions. Let's take a really relevant question that I haven't heard anybody, you have somebody who is obviously, and feel completely their mind and they could We had to go to a doctor to get these two transition. I dont know whether or not they were on testosterone up, and my guess is if they were
transgender and they were transit. I would like to know if that doctor saw somebody come in this person for if you aren't transgender and you saying crazy things, you're not allowed to make that equation, you're not allowed to bring those two together, not about eight years crazy things, oh and by the way that might have something to do with the fact that you also now exhibiting our time Gender is for you. we have to do that because that's totally normal, why Are we not hearing about whether not this person comes in their mentally ill? They say now. I feel like a man, not a woman and give me testosterone. You're gonna get you're gonna disrupt someone's endocrine system whose already mentally ill does that had anything to do with how they behave well, that affect their behaviour, will were hormones affect your baby. Think we know scientifically than hormones do so now I've got to a person. Who is clear women's leo and add a word about that. You say you are a man, that's totally separate, I'm gonna give you all this testosterone that has
gotta, be a legal liability by the way this woman onto test austria would not have sorry would have exponentially more of a hormonal difference between beyond their natural profile than Chris Benoit did with the steroids he was taking. Yeah people put that in context. You think, it has been well if he was a walking human pincushion or anyone. You can picture with right rage wooden see the kind of exponential increase in their tests or their anderton levels. That a woman would what are you going hormone replacement? It is apparent. I want to know that information, because I want. I want those doctors upon the stand and I want to ask doctors why you gave similitude mentally ill testosterone, did you disrupt their endocrine system, knowing who is going to affect their behaviour? The second thing I want to say is: if I'm apparent and somebody kills. My child, which I can imagine gory colourable, are ikebana manage absolutely orban nightmare. Those parents are going through if that happen, I would want to know you. I would want to know everything about that person, and I want to read that manifesto or those
ripplings, whatever you want to call it. I don't think that's On page, I dont believe I thought of that too. I search my really is a father and I spoke, which we all agree. I would want to know. I certainly wouldn't want no answer. He I wouldn't want, or you don't know yet effort for nine months ago. I don't know the city. What doesn't want to be liable here and they don't want any malpractice we think maybe rivals so journalists don't ask questions. Let's claim that the person liable one who had the information leaked to them yeah the minute we talk about pronouns, you can see it. Everybody shuts up. Everybody goes like this. Everybody goes it's a it's a it's a male identifies, as your guess is as good as mine. Let's just chop, this up get generous around them, they're exactly scientifically proven that gender is a spectrum and it came from two doctors. It's important to that in the face of tragedy. If you have an opportunity to do something that will, even though it hurts you in the moment to maybe prevent the next one or two get better understanding, so that the public discourse can at least address the issues that are underlying this that this tragedy. Yet you have to do that big in
We always do it anyway. The media just didn't get to this one. First, that's difference if they had. They would have been talking about this on the news on all the platforms, just like other cases, and you know what they did. They said, oh and a black racism but similar kind of racism. I guess racism against black people is on the rise and we need task forces and we need a kind of sin. These meadows out to all of the d o j people that we can possibly find to say hey, be on the lookout for white supremacy. This thing is on the rise great they took Now I disagree with what they were doing. Don't get me wrong, but they took proactive steps because it was actionable information. That's that I am thinking here. We are this same kind of information, the same kind of thing that they should be going? Oh, we now know what the motive was. Ok, let's make sure that we're on guard for this. If there is anybody else out there, we can try to save a life by making sure that we stamp this out. Let's go do it, but no,
Everybody wants to remain silent, it's because they didn't get their first guy in and by the way that they didn't get there. First, a full interview is up on x and, of course, take this opportunity. regardless of whether you join my clever, not just a free program. Every day in the content rumble ex spotify apple after you listen to podcasts, we still do an hour plus for free every single day and of course, there are other shows that call for free, nick the power portion is airing. So, just don't let them she pinched the valve if you're still youtube dependent, ok, so this kind of brings us to the next portions. They haven't big tech, throttled banned outright. From all of the platforms that exist, with the exception of action rumble and by thank you rumble yeah couldn't be more happy with the brass set of pendulous balls that they have a third, I have put a sea of rumble. Crisper block am stand on my desk, so it doesn't matter.
then a soothing saying I'm stress I neither now take a look. Copper cup em. Don't do that, so here's a man, brent leather, would now from what I understand this person is the pie as someone who is there at a covenant or are they student had covered in school? Who was not I dont believe shot or killed that day, but I can only obviously goes out to someone who is involved. That would have to be a horrible experience. I can't even imagine so person now is now going on claiming to represent the parents, the families that have no way to verify it here, who could verify it journalists, but they choose not to certainly not near times so person who is now claiming to be the representative of the families Said that the release of the manifesto was opening old wounds the new line of attack on imaginable tear. That's how brent whether would
describes the day in march when a sugar entered the covenant school killing. Three kids in three staff members, history, kid survive the shoe. But his heart ached, even more after conservative talk, show host weak images of shooters writings now community school families who have already suffered so much yet again. to deal with this tariff. I just don't We all understand that I, but let's let's go through some claims and true I'm not I'm not done that saying that he doesn't have a right to be very emotional about this. This is really delicate. Stuff short you you you, have video of this woman readily velvet anytime. You want shooting this school of shooting through breaking that when I don't stand. I really don't understand it all
bananas are the beautiful, I guess is part of the reason and the targeting so, in other words, people since it. I can't make sense of any of this, and I'm going to make sense of evil, but at least you can understand why it was carried out, wouldn't wouldn't that be relevant, that not all for closure for the family, but certainly courses for people who are trying to avoid it further children in their own schools. especially since this is what being taught in schools things like white privilege, things like the idea of equity versus, because There's a lot that you can see in the pages that The pages that we have where it was clear. The kind of gerda, taking talking points that you would get from them. Be sierra, Karin junker. Only in there broken minded like the cell- but let's go through some. Let's go some claims. In truth, only this case both and the truth will be went himself because he contradicted himself throughout this entire, so here's the claim that he makes before asking for money
and said that releasing the manifesto was useless because all it did was show people some. What we already are all new with the release of images of these disgusting writings, what have we learned? We, you learned anything, you learned anything didn't already now. Ok, here's the truth, later on in that same statement press conference, he confirms that none of the parents had seen any of the documents. You know nothing. No not to my knowledge, the there has been. No parent has been given any sort of access. Now I thought, we will soon what there are. No, though, the Your question duties these writings that date these these I is that came from living in this echo chamber. Did you could make the argument
lead to violence, not unlike the where right supremacy to listen. Why? I think that the larger question, here's, what July, why is this guy lying before he asks for money? We says it's, so we already knew all this. We do not have it. That's why we did. It didn't you know? Did the parents know that in the parking lot the shooter checked for security? and seeing none decided to go in and inner the morale of any information. Did they know that the shooter pray to god that their wrath would overtake their anxiety? Did the shooter? Did they I know that the shooter actually went to a shooting range yeah before that and had a detailed timeline of everything that was going to happen. I don't know that you knew any of those things, but I just named to you three things: have the people at the shooting range they didn't have they been questioned if they saw you think suspicious, because if you want to push for red flag laws where you take someone's firearm away because they take as annex These leads been shows. Don't you know journalism? All
those things. I just named out three things that I think are very important too, to kind of understand what had on one if their security the school does this change things if they see a security guard are they moving on to the next target, potentially or not attacking target at all or being stopped before they can go into this, but that would be one of the most important things to come from this. Yet relative information protect our schools in a better way right right there you did say that parents, I don't think unless, unless of course you did have access to this information beforehand- and you just didn't tell us everything this mayor and we're going to get to the mayor and everything that this guy and everything that these people on the left have wanted far as a sequence of events suppressing this information. You not understanding the motive, no ever seeing the manifesto he also set in there that they should have never seen the light of day. I dont know if we have that. Can someone actually grab that from that conference? I don't think that we pulled it at one point. He said this This never should have seen the light of the second year folks just claimed that this would have an interfering with an ongoing investigation
ongoing investigation, or did you already pre determined that none of it should ever see the light of day and case clothes? And here's some do. You know how we know that these people die care, if you are less safe, man went out and threatened the person who leaked They want to ensure that you are terrified to blow the whistle on anything. He showed a strong message to the person in law enforcement leaked the images of the writings you're a viper. you are a member of the law enforcement community. When you have released evidence that was gathered in our most vulnerable moment. You have now allowed this woman, who terrorized our family with bullets, to be able to now terrorize us with words from the grave look? I just to be clear
This is why it was sent to us hate the person who sent this tip and by the way, because it was the right thing to do- that's. A quote is as safe as in their mothers. Arms will not be revealed. This isn't just gossip, where someone saying hey and inside sore says that this person was a jerk or that truck was an artist This is someone who actually had a problem with what was going on systemically member that work with law foresman and the media, and this person is as safe as in their mothers and we will go to jail to protect our sources with top that are relevant here as it relates. their security, that's what you can send your tips to elderly seated, proton male dot com. A lot of them have come in similar. needs. We are chasing down right now, the hair in the back of your neck, and up, and you know what else there are a lot of people out there who they ask and in tips- and I know you ve probably explains this- some folks they roll over and they give up. They give up your name
that will not happen here now. One or two percent and look d do it now, like I don't these guys to have to relieve this any more than is absolutely necessary and forced on them by the police. By the way they wouldn't have to be re living this. If the police had just released this manifesto to us when all of this was happening so the weak have an understanding of it. We could move on. What can be done with this. I want to be I want the entire manifesto out there. I wanted out there now. I want all of the relevant information to be released now, so that we can take action to prevent this from happening in the future, and I want these people to be able to go on and live their lives and not have to relive this tragedy again, but we don't that right now, what we have is people getting in the way of that and criticising anybody who does try get all that information to the public get out of the way guys we have to do this. We can handle the truth we need a totally it's a national association of police that the public has a right to know and by the way this is largely a union supported organizations not like there on our side the only ones by the way who we're looking for this.
we're the only ones who actually got it, because we had some one who felt comfortable sending it to us. Do we have that we have in the light of day net, so keep in mind claim spring claim again. Here are two men disclaim or this could affect law enforcement ability to run an ongoing investigation. The truth, already determined that there should be an investigation, that being said, do you believe in the authenticity of the pictures, I suppose with the knowledge you have so in my mind whether it is direct images or whether it's something that is inspired by the shoe thought well or that day, all of it is ready. sensible and none of us should see the light of day off. Well there you go not his choice, how can I investigate that? Why would let you, but eight can't see the light of day he's not that authority doesn't have that thought it just has to be in that box. We are because, if it goes out of the box, you know light of day, so it stays there. also a message by the way for us and you
right now watching and listening. yet a challenge for us online shop, jog Who were these images I would challenge home And anyone who amplifies them online just be a human look at first, but that's not really challenge yeah? So it was a little broad sphere, but there are also two. one. Who is ample, find it even better. Then you musk by the way right now we do have some breaking news. Is this an article on on one thing really quickly? One thing before you go to that at some point: by the way there was a pull that was conducted.
I don't know who was this? This one of these station that was running it can someone. Let me know where that who conducted is poor and asheville. fox, nashville, ok, and they cover this so fox nashville conducting eighty seven percent of people who answered thought that the men fast or should have been released at the start of the investigation, eighty seven percent they were. You to believe that the The seven percent of you actually only make up some small ten five percent of the population. Don't let them gaslight you yet It looks like to police officers, have been fired right now, over this. So I'm not sure I could get it's a little long for me to go through. All of it sounds like two guys may gimme, a condensed version of that I needed understand, leave the facts, are to police officers being fired two day from this. Let me see that guy's.
I just got word to offices are due to be fired over the release of this pages. Legislative documents were sold by one of our boy. I don t don't unless it is room. What would it as their due to fired over this, so they haven't been officially fired. What I do find funny, there's like I wanted to wait to verify the authenticity because I didn't feel like it represented accurately going to release that two people are due to likely be fired at, as I'm somebody sold the doktor problem with accurate work now the chinese system, and so the document put it back up. That's what it back up. I need someone to get guys. I can't look because I'm really mean of iron over the release of the pages, allegedly, the documents were sold by one of the officers. Ok, here's what I can say. I don't work it kinda, getting. Information no one sold us anything now. Would you not purchase anything and I would therefore say that so far, if they are firing to current police officers for selling documents, there screwing up,
going to be opening themselves up to liability, but hey you know what we called ourselves to the mat yesterday and said these are our predictions. Can't Now, as I do appreciate her staking her reputation on the line and if it turns out, to police officers are fired because they sold these pay is to someone else. I can tell you that we never purchase anything, then my hat off to her forsaken, because because a reputation will be staked on yeah. That's a bold claim, so, hopefully more from again. This is why more information needs to come out about all of this. We need to get all this thing out of the public can be done with it and move on with everybody lives, but I don't nobody's gonna be fired. I will keep our eyes yes, we'll deeper. They want this too is entirely in darkness and remember told you, we ve run a abs darkest, not our friend. Here
the all right then Finally- and you know what I meant to write a recap down here at the end, just as far as big tech- all that's me- they can come to help us get this in the map, and so just a week he kept everything, because I know that there's it's like drinking from a fire. I was all the references are available ladder with credit card to people watching, brings us finally to hay government, the mayor of nashville, friday, o connell, guess his political persuasion, he now announced that the sole so just throw banned by that the two biggest companies that have ever existed
as you know, media in modern history, ok banned by them. and then the threatened, of course, by local media. So we have big tech. Then we have media all over the place new york times national media saying this is wrong. We don't we don't. Think of. This is true, then, okay, we verify the authenticity, but that shouldn't have happened anyway and now We have members of government attacking people taking the messenger for leak that was put in her lap so the nashville mayor, Freddy, o connell, announced but the city we'll be launching an investigation into the lake, he said, deeply concerned with a safe security and well being of the covenant, families and all nash villains who are grieving. How does this make them less safe? What makes people less safe is, if you understand a motive and a tall, it, and certainly, if you are not conducting an investigation asking everyone involved with this person- and I would start
their agenda that we posted, then you don't know if it could have been prevented, or at least some idea as to how you might prevent the next one and two stated this river, into the authenticity of the images saying that the photographs We are not m n p d crime scene images. Well, no shit! Of course, nobody ever said that they were of a note saying you sent them to us from your from behind the caution tape. We got the images this is No one is refuting the authenticity there doesn't work didn't come from our department. claiming that you tat I loved its response. It just remember this was when these were yet to be. firm that, unlike ha, do you typically, investigate things that are not often take. I think you just can Firmly to the entire world that these are authentic images. This was around noon yesterday are so well and by the way, any was very nice. The person who I spoke with yet we did. We did
right to call to get an official response from the metro national police department, gotten to take some of the things we can help me help you hi james. This is Steven Crowder calling is a chief draken, please, you know available at this time it's just that regarding a story that your department commented on as it relates to the you know the nashville shooters manifesto that was released today. So again, that's a Steven crowder at the number that you have hold on. Let me let you over that noel hi noel. How are you today doing all you I'm gonna write things so I was just transferred to you from James was looking for chief drake regard the the nashville manifesto that was released today, your department issued a comment on it and I'm stephen credit on the person team broke it. Oh, our department had
not issued one yet. I know that were working on a statement but, like the department here has not parliament begging. Ok, thank you I met your national police department is looking to recruit the next class of officers and that's join eminent p b. Dot com lou hello bay- I this is too hot air and oh hey don iron. How are you today I'm good, I was just transferred from james to know well, and I would just put on hold and ok here you are some gas unknowns filled you in no, they just said you are holding. Oh, ok, don't worry, I'm sorry ice, it's the outliers get drunk area. I have not heard from the star today in I don't
What are you? My team is heard from the star well April on my team did, and I think that was essentially a phone call saying that they had talk to somebody at the general assembly and in that was it. quickly up don t make a very very nice guy. This are not at all to say that this is to say that there might be people interacting with other journal journalistic outlets unbeknownst, they don't know. What's going on in their own department, he seemed like a really nice guy. He was very cooperative. I just I don't want you to think all this got no problem there. Is because there was an article that we quoted yesterday were the chief said he doesn't know anything about that in and are basically this solves person forward, achieve the average rate and in pity said that and we're
and to get some clarification on that right, but that was as the whole set. So the only statement now that I guess is official, but I don't believe it's coming from someone who would be in charge of issuing a statement like don- is that the photographs are not m n, p d crime scene images. Well, thanks for the help and it seems that these people made their minds up again. They made them, if that you would never see this, you would never see the truth now truth is come out. They have made up their minds that they're not going to address it. They're going to attack the messenger nook keep in mind we're talking about this nashville mayor. If you you want to know, as we lead today, show with. Why would he not want you to know the truth? Why would he not why you to know what is in this matter as to? Why would he not want you to know the motive, This is what that mayor said the day after the shooting any hope that we will get this manifesta, because I think the public deserves answers on the? Why here, I don't know, I think it's gonna be a choice that made by
seer and potentially other law enforcement and authorities are involved. Sure we want understand the motive, but I think this is also an opportunity to look forward to policy, Billy as an individual ready to talk more about how we prevent this concept, today's, including what the president was talking about yesterday with regard to renewing the assault weapons ban. No sir, I would like to know the motives when a marriage is it, and why does he put an engine? Okay, okay, The motive determine the policy of prevent. right. The lords of the motive would be. I just want to many guns, a june as many people as possible, because I, like guns, but ok, your this solution would be gun control. If the motive is I to kill white people because of their white privilege and crackers ed, hetero normative patria this community. If that is the motive like oh wait, a second. This is taught everywhere in public schools. As a matter of fact, I've. ambient this, so maybe
put the reins on that a little bit so that we can, and policy based on the motive that we know and the targeting that we know trying prevented in the future sure I guess we want motive, but I'm origin policy, lemme, guess gun control nailed it so give it is also something about what you just said. If that is a person fighting against you know the page our key in the entire structure. That's a victim, two revolutionary with it. We within the progressive mind there is something virtuous about a victim, even when pick up a gun and kill children, as you saw in that demonstration, where they are holding up seven, the reserve and the exact and there's a whole narrative now going on where, when a criminal comes in and has killed, people are committed a crime they being characterized as victims as well. now, because this is what society I america has done to them. so they also deserve compassion. This is actually what you're fighting and if you don't fight,
now and speak about it now. Gains right a foothold and becomes truth. I guess seven victims is quicker to say than six victim at six victims and one act of justice. start talking crazy you're starts aunt plus two sixteen, if you're not careful, that's what happens now. Generous spectrum that system except by the way I wish I could just edit this show and not do it live just after that I just had a word whisker has got to edit all of those out. So I sound as though I never speak or I never say- or I never flood my words when speaking for two hours- that's what they do. That's why a lot of people now who have pod guess they all these celebrities obey their terrible. I don't have a whole. Dame is global, but they were doing without writers. Late night really oh wow, also that in No, not that interesting at all. So let's recap this: what do we Oh now we here- and I want to be very clear here-
this is something that I did. I signed the front of the checks yet and I wanted to. Wanted to keep at least investigative journalism alive that wasn't simply beholden to a nonprofit that there's not a lot of investigative journalism out there. Of course, you have people like James O'Keefe, doing great work, but he can't do all the There needs to be more than just one person, so on the front of checks- and I work with this team people. You see me hosting the show every day this, was there legwork. This was legwork the month on cover investigative unit. They did this, they ve been work and I been chasing other led for a very long time. Please comment below the like, but show them, Your love and support yeah that's been working I'm around, but out of me of them, they broke a story that was buried for seven months. You ve heard of a trail going called this was ice cold. Then all of us, meaning everyone here, and you were immediately censored by
every single big tech platform that exists, with the exception of acts and rumble, recall the criminal organization by youtube. We were attacked mission, and by local and national, maybe even going so far as to edit up interviews, take them out of context to make it seem as though I said something different from what I actually said. You now have those clips and therefore context available. We were attacked by a spokesperson covenant. He contradicted himself multiple times ass from Then the mayor of nashville is launching an investigation, but no one. Since noon. Central yesterday has even attempted to refute the authenticity, these leaks, their attacking the leaks. because they're real. And the real leaks are available because you wanted them and because you support us what we do here, look we made a deal with a lot of crackheads. I ask if nothing else
we told you. We have these pages from the manifesto we're going to release them and we did our words are and just like. When we tell you, we will protect our sources with our livelihoods. Thank you expect more of us today, place. I just don't think it'll be all that different new york times washed impose it the same old crap and expect them to do it to you in your life, no matter what number situation it maybe it could be small instance. Of of truth, leading Told in your office, but hr doesn't want to deal with it something on your own social media page. It could be something in your department, exp this to happen. When you speak truth, it will be attacking the messenger if it is an opinion that has been didn't deemed, can promise in all of this. You need it just like covered. Just like the elections. Right after the shooting, it was we have no idea. no idea the motive
then they switched it. Just a crazy person try to get the gender pronouns right. What we really dont know our launching investigation, which they were not. It was just like over the was an agreed upon lie and agreed upon lie. One person says I don't agree with that. When I go along with that lie, destroy you and anyway, around you, so we appreciated If you think we've done some handiwork, it consider joining Montclair we're going to continue taking your chats. If not rambo, Spotify were wherever you want to watch it for free, and at some point we ask that you support us. You can click the button right there to join my club and join in on the chat right now. Brian Cowen is going to be at good knights. Is it north korea, south carolina north carolina, north carolina jury? After that, on the ninth tenth, eleventh bryan callen dot com, we very much appreciate you and I think there will be some developments and we may have to do some emergency streams, of course, tomorrow the debate stream, yet so no strip the morning live
drinking game rules network always going to be here. It's going to be a lot lighter. I mean what sort of that site from. Chris Christy's unfortunate state will have to be that we will have to be reinforced, but outside of that we're all children. Thank you rumble youtube. If we're still there piss off
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