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Crowder has his Conspiracy Correspondent explain how subtle propaganda is brainwashing you. Then the team takes Q&A from MugClub members and talks about how to talk politics to people who are "apolitical," how Steven prepares for his impressions, and what the biggest challenges were when starting the show. #propaganda #mainstreammedia #mediabias

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Mary is gonna, be talking about how prop again, is subverting your reality. It's time for the truth, according to smooth, trust me very. What is it you're going to be talking? So everybody knows. you're slightly being brainwashed. Like everybody knows that's what I'm your first thing that I have read with as the premise that route what I do, I disagree, shut well you're wrong: dump Jeff is wrong and everybody is brainwashed and they know it right, but because the people like Gerald, they think that brain.
She's like see. I am killed her on his initial. That's because you said that, while that that you're part of it, but that's not all of it, the main thing is the subtle tends to visit, focus idle propaganda that is slowly taken over Eureka in order. stand out as propaganda works? We need to understand what what is propaganda lay all right right we too are our main character. Is the guy who literally created not propaganda but who weapon ice propaganda outside of a war element. Ok- and that is Edward Bernay, addresses this later on. I steak and I love this code propaganda as executive arm of the invisible government. How could a nurse and create this this new propaganda weapon Is it not in a time of war, he's Sigmund Freud Zephiel and he wept nice. Freud studies, but he like. Oh, we could totally use peoples desires, subconscious desires and justice how to want things that they don't need and use that
to manipulate pussy. Don't make me think that there are less effective because he's, let's use people's desires like what are you thinking like last year, greed. Everyone wants to have sex with their mothers it so weird ever others are what we're gonna do is tempt pay with their own mother sounds ridiculous, but that is actually wrote. He did so. One of his first client was cigarette companies and they women to be able to smoke, so they could have fifty percent limit villain surveys and there they ok soap, but at the time women couldn't smoke. It wasn't socially accepted for women to smoke. So I do know that, because I do know that they would, they would say, not stinky like cigars, because at one point cigars were more popular and there. Thanks, cigarettes are lest it, but now, actually, if you ask most people prefer the smell of cigars than a cigarette bullshit, it's much it's a heavier, so light So I do know those commercial or do you know how he did it or why he did it slid one's mother. Almost women want their own
UNICEF and growth are the women's lake. sign of having a penis. That's how he thought about Alec extent. I have a clip, their Gara COS cigarettes and aid sounds ridiculous, but he at he literally change a social norms of women being able to smoke in public and he believed because they want to penises, that's what he did. Ok, I'm in a word. It worked. The cigarettes were a symbol of the penal every year. Neo help me today, parade he persuaded a group of which debutantes to hide cigarettes. light up the cigarettes dramatic commissioner furnish than inform the press, but he had heard that a group of suffragettes were preparing to protest by lighting up vehicle, tortures of free. He knew this would be an outcry, any new that all the photographer would be there to capture this moment. The next day. This was not. asked in all of the New York papers. It was across the United States. Around the world and from that point forward, the sale of cigarettes the women began
College Mon indefinitely set something with a single symbolic. Ok for possibly the first time since you ve been sitting in that chair, you haven't, tension. Will it's crazy that it wasn't just a ridiculous thought it was that he he teamed up with the press even tell them, but he set up an event set up a protest film: the prototype is basically, he invented the flash mob, but he did it to create a social rights moment, and then he coin to turn for it and he branded that's that that is branding free. He invent advertising. That's what he did, but do you guys think of merit consumers culture very much. Why everybody's kind of look such branding- I mean the every. The brands are important aware job. And brands? Just they scare us into buying stuff Manny Euro Bernice mother,
demanded: woe literally created consumerism, you all american breakfast being what's the all make umbrella sausage, eggs, hash, Browns, Edward burning. The main purpose of it was he wanted people to be so busy with what they were consuming and feeling good that they would be distracted, because that way, society could be really managed by the people in Power Knocker Multi and which are exactly the people they dont have accountable. yes, so here is emigrates aye aye hijacked. Your show- and this is a clear, called consumerism margin. Thirteen I had would burn. I created a vision of the future work and wish to consume was king because of the world's fair new. That's like documentary. Cambodia is called democracy to a company after culpably, presented itself as the sort of centrepiece
society in which human desire and human wanted human anxiety would all be responded to. It would be all be met purely through the free the price system, but in reality the worlds there had been an elaborate piece of propaganda design, Fibre, Colbert, Xyz pipeline Bananas did not believe True democracy has ever more freight trains that I believe this meant. He was too dangerous. Lover. Mathematics ever have control over their own lives, those pregnant consumers was a way of giving pull the illusion of control allowing a response must lead to continue. managing society. So We have all your desires met and yeah That's what you want! Hey get this red car. You gotta be supercool brow again as you dress, then you Iphone Marine environment get your Obama phone governor?
lay at play, or aid whenever you get to buy new shirts, does not that bad what about when it actually comes to foreign relationships like taken over a country for good reason, but you're still in taking over a country or a good cause So this is my favorite. Click is actually agree with him here, but at the end of the day, is still manipulating the masses and their perception of reality. That is Guatemala for decades, United Fruit and controlled the country through pliable dictated it was known as a banana republic- and I remind you, fifty a young officer, colonel albums, was elected president. he promised to remove United Fruit control over the country. So he was. By intimated banana companies. We undertake over what am I to transform this umbrella, to transform it into an issue of communist threat.
I smiled being ends? Regime became increasingly communist. They got the written being in name only one big level with the United Fruit company decisions a trained and armed rebel army. planes flown by CIA pilots drop bombs on Guatemala City Edward burning. He was preparing the american population to see this is the liberation of Guatemala by freedom fighters for democracy. Who would happen when conditions and the public in the press allowed for could happen, and he created those conditions, Could I urge you to call out what is going to be shutting public opinion in a way the undemocratic and minute I love about is that I agree with him. You had to take over Guatemala was hilarious. That was because of banana company paid him to do so, yet the vile, that's amazing. Ok, look, it's got him also an area where I I love, how you just sent me a perfectly.
I swear, I didn't mean right it. What do you care about? What am I don't even have coconut Colombia wouldn't have known bananas evidently gonorrhea sure and that is why I gave them. Yes, ah so, what's it that's our bad How is from again see how did this effect? I haven't really is called propaganda. No. Only six years ago, the Supreme Court legalise gay marriage right yes yet I did this is what happens when you go into networks? Yeah, it's not subliminal anymore about that only exists. His bernay is created the system to do that. And when you see it, you will normalize it and it will create your reality and in fact you know the, feel Netflix, nice markka. Randall s doesn't us, as I fully its mark. Burn ACE, Randal, one way to really why, yes, it is what happened, secondly, gives any relation
course like yours, they use a co founder of Netflix. It's early family. While it's not that shark. Thank you for educating us end, helping us of the propaganda of our youth. It has been the truth according to prevent, Let me take let's take if there's one really good jet and because I know it's gone late and you know Dave as appropriate assessment report. I do get a doctor says it's over, you. Gonna take myself survey, it's gotta, he wants now. How do we share this hypocrisy to people who try to stay out of politics such that world events, so they understand why they need to be aware, but how do we show this hypocrisy to people's too? And if you know what that's actually could question, I will says
You start with an entry point. That is something that matters to that, because politics affects every really Bosnia to talk about this. Like a lot of Christians go. Oh Jesus, wasn't political incorrect, so politics affects everything in power. six on an end. I know a lot of these people. Politicians are re. Different re politicians often are not the best among us. Politics certainly notices reflection of your values. It's a manifestation of your values and so on someone thinks an audition politics. Ok does your could go to school? Now? Is your kid homes called either the desert is your. it a part of the education educational system either at home. Private, ok, guess what you're now involved in politics? Hey! Do you pay taxes and oh you're, now involved in politics to hate Deanna House. You are now involved in politics, hey Think that's what's wrong for you to be rounded up and arrested, or your neighbors rounded up and arrested for simply owning. If I owe you care about politics
Do you believe that you shouldn't live in fear of being arrested me all you care about politics? What you need to do who is find out the entry point happens. A lot you dont need to give them the Republican or Democrats spiel, you find something that touches somebody's life and what a lot of people fail to understand is that your values define who you are you're, principles defined, who you are and those things define how you vote, and we ve talked about this in the past. Look today, you're, not really sacrificing. You know rams or sheep right this, but this is a way back then, to physically manifest your faith to effectively. give something physically something tangible, something that could be quantified given away with no actual promise or expectation of something returned to doing it in good faith. They really only two ways to do that today. Timing to your church
and then something that is permanent, that you stamp as a manifestation of what you believe. A dog and the fight with no promise of some is vote. That's what you can do. You can type your church and where you spend your dollars and you can vote Those in actions are, what define you not what you say and politics is amended. Nation of action- and I know the irony is not lost on me- that you take action and get active and vote, and then you have politicians who do nothing more than speak. However, it is a significant action on your part and it affects every aspect of your life, so you don't need to give them a political speech. You don't need it. You don't need to stump find something that touches their lives, that you know matters to them and somehow help them understand how that's affected by the world around them, who they vote for where they spend their dollars. Because your actions to find you
not this and point to Matthew. Take your chats, Roquette Julia, hey! That's great voices their Julia. Has a question are character. People impressions, something you have to practice lie before you comfortable doing them is a difficult at the voices right. Do you have a favorite impression? I don't really know that I get them right, close. Your jack lack is likewise very good. You know what I was very good. I will just prowokin will say Down borders with cook, the impression is you just have to take the words put him in the back of your mouth of equity I don't mean to like some of the duke of my my dad just put them
Please forgive me. Things are going to have to point out that we want the rascal S different like when you there in your dressing up its flight is easier for look at when I'm just look like dejected. I feel, like you paint for me, because Dave Lando had to go to a funeral. The mask on. It seems like your enjoying very share, and I looked, I knew about my honour and jeez. What's the matter with you show mats my took the nobody debt might my debt, while always your voices as a kid in a large sums, a sort of morbid character than a direct impression, but say: that's when I would actually have to work on impressions. I wonder I hadn't done if you're doing some like, like a sketch parity or something like a like anathema con a birthday. day. Louis was one that I had to do that were rob. Robin Williams is one that had never done until we did the goodwill hunting, the parity and those in or something will. I dont think you silly just some grown up
did you know that was as he will. Let's talk about it, will this is one of those things are had it listen alma? like us and member mission impossible when they were putting on like all of us S, voice definite set, say this phrase. So this is what I would do when it was an impression I would have to work on. I would try and pick one most iconic scenes of an actor, and I would just repeat Actual lines from that seen because I knew that I could get it down as an impression and then I would try and say some free is that I knew included, have all vowels and all tat sort of that that the Blue, the posts that you needed. You know, because these are the things we often shrub, determine someone's twinning and then What I would do is I would just not look in the mirror and trend make myself make it their face. Yeah, you know so, whether Psych Charles Bronson, or whether it's like Joe done Josh heartening. I just think of the think of the face and then start doing and then eventually kind of look in the mirror and get
and if there are some that are going to be out of you register. That is true. There are some people who do does making the face the voice, or does it just can help you get into the character, economical cars when you're doing it you want to be. You want to Klute, all of it as best it can. So it's not necessarily to help and it doesnt a silly hurt. Sometimes it's kind of stuff, like Charles Bronze thanks a lot harder to voice because of the way you give to stretch your neck, no earthly. it was difficult for you that takes us, like you getting kind of actual huge, crazy puke. But slid later that genuinely help through doesn't sling by it, helps you with the boys when you candidate. Why don't we a long time? But the thing The thing we were, those laid it you gotta get them out. Just a guy's waited not meant to be an insult, but about it is. Is there no dep the focus and see I'm not actually
people did you go? They just go out and go like this and they go hunting all the kids. Look with the eyes. That's assuming I can even work for special needs people I'm. It is something that's very minutes a lack of ability to focus, and A lot of people wonder what it is about the eyes that are different and what it is to be like. For example, you see me if I look at. If I look at my dad use, you can see a shift in focus in the area and so with the sling late in the hardest thing to get my notice, people just go, look I'm doing my chin and gone, but what you have to do is get his dad. don't matter where I look me, don't really see any Jane getting away my eyes, go whether I'm looking at you with the camera. look in radio, the mark of which all about the same distance for dialogue. You have to notice. Something usually simple, have something unique like their eyes and then we will have a way they pronounced their asses like Jenner, myself, yeah, that's. What I would say is: first, listen to them by us most then, just before the easiest thing do you just impersonators exact lines and train
upon some subtleties and you can turn into characters obtained a carbon nervous impression sound what the person, but now it's close enough, but the really funny exact, and I think you do a good job of like taking like tidbits and like throwing the men at the right time. Any time you do jack lack he liked, I literally every time I do what I look really quickly. He two miles. This figure is possible it's time you say the word chat. I just imagine Christopher Walken, saying children even always say it like an airing, whereas I can everywhere workmen and stand up, and then I chose Carlos talk and talk with you in real life. I just if I'm talking about someone also discuss are usually just end up doing it and be gradually bilaterally put its. It feels very natural like you're, just trying to do something you just talking, then you go into it like Trump, a lot of time. You start talking, then you scared May I just like go into there's a british apple if I were to do an accurate trump character and accurate trump is not as funny conflict the burning not all the earning money. Larry, I cover Godfrey. But if you really look, if you're not going Tunisia with Donald Trump, its
What really is severe as people? they're, giving a speech. Folks, that's it's more like actual right, that's what the actual Donald Trump, but then you it up a little bit day. Julie at big guy gets Bertha. Do you like it? It's either. You have to start from accurate many gonna tweet. We could bring out certain personalities. Larry's, though your Bernie, I don't even care that you know like it doesn't sound. The Godfrey Bernie were both. That of impressions are good, though, that every burning and the Godfrey, but they worked together, is one very sale. It's funny.
Very good, we got environment. I think we're going to say how much I hate when I hosted the show is when Hernia Sanders hosted the show what they didn't see like before. Even at an we didn't show that tape like before. So you come any like. You tell us how they are going to be in character the entire time, so they don't do anything to take net a character always addressed me as Bernie Sanders, and so you come in and your kind of motion in and we're having technical difficulty really going through. Several members did. Did you started actually criticized because as Bernie Sanders really you are you're like Wales, yet I thought you goes. Hedgerow came together and the other, let me know- and I will say this is another- and I will say this speaking of like debates happiness with this guy turn thing with Adele's advocate. I can developed a little two things a little bit of reputation, but first off p, LT. I would tell them you're not gonna talking with me. It I've only be schuyler Turn and, and then I would say just so. You know- and this is something that I have always
We haven't you, you book, to show. We have never lied anybody. As far as our point of view, I would say: let them know that I disagree with any transfer, as I dont want to send back them, because I see with each is: when people do it right or set. So I always say: look if we bring on someone whether from salon from your comes to be honest about it may do the same thing with Devils advocate Weathers, Jordan, Petersen Weather, John sauce over this, but whether even people who are friends, I go look. Look. Just so you know this isn't going to be like one of those conservative, webcam videos or liberal always work on patriotic, but they ate America said I am going to. Try, at present, the most common sing arguments that I can from the left Ok, ok, but then afterwards, I won't say who, but there is three people who said I I didn't expect that any kind of threat me up a little better and it became harder to get conservatives to do it. Not actually know that wouldn't be able to like play along its come on. Need you been there? Some of that, too, is a character near like oh, I see
to do there is like now. Don't you know what to say of figures must be debating somebody who has a different opinion here there's. The older was the old saying, preparation, beach, perspiration, that's kind of high treason, but because I would say its preparation, its perspiration and perspiration. I guess beats sort of self adulation like people who like to go out there. I found the best some great now Nana prepare, worked really hard and expect to get your ass get work like somebody else out. There can beat you write and I would also devils advocate what usually taken account arguments, her debates that we, in the past or potential points that people my presented change my mind, It tripped some people up some whatever else you prepare to because actually try its colleagues? If you want a really no subject, make sure that you can teach it like give me have the ability to teach to somebody else. We have to go through all the intricacies of it if you have to make
argument yourself and here a rebuttal and then have something to say. On top of that, you ve really kind of dope deep and that's why I always teach kids at american history started in sixty nine. Sixteen nineteen and twenty nine. absolute. It's a great project right and taken other chat, the sector more and then we'll call this a day, because I'm sure that pops creators We are making a lot of glimpse on the monitor it. Just I'm reminded I've horrible approach. I hope I've has oppression for Gerald. What's again a wind by, I love wine but refused to buy California wines due to the pesticides used. That's not really accurate, the others them a lot of what our isn't most. They are getting waiting lists. As I was thinking, maybe, but it comes in and sell their wine to me as this is organic, and this is also state food, Mesothelioma guess, but your wine sites, you have no one to blame, but yourself, it's all your fault for anybody else. That's a really bad argued.
what, I don't know it's gotta, be like a boot care form of UK passes. Point you observe the lady who imagine trying to argue hi and ears like your guy, that's the donor, apparently so hungry. The eye is just like a little ten smelt is a very smart and it goes back into the Y know where to keep from. It is easier and smelt gathered here. If I love it is a little bit to be. As that look. Grapes are mostly organic ineffable if you're buying really crappy mass produced wine, and they do use a lot of chemicals to take care that process yeah do stuff in if you're buying, nicer wines from
happened, Sonoma other places or others tons of places in California on the West Coast to do their job with this, but most of the time farmers are smart. They try to do think sustainable, right and sustainable tends to be more organic. Naturally there not out there for the most part trying to do. pitch. Oh I'm organic brother like actually this makes a consistent product the people by right here and that the market dictating the terms of engagement. There, not some politicians and you can't use a chemical, ok, we'll find. Sometimes you have to use the right now, you're exactly right to make sure that you don't lose an entire crop to an invasive species right. It has taken a long time ago before I start issues might have in two thousand and twelve Thirteen where I went to a goat farming, just ghettos. I think I was and working to Fox NEWS, but I used at it pay for amounts. Definitely It was a gift from Russia to compare this actual, a goat farm where these people click the goats we're outside. You could see them roaming tariffs, but they weren't certified organic because I had to you some kind of a
curing lacquer on their wooden fence postal else do people, and then this huge, clearly factory hog farm ran across the road, was certified, organic and this happens lot to theirs. There's one cigars, I believe, was certified organic and Andalusia label from a company called placenta, and I think it isn't haven't anymore and here's the link with tobaccos really Genoa Spring inorganic crop now do they use in pesticides, nicotine caffeine. These are national pesticides to animals. I'm cases they would be what certainly more organic or sustainable than what a lot of people would consider again. That label doesn't really mean anything now and the best thing to do with food prop, probably with wine you correctly from August nowhere com. From so how do you know the farm it comes from now. There's plenty of great. Why That's the reason I have named one because I could name there's like thousands of them that do this job really well and art super expensive either right. So just look it up real, quick online airport, you don't just now.
You can pay for that organic again. Acting like a friend of mine, his family, owned Avogadro Farm. We are at a grocery store and set up another their friend. We write a grocery store and he was like. Don't ever buy organic avocado smells like when I'm he's like you did they just pay for that they pay for you. I would say to those worries about avocado read, so the hipster thing to do in California. Is it's been this way for wealthy avocado this avocado that because, as you know, one of the worst consumer of water per piece of fruit superpower,
fruit is allocated. Advocate rose by know that I use that word under their target is eloquent dealing longer caught off were not worth it. These guys are out there like picketing because of the smelt fish within their eating avenue how to take over the current fact Gerald. Don't air, it's a superfluous beginning where we're gonna get the omega. The smell, tat, cats, beggar up, airports, Weber, even floaters, and after Gretta soon Burg, say that human beings are so cruel, really we were so. If we were the cruellest species on the planet, it seems we wouldn't have to be protecting the fish that can't swim from every other species who doesn't care exactly where I stop eating smelt. You stupid bad seals, just work war, These guys are swimming slow, that I couldn't hear you there's smell Coming,
nobody will make a good eye MAX film chair all our final chat. Fountain from an Blanche in question- what was the biggest content related challenge when the show was just beginning? back once a week days yet depends what you mean the wavered ailing we went daily. That was a big trend, yet I was really Well? Ok, I will say this: when it was weekly, it was all the commercial breaks when was enraged. Yeah. So yet you would have like. I think it was only I like. Sixteen minutes of commercial breaks, and so in one show we would have liked twelve Michael Jackson, song realities, we're like twelve Captain Planet sketches twelve white privilege, but we have so many of these things, so that was really tough. What else was really tough was figuring out at TAT point this.
What of pre everyone doing? This was invaded Audio Pa Gasser did short videos like figure out how to get a switcher that worked all that kind of stuff building a set where you could only us, and also since we had to go to radio to rest. Really making sure that we have a system that we could do. That would go to radio, but so not have lag and go online right now, and I tell you what this is the truth and when we initially started, I just simply going This is in our own. The rights, the spot chasms just gonna on Itunes, on renewal indicated to more markets than than, shouted something we were like in twelve. Maybe we're sixty markets which isn't really mean a whole lot today, I'm radio things let this latter radio is a sham just because, because in that market. It doesn't want. You have listeners in that market depends on the time independent station the market so anyway, Tom. I always maintain the rights, and so I plan to do in online at this point to really were no video broadcasts on Youtube soon, I think when it- and so I say what we're gonna run, the first went to see what happens and disposing of three our show who, like twelve thousand,
place. Well, maybe this is something you know what maybe he's one of the things that we play. I was punished Muslim as it may. This is one of these is superficial, pay for, and we give them this additional video content. But you know for well known by the second month, was ok. You know forty five sound, which is better than a lotta. Even Pakistan, you do right now when you would do in the video prior to this year short, video, the shorter beer, and then it was a few months and all over a hundred thousand you know once you crack that that quarter million mark you know, then you have spotted. Then you have a bunch of sponsors, it I say no to and so we'd. I didn't know that it was going to work because have to remember at that time. So this is I would say was most have. Let me give you a macro. What's been most difficult in my life, ok at that time, everyone's had short short short short short Youtube is Short hey, I got to compete with the turtle humping a work boot hurrying to compete with the guy breaking his arm and escape board right. It's a short short short short short. That's what you have to do and
number, even at Foxy he's trying to tell them how things sort of worked on line and- and I didn't build had to be so short because my short videos would be three. Sometimes seven minutes now is doing these packages said, look there's by, and people will stay with you have to make sure that you set it up at the beginning, so they know what the context is that Fox NEWS, for example, they would remove my own appears and appearances on Fox NEWS on you too. Can I ask them before? they're like while we just don't want to cause, and why would people turning the Fox NEWS, this pronouncing look it's eighty thousand people its most. These people are twenty year old they're, not watching. go on ahead on role on a headache for not applying an old, even Wilfred remedies diabetes, prick stick whenever it is a thing sticker, so they would move it and the same thing when I would talk with it with radio people want you to this radios. I'll, look like where this is actually a summit. Some this is kind of changing a little better, and then I even had people who would bring me in to work without. I would just like click bait conservative site, saying like
opinion doesn't do well. Original content doesn't do well, I think, you're lying, because I know you you what you understand your copying someone's original content. For example, Courtney had had some columns that I've been ripped off many many times so We had to retrain people good example here too ads this is the first show that I know not only that did come, that that is done. Commercials like we ve done but token when those in and Gerald was indeed might my dad certainly knows, as we have monsters early on drop out because they would hey. We y all I've read before the beginning of the show and out so I dont at first. I don't do live reads. We do these clever commercials and release we'd like to think the package them in a way, that's more clever than just hey by this use: a discount code for Dick medicine. Whatever this that's a cup topical cream and summer ice. At the tell them, I would say, look look we're going to put a commercial
keep it very limited, we only do one. I think we ve done the most we ve ever done is to commercials in a single shall sponsor placements really so you can put it in the middle of the show, because first off, you put ads at the beginning of a show people to skip I know I do that. You cannot get thirty seconds get thirty seconds and when we work it into the programme as a sketch as something where we actually put some work into it, we notice that people react, or sketches, and they get a lot and we're going to do that with you as a sponsor, and they would say Our market research tells us that that we want to live rate first thirty seconds and they wouldn't pay a dime for you too, because again, Pakistan exist on Youtube, I don't want to include it only why? Because it was magic downloads, Well, how many automatic downloads you have on your phone right now? Does that mean that your listening to it and are you listening to the first one minute? Well, guess what the standard is now now have advertising agencies on the other show saying we dont excluding you can't put the ad in the first man, but I had a fight
extreme all the time and that's what we are born with sponsors directly, because a lot of the advertising firms, I'll just didn't understand, doesn't look. I don't have time to any, not hopefully Does that mean you can chat gentleness? Hopefully, We ve made a better shelf. We have always said not if it hurts the show, I don't people to feel bogged down with two and a half minutes of boring livelihoods. And I'm not gonna James built bar yesterday was intends integrated and you know it and I'm not gonna lie about a product either. Could some of that? I, like you, need to get big instruct its it's a joke. The truth is, you dont need protein bars, but some people out there need a faded. Symmetrical if you're an athlete and most of them suck. The only reason that I built bars is because they tastes like candy bars, was what made them adjusted. Candy bars, but think about how prophetic that was. We are almost six years later, you're doing white privilege boys, and where are we today right, yeah I've been a term
I mean it was really a term not not as it's not the colonialism, those become known as today, so that I would say the biggest fight first off is obviously the big tech issue. That's always been the biggest fight size and the biggest fight and costs a lot in legal fees and then the second biggest fight, because it's not Joe people in the industry who are left, but also people in our own industry. People on the right of also can't be bothered to triumph where the packet, one to be as opposed to where the fuck is, and it's been really exhausting to try to educate people nope the others go through a list. Nope videos don't have be thirty seconds or less on Youtube. No podcast are actually gonna, be a really big thing. Pod Katsura in video are actually going to be a big thing. Now we don't want to advertising at the beginning of the show we want to integrate them with you. live audience. Oh and a recent one to do on the shoulder Donna show life, how many people don't you the show life, how many profession,
have sustained. Don't ever. Shall I do love? You can go watch in interview with David Letterman. We're was talking about before he did his show at night morning show now and he was asked not a thing was Charlie rose and it will look, we were doing, we were doing an hour and a half shall live from from ten to eleven. Thirty said it was suicide. No one could do it as with David, Lighterman. Cities are doing, it live just crazy and of course, we're too live now, not with the sea, but people aching to hit the band buttons, let them Recent one people are not alive, doesn't work, life doesn't work, life doesn't work another thing, because the industry would say. Well, if you do it live, then it goes to archive in you. Don't get a notification right so this we should do this a long time ago. We would stream at Lisbon and sometimes we'd, have to delete it and re uploaded Then we said you know what I think that people know about this conversation. I think people now actually want that sort of life experience. Because now everything is Allah, cart, sort of coming full circle in ITALY is let people know that we're alive and we prove that's a big part of what we have seen, and so you can prove your nothing up. My sleeve, that's life. You have think it on me.
Something that people because they are experiencing it off, ethically alongside us in the morning and everyone said no way. And you're taking you live in her hands, anything go wrong, live and it won't work. people not watch live anyway. I think you're on one of the links exit. You did really well. People and figure out was the free stuff and how important Content or yeah that'd make everything work. You know free lunches, kid now that that lecture you got it fox. I don't spots nation free. I think it is now isn't it up I think what is it we are, as if people had their way, everything would be behind the net, we didn't want anything going on you today, sawdust competition announcing the cedars complimentary, and these are just things that happen. Really uphill struggle that that's what I am proud of, what our all team has done and that we, at the very least, if nothing else, I think, has been pretty clear that we we ve, been ahead of the eight Bonn and at least had a vision of what we wonder with this company and in a right. Now, that's fine back and in being,
even in being authentic and making sure that were honest while hopefully not being removed, but nothing going on, but landmines not an unwelcome, worry about sailor jewel, I was going to say something about the the ad thing gosh, So you know not the ethics. Aren't you said you were ahead of the game with the live thing, and people want something that they can actually just go, and can it be and and not have to select yeah. It's actually right. If you look at any of the online platforms, I now like HBO or Amazon, what you're starting to see is actually all of the videos, but also like alive section right. So you can just go on at any rate, be if you get a subscription gonna what's playing on HBO right now on, so many people are putting their interest in that because they want to go through. how many times you scroll through all these different movies? You can choose any of them than you why I haven't used like embarrassment of movies to choose from no, no! No, but then you see live. You now have to think about it. You can click it. It's on your bank about not even like that, but if it's a hundred items different words right any just
so you're right like you, you ve been ahead in a lot away or you know what else to. I was a lot of people to understand this here in the door open, but that's all that cuff linked by ECHO guy. It's because I have short, I thought we were under attack. I was a region for the water them, so This actually is really the first shock of this of this proportion, but I mean show that gets and in time to spend about. I try to avoid that just in the Dominican republic. Nowadays, millions of people right millions of people on on each shall falling show not clips millions of people that, when you think that actually is a full scale, production television, that is life so What you have is live radio workers, someone talking into a microphone shore and then shows like tremor now, unlike cobra though, shows aren't live at all token, our noses, certainly in the afternoon, this actually is every now and then with the pre tape. A gaster are sad and exact. Yet, as you know, I mean nor or like you know, it was supposed to be a scheduled to paint
all in all. We need to be accommodated, but in general this is. This is alive, show, and you also still have clips and you still have sketches and you have writing in preparation there really- Johnny Carson wasn't lifesaver, let him live. J Leno wasn't live. And then you have a lot of these morning shows it aren't blood, I've and in some of them are, but they are not doing what what what we do, in other view, is in putting on a built bar sketch, nor is it likely. Camera has lived in the name of state that, like through piano while the here's, the thing about live people don't realize it's like when we switched over from your went to kind of this life. Should this length would get out of here and just be like exhausted, because the end your time. Europe there is no cut. There isn't like hey. Look like that from the top again highlights. Let's I forgot the fact that I was about to quote: can we we go back and insert something right? There is none of that you just have to be on and to give you an idea of ours people while M radio. Let me give an example: someone who's one of the best too evident Russia.
rush. Limbaugh never had to go more than twenty minutes without at least if I'm gonna break, while feeling it already does not make sense. What sort of a radio breaks there there the short break, as I must say, five minutes, and we would have some seven eight minute breaks on the hour I animals, Sixteen minutes of commercials in any given enough Just it doesn't matter how big your audiences brass, local businesses have to run those commercial so data. going to ours like this is way more difficult than when I wouldn't exhaust on radio. It's far far more content futile in three hours on a radio you're, actually in about an hour twenty with a lot of breaks, but we love doing it, because we had these conversations that we're just so much fun me you and Dave, and in your dad and quarter by everybody in this room and like how do you capture that kind of energy? Yet how do you know Hampshire? That
the fund cannot just sitting around listening to US law can sometimes you maybe like I, whatever he's talking about sports I'd soccer, who cares right, but then another time a random joke comes up that if it was a programme that was scheduled and and and Rick prerecorded would probably never have come up now, This hilarious moment happens just naturally rivulet at its yes, it's it's If on and also learning, not an honor. that much I didn't using, I knew I was a child, Do they know that they got wholesale and they were their poor swimmers and we need to accommodate them a lot of these guys. Today's didn't do in radio. Aren't they isn't there? Podcast justice thing, really that all you that's right or audio podcasting ass? The radio show yeah yeah just pacts. Different, look. Nothing there's nothing wrong with that. Of course, organisations is not what we do in the amount of preparation is, is very different and it's it's been look. It's been a lot of work to try and ahead of the curve and try and make sure that we can still have these conversations with you, and I will say it's a pretty cool community I'm just going to have as much touch. What use is some of the other folks here, because I have as much time, and so I don't get it
you really don't get Mulatter canonize yeah. I hate airports, so. The costumes are great, been quarter black, this this environment you created here. I again rodeos pretty nice. It is tremendous in its health scape like resembling that's been cultural appropriation month again. Stay tuned set your notifications on Youtube. If you're on the blaze here too, because there will be a lot of long form, content going out earlier this month of July, but I will not be life- will be back to first week of August with my new were not ticker, ribcage for my tenure I'll see you like this video hit that notification Bell up there. or subscribe or share. This right is not right to smash the like buttoning share. What would it where? Would you wear it? What are you wearing their hats notices play funded in the trash yeah, also known as your shirt cry,
shop, dot com, which is where you can go and support, and we we have over. We keep the overstock in the trash its other people, who are little yeah. Authors Heaven earned it yet cause. I'm grown all the way by the way. If you find Hunter binds got in there, just let it be.
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