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NEW George Floyd Riots: What the Media ISN’T Telling You


As we get closer to Derek Chauvin’s trial, there are more riots on George Floyd’s behalf. We’ll tell you what the mainstream media is afraid to. We also cover Joe Biden’s train wreck of a prime-time address. And what’s with the Left’s sudden concern over cancel culture?

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I think you get really like today shows our guest Brian Cowen. We cover a lot of stuff how to take down upon her with a throwing life here in this room. A piss and Goblets Quartier, which is really all you need to know so, leave a rating on Android an apple man. You know what one day will go. Helicopter punting for bore with spears. Canada, Israel's spears from a chopper, Switzerland,
Slipknot Monday, Tuesday. Slim generally, one wants to avoid, because Monday is filled with zero estrogen in and take toxic disgusting lights. The science is out. If you drink BP, a plaster from GPA plastic bottle. You might might mimic estrogen and body of you don't eat organic food riots and pesticides might mimic estrogen. The body is, but one injected dry, We into a six year olds, however brutal. Nor can the sign banks Doktor Levine pay. Giralda is here. How are you and what are you never well quarter, blackguard, except airlines, no money and uneasy up. Just don't forget it. An Brian Cowen is here for ending with testosterone. It did my goblets lots, digital goblet squatty. I go deep or that's that's usually for women who don't how to squat really is a trading method, but you're gonna be performing admiring, have type my sweater. Why says erudite I've got my tax when our trunk, where my malware Huntsville out
I'm a little gentleman homely NASA March twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven. Only if you like to laugh hard, yeah big in Hungary, podcast rob today, look at that, while you're really so many things as an essential social club on patriotic keeps going. We have a lot to talk about our aid to Georgia. Slowly with a few questions for you take have any of you tried Fetnah, how does a compared a heroine of asking for different guerrilla movement in talking about? I don't know. If you can story, argue Lang broke his symptoms. Sorting, heroin, heroines, different vanozza, pesky thing comes in a liquid form. Does it really? I don't know, I don't know someone like China who are actually o box unmarked. Are we talking about that will be? talking about the council culture, apparently going after Governor Cuomo, zero Sailorman, apparently anti cancer. Cultural good, why don't you get your there and so is bill more now talking about the dangers of China who would have thought it's almost like some was talking about this before
as well as for those who have made a lot, but mainly George Floyd and the riots, but first last at the Grammy's, because we have to address this little- maybe the global baby. Simulated, a black lives matter riot anyway, you're, here's a clip from what happened last night, the better living thing by your fire with fire and nobody and then a cobra emergency idea of a hundred years. My people and we demand the freedom that land planning, private. We demand I don't know it just as your demanding and secondly, I'm pretty sure binding. Doesn't understand you what but a guy is in his speech. You screwed up the first word. I ain't gonna Taiwan's because it was Thursday his for he was met, say tonight because to light
Do you know any eyes or you could see someone who would be smart enough would say like to light up saying from the top. What is it you can see? His face immediately wanted to check out not finished. Entreat you to light You know that you know the thing and still had to do. It was like the boom goes, the dynamite kid. Finally, you so that you notice this brain at this hour, by side. They were simulating bombing, a windy some which by them
they blamed on white people with the re shard Brooklyn shooting in the funny they bade. They showed that clip right before then we cut away, they should a guy being put down on the ground, the pavement and then just getting up and running away and then getting shot. That's not what happened with acts of exactly what happened. Body slave two cops, install their weapon ran away and pointed it out on seems they missed. A few. Have radio calmer attempts if you wake something from a nap items, grouchy programmes, not a more of you and I'm gonna botanists. Now your body slam, you other than an impressive to accept what, when I wake up my nap, I got it. I need my tea. I can't just go right into a body slant. Now you got a little tat lets say: hurt you back put yourself a little Corinthian on its new tropic. This meeting, which is able to state this really quickly, some the most notable remarks here from buying speech before we get to Sierra Silverman and George Floyd, but You should watch the whole thing for yourself and when you watch it you'll understand why he has had zero press conferences.
but there is also something at play: more subversive that really should disturb muscles Americans, America, is coming back. element, manufactured distribution of vaccines in record time a true miracle of science do our policy. We do together, I July the fourth first are good change. You, your friend, in France will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood, and have a cook out our Baku and celebrate Independence Day. That doesn't mean large vets with lots. People together, but it does mean small group able to get together. All thank you uncle Joe, you will be allowed ruled repay, let it be known that eight control room back their control room. If you guys heard that small groups They shouted in small groups,
I think, he's saying this. I am arrogance washing who, like the thing, I get it back, ground extra increase small groups, what we ve never we ve never had anything other than large groups raises. The only show that I know of that. Never broadcast from anywhere else, we wouldn't even stop doing teen jujitsu not but leave Americans under control four binds word to see. If we can have a cook out are you're out of your trees by Do you remember what that holidays about its about, throwing off an oppressive, yet so I think there is a correlation here. Someone needs to get in a general plain in the White House, lawn and roman candle into the window, because no one gets hurt, but a message gets the message. No one else have roman candidates is again and now you know I'm immediately aimed at my brother's face till I got scared for a second people, get hurt even
people get funny alright report out by the way you can follow me on instagram louder with crowded, where you can find. We have a lot of stuff there that you don't really get here since I've been here not permanently, have been banned from twitter for a week. Yet this gets in not permanent, yeah explanation, no explanation whatsoever. It is it permanently. Every time you lot was not permanent its firm another. We who told you that I think are there or they can you find that out yet says Oda, Jos, crap check like free crab tomorrow, like I will let you back tomorrow, but am are actually never comes here. You it twitter that another year history with just crap check it will have to examine some its side of the building. Drag that you get free crab tomorrow is literally says that I have no idea. I dont Ryan should go to corruption Long John Silver. I'm jolly turned off because I used to go as a kid like two Mcdonald's and Gimme a crappy Sunday at eight make mind, look like the picture, but if I were long, John Silver Crapshoot gets a hey. Make me look like a picture Oda chewed up wrestlers ear. You know like make a better better long. It looks.
It looks like a flower ear by the way this show is every morning weekday morning, Tenaya and Eastern. That's the best way to the best way to do it. So you don't have to be beholden to notifications brain out here today, Dateline out tomorrow, but tomorrow one year anniversary to celebrate fifteen days to Latin occur by going through all the predictions. What came true and then Dave Land before and hosting Wednesday may I go to have my hard all jerked out at the male clinic, so I will not be here. I apologise in heart, sweetheart. I get a big hearts right that is compressed by my stupid chest, Stephen. What should I meet Stephen? We show me a special arm bar yesterday and mounted me. He's got a lot of power and its crotch was very hot. I just I says why listen, listen, China Twin weird started. I haven't wins on the way doesn't happen accident, so also. I will be time for those who are not Markleham members. We will be getting Joe Louis here when I say that, because he's asleep we'll try and get him in studio to do as impression of a fire engine, because
every time a fire engine goes by. He does this Every time I see a wolf and spreading, it is pretty good fresh, exert borderline. Looking back, not he's, never doubted when I've done on my phone sounds are going to try and use surround senator showed you see if we can get him to do it here anyway, so you, let me know if you can afford to pay, do that because they fear why wolves to it they mark their tariffs and telling other wars that this is our area. We think you really think I like a throw down like he's here in them say this is my areas like this. I know he's gone over here you guys over there. That's not what Disney told me they told me there's about love. They show you with the wolf tearing up.
It's maybe we'll make it. that would be a mighty different Disney film. How are you gonna spell sets out in the clouds of you sick, pedophiles fix effort Disney? Is I don't mean to some secret pedophile ring? I mean an open oetting early sexual rising children. I know because I saw a little more. Maybe I was a kid and when I saw those clam Clamshell Brazil, I just how very comfortable This is my question Frida. How did our country get to the point? We can work your entire life. You can provide your family. Barely, but a drug addicted, violent Phelan, George Floyd Jesus Christ to son of Corridor gets his family twenty seven million dollar. From refusing, comply with the police and overdosing on Chinese Ventnor. Tell me tell me where you see what we're talking about: no justice, no peace What that means that you want a piece of Britain have a piece of that fact. No, I don't have that. I don't understand.
like at this point we're talking about justice? You guys are struck. Twenty seven million dollars will get to the toxicology report and little bit that story. I really want to talk about today, but first to something that obviously is nearing dear to our hearts. Brian Brian myself Gerald not so much, but you know what you're welcome to talk. Thank you. This Last week, Sarah Silverman for people dont. Remember, Sera Silverman made her entire living made her bones or career through shock comedy. and then decided to slam the door shut behind a pull up the ladder until one else that they shouldn't be offensive that they should be cutting edge that we need to be careful that what we say, but now she is saying that she, tired of being a Democrat because of the absolutism that she's she's basically been there enforcer and cheat and Hollywood. So here's for making the comments about her disillusioned with the Democrat, its thee, absolutist ness of the party I am in that, is so
turn off to me. It's so being a leader for something called progressive. it allows for zero progress, arrive in all nothing worse, apps toward all king nothing again righteousness porn. I think I don't want to be associated with any party anymore. It just it comes with too much baggage, sorrier new shows that are not this. Isn't this isn't comedy nor its a one, woman? Shell? What does that mean? I'm going to be right, you can get an award, but at least seventy Sarah, like I know, Sarah and I actually really like her and I think, she's a hell of a comic I really to us I want to know what happened. Maybe she's not doing that that stuff anymore. I know she got, I think, kicked out of the TED thing or she got
stopped when she was doing a TED talk ass. She was making fun of somebody who is who had down syndrome by dumb at least at least she's speaking about it, but the one thing I noticed that the path the redemption is to come back to the Progressive Party right job. So it's it's! It's like that's the only thing. I'd say that look. We gotta, we gotta, get my path to come back, but that these back toward right, but that doesn't mean you unity. Me. There's no point! You have zero point of view that valid. If you are on the right, I guess I'm a bit What job didn't I The bonds of party of unity? Ok, but what does that mean come over here or not I've cartel ya, go well
I've got my client doesn't sound one. She doesn't even apologize for her role in making it. What it is, I think that's. The irony is like. I have made this something that I dont like, and I want to leave about what Democratic Party is also well yeah, she's a valid there's that will lead us all. I wonder who has been talking about a leave ism, you ve called them Nazis and populist racist people talking about a legists, the swamp. Those who no longer represent no longer represent a government for the people by the people that this is something I ve been talking about for a long time, but why hasn't gotten so absolutist? Let's go to the tale. The tape miss Silverman anyone's expressed information consequences for higher than a cannon runaway girl. You going, I have done on twitter, saying anything that could be perceived as homophobic endemic in mind that there is to be. Maybe I mean I used to think gale in time of it so long ago that I say more than I am ran right to say that I heard my found. Then I realized I was like the guy. You said what I say: colored I've color, I say color Jack eyes. Look I just found Jews, don't count by David but Deal he would.
Really insightful about the conceit of Jews are rich and how racists that is the beautiful Clean Latif, while our president, through another party for himself and other rally full of laughs and cheering all at the expense of a woman who shared her story of sexual us senators, please! leave me when I say this is no longer a job interview, this is a line in the sand and you have to pick up side and the site is no longer republic. Inner Democrat, your vote is a statement around
It was Governor Cuomo, it's a face. Print in the sand, get Lloyd! I guess it's! Ok, it's really! Well what about Roma? What about tarried and Joe Biden? The inconsistency knows no bounds, and we know this may bring. We know about cancel culture. We know about the all the fake me to that. Having to leave all women out well in abiding had answers it what's left investigation run its course always want a second, so either we have to go back to due process, which is what we have always advocated and throw out all of the believe, all women with no evidence or you find yourself in a tough spot. This is the issue right now that look. I understand and you want to be gracious, but it's gotta staying little bit because you made sure that people like us, weren't able to speak and by people like us, I mean half the country who elect President's, not former vice We also now have Andrew Cuomo when the left is using. The word cancel culture now on Iraq likely
You know that it was a political tool because now they're coming for them the mob with torture pitchfork out an evolution each year on the revenue, it's a snake eating its own tat. Why don't we get from problem? Put Cuomo Young Revolution AIDS, its peep jerry, who, if they were the victim of their own nursing on policies, would be assuming room temperature, but it's pretty hard to put on our side. Here, is one hears Coloma saying: yes, we die right. Here's a clip on Roma people know the difference between politics bow to cancel culture and the true let the review proceed. To resign seems, like we ve heard this before, but are the ones saying casual culture is not a thing. These same people would say you know what right now look at the right talking about doctors suits cancel. These are silly issues. Look look. The banning of books is
big deal, you can say will accompany chose to do it right with Doktor Susan. The reason they chose to do it is because you guys put legal pressure and you boy caught everybody injured. matic secular religion. That to me is more important than a stimulus because what's another few trillion dollars at this point, I am against it, but once you start removing language banning books, like on Amazon now and they are you can no longer have votes, were people who transitioned yes are running. It would represent a damage, irreparable damage. That book, which was which was banned. Remember if, if the Amazon starts banning books pop Polish farmers are going to say to authors, say Ike. You can't write that book because I can't sell level. No publisher is going to take put money into a book that can't be so on Amazon Rifle de facto, not only not only burning box, lonely, censoring books, but you're gonna start people from there's no incentive to write a book if I can get it out their right and what is good due by the way is clear,
a parallel economy. I think The sudden, I think what I do is I liked the market places at than others. Now others probably room for somehow right. Don't do your bench apparel, advocating bitcoin, whereas he's out of trivial currency and in dark. What will actually happen that an inquiry that will determine whether you, but that's back what would cancel culture the thing about Cuomo? The irony is he he killed by his policy he killed hundreds, if not thousands, of people. That's not why they're coming after I want him to be cancelled for killing grandparent lie at the very most that we know right now is inappropriate conduct towards women. That was unwanted right. That's all we know we don't know ray. I don't want to. I don't want to do the whole people alleging he's a rapist of Roma, it's sick with all. I will say you know what I don't think he deserves to be to be forced to resign further accusations at writing. I really dont, but killing people feel able at so. What did we see? That's where I work for me. That's my internet. Print in the sand is killed,
vehicle once went on ass. That's what you're talking about proportion now, that's when, when they were talking about the Cuomo, I read some of the allegations have touched on women's back in appropriately and said and ass personal questions and person? I've read a couple of articles that net they're, calling that person a survivor. A bit insulting that we have really gone through terrible things or just people are survive, really lie threatening situational situated just there's, just no proportion, man, how you gonna make sense, are just some guy come area just get a survivor like tell us your tail of of of surviving I mean you put me in lower bar in two thousand fourteen, I was mum loader boded, I for it, but I just after when I look, he wasn't very good. He didn't have magic lips, it just a comparable data and my wife lieutenant especially with my wish made. A great quantity of rape is horrible.
when you're reading strike he threw on the ground. He forcefully raped. Recent that man should be put to death. Forbade me suggested that the training now she said, but these women who didn't you we think back. Then this is my wife's. It are women should have a man put his hand on my back and ask me inappropriate crack question right. Then, and there I would you Let me say why you putting reanimate actually gotten. She got in trouble because she was in Morocco. When doing this semester abroad and muslim gentlemen? In Morocco grabbed her body, and she turned around and screamed at him and said I don't you ever do that and her actually This tool guide whatever in her mom when she's toll should don't do that. Morocco cannot do that in an islamic country. Will never see you again. Get away, but my wife, that's, for instance, you gotta, someone is actually sexually harassed and you're, meaning it's not. Violence has not overpowering. Do something, then again just one woman's opinion.
hit the notification Bell because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot plus I pin them with my brought so notifications. How are the only ones? Listen? I can't help asserting my sexual problem like send something else. What we're talking about cancer culture. I feel like I'm in bizarre we're like a stipulation cosmic bunny whole because now we have said Chauvelin, saying I can't believe you know it's so absolutist in Cuomo, going I'm not going to bow to cancel culture nor culture, your call more so than you when you're fake, italian, an altar and you're nipple bar belt is Canso culture. It your way diet, and now you have been more sounding the alarm about about actual, this is not a joke. Now about China, China, cheer up well we're the silly people now get out care that there's a step. your type of a chinese man in a doctor's juice book. China have trees, having a, never ending, woke competition, deciding whether Mr Potato and hasn't.
and the other half believes we have to stop the lizard people because there eating babies. We are essentially also provocation and savage superintendent. Washington's became writer, lizard peace only gets a new people actually lies through environmental review. There is a progressive trend now to sacrifice merit for equity colleges or chucking. The S eighty and eighty detested in New York merited Plaza, announced it would no longer decide who gets into the schools for advanced learners, but rather a lottery system. You think China's doing that letting political correctness get in way of nurturing their best and brightest. Those are real, and so with China and they are eating our lot. Ok couple things really quickly! Here you sees us, you see this with Sarah Silverman. Let me let me explain you, Sir Silverman Cuomo cancel culture, and now him too about not using cities lowering standards. Okay, so now we have three very clear examples: there, right there are many single republican whose push for
nothing other than merit based education, never has a single Republican who has pushed for hate speech laws or put, for more censorship on big that their money. couple there. I don't know exactly very very few, Republicans have been out there. Trying to get people banned for referring is something as gay or colored which, by the way you can say people of color cancer, coloured people I'd go with colored people just because I only have so much time in the day so the issue here is at any time, if only there was a pretty. If only there had been a president who bill nor had marked mercilessly for years sounding the alarm on China and by the way you said he was racist, and you said that there was a rising at the damage of anti asian hate crimes by what you premises, which we just talk about last week. Eighty five percent of all violent crimes in the Bay area. San Francisco are coming by blacks against Asian. So I tell you what, if this is a by product of white supremacy, that is some powerful fur, third removed racism right. We wait
premises ourselves after they ve gotten black people to do their bidding against Asians or maybe maybe there's some animosity against Asians because of people like you, about New York Legislature because of people, for example, who said Asians, have to score higher on s eighties and they're, turning them away in record numbers from universities like Brown and Stanford, and lowering standards for black people, and so black Americans go yeah. Why does he have what I got and creates animosity against chinese people? Who are one generation removed from or two generations removed, from their grandparents being in internment camps and they are disproportionately wealthy because of their work ethic and having intact families? And you ve told black Americans, because you see them through the Prism of lace x rays exclusively that the problem is well every black people, but everyone loves the age when they see them through the prisoner of being victims Samuel they date they lump all. People in as a victim, that's insulting to black people right. You know and adult dates its but often the Pope well
you see, they wait inherit Stevens, not giving guys. I built more and people like Sir settlement on left away back, it's so pull up well, Stevens are building walls. There's just levels away, I think we're sorry. I don't want to end up better, get drastic changes there, you're converted there, I don't think you're being convertible down. What they're saying is not have anything less absolutist, so that Brian Cowen will check is privilege makes that he allowed himself to be white shamed, use our luck, use our cultural lexicon and be a good little surf. That's what there's that I'm half italian and am sicilian in my family were peasants. They have short fingers made for working. You know
fields. Yeah now not been annoys you probably you ve got some. Oh yes, I did my genome. I met a man, you know, but Viking, like yourself from annex x, to all chest and ass. The common thread here is that the person, the person that they hated, I'm objective they were blinded by, is now gone and now reality rather creep its way back in just a little bit, and I guess you hated him so much that every one of you have done things against what you're saying right now, like you, have actually created the situation. You ate only because you hated Donald Trump and we told you that allow you were doing it. The left has been systematically and tabling and powering China just to try in Spite Donald Trump and I'm not even just talking about the you know that by family members, smoking crack with chinese prostitutes are Eric swallow banging mingling which, by the way, with that guy added intelligence, commit thanks. Act like ours that guy
intelligence committee, when it was banging chinese spies, while she used to be fair, if he was very I'm sure, we'll they flew in English girl she thought he was only one man knew she was just by my point is I don't want to rely on that men for anything. I wouldn't want to watch my kids, let alone be an intelligence, conventional. Let's talk about what the left is done to enable China, because Biltmore leaves that part out right. What we are we have teepee only new oppose. It was was Donald Trump. Nato doesn't see China as a threat. You look at the policies with the: U N, Donald Trump, if you look at Donald Trump, with two pairs of courts in China's building record to their economic they're, not gonna respect this. Isn't there you look at this. of course, going to China? You look at the NBA billion dollar relationship with China, where they banned people who are protesting for the independent for the liberty of the Hong Kong people their right to peaceably assemble, not to mention the the World Health Organisation who Doktor found she said are the most reputable source for avail.
all data regarding covert nineteen, they should be trusted. Donald Trump said we're not to be funding who, at all, we won't be involved now, change with Joe Biden. This is the same if you care about human rights, no justice, no peace, keep in mind this. the same World Health Organization right who, don't even acknowledge the existence of Taiwan and they dare not even trying to hide this clip of show of showed it to you several times, but it's still bone chillingly scary, will consider how once membership along with it wasn't category I couldn't be requested. Ok, I need money. Let me repeat the question that was to another one that right for this: I am actually carry on talking about Taiwan as well on Taiwan's case. Unbelievable
you know that interviews, so polite Asians are often helpless at all. Where we, let me repeat the question, no knowledge move on one another. How do you not know you want? How do you know you're not want these question? If you will not be a question of making european question at TAT time, don't feel autocratic, not italian. Here's the thing you guys are keeping not keeping in mind you can actually stream Disney in the re education, weaker cow. That's that's that something you don't have benefited loves, my that's how they got to the hundred plus millions subscribers counting all you need your million or so where's in concentration camps, which you never hear about bright way. I mean it's a loan under democratic you you started to hear about it about a year and a half for ten years after Rio sounding the alarm like hey guys, you remember Rwanda and everybody thought. Oh my gosh. This is this is terrible. This happening were actually complicit in this year,
China. Now we ain't owed for a very long, but you know what a deadly is now at least they have Disney, plus so in between that's vowing MECCA. Five times a day they can chicken, with men alone, on our agenda Koran. I now grottoes a threat, but the weaker, as nobody brings that by Us did you bring it up since two thousand? Ninety can I visited Guantanamo Bay and I saw the weaker prison and they had an ocean side. You did they and x axis. they make you watch MILAN as torture, so the new version- I didn't do it. I did NATO interview any the weaker as when they are talking about China not being threatened. I don't think so. They were too busy watching the lunch and we may come out of you all. Listen. I don't know that we could do that now. We acknowledge can have the king and I ok, made by the way combat what your thoughts are. What's what should we be doing about China? Do you think that China? This is just comment, got that's the best thing you can do you need to. Why are we talk? about Russia. When discussing China learners, I'm ready to India, there is one
so I just walk into. We know. What's going to see she help or something to show you something goes wrong. Ok right now are act, and this is just on a point of this are trying to act like cancel culture exists on both sides is a no no less people say: oh Republican, you dont want cancel culture when Europe, when you're, trying to remove them for a death threat on twitter right which about following the law over well, namely cancer culture banning people for unpopular. Pinions comes from the left in it. Just so happens. They control Facebook, Twitter, you to Google Apple, Amazon and now they're banning books. Great good progress will come long did I tell you why, let's in the middle of a little bit. Sarah Silverman and just come out just once protest the banning of books. You do that, will give you a little progress George Floyd will move onto this year. Has toxicology report people not now this, but now it's been it'll, be admitted as evidence revealed, fatal levels of fat now in a system that causes lungs to fill with fluid, as well as men
amphetamine over and over the weekend City Minneapolis Pedro fled the family, twenty seven million dollars in a row. for death settlement cannot prejudge the dragon athletes. heroin, its Is that now know is terribly? Thank you Peter crack market, but we got a no, no, no, no, no, no, not helping it to try to get Europe. Fiji, the drachma, but I don't want him here. I don't want to what are we know? We have kids, you get rid of him, get rid of them. Get rid of him we don't want you to mark this- is chill. Is child friendly, while can't believe mixed our guy had a mass, it's a problem, but he's got his life to get it cuts through the keeps you kind of even so fat little covert, nineteen and system here. Just what, before I move on to this why are we being consistent friend no amphetamine also teach you stuff like to remember that.
A guy who died in a motorcycle crash, he was, discovered? Nineteen to why isn't George Floyd being listed as a covert nineteen death? When we say Eric Chauvelin, which again the report doesn't show that he was killed by you know something by the pressure to his neck, a horrible police training. We know Drugs obviously would have, would have interfered right now with coordinating their whatever some come orbit. It he's a man, I would imagine but covert nineteen, and he was saying I can't breathe. I can't breathe. Let me ask you this: if you go to a hospital- and you say I can't breathe, I feel like I can't breathe they tested positive recovered and you die. You think you can at least use a covert death. Of course they must have a kind of branches, motorcycle trunk opposition as a covert death and a guy Michigan who try to blow has come up with a shotgun. Does it go with death, but now with Georgia Wanna believe the only contributing factor was a need. Indeed I did Neil on his neck freight minutes. It doesn't help. No, of course not, but even here it's a terrible. They go on putting losses over something really. George Lloyd had culminating yes,
you, said it, but I have not heard that Bulgaria calamity that's about reports as yet shows that cover nineteen eleven. If you want me to lean- and I can deal on anybody's next year- will see how well I because poor, I guarantee, you know we're not gonna die, so there are now back. Do you think that's what killed him? I do think that we can look at what I was doing. I was thinking of you in an indian somebody's nitrate minutes. That's that shitty police! Well, I have a really great reason: Ashraf. There isn't a cop in this country that that agrees with that, but help accept further training pamphlet that they handed out. That's how they trainees, police officer is too to kneel, gets back. Yeah me neither body, but it They train them. You can what we can probably get up, haven't, bring it up from the control room, that's the problem, as they teach these police officers to kneel on the back of the neck, and if you watch he has won the on the ground to all of us, wait as None George, what its warble drowned. Now we don't know right all on bread and a two things can be treated. The same tat right would have died of fitness and is an emphatic work right. Both things can be true, it doesn't mean
the officer and we all know yet caused his death, because I think the coroner's report comes at an says. Well, he is lungs, Philip with food that and have anything to do with me. I'm neck. and I'm not arguing that we re all of that- and I and I d, I still think that if you're gonna need haunt somebody's neck for eight minutes, you're gonna pay a price for it and probably know I agree. I understand I get the frustration with that, but you have to be able to separate out what actually happened in this. Is it's not saying that this is what you do. This is what the left cannot in uses to do that they could be focused so much on one thing that they dont look at any of the other evidence outside. Let it may also have you look at the entire George fled arrested. I have so we showed a hearing that, like the thing is, they were being very, very nice them for a very long they were, but that they receive payment. I'm not gonna. Leave you buy yourself, look, look I'll open a window! Mac, happily, I came to my mind, is that his bonds ionize acting for the Iraqi, that's the guy, said, put your hands on a steering wheel, put our hands in the steering wheel. He didn't look. Look then I'm gonna stay with you. I'm gonna stay with you open the window and get in the car. I can't breathe, I can't breathe, and then
when do you, the police training, this isn't a police manual. That's why it's horrible guidance on the net guy. Look, you still have you had we're doing there. There's gotta be a better way to tat. Restrained somebody gets worse than you don't charging out of you don't chart. I would murder begbie true. At the same time, though, that's what I'm saying yes, there is. There was a better way. They should have done it differently, but did they cause George void to die? That's the question that we have to get to also nobody sake ill of our Lord and Savior short selling price. We're gonna go onto the George fled. The rioters again like using both things can be true, unfortunately, the entire near what you're talking about that's been the entire narrative and that's what justifies riot critically hours and damages eight nine hundred officer casualties over nineteen debts, because no one knows this guy had covered complications, lung problems and Fetnah at lethal doses into system something I want to mention Marvin accurate one of my favorite boxes. Of all time died sixty six years of age this weekend after being ask lies in the ice you now. This is something that a lot of people don't know.
if you run a search on this, and I cannot confirm or deny it. Ok, but all article four states, fake news, people saying that he died from complications, the covert vaccine, but here's where that comes from Tommy earns- and everyone knows right, the famous the best first round ever in the history of boxing. My dad was there in the arena, our he was friends with with, I will not say to all those who was friends with Marvin regret for the rest of his life and he treated the day Four Marvin hardware died, he tweeted, hey, he'll, probably be alright, but my best, my my buddy Marvin hackler suffering from side effects. from the code vaccine, Cen, prayers, positive energy. His way this was before he died. So you can, you're late as to whether Tommy Hearns got bad information, but again they were close for the rest of their life. They became colleagues, they were cheat, they they had just they had the most mind, blowing fights of people out there who are young generation, Z, millennials go just watch Hackler Hearn, so this is where it comes from. You can't say it's fake. If it comes from
verified account who knew haggling very well and by the way, there's been no other information to corroborate or deny it. So I just want to make that really clear. As to why some folks are confused. Also, his is the place procedure. unlike the kneeling on the neck yeah, that's ok I don't think so. We can't we can't hang a guy Lynch Guy, if he's doing what he was trained to do. This all come out in court that the good thing about do pray visas. We get to have this conversation. I wanted. The cool things is that this is it. This is now we know he had that much fetnah and all of this go. We we ve known that year for a long time, but everybody has now take all those things. No account that's kind of what I love about due process carried out, a problem that I have you have jurists we're going to be afraid, even if they saw areas because they know that their lives are going to be in danger. That's the problem of public opinion taking place before the we will try, which brings us to look even the family, now twenty seven million dollars which to me that's
significant shoving is on trial now for manslaughter, second and third degree: murder readily they originally. The wondering at first to be merged, so I dont know how that works legally, will have my half asian layer on to talk about how they play down but what's been got the riots. Are still going on by the way, so, twenty, seventh, no justice, no peace, ok, you're, twenty seven million, and right now we can have a trial jury of their peers. Second, urgently martyr, manslaughter right, which could result in consecutive sentences. Now we're gonna Walgreens! Ok, I don't know if that's necessarily mean just anybody, but you do you, keep it real. So, let's go here. We have Minnesota Friday. Night was a drive by shooting in the George Floyd Autonomous Zone. It's like Chaz, only more violent. How does it would happen? There was a shooting, an autonomous alone. It's it's! That EU session agitator has visited the Minnesota Autonomous own guy, got shot, wouldn't let the corruption, and so what happened is they can? Read this person who was shot. They carried him to the hospital, the police couldn't get home and this purse
that and I'm sure they just did a tremendous job of stabilizing that victim spine and so by the time the cops arrived, the victim had been brought. It died, here's a musical The cops can't get it. This isn't Minnesota when they don't allow cops in that area as helpful to those poor, neighborhoods Cares about the neighborhoods those people got something to say. I have a question now. Tell me. If I'm right about this tat problem, I believe in two thousand nineteen or two thousand twenty policing has gotten so good that into and in that of the top ten million plus arrests, only nine unarmed black men were actually yeah
is this true. I think it's twenty eighteen and it was eight or nine, and then there were nineteen wiping I mean. That's if you look at I'll, take those odds on plan the lottery alligator. Those are those under any certain. If you, if you had a test- and it was ten million questions- and you only got nine- or you know what fifty four hundred wrong here Is it may Japan's? If that is what I got along, came running pamphlet, what that's not the problem that they point out. They point out any black person, meaning a person with a gun who happens to be black, who is aiming at an officer firing if that officer, shoots back higher, saying that if a losing has gotten better as a result of the pressures from two thousand fifteen onwards, we know that
not always worried about. I was always pretty good. It was always for even before twenty fifteen, it was always a lie. That's adding that hell of an accomplishment! Never if it's just nine people on that same there isn't police. Now we know that this is not about less every year, so we believe that everybody is flawed. However, you can't just see people through the lens of race and cops because an orwellian second, there are more there's a high. Preventative, cops or black than the actual percentage of black. when the population. Oh, what do we do there more? People renouncing entities, America believe in at least as much of a police presence as theirs or more. I wonder why? Maybe, because what you just saw, Minneapolis and part of the woman who lost her son probably wasn't too fond of the fact that some, why Antiphon and unfortunately I hate to say this- but black people who go along with them, because they think they're ally, shielded the police from saving her sons, life in the paramedics, I'm sure that black moms I've killed it. Let's keep on coming in Louisville Kentucky protesters intimidated young girls going too,
because this is privileged. This is systemic oppression. When I think systemic oppression, I think we need to send a gag. All of rochesters just stop girls from the owing to a cheerleading. You can hire them the case when you say gag they're beautiful period Canadians agonies spoke to a protest organizer, who stand by what happened and apparent who says children should, not have been involved comments made as cheerleaders headed into a competition at the Kentucky International Convention. Since Saturday, have parents upset so now, we got few report land where they keep on coming in Luxembourg and the hours after the bear the earlier barricade in Portland around the courthouse hours after it came down hours hours, sir, after it came down and tougher and black eyes. Met activists set the federal court,
on fire while people were inside. That's like the church in the patriot, here's a clip not to mention. Of course, you remember in LOS Angeles, the molotov cocktails being thrown at the drive through. Nobody in this place. We got a music video and when these is not healthy food shelter. Now that I'm just say that's your problem, you don't use grass it I've burgers and, in my opinion it that's a better beyond meet, that's murder. That is murder. You know what something else. If you watch a lot of these protests, you see them. You see guys with tactical vests and fire threatened by the way. I have no problem with that. I rather private problem mainly with burning
buildings burning in the federal Court House, destroying neighborhoods that harm black families and white families alike. But I don't have a problem so when exercising their second women right, but the argument against Collaret announces. Why would someone be going down to these protests with fire? I mean what look I saw dozens of people, ass? The country? You can? Google, yourselves, you can run a youtube search if this search still allows you to find it of them
Now they are fifteen's and tactical. That's. Why he's an argument to? Why? Are they going down the black lives matter? Proto? Why are they gonna look and I think it's actually legitimate hold on a second? I want so much of a problem. You wearing a tactical vest and carrying in our fifteen, as I do with you carrying said technical, less and our fifteen on the way to burning down the court house with people inside of it. That's my primary going. I do think they were complaining about the guy who was trying to actually shoot Kyle Rittenhouse, who ended up, shooting him in the vice Rebecca. Had it. I think it a gun in his given the cereal pet of how the government all that actually had a weapon as well, but they haven't said, was wandering about him and now getting he hasn't. Edward had a gun at Hamley was almost about the pointed out. They were trying to renounce his gun. You I'm a guy raped children. At least one guy had a raped, children, convict and not put his hand. his back and said I mean I've already raped young children real. These are the best That's all right! I just kill that's what you want it s, what I call a righteous kill, figuratively faint, figurative, Leah, the other guy,
Just hit him over the head with a skateboard with a train right, a rap on the night on his head, he's gonna die each year, must lead had sir jumped in the ear and tried to get its economy in a crowd sources. So everyone out there come at what? Where do you live out, Tell me the general area where you live, What have you seen this last? We can because rights of picking up again now here's what interesting again, what we're talking about, cancel culture, early, we're talking about George Foot, we're talking about the double standard, the media These rights been going on all we can't. We just court house burned out with people inside the media still dogma. The January six capital riot right, that's what they still are, focusing on, which lasted for three hours. Lasted for three hours. This there's a montages sat there still talking about the capital Riot Freedom, And and I we were stunned when we learned that the Justice Department says it expects to arrest at least one hundred more people in connection with the capital attack on January six, more than three huh.
People have already been charged. Worthies are nearing in on too far right. Extremist groups, e o keepers and the proud boys as they investigate what happened on January. Six, for the keepers, for example, that guy's not making up out of hearing for dangerous, looks very much as if they were heading, but we are going through a Kapital looking for lawmakers. The Washington Post reports that the extremists were minute away from reaching. Vice president, my pants Sakharov look so It was three hours and thirty million dollars and even by the way, horrible anyone when an act of violence and now the one person shot was shot by capital police and I'm not saying unjustifiably so right. We don't have the information it. We don't know what happened with the other five deaths because most them things have happened several days later from natural causes, according to their families and their own text. However, People dont know, so this happen once right and keep in mind when they say if you put in a black does matter, protests are peaceful overshot, that's bullshit! Second, there
thousands of people to capital you're talking about a group of dozens of people who went rogue and obviously people generally held accountable for their actions, but they have more guards not only more guards and at the border right now that not only more troops and at the border they haven't Europe's it's, not a dozen for the border by the way, their sending FEMA, which is not a disaster no organisation are now there's sending FEMA it's just like it's fun. It's just it's just think of it like a clown and it has met suit. So they have not. Only at the state Capitol went on for three hours ran, total no other legitimate threats. Since then, it was something to happen spontaneously, wasn't a pre planned molotov cocktails and they have more troops, not only then at the border, the more troops at the capitol then Ghana Stan and Iraq. combined because that's because in liberals, love guns as long as hands there s an end. Its military great weapons are fine in the hands of the state, but then, when you too, but then loves the statement or sought yes and by the way we ve
how much militarization of police? Ok! But what do I do have an intruder? You don't need a good. You don't need twenty rounds, call the police, which, once the rate this police, whose precinct we banned. I think that our little Mark Seattle connect the dots in the back of the children's menu here here. What just happened, I said I mean we ve, Republicans or conservative groups have had several dozens of protest. I'm trying to think back to the last time a conservative group got together to protest in turn violent gets now you can, I think they say look at that. This is one time one time right. these people were rogue actors. You did have designed for people in there, but I'm not saying we're all into believing that going without Nirvana, every single tea party, yet nothing, nothing is met they left the place cleaner, the men they thought they did were the mission in our second amendment yeah we're and we were there to where we dealt with it. I'm nothing right, nothing, three major protest: black lives matter. Rick Single major city that has had a protest has had
billions in damages and usually a death or too certainly officer casualties are serious. Injuries single major city, ninety percent people. So let's compare the capital riots too. With these rights, the numbers are minimum two billion dollars in damages right, minimum nine hundred officer casualties minimum. nineteen lives lost over the riots just over the summer. We have no idea what's gonna happen went now what is going to happen when they don't find this you'll murder, which is very likely concerning the evidence at hand. What do you think is going to happen? Why do you think there's an ammo shortage. there's something else, funny Portland.
TED Wheeler. I was get Portland Seattle mixed up. Did both societies himself said Emily Justice or just why people with bad tattoos, the sensible shoes and speak for black people Thea holds me our rates for black elbowing black about out of the way they are two black people or non alcoholic at a meeting like just glad to be here here, and it's literally allay the protests were an event. I swear to God, for why people they were like there's a protest offering the sun block. Let's do it was unbelievable. Do you think about the both speaker? Do you think I do you think it's passe to bring back my Rodney King signed a new one and aren't now where the Rhine so regular. Let's go attack that bodega and enabled I'd never drive through much less living right, Portland, Mayor TED Wheeler, which is just such a it's just such a white name TED Wheeler TED Wheeler, hey hey, I'm glad Lula, TED Wheeler, he's on your side, there's been injustice against lacks, looks like it's done.
The call in the wheel. Let's call TED dammit TED Sir there Dad you loose cannon I'll, have your desk on my edge in my badge on your desktop dammit. I do things my way down that TED these blocks of encrypted far too long, but TED we elected had wheelers way goes out. There may be a nice car. Well now it's gettin jack, but I wanted you look good. You can be one about, ran the bats Malta Portland TED, we'll just requested two million dollars to fund quote proactive relinquishing combat the huge rise in gun violence. Not a surprise, I mean Are we do they really think that we're not going to see what's happening by just like when they say prologue? We want more money for defining the police. You want, I don't think, that's pretty stupid and whom it was pursued. I know we need one
able to say we need it for Pro act. policing like you sneak in us like, we wouldn't know that Europe can lead to a rise in crime, and now you know that you need the cops there. Look at around our man, my policies really separate they're, not allow advising for any of it and saying we just decide this random spike in crime. You have. We didn't want to eighty two million dollars for pre emptive cons deploying I have the theory, rosy everytime. I hear a line. I'm not talk about black people here to talk about when I, when I hear white workers who are talking about move on police and I've done it, daddy? I usually just look, I'm they almost always look like
people have never done any kind of a sport never been punished in the face and that significant, because I think you have to have some idea of what real violence feels like you know, I mean a disk. It just makes you a little more afraid. I feel it brings the realisation where they should be hidden face with a sneer durham. Maybe there's also a theory that liberals ten do like so they liberal mindset. Tens think that when you take all restraints off a human being they flourish, conservative mindset is that we're flawed people, you don't have some rules, people you're, crazy, stuff right, we'll bury depends on your philosophy on what are you hiding? Germany is: let's forget, none of us again, these writers, that's how preemptive constantly and let's make sure that black lives matter is yet again nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. Just I wash you might, what was at, why was it took an own eyes? There was nothing What's happening to you use, and I use that word- computer have very bad I've got my meals done, and there were so point C
This is on your computer. What do you know that I admire oh by the way, not Grammy? I can't tell the difference between Cardy be in Megan the Megan, the horse, stallion. Sir- and you know Well, you know what a stallion is. Fishing but a stallion since Rio, Hale Horrid sent mail for they got big she'd be met, Megan Megan, the mare I would, I think so, making the mare that looks like a stallion that could be little more and tumbling. Although are we talking about the difference in male and female, because Wet ASP tends to be that's a little offensive to people who little infant less and let you know not all your rocks on the front line and you made an assumption wet as we can't say it on Youtube. They can be nominated, whereas when nobody likes a movie boy, whereas was he could also be went out surgically altered from which is, if you haven't, if you haven't, it could be weeping.
Keeping our oil weeping destroying whole awaiting a front hole not gonna throw it pointed out that we have a bag of wilful evil, had an open poison, ivy urinate Mary here for your front holes. Weeping pay these! May that's that's a euphemism. I hope that you use Express BP and by the way, why didn't? I don't want anyone to dialogue and their wonderful sponsored. The show if you out there are looking up Megan stallion Cardy, be go to You should use expressly be expressly beyond outcome. Slash crowd or you get through it's free, really just stop handing over what we're talking about all this, your dad too big tack and government who, while I repeat myself We use express vps when we have found the Youtube algorithms. There would talk. Just keep herself protected use it if you're not using a Vps today, here in eighty eight and you shouldn't be watching the show, ok turned up right now. Do it listen we use We only have sponsor that we actually use. I can't I can't tell you how many supplement companies have come to light. On spots in the show and about
Ninety percent of them, I I'd say, Ok, are you GNP and UNICEF certified and then I never hear from them. Look. I'm only selling MIKE and nobly selling my audience steroids with some little pixie dust, but botanical premium privatized, proprietary, bland, where you're putting and powdered sugar and a little bit of rhubarb, but Stephen it has the Siberia and yes well, the problem with us. I e that it comes from Brazil and I don't trust him the problem presented its you definitely brazilians. I dont mean a race I'm in the country, So why would you want to fight? You saw my, but now I don't know goes a little one of the rare
he's, ok, that's the only means of defence. There, that's good trainees, excellencies! Yes, we're going for korean disfigures being stereotypically chinese right there. I'm sorry keeps you look my tits, my sweater keep would get the camera me c. I a throne, sweater away, but dont dry, your sweater case. That's that that's the theme of this show that if the theme of the show also don't shop at get kids, so sorry Jim, very dignified, I guess this is what we're talking about whose looking out for you so you're dumber. China cancel culture because now they're gonna lose film are saying we need to do something about China. Will you know it's always kind of lookin out for us talking about China, Donald Trump Publicans this over a very long time, and now our job and whose looking out for you, when it comes to guns, gun safety nets, is something that we did that to me. Ok, look! I want I'm I'm on it a question to you guys, but let me you're about to you
this and I want to hear any argument, and maybe you can drive on for the other side There are sometimes regula. I understand why they believe this, because you know they think abortion up until nine and including after birth, because they're, just selfish, assholes, right, negative There's diameter coming from this is one I don't understand. I don't actually have been written there, but there's somebody like they want a progressive tax, rain, ok, you're sure they're. Coming from the don't ask the question: why is college so expensive we just want to buy about? This is one while they're talking about gun control and that's the next big push and will be focusing on it. First. Day seventeen Democrats voted against a Republican, Rep Republican Beppo representative. I wanna make sure against Ben Klein here ocean to recommence bill, H, our UK. So what he is looking to have added to recommend this bill. This is something it would seem that it should be bipartisan for.
Basic when people when illegal immigrants try to purchase a firearm illegally, that an alert the eighteenth alerts ice. Basically, it just put, not the butterfly net for them felons. But we should all be on board if we're talking about background checks and limiting magazine capacity is make sure that the immense thirteen now The best and the brightest aren't purchasing firearms in this country illegally. Here the proposed recommended in his own words. Thank you, Mr Speaker. Enough is enough, which is I rise and strong opposition age. Our eight and offer a motion or recommend the bill is bills, nothing more than a coordinated effort by the authoritarian left to strip away the constitutional rights guaranteed to Americans by the second, moment. Instead of criminalizing the innocent actions of law abiding gun owners, Americans citizens, we should be focused on stop. Real crime in our local communities and enforcing the law
that are already on the books. One way we can do that is by ensuring that ices notified when unlawful aliens tip to purchase a firearm illegally. I like him, but I dont like these wearing a mask. I prefer, if you'd have gone radical overran polish re like their motion, dramatic representative Paul, whereas most I don't care not nor nominate you'd, my cookers inform them of nominal hope. I don't get crumbs all over your. My that's ran about eleven change outcome. I can return reach. Look here's the thing these seventeen Democrats, there, the only seventeen remaining, I believe, of nineteen eminent. They have that right, but I know that these seventeen voted. For the same motion back and twenty eighty, I'm gonna butter. from a Yossi look. This is something so let me let me get this straight. We're talking h our one twenty seven she lodge axially. We did a whole segmented, her career cool things, it ahead with direct whose proposing this crazy gun control law, where they want to limit your met,
women magazine basically turn the rest of the country into California. May it nearly impossible to purchase firearms so that you can protect yourselves indefinitely. times you can go back and watch our whole segment on it so all day and one where your guns are, then you have to be owes you have to actually pub. please state. Where are you keep your guns in your house yeah next him a porn? Why? That is so? They know exactly where to Molotov cocktails building rob you just showed, so they want to take away the right of sovereignty, I can citizens who were born here who follow the law. They are God given right, you're God given right to self preservation, but they don't want. when illegal immigrants would be purchasing same said firearms! Only it's illegal because a here illegally, they don't want to actually track those people, so they want to make sure that we can track you you,
not only how many firearms we have not only tracking how many round we have in some places like California, where it is in your house on a national registry but Paul was simply alerting the organization in charge of illegal immigration. Why? Why? Because illegal immigration results in crime and black markets, they oppose that because they need to purchase a voting they. So if someone out there, if someone out there, can find any argument, please brawls. Anyone who watches Autonoe stealth or any of these progressive shows a really aren't many anew to any more than a very successful, but the point anyone then who can make the argument I just make me: argument as to why we shouldn't just be catching illegal immigrants, especially by the way if the only illegal immigrants and their done enough to fill out a background check what they're not gonna, be here. Next software engineer I sent them and their children tat. You abandoned Honduras. I lay, I think. I've heard that that into decriminalizing. The border you should be Are you should be forced to
take in a family that you're fighting so hard, for maybe just give them a key to your front door or take the front door. off your house. If you don't believe in any kind of borders, I think borders are reasonable. I dont want kids in cages, etc, but if you really believe that put your money where your mouth is, if you want these Democrats, that's voting for that. Then, then, how about me in a room in your house for one of those just one of those families, but are just one person about that or here's if any of them done. That is the other comparison ray. What does this by one get one free and crime they give to commit to crimes before we actually prosecute? You have to go to a third crime. Okay, so here's the thing I'll break into your house and steal your money. That's too crime we re doing wriggling entering and then theft, but you can't prosecute me because, having committed that third grade then by the way, depending on where you are in a sanctuary city, you can fill up. Our prisons and Democrats are still against departing violent felons. Our prisons. Look. This is the issue and have talked about this before when it comes to abortion, When we, let me, let me really clarified too, when it comes to illegal immigration with abortion, sometimes
Christians are specifically Catholics, we'll get mad at me, because I think I'm conceding ground, where I support abortions, of ribbon and that's not what I'm doing is when someone says what about rape and insects with abortion, I respond with ok, if we allow abortion, let's say we allow it for rape in incest. Ok, you won't any argument for me, Would you then be ok with banning all the ones that will not wasn't? Don't bring up ripen incest? That's not what you care about something which is what about children? What about dreamers? Ok! Look! How about this? Ok, new to say that every single child, whose parents who were used by their parents is basically an anchor baby so that they can remain here illegally indefinitely. That will give them ass. Would you be ok with departing?
already convicted violent felons who are illegal immigrants, overcrowding, prison systems or at least a learning ice when illegal immigrants try to purchase an illegal fire. Now then, dont tell me it's about children, you don't care dont, get bogged down in that quagmire, because it's not about kids. Just like abortion is not about rape and incest. Don't let them get you off track. The left today believes that someone should be able to walk across the border. It does exist that isn't protected. Necessarily have to pay taxes, not beyond the books come into this country claim citizenship when and if they want to or if they dont still receive all the societal benefits, whether its welfare III b, T Healthcare right, no way to track them and they will that they should be able to purchase a fire and which you should never be allowed to purchase, not be alerted to the authorities and commit crime. and remain here and our prison system which, by the way, is compared to
Honduras, El Salvador, Salvador inner mexican prisons in absolute resort. Ok, it's like club med with a boy friend in your room where they want to talk about white privilege. It sounds like there's illegal immigrant privilege. are these cities? It's like that's the best thing to be we're not going to break into the portuguese meal convicted of a crime we're going to actually make a crime to do really anything. That's a crime for everybody else to buy a gun illegally is a crime and the second crime to being lilium emigrant buying again illegally, and then we're gonna put you up never mentioned earlier enlargements. Houses to know how much you know how much of a luxury that is everywhere, but watching taxis in future. How much treat would be for accountability right here. You gotta pay attacks. It is now by April Amigo That's an order, hats girl! Now makes you maybe little bee. Now, I'm not paying taxes, sounds fine by me. That's the democratic
Today we have to get going you're. Pretty soon. Brian Cowen is going to be where Huntsville out Emma Alabama standing alive march. Twenty five twenty six twenty seven end tomorrow is our one year anniversary Mega Party fifteen days to flattened the curve we're gonna go here. Take your chats on my club. Lot of quota comes last month. Let s see if we can get my poor Joe Louis to do his impression a fire fire hydrant. If we really can hire truck here, studio because its slow, Newsday and dumb and people like dogs, so Thank you. If you do, I appreciate you having we're still up yeah. Thank God Thank you. Some look, Thank you for doing the bare minimum, but still besought Lou.
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