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NEW Jan. 6 Footage, Anti-White Propaganda, and … a Camel Beauty Contest?

2022-02-15 | 🔗

Dave Landau is in the big-boy chair! And he's tackling bad Super Bowl commercials, a camel beauty contest, new Capitol riot bodycam footage, and Showtime's latest anti-white propaganda. #January6 #SHOdocs #everythingsgonnabeallwhite

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Hey my sexy sweets. This is Dave Landau sitting in four Stephen crowded day. We're gonna be talking to a camel and doing some other stuff go headless and wherever you listened apart, gas but, most importantly, leave us a rating and review. Hopefully a positive one loves you so that we all know actually house Chicken that shirt I want you want for myself to your mother's, no civilian fairish out like homage this April racist, shall I watched so you're races. I watch it ironic Lee everybody who watches shows racist. Everybody who is on the show is racist. Your racist, I'm race
and you don't have that here know at this store. No, it's racist, ironically, store shock at the shop support the fight, the job done,
I wasn't ahoy everyone and welcome to louder with crowded. With day, though I want to thank roadway.
everybody. They came out over the weekend to come out see Stevens returned to stand up and my special while some your wandering through the open door was that was men, Mc Lowry, you can check him out M c C. El O W are why on social media was really late night and hopefully the special will be out soon yeah. So thank you. All for your support. We really do appreciate is a very fine evening was like thirty, four hundred people came out to sea yeah. It was not. My phrase was really cool nylon, everybody had fun. It was a good time. So thank you offers support. Sorry worn on today, Stephen is out. Today's gets in business with the crack, and so I am going to fill in and I also join me today Gerald Day, hey what's nobody. I gotta about you, sir. I'm done well. I think Stephen. Actually, what was it that whatever voice he did it cost him. He is. Actually, I think, he's got a little bit of shrub throat right is like a little bit yap. He rises worries. I can barely tar earnestly
The text communication, our area there I didn't know that was always assume its crack in business. Well, I was assumed a lot aside by someone. Well somebody somewhere. We s. Of course we have taken on a high. We got Keegan Michael, teach him patrolman nor one of my favorite Oh cried daddy himself. Thank you Gerald. I don't think you can get stripped caucus from doing yelling are you. I don't know. If that's how that works, Sure I do here than what number one leading cause of strap is an impression is that it is there that Catherine citizens- that's true, that's just drunk answer that that another see I was, I was really Games s kind of throat. Man can give what a way to go. this guy doing what they love. I did what he loved and then he died two years later,
life long suffering gets along rules; otherwise he dies of throw cancer helping people of the time now anyway. So it's live. Show Monday, through Thursday, at ten a m eastern rumble. Pollack, has money mug club, where, where he find Pike S where you hang Youtube, so it and if we kicked off you too rumble and if you, he's, gotta rumble gotta rumble their data. I'll tell you where to watch. It was you watch where you want to watch this, just watch it and why don't you go ahead and leave a cat want you to? Let me know cuz we fortune were not here yesterday. What was your favorite super bowl commercial? I don't write all of them cuz. I know they were all great, but if you can go ahead and pick your favorite, if that's even possible, still laughing. Do you remember when they used to be good? I do a long long time ago I Romania would go. I'm gonna watch this just for the commercials we used to
yeah, I did do couldn't we only have you ever wanted to actually watch commercials. Yet was this you with it where they would be, and now you're like what day is a young care at all, not anymore right, and what are you guys, everybody that had fun in Dallas we'd get some more towards aids coming up so Stephen and gave her actually still hitting the road in Detroit. That four p m shows almost sold out April. Sixteenth make sure to go. The latter was crowded outcome, slashed tour and indeed got some dates coming up as well, so we ve got you march. Twenty fifth Aims: Theatre Burns Bill Minnesota Diana sorting out all right. I just need to do it correctly and in April aid that they re out all square Theatre in Juliet Illinois, prisons and April Tennessee Theatre in Walk Hagen Eleanor. Yes, I don't quite talk like that, though. think about aids are also on the website as well, so that, if you want to laugh, if you want to cry, do somethin else do that over that we had a protracted through their near come on it
Also known for presents Juliet had the better than you do not the figure out Althea near performing in a prison. They didn't tell you, oh juliet, that's that's why they just gave you chaps. Instead, here's what you're wearing voters. Plainly, John Baluchi, Juliet Jake, the others brothers, yes, ok, they're, gonna hurt you knew every year that can be a weird what Keegan near Juliet. These are the kind of are enough apart where you can play the different ones, but I think I could be completely line. Have noise I'm just pretending. I know where I'm going: yeah they're real fur apart that you are like slashings. What's it could be the same theatre with different entrances, rural I'm. So, as we all know its black history month and right now, we of ourselves, some black history fact, from Detroit and still can't dance now
I never understood that fought for black history month, guys really, why not know us, Yo Mtv back so that we get let's go ahead and start the first one cross daddy what you got for me. I don't know what am I supposed to be the first and last weekend in words: First Black autonomous grocery store, which has customers use Q Archive Stu purchased, groceries opened in Atlanta. Really my progress scan jewel you're carrying out a sunglasses rack so anyway If there is no longer free, but you For me, this is a sign of how far blacked businesses have come since the oldest one e ward, moving and company was founded in eighteen. Eighty one they're, making tons of progress has re, nationalistic and how ever popular grocery store chain
No, this trader Joseph! He has heard of that area grass. It is still yet to have its first black customer out there. You go YO and lays yeoman. This has been a lack of respect. Some barriers while the compound, if that's true they do, I don't know. Her hair. Just no offense, you see those prices there too, good. Yes, The truth is that what it is it really like eighty four hours for banana now that start trade Joseph bearing a kebab, and maybe I could have sent out, aren't you there's something it cause? We show backs your groceries that plays rain. you get a tip and twenty bucks to carry it out. I think it is Israel and that's where they ashamed, that guy they were like. Why were you such a loser? You re think as events trying to work. Leave him alone. Was it because we have a soul, one of the guys who was workin? Who was on the Cosby, show how I wanted a good guy was but say was it the guy was seeing women or was it you got it
by one of the good guys I mean everyone else who was in the center of the adults, everyone who was not termed America's dad, yes, correct, got a guy who was in a monster and proved a monster and then released from prison. America's rapists just doesn't quite role if the tongue is as easily it almost ITALY released good world, we live in speaking of which celebrities speaking of slavery, jeez, yes, with Superbowl adds rubber. These to be funny. Buddhist has got a lotta gather, misleading Ralph, my dad just watching the commercials, and we would how they were so creative, It is the best and so expensive that they had to be creative, funny huh, the wise you just blew a million bucks. Will I think that air time was seen even twenty years ago? Yes, I half a million dollars for a second. It's crazy hunting, e trade had a monkey just jumping up and down, and there are like this is how we blew a million dollars. You should invest
your money better than we did eat rate on mine. I was their commercial, though, isn't really I'm not even getting. This was like twenty years ago. It's crazy that wouldn't even be campaigns that just run for the Superbowl Zenos it well and well. anyway. They they got some big names, the sheer regardless of scripts, neither that as with any one in Hollywood? Is they make movies, regardless of scripts? If you thought First, one that I saw. Did you go see the one now with our Arnold Schwarzenegger know yet the watch it real time with you can go ahead and my fellow gauze dogs, geysers, spoken time, voices and I to retire thanks, the Bmw, irons, Bmw, ultimate, electric driving machine I hate him more with brutal.
that's so terrible. The Bmw looks awful illicit. You ve got an offender brander, they break sorry, your grills thirteen dollars to replace a catalyst like the sausage car for the ambiguous League, do it does does not really a knob. It's just What are they hire the personnel team to write form of these ourselves, well, their funding than that? but if you thought that was bad, here's Miley Cyrus making her father locales it again. You gotta go. I smile wars there What
she heard horizon. Is it or T Mobile was one of those? Can you hear me now things but honestly, she's, looking a bit older than took part in a rough one, finds in much younger than her also fun fact that was an advertisement for the phone that Miley uses to call be able to tell them that she gave him HPV. Ah, well, lots of calls behalf, Molly again my booms wrought. Now you may everything. Everything hearts does. Does it burn better jerk arms? My dad and easily use Mozilla okey break even I'd still take a crack and Clara looking at her eye. We would now
She's the sexiest pony I've ever seen. Great boys, though you gotta, get what he does. The odyssey challenge now is is using just crazy we're it's crazy. She doesn't have a voice. You something a lunch, lady speaking, void area. I shall talk, is HIV Darwin and then all financial signal, a cow, it's in the the opposite, can be true near the site, voice dealings of one Gerald. Morgan can't sing it all now. Terrible moroccan about. I now and you too gummy avenues. Well that may be singing not for you love thanks it's nice and all tat. I was a boy squire when I was young, where you dare and no I've ever. How is that? What happened? To avoid tat, I told you to cover the Dave sorry about this one, this next one initiative- I woke everything's gonna, be woke now this woman sanely woke and it's not even funny, but they did manage to get help GINO
loop return is boring. The people who use it aren't good right. Does reminding us rural got chapped hands terrible. What was watching you dont want to now those liver, don't commercial judge. It wasn't at all from the movie crews and seem crews and what I know of it basically just cover cop right in these an undercover cop in believe its New York. If I remember correctly, and its base Let's just one guys, homophobic terror of in the eighties of what he thinks. Gay culture is kinda. He says he's like I went under cover too, like study the culture. It's like a fury. I did that's brutal urban from city slickers,
getting fisted on the swing. What's yeah yeah he's also in what's the Dicaprio movie basketball diaries. So is either a sexual deviant oars in citys loggers good actors, Whether I mean I've really believed he was being. Now, but you know, when the squeak on wimpy voice days per year, the others already smuggling Whitley flipped in The tone down Michael Corleone, actually knew how to act days before he just started yelling his lines before he died. Now what was its assent of a woman and end the estate and cared for the rest of his life, the old and justice. For all, don't you care? We haven't even care No, it's brig asses everything I say loud. I I go big brother from career. It's not gonna! Watch about there.
Used to be so good. I was watching a clip of the godfather the other day. What's the Mau Green near scene where he wants to buy the casino? Is it come on, they cut away the two at a time that that scene, it will now waiters waitresses, understand, hears asking your mood in this. It's a lot of another lubricant commercial God finger yeah, it's so good net, and then you have, I forget his name, John Man who place frayed. Oh so good and he was on in like five movies and then just every one of them was good before you deep it. You got a lung cancer and it's just such a good actor, and now everything about you know and is just him screaming speaking in speaking of smashing ain't smash that, like button, go right ahead and enjoy the rest, smash it hard sales being fifth time. How do you not
how do you do that and make me not do a fist joke aright smash, light, but let us not I'm gonna there I'll drive, you don't have any use the Louvre term. I gotta go to certain twelve step meetings for that. Sorry about this, a vow Times data joking around ten? I did the acid you get you sweetheart, some nice. I did. I gave her some roses and she had the covered like not being able to smell thing is going away just enough to smuggle arouses. Thankfully, oh that's wearing. I guess that's good, but about you dare pretty much the same, but I think yours you're, I'd is blessed she can't smell anyway. Well, that's terrific! better, yet, mostly because our sun sank when a person is type herself but you're doing the dead my finger jokes till now, not on a matter that I'm trying to not let him laughed too much at the bathroom humour, but he's a kid he's going to just a good way to surveillance and cattle.
laugh involuntary now, knobbed, I'm trying not to encourage it. Sorry, not let him I'm not like grabbing mouth and beating him until he Georgie cried for laugh it actually that lab at anymore. Now, are you kid? That's! a dirty bomb offered a mosque zone, as you are just rounds as well, but now? I did the usual. Would you have the walking farts that's what I did have helped to make its popular flowers. I found time to allay pull it intersection. It's all a trap. I've I've got a birthday her birthdays a week after TAT S. All I get. double bottom. The ITA awful, oh it's just you have put off. One beliefs is described here. Crimes birthday is awful. Now we may want to organise that it's a trap, it is as you have the fake holiday valentines right, I mean the real one cause we care and then you re at the birthday gift. Yet why did
make like rapid, says I have Christmas Valentine's day birthday in March wedding anniversary, and I put so it's really front loaded for us here, but then you get a good break as to the year while yeah? Well, then mothers you get mother's day as well, so may lie somewhere. I may cider and firing I'll come on I'm always like you're, not my mom, I don't think, that's how it works. You might actually said that minor ones that and judge only the super. Yet when he didn't get it he's like what you're, not my mom, what I like about you do, you think you're, just like him hold me the rules, you sorry man isn't my dad left for. I was born and I didn't know you bought you stuff. It never modeled form F rescued from then on. It was lots of big gifts. So Oh it's! You got your ex, not acts.
Friday and slip yes and AIDS. You have celebrated by encouraging you to have you axes- swatted, oh wow! The real thing I, the secular, think Valentine's day can still be fun, even if you break up Do you have information about a former party involved in illegal gun activity? Let us and we will make sure it's I'd stay and remember call one eight, eight, eight, eighty f tips or email, eightieth chips at eighty EFTA get real. This is fun and all, but I'm sure we can trust the eighty after act lawfully. Yes, I mean it It's not like anything. Bad has ever happened in February involving the eighty effort, anything
run like you're making me around our building, there should not come on down their children and women and gear, and more than eighty people are believed to have died. In yesterday's fiery conclusion to the fifty one day, siege, twenty four of them children well shouldn't broken up with them. There were flowers, all right, you know, who recently stop smoking David A shitty ha you to remember that was that was the biggest Yokota ugly. I think I remember the old caress jokes, their results, Syria. How do you get that through that point? The words like every single part? and who decides that there I don't know Alt later they become God, though later do oh yeah later hours. They know, god they go talk to him brethren and then eventually they are hamburger always starts with yeah. I get this whole place, it's very peaceful than it turns into. I will take away the burden of having.
With your wife. Did the guys don't make sense? I guess: and then, when they try to leave its like, why are they shooting at us right It was a bad idea, so you mean, like it can't go with a guy playing terrible guitar in a bar told you he was God, and you are like sounds write to me- sort of on you. I bought gotta bud and they always weave the sexual stuff into it for its always to their eyes, and it doesn't take long. I didn't ask for this ass a day five I know you're new here say out of the bag. Of Scientology, except for some weeks and big funding, no offensive your scientologist lots of a ridiculous of offence, well, Smith, go straight as an easy way to see a scientologists to yet another bow rather crazy bodily reality I mean, etc. I mean I've waited psychologist, O R retirement savings.
No Scientology is supposedly allegedly a front for really yeah. Winkies o sewing, home is that they can buy into the terrible sigh fire. Writings of L Run Hubbard as a cover. For me, the Bible, that's what I said: good! Ok, it seems like every upright high profile person in that cult has hanging over them will then I gotta do you're going to expose you. If you ever leave us John Travolta, who I mean, according to I, don't know, every misuse. and you have was this a pole. They all ivory, but you Tom Cruise ship, as on fantasy, If stunts, you know like hanging a plain while a fan blows on him, I could do that stand out. There was a real plan.
It was a real blame as Euro. That's an actual playing a little. I had better do now that it was a real I mean they could actually took off. Oh, I wish all of you made him hard to it, isn't right, yeah I could also be harnessed to apply. It doesn't mean I didn't joy s right now. It's not really like a big of a deal. That's true! What would happen then what the worst thing that happened at another, some afghan refugees that we're trying to leave the country. The can tell you weren't harnessed well, we got our dear lie, assure you they weren't. Rather, I saw the tape If anything, they were nervous and had sweaty palms so of Hillary Clinton. Remember one trump warned us about Hilary well early and often today, day yeah, well, she's, beautiful woman with wonderful Maxwell house. Ankles know what that heavy
we're cankers I have, but the Maxwell oh, never mind you look at it. It just makes me a minute sometimes to catch up John or stand out. Her ankles have swollen diabetes. Coffee can coffee can Anglesey any imagine those up around bills head just way in him down throne is back out his daughter, like I gotta tell you, should do find an intern you are going to end up with Sif spinal damage. If you continue to make love, your wife remember when we were. He proved us right again, illegal filing from D o J prosecutor, John Durham showed Hilary let's not only spied on drums campaign. But also his White House Office. While he was president when I think we actually have a clip of. Mr President, Trump warning us. Yes, we do. We can't load,
things. We can very closely this my camp when we can't variants find totally verify now. It's been just go down and get the papers they my campaign. They got a poet times what we do want. They want much further than that and they got caught, and you will see that Leslie and you know that, but you just don't want another. As a matter of fact, I don't know that now now. Does she know, let's go get the papers which only go and look at the papers? Now I won't she just now. I gotta go the battered wife like he doesn't. He loves me. No offense to battered censored and chickens are right, We are super excited about our next surprise. Guess guys are able to make this happen and exclusive interview with the source of this new Clinton scanned
Are there, Sir Heller Ella? Sorry, there boy allow all shouted off. Ok, all while they should probably test him for cover definitely covered all right so coming up. Next, oh boy sorry authorities have conducted a their biggest crackdown ever now on camel beauty can't. Ah, since I'm sure you guys know and as we all know, there are camel beauty contests, etc down, I was expecting by Giuseppe current now. Well, camels model camels. You know that voting camels were disqualified from the annual pageant because they had received Botox to enhance their mates here aloud with crowded, were making a concerted effort to amplify marginalized voices and so
actually have one of the disqualified camels here to speak their truth, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Naomi camel. This is terrible. I hate AL gorgeous. Will you be speaking for the camel sir now you're, just the right oh, I'm sorry, that's right, I'm so homepage being gets a little joke. Mono rule, though thirty two days they are spectacular all right, so so Europe professional, camel model. Yes, I rise alone. Ok, interesting, but I understand that you and forty other camels were recently disqualified from a beauty pageant for receiving Botox in your lips. Vows soldiers are full of split. The rest of me
all natural Those Lupin objections. I wasn't a heavy smoke over many years. It was my job. We're you Joe Camel. that's racist book. I was the sixteenth and final Joe Camel the only one that didn't and they did all diaphragm cancer. That I've just surprisal Joe Camel was a woman. Are you to be a boy. I'd cannot, even, though, really that's that's incredible. what's your fear or is more than just a ride for arabian nights, I'm Julie. Why was meant to be so you did you get the whole genitalia operation. You your breath, black, your brain. Judges, Wallace Zuma, Colonel too No, are you
that's how you raise your foot. I wasn't going to show you my ridiculous believe. Well, I'm sure it's read for anyway. Well, thank you for coming on the show, my leisure and don't forget. Cavil milk is some of the healthiest milk in the world or gave led by Thank you now, I'm a camel. Everyone has a thing so well, I'm very. able to get her on its help, warning You know. Sometimes they prepare for years and years for that Dave and to have it come down to a botox injection disqualifications just heartbreaking for the cap.
Firstly, you know it's just nice to know that a somebody's worked very hard on becoming who they naturally are now is disqualified, for something so simple is just a having luscious lips camel beauty caught em. Well, I'm in test. Those lives out in the parking lot seek out both acts. They really are. You feel real may valet do a day. That's they do spit. Well, yes, of course, but there's a spitting contest I'd say it's in the beauty pageant right. Most beauty. Patents have spinning kind. Of course they would be much more fun if they did. Does the botox help or hinder the spitting I would assume would hinder I would to, but it will but then again it could help because it does make lives more luscious does lush is what launches the spit
yeah you know later having a gross- covers up we're going to make a little movie, and now, when I gotta get my watch, the ogre, nine nine. Yes, let's talk about, Yes, let's lighten the mood and on Friday area the epic times. I hope I said that Red release heavily rejected body came footage. Show protester Roseanne Boil and being beaten while already unconscious by a black up,
Do you Whenever seventy screaming we don't need to do this. You know you're a good situation, the cop lil or sorry. Actually, this is again a few of some kids at home. Maybe I should have told you earlier today.
them around, because they can't hear just realized that yeah that's true anyway, A different angle, less rejected watched the right part of the screen. You can kind of tell she's, tease wailing yeah. My gosh man said.
Yeah, I love the caption, thereby MSNBC new new video released of officers being dragged into the Crimea. That's that's the most him. You know an impressive thing that I'm seeing right there is officers being dragged way out and see that aid, if we are honest, shows something brutal that people should be aware of and try to just take as much sting out of it is humanly pie. I still have a seat on drag officers into a crowd, but there seems to be a person being killed, also live on camera. While the Good NEWS is the cop Lilla Morris was honoured at the Superbowl last year for defending the capital, while a great J honoured an Marino ring for beating someone while they're dead. Now, where we re terrified cup yam, yet Africa MOB has no conscience. If you're in the middle of it you're a big tree. because it doesn't know, don't have any moral compass and some of its terrified like that cop, like a woman get cop on the front line, should never be issues beating. Could she has no sense of what she
It's going to just be known its. It wasn't angry mob. It doesn't matter it like once you're an in depth, something that's it. It becomes just desecrating a body at that point because nobody stops. in short, a dead there kicking me while you're down and then they just keep going and going in going and going in anybody who has any logic in the situation like the three people you hear, yelling doesn't matter. Let no one hears that area now, there's a few people that still have a soul that aren't caught up in this moment of just completely ruined it. It's just described, full like how this is alive and of any basement arrested or whatever, so they just said This is the second capital fatality, oh sorry, who, as we have to go back, to now. It was originally reported that Roseanne Boil and got crushed by them. Yeah? I saw that rights are the real one person's was to be crushed. Then I that she died of a drug overdose. That's different than crushed
Well, I mean clearly she is oh dealing and having a good time, I think one of the baton was filled with ecstasy. This is this. I can capital fatality, they ve lied about the first being Brian signalling. That is incredible. no. I don't know that I knew a whole lot about this. I knew that there was a story about a trump supporter being killed by being crushed yeah Read that I read that initially right, but then I didn't know that they had been said knows. Actually the coroner's report said it was in fact mean issue right and then now Looking at it going. Are you sure how do you from being crush, though, to going you know, I will just say, was a drug overdose right any she may have had amphetamines in her system or somewhere. I have no idea in the cup none another person. that done up was killing and had to be had other cops apparently put our motto say: not another. Stop! Stop sums up what this person's doubted the cap was any and done. It is incredible, so amazing, Pia mostly
You're not being lied to justice, will most likely be done right, they'll, be an investigation, will be ass, an outcry about this and will probably be a windows or to its burned down, not by people, but that should be burning down when these, but did not do it now. People are going to take a stand right and everybody who did this will be held responsible right. I think we are How did you know think ok, we're going all rest easy than who hush The woman in January, I think we know the person's name now work, what justice the prisoners in walking the street wearing them out that, while we weren't still the prison of Washington DC. That's right! That's infuriating! Go no more! he's gonna like the light in the mood, or I I you know, regarding the limb here inside and write this I did the camel big enjoyed it
there are now watch said earlier and honestly it so hard for me, because I I just did it hurts to watch and its suck. It so said for these people will. The problem that we have is the police brutality. Was this narrative that everybody character Obviously right there was, I call the police were to brutal they're killing people. They shouldn't have these kinds of weapons. They shouldn't have this kind of power and are still doing it, and then we see situations where somebody a shot and killed. Four jumping through a window right during this time I get it should have been. There was breaking the law, don't think it was deserving of the punishment of death, also know happens, we're on them no lives where it meet in immediate danger. Now no case was brought. No protests had and then we see this in it. The only difference. We ve said this a million times. So just sounds like the same bell there were ringing. Is had the wrong opinion. It's not equal justice, like you should at least have investigation into this. That's all I would say you need to do- is investigate these things, to give everybody the details and not to say yet clearly,
overdose right there. Another baton is beating her in the head senseless as she's unconscious around there's blood everywhere, with its covert out heroin. Does over it s on the Koran right what it said, because air think, comes down now to this simple division of a color spectrum? It the whole idea of everything going on, which will even get into into our next bed is the home there. right now seems to be. You want every group or every other group. Whites need to fear, blacks, blacks, need to fear white or at least think that their responsible for everything that happened to them. So that causes you to hate them because of fear so long as they can get to fear them that will allow you to get that hate which allows the country to be divided completely and half so it'll. Get you to ignore bull shit like this. Now wanna go
a vote for whoever says when I'm not going to take care of the affected crowd, whichever one that happens to be in the more divisive and that we can give to the country that is more. We can separate us the more power they have, and the more angry we are and the more the more we have to put up with now. This is a more facon from, Can we get? I mean it's unbelievable. What the last two years under this country in this just more of it. Every job islands bringing us back together, though that's true, he is at least thirty. Nine percent of the country thinks he's doing a good job, I'm not sure who they that's. Pretty good number huts free for parliament, we're say right: I'm is not bad Joe! No worse than any other go up. Really they were nineteen. We just we doubled it added one inaccurate, approve already. Even your own sides going like is still alive. It's ok guys is. Is it? Could somebody just just nodding issue burning here we are
the show premier that we discussed last week, everything's gonna, be all white we ve got raised, which are another show. This not meant to divide us completely huddle. Last week we David, show times incredibly races, trailer for their new show everything gonna be all right. I just said, while the first episode was released on Friday and we want she had, so you don't have to thank God. Right here are some of the dumbest and funniest parts of the show number one. The first point they made of course, was about as I call it. Nine eleven to JANET sixth, we'll go to be taking a hard look at White America from the perspective of people of color, many different people of color and there's no better place.
Again, I think, January. Sixth, what one hundred and twenty one? Why is that? What if you are person of color, you are probably making dinner washing your car or doing some other regulars washing your nor in January, extra he's not at any time their fragile, and these days there feeling fragile issue Nazi Santa them again now wait, cotton picking them. Let me tell you something: white people. can burn down a city after the super ball and they are called unruly fans. What why pigeon Why has the riot capital schools? Could Jim. What Balikh here would have allowed people gather barbecue and apart and the riot police
We have all up on horses like used our planet, other apes, none of them made sense, RO horses role, roll up on horses, I'm just trying to finish like this thing out in my head here, so well, I dont think horses role. Now they dont have if they do their legs or broken and their prey, not gonna. Get you a very fast. That's true, to ruin your right in Africa a few times to go ride through a park seo barbecue going and say I think, that's a riot unless the foods really smelling good and you want it for yourself but to say that it solely vine, the white people get away with writing. That's That's the west, your montages, some rights to see how the year that the people of color announced I believe that everybody looked down?
by the way. This is all right answered the Superbowl General Court over their vehicles there, all barbecues, yet as I mostly peace, would work. That's a big barbecues Brianna Torch Ploska too, but that was a good idea. Widespread destruction into the early morning hours must have been sympathizing low, cowardly. Whenever call it what it is it so powerfully under way here by reparation real stand up guys, really speaking from a say, thank you for the new watch so feeling more empowered by the minute. I was saying. The people of Color
It is now broadened so that we can enhance our numbers. Aren't we altogether know no borders? sluggish that try about last year with the knock out punch, they're, all under the banner of people of color, of course, they're lying, but we need bigger numbers January. Six was not a bunch of white people marching on Washington. It was people from all right so that's all backgrounds why? I thought I saw some footage of may be cops. It could have been people of color waving people towards the cap or lady, I don't know a video and, and somebody screaming you're, an agent to the guy yelling comment here: five years is going off. What I saw I mean grandly that could have been a reenactment tat. I want to get in trouble, you know that's true its varied and, as we keep believe anything anymore, nothing you're, probably at home have to watch the such washing your car January twentieth in your driveway in the snow to ignore
It makes perfect sense, you're doing you're. Probably aside shovelling your long look, what what are you talking about? You know how No go areas is doing something innocent you're. Doing what you always do. Making rob at home, wondering where dad was Missus is on his way home Darin on his way home Papa was a rolling stone. Is the hacker six discharge flame? What is it or to have that saying that wherever they lay hid, it was his home they went oh, he lived, was allowed myself now as a great song, just a song I enjoyed black culture. I do too, I don't enjoy the joy. I don't really five companies that have been dividing this country for the two year Latona. I don't like the citywide barbecues. Now that I
what they are. I am not liking it. I dont like when I go to a barbecuing apart and like I want use one of the barbecues and then there's a bunch of black people using up our Kyoto. My. Why are they writing? well, that's what you call the riot police like hello, unlike hired yeah, there's a riot yeah, there's hamburgers and hotdogs over there on the same grilled. Has ribs. What is this and I need a grill? Can you please? break this. I pay my taxes, you allowed and I'm afraid for my children. Playing on the same slide MA am Our horses are rolling right now when we will be right there pretty soon. They're gonna want in the bouncy house, they're going to in the pool now. That's not complete vein. The shares they complete we're waiting pool their heart, they complain
about the phrase? White lie? No serious really. What does the idea little white line. I assume that it means that there is the Nazis in time, but people are perhaps disingenuous and don't necessarily already low the truth about something that but its view, the guy is real life and ask her out certainly from the full power and is not really a bad thing. A little might lie well at all, believed there is such a thing as a little white lie. I think Eliza lie to use phrase. A little white law means that if you tell white lie is embedded in, tell him any other kind of law because it's a widely oh boy. That is why lack could very well be american history caught a
yeah. I got it started off with crystal not write the night of broken glass and they're all burning several around the Nazi Germany scenes and it's like gathers wore white people do that they they burn stuff right right. When I see forty g, I think back to the priorities of the late thirties, where that is That is not a phrase. The black lie, the ad nobody actually uses the term it's a little. While it is not a thing, it was told all the yellow. Oh no, the outcome. I was a little white lie. Well, you know pure as the driven snow, it's only because its white, if it was blacks now they would never say that. No not at all how much is it doesn't exist from the sky. It covers up everything here. It is, for. Why lie eight? I hit ok, I with my car and through the woods well
What's that mean there's a dead? It wasn't me, you little white lies out there, like mostly peaceful protests in another little by little, why my rights other, like people are more likely to be shot by cops, the right light, that's a little white lie. I think right or eight inches soft, but that we are not there. I think that would be a little black life. That's true! If that phrase existed. No, that's that's me doesn't exist. Eleven inspections centimetres centimetres David now, No surprises that my size different system show you in the back from what I can tell you out show that our programme so guys, don't her white lies or analyze or asian lies. There's none of those eyes are able term for lie, though lion I dollars, I don't know no
You ve had an elegant higher lionize jack. That's the only thing I that behind this glasses I can but brand glasses of no idea. You don't we shall see the label for its wipe out his legs. I don't have to care. I just love most, the most expensive ones. You have please I'll. Take the white perfectly bought them in the forty years, grants their Edison's man? and with all the patents is our Ben Franklin original. I have a key and advocate of a syphilis. We get home as well. Yes, indeed, my favorite kind of keeping the critters basis, they said white people purposely make minorities the enemy and a documentary making why people the enemy, the intent of distorting history is because if you keep people disempowered, and not think levels have been worth
already lagging furthest knows it's. The idea looks like a hooker was fired for going on the job to propaganda. You knows is real. You just a bunch of white lies stop eggs iron lies. I get it. You know he's wearing crocs we're socks alerts recoverable. wash his hands before coming back at the girl s not allow you have type two diabetes, its terminal. Nice and neckerchief. Who do you think you are Poland and why conservatives have been labelled as racist, wild subpoena support MRS terrorists, then army. Reading I learned at all: where do they get really are to say? What's just it's ridiculous? Its wide support
Evelyn would speed really needed? reading rainbow Racist words out of the fear of its just so dumb hooked on fanatics were trimming. We're worked upon. Experts, butterby and white conservatives have been labelled as racist white supremacist mystic terrorists by our own government. How do you think that the people who are involved in these in the storming of the capital. How should lose their aided by your justice department? Should they be treated as domestic terrorists? Yes, should be treated as their bunch of thugs. Insurrectionists white supremacist summits in the eyes view that view of actually extremists thread comes from Russia, three or ethnically motivated violent extremists, specific Lead those who advocated for this parry on the White Race courtiers internal. You found my skulls terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat, the home
Randal means that there is no question that there has been a history. institutional racism in this country. Does the presidency are founded? Documents are racist. I would say that I will. I will leave my comments to speak for themselves and it will certainly, I think most people recognise the history of systemic racism in our country. I will leave my comments to speak for themselves. The dumbest sentence, I've ever heard. but you're standing right there. How about you speak for yourself? Well, your comments are what we would need to hear Jack hand. Have them speak for themselves, and if it would please give us said comments that would be great or give us any example, but any institutional impediment to your advancement, sketch, that's again, no necessarily doesn't exist, will always be racist or fourteen
your country, that believing the superiority of the right white, race, France, but there's no impediment to your investment. This out at all, in fact, shows like that are to retain the victim card. They cannot lose the victim card. There was never Martin Luther King stream. Now only one We read that speech. You go back and look at it. We're there it's just it everything that fizzled would be like. This is not what I meant guys we totally screwed. This excuse me, sir, is MA. Am what is happening about how police started it that is don't lose that card its most viable in the deck it will get you advancement like there will be no parliament will that card. I wanted in that's what it's meant to do it. This shows meant to keep hate in the hearts and plenty of people. That's all it's meant to do now, there's nothing more. Does it called again all White everything's gonna, be all why everything's gonna be out which, by the way is Chris Rock Bit
surrogate everything's gonna lie all why the title stolen, yell gas who know these bright? When I heard the title I was like, you know: decrees rock, but you just stole your title. The creators are not, on the other, a twenty year old, Chris Rock. Where were they don't? Nobody will now there's no evidence why people get out, get out, increase, rags, Larry's, eighty, the vigour and later on, when they make further wipe you'll love it. I think it's funny. I will take a few minutes to it, because it's done in the context of uniformity, not only context of AIDS. Well, this is definitely and when a guy switches from a real Bonnac angry voice to his white voice, its rulers. I find it so funny. That's the way they think we oh yeah, what that's alright scenario tyrant and hang around my energy stereotypes? Let you know, so claim the Jesus wasn't white, which you now being gal whitefoot? eyes about history. Go back centuries. They do a few more powerful than those about Jesus.
because you can justify almost anything if on your side works because he's. Why do you will observe the butler Tom, Green Google. That is what it's my Amazon, the computer, my bombs on the computer, Jesus, the joint working with crises that are better Elaine of Liberal, leaves your wages. I know that. Never let me down What what so the guy at the New York Access is no black Jesus, no Jesus noise Look at me
blue eyes. They like Jesus, is blue eyes, more delight, Frankie's why she salmon's always wise New York New York, does you prayed a white Jesus that happens the girl? I think that is a black Jesus over all the dominican Jesus laxity This will work Jesus way? Now he wasn't. Jewish, ah I don't think he looked like TED Mckinley. Have you Where is the dumbest thing, because let him out and think about Jesus was his skin color and that's why people identified with him? Yes, he was olive by livable? He was a darker man. Yes, jewish Also, a problem looks more its. Let's go with me. of a Dustin Hoffman
like it really than anything else. Would be illegal as slightly darker shade than dust, and I'd be fine with that, but I only private reasoner when caught using the desert, a lot he might have been darker and I don't even have been Blair. Have you ever met anyone the care snow? Ah, if everybody, a guy. Well, you and I was going to follow this guy until I found out he was white like out. Well, that's the e read the book. Then I guess because he created me to be better than he was right. You don't think that Lake God every now and then, when he has to go, I die with a racist and just comes out as Morgan Freeman, like just as a joke ideas, I say: oh he's got a sense of you, of course, is like sir. What was it you were saying about my like. Come it's it's absurd No, he wasn't white, he was jewish I believe what that guy was prose. Arabic, we're gonna go is playing the white Jesus that, for the first time in history, had to leave a message for God yeah,
also look at your apartment and the table you have, God, doesn't like you after that? Out has our words, but I like they find the dubious white guided example of all of us jump right. Jesus, please change is on my side, because he's white is real. Let me find a nice fake rolex in the city today, all the facts I'd, be always the Frank Sinatra refer Lou eyes. Why? Because it raises, is blood aired blue eyes? Apparently, according to this, do I get it. I wasn't Sinatra telling him. I thought that was a bit of Then we and northern. It's all right. I guess I would have had to bear on a greater variety of some of these are the who did make it on us out some of painting the cross out of how we are doing that Britain there's a black Jesus and Black Cross, I'm sure they just bought it or do I know that I've been to a dollar tree,
somebody also as the Super centre at discovering Jesus wasn't white and go well. That's it I'm done with this salvation. I don't want anything to do with it. Calm down in a black eye and you're going to go well. I will tell you too, have sinful I'll, take my chances with the red fellow over and how why, on its, how me yeah, you ve just go to hell when you find out that he's even black earlier. What what's that six bananas I believe that any of it doesn't matter as various hell. Luck is gonna, be warm it just system, that is all it yeah. This is always pictures of dark dude with dark, hair and dark eyes. Middle eastern you mean
we are, but it's always a darker mental yeah. Exactly that's what I mean I mean I've looked like I'm going to live, went into a few churches where he is a little bit more belonged or in a little more dependent on the painting, but any artist rendering, if you make a, if you make a painting of Jesus Black Eyed, that's fine to whatever I don't. I don't carry the right fine, but to act like a thing but We we walk around going is wide, thank God. This is why I think I'll have it. Is that I'm here and churches like all right, but artist, that Europe would have painted in that way. That, of course, we all know that, and I don't love, you ve ever been to a catholic church and listen to the music, but trust me a black. I didn't write it. Some people are and I'd song, how dare Yos on making eyes of the Lord maize on a black song Papa, was a rule that so much gas
They kindly provided us too, with a definition of white people ways you can be sure to find the correct spelling of any word addiction, oh sure, here it is, the boy. I'm good luck with your report. like a whole. Lot. Worse can only looking towards the star with homo, when looking from the definition of civilian
They look like a young version of our own John Goodman IRAN, where that old, video words like the homosexual. You must look out for years in that one right. Yes, you might try to give you a candy alarm into his van devious and wily. If you look up in the dictionary, he will be under this section that I cannot say the word of it's a scene of Malcolm X, where, if you look up the definition of white and black in the dictionary the whites like you know the great light, the black utter darkness then, like that's essentially what they were true. To do what they were like hey. We already stole the title of this. How can we not steal another exact seen from a movie and illegally found? An old thing were awakens looking up white people, it's just too stupid. You turn that you're trying to make comparisons that you them make comparisons where they don't exist.
I got saying white and black: have you ever had to close your eyes because it so dark outside? No, so when you describe white as being this brilliant like bright, it's because its actually effing bright guy sunglasses route that whenever I get it up, ok got it doesn't mean better days it s area. we're guides us out of the honey, that's a barrier light than the dark room. I just left. Let's ask you know we need to talk we'll be at all we put like sensory deprivation where there is no light, because its crews with you so utter darkness. turns out even people of color like light construe, especially for it's easier to drive in light I'll? Give you that, but light light there, you put on some glasses and you look? You gotta get those military, great shades that they may ultimately appropriating our light. I think so but what I aids gets it's not even a lot here, but this was blank. I swear
his return reason they wanted even darker sense anyway, let's just just reflect on this definition. Plural white. By the way I just want to see real quick for years. Never in my life tat, I have to look of white people, never like what am I very! No, thank God. Someone does it says me, fuckin, wag nozzle tell me so yeah, now that guy was gonna, google it. But I guess I used this year dictionary here we go. It says a naughty can address areas or uptown Naples Abbot, so yeah, let's that reflect on this definition, the plural whitey ACE all group of European D aspirin, diaspora, contrasting with colored people or persons of color. Don't understand they
call me a cracker in there and they did it in a nice way. Salting economic reckon they said it Craig Ass, Craig Dragon want one rib they said people like venerate, This is why people venerate people who die who did bad things right like George wash? What are some of the biggest white lies? I do for example, that one one did. The indigenous brothers came up here from South America. guy do a lot of work with indigenous communities and we were at Mount Vernon and life and I were well. How did you know of EAST Timor? Lied about George Washington, Digital Ban at one point, the guide, sober, George Wash and had three hundred slaves and sell, as we are translating that this indigenous brother said he control three hundred other people and said yes, and he could
wrap his head around that concept, the idea that he would have enslave three hundred other new guinea and was using the labour of those people for his benefit alone in the world, view of this indigenous brother that is shamed spanish, something ridiculous These are some of the myth that we venerate regenerate people who did things that are ghastly that are unfathomable to people. Who, having growing up in this, see a visible we should not be, then certain people sleep so long ago, get over it already I won Gould White slavery just now, so what's the myth that he had slaves, I guess I don't I understand with their. I guess there was a guy like he had three hundred people who was in charge of- and there is indigenous fellow- was like
I understand I dont have a word for any said. There are three hundred of them and he was like. Oh is that more than eight, but they stated that he had them so where's the myth, other, lie, right now that George Washington was a good fellow. We venerate these people who, who do very bad also the writing is so bad we have to reach for than we do yes explain what they are going to tell us, I think, about our selves yeah. This is honestly what the guy's confused about an I'm, not in any way turning Dick, I think you you're looking at is a numbers game. Why were there three hundred verse one guy? that's honestly what he was confused about, and then he spotted into that. I think. What's going, you know, because indigenous tribes have never conquered, raped and pillaged and enslaved camps. being tribes ever in the history of the world, but apparently he found one indigenous brother from South America who was like. I just don't know what it is like I've, never I really believe we don't take advantage. What but what part of Latin America I dont know.
But it was a generous. It's like this point that these these cultures had no idea. That's a white lie. another actually just a real lie. You ve just lying about what history was. Words are white lie. Well, of course, they're trying to prove point to see that as an indigenous lights languages aim, I guess we're supposed to have lies that have you know where he kept saying in India brother, so does he have some percentage, a melanin that allows them to say brother about this? Indigenous person is or what where's that under a guy was interviewed on it? We couldn't say brother. I think he got a twenty three. me back, and it was plain or five percent and there were leggings a loser. You gotta go in Africa is point O five percent. Don't know related close enough at school, say whatever you want. Just don't distant. Do a harder
but it was rather, we won't come on you, you wouldn't say brother, but don't you know or other it up everywhere people, it's a brother s very Mormon as arrogant, no lines runner- and I know you listen, but we like brother. It sounds a little different than Bravo Christiania Baptist due to them. We welcome the church brother. Welcome to the church. Rather worried scenario: brothers came in there, you go, there's a big black rice, somebody
don't run out of a chair to just for an object lesson. Ok, we have two Jesus braided, the one that you won't. I want one right, there's ginger Jesus when I entered the room guys here, would you prefer black Jesus or what were white? Jeers aside, it's like smoking or now, whatever you like, when just pick a sad, but we do not have one in the middle where we do not, and we do not think there should be an agreeable Jesus our own. Thank you forget we do, but I think we do honour people that have done bad things, bad things and since human beings do many things well the very spot. George Floyd took his last breath. This mural has now become a place to gather and to mourn over this. When words are not enough. Now, even with the heat index, reaching close to one hundred and ten degrees. Right now sums up along the procession rob leading to the cemetery where a horse drawn carriage right now is taking.
white horse riding carriage cemetery as racist white statue We have of hell is going on here. They have just done at all. exhibit where they replaced Jesus Christ with George Floyd I can join thing be muscular baby. Has. I think I forgot to lift a jack jeez. That's it's gettin jacked, with baby Jesus, you stupid, Sweet babies sweep sweet. Well, I want to thank you for tuning and said I think we have all learned something new about ourselves and that's the way people are terrible.
A camels, can talk and Gerald worried. You learn tat. I learned that dino. Sometimes we ve generates people who do bad things, but you dont venerate them for those bad things. We do venerate them for what they leave behind. You, like George Washington, left behind the I did states of America, yes, the greatest a country that has ever existed- and I think maybe George Floyd probably left behind that. No something- maybe maybe just hear anything you learn today. The left thinks people are basically good. We think we know we're flawed. I mean you come at the world view from become with a worldview like that. It's gonna divide that pressure. We can see the world the same way? And I think if you do a propaganda show on Showtime about how white people are awful. You should probably have black people in it. You just interviewed a bunch of mostly white people and white people, and why
mixed rest, one. While the mix race people in these things identify with their black half quarter, whatever they never identify with the the other side of the world, some people are so. I said Joe, I'd anyway, smashed I've lightwood, like button tune in everyday life, show Monday Thursday. We appreciate your support leg you so much for listening and now we're gonna go to mug club. So until then, yes off you too
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