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New Mexico Tyranny: The Secret Agenda They Hope You Ignore...

2023-09-12 | 🔗
Blurred Lines and The Entourage movie actress Emily Ratijikowski said on TikTok that being divorced by 30 is awesome! Joe Biden was in Vietnam looking to form a new strategic partnership with Hanoi, and as always, things didn't go smoothly. Also, New Mexico Governor, Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham, suspended the 2nd Amendment citing a “Public Health Emergency." But nobody is talking about the not-so-obvious agenda. Tune in. Guest: Josh Firestine.Join MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclubWatch the FREE show on MugClub NOW:GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources/NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/FOLLOW ME: Website: https://louderwithcrowder.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/scrowder Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowder Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowderofficialMusic by @Pogo
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He sighed higher than one little bit of an inside joke. We, like devil off rambo good, show today very much looking forward to it and I won't mumble, like I just very much looking forward to it, but remember we are a few. for an entire week end you not with you. Pretty good about it. We are here on rumble, so please share this in, do consider joining my club ladders, credit outcome, slash club you entering the promo code, screw you do any another ten dollars off. Seventy nine dollars annually reggio seventy nine dollars annual. I want to make sure you get this beautiful hand asked dorothy mug, and what do you get with? Maybe you can put up on the full screen. There are two men you get Nick APOLLO Monday through friday, you gotta friday, show you also get Alex. Jones is exclusive show. On friday, you get an extra hour of show on this programme everyday soon to be hard twin, show. Brian Cowen weekly show his comedy special guns and gear. You support our investigative journalism unit, all of which is completely and behold and if that's word too The cuban big tech overlords. None of this happened,
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the oh glad to be with you. Oh I have new headphones into her boy. They don't work. They don't work with my giant ears. Fine, I can't see them how they weren't plugged in all the way, because the one thing everyone talk for me, Finally, I would like to hear your voice, I'm on arable. Ok, there's no speaker not because our sack making sure I got news for you spoke to me good. You are right. I did. I just have giant ears have to get custom cost.
Mature fitting bits for my ear pads because they always fall out what professional. Yes, I am a professional name that movie line there's a lot to get to today, Emily redick house, rep rata koski. I think that's how it's pronounced she likes, laying naked and in bed, and talking about divorce is a great thing we have this week inviting, but this is really just ass. It was so hard to fit in just what's been going on with his lies about September twelve, with these John mccain memorial, which also makes no sense considering that they tortured him. I don't really understand what you're doing in vietnam and important as well as the new mexico governor, just I repeal the constitution, Really what and we saw this with voting- that we were not talk about this on youtube. But thank god, we're here rumble. You can smash that roma button there. the constitution. They are stripping their citizens of their second amendment rights, but there's something larger at play here. Remember one: the left would say that, conservatives don't want to. I don't want to
daddy gun violence; no! No! Instead, we don't want it in the hands of the cdc and we are going to rattle off today. Every right that has been stripped from you under the guise of what public health, because it goes far be unlocked downs and even more than the repealing the second amendment which were seeing in new mexico, your entire life right now, europe, your rights as a private citizen, hang, the balance if this government can simply declare a public. Emergency, so The question to you is which do you think is the most important that you ve lost. guys of the public health emergencies and also, what do you think, the apple optimal ages to get married, the better to wait until you're older, more experienced in your ex have dried out organised while you're young share. Morgan, How do you say you are I'm doing? Well? How are you your neck is injured is its injured, have have tingling in my fingers only two ways you hurt. You know what I want
I don't trust you with that movement outlook. Mrs Morgan is always in a good mood and in others share when you hear this uniform and you know what it's just nice. I am happy when I see that he's here and also that for service this wednesday September thirteenth at ocean shores, cinema ocean shores, washington, follow him on instagram josh, underscore fire steinhauer user good good morning, glad to be here for fellas. Look at your program and I'm pro gun, yeah dude. I. What am I going to wear that? But I am progress. I wore this shirt at a. a gay bagel shop and to combat it It really is a gay bagel shop, a gaggle yeah, and they did not like it. They really yeah yeah. They were pissed. The imagery there are. A lot of people are looking at me and then the the lady who took my order. She she goes she back to the kitchen talks to the bay. or the beagle?
I don't know the summit, I all guy, some guy in tiny shortages, ill bred, Josh's rate gag, all who was practicing somebody. I worry, goes some guy with some east in the next year. They attacked him up. I jus jewish gag limit on lebanon area. They wouldn't be gave matter, it's always eleven when their gay going bust, except that start like was written looking over, and then they put my order, the receipt back behind everyone else's really yeah. They put me to the back into line, and then I went to the bath and passed by this guy. He came overlooked. Amigos grace is it goes he gave no, but welcome. Maybe a great shirt single star and innovation is due I want to give you the best of wham 's yeah, just by the way, our goal that when you go up to perform, live wherever you go, that the crowd greets you with. Thank you for it:
the ocean shores, cinema and don't let them start thank him for his service right yeah. Thank you for your service. Yes, please also take gifts. We even get some people yesterday who, like you, he didn't do enough of the more memorial for nine eleven. It's like. What do you want us like? Obviously it was one ad in our like come on. What do you want us to do? People don't forget: it's been twenty two years and years that we care air. It's not like. I came honest as nine eleven when we get over it. it's called being in a row, a sweetheart yeah means being an adult. Sometimes you have to do things that you don't want to do, including watching so the point. Let him do that that would have indus tasteful exam I did question building seven if that makes any, but I feel that there is a common. So did you
our union, we not in their camp. No, but everybody. That's why baby now I saw more questions about building seven. Then I saw tributes on nine eleven yesterday. That was, that was the A majority of twitter was like what about building seven, hey guys, I'm sorry. We can get to the show as quickly as we usually do just comment below if that's the problem, so that it is one thing and sometimes with people say we like it when you more converse and then some knows well say now. I want you to get right to the story so I below let us know that will help with the feedback of the show, but we need to have some fun, sometimes we'll update william here later on playing spot the trainee and my club, so he'll know it all evens out, and I dunno he guards your ears. Yes, this is not a show four children, including the very next clips up more. Laboratories are saying dumplings to begin with now the implications that we're pretty serious here that you're thing. It's not like. I said with with the left: it's not what is it
party do right now it's what would they do have left completely unfettered for that super minister black face in canada. That's how extreme it becomes, what happen. If people actually took celebrities, advice, serious, if they act, if they actually had the info two wheeled that they try to lord over right. That's the question. If it actually worked, I think the aims, nations would be pretty serious and we'd have a miserable health. Cape particularly for young women. There are not many good role models for young women out there and end up the way shot out to Alan J spokeswoman, someone back from high school when spoken with a long time she wants or privacy, but the family They have children. I started homestead out there and in canada and high glad to hear from you spoken lessening got away from, escape yes. But what does Duncan our latin america so This means now understanding the advice being given to young women from a role model whose famous for things. let us cut of indeterminate
no. be clear. I wasn't super familiar with this actress because I've never watched entourage. I I've seen that I've seen the teaser for the film and I threw up in my mouth a little. That was enough. I thought it was that actress from glass have a glass houses or glasshouse. Someone can find her name because it's similar to this, address she's from blurred lines that I guess is that a programme that's a music video! That's amuse! All the blurred lines: music, video, the robin sick! Yes, ok! Ok! and then this show entourage. I guess she was in the movie point as she has a little bit of arrest. My name is Emily radical ski She now is set on Tik tok, that being divorce by thirty is not just a statement advocating that its awesome and then we'll kind of analyzing, it seems that a lot of ladys our getting divorced before they turn
and as someone who got married at twenty, six has been separated. For little over a year. Thirty two, I have to tell you I don't know anything better if being in your twenties is the trenches there is. Nothing better than being in your thirties they'll being hard to be having a little better than she was now. What you want do with your life, everything Having tried that married fantasy and rising? maybe not all its cracked up to be, and then you got your home. I still have a you so oh for all those people were strasser, feeling stress about them about yet ours, like it's good, congratulations. Congratulations and by the way this woman is saying, is from a position of obviously being very attractive. She's up, she's listed as a former actress, I'm pretty sure that she's up she's a java script expert, now yeah
seemingly unclad, I guess in bed, I resumed whenever What's that I was just listen. How stupid this wasn't as like wait a minute. Yeah he's in bed, that's a very gay thing and I'm sure of the exact she was clothed in bed or not even in bed and she's. Like you know what I'm going to take this video, I'm gonna take my shirt off. She might even have a bra. You don't lay around completely naked, with full makeup and your hair professionally dangled makeup and the first thing she was stupid. The first thing she lists of things is something that is fleeting and you're still hot, but what about a young woman who maybe isn't now granted you are hot, she's very attractive. Show why you're selling it and saying that you're strong will what happens when that goes away? Where do you get four? from where you going your strength if you're no longer attractive. This is not good. That's why we have to say that everything is attractive to young women, because we ve made female empowerment supervised skin deep, so pay now a year attractive and directive and lives those attractive in everyone's attractive. So here she is giving.
This advice to young women which will put them in a it, will put them a life that their miserable with statistically will get into that. This message is very pervasive by the way everywhere in pop culture. We absolutely road is no way that is not going to be guided by the print he's. Not we favour the prince and she's, not gonna, be dreaming about true love, which is just starting out becoming. The leadership can be illegal, that her late father told her that we, if she were spiritless their brave and true, we should not be afraid. I want my snow, went on events where you plot up with these people remain owner. I know of her sanctimonious thing about four hundred and fifty men who do it. It's it's a commitment she's like the town bike, but if you feel
I can't shaver eyebrows you're, not getting anything from that commitment and your trying you gonna go. You gotta go where you forever be self partner. Even if you do have a much more about seeing schizophrenia, I can think of one way like phantom rest syndrome and work in a free, as this phrase was again. All of this is all about being superficial reddish just like when they try to empower women and so you're, just as good as a man, and they show them. You know beating, like sifting guise of the industry letter like an atomic atomic blonde, how about you empower women through their natural qualities? What they're good at there are plenty of ways in which women are superior two men. The problem is used,
those away when you say live life of an old maid once your thirty dont mother, don't become a wife, don't understand, don't live in it, don't be in any kind of a traditional relationship right. We we we tell women. This is where you find happiness, and then we wonder why women are miserable. Look everything but they are saying is wrong may give you some some brief. I guess a briefer here ok, let's go. We can hear set a timer. You would do that said a timer just so young women out there. If you're watching this you're thinking notion, I listen to MIA khalifa first, I thought it was with these well she's been blackened yellow, so Here we go there, you go instead of eight seconds. Ok, greece are statistically all revenues are available that is going to come. Women are so evidently on happier than men, higher levels of anxiety, higher levels of depression, high levels of fearfulness, higher levels of saddle, sadness, lonely,
Is there more angry? They have more days with pan that bad mental. Then, of course, the way that they present, as these are all men's problems right, if you feel like you're, trying in a marriage and you're not getting what you want, it is his fault. It is not your fault. We've now removed accountability. Nineteen seventies reported as much happier than men. But ever since men's happiness has stayed pretty consistent, even though the suicide rate in workplace deaths are still dominated by men and women's happiness has declined. Here's something else, married women, happier healthy the non married counterparts right now, married women have higher use compared to married women. Now these are the two different control groups: higher uses of antidepressants right. The married women have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, unmarried women, have a higher levels of loneliness self reported loneliness, married women are happier and more optimistic, give a greater sense of purpose, and these the biggest indicator of happiness for women in that aid is being a parent. This is something that now it doesn't mean that everyone has to be apparent. Just to be clear doesn't mean that you have to be a mother
What it means is if we are going to give out advice what happened to following the science, what happened to following all of the overwhelming data, it's a lie. It's alive! a young women. If you go into the workforce and you either don't get married or get divorce, and you can have all the time in the world, so you can binge ryan, gosling films and take might say, you're going to be and you're not you're, not and its very, very rare that you ve, just like it's very rare to find an eighty year old obese person ever talk about fat right, it's very, very rare, to find a sixty seventy year old woman who says boy, I'm sure glad that I never got married and never had children its incredibly, where you find a lot of women regret it. But those studies have an existed
emily one of the first things she said was it so great to be at this age and to be hot, like we ve already addressed that right, so we re pretty, but that's gonna fate at some point, as I also sheet. The next thing she mentioned was, and you have your own money and then she goes and everything else and tat S, because those are the only two things that you ve been focusing on, both of which are fleeting, both of which will not provide you happiness and by the way by her flowers. All you want. You can write yourself the name of the sand, the song at the very end. None of that is going to make you feel good or complete or whole it. It's not that you're missing something. It's that there's more out there, where you're going to have your own money, especially to get divorced. because now it's your money. Isn't that wonderful, there's an incentive, there's incentive! for women to leave in California. States like that right with now Some of us may not know about novelty. For somebody who was pushed by you, Catherine, the pornography industry, our doktor kinsey, because they did want men to be punished for cheating back in the day before no fault for man cheated. He still had to give path. If a man abuse woman, he had to give a path. If that didn't happen
considered abandonment, so the fault was either infidelity abuse or abandonment, and they said, let's do no fault so that way men are not going to be. Corralled they're not going to have to limit their natural natural sexual proclivities, and then feminism also merged with it. It was an aha second, it's always the fault of the primary earner. A lot of people don't realize this no fault was pushed by people wanted men to be able to cheat fault free. There is always a fault, cheating, abuse or abandonment pick one. it's women, like rata koski. I hope that I'm saying that right to sky rocket yeah, I love when she cooks under the hat she has cooked at Glen has money, and that is what growth women do isn't married women and the authorities did
I have an oatmeal burrito that liberal government's foreign product, okay to ninety percent- sure, by the way she pushed fire festival as well. She was one of the models that actually puts that push that stuff. Do you remember that oh yeah, that's right now, good for no accountability, no, not at all, but out. Rata caskey is the kind of person who, unfortunately, with the with the lie has that european women at least I said, are attracted to mere like. Oh, yes, lake superwoman, like this woman, whose like successful high debt, allow these things like they say that illegal it and then perhaps in the relations that have been experiencing what it's like to be. around somebody who has like a lot going on and a lot of whatever needs to get his uncle and you're like. But I thought that's what you liked scoreboard. I thought that's what you liked about meat was how opinionated I was and how you know. I have this really big life, then yeah like a ticket emasculate, take I'm sorry, but here's another example of the lie bouquet. The time we're only at four minutes and twenty five seconds. So hopefully people
with a man's rights movements in the people who are you know that that the feminist who get their message run up? What has helped to make all the references publicly able women believe that I thought the rest He liked me, because I had a career nope. I thought the reason he liked me is because I was out in the public eye nope, I thought that men liked it. I was very busy. No, no, no, no, no men, don't that's why you will have billionaires, marry waitresses, they don't care here's, what men actually value in women. According to pew research, physical, to mrs right up there, but right next to it is empathy nurturing kindness integrity. Honesty, morality, professional or financial success, or now down to eight percent to eight percent this authority for empathy nurturing kindness. dependent self reliance. Six percent. We men, don't care you're, trying make yourself attractive to remain in the way that a man makes himself attractive to you. Yes to most women, a man who can provide a man who can protect the man who makes a good living that matters to you we couldn't care less
Without wishing to whom Alec I've met this new girl, I think you may be right from its yeah yeah to shift for one k. What our benes yeah the owners is re. Dude dude, I wouldn't, for I wouldn't mess with a razor brow. It's funny, though, that somebody who's made their living completely on the back of their looks is surprised that an aren't, valuing these things that she thinks, like I'm success, what I'm doing the data that is on the other stuff and like she can't list any these eggs, it's one or two things deep! That's why men get bored with you now, it's because you're superficial, it's about your looks period, that's it and then you have a busy life and you don't care about them. You only care about yourself that your entire career, That's your whole industry and yours. prize that men are like the others gotta be more than this you're pretty, but that so why there's a lot of pretty women on the planet exactly so again. In conclusion, here really what we're reading is live everything about a woman is the data and that, whatever attractive sure yeah short,
what about her income. But you know it's not noticed a sense of humor. It's always got three was meant yet we don't care, we don't expect due to be funny incentives will not. You know my friends say that I'm really funny who your friends are stupid and this robber friends. I can't the man, they can't deny that their wiener doesn't care about your college degree and it doesn't care about your punchline. Doesn't matter just ready to go, you like in the bedroom you're like wait! A second wait. A second did you finish your bachelors? Yes, yes, tell me, I went off sorry that it could have a mere on the ceiling in bananas psycho, it's a plaque with her with her echelon, got seven minutes
It's all a lie. Women are more unhappy women who are divorced or more unhappy. Unmarried women. People, women without children are more unhappy, more likely to be depressed, feel lonely and women are now trying to make themselves attractive to men in the way that men make themselves attractive to women, rather than accepting that men and women are different and it's hard to make it work, but hey that would require some accountability to understand. That's been this week's hollywood. I have to write them down here. Gerald I, what we're about to go onto god? How could forget you know it's coming it isn't that yeah ever used a segment more than we can do about this. It's more than just there's so much dignity. Look birds! I've! U, if only
this guy's, a leader of the free world that come on and the most popular ever come on man. These, then, what an uncontrollable about? Who I am Furthermore, it will harm- I remind me of breakfast pearl harbor what life cybersex rubbish. Don Quixote said teresa, I'm alive. They occur by the way this monday, through fraud at ten, a m eastern, because algorithms won't work more back on you too. We ask that you hit the likened, but we're going to be suspended again on you too, but something that absolutely accept. Bookmark, the page tuna likest tv guide, terry, I'm check or having to move on with your day, are joining my club, ok former. His president Biden was in some people, call it vietnam, I call it nam vietnam thanks for way. Like I was there and russian is now. I know you weren't. There were things so the other served, so you are looking to form a new strategic partnership right there with with- and I am surprised fund- I wasn't there
He was everything that you want, your former vice president to be. That brings us to this. We can buy, I have problem figuring out what your premier trump and you ain't black. I met with his number two person you're in an excuse me in india, and the indian scout. The indian looks to china's points to the says: he's a liar dog face party soldier, nobody likes heavy, celebrated. international meetings, if you don't what you want to the? If you don't have a game plan, he may have a gay plan, He just hasn't shared with me, I tell you what I know about you, but I'm when I go to bed yeah. We time we talked about we talked about at the conference. Overall, we talked about stability,
talked about making sure that the third world, swimming third world, the southern hemisphere. Had Access to change! You have access wasn't confrontational. Become a think tank. You everybody has an account press conference thanks, everyone the problem for our dear from mere drop and you ain't black watch. Em reminds, if that's that breakdown in punch line with tom, I think maybe I better than they were working late him off by the way that even even the end, corporate or had a tough time, so we actually have exclusive. We evident the protection of the interpreter likes. Like ooh, I for me
I love and what he said. You know the third world country I'm sorry about. Do I don't know I mean the entire southern hemisphere, yeah spammy, the southern hemisphere, it's just as smart as white. Kids, because accolades are runner up just let your racism fly by like one day thoroughly washed. Where someone says hey, what do you mean third world just pull a gary oldman just like he at one point slowed down like he had just climbed the instead of stairs, then I
gonna bet now a new rule accounts. You been too old for him, because I know a guy like that during his trip former vice president Biden. He also made a step by the job,
Mccain monument, that's a sad, the he was supposed to pull out. We were supposed to pour out of forty, but he couldn't do the job done again as the first marine who John Mccain was, and the second for directions back to his hotel, which is one of those I think to a man like admonish your yourself on admonish yourself. He does love the smell of nine year old lip balm in the morning as he does to be fair. One of them reminded him of his daughter, ashley. Now my hero diary. What is this What does this monument to John Mccain? Yet there was little understanding was erected after the vietcong shut,
down John Mccain lane and hung him from his forearm. I just locating the shoulders like he's hang. This is the thing right: their death, the monument is him in that like torture position, and what is this a trophy? Are they it's like it philadelphia, but the statue of dove lungren, I'm doing even Mccain, didn't like keep you. You didn't understand that you are my friends. by appointing where you putting forward up there, while you're saying up up the damage that it's like you, the hiroshima hazard, like a monument of the atomic bomb, dropped out. I was like what what do you do with that weird mccain? He said that he understand why the monument existed. He said why they erected it and the significance it has to them. I have I have never quite my friend figured out, and that means that await? What's that, what's out of europe
I haven't, figured out where you're from familiar trump and you ain't black, then we go to lunch together. One ought to see John just before he passed away at his home I was walking, I put my hand on his chastity, for we doubted kiss me said. I love you, browser in new york I remember standing there the next day and looking at the building, I felt like I was looking through the gates of Hell. If you have a problem figuring out where your premier trump and you ain't black okay couple of things first off every morning he wakes up he's technically looking at the gates of health, as only the matter, I can hold not today, have reservations and do our whole me down, because we know that we also have an exclusive leaked picture of said: kiss ozolian. Yes, it was so give yes, of course, Mccain's holding him. Yes, exactly a pathway, Paul you down and kissed. You think it's rape now.
There's something else to Joe Biden, form of vice president Biden. Everyone, like we ve, talked with stood down from his it. You think a bit of a b s earnest right pill, exaggerate things whereabouts I don't know if it's this aid. This is a great deal, but this was the best steel. Its ever taken place, you're, exaggerating forward my prayers, Joe Biden makes up stories. It never happened with people he's never met from places that don't even exist. So an example here. This is on video and it's not the fact that he's lying. It's the fact that he doesn't even care or have They concern that you might be able to go to the tale. The tape to verify these lying because this man has been protected by the democratic party and, of course, the media entertainment political hi tech establishment, the industrial complex he doesn't. there's some form of accountability. He wasn't on grounds here, the day after how do we know? because he was right here in the Senate floor saying this, because that image of that plane smashing into the second tower has
evaporated around the world and every leader in every country sure quality plain things happening in their nation, I recently visited china with three of my calling buildings in china as tall our taller. I can picture the president, they don't sitting there envisioning. same thing happening really that was a timber twelve. I said it so clearly he was not there at ground zero. Now, it's true the second. He had less hair, then that was pre pipelines and it's very he's very point. Yeah someone getting a laser pointer, yes how harrison ford, at ground, zero, really weren't off my shed its mine, not yours! harris everything about that. Guy is just dishonest. He's got remit, the point
you gotta, say maybe more yeah. I know he was a pay. It doesnt work as well as with the liver spots. Now, where the shaking your shoulder with that kind of point now and his age, so you guys can comment below is do you see just at it again? The issue here is the underlying they don't they realize that they lie in someone's going to facts at them. And then, when you have kittens out there, if they're ever asked about it. It's next question. Well, I think the president was clear when he said no, he wasn't to stop acting like he is trying to gaslight us he's, never clear the man's, not lucid. He really is functionally retarded and he's a compulsive liar before he became functionally retarded. He was a compulsive liar. You combine it with being functionally retarded now, it's just. It's just a recipe for disaster he just stutters stephen. Yes, he has a study, his stutter tartu, killer, re, so honest stutter, it's it's a rehash said our people. Stutters, it didn't make them say the inward provided they lighted at sad condition. Its threats
Can someone turn on the lamp lamp lamp lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp? Let let let let me grow that is going to do it. That was on my toes yeah. I broke my pin around again. I happened to have the time sustrans someone. Please recommend me to harmonize that again know who said who said it with me. Someone just like recommend. I like this pen because it's it's small enough to fit in my hand: it's okay, it still works. I just don't want this pen, I don't like this pensee because of the diameter of the pen. So look at this, the diameter thing, but this pennies cheaply want it's a date or pen picasso. I wanna make sure it's not sought out because then, why does he need a pan? He doesn't even a paper. He wants a patent like light wherever I want you to our guests, he's our and he served his country. He didn't care for your service. Thank you for your service. Thank you very much for your welcome. I need to write that down the nature of. Thank you.
I wanted to have some tips treats now. Here's okay arrived. So this is I'm sure this is going to get a little bit heavy. Secondly, you get a low, but have you believe this is important lie that has been told we we knew that they were going to try and roll back our kind of test the waters flicked the jab right with new lockdowns and masks and they've done it with schools and they've done it with some big companies. But this whole idea that you give up your liberty in the name of public health, even if something that is equivalent to that right. We're only on rumble the flu for most young healthy people, court of the cdc exotic address and fully less than the flu for young children, Look behind you there's a slippery slope, so the new mexico governor, I should say, Democrat. Obviously michel gresham due to sail lucian greece, just not grissom, given aggression of new mexico decided
unilaterally to suspend the second amendment rights of the citizens of new mexico. Why? Citing public health emergency so effective immediately. Person, other than a law enforcement officer or licensed security officer, shall possess a firearm, either can or concealed. Ok. Ducati Van helsing. What does with that outfit? I know by the way, isn't this ironic think about it as a only people this? These are the same people, the same party who wanted to defund the police and by the way say that the history of the police is racist. That remember that we going to hold the barking of this that you sought or MSNBC unseen, and that the the formation of the police force, the united states, was simply to catch runaway slaves, which is of course complete and total horse crap. There are police forces that existed before and an after, including in the old world. Now there weren't work some police forces in the south who capture slaves, because slavery was
renders evil but legal at that time, but there are also police forces, peacekeepers, constables in states where people were free. So these same people say the only folks who will have guns are the police officers who we have told you for that forty years, our systemically racist and from their inception were designed to capture black people like they poison, neverland security officers, yes and train the security officers, so here the governors order, it bans the carrying of guns and public property in albuquerque burnham leo that's county for thirty days. So turkey is a city corky. Captain Kirk, as I call on you, not to call that utter thirty days. Licence firearm dealers now will be inspected monthly. So that's gonna be one of those like one. What happened to this would happen. spend their on your desks like hey, don't do that I thought you were inspecting. I am inspecting I've an order from the governor know that couldn't possibly be abused, so
Since I am, dealers will be inspected. You won't be allowed to exercise your second amendment rights in albuquerque which two years too late, so the set of cinematography. Where you stand, we need you worse part, as he called the person I again, Learn this daughter and here's the thing: does this governor just governor please think, and I also the tired argument, but it's tired argument when they had The argument is right: does this guy I think that this will stop criminals from Carrying guns, You really think that criminals are going to share this message and not carry a albuquerque on the streets for thirty days now, My watch or what knowing that she's taking away our right to defend ourselves? Yes, one hundred percent. She knows exactly what she's doing she's like yeah? No criminals are, you know going to criminal yeah? That's not.
about what you heard what you said about crime ended the interview with the the persians in five years. He said with a sigh, a minute that aren't really potential. Caught in a ring. The bell dinner across every walter weissmann hang in there with your act albuquerque. So instead, even though she realizes that this will not stop criminals from carrying guns, you want to disarm the public and she wants to compel the public like here, the draft. The conduct to report more crimes It's a pretty resounding message to everybody else and that community to report a crime to tell us, it's going on to a law enforcement to do something different, but you did Did law enforcement? You told us not to trust law enforcement by the way I partially agree, a partial eric The problem is a baby works out, namely policing, and I think that we need some more accountability. I really do think that we need better training and I think that we need better police services just to be clear.
I'm not someone who backs the police all the time, but I don't believe in it We d funding them and then telling the public. If you see something say something while we disarm you which, by the way, brings us to the cancelled cops. They did yes, but they brought it back the hat, and We have exclusive indication rights to this week's no cops. tonight. Journeys the best about that? Is there going to interrogate other prisoners and say hey what what happened to what happened to chuck a latte and there are going to be telling the truth, and I say I have no idea what those are
centres. I thought that was spiderman taking over the tops of baby, invest in ceilings I was going to keep people in, but here's where I know the answer is hey our second. We get that crime is on the rise in major cities and we get that more people were purchasing firearms than ever before in the wake of all of these mostly peaceful riots, but the solution is we're going to disarm. You were going to ask if you see something say something sound familiar when you the crowd. When you see a line, that's not distance! When you see a supermarket this too crowded anything you report it right away, so we can get help, hair and eyes of the world unite. Now it's as simple as taking a photo. I can do is take the photo and put location with it and bang send a photo. Like portuguese wipes or that comes right away. with power, the and flat
or is there a man s It will ensure I'm sixty four times. It will also accept. Non masculine has come to be you're an asshole. I know I know, but I am the blaze yourself look. This is blatantly unconstitutional. It's like what the election laws and pennsylvania. They know that it's unconstitutional to be clear. They acknowledge it just I did it with student loan forgiveness, just like they did with the rent moratorium memory. They think was a former vice president binds it, and I know that this wants to end the supreme court, but at least I'll buy my different issues I'll buy this purchasing. votes a few months at this point. Yet she knows the same thing is happening: she's rice, taking our cue from the former vice president, a united states of america and this administration thing. I can do this until the court's get around telling you you can't thirty days.
This case is coming before anybody in thirty days are going to have to blow my nose my nose, I don't think so and by the way, look. The second amendment is very clear: the right to bear arms, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I almost misquoted the second amendment it's been around for awhile It really understand what this is. All the gun rights advocates out through really dirt. You said it wrong. Yes, you did say around I think is important. I didn't say magazine, ok, gimme, a break out. No you didn't say clip magazine is correct, so you can you my right when you don't want me to be rather so that the content of the constitution, really the right of the people to keep in bare arm, shall not be in such a night. Ok, you did say that I was born my nose I spent because its hd in that, like there's, a burger, the people going to see it, but now there looking about looking ok and here's the thing that a new mexico constitution, you realize you have state constitution its also incredibly clear.
to section six says: no law shall a bridge the right of the citizen to keep in their arms, for security and defence, for lawful hunting and recreational use and for other lawful purposes to be clear and again this bridge. while disclosure would make all the references available. There is an emergency exception right in the constitution. Can we read it for you if public security and order are seriously disturbed or endangered. The president may take measures necessary for their restoration intervening, if need be with the assistance of the armed forces, although that was article forty eight of the weimar constitution? Oh yeah, that's that's hitler. Yes, hitler exploited that clause specifically to become a dick, later. I guess this brought is ok with that as you
her breaking through walls is just flaps like other construction crew behind ears like what behind yours, gonna the so. We just put that I wall idling. I woke up just like three more days a week, just borders drapes that are painted like drywall up yes The crocodile alima, let slip and slight remark at mile crocodile mile, for you go to the philosophy and there was no padding at all, as has already been granted bump and then there's a picture of a crocodile hoping. your epidermis about what job. With a slight stake now I It was a credibly painful run. There was rocks at one mogul at the end of us limits. I would have had those flaps which she just busted through. There is no exception to the second amendment, dumb, people, will try and lie to you. They try and say what part of europe is part of a well regulated militia knows that right,
a regular mulish militia being say to the security of a free people, comma, the right of the people? I want to be really come. of the people to keep their arms and then there's corroborating documents are exists? documents where they go to jefferson to mason to wash and where does answer ad nauseam the militia is, the able bodied person who can carry a firearm and protect this republic? If you can keep it the right of the people after the common? It is incredibly clear. That's why the president has been credibly. One sided. When you look at law throughout the history, this country, there, no exceptions, sorry that we take you out with divine our constitution, but every now and then we have to make sure that you're paying attention are then asked the rumble button or black I guess I don't know, I don't have a like anymore. I'm rumble, I don't know they have a likelihood that none of them like they don't have the rumble but yeah alright with. I need to get out of my lexicon the idea of rumble button, because I keep wanting to say look. We did it to you, I think, but here's the thing. The silver lining here
Not everything is lost because you are seeing now some people we said in the past. You know what I hope that you have police officers who are willing to stand up and refuse to endorse the absolute kinds of men he's unconstitutional orders and guess what you're saying you are seeing this right now. Let me give you some examples. These people, I don't know at their politics in their entirety, but on this issue there right in there damn hero. You have the is it burner LEO borne away? I think and pronouncing that right, the county, their sheriff John Alan, curious telling you where he lines up in red. to conceal carry an open, carry the LEO county sheriff's office. Will not forced this segment of the order, I understand the urgency. The temporary ban challenges the foundations of our constitution, but, most importantly, it is unconstitutional here here That is exactly how you responded by the way. Just for you who say said constitution twice, it violated
stay calm suggestion and then they federal constitution with a constitutional? This is how you respond. You never just say well. I was just following orders. I was just doing what I was told. You have a right, not a right. You, They duty to stand up for the rights of your citizens and if you I have somebody in power who is doing something illegal and wrong. It is also your responsibility to stand up and say no. I will not send our people to enforce that. Why? Don't you go back and make a better rule? You really want to make this happen. Use the system that we have don't just declare something that you know is not a not going to work and be it's not gonna hold up in court. You can't just do that, and here's the albuquerque. So do I call captain kirk thirty captain Kirk police chief, Harold Medina. Who who made a statement distancing the the albuquerque policed borrowed from the order sang the governor made it clear that state law enforcement and not a pity, will be responsible for enforcement. Our offices at a pd will continue to focus on the enforcement of criminal laws and it
and addressing the criminal driving the violent crime wilson and the candidates DA brakeman said I cannot and will not enforce something that is clearly unconstitutional. So there is how this kind of change happens. Right here. People who are horn positions of athwart, no, you cannot fully rely on them, but you need to recognize them and support these people when they are in line with the constitution. Combine that with now, speaking on other platforms that you have, of course, the digital town square, as long as you're allowed to do it it's why we're here on rumble, because it can be removed from youtube when to create new digital town squares, but even person you had people peacefully gathering and open late carrying their weapons and no walgreens was burned down. I don't know we will not comply?
it may be so to do in a gun, walk We were going to do an open, carry walk. Maybe an open, carry walk in albuquerque new mexico. I dunno just picking a place here round. I heard it's nice this time of year. It's a little cooler there. Hey you guys, comment below now by the way when we do an open, carry walk, we want you to dress nicely. Yes, we want you to carry as you would open carry in your everyday life. Many on a holster shoulder holster, hip holster. We've done that. I believe we've done it in the past and not you can however, you want, but I also believe that when you do these open carry works. You wanted in a way that familiarize as people with firearms who, by the way, since this is foreign to some americans now there was a time in our country where it wasn't all that scary to see someone with an open fire. Just to be clear. It was very common, especially in the era where everyone was one hunter right and we were out there and we were a society where we weren't all living in giant cities and we're not just a bunch of pansies. Yes, I want to point out one more thing, though, that I didn't catch until we just watched this, so the the albuquerque police department, they've, said what they've said right. The the county sheriff said what he said: they actually the governor, has told us
that the state police will be enforcing. That's right, state police, now, The chance europe next up, let's go right, now, come out and say we will not participate in this no way I can we find mission control. Can we find who is head of the state police yeah, that's fine and before we leave today. Let's make sure that we get the email available where everyone can send in their requests and their complaints keep it respectful. Let your voices be heard now it's up to the state police to not be, and if you don't we'll call you, Mr Mr Weimar, chop, not adorning about as it's only two counties. I believe right down. It's a state police so, like us, roma people. However, MR liese- I guess that's true, but ass- they like how many Many companies are in those stately state. Like all I know, guys enforcer what it's designed to be intimidation and control. That's the ashore who is well right. It's designed to be intimidation crawled, like we shall, with carbon and by the way this is some. It brings us back to. We ve talked about this why, thinking you go in search of lot of credit, credit, kommeni archives. They
made this argument about that. Well, you know what we're talking about gun control, the Republicans conservatives there they even opposed gun research. That's because there are a whole second, the reason that concern if oppose us forms of gun research by while conducting an overwhelming amount if the gun research that actually exists in the think tank, nonprofit and private sector is because we have a problem with organizations like the cdc co opting gun control. There was a dickey act. It was ninety seven. It was a representative jay dickey of arkansas slipped, an amendment in there right. That was, prohibiting the cdc from advocating for gun to be clear, they tried you. They try to slip something into area by, in the the cdc is going to be studying, gun control and we saw through the fine print advocating gun can That's the cdc is not the place that should be studying beyond deaths, on violence in what matter of policy to implement. That's what that's the guise of this current, the unconstitutional in the interests of public health in the interest of
public health we need to shipyards. Constitutional rights, which isn't all that dissimilar from the rights that you had stripped from you during covert and so you have as a Democrat saying this is trying to stop any and all research on gun control. But that's not the case can, I didn't want gun control being politicized, specifically by their own words, just to be clear, wasn't like it was a guessing the cdc, and why would it be? Why? Why do you think that conservatives may not want the cdc to be in charge of advocating how you get to implement your second amendment right because I represent science me we have laws against drunk driving. You can drink your home or in private, if you would like, but we have saying that if you want to get behind a wheel, were you who potentially endanger other people, then that's not allowed that against the standards of conduct in ours.
Finally, I think at some point we need to make similar social about the vaccine. There is a clear message that is her to coming through. This is becoming a pandemic of the un's vaccinate the she said that if hospitals get anymore overcrowded going to have to make some very tough choices about who gets an icy, you bet. That troitsa seem so tough to make vaccine in person having a heart attack. Yes, come right on enabling the on vaccinated guy gobble, horse go rest in peace wheezy. Everything about that phrase is wrong and by the way, in two thousand twelve, president obama from about president obama and current by the way. I guess was. It was obama's, oh yeah and anne and former vice president Biden now surgeon general there in two thousand.
I had guns held up a da es organs. Were a health epidemic, sorry for causing cancer, or is it the new smart guns where the fingerprints have nine fingers to see the center for disease? Some? I think it is that that's what it is keep in mind. This is the same administration that says that guns are the number one killers of children and, of course, we've debunked that it's not even close. Once you eliminate fifteen, nineteen of people who can be tried as adults and people here actively members of gangs, it's not even close drowning, is more are accidents. More toasters are more right. Is this the same cdc that advocated for I think it was rent forgiveness, yes and then former vice president Joe Biden went to the supreme Courtenay? He could he did it anyway at that point, okay got it and then he just did it after that, all under the guise of public. So let's give you some other examples beyond the further beyond your your second and and your first amendment actually under the guise of health emergency. Ok. What do they do that
ones. They made him, ask them a lot of people vaccinated who had a worker military. They shut down your business, they shut down school. They may be decided that made you have to start learning from home. They made it more difficult to home school. They major vote by may a lot of people they would like? Some of your household appliances, of course, infringed on your first amendment because it was a health emergency free to speak out against the cdc or w H. Oh, that's why you to facebook twitter, sorry now acts would remove any information. That might suggest some side effects, quoting theirs and, of course now, because of your health and the emergency they're, going to infringe on your second amendment and take your firearms away by the way I know in to be clear, just to be clear and intimate. I mention this. I'm being hitler is bad very big hitler back in the barry. So I'm saying this as someone's hitler that but hitler use public health is justification to start rounding up. do not let them it started.
Contagious diseases of contagious diseases with it's for your own health. This is how you other people, the simplest way to say it's for your own health, especially because if you take a threat right, What's so you have a threat of a soldier. Ok, that's obvious right! Ok, that's a person! That's a plain! That's a tank! We're! Let's say that threat is a wild dogs, ok, now we shrink it down to a microbe and it's you have to take my word for it. It's health, urgency showing to tackle it for tomorrow. We're take away your second amendment locked up in your homes and just there will be no way for you to know only. I know, because on the science, that's what They. Do but they also were blamed for all of the the economic problems at the time. Do you remember what they were saying about us? They were saying: oh, if you're not vaccinated, that's the reason we can open up the economy again, that's the reason we can't all go back to our lives. It's because of all these people who won't take the vaccine they're, all the. So they didn't just people by saying that, in the kind of taken we rights, they said you are part of the problem. We can't take it back to our normal lives because of you,
dangerous things that we have ever done as a country and its by the grace of god that we didn't slip right off the cliff right after that and there's no accountable, remember it's a matter of saying, if you take the vaccine, the virus, cannot it stops with you, you cannot transmit done, We can open back up and now it's what I didn't say that we said that reduce hospitalizations. Holy shit and not about oh by the way, whatever what for Jimmy. That was, I can't run him all because I dont like either one of them. Ok, so kimmel when he was saying that, eighteen months into this, we knew a hell of a lot by then, and it wasn't that vaccines we're going to be the saviour of everyone. We knew then and you're still having a crowd, cheering the death of somebody because they didn't take a vaccine and by the way
mistaken that asian lady who did that. I believe that she either had a child who had side effects from the vaccine or they or add a child who she said, had very negative effects from schooling at home. So someone can search that bring an upper right. He said it was wanted, there was one of those two and we're afterward. She said yeah. This actually negatively impact. At my child and she did flip, the question is not hey hey. What are they That's not what what did you say claiming to be the science? It's? What science was available at that exact moment in time that you didn't communicate, in other words, were theirs and just when hitler began rounding up the jews and he said it's because of their diseases were there other scientists saying hold on a second? That's not true you can now say what we did was now. Yes there. I think, but don't listen to this man. This meant that untie s throne, they built a bomb, but that's what that was. the posters that he was the jews are lice and caused typhus,
our only type is. Maybe was a bigger threat back and then another what it is now really didn't. I mean we now that you catch more flies with honey. Now he was back at the expense of these guarantees worked, but it works. under the guise of health. A second when this happened in your locking people down when the vaccine was what there are people saying hold on a second hold on a second lockdowns. Don't work there absolutely were were there are people saying hold on a second hold on a segway saying, children are actually less at risk for covert than the flute. Yet there actually weren't. We were banned for saying that there are doctors, saying that we're treating patients. Unlike doctor voucher, where they're people saying hold on a second or two. Second, these vaccines. We don't necessarily know how they work and we actually have some evidence that they might have worst side effects for younger healthy. It makes sense for maybe some older people who are at risk of being a compromise, but actually there sk is greater than the reward for young people. Yes, that that science existed, and it was depressed in the name of public health, because your first amendment right go away, and you know it
same thing happened by the way, with the riots. You are put at home? Then they said when convenient? No, no, but they have the right to go out there and peaceably assemble a horse. Hang on a second isn't that couldn't be a super spreader event, as you call that, like no, you don't understand that the the as flames offset the virus right. Exactly are the only super spreader events you can have, as if you gather at the white house for a speech by the president. That's the superyacht better than us or or I dunno, maybe it's the guys in Michigan that were carrying their gun. That was a super spreader event or maybe is it skate parks in california that they had to cover with sand or the guy that each case jogging down the beasts of the chase and tackled? I gotta he was a super spreader, but not these people
we burning down a walgreens? That's a public service bs! Yes, I was at a super spare event real can now with mia khalifa yeah. I don't think that's more of a classic after having lied about the soup, it's a slippery slope to mandate that that choice of words raising that know what I'm doing here. Yeah whites know that that governor man, she a part of that initial speech too. She went and said. I think it's about time. We sit down and have a debate about all the constitution rights, customs men like what what's got, no haven't we jewelry evidence. We have already have guns, infringed on there was like net voting for voting. Women pony for black people, which which memory. What pick one word infringe upon that one I must have from home and by the way you don't need idea chair by the way that Lena Lena, when I think it is, we actually have the overlaid actually heard her sons, language development ma king son in school, which, by the way,
and I take. I took no joint, no, not desirable, but again we warn against we- and we are doctors on here by the way, on the show many many doctors, just because not just mccullough, who was out here the first week of quarantine when many doctors- and they were saying look, we know what happens. One of the specific points remember them bringing up was. They said but children they learn how to read. Facial expressions, a learn how to interact with people, and if we take that away and of course we combined them with them being locked down and not having human interactions. You are going to have social developments. We said it. Will suspended as we are right now and then these people, this doctor, is shocked. I genuinely it brings me no joy to see that I just I really wish that she would listen to. other doctors and scientists out there and I hope that going forward there's a little humility for every one. Everyone to say, let's not the science. Let's look at sea, you know what only science, but we all We need to win reconcile with with our rights
if science tells you that, if you lock everyone in their houses right now, a nail the in like it's a coffin like they did in china, that you can stop the spread, guess what we don't do that here in amerika leave the country go somewhere where you feel safe. I'm sorry! There is a certain point. We Even science doesn't trump your basic fundamental, right, you can come and blow if you think that makes me an extremist, but guess what I guess I am one. You said you have the info on the state police. I was so william, wise inner, william. That wiser had stayed that in m that you asked the other one. Is the police there? They have the twitter right there. So if you want to go on and looked again, lionesses added an m s and then moving on an end state police and as I am shamefully, who is it? Who is the person he just william wiser? I believe he is the person in charge of the same person, tarzan of the apes, female him, listen, look or not we're not asking people,
The angry and just to have just email them and let them know okay. This is your turn. This is your chance to step up to an unconstitutional both in your state and in the country. An unconstitutional order. Are you going to do your duty and stand up to that yeah? That's the kind of stuff. We want you to send to these people now, like you guys, suck yeah cause it's like yet maybe he is going to do it say. Please, are you going to stand up for the citizens who employ you and the citizens who rely upon you to? we do not rely upon you to protect us. We upon you to help protect our rights, to be clear, very, very clear: The police don't just exist to protect the exist to protect your right to life liberty, pursuit of that In other words, it is your right too I'd be violently assaulted, that's a legitimate role, a police officer there, don't you agree they do not exist to protect you nor to govern notice, government or any of their lackeys. Employed therein. They exist solely to protect your rights and if they don't, if they decide to, fringe upon your rights, with no reason guess what they are no
we are public servants, they are tyrants. We are We have here on mug, led by the way ten dollars off a promo code screw you tube plea. do let everyone now right now, because we suspended on youtube and we love, we love it when we get to go back and you can bring the fight to them, but we're suspended every few weeks is kind of part of the business model in the job. We'll get really what you get. They spot the training today with gay william, and we don't even have to believe that. No, we don't you William s very william. Coming out there I alliums gonna come on now I see the door opening. Do we handed opening our? I got up all right areas for people who are wondering if you're not familiar, gay william. How are you the microphone is on the tiger. There we go high or high, gave William R, william, I'm william, I'm very good.
That area we know. Will you consider yourself right wing? No, can far well. Ok later, I do know that we're going to place by the treaty right. That should be easy up up up up. If you want what we can do it on rumble, but you know you: if we were on you do it would have to go to my club, but either this is just for. This is a love letter to my club, because your children shouldn't have to see this gay, william. We gotta play spot the trinity rumble. Thank you very much. We will see you tomorrow, you what there's? No you to know. I would say you do piss off, but thank you rumble
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