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NOT GUILTY! Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict LIVE!

2021-11-19 | 🔗

The jury finally reached a verdict. Whether the jurors found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty or they caved to the Left, we're LIVE to experience it TOGETHER! #KyleRittenhouse #RittenhouseTrial #RittenhouseVerdict

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I'm going to keep this short, because there is about thirty seconds between started a show and the verdict that comes in Kehl renounced. We were there to experience. It live if your listing right now is this? Not a luxury have probably somewhere where you out you. You have to do this, so the big moment glad you here. I gonna want to interrupt. We're live right now, if you like, but unless we know that this is not as a historical moment, as you can tell em out of breath that has had a run from across tat must have been in. This looks to be one verdict and he's gonna get animal rights. Duration interacts verdicts. Let's go, I won't say poorer.
oh h Red House not guilty by the Develop Kyle H, Rittenhouse? Not The third kind of the information unknown male. We, the jury, bind the definitive Kyle each Rittenhouse. not guilty as the fourth kind of the information Anthony Huber. We, the jury, find the Kiley Rittenhouse not guilty as information gauge garage, I find the defendant Kyle Kyle Age, How does one not guilty the jury? These, your unanimous wording would have let it in
History does not agree with the verdicts as how my God, it's fantastic man, ok books, you we understand, and we started about three weeks ago. sand. I thought was garotters lay in a badge to ya today, as Dear Europe, three, we are not going on that right. You were. From those awful jury to work with punctual. You can't hear the four six over here at a very difficult job, keeping from discussing the case during the time that they were sequestered as well. All of you you just I couldn't have asked that a jury to work with and it has fully, then my pleasure, you, I think,
without company on your verdict. The verdicts themselves, just in terms of your attentiveness and collaboration that you gave to us, justifies the that the founders of arterial Vegas came in. I held my loyalty and archaeology, so I watched round in problems you at this time, you're, never under any obligation to discuss any aspect of and if you're, watching a gross violation of traffic last year come to deciding on cameras advantages. You want criminal the media have requested a number of in eighty speed was announced, the abilities they got me on that they have been allowed to present presentations to you that you'll get in writing and it's entirely up to you. What do you want content contact them? They are not to contact you
you wanna do. If anyone does contact, you just tell them you're not interested in discussing- and that's the case. And if any one persists in doing so report that to Us- and it will be addressed sri- there's girl my arrival. There was some concern. Maybe the failures are vice informational, she's, gotta, writing, spacers on our safety or the ear. I assure you, I mean a measure to ensure that there is real. Your concerns are addressed and respected, and I want to talk to you for just a minute not about anything to do with the case, but just about that sole issue hand,
You as they say, you're welcome to discuss cases little or as much as you want and any questions. Anyone thinking and yet can we sent him value out to protect your court house right now for servicing? It would be my pleasure to work with you. I want the judge? I want the judge right now to pull was there and what the damn Christmas for Daring Mcgann Aggregate Gavin, I want him now but a cow way. What's That's what's out over the majority by what is a goat? You go take a look report. why everyone in the rounds careful they run over. Here I was, Yours I'm so relieved,
as you know, the ivy on my phone in the car. I dropped my friend off at a street corner and said you gonna help. I've gotta get your book. and I don't know guys do we want to do. We want to celebrate and then do our recap or do we want to recap, and then I want to know I think everybody wants to sell all right, let's bring in celebration and we out we're gonna. Do you recall you guys can hit like and you can reach which we have just celebration? We do have a solid railway. Look guys. This is important because, yes, sir, I just I just missed our guys here we ever yeah we're gonna come will bring them back in bringing that look. To continue with you for a little bit, because I know started here late. This is, not just in, and I have a whole prep document here which, as now useless, not useless as we still have yesterday we had a major news network. A major news network, try and intimidate the draenei.
what have you really that level that, because NBC said so, they just said while he wasn't really trying to take any pictures, and it wasn't my turn right sure. Why were you following the jury, bus and we That on air we do actually was a producer, because initially, story- was that someone who claim they? Then we see this as this was big, because this going to be a moment. and I want you remember where you were and I want you in their frayed left as a further single. If we, if we let covering house for this, might embolden people. That's that's. I guess that's true. If you shoot one wife strangling rapists, hitting you in the head with a skateboard its it's a slippery rapist, shooting slow. You made a statement today. I want to criminals to be more afraid of us than we are of this, yet it will find what you said, but that is exactly what this verdict says and it would have the exact opposite otherwise, otherwise you do a thing they can do whatever they want. You know what today right now it's out of that we're not swear by the way, and we
I don't know what clips we have, what you can find these all online people have been arrested there ve been people committed, assault, urban people have been body slammed outside of that court. Has there been people who said Kyle written. How should not have made it to trial what they might have killed them. Giving people turn dogs the jury. This has been going on for a while, and this was an attempt to say if you, if you think you have your second amendment written, we can't be it in the court's through the process right faith in our institutions. That's what they're all about we're gonna make you so afraid to use it that it's all orbiting signify all, but and consequential at this point in freedom they were sent out, people might get involved and you know what let me look the other way. You think the people who are prepared to write burn stuff down outside of Canosa. Not only now maybe have. Let me give a second thought, but also did not because of
I wouldn't know, but because they realize a jury of their peers said no enough enough. You don't get to burn dish. you, don't have to burn shit down, consequence free and then crucify a kid for doing the job that you guys don't want the cops to do anyway. Look we have Germany's basically saying this paper? We don't know what to do at this point. Re use What is our second amendment rights and then use? They call the cops, and then we want to go cops you wanna be found the gaps. So what In fact, we have the cops at night. Lot of us didn't have firearms. Where people I call written out And I ve never shy away from this and have seen people on the right going. All he's he's an asshole. You shouldn't have been there making a mistake, but you know what a butter still he's. Celt events, no, no he's not an asshole; he did nothing wrong. He had every right to be. there, and he was doing something that I think a lot of people have thought about not going out hunting but protecting what is right
fully yours, there is there any more basic is any more basic human right and we talk about human rights. Here's what needed to human rights are not civil rights. Human rights come from natural rights, which means their birth rights, which mean that given to you by God and the constitution, and our government only exists to ensure that I want to clear day themselves cannot infringe upon those rights. Is there any more basic God given right than that of protecting yourself or your family or what's yours? Can you think on a student one forgiveness, freedom? It cars the right to protect yourself in. What's yours,. More importantly, do you know what we were able to in this country, even though we started out with the stain of slavery? Absolutely so in other countries there are still
still people. Today, your slaves, white and black. Let's be clear about that cross the world. You know what we were able to uniquely and it's so quickly in this country's, because we had a document that said this is designed to ensure that the rights of minorities, are not infringed upon by the majority? That's mob rule in this? Perfect example, today of what the left wanted, they wanted justice to be served to be administered by mob rule. If we're not going to get what we want through the courts through the process, we're not going to get what we want through the law. We are going. intimidate everyone so much that they are afraid to recognise the law and that law is the most basic of laws that you have the right to protect. What is yours, your person, your property,
your family period when people say hey, this- might set a dangerous precedent that you might have more how written ass out there, you may have more people who decide to be. The wrong place at the wrong time. Do you mean deciding the bay where your burning our shit down? How come up the wrong place for assholes just for me, so I don't have any credence to give any credence Kyle was a notices in the Cuban, I'm Sherman, nothing wrong. Making mistakes is different from doing something wrong, When people say all this, might this might spire people not to hunt anyone because that will cover those? Did you just heard legally Youtube? Fuck you? I can say that now because enshrined in the record books think about this,
they wanted. The ban on using the praise cover. They didn't go, find me. Facebook, twitter, right movements, Donald Trump re read, oh God they wanted to ban all that because it is praising mass murder that was before this came back. Guess what that dictate? What you're loaded not only your guardian right to self defence dictate to feel a lot to talk about it in the digital public, where, where ninety percent of information is exchanged, think about that for a second that's what was hanging in the balance here. If this was not a not guilty guarantee joint about retroactively every single one of our shows. We Nunez may have conversations with their lawyers hey if he's found guilty you might have take down, you're shows talking about I it's gonna get. It means in a social media. So right now I dont say piss off I'm not! We don't need a leaf and was just met forgotten that you can go fuck yourself with a wire brush same thing with go, find me same thing with Facebook, same thing with Twitter, because guess
what Kyle Rittenhouse, despite all of your efforts, jury, intimidation, fight on the record, by the way where people are to be apprehended by the authorities, this changing speech policy despite to brainwash in bombard Americans to believe to beat them to punish. Them into subservience to be fearful to protect themselves. Guess what We still live at least today in the union. It states of America and carved wooden house was not guilty
nay, ok, baby doubts? I got one I don't want one proper yeah, hey really quickly before we do our rapid
You guys you guys, are dismissed all my goodness Harry. That's my leg out admire the courage of the jury to and thoughtfully considered it four days are asking to be: filled with everything I need to make a decision. Is that every bit ass right now, I'd like you to admire it? How can I just have just had a lady liberties balls? That's me electrocuted back my liberally three rollin. Ok, the first ever female lady liberty. I guess I don't know how you say: thoughtful consideration. I say wasting my time and scaring the hell out for a few days. I think it was worth it is it was gruelling, but it was worth it sort of its know how, as its they thoughtfully went through all of the fact that even Ree went through the sorry bull shit. hd footage it brought in later. They went over that and then they still the archives get ideals. I'd would come at him and said if you came back quickly exactly
and think about along that is going to do it. There's still gonna doing we're like me and they weren't thinking that being said, I don't really think that it requires that much I got it so it doesn't. No one should have stopped honestly and I'm not even kidding. This should never even admitted to trial. In my personal opinion cannot be positive about wanting to airline thoughts, but I want to if CNN, I want to say certain points of this are melting without legs at one and an income, the other one. They were able to take back white peer review at your they deem necessary and they were very creditable ngos verdict as they delivered that not guilty verdict on all five count. The crowd Britain, throw it. They also lose interest in tear up in court. We saw him what appear to be I didn't see him tier outweigh collector. You go calumnies or get fair was by giving credit working as the judge, the now
because I want line items on the budget crime we realise that have created from last Saturday. He was just eighteen years old at the time when he went to Canosa Wisconsin to protect our fifteen style weapon and ultimate. Shot and killed two men and wounded vanity setting offence on all. She forgot legally shots, she's, adding no value here now you know she's adding no value Laurie, I mean she's not bend to look ahead with that. Let me come back to you because we do when we look there's all value their wagons and have you not seem able to guidelines they have on CNN. I'm just saying: if, given the choice in Pinocchio kind of gremlins member this, although they going to do business in February I don't know look so she came back from a cruise without should you little beads and her hair of twenty twenty within the summer of twenty twenty five away, black people
Black lives. Now people you want to talk to about why people getting killed by white people. Don't I stand before you? As I don't know, I don't. I don't think so little of black people that I think that they want to venerate child rapist. No, no! I don't! I don't know. Why do we assume that about didn't? Can you were actually answer me because I'm coming, but why does the less assume either and I thank you. I need to tell him off and I dont know if they use that word. Why are they assume about? What do you think they assume that we also love child rapist, so much that never comply dont know doesn't make any sense. Really. It seems like there are cynically just assume that build side with anybody. That's a criminal which is incorrect. That is incorrect, because, even even if you have black people who side of my black eyes matter that you set rang criminals Even there are like we can draw the line at at least the first hour is urged to four. Maybe the second child, like maybe I'll, give you one grace child rape and then, after that
after that later, that's no more, not you're, not an express neck with child rape, I'll go to self check out, and then they just hit a button innocent anville. That Naturally, my point is maybe a piano Gerald. I wanna hear what your point was, that you were making their because CNN is adding no value right now, because you know why do you know why you know? Why to you. I know why, right now, the being careful she just said a our fifteen style weapon. I know that's incorrect. It wasn't our fifteen s. What's come in now drain. Yes, exactly they heard the next sand wage it out ass. They did, they were sitting there in her head, she's gotta go here carrying out and she heard miss. the same men, Bumblebee Brenner, let everybody in the faint beaver and that was actually just shelter in the green we make em acutest I've ever seen a bright and we do not pay off of all of these means. Hacks man, honest look. I I've been stressed about this. I think we all
have like there s. This has been a ivy couple or we haven't. I'm not gonna lie up. We argue job is to absorb this. We feel that you do but to make it so that you guys can process it, but I'm not gonna. Lahti was pretty pretty hard for selection but we thought this was not an academic thing for everybody in this team felt for this woman leave that was reflect my my wife and I had a conversation less than a month if they find him guilty like I've got, we ve gotta get on a plane and we ago, and we ve gotta and honestly, it's this. It's this like that which you endangering outgoing protesters and riots and I've got a kid right now, a wife and kid on the way, and it's like it's just it is what it is right thing to do, but at what point D stand up for your rights, and I was really worried that something would happen in the jury would be intimidated or that they would just be bullied into making the wrong decision, and you dont often get time
to stand up and make corrections when things like this happen, you're right, it's too late by the time you like, ok, now it's worth the risk of like will. Now you can't make any changes red it's already too. We can't on ring the bell, and I felt like this was one of those moments. I really do feel like this was just a public trust. this wasn't a legal system process, because I fear that, if you're the prosecutor in this case, you look at the footage, there's no there's no case to make it, especially on the other brain that attacked him with the escape board, jump kick in a gun, no case to make their period. There is really no case to make with the first guy, but you charge them all, and you put us all through this for what hate the also look. If we have a legal system, it's worth a damn fees, not guilty guess what their guilty yeah yeah, if he's, if it's a justified food, accredits justified because they committed a crime. A gross crime, a violent crimes covering us, Person journeys wrecked by the human mind, gross crunched, Kurtz Critical, this asshole here he
showing the city for ten million failed to mention that he had a gun. In some cases when questioned by nor Liard Parental, you lost his gun. Somebody said reject or not rejected permanent, but it was revoked denial. Revoke taken away said Rebecca Genetics muttered, I don't. I don't have any confirmation used to conceal, carry naughty live, you see the video Orioles drunken a yachting, so yeah. That was just as me. Served incrementally for me. I'm sorry and isolating that prelude has like he tried to catch himself with his right arm and it didn't work for some reason: a mature, Look I'm sorry he's the creator mating crimes watching television in Europe in your car was committee and now the lodgings. Now, no, no, no, I'm not gonna, let hey! When he's trying to kill somebody. I think that I think that, having the limb with which you attempting to murder somebody blown off is quick but look
Not everything light compared to what could have happened. Yes, has also quite a bit lighter. Well, that's I see there's one way to cut weight. Is it bicep day always gonna Miss Ireland now exactly Alias. Yes, it's sorry. It's like Chuck Norris advice day and here's the thing, you know what people want you to feel guilty, and this is why they have the rules of they'll, say rebel The death warrant rubber, now Orlov, we're revelling in the tender rising defence of I'm celebrity supplement? Who try to? What do you say if cover not bring a gun with him? That night known would have died? No, that's not true, because urban dozens of people have died of these protests. There have been many people who ve been beaten to the point that they are severely and by the way we saw Canosa people knocked unconscious. If he didn't bring a gun that night, he could have been raped or killed.
to be got, would have been willing to it? Hadn't shoot that night he would be debt. We would absolutely be that if you had a gun and didn't shoot, he would be absolutely we know of at least but what five six ten twelve other guys that had guns that night that had problems then shoot anybody, because guess what nobody attacked them right. The all every effort, that inanimate piece of metal hanging winning down the entire and I was ever brought up and aimed at any one was because of the threat period and that you're right, you get find yourself, I'm so happy like. I was literally almost round only right, it needs to be encouraged. It needs to be encouraged. Tell since this is why you cannot accept the look. It's so wrong that we teach young men that violence is immoral. It's not it's, violence is a moral, You can use violence to publicly execute a seventeen year old, like gross group tried to do or you can, the violence to disarm and protect yourself.
from being murdered. You can you violence to rape, the helpless You can use violence to help the helpless from being raped, but guess what, if the righteous willing to defensively use violence where appropriate, where moral, evil, well rain, we ve seen it throughout mankind. Let's just be really clear: you ve got it really really good To know what the world was like, it the most evil, some bitch who wanted it, take your stuff, and if he was big enough violent enough round a big enough army. He did and you pray that he wasn't add enough mood, then he came out will you, while you were chained to a fence posts that day or or changed when some moral people use violence to clean up, writing, Why is it not a moral one? Black
matter aunt for talk about revolution and it's very clear to the track record that its violent. Why, that are considered immoral from the left, but its concern immoral for the people who have avoided violence for the shepherds of their flocks. To say: that's it no more were protect. our flocks. Why is one okay and one isn't that's? Why I'm pushing back saying not only the current now have the right to do this. I encourage you to do. I don't want to see, an email riots. I do want to see any more David dorms shot dead serving their community. I don't want to see any more. All matters you saw Canosa knock unconscious, hitting his head on the concrete boys trying to put a fire up. It is on business that man should have been out alone. David, don't shouldn't have died alone. These people died of fucking loan. Let's put tat in context, you think wouldn't have died alone that night. This is about people. What Kyle like David Door.
Like everyone has been knocked out, hit, kicked in the face, Chang beaten by I also raped these rights. Don't know we're me too, as this is about those things not only not dying in vain, not only not risking their neck legally in vain, not dying alone, not fighting alone. At Kyle Rittenhouse doesn't need to see a bunch of double conservatives when he said that chairs he shouldn't there, but I guess it self defense, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! This is what, This is therefore needed to see that cavalry coming over that hill. And what I'm saying is you beyond that he'll everyday from now on, not sometimes poverty. Going out hunting anyone, that's not what killed it! No, more! No more! Let! Today the debt, in other words, something all needed a catalyst let today the day today is a day You have your line in the sand and you say that's at their will:
be another town burnt down? That's it! The left, wants you Youtube Facebook all? I don't even know if we're still there don't care, they want you to be afraid to protect your town and the people who burnt in looted feel emboldened, someone's gotta pushed back and he can push backward yeah, but you can push back with her, but really I wish the Turco. Wasn't there now no! No! No! No! No! That's not what you do. That's not what you do! That's now attack it needed look at how hawk do we thank you. Gonna fight this evil early in this, this evil of the left to us even fight this evil that mine to keep this in context. the people he shot. The kind of people who are these protests had a rap sheet. I believe over forty crunch, multiple child, girlfriend strangulation knife at the throat? I think it's all by confirming now that my mysterious jump kicking
is a serial violent Phelan. What a surprise! Those are the people who are attacking the left and the president convicted him before he even had a trap declared him guilty, and then they decided to to write and burned on the city, the activists that wasn't intimidating enough. You action we had arms of what used to be considered, my God media tryin, intimidate yours, you think I'm gonna fight that couple of evil with will cover now, shouldn't have been there, but not enough. You fight tat, evil with fuck you and you and you it's not one more town burn, not one and no shame in saying it. That's only look and the message is very clear. Like you said, if you force us to defend our cities, we will deny and we thus we don't want to have to be out there. Mayors, mayors protect your cities, governors protect the cities in your state. Do your job,
If you dont your forcing ordinary citizens with a second amendment right to defend themselves, and they should. I'm not saying shoot anybody, I'm just saying if they have to do in themselves. They will want to get jobs. Think if there was fifty a hundred two hundred Kyle Rittenhouse is out there nothing now, nothing, nothing would have happened. You have that he was a lawyer, the guy's protesting them when they went in Michigan in the winter protesting. I think it was the masks, the locked out, one of the two at the capitol few seem like that in real nothing I find the media were neither gentler. I do not think anyone was. I don't even think anyone would shoved. I'm ready sure they all got out of their cars, a lot of them just bursting. lot on his way out of their car lying? You see that are not think, eater hot. It's pretty goal. Let's see what they're saying right here, let's see what a canary, yellow, say back to you saying we want
serve any longer, but obviously oh I don't know if you should be accusing anyone of looking like they're a whole dweller hearing listens. Nobody should be that the feelings of noble who were impact it to some degree by this whole situation we have thus been takes no time for them to go the victims, who are impacted young people who are still in a berkshire down was the victim, but these people, still by congrats, there's no threats. I dont give rats as the co obscene. Why I'm scenes of light ass also do just to be clear about ITALY more. So when these assholes, don't try and twist I'm saying: is these people outside of the court house the one who were body slamming the ones who are having to doktor during the one thing that they should have killed. Cholera, national ones. Now saying crawling hole where you came from the use of ICT card here Where, where, where instance of justice being, I would even say, justice being served at this point, I think a mistrial with prejudice would have been the most
even more so than not guilty, because I need to think I think it needs to set a precedent here where the judge can go to everyone yeah, you're, the reason Kyle's going free. And you're the reason that this can never be tried again because there's no future, Her you haven't, who you haven't tainted behaving like children. That would have been at this point. The I understand the early on women. It was always best for the verdict to come back not guilty. At this point, I think need to send a message that the media has to stop being what they ve been throughout the entirety. Their existence, wonder if the judge can comment any further on it. I don't know that he can so somebody with a better legal mind than mine can check into this, but I would love for him to come out and say: okay, Burdick came back not guilty good cuz I was about to do so is about to declare trial with prejudice on this and here's. Why? Right? Let's go step out so every by law. These things right right, because you're right, I think the best outcome was american citizens when the next time, because when We now there's gonna be a next time. There's gotta be something trumped up by the media to say that that a black kid was shot.
Now I will. He had a gun I had drawn on the carpet the corruption of fire. There's gonna be something like that. That happens again. So the next time you're cities burn. You can go to find yourself. That's what the court just said. Yeah you can go and defend yourself and not have to fear that honey. We had a pack up the kids and leave. Because they're gonna burn the house and I can't do anything about it. They're gonna try to break in and steal stuff, and I do anything about it. They're gonna, try to rape, you and I can't do anything about it. We gotta get out of here. No sorry we're staying we're, not instigating and were defending period. That's what we just heard today, thank God absolutely for crying out loud. Everyone knows that the swamp MILAN such a popular. Well, we get. It is Christmas time to hear it's Christmas miracle, Stephen bit abdominal ears I'm not sure that group glass, Christmas ornaments of self defence, that have you tried. It doesn't mean. I'm also not sure that super glue and feathers is a useful defence budgets. because I'm off drove which by
they would have been maimed and they would have had do if they Suda Mcculloch and Kevin Mcallister. They would have had to wheel. harry and more about judge. What you you just think him and let your client after try to invade a home here, just walk out here. You're gonna, my client can't Maybe it wasn't the paint here in the face of the nail through the the foot that it forever the mail for me in the pine tar and the stairs bury. It was the kerosene on his head with a glow torch for crying out loud my door now that was pretty much all the sudden being shot in the balls with a be begun, as notes that out of hair the guy, I think that I would take all them all of them before the torrential interface. Absolutely true, you would was terrifying yet take being branded em for
tell us your on your part b. I would just say it's em for like maximum and handling it to em. There's one husband is am for maximum sets its roots, its Roman for awesome, looking up the other way, W forward now, that's true. I guess, if I'm taking an underhanded grip but this is very good- does very touched by that guy says yeah, so big thing as the big thing hit the like, but if your watch and right now and comment below, below on Youtube. guidelines that that is what I know its everyone knows what I'm saying think about every sort of superhero film, every single sky or a book that a little boy likes myths about a valiant battle and in any I want the enemy, gonna go you're, doing good and evil. What's up, we talk about bridled power, it you have to have the power to bridle it. Of course, did you have to bridle the power and that's what people are doing
They have a weapon and they're saying. Look. I have this ability, I'm not here to do that, though, I'm here to help people and I'm here to make sure that you guys don't go crazy and burn this business and that's it. That's it and things crazy I'll point? My gun at you like Kyle, did not fire as as rose Mama's. jumping the gun at them, the keys to shoot through that. While nobody point that's him where's! He was running away when he threw the bad just before it through the bag. He turned around appointed like hey, stop stop gap. That was your sign right. There buddy like this, is serious you're, starting to cross the line that I can't tell what you're gonna do. Next year we talked about this either data, even the most liberal of mothers in this country. If we seeing their son being set upon by a handful of these hooligans and would have screamed out use your gun, honey You got that they all what will sorted out later, but Miss Nanosecond time use your gun yeah, that's a decision to make an and they all they would have to. have to agree to them and in some cases only had a nanosecond. Yet guided by comical had not come at button there, like her,
let me talk about bridled power. This is a mammoth who do you respect more, the guy who whales with all his might his skateboard, which we must, of course come uses a lethal weapon earlier case as other and more recently, and we brought about an older case in Europe with security Guard, but that you can for many examples of people being brained. with skateboards cranium to use the terms of the people. Cheetah cover house cranium him. How scared would you be anyway, I'm getting off that will go back to cranium him and will dissect that will unpack it so Oh, you respect more, the guy swinging, his heart ass. He came with his skateboard to hit people and ahead and doesn't kill them or the kid who is an absolute sharpshooter. Who can mode down everybody. There and only took out the people who were violently attempting to murder him Those who do you want near society, the guy swinging skateboards, the guy who's chump kicking
you're, not looking and then running away. The guy you put your hands up, it says: no, no, no, no, no, don't shoot and then try to shoot you or the kid who lets you know where you stand, runs away as far as yet can until these barricaded and turned around and takes care business, he could have killed everybody. There only shot the people who are actively trying to kill What do you want it? What do you want to know what women this is important for you to in what you want in a man? it's ascending with men and women, but it's a debit somewhat we're not talking about a physical power. In the same way, do you a man who is so fearful and out control, the swimming escaped board. or do you want a man who is able to take Europe and whenever he wants and chooses to keep it holster? That's what we saw. Keep that in mind. Look most of us here shoot a lot more The average bear. Arms, like any of us could have done, could have a couple
he did. It is pretty amazing Moura that let's take a moment to recognise the marksmanship monotonously getaway, says absolutely and the restraint that he showed Yes, MRS, like when they pop up a target, and it's a woman instead, exactly like, would have shot the work on the part of the woman holding a babe in the next room, pops out in its rosenbaum, make it out with a baby at a number of Silence that we're running up on him MID shooting armed and that he be looked at assessed and then did not shoot. I now unduly Maisie on Bali, amazing, it's it's you have talked with unbelievable the dogs at cycle paths. Credit was upset that guy on the steps of the courthouse whose service was I not gonna hale like that, bugs you. Why would I would you keep an animal like that just defeated? What's that will not come on giving I'm not I'm glad it's returning, nothing to its owner has imposed a higher or without your Hopper Angelos one token on members. Hopper almost eight wade,
almost killed them or taken in self defence, and if it does, everybody knows journalists can be this duty. You dont, even ok, you're, not in hop, was the same way super friendly, but it was we were doing to sketch with the Bernie set. Was it the Bernie Sanders? What was is this remain reality that yeah, ok, ribbon instability, athwart the dashboard confessional video. Maybe one can bring it up, and we can show you the moment of the club where Bernie Sanders escaping an insane asylum in a sketch sounds we're gonna make it and we were taping and I told way like it's gotta look real cause, we're gonna put in slow motion anymore. You gotta, you gotta get it. We really do Gimme go with the gusto as the campaign and he was push that we get the vote. I couldn't tell us whether you know we had the music going because we have yet Saint criterion: a music video there smoke machine and ever there were smoke going and psychotic her, but I'm gettin rooftop as Bernie. So I have the bald cap in the wagon. I can't really here, there's smoke its disorienting, the music is playing in the country I come when you will
and then I see teeth and the face come through the smoke it was the votes at Harrow. If I think I'd never see it remember what did you find them? Ok, let's see this moment here and the reason I say this because that's bridled because after that I said, hopper you're good. We gave him a treat nodding, awake lesson. We mustn't wasn't it and if it wasn't his wasn't his by sat now at any given moment, you realize that you live at the mercy of we we might have on video then actually happening. I have the moment from the music. Let us show them over five years ago and leave it to the theatre. The imagination there was that seed up in that hallway out, not always the wall and boy. I loved it was different side of hopper
and I even keel all I know you're playing a girl, that's not a reality to him, he no, it isn't in its activities, and I would act like really: hey, hey, hey, like almost shove. He would like rule get neurons, you didn't like it or not. You not doing their boys nope, and that is why that's the beauty of bridle path. It's better to have heard. You say it's better to have a dog who you completely trust with your children and by the way when I say this is so you don't. You should never have a large dog unsupervised with children, regardless ok, being because the tale has the tale has nodded me from genoa, so without a doubt, because an aggressive, updated don't want people to get the common second, yes, I understand it but a dog. I completely trust with my my babies with all my friends here in the office, no problem and a dog that I have no doubt if it came to it No doubt for second what jewellers that's, what already does fellows wins? ring. I muttered amounts per square inch. I might add a p s. I have a dog Argentina has five hundred piazza. We fell into accidentally, powerful greed that exist outside of a kangaroo built to kill, kill,
writers and bore, and we did you ain't no good. I sent you a dog that was then we fell in love with the breed cause, or so people oriented- and we were reading peoples and Rottweiler and german shepherds are bites- is three hundred p a sign on prescription and there was a dog a hundred. never did Mitt offices, that's all. I know it and you read that a lion isn't much more great and then you think of when I've seen him. Other dogs get too rough in playing and I've watched you lose correct them where they ve got any and pin them. You know in time a pin them and of her does Yelp come up. There's not a mark, though not a mark. He echoed us. The Brits entity grabs the neck, pin, and keep them there until the calm down dog, that's being aggressive, or we had a double one shouted em like he's, gonna kill this thing: nothing there wasn't even scratch one. You understand that he could snap a broomstick, its dog side control like you, yes,
all this comes back to the point is tolerant has had the ability we need to take into account the damage. That was not done the damage that was not on the damage that was not done after that to the city. slow down once started, sending in the national, and on that point I think what they said in fifty back. Then Member of the stand out with the mayor and the president, something and then all of politics it stops, but the damage that was not done by car written out no one's been taking this and even or anywhere else talkin about I've, never seen an active shooter. Only issued people ransacking him yeah, I mean our interests have do that if a child save another load, so much more restrained than all the adult get losing, the nets was horrible badly. He was out there, like you, said alone, seventeen year old kid. There should end If he jumped there with him? I mean they're verging on them, people out there, but then he was away from the pack where the words the police being held back but little child rate rapist.
when I get you allow. If, when I find you along, I want to hear that the jackals separate him from the path, and he also said I'm not afraid to go back to jail. How do you how do you deal with that? Its very much like a terrorist and the sunset? when people didn't really understand the methods of interrogation that people would say it is, is torture. I've been waterborne anomaly. That is, torture because I've been one important, but I certainly hunting. We should actually torture. People are causing a kind of damage has to be clear, but, for example, one people refer, people want to die right is monetary. They want to die because of their only guaranteed. Take it to happen. That's what they believe dominating the algae in some Muslims are just sing. That's what they believe. Can we all agree that would enable even ok? How do you deal with that? How do you interrogate that person stiffer that's what it that's, why having dog spark of them, while their stripped down to theirs,
These was humiliation because, culturally, they saw that as far more back. Shame is way morbid deterrent than death. I'm not I'm not even justifying I'm just letting you know the psychology So let me ask you this: what, say what you don't really you shouldn't be there? Ok, he didn't, shoot him, ok, you're dead. Dealing with someone who spent fifteen, years which, by the way, a light sentence for Emily raping a nine year old, at least one don't know what he did with the entire five if he raped all five, if you only ITALY raped one foot nine year old boy and just forced the other one to perform at will, but we know at least one count of evil rape of a nine year old boy K, five kids ages, nineteen eleven. How do you deal with the main rosenbaum? You don't fifteen years and a plea deal.
Who's out telling you he's going to kill you and he doesn't care if he goes back to jail. Your move watcher negotiating leverage. What language does this piece of shit speed Oh he's done his whole life is harm people. That's all these ever done. Would seek out this matters seek out single women, so we could rape their children How are we at a point where one hot. sent of society Meeting someone like that with anything anything other than revolving revulsion, regardless of what we think was unjustified shoot, which it is anxious to me to me. People had Mccord our steps, saying selfless heroes. You mean. guy who sought out single women who are vulnerable, so we could easily rape their nine year old boys that guises. I was here and the Kyoto cleaned up graffiti, and medical care who shot
child rapist is not as if all right he's not a qualified empty governors have about that european system. seventeen year old, with a gun right somebody said this of this is not a regional, but if it weren't for seventeen year olds with guns would also be british up. If so, the oars. We want you, probably an older aid as much aid. Even it applies to the two we'd be we'd, be doing the Nazi thing it in an old man and high castle right now, I've been getting up their back, then the black look really wanted us. We're really want you to I'd against the british butter rolled up. Those needs aren't what they use a long and nothing. What I ask that you laugh at you in your old put, so we made a grand bargain with the government. We made a bargain with our cities who, in the states that we live in and said, look we we will focus other things. If you would take care of these basic things in one of the basic things is making sure that there's law and order and protecting us when things go south here and they broke bargain last summer in the media went with it in politicians said this is
What we should expect people in the streets to anything and courage, did even people while Harrison Carriage for defending themselves to and cars that were being ransacked and people are trying to break in and they drove away. They happened to hit somebody in wing them on the way out they bring The agreement now word left scrambling going. Ok, well, if we want our towns to burn or businesses to burn and our kids die, others actually legal terms that, if someone is in us being about, of course, when someone is throwing a brick at your car reaching into your car right swarming your car and you in Asia, or wing them on the way out in legal terms, that is amiss you're, not to say so when these jurors find out who these dirt bags, were they all a lot better Billig dear gonna, go nailed, it yeah, So do you have any that's I'm in this
malice aforethought would groom these. Ah, yes, kids discussed from you, take the man out of it had to be single women right. So there's no masculine threat to adapt and then then go after the children. That is as vital not to mention jump. Kick man. If it actually is confirmed horrible record latino Skateboard gave corps same thing, skateboard guy gross Kreutz who exactly in jail, I really want him. He should be now serve some time, for the charges wait, I dont know they could get him on that specific situation, because he we had him on video being told I'm going to get the police. So it's like you thinking this guy's. An active shooter, hasn't shouted sagging into several suit because we soon- but I can tell you now- I guess it's all well and good, but I dont really need a box spring and junior sweet. Listen you soon and you too the ear thing romola it's just this Lupi. Thank you, take his pride guess. That's not let Biden get away with anything here now be sued, but that is wrong. And yes, I fuck that former vice press. What would I it's? I don't know
we need to look up. I was just thinking through this. Yes, you cannot see the president. I get that right. What about his pack that ran the ad or what about his candle their ways around it, I'm sure I've gotta be is they're the ones that route. And in his lead up to the election, yeah you're, not so, Joe Biden, the person you are what you just, or do anything I'm to wave that immunity may not aegis slide it in front of ambiguity, elements of four billion dollar bill that he doesn't know what's in any signs it, and then you can so this is the build that Mobile play Santa Monica. Eighty million, for standing by actually now, although not as high as to fifty effort as low as though that was the first round now he's going after the other Eastern Europe who went around the disasters and men right now, culture Right now we might have on the show is real then we might have been examined and that no, thus in Cairo, you're welcome to join it as it is. We are either mom come on board with the sun would be happy to hear that. I look if you guys, you guys have along deserved break, I'm sure come. Of course. I want to be clear because everyone is
one thing to that's. Also wrong with our industry is: is it not now I'm not send you? Are we a welcoming offering you the invitation? That is all because I know that this guy's going the way it does not want Emily Dynamic or because they are looking for a scoop. That's not what we do here just so you know you have a welcome home here. You have support here. We support. We were there the night. It happened yes and supported you, and I Don't say that to even remotely imply that you owe us anything. I just want you to know that there are some people out there who mean it when they support you and your welcome here. It's or if you will to tell your story? And you don't know anyone anything if you want to go on into the sunset wanna, go sand a boat like Andy defraying. Do it do, whatever you want. Do me a favor sue, the pants off of CNN and other people who were set crap our from whatever any targets. I don't like it
Speed Oda, nudist colony. Where do you start there are so many are you gonna love, Rosenbaum, Jimbo, good death itself, a fifth of my happy place, a guarantee he's not a happy place right now. Now I don't know I'm pretty certain hey it's not for me to pass. Judgment. It's not here. I dont know lobby outside one can be saved in their final moments. I dont have another verse in front of you, but I believe raping children is frowned upon. In a good book, you didn't even have a lot of my darling, I'm taking a risk. It should have considered that prior yes, because now it is his prior or was it? What is it a prior us further, the prior rest record, but they're dead? Are they still priors because you are a prior prior human? but likely said picture, he threw the Assain asylum bag so you're a jury. You go ok! Well, while child right, let's awful you mean
Was just discharge from a mental hospital that night throw you when the time step is fifteen minutes prior to running a riot? He looked back, says party favors, his defence, the riot. Without knowing that I will not. Let me live well. Ok, I guess I might as well do some arson and even go home. They seem like my kind of people amazing so is walked. Just was like what I brooks in Shanghai. Nobody's gonna do with his life into it. I can find a more kids to read the second. He walked out Nobody needs them kill and because I am not afraid to go back to prison carve like that's, not what I'm gonna send out. I've gotta, stop! That's not what this tickets something about a lay over in Chicago to fly. Direct Chicago's around here, I was so happy happy what happens. You're dying and jeered at sea and shit. south side, sharp and you're stuck no hair for life here,
am I right? now. I knew I'd. Go two hundred constructs it shouldn't. I therefore kid: well you dialogue I mean this, we need to build. We need to be able to celebrate good winning over evil. Ok, ok! If we, if people, if it's ok, for people to upload to talk about how they remember where they were. When a summit London just killed it K for someone to say thank God, thank God, the rate Didn't rape again or kill another minor, that's like I, just as we do have. The country who live in an alternative or they would they would prefer they would prefer the alternative outcome. Absolutely crazy and Kyle is now old enough to enjoy. adult beverage, I think tonight I don't know if anyone guillotine.
This guy without says Mama was washed up it's like alcohol. There, too, pretty beer centric there. You drank a slit, so I give you fifteen to life crowd. I couldn't leave well enough alone. The document or another that it is the Huber family, so people who should shut up she always said there was no justice This would serve sorry ass lady say hey. Could you give me the early Ninetys Oprah, hair cut? You know the one where she used to still gotta do paternity tests and have midgets talkin about fairness. You aren't midgets like them. That's the hair cut. I want wasn't always a serious journalist. Now that, while I see However, today I mean she's, a series of a journalist is MSNBC Nbc, Anthony hubris, family war there. His odd, for example, was in watching. Machinations of this court
make an age citizens decision can have another birthday from family who set out. There are things we can do is trying to do something valiant and they feel like justice was not serve. what's a hold on here. The committee of experts is what kind? No, I know your point here. You know my point. Huber had no idea that pile written again, I don't know that gave an inkling, but money had I think, he's a good guy. I don't know the jump kick manner. Huber had any idea. What was going on other than get him get him he's a mass shooter right. Ok, fine! No one else! anyway I don't know, but they were hearing cranium him. Well, that's true of I'm actually about to do something about that. I think is right, but the person who I think doing it for yells cranium Lemme go wait. What is, Jamaica, maybe the bad guy not supporting them, can be wrong. But I'm saying if there is any grayer areas in this, there are the only two that could apply for that period. Everybody else, and even
Kyle would still be justified defending himself from something worse, somebody who's misguided trying to kill. You still try to kill you don't worry it's just how it goes. That is justice, and I'm sorry, if that's where that family is right, now, that's got to be really a hard thing to deal with, but that is justice, and that is the country you want to live in, not the one that she's a kid because he's gone, out there in doing something that he is legally allowed to do, and I have taken the right was she were the one who held an actress brothers throat, or was he the one he strangled him in the ear stabbed his brother in the ear who had great aunt will arrive in November that there's no justice form did you. ever thinks that you had a Damien like did it ever. Did you ever think they have ever seen a good son you're like maybe we don't have your leisure? Maybe we have a MC caully at what point out. You know what I started. My son, at some tendencies when he put the cat in the microwave, then when he stuck that big
ways brothers skull? I thought you we have a problem here. Maybe we should do something about that, I'm out he needs you gotta time, our time out and easy go to time. One to me, Let me get to three any stab another one hundred getting pens and years. How many times have you stab your brother, Stephen, be honest, choked his brother and stabbed him in the year and creating the bird The house and kill, as mother grandmother in siblings Karate kicked his sister during an argument at erotic, I don't really know nobody. Karate king, I don't even know me, like your rapporteur, reverse spitting backface did his. You know. What's the hurry conveys the crane? That was it. Where am I return? So that's it. That's a class It's a fat man, because the problem would look and people will say this: they go you just. Are you saying you know the old, because people had fared bad shakes, no criminal records, they deserve it. Now, I'm not saying that, but let's be honest, if you're going to say
no business being there. I think it matter. That consistently child stabbing brother, an ear strangling girlfriend d, W eyes p. Well who only exist to commit harm to. in society. That's more relevant in the fact that the kid was twenty from home, just to be clear, no prior record just to be clear, did he had a record of doing good, yearning, good, opening the community training to be a fire fighter trained. Any of that I regard as they try to bring up thirty two hunched, a girl in high school who, who is in a fight with a sister and sick? I write thrilling, that's what you got. What I can't on that there could be a really great thing. Yeah. Well, good point I don't know I mean I don't I've, never I you know, I think, that's good. I mean you're if his citizens gate and beat up well, that's very different. Yeah I don't know he's on contacts are all I know is I don't know how many sisters in about two hundred like what would I do if someone hit my sister Earl hit, my sister knocked the crap. You get in the way you see a break it eyes. Wouldn't you say that's just me
our egos bold new get unlike outbreak. He leaves no doubt you want some He wants to ensure that all other women who might hear are afraid but bring it in the middle of that Gerald. Women are not bridled power, it is saying: they're gonna get hurt, you're gettin according to rattle architect, cork, it's a minimum, I'm not worried about it! have you sick, gratuities accede at all. He just put your hand and stop when they have to jump to give me the scratch. Only I'm fine, so humours parents, humours parents, are saying no justice further again. This is the issue is when they just act as if they have no idea. What that's why they're on the jury because they wouldn't be seeking justice there seeking richer bright young justice is sorry your son try to kill another kid and that kid defended himself what I'm gonna grab the gun barrel and placed it over his heart, yeah yeah. I mean shoot me here yet
Raymond info you! Now I dont you not what does his brother thick? What does she wears? Brother thinks that guy we say Then the ear- and we heard from him well I'd- be a great interfere gave. What do you think about your brother? It's gonna get. Media, who do you think how seriously Please doubles brother here. Didn't you stab your brother in their head? No without somebody had a male stuck in their head and was in the name of what was it? and when the only the diet I was down like yet, oh that was what was the sort. You said I but your store you did. I is buried my side to the old when it was in my neck, when I did it Jim carry when you knock yourself in the bathroom to try and keep it there. Your dad. Similarly Adele invite only brought yes, you did you say you, because you wanted your parents to see him get in trouble. Well, you
the visual of the dark style any it was pretty damning to keep it in larger set for any length of time. How many times did this? I believe that just like does not what did what I did do to my brother once the worst thing I ever did was John can confirm that if he's out there, what that, where you're going My brother did stab me once with the with the pineapple pen that he's dead there was an accident was in the arm We did that on purpose in school. I couldn't like a hat and break it off the no that's horrible. I get technically don't get me what's going on Therefore, I'd tell you one thing for you today to me? I would have broken your expensive graph calculator and you would have never known revenge of dish. Best served cold than ever. Take that step I got stuck by a girl. I remember this in hand with a pen deep like that. Purple blood come out and I thought well all right. Ok or nothing happened.
I was Turner, that add tat, dna and hockey, I gotta tetanus shock at her number and remembered for a later date. Aren't you gotta, remember graph calculators agenda there there like two hundred dollars a lot, and I didn't protection amateurism messing into a spell boobs, whether a generous and confirmed at Sir John was there. I did. I kick my brother's avenues. Only stem of the pact is a different pen, stepping story salts accidentally wasn't in my ear, but you stab me in the hand and was bleeding, and so what happens? I thought okay, I know exactly what I want to do and I took this girl's graph calculator whipped out the window, and that was it. I didn't think it for a while, until we were in our final exam two months later hand got oh geez too, months later we're doing our final government exam people out there who know a guy who went to Centennial high school are cut back yet these finally got. Exams lot await given in these exams, and I'm right. I can hear the scratching of depends on paper and a here
How'd. You do not know whether there will be no job, there's nothing. You can do so not only to do stab me. You were wrong ones, but You also clearly have not been doing any work here. There were made a fool. You do not even notice that you're a graphic calculator a necessity when doing trigonometry, at least as far as I know it has not had their until european city at the final example that I couldn't have plans is better when she made of the most dangerous little kid filing grievances away to be to be settled that a well noted what you're thinking of what I did my brother and by we I resisted this leader. Hopefully, people are be ok, we're coming
if you're, ok hanging out with a sigh for hope, we're just think about what you right now. This is the victory, as anyone who does no relations is necessarily my brother. This issue was two years older than me, and this was I acts it. I just I don't know how somehow I ended up pinning him size on top of em. And he was near. I had these models like organise black with my toys brought from Halloween. Can you like white kind of stack of autonomy They private sell em out the container store, which I found out about recently. I drove it by medicinal. It's a store of nothing, but somebody knowledge, candy, review hoarding. No, no, it wasn't a lot anyone, but that's I haven't him. I have an impending and my brothers head pictures of this land right next to the following can like what can I do to harm so I noticed the hallowing candy was covered in like aluminum foil, and sometimes I would like in a rapid element for the ice kind of scratching is so just touch on chocolate crumbling.
Foil, ensure rubbing it on his forehead. Ah, I didn't know that it was actual metal racking up. I asked for our east by devil, got spectrum and other workers at the scratches. It wasn't goes catering back to your backyard wrestling with these graters. I had no idea, it was just a tea. Was at the wrong place. Wrong handling, glorious, bastards IQ work for you. Do you find a certain sense of justice and the fact that two, like kid you're, at the wrong place at the wrong time? Not the way I see it, yeah rethink, This is get that's not. I know how you think this is going to go. It's not going to go the way. You think it's going I have a real sense of elation How so nice and really wonderful the relief and it's gonna be a good weaken. I just feel so good about this,
say what there is a lot of us, not just for him person. I agree a hundred percent. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of people out there trying to make it a bad week while they do have the National guard. I believe, already ready to go there baby. As you can see, well, there's not a lot of people there. not a so I hope it doesn't device. That I really do. But what are we till Sundown you are wrong now. I know in advance I cannot, but Nuttall Isolationist. Take. That must take a couple of chats we're gonna mug club here only if you're watching on Youtube, if you're watching on rumble. Thank you guys for tuning in it been? A busy busy busy weak rotary same scheduled time, thank God, Monday Tuesday, and I I I don't know about Wednesday,
like an ash Wednesday plan for this Wednesday. I'm not sure we definitely be here Thursday for Thanksgiving so Monday, Monday morning, we're right back here. Ten, a M Eastern, as always another schedules been screwed up because the verdict, but you tube, you know what I thank you for nothing, and I think you know how this ends
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